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One question that comes up a lot when we talk with businesses is:

Should we buy Facebook Likes? Since we’re a new business we need to quickly appear more credible to potential users. Achieving this number through Facebook ads directly could cost upwards of $1,000 & we don’t have that sort of money to spend.

As a general rule, we advise against buying Likes. While there are some upsides to buying Likes in specific situations, the practice comes with an array of negative consequences, and there are far superior alternative approaches you can take which will allow you to more effectively drive meaningful results.

In this post we'll take you through the benefits and pitfalls of buying Likes, and show you a whole lot of powerful strategies for driving real, organic engagement.

Why Might People Buy Likes?

Let’s have a look at why people might buy Likes, then we’ll look at how it could impact their business in the long run:

New Band Looking for Gigs

Let’s say you’ve just launched a brand new band and you’re looking for gigs. Having a band page with 47 Likes might make you less appealing to anyone that might want to book you.

So you go out & purchase 1000 Likes for $50.

Now this particular motivation is hard to argue against, because essentially it comes down to ethics. Are you willing to fake your popularity in order to have some short term success?

New E-Commerce Business

Let’s say you launch a brand new E-Commerce business, often users will look at Facebook as a gauge of credibility when making a purchase. Would you buy something from a brand new company that only has 24 fans on Facebook? Even if their prices are cheaper? Whilst I think some still would, there’s a large proportion of people that wouldn’t – credibility means everything.

So again in this scenario, jump starting your Likes could be a good way to fake that popularity initially until you start getting traction organically.

Anyone Else Trying to Grow Their Online Presence

This same logic applies to anyone who is trying to grow a presence on Facebook. You could be an influencer, content creator, e-commerce brand or anything else, if you want to grow your audience on Facebook then the idea of buying Likes can be very appealing.

It can seem like buying Likes is a quick way to jump start your profile while you start organically gaining traction, but what you have to remember is that buying Likes has some major downsides.

How Might it Harm You in the Long Run?

Buying likes is a short term strategy, I’m sure you already know this. But you may not know exactly how it can impact your business as you start to scale.

Reducing Your Organic Reach

Your ability to organically reach users and show up on people's News Feeds is largely contingent on Facebook's algorithm for determining which posts go into user's News Feeds.

Facebook's algorithm takes a huge array of different factors into account, but what it tends to value above all else are pages who post content which drives lots of likes, comments, replies and shares. So finding ways to drive these outcomes is a lot more valuable than a bunch of meaningless page likes.

If you are consistently engaging your following and generating lots of Likes and comments Facebook's algorithm will reward you and allow you to build exposure and grow your organic reach.

On the other hand, if you have a Facebook following that never engages with your posts you generally won't do very well with the algorithm. This will make it incredibly difficult to get your posts in front of users, including those who have liked your page.

You can probably see where we're going with this.

When you buy Likes, the users who like your page won't be real fans and therefore won't be engaging with your posts. This can seriously harm your newsfeed exposure and drastically reduce your organic reach.

Ineffective Advertising

On average in Facebook posts only organically reach about 16% of your users. Therefore many business have to rely on boosting posts or running Facebook ads to drive more interaction & engagement on their pages.

On average we reach about 10-25% of our organic fans with a post. With posts we boost we have been able to reach up ~2600% more people.

Facebook ads can be a great way to reach users, but it will cost you. If you buy a bunch of Facebook Likes then every time you boost a post through Facebook ads you're going to end up wasting a lot of money delivering ads to fake or uninterested users who you have no chance of converting.

The $150 that you paid upfront for 5000 Likes could end up costing you much more when you start investing in Facebook Ads, so you're far better off focusing on building your following organically.

Hurting Your Credibility

I’ve seen examples of businesses that launched & instantly had thousands of Likes overnight. Depending on your industry this can be pretty easy to spot (seeing when someone has purchased Likes isn’t all that hard). If this happened you may well be called out for it, which can hurt your credibility with users.

This is a risk that you take when buying a large number of Likes quickly after launch. I’m sure you’ve seen the story of Mitt Romney being exposed for buying large numbers of Twitter followers. Whether it was his doing or not, who knows?

Likes Aren’t a Measure of Success

Likes are a really fuzzy measure of real business success. We could have 40k Likes on Facebook & still be making the same monthly recurring revenue. Do not buy Likes if you think they will make your business successful overnight, because you will be sorely disappointed.

It’s all about how you engage your community & use Facebook as a platform to drive business outcomes. Likes themselves will not equate to revenue, they do help with credibility – but only up until a certain point.

Here’s a Facebook success story from one of our own customers MIISHKA.

Don’t Expect Conversions

Buying Likes is purely a vanity exercise, you have to think closely about where these users are coming from:

  • On some sites you will get Likes generated by bots – fake accounts that will never engage with you at all.
  • You may get a large number of Likes from Foreign countries where it’s cheaper to acquire Likes.
  • You may get Likes from people who really don’t care about your business.

Would you prefer a like from an interested user who only likes 100 pages vs someone who likes 5,000 random pages?

Facebook is a great platform for building a community, finding relevant users, promoting your offering and driving conversions. The truth is that buying Likes generally won't help you drive any of these outcomes. In fact, it's actually far more likely to hurt your efforts.

How to Drive Organic Engagement

The key to succeeding on Facebook is finding ways to drive organic engagement and building a real, loyal following. This will allow you to consistently reach new users, build a relevant audience, cultivate a strong brand identity and drive conversions.

To help you start ramping up your engagement levels on Facebook we're going to take you through some of our favourite tactics for engaging an audience, building an organic presence, and of course, driving Likes:

Post Engaging Content

It will take a little longer, but organically building up Facebook Likes will be far more beneficial in the long run.

One of the best ways to start building a following is simply by posting engaging content which people want to see on a consistent basis. You need to post content which is relevant to your target audience, fits into the social media landscape and works to drive likes, comments, tags and shares. This will help you reach new, relevant users who you can then convert into followers.

Here are some ideas for content you can post to start building engagement:

Use Memes & Other Funny Content

Facebook, like most social media platforms, is a place users flock to as a means of communicating with their friends and sourcing entertaining content. If you want to excel on Facebook it helps if you fit into this landscape.

Posting memes and other funny content is a great way to build a friendly and likable brand persona while also helping you drive likes and tags. There probably isn't a better way to get people to tag their friends in a comment than posting funny content that people want to share.

Just make sure you're gearing your posts towards your target audience, and keeping things at least tangentially related to your brand.

Ask Questions and Generate Discussion

Generating comments and replies isn't only a great way to appear more favourably in the eyes of Facebook's algorithm, it's also outstanding for engaging your audience and shaping positive perceptions.

Try using your posts to ask questions and generate discussion. Bonus points if you can get users to tag their friends in the comments.

Post Lots of Images

Images are both highly engaging and highly valued by Facebook's algorithm, so you should to try to add some visual flair to your posts as often as possible.

Images will help you catch people's eye, draw attention to your post and heavily boost engagement. You can use images to share funny jokes or photos, showcase your products and customers, and much, much more.

Use Videos

Facebook really likes video content right now, and as a result their algorithm rewards it quite handsomely. You may have noticed that your newsfeed tends to be filled with videos.

You can capitalise on this by sharing videos that will engage your target audience. Here are a few ideas for videos you can post:

  • Product demonstrations.
  • Behind the scenes videos.
  • How-to guides.
  • Funny videos and viral content.
  • Anything you think your audience will enjoy.
Live Videos

Using Facebook's Live Video feature is another great way to capture people's attention and expose them to your content.

Live Videos are perfect to use in a number of situations including:

  • Attending or hosting a special event.
  • Debuting a new product.
  • Conducting an interview.
  • Showing a product demonstration.
  • Giving a behind the scenes tour.
Promote Your Brand and Products

As you set out to drive organic engagement on Facebook it's important to remember that you're ultimate goal should be to find a highly relevant audience and convert them into followers and customers.

A great way to attract users who are interested in your offerings and guide them towards conversion is by using your Facebook posts to promote your brand and products. Here some engaging ways you can do this:

Showcase New Releases

Anytime you have a new product or range coming out make sure that you're announcing it on social media. This is a great way to build hype for your release and get people taking out and sharing your offering with friends.

If you're a content creator without a physical product you should be using Facebook to promote all of your new content.

Share Special Deals

Another great way to use your products to drum up excitement and build engagement is by hosting a sales event or giving out discount codes. This is a sure-fire way to find relevant users, encourage brand sharing and start driving sales.

Offering exclusive deals to your Facebook fans will also encourage users to pay close attention to your page going forward so they don't miss out on any future deals.

Show Your Products in Action

Showing your products in action is arguably the best thing you can do to create product desire and generate interest in your brand, so it's a good move to devote some of your Facebook content to show off what your product can do.

Try to show off some really high-value and advanced use cases which demonstrate the full potential of your product and make people eager to try it.

If your brand or product revolve around long-term outcomes in any way then it's worth showing some success stories. This is perfect for brands who offer any sort of weight loss or exercise solution.

Get Creative

As important as it is to promote your brand and products on Facebook you need to ensure that you're still being entertaining and engaging. If people see your posts as nothing more than an advertisement they'll be quick to tune you out.

Try to show your product in a creative way, or even get your customers to show it off for you by running a fun content submission challenge.

Showcase Your Music and Other Creative Content

If you're a content creator such as a musician, YouTuber, or streamer then you should be using Facebook as an avenue for promoting your talents and exposing relevant users to your content.

If you're a musician or artist you should try posting footage from studios sessions, gigs, or exclusive behind-the-scenes perfomances.

If you're a video producer or streamer then you can post snippets of your videos on Facebook and direct users to your YouTube channel or Twitch stream where they can get more content.

Promote Your Onsite Content & Other Social Channels

As well as using Facebook to promote all of your products, you should also try to use the platform to draw some attention to onsite content such as blogs and videos, or even your other social media channels.

This will allow you to cross-pollinate your online following and build up a stronger presence on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and any other social media platforms you use.

Set Your Page Up For Success

As well as posting engaging content, it's also important to set your page up in a way which is instantly appealing and actively works to engage your audience.

Make Your Profile Appealing

A visually engaging profile picture and cover photo which clearly communicate who you are and what you do will help you grab the attention of page visitors and encourage them to check out your content and Like your page.

The header of your Facebook page is essentially free billboard space, so it's important that you don't let it go to waste.

Create a Call to Action

Having a custom CTA on your Facebook page is a great way to drive action from Facebook users and convert them into more than just a visitor.

Depending on what type of brand you are you may want to have a call to action which encourages users to "Shop Now", "Call Us", "Make a Reservation" or "Learn More".

CTAs are incredibly easy to set up. All you have to do is go to your page, click "Add a Button" and follow the simple steps to create your very own CTA.

Pin Your Best Post

Pinning a high-value post to the top of your Facebook page is a fantastic way to ensure that users are seeing something good as soon as they visit your profile.

You can use pinned posts to showcase any special deals you are currently offering, display an introductory video which highlights your brand and products, or direct visitors towards your website (where you can offer them a special welcome offer.

Allow Users to Message Your Page

Presenting Facebook visitors with a prompt to message your page with any questions they may have is an easy way to give your page an open and welcoming feel. It will also encourage users to put forward any questions they may have which can help you familiarise them with your brand and drive further action.

You can easily set this up in the messaging section of your page's settings.

You can tweak these settings to make your chat box automatically appear, prompt users with frequently asked questions, set automatic responses and create messenger greetings.

Ask For Reviews and Recommendations

Prominently featuring your reviews and recommendations at the top of your Facebook page can be a great way to establish credibility, build brand trust and encourage trial. Reviews can be particularly important for restaurants and other food providers, but they can be vital to the success of any business with an online presence.

All you need to do to display reviews is go to your page and click Settings > Templates and Tabs > Reviews Settings and make sure reviews are turned on.

If you're going to feature your reviews and recommendations then it's worth asking customers to leave you a review. You can do this directly on Facebook, on your checkout page or via a post-checkout email.

Other Tips For Boosting Engagement

As well as all of these ideas for setting up your page and posting content in an engaging way, there are a few other things you can do to help maximise engagement.

Interact With Your Fans

You should try to interact with your audience on Facebook as often as you can. This includes responding to posts on your page and comments on your posts.

Not only will this help you with Facebook's algorithm, but it will also help you build connections with your audience which will help you cultivate a loyal following and drive conversions.

Create Events Tied to Your Page

Creating events from your page is another awesome way to build excitement, boost engagement and drive actions. If you have an online store you can try running an online sales event and creating a Facebook event for it. If you're a brick and mortar retailer you could do the same but host a sale at your physical store. If you're going to be making an appearance at some sort of event or convention it's worth creating a Facebook event to make your presence known and drive attendance.

Partner Up With Influencers and Other Brands

Partnering up with influencers or other brands to engage in some cross-promotional activity is a truly fantastic way to expose yourself to a new targeted audience and seriously boost interest and awareness.

You can try partnering up to run a joint giveaway or another promotional campaign such as a sales event or a series of sponsored content.

Get More Ieas For Promoting Your Brand On Facebook

Run a Giveaway on Your Timeline

A particularly effective strategy you can use to drive likes and comments is running a giveaway from within your Facebook timeline. All it costs is the prize and it can help you engage your audience, drive Likes and help you grow your reach.

Find Out More About Running a Facebook Giveaway

Run a Giveaway on a 3rd Party App

As effective as running a giveaway directly on your Facebook timeline can be, if you really want to grow your online audience and drive Likes from new users you should consider running an in-app giveaway with a platform like Gleam's Competitions app, and promoting it across all of your social channels. This will allow you to drive Likes (and other awesome actions) from highly relevant users who may just become loyal followers and customers.

Take a look at this demo we put together to see how you can use Gleam to grow your presence on Facebook and beyond:

While Facebook won't allow you to directly incentivise Facebook Likes when you run a 3rd party giveaway, you will still be able to use your giveaway to drive traffic right to your Facebook page and ask them to Like it once they're there.

The best part about running your giveaway with Gleam is that you will be able to drive users to your Facebook page from a wide range of sources which will allow you to cross-pollinate your online following and expose your Facebook page to huge pools of new users.

Here are a few tips for how you can make the most of your giveaway and use it to boost your presence on Facebook and drive other powerful outcomes:

Use Your Giveaway to Drive Likes From Visitors

When you run a giveaway with Gleam you are able award entries to anyone who visits your Facebook page...

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When properly executed, giveaways can be one of the most powerful promotional tools you have at your disposal, no matter what type of business or brand it is you're running.

Giveaways are incredibly engaging, outstanding for attracting attention and drawing in a new audience, and a perfect way to drive the actions which matter most to you. These can include newsletter subscriptions, social media follows, content creation, social referrals, promotional material exposure and much, much more.

To help you run your own powerful giveaway and reach all of your marketing goals we're going to take you through how you can easily run your own successful campaign and give you all our top tips for getting the most of your giveaway.

Getting Started

When you set out to run your own giveaway there are a few things you'll need to do before you launch your campaign to set yourself up for maximum success and ensure that you're going to get as much as possible out of your campaign.

Know Your Goals

Every time you run a giveaway you're putting yourself in an outstanding position to boost your promotional efforts, drive a host of powerful actions and enjoy a diverse array of valuable benefits.

There's so much that can be gained from each and every giveaway you run that it's important to figure out exactly what your goals are before you start. This will help you figure out what type of giveaway you should run, where you should run it, what entry actions you should drive and how you should promote it.

Some of the best goals you can set for your giveaways include:

  • Generating brand and product awareness.
  • Building hype for a product launch, sales event or other special promotions.
  • Driving email signups.
  • Growing your online following.
  • Driving traffic to your website.
  • Increasing social media engagement.
  • Generating user-generated content.

All of these goals are incredibly achievable when you run the right type of giveaway and use it to drive the right actions. We'll take you through exactly how you can do this soon, but first we're going to take a look at another important consideration you'll need to make before you launch your giveaway.

Choosing the Perfect Prize

When you start to setup your giveaway one of the first (and most important) decisions you'll need to make is what you actually want to give away.

At the end of the day, the prize you offer up is what will ultimately drive participation and encourage users to complete your entry actions. Without a compelling prize you won't be able to attract entrants and maximise the value you get from your campaign.

As you set out to choose the perfect prize there are a few key considerations you need to make to ensure you're picking a prize that will attract the right entrants and drive meaningful value:

  • Make sure your prize is relevant to your target audience. You always want to offer a prize which appeals to users who are likely to take an interest in your brand and products. This is the best way to ensure that you're driving meaningful actions from relevant users and potential customers.
  • Choose a prize which helps your promotional efforts. The core purpose of a giveaway is to promote your brand, so it's important that your prize is contributing towards this goal. This may mean giving away a new product of yours, items newly available on your store or a prize from within your area of expertise.
  • Make sure your prize is suitably valuable. You want whatever you give away to be well and truly worth the effort you're asking users to put in to win your prize. As a general rule, the more you're asking users to do to enter your giveaway, the more you should be offering in return. This can be more prizes, more valuable prizes or more winners.

Giving away your own product, or a bundle of your own products is generally an outstanding approach as it will allow you to attract a relevant audience and promote your brand in a way no other prizes can. However, if you don't have a product of your own or you simply want to take a different approach then there are plenty of other brilliant prizes you can offer up with your giveaway.

Check Out 150+ Awesome Prize Ideas

Learn more about what makes a great prize and check out over 150 of our favourite prize ideas for every type of giveaway and occassion.

Let's Go
Running Your Giveaway

Once you've decided what you want to give away, and what you're hoping to achieve with your giveaway you'll be ready to put it into action and start driving engagement and powerful entry actions.

Types of Giveaways

There are a huge number of different types of giveaways you can run, it all comes down to you're trying to reach, and what entry actions you are trying to drive.

Some of the quickest and easiest types of giveaways you can host are those that are run directly on social media and offer entries in exchange for some simple actions.

Facebook Giveaways

Facebook is a great platform for reaching new audiences, building a community around your brand and promoting your products. A great way to increase your presence on the platform is by running a giveaway directly on your timeline and ask users to enter by:

  • Liking your post.
  • Commenting on your post.
  • Upload a photo or other post with a designated hashtag.

These are all great ways you can use your giveaway to engage your audience, gain exposure and promote your offering to a new and excited audience.

Learn More About Running a Facebook Giveaway

Twitter Giveaways

Twitter is the perfect platform for spreading your content and promoting your brand to a huge new audience through tweets and retweets. Running a giveaway is a great way to incentivise the sharing of your content and grow your audience, as you can run a campaign which requires entrants to:

  • Follow you.
  • Retweet a post.
  • Send out a tweet or post a photo with a hashtag.

Learn More About Running a Twitter Giveaway

Instagram Giveaways

Instagram is another platform which is suitable for running giveaways. You can simply post a photo which offers your audience the chance to win a prize by:

  • Following you on Instagram.
  • Liking your post.
  • Tagging friends in the post.
  • Posting a photo with your hashtag.

Learn More About Running an Instagram Giveaway

3rd Party Giveaways (The Best Option)

Running a giveaway directly on social media can be a quick and effective way to engage your audience and drive some actions, but if you want your campaign to reach a massive audience, drive and administer a diverse array of powerful actions and gain viral traction then you should be running your giveaway with a 3rd party app.

If you use Gleam's Competitions app to run your giveaway you will be able to put together a stylish and powerful campaign which will allow you to connect with your audience and drive a wide array of powerful actions which will help you reach any number of marketing objectives.

Take a look at this demo we put together to get an idea of what your own giveaway could look like with Gleam:

When you use Gleam to run your giveaway you will be able to host the campaign on your own website, or on one of our hosted landing pages. This gives you the opportunity to drive traffic to your giveaway from a multitude of sources which allows you to increase participation, drive more actions across more platforms and ultimately maximise the value you get from your campaign.

Choosing Entry Actions

If you run your giveaway directly on social media the entry actions you can incentivise are limited to the platform you're running the campaign on.

When you use a platform like Gleam to run your giveaway you will be able to incentivise a multitude of powerful actions across all of your social channels and much, much more. This is one of the key advantages of using a 3rd party app to run your giveaway.

Here are just some of the awesome actions you can drive with your own Gleam giveaway:

The huge selection of actions you can drive with Gleam means that matter what it is that you want to get out of your giveaway, you will be able drive relevant actions and reach your goals.

Another plus is that Gleam automatically administers and validates all entry actions so you don't have to sink all your time into making sure people are properly completing actions.

Find Out How to Setup Your Own Giveaway With Gleam

Promoting Your Giveaway

Once you've decided on the actions you want to drive and launched your giveaway it will be time to share it with the world. No matter how well you've put together your giveaway it won't be a success unless you can put it in front of an audience.

It's important that you announce your giveaway to your entire online audience as soon as it goes live. This includes sharing it with your mailing list and posting across every social media platform you operate on. You can also try announcing your giveaway to your audience before you go live to build some hype and get people excited to enter.

Hosting your giveaway on your own website is another great way to attract entrants, as you can use popups and dedicated pages to draw attention to your giveaway and drive action from highly relevant users.

These tactics are all fantastic for promoting your giveaway to your audience and getting the ball rolling on participation, but if you want to maximise your reach you'll need to encourage users to share your giveaway with their friends and kick off the cycle of social referrals.

You can achieve this by asking your follows to share/retweet your giveaway posts or tag their friends in the comments. You can also use your giveaway itself to drive social referrals by using our retweet or viral share actions to award extra entries to users who help you promote your campaign.

Check Out Our In-Depth Guide On Promoting Your Giveaway

What's Next?

So you've successfully run a giveaway, driven a bunch of powerful actions and reached your campaign goals. Now what?

The first thing you should do is take a moment to enjoy the benefits of all the actions you drove.

The second thing you should do is get right back to work. In the immediate aftermath of your giveaway you should have a freshly expanded following and switched on and engaged audience who are primed to take further action. Now is the perfect time to get your audience to take action.

Re-Engage Your Audience

Giveaways provide you with the perfect opportunity to engage your existing followers and substantially grow your online audience.

If your giveaway leaves you inundated with new followers it's crucial that you make efforts to re-engage them in the immediate aftermath of your giveaway. This will help you solidify your relationship with them and prevent your following from dwindling in the time following your campaign.

You can do this by sharing high quality social media content which really engages your audience, or running one of the following types of follow-up campaigns.

Drive Sales With Coupons and Discounts

Running a giveaway will help you attract an audience of relevant and excited users who have displayed a clear interest in your brand and products. The immediate aftermath of your giveaway is the perfect time to convert these users into customers by offering up coupon codes and discounts.

You can do this by emailing out discount codes to giveaway entrants, running a rewards campaign, giving out coupons to website visitors or hosting and promoting a storewide sale.

Find Out More About Using Coupons to Drive Sales

Run Another Giveaway

If you had success running a giveaway once, chances are you'll have success again.

Running giveaways on a regular basis is an awesome way to consistently engage your audience, drive meaningful actions, promote your brand and grow your following. This is especially true if you are using the viral share and retweet actions to constantly expand your giveaway's reach.

Ready To Run Your Own Giveaway?

Check out our documentation on setting up your own giveaway or get started right away!

Get Started
Our Top Tips For Running a Successful Giveaway

We've seen and facilitated an enormous amount of giveaways here at Gleam. We've even run a lot of our own campaigns.

While running and examining all these giveaways we've developed a pretty good sense of what makes a giveaway successful. So to help you get the most out of your giveaway and find success we're going to take you through our favourite tips for running a successful giveaway, many of which we've used ourselves to drive powerful results.

Also Make Sure You Check Out The Top 10 Giveaway Mistakes You Must Avoid

Use a Good Feature Image

Anytime you run a giveaway the first thing everyone will notice is your visual copy.

Accompanying your giveaway with eye-catching, engaging, informative imagery is key to the success of your campaign. The visuals you use to promote your giveaway should grab people's attention and communicate exactly what your giveaway is and what entrants stand to win. You want to make your prize as alluring as possible.

When you run a giveaway with Gleam you can include a feature image will be displayed on your giveaway itself, as well as when you share your campaign on social media. Using a good feature image will make your campaign much more visually appealing and encourage increased participation from all users.

Using a high-quality 1080x567px image will optimise your feature image's display in the widget and on social media on all devices, so if possible this is the image size you should aim for.

Be Descriptive

As well as creating some captivating visual copy, the written language you use to promote and provide instructions on your giveaway is also of paramount importance. You need to make sure you're:

  • Describing your prize in an enticing way.
  • Providing clear and succinct instructions on how to enter your giveaway.
  • Draw attention to your brand and promote whatever it is you do.
Run It On A Custom Page

Running your giveaway in a page on your website is a savvy move. It gives you ultimate control of how you present your giveaway to your audience and allows you to use your giveaway to drive traffic to your website where you can encourage further brand exploration, build further interest and possibly even drive some sales.

You can also take a slightly different approach and embed your giveaway in a page where your website visitors will naturally come across it. This could be a popup on your home page, in a relevant blog post, or even on a post-checkout page.

Have a Dedicated Giveaway Page

Another effective approach you can take to running your campaign on your website is setting up a dedicated giveaway page. This is a particularly good move you run giveaways on a regular basis and want to give your users a familiar location they can visit to enter your giveaways time and time again.

This will make it a lot easier for you to consistently drive traffic to all of your giveaways or any other promotional campaigns you may be running.

Having a dedicated giveaway page can be particularly effective if you're running multiple giveaways or promotional campaigns at once and want to encourage users to participate in them all.

Check Out Our Giveaway Page

Use the Promote Feature

If you're running multiple giveaways then it's safe to assume that you want to the people entering one giveaway to enter all the rest. An outstanding way to encourage the participants of one giveaway to enter another one is by using Gleam's promote action to award extra entries to users who enter another one of your campaigns.

You don't even have to use this action to promote your own campaign. If you have formed a promotional partnership with another brand or influencer and are both running a giveaway you can use the promote action to send traffic to each other's campaign and cross-pollinate your entrant pool.

Get Users to Follow You On Various Social Channels

A strong online following is one of the most valuable assets any marketer can have. Building up a social presence makes it significantly easier to connect with your target audience, promote your brand, encourage social sharing and drive sales, subscriptions, and any other actions you strive for.

Giveaways are the perfect opportunity to grow your social presence by incentivising users to follow you on various social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram don't allow you to incentivise page like and follows with 3rd party giveaways, but a combination of incentivising profile visits and asking entrants to follow you in your copy will allow you to drive plenty of follows on these platforms.

The power of using giveaways to grow your online following isn't just limited to popular social media platforms. With Gleam you can use giveaways to expand your following on a huge range of platforms you may be active on, including...

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify
  • Pinterest
  • ...and more!

Whatever online channels you choose to reach your audience, giveaways can always help grow your following.

Use Bonus Actions to Encourage Users to Complete Everything

The beauty of running a giveaway with a 3rd party platform is that you have the opportunity to drive a wide array of valuable actions rather than the limited selection you are faced with when you run a giveaway directly on social media.

When you use a giveaway to drive a wide breadth of actions you will want as many people as you can to complete as many actions as possible. The entries users earn with every action they complete will help you drive multiple actions from every entrant, but if you really want to get every last drop of value you can from your campaign you should check out Gleam's bonus..

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If you're an online retailer then you're well aware of the power of distributing coupons to your customers and subscribers, whether they are incentivised or not.

To take your coupon campaigns a step further, we're going to introduce you to Gleam's new Coupon feature which can be used in both Competitions & Rewards.

One way of using Coupon is by creating tiered coupons which allows users to complete actions to earn increasingly valuable incentives. This is a highly effective tactic to engage with customers/subscribers, plus it's a much more interactive way to engage with visitors while rewarding the both of you.

Here's a demo:

Notice how the coupons are locked until you perform the actions above it.

One way of using tiered coupons is by setting up a welcome offer on your homepage, like this:

In this tutorial we're going to teach you how to create tiered coupons as well as provide some ideas on where to use them in your E-commerce business.

How Tiered Coupons Work

Curious how our tiered coupon system works? Coupons are locked intermittently until you complete a specified number of actions. Once you reach a milestone, you get to redeem a coupon.

Here's how the coupon redemption process looks like:

Alternatively, you could continue performing more actions to redeem the final coupon, which is assumed to be of the highest value.

The final coupon will be unlocked and presented like this:

How To Create Tiered Coupons1. How Many Coupons?

First, you'll want to figure out how much of a discount, as well as how many tiers of coupons you would like to offer to your customers or subscribers.

For this example, we're going to keep it simple and set up a 2-tier coupon system:

  1. Visitor performs some 'light' actions, gets a 10% discount
  2. Visitor continues to perform some slightly more time-consuming actions, gets a 20% discount
2. Implement The Actions

Once you have a good idea of the tiers of coupons you'd like to distribute, you can set up the list of actions you would like the visitor to perform in order to redeem your coupons.

3. Tier Coupons In Between Actions

Now it's time to nest the coupons in between tiers of actions. For this example, we implement a Coupon for the 10% discount, and then a Bonus action that will unlock the final reward, which is a 20% discount.

The final list of actions, or redeem methods, will look like this:

To lock the 10% coupon, all you have to do is set the 'Actions Required' parameter to '3', which is the number of actions required before redeeming the first-tier coupon:

To make some actions optional, you can always reduce the number of actions required on that tier in order to redeem the coupon.4. Configure The Final Tier

For the final tier, you could write an instruction in the Reward description area stating that the final coupon will be presented to the entrant once they have completed the required number of actions.

A better alternative would be to add a final Bonus action so that your final offer is listed among the redeem methods, resulting in an easier to understand interface.

Once you have the Bonus action implemented, all you have to do is fill in the configurations under 'Reward' tab:

The only thing to note here is that 'Actions required to unlock Coupon' is '6' instead of '7'. This is because the Coupon is not considered as an action.

From the widget, clicking on the last Bonus action will lead visitors to the final coupon. Here is how it will look like to your visitors:

Create Your First Tiered Coupon

For more information, check out our comprehensive documentation on creating tiered rewards and start your first Gleam Rewards coupon campaign.

Get Started

Everything looking good? We're going to show you how and where you can implement this growth hack:

Welcome Offers On Your Website

With Gleam Rewards, you can introduce tiered coupons to new website visitors so they get to enjoy a discount on their first purchase.

When installed on your homepage, you can implement certain actions to help introduce your brand to visitors, or keep potential customers in the loop by offering the option to subscribe to your mailing list or follow you on social media.

Since it's a welcome offer, you're probably targeting new website visitors, so make sure the actions you implement are not too invasive or context-dependent.

For that reason, we recommend implementing actions that will help introduce your brand and provide context to new visitors. The goal is to make them feel right at home with you, as well as drive awareness to what kind of products or services you provide as well as your latest additions.

Here are some examples, sorted by increasing effort:

  • Subscribe to your mailing list
  • Visit profile on social media platforms
  • Answer some questions about what or who they're shopping for
  • View a video about your product or brand

Check out the full list of actions or redeem methods for Gleam Rewards

Install The Welcome Offer As A Tab

To present the welcome offer on your homepage, it's advisable to keep it hidden in a tab, so that only those who are interested can click on it to see what you have up on offer.

To keep your Rewards app hidden, just install it as a tab by embedding our script on your homepage. Here's how it will look like on a website:

Learn To Install Your Campaign In A Tab

Learn how you can create a tab to show off your next campaign and learn more about installing it on your website with our documentation.

Learn More
Exclusive Email-Only Offer

Another option is to create an exclusive offer for your subscribers only. This can help target a more specific audience so that your campaign is more effective when it comes to achieving your goals - whatever they may be.

Furthermore, you already know subscribers are interested in your brand so they are primed to take action and redeem your coupons. That means the engagement rate is much more effective, as well as a higher chance of those coupons converting into sales and revenue.

Since existing subscribers are more aware of your brand, you can then implement actions that are more context-dependent, such as surveys or quizzes.

Distribute The Exclusive Offer In A Landing Page

If you're wondering how you're going to get subscribers to perform actions from their mailbox, then we've got you covered.

For each Gleam campaign you run with us, you'll get a unique, beautiful hosted landing page for your campaign that you can distribute to entrants, like this:

And don't worry, that's free. You'll get a unique landing page to your campaign with a link that looks a bit like this one:

Learn More About Hosted Landing Pages

Find out everything you need to know about our stylish, customisable hosted landing pages.

Learn More
Get Started With Your Own Tiered Coupon Campaign
   Use This Template On Gleam
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Instagram is a powerful promotional platform for all kinds of e-commerce businesses. The platform allows businesses to engage with users in an authentic and personable manner which can help you promote your offering, grow your audience, strengthen your customer relationships and even drive immediate sales.

An outstanding tactic for converting your Instagram audience into customers is using exclusive discounts to drive traffic from your Instagram page to your website where you can present visitors with your exclusive welcome offer and start driving immediate sales (as well as email signups).

To help you start generating sales from Instagram we're going to take you through exactly how you can create your very own Instagram welcome offer and use it to drive conversions.

Using Coupons to Convert Visitors

Offering your Instagram audience an exclusive discount code is an outstanding way to convert them into customers, and there's no better way to execute this strategy than using your special offer to drive Instagram visitors to your website and providing them with a coupon code as soon as they arrive.

You can easily accomplish this with Gleam's Capture App. With Capture you can build welcome offers which will trigger when a user is referred to your site from Instagram and distribute exclusive discount coupons to start driving conversions.

By requiring users to sign up with their email to access your coupons you will be able to grow your mailing list as well as drive sales. This is hugely advantageous as upgrading your Instagram audience to email subscribers will give your long-term promotional efforts a serious boost.

By limiting your coupon distribution to your Instagram audience you will add a level of exclusivity to the offer which will make users even more likely to take advantage of the discount and make a purchase.

Plus, you will also be able to make your audience feel rewarded and foster a strong sense of community and value which will help increase the impact of your future marketing efforts on Instagram.

Creating a Welcome Offer

Creating a welcome offer for your Instagram audience is an easy undertaking when you use Gleam Capture.

When you're creating a welcome offer, the first thing you will need to do is select the Coupon template and start customising your popup. You can learn everything you need to know about setting up your very own Capture right here in our documentation.

When you set up your welcome offer you will also need to set up a coupon code which users can redeem at your store and include it in your Capture. When you're making a welcome offer for Instagram users we recommend creating a coupon code based around this theme. For example, if you're offering a 20% discount you could use the code INSTAGRAM20.

Instagram Referrals

The key to an Instagram welcome offer is making sure your offer is only presented to users who are visiting your website from the link in your Instagram bio.

In order to do this you will need to create a tracking URL by adding a utm source to the link in your Instagram bio. Keep the source simple and set it as something like instagram or instagram-profile.

Here's an example:


You can easily set this up with Google's Campaign URL Builder, and use Bitly or Rebrandly to create a shortened link which you can easily display in your Instagram bio.

When you use Gleam Capture to set up your welcome offer you can use our Query String rule to ensure that your offer is only being displayed to users in your online audience who have been directed to your special offer from Instagram.

First you will need to select the Query String rule under Acquisition in the Behavioural Rules tab of the Capture setup. You can then customise the rule so the Capture will be triggered when the utm_source equals the source you set e.g. instagram.

You can also get more granular by looking at Campaign Name if you wish to test multiple offers.

Driving Instagram Traffic To Your Website

Once you have set up your Instagram welcome offer you will need to start driving traffic from Instagram to your website.

The best way to do this is by using your Instagram bio to promote the special offering and including a link in your bio which directs users to your website where they will be presented with their coupon.

Creating Your Bio and Referral Link

Adding a link to your Instagram bio to drive traffic to your website is incredibly easy. All you need to do is hop onto your profile page on Instagram and click edit profile.

You can then use your bio to promote your special offer and direct users to your link, which you can add as your website when you edit your profile.

When you set your website link you need to ensure you are using the link which contains the utm source which triggers your Capture.

These links can often end up being too long and unappealing, so we recommend using Bitly or Rebrandly to create a simple eye-catching link which contains your utm source.

Drawing Attention to Your Bio

There's no way you can include clickable links in Instagram posts, so your bio is your best bet for driving traffic to your website. However, not all of your Instagram audience will be exposed to, or take much note of, your bio.

Because of this, it's important that you're using your Instagram posts to promote your special offer and direct users to the link in your bio which will take them to your special offer.

With this easy trick you should be able to start using Instagram to grow your mailing list, drive customer acquisition and start generating more revenue from the online audience you have worked so hard to build!

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Here at Gleam we’re always on the lookout for ways to help users grow the metrics that are important to them. YouTube is one of my favourite social networks, I personally think it has a long way to grow & really has a perfect model – content creators get paid to create awesome content.

The easiest way to get that content in front of more users is to either build an email list or grow the number of users that are subscribed to your channel.

This is what a typical YouTube channel or user page looks like when someone visits. Notice the subscribe button tucked away up in the top right corner.

Now this is the exact same subscribe page, with a slight difference. We’re sending users to this page using the following URL:


This small parameter at the end of your URL will show this popup to prompt your users to subscribe to your channel. On average this will improve your subscribe rate by over 400%.

This particular trick will only work on user pages or subscribe pages. So make sure you add it to any links on your website, when you share on social media or when you mention your YouTube channel in emails.

About Gleam

Here at Gleam we’ve built a platform that takes the heavy lifting out of running a successful contest. Our widget looks great, has all the integrations you’ll need and even syncs with over 30+ email marketing providers.

Our platform is trusted by over 600k businesses around the world. We do the hard work so you can do what you do best, run amazing YouTube campaigns for your fans or customers.

Ready To Run Your Own YouTube Contest?

Check out our documentation on setting up your own Competition or get started right away!

Get Started
Need More YouTube Growth Advice?
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If you operate in E-commerce then you are probably devoting a sizable chunk of your time and effort to driving traffic to your website in as many ways and from as many sources as possible. This includes: organic, direct and paid traffic as well as traffic you drive from email, social media and peer-to-peer referrals.

This is to be expected as drawing in an online audience and amassing website visits is undeniably critical to the success of any E-commerce business. However, you also need to ensure that you're doing everything you can to convert these hard-earned visitors into customers once they arrive at your store.

Appealing products, valuable onsite content and a well designed website are sure to help you convert some leads, but if you want to get serious about maximising sales then you should consider giving out coupons to website visitors.

Discounts and coupons have an enormous impact on the purchasing decisions of consumers, and in many cases they will be the difference between a potential customer making a purchase or walking away.

Coupons are a truly outstanding way to finalise purchase decisions, encourage bigger purchases, drive customer acquisition, entice brand switching and boost retention rates, so there's no reason you shouldn't be using them to convert website visitors into customers and drive sales.

In this post we'll take you through some of the best ways you can use coupons to attract website visitors and convert them into customers.

Distributing Coupons On Your Website

Distributing coupon codes from inside your website may well be the single most effective tactic you can use to convert website visitors of every sort into paying customers. Online coupons have the power to put curious visitors in a purchasing mindset and give undecided customers that little bit of extra motivation they may need to take action and make a purchase.

Plus, when you give out coupons to website visitors you can choose to gate your coupon codes behind email signups. This is generally an excellent idea, as in addition to using your coupons to drive sales you will also be able to use them to grow your mailing list and give your long-term promotional efforts a serious boost.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful strategies for any E-commerce business, as it allows you to directly reach out to a highly relevant audience and promote all of your future offers, releases and promotions. The only potential downside of requiring an email signup to access your coupons is raising the barriers to entry. However, an email signup is such a low effort task that anyone actually considering making a purchase won't be dissuaded, and the benefits of a boosted mailing list far outweigh the negligible risk.

Find Out More About How You Can Use Your Email List to Drive Sales

When it comes to giving out coupon codes to website visitors there are a number of different approaches you can take, each with their own set of unique advantages and appeals. With Gleam's stylish and powerful Capture app you can easily create a wide range of popups and notifications designed to distribute coupons and drive sales.

We're going to take you through some of the most effective ways you can use Gleam to distribute coupons which will drive sales from website visitors and grow your mailing list.

Welcome Coupon

Presenting new visitors with a coupon as soon as they arrive on your website is an awesome way to instantly capture your target market's attention and put them in a buying mindset from the moment they enter your store.

Giving visitors a discount code right from the jump will make them consider all of your offerings a lot more seriously, as they know they have a discount up their sleeve which makes purchases a whole lot more enticing.

Welcome coupons are also a great way to add new visitors who are unfamiliar with you to your mailing list where you can continue to promote your products and offer more discounts which can help drive future sales from new visitors whether they made a purchase on their first visit or not.

Gleam makes offering welcome coupons a breeze, all you have to do is design your popup with our easy builder and use our new visitor rule to target users who are visiting your website for the first time.

Source Specific Coupon

An alternative to offering welcome coupons to every visitor who comes across your website is giving out source specific coupons which are only presented to users who have been referred to your website from a specific source.

This is an outstanding way to make your online communities feel valued and appreciated which will help you build positive customer relations whilst also driving sales. Plus, the exclusivity of this type of coupon will make potential customers even more inclined to make a purchase.

You can use source specific coupons to drive sales from users visiting from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as other sources like Reddit, Product Hunt or any other websites you use to engage an audience and drive traffic to your website.

If you're running an online promotional campaign designed to drive website traffic then source specific coupons are the perfect way to maximise the value you get from your campaign by translating visits into sales, and turning your online audience into more valuable email subscribers.

You can even simultaneously offer an array of source specific coupons designed to target and convert visitors arriving from a multitude of platforms.

All you have to do to make a source specific coupon with Gleam is set up a referring domain acquisition rule and specify what website you want to target visitors from.

Sales Event

Running an online sales event and offering savings across specific lines or your entire range is an awesome way to capture the attention of your target audience, build excitement, encourage store visits from a huge audience and of course, drive sales.

If you run a sales event it's a good idea to offer coupon codes and promote the sale across social media, email, and of course your own website.

You can even choose to run a "member sale" and gate your coupons behind an email signup to grow your mailing list and get the most out of your sales event.

Another approach you can take is to drop prices across your store and offer further discounts to subscribers. This can be the best of both worlds, as you will be able offer highly accessible discounts whilst also incentivising signups to help your future marketing efforts.


When you're running a sales event or giving away discount codes creating a sense of urgency is often a good idea as it can help you grab people's attention and prompt immediate action.

If you're giving out coupon codes on your website, visitors are much more likely to claim their code and make a purchase if they know it's a limited time only offer, as no one wants to run the risk of missing out entirely.

A great way to give your discounts a time limit and create a sense of urgency is by using a Countdown Capture to show users exactly how long they have left to claim their coupon code.

Accompanying your coupon offering with an attention-grabbing countdown can even help you generate more email subscriptions with your coupons. This is because the sense of urgency you create will greatly reduce the impact of any potential barriers and encourage visitors to act.

Bars & Notifications

If you want to take a more subtle approach to distributing coupons and driving sales then you should consider using Gleam's Bar or Notification Captures to offer discounts to email subscribers.

This can be a great approach if you want to distribute coupons over an extended period of time without distracting from the regular flow of your website too much, or if you are offering minor discounts to subscribers such free shipping or 5% off a purchase.

Offering coupons with bar and notification Captures is incredibly easy. All you need to do is include your coupon code in your thank you message, create a two-step Capture or email your coupon code out to everyone who signs up.

Learn More About Giving Out Coupons With Capture Bars

Product Specific Coupons

You won't always want to give away discounts across your entire store. Sometimes you'll just want to offer up some coupons which are only valid on purchases of a particular product, or a select range of products.

You may be trying to promote a new release, draw attention to a new range or run a clearance sale. There are loads of good reasons to run product specific sales, and distributing coupons with Capture is a fantastic way to execute one.

When you offer product specific coupons there are a few approaches you can take. You may want to present website visitors with the coupon as soon as they arrive at your site. This is a great way draw attention to your special offering and get as many eyes as possible on the discounted products.

Another approach is to use Gleam's current URL rule to present your coupon to users once they arrive on the relevant product page. Offering coupons from your product page is an awesome way to target users who have displayed a clear interest in your product and drive some instant sales.

Exit Intent Coupons

One of the most powerful types of coupons you can offer is an exit intent coupon. Exit intent coupons work by detecting when users are about to leave your website and presenting them with an attention grabbing popup which offers them an enticing discount.

This type of coupon is perfect for recapturing users who are about to leave your website and converting them into email subscribers and customers. When a potential customer decides to leave your website a special discount may be all they need to change their mind and make a purchase, and exit intent coupons allow you to reach out to these users in their moment of indecision and convert them into customers.

Learn More About Exit Intent Coupons

Find out what makes exit intent popups so awesome and how you can set up your own in minutes.

Learn More
Cart Abandonment Coupons

If a website visitor starts adding items to their shopping cart it's plainly clear that they're highly interested in your offering, and very likely to make a purchase.

However, for various reasons, not every visitor who adds products to their cart will initially decide to follow through with the purchase. This is where cart abandonment coupons come in to play.

With Gleam, you can build coupon popups which will present enticing discounts to visitors before they exit their cart without making a purchase. This is a truly fantastic way to drive immediate sales from users you would have otherwise lost.

Plus, by waiting until users about to leave before offering your coupon you will be able to maximise revenue by limiting discounts to users who wouldn't have made a full-priced purchase anyway.

Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts With Capture

Learn how to build popups which will re-engage users and drive sales from customers who are abandoning their shopping carts.

Read More
Post Checkout Coupons

As well as being outstanding for converting website visitors into customers, online coupons can also be a powerful tool for promoting brand loyalty and driving future sales from users who have already made a purchase.

When you direct customers to a purchase confirmation page you can use Gleam Capture's current URL rule to trigger a popup which thanks customers for their order and offers them a discount on their next purchase if they sign up for your mailing list.

This allows you to immediately incentivise repeat purchases with a discount code while also growing your mailing list and making it easier for you to promote your offering and drive purchases well into the future.

Post checkout coupons are great as they allow you to connect with and encourage sales from an audience you can be certain are interested in your offerings. Retention is a lot easier than acquisition, and post checkout coupons are the perfect way to ensure your customers are coming back for more time and time again.

Driving Traffic to Your Website

As well being an outstanding strategy for converting website visitors into customers, coupons can also be a terrific way to encourage potential customers to visit your website in the first place.

Posting across social media and mailing your list with an announcement that you're giving away valuable coupons on your website will help you generate website visits which in turn will help you generate sales.

You can even publicly share your coupons across social media and provide users with a link to your store where they can redeem the offer. However, this does have the distinct disadvantage of depriving you of the opportunity to drive hugely powerful email signups. Plus, when you publicly share coupons on social media it's a lot harder to actually convert recipients into customers than it is if you make sure they're already on your website first.

The ideal approach is to use social media, email and other platforms to drive traffic to your website where you then offer coupons. This will maximise your conversion rate, allow you to offer coupons to users from a wider range of sources, help grow your mailing list and drive other actions.

Start Driving Sales With Capture

Check out our helpful documentation for step by step instructions on setting up your own Capture Coupons or get started right away!

Let's Go
Use Coupons to Drive Action

As well as using coupons to convert website visitors into customers and generate revenue, you can also use them as a powerful tool for driving other valuable actions. You've already seen how you can use coupons to drive email subscriptions, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

With Gleam you can easily run your own comprehensive coupon campaign designed to boost sales and drive the actions that are important to you. This can include:

  • Email subscriptions
  • Social media follows
  • Content creation
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Social referrals
  • Website visits
  • Video views
  • Much, much more

To help you start making the most of your coupons we're going to take you through some of the most powerful ways you can use discount codes and coupons to drive action.

Run a Rewards Campaign

With Gleam's Rewards app you can put together powerful campaigns which offer users discounts for completing an array of actions including website visits, social media follows, content creation, social referrals and much, much more.

You can easily run these campaigns from inside your website and use them to engage users, drive powerful promotional actions and convert website visitors into customers.

When you run this type of campaign you can promote it across social media and email and use it's exciting appeal to drive traffic to your website and generate sales.

You could even try running a Reward campaign which requires users to visit your website to claim their reward. This can help you get users in your store with a coupon in hand, a situation which lends itself to easy sales conversions.

When you run a Rewards campaign you shouldn't require users to complete too many actions to claim their coupon. At the end of the day the primary purpose of your coupon is to drive sales. You don't want potential customers walking away from your coupon because too much effort is required.

Asking users to only complete one or a couple of actions is generally a wise move. Try to focus on a few high-value actions that will help you reach your marketing goals. This may be generating UGC, collecting reviews, growing your online following or driving social referrals.

Learn How To Build Your Own Referral Reward

As a general rule, the more valuable your reward is the more actions you can get away with incentivising.

Check Out More Powerful Rewards Campaigns

Take a look at some ideas for how you can use Rewards campaigns to generate sales and drive the actions which matter to you.

Check It Out
Create a Tiered Reward

If you want to maximise the amount of powerful actions you're driving with your coupons then you should consider creating a tiered reward.

A tiered reward is essentially a campaign which offers users increasingly valuable rewards for completing additional actions. The step-by-step progression of a tiered reward will allow you to drive more actions than a standard reward campaign while also minimising the risk of users abandoning their campaign without getting their discount.

Creating a tiered reward is simple with Gleam's Coupon action which allows you to distribute discount codes from inside a Rewards campaign. All you need to do is create a coupon action for every tier of reward you want to offer and lock each coupon until users have completed the actions required to unlock it.

Tiered rewards are a brilliant way to give out discount codes which help you drive a whole lot of powerful actions and of course, convert website visitors into customers.

Learn More About Tiered Rewards

Learn everything you need to know about creating your own tiered Reward with Gleam right here.

Learn More
Pair Your Coupons With a Giveaway

Running an online giveaway is a truly fantastic way to attract attention, build excitement and of course drive a host of powerful actions. Giveaways are also a great way to drive traffic to your online store. You can offer entries to users who visit your store, or you can host the giveaway on your website and use the excitement your campaign generates to drive traffic from social media and other online sources.

When you run a giveaway with Gleam's Competitions app you have the power to give away coupons to entrants which will help you drive more actions and convert the visitors your giveaway attracts into customers.

You can use the Coupon action to offer discounts to users who complete every action in your giveaway to drive the completion of more actions and maximise the value you get out of your campaign.

Another approach is to simply offer discounts to everyone who completes a single entry, this will help you get coupons in the hands of as many people as possible and give your sales a nice boost. You can even offer various tiers of discount throughout your giveaway and use coupons to maximise actions whilst also making them highly accessible to every participant.

Use Coupon Actions In Your Next Giveaway

Find out how you can drive more sales and actions by distributing coupons from inside your contest or giveaway.

Learn More
Show Off User-Generated Content

One of the most powerful things you can do to promote your products from inside your website, build a sense of trust and community, and help finalise purchase decisions is display user-generated content from satisfied customers.

User-generated content is authentic, trustworthy, highly engaging and best of all, it communicates to potential customers that your product is worth it. Sharing UGC across social media is a terrific strategy, but if you want your customer content to start converting users you should put it on full display on your website.

With Gleam's Galleries app you can easily import fan-made content from an array of social media platforms and display them in a stylish gallery. You can fill your gallery (and engage a whole lot of users) by running social media campaigns asking for submissions, or hosting a giveaway designed to incentivise content generation.

Learn More About Using Giveaways to Collect User-Generated..

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Running a contest or giveaway is a remarkable way to build engagement, attract attention and drive an array of actions which will allow you to reach new audiences, raise awareness, grow your following and much, much more.

When you run a contest you will be able to grow your audience and capture the attention of a huge pool of highly relevant users. This in itself is great, but if you really want to make the most of your contest then you should be capitalizing on this heightened attention and driving immediate sales.

One of the best approaches you can take to converting contest entrants into customers is offering them coupon codes which they can use to make discounted purchases at your store.

Most users who enter your contest will have an interest in your product, and in many cases a discount will be enough to tip them over the edge and get them make a purchase.

Giving Out Coupons to Contest Entrants With Gleam

Giving out coupon codes to contest entrants is a breeze when you run a campaign with Gleam's Competitions app.

All you have to do is setup a competition and include our Coupon action.

This action requires you to either be on our complete Package, or also have a Business Rewards plan (as this action uses your Rewards redeems)

   Use This Template With Gleam

Our coupon action allows you to distribute coupon codes to users from within your competition. You can even lock your coupon until entrants have completed a designated amount of actions.

You may want to allow users to claim a coupon immediately or after completing a single action, or you may want to require users to complete every action in your campaign before they can access your coupon code.

Gating your coupon behind actions will allow you to not only drive sales, but also maximise the value you get from your campaign by incentivising users to complete more actions. This can help you drive an array of powerful actions including email subscriptions, social media follows, content creation, social referrals and a whole lot more.

Just remember, the more you expect users to do to unlock your coupon, the more you should be giving them in return.

How to Give Out Coupons With Gleam Competitions

We're going to show you how you can use our Competitions app to distribute coupon codes. If you want to learn everything you need to know to set up your own Competition you can check out our helpful documentation right here.

To give out coupon codes from within your competition you will need to include the coupon action when you are choosing your entry methods in the how to enter tab of the Competition setup.

Setting up a coupon action is very straightforward. All you have to do is give your coupon action a name and description, enter the coupon code or codes you want to distribute, and select how many coupon claims you want to allow. This simply depends on how many coupons you are willing to give away.

You can also the actions required setting to determine how many other actions users must complete before unlocking your coupon code.

With this tactic in mind you should be able to use your next giveaway to not only grow your audience and drive promotional actions, but also generate a whole lot of sales!

Ready To Run Your Own Competition?

Check out our documentation on setting up your own Competition or start building contests, sharing coupons and driving sales now!

Get Started
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When you launch a product on Product Hunt you will be able to generate awareness and build interest from a highly relevant and switched on audience. If you can successfully captivate this audience you should be able generate click-throughs to your website which will put you in a perfect position to drive further action.

Users who click-through to your website from Product Hunt have already shown that they've taken an interest in your offering, so it's important that you do everything you can to convert these visitors into subscribers, users, or customers.

One great tactic you can use to drive conversions is using Gleam's Capture app to create a welcome offer which will offer a discount to users who have been referred to your website from Product Hunt.

You can use this tactic to capture the attention of Product Hunt users visiting your site and offer a discount on your product to anyone who signs up with their email.

This is an outstanding way to grow your mailing list and drive some immediate sales which can help get the ball rolling on the growth of your new product.

Offering discounts is one of the best things you can do to incentivise sales, and by limited your coupon distribution to Product Hunt users you will create a sense of exclusivity and appreciation amongst visitors which will make them even more inclined to capitalize on your offer and make a purchase.

Offering a special welcome coupon isn't only a great way to drive some sales, it's also a highly effective method of growing your mailing list which is hugely valuable to your future marketing efforts.

Most users will be more than happy to sign up to your list in exchange for a valuable discount. This is especially true for Product Hunt users who have already displayed an interest in your offering.

If you decide to run a welcome offer on your website then it's a good idea to mention the special deal on Product Hunt itself. You can do this in a comment or in your actual product post. This will help you drive more traffic to your site and ultimately generate more signups and revenue.

Creating a Welcome Offer

Creating a welcome offer for Product Hunt users is a simple and straightforward undertaking when you use Gleam Capture.

When you're creating a welcome offer, the first thing you will need to do is select the Coupon template and start customising your popup. You can learn everything you need to know about setting up your very own Capture right here in our documentation.

When you set up your welcome offer you will also need to set up a coupon code which users can redeem at your store and include it in your Capture. When you're making a welcome offer for Product Hunt users we recommend creating a coupon code based around this theme. For example, if you're offering a 30% discount you could use the code PRODUCTHUNT30.

Product Hunt Referrals

The key to a Product Hunt welcome offer is making sure your offer is only presented to users who are visiting your website from Product Hunt.

When you use Gleam Capture to set up your welcome offer you can use our Referring Domain rule to ensure that your offer is only being displayed to Product Hunt users.

First you will need to select the Referring Domain rule under Acquisition in the Behavioural Rules tab of the Capture setup. You can then customise the rule so the Capture will be triggered when the Referrer URL contains producthunt.com.

With this easy trick you should be able generate email signups, drive customer acquisition and start generating revenue from the moment you launch!

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Launching a new tech product or startup isn't exactly a walk in the park. Every new product must overcome a litany of challenges, with arguably the biggest one being finding and connecting with a relevant audience.

Every new product needs to find it's market if it wants to succeed. There are a bunch of great tactics and strategies to help you do this, but one the best ways to promote your launch, connect with an audience and find your evangelists is by launching on Product Hunt.

Launching on Product Hunt is an outstanding way to get your product in front of all kinds of tech enthusiasts. This can help you drastically increase website traffic, build press coverage, generate valuable feedback and most importantly find potential users.

As awesomely powerful as a successful Product Hunt launch is, it can be hard to stand out amongst the hundreds of products which are posted every week. To help you make the most of your Product Hunt launch we're going to take you through how you can make most of your launch and drive amazing results, but first we're going to take a closer look at what exactly Product Hunt is.

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is essentially a website which allows users to share and discover new tech products.

Product makers and other users can post, or hunt, new products for other Product Hunt users to check out, upvote, review, discuss and share. All new products are displayed in a daily feed, with the most popular products of each day being featured on the front page. The top 5 products of each day will even be featured by Product Hunt in the next day's newsletter which is sent out to 500k+ readers.

Why You Should Launch On Product Hunt

To put it simply, launching on Product Hunt is an awesome way to build awareness and gain traction by putting your product in front of a highly relevant audience of tech enthusiasts and influencers who can help you share your product, improve your offering and grow your user base.

Product Hunt can also function as a powerful lead generation tool after your initial launch, and you don't have to be in the pre-launch phase to get in on the action. Product Hunt works just as well for products which have already been released.

Before You Launch

Before you post your product and launch on Product Hunt there are a few important tasks you should be sure to take care of:

Create Your Product Hunt Account

The first thing you'll need to do before you launch on Product Hunt is create your account. When you set yourself up on Product Hunt you will need to make a personal account. That means no companies, logos or branding. This helps Product Hunt maintain high-quality user discourse and keep bots off of the site.

You can login to Product Hunt with Twitter, Facebook, Google or AngelList. You then need to provide an email address, username, short bio and a few other bits and pieces and you're good to go.

Once you've setup your account you will need to get access to post so you can launch your creation to the Product Hunt Community. In order to post on Product Hunt you need to become a Contributor, which you can do in a few easy steps:

  • Add a headline to your profile.
  • Upvote a product on three consecutive days.
  • Subscribe to the Product Hunt newsletter.
  • Upvote a total of 11 products.
Get Added as a Maker

If someone else has posted your product, you will need to be added as a Maker. This will allow you to claim ownership of your product, discuss your product, answer any questions, and easily notify followers of your launch.

All you need to do to be added as a maker is send Product Hunt your username (beginning with @) and a link to your product's post and they will add you as a maker. You can reach Product Hunt:

Understand How to Succeed On Product Hunt

Before you launch your product on Product Hunt it's important that you understand how to succeed on the platform. When you launch your product you should be aiming to be featured on Product Hunt's home page, as this is your best chance of reaching a huge audience and finding new users.

Product Hunt features and promotes posts based on a secret algorithm. Exactly how the algorithm determines which posts should be highly ranked is unknown, but there are some key actions which are sure to help you climb the rankings and get featured:

  • Upvotes.
  • Early votes as soon as you launch.
  • Comments and discussion.
  • Votes and discussion from high-value or influential users.
  • Users clicking through to your site from your post.
  • Product Hunt automatically boosting your product because they love it.

If you can drive these actions you should be able to gain a lot of awareness on Product Hunt, but it's also important that you are able to translate this success into product adoption and other actions such as social shares. You can do this by building an awesome post and using some of the tips we'll give you in this guide.

Be Active in the Product Hunt Community

Before you launch it's always a good idea to be active on Product Hunt and ingratiate yourself to the Product Hunt Community. You can do this by voting and commenting on products, answering Ask Product Hunt questions and conversing with relevant users.

Spending time on the platform will help you figure out what does and doesn't work for other products. Plus, forming connections with other users in the comments is a great way to get some influential figures in your corner when it's time to launch.

The more connections you form on Product Hunt, the more eager users you will have waiting to check out your product and give you some important early votes once it launches. This can help you drive upvotes and comments which will allow you to climb up the Product Hunt listings. Upvotes and comments from high-value users are weighted more heavily, so befriending top hunters and influencers before you launch can pay dividends.

Actively participating in the Product Hunt Community will also make you a more valuable user which can help your ranking once you launch, and as a bonus, any followers you net along the way will get automatically notified when you launch.

Grow Your Product Hunt Following

When you hunt a product all of your Product Hunt followers will be notified and directed to your post. This is a truly fantastic way to expose your product to a highly engaged and relevant audience as soon as you launch and give you a major push towards the front page. However, you will need to be build a Product Hunt following first.

Being active in the Product Hunt community is a great way to build connections and grow your following, but if you want to maximise your reach and launch to the biggest possible audience you should be taking extra measures to grow your following.

Leverage Your Existing Audience

Prior to your Product Hunt launch you should be making efforts to convert your online audience into Product Hunt followers. This includes all of your social media followers, your email list and even your personal connections, whether they're personal contacts, Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections.

You can easily do this by emailing your list and posting on social media to announce your upcoming launch and encourage users to follow you on Product Hunt in order to stay in the loop and check out your product as soon as it goes live.

A great way to encourage your existing audience to follow you on Product Hunt is by offering some sort of incentive for following you. You can do this by announcing a special discount you will be offering alongside your Product Hunt launch, or by running a giveaway or rewards campaign.

Run a Giveaway or Rewards Campaign

With Gleam, you can easily run powerful campaigns which will offer users incentive for following you on Product Hunt.

With our Competitions app you can run powerful giveaways which allow users to enter the draw to win a prize by following you on Product Hunt and completing other actions.

   Use This Template With Gleam

You can also use our Rewards app to run a campaign which offers a special discount to everyone who follows you on Product Hunt. You can choose to offer discounts on your upcoming release, or on a product of yours which is already available.

Jump Ahead to Learn More About Running Giveaways and Rewards Campaigns

Grow Your Online Following

One of the most important things you should be doing in the lead up to your Product Hunt launch is building your audience.

If your product is already live and you're using Product Hunt to gain some extra exposure then cultivating an audience on other platforms is clearly vital, but even if you're still in pre-launch or beta testing you should still be making efforts to build a following which can help you build awareness and launch to a captivated audience.

Having an established audience on launch day will not only help you get eyes on your Product Hunt post and boost yourself towards the front page, it will also allow you to draw attention to your new release from other sources to drive usage and sales.

Here are a few ideas you can use to grow your online following in the lead up to your launch:

  • Build a landing page to collect emails.
  • Be highly active on social media to encourage follows.
  • Run a giveaway to incentive social media follows, email signups and more.
  • Offer discounts to you mailing list to incentivise signups.
  • Beta test your product to get feedback, attract attention, and build up brand advocacy which will help you drive a lot of usage once you launch.

Learn More About Growing Your Pre-Launch Audience

Make a Landing Page For Your Upcoming Product

If you want to create an awesome landing page for your upcoming launch then you should check out Ship by Product Hunt.

Ship allows you to build landing pages which you can use to collect and send emails, conduct surveys, engage in instant messaging and more.

Users will be able to find your find your landing page on Product Hunt's Upcoming page, but you can also direct traffic to your landing page via social media.

Building a landing page is a great way to raise awareness before your launch and build a subscriber list of interested users who will be eager to vote, comment and use your product as soon as you go live. This will give your Product Hunt launch a major boost.

Plus, by scheduling you launch in advance you will be able to ensure that no one else posts your product before you're ready.

Hunt Your Own Product Or Get a Hunter to Do It For You

When you're ready to launch on Product Hunt you will need to have your product posted. There are essentially two ways you can go about doing this: having a hunter post your product for you, or hunting your product yourself.

Have a Top Hunter Post Your Product

One approach you can take to getting your product hunted is reaching out to influential top hunters and asking them to post your product.

If you take this approach you will need to provide the hunter with everything they need to post your product and do it justice. This includes all relevant information and possibly early or free access so they can get a feel for your product (and get a little reward for their efforts).

The main advantage of having an influential hunter post your product is that all of their followers will be notified of the launch, and view your product as something coming from a credible and trustworthy source. This can help you reach and connect with a wide and relevant audience.

When you set out to find a hunter to post your product you should be looking for someone with a large following, both on Product Hunt and other platforms such as Twitter. You should also be going after hunters who align with your product. A good indication of this is if they regularly hunt products with similar target audiences to your own.

You can find top hunters by searching through well-received products on Product Hunt, or looking through this list of the top 500 hunters on Product Hunt.

If you decide to have a hunter post your product for you remember to get them to list you as a maker when they post your product.

Hunt Your Own Product

The other approach you can take to getting your product hunted is posting it yourself. This allows you to have complete control over exactly how your product is presented and when it is posted, as well as making it easy for you to control the conversation right from the jump.

This is the approach we recommend you take, as there's a lot of value in controlling every aspect of your launch and not having to spend your time finding and trying to connect with a top influencer.

This outweighs the main advantage of being hunted, as your own efforts should be able to generate enough engagement to make up for the boost you will get from having your hunter's subscribers notified of the launch. This is especially true if these subscribers follow a lot of different users and are inundated with similar notifications.

Plus, if you are an active member of the Product Hunt community prior to your launch you may have developed your own following who will be notified of your launch.

Posting Your Product

Once you've created your Product Hunt account, become a contributor, decided on who will post your product and completed all of your pre-launch prep it's time to post your product. To help you make your launch go as smoothly as possible we're going to walk you through every step of the process and give you some tips on how to optimize your post.

When you're ready to launch your product all you need to do is click the + in the top right corner of the page and start constructing your post.

Here's a rundown of everything you need to include in your post:


The first thing you will need to provide when posting your product is a link to your product or company website.

Product Hunt will validate the link to ensure you aren't posting a product which hasn't already been submitted.


The next step of posting your product involves listing some basic information about your product.


This is a straightforward one, all you need to do is provide the name of your product.


Here you can give a quick and precise description of your product in 60 characters or less. You should try to focus on the value your product offers your target audience and the needs it satisfies. Avoid clichés and generic phrases and focus on the crux of what makes your product special.

If you can it's also a good move to include some key words which will help you get found when users are searching for specific types of products.

Adding in some relevant emojis can also help liven up your tagline and catch people's eye.


In addition to the link to your product or company website, you also have the option of adding more relevant links to your post. You can use these additional links to direct users to the App Store, the Google Play store, or your social media channels.


You can choose topics for your product from Product Hunt's massive searchable list.

You should try to pick 3-5 topics which clearly indicate what category your product falls under. You should try to use some broad topics such as Productivity, Marketing or Tech as well as more specific one like Photography, Privacy or Board Games which can help you attract a niche audience looking for something in particular.

If there's a topic you would like to use which doesn't exist on Product Hunt you can easily submit it as a suggestion.


Depending on the progress of your product's development you can set your product's status as either Available Now or Pre-launch.


You can also choose to publish your product immediately or later using Product Hunt Ship.


Once you have provided the basic product info you will be able to add some accompanying media to your post.


Your product's thumbnail is most likely the first thing users will notice when they come across your product, so you need to make it attention grabbing and engaging. Any thumbnails you upload should be 600 x 600px or bigger. This will ensure optimised image quality.

Stylish logos are always a good bet, but if you want to maximise attention then you should try using a GIF as your thumbnail, just look at how well they stand out:

GIFs allow you to display animated logos and give users a glimpse of who you are and what you do. Just remember to keep any GIFs under 3MB.


You can upload several images and videos to your post which show off your product and it's benefits. It's a good idea to include a video which demonstrates your product in action and highlight its value as well as screenshots which showcase different features, uses, and benefits of your product.

YouTube videos are great to include in your gallery, but you need to note that any YouTube videos you include will show up first so you need to make sure they're high value.

When you upload pictures, videos and GIFs to your gallery you should make sure you keep each file under 2MB.


Once you have all of your media ready to go the final step before you post your product is adding your team as makers.

You can easily add makers using their Product Hunt or Twitter usernames.

After You've Posted

After your post has gone live there are a few more things you will need to attend to to ensure your launch goes as well as possible.


Once you've posted your product you will be able to add a description which will appear underneath your gallery.

This description is a great opportunity to provide a more detailed explanation of your product and the unique value it provides, and encourage users to ask questions and provide feedback.

A 2-3 sentence description should be enough. You want to make it short, snappy and memorable.

Maker Comments

When you launch your post it's a good idea to jump on and leave a comment right away. You should introduce yourself, provide some background on your product and provide any extra information you'd like people to know.

This is a great time to outline exactly who your product is for, and all the ways it can help them. You should also try to use opening comment to generate discussion. Try asking questions, encouraging..

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