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如何染料合成假发 – 27步骤指南


垂死的合成假发需要一种不同于垂死的人发的方法。人发保持颜料,而合成假发没有。这是因为头发的合成纤维化妆。常规染发剂不能用于合成假发 – 建议使用通用染料或织物染料。在进行染色时,必须确保颜色不与蕾丝接触,并应遵循精确的说明以确保正确完成。

  • 发夹
  • 假发架
  • 外科口罩
  • 旧报纸
  • 扁平的塑料梳子
  • 指甲油去除剂
  • 旧的多余的衣服
  • 1个浅色假发用于死亡
  • 用于染料的小盘子/托盘
  • 1 COPIC标记笔芯所需颜色的墨水
  • 1 COPIC标记笔芯所需的高亮颜色墨水
  • 一副手术(乳胶或橡胶)手套
  • 2 Squared / Rectangular Sponges, (any will do, as long as it has a flat edge)

While dying synthetic hair it is usually advised to have all the right materials to ensure the process goes relatively smoothly. Stains can be avoided by wearing old clothes and covering the working areas with old newspapers. Some of the materials needed may include rubber gloves, face masks—to limit inhalation of dye chemicals, synthetic hair dye. Also, synthetic hair coloring brush and plastic bowl for mixing the dye. A wide tooth plastic comb can be used together with or in place of the synthetic hair coloring brush to ensure even distribution of the dye color on the hair during the drying process.

Steps by Steps
  1. Gather the Things You’ll Need, listed below.
  2. Change into your old clothing, in case of staining.
  3. Find a well-ventilated but not excessively windy workspace.
  4. Lay newspapers on the working surfaces of your furniture and floor.
  5. Set up your Wig Stand on a dry, newspaper-covered, flat and stable place.
  6. Place your Wig on the Stand.
  7. Put on your Gloves and Mask.
  8. Squeeze about 5ml of Blue Marker Ink onto a dish.
  9. Lightly dip one flat EDGE of the sponge into the ink, making sure that it has soaked up a moderate amount.
  10. Lift an approximate 2″(5cm) width of hair starting directly from the root of the parting with the forefinger and middle finger of your less dominant hand.
  11. You should only be holding a thin top layer of the hair.
  12. Pretend your fingers are scissors and you have to cut the hair. You will quite naturally position your 2 fingers parallel to your lips.
  13. Place the inked sponge edge at the roots, above where you are holding and slowly slide both the sponge and your fingers TOWARDS yourself.
  14. As you reach the end of the hair length, gently curl your wrist AWAY from you with your thumb gradually facing the floor while maintaining the position of your fingers.
  15. The back of your hand is now facing you, and that works like a support for the sponge to color all the way to the tips.
  16. Repeat throughout the entire wig.
  17. Clip up the completed portions, so that they do not obstruct wherever you are working with at the moment.
  18. It is best to revolve the wig stand so that the portions you are working on face you, rather than you climbing all over the place to reach an uncolored spot.
  19. Squeeze more ink as you need along the way.
  20. Take the other clean sponge and a new dish.
  21. Use the Darker Blue ink to give the hair ‘low lights’.
  22. This is to create some depth so that your wig will not look like a pile of flat colored plastic.
  23. Use the Darker Blue sparingly.
  24. Follow the same technique so as not to overdo it.
  25. The ink should dry quite quickly.
  26. Leave the wig out to air for 2 to 3 days.
  27. Dispose of used materials according to your area rules.

Getting more Dye Synthetic Wigs tips on http://www.wikihow.com/Dye-a-Synthetic-Wig

Failure to wear protective masks and rubber gloves would mean inhalation and contact with harsh chemicals. The dying process should be carried out in a well-ventilated room to avoid excessive contact with the dye chemicals. When buying synthetic hair, it is advised to go for the products with strands distributed evenly throughout the hair piece. Also note that when dying synthetic hair, the original color to a large degree determines the result. White or blonde synthetic hair is quite easy to dye too much darker colors. But dark synthetic hair cannot be dyed to a lighter or white color.









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Hey! Guys! How is your holiday going? I wish you all the best. I haven’t updated the blog for a long time. So today I will talk about the differences of weaves and wigs!


First, let’s talk about their advantages.

So, For weaves, there are 3 advantages. Weaves is more natural and reality because it is sewn on the hair. Secondly, weaving can liberate the hair, allowing the scalp and hair to breathe fresh air and help to re-grow new hair. Then the last one is more hair volume, you don’t have to worry about your hair too little.

For wigs, there are also several advantages here. Wigs are more convenient for most people. It’s the equivalent of your hair hat. Just put the whole wig on your head and then tidy up the hairline edge, which is very time-saving and convenient. You can also change your hairstyle or color at will.


For weaves, One of the disadvantages of weave is that it takes a long time to sew it on the hair, which takes time and effort. Of course, you can also choose to go to the barber shop to let the hair stylist help you, the speed will be faster than your own sewing, but still have to give money.

For wigs, although it is very convenient to wear a wig, it is not as natural and real as weave. Once it is not handled well, it looks very fake. And if you wear a wig for a long time, it is bad for your growth of hair.


For weaves, the recommended time to keep the weaves is 2 months, up to 3 months delay and not more than this time. If you are kept it more than 3 months than it may damage your natural hair. It also depends on the quality of your hair extension and also matters how you care your hair extension.

For wigs, The lifespan of a human hair wig is related to the extent to which it is cherished. Usually, the environment is very clean. Proper cleaning and maintenance time will last a long time. If the dust is too large and the cleaning is too frequent, the maintenance life will be shortened. Under normal circumstances, the duration of wearing a wig is usually 3-6 months. If the concern is good, it may last for 1-3 years. In short, the more attention you pay, the longer the wig will last!


For weaves, normal prices range is $50 – $200, and higher quality weaves prices will be higher. The price of weave varies depending on factors such as full or partial weaves stitching or bonding, human hair or synthetic hair. In general, you also need to consider the cost of regular care and maintenance.

For wigs, there are human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, and the prices of the two are still somewhat different. Human hair wigs are expensive to produce, so the price range is between $800 – $3,000; synthetic wigs are cheaper, so the quality in general and the price range is between $50 – $800.

Go to find it!

If you want to know weave and wigs in more detail, you can go to BestHairBuy’s official website: https://www.besthairbuy.com/, here is everything you want to find!

The post What Is The Difference Between Weaves & Wigs appeared first on BestHairBuy Blog.

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