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Are you wondering why your air conditioner is so loud? A noisy air conditioner is a common complaint from homeowners.

Thankfully, a loud noise isn’t always a sign that you need to replace your AC. In most cases, you just need a repair.

Two Easy Fixes You Can Do on Your Own 1. Clean Your Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter restricts airflow and can cause noise. You can clean or replace your air filter, and should check it every 3 months.

2. Defrost Your AC If It’s Frozen

There are many reasons why your air conditioner can become frozen. One of the most common reasons is running your air conditioner when it’s still cold outside.

Make sure to only turn on your air conditioner if it is at least 18-22°C outside. Running your AC when it is colder than this will cause it to freeze up. To fix your frozen air conditioner, you will have to turn it off for up to 24 hours until it thaws.

If your air conditioner becomes frozen again, it could be a sign that something is broken, or that you have a refrigerant leak. Make sure to call us for a tune-up to fix the problem.

Contact a Professional to Fix the Problem

If your air conditioner is still making noise, we recommend that you contact us! We service most of Eastern Ontario, including Kemptville, Embrun, Greely, and Prescott.

ATEL Air can do repairs to any brand of cooling systems and we guarantee all our repair work for two years. If the same part breaks again, we will fix it for free.

Help Prevent Problems with Regular Tune-ups

To ensure your air conditioner works when you need it most, make sure to get regular maintenance once a year. Not only will this help prevent problems that could cause loud noises, but it will help you save on repairs by preventing the breakdown before it happens.

Regular tune-ups will also help your AC have a longer lifespan which will save you money. Plus, a tune-up is a great way to keep your AC working efficiently, which will help you save on your electricity bill too!

Learn More About ATEL’s Tuneups

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The ATEL team is one big family that works together to provide the best customer service and the best results. Our sheet metal technician Larry Toonders is one member of that family you should definitely get to know.

Larry Creates New and Efficient Ductwork for Homes

While Larry helps with installations from time to time, his main role at ATEL is as our sheet metal worker.

“I’m the one who creates ducts and fittings for homes getting a new heating or cooling system,” Larry explains. “I get the measurements for fittings, the size of the furnace and air conditioner, the size of the house, and any other specifications I may need. Then I create a plan to figure out how much ductwork I’ll actually need.”

Once Larry is done building in the fabrication shop, he’ll go out and help install the new ducts and fittings. “I make sure everything is in the proper place, delivering whisper- quiet air flow in every room of the home.”

It’s the Little Things That Make the Difference

Larry has a lot of stories from over the years about how just going that extra step can make a huge difference for someone.

“I recently was installing a heating recovery ventilator (HRV) for someone, and he was curious about exactly how it worked,” Larry shares. “I took him through it step by step, making sure to pause and answer questions. At the end, he thanked me for sharing my knowledge with him.”

This experience perfectly encapsulated what Larry likes the most about ATEL, the team, and our customers. “We’re responsive and clean, and most of all we do whatever we can to make someone happy.”

18 Years Spent with ATEL

Larry has been with us since 2001. “I was new to the industry back then. Jimmie asked if I wanted to be a sheet metal apprentice, and I thought that was something I would really enjoy,” Larry says.

He was right. From there, Larry completed the 5-year sheet metal apprenticeship, attending Algonquin for the classroom portion. Larry also has his gas fitter’s license and residential air conditioning mechanic license.

Larry Likes Being Hands-On

No matter how many years go by, Larry still loves sheet metal work. “I like being hands-on. I get to grab my tools and create something tangible that I can be proud of. That’s an amazing feel,” he says.

Often it will take weeks – or months – to complete a large project and reach that final result. “Besides homes, I’ve done some medical clinics and schools that take a longer period of time to complete. Every project is a little different, and it keeps every day exciting and new,” he says.

Outside the Office

When he’s not fabricating sheet metal, you’ll most likely find Larry outdoors. “I like hiking and canoeing, and in the past couple of years I’ve started tapping the trees in my yard and making maple syrup!”

Meet More of the Team

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If you follow the news, you’ll have heard a lot about the Federal Carbon Tax, which is in effect on April 1, 2019.

What you may not have heard about is what this means for homeowners.

What is the Federal Carbon Tax?

In case you haven’t heard, the carbon tax is an additional fee placed on each metric tonne of emissions produced from fossil fuels. This includes gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane, and oil for heating your home or business and driving your car or truck.

This is part of a federal carbon-pricing plan to encourage homeowners and businesses to use less fossil fuels.

As a province without its own pre-existing carbon tax, as of April 1, we’ll be using the federal rate. This will increase the price of gasoline by 4.4 cents/litre, and it is estimated to increase the price of natural gas by 3.9 cents/cubic metre. For a full breakdown of taxes by fuel type you can use this chart.

3 Ways ATEL Can Help You Save

If you’re interested in learning more about heating sources that use less fossil fuels, you’ve come to the right place!

ATEL specializes in helping homeowners find the right heating/cooling systems. We’re often asked for systems that help save on monthly energy costs.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Our customers love geothermal systems because they’re long lasting, incredibly energy efficient, and it will reduce your monthly heating/cooling costs.

They’re a proven technology that’s been used successfully in Europe and North America for decades. ATEL air has been installing and servicing Geothermal units since 1984 with hundreds of customers all over Eastern Ontario

Find out how much these geothermal customers saved >

Geothermal systems use the heat that naturally occurs a few metres into the earth. Liquid-filled pipes transfer heat to or from your home (depending on the season) using electricity to pump the energy. The same system not only heats and cools your home or business, it heats your water as well!

A geothermal system doesn’t need any kind of supplemental fossil fuel heat, so you drastically reduce your fossil fuel usage AND your monthly heating/cooling bills.

Learn more about geothermal >

Air Source Heat Pumps- Designed for Cold-Climate Use

Air source heat pumps designed for cold climate operation are much more improved compared to the typical heat pump sold 10 years ago.

We have installed several Mitsubishi Zuba Air source heat pumps. They are designed specifically for Canadian winters, performing at temperatures as low as -30°C. The Zuba performs very close to the efficiency level of a geothermal system.

These heat pumps also run on electricity, so this reduces your fossil fuel consumption. Plus, because it can heat and cool your home, you don’t need an air conditioner.

Learn more about air source heat pumps >

High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Furnaces are getting more and more energy-efficient with each passing year. If you use natural gas to heat your home, and your furnace is around 15 or more years old, you’ll be amazed at the difference a new one makes!

A furnace with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 90% (the legal minimum on new furnaces in Ontario) yields incredible savings and reduces your fuel consumption. The more efficient model you get, the more you’ll save each month.

Learn more about our high-efficiency furnaces >

Other Ways to Save Give Your Existing Equipment Some Love

A well-maintained heating and cooling system will last much longer and use much less energy (fossil fuels) than a dirty system.

At a minimum, you should replace the air filter every month. But to get the most efficient performance out of your system, contact ATEL Air and we can set you up with a regular maintenance agreement. You’ll save on carbon taxes each and every day.

Don’t Forget Your Tax Rebate

According to a Globe and Mail article, the average Ontario family will pay approximately $244 in direct and indirect carbon costs.

However, Ontario residents will be eligible to claim a climate-action incentive on their taxes this year.

Here’s how the climate action incentive is broken down for 2019:

  • $154 back for a single adult (or one half-of a couple).
  • An additional $77 for the second adult in a couple OR for the first child of a single parent.
  • An additional $38 for each child (starting with the second child for single parent households).

This averages out to approximately $300.

There will also be a 10% supplementary incentive for homeowners who live in small/rural communities. You can find out if you qualify using this map >

What About Rate Increases?

Companies like Enbridge Gas have applied to increase their rates in response to this carbon tax, but the Ontario Energy Board has denied that request at this time, so you should see no change in your rates come April 1.

Should rates change, you will receive some sort of notification.

Talk to ATEL to Find Out More

Interested in upgrading your home system? We’ll provide you with expert advice and options that will work best for your needs.

Find Out More About ATEL’s Services

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ATEL is made up of people who dedicate every day to helping homeowners with heating and cooling while providing service above and beyond the ordinary. That includes Pier-Olivier Bonneville, our installation technician.

Pier Makes Homeowners Feel
Valued and Informed

Pier is an installation technician by title, but he also answers many service calls. Homeowners are happy to see him walk through the door. “I handle furnaces, other heating equipment, and I’m currently working on my refrigeration apprenticeship so I can do air conditioners.”

One service call really stood out for him.

“On Christmas Day in 2018, we got a call. An elderly woman with a visiting daughter and son-in-law had absolutely no heat. I went out and was able to safely turn the heat back on for the weekend, and we came back with the proper part to permanently fix the problem,” Pier says. “It felt really good knowing I put a little cheer back in their Christmas.”

Pier is continuously focused on people. “I like meeting new people, and I like showing them how I can help. They like that I take my time, explain my process, and make sure you never go without heat,” Pier explains. “That’s something the whole team at ATEL has in common.”

Our technicians are the ones being invited into homes throughout our service area, so we asked Pier: how does he make sure homeowners feel safe and confident?

“I talk to them the way I would talk to anybody: I keep it relaxed,” Pier says. “Then I invite them to follow me while I work, and go through the process of the installation or repair with me. I like answering questions and talking about my work.”

“ATEL is a long-standing company with a great reputation, so they already feel at ease when they work with us. I always let them know that if they need us, they can call us,” Pier says.

Pier is Doing Exactly What He Was Meant to Do

Pier has spent the past 4 years working in the HVAC industry, and knew from day one that it was the right path for him.

“My friend’s father owned an HVAC company. It interested me, so I decided to pursue a career in the industry,” Pier says.

He attended Fleming College in Ontario, and has been happy ever since. “I like what I do.”

On his first day at ATEL, Pier realized he had found the right home to keep doing what he loved. “It was a good day – it was so easy to just jump right in. It felt like home.”

In His Spare Time

In his spare time, Pier stays busy. When he’s not working on his family’s dairy farm, he likes to drive his ATV, go boating, and spend time with his friends.

Meet More of the Team

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Halloween is right around the corner. That means fun decorations, creative costumes, mountains of delicious candy, and the occasional fright.


(Did we get you?)

Okay, maybe we didn’t manage to scare you. But what is scary is how dangerous Halloween can be if you don’t follow the right safety tips.

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treaters

Whether you’re accompanying your kids or they’re heading out on their own, use these tips to make sure everyone stays safe.

1. Add Reflective Strips to All Costumes

This is great advice for any night-time adventures, not just Halloween! Reflective strips adhered to clothes and costumes will make it easier for drivers and other trick-or-treaters to see your kiddos coming.

Tip: If possible, try to get/make costumes out of light-coloured materials. This will show up much better than black, navy, and other dark colours.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Add Layers

October gets chilly, which means it can be a little difficult to go out trick-or-treating if your costume isn’t a warmly dressed Canadian.

But we say sacrifice the authenticity of the costume in favour of layers that will protect you from the chilly, damp night.

You can layer long-sleeve shirts, thermal clothing, or sweaters under your costumes. Yes, you’ll look a bit bulky, but that’s much better than being cold.

Tip: Adults, it’s a good idea to fill a little knapsack with hats, mittens, scarves, and water. This way, when the complaints about being cold start rolling in, you can quell them with a well-timed toque.

3. Make Sure All Costumes are Labelled with a Name, Address, and Phone Number

Halloween is a busy, high-energy night. It’s not impossible for an excited child to run ahead of the group, or stop to look in their candy bag and fall a little behind.

Most of the time it’s never far enough to become worried. But if you do get separated from your child, or a child you’re chaperoning, it’s a good idea for the kids to carry their name, address, and a phone number on them at all times.

This can be marked on their costume, or even on a carefully hidden identification card. Before you go on the hunt for candy, make sure all the kids have one, and understand what to do if they get separated from you.

4. Plan Your Route in Advance

You can minimize the risk of getting separated by making sure everyone knows what route you’re going to take beforehand. If you have a large group, it’s helpful to print out or draw up a little map that you carry with you for reference.

5. Everyone Should Have a Flashlight

Halloween famously doesn’t really get going until it’s dark outside. We recommend giving each child a small flashlight with a fresh set of batteries. You can get ones that clip onto their costume, or put them in their candy bags.

6. Always Have at Least One Fully-Charged Cell Phone per Group

While you’re getting everyone into their costumes, plug in your cell phone so it has time to fully charge before you leave. You should always have at least one phone per group in case of emergencies.

7. Stick to One Side of the Street at a Time

When you plan your route, make sure to stick to one side of a street at a time – preferably a street with sidewalks or a shoulder wide enough for people to walk safely.

Running back and forth across the street is dangerous for kids and drivers.

8. Drivers: Take Your Time on Hallow’s Eve

Drivers, if you can stay off the road on this particular holiday, we highly recommend it. If you can’t, make sure to take your time on residential streets.

9. Wait Until You’re Home to Inspect – then Enjoy – Your Candy

Even with your candy, it’s better to be safe than sorry. As difficult as it may be, make sure your kids understand not to eat candy while they’re trick-or-treating, and let you look at it first when you get home.

What you’re looking for is any spoiled food, torn wrappings, or homemade food from someone you don’t know well. You should also remove anything that could aggravate existing food allergies.

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Home

The following Halloween electrical tips will help keep your home spooky and safe at the same time.

10. Use Flame Resistant Material and Decorations

Many Halloween decorations – like Jack-o-Lanterns – use flames for a spooky effect. Any decorations you display or costumes you wear should be flame-resistant.

11. Use Battery-Operated Candles

Speaking of flames – why not make the switch to battery-operated candles? This will give you the same candle-lit effect, but be much safer for you and any trick-or-treaters – especially small, curious kids.

12. Inspect Your Decorations Before You Use Them

When you pull out that box marked ‘Halloween Decorations’, don’t just assume everything is exactly the same as last year. Inspect all your decorations for:

  • Broken or burnt-out light bulbs
  • Frayed cords or insulation
  • Cracks
  • Bare wires

These could all put you at risk for an electrical shock or fire – and that’s a scare you don’t want to have on Halloween.

13. Only Use Specially Marked Exterior Decorations for Outdoors

Everyone knows the real hot spot for Halloween decorations is outside. People love to spook-up their walkways, yards, porches, and windows.

14. Make Sure Your Outdoor Outlets Have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) help protect you from electrical shocks when your electrical current tries to take an unplanned path to the ground. They’re mostly installed in areas with water, like your kitchen or bathroom.

GFCIs should also be used on circuits that control your outdoor outlets. These outlets are exposed to the elements, which means you should have the extra protection GFCIs offer.

15. Invest in Outdoor Outlet Covers

Those elements we just mentioned are abundant in fall – think about how cold/damp some of your previous Halloweens have been!

Rain, dirt, and dust can work its way into your outdoor outlets if they aren’t properly protected. That’s why we recommend investing in outdoor outlet covers. You can find multiple models at local hardware stores, and they’ll add the extra layer of protection you’ve been missing.

16. Do Not Nail or Staple Electrical Cords

Just don’t do it. It’s tempting, we know. Cords can detract from an otherwise perfectly scary display. But nails and staples cause damage to the wire insulation, which is crucial to keeping electrical shocks and electrical fires at bay.

If you need to tuck cords out of site or secure them around the exterior of your home, use electrical tape as an alternative. You can also use zip ties to bind together excess cord and keep everything looking tidy.

17. Keep Cords Out of High-Traffic Areas

Your walkway, porch, and driveway should be cord-free. You’re going to have a lot of kids and adults walking to and from your door, and it’s so easy for someone to trip over a stray cord and get hurt.

If you have electrical decorations in any areas where people will be walking, make sure cords are far off to the side where there’s no risk of tripping.

18. Don’t Fall Asleep with Everything Plugged In

Depending on how late bedtimes are these days, Halloween can last a while. It’s tempting to just put clean up and take down off until the morning. But this is one thing you shouldn’t leave for another time.

Before you go to bed, make sure everything is turned off and unplugged. All candles should be blown out and taken inside, and all cords should be wrapped up and out of the way.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

The most important tip from ATEL is to have a safe, happy Halloween!

If you have questions about how to make your home’s electrical system safer all year round, visit our electrical services page.

Learn More About ATEL’s Electrical Services

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One family in Williamsburg got the gift of a lifetime this fall – the gift of a brand new home.

When we heard Habitat for Humanity was coming to Dundas to build a home, we knew we had to be a part of it.

Building for the Beatty/Pinard Family

Our owner Jimmie Thom found out about Habitat for Humanity several years earlier.

“They try to do a house a year, and I told them when they came to Williamsburg, I wanted to help,” Jimmie says.

The Beatty/Pinard family of Sarah, Alex, and their children Owen, Avery and Jonah needed a new home in the Williamsburg area. This was their year.

“We found the perfect family, and managed to purchase the perfect piece of land,” says Joanne Mohammed of Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley.

Joanne remembered Jimmie’s request to be involved, and reached out to him immediately.

We Donated Everything They’ll Need to Stay Warm This Winter Our handiwork in the Habitat for Humanity Home. Photo credit: Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley.

We donated all of the installation materials and labour.

It took our team about 4 days to complete the installation at the home, and countless hours of design work and coordination with our suppliers.

“Along with our installation services, we provided the furnace, the ductwork, and the HRV,” Jimmie explains.

“Trane supplied the furnace at no cost, Aldes provided the HRV at no cost, our ductwork designer donated the design, and our suppliers gave a discount on materials.”

It was a lot of hard, incredibly rewarding work – and we know that the Beatty/Pinard family will be safe and warm this coming winter.

“We like getting a chance to give back,” Jimmie says of lending a helping hand to organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

“We’ve been part of the community for a long time, and we’re fortunate enough to be able to help great causes like this.”

“ATEL is a great company to work with,” says Joanne. “The communication on the project was amazing, and everything looks just awesome.”

The Unveiling

After a long summer of sweat, dirt, and hard work, the family received the keys to their new home on September 29.

The new home, ready for its new owners. Photo credit: Habitat for Humanity ReStore-Cornwall. The incredibly happy family (right) was all smiles. Photo credit: Habitat for Humanity ReStore-Cornwall.

When they addressed the crowd of sponsors who came to the unveiling, Sarah was moved to tears.
“There are so many feelings, and I can’t find words for them,” she said. “We’re very blessed and very thankful.”

About the Habitat for Humanity Build

The new home for the Beatty/Pinard family broke ground in May, and was built with the help of many volunteers.

“We started off with students from St. Lawrence College and some classes from the Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario,” explains Joanne.

Some of the volunteers striking a pose. Photo credit: Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley.

The rest of the build was completed by local business who donated materials and time, and the Beatty/Pinard family themselves, who completed 500 hours of work on their new home instead of a traditional down payment.

Learn More About Habitat for Humanity

We loved working with this amazing organization. If you’d like to learn more about them, or volunteer on future projects, visit their website.

Learn More about Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley

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Photo credit: barbarajeancollection.com*

This year we’ll be at the 162nd Metcalfe Fair from September 27 – September 30, and we’ve got a special prize to give away to one lucky homeowner – a beautiful patio fireplace table.

Win a Gorgeous Patio Fireplace Table – Propane Tank Included

We’ll be giving away a Barbara Jean Collection fireplace table, including a propane tank. The 2-foot long patio fireplace table requires no installation – just take it home, hook up the tank, turn it on, and enjoy!

To enter the raffle, visit our table before the end of the fair on September 30.

Stay Tuned for More Fun Fair-Only Freebies

Not only will you have a chance to win a great new patio piece, but you can also pick up a fun ATEL freebie only available at the fair.

Talk to Us About Your Heating and Cooling Needs

We’re excited to be able to have multiple team members and a big tent at this year’s fair. We’ll be there all weekend to answer all your questions about heating, cooling, and water heaters.

While you’re there, ask us about current rebates and specials that will help you save on upgrades. Not only will we be able to provide you with information at the fair, but we’ll help you with the paperwork for these rebates so you get the full benefits.

You can also take the opportunity to sign up for our VIP program. As a VIP, you’ll get front-of-the-line privileges and save money on your annual tuneups. Learn more here >

About the Metcalfe Fair

The Metcalfe Fair is put on every year by the Metcalfe Agricultural Society. This fair features multiple animal, craft, and gardening shows, a kids area, and plenty of entertainment. It’s an amazing community event that’s perfect for the entire family.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Learn More About the Metcalfe Fair

*Image is a close approximation of the prize. Actual prize may differ in colour or material

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At ATEL Air, we’re proud of our team. Their years of experience, consistent training, and warm personalities enable them to continuously provide the best customer experience possible.

Our service technician Nick Otto is one of those people who firmly believes in providing the very best experience to everyone.

Nick is Always There to Lend a Hand

For Nick, the real reward in this job is being such a big help to people who really need it. “I’d work for praise!” Nick jokes. “It’s an amazing feeling when people are this happy to see you.”

Nick certainly got a lot of good vibes and happy customers during the heatwave of July 2018.

“During the heatwave, I was on call and very busy. I was stamping out fires all over the place,” Nick says. “The customers were beaming with joy when I walked in, and so happy to have their air conditioning again.”

Already Nick has had a lot of great customer experiences where he was able to make a real difference for someone. “I had a really memorable experience with a homeowner who just had some debris in their blower – an easy fix! But while I was there, I noticed the drain on the air conditioner was leaking. I fixed it for them, and explained what I was doing while I was doing it. I also let them know about filters and how important they are. The homeowner was really pleased I took my time and offered them solutions.”

In fact, it’s like that a lot when Nick’s around. That’s because he lives by the ATEL rule – customers first.

“We make sure we have as many parts as possible so we can make the repairs right there,” Nick says. “I never want anyone to have to wait too long for results.”

It’s the Little Extras That Make the Difference

Nick is a big believer in doing a little bit extra for customers because he knows how nice a small gesture can be. “If I pull up and the homeowner’s empty garbage bins are at the end of the drive, I’ll bring them up. Or if it snowed, I’ll shovel a walkway,” Nick explains.

Whatever the problem is, Nick does what he can to keep the customer in the loop and well-informed. “I do my best to explain how systems work while they’re running, and answer the questions they have,” he explains.

Sometimes that involves taking more and time and listening to the customer – something Nick loves.

“I love meeting and interacting with new people. When I meet new people, I get to connect with them and make new friends,” Nick adds. That makes the role of service technician the perfect fit for him.

“We’re An Example to Other Companies”

Nick loves driving around each day on his service calls. “There’s a lot of village pride. Everybody knows the van. It’s great to have a good reputation in town.”

That reputation comes from the amazing work all of our team members do, and our commitment to quality across the board.

“Our workmanship and attention to professionalism is the most notable attribute of ATEL,” Nick says. “We’re the benchmark for customer service.”

It’s what makes us stand out from other companies. “Some companies look good, but then the workers just want to make money and go home,” Nick explains. “I don’t leave right away: I listen to customers, their stories, their questions. I give them my full attention,” he adds.

Finally – a Place Nick Can Call Home

Nick actually started his 25-year career right here at ATEL as an intern.

“My father-in-law was a refrigeration tech, and I wanted try it because of the variety,” Nick says of the industry. “You’re just doing it all.”

Nick’s worked in many places over the years: most recently with a commercial heating and cooling company. But it just wasn’t the right fit.

“I’m a people person, and when I wasn’t working with people I wasn’t happy. It didn’t give me the fulfillment I wanted,” Nick explains.

So he decided to come full circle and work with ATEL Air once again. “I really didn’t know what I was missing out on until I got here,” Nick remarks. “This place is so organized and so friendly. Watching these people work together, and pull you up with them, is impressive.”

The friendly team and constant learning is exactly what Nick needed. “I’m part of a team that supports each other. It’s like a family, and it’s perfect for me. They made it feel like I’d always been working here,” Nick says.

As part of the transition from commercial to residential heating and cooling, Nick is learning a lot about new technology.

“Technology has changed a lot since I did residential, and it requires training. I’m always looking for more information,” he says. “Everyone is helping me out a lot. For example, I’ve never seen so many ground-source heat pumps in my life! They’re still fairly new to me, but our service manager Greg has been a wealth of knowledge.”

Nick is a quick learner. “It’s a fast-paced environment, but I’m going to bed smarter every night, and the team is teaching me new things every day,” he says.

In His Spare Time

Nick isn’t always in the ATEL van. Outside of work, he keeps just as busy.

“I have four kids, and I spend as much time with them as possible. We love playing board games together,” he says.

Meet More of Our Incredible Team

It’s our team that gives ATEL Air it’s good name. Get to know more of our family by visiting our team page.

Meet More of the Team

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ATEL Air is made up of people who are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. One of those people is Brad Boivin.

If You Need Help, It’s Brad to the Rescue

As a service technician, Brad is the one who will show up in your hour of need. “If something breaks down, I’m the one who fixes it,” he says.

During the heatwave of July 2018, Brad was very popular. “Houses get hot pretty quickly,” he says. “People were very happy to see me at their door.”

Helping people is one of the best parts of working at ATEL for Brad, whether he’s doing repairs, installations, or maintenance.

“I switched this one person’s house from electric heat to natural gas, and they were so incredibly grateful – they told me about how great it was, and how much they were saving!” Brad recalls. “That’s always nice!”

Always Keeping an Eye Out for Improvements

Now Brad is keeping busy performing preventative maintenance. “Once we experience extreme temperatures, people really want to avoid losing their air conditioner,” Brad explains.

The same thing happens every winter with furnaces as well. This is where Brad comes in.

“When I and the other technicians perform maintenance, we check everything thoroughly,” he says. “If we I see something that could cause a problem down the road, we make recommendations to the homeowner.”

“Anytime I’m at someone’s house, I’m always looking for ways to improve the system. I make sure all the little things are covered to save homeowners headaches,” Brad adds. “ I think this really helps them.”

Customers Are Continuously Impressed with Brad and ATEL’s Professionalism

“So many people comment on our efficient work, how well we clean up after ourselves, and the quality of the installation,” Brad says.

Part of that professionalism is how Brad and the other members of the ATEL team treat the homes they enter.

“You should be comfortable in your house. It’s your refuge,” Brad says. “I treat it that way. For example, I put on boot covers at every appointment, and put down runners to protect the floors.”

A Team That Has Each Other’s Backs

One of the things Brad really loves about ATEL is how close-knit and supportive everyone is.

“I love the employees here. Everyone is friendly, willing to help you out, to do a little bit extra,” he says.

“I had one of the other technicians here take time out of his day to help get a part I didn’t have,” Brad shares. “Then I was able to make the repair for the homeowner. Together we made it happen.”

Years of Experience at a Company That’s Never Boring

Brad started part-time at ATEL Air in 2012, just after finishing school at Algonquin College. “My mother had worked with ATEL, and it had a very high reputation,” Brad says.

Now a full-time technician, Brad has no trouble choosing his favourite part of the job.

“The troubleshooting,” he says. “It’s different all the time, and you have to really think to get results. You job is never boring.”

Brad Never Stops Learning

“We’re constantly training,” Brad says. “As newer technology constantly evolves, we have to evolve with it so we can diagnose and fix problems for our homeowners.”

Every service call, appointment, or big project is a learning opportunity for Brad.

“I vividly remember when I started as a labourer, working on a school in Iroquois drilling concrete,” he recalls. “It was hard, but I learned a lot.”

All that knowledge is a big help when it comes to fixing problems for homeowners.

What About When He’s Not at Work?

Brad stays equally busy in his time off.

“I do a lot of fishing, and I’m a big fan of anything sports related,” he says.

Get to Know More of the ATEL Team

We can’t say enough good things about our team. You can get to know more of them by visiting our team page. We bet you’ll recognize some friendly faces!

Visit with the ATEL Team

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It feels like you always have to choose: cool comfortable air, or money in your pocket?

But what if you could have both?

It’s possible to have your cake and eat it too when you follow these tips.

1. Use Your Programmable Thermostat Strategically

While exact numbers depend on variety of factors, on average an adjustment of 1 degree for 8 or more hours a day can save you approximately 2% on your cooling bill.

If you adjusted your thermostat to be 5 degrees higher in the summer, you’d save 10% on your electricity bill. Let’s say you spend $200/month on electricity. Now your bill is down to $180.

Over the summer months, this one change could save you $80-$100.

While 5 degrees may sound like it’s a lot hotter than what you’re used to, there are some easy ways to sneak in those savings.

To get started, first you should set your thermostat as high as you can. Your home doesn’t need to be the Arctic tundra: it just needs to be comfortable. Plus, you’ll be amazed by how much cooler you’ll feel with the dehumidifying effect of your air conditioner.

Secondly, program your thermostat to fluctuate during the day. For example, set a higher temperature for when you’re away at work, and a lower temperature for 30 minutes before you come home.

Lastly, set your thermostat higher when you sleep. Our bodies aren’t in motion, so you won’t warm up as quickly. And if you opt for no sheets and breathable pajamas, you’ll be able to use your air conditioner less.

We also recommend keeping your windows shut at night – otherwise you’ll have to pay to cool your air back down as the morning sun warms up.

2. Make Sure Nothing Interrupts Airflow from Your Vents

Saving money on air conditioning is sometimes as simple as moving a piece of furniture.

Your vents are what give you that sweet cool air. But even a high table over a vent can impede airflow, making your air conditioner less efficient.

Do a quick vent check. Are any of them blocked by furniture, long curtains, or other objects?

If so, adjust accordingly, and let that air flow!

3. Use Blinds and Curtains to Keep the Sun Out

Blinds and curtains aren’t just for movie nights or privacy from your neighbours. They work hard to keep the sun from adding more unnecessary heat to your home – but only if you use them.

In the morning, close all the windows and draw all the shades you have. As dark as this may make your home feel, the less sun there is, the less your home will heat up. It’s the same as a hot car left in direct sunlight.

You can open them again when you get home from work. Your air conditioner will be grateful because it won’t have to work as hard to cool down the air – and your wallet will thank you.

4. Change Your Filters Regularly

A clean filter makes a happy, efficient air conditioner.

Most homeowners don’t think twice about the air filters. But when it becomes clogged with all the dust and dirt we generate on a day to day basis, your air conditioner has to work harder to push cool air up to you.

You should check your air filters every 30 days. If there’s dust and debris restricting airflow, it’s time for a new one.

5. Don’t Use Anything That Emits Heat

Have you heard that saying ‘adding fuel to the fire?’

That’s not something you want to do when it’s boiling hot out, like it was Canada Day weekend 2018.

Your stove, your lights, and your electronics all emit heat when in use, affecting the air in your home.

If you have to use something that emits heat, keep it short and sweet. Stick with cold meals like sandwiches or salads – or fire up the BBQ and cook outdoors.

6. Make Sure Your Home Has Some Shade

We always feel cooler in the shade.

That’s why many people believe that shading your air conditioner’s condenser unit alone should make difference in your bills.

But shading your air conditioner alone is not enough – in fact, if you have trees or bushes too close to your air conditioner, you could actually cause heat to be forced back into it.

The way to actually make an impact is to shade your entire home with trees. This creates a cooler microclimate, which is what will spur on savings.

7. Don’t Forget to Use Fans

Fans cool people, not rooms – it’s why you can’t use a fan alone in the summer.

But when paired with an air conditioner, they can help circulate the cool air and make you more comfortable.

This allows you to adjust your air conditioner usage and how much you spend. It’s quite the cost-effective partnership.

8. Make Sure Your Insulation is Up to Snuff

Your money could be squeezing through windows, around doors, and through walls as we speak.

Homes – particularly older ones – that lack proper insulation or seals result in a lot of air being lost.

If you suspect that a lot of your air conditioning isn’t actually reaching you, it’s a good idea to have your insulation inspected. Finding and fixing insulation problems now will save you money on both your cooling and heating bills.

9. Check Your Ductwork

Many homes don’t actually have the right ductwork layout or size.

Ductwork that is poorly sized can cause uneven distribution. For example, your bedroom on the second floor might be unbearably warm, but your living room is pleasantly cool – all because there’s not enough air flow.

Sometimes ductwork can leak, which means you don’t get nearly as much cool air as your air conditioner is supplying.

We can offer expert advice on your ductwork, and solutions that will make your home as comfortable and efficient as possible.

10. Close Off Rooms You Aren’t Using

It’s a lot easier for an air conditioner to cool 3 rooms than 5.

Instead of spending money cooling the guest room, close the doors and dampers. This will force all the air to the rooms you use. It’s a much more cost-effective way to keep cool.

11. Have Annual AC Maintenance

The more efficient your air conditioner operates, the more money you save. And while all the little things add up, an annual tune up alone can decrease your bill by as much as 15%.

Not only does AC maintenance save you energy costs, but it also saves you additional repair and replacement costs. Tunes up cost much less than surprise repairs or buying a new air conditioner all together – and that’s what can happen if your air conditioner is neglected.

12. When You Upgrade, Opt for a Properly-Sized, Highly-Efficient AC

When it is time to upgrade, a high-efficiency air conditioner is the way to go.

These things get better and better each time companies like Trane release a new model. Just make sure it’s properly sized for your home.

ATEL Air = The Right Air

Interested in saving even more? ATEL Air’s VIP program delivers more discounts and more benefits for you to enjoy.

Whether you want to get more savings out of your current air conditioner or need an upgrade, ATEL Air has got you covered. We carry top-of -the-line models, and have top-of-the-line technicians to deliver quality customer care.

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The post How to Save Money on Air Conditioning appeared first on ATEL Air Heating & Air Conditioning.

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