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Hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to write a What’s In My Bag post for a long time, and I finally decided to sit down and write it yesterday. I keep a lot of random things in my purse and carry them with me everywhere I go so I thought it would be fun to share the current contents of my purse. Let’s get started!

My purse is pretty basic. It’s a faux-leather over the shoulder hobo style bag. It has an outside and an inside zip pocket as well as a little slot for my phone. I bought it at Bon Voyage for about $30CAD, so it’s nothing fancy. I go for function over fashion.

These Canadian Winters can be unpredictable. It’s always good to have a set of leather gloves close on hand. I also can’t leave my gloves anywhere else because Quantum (my cat) will literally eat them. It’s happened before…

I purchased this wallet at Simons a few years ago. For the price I paid the quality really wasn’t there, the change purse turned out to be completely non-functional. Coins fall out of the edges all the time so that was pretty disappointing. I also have a glow in the dark Canadian Toonie in my purse, I really wanted one when I heard they were being made limited edition for a time so my brother gave me one. I’ll never spend it!

What’s In My Bag: Makeup

Lipstick & Lipgloss
Currently my purse makeup bag contains the Aquarius ColourPop Lippie Stix, a Clinique Almost Lipstick, and a Kylie Cosmetics Lipgloss,

Hand Sanitizer
I have a matching David’s Tea Duo of their cold 911 Hand Sanitizer & Lip Balm. The lip balm is one of my favourites for this winter.

Hand Cream
I always keep a mini hand cream in my bag. My hands get so dry and winter is no friend to dry hands. I’m currently using a mini L’Occitane Rose hand cream.

Microfibre Cloth
Dirty glasses lenses are the worst! I’ve been trying to carry a microfibre cloth to clean the lenses because I always manage to get smudges on them.


Coloured Pens
I typically keep a Pink, Purple & Orange pen in my purse. I love having the colours when I write in my planner, I can colour code different things on my To-Do list.

Fringe Studio Planner
I absolutely looooove this planner! It’s hardcover and has spiral bound pages with month dividers on the inside. Every girl can use a beautiful planner

Mini Calendar Planner
I keep this planner specifically to write my work schedule in. I’m part time and have bizzare hours depending on who’s vacations I’m covering each week so it helps me a lot to have a work schedule planner.


I keep my kindle with me at all times. I never know when I’ll have to wait for an appointment and reading is a good way to spend my time while I wait.

USB Stick
I also keep an 8GB USB stick in my bag. It’s come in handy a few times so I prefer to just keep it in there.

And that’s what’s in my bag right now. Sometimes I take a different lip gloss or lipstick and I put my gloves away during the summer, but this is a general look at what I might take with me during the day. I’d love to know if you guys keep similar things with you, so let me know what’s in Your bag in the comments below! If you like this kind of post you might also like to read about What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag!

As always, thanks so much for reading! I hope you all are having a great start to your week. If you enjoyed this post please like & subscribe. Don’t forget to follow me on Social Media <3

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Hey everyone, welcome back for another ColourPop Haul! No, I don’t plan on making this a regular thing, but I’ve been constantly dreaming about the CP Double Entendre palette since it came out and I broke down and ordered it. Part of it was also that I completely ran out of brow products and needed to replace them. I was thinking about buying the ABH Brow Wiz for the first time but then I decided I should save some cash and try out both CP brow pencils for half the price (even after conversion). It went down hill from there…

In order to keep myself accountable I kept my ColourPop haul to around $50USD to get free international shipping and I cancelled my FabFitFun subscription for the Spring season. FFF works out to around $75CAD after shipping so the costs balanced out.

I was very surprised that I didn’t have to pay any duties & fees this time around. My tracking info said the package was processed through Canadian customs but it arrived through Canada Post with no extra charge. It’s so weird, my last order costed less and got tagged for duties. I can’t figure out this shipping system!

ColourPop Haul:
New Eyeshadow Palettes

I was torn between the Double Entendre, Dream Street & Give It To Me Straight eyeshadow palettes. It was so hard to decide between the three but I finally decided to forgo the Dream Street palette. I might order it eventually, but I’m content with the warm neutrals in the Double Entendre Palette and I already own the ColourPop MLP Palette which has similar shades to Dream Street’s Mermaid Boy, Water Bearer, and Kaleidoscope.

Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette

There are so many beautiful looks I’ve seen on YouTube from this palette. Judy C created such a gorgeous shimmery warm eye look with it in her review video that I couldn’t resist this palette. I didn’t have a full neutral palette so I decided it was high time I added one to my collection. I’m hoping it will become my everyday palette.

Give It To Me Straight Eyeshadow Palette

When the Give It To Me Straight Palette was first announced on ColouPop’s Instagram it immediately reminded me of the Huda Mauve Obsessions palette. Mauve is so trendy right now! Give It To Me Straight contains some lighter neutral shades for creating my day looks and I can pull in the deeper mauve metallics for evening wear.

Which palette do you guys want to see reviewed first!?

ColourPop Lippie Stix in Aquarius

Aquarius (from the Kathleen Lights x ColourPop collab) slowly seems to be getting phased out so I wanted to pick it up before it was too late. I’ve been wanting to review the Lippie Stix formula for a while now but I only owned one shade and wanted to know if the formula was consistent. Aquarius looks like the perfect everyday nude lipstick!

ColourPop Bronzer in Private Party

I chose this bronzer because it was one of Kathleen Lights’s favourites in her 2018 Best of ColourPop video. I bought it for 20% off $8USD using her code. It’s not a big discount but every little bit helps. I recently finished my Ciate Bamboo Bronzer mini and It was time for something new! This bronzer is a little bit more orange/yellow on the skin than I was hoping for but it should look nice once the weather warms up and I get some sun.

Brow Boss & Precision Brow Pencils

I’m so excited to have good brows again! The Brow Boss Pencil is supposed to create a natural look where the Precision Brow is meant for definition (hello Instagram brows). I’m going to try out both, review them and make a comparison post. I have oddly dark eyebrows so I ordered the second darkest shades in both pencils. Having purple hair really throws off my brow game so I’ve been loving darker brows lately.

Extra: ColourPop Pressed Powder Single

Due to high demand there was a processing delay on my order. ColourPop included a pressed powder single in my package for the inconvenience. I never asked them to do this, once again I am floored by ColourPop’s customer service. They let me keep my Accidental Haul when they send me the wrong products by mistake and sent my real order afterwards marked as a gift so I wouldn’t have to pay customs again. Now they’re including freebies for processing delays! It’s no wonder this is my favourite beauty brand.

Which products from my ColourPop Haul would you like to see reviewed first?

As always, thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed this post please let me know by liking & subscribing. Don’t forget to follow me on social media <3

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Hey beauties, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m reviewing a product from a Canadian based brand, Hola Neon. I discovered Hola Neon through my January Ipsy subscription when I was pleasantly surprised to receive a wearable mauve toned liquid lipstick in my glam bag. Many of you know that I’ve since cancelled my Ipsy subscription but I’m happy I discovered a new brand to me before leaving.

Hola Neon Velvet Liquid Lipstick
At A Glance

Hola Neon is a cosmetic company that produces liquid lipsticks and is planning on expanding in the future to offer a wider range of makeup and beauty products. Their website looks super fun, it’s full of colour! I reached out to Hola Neon through instagram to get some info on the company that I couldn’t find on the website and I learned to my surprise that they are based out of Toronto, Canada. Hola Neon’s products are cruelty free and they are working on getting full certification of that status for mid 2018.

Hola Neon’s Velvet liquid lipsticks retail for $17USD for a 0.22oz/6.5ml tube and comes in 12 shades, two of which are metallic. The formula claims to be matte, long lasting and moisturizing. I’m reviewing the shade DF.


The packaging, like the brand website, is very vibrant. I love it, the cardboard box is really colourful and the tube itself has a shiny gold lid and hola neon brand stamp. I was very much like “ooo shiny!” when I saw it. The bottle is rectangular and is either made of glass or very sturdy plastic and the applicator wand is a classic doe foot. The packaging gets an A+ from me!

The lipstick swatch is still drying!

  • Powdery Matte Finish
  • Non-Drying
  • Long Lasting when I’m not eating or drinking
  • Little Transfer
  • Cute shade names like “Winter is Coming”, “Wink ;)” and “BOOM!”
  • $5USD Flat Rate shipping across North America
  • I didn’t find the formula of Hola Neon’s Liquid Lipstick to be very hydrating even though it’s not drying. I still prefer the feel of a lip balm underneath.
  • $17USD (not particularly a con, but it’s more than drugstore pricing)
  • Get’s crumbly if I’m eating & drinking

Final Thoughts

I’ve worn this lipstick six or more times since receiving it in my January Ipsy Bag and I have to say that I’m impressed. I wasn’t expecting it to like the formula as much as I do. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is my favourite lipstick of all time, but I like having in my collection. I’m someone who is constantly snacking and drinking tea/coffee, so I wish it lasted better against food & drink.

I’m happy that Hola Neon has kept their shipping rates low. It’s disappointing discovering a brand and then finding out it costs $15+ to ship to you. $5USD flat rate shipping across north america is fantastic in my opinion, and even to Europe the shipping is only $7USD.

Have you tried Hola Neon Lipsticks?

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this post please like & subscribe! Let me know what you guys would like to see next <3

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The post Hola Neon Velvet Liquid Lipstick Review appeared first on Always, Cleia.

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Hey everyone, I hope your weekends went well! Hopefully you’ve done something fun, or spent some time relaxing from the work week. I’ve decided to start posting some more lifestyle-ish content on the weekends, from books to what’s going on in my life, lists, etc. Let me know what you guys want to know about me! I’ve never done a post like this one before, but I was thinking last week that it would be fun to compare some of my old posts with new ones. It’s encouraging to look back and see how much I’ve improved since starting my blog in January 2016 regardless of what other blogs are doing!

Blogging Update

This weekend I made the switch to a self hosted blog at wordpress.org. I think I’ve got everything up and running, but I would really appreaciate it if some of you could let me know what you think of the design! I’m still fairly confused about the switch, I have many questions for the WP Happiness Engineers and folks at Siteground, like what do I do with my .wordpress.com content (delete it? keep it? I don’t know!) but I’m figuring it out. I probably spent over 18 hours working on my new site this weekend!

Then Vs Now: My Very First Post

My first post was called “Meet Ion, The Resident Cat“. Always Cleia was originally called “Classycatsbox” for those of you who haven’t been with me that long. My vision was originally going to be subscription boxes featuring my cat since Ion was always getting into my packages but I strayed away from that idea pretty quickly and started posting product reviews and beauty boxes.

Less Cats, More Beauty Posts

A big change from my original post is that now I have TWO furry creatures that always photobomb me. Now Quantum likes to intrude on my blogging in the most loveable ways possible. I don’t feature them as much anymore but they occasionally make appearances on my instagramOne thing I noticed posting about my cats was that people would get a bit confused as to whether I was a pet blogger or a beauty blogger. Finally I decided I need to change that domain, and then became Cleia Beauty before Always Cleia.

Then VS NOW: My First Ipsy Review

Ipsy was the first subscription I ever reviewed. I took all my photos on top of our dinner table in bad lighting. I knew nothing about taking product photos, it’s a skill that develops over time with trial and error. My shots are out of focus and just lit sooo badly!

Then VS Now: My Most Recent Ipsy Review

I started taking my photos on top of a board with marble contact paper about a year ago. It makes a HUGE difference in my photos. I learned pretty quickly that I need to use the brightest day light for my photos. Dark indoor lighting just doesn’t cut it.

Then VS NOW: My First Attempt At A Fashion Post

I still don’t post about clothes and fashion very often, but occasionally I’ll review the Fabletics or Just Fab subscription box. I tried to take some photos of my workout outfit and it’s definitely not up to my current standards. Seriously, what am I even doing in this photo!? xD

Then Vs Now: One of my latest Fashion posts

I now take any outfit photos I need outside. I don’t do clothing posts very often because we live in a townhome complex and it’s just awkward trudging outside with my husband to take photos of me where all the neighbours can see… but I do what I need to! Outdoor lighting is the best!

Then VS Now: My First Attempt at Swatches

How terrible are these swatches!? Good grief, no wonder this post didn’t do well. (I’ve since updated some of the original photos my old posts). These are from the Sephora Sun Bleached Filter Eyeshadow Palette which I still use today, though it’s on it’s last legs.

Then VS Now: My Latest Swatches

I recently took these swatches of the ColourPop My Little Pony and I can see that I’ve improved so much since I began. I used a flatlay board, spiced up the image with a few props and placed the palette in the background. Now I take my photos in front of a window instead of in a basement!

Then VS Now: One Of My First Makeup Looks

At the time I really liked how this look and photo turned out. Better lighting would have helped the photo. I’m still learning to take makeup photos that look good on camera. I was in the process of learning the basics of applying makeup when I took this photo.

Then VS Now: A Recent Makeup Look

I know I still have so far to go in the makeup application department. I’m not a certified makeup artist (I was taking online classes for a while, and while the lessons were useful learning online isn’t the same as practicing on a real person). I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks though! I’m still not great at taking my own photo (I need a camera upgrade and a tripod badly) but I can see the improvement.

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Ugh, Winter. My skin has been flipping out lately, from dry patches to acne to redness… I don’t know what it is exactly, whether it’s the weather or what, but I’ve been restructuring my skincare routine ever since to get my complexion back on track. Today’s post is my top 10 Winter Skin Savers of 2018!

*Note: This post contains affiliate links

Fresh Soy Cleanser

Fresh Soy Cleanser is my HG. I recently splurged on it because I was using another cleanser and it was doing horrible things for my skin. The soy cleanser doesn’t strip my skin of moisture or leave it feeling tight. It also smells like cucumbers, so it’s like being at a spa! I find that using this cleanser calms my skin and helps clear up redness/breakouts.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate

I received a bottle of Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment in the 2017 Winter FabFitFun box. I was skeptical about all the YouTuber’s raving about this stuff but it’s actually pretty great. Unfortunately it’s crazy expensive for a small bottle, but I truly believe it’s helping to smooth out my dry patches.

Mario Badescu Rose water Face Mist

I’ve heard so much about Mario Badescu lately, and when I saw that Melina from IvefoundWaldo was loving the Mario Badescu Rose Water Face Mist I needed to try it out. This mist was only $9CAD on Amazon! It’s very calming on my skin. I sometimes mist my makeup blending sponge with it before blending if I’m too lazy to walk over to the sink to wet it.

The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Energizing Face Mist

The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Face Mist is supposed to boost radiance and hydration. I don’t know if I look especially radiant when using this mist but I will agree that it’s hydrating and works well to set my makeup. I adore the smell of this mist!

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream was also a FabFitFun Winter Box discovery. I am IN LOVE with this hand cream. It absorbs so quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy film. Some hand creams absorb but leave your skin feeling dry. My hands feel soft and hydrated after using this one. I’m not really a fan of the smell but I’m willing to live with it for how well this works for me otherwise.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream for Extra Dry Skin

I reviewed this product Here so I won’t go into full detail. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream is my only HG moisturizer and it does wonders for my skin. My dry patches become non existent when I use it. I normally use the version for extra dry skin but right now I’m trying out the Hydro Boost Gel Cream with SPF 15 that comes in a tube instead of a pot.

Cuticle Oil

Any oil will do. It doesn’t have to be specifically called a cuticle oil, sometimes I use face oil samples from sephora on my cuticles. It keeps them from cracking during the winter. Oils are a real winter skin saver, especially if you paint your nails a lot!

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil

It takes me a long time to use up oil samples, but I’ve been making headway on the vial I have of Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil. This oil is formulated with retinol for anti aging and helps reduce redness, which was very needed for me during the winter cold/flu season. I had like 3 colds over the course of December and January. When I use it overnight my face is SO soft in the morning!

Lip Scrubs

I shared my DIY recipe for a homemade lip scrub Here! All you need is coconut oil, vanilla, and a bit of brown sugar. Although I enjoy using brand name lip scrubs it’s not a necessity.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment

I’m obsessed right now with my Fresh Sugar Lip products from the Sugar Prep ‘N’ Paint set (reviewed Here)! The Advanced Therapy lip balm is a favourite right now, I use it almost daily when I’m home. I never put it in my purse because I’m scared I’ll lose it and it’s costly to replace. The formula glides on and seems to melt into my lips, it’s great on it’s own or under lipstick. If you want to try it I recommend looking for it in a value set!

What are your Top 10 Winter Skin Savers? Comment below!

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Check back in with me on Monday for my next beauty post. Remember to like & subscribe <3

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Hey lovelies, welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is a review of Tarte Aquacealer. Hopefully you guys aren’t sick of reviews, but if you are let me know if you’d like to see some lifestyle and beauty posts that aren’t review based. This one is going to be short and (hopefully) sweet!

I was shopping for concealers in November when I saw that Sephora had a sale on Tarte Aquacealer Concealer. It regularly retails for $31CAD and was discounted to $15 so I couldn’t say no! I added it to my cart as well as a few Christmas gifts and I also qualified for a free deluxe sample bag with my Cyber Monday Order. Yay!

Tarte Aquacealer At A Glance

A lightweight, 12-hour concealing serum offering buildable, medium coverage with skin-soothing benefits.

Tarte Aquacealer Concealer is part of Tarte’s Rainforest Of The Sea Collection and retails for $31CAD ($26USD) at Tarte & Sephora. Aquacealer Concealer comes in 12 different shades and contains “concentrated levels of pigments suspended in deep conditioning serum made up of 20 percent water” to hydrate the skin.

  • Pretty Packaging – The bottle is frosted glass with gold lettering and a gold/purple lid
  • Doe foot applicator
  • Blends easily
  • Doesn’t Oxidize
  • Hydrating finish (not matte, but not “dewy” either)
  • Doesn’t Crease
  • Wears at least 8 hours on me
  • Applicator wand is stiff – It’s not gentle applying the giant doe foot to my under eye area, I would have preferred a more flexible wand. I find it easiest to roll the wand along my under eye area instead of dragging the wand.
  • The applicator wand is a doe foot, but it’s also giant which makes it hard to conceal precisely without using a concealer brush.
  • I got the wrong shade! This could be just me, but I find it hard to colour match online and got a shade a little bit too pink.
  • Coverage can be built to medium under my eyes, but it’s on the lighter side when i try to conceal blemishes. I feel like I get the best results using this concealer solely for my under eye circles as opposed to covering acne spots.

Final Thoughts

I was over the moon that I was able to pick up this concealer for 50% off. I’m happy with my purchase, but I know that if I had spend full price at $31CAD I would have been disappointed. I expected to get fuller coverage on blemishes than I do with this concealer, and though it blends out nicely to cover my under eye circles I find the wand awkward to use. I like that this concealer doesn’t feel drying on my skin, but right now I prefer ColourPop’s No Filter Concealer even though it’s a matte formula (reviewed HERE!) And the CP concealer is $6USD so it’s a no-brainer. This won’t be a repurchase but I don’t hate it and will be finishing the bottle.

Have you tried Tarte Aquacealer Concealer?

As always, thanks for reading! Let me know what beauty products you’d like to see reviewed next. Remember to like & subscribe!

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Over the past few months I’ve started featuring content on my instagram that doesn’t make an appearance on my blog. I used to use instagram solely to promote for my Always Cleia, but I realized I could do so much more! To kick off the new year I participated in Nova’s January Beauty Challenge and had so much fun creating new photos each day!

Here’s a look at my top 10 January 2018 Instagram photos in January! xx

Are you on instagram? Let’s be friends! Follow me @alwayscleia and let me know you came from my blog, I’ll follow back! <3

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Hey everyone, happy Monday! I hope you guys had a great weekend! Hopefully your week is starting off on a good note. My weekend was pretty quiet, I worked Saturday and spend Sunday watching Pretty Little Liars. I’m hooked! What did you guys do on the weekend? 

I’ve been so excited to post this review, I placed a ColourPop Cosmetics order back in November and I’ve been testing and playing with the My Little Pony eyeshadow palette since my order arrived. This is the palette that finally made me order from ColourPop and I am now addicted to the brand. I can’t stop looking at the website, everything is beautiful! Keep reading for my thoughts on the palette and some makeup looks  

ColourPopMy Little Pony Eyeshadow Palette
At A Glance

These retro ponies are back for a new adventure. Explore the palette inspired by their colourful personalities and magical cutie marks. From shimmery glitters and wearable mattes, to bright pops of colour and surprising iridescents, you can imagine the looks you’ll create with this little palette. Friendship is magic when you’re friends with this sparkly crew.

The My Little Pony Palette was released as part of the ColourPop X My Little Pony collaboration this past October. The palette contains 12 x 0.85g shadows in a range of vibrant shades and retails for $16USD ($1.57/gram). ColourPop is leaping bunny certified (cruelty free)


As I noted in my ColourPop She Palette Review these palettes are a little smaller than I initially expected, about the size of my hand. I’m probably not going to hit pan on these anytime soon so it doesn’t bother me.

The MLP palette is so cute. I’m not a girl who was ever into My Little Pony as a kid, so the packaging isn’t nostalgic or anything for me but I still love the cartoon pony design on the cardboard packaging as well as the palette itself. The inside of the palette is purple with a less busy design (white stencils of the ponies instead of full colour). The palette has a magnetic closure and doesn’t contain a mirror.

Shade Selection

Included in the MLP Palette are four mattes (one is considered “opalescent” by CP but it applies matte for me), two satins and six metallic shades. I ordered this palette because a lot the the shades are very different and unique to what I typically see at the drugstore or at sephora. Specifically the bottom row of blues and the sparkly purple shade are all gorgeous, I’ve never owned anything like them!

When I started using this palette I noticed that there are a few shades that look similar on the eye. The two pink shades Applejack and Minty look almost identical on me. Applejack is a little bit more of a dusty pink and Minty is slightly more vibrant, but I would have loved to see something different in one of those pans, like a brown shade to serve as a transition if you are solely using this palette. In the bottom row the two middle shades, Firefly and Snuzzle look similar if I use them side by side. Snuzzle has more of a white base than Firefly but I can’t tell the difference when applying them to my eyes. I do love the shade, so I’m not too worked up about it.

Pigmentation, Blend & Fallout

The pigmentation in this palette is pretty good. Most shades have good colour pay off but I was a little disappointed with how the two satin shades, Twilight and Bluebell apply (Bottom Left and Top Right). I know there are a lot of people that really enjoy CP’s satin formula but I prefer the metallic shades. The satins just don’t have the same payoff and wow factor as the metallics. As for the mattes ColourPop makes some of the best matte shades I have ever used. They’re so buttery and blend easily!

I was surprised at the amount of kick-up I get in the pan from the orange matte shade in the second row, Flutterbye. There is a very similar shade in the She palette that doesn’t have any kick up, so I’m wondering why Flutterbye is so different. The rest of the mattes don’t have much fallout for me, but when applying a few of the metallics like Princess Sparkle and Skydancer I find little flecks on my under eye area.


Top Row: Butterscotch, Blossom, Starshine, Bluebell
Butterscotch is described as white with a pink/violet opaleascence. It’s barely pearlescent though, it has a matte white base so I use it to set my eyeshadow primer. Blossom is an orange duochrome metallic, and Starshine is a lighter metallic orange. Bluebell is a satin ivory shade. It throws me off that butterscotch isn’t the colour of butterscotch and Bluebell isn’t blue!

Middle Row: Applejack, Skydancer, Minty, Flutterbye
Applejack is a dusty redish pink matte. It looks very much the same on the skin as Minty, the third from the top. I don’t really know why CP included two shades that are pretty much the same. It would have been nice if they at least changed the formula so that one was maybe a metallic or a glitter shade.

The purple shade, Skydancer is more of a glitter than a metallic. It looks light in the swatch but it’s SO pretty on the eyes. At the bottom of this review I have a look where I used a black gel crayon as a base and WOW does the colour pop on top of it (no pun intended!). Flutterbye, the bottom matte shade has great pigmentation at the cost of kickup in the pan.

Bottom Row: Twilight, Firefly, Snuzzle, Princess Sparkle

Twilight is a satin shade. I wish it was metallic as well to get a bit more out of it but it’s still a pretty and unique shade. Firefly & Snuzzle are both icy metallics. On the arm they look different but applied to the eye they’re almost identical, though Snuzzle has more of a white base than blue. Princess Sparkle is a unique metallic turquoise. I wish it had the crazy pigmentation of Firefly, but it’s buildable at least.

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It’s been so long since I’ve written an awards post! I’ve been so busy writing reviews and focusing on my instagram that awards have kind of just slipped through the cracks. To all the lovely people who have nominated me for an award of any sort, I really, truly do appreciate it and I apologize that it’s taken me so long to start catching up on them. I’m going to recap some of the nominations that have recently passed me by. If I missed yours I apologize, I’m quite behind!

Since all of these awards require nominations I’ve chosen a few blogs in general, please feel free do do whichever tag you like, or none at all (no pressure!).


AyR Galaxy
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Liebster Award

I was nominated for a liebster award by Paula who blogs over at Flaw Decay. Please check out her blog, her makeup artistry is amazing and she’s also going cruelty free! Yas!


  1. You must acknowledge who has nominated you and also share their links
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself
  3. Answer the 11 questions that you have been asked
  4. Nominate 11 more bloggers whose blog you would recommend
  5. Ask 11 questions that you would like those bloggers to answer
  6. Let the bloggers you have nominated know that they’ve been nominated.

11 Facts About Me:

  • I have two cats
  • I’m 25
  • My favourite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip
  • I dislike country music
  • I’ve worked out with Fitness Blender 4-5 days a week for the past 3.5 years
  • I’ve lived in six different houses/apartments
  • I’m an Introvert
  • Lindsey Stirling is at the top of my playlist these days
  • I spend on average 30 hours a week working on my blog
  • I dream of starting a YouTube channel this year…

Paula’s Questions For Me:

  1. Favorite drugstore lip product?
    Nyx Lip Lingerie
  2. What is the one beauty product you always repurchase?
    Cotton balls!
  3. Matte or dewy skin?
  4. When did you start wearing makeup?
    When I was 12, but only eyeliner and a bit of eyeshadow. I started upping my makeup game when I started this blog at 23.
  5. How long do you take to get ready in the morning?
    It depends. Most of the time I work later in the day so I give myself 30-40 minutes to drink my coffee and go through my skincare & makeup routines. If I’m rushed I compress it down to 10 minutes.
  6. A beauty product that you want to buy.
    I REALLY want to purchase a set of Morphe brushes!
  7. Who inspires you?
    All the bloggers I read on wordpress!
  8. If you could only buy palettes from one brand, which one would it be?
    ColourPop forever!
  9. Do you like face masks? Favourite?
    Yes, my favourite right now is the Origins Original Skin mask.
  10. Last beauty product that you bought?
    I just ordered the ColourPop Give It To Me Straight Palette.
  11. What’s the best gift someone could give you?
    Their time. It means the world to me when people actively try to make plans with me. A lot of my friends don’t take the time anymore and I’ve felt like I’ve been pursuing a lot of one sided friendships. When someone is asking me to get coffee I notice.

My Questions:

  1. What’s your favourite paper night routine?
  2. What’s your a favourite place to shop?
  3. Online or In-store shopping?
  4. Favourite Animal
  5. What TV shows are you watching right now?
  6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  7. Dream Vacation?
  8. Coffee or Tea (or neither?)
  9. What is your favourite skincare product?
  10. What is your favourite makeup product?

Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award by Sarah from Vintage Tea Rose. This girl takes the most beautiful photos and is really sweet so please show her blog some love <3 Thanks so much Sarah!


  • Thank the person who gave you this award and link to their blog.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • List 7 things about yourself

You guys are getting ALL the facts about me today! Here’s 7 more things about me:

I play guitar, both electric and acoustic
I went to university for a specialty jazz music program
I’ll take android over ios every time.
I play video games
I’ve been to four countries and two continents
I go to the greenhouse with my mom each year to buy flowers for our patios
I want to adopt a third kitten Ion & Quantum can have a sister kitty.

Mystery Blogger Award

Melina nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award! Melina blogs at Ivefoundwaldo and she’s the best! I feel like I’ve been friends with her forever when we chat across each other’s blogs. I love reading her book reviews, travel posts and bullet journal spreads. I’ve told my husband on several occasions when scrolling through instagram, “look! That’s my friend from New York!” It’s crazy how we all can become connected through social media.

This award was created by Okoto Enigma.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself.
  • Answer 5 questions from the nominator.
  • Nominate 10 or more people
  • Notify your nominees
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice, with one weird or funny question.

Three (more) Things About Me

  1. I don’t like spiders.
  2. My favourite makeup brand is currently ColourPop
  3. I have an older and a younger brother.

Melina’s Questions For Me: 

1. Who do you live with?
My husband and two dapper cats.
2. If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?Brandon Sanderson because his books inspire me
3. What is the difference between your blogging persona and offline persona?
My blogging persona is a lot more outgoing. I find it easier to build relationships with others online rather than face to face. I’m an introvert and I have this annoying tendency to assume that if someone talks to be they are actually speaking to someone else or that I’ being judged. I love how inclusive the blogging community is and I feel I can be my best self when I interact with people from behind a computer.
4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Probably follow/unfollowers or manipulative comments (comments that guilt you into following). I’ve been thinking about writing a “blogger etiquette” post but I wasn’t sure if that would come off as too passive aggressive xD
5. What/who is the biggest love of your life?Aside from the obvious choice, my husband, I would have to say music. And Cats!

My Questions:

  1. Do you prefer to use a laptop or desktop computer
  2. Red or White Wine?
  3. What inspires you to blog?
  4. What is your favourite social media to use?
  5. Do You Like Green Eggs & Ham? (Hey, it said I needed a weird question!)

Unique Blogger Award

Nova from SuperNovaBeautyBlog recently nominated me for the Unique Blogger Award! Thank you so much Nova! If you guys aren’t following this lovely lady please go check out her blog, her makeup looks are stunning, and her Palette Roulette series is one of my favourites to read each week


  1. Answer all the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
  2. Share the link of the blogger who nominated you
  3. Nominate 8 to 13 bloggers for the same award
  4. Ask 3 questions

Nova’s questions for me are:

  1. What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?
    Frozen! I’m such a child, I know. Frozen is hands down one of my favourite movies of all time. Whenever I have to take a sick day at work I make myself feel better by curling up on the couch with slippers and a blanket and sniffling along to the movie
  2. What are your most important rules when going on a date?
    NO CELLPHONES. Unless we’re taking a picture of something cool, but then it has to go away. My husband is constantly chatting with friends and family so when we’re going out I’m very stubborn about the cellphone rule. Put it away!
  3. What “old person” things do you do?
    ALL THE THINGS! I shake my head at the music “kids these days” are listening to. I keep a strict budget, stay in most of the time instead of going out on weekends, I knit scarves, and I’ve slowly watched my old friend circle shrink as I’ve gotten older (I’m only 25, but I’d definitely the old lady of the old group).

For my questions I’m using the same as the award above. Choose any three! 

Thank you so much to all the bloggers that have nominated me. I know this post doesn’t cover them all, but I really do appreciate all of your nominations! Nominees please feel free to do any of these awards if you guys have time and check out some new blogs! Thanks for reading x

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Hey beauties, welcome back to my blog! Today I’m finally getting around to reviewing the ColourPop No Filter Concealer! ColourPop No Filter Concealer is incredibly inexpensive and just about every beauty YouTuber I watch has included it in their 2017 favourites so ColourPop must be doing something right.

ColourPop No Filter Concealer
At A Glance

No Filter Concealer retails at ColourPop for $6USD for 4 grams/ 0.14 oz. It’s available in 15 different shades and claims to be creaseproof, blurring and matte.


I’m so obsessed with the cardboard packaging for the No Filter Concealer that I still haven’t thrown the box out a month later. It’s got little peachy/cream coloured stripes running up the sides and it’s just so cute, how could I get rid of it!? The actual product is packaged similar to their liquid lipsticks, just in a fatter, shorter tube. It’s got the signature slanted ColourPop lettering in silver letters.

The applicator for No Filter makes me happy. I’m not a fan of flimsy mascara wands, but for for concealer I don’t mind if the wand is a little bit more bendy. This wand has a long & skinny applicator sponge that’s a bit more flexible than a stiff wand like the Tarte Aquacealer wand.


There is one glaring problem with the formula that I have to address: No Filter Concealer oxidizes. My camera doesn’t pick up orange hues very well but it oxidizes to an orange shade or two deeper than what’s in the tube. I went with the lightest shade possible, Fair 05 to compensate and was glad that I did. I would have bought Fair Neutral 10 otherwise which would have been way too dark after it oxidized. Go at least one shade lighter if you can!


ColourPop No Filter Concealer dries down matte. I have dry skin so I really need to make sure I moisturize and prime my undereyes when I use this concealer so it doesn’t sink into fine lines and my skin doesn’t look dried out.

I useNo Filter for both under eye circles & blemish coverage and I find it works well for both. The formula is a medium consistency learning more towards thin than thick and gives me a nice medium coverage. My dark circles are very prominent without makeup and I like that No filter covers them up nicely and blends in easily with a sponge. For blemishes I sometimes need a thicker concealer for full coverage or a colour corrector underneath, but generally I’m happy with the coverage I get from No Filter.

After Concealer

Creasing & Blurring

I haven’t noticed a lot of creasing with No Filter Concealer. I use a primer underneath to prevent it from sinking into fine lines, but I’m pretty sure that’s because my dry winter skin doesn’t agree with a matte formula right now.  As for blurring, it hides the appearance of blemishes nicely but doesn’t really blur those fine lines on it’s own.

Final Thoughts

For $6USD this concealer is awesome! Can you beat that and still get this quality? I haven’t tried a concealer at this price point that I like as much as No Filter. Keep in mind I haven’t tried out a plethora of concealers, I don’t get PR or anything like that! But I really do think this concealer is worth a try if you like a matte finish and are on a budget. Just remember to order a shade lighter than what you would normally need to account for the oxidization.

What’s your favourite concealer?

Thanks for reading! This is probably going to be the month of colourpop reviews for me so I really hope you guys are enjoying them so far! You can find the rest of my colourpop reviews here. Remember to like & subscribe! <3

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The post ColourPop No Filter Concealer Review appeared first on Always, Cleia.

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