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Are you an Instagram Story user? Did you know that you can automatically post your Instagram Story items over to your Facebook Page Story? Learn how in this video.


This simple tutorial will have you up and running in 2 minutes or less!

One of my favorite features of social media is Instagram and Facebook Stories.

Utilizing them is quick and easy, and you can do it no matter where you are at. It’s something that you don’t have to necessarily give a lot of thought to, or have a lot of tech skills in order to implement into your business.

But did you know that you can automatically share your Instagram Story over to your Facebook page? If not, today’s “Marketing Minute” video is going to show you just how to set it up.

1. Go to your Instagram Account

The first thing that you need to do, is go to your Instagram account, like you are going to do a new Story.

2. Click on the GEAR icon

From there, you’re going to click on the gear in the top left-hand corner.

That’s going to open up your Story settings.

3. Enable Share to Facebook Story

You’re going to scroll down to the bottom, and you’re going to enable Share to Facebook Story.

Now if you’re not logged-in to your Facebook account or not already sharing content on there, you might need to go through a few extra steps to enable it.

This is an important feature to enable, because it not only allows for you to share to your Instagram audience, but then you can automatically share to Facebook to reach a greater audience on there, without having to spend any extra time.

However, sometimes when Instagram does rollout new updates, you might have to go back in there and enable it again.

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7 AWESOME! Launch Tips from Taylor Swift

7 AWESOME! Launch Tips from Taylor Swift - YouTube

You don’t have to be a TSwizzle Fan to take a lot out of this episode.

Do you have a product or service or an event that you are wanting to plan a launch around?

If so, today’s episode is just for you.

One thing that I have learned over the years is that you have to look outside of your business and your industry to pick up some creative ideas to implement into your own business, and that’s exactly what I did for today’s episode.

These seven awesome tips are coming to us thanks to Miss Taylor Swift and her recent launch of her brand new single. But don’t worry, if you’re not down with T-Swizzle you can still take away these awesome tips and implement them into your next launch. You may or may not know but I’m borderline obsessed with Taylor Swift for many reasons. But not only do I love her music, I also love her marketing brain and she is brilliant in everything that she does from when she drops a new single to going on tour. She thinks about every single detail and I’m going to bring you some great suggestions today to implement into your next launch from T-Swizzle’s recent drop of her new single, ME!

Now let me just tell you, she spent approximately 13 weeks promoting and teasing her audience about this brand new single that was going to be dropping. 13 weeks to just tease about a single. Think about that the next time that you are planning your next launch and how much effort are you putting into talking about your launch.

All the time people come to me and they’re like I tried to do everything that so and so did in their launch and it didn’t work for me and you have to look outside of what everybody else is doing and bring in some creative sense to have a good solid launch. And the number seven is not a random number of tips and that’s just not the number that I could come up with.

Truth be told I could probably have came up with 50 things that Taylor did to make this launch so spectacular but I picked seven because this is Taylor’s seventh album and she is very smart when it comes to the details which brings us to our first tip, and that is thinking about every single detail when it comes to your launch.

Plan Out Every Single Detail

From what email is going to be sent on what day to what you are going to be posting about on social media. How you are going to start out that launch and how you are going to end that launch with your end game. This is really important to making sure that you have a successful launch and this is something that Taylor does so very well.

For 13 weeks she dropped hints about what was going to be coming on a particular day and time and she thought about every single detail that could have possibly made it even better and I want you to take the time and be putting it into the pre-planning of your launch. A lot of times people just go into launch mode and don’t think about the steps to lead into it or how to come out with a bang and they rush all of the details which in turn is why their launch might not turn out to be as successful as they would like for it to.

Share Your Launch Calendar

When you are planning out each and every detail of your launch you know how you need to show up, what needs to happen, and the day and time that it’s going to happen on and here’s something else that she did really well which leads into our next tip for today and that is releasing her launch calendar.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to send out a calendar with every single email or social post that you are making but let your audience know what is going on, what to expect, and when they need to show up. That’s exactly what she did and I can tell you that I stayed up until midnight on a work night just to watch this video launch. I might have been exhausted the next day and I might have had a little bit of a Taylor hangover but it was so exciting to go through every step into the lead up and then watch her livestream video launch at midnight. She used all aspects from social media to email marketing to livestreaming to make sure that she was engaging her audience and with that launch calendar it allows for you to engage your audience and tell them exactly when they need to show up and be present for you and for your launch. She made sure that her audience was the first to know, and you have to remember to tell them where to show up at so that they can be the first to know as well and take advantage of whatever it is that you are launching and releasing because everybody loves to be a part of something.

Create an Experience

They all love an experience, which again then leads into our next tip which is creating an experience with your launch. In the mundane of every single day, people are craving experience. Not just with somebody famous but in every single thing that they are doing they want an experience. From going to the grocery store to picking out their wedding dress now.

People want to be taken on a journey and that is definitely something that Taylor Swift did with the release of this song. She took her fans through an experience and a journey to seeing what the launch was going to be like. We knew that it was gonna be shiny and happy and rainbow and colors and cats and all of these different things that were completely different from her last launch and in turn that made everybody even more excited about it because they felt like they were going to be a part of that experience, like they knew some kind of insider secret that nobody else knew when that song released. And I might be calling you out on this today but a launch is a big deal. It’s not just something that you show up on a Monday and release a couple of videos and expect everybody to show up for. A launch is a really big deal and you should be putting more time and effort into planning it out ahead of time. Planning out every single step that you want your customer to take in the journey.

Care more about them than you do the sale that is going to happen at the end.

You want them to know that they are taken care of and that whatever problem it is that they are experiencing you are going to help them solve it.

Be a Tease

Through that experience they will feel that, so it’s time to spend a little bit more time planning out your next launch and as you are planning out that experience and putting dates down on the calendar, you want to think about how can you show up and be a tease just like Taylor did and I might venture to say that some guys that knew me in high school might say the same about myself but that’s okay ’cause it just makes me a better marketer today. And that kinda rhymed, unintentional of course.

You want to see how can you tease your audience into whatever it is that you are getting ready to launch.

One simple thing that Taylor did to this launch that we see in the online marketing world but often gets forgotten about because it’s such a simple thing that you can use is a countdown timer. Countdown timers are great because it gets people excited and it lets them know what is that upcoming date? When is it going to happen? And they can put it down on their calendar and know that they are involved in the process. Now there are some great tools out there that allow for you to add in a countdown timer either to your website or into the emails that you are sending out. You can even post them on your Instagram story with a particular date in mind, so utilize these countdown timers as they are available for you in being a tease of what’s coming up next.

Maybe it’s a tease into the launch of your free series or challenge that is going to kick off your launch. Then it’s teasing into when the cart is opening up for your launch and from there then it might be counting down to either the cart closing or the event that you are hosting, so have fun with this launch in the dates that you’re creating and the timeline and the experience that you’re putting together all of these steps for and don’t forget to be that tease that is really getting your audience excited about what’s coming up next.

Find New Audiences to Position Yourself

Now I’ve mentioned this about Taylor before, she’s really great at pattern interrupts, and something that she did in this launch that was completely different from anything that maybe she’s ever done before was she was a part of a live interview with Robin Roberts during the NFL draft that was coincidentally happening in Nashville. Now if you know Taylor, you know, well I don’t really know her, but if you follow her you know that nothing is coincidental when it comes to her. Everything is planned out and so for her showing up to a completely different audience than where her people might actually be it’s all about that introduction and trying to find new people that are going to be into her new music.

She placed herself in front of an unsuspecting audience by showing up to that interview, and again it was a complete surprise. She was a tease with it, she didn’t really tell anybody but she just said watch for me tonight on this station and so that is something that you want to think about. What are some audiences that you can place yourself in front of during your launch that are maybe a little bit out of the norm that you usually would place yourself in front of when launching?

You never know when your next follower is going to come from that audience and they’re going to be somebody that you never thought that you could reach before. Growing and expanding your audience is really important to having a successful launch so looking outside of the norm of that audience is a great way to position yourself. To be able to grow and expand your reach and those that you convert over in your launch time. It’s great to have an audience but it’s even better to expand it every time you launch. These are all important things to be doing and thinking about as you are creating that launch calendar for yourself and if you need a little bit of help planning out that launch stay tuned til the end of the video because I have a great resource that’s going to help you out.

Know Your Worth & Value

Now coming into this new single launch, something that Taylor did that maybe wasn’t necessarily seen in the launch prep and process is something that I want you to really pay attention to and make sure that you are doing the mindset work behind it and that is knowing your worth and your value. You have to know that you are showing up at your highest value and that you are worth every single dollar that you are going to be charging for that product, that service, or that event because if you don’t believe in it and you don’t believe that you are worth it, your audience is going to see right through you and they’re not going to sign up and buy either. One thing that Taylor did before coming into this was that she knew her worth and her value. She switched labels, made sure that she owned her music, and that she capitalized on making money off of streaming and she wasn’t going to go into this album number seven without that secured. So she knew her worth, her value and what she was bringing to the table and you have to know that because it is so important if you can’t see the value of yourself your audience isn’t going to either which then kind of also leads into the last tip for today’s video, and one thing to say is that you can’t spell awesome without me.

Embrace Being You!

One thing that Taylor does really well is that she embraces who she is and that’s exactly what this song celebrates that she just released and normally when you’re talking about a launch it’s not about you, it’s about your customer that is going to be buying from you and the journey that you’re gonna take them on but in this final tip I want you to embrace being you.

‘Cause baby, that is the fun of you and it’s something that I think often gets lost in this online entrepreneurial world where there are so many options.

People come to me all the time and they say but there’s this person out there and there’s this person out there doing the same thing that I am, but the thing that separates you from them is you.

Nobody is going to teach it like you do. Nobody is going to share their mission like you have created, and so that is something that you must embrace. There are thousands of business coaches out there but when my clients find me on Google’s number one page they often tell me that they fall in love with who I am as a person and then also about how I can help them show up in their business so it’s very much so about embracing who you are, what makes you the expert, and why you are worth that value that you are going to be charging so you can see how those two tips coincide together and also coincide with Taylor’s new release and the awesomeness that is coming from it which I think is going to be her new album title but she hasn’t told us yet ’cause again she’s great at teasing. So these are all great tips that you can implement into your business and into your next launch. I hope you enjoyed this episode today.


Click here to download a LAUNCH WORKBOOK to help you map out every little detail leading into your END GAME. https://alirittenhouse.clickfunnels.com/pdf-download

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Taylor Swift - ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) - YouTube

The post 7 AWESOME! Launch Tips from Taylor Swift appeared first on Ali Rittenhouse.

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Feeling Stagnant? DO THIS Marketing Hack to Grow Your List & Audience!

Feeling Stagnant? DO THIS Marketing Hack to Grow Your List & Audience! - YouTube

Don’t stay where you are.

Learn what it takes to position yourself in front of your audience.


Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall in the growth of your list and audience?

You might show up every single week consistently and putting forth your best effort. But no matter what you do the number remains the same each and every week.

In today’s episode I’m going to give you one hack for your business that is going to help you position yourself and your expertise in front of your ideal customer, to grow your list and grow your audience. Now the great thing, well, there’s a couple great things, about this business hack, but one of the best pieces is that you can continue using it each and every month moving forward to help you consistently continue to grow that list and audience so that you never feel like you’re in the same position again. And one of the other best parts about it is that it’s completely free. It’s just going to cost you a little bit of time to get started.

Landing Interviews

This business hack is something that I have all of my clients do and it’s so important to the growth and success of your business, and that is landing interviews. Whether they be online or in person, maybe even in the written form, it will help position you and your expertise right in front of that exact audience you want to be in front of. And they’re going to get a taste of who you are and how you show up which will then naturally encourage them to go find out more information about you and helping you grow that audience.

We are currently a media and information absorbing society. We want to find out where your ideal audience is absorbing that information at. Are they listening to podcasts? Are they watching videos on YouTube? Are they tuning into a local lifestyle television show every single day at noon? These are the things that are going to be important to help you really position yourself and your expertise in front of that ideal audience.

We want you and your business showing up where their eyes and ears are paying attention. Now some of you might be thinking that in order to land a television segment or be featured on a popular podcast you have to hire a publicity agency in order to do so. And that couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth.

With all the opportunities the internet has opened up, getting your business featured is a lot easier than it used to be.

In fact, you might really be surprised in knowing that it only requires about 30 minutes each and every week on this area of your business, and then the time that it takes to show up to the various interviews that you’re going to land by pitching your business. I’m going to give you everything that you need to successfully do so. Stay tuned to the end of this video where I’m going to give you my pitch template that you can customize and personalize to start sending out immediately so that you can be landing these features for your business to position yourself to growing that audience.

1. Do The Research

The first place that we want to start out with is doing the research to see where you are going to be featured at. This is actually a really important area so that you’re not wasting your time pitching yourself to places that you’ll never be featured on.

Now that might sound harsh, but some of these resources that you might pull up may not even have guest speakers on. Why pitch yourself and spend the time looking into that research if they’re not going to have you on? Exactly, so that’s why the research piece is important. But you also want to know that they have an active community so that as you’re taking the time to do these interviews you’re positioning yourself in front of that active audience and not somebody that’s just starting out.

It also won’t hurt you to watch or listen to an episode or two to see what their lingo is and make sure that it’s brand on for you. You want to make sure that you are aligning yourself with the right audience and doing the research ahead of time is going to help you ensure that that step is a right one.

2. Find the Right Contact Information

Another really important thing that you need to look into as you’re doing the research is finding the right contact information. And trust me, I know from experience because I made this mistake a time or two, and it’s amazing how quickly you hear back from the right people when you send an email and pitch to the right person. So you want to do your due diligence and finding out how exactly they go about booking their guests.

Something that not a lot of people know and probably overcomplicate because they don’t know is that the number one way of getting and landing interviews is to pitch yourself. These news publications are extremely busy, and they don’t have time to always go out and research time to find their upcoming guests. They do rely on people coming to them and asking to be on these various media outlet. And that is why you must start today in pitching yourself, and it can really be as simple as just getting started sending an email.

3. Personalize the Pitch

Now one of the most important things about sending that pitch is that you personalize it. It must sound like it was written just for the person that is receiving it. If it looks like something that was just copied and pasted over and over again, they’re going to overlook you. They want to know that you are just as much interested in their entity as you want them to be in yours. If you’re not sure what you should include in your pitch, then you’ll want to stay tuned at the end of the video to get access to my marketing success kit that is going to give you everything that you need to get started today, because I want to take care of you.

4. Don’t Forget to Follow-Up

And speaking of taking care of you, one of the most important things that you must do, and will get overlooked by many is that you must remember to follow up from people when you don’t hear back from them on your pitches. You want to follow up with people that you haven’t heard back from to make sure that they aren’t interested in having you on. They might have just overlooked that email or haven’t gotten to it yet, and your followup email will help draw it to heir attention to then either schedule or let you know it’s not a right fit at this time.

As you start sending out more pitches, you want to stay on top of the followup process. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. You can use the snooze feature from Gmail or download the Boomerang plugin to remind you to follow up if you haven’t heard back from these places that you are pitching.

Or you can keep a simple Excel sheet that has all of the information on it as far as who you reached out to, the email address that you used and the date that you sent it so that you can be sure to follow up in a timely manner. That will be important in making sure that you get scheduled. As you start hearing back from people, it’s going to be inevitable that you are going to get a no or two.

Don’t get discouraged by this, and in fact, turn on your charm by replying with a thank you for the consideration and please keep me in mind if anything should change. You want them to know that you really appreciate that they took the time to get back with you and show them that you do care and that you were interested and not just sending out a bunch of random emails to people as you go down a list.

5. Rinse and Repeat

Now the process is not over yet because it’s not just about doing this once in your business. This is about rinsing and repeating over and over again each and every week or each and every month to continue positioning yourself and your expertise in front of your ideal audience that might already belong to somebody else because the larger the audience the more of your ideal customer that’s going to be finding out about you and your brand.

Add this to your marketing plan so that you can consistently show up and continue to grow your list and your audience so you never hit that growth wall again. Spend 30 minutes each and every week sending out pitches, following up, and seeing new potential places to reach out to. This will really help you continue to move the momentum of your business forward and growing your audience.

If you enjoyed today’s video and you want access to my pitch template so that you can swipe and personalize for yourself, then either above or below this video you will find the link to enter your name and email address that will give you instant access to my marketing success kit that will teach you exactly what you need to know to market your business every single year, every month, and every week for success and growth.

This pitch template is located in there as well as a wealth of other great information that will show you it doesn’t require you to spend hours every single day marketing your business.

Thank you so much for watching today’s video. I’ll see you in the next.

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If you think the answer is ALL of them… THINK AGAIN. 

When you’re creating a new business or wanting to vamp up your current social marketing, one of the biggest questions you might have is… HOW MANY SOCIAL MEDIA SITES SHOULD I BE ON? AND WHICH ONES?

Here’s the thing – this is one of those areas where it looks differently for each and every business. And this should be a decision based on YOUR BUSINESS and not on someone else’s business or my opinion.

I do have a few suggestions of how to help you make the ultimate decision.

Let’s assess your situation…



Think about who you are trying to reach? This is where knowing your ideal customer is really important. Knowing where they’re hanging out online will help you decide on the social sites you should consider being on.

Who is your ideal customer following on social media? What sites are those people on? What hashtags should you consider that they might be using to find posts, what social groups are they hanging out in, where do they go online for information or news? This will also help you decide where to be, you don’t want to spend time on LinkedIn if your ideal customer is NOT on LI.



You want to make sure the social site you’re about to give your time to matches the strategy you’re trying to implement. 

Are you ready to embrace livestreaming? Do you only want to stick with images right now? Do you know the importance of using #hashtags and you want to utilize them? Do you want to utilize advertising?

Know that you’re capable of doing what you want on the social networks first before you waste any time.



And manage well, this is probably the most important point and question of them all.

Realistically, how much time each day and week do you have to spend doing your social media + talking to your ideal customers?

Yes, everyone can use the same post for every site but they don’t always fit. For me, I give Facebook and Instagram similar attention together and LinkedIn separately, but those are the only sites I focus on. They each need to have individual strategies that you can implement and implement it well. Be REAL. If you’re on zero sites socially for business… start with one or two and ROCK THEM OUT! Commit to social excellence.

You might be surprised to find out that you don’t have to spend hours on social media, even though you probably already are. Can you give it 15 minutes a day? Even 2 social sites can be managed with 15 minutes a day. It’s all about prioritizing your time.


BONUS SOCIAL TIP – Utilize Stories to stay connected on the fly with your ideal customers through social media. Get real with just you + your phone + your audience. This is one of my favorite tools to utilize!

If you do nothing else today, start with embracing using social media at least 15 minutes a day to talk to your ideal customers. Need help? I’ll send you immediate access to my Success Kit for Online Entrepreneurs when you complete the form below.

Want Instant Access to Your Online Success Kit?
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I don’t believe one way is better than another, they all have their pros and cons. I believe that ANY way you create content on a consistent basis is better than not.

When working with my one on one clients, I first start by asking them what excites them at the thought of creating. I want YOU to create content in YOUR BEST element. Where will be your zone of genius that you will stick with and create for the long-term

EVERYONE is different. Don’t make this decision based off of someone else’s businesses, this is about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.



Some entrepreneurs are great writers and for that, I say start with blogging. You have to get started someplace and this is a great place to dip your feet in the content creation water. It also is great for SEO – Search Engine Optimization, because your content can bring in your ideal customer to your website based off of the subjects they’re struggling with and googling.



Do you love talking? Ha, so I do I! A Podcast is a perfect place for you to start and thanks to cool tools like rev.com { <– affiliate link }, you can podcast AND blog at the same time for no real extra work. How? You get your podcast transcribed by Rev and use that text as your blog post / show notes.

BOOM. Smarter, not harder.



If you love talking and have a strong desire to be on camera, you’re perfect for vlogging. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be on video and / or television. Looking at that smarter not harder, take that and maximize exposure of yourself. You could use the audio as a Podcast EP if you wanted. And you most definitely want to utilize Rev for your videos. You can place an order for CAPTIONS allows the hearing impaired to be viewers of your video but also gives you the exact transcription to utilize as a blog post too with the video embedded in. I use that as my blog text which allows me to hit multiple areas such as YouTube, my website + SEO with each post.

I LOVE Rev if you can’t tell. They’re fast, inexpensive { starts at $1 / minute }, and accurate. Plus, when you sign up today, you can get $10 OFF your first order when you use my affiliate links in this post. { All links going to Rev.com in this post are affiliate links }



What about throwing Livestreaming into the mix. This is where you can decide between video and livestreaming. If you have no desire to be on camera, livestreaming probably isn’t for you either.

If you want to do video but don’t have the means of editing your videos, livestreaming is PERFECT. You write out / plan out your videos and go at it LIVE like you would with a recorded video. It’s okay if it’s messy — BE REAL.

Once you’re done with your livestream – utilize it again and embed the livestream video on your blog – use the text from the transcription on your website.

And if you’re creative like me — do a COMBO OF IT ALL!!!! <3

See how easy it is to decide what’s best for you?

Get started doing one of these areas today by creating an easy to manage weekly calendar where you create one piece of content a WEEK. That’s it.

xo, Ali

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The post Ask Ali “Should I Vlog, Blog, Podcast, or Livestream?” appeared first on Ali Rittenhouse.

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2018 Year In Review

When your year starts out about as grim & sad as 2018 was for me, you’ll see if I could rise above there is NO REASON YOU can’t do the same in the New Year. Let’s take a look at what trials and tribulations were thrown my way in 2018. I’m happy to be leaving it behind me and moving forward but I’m thankful for the times I had. The moments I will treasure forever, good and bad.

As Taylor Swift sings in New Year’s Day… “Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you.” January

January started out strong, I had made the plans for the year and was vlogging away. I felt like I was on MY A-GAME. Then my world came crashing down at the end of the month. Right before my largest launch of 2018, my mother unexpectedly passed away from the Influenza Virus. As you can imagine, our world was rocked with having lost our matriarch much too young and in such a devastating way.

A lost gem that I only found recently, after she passed. This is my mother and her gorgeous, hip soul.

The original plans for the year went out the window. I had recorded this vlog the week before my mom passed away, I promptly dedicated it to her.

February to May

February was supposed to be a launch month but instead I took it off for the most part. The second half brought on a new corporate client that I had been in talks with since 2017, it was doing the exact work locally that I had dreamed of doing. From there I was all about immersing myself in work. Video work, coaching clients online and anything else that kept me busy. Working was exactly what I needed to move forward. I even went back to my roots and produced a few websites. It was exactly what I needed. 

May to July

I ran a BETA trial run of my 1:1 coaching offer and turned it into a group coaching program and simultaneously realized that I like this offer best as 1:1. Everyone moves at their own pace when you’re creating such a high-level of offer and trying to get them to go down the same trajectory at the same time didn’t work for me. I continued my local corporate work while running everything and I loved every aspect of what I was / I am doing. So much so that I revisited a dream I had for 4+ years. You can watch that vlog episode here.

August & September

The summer brought new lessons and sun-kissed skin { with SPF 55 } and a whole new opportunity of opening my own local office space / video studio. My own Brick & Mortar Business for my local marketing agency and to bring my online clients HERE to work with me and my awesome team of local entrepreneurs. And a major lesson in patience. You see, I had tried to negotiate this exact office space 3 years prior and obviously the universe knew the timing was not right. I spent the next 2 months planning out my new office space and all of the possibilities that would come in 2019 for this new space. Somewhere in the middle of the month I launched my highly-anticipated Social Show – Small Town Spotlight with Episode #1 at Airstream and it received over 14K views and then I got lost in the new space. I plan on RELAUNCHING it this new year, don’t you worry, and it WILL be better than before. <3

October & November

October 1st I moved into my new space. Part of me wanted to wait until the new year but the impatient Ali couldn’t wait. So I did what any grieving, crazy-risk-taking entrepreneur does and pulled the trigger during the craziest time in life.

You see, I was 45 days out from chairing the an almost 50-year old non-profit event that was ON my mother’s first heavenly birthday. Three years in line and this was never how I thought it would all go down as Chair. Somehow, I pulled through it all and immediately following this event, I dove into my largest video project to date with the shortest deadline.

It was rough in spots BUT every single hurdle was one I didn’t think I could jump over at the start line. I ran track in junior high – hurdles to be exact and I remember that if you hesitated in front of the hurdle with your feet – naturally, you wouldn’t clear the jump or hurdle. One thing I can say is there was no hesitation this year – it was running and leaping like a freaking gazelle. I didn’t care if I fell on my face, it couldn’t hurt any worse than January.


I spent December preparing for 2019 and coming out more confidently than ever. Looking how I can keep the consistency in my video development because when I get consumed with paid work, MY videos get put on the back burner. { Hence the one episode of Small Town Spotlight and then nothing… }

Reflect & Review

When I review and reflect, I realize that I accomplished a LOT with the circumstances at hand in the beginning of the year. My mom was my biggest cheerleader. She took me in when I was broke, going through a divorce, and starting my business as a 25-yo mother, that allowed me to grow and be where I’m at right now.

I’m excited to start bringing YOU to my new office space through my one on one work. As you can see, it is a beautiful space for photo and video. That’s why my AMBITION package now offers an individual retreat here in Ohio.

I’m excited to walk into the new year more confident than I ever have in my work and future work. Year 13 feels like it’s going to be kickass. 

Know that there isn’t a magic formula in setting and hitting your goals. It’s about accomplishing CONSISTENT ACTION. Moving FORWARD not back.

It’s about believing in yourself even when you feel down. You will be the only one at the end of the day who will.

See you in 2019, baby!


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STOP struggling with your daily online marketing plan!

Do you struggling with consistently marketing your business online? If you answered with a yes or kinda or even a maybe, this episode of #justthetip is going to give you a simple and easy plan to follow along with for each day of the week.


In less than an hour a day!

Marketing your business every day doesn’t have to take hours set yourself up for success today.

Do you ever feel like you have absolutely no idea how to market your business consistently?

This post is going to be just for you today.

In this episode of Just the Tip I’m going to give you just the information that you need to be able to consistently market your business online every single day.

Showing up consistently for your ideal customer is more important than you might think. You wanna be in front of them every single day showing up as the expert.

It’s really important to understand everything and how it all goes together, but it all really begins in the daily steps that you must be taking to market your business. I’m talking about maybe spending 60 to 90 minutes on each of these areas. Some days may take more time, some days may take less, it’s just about you continuously, and consistently, putting yourself out in front of your audience.

They are excited to hear from you.

They want to know everything that they can to help solve whatever problem it is that you’re going to help them out with. By showing up daily you also present yourself to be more of the expert. You’re showing them that you are committed to their success and you want to take them through the journey.

Now, you might not think a social media post can do all that, but you would be surprised. People hang on to every single word that you have to put out there when they are interested in you. And your ideal customers are asking for you to show up every single day for them.


Monday is all about planning out your social media for the week. Now, if you took those steps, in time, each month, at the beginning of the month, guess what? Your Monday might just be about scheduling the items to make sure that they show up, or finding the stock photos that go with each post, so that you can get it all ready, and that’s it. And you know, that doesn’t really take that much time. So, if you did the work at the beginning of the month, each Monday might only take you 15 to 20 minutes to get yourself ready for the week.

With social media, again, it’s not about spending hours planning this stuff out. I’m just asking you to maybe make one post every single day on your feed, or, maybe five a week if that works well with your schedule. And then posting, occasionally, daily on your story. That’s it. You don’t have to spend hours planning out these social media posts. We’re talking about maybe five posts a week on your feed, and then keeping up with your story in real life because that’s just fun to see you in action. Your ideal customers are going to love it.

Now, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday can be interchangeable to whatever you want your schedule to be, but what you want to focus on are three areas that are going to help bring new leads into your business.


The first one is guesting. Guest posting is something that, if you don’t have an audience to talk to, or a list of people to talk to on your blog, or your vlog, or your podcast, by guest posting that is putting you front of an audience of established readers that are your ideal customers, and then it’s sending them back to your website. This is something that you don’t have to submit a guest post for every single Tuesday, but I want you taking some kinda steps towards your guest post every single Tuesday. Whether it’s researching or coming up with headline ideas to write about, or maybe writing the pitch and sending it out. You just want to work on something in that area each and every Tuesday, if that is the day you decide to do it on.

If you are a brick and mortar business and you’re thinking, “Guest posting? “Not going to be something that I can do.” Fear not, you could reach out to another brick and mortar business, or community partner, that maybe you could do a Instagram swap. Where you take over their Instagram page and they take over your Instagram page to reach new audiences and just spice things up a little bit. So even if these things don’t fall exactly into your line there is a way of being creative with it.


Moving on to Wednesday. This is all about interviews. I like to call it media day because you’re focusing on getting interviews for yourself. Whether it’s going out on the radio, or live television, or maybe, a little more online, where you’re reaching out to podcasters or other live streamers that you want to see if they’re interested in interviewing you about some type of hot topic that you are the expert in. This can be a wide range of types of interviews that you land for yourself.

It’s really putting yourself out there, with guest posting and interviews, in front of that audience that is going to be your ideal customer. As I said, this is really important when you don’t have an audience, or if you’re trying to do a big list build as you get ready for a live launch.

These are all great things to put yourself out there, to put your message, your word, and your expertise out there in front of a whole new audience.

Brick and mortars, you want to reach out to your local radio station, your local television stations, maybe there’s some social shows around you where people might be great to come out and interview you inside of your store. You’re not off on this day, there are definitely ways to get out there and reach a new audience, with landing interviews. Look at all the publications that surround you, make a list, and start pitching yourself to them. That’s how you get started. It’s not some big secret. I’ve even got a sample swipe pitch that you can customize for yourself and use.


And then moving on to Thursday, and as I said, these days are interchangeable, you can do ’em in whatever order you see fit as long as you’re doing them. Thursday is all about blogging, vlogging, your own podcast, maybe your live streaming. It’s all about putting your word, and your message, out into the space on your website, on your social media platforms, to reach your ideal customers that you do have on there. Even if that list is small.

You still want to be reaching out to them and giving them information that, again, establishes you as the expert that they want to follow, so that they can have you help them solve their problems.

The great thing about getting published as a guest poster, or being interviewed, or showing up weekly in some type of medium where you are creating content for your audience, this is also helping give you content for future social media posts. Just because you post something once doesn’t mean that you’re never going to talk about it again. You can reserve all of these in a content bank that you can access anytime you need something new to make a post about. And that’s why all of this work is not lost. It leads into the next step and it actually is setting you up to scale for next year.


And rounding out the week, I like to take it a little easy on you on Friday’s, to catch your breath, and maybe catch up on anything that you didn’t get done during the week. Friday’s are just about finding a couple new accounts to follow because you want to be extending out your network as well as bringing on new ideal customers.

I like dedicating Friday to maybe, checking out who followed me from the week and seeing who I should follow back or comment on, just to give them a little bit of encouragement if they are my ideal customer. Then also taking some time to follow new accounts because it’s all about community and reaching new people in this great online world, even if you are a brick and mortar business.

If you enjoyed the information in this episode today, and you wanna take your marketing plan a step further, I have everything that you need to guide you through every single day, every month, and every year to create success in your business. You can get instant access by entering your name and email in the form below this blog post – Get on the A-List and you’ll receive immediate access. Thank you so much for watching today’s episode I’ll see you in the next.

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The post Your Daily Online Marketing Plan appeared first on Ali Rittenhouse.

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