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The job of corporate travellers may look glamorous, but it can be stressful if not dealt with carefully. They have to maintain their schedules, follow-up with their clients and report their work to superiors. They are responsible for completing many tasks apart from travelling. That’s why it takes a lot of patience and management skills to be a corporate traveller.

If you’re a frequent traveller for work, then this blog-post goes over some travel tips that will come handy in the long-run, making your business trips smoother.

Before You Travel

A lot of planning and scheduling is needed in this stage because being well prepared can save a lot of time down the line. This is a crucial factor when you’re a corporate traveller as it’s likely you’ll be taking back-to-back flights for your work. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you plan better.

• Find out your travel schedule

You should find out your travelling dates beforehand so that you can plan your work and schedule your meetings with clients. If your travelling dates are clashing with clients meeting dates, then postponing or preponing your travel dates might be needed. Also, if the country you’re travelling to is celebrating a national holiday, then you travelling there for work might be a waste of time. Make sure you avoid such situations with clear communication and planning.

• Pre-book an airport limo

Many corporate travellers opt for an airport limo in Etobicoke or from other parts of the GTA. That’s because this service is professional, reliable and comes with several perks such as onboard entertainment, wi-fi access and chauffeurs. By pre-booking this service, you can save time and not worry about missing the flight or meeting. Plus, by travelling in a limo, you can leave a good impression on your clients which can help you in the future when conducting negotiations.

• Take a print of your itinerary

Apart from keeping all the information on your phone, it is also wise to keep a print of your itinerary. This is because in case you lose your phone or it runs out of battery, then you’ll still be covered.

• Keep your official documents in order

From passport to visa; your official documents should be in order to avoid unnecessary delays at the airport when you’re travelling. If you’re flying to a foreign country, then make sure you apply for the visa prior to your flying date. This is because the procedure for getting a visa can be longer depending on the country you’re travelling to.

Health Tips

Travelling can be tough on your body, as well as your mind. It’s best to take care of the former to ease the latter.

• Cut down on alcohol consumption

It’s best to not drink on the day of your travel because it can dehydrate your body and increase jet lag. Also, if you have a meeting right after you land, then puffed eyes or a dehydrated body might not let you deliver to the best of your ability.

• Eat healthy and light foods

Avoiding heavy foods when you’re travelling is the best approach. Many travellers tend to feel sick and eating rich foods can make it worse. So, try to snack on light foods such as a lightly dressed sandwich or a wrap and stick to beverages like a coffee or juice.

• Keep free treats

When you travel on a regular basis, you tend to get many perks which can include free food and beverages. If you’re not hungry, then you can keep them for later when you’re hungry and travelling.

• Workout for half an hour

From reducing stress, increasing productivity to decreasing jet lag; there are many ways exercising can help you when travelling. Most hotels have a gym or if that’s not available, then you can take a walk in the hotel lobby.

Packing Tips

Packing plays a vital role in corporate travellers’ lives. You should be smart enough to pack what you need and don’t overpack your luggage with unnecessary things. Some other good rules of thumb are:

• Invest in good-quality luggage

Good luggage can make your travelling easy. You should invest in lightweight and durable luggage that comes with a warranty. Also, try and stick to bringing with you just one check-in bag and a laptop bag to save time at the airport.

• Roll and fold your clothes

Rolling your clothes is a smart way to make more room in your luggage. But this is only applicable for informal clothes like shorts and tees. When you’re travelling for business, you need to pack suits and trousers, so, iron, fold and settle them well in the bag.

• Pack less

You should pack what you need and maybe one extra outfit because emergencies might occur at any time. This will avoid making your bag heavy with unnecessary clothes and accessories.

• Always keep one bag packed (Optional)

If you have back-to-back flights, then you should always pack one bag and keep it ready. When you travel regularly, you learn about the things you need. Keeping another bag ready will save you time and energy.

These are some of the tried and tested tips that will definitely help you when you’re travelling. Try to incorporate these suggestions when you’re travelling next and make your life simple. Always remember, planning is the key to a successful and easy business trip. Also, make sure you book an airport limo on time and also keep the documentation ready for making your tour hassle-free and a happy one!

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Are you looking for a limo to go to Toronto Pearson Airport or attend a special event in Brampton with family? Consider hiring an SUV limousine as it is spacious and accommodates more than four people.  This car also features enough leg space to provide you comfort and thick wheels to ensure safety on the road. If you want to travel in style, this can be a suitable option as it’s look can make a few heads turn.

You will also enjoy other benefits when you hire an SUV limo. To find out about them, keep reading this blog-post by Airline Limousine.

1. Larger Seating Area

When you’re travelling with more than four people, you tend to look for a vehicle with a larger seating area. SUV limos fit this criterion perfectly as it can accommodate five to six passengers with ease. The seats of an SUV are bigger than other limo types. That’s why you can sit comfortably and enjoy the ride.

2. Better Boot Space

If you’re planning to travel around the countryside, then a car with a larger boot space will be a necessity to fit your luggage. An SUV limo comes has this so can load your backpacks, suitcases and kid’s strollers in case you’re travelling with kids. You don’t need to cramp the seats with your baggage as there is enough space in the trunk which is why this limo is apt for vacations.

3. More Leg Room

This car features enough leg space than you can imagine making you feel comfortable throughout the journey. You can stretch your legs with ease as you’re travelling to your destination.

4. Flexible Seats

An SUV limo features flexible seats that can be folded if need be. For instance, if you need more boot space to fit extra baggage, then you can slide the back seats to increase the area. You can also do the same when you want to lie down for a while on your way to the destination. The latter becomes crucial when you’re covering long distances.

5. Increased Safety

An SUV limousine has essential safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, intelligent beam headlights that can change between high and low beams automatically. The latter feature makes this limo safer to drive at night time. In addition, this car also features thick wheels that prevent unnecessary slipping or squealing when turning or braking.

6. Better Comfort

As already mentioned, an SUV limo consists of larger leather upholstered seats and provides enough leg and boot space, you can travel in this car comfortably. Furthermore, the thick wheels of an SUV limo don’t let you feel the potholes on the road when you’re travelling. That said, this car is extremely smooth and ensures a wonderful drive.

7. Suitable for Harsh Weathers

An SUV limo can withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy rain. This is because the car weighs more than the average vehicle and has a better grip on the road. Its thick wheels provide stability and prevent slipping on rainy days. Once you book this limo service you won’t be delayed due to bad weather unless it is dangerous, and the weather forecast suggests you to stay indoors.

8. Entertainment Section

This is the best part of hiring an SUV limo because it has a fully-equipped bar and multimedia area with TV sets and audio system. You can play music or watch your favourite series and sip wine with friends or family. Another additional feature is its charging stations with different ports and hardware. They allow you to charge your mobile phone or other electronic devices to stay connected to the world. The latter becomes a necessity when you’re travelling around the country.

9. Professional Chauffeur

A well-trained professional chauffeur will pick you up from the airport or other given pick-up point, drive you around based on your itinerary and drop you at your destination. Once you take this service, you don’t need to worry as the chauffeur will take care of everything that you need.

You will enjoy all the above-listed benefits when you hire an SUV limo for your next travel plans. From off-roading to attending special events; this car is suitable for any occasion and will surely provide you comfort throughout the way and ensure safety. You can pre-book this limo service for an uninterrupted road journey!

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Are you planning to travel for business or to take a vacation? Whatever the reason for your travelling, there are a few airport hacks that you should learn to ensure you don’t miss a flight or wait in a long check-in queue unnecessarily. Most people don’t plan beyond hailing a taxi to rush to Toronto Pearson International Airport. However, there are several ways you can make your journey an easy one. To find out what they are, read this blog-post by Airline Limousine.

1. Book a limo service

Many travellers assume that limo services are expensive compared to taxis, and it is true if you just look at fare cost. However, if you evaluate everything like potential cost and overall service, the equation looks different. Limousine service providers incorporate every potential cost into their fee. Transport, parking, tolls, etc are combined and charged in a single bill at the time of your booking, unlike a cab. There’s also the added benefit of limo chauffeurs being experienced, professional drivers. They can ensure you arrive at your destination on time and without any unwanted delays.

2. Take a screenshot or print your boarding pass

Instead of relying on an internet connection, you can take a screenshot of your boarding pass after booking the flight to save time by avoiding a line for the airport printer. To be safe, you should also keep a hard copy of your boarding pass in case your mobile runs out of battery.

3. Keep a portable charger

A portable charger can be a real lifesaver as you can charge your phone, laptop and other electronic devices on your way to the airport or when you’ve boarded the flight.  Staying connected is necessary especially when you’re travelling for business.

4. Keep your gadgets handy

You should keep your laptop, mobile phone and other electronic gadgets in your handbag or backpack to avoid becoming late at the security line. As you have to take out all these devices for the scanner, keeping them in a separate bag is a good idea.

5. Mark your luggage

Mark your luggage with a tag or bright coloured ribbon that can help you to easily identify your bag. You will also save time and won’t have to wait longer at the queue to get your luggage.

6. Carry your own snack

Many people prefer not to eat out when they are travelling. If you’re one of them, then you should carry a light snack in a disposable container. Try to avoid gravies, sauces and oil-soaked foods that can drip or spill to stain your clothes or bags.

7. Carry extra warm clothes

Generally, airports are over-airconditioned and you might feel cold which is why carrying extra warm clothes may make your trip more comfortable. You can wear an extra coat or sweater to keep yourself warm. If you’re travelling with kids, then you shouldn’t skip this hack or else you may have to buy some warmers from the shops available at the airport.

8. Check-in twenty-four hours before your flight

When you check-in a day prior to your travelling date, you are saved from the pain of standing in the queue on the day of your flight. If you’re running late to the airport, this little extra bit of time may help you to avoid missing your flight.

9. Take a photo of your luggage

You should always take a photo of your luggage and keep it saved on your phone. By doing so, you can remember your bags easily when you have to claim them. If you lose your bags, then you can show the picture to airport authority so they can better assist you.

10. Keep wet wipes and a sanitizer on you

Maintaining hygiene is always necessary but this becomes all the more important when you’re travelling. The flight trays carry many germs as many people touch them before they are serviced. Always clean your hands before eating or sanitize with your wipes them to avoid spreading germs to yourself or your stuff.

11. Keep all important documents handy

Immigration and security checks are important processes when you’re travelling to a foreign land. You must carry all the crucial documents like your passport, visa and other certificates if you are moving to or travelling to a new country. Without these documents, you may not be allowed to enter.

With airports becoming busier and traffic delays getting worse than ever, it’s important to have a few time-saving airport hacks handy to ensure you get where you need to be on time. After all, nobody wants to miss their flight and ruin their travel plans!

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Limousines are irresistibly luxurious, aren’t they? Driven by professional chauffeurs at their best behaviours, limos provide several amenities to ensure your comfort, privacy and convenience. They have enough reasons to become the most preferred form of vehicle to travel to the airport or attend weddings, bachelorette parties, prom nights, business meetings and other special events.

When you’re planning to book a limo ride, you should know which kind of vehicle will serve your purpose. This is an interesting blog-post by a reputed airport limo service provider in Mississauga, meant to guide your selection.

1. Sedan Limousine

A Sedan Limousine is compact, grand and can accommodate three to four passengers. This is also one of the most cost-effective limos you can choose for your travelling. It is mainly hired by corporate or business travellers to commute from the airport to other places or to attend conferences. By travelling in this car, you can leave an impact on your clients without much effort. Also, it is a great alternative to a cab if you want to reach your destination on time and in style.

2. SUV Limousine

An SUV limousine is apt if you’re planning to go on a road trip with your friends or on a family vacation around the countryside. This car is bigger than a sedan limo and features a fully equipped bar, a multimedia area with a television and audio systems and a long trunk to fit bags and kid strollers. As it is a perfect combination of space, comfort and style, it can also be hired for prom nights. This is because the latter event is usually an occasion where women wear elaborate gowns that can easily fit in the car. Apart from travelling in comfort, you can also sip on champagne and arrive at the venue with panache.

3. Limo Bus

A limo bus, also known as a party bus is much more than a regular limousine. It can accommodate more than thirty passengers which makes it the largest among all the other types. This vehicle also features a proper restroom, upholstered and leisure sofas, strobes, poles, fully equipped bars, drinking zones, disco floor and lights. This is the perfect transport if you want to host a party on moving wheels instead of visiting pubs as you have it all in this bus. You can choose this for your bachelorette or birthday parties.

4. Stretch Limo

As the name implies, a stretch limo is the stretched version of a sedan. It provides seats for more than four passengers and these seating arrangements are generally at the sides and rear depending on the interiors. There are other special features like bars, champagne flutes, LED lights, audio-visual systems and more. In addition, this vehicle has a window that separates the chauffer’s seat from the passengers. The operation of this window can be controlled by the passengers and the chauffeur with a press of a button. That said, this mode of transport provides enough privacy to the riders which makes it appropriate for weddings, prom and date nights.

5. Hummer Limo

A hummer limo looks robust and exhibits a rugged look. It can easily accommodate more than a dozen people for its huge capacity. From featuring television sets, casino and video game slots to bars; there are many facilities enjoyed by the riders. For its tough appearance, this limo type is generally hired by men as they can play poker on the way and have a great time before reaching the venue. If you’re looking forward to hiring this vehicle for your or friend’s bachelorette, then get ready to enjoy all the attention once you step out of it.

6. The Convertible Limo

This is similar to any regular limousine but it features an open roof surface. The operation of this roof is controlled by a remote system or a press of a button that makes it move inward or outward based on the need of the riders. Apart from a convertible roof, this car also provides other amenities like bars, entertainment sections and more. In addition, this limo can accommodate more than eight persons which makes it big enough for special events like weddings, birthdays and prom nights. But this car may not be suitable for all seasons.

7. Lincoln Limousine

A Lincoln limousine is the very definition of elegance, style, comfort and luxury which makes it the grandest among all the types available. For decades, this limousine type has continued to be the most preferred by customers. This car is equipped with the latest technology, more seating space, bars and entertainment sections, the centrally controlled temperature system, navigation controller and more. This car is specially designed with higher safety measures which is the basic criteria of a Lincoln model. For its sheer elegance and comfort, this limo can be hired for weddings, parties, birthdays and business trips.

8. Classic Vintage Limousine

If you like vintage cars with old-school bold design instead of sleek ones, then a classic vintage limousine is the right choice for you. It is available mainly as a sedan that can accommodate four passengers. But this car has enough leg space which may lack in a regular sedan limo. Furthermore, as it is vintage, it may feature a dual colour like pink and white instead of only plain solid colours.

These are some of the popular limo types widely used for travelling to airports and event venues. In a nutshell, you can cover a long distance wrapped in comfort and style when you hire a limo, provided you select the appropriate model.

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A chauffeur is not like a regular driver. The latter is only concerned about completing as many trips as possible in his/her shift. The role of a chauffeur extends beyond driving and finishing trips. From greeting passengers with a smile to taking them to their destination on time, the chauffeurs play many roles. For their unique traits, limo and other premium car service providers hire them for their professional facilities.

In this blog-post by Airline Limousine, an airport limo service provider, we are going over all the wonderful qualities of a chauffeur that you are sure to enjoy.

• Hospitable

When you ride in a chauffeur-driven car, you will always be greeted when you board the vehicle. The chauffeur will open and close the gate for you while also loading and unloading your luggage. In fact, if you have to make a few stops before reaching your destination, they will do so without issue as they are not concerned about the number of trips they are completing, unlike drivers.

• Reliable

If you’re travelling with a chauffeur, then you don’t have to worry about the road, parking or any other road factors. This is because they are well-equipped with technology like Global Positioning System (GPS) and weather radar. They use GPS to track the way to your destination and avoid heavy-traffic areas for your convenience. Additionally, they check weather forecasts before taking you on a ride to save you from unwanted hassles on the road. For instance, if there is a storm warning in the area you’re travelling to, they will alert you and check the appropriate time and route to take you to your destination.

• Properly Dressed

Chauffeurs are always dressed in professional attire like black-and-white uniforms over informal clothes. As they drive premium cars like limousines and sedans widely used for weddings, bachelorette parties and other grand events, they have to wear their best.

• Always Fresh

Along with looking professional, they are responsible for keeping their vehicle clean and well-serviced to offer a comfortable and safe ride to the passengers. So, when you hire a limo, you will always find it smelling good and looking tidy.

• Confident to Handle Crisis

They are confident with their driving and vehicle as they have years of experience. From handling a crisis on the road like a car breakdown to dealing with heavy traffic and weather delays; they manage emergencies dexterously and diligently.

• Good in Communication

Chauffeurs generally have good communication skills with a sociable nature which get them good recognition in the industry. However, they are not talkative or nagging; they talk only if you’re willing to communicate.

• Punctual

Punctuality is one of the striking qualities of a chauffeur as he/she arrives before the designated pickup time. They prepare themselves by mapping the best routes for taking their passenger to their destination. If there is any delay on your way, they will consider alternative routes to make sure that you don’t face any inconvenience. For instance, if you’re a business traveller, you will understand the importance of reaching the airport on time as missing the flight can cost you time and money. That’s where a chauffeur-driven car comes handy for their excellent time management.

• Holding Proper Legal Papers

Chauffeurs hold a special kind of license approved by the state or municipality along with other legal papers. Chauffeurs generally have clean driving records as limo service agencies conduct a thorough research before hiring them. From pollution and insurance certificates to registration papers of the vehicle they are driving, they always have these when they are on duty to offer a hassle-free and safe ride to the passengers.

• Flexible

When you’re booking a chauffeur-driven car, you will get a flexible professional who is ready to accommodate you. They can stop at various places until your main destination is reached in case you want to shop for things you need, or meet someone on your way. As they cater to one client at a time, they give their best service to make them feel special while they are commuting.

• Familiar

With many years of experience, they are familiar with the roads they are driving to. With a good knowledge of all the roadways, they opt for the shortest and safest routes to take you to your destination on time. You don’t have to worry about getting lost on the road or taking a longer route.

• Attentive

Chauffeurs are always attentive to your needs and plan their actions accordingly. They always have umbrellas, tissues and shoe-shine cloths handy. Also, if you’re feeling cold inside the car, they will adjust the temperature inside the vehicle without you asking them to do so. They prioritize your preferences and comfort, ensuring that you leave the vehicle with complete satisfaction.

If you take a chauffeur-driven car service when you’re travelling anywhere, then you will enjoy all their above-listed qualities. Once you hire them, you have nothing to worry as they take care of everything to keep you rimmed in luxurious facilities. When you’re travelling to Toronto and require an airport limo driven by a chauffeur, you can get in touch with us. We are a well-established airport limousine provider offering smooth travelling experience to our clients for years. Book online or call us at 1-800-263-5466 to reserve your limo today!

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From enjoying beverages, listening to music, watching television to relaxing in upholstered seats, you will love several luxury features of a limo. This premium car is made with many specifications that range from high-tech multimedia features, comfortable seating, spacious leg room and well-lit or customized ceiling panel. Additionally, well-trained and professional chauffeurs drive you to your destination on time without you worrying about anything on the road. For these extravagant features, this car is preferred for weddings, prom nights, grand events and travelling to the airport.

In this blog-post by Airline Limousine, an airport limo service provider, we are going over all the posh features of this premium car which you will appreciate.

• Stereo Systems

Though many cars have stereo systems, limos have an exclusive stereo system with speakers and amplifiers. As this vehicle is long and accommodates more people than average cars, space is greater allowing for a well-equipped stereo system. So, whether you’re sitting near the audio system or away from it, you can enjoy music irrespective of where you’re sitting.

• TV and Video Systems

Limos feature high-tech gadgets like video systems, flat-screen television sets and LCD screens with internet connectivity. You can watch your favourite shows or surf the internet when you like while travelling. For instance, if you hire this car for your friend’s wedding, then you can play a home video and relive the old days with your pals on his or her big day.

•Intercom Facility

The intercom system is another unique feature of a limo that keeps the chauffeur and the passengers connected even when there is a divider in between the two. The intercom system is divided into two types and that is modern and traditional. For modern intercom systems, there are no handsets instead, there are inbuilt microphones and speakers inside the car. Also, there are independent on/off switches and a warning LED lights to signify you if you’re loud and your conversations are heard in the other end.

On the contrary, the traditional intercom system features hands-free operation for the chauffeur and handsets for the passengers in the rear. The passenger uses a handset and presses the switch on the button to make a call to the chauffeur who is notified through a buzzer sound.

• Additional Multimedia Features

When you’re travelling for long hours and talking over the phone, your mobile battery might die. This will make it necessary for you to charge your phone for further communications while you’re commuting. This is where a limo comes in handy because it features several charging stations with different ports and hardware. You can charge your laptop, phone or other gadgets and continue the work which you were doing without facing any obstruction in between. This is especially applicable for people who travel a lot for business where staying connected plays a major role.

There is another multimedia feature like navigators that directs the chauffeur to the destination given by the passenger. In this way, the chauffeur doesn’t disturb the passenger in his/her ride.

• Tinted Windows

Limousines feature tinted windows to respect your privacy. With these windows, your activities inside the car won’t be visible to anyone outside. That’s why this vehicle is quite famous for bachelorette parties and other confidential meetings of the business corporates. Many parliamentary figures and politicians take limos for their commute but, limos made for them are customized and made bullet-proof for their safety and protection.

• Climate Control Systems and Air-Conditioning

This luxury car is made with a state-of-the-art climate control system which regulates the temperature. For instance, if it’s bitterly cold outside, the climate control system will keep you warm throughout your drive and vice versa if the weather is hot. Hence, this luxurious transportation keeps you comfortable.

• Upholstered Leather Seats

The limo car seats are not like average cars. The seats are thick, upholstered, soft, supple and leather-made for your comfortable ride. So, whether you’re taking an airport limo after a long flight or a party limo after an exhausting night, the cozy seats will guarantee you full comfort.

• Refreshments

Luxury limo cars are equipped with bar counters that feature several alcoholic drinks and other beverages. With this feature, you don’t have to wait until your destination arrives to enjoy a few drinks. You can make a few drinks while you’re commuting in this transport. Furthermore, some limo service providers also offer complimentary food and beverages to the passengers.

• Professional Chauffeurs

When you’re hiring a limo, you don’t have to worry about the roads as limo service providers hire experienced chauffeurs over drivers. The former ones are well-trained and well-equipped to overcome a crisis like a car breakdown without the intervention of a third-party. Also, they have the etiquette to greet the passengers with a smile when they board a limo. Furthermore, they open and close the gate for you which makes them different from regular drivers.

• Additional Safety Features

These cars are made with special safety features such as fitted seatbelts, the partition wall between the chauffeur and the passenger, pre-collision brakes and other attributes. Additionally, there are adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist and blind spot monitors. These features along with chauffeur’s experience keep you safe when you’re travelling on the road.

If you’re hiring a limo, then you will enjoy all the above-listed grand features for a luxurious and comfortable ride. So, book this car for your next commute to the airport, bachelorette party or any grand event. For hiring an airport limo, you can get in touch with us and we will offer you an exclusive ride. Call us at 1-800-263-5466 or book online; the choice is yours!

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When you’re in no mood to drive or you don’t own a car, you look for alternative travel options. And, the first transport option that comes to anyone’s mind is public transit because they are accessible However, they tend to be slow and uncomfortable. A second option is a taxi. This too comes with problems though.

What many people fail to consider, is looking into booking a limo service. Limos offer the best professional services at fixed rates, unlike cabs. Whether you’re travelling to the airport or attending an event, hire a limo as it will provide everything that you need. This service will take you to your destination on time in ultimate comfort without you worrying about safety and directions.

In this blog-post by Airline Limousine, we are going over some strong reasons why you should hire a limo over a cab.

1. Price

If you’re booking a transport for your commute, then your first consideration is its pricing. This will likely make you immediately think of hiring a cab as you think it might be cheaper than a limo. With a cab, you will have to pay more for longer distances and additional services like loading and unloading your luggage. But, did you know that a limo service offers all-inclusive pricing which includes wait time fees, midway pick-ups and drop-offs?

2. Comfort and Cleanliness

When you’re travelling factors like comfort and cleanliness are essential. If you’re taking a cab, then you may need to be prepared to sit in an unclean and uncomfortable car because taxi services are not known for being hygienic or comfortable. This is because the drivers don’t get enough time to clean their cars between fares or shifts. On the other hand, limos are well-maintained and come with upholstered seats for your comfort. They have more leg space and entertainment sections for you to enjoy a relaxing ride while listening to music, watching television, drinking a beverage or reading a book.

3. Service

Cabs are generally impersonal as the drivers are focussed on dropping you off as fast as possible to get paid and pick up their next fare. Their focus is more on earning in a shift rather than striking a conversation with you or tailoring the experience to your needs. Limos are better in these regards. For instance, if you have to make a few stops before reaching your final destination, then the chauffeur can accommodate your needs and do it with a smile on his/her face.

4. Reservations

When you’re planning to book a cab, you might have to wait for hours until the driver is available. But, with a limo, you won’t have to wait long because limo services take prior bookings as per your convenience. This is the best alternative when you want a hassle-free transport to the airport when arriving on time is your primary concern. If you don’t schedule your ride in such situations, then you might end up missing the flight.

5. Impression

If you’re looking forward to create an impression on others when you’re commuting, then limousines are the right choice for you, unlike cabs. This is because limousines are premium vehicles that enable you to arrive in style at a client meeting or a grand event.

6. Experienced Chauffeurs

Limo service providers appoint experienced chauffeurs who are familiar with all the safest and shortest routes to get you to your destination on time. Limo chauffeurs are also well-trained to fix a car breakdown or any other crisis. In addition, all limousines are fully insured.

7. Hospitality

If you’re looking to be warmly received after a long flight or before going to an event, then a limo service is what you should be looking at. From greeting you with a smile to opening and closing the car gate for you; everything they do is to enhance your experience. Some limo services also offer travel essentials like complimentary food and beverage. But you won’t receive this kind of service from cabs as the customer experience isn’t the goal for them.

From enjoying a comfortable ride at a fixed rate to creating a good impression on others, you will enjoy multiple perks if you hire a limo service. On the contrary, cab services may or may not be able to meet your expectations.

If you’re travelling to Toronto and are planning to hire an airport limo, then contact Airline Limousine. We offer classy and safe travelling experience to our clients. With over seventy years of experience, we are the most preferred limo agency among the corporates and the public sectors in Toronto. Call us at 1-800-263-5466 or book online for a hassle-free ride to reach your destination on time in class and comfort.

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A bachelorette party is a fun outing for the bride leading up to the wedding. It’s also a time to bid an official and grand adieu to her single days. We all want this day to be extra special and fun. Hiring a limo is a grand, unique and practical idea that is gaining popularity for several reasons.

This post discusses the several benefits of hiring a limousine for a bachelorette so you can organize a memorable party.

• No Designated Driver

Bachelorette parties are an opportunity for the bride and her friends to let loose and have fun.   They usually involve alcoholic beverages, which means having reliable transportation is important. If a member of your party is the designated driver, the person in charge must be sober, which may cause them to feel left out. They also may not be professionally trained to calmly handle any situation that arises when someone goes overboard with their fun ideas. Drinking and driving must be avoided as it’s a risk to all those who are in the car. Limousine drivers are professionally trained to ensure the safety of all guests and can be your personal chauffeur throughout the entire evening.

• Avoid Parking

Finding the right parking spot can become difficult. If you are driving yourself and cannot find a space, you will be late to your own party and miss the fun. When you hire a limousine, the drive can drop you and your guests off at the venue, and find parking after. Hence, you can make it to the event on time without having to worry.

• Relax and Enjoy

When you have to focus on driving and locating the venue, it takes away from the evening. The space and comfort of a limousine gives you the opportunity to enjoy every moment of the event.  The chauffeur will take care of the time maintenance, locating the venue and traffic regulations. You can enjoy your snacks and beverages while you have some memorable moments with your friends from the time you step into the limousine.

• Smart investment

Many people have the misconception that limousine services are expensive. However, the ultra-comfort offered by limousines is unmatched by any other vehicle. Rentals don’t cost as much, and usually the bachelorette party is organized by the friends and family of the bride or groom. Splitting the rental between all the guests will make it a very viable option that is well within the means of every person. Considering the benefits like safety, door-to-door pickup and drop-off service, and comfort, a limousine is a very cost-effective investment.

• Stress-free Planning

Paying attention to every detail related to the wedding is stressful. As the bride-to-be, you should want to relax at your bachelorette, as this event is solely organized to make you feel special. Coordinating multiple rides from venue to venue and waiting to be picked up, becomes a agitating, especially when alcohol is involved. Hire a limousine for the entire day and save yourself the trouble. The luxury of the limousine will also be an added touch and make you feel special and pampered.

If you’re planning a bachelorette party, hiring a limousine service is a cost-effective and smart investment. As a symbol of luxury that is unmatched by any other vehicle, this added touch will make the bride will feel extra special. It also means an entirely hassle-free evening as parking, driving and locating the venue will be the duty of a chauffeur. Contact Airline Limousine to book the best packages and services for your bachelorette party.

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