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Google Cardboard and VR overall are beginning to turn into an important subject. It’s growing the most recent stage for completely immersive applications and games that demonstrate you all sorts of stuff and allow you to do almost everything. Do you find it the next big thing in news entertainment? Potentially, until then it’s quite young. Let’s check out the best Virtual Reality Games For Android available to you now!  free vr games oculus

House of Terror VR FREE

House of Terror: Valerie’s Revenge is a Virtual Reality game where you will need to search through dark environments stuffed with traps and creatures. Solve the puzzles, find hints and mainly do not the captured .

Subway Surfing VR

A storm has strike New York City and flooded the subway system! Fortunate for you, you delivered your surfboard. Jump ahead of the wave and ride by the subway tunnels without going down! The game makes use of your device’s accelerometer to track your balance. Free vr games

Get together with your fellow commuters and compete keenly against the other subway lines to determine what line has the best balance! For an additional obstacle, play while standing up as you ride the subway. But then again!

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Insidious VR

Insidious VR is, undoubtedly a campaign for the Insidious movies but the VR experience it offers is really pretty intense and does well to display from the power of VR. You have a voice guided tour of the afterlife in horrifying way. It’s slightly short however it is a completely free application. It’s best for a short-term download and it’s undoubtedly good for revealing to friends who will be curious about watching VR.


Hardcode is a more recent VR game and another of the few that needs both a VR headset and a controller game pad. This is a third person shooter in which you march by way of a campaign and kill many criminals. Moreover it supports local multiplayer and that means you can create VR battle along with your friends in identical area. It’s a lot of fun even though you absolutely will need to have a controller to play it which can cost you extra.

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue, the replacement to a single of the most extremely favored Cardboard apps, “Lamper VR: First Flight” is now in the market on Google Cardboard for Free! Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue is actually a wonderful new immersive 3D experience that you need to see to imagine.
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VR headsets are not Awesome. They’re chunky ski mask-like goggles with a screen and lenses that you strap to your head with elastic bands.

In IFA 2016 was dlodlo spot features its Dlodlo V1 VR goggles displayed. The glasses are meant to be the smallest VR glasses on the market today and yet even effective. Could be the program going on?

Dlodlo V1 The smallest VR glasses

The Dlodlo V1 headset features a personalized design. The style is not really something for everybody. But even if you love the form factor, unfortunately, the design also offers some problems that are instantly noticeable after the set. There’s a lot of light arriving from below, the VR glasses were not anyway secure and safe on the nose, and positional tracking currently is completely furnished with.

But is excellent to state that the image impression is quite in order. He can not keep up with the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, but theoretically one could live with it. Also the built-in display ensures that you can hardly recognize pixels and offers a field of view of 105 degrees. Sadly, the comfort but so unhappy that the VR experience absolutely no fun had brought. In addition, the team had no special experience in the luggage, but showed different 360 degree shots. Pity! In theory, the principle of glasses sounded quite exciting.

Okulary VR Dlodlo Glass V1 - CE China 2016 - YouTube

Therefore, the Dlodlo V1 has deceived us to begin with and we don’t believe that this concept is going to work in the current form. So, if you’ve been playing with the Virtual Reality Headset, you should look into it better. Presently the VR glasses look more guaranteeing, also from the data, as it is in reality. Unfortunately, we can not discover why such a headset is included in the program and should be sold if there are obvious failing that nobody can overlook.

The post Dlodlo V1: The smallest VR glasses for your PC appeared first on VR Watchman.

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Microsoft unveiled official support for Minecraft on the Oculus Rift VR headset, creating effective on a promise which was created 11 months ago. That official support, conversely, aided result in the end of a well known mod that’s been permitting players experience Minecraft regarding the Rift consistently now.

Oculus Rift Minecraft Mod Is Now Legal If..

“Given that Microsoft/Mojang have created VR support for MCPE/Win10 Minecraft, these are typically working out their legal rights over our unofficial mod (Minecrift),”
mod co-creator mabrowning wrote on Reddit.

I received notice a few days ago that I can no longer use the name ‘Minecrift’ or the minecraft-vr.com domain. I’ve already shutdown the website, but anyone who wants to get a copy of the code should grab it from GitHub before that goes offline, too.

Soon after in the thread, mabrowning responded to that Microsoft’s issue was basically with the name of the Minecrift project and the minecrift-vr.com domain that hosted it. Becoming sensible to Microsoft, names like Minecrift and Minecraft-VR perform frequently carry a higher possibility of getting legally wrongly identified as the new official “Minecraft for Rift” program.

Even though the mod alone may have proceeded development within a various name, mabrowning said he’s made a decision to closed Minecrift instead of go down that path. The main reason is because of competing VR mod Vivecraft, which was constructed on top of Minecrift and also works closely with the Rift through the OpenVR standard. Mabrowning states Vivecraft “is better in every way,” obviating the necessity for his mod.

How we made Minecraft for Virtual Reality - YouTube

The carried on presence of Vivecraft will likely be greeting news to the countless people that still have fun with the original, Java version of Minecraft. That is because Microsoft’s official Rift support is bound to the Windows 10 edition of the game, a C++-based fork that was in line with the mobile Pocket Edition. It’s the most recent feature divide amongst the two extant, “official” PC versions of the game, a situation of issues has led to concern for fans considering that the Windows 10 edition was initially launched a year ago.

The new Rift support for Minecraft uses the April release of Minecraft: Gear VR Edition.

You can downloadMinecraft for Rift on the Oculus Store here and upgrade to the full version, in game for $9.99. It’s also available as a free update for all existing Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Betaowners.

The post Oculus Rift Minecraft Mod Is Now Officially Supported By Microsoft appeared first on VR Watchman.

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While 2016 is truly not really midway over, and virtual reality is merely just starting to take off coming from a consumer perspective, I was thinking it would be great to create a number of prediction that I see as opportunities throughout the next 18 months. I’ve structured my predictions on proof, gossips, and additionally a little bit of expect. The next could all essentially happen towards the end of 2017:

1 Google Acquires Magic Leap.

Everbody knows Google’s parent organization, Alphabet is a significant backer of Magic Leap. The reality is, the company spent an astounding $500 million in the augmented reality company. While Google owns a virtual reality aspirations with DayDream, they will certainly likely wish to contend with Microsoft within the AR space in some years. Given that they already own a significant share of the company, a Magic Leap acquiring appears very possible. Look for an acquisition having a value pushing $6 billion at some point by the termination of 2017.

*Don’t forget Alibaba also has significant investment in Magic Leap.

2 Much Better Capture Technologies Will Appear

better capture technologies and progress with lightfield rendering will make us wonder why we got so excited about 360 videos

3 Apple Lastly goes into the VR Space in September of 2017

As rumors will continue that Apple is on the verge of going into the Vr space imminently, the company will pull things out a long time in order to provide a breakthrough device. Most likely a headset may not be revealed during this year’s revealing of the iPhone 7 and instead Apple will hold back until September of 2017 to launch that device, together with what’s expected to be a major renovate of the iPhone, in the iPhone 8. As a result this can also be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, putting some event a lot more unique. the company will show once again that the ‘wait and see’ strategy pays off in the end, as pent up require drives millions of Apple VR headset sales in the very first 6 months.

4 Microsoft Partners With Oculus For Xbox Scorpio Launch

Everyone expect it to be arising, but neither company has verified such a tie-in. With the Microsoft Scorpio console expected all over Holiday season of 2017, it’s fairly evident that the Oculus Rift will likely be a minumum of one of the headsets that will function with the console. Most likely Microsoft will sign a special deal with Facebook’s Oculus to permit the Rift to do business with the new Scorpio gaming console. Try to find an statement someday in early-to-mid 2017. Oculus may possibly revamp their headset to deliver a much more immersive and high-quality knowledge for Microsoft customers.

5 a significant Cable Channel will provide non-stop VR content

Try to find a minumum of one traditional cable channel to produce with non-stop VR content 24-7. Simultaneously search for cable companies like Comcast to begin with offering headset leases to their customer-base. These information will probably be after 2017, and could really light a fire beneath the VR Experience industry.

6 More Than 20 Million Google DayDream Headsets Sold

While Google’s DayDream may get off to a slow start at first here in 2016, 2017 will certainly be a whole other facts. Search for multiple DayDream headsets and virtually every new high-end Android smartphone to be suitable for such headsets. Google may find out that the lacking link inside the mobile VR space was actually the controller. Consumers will latch on the these headsets simply in time for the 2016 Holiday season and sales continues to increase to the 2017 season. Try to find at least 20 million DayDream headsets to be sold towards the end of 2017.

Interesting Post:4 Weird Virtual Reality Headsets

7 Microsoft’s Hololens Still unavailable to people

As Microsoft got off to an earlier start within the AR space along with their first statement of the Hololens in January of 2015, development has been slow, and also the company obviously is guaranteeing to perfect the technology before any type of extensive release. Most probably the Hololens will remain under development come December of 2017, and fans of the device will start to get slightly disappointed. That being said, search for the an awesome experience with the HoloLens to release at some point by the end of 2018 to a traditional marketplace.

Via:Brian Krassenstein

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so far, virtual reality footage could simply be created using 1 of 2 extremes: high-end rigs priced at thousands and need to have a film degree to determine, or inexpensive cameras with additional blur than a Britpop event.

The splashing- and dust-resistant Samsung Gear 360 camera is a necessary Goldilocks alternative: It’s smaller compared to a baseball and combines pro-level HD video with a consumer-friendly selling price, and footage is quickly editable (once paired with find Samsung smartphones, of course).

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Don’t be false: a reliable 360-degree camera for the people is a huge deal—especially when brand new YouTube and Facebook features also let people discover these videos using their web browser. “Much more consumer 360 cameras made available, more content makers provides us past the existing landscape of kitsch and cliché,” says Dillon Morris, a director at Pivot Studio, which produces 360 content material.

Images credit: samsung

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Unearthing Mars, Everest VR, Playstation VR Worlds, Dead Secret, The Gallery: Six Elements, Wayward Sky and more are ready for your Playstation VR

PlayStation VR arrives for launch within the very first half of the following year, and the individuals over at Reddit are trying to identify all of the proven games.

There is more than 50 within the list, but it’s really worth noting that some at this point are gameplay demonstrations instead of full games.

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Launch and already released Games
Game Studio Genre Trailer
Batman Arkham VR Rocksteady Action Trailer
Battlezone Rebellion Sci-Fi Shooter Trailer
Bound Santa Monica Studios Adventure Trailer
CRANGA!: Harbour Frenzy HandMade Game Puzzle Gameplay
DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3 Koei Tecmo Sport Arcade Trailer
Driveclub VR Evolution Studios Arcade Racing Trailer
EVE: Gunjack CCP Games Sci-Fi Shooter Trailer
EVE: Valkyrie CCP Games Sci-Fi Shooter Trailer
Final Fantasy XV Square Enix Adventure Trailer
Golem Highwire Games Action Adventure Trailer
Harmonix Music VR Harmonix Music Systems Music Trailer
Hatsune Miku VR: Future Live SEGA Games Music /
Hatsune Miku Project Diva X SEGA Music Trailer
Headmaster Frame Interactive Sport Trailer
Here they lie Santa Monica Studios Horror Trailer
HoloBall TreeFortrress Games Sport Trailer
Hustle Kings VR VooFoo Studios Sport Trailer
Hyper Void N Framez Technology 3rd Person Shooter Trailer
Job Simulator Owlchemy Labs Simulator Trailer
Loading Human Untold Games Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer
Moto Racer 4 Microids Racing Trailer
The Playroom VR SCE Japan Studio Party Game Trailer
Playstation VR Worlds SCE London Studio 5 different Games Trailer
Pool Nation VR Cherry Pop Games Sport Trailer
Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin Double Fine Puzzle Trailer
Radial-G Tammeka Arcade Racing Trailer
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League Guerrilla Cambridge FPS Trailer
Rez Infinite Enhance Games Music Shooter Trailer
Rise Of The Tomb Raider Blood Ties Square Enix Action Adventure /
Robinson: The Journey Crytek Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer
Rollercoaster Dreams Bimboosoft Park management Trailer
Shin Godzilla SCE Japan FPX /
Space Rift bitComposer Interactive Space Adventure Trailer
Space Slam Quickdraw Studios Space Flight Action Sim /
Star Wars Battlefront VR Dice Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer
Superhypercube Kokoromi Puzzle Trailer
Super Stardust Ultra VR Housemarque Arcade Shooter Trailer
Summer Lesson Bandai Namco Communication Game Trailer
Surgeon Simulator Bossa Studios Simulation Trailer
Thumper Drool Rhythm Racing Trailer
Tumble VR Supermassive Games Puzzle Trailer
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Supermassive Games On-Rails Shooter Trailer
VR Tennis Online COLOPL Sport Gameplay
War Thunder Gaijin Entertainment Flight Simulation Trailer
World War Toons Reload Studios FPS Trailer
More PSVR Games
Game Studio Genre Trailer Release
100ft Robot Golf No Goblin Sport Arcade Trailer tba
Ace Banana OASIS GAMES Shooter Trailer tba
Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games Turbo Button Platformer Trailer tba
Ace Combat 7 Bandai Namco Flight Simulator Trailer tba
Allumette Penrose Studios Story Experience Trailer tba
Atom Universe Atom Republic MMO Trailer tba
Albino Lullaby Ape Law Horror Adventure Trailer tba
Apollo 11 VR Experience David Whelan FPX Trailer tba
Arizona Sunshine Vertigo Games FPS Trailer tba
ARK: Survival Evolved Studio Wildcard MMO Trailer tba
The Assembly nDreams Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer tba
Attractio GameCoder Studios Puzzle Trailer tba
BassDrop Hyperkin Laps Rhythm Shooter /
Bebylon Battle Royale Kite&Lightning Party Browler Gameplay tba
Boxi Human Soft / Trailer tba
Carpe Lucem – Seize the Light Application Systems Puzzle Trailer tba
Chernobyl VR Project Reality 51 FPX Trailer tba
Classroom Aquatic Sunken Places Stealth Trailer tba
Code: 12VR / FPS / tba
Cult County Renegade Kid Survival Horror Trailer tba
Crystal Rift Psytec Games Dungeon Crawler Trailer tba
Cyber Danganronpa VR The Class Trial Spike Chunsoft Adventure Trailer tba
Dead Bug Creek California Rex Adventure Trailer tba
Dead Secret Robot Invader Crime Puzzle Trailer tba
Desert Bus 2.0 GearBox Arcade Racing / tba
Detached Anshar Studios FPX Trailer tba
Dimensional Intersection Nicalis Music Visualiser Trailer 2016
Disco Flux Solus Games Rhythm Shooter Trailer tba
Distance Refract Arcade Racing Trailer tba
DYING Reborn OASIS GAMES Horror / tba
Dynasty Warriors 8 VR Tecmo Koei Action / tba
Dreams Media Molecule Creation Tool Trailer tba
Eagle Flight Ubisoft Flight Simulator Trailer Nov. 2016
Earthlight Opaque Media FPX Trailer tba
Eclipse White Elk Sci-Fi Adventure Gameplay tba
Esper Coatsink Puzzle Trailer tba
Everest VR Sólfar Studios FPX Trailer tba
Farpoint Impulse Gear Action Adventure Trailer tba
Fated Frima Studios Fantasy Adventure Trailer tba
Filthy Lucre Fabrik Stealth Action Trailer tba
Final Approach Phaser Lock Interactive Strategy Trailer tba
First Impact: Rise of a Hero Read Meat Games Action Trailer 2017
Futuridium EP Deluxe MixedBag Games Shoot’em up Trailer tba
Futuridium VR MixedBag Games Sci-Fi Shooter Trailer tba
The Gallery: Six Elements Cloudhead Games Puzzle Adventure Trailer tba
Gang Beasts Double Fine Party Game Trailer tba
Gary the Gull Limitless Interactive Story Trailer tba
Get Even Farm 51 FPS Trailer tba
GNOG KO-OP Puzzle Adventure Trailer tba
Godling Solfar Studios Puzzle Adventure Trailer tba
Ghost Theory Dreadlocks Horror Trailer tba
The Golf Club HB Studios Sport Trailer tba
Gran Turismo Sport Polyphony Digital Racing Simulation Trailer 16.11.2016
Gunship Battle 2 VR Joycity Flight Simulator / tba
Hellgate VR Hanbit Soft FPS Gameplay 2017
Holodance narayana Music Trailer tba
How we Soar Penny Black Studios Flight Experience Trailer 2016
The Hum Totwise Studios Survival Horror Trailer tba
I Expect You to Die Schell Games Survival Trailer tba
iOMoon Headtripgames Sci-Fi Adventure Gameplay tba
JoysoundVR Xing Inc. Music Trailer tba
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Steel Crate Party Game Trailer tba
Kerser Technolust Arcade Racing Gameplay tba
KILL X VR Beijing Wansiwei Culture / / tba
Kismet Psyop FPX Trailer tba
Kittypocalypse Bolvërk Games Strategy Trailer tba
KÔNA Parabole Survival Adventure Trailer tba
Korix StellarVR Strategy Trailer tba
Mars 2030 Fusion Media FPX Trailer tba
Megaton Rainfall Pentadimensional Games Action Trailer tba
MetaWorld HelloVR Social MMO Gameplay tba
Mind: Path to Talamus Carlos Coronado Puzzle Adventure Trailer tba
Mixip OASIS GAMES Sci-Fi Shooter / tba
The Musik Room Chrome Coda Music Trailer tba
The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. Santa Monica Studios Arcade Racing Trailer tba
Mortal Blitz Skonec Entertainment’s FPS Trailer tba
Nebulous Namazu Studios Puzzle Trailer 2016
Neverout Setapp Puzzle Trailer tba
Nighttime Terror 2 VR Bits Topdown Shooter Trailer tba
O! My Genesis VR XPEC Entertainment Strategy Trailer tba
The Occasional Encounter UserJoy Technology FPX / tba
Omega Agent Fireproof Games Action Trailer tba
Paranormal Activity VR VRwerx Horror Gameplay tba
Pixel Gear OASIS GAMES Shooter / tba
Phantom World VR Beijing Phantomisreal / / tba
P.O.L.L.E.N Mindfield Games Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer tba
Project Boundary Surgical Scalpels FPS Trailer tba
Q.U.B.E.² Toxic Games Puzzle Trailer tba
Radial-G : Racing Revolved Tammeka Sci-Fi Racing Trailer tba
Race The Sun Flippfly Sci-Fi Racing Trailer tba
RAW DATA Survios FPS Trailer tba
Resident Evil VII Capcom Horror Trailer 24th Jan
Snow Poppermost Sport Trailer tba
Statik Tariser Studios Puzzle Trailer 2016
Star Chart Escapist Games Space Experience Trailer tba
Star Trek: Bridge Crew Ubisoft Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer Nov. 2016
Stifled Gattai Games Horror Trailer tba
Symphony of the Machine Stirfire Studios Puzzle / tba
Synthesis Universe Olivier JT FPX Trailer tba
Tactera E McNeill Strategy Trailer tba
Tea Party Simulator 2015 Liens Power Up to the Maximum Simulation Trailer tba
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Call of Duty continues to be, in 2016, one of several premiere gaming companies. Every year, an innovative new entry in the long-running show provides the industry by storm, selling an incredible number of copies in just a few days. This present year is positioned to be exactly the same with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launching shortly on all leading gaming platforms.

Activision also revealed that the Jackal Assault VR mission they came out during the Call of Duty XP occasion would be accessible as a free download for all PS VR owners that buy a copy of Infinite Warfare on PS4. While it’s simply a single demo mission, the reality that a major gaming company like Activision produced something anyway for VR of that quality is popular.

Today, in the video clip below, you can observe actual hands-on footage of people performing the Jackal Assault VR mission at the XP event. You will see the comprehensive cockpits and immersive environment which was designed for the big event, exhibiting a serious focus on information.

Hands-On Gameplay of the Call of Duty Jackal Assault VR Mission - YouTube

“VR is new, so it takes a lot of patience to see how far we can push this,” says Suarez. Our focus has really been on trying to make it feel like you are in the atmosphere. I think there is a desire and curiosity of ‘What can we do here?’ And once you put on a VR headset, the immersion, the depth, and the ‘Where can I go?’ is really still open today. And I think we’re really at that pinnacle of where things are just starting.”Vice President of Production on the Call of Duty series.

The post Look into This ‘Call of Duty: Jackal Assault’ VR Mission Gameplay video appeared first on VR Watchman.

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Presently, Eyefluence calmly revealed on its website that it is actually acquired by Google. The organization has created a collection of technologies for tracking eye behavior for virtual reality and augmented reality purposes. eyefluence website

Eyefluence - YouTube

The business was started in 2013 by Jim Marggraff, a successive entrepreneur who formerly founded Livescribe, an intelligent pen company that was acquired by Anoto.

Up to now, the business has raised $21.6 million in 2 times. Their $7.6 million Series A grew up from Intel Capital, who was simply the only investor in that cycle. Their Series B, some $14 million closed-in November 2015, was directed by Motorola Solutions Venture Capital, with involvement from NHN funding, Dolby Family Ventures, and Jazz Venture business partners. Terms of the acquisition haven’t been exposed.

Eyeluence founders Jim Marggraff (Left) and David Stiehr (Right) Google Acquires Eyefluence

As mentioned in the official statement on the Eyefluence blog revealing the acquisition:

Today, we are excited to announce that the Eyefluence team is joining Google!  With our forces combined, we will continue to advance eye-interaction technology to expand human potential and empathy on an even larger scale.  We look forward to the life-changing innovations we’ll create together…Over the last three and a half years we have built an incredible team, advanced our eye-interaction technology, and created strong partnerships that have lead to the development of a completely new language for eye-interaction.

Google will apparently be publishing its Daydream View VR headset within the next 2-3 weeks. This can be a mobile system, running on a users smartphone. But the tech giant was already indicated potentially they are seeking to one day launch a stand alone headset that includes eye-tracking. It this time appears we understand where that technology will likely be received from.

See also:7 Virtual Reality Predictions Just Before 2018

Featured Image Credit: Eyefluence

The post Google Acquires Eyefluence: An Eye-Tracking Company With Top VR/AR Features appeared first on VR Watchman.

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The people at Oculus would like to fuel game programming for the Samsung Gear VR. For this, they hosted collectively a tiny bit contest they’re calling Mobile VR Jam 2015. The contest guaranteed well over $1,000,000 in prizes in return for developer team’ hard work, with all the top developers actually awarded a $200,000 cash prize. Really, that will get a countless ramen.

Over 1,000 developers from all around the entire world provided and after four weeks Gear VR games from Oculus, Oculus is able to declare their top selections. If you are seeking to check out some interesting new content on your Samsung Gear VR pioneer Edition, you concerned the right site. All champions have delivered a download link to their apps where they are able to simply be downloaded and personally installed to your Android unit. Let’s have a look at the very best winners. vr games apk download

SteamCrew VR
SteamCrew VR Trailer for Oculus' Mobile VR Jam 2015 - YouTube

SteamCrew VR is an exclusive steam igniter styled game that needs 2-player co-op to pilot an underwater submarine. You will have to download the game on each Gear VR (hopefully you do have a free scattered about) and yell out instructions to another player to prevent landscapes or fire torpedoes. The title will not Oculus’ top award for VR game, coming up the development team a cool $100,000. Sounds just like a incredible good time.


DRIFT - Vimeo

DRIFT is a self-proclaimed bullet simulator. Player control bullets as they discover their target: the challenging green man. In order to make things better (or even more impressive), players can slow down time to a examine to be able to guide a bullet around difficulties. With an exceptional visual style, this one’s got VR created throughout it.

Daydream Blue
Daydream Blue: Gameplay Video GearVR Jam 2015 - YouTube

Seeing that not all game is focused on action, Daydream Blue provides players on a relaxing fishing vacation to the lake. With your pet robot on your side, you will catch fish, watch the clouds out of your boat, or perform fetch along with your robot. Sounds like the most perfect weekend trip.

Colosse: A Story in Virtual Reality - VRJam submission, completed - YouTube

VR is outstanding medium for revealing stories. Colosse delivers rich storytelling to the Gear VR in a thing that kinda reminds of the game Shadow of the Colossus. Users require only to direct their gaze to make experience of everything happening around them. Merely put, it looks awesome. Just remember this is a preview version rather than the complete game. oculus games apk

Scorched Battalion
Scorched Battalion - Oculus VR Jam Silver winner! - YouTube

If you are searching for some slower moving action, destroyed army unit seems to have you covered. It’s essentially a VR version of the classic Scorched Earth turn-based game tank game in a table-top, WORLD WAR TWO setting. Sound interesting? Take a look at video above to check out how it works in action.

Neuralgia VR
Neuralgia VR Final Trailer - YouTube

If you are searching for something more away from your VR headset than simply meaningless enjoyment, Neuralgia might be precisely what you are searching for. An “asymmetrical co-op game,” both you and a friend get together to make experience of clues and solve puzzles. Simply do not pull each other’s hair out.


Panopticon - Vimeo

If you have constantly desired to go through the life of a warden, Panopticon ultimately makes it happen. You will have to keep your cautious eye on inmates to ensure their captivity, and be sure nobody escapes on your shift. You will also get to use a whistle!

Speech Center
Mobile VR Jam 2015 - Speech Center - YouTube

Speech Center is surely an incredibly exclusive VR experience that appears to help you professional public speaking. It lets you do this by putting you in a large room full men and women while a mentor will provide you with tips on enhancing your speaking expertise. It’s seriously quite brilliance.

Atop the Wizard’s Tower
Atop The Wizard's Tower [Final] - YouTube

What platform might possibly be in depth without having a trusty designed tower defense game. In on top of the Wizard’s Tower, players must react an oncoming legion of opposition — all while seated comfortably atop their tower, away from harm’s way.

Maiden Chaos VR
Maiden Chaos VR - YouTube

Maiden Chaos is a top-down, run n’ gun shooter put in tomorrow. You essentially control a little woman in a red jumpsuit as she blasts robots in a armed forces compound. That one demands the Samsung Gamepad controller, so ideally you’ve got that handy.
Source: phandroid

Download all 27 Games (4.37GB zip file)

The post Download: Unpublished Gear VR games from Oculus’ Mobile VR Jam appeared first on VR Watchman.

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Best VR Educational Apps 2016

Whether you’re teacher—or a mom or dad looking to stop your kids far away from roller coasters, Videos and zombies—you might also want to have a look at our decide of VR vacation apps and video apps, and those are definitely educational. Best Gear VR apps

See Also:‘Walking Dead’ Creator to make Content for Samsung’s GearVR Headset  [NOT FOR KIDS :P]

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are innovative technology that have been generating all sorts of waves nowadays; however VR and AR aren’t just going to be useful for video gaming, a number of companies are discovering solutions for VR and AR in order to use in education. At least 90% of everything we see and do is maintained, and that is a thing that has long been neglecting from education; students do not hold as much important information if they’re simply reading a textbook versus getting more real applications of what they’re learning. And that’s why VR and AR in education are incredibly helpful; these technologies connect students in a totally new way which is more enjoyable and interesting for them, and it improves retention. A number of companies are actually concentrating on creation in this area; and the work we’ve noticed up to now is undoubtedly a close indication of things in the future.vr apps for education

StarTracker VR -Mobile Sky Map

This is the mobile planetarium in VR, created for astronomy lovers to research the galaxy.

StarTracker VR establish an exciting new VR method to the VR world, we think of it as superior VR.

It map 3D Star Field right into a sphere surface, then look from outside into the sphere ball. You are able to image all nearby objects that will move considerably faster than a normal 3D mapping, lastly this deliver an excellent immersive VR experience you never experienced in the past.

VR Public Speaking

The VirtualSpeech Google Cardboard app will assist you to exercise for VR Public Speaking,

activities and job interviews, by giving photo-realistic VR environments to practice in. *formerly know as Public Speaking for Cardboard.

★ Large conference room set in San Jose, California, with 300+ capacity
★ Small meeting room located in Oxford, England, with 15+ capacity
★ Interview room based in Cape Town, South Africa, with 4 panel members
★ Training room, this contains training tips and images to help you improve
★ Awards room – allows you to see yourself progressing
★ Wedding scene – practice your best man speech and other wedding speeches
★ TED talks environment coming soon

VR Public Speaking Organs 3D (Anatomy)

This application is designed to enhance the research into anatomy in medicine, biology as well as other.

Touching each organ as the heart, brain, lungs, reproductive system, liver, intestine, ovary, testis, stomach, kidney, etc.. details are view able.

Functional, practical and valuable anatomical information within palm. Mention of primary education, secondary school, college or culture in general.

EON Experience AVR

Free for Google Cardboard headsets with iOS & Android.

A collection to over 200 gamified educational activities, this website is actually owned by EON Reality Inc., and that can be looked at in both virtual reality and augmented reality forms. For educators, additionally there is a integrated tool to develop and handle lessons—which is half the war for teachers who would like to learn how to sew these power tools into the school day. To check out the imagery in augmented reality, you’ll need a headset which allows the smartphone’s back camera to see outside.

Chemistry VR – Cardboard

This particular educational vr game will provide you with fun.
That offer to players completely new feel combination of educational content and escape the room concept.

Discover required chemical elements and then make compounds like water and you are able to unlock doors in the room.

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