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Data security has been one of the burning issues in the digital world for quite some time now. The recent turn of events has raised concerns and increased demands for the stricter regulations.

Europe has been the most proactive among all with the announcement of a new set of rules in the form of GDPR, which stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

Although these rules are only specific to Europe at this moment, there is a lot to analyze and learn from them, as India too may adopt many of these, should these set of regulations, succeed in the long or short term.

The implementation of the GDPR has the potential to completely transform Digital Marketing as we know it now.

As a result, it is essential that the digital marketers across the globe take into account these regulations, so that they can incorporate the changes accordingly in their future activities.

So far the marketers have had little to no constraints in terms of data collection.

However, it is expected that sooner or later, constraints similar to Europe will be evident, which will demand that the marketers find innovative ways to target digital advertisements which is less dependent on hovering of quantitative behavioral data.

Challenges for the Marketers

Apart from relinquishing dependence on behavioral data collection, digital marketers will also have to contend with the implications of several practices related to the core digital ad targeting methods.

The most significant hurdle for the marketers now will be the rule of consent when collecting and processing data from an individual. As per the directives, there is to be a shift from passive consent to valid consent.

Previously, popular Internet-based service providers like Facebook, Snapchat, and Google collected data through acceptance of the terms and conditions.

However, the interpretation of consent is expected to be more specific with the implementation of GDPR.

The ban on automated decision making is another significant change for the digital marketing executives all over the world. The GDPR also has specified that service providers like Google and Facebook will now have to make the collected data portable.

This will further de-incentivize the collection of personal data and creation of ad- targeting on the basis of behavioral data. The reason why it is a significant challenge for the digital marketers is the possibility of an individual to bring the data information to another competing service.

The Possible Changes in Strategy

One of the possible changes that we may witness in the world of digital marketing is a shift from behavioral and more towards contextual advertisement.

This will include suggestions on real-time basis instead of the existing method where suggestions are given on the basis of consumer’s profile.

Although, contextual ads are much tougher to execute as opposed to the previous model several websites like Quora and AccuWeather, are already using this technique, which means it is a viable option.

It is safe to assume now that the GDPR has been implemented, digital marketers around the world would dig deep and look to invent more strategies on similar lines.

On the other hand, most of the big agents will also attempt to work around the constraints. While the challenges for the European digital marketers are more at hand, their Indian counterparts have more time.

Much will obviously depend on the success of the GDPR. However, if it turns out to be a success, then it is in the best interest of the Indian digital marketers that they too seek for alternatives from this early stage itself.

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Time stops for no-one in the world of SEO, and as new technologies evolve, so does the way we search the web. There are some exciting changes afoot. Don’t get left behind – here are the 7 top seo trends to keep an eye on in 2018.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition has become part of every day, and more and more of us are shouting out for Alexa, rather than turning the lights down low ourselves; or asking Siri to identify a song. The technology has gone from clunky to complex in a short space of time, so it’s only inevitable that voice search will be one of the most significant trends in 2018. Google currently claims that 1 out of 5 queries are voice searches – that’s 20% – and it’s set to increase.

Voice Recognition

This means that natural, long-tail search terms and more natural language are likely to take precedence in the battle for authority. Perhaps this spells out the nearing of the end for the awful, clunky keyword combinations that SEO writers continuously face – prizing in phrases that would never fit into a natural sentence. I’m sure that writers and readers alike will not mourn their loss!

As for accuracy increases in digital recognition of spoken level language, the more we will rely on voice to search the web. It’s not just mobile devices (which we’ll be discussing later). Home hubs and the IoT devices have adopted this technology as the interactive platform of choice, using more natural language syntax to search the web on our behalf.

Link building

Diversifying your link relationships will grow in significance in 2018, with a focus on quality rather than quantity. Link building is a long-term strategy, and we should encourage and create backlinks from sites relevant to niche.

Guest blogs, of course, are an effective method of cross-pollination, developing mutual relationships; but Google has clocked on. They suggest that heavy reliance on guest posting looks spammy, thus reducing the authority of the link and potentially damaging a brand’s reputation with the search engine – which learns.

This highlights the need for a broader and more diversified link building strategy. Aim for a complete backlink profile.

Link Building User Experience

UX stands for User Experience, and it’s the buzzword for 2018. It’s the drive for websites to deliver an excellent experience for the people engaging with them; and by that, we mean speed. If we can provide a great experience for the user, they’re going to stay, engage, share and buy.

A good UX means that users will engage with your site for longer, and longer stays help search engines discover which pages are useful; prioritizing them over others. Consider your site’s speed, its readability, and, ultimately, its navigation structure.

Is it easy to find every page on your site, or are some poorly signposted?

Does the behavior of your current visitors give you any clues as to which pages are most effective? Does a visit result in a conversion, or is it just a 30-second glance?

Can you make it easier for visitors to discover other geographic spaces within your navigation structure?

In the future, and indeed in 2018, search engines will be prioritizing web traffic; not just by recognizing a rise in hits, but by analyzing which sites are maintaining traffic by engaging with users for longer, with more significant conversion rates.

As mobile increasingly becomes the go-to platform for searching and browsing, there’s a higher need to enhance compatibility across all devices.

Providing a convenient segue into –

Mobile-first index

Mobile-friendly sites are usually an afterthought. But 2018 is the year where any brand of their biscuits will put mobile first. Google may very well launch their “Mobile-first index” in 2018, so it’s good to be prepared. And even if they don’t in 2018, they will in 2019. The first to the post catches the early worm (and other mixed analogies).

Mobile-First Index

statista.com released some interesting data recently, relating to the distribution of time versus dollars spent, by platform; dividing that up into desktop and mobile. Mobile includes smartphones and tablet devices.

Although “dollars spent” on mobile devices is significantly lower, the time spent on mobile is greater. To remain competitive in 2018, they’re going to have to make some significant improvements to the mobile UX, to convert that time into purchases.

A study by BrightEdge recently identified that 57% of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices – the ratio will be significantly higher for Millennials and Generation Y. More importantly, there’s a significant difference in the way that keywords rank for mobile, as opposed to desktop. Until everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet here, there’s a significant advantage to anyone who focuses their energies on mobile-first for 2018.

The fact of the matter is that mobile users search when they’re waiting: at the station, at the doctor’s surgery, for their cappuccino. It seems that small talk in the queue is forever dead. It might seem like idle time, but it’s time where you can be providing engaging content, that looks great on mobile and works perfectly for the mobile platform.

Mobile searches are about content, and more of those searches are executed via voice; with the long tail- and natural language search terms.

Local SEO is expected to become big in 2018. As mobile searchers do their seeking on the go, there’s an opportunity for brands to market their business on a location basis.

Featured snippets and Q&A

A featured snippet, for those not in the know, is the answer to a search query, which displays at the top of the search results.

Gaining a position in the featured snippets section relies on a specific combination of factors; opening up the race to the top. There are some great tips exploring how to get to the top here.

Featured snippets and Q&A

Lists, graphs, tables and Q&A pages make it easier for Google to extract data that translates to a featured snippet. It’s certainly worth presenting data visually. Similarly, you can reach to the top of the SERPs by considering Google’s Answer Box, which is a type of snippet where Google aims to respond to a question in a more engaging way, following a “how” or “what” type question.

Visual search

Visual search is the next big thing in SEO. The internet, by nature, is point and click; it’s visual – so it makes sense that we start to point at things outside of the virtual universe – and click. Bing, Pinterest, and Google are currently investing in the development of visual search engines to capitalize on this new trend.

Your SEO strategy for 2018 could consider the manner in which we consume visual content and the way that search engines are capable of looking beyond the text. Rich, engaging visuals won’t just make your site look prettier, they’ll increase your search criteria.

Machine learning and AI

Voice search and digital assistants are the most obvious example of new interfaces that enable the user to search the web in new, more intuitive ways. And as more users interact with search engines via voice, the more search engines learn about how we ask and what makes for a successful search.

SEO is set to change, and it’s not driven by people in offices tapping away on computers anymore.   Google’s rather unpleasantly titled RankBrain (the term “rank” in the UK means “nasty”) is already observing our every search-move and learning how we ask questions. And it keeps an eye on us once we’ve made our decision to see what we do next…

There’s no single way to optimize for RankBrain, but the methods we’ve identified in this article should give you a pretty strong flavor of the latest trends in search behavior; guiding the changes we need to make, to keep on top of our use of SEO, as the language of commerce.

The post 7 SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2018 appeared first on Internet Marketing Blog.

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It is generally assumed that the people who make up the marketing department of a company are creative, right-brained people, who have no regard for the logic of finance, budgeting or any monetary matters.

Likewise, it is also generally assumed that the people who make up the finance department are logical, left-brained people, who have no understanding of the creative process, or the benefits of marketing and marketing campaigns.

Teams who are trying to work together within a company can find these assumptions very damaging, and make it very difficult to form a successful working relationship so a relationship between finance and marketing department is very important for all businesses, and even smaller businesses should calculate a marketing budget.

Because of the importance of both departments, it is critical that a relationship between the two should be fostered.

There are five ways to boost the Relationship between finance and marketing departments.
1) Communicate Relationship Between Finance and Marketing

Both the finance and marketing team should try to encourage a line of communication. In some cases, the line of communication may have broken done, but establishing a regular meeting schedule between the two departments can help reopen communication.

If communication hasn’t broken down, then regularly scheduled meetings can help to encourage open, honest and productive communication.  “SEO companies have noticed that one of the most promising signs of a successful company in 2017 is good communication between the finance and marketing departments”, says Morgan Davis, digital marketing manager at A+ Digital. This shows that they understand that they each have different skill sets, trend but that they need to work together for the good of the company.

2) Financial Responsibility Relationship Between Finance and Marketing

The finance depart tends to form better relationships with departments who can show some financial responsibility. If a department can reduce, or entirely eliminate all of the nonessential spendings, the gesture will be appreciated by the finance department.

It can also mean that they will give a little more leeway if the marketing team goes over budget, or needs a little more money. As well, it can give the marketing team a firmer budget to work with, and provide a clearer idea of what their budget is and how to stick to it.

3) Prepare Relationship Between Finance and Marketing

Financial departments deal in numbers and facts. They to dislike ambiguous requests for money. The marketing department should make the effort to prepare their requests with more definite numbers. It is appreciated by the finance department and it can help make negotiating between the two departments much easier.

4) Share Success Relationship Between Finance and Marketing

The finance department rarely sees any actual return from the budget and money that they give to the marketing department. The marketing department should be prepared to show the finance team how the money is being spent, and what returns it brought to the company.

It might mean that they show that the traffic to the website increased after a marketing campaign, or that the positioning of the brand is better. If the finance department can see that the marketing budget is having a positive impact on the company, then they are much less likely to cut the marketing budget.

5) Admit mistakes relationship between finance and marketing

If there has been any kind of mistake, it should be admitted. If the marketing department thinks that they are running the risk of overspending, then they should tell the finance department, or if they already have overspent their budget, they should tell the finance department.

The marketing department should never try to shift the blame and should admit their mistake, and explain any steps that they will take to ensure that the mistake is not repeated. The finance department may be able to take steps to limit the damage or otherwise fix the mistake. If they can’t, then they will still appreciate being informed of the mistake as soon as possible.

In essence, the departments of a successful company will strive to work together to the benefit of the company. This is more true of the finance and marketing departments as they are arguably the two most important departments.

Without the finance department, there is no regulation on the company’s money, but without marketing, there may be no customers. These departments need to work together in such a way that the company as a whole benefit.

  • If these two teams can achieve a harmonious, effective working relationship, then they could feasibly influence the success of the company.

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Are you a WordPress user considering setting up an online store? The good news is that you can get things up and run quickly even if you don’t have special skills because here we are going to tell how to start an eCommerce store. You need a domain name and a web hosting account to get started. It should only take around 30 minutes to get the wheels in motion.

Here we start with: How to start an eCommerce store

The first step to take is set up your own online store platform. Shopify and WordPress + WooCommerce are amongst the most popular options, and WooCommerce is the largest eCommerce platform in the world. If you wish to receive credit card payments you will need to get an SSL certificate. Bluehost is an official WP + WC partner that will give you a web hosting discount, a free SSL certificate and a free domain name.

Follow the instructions and you will get an e-mail telling you how to login to your hosting control panel or cPanel. Bluehost will automatically install WordPress and WooCommerce. You can setup your WP site title and description in Settings » General. You will need to configure your WP site so it’s loading up as https. This can also be done in Settings » General.

Woo commerce

On the WP admin pages, you’ll see a ‘Welcome to WooCommerce’ message. Click on the ‘Run setup wizard’ button and follow the instructions. You will need to tell WooCommerce about the location of your store and tell them which currency and unit measure you want to use.

You will then need to add shipping and tax information. You can sell digital and physical products in WooCommerce. The system can calculate and add taxes automatically. Payment methods available to you include PayPal, PayPal Standard, and Stripe. Add your PayPal email address and continue. Stripe allows people to enter credit card information without needing to leave your site.


You should then be ready to add products. Add your first in Products » Add New. Give your product a title and a description. You can place your products into categories after using the +Add New Product Category function. This makes it easier for customers to find products.

add new product

The Product Data box enables you to add information about pricing, shipping and more. There is a box for adding short product descriptions beneath the product data box and helps customers who are looking at a number of products on a page. The right-hand column enables you to add images. You can use the Publish button to make all your information go live when you are happy and repeat the steps to add more products when you need to.

You can customize the way your site appears by choosing a WP theme. When you are running a WooCommerce shop, themes will also determine how your products are displayed. You have thousands of WordPress themes to choose from – some are paid for and others are completely free. You are given the Storefront theme by default when you have a Bluehost account but you can change this in Appearance » Themes.

Do you wish to add plugins to your store to enhance the customer experience? If so, this is also a relatively simple process. Plugins enable you to add all sorts of features including galleries, sliders, contact forms and more. You have almost 50,000 WP plugins to choose from.

You may also wish to add a blog to your site. A blog can heighten customer engagement levels remarkably and help you interact with your customers effectively, establishing you as a leading player in your field. You can use your blog to talk about offers, new products, industry news and more.

What’s also great about regularly adding fresh content to your site is that the search engines love new content and reward it with valuable rankings. In fact, eCommerce merchants that don’t blog are likely to miss out on sales that could make a big difference to their fortunes.

Make sure you compliment your online store with a social media presence on services like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more to help you drive sales. By following the steps above, you could have your eCommerce site set up in no time at all. Why not get started right now?

Buy Best WP Theme Now                       Buy Web Hosting Now

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Network marketing is the easiest way to start a new business and make money fast. As a proud owner of multiple network marketing companies, I’ve learned a few tricks that will help separate you from the pack and become known as a network marketing expert.

These tips can be applied to any network marketing company, regardless of the product background or industry. It’s all about building a strong brand for yourself and cultivating positive relationships.

  1. Do your homework 

    Before you get started with your new business, do some research and find the network marketing opportunity that’s right for you. You’ll be looking for a supportive company with a solid infrastructure, a marketable product, and something that you feel passionate about building a business around.

    Additionally, you can set yourself up for success by reading the writings of successful network marketing leaders. Many have published books on the topic, while even more maintain a regular blog with helpful advice and entertaining stories. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips!

  2. Attend conferences

    Most network marketing companies hold annual conferences that gather thousands of entrepreneurs to share ideas and celebrate successes. The events that I’ve attended have been great opportunities to network and learn strategies that I would never have thought to try.

    Some conferences offer the opportunity for top distributors to give presentations about their journey; this is an amazing opportunity to raise your profile in the eyes of other network marketers and become recognized as a leader in the field. The better your reputation, the easier you’ll find it to sell products and recruit new distributors to your downline.

  3. Support your downline

    Speaking of downlines, it’s critical to the long-term success of your network marketing business that you give as much support as possible to the distributors that you’ve recruited. One great way to keep in touch with your network is by creating a monthly newsletter that is distributed to your downline and other network marketing connections.

    This newsletter can contain articles with advice on increasing sales, news releases about changes in the network marketing industry, and profiles of successful distributors in your company. This approach helps to make your network feel valued and motivates others to achieve a similar level of success. A few hours of work to make a polished, attractive newsletter is worth it for the long-term benefits in morale and profit.

  4. Host your own events

    If you’re looking for a quick increase in sales and interest in your business, consider hosting a party or event that doubles as an opportunity to introduce your product to new customers. For example, a party to watch a popular sporting event in which you serve recipes featuring Isagenix products, or a makeover event that introduces Mary Kay cosmetics to a new audience.

    Don’t be overbearing, and let the customers come to you with their questions and interest. If you’re introducing them to a quality product, it will sell itself without any extra effort.

  5. Build a website with a blog

    As you raise your profile as a network marketer, others will look to you for inspiration and words of wisdom. A slick website that promotes your business ventures will increase your reputation. If you have the time to maintain a regular blog (at least one post per week), you will come to be seen as an expert in the field.

    More subscribers to your blog means more interest in your business, and you’ll benefit from a veritable army of network marketers willing to share your words with their connections.

The post Five Ways to Become a Network Marketing Expert appeared first on Internet Marketing Blog.

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Today morning when I woke up & I was checking the Emails there was an email from Quora. Subject line  of the email was: Can you answer this question? I opened the email & the questions was – “Is network marketing good or bad to start one’s career?”

Following is the screenshot of the question asked by someone on Quora:

If you don’t know about Quora it’s a Question & Answer website. You can Ask any question or reply to questions you have knowledge about!

Is network marketing a good career?

I think this is very common question that comes to mind when we get started with network marketing career. Even I had this same concern – Whether I should do Network Marketing business full time or part.

I was into a job of Web Designing & SEO when I was introduced to Network Marketing by my good friend. For initial few days I didn’t understood much what the business is all about & what need to be done.

I joined the business because my friend was also doing it & he shared something with me, so I joined. But gradually in few weeks I was able to realize that something very big can be done by taking network marketing career option.

Hence, I was wondering in my mind if I should do the business full time & leave my 9-6 job. But a question was again & again tickling in my mind – Is network marketing a good career? Soon I convinced myself that I should do the business full time & leave my job.

Then I had to convince my family as well. Once the family agreed, I asked my Employer as well that I was to quit job, so that I could fully devote my time & efforts into Network Marketing business.

My Employer was very supportive, within few days he allowed me to quit & follow my passion. But,

My Decision to do Network Marketing Full Time was totally Wrong!

WARNING: 035 Reasons Why people Fail in MLM? Show Me Now!

It happens with many people who get into Network Marketing business, they see other people making Huge Money, then they tend to get motivated & some of them leave their current occupation & take network marketing career for full time. Now this is totally wrong, because,

  • People you see on stage are making that much money not within few days or weeks or month. It took them few years to reach to that level. There may be some exceptions who start making Huge income quickly, but I am sure that doesn’t happen for long for them.

Simple because people with little experience they cannot maintain & sustain the Network for long. They will make mistake, learn with experience & later they shall earn steady & consistent income.

  • Secondly, in your current profession you are able to make the income which you are making today, is because of the hard work & the industry knowledge & skill you gained after putting many years of dedication into it.

Same was Network Marketing is also like any other serious business. You need the knowledge & skill, obviously with same dedication to get success.

If you are thinking to jump into network marketing career as Full Time & leave your current profession behind & expect to make Huge income within few months, in 99% cases it won’t happen.

  • When you close your Primary source of Income & expect you match that income with Network Marketing income (without much experience into Network Marketing), then you are doing injustice to yourself & your family.

In such situations, people who get into it full time, in most cases tend to leave the business in next few months or maximum an year (if you have that much savings to survive).

The reason is- when you have made Network Marketing career as your bread & butter, then you want regular weekly or monthly income to survive. This won’t happen unless you are experienced. The mistake you will make is- you will try to make every person join your team. And you will loose Posture.

You will even force your team mates to build the business fast. You will get desperate for business. And this will clearly reflect to your prospects & your team. As a result of it people will start avoiding you.

Slowly, you will question yourself- Is network marketing a good career? You will feel the business is not working, prospects are not joining, your team is not working, and Network Marketing is bad. Better to leave it & get into your old profession.

Must Read: Why Network Marketing is better than your Job or Traditional Business?

Choosing Network Marketing as a Full Time Career without any prior experience is a Bad decision!

Here, I am not saying by any means the industry is bad. I cannot say that. It’s just people need to learn the right way of doing the business. Please don’t expect to earn huge income from Day 1 when it’s your Learning time.

1st grade student don’t earn Thousands or Millions for at least next 10 years (leaving some exceptions)

When you get into network marketing for 1st time same is the case with you. There is so much to learn. Today even after being into the business for over 5 years I feel there is so much to learn.

A word for all Uplines out there – Protect Network Marketing Career

Your upline & your higher upline in most cases will motivate you to do the business full time. Obviously they want everyone in their team to give more number of hours towards the business.

Unfortunately, they also don’t know that this strategy will back fire for them as well in longer run because in most cases when your team mate is not making enough money, he will not be able to stay in the business for long.

Therefore, you have to keep Recruiting new people. It’s quite foolish way of doing the business!

To Conclude

In this article I have not given any direct reply to the question – Is network marketing a good career?

Simply because 100% Yes, network marketing career is a great option. Network Marketing is a smart business. Smart way to achieve financial freedom, but it only works if you do the business in the right way.

Make sure your focus for 1st 6 months is to learn the business. Whatever you earn in that period is Bonus. Once you have say 2 years of experience & you start making good money & have decent number of people in your team, then you can think of doing the business full time.

Let me know in the Comments section below if you have ever had this doubt in your mind? Or also comment if your though varies from mine. Would love to discuss more about it!

PS: Find Out Is Network Marketing the Best Business Model? Prove it Now!

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