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There are tons of cheap ukuleles out there, and some of them are pretty good.

If you’re ready to take your playing to the next level and experience a better sound though, you might want to spend just a little more.

Believe it or not, some of the ukes that made their way onto this budget-friendly list are also among the best ukuleles made by larger manufacturers.

Advanced features, better accessories, quality setups, and better tonewood are just a few things you’ll enjoy when you decide to spend just a little more on your new ukulele.

Quick Look at our Top Picks
Image Product Features

Top Pick

  • Pacific Walnut top, back, and sides
  • Smooth satin finish
  • Lots of extras including a protective hard case and instructional DVD
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Cordoba 15CM
  • Includes a hard case, instructional DVDand tuner
  • Beautiful mahogany uke with an abalone rosette
  • Cordoba silver tuning machines with pearl buttons
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Best Affordable

Oscar Schmidt OU5
  • Hawaiian Koa wood body and top
  • Abalone binding and rosette
  • Grover chrome tuners
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Lohanu Concert Ukulele
  • Glossy finish on Spalted maple body
  • Numerous accessories included
  • Comes with strap buttons pre-installed
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Bondi Ukulele
  • Beautiful mahogany concert ukulele
  • Live Skype lesson included
  • Affordable
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After comparing more than 50 ukuleles under $200, we’ve come up with this helpful list.

Kala KA-PWC Pacific Walnut Concert Ukulele Bundle

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Kala ukuleles are among the best on the market, and this one is a fantastic addition to their line. The Kala KA-PWC Pacific Walnut Concert Ukulele offers beautiful Pacific Walnut wood construction; the top, back, and sides are all solid tonewood rather than laminate. The ukulele’s neck is made with mahogany, and the fingerboard is walnut to match the body.

This fantastic uke features sleek, simple black binding, a standard headstock, Graph Tech NuBone nut and saddle, and Aquila Super Nylgut strings. A smooth satin finish protects the wood while keeping the instrument’s look warm and natural. This ukulele is part of a package that includes a clip-on tuner, a polishing cloth, an instructional DVD, and a protective hard case.

  • Holds tuning very well once the strings are broken in
  • Comes with great extras including a hard case
  • Beautiful tone considering the low price
  • One report that the bone was too high and needed to be filed down; instrument was fine after that
  • One report of rusted grommets on case; company took care of the problem immediately
Customers Who Purchased this Said:
  • This is a great entry-level instrument. I’ve been playing for about 7 years and this is a fun uke. I have two others that were much more expensive but I’ve been hard pressed to put this one down.
  • My daughter loves it! We opted for the Kala for the sound quality and it was worth the extra money from the base model Kalas. Sounds amazing. Pair it with some felt picks and you’re ready to go!
Why Buy This Ukulele?

Not only is the Kala KA-PWC a beautiful instrument made with richly patterned, solid walnut wood, it offers a great setup right out of the box, including good-quality strings. It easily satisfies budgetary constraints while offering a nice step up from a basic laminate wood or low-quality plastic ukulele, plus it comes with a hard case that represents a bit of an investment all by itself. If you’re looking for a good package deal on an instrument that’s built to last more than a few years, this one is likely to appeal to you.

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele Bundle

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The Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele comes as part of a bundle deal that includes a hard case, a clip-on tuner, a handy polishing cloth, and an instructional DVD to help you get started with your new uke. This a beautiful instrument thanks to its mahogany wood top, back, and sides. An abalone rosette adds a touch of contrast while keeping the look classic, and a natural satin finish lends a rich look without picking up too many fingerprints along the way.

Cream ABS binding, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, a composite saddle, and pearloid fingerboard inlays complete the look. This ukulele features Cordoba silver tuning machines with pearl buttons, and comes with Aquila New Nylgut Concert 7U strings.

  • Attractive instrument with a beautiful, full sound
  • Good quality components, nothing like a toy
  • Excellent tuning machines
  • No strap buttons or strap
  • A few reports of manufacturing flaws; most mention that Cordoba took care of problems when notified
Customers Who Purchased this Said:
  • This ukulele sounds great and it’s a very nice quality instrument for the price. I highly recommend it for anyone who want to pick up the ukulele, but wants a reasonably priced instrument.
  • It’s everything you could hope for and more. The sound is terrific…this is a real instrument, not a toy. While it does sound like a traditional uke, it has none of that tinny sound of other low cost models. Tuning pegs work great and it seems to keep tune quite well.
Why Buy This Ukulele?

If you’re in the market for a ukulele that’s well under the $200 mark, you’re definitely going to want to give this one a look. Good components, a top constructed of nice solid mahogany tonewood, and meticulous construction pair with nice extras, making this an outstanding choice for the serious beginner or an intermediate player who’s ready for an upgrade.

Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele

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The Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele features select Hawaiian Koa wood, which is used for the body as well as the top. Abalone binding and an abalone rosette combine with a gorgeous gloss finish, making it a standout. A Nyatoh neck supports the rosewood fingerboard, which offers some contrast along with the rosewood bridge. Grover chrome tuners and Aquila strings add even more value. Oscar Schmidt stands behind the OU5 ukulele by offering a lifetime warranty.

  • Amazing traditional “Island” sound with plenty of resonance
  • Very well built
  • Excellent setup
  • Some people dislike the look of the moustache bridge
  • Not quite as loud as some other, similarly priced ukes
Customers Who Purchased this Said:
  • I would consider this ukulele to be one of the best beginner ukuleles and one of the best ukuleles for the buck on the market. To get a considerably nicer instrument would cost considerably more money!
  • Not only is this a beautiful ukulele, but the Koa wood gives it a true ukulele sound – smooth and beautiful! The action is set up great all the way up the frets and maintains tuning quite well. No bleeding of overtones, with clean, clear notes, really easy to play.
Why Buy This Ukulele?

There’s a reason why the Oscar Schmidt OU5 makes it onto so many “best ukuleles” lists! This company has been making stringed instruments since 1871, and they’re famous for using quality components such as the Grover tuners featured on the OU5. Every instrument is inspected and adjusted in the USA by one of Oscar Schmidt’s technicians, ensuring that fret ends are smooth, action is precise, and sound quality is beautiful. Perfect for learning to play ukulele the right way, and fantastic for continuing your musical journey, this uke continues to offer standout performance in every way.

Lohanu Spalted Maple Concert Ukulele

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The Lohanu Spalted Maple concert ukulele is fantastic on its own, and it comes as part of a bundle that includes plenty of extras including a padded gig bag, a neck strap, and built-in strap buttons, along with video lessons to get beginners started off on the right foot.

This ukulele features a spalted maple top, back, sides, and neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and slot head tuning gears. Extra Aquila strings are included. This uke is fitted with a 3-band EQ and an electric pickup, along with a built-in tuner. An unconditional lifetime warranty is included.

  • Has an arched back which means better, fuller, more sustained sound
  • Strap buttons are pre-installed, no need to visit a luthier to have them added after purchase
  • Can be played as an acoustic or electric uke; built-in tuner will work so long as batteries are charged
  • Laminate, not solid wood
Customers Who Purchased this Said:
  • I did hours of research and finally landed on this Lohanu. This uke screams quality, it sounds beautiful, and it seems like the best value for the money.
  • This is a beautiful instrument with a fantastic sound. The laminate gives the instrument a beautiful look without any sacrifice in sound or tone. Tuning pegs are geared and hold pitch well and the electronics sound great in my amp.
Why Buy This Ukulele?

If you’re hoping to play with a band and you’d like an electric ukulele, this one is definitely the best in its price range – plus, you can play it acoustically so you get the best of both worlds. The electronics are not the best on the market however they are backed by warranty and previous customers mention that Lohanu goes out of its way to take care of any problems. Overall though, the instrument is a joy to play, with a full, rich sound and plenty of resonance. Most people who try it love it and mention that they’re amazed that they received an instrument as nice as this one for less than $200.

Bondi Ukulele Starter Kit – Concert Size

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The Bondi Concert Ukulele features African mahogany wood construction, a handmade deluxe saddle, and an engraved sound hole. It arrives with Aquila strings and comes with a leather strap in a rainbow etched design.

This ukulele is part of a huge bonus package that includes a very nice compression case, a tuner, a Skype lesson, an 11-part video series, and lifetime support as well as a lifetime warranty on all components. Bondi stands behind this ukulele with a 30-day money back guarantee. Every ukulele sold contributes to putting a Cambodian teacher through Bondi’s ukulele course, helping kids learn music as part of their education.

  • High-quality sound from a mid-range priced instrument
  • Nice accessories, good quality bag
  • Very well made, particularly for an instrument at this price point
  • Some color variation between photos online and items received
  • Some confusion about how to get access to the video and Skype lessons; However, per Bondi, these are emailed via Amazon but will not arrive if you check the “Don’t receive follow-up emails” box when ordering. If missing this info, contact Bondi directly.
Customers Who Purchased this Said:
  • You will not be disappointed with the purchase or the customer service. Bondi is top notch!
  • Excellent bundle and we love the free lesson. My child had no clue about anything and they got her headed in the right direction. Make sure you have good internet with the latest Skype update before you get started.
Why Buy This Ukulele?

Bondi is a standup, standout company that serves the community along with its customers. The instrument itself represents a good value and the extras are worth quite a bit more than what you pay altogether. This setup might not be ideal for someone who doesn’t need accessories and introductory lessons, but for a beginner, it’s an outstanding deal that includes a ukulele that sounds great and provides more than a few years of enjoyment. Whether you’re brand new to ukes or if you’re looking for a nice upgrade, Bondi is more than just decent.

Key Considerations when Buying a Ukulele Under $200

While it’s possible to find a decent ukulele under $100, you’re going to enjoy some added benefits if you have a little more money to invest in a ukulele under $200. If you’re hoping to hold onto the same instrument for more than a few years, this is probably the most reliable category to search in. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you make your selection.

  • Body Style: Did you notice that all the “under $200” ukuleles we reviewed were concert size? Many of these come in other sizes, but concert size fits most players pretty well – it’s small enough for most kids to learn on and comfortable enough for most adults as well. The sound is a little bit richer than what you’ll find in a soprano uke, yet it’s definitely got plenty of desirable “Island” quality.
  • Materials: You’ll find that some of the best ukuleles in the under $200 category offer solid tonewood tops and/or bodies, while others are laminate. Don’t be afraid to give laminate ukuleles a try, particularly when they receive favorable reviews from others. They’re generally a big step up from plastic, and when paired quality components, laminates can be perfectly acceptable. If you’re absolutely set on solid tonewood, you’ll find some good choices here as well as in the ukuleles under $500 category.
  • Accessories: Many of our favorite ukuleles come with added accessories. While these might not be as nice as high-end accessories purchased separately, they do cut the price of your overall investment significantly.
  • Who’s playing: While experts are likely to appreciate ukuleles in higher cost categories, there are plenty of nice choices here for intermediate players and beginners alike. And, if you’re someone who loves to play but doesn’t want to risk a nicer instrument by taking it to the beach or on backpack trips into the mountains, a ukulele in the under $200 category is likely to serve you well by sounding great and keeping worries to a minimum.

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Ready to upgrade your ukulele and purchase an instrument that’s designed to last decades or maybe even an entire lifetime? If so, you’ll be glad to find that there are plenty of high-quality ukuleles under $500.

These are some of the best ukuleles on the market, hands down. While they’re not custom ukes like the ones available for more than $1,000, they do come with high-quality components, excellent tonewoods, and other desirable features.

After comparing more than 20 ukuleles under $500, we’ve come up with this list of the 5 best ukulele under $500.

Image Product Features

Top Pick

  • Full, rich sound
  • Solid Acacia wood body
  • Takes your playing to the next level
View Best Price
Lanikai CKCGC
  • Made with solid Hawaiian Koa wood
  • Gold hardware and die-cast tuning machines
  • Sweet, classic island sound
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Best Affordable

  • Solid mahogany top, back, and sides
  • Faux tortoise shell binding with black and white purfling
  • Pre-strung with Aquila strings
View Best Price
  • Solid spruce top; mahogany back and sides
  • Chrome die-cast tuners with black buttons
  • Travel bag included
View Best Price
FLEA Magic Fluke Natural Ukulele
  • Solid Birch soundboard; hard maple neck
  • Flat bottom; sits up on its own
  • Gig bag included
View Best Price
Kala KA-ASAC-T8 Solid Acacia Tenor 8-String Ukulele

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The Kala KA-ASAC-T8 ukulele is made with solid acacia wood, which offers a gorgeous reddish brown color that almost glows. The rosewood binding, herringbone purfling, and rosewood bridge and fingerboard lend subtle contrast while contributing to this ukulele’s classic appearance.

With eight strings rather than four, this tenor ukulele offers an incredibly rich, full sound that might make others sound weak in comparison.

  • Incredible sound, with plenty of mellow resonance and beautiful intonation
  • Sounds like nothing else out there, and not terribly difficult to learn
  • Sounds a little washed up or blurry on fast tunes, but perfect for slower songs
Customers Who Purchased this Said:
  • Perfectly set up out of the box. Sound and feel are amazing!
  • One strum and the resonance of the wood traveled into every cell of my being. Since purchasing this uke I’ve spent 6 to 8 hours a day with it in my hands because I love the way it sounds.
Why Buy This Ukulele?

If you’re ready to expand your horizons and you love the richer sound that a tenor uke provides, you are going to love this one from Kala. The chords are well-extended and very complex, and as you extend your skills, you’ll find that this instrument excels for a variety of musical styles. Rumor has it that Kala will be raising prices soon, putting this instrument above the $500 mark. If you’ve been thinking about picking up an 8-string ukulele, this might be the perfect time to do it!

Lanikai CKCGC Concert Ukulele

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A classic! The Lanikai CKCGC Concert Ukulele offers a curly Koa wood body and top, assuring well-balanced tone and a rich island sound. With gold hardware, die-cast tuners, and a lovely satin finish, this ukulele looks as beautiful as it sounds.

Traditional rosewood is used for the fretboard and bridge, assuring clean, crisp notes that ring out.

  • Excellent instrument for the price; solid curly Koa wood, not laminate
  • Pleasing appearance and great sound
  • Easy to tune, holds tuning very well
  • One reviewer had to install a new nut for the 4th string as the original was cut a little too low.
Customers Who Purchased this Said:
  • I have had many ukes over the years and this one has been the best sounding and playing of them all. I like the concert size much more than the soprano as it is easier to play. The sound has great resonance and each string is pure in tone.
  • The koa wood is highly figured. This ukulele looks good, plays easy, sounds great, and notes correctly.
Why Buy This Ukulele?

If you’re in the market for a traditional concert ukulele that will last for decades if not an entire lifetime, then you are going to want to shortlist this one. It’s got a lovely Island sound that’s perfect for traditional and contemporary tunes, and it’s sized to accommodate most players.

Kala KA-SMHS Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

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The Kala KA-SMHS soprano ukulele is made with solid mahogany wood for a rich, sweet sound and exceptional tone. Faux tortoise shell binding adds a touch of subtle contrast, and chrome diecast friction tuners make for fast, easy tuning. A traditional rosewood fingerboard and bridge complete this pretty, classic ukulele.

  • Light and easy to tune
  • Pleasing tone
  • Loud and responsive
  • Friction tuners make it tough to micro-tune
Customers Who Purchased this Said:
  • If you want a non-China built ukulele plan to shuck out anywhere from 600 to 2000 dollars. For just over 200 bucks, this is a fine soprano ukulele with excellent tone, solid wood, accurate action. Outstanding for the price.
  • I love this soprano! It is solid mahogany which is why I wanted t and I love the friction tuners. The key to them is keeping the screws in back tightened enough so they don’t slip. The sound quality is great and will get better since mahogany opens up and gets sweeter sounding as it ages.
Why Buy This Ukulele?

Those who love the traditional sound of a Soprano ukulele will appreciate this one. Its music is pure and sweet, with far more resonance and quality than you’ll find in a similar-looking laminate ukulele. Accurate action, a charming appearance, and solid construction make this lovely little uke a pleasure to play.

Kala KA-SSTU-C Concert Travel Ukulele

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The Kala KA-SSTU-C concert ukulele features a solid spruce top, along with mahogany back and sides. The neck is mahogany as well, while the bridge and fingerboard are of traditional rosewood.

Die-cast chrome tuners with black buttons complement the simple black binding, which adds just a touch of contrast. Aquila super nylgut strings are included, along with a Kala logo travel bag.

  • Big, beautiful sound – it’s thin and light, but sounds like a full size concert uke.
  • Excellent craftsmanship, and the narrow depth makes it very comfortable to play
  • Great action, excellent setup
  • No strap button
  • Padded case is a pretty tight fit and doesn’t have pockets outside
Customers Who Purchased this Said:
  • I was told that I couldn’t install a strap button, but Kala sent me a letter, saying they install blocks on the travel ukes, complete with pre-drilled holes so the wood won’t split. Found an instrument repair shop to do the job. Great instrument and with customer service like this, it’s another reason to go with this ukulele.
  • If you need a travel uke this is the one for you. It’s better than I hoped, out of the box, tune it up and go! Instrument is well set up and has a lovely sound, much bigger than you’d guess by its size.
Why Buy This Ukulele?

If you’re looking for a good travel uke with a rich, pleasing sound and a surprising amount of punch, you’re probably going to fall in love with this one. It’s a favorite with backpackers and other travelers as it fits easily into smaller bags. Quality components, good customer service, and overall playability make it an outstanding, portable choice.

FLEA Magic Fluke Natural Concert Ukulele

Check Amazon Deals

With a birch top for a crisp and lively tone, the FLEA Magic Fluke natural concert ukulele offers a hard maple neck, a precision polycarbonate fingerboard with comfortable non-metal frets, molded back and sides, and a flat bottom so you can set it up just about anywhere.

A 30-day limited warranty is included, along with a complimentary gig bag. Every purchase includes a donation to hospitals for music therapy programs.

  • Clear, bright sound with a warm, sweet tone and no buzzing.
  • Durable go-everywhere ukulele
  • Excellent, correct intonation; stays in tune very well
  • Non-traditional appearance can be off-putting for some
Customers Who Purchased this Said:
  • This is my third Magic Fluke instrument, and it’s a fabulous addition to my collection. Very well-made, an beautiful sounding.
  • I was looking for a ukulele made in USA and I knew I couldn’t justify the cost of a solid handmade Hawaiian uke so I decided on this one. It sounds great, stays in tune well, and is easy to play. I love the flat bottom.
Why Buy This Ukulele?

Those who aren’t committed to traditional appearances are probably going to like this ukulele for its easy maintenance, its amazing sound, and its go-anywhere durability. These instruments are designed for easy playing and learning, and they’re meant to last. Every FLEA ukulele is fully inspected and set up prior to shipping, greatly reducing the likelihood that you’ll encounter any manufacturing flaws.

Key Considerations when Buying a Ukulele Under $500

While it is completely possible to find a decent ukulele for less than $100 and a pretty good one for under $200, serious musicians are likely to prefer instruments higher up on the scale. In case you’re curious about whether these are the best ukuleles on the market, the answer is that they’re definitely among the best that larger manufacturers have to offer, but not nearly as nice as a custom ukulele that comes in closer to $1,000 or even $1,500. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering ukuleles under $500.

  • Body Style/Size: You can find good examples of every body style in this category. Most of the ukuleles we reviewed here come in different sizes, so consider looking a little deeper if you don’t see the exact size you prefer on our list – usually, additional sizes are listed on each instrument’s product page for easy reference.
  • Overall Quality: Those looking for something beyond an entry level ukulele will appreciate the fine woods, beautiful finishes, exceptional construction, unique features, and quality components that go into ukuleles in this category. Most of these have quite a bit of “Wow!” factor compared side by side with cheaper ukes.
  • Brand: There are plenty of great manufacturers out there, but some stop their product lines at lower-cost instruments simply because there’s a good market brimming with beginning players who are looking for ukuleles under $200 or even under $100. This time, we found plenty of nice options and ended up recommending a few standouts, including three ukuleles from Kala – not surprising, as they’re one of today’s best ukulele manufacturers. This having been said, don’t get too hung up on brand so long as the instrument is a good one. There are plenty of great instruments out there including some from smaller luthiers who don’t have a widespread presence.
  • Your Needs as a Player: What do you want in a ukulele? We recommend making your own needs a top priority, especially when choosing a better instrument that’s likely to be with you for many years. We tried to include some unique options in this short list, and it’s likely that one of these will appeal to you. If not, keep looking! You may end up paying a bit more but the perfect uke is somewhere out there.

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For anyone looking to play a new instrument, there’s always the dilemma of where to buy your own and what kind of specifications one should look out for. Picking the right place to purchase the right kind of ukulele is the first step to your ukulele journey, and below are the top ukulele stores in the US.

  1. Kamaka Hawaii, Inc. (South Street, Hawaii) – Located in South Street, Hawaii – Kamaka is one of the most trusted and well-known ukulele brands. As the trademark instrument of Hawaii, Kamaka ukuleles are traditionally given to young children as gifts to start playing the instrument at an early age. Well-known ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro owns a Kamaka ukulele and even recommends young players to start with a high-quality ukulele. Established in 1916, Kamaka Hawaii prides itself in being the home of the original pineapple-shaped ukuleles made from acacia koa lumber. The store also caters to customers looking for vintage or secondhand Kamaka ukuleles.
  2. Kala Brand Music, Co. (Petaluma, California) – Another well-known brand in the American ukulele community is the Kala. This popular ukulele’s birthplace is in Petaluma, California but due to the instrument’s surge in popularity, Kala was able to branch to Hawaii and Virginia. What has made them an established brand is their commitment to taking traditional standards in building ukuleles and taking a modern, innovative spin on them. In 2007, Kala created the original U-Bass which is an instrument in the shape of a ukulele but sounds like an upright bass. Customers who have already bought an instrument, both in the shop and online, have returned to purchase more to grow their ukulele collection.
  3. UKE Republic (online, showroom in Austell, Georgia) – UKE Republic started out as an exclusively online store in 2007 as a response to the demand of online ukulele shops. As the number of customers grew, they opened a showroom in Austell, Georgie in 2012. Their shop is carefully curated with only the best brands of ukuleles and ukulele accessories, and people are welcome to test drive the ukuleles and ask the friendly staff for a demonstration. Their customer service is known to cater to a variety of needs, specifications, and skill levels. If you get lucky during your visit, you might also witness a wonderful performance from their occasional open jams they host every now and then.
  4. The Ukulele Site (Haleiwa, Hawaii) – The Ukulele Site is a favorite among ukulele players. The simple setup and aesthetically pleasing design of the store is very warm and welcoming. Any visitor can easily enter and be enchanted by their wide selection of ukuleles. The staff lets customers play any instrument on display and will even encourage them to try playing different types of ukuleles to help identify and pick from different sounds produced by different types of materials used to build ukuleles. Visiting their website beforehand is also recommended where you can find videos of different ukuleles being played. The Ukulele Site takes pride in their passion, love, and knowledge of the ukulele wherein customers can walk in with as many questions as they can ask and walk out happy with all the relevant answers.
  5. Ukulele Station America (Oregon, Illinois) – Ukulele Station America in Oregon, Illinois is very popular with locals mostly because of the owner John Lindhorst. Lindhorst is very active in Oregon’s art and music scene and is also very passionate about encouraging local businesses and organizations to create spectacular events. Ukulele Station is a dealer of household names in ukulele brands including Kala and Ohana, but the locals visit the cottage-turned-store mostly for the ukulele lessons that the store also offers or just to spend time with Lindhorst who is always generously and warmly offering serenades to visitors.
  6. Hale Ukulele (San Diego, California) – What is special about small friendly neighborhood shops is that they extend their services beyond their business and Hale Ukulele in San Diego, California is the perfect example of that. Visitors to the shop are welcome to sit down, play the instruments, and jam for hours. It is recommended to call the shop prior to visiting to find out if your desired ukulele brand is on sale. The store also offers individual and group ukulele lessons and has a recording studio available to local artists for rent. Moreover, Hale Ukulele is also a supporter and affiliate of a few ukulele clubs in San Diego.
  7. Uke Hut (Long Island, New York City) – Uke Hut in Long Island, New York is not only the first ukulele shop in New York City but is also a ukulele lounge and performance venue. As an authorized dealer, their shop includes well known Hawaiian K brands and every purchase will come with a free tuner. Uke Hut has hosted concerts for artists like Eva Kano and even Yukata and Hula themed events. Customers have lauded the place as “ukulele heaven” and have praised the owners for being very accommodating and patient with newbies. In 2014, Uke Hut opened a second branch in Queens, New York City.
  8. Fan Guitar and Ukulele (Richmond, Virginia) – Fan Guitar and Ukulele is a humble local shop in Richmond, Virginia owned by John Gonzales del Solar who used to be a musician in the Navy band. A fateful landing in Hawaii has introduced him to the ukulele and there he fell in love with the instrument and eventually set up shop with his wife. Fan Guitar and Ukulele has amazed customers with their quick and friendly customer service and their ability to do flawless instrument repairs. Some customers were even able to acquire rare strings, parts, and other accessories from the shop.
  9. Mainland Ukes (Nashville, Indiana) – Mainland Ukes in Nashville, Indiana is a local family business that sells their own brand of ukuleles made from mahogany, spruce, cedar, and mango wood. Their instruments are strictly acoustic with no electric pickups and they all come in Aquila brand strings which put these ukes on the higher scale of modulation. Mainland Ukes are perfect for anyone who can’t afford to purchase high-end well-known brands but do not want for quality to be compromised. Despite being a humble local shop, Mainland Ukes ships internationally and every instrument purchased is highly encouraged by the store to arrive with a case. The shop also caters to special occasions by offering special gift wrapping and gift certificates. It is highly encouraged that interested visitors call the shop prior to dropping by so the owners will know when to expect you and extend to you the best customer service.
  10. Magic Fluke Co., LLC (Sheffield, Massachusetts) – Magic Fluke is another store that makes their own instruments. What started out as a basement shop in Connecticut grew from the continuous demands of customers hence the need to move to a bigger and more accommodating space. Magic Fluke also produces other instruments including banjos and violins. Their instruments are fondly named after critters like the Fluke and Flea, the Cricket, and the Firefly for their ukulele, violin, and banjo respectively. Anyone into clean and minimalist designs would easily fall in love with Magic Fluke’s instruments. While their mains store is situated in Sheffield, Massachusetts, their instruments are distributed and sold all over the US including Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, and Michigan.

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Whether you’re looking for advice, new ukulele music to play, or some fantastic tracks that feature the sweet, melodious sound of the ukulele, you’ll appreciate this compilation of ukulele music blogs. Check them out and discover exciting new music while enjoying some old favorites.

Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle is a place for all things related to independent music, and it’s a great place to find new bands to listen to, as well as to find music to inspire your own playing. Run by a team of international writers, the site offers a stunning array of music from every genre imaginable. Apps for android and iPhone add even more excitement, and you can submit your own music if you like.

Learning Ukulele with Curt Sheller

At Learning Ukulele with Curt Sheller, you can take advantage of 234 free lessons, plus hundreds of others with an inexpensive paid membership. This site offers a wealth of information to help you become a better player and take your ukulele skills to the next level.

Ukulele Hunt

Learn how to play, find out about the latest books, and get quick tabs and chords. Looking for ukulele lessons? You can find them here – along with lots of other goodies.

Molly’s Music

In or near Orange County, CA, and have learned all you can on your own? If you’re ready for instrumental or voice lessons, or if you’re looking for artist development tools, then Molly’s Music is well worth checking out. This is a fantastic site for all musicians, new and old alike.

Ukulele Underground

Learn about accessories, find out where ukulele aficionados are gathering and shop in a marketplace built by and for ukulele players. Ukulele underground is all ukes, all the time.

Live Ukulele

Find easy ukulele tabs, learn how to play beginner pieces, and fall in love with the fine art of ukulele playing. You’ll be introduced to famous ukulele players along the way, and you’ll love the “Aloha Spirit” found on this easy-to-navigate ukulele blog.

The Official Website of Ukulele Mike

Listen and watch as Ukulele Mike plays one hit after another, or take online lessons from the comfort of your own home. There are loads of excellent ukulele products available for purchase, plus free resources and a wealth of information for ukulele players of every level.

Flea Plucker

Take ukulele lessons on Skype, find links to festivals and events, and gain insight about ukulele-friendly places to visit. Flea Plucker is completely dedicated to bringing ukulele players together, and it is brimming with information you’ll appreciate. The blog is updated frequently, plus it features a robust series of archives.


At Ukeeku.com, you’ll find sound samples from different ukuleles, plus links to events and much more. Whether you’re shopping for a new case or an upgrade to your current uke, this is a site that’s well worth visiting.
P.S. Ukeeku sells fabulous ukulele stickers!


If you’re looking for fantastic ukulele tutorials, then Uke4U is worth looking into. You’ll find popular songs as well as old favorites, plus links to apps and more. Links to shows can be found here, along with guest posts and some other fun stuff. Want to see Kermit the Frog play Ukulele Lady? This is the place to do it.

Ukulele Secrets

Tutorials and demonstrations abound on ukulelesecrets, which in their own words, will teach you “how to play ukulele like a badass.” Brought to you by the one and only Tim Keough, this site promises to take years off your learning curve so your ukulele playing sounds better, faster.

Play Ukulele by Ear

Offered by instructor Jim D’Ville, Play Ukulele by Ear will teach you to do just that, and more. Outstanding audio and video links can be found hear, along with links to ukulele workshops, retreats, basic lessons, and featured articles.

Ukelele Go!

Interesting Ukulele tabs, lessons, ebooks, and much, much more can be found here. If you need a useful lesson on fingerpicking for beginners, this is a great place to find it.

Bryan Holley

Bryan specializes in teaching beginners of all ages. His series of ukulele lessons and workshops with useful handouts and song charts help anyone advance their musical journey. His workshops have explored gospel, Hawaiian, and Latino music, the songs of Pete Seeger and Jimmy Durante, the hits of 1915 (when the first ukulele craze swept America), and fingerstyle ukulele.

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Want to keep up with your favorite artists, learn what’s new in the world of music, enjoy video interviews with top stars and more? Music blogs are the answer, no matter what genre you prefer.

Here are our top 20 picks, along with a few quick highlights for each. Looking for a specific music blog review? These entries are arranged in alphabetical order rather than by popularity for easy A-Z referencing. Enjoy!

A & R Factory

If you want to discover new artists, then take a trip to A & R Factory, where you’ll be able to keep an eye out for new talent that appeals to your musical taste. This music blog does not discriminate; it caters to independent labels as well as major publishers, radio stations, and others. As one of the world’s top Artist and Repertoire blogs, A & R Factory is a proud recipient of numerous awards, including a 2017 Top 10 UK Music Blog award.

AMBY: A Music Blog, Yea?

Concert photos, links to stars’ twitter feeds, and fantastic “Gimme Your Answers” two-minute interviews are some top features found at AMBY: A Music Blog, Yea? Cool extras like exclusive music videos and interesting stories make this one of the world’s top 100 music blogs, plus you’ll find ongoing contests, concert ticket giveaways, and more. AMBY is run by a global team of writers and photographers who keep fans in the loop via a solid social media presence; follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and more for at-a-glance updates.


Want to be considered for a review? Awesong offers artists the opportunity to upload tracks, plus they give budding talent the opportunity to play for a massive online audience of more than four million listeners. Hundreds of prominent artists are featured here, too, and there are thousands of cover songs to listen to, including numerous tracks from India’s up and coming talent. Prepare to entertain or be entertained; whatever your preference, Awesong delivers.

Caesar Live ‘N Loud

Interviews, performance videos, and loads of great updates make Caesar Live N Loud a favorite as well as the recipient of a Top 200 Music Blog award. Featured posts take top billing as expected, but older stories and even older archives are easy to find, and they take you back to some of yesterday’s most exciting music milestones. Check out the Mixtapes and don’t miss the free downloads. Like many other top-billed music blogs, Caesar Live N Loud showcases new artists and well-known stars alike.

EDM Nations

Listeners and artists alike appreciate EDM Nations for its vast menu of offerings. You’ll find all things music-related here, including new releases, in-depth reviews, the latest music festival news, and inspiring posts covering a diverse array of topics. Free downloads are plentiful here, plus you’ll find no shortage of videos and much more.

For the Love of Bands

If you don’t want to rely on radio stations to discover new music, then you’re likely to appreciate For the Love of Bands. Features include artist spotlights and reviews, plus a big Spotify playlist where you can listen while you multitask. Artists will appreciate this award-winning music blog just as much as fans; some posts focus on helpful topics that help musicians get noticed, plus there’s a cool “Bands about Bands” feature that has bands review one another. This is just the tip of the musical iceberg; For the Love of Bands is a huge blog with plenty to explore.


A sleek, simple design with prominent mixtapes and more, Indietronica offers a welcome respite from the everyday. Read up on the philosophy behind some of the most compelling indie tracks, grab instant links to Spotify so you can add new favorites to your playlists, and share Soundcloud links. Indietronica features a “Sounds Like” comparison with each entry, making it easy to decide what to listen to next while providing you with some additional indie inspiration in the event you really like what you’re hearing and want to discover more.

Kings of A&R

Ready to dig deep into one of the best Artist and Repertoire blogs around? Look no further than Kings of A&R, where editor Dean Cramer has been shining a spotlight on up and coming artists since 1999. Artists hoping to achieve mainstream success come here in hopes of joining the likes of Twenty One Pilots, The Fray, and many others featured on Kings of A&R before they reached fame, and fans hoping to discover new sounds appreciate the blog as well. New entries are available almost every day, and a strong social media presence makes it easy to keep up with what’s new.

KMM Reviews

Whether you’re an artist who wants to submit new music for review, or a fan with a longing for some new tracks to make your day extraordinary, you’re likely to enjoy KMM Reviews. There’s a little bit of everything here; classic reviews cover old favorites like U2’s The Joshua Tree, and introductions provide quick summaries that highlight new artists on a level playing field with well-known musicians. If you like records, be sure to check out the blog’s “Flying Vinyl” entries.

LIVE Music Blog

Whatever your favorite genre, you’re likely to find some new discoveries when you head over to LIVE Music Blog. A massive compilation of entries awaits, along with a slick design that’s eye candy for anyone who loves album covers and more. Browse the latest music news, check out reviews, or watch videos while you’re there. If you happen to have something specific in mind, you’ll appreciate LIVE Music Blog’s easy-to-find search feature.

Music Enthusiast

A few music blogs seem to have a little something for everyone – and Music Enthusiast is one of these. Interesting, thoughtful posts covering individual songs, albums, concerts, music festivals, and even movies top the list of things that make this blog a must-visit while earning it a Top 100 Music Blog award. Genres include blues, jazz, pop, R&B, rock, and soul, with just a sprinkling of country tossed in for good measure. Music Enthusiast covers time-honored artists and albums as well as newer ones, making for some delightful reintroductions to old favorites you might not have heard in quite some time.

Music Tech Student

While Music Tech Student does offer some entertaining components, it exists to provide musicians including students and teachers with resources designed to take careers to the next level. There’s a heavy focus on the technological side of the music industry, which is highly valuable to those who want to make money with their music as well as those who are interested in the way music and technology intersect. Music Tech Student covers a vast variety of topics ranging from electronic music to film and game audio to mixing, mastering, and music video production.

Pigeons & Planes

Looking for some new sounds? Pigeons & Planes is all about discovery, great music, and talented artists. The blog covers several genres; indie rock, pop, hip-hop, and electronic are among those covered most often. Where some blogs cover either established stars or emerging talent, Pigeons & Planes provides a balance of both. It’s the perfect place to check out new releases, watch videos, read news, and more.


Whether you’re into indie, mad about pop, or crazy for experimental music, you’re likely to appreciate Pitchfork. This is a massive blog with vast social media coverage, and it’s got treats for those who enjoy everything from rock to hip hop to metal. Reviews, interviews, and cool features are just the beginning; Pitchfork also covers music news so fans can keep up with the latest happenings, plus it reintroduces artists from past decades.

Primal Music Blog

Looking for something unique? You’ll find it at Primal Music Blog, which features an outstanding array of underground artists, along with interesting single premiers, plenty of post-punk, and some outstanding psychedelic archives. EP reviews provide introductions to a variety of artists who prefer to stray off the beaten track, providing endless opportunities for new discoveries. If you’re an artist, consider submitting music to Primal Music Blog; they’re always looking for something new to discover and share.


New music, live sessions, festival updates, and videos are just some of the great features you’ll find on Sync. Check out playlists and top ten lists while you’re there, and take a look at some of the blog’s suggested links. Sync’s Backtrack feature takes you for a quick trip into the past so you can see how some of today’s top acts got their starts. For indie, dance, electronic, pop, and alternative music fans, this top-rated blog is a must.

The Camp House

Country music – the live, Texas kind – is the focus at The Camp House, which is also the home of the 65 & Sides Society. Live, small-venue concerts are featured here, each of which is limited to 65 pairs of tickets. Additionally, you’ll find fantastic artist spotlights, favorite links, new music, and news. The Camp House is relatively new to the music blog scene; even so, it received a Top 100 Music Blogs award.

The Write Reviews

If you appreciate underground artists, then you’ll probably enjoy The Write Reviews. Besides album reviews, this independent music blog offers interviews, artist of the month spotlights, and featured emcees, plus it’s home to The Write Rhymes Radio Show. Artists can submit their work for review, with several options to suit their needs. The Write Reviews is a Top 100 Music Blog award recipient as well as a Top 100 Hip Hop Blog award recipient.

Turtle Tempo

If you love nothing more than independent music, Turtle Tempo has you covered. This UK-based music blog received a Top 25 Independent Music Blogs award, and a quick visit will show you exactly why. Loads of updates, quick top-5 picks every Friday, New Music, Top Performances lists, and artist interviews are just some of the features you’ll find here. The focus is on unsigned, independent, and alternative artists, who are welcome to submit music.

Unheard Gems

Unheard Gems is a music site set out to bring listeners the best in new and emerging artists. The team of two bring together a collection of artists from all over the world and across a variety of genres with the potential to be the next big thing which they feel deserve to be heard by a larger audience. By interviewing artists like Mathew V, Traces, Wet, Huntar, Luna Shadows and more Unheard Gems brings viewers and listeners closer to the artists they already love and introduce them to artists they should get to know. Besides interviews, Unheard Gems releases music reviews, updates on new or upcoming music, musician focused articles, and keeps a catalog of incredible artists. Unheard Gems has also recently joined forces with the blog AltWire.net and posts content on both blogs covering an even wider array of artists. Unheard Gems works to bring you the best in new music and emerging artists.

We All Want Someone to Shout For

Founded way back in 2008 and enjoying growing popularity ever since, We All Want Someone to Shout For crosses genres in search of the latest, best music available. Concert reviews, music videos, Soundcloud links, and previews are some of the blog’s best features. Every post provides a quick intro to the artist or band being covered, along with a short discussion that digs a bit deeper into the details. We All Want Someone to Shout For offers a crisp, interface for a user-friendly experience.

Where the Music Meets

Ready to explore and dig really deep into the indie scene and more? Where the Music Meets has you covered with interviews, reviews, and more. You’ll find massive Soundcloud and Spotify playlists here with plenty of new sounds to discover, plus some exciting links to like-minded partners. If you’re an artist, you can feel free to send a submission for consideration by the expert reviewers at Where the Music Meets. Who knows? Your act might be featured next.

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We decided to compare Uke Like the Pros online lessons with others, so we purchased access to the courses, spent time strumming along, and reviewed the features. Is it worth the investment? Enjoy this step by step review.

In case you’re wondering about the story behind Uke Like the Pros, here’s the short version. Terry Carter, a San Diego-based singer, songwriter, ukuleleist, and guitarist, created the site to share his passion with others.

Terry has a Master of Music from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, as well as a Bachelor of Music from San Diego State University. He has worked alongside numerous musicians including Weezer and Josh Groban, and he has written tracks for shows on Animal Planet, CBS, MTV. Altogether, Terry has 25 years of playing and teaching experience to share.

Terry has been offering online lessons via Uke Like the Pros since 2017. He sends emails and offers in-person interaction weekly. If you prefer an intimate setting and a one-on-one feel plus the opportunity to interact with others, you’ll probably enjoy this site.

Uke Like the Pros has an active social media presence, too, so you can enjoy even deeper involvement if you like.

Online Ukulele Lessons for Beginners and Beyond

There are two membership levels to choose from. The standard $12.99/month membership is ideal for beginners who aren’t quite sure whether they’re ready to commit to a larger investment, or who want to purchase some courses a la carte.

The $29.99/month premium membership is better for those who have spent some time familiarizing themselves with the instrument, and who know that they want to increase their skills over time.

It’s worth noting here that the premium membership includes all current courses as well as future ones, so there is nothing else to buy at a later date. Yearly memberships are also available for those who like the site and want to stay here.

The price was quoted at $99 / year for standard membership or $299 / year for premium membership when we looked.

Get 20% on all courses

Like many other sources for online ukulele lessons, Uke Like the Pros provides a money back guarantee for users who aren’t satisfied, and it allows members to cancel anytime. Everyone who signs up gets a free t-shirt.

What Will You Learn First?

It’s up to you! This site has a crisp, well-organized layout that makes it easy to view different options and decide what you’d like to do.

Once you choose a membership level, you’ll find that there are a few different options for getting started including a basic “boot camp” aimed at total beginners.

After you get started, you can move on to bigger and better things. All of the courses included in your membership can be found in the library. We signed up for the premium level so that we could enjoy access to all the courses including music reading and ultimate chord progression.

This section is home to the Uke Like the Pros “Tip of the Week,” Live Q&A sessions, and more.

Instruction Style and Unique Site Features

Terry’s style is easygoing and approachable. He’s friendly and professional when encouraging new players to get started, and he does an excellent job of explaining each lesson in terms of what to expect.

Every lesson includes details about how to play the chord or song being mentioned in a step-by-step fashion, with helpful tips on chord progressions and more.

Once you choose a lesson, you can play along online. You can also download mp3s and PDF files with music.

You get a great view of Terry’s fingers during each lesson. You can go to full screen if you’d like an even crisper view. Many of the videos are shot in 4K, so they’re crisp and clear. Here’s an example from one of his Chord Mania sessions. In this lesson, Terry takes a little over three minutes to introduce F Major 7, ensuring you learn all about the chord and how it’s used.

All course menus include brief descriptions of the lessons, so you can know what to expect. You can repeat the lessons as many times as you like. Once you’re ready to move on to the next lesson, it’s up to you to mark your lesson “complete” and move on to the next one. A ticker helps you keep track so you don’t lose your place.

How to Get the Best Value from a Uke Like the Pros Membership

If you decide to try these lessons, we recommend that you take a look around and familiarize yourself with the site. See what’s available and then choose a course, starting at the beginning and pacing yourself through the lessons one at a time.

If you have questions or want to get a little more in-depth, it’s a good idea to get involved with the live Q&A sessions. The first entry on the Q&A page features a link to the scheduled Zoom Meeting, which is held every Friday at 9:15 AM Pacific Time. You can login using any system – Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, or PC. You can even phone in if you prefer. Once you’re in the Q&A session, you have in-person access to Terry.

Even if you can’t jump online during these sessions, it’s a great idea to take a look at the Q&A sessions after the fact to see if questions from other students are helpful. Each Q&A session lasts for about an hour. PDF downloads are available for songs covered during these sections.

The Tip of the Week section is an excellent resource as well. This area provides access not just to the current tip, but also to tips that were recorded in the past. It’s a wealth of information that will help you improve your musicianship one well-organized bite at a time.

If you’re a complete beginner, we recommend getting started with the Beginning Ukulele Bootcamp. This section features 25 lessons including an introduction to different types of ukuleles, ukulele parts, how to hold your ukulele, how to strum, and a whole lot more. When you’re ready, you can move on to another series of lessons that interests you and keep on building skills from there.

Uke Like the Pros: Pros and Cons Pros

There’s a lot to like about this site. We enjoyed the beachy vibe, for starters. Here are a few more things that stand out:

  • More than 300 lessons in the basic membership area alone
  • New content is added weekly
  • Relaxed, easygoing instructor

Of all the features available, we like the weekly Q&A sessions best. It’s clear that Terry makes an effort to get to know the people who participate in this forum, and he takes plenty of time to make sure that participants understand the answers to their questions.


No site is perfect. We don’t have any major complaints about Uke Like the Pros, but there are a couple of “cons” to be aware of:

  • There’s no song list.
  • You have to go into one of the courses to access the search feature, and the search feature only works inside that course. We couldn’t find an overall “search” section for the site.
  • There’s no option to purchase individual Skype lessons.
The Takeaway: Are Uke Like the Pros Online Lessons Worth the Price?

The short answer to this question is that it depends what you’re looking for!

While there is some content for advanced players here (especially in the Q&A and workshop areas), Uke Like the Pros joins many other ukulele lesson sites in catering mostly to beginners and intermediate players who are looking to expand their skills.

This makes sense as newer players are typically the ones seeking instruction.

At the same time, the site’s offerings are far from limited. We can see from the descriptions in the membership area that there are plans to expand soon with a Guitarlele course and a Fingerstyle course.

As these come online and more content aggregates in the Q&A and Workshop areas, more experienced players will be able to challenge themselves and further develop their playing styles. It’s also possible to ask anything during Q&A sessions.

We’re enjoying the content and even though we’re not beginners, we are finding plenty of useful information here including some cool jazz chord melodies. The site looks basic at first but as you explore the menus, you find that there are many hidden gems that can give you some ideas about what to work on next.

The weekly Q&A sessions are a lot like having access to a live instructor, with the added benefit of downloads and the ability to go back and review things you might have missed. The per-month price for the premium membership is on par with what you’ll find at some competing sites.

While there are a few “cons” to consider, Uke Like the Pros is designed to give newer players a solid foundation and help them develop more advanced skills once they’re ready.

Like some other sources for online ukulele lessons, this site provides a free trial period that makes it easy to see if it’s a good match for you. If you think you’d prefer a friendly, one-on-one approach and a simple format, you may enjoy online lessons with Uke Like the Pros.

Click here to get 20% on all courses


We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review

Terry is a contributor and a dear friend of Ukulelemusicinfo.com. We have been collaborating for a while now in order to bring you the best up to date information. Having that said, we did our best to provide an objective point of view during the review. And the truth is that if we did not like Uke and the Pros online lessons we would be writing about it.

The post Uke Like the Pros Online Lessons Review: [Purchased and Tested] appeared first on Ukulele Music Info.

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Thanks to its ability to produce a mellow sound and treat newcomers to an easy learning experience, the ukulele has become one of today’s most popular instruments.

It’s no surprise then, that friends and family members find themselves searching for the best gifts for ukulele players. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered with all kinds of ukulele accessories and much, much more. Whether you’re in search of a birthday gift or something to celebrate a major holiday like Christmas or Hanukkah, you’ll find plenty of ideas in our ultimate ukulele gift guide!

1. Online Ukulele Course

Most ukulele players want to improve their skills, and online ukulele courses make a fantastic gift that keeps on giving! We like Ukulele Buddy for its easygoing style, its simple learning tools, and its cool play-along feature. Uke Like the Pros is another fantastic option. Both sites offer a personalized feel, with well-known teachers.

Good online ukulele courses are almost as nice as in-person lessons, while being more affordable and a whole lot easier to fit into a busy schedule. Package it with small uke-themed gift such as a keychain so they’ll have something to unwrap, and you’ll make this surprise even better!

2. Ukulele Chord Stamp

Perfect for the budding music writer and great for ukulele players who want to up their game or transcribe music! We found this cool ukulele chord stamp gift pack by WhirlWindPress – it comes with 84 ukulele chord flashcards, a laser-engraved rubber stamp, and a handy ink pad.

Check Amazon Deals

3. Ukulele Wall Hanger

Help them get organized! A ukulele wall hanger protects the instrument from damage while putting it in easy reach.

Check Amazon Deals

4. A Cool New Neck Strap

A great ukulele neck strap makes playing more comfortable. We really like this one from Cloudmusic – it has a cool Hawaiian vibe and it comes in a variety of colors.

Check Amazon Deals

5. Ukulele Stand

A ukulele stand protects the instrument and puts it on display. There are a lot of options available, and most are affordable. Kala’s mahogany uke stand makes a great gift for the player in your life: Not only is it easy on the eyes, it folds up to fit inside a gear bag.

Check Amazon Deals

6. A Good Ukulele Tuner

Many ukulele starter packs come with tuners, but they’re often not the best. A quality ukulele tuner like the D’Addario NS micro clip-on is sure to see plenty of use, thanks to its accuracy.

Check Amazon Deals

7. A Better Ukulele Case

A good case is often toward the top of many ukulele players’ gift wish lists. There are lots of bags and cases to choose from, but for overall protection and affordability, this one from Fino hits the mark. Like others, this durable ukulele case comes in different sizes – double check to be sure you get the right one!

Check Amazon Deals

8. A Tablet/Phone Holder

Many ukulele players rely on their phones or tablets for viewing lessons, play-alongs, and more. This cool tripod by Rockville has an adjustable mount that accommodates most phones and tablets. While it’s not a traditional gift, it’s sure to be a hit.

Check Amazon Deals

9. Finger Jingles

They will never guess what’s in the package! Finger Jingles make a cool gift that adds a bit of percussion to some of their favorite songs.

Check Amazon Deals

10. Rhythm Ring Shaker

Often imitated but never duplicated, the Rhythm Ring Shaker is easy for ukulele players to wear while strumming. They’ll like the way this inexpensive gift adds depth to their playing.

Check Amazon Deals

11. Blank Ukulele Tabs

Encourage creativity with a big pack of blank ukulele tabs. This set from Timbre Notebooks features blank tabs alternating with lined paper, perfect for writing lyrics or taking notes.

Check Amazon Deals

12. Music Nomad Guitar Care Kit

Help them keep their instrument in top-notch condition with products made just for the woods used in building instruments. This complete instrument care kit was designed for guitars, but it works just as well for ukuleles.

Check Amazon Deals

13. String Fuel Cleaner and Lubricant

Ukulele strings work best when they’re in great condition. Music Nomad’s String Fuel makes a great gift for ukulele players who want their strings to last longer and sound better. While this useful present is very inexpensive, it’s guaranteed to please.

Check Amazon Deals

14. Spare Ukulele Strings

No matter the uke’s quality, the strings eventually need to be replaced. A spare set of strings makes the perfect gift, yet it’s definitely on the low-cost end of the spectrum. If you choose this option, be sure to find out which size ukulele the recipient plays.

Check Amazon Deals

15. Dashboard Doll

Whether you go for the classic hula girl or a cool shark, you’re going to get plenty of smiles when you give the gift of a dashboard doll. Hint: Be sure the figure is playing ukulele!

Check Amazon Deals

16. Ukulele Air Freshener

The ultimate in cheap gifts for the ukulele player in your life! This novelty air freshener combines a fresh scent with a fun Hawaiian hula theme.

Check Amazon Deals

17. Ukulele Mug

Sometimes music is the best therapy. This colorful mug makes a fun ukulele-themed gift for any player! We like this stainless steel travel mug, too.

Check Amazon Deals

18. Ukulele-Themed Beverage Container

Perfect!  This insulated drink carrier keeps beverages hot or cold, so they’re never without their favorite refreshment.

Check Amazon Deals

19. Ukulele Capo

The UGY capo isn’t quite as fancy as some other options on the market, but it’s a favorite thanks to its ergonomic design. A capo is ideal for players who are learning new skills as well as those who are more advanced.

Check Amazon Deals

20. Ukulele Books

There are lots of good ukulele books out there. The Daily Ukulele is a great example: Written by Jim Beloff and Liz Beloff, it contains 365 songs along with tips, a chord chart, and more. This book is the perfect companion for players at every level.

Check Amazon Deals

21. Ukulele Pickup

The ideal gift for a ukulele player who wants to be heard when playing solo or with a band! There are quite a few to choose from. The Luvay acoustic pickup may not be the best for experts, but it’s a good choice for newer players, and is easy to attach.

Check Amazon Deals

22. Ukulele Jewelry

Whether they prefer earrings, rings, or bracelets, ukulele jewelry makes a fun gift. This abalone shell pendant from Hawaiian Silver Jewelry is a classic that goes with just about everything.

Check Amazon Deals

23. Ukulele Picks

Perfect for secret Santa or stocking stuffers! Ukulele picks are always appreciated. Most players like leather ones like these from Anwenk: They’re long-lasting, and they provide an authentic sound.

Check Amazon Deals

24. A New Ukulele

Once people get started with this instrument, they tend to long for a larger collection. Cordoba’s ukuleles are a great example of quality instruments that also happen to be affordable. Be sure to check out our ukulele reviews for many, many more ideas!

Check Amazon Deals

25. Concert Tickets

Last but not least, consider taking your favorite ukulele player to a concert or festival. Here’s a schedule for the current season.

There you have it! 25 of the best gifts for the ukulele player on your list, at prices to suit any budget. Whatever their interest or skill level, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness as well as the special human touch that comes with a gift well-wrapped. We hope you enjoy the holidays – however you celebrate!

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A ukulele is a short-necked guitar played on four strings that originated in Europe. It was first introduced in 1879 in Hawaii by a Portuguese immigrant who played a variation of the instrument called a “branguinha,” a small, guitar-type instrument. Hawaiians were impressed by the immigrant’s playing style that they dubbed the instrument as the “ukulele” or “jumping flea.” By 1900, the ukulele became synonymous to the Hawaiian islands.

6 string ukulele: a variation of the four string uke

While four-string ukuleles are the norm, six-string ukuleles are a class of their own. A six string ukulele is just one of the other four types of ukuleles available. Normal, four-stringed ukuleles are sopranos as it produces a small sound. Concert or alto ukulele produces a richer sound and has a fretboard that is 2-inches longer than most. Meanwhile, six-stringed ukuleles fall under the tenor as it produces a rich tone. Moreover, it is preferred for its versatility and is better suited for players with large hands. Lastly, a baritone is almost like a guitar but is smaller in size and it’s for those who want a deeper sound. However, six-stringed ukuleles are better suited for players who already have a bit of experience under their belt.

How do you tune a six-string ukulele?

Standard ukuleles or the four-string kind are tuned up 2 ½ steps up without the two bass strings. When playing with a guitar tab, the song is basically the same but just in a higher key. Standard tuning for ukulele is GCEA, whereas a six-string ukulele is tuned in GCCEAA. Meanwhile, a guitelele is another six-string version of the ukulele, is tuned exactly as a guitar but starts on an A instead of an E.

How to tune a six string Ukulele - YouTube
What’s the difference between a six-string ukulele and a guitar?

While a guitar and a six-string ukulele both belong to the family of stringed instruments, the two may share the same physical looks but the difference lies in sound and the noticeable size difference.

Guitars often have six strings and sometimes more than that. Strings attached to the instrument vary in thickness and the string composition can range from nylon or steel. Meanwhile, playing style can be done two ways: with fingers or pluck at the strings. Lastly, guitars are either electric or acoustic, which is the sound the guitar produces. The sound of an acoustic guitar is made when strings are plucked and it vibrates through the hollow construction of the instrument. On the other hand, an electric guitar needs an amplifier to produce sound.

Meanwhile, the ukulele has a standard four strings made of nylon. The classification of ukuleles depends on the size and tone, such as the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. Moreover, ukuleles also have different sizes, such as the pineapple and the more triangular fluke.

Six-string ukulele – our recommendations

Oscar Schmidt OU26T Ukulele – Satin Natural

The all-mahogany Oscar Schmidt OU26T Ukulele in Satin Natural is a six-string ukulele with chrome tuners. While this combination may take a while to settle in, the ukulele has a thin neck that is still comfortable to use even for big hands.

Its charm lies in the playing: the more you pick up the ukulele, the more that it becomes warm and rich in sound. While the ukulele is a bit rough around the edges, it still has a unique sound similar to a mandolin. However, new owners should be wary that the ukulele needs some tuning before playing as it is strung poorly.

Kala KA-6 Mahogany 6-String Tenor Ukulele

For ukulele players who want an excellent sounding six-string guitar that has also very good value for money, then the Kala KA-6 is a top consideration.

The ukulele features a mahogany body, 19 silver nickel frets, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, a mahogany neck and topped off with a satin finish. “A” strings are a few octaves apart but the ukulele still produces a pleasant sound to the ears. However, it would have to take a lot of tuning and playing for it to stay in tune with high C and A as the top offenders of this. Moreover, storage would have to be tricky as users might have a hard time to find a case that the ukulele can fit into.

Luna Tattoo 6-String Baritone Ukulele

The handy guitar ideal for travelers, the Luna Tattoo 6-String Baritone Ukulele features a mahogany body, a select spruce top, set neck, rosewood fingerboard and chrome hardware.

The size of the ukulele is similar to a mini-classical guitar and for avid travelers, can fit nicely on top of an overhead cabin on flights and can be taken on biking or beach trips.

For the tuning, Luna recommended tuning it to AAGCCE, but it also works fine if you tune it like a standard guitar.

Luna Tribal 6-String Ukulele Bundle

An ideal bundle for new and old ukulele players, the Luna Tribal is packaged as a bundle that has all the necessary accessories you’ll need to get you to start playing in no time.

Each shipment comes with a gig bag, a clip-on tuner, an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD and an Austin Bazaar polishing cloth. The ukulele features a mahogany top, back and sides and open gear chrome tuners, rosewood fretboard and bridge and comes in a satin natural finish for a sleek look.

The ukulele produces a beautiful sound but may take some warming up as it is not in tune in the first few weeks of use. Moreover, the neck fits comfortable even for ukulele players who have big hands.

Alvarez AU70B/6 Artist Series Ukulele

A versatile ukulele, the Alvarez AU70B/6 features a solid A+ Sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides with semi gloss finish, rosewood fingerboard, mahogany neck and back tuners.

The uke features quality workmanship and plays wonderfully right out of the box.

Moreover, it produces a decent sound, holds tuning quite well and has a nice fit and finish. However, owners should take caution in storing the instrument in low humidity as it can crack easily.

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*Updated for 2018!

Most music sounds sweet when played on our favorite little stringed instrument, but there are some clear favorites. Here are 55 of the most famous ukulele songs, with plenty to choose from depending on your mood at the moment.

And hey – if you don’t see the ukulele being used in the originals, you should know that the song made its way onto the list because it sounds amazing on the ukulele. We’ve included links to chords and lyrics, so you can try these famous ukulele songs for yourself.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Year of Release: 2011
Artist: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Album: Alone in IZ Word / Facing Future

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole - YouTube

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Chords and Lyrics
You might recognize this song as the one originally sung by Judy Garland in her role as Dorothy Gale in the original 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. The ukulele version, which was popularized in the movie 50 First Dates, gained even more fame when Israel Kamakawiwo’ole released his cover in 2011.

All I Want

Year of Release: 2013
Artist: Kodaline
Album: In a Perfect World

Kodaline - All I Want (Part 1) - YouTube

All I Want Chords and Lyrics
All I Want gained fame when it was featured in The Fault in Our Stars film soundtrack. It’s an easy ukulele song to play, yet it is heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

All of Me

Year of Release: 2013
Artist: John Legend
Album: Love In the Future

John Legend - All of Me (Edited Video) - YouTube

All of Me Chords and Lyrics
All of Me was written for John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen. This beautiful song was the third-best selling song of 2014. Give it a try and impress someone special!

Aloha ‘Oe

Year of Release: 2002
Artist: Tia Carrere
Album: Lilo and Stitch: Island Favorites

Tia Carrere - Aloha 'Oe Full Version [Lilo & Stitch Soundtrack] - YouTube

Aloha ‘Oe Chords and Lyrics
Aloha ‘Oe is attributed to Queen Lili’uokalani, who composed the song in 1878. It’s among the most famous ukulele songs ever written, and it is easy enough for newer players to perform with just a little bit of practice.

A Thousand Years

Year of Release: 2011
Artist: Christina Perri
Album: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years [Official Music Video] - YouTube

A Thousand Years Chords and Lyrics
Christina Perri and her best friend David Hodges wrote A Thousand Years for Bella and Edward. It’s as popular now as it was back in 2011 – maybe even more so!

Banana Pancakes

Year of Release: 2005
Artist: Jack Johnson
Album: In Between Dreams

Jack Johnson - banana pancakes - YouTube

Banana Pancakes Chords and Lyrics
Looking for a fun ukulele song to try? Banana Pancakes might just do the trick!

Better Together

Year of Release: 2005
Artist: Jack Johnson
Album: In Between Dreams

Jack Johnson - Better Together - YouTube

Better Together Chords and Lyrics
Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” is a fun song to play! The lyrics might take a little time to learn, but once you put the words and chords together, you might find this catchy tune becomes a favorite.

Blank Space

Year of Release: 2014
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: 1989

Taylor Swift - Blank Space - YouTube

Blank Space Chords and Lyrics
A little bit of trivia for you: Taylor Swift’s Blank Space seems heartfelt, but it was written as a satirical statement on the media’s coverage of the artist’s relationships.

Can’t Help Falling in Love

Year of Release: 1961
Artist: Elvis Presley
Album: Blue Hawaii

twenty one pilots: Can't Help Falling In Love (Cover) - YouTube

Can’t Help Falling In Love Chords and Lyrics
Elvis Presley’s 1961 hit has been covered many times. Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots plays a fantastic ukulele version of Can’t Help Falling in Love, and it’s sure to inspire you to try this famous ukulele song for yourself!


Year of Release: 2014
Artist: Sia
Album: 1000 Forms of Fear

Sia - Chandelier (Official Video) - YouTube

Chandelier Chords and Lyrics
Sia wrote “Chandelier” with Rihanna or Beyoncé in mind, but opted to perform the song herself. Since its release, it has reached the top 5 on charts in 20 different countries!

City of Stars

Year of Release: 2016
Artist: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone
Album: The La La Land Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

'City of Stars' (Duet ft. Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone) - La La Land Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - YouTube

City of Stars Chords and Lyrics
If you loved La La Land, you’ll enjoy playing City of Stars! It’s not terribly challenging: Give it a try!

Count On Me

Year of Release: 2010
Artist: Bruno Mars
Album: Doo Wops & Hooligans

Bruno Mars - Count On Me (Official Video) - YouTube

Count on Me Chords and Lyrics
Count on Me has a classic island sound and easy lyrics. The song has a sweet, laid-back vibe that makes it a lot of fun to play.

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Year of Release: 1931
Artist: Ozzie Nelson
Album: Hits of the 1930s

Dream a Little Dream of Me (ukulele cover by Danielle Ate the Sandwich) - YouTube

Dream a Little Dream of Me Chords and Lyrics
Dream a Little Dream of Me has been recorded by more than 60 artists since its original release in 1931. We love this cover by Danielle Ate the Sandwich – it’s sure to inspire you to try this famous ukulele song for yourself!


Year of Release: 2001
Artist: Rufus Wainwright
Album: Shrek: Music from the Original Motion Picture

Hallelujah (shrek song) Best version! - YouTube

Hallelujah Chords and Lyrics
Hallelujah was written by Leonard Cohen, popularized by Jeff Buckley, and famously covered by Rufus Wainwright in the 2001 animated feature Shrek. Since then, it’s been a favorite with ukulele artists. Even Jake Shimabukuro, famed for his marvelous ukulele fingerpicking style, has covered it beautifully. It’s worth noting that we couldn’t find a video featuring both Rufus Wainwright and the ukulele, so we chose this one featuring Espen Lind, Kurt Nilsen, Alejandro Fuentes, and Askil Holm. Although they’re accompanied by the guitar here, you can achieve a similar effect with your ukulele.


Year of Release: 2015
Artist: Adele
Album: 25

Adele - Hello - YouTube

Hello Chords and Lyrics
Feeling nostalgic or sorry for the way things ended with an ex? Let it out! Hello is the perfect song for expressing your emotions.

Here Comes the Sun

Year of Release: 1969
Artist: The Beatles
Album: Abbey Road

Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles Tribute - YouTube

Here Comes the Sun Chords and Lyrics
Here Comes the Sun has been covered so many times, why not try this classic ukulele tune for yourself? It’s sure to become a favorite.

Ho Hey

Year of Release: 2012
Artist: The Lumineers
Album: The Lumineers

The Lumineers - Ho Hey (Official Video) - YouTube

Ho Hey Chords and Lyrics
Want a fun, catchy song to play and sing? Give Ho Hey a try! The lyrics are easy to remember, and so are the chords.

Hey Soul Sister

Year of Release: 2009
Artist: Train
Album: Save Me, San Francisco

Train - Hey, Soul Sister - YouTube

Hey Soul Sister Chords and Lyrics
No wonder “Hey Soul Sister” is such a popular ukulele song: It’s Train’s highest-charting song ever, even winning a Grammy Award! While this tune is a catchy one, it’s not at all difficult to strum. Have fun playing!

Hey There Delilah

Year of Release: 2006
Artist: Plain White T’s
Album: All That We Needed

Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah - YouTube

Hey There Delilah Chords and Lyrics
Trivia time! The Plain White T’s Tom Higgenson wrote “Hey There Delilah” in honor of American track star Delilah DiCrescenzo.

House of Gold

Year of Release: 2013
Artist: Twenty One Pilots
Album: Vessel

twenty one pilots: House of Gold [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube

House of Gold Chords and Lyrics
Have fun learning House of Gold! The rhythm is unique, and when you pair it with the lyrics, you’re sure to make quite an impression!

I Don’t Know My Name

Year of Release: 2016
Artist: Grace VanderWaal
Album (Movie): Keep Your Seats Please

Grace VanderWaal: 12-Year-Old Ukulele Player Gets Golden Buzzer - America's Got Talent 2016 - YouTube

I Don’t Know My Name Chords and Lyrics
Sweetly lyrical, “I Don’t Know My Name” was written by Grace VanderWaal, who taught herself to play the ukulele at age 11. Whatever your age, this song is a lot of fun to play.

I Make My Own Sunshine

Year of Release: 2012
Artist: Alyssa Bonagura
Album: Love Hard

"I Make My Own Sunshine" - Alyssa Bonagura (Lowe's Commercial) - YouTube

I Make My Own Sunshine Chords and Lyrics
I Make My Own Sunshine was featured in a 2012 Lowe’s commercial. The tune is easy to learn, and the lyrics are sure to put you in a great mood.

I Will Follow You into the Dark

Year of Release: 2005
Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Album: Plans

Death Cab for Cutie "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" (Acoustic) - YouTube

I Will Follow You Into the Dark Chords and Lyrics
Feeling sentimental? Learn how to play I Will Follow You into the Dark, and you’ll have one more way to express yourself while telling someone just how much you care.

I Won’t Give UP

Year of Release: 2012
Artist: Jason Mraz
Album: Love is a Four Letter Word

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up [Official Video] - YouTube

I Won’t Give Up Chords and Lyrics
“I Won’t Give UP” is a beautiful love song – and it’s a good reminder to keep on practicing your ukulele! Hang in there even when things get tough!

I’m Yours

Year of Release: 2008
Artist: Jason Mraz
Album: We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours [Official Video] - YouTube

I’m Yours Chords and Lyrics
I’m Yours offers a fantastic island sound, with plenty of strumming. This song might be famous, but it’s not at all difficult to learn and play!

I See Fire

Year of Release: 2013
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Music Video) - YouTube

I See Fire Chords and Lyrics
If you’re a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies, then you’ve probably found yourself listening to I See Fire as you recall some of the Hobbit’s most memorable moments. Why stop at listening? Now you can play it, too!

Island in the Sun

Year of Release: 2001
Artist: Weezer
Album: Weezer (The Green Album)

Weezer - Island In The Sun - YouTube

Island in the Sun Chords and Lyrics
Get started with just four chords! Island in the Sun is super-catchy, and it’s such an easy ukulele song that you’ll learn it in no time.

Island Style

Year of Release: 2012
Artist: John Cruz
Album: Jack Johnson and Friends – Best of Kokua Festival

John Cruz Island Style - YouTube

Island Style Chords and Lyrics
Ready for some fingerpicking? Island Style isn’t the easiest song to play, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find that it’s one of your favorite tunes. Give it a try when you’re ready for a little challenge!

La Vie en Rose

Year of Release: 2014
Artist: Cristin Milioti
Album: How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother - La Vie En Rose l The Mother/Tracy McConnell (Season 9 Episode 16) - YouTube

La Vie en Rose Chords and Lyrics
La Vie en Rose was written by Edith Piaf, way back in 1945. The song has been popular on and off since then. Cristin Milioti covered La Vie en Rose in How I Met Your Mother, Season 9, Episode 16, strumming along to the soulful song on her ukulele. Try it for yourself!

Let Her Go

Year of Release: 2012
Artist: Passenger
Album: All the Little Lights

Passenger | Let Her Go (Official Video) - YouTube

Chords and Lyrics
Sweet and sentimental, Let Her Go is sure to make quite an impression on your audience. If you have friends who like to play different instruments, this song is one worth performing as a group.

Let It Go

Year of Release: 2013
Artist: Demi Lovato
Album: Frozen

Demi Lovato - Let It Go (from "Frozen") [Official] - YouTube

Let It Go Chords and Lyrics
Find your favorite little girl and let her sing along! If you’re a fan of Frozen, “Let it Go” deserves a place on your list of songs to learn.

Love Story

Year of Release: 2008
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: Fearless

Taylor Swift - Love Story - YouTube

Love Story Chords and Lyrics
In the mood for a fairy tale? Love Story is the perfect song to play!


Year of Release: 2017
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: Divide

Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Perfect Chords and Lyrics
An easygoing beat and simple chords make Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” a song worth trying, even if you’re fairly new to the ukulele. Your friends will be impressed!


Year of Release: 2013
Artist: Bastille
Album: Bastille

Bastille - Pompeii - YouTube

Pompeii Chords and Lyrics
Pompeii is technically synth pop, but the song lends itself to the ukulele so well that it’s a favorite with players who are looking for a challenge. You’ll be strumming fast: Pompeii’s tempo is 128 beats per minute.

Pumped Up Kicks

Year of Release: 2011
Artist: Foster the People
Album: Foster the People

Foster The People - Pumped up Kicks - YouTube

Pumped Up Kicks Chords and Lyrics
Ready to impress your friends? Learn how to play Pumped Up Kicks on your ukulele! There’s no need to be intimidated: We found an arrangement with only four chords to learn!


Year of Release: 2014
Artist: Vance Joy
Album: Dream Your Life Away

Vance Joy - 'Riptide' Official Video - YouTube

Riptide Chords and Lyrics
Ready to learn a fun, famous ukulele song? Give Riptide a try! This song has just a few chords, and the lyrics aren’t too difficult to remember.

Say You Won’t Let Go

Year of Release: 2016
Artist: James Arthur
Album: Back from the Edge

James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go - YouTube

Say You Won’t Let Go Chords and Lyrics
“Say You Won’t Let Go” has a sweet sound, yet it’s fairly easy to play. Once you’ve got the strumming down, you’ll be ready to add some fingerpicking in the style of James Arthur. Give it a try!

Shape of You

Year of Release: 2017
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: Divide

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You [Official Video] - YouTube

Shape of You Chords and Lyrics
Ready to expand your playlist? Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you has just four chords to learn, but the rhythm and lyrics make for a fun challenge.

Skinny Love

Year of Release: 2007
Artist: Bon Iver
Album: For Emma, Forever Ago

Bon Iver - Skinny Love - YouTube

Skinny Love Chords and Lyrics
Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” has been covered countless times, with a notable release by Birdy in 2011. It’s slightly challenging, making for a nice addition to your repertoire.

Someone to Lava

Year of Release: 2015
Artist: Kuana Torres Kahele, Napua Greig, and James Ford Murphy
Album (Animated Film): Disney Pixar Animated Short Film Inside Out

Lava song FULL version with lyrics Disney Pixar animated short film - YouTube

Someone to Lava Chords and Lyrics
Grab your favorite someone and have fun learning how to play Someone to Lava! You’ll love it’s classic Hawaiian sound as well as its fun, catchy lyrics.

Stay with Me

Year of Release: 2014
Artist: Sam Smith

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*Updated for 2018!

The ukulele is one of the most popular musical instruments of modern times. Ukulele chords make you automatically reminisce of the sunny Hawaii and relaxed dances. Later in its development, the musicians performing country, indie and even rock music started playing the ukulele. Many famous people play this instrument in their spare time as Tom Hanks, Ryan Gosling, Madonna, and others. Impressive, isn’t it? It is also important to talk about professional ukulele players that made a contribution to the music itself. Here are our TOP-55 most famous ukulele players of all time.

    • Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

      He was extremely popular in his homeland and immediately became famous all over the world. Israel was a man who advocated his social and political views through music, which was so admirable!
    • Jake Shimabukuro

      He is an outstanding American composer, who became famous due to his ukulele playing in the YouTube video. Shimabukuro combines elements of rock, blues, jazz and other genres, making his music extraordinary.
    • Eddie Kamae

      Performing in the group Sons of Hawaii, Eddie made the ukulele a solo instrument. He could also skillfully play the melody and rhythm simultaneously.
    • James Hill

      He was not only an outstanding Canadian ukulele player and even an educator. Fully focusing on playing ukulele, he developed instructions for children.
    • Eddie Vedder

      World-renowned musician plays on a variety of instruments, but has a special thrill to the ukulele. In 2011 it was released an album named Ukulele Songs.
    • Taylor Swift

      A worldwide famous songwriter and singer often accompanies her sweet voice by stringed musical instruments, such as guitars, ukuleles and banjos.
    • Daniel Ho

      Winner of prestigious awards, including Grammy is a talented musician and composer. Daniel stands on due to the inventive approach to the ukulele.
    • George Harrison

      The guitarist of The Beatles was heavily influenced by the Hawaiian music. Inspired by ukulele chords he combined them with Indian melodies, giving a unique style to his playing.
    • Genoa Keawe

      Beautiful voice and traditional ukulele playing touched to the heart. She performed for more than 60 years and always was loved by the audience.
      Wendell Hall. He valued the small dimensions of the instrument and took everywhere with himself. He played different kinds of ukulele and worked on professional instructions.
    • Greg Hawkes

      He was amazed by talented Paul McCartney who actually was a ukulele musician. Hawkes started making experiments with ukulele melodies combining them with The Beatles songs.
    • Don Ho

      Due to Hawaiian and Portuguese background Do Ho was engaged in ukulele playing. He was performing traditional American music with ukulele chords.
    • Ryan Choi

      He is one of the first musicians who performs ukulele music with elements of electronics. It’s worth listening!
    • Ingrid Michaelson

      She’s a talented Swedish performer who plays pop and indie music with ukulele chords.
    • Amanda Palmer

      Once when she used the ukulele during her concert, Amanda liked the sound of the instrument. Since then the ukulele accompanies Palmer’s songs and concerts.
    • Age Pryor

      The musician of New Zealand made a great contribution in the ukulele development founding the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra.
    • Patrick Wolf

      He is a modern musician and composer. Generally, he plays ukulele, viola, and piano, combining classical melodies with electronic sounds.
    • Julia Nunes

      Mostly famous by YouTube viral video of playing ukulele she inspires a lot of people. She performs both cover songs and her own ones.
    • Herbert Buckingham Khaury

      also known as Tiny Tim had played ukulele since his childhood. He took part in numerous ukulele festivals and accompanied his playing by the special high voice.
    • Lou Barbow

      An alternative rock musician who adds ukulele melodies to his songs.
    • Sam Brown

      An outstanding performer successfully runs several ukulele clubs. Just listen to one of her singles and you will be impressed!
    • Billy Carpenter

      An ukulele player of 20s who was famous for an particular voice techniques.
    • Zee Avi

      A Malaysian female musician who is popular for tender ukulele playing. Apart from playing, she makes creative artworks on her ukuleles and gives them to her fans.
    • Danielle Anderson

      A famous YouTuber and ukulele musician.
    • Jason Castro

      A participant of American Idol. He was the first one who played ukulele on the show.
    • Jim Beloff

      Obsessed with ukulele playing, he launched ukulele workshops, festivals, awards etc.
    • Joe Brown

      A worldwide famous musician who occasionally accompanies his performances with ukulele sounds.
    • Frank Crumit

      He was a popular singer and composer in the 20s. He was the first who played ukulele on the Bradway show.
    • Wayne Federman

      Comedian and TV-star who performed rock melodies of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin etc with an electric ukulele. Nowadays he is a headliner on the stage of the British Ukulele Festival.
    • Andy Eastwood

      He’s a famous ukulele musician and an advocate of ukulele music He had released numerous singles and albums with ukulele melodies.
    • Cliff Edwards

      He is a self-taught ukulele player who is mostly responsible for ukulele popularity in the middle of the past century.
    • George Formby

      An English actor and musician primely famous for his unique character – wearing a suit and playing the ukulele made him memorable.
    • Kaplan Kaye

      An actor and composer is a part of an ukulele-duo, named The Ukaye Ukes.
    • John King

      An outstanding ukulelist who experimented with combining classical music and ukulele playing.
    • Gabby La La

      Mostly, she plays experimental genres of music adding ukulele or accordion melodies.
    • Molly Lewis

      She makes YouTube videos with ukulele playing. She became famous for making covers on Poker Face and Toxic.
    • Joni Mitchell
      She is a country musician. As the genre had a recession she began practicing ukulele and gained popularity
    • Peter Moon

      He had a successful career of musician and then he launched a set of instructional videos on playing the ukulele.
    • Teresa Mary O’Shea

      She was a Welsh actress who considered to be a ukulele heroine and to make a contribution in the Golden Age of the ukulele.
    • Lyle Ritz

      He was a main contributor to the new wave of ukulele musicians. He performed jazz with the ukulele accompaniment.
    • Bill Tapia

He was a jazz guitarist and the ukulele legend performing on the one stage with Elvis Presley and Louis Armstrong.

    • Bennie Nawahis

He was a solo-player in the 20s and 30s. He was also known as King of the Ukulele.

    • Heidi Swedberg

She was an actress and has played ukulele since her childhood. Nowadays she ha her own musical band where she performs ukulele melodies.

    • Victoria Davitt

A leader of the band named Tres Femmes once added bass and ukulele sound to her songs.Nowadays she performs ukulele as a primary instrument in her singles.

    • Herb Ohta

He was an outstanding ukulelist of the 30s who played romantic music, jazz and mostly traditional Hawaiian melodies. Nowadays his son is also a successful ukulele olayer.

    • Roy Sakuma

He’s a prominent ukulele educator who is a founder of the Ukulele Festival, a leading event devoted to this instrument.

    • Ayano Tsuji

She is a Japanese musician famous for her uncommon singing and ukulele playing. Tsuji began playing ukulele after she understood that her hands are too small for the guitar. What a concourse of circumstances!

    • Dent May

Being a songwriter and a composer, May made an album fully devoted to the ukulele melodies.

    • Gerald Ross

He is an American musician and ukulele teacher who carry out workshops and practical lessons in the camps and festivals.

    • Billy Scott

He a British ukulelist who prefers this instrument because of its tender sound. He made a contribution to the developing of ukulele music.

    • Grace Avery VanderWaal

A 13-years old girl who performed playing ukulele on the stage of America’s Got Talent in 2016.

    • Ian Timothy Whitcomb

An English songwriter and singer who stimulated the interest towards ukulele melodies.

    • Ernest Kaʻai

The musician was first who played ukulele for the full song. He is the main authority of Hawaiian music of all time.

    • Aidan James

The distinctive feature of Aidan’s performances is playing rock music with ukulele accompaniment.

    • Laura Pergolizzi

She is better known as LP. Apart from a paricular voice, she adds to her singles the melodies of specific instruments, such as harmonica and ukulele.

    • Taimane Gardner

is a composer and a ukulele player. When she was at the age of five five, she picked up her first ukulele and started her future in performing. She would play on the streets of Waikiki with the beach boys. Taimane’s talent was discovered by a legendary crooner, Don Ho and she became a performer in his show. From there, her popularity grew and Taimane has performed all over the world.

    • Roy Smeck

was one of the great American popular musicians of the 20th century, and he wouldn’t be recognizable of he didn’t specialize in a musical instrument called the ukulele.As a boy, he was captivated with learning to play musical instruments, and he almost suffered a nervous breakdown from his relentless exercising. He eventually narrowed his focus into the acoustic guitar, harmonica, and banjo, and somewhere around the time of America’s entry into World War One, he started performing on the vaudeville circuit. He was a novelty musical actions.

    • Ian Emmerson

says that he got into ukulele by accident.He used to perform on and off for years as a guitarist in various bands and had written songs since he was a teenager.His first ukulele was a brown Lahaina and he took it so much and ended up selling all his guitars.

    • Phil Doleman

has become one of the most recognized players in the UK ukulele scene and has always been at the forefront of the ukulele revival for a long time. He is in demand for theaters,festivals and club gigs, and also private events in Europe and the United Kingdom. He has featured on several albums, performed on TV and radio, and has been on stage with some the finest players in the world.

    • Aldrine Guerrero

is an ukulele player coming from the island of Kaua’i. Aldrine began at local coffee shops in Kauai and churches and has since gone on stages from coast to coast in the US to international performances.Guerrero is one of the founders of Ukulele Underground together Ryan Esaki and Aaron Nakamura.

    • Sarah Maisel

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Sarah Maisel has always had the love for music. When she was six years old, she started violin lessons and played in youth orchestras for a few years. She focused on classical for the 10 years that she studied.In 2006, she and a friend went to check out an Ukulele group at a pizza parlor in Encinitas and it was at this time she developed a passion for playing the ukulele.

    • Ryo Montgomery

from Cairns, Australia is a guitarist, plays the Ukulele, Gigs and working in a music shop.He is living the dream having developed passion for the ukulele and performing in front of different people around the world.

    • Manitoba Hal Brolund

For the past 15 years, Manitoba Hal Brolund has had an international reputation for engaging in performances, storytelling and masterful ukulele playing. His foundation in American blues and roots music, confident vocals, and distinctive original music have made him be in demand at festivals, house concerts and soft seat theaters in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.Having been recognized as a master of ukulele, his instruments include a steel strung baritone-slide ukulele and a custom made double-necked ukulele.

    • Carla Morrison

is a singer of Mexican origin and she lives in Baja California Mexico.Her business is to create music with pedals with loops and clips, with her keyboard and guitar effects. In their sound, you can feel the melancholy very entertaining as it gives a lot melody and happiness.

    • Mick Fleetwood

is a British actor and musician, best known for his role as the drummer and co-founder of the rock band Fleetwood Mac. Mick is now a proud ukulele player and his model comes from mele ukuleles.

    • Bruce Springsteen

is a rock star and a well-known singer-songwriter. His best-known songs are Springsteen’s working-class roots in New Jersey.He now plays the ukulele musical instrument.

    • Barrack Obama

The 44th president of the United States is from Hawaii, and so he might know a few chords. Barack Obama loves playing the ukulele and has been seen performing in front of people even in his early life.

    • Elvis Presley

was an American singer, actor and song producer. He is widely known by the name Elvis.Elvis began his music career at Sun Records in 1954 when Sam Philips recorded Elvis performing several of Elvis’ favorite songs with Bill Black and Scotty Moore (guitar).

    • Bette Midler

is an American singer, comedian, and actress, She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Jewish parents, and raised there. Midler then went to New York City to pursue acting on stage, and it was there that she started singing at Continental Baths, which is a gay bathhouse in the city, where she became close to her piano accompanist.She then developed the love for playing ukulele.

    • William H. Macy

plays and self-Soothes with the uke. He talks about the importance of the ukulele and music in his life. His wife, Felicity Huffman, says he uses the ukulele to self-soothe.

    • The Rock

playing ukulele to your list of internet treasures. The Rock who has lived in Hawaii and is of Samoan heritage plays the ukulele off-screen.

    • John Lennon

The legendary English musician, songwriter, singer, and peace activist, born in Liverpool, the United Kingdom who gained fame as a founder member of The Beatles. Lennon formed one of the most influential and successful songwriting with Paul McCartney.

    • JNeil Armstrong

It seems the first man on the moon played the ukulele.There is an image taken of Neil playing the ukulele after he had become the first man to walk on the moon.

    • Johnny Marr

​Born to Irish immigrants in Manchester. Johnny Marr is a songwriter, guitarist, producer and singer. He is known for being a founder member,guitarist and songwriter in cult band -The Smiths

    • Steven Tyler

He is singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and a television music competitions judge, also known as the head singer in the rock band Aerosmith, in which he plays the harmonica, piano and ukulele.

    • John Sebastian

was born in America and he was a singer and songwriter,harmonicist, guitarist, and autoharpist, and is best known as the one who founded The Lovin’ Spoonful.He also played the ukulele musical instrument.

    • Pierce Brosnan

is an Irish film producer, actor, and activist. He plays an Island Ukulele made by Raymond Rapozo. He has been playing for a few years now.

    • Greta Garbo

was a Swedish-born American actress during the 1930s.She has been pictured playing the ukulele.

    • Cybill Shepherd

is an American singer, actress and also a former model. She plays an Island ukulele.

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