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Twitter is the best place to write and share your feelings with the world. You can see that every person from a common to world famous celebrities, all have Twitter accounts. It is a great source to gain popularity through tweets and other promotional events.

Well Twitter is also a nice place for the digital marketers and product owners launch and promote their products. This is the era of creating new apps for whole lot purposes. You can make lots of money if your app gets popular among the people. But, do you know what are those illuminating tricks?

That’s what for I am here with my article. You will get all your answers to promote your new app on Twitter. Lets first understand the need of promotion, also what is it.

Promotion and its Needs –

Promotion is any activity that supports anything to get popularly known. This is a term which is in frequent use in terms of digital marketing. Promoting any products is a must for every marketer, or product owner. The more your product will sell, the more your business will grow right! But in order to let people know about your products and its benefits, you got to work on the promotions of the products.

Here I’ll tell you the best ways you can do the overall promotion on Twitter –

So you want to promote your new app on Twitter right! The very first thing that you’ll need to do is,

Making a Twitter Page for your App –

The very first step according to me that you need to do is, setting up your Twitter page. A separate page is a must in terms of thorough promotion of any product. Create a page involving the logo of your product and header image as well. So that your viewers (may be followers or anybody else) can see it and know about it on a quick basis.

After the page setup, the next thing you gotta do is to make attractive content.

CONTENTify it –

Do you understand anything by watching any blank space in a site? No right, so do your viewers on Twitter. The very next step after creating the Twitter page will be, adding some content to it. This will be a ‘Step Ahead’ work in order to promote your app. Write things about your app and write it in an attractive way. You need a really engaging content that could provoke your viewers to see what’s inside your app.

Here I will let you know how you’re gonna do it.

Create a Website for your App –

This will be a very nice addition in your ‘Road to promotion’ for your app. Having your own website feels really great, it adds an impact on your viewers as well. You can write engaging blogs describing well about your app on the website, and this can help you out to have more and more followers for your new app.

Management of Account – Use Automation tools



As soon as your tweets, website and Twitter page will start getting shared more among people, you will need to manage the things up in the most relevant time interval. In addition to it, you can take help from some of the really advanced technologies, like the automation tools. After all, we are humans right!

Meaning, we can perform only a certain task manually, but when things will be more in numbers, then we got to take help of the automation tools.

The automation tools are the one that use the highly advanced technology to perform digital marketing tasks. As far as twitter is concerned, TwtDominator can be the right tool for it, in terms of performing twitter marketing.

How it will be helpful will show you in the lists of features mentioned here –

  • Auto follow – You can auto follow people/followers according to your choice.

  • Auto Tweet – You can auto tweet as much as you want.

  • Direct Message – You can automatically direct message to people.

  • Retweet – This is also an automatic function to retweet or add favorite.

  • Unfollow – You can unfollow people as well.

  • Follow Back – In case you want to follow back someone.

By using these features, you can straight up your Twitter product marketing strategy, and promote your app’s news everywhere.


What TwtDominator provides?

Here’s a list of the things you will be getting in TwtDominator while performing your app’s promotions with it.

Task scheduling –

You can schedule your tweets posting, following and direct messaging tasks. This tool will provide everything and almost any activity to run at the best time.

Data Scraper –

The scraping section is very important for every automation tool, as to provides you the relevant data of the target people in the form of profiles/names/contact details etc.

Campaign Manager –

The ‘Campaigns’ refer to the management of multiple accounts at the same time. If you own several Twitter accounts, then you must use this feature to manage the tasks of all your accounts at the same time.

Accounts Manager –

Okay so the campaigns will manage your tasks running in the different accounts, but who is going to manage the account for you? In the accounts manager section, you can manage the accounts.

Customizing Support –

The tool poses nice customizing support. You can run on proxies as well, as it holds the support for it too.

Filtering –

The account’s data need to be filtered in regular time intervals. You can use the filter options to keep/eliminate any sort of data after any task has been performed.

So in this way, you can use TwtDominator to promote your app on Twitter. By following the steps mentioned above you’ll notice a great increment in your app’s followers and viewers as well.

I also suggest you to use any automated tool after doing proper research on its reviews, and knowing the right way to use the tool as well.  As this will help you to get your job done on a quicker basis.

I hope you have liked my article, kindly share if so!

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The most famous micro-blogging site Twitter,  has announced on September 27 that it has started a tryout period of doubling its tweet’s characters from 140 to 280.

The announcement, however, doesn't seem to get overwhelming responses from many of the users, worldwide. Twitter being used as a medium for social networking by 328 million monthly active users, is receiving mixed reactions over its decision. According to tweeps, one of the reasons why the medium gained immense popularity among them is, they find it an extremely concised platform to share their emotions and experiences without adding unnecessary distortions in the tweet.

Nevertheless, the production and management team of Twitter has their own logic to support the decision. Their notions behind the decision is, extending tweet’s character limit would provide more elbow space to users for depicting their emotions and views. It also proclaimed, tweet’s refashioning will have experimented in all languages excluding Japanese, Chinese and Korean as these three languages have characters which could express more than other languages.

Let’s have a glance on divergent thoughts of users and production team.

Aliza Rozen, Project Manager at Twitter, in a blog, said, “ Trying to cram your thoughts into a Tweet – we’ve all been there, and it’s a pain.”

“Sometimes, I have to remove a word that conveys an important meaning or emotion, or I don’t send my Tweet at all.”

“We understand since many of you have been Tweeting for years, there may be an emotional attachment to 140 characters – we felt it, too”.

“But we tried this, saw the power of what it will do, and fell in love with this new, still brief, constraint,” she said.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey was the first to post 280 chars tweet, he tweeted  "This is a small change, but a big move for us. 140 was an arbitrary choice based on the 160 character SMS limit. Proud of how thoughtful the team has been in solving a real problem people have when trying to tweet. And at the same time maintaining our brevity, speed, and essence!".

What tweeps said:

280 characters?! Holy shit if I could go back and edit all of my past tweets that cut off right before I reached what I actually wanted to s

— michael clifford (?) (@Michael5SOS) September 26, 2017

If you're upset about the 280 characters thing, just imagine what John Kelly must be thinking

— Amir Tibon (@amirtibon) September 26, 2017


What’s the trial bags for marketers?

Well, as the trial has just rolled out, we can’t say anything precisely on the matter. However, if looked at the mixed reactions it got from users, we can deduce that 280 characters long tweet would not affect your business much. On one hand, you will get greater space to describe your products and servings. On the other hand, it will bring more challenges to you to craft your words while describing your products, in even better creative manner.

As of now, I would suggest you to keep practicing your ongoing strategies and gauge the success or failure of  280 characters trial for some time.

Stay tuned with our blogs. We will back soon with our new articles to guide your business leveraging the all-new tweet’s space ( if got approval).

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Do you want more followers on your Twitter account?

Or are you still wandering to find the best way to increase your followers on Twitter?

Or even if you have found one or two shots, you are not sure to try them on your Twitter account.

In this article, I will share my ideas which will help you in getting more followers on Twitter in just 7 steps.

#1. Post Profound Contents

Well this is the most common thing you have heard or saw everywhere, whenever looking to get more followers on Twitter, but did you find the ways too?

We all know content is king, it is what that interacts with your users. You can consider your contents as a mediator between you and your users.Therefore, your first step in getting a large number of followers to your Twitter account should to integrate your account with greate contents. How?, let’s see.

  • Add Locations.

One of the best way to make your contents more enticing to users is to add locations in your tweets. Tweeps find it more interesting to connect with someone of their locality or of a place which they have been searching on google. This makes your contents more specific to the users. For ex- if you are running an online bakery in London, adding your location will make it easier for  near by viewers to make a purchase otherwise even if they find your products fine, they won't purchase it as they will prefer buying it from near by places.

Tips: Add your home location to your account , these will help users to find other alternatives ways to connect you.

Will it go with SEO?

Nice question! Obviously, suppose you have been searching tourists locations in Maldives on Google and if your Twitter account has greate contents to serve quality informations to the query maker, then there are strong chances of  ranking of your account high in SERP.

  • Post relevant contents.

     Though you don't need to stick to your niche but make sure all your contents are     directly or indirectly promoting something in favor of your brand. For ex- if your page is about fashion shoes, your contents could be directly on types of shoes or trendy shoes or indirectly on shoes worn by top actresses.

How indirect ways help?
For example , if you post about the latest pair of shoes worn by the top actress in any event,any viewer who is interested in bollywood news will look at this, then look at your account, then your product( here, shoes) and then…. She may make a purchase, isn’t it?

#2. Develop your Account as a Resource

Make your Twitter account as an educational, motivational and inspirational resources. Give users a reason to connect with you. Don't just use your agendas only, bear in mind you are on a social media platform, your content  must have taste of social welfare making you an INFORMER ( someone who posts to share informations) rather a MEFORMER (someone who post updates of himself only).

Tips: keep your content a blend of both as you are on an official Twitter account, your primary focus should be your product only.

#3. Don't Post too Often

This, however is not in contradiction with “Posting Regularly” but posting too often can bemused your followers. It is therefore, suggested to post at regular intervals maintaining the accuracy and relevancy of the contents.

How one can keep a balance between over and under posting?

Use Tws Blaster module of TwtDominator to schedule your tweets or retweets. This module helps you in synchronizing your tweets/re-tweets either in the form of texts or images.


#4. Integrate Visuals

Don’t underrate the importance of visuals if you are aiming to achieve million of followers on your Twitter account.  Here see why?

  • 82% tweeps love to watch videos.

  • Tweeps retweets visulas 6 times more than other contents.

  • Images and videos have higher Click Through Rate than written content.


Since Twitter is a microblogging social networking site, i,e, your tweet can have a maximum of 140 character only, It is quite obvious that you can express your views better through a 140 seconds video than a 140 characters short message.

Also visuals are more enticing to users.

Tips: Because of slow or poor net connection, video uploading/downloading can be a problem in those areas. You should therefore avoid much use of videos, you can use Infographics or GIFs also.


#5.Connect with other Social Medias

Link your Twitter account with your other social media accounts like Facebook page, LInkedIn account. This will help in leveraging your followings of other sites in dragging more traffic to your account and also increase your account’s reach to cover wider area of prospects. Also look– tweets that embed links are 86% more likely to be followed.

Tips: Ask users to ‘follow you on Twitter’, through a CTA in your email or at other accounts.

#6. Use Hashtags to Get More Followers on Twitter

Tweets with hashtags has higher engagement and follower rate than tweets without hashtags.


because, hashtags are used to categorize tweets and show them easily in Twitter search.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are symbols which are used before a phrase or relevant keyword in tweet.


Tips: Dont overuse Hashtags, keep them a maximum to 2 times in your tweets.

#7.Organize Contests or Giveaways

People love offers and freebies and they will prefer to follow a brand that give them something good at discounted price. On the other hands, contests help in bringing people together at a common platform for a similar cause and for your account this is a brilliant way to drag bulk of people all together to your account and with time, you will notice a hike in your followers as well.



Being a well-wisher of yours, I will always advice best to you. Though there are several things that you can do with your account to spike your followers but, i know these things are easier to say than done!, that too all alone.

You can therefore, seek help from TwtDominator or others tools, but I generally prefer TwtDominator as it is in my budget and does everything for my account like a best buddy.


If you have any doubt, ask your query by clicking on the subscribe button, also read free newsletter to remain updated with your niche.


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With the years passing, we evidently witnessed content marketing becoming synonymous with the procedure of marketing as a whole. And the up rise of social media  backed it up to come forefront. Thus, it’s hardly a surprise that around 90% of companies has included social media within their content marketing strategy.

Content marketing definitely helps your business to stand out once it becomes customer eccentric. But is there a way to ensure which of the social platforms would help you target audiences relevant to your niche? The answer is, Twitter. Twitter as a social media platform which naturally provides marketers to dig deeper into the choices of their audience to find out what type of content will actually work for their brand to come to the surface and live up to their name. Thereby, using Twitter for business purposes deliberately seems to be benefiting.

As we proceed with this blog we will be discussing the welfares of marketing your enriched content on Twitter and the steps to do it in the right manner such that your business experiences a tremendous growth. Let’s start upright without any hesitation.      


Why Twitter For Business?

Long gone were the days when marketers had to rely mostly on mere stereotypes and generalizations to base their audience’s interests. A thorough Twitter research will pave the way for your overwhelming content strategy, lending your brand the power to cut through the noise and resonate right into the ears of your desired audiences.

One of the easiest and effective way to gain anticipated knowledge regarding the interests of your audiences is by monitoring your follower conversion on Twitter. For example, suppose you own a beauty product and some of your followers are actually following certain celebrities from the entertainment industry. Try to figure out a strategy  and come up with contents in relevance to those celebs or any campaigns led by them to bring your product into the limelight.

In reality Twitter engagements are no different from discussion in cocktail parties, where we try to provide valuable message and get people hooked on to us. Thus the primary motto is to develop relevant yet, compelling content to draw more customers towards your website and maintaining a healthy brand management. It is more likely that your followers will respond to the tweets and relevant contents you publish.

Thus the need of an impeccable content strategy for Twitter will certainly guide your business to glory. And for that sole reason I bring forth some definite Twitter marketing tactics to enhance your content strategy for Twitter.


Simple Steps to Incorporate Within Your Content Marketing Strategy for Twitter:


#Step 1: Be Clear With Your Twitter Marketing Objectives

Before proceeding with any kind of plan or strategy, it is very important to be clear with the fact that what you actually want to achieve. Only then you can think about- how to achieve your goals? So in order to drive more attention towards your content, keep the following goals in your mind.

  • Focus on generating leads for your Twitter for business by guiding your followers to the landing page of your product.

  • Use Twitter as an exclusive medium to market a newly launched product/service and build an awareness.

  • Use Twitter as a PR tool for building up a positive opinion regarding your services/brand in the market.

  • Customize Twitter as a platform to reach out to your customers and provide support through interpersonal conversations.

  • Use Twitter as a platform to connect with like-minded people and engage with industrial influences to build a thought leader.


#Step 2: Decide How To Fit Twitter Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

The Twitter plan you come up with, should hold it’s distinctive and rightful place within your content marketing strategy. For example, here're few things you should include in your content marketing plan:

Traffic: Twitter is a good resource to drive traffic to your blog site, with direct links to the blog posts and landing pages.

Conversions: Twitter also can be used as an integrated messaging platform, where you can drive followers to a certain action, such as subscription, enrollment or a signup.

Sales: In Twitter, an average of tweets has one motive – to increase sales, whether it’s images, videos, or blog posts.

One can also build Twitter lists for each part of your audience to keep track of their interest. Here’s how you can build targeted lists of audience to engage with:

Search for Keywords: Use a Twitter automation tool like TwtDominator (paid) to search for audience with your content’s target keywords in their biographies or use their location to search.

Relevant Hashtags: Use hashtags relevant to your brand/industry and search through their streams to find other users using them. A problem solving plan will lead you to find the relevant hashtags for your social media marketing goals.

Follow and Engage: Use TwtDominator to emphasis your tweets. TwtDominator will make it easier to build relationship with your audience while using grow followers module. With Grow follow module one can follow single or multiple Twitter users.

This module also comes with multiple options to find and follow users with keywords, hashtags or with your own custom lists of search. Even, one can set option to unfollow who don’t follow back in certain days.


Step #3: Choose The Best Times To Tweet

Undoubtedly not everyone is online 24/7. You need to find out when your targeted followers are online – and that’ll be the best time for you to tweet.

Some things to consider are where you’re located, whether your followers are on Twitter  during the day or night, etc.

Here’s the best times to post your content on Twitter for the most engagement. Although your particular target-audience will most likely vary from these times, this will be a great a starting point as you begin to strategically schedule and share your Twitter posts to reach the largest amount of people as possible.


Best Days/Times to post content for B2B Audience- Weekdays (12-3pm) + Wednesday (5-6pm)

Best Days/Times to post content for B2C Audience- Weekends (12pm & 6pm) for CTR, 5pm (for Retweets).

Step #4: Get Content Ideas

Twitter is one of the favorite destination for many content marketers, to get some of their best content ideas.

So if you want to brainstorm your next blog post, user guides, and ebook topic, try these Twitter content strategies:

Relevant Keywords: Discover the most relevant keywords in your business and check out what's been popular about. There could be various articles, discussions, event announcements and more happening under your nose. Keywords will tell you what your target business needs, what's trending on Twitter, what influencers are talking about, and much more.

Follow your Twitter Network: Your Twitter followers are tweeting about your brand, and they could give you some relevant ideas. As an example, if you found that there're many people asking a lot of queries about a certain method of marketing on social media, you could write a tutorial or case study about it in a blog and tweet it with the link.

Hit the Pain Points: Your audiences have questions & problems. They might be looking to engage on Twitter to get the best solutions for their problems. Keep an eagle eye on what’s trending on Twitter to know the best questions to answer.


Step #5: Monitor Your Competitors’

Being a most popular micro blogging network for brands, Twitter makes it easy to monitor what competitors are doing for their brands on social networks. Simply monitor their activities to see what's working well for them on Twitter.

Follow your Competitors: Technically, you don't need to follow them with your brand's’ twitter handle. Make a private account and list the competitors there. You could also include all the employee's Twitter profiles if your competitor has more than one primary account.

Monitor Engagement: Discover how your competitors are responding to their audience and what audiences are saying about them.

Monitor the Tweets they Share: If competitors are sharing lots of tweets related to their content, this will help you see how they’re creating their content, how they use their content for marketing and how it’s received by their targeted audience.


Step #6: Choose your Tweet to Share

Choose a variety of content to share on Twitter – not just a simple text. The social network supports a lot of different media formats that can be shared in your tweet with embedded code.

Here's the list of few different media formats that Twitter support to share:

Text Format: This short & simple tweet is best for updates, quick facts, news, and asking questions to your audience.

Photos: A picture’s worth a thousand words, and it's true. Images are the best to put an extra impact to your tweet. A message with a picture can enhance your visibility and reach, because images stand out more, getting more engagement and more impression on your shared content.

Videos: If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a video would speak millions. Videos could work wonders, if integrated into your message. Short, entertaining, but informative videos for your followers could get more engagement on your tweets.

Slideshares: Slideshare, a great advantage for visual content, but why keep the Information on a single platform? Just  spread it with slide decks, you can share a ton of visual information in an easy to understand way.

Links to Share: If you have valuable information that lives elsewhere and can’t be embedded, a shortened link (bitly or Google shortens link) will do. Add relevant hashtag to boost its reach, and share the tweet with a clear idea of what the link is leading to.


Step #7: Promoting your Content

If you use Twitter properly, it can drive loads of traffic to your website. Moreover, simply tweeting the content title of an article or the blog post with a link to your site every time isn't always working.

You need to be creative when sharing your blogs, videos, and other content with tweets. Here are few ways to get more click on your tweets while promoting them on Twitter:

Keep your Tweets Short and Simple: You should write less or max 100 characters to get higher conversions while crafting your tweets. If you're promoting a link, just  write a short info – enough to understand by the reader and tend them to click through.

Quote your Post: Try using a mystery from your post which needs to be precise and give a solid idea of what the post is about.

Include Stats: Reader love facts and figures. Use statistics that support the arguments you’re creating with your content. Stats will add validity to your ideas.

Influence With Hashtags: A great way to influence your targeted audience and reach members of your business who don’t follow you is Hashtags. Use common ones that your competitors use in their tweets. Even, you should use branded hashtags and enhance your brand reach.

Use @mentions: If your post mentions any industry influencers, publications, authors etc. don't forget to mention them in your tweets. They’ll be complemented and there’s a good chance they’ll share your promotional tweets too, so in this way you could reach their whole audience.

Ask for a Share: Simply ask the users of your tweet to retweet the post. This is a good way to get your tweets retweeted. Even experts advise to do so as the Tweets that ask for retweets are pretty likely to get it.

Promotional tweets: Do you want to enhance the potential of your tweets? Looking for more exposure than what you're getting? Switch to promoted tweets. It will offer more exposure with a small investment. Promotional tweets are easy to create and can bring a lot of quality traffic to your website.


In the recovery stage of your content strategy Twitter will play a role of powerhouse of opportunities. So many companies and big brands are investing most of their social media resources on Twitter.

You could use these content marketing suggestions to implement Twitter as the only content marketing tool from top to bottom, except for your blog. Is your presence there strong enough to take that plunge?

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Are you struggling in getting traffic for your business blog from Twitter?

For a successful business, you need more followers, engagement and “of course” more traffic for your business content. 

Some of the business blog killing Twitter, And you want to get same success for yourself, But most of the businesses don't know how to start?. 

Twitter is super noisy and there are a number of experts for a different topic. So what step you follow to make your business stand out in front of theirs. 

You must be thinking you need a cunning marketing strategy to get more followers for your Twitter business blog, but don't stress. Focusing on simple tactics, you can easily trap community and drive traffic to your content.

Whether you are big fish or a small one in a Twitter compound, Using below tactics will help you to get traffic for your business content.


First of all, stop thinking of Twitter as a textual platform.

Twitter now updated with visual content using which you can easily insert an image in your tweet. Content with an image makes greater impact on your readers. 

Creating a visual contain will make your tweet different from other tweets in your following list of Twitter. 

While uploading a picture on Twitter always choose a photo with a strong focal point which attracts viewers and forces them to like the image. 

The highly clickable images always include heading for your Twitter business blog with larger text. And image somehow related to your blog post.


When you tweeting link for your blog, never give too much detail about your content in your tweet body.

If readers can guess entire story through your tweet only. Then why would they click on your link to read the full story. 

Organize your tweet is such a way that it highlights both benefits of the content and generate curiosity among your followers. And never use too many complicated words, speak plainly. 

One more way to attract eyes of your followers towards your tweet is to make tweet which asks question from your followers. This type of tweet will create more engagement of people on your tweet. 


However, Updates are barely noticeable on Twitter and your followers might be truly baffled to miss out on your latest post.

To have a similar content a few times without irritating your audience, adjust the pictures and content utilized as a part of the tweet. 

For example, you may tweet a connection three times, each time utilizing distinctive content: 

Tweet it first with the original headline, a link and a picture from the post. 
Tweet it next with a quote and a link to the blog. 
Tweet it one final time with an alternate photo, a link, and questions that make interest about the post's subject.

These tweets should be posted at a different time for most visibility. Without getting more stress you can rotate your tweet using Twitter scheduling tool TwtDominator. Which help you to schedule your tweet on Twitter. 


The Twitter community can very helpful to know what should you write in your content.

Make poll tweet to know what type of problem your followers are facing in their business. By showing interest in the challenges of other, you can create a circle of users with similar interest. 

When you collect enough response, Create a blog which answers those specific questions.

Published it on your Twitter and never forget to mention username in your tweet who asked the question in the first place. 


Using hashtags in your tweet receive two times more engagement than those without hashtags. It will help you to get more engagements for your tweets, more visibility and get more clicks on your shared links. 

Always use hashtags related to your niche and blog. So that users related to your niche can easily find your tweet on Twitter. 


You can’t be a traffic powerhouse on Twitter overnight. But using above tactics for your business blog will help you to build your own source in short period of time.  To be a successful blogger for your business dedicate time to your community, promote your content sparingly and express your interest consistently. 

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Twitter is the platform which receives more than 500 million Tweets per day. You would astonish to know that in a single second Twitter has a record to receive 143,199 Tweets. Now you can make a judgment that how an important Tweet can get vanished in the throng of Tweets. 
To overcome this situation one can use Twitter algorithm the mathematical formula to make sure that all your important Tweets will appear at the top of your timeline every time you login.
So before we get started let’s check out some information on Twitter algorithm.

Twitter Algorithm

In accordance to Twitter 
“Tweets you are likely to care about most will show up first in your timeline.” 
In normal words, this means that Twitter algorithm is such a system which knows that what you are thinking or what you would like to see when you first login to your account. 
Now let’s consider how Twitter regulate the algorithm?

How to regulate Twitter algorithm?

Well, it is quite difficult to find all the details about a social networking site’s algorithm. But we are present here with some of the key elements which can help you on the same.

1. Engagements

Twitter engagement is one of the areas which makes the perfect sense to grow your engagements. And it is observed that if you manage to engage with your Twitter accounts regularly then you are more likely to see your Tweets. 
But is it possible to open your every Twitter accounts daily? I guess no. It is quite a hectic task, isn’t it? So what can you do for this? Well, you can use the software automation tool which can help you to manage all your accounts in a single click. 
DominatorHouse is providing you the most advanced automation tool which can help you to perform all your Twitter activities.
Let’s check out the accounts feature which can help you to increase your engagements.



This module helps you to add or edit or delete single or multiple accounts of yours. Also, you are allowed to check your active and inactive status with the help of account checker. Additionally, you can check out your groups, pages and friends count with this module.

2. Rich media 

It was found that the users who engage and like Twitter videos will are habituated to see Tweets which include videos. The one who engage and like images will see more Tweets which include images. And the one who wishes to see Tweets with links will observe the Tweets which include links. 
This is another way of Twitter algorithm which let you to make judgement what people actually wants to see. So what will you do if you have to do the same from your different accounts? Well, again the automation tools can be used here. Let’s check out how?


This module helps you to Tweet text or images. If you wish to add the additional link then can select the option to add additional links. You are allowed to load your Tweets, copy them, mention users and insert links in your Tweet.  Then you need to mention the number of Tweets which is to be done from your each account. You can choose accounts by clicking on the option of click to select accounts which are on the right corner of the page. And now you are about to end. Finally, set the delay and threads and tap on start now. 
Now how can you improve your organic reach? Any idea? If not, then let’s get it.

Ideas to improve your organic reach on Twitter

1. Make use of appropriate Hashtags.
2. Use videos and images.
3. Refine your approach using Twitter analytics.
Now the time has come to let you know what is this automation tool? It is TwtDominator..


TwtDominator is the software automation tool which is offered by the DominatorHouse which makes every Twitter activity easy and automated. You can manage all your activities with a single click. 

Over to you

Hope I was clear on my words to explain you how to boost your Twitter organic reach using TwtDominator the software automation tool and earn #Dollors. 
Not only this we are also providing other features which can be helpful for your Twitter approach. But for this, you need to subscribe to TwtDominator and follow our blogs to get updates of the enhancing features of the same. Just click the button.


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Are you one of them who has the aim to establish the effective brand presence? Do you think that Twitter is one of the best platforms to optimize the same? Well, let me tell you that you have come to the right place. Yes, Twitter is the best platform to promote your brand and products. So the thing is to think that how to establish a better relationship by connecting with your audience and motivate them to engage with your Twitter account.

More about Twitter:

It is known to us that the social media marketing has reached a high level in case of marketing. Social networking sites are working as the gigantic fuel in marketing. Seeing the number of active users in the Twitter account, many entrepreneurs and marketers are choosing Twitter as their marketing field. The active users and the business people are working together and Twitter is working as the bridge between them. Over 313 million of active users are present in Twitter monthly. Seeing this quantity I must say that Twitter is the best choice to reputable your brand.

Twitter for your company:

Every company or organization must be on Twitter. It works as a strong business tool and a number of clients are also available for every size and shape. If you are promoting your brand and product on Twitter, then it will get a lot of followers and likes. And hence your brand will become popular and wide in few days. So being a smart marketer, choose Twitter for your business and brand promotion.

How to use Twitter for connection purpose?

Just being present and having a brand has many differences. It is not exactly the same. If you like to create constructions on Twitter then you need to be active and updated all the time. So that people can be able to see you and your brand efficiently and hence your brand will get more popularity.

Use of automation software:


The name itself indicates that an automation software is needed to automate the Twitter activities. Many automation software is there. But do you know which one is the best? Well, TwtDominator is the most advanced and useful Twitter automation software. This software has many significant features and this is the most commonly used automation software in today’s digital world. Let’s have a look at some of the efficient features of TwtDominator:


Features of TwtDominator:
  • Account Manager:

Use this feature to add, delete and edit single or multiple accounts in just a single click. It allows you to check the active and inactive status by using account checker. It also counts your friends, pages, and groups.


  • Manage Profile:

This is a unique feature and very useful too. Using this feature you can manage your new or old profiles automatically. You can grow your account with mess promotions.


  • Increase Followers:

You can follow single or multiple users using this module. The multiple options of TwtDominator allow you to like posts through keywords, hashtags and custom lists.


  • Twt Messenger:

Want to say something to your followers? Now send messages to your followers at a time. You don’t need to do such process individually. Now you can send messages to multiple people at a time using this feature.


Wrapping words:

From the above discussion, it is cleared that Twitter is the best for marketing purpose and TwtDominator is the best Twitter automation software. So don’t waste your time. Be the smart marketer and choose the smart way to optimize your result. Click here for more

Thank you for reading my post. Give appreciations and share your views with us.

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Twitter is one of the social media platforms which has proved to be beneficial for every business. The platform where on an average around 6K tweets are made every second. Which can be considered as the ladder to success. 

Have you ever thought how efficiently you can use Twitter? Is it OK to use Twitter automation software? Will it be beneficial? Which software should you choose? If not, no worries. It’s still not late. We will provide you the solution for the above questions. Let’s proceed.


1. Have you ever thought how efficiently you can use Twitter?


Well, as I had already mentioned why you should use Twitter in my above paragraphs. So let’s not waste time in the same and look forward to some points which are additional information to that. 

  • Try to be appealing visually
  • Try to engage with your customers
  • Mention your insights
  • Make use of hashtags but avoid its excessive use
  • Have characters which are appealing and encouraging to follow you.
  • Go live and make your Tweets. This will have a great engagement.


2. Is it OK to use Twitter automation software? Will it be beneficial?


When you find that you have made a strong connection on Twitter then the time comes to be more active. And in this busy scheduled life, it is a little bit difficult to be active daily. And if you wish to grow you have to be active. So what will be the solution for this? This is the place where Twitter automation software comes into play. Yes, you can schedule your Twitter-related activities with this software. Like you can schedule your Tweets, Re-tweets, create groups, follow people, unfollow people and much more.  

And yes, it is beneficial. You can find many businesspeople taking the help of software to manage their Twitter activities. And are getting benefits out of this. Then why should you lack behind? As everyone is using the same and achieving their goal, you should go for it and feel the difference. 

3. Which software should you choose?


Well, if you are searching the same then I have a suggestion for you. You can go for TwtDominator. It is the automation tool to escalate your efforts. As you are able to manage your advertisement campaign, join thousands of users just with a single click. For your reference we are providing you the review of this software. Have a look.




From the above image, you can get the crystal clear view for TwtDominator.  There are much more reviews. You can just visit our site and have a look for the rest. 

Now let’s just move on for some of the features of TwtDominator. 


Features of TwtDominator


1. Manage your Twitter Accounts


Being a businessperson you might be owing to different Twitter accounts which are OK. But managing all of them is not OK. Well, I am not saying that it is not possible to manage them but it will be time taking and you cannot afford to ignore this. As time is as always precious. 




This module helps you to manage your all your Twitter accounts. You just need to upload them and save changes according to your choice and your work is done. 


2. Manage your Twitter Profile




This module helps you to manage your Twitter profile. You have to load your Email, screen name and then load your password and click on start. And you are done to proceed and don’t forget to choose your option. 

Similarly, you can find various features which can help you to make your work easy with TwtDominator. 

Over to you


Hope I was clear on my words to explain you how one can use Twitter automation software to drive more traffic. 

Share your views on this blog post and do follow our blog for more information regarding the features of TwtDominator.



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