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Abu Dhabi is the capital Emirate city of UAE (United Arab Emirates). Although it is not as popular as Dubai, it is richer than the latter and is also known for its deep rooted culture. The city is also the epitome of luxury, with numerous classy malls, gorgeous hotels (The Emirates Palace hotel being the best one), and several cultural centres. However, not many people know that Abu Dhabi is made of several island. While some are natural, there are several manmade island too. The best part is that some of these islands offer interesting places to see and exciting things to do. So, if you are in Abu Dhabi for a holiday, you do not have to stick to the regular tourist attractions. Rather, take time to visit some of these islands in Abu Dhabi.

Dalma Island

While you may know everything about Abu Dhabi from the time it become a part of the UAE, you may not know about this region in the past. If you are interested to know more about the history of this area, you must visit Dalma Island. The history of this island dates back to 10,000 years, right to the Neolithic Age. The occupation of the inhabitants was pearl diving and you can still find the evidence for the same.  Surprisingly, this island has fresh water and hence has been able to produce vegetables and fruits that are impossible to grow in Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate city. Located 42 kilometres from Abu Dhabi, you have to either take the ferry or a flight to reach this historical island.

Things to do at Dalma Island:

A great place for a day trip, here are some of the things that you can do on Dalma Island:

  • A visit to Dalma Museum would give you an insight to the history of the place. You would be able to see some of the interesting artefacts which were recovered during excavations on the island.
  • You can check out the ancient mosques of Al Dossary, Al-Meraikhi and Al-Mohannadi, which reflect the Arabic and Islamic architecture of the past.
  • You should visit Al-Heerat sites, one of the most popular pearl diving spot on the island, to know more about this occupation of the people of Dalma.
Sir Bani Yas Island

If you are a nature lover, Sir Bani Yas Island, located 170 km away from the main city, is home to one of the largest and important wildlife reserves (the Arabian Wildlife Park) of the region. It is home to more than 10,000 animals including cheetahs, Arabian oryx, giraffes, hyenas, gazelles, etc. The only way to reach this island is by air or water.

Things to do at Sir Bani Yas Island:

There are lots of fun and interesting activities awaiting you at this island.

  • Going on a wildlife safari at the Arabian Wildlife Park is surely one of the best things to do on Sir Bani Yas Island. With 10,000 animals roaming on the island freely, you would be able to have a glimpse of at least a few.
  • While a day trip to the island is perfect, you can extend your visit by staying at one of the 5 star hotels or resorts on the island. Although away from the main city, these hotels and resorts offer every modern facility and luxury that you can imagine.
  • You can lounge at one of the beaches and indulge in some exciting water sports.
  • Adventure enthusiasts would surely love this island as they would get to go on hiking as well as mountain biking trips on the island.
  • This island has around 42 archaeological sites, which make for an interesting cultural tour.
Saadiyat Island

If you are craving for some peace, quiet and luxury, away from the city of Abu Dhabi, the Saadiyat Island offers you all this and much more. The Saadiyat Island aims for cultural tourism. Although not completely developed, you would find several world class museums, art centres, etc. on this island. As the island is just 10 minutes away from the city by car, you can visit it just for a day or take the chance to stay at one of its luxury hotels or resorts and have a good time relaxing and exploring the place.

Things to do at Saadiyat Island:

Although there are several upcoming places on this island, there are many interesting places to see on Saadiyat Island.

  • One of the main highlights about this island is that it houses the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Known to be the largest art museum in the Arabian Peninsula, the Louvre Museum covers an area of 24,000 square meters. The museum aims to bridge the gap between eastern and western art.
  • Apart from this, you would also be able to visit Zayed National Museum and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi in the near future.
  • Visit Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, which is the first ocean course of the region. You would be able to enjoy the beauty of the white sand beaches of the island.
  • For some much needed relaxation, head out to the Saadiyat Public Beach where you can lounge on the beach or take a dip in its clean, turquoise waters.
  • Saadiyat Island is home to the Hawksbill sea turtles and you would be able to see several hawksbill turtle nests on Saadiyat Beach, every year.
Yas Island

Yas Island is surely one of the most popular islands in Abu Dhabi. It is one of Abu Dhabi’s manmade islands and possesses some of the major attractions of the city. Occupying an area of 25,000 hectares of land, Yas Island is just 30 minutes drive from the Emirate city of Abu Dhabi. The place has numerous theme parks, hotels, resorts, golf courses, residential areas, etc.

Things to Do at Yas Island:

There is no dearth of exciting things to do at Yas Island. Whatever might be your interest, a trip to Yas Island would be a memorable one.

  • The Ferrari World is an F1 themed amusement park, which has some great rides and attractions. The Formula Rossa, the fastest rollercoaster, is the superstar of the Ferrari World.
  • The Yas Waterworld is a place to go to if you and your family enjoy water parks. This water park has static surding waves, adventurous waterslides and many such attractions.
  • The Yas Island is home to Warner Bros. World, the first and only one in the Middle East. This is an indoor amusement park with several zones inspired by franchises of Warner Bros.
  • Apart from all this, Yas Island has Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Mall, Yas Marina and Yas Beach. With so many things to do here, you can have an amazing holiday on Yas Island itself.

Some other islands of Abu Dhabi include Zaya Nurai Island, Bu Tinah Island, Lulu Island, Happiness Island, Dolphin Island, Al Maya Island, etc. Most of these are known for their luxury resorts and hotels and are perfect for a weekend getaway with family and friends.

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Everyone is familiar with Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The moment someone mentions The United Arab Emirates, these two names conjure up immediately in our minds. These two emirates are the most popular cities in UAE and have successfully managed to put UAE on the global map as a tourist destination. Although Dubai is undeniably world famous for being a surreal city in a desert landscape, Abu Dhabi is catching up with Dubai in this race of making the impossible possible. So, which of the two do you think is the best place to visit in UAE? Here are few pointers giving you clarity of which city is better for what reasons. Read along to know more…

Difference between Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Is Dubai a better city than Abu Dhabi

  • Is Dubai a better city than Abu Dhabi?

    Dubai is unimaginably modernised than any city in the world. The futuristic vision of Dubai surpasses most other cities’ imagination. The emirate craves to be the best global city and has a niche for making record-breaking attractions. This fervid of being a larger than life city has made Dubai one of the most advanced metropolises of the world. Hence there is no doubt that if you are looking for a city experience Dubai is the perfect place to visit. Abu Dhabi, on the other hand, has also started transforming itself into a modern city significantly but it still has a long way to go to catch up with Dubai. Dubai has more iconic mega attractions than Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has stepped up the game with Yas Island – an integrated shopping, leisure and entertainment destination. The city also has some amazing projects lined up in the near future that will surely appeal to globetrotters. Dubai is also a bustling destination hosting many grand events and festivals whereas Abu Dhabi gives you a non-crowded and calmer experience than Dubai. Abu Dhabi still has a long way to go to compete with Dubai when it comes to city experiences.


  • Is Abu Dhabi stricter than Dubai in laws and customs?

    The United Arab Emirates is known for its strict laws and harsh punishments. Being an Islamic country, it follows the rules to the tee and it expects every person on its soil, be it a citizen, an expat or a visitor to adhere to these laws. But, the severity of these laws and traditional customs vary from emirate to emirate. Dubai is strict but much lenient than other emirates. For instance, the moral and ethical code is quite strict in all the Emirates, but in Dubai, it is fine to wear attires that are fashionable as long as it covers the shoulders and the knees. Abu Dhabi is more conservative than Dubai and you would not find a lot of nightlife and party scene in Abu Dhabi as compared to Dubai.


  • Abu Dhabi vs Dubai – Which city gives a better cultural immersion?

    If Dubai flaunts its grandeur through futuristic landmarks, Abu Dhabi shows off its cultural roots through captivating attractions. Over the years, Dubai has been greatly influenced by Western ideas in its race to become a global cosmopolitan. This has resulted in giving more focus to modern outlook than traditional elements. Abu Dhabi still is a humbled city that takes pride in its cultural immersion and traditions. Abu Dhabi being the capital city of UAE is more traditional than Dubai.  In terms of architectural sightseeing, you find more of futuristic designs dominating Dubai whereas Abu Dhabi is still recognized by its magnificent Sheikh Zayed Mosque. For those looking for an Arabian cultural immersion, Abu Dhabi offers a variety of authentic experiences. It fuses tradition, history, and adventures beautifully to give you a one of a kind experience.

  • Abu Dhabi or Dubai, which city is more of a family-friendly destination?

    Dubai had started to modify itself into a complete family destination since a long time; Abu Dhabi has just started on this concept. It is because of Dubai’s vision to make the destination interesting for all age groups, that it has become the most sought after Middle Eastern holiday destination for families around the world. Dubai is bursting at the seams with an astounding collection of amusement parks and waterparks. Every now and then, a new theme park pops up on Dubai’s landscape. The recent ones to join the never-ending list of Dubai’s recreational attractions are the IMG Worlds of Adventure and Dubai Parks and Resorts which is home to Middle East’s first LEGOLAND amusement parks. Also, the attractions are extravagantly impressive offering the best of thrill and merriment. Abu Dhabi still has a long way to go but it is taking every effort to make its mark as a family destination with the induction of Yas Island. Abu Dhabi has a plethora of projects lined up and once completed, it will definitely be one of the frontrunners as an ideal family holiday destination in the world.

  • For beach lovers, is Abu Dhabi a better holiday spot than Dubai?

    Holidaymakers flock to Dubai for its extraordinary experiences, for the tallest, largest, one of a kind iconic landmarks. But if you are a beach lover and you feel Dubai has an amazing array of beaches, wait till you visit Abu Dhabi’s extensive coastlines of pristine white sands lapped up by azure waters. Dubai undoubtedly has gorgeous beaches, but most of it is private beaches attached to lavish hotels and resorts. However, Abu Dhabi is blessed with an expansive stretch of beach shores open for public for free or at really nominal admission costs. Abu Dhabi’s Corniche beach, Al Bateen, Saadiyat Beach and Yas Beach are popular spots to check out when you wish to feel the salty air and splash around in the Arabian waters. In short, Abu Dhabi definitely offers its guests a better beach experience than Dubai.

So what is the verdict? Which one is the better destination you would ask? Well, why not visit both of them on a UAE holiday?

Dubai is more well-known as it has marketed itself excellently and overshadowed what Abu Dhabi has to offer. Both the Emirates though being a desert city have come a long way to prove to the world that it can be a leisure and entertaining places as well. Both the Emirates have different personalities – Abu Dhabi is calm and organized and people are more likely to fall in love with it once they spend time here whereas Dubai is flamboyant and popular and visitors are already drawn to the city even before they have witnessed its experiences. Dubai has hogged its fair share of the limelight but now Abu Dhabi has managed to shift the attention of the world to itself. Hence, why not club Dubai and Abu Dhabi together and explore both the cities to get a grand Middle Easter experience on your UAE trip.

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Things to do in Dubai

Is Dubai your dream holiday destination? And is this dream going to be true soon? Then, you would be pretty excited, and why not! Dubai is a really exciting place and is home to some of the most beautiful and unique architectural marvels that have never been seen anywhere else in the world. Moreover, while the city is an epitome of modernity and luxury, Dubai is deeply rooted in its religion, culture and traditions, making this dichotomy really interesting. If you are planning to visit Dubai for a holiday soon, here are some of the things you should do in this marvellous city of UAE or United Arab Emirates.

Sightseeing: Places to See in Dubai

One of the most popular things to do in Dubai is definitely sightseeing. The city houses some really amazing buildings, monuments and places, making sightseeing a really special experience. If you are confused about the sightseeing places in Dubai, here are a few of them you must definitely visit in the city.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, is located in Dubai. You can not only see the building from outside but also visit few of the floors inside. The Burj Khalifa tour from Abu Dhabi takes you to the observation deck on the 124th or 148th floor (as per booking) from where you will be able to see an incredible view of the entire city. You also get to visit the museum on the ground floor where you would be able to get to know the story behind the construction and development of the building. If you are not interested in the tour, you can also choose to dine at one of the restaurants in the building to have a look at the interiors of the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum in Dubai

Before Dubai became the super luxurious and modern city it is today, it was a simple fishing village when pearl diving and fishing were the main occupation of the locals. If you cannot believe this, you must visit the Dubai Museum where the past of the city has been preserved beautifully. Located inside the Al Fahidi Fort, which is the oldest building in the city, the Dubai Museum would give you a glimpse of the life of the Arabs just a few decades ago. Right from the clothes they wore to the houses they lived in, you get to know all about the Arab life of the old times in this museum. At the end, there is also an audio visual presentation that shows the growth of Dubai from a desert land to the grand metropolis it is today.

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall

Dubai has the ability to surprise the world with its innovations and out-of-the-box ideas. One such wonder is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo which is located right inside the Dubai Mall. Covering two floors of the Dubai Mall, you would find more than 33,000 aquatic animals in the Dubai Aquarium. The 48 meter tunnel, which is also the entrance of the aquarium, would give you the chance to have a good look at the inhabitants including tiger sharks and sting rays. Apart from strolling along the tunnel, you can indulge in some special activities like glass-bottom boat tour, swimming with the sharks, getting wet in snorkelling cage, etc. The underwater zoo with its numerous exhibits and inhabitants make an interesting tour, especially for little children.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

Dubai being a coastal city, it has some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. However, many of them belong to the hotels and can be accessed by hotel guests and sometimes even others by paying a fee. However, this does not mean that Dubai does not have open beaches. One of the best and the most popular beach which is also open for public is the Jumeirah Beach. Known as the Jumeirah Beach Park, this is a pretty white sand beach which gives you an incredible view of the Burj Al Arab, known to be the only seven star hotel in the world. At the beach, you can indulge in various water sports or just lounge on the sand and relax. It is also a great place to have a BBQ or perhaps a picnic with your friends. You can also choose to have a cup of coffee at one of the cafes while enjoying the views of the deep blue sea.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

Located inside Zabeel Park, the Dubai Frame is the latest addition to the architecture of Dubai. Known to be the world’s largest picture frame, the Dubai Frame is positioned in such a way that you can see the old Dubai from one side and the new Dubai from the other. You enter the Dubai Past Gallery to get a glimpse of Dubai in the earlier stages. After this, you take an elevator to the sky deck, which is a bridge that brings together the two vertical towers. Once you have viewed both the old and new sides of the city, you take an elevator down to the Dubai Future Gallery where you see how the city envisions itself in the future through multimedia presentation. If you want to see the past, present and future of Dubai in one place, there is no better place than the Dubai Frame.

Experience: Interesting Things to do in Dubai

Although the places to see in Dubai would keep you hooked, the city is not just about its places. On the other hand, there are several amazing experiences that you need to enjoy to complete your Dubai holiday. Here are some of the most important things that you should definitely do when in Dubai.

Watch the Dubai Fountain Show

Dubai Fountain Show

Right outside the Dubai Mall is the largest performing fountain in the world. While you would be awed by the sheer size of the fountain, what would really enthral you is the beautiful fountain show that happens several times, every evening. Starting from 6 in the evening, the 10 minutes sound and light show happens every half an hour, till 11 at night and has the ability to mesmerize any audience. The beautiful choreography makes the fountains dance on the tunes of some soulful music. Whatever might be your likes, dislikes and interests, this fountain show would not fail to enchant you. Although you can watch this show as many times as you want for free, you can also choose to go on an abra ride on the fountain to watch the show up-close.

Go on a Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari Dune Bashing

This is said to be the ultimate experience in Dubai. Far from the hustle bustle of the city, the desert safari gives you the chance to enjoy the mysterious ambience of the desert. Apart from getting to know the desert, the desert safari is full of adventure, fun activities and entertainment. Dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking, sand boarding, shisha smoking, falcon show, henna painting, etc. are some of the activities that await you at the desert safari. You also get to enjoy a beautiful desert sunset followed by Tanoura and belly dance performances. The safari also offers you the opportunity to feast on a delicious BBQ dinner with the choicest dishes from Arabic cuisine. There are various types of desert safaris available. While the evening safari is the most popular, you can choose to go for an overnight, morning or even a premium safari.

Enjoy a Dhow Cruise Dinner

Dhow Cruise Dubai at Night

The dhow is an integral part of Dubai’s past. Earlier it played a key role in transportation and trade. While it is no longer used as a vehicle of transportation, you can see several luxurious dhows on both the Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina. Today, these restaurants float in the Dubai waters in the form of restaurants. If you want to enjoy a quiet evening and at the same time enjoy great views of the Dubai skyline, you must go on a dhow cruise either on the Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina. Apart from the change in scenery, the dhow cruises on both the places offer the same experiences. The dinner includes a lavish buffet with some mouthwatering dishes. You are also offered entertainment in the form of dance and music performances. If you crave for a relaxing evening after all the sightseeing and adventure, a dhow cruise dinner would give you the much needed rest and peace.

Go on a Shopping Spree

Dubai Mall

Shopping is a part of every holiday. But when it comes to Dubai, shopping becomes mandatory. Right from the traditional souks to luxurious malls, which include the Dubai Mall (the largest mall in the world), the options are endless for shopping in Dubai. If money is not an issue, you can shop at any of the malls in Dubai which are home to almost all the international brands that you have heard about. However, if you are on a budget, it would be better to hit the traditional markets and souks where you can bargain at your heart’s content while shopping. Al Fahidi Street, Meena Bazaar, Karama Shopping Centre, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Bur Dubai Souk, etc. are some of the most popular places for shopping in Dubai. If you want to buy gold at cheap prices, you must go to the Gold Souk where you can bargain to get the best price. If you have the opportunity, you must visit the city during the Dubai Shopping Festival (during the month of January every year) to get the best deals and discounts you have ever heard of.

Indulge in a Cultural Experience

Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Centre

If you want to know what lies behind all the glitz and glamour of Dubai, a cultural experience is something you would really enjoy. The Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Centre is a non-profit organization which aims to spread the knowledge and understanding of the religion, culture and traditions of the Emiratis to expats and tourists. Right from tours to the various traditional places of Dubai to enjoying the Emirati cuisine, this institute exposes you to various cultural factors of Dubai. They arrange tours to the Dubai Museum, Bastakiya Quarter, Dubai Creek, the gold and spice souks and other heritage sites of the city. You also get to learn about the traditional cuisine of the place. You would be served with breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner (as per the time you arrive at the centre) where you get to taste the various traditional dishes of the Emirati cuisine. Apart from this, you would also be served with Arabic coffee and dates after the tours.

Specialties: Unique Things to do in Dubai

Every city offers something that you would find nowhere else. When it comes to Dubai, there is no dearth of the unique things to do. Here are some of the special things that you must do when in the city.

Enjoy Afternoon Tea or High Tea at Burj Al Arab

High Tea at Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab boasts of some of the best restaurants in the city. If you want to have a look into the stylish interiors of the hotel and have an amazing culinary experience, you must visit the Burj Al Arab for their afternoon or high tea. These happen at the Sahn Eddar (located at the base) as well as Sky View Bar (located at the highest point). If you want to check out the magnificent view of the city, choose the latter. The afternoon tea is between 1 PM to 6 PM and is a seven course meal consisting of berries tart, delicate finger sandwiches, chef’s carvery, sorbet, freshly-baked scones served with Devonshire clotted cream and delicious preserves and French pastries. You would also be served with a variety of teas and coffees. You can also opt for a flute of champagne to go with your meal.

If you miss the afternoon tea, you can go for high tea that starts at 7 in the evening and lasts for one hour. Although not as elaborate as the afternoon tea, you would get to taste the sandwiches, scones and French pastries along with delicious tea, coffee and cocktails. The afternoon and high tea at the Burj Al Arab are quite popular and hence make sure to book in advance.

Treat Yourself to the World’s Costliest Ice Cream

Scoopi Cafe Ice Cream

If you do not mind spending AED3000 for a bowl of ice cream, head to the Scoopi Cafe to taste the costliest ice cream in the whole wide world. Fit for the royals, this ice cream made with liquid nitrogen is really creamy and delicious. What makes this ice cream so special is that the ingredients for making it are not only the best but have been procured from around the world. The vanilla bean comes from Madagascar while the saffron is from Iran and black truffles from Italy. What makes this ice cream so expensive is that it contains 23 carat edible gold! It is served in style in a Versace bowl and spoon (which you can take home). Although spending so much money on an ice cream seems too much, it is one of the most unique things in the city and definitely worth a try.

Sky Dive over Palm Jumeirah

Sky Dive over Palm Jumeirah

There is nothing unique about sky diving. Several countries around this world offer this adventure sport. However, what makes sky diving in Dubai special is that you get to dive over the Palm Jumeirah. While this is not the only way to get a bird’s eye view of the largest manmade island in the world, it surely is the best way of doing so. While you jump off the plane and descend onto land, you would be able to see the Palm Jumeirah in all its magnificence. Moreover, the adrenaline rush you get is unparalleled. Do not stop yourself from indulging in this just because you do not have experience. Dubai is great for sky diving not just for professionals but also for experts.

Indulge in Ice Skating at Ski Park

Ski Dubai

Dubai is a warm country with the temperature reaching around 50oC during summer. So, it would be the last place where you would expect a ski park. The most unique thing about it is that this 22,500 square meters of indoor ski park is located inside a mall. Found at the Mall of Emirates, the Ski Dubai has ski slopes for both beginners and experts and also a snow park where you can have a great time. You can not only practice skiing here but also learn the skill. Apart from skiing, snowboarding, chair lift and snow bullet are some of the interesting features of the park. Little kids would be excited to meet the penguins who are the residents of the ski park. After a great time skiing, building snow castles and even having a snow fight, you can head into the Avalanche Cafe for having a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Everything including winter clothes and skiing gear is available with the tickets to the ski park.

Visit the Largest Indoor Theme Park

IMG Worlds of Adventure

It would not be a surprise to know that the largest indoor theme park is situated in Dubai. The IMG Worlds of Adventure is surely the coolest adventure and theme park in the city which has something for both kids and adults. Here, you can enjoy your rides and attractions based on your favourite Marvel and Cartoon Network shows and characters. With the size equivalent to 28 football fields, no one would get bored at this theme park. One of the main attractions of the park is the Lost Valley which is a dinosaur adventure zone where you get to interact with life size dinosaurs. On the other hand, the Haunted Hotel would not fail to give you the creeps. Apart from all these, the IMG Worlds of Adventure also has restaurants, gift shops and a cinema hall for entertainment.

Dubai is undoubtedly an exhilarating city and offers an amazing lot of things to do. You may be a person who loves adventure or someone who wants to relax or maybe someone who enjoys the luxury and good things in life, but you would definitely find something that entices and excites you in Dubai.

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Being the capital of United Arab Emirates “Abu Dhabi” keeps a firm and respectful aura in the country in terms of culture, global business, security as well as entertainment. Today, Abu Dhabi is the country’s centre of industrial and political activities, and a major cultural and commercial hub, owing to its position as the capital.

Apart from been a business hub, Abu Dhabi offers way more entertainment activities that you can enjoy all day till your visit. And for that you would require a relaxing and soothing place where you can take rest and throw away your tiredness. Hence, Abu Dhabi incorporates a series of hotels and beach resorts built in especially for families.

Here is a list of family hotels in Abu Dhabi and family beach resorts in Abu Dhabi that you should surely visit when you are here. Emirates Palace:

Emirates Palace the most luxurious family hotel in Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Palace (five-star) is the most iconic landmarks of the city, located on the shores of Arabian Gulf – owning its own private natural bay stretching for just under a mile. The royal hotel blends Arabian grandeur with the latest luxuries to create a memorable and magical experience.

The hotel includes gorgeous rooms each with scenic views of the coast on one side and beautiful garden view on other. A show case of Arabian depiction, with grand central passageways and vaulted ceilings and a choose from over 300 rooms gives this hotel a royal feeling.

The Qasr Al Sarab:

The Qasr Al Sarab the most luxurious family resort in the desert

Located in the vast stretch of desert The Empty Quarter, Qasr al Sarab hotel has all you’d expect from a high-class UAE resort with luxury villas, private pools, first-class restaurants and a fully equipped spa.

Your children will love some fun activities such as camel riding, sand duning and falconry exhibitions. Moreover, there is a kids club to keep them occupied with games, movies and computers. While the kids are enjoying their part, parents can also have a unique experience to join a cooking class and whip up a tasty Emirati treat. It is one of the most popular family beach resorts in Abu Dhabi.

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Tilal Liwa Hotel:

Tilal Liwa Hotel the luxurious hotel for family in abu dhabi

Imagine waking up in sumptuously appointed suite or room accommodation with breathtaking views of the highest dunes in the world. Whether you are embarking on a thrilling desert safari, unearthing the traditional sights of Al Gharbia, or just escaping to solitude for a few days, Tilal Liwa Hotel will give you a guaranteed unforgettable experience.

The hotel also host a number of exciting activities such as a thrilling adventure drive into the dunes of the majestic Rub Al Khali desert, sand boarding, cycling through the desert, horseback riding and quad bike safaris.

The Ritz-Carlton:

The Ritz-Carlton the most luxurious hotel situated around Abu dhabi water canal for family

Minutes from Abu Dhabi’s vivacious city center, guests are transported to a place where the grand architecture of the Italian Renaissance combines beautifully with the ethnicity of the Middle East. Lushly landscaped gardens and dribbling fountains welcomes guests upon arrival at The Ritz-Carlton hotel.

At Ritz-Carlton hotel, everything the city offers is within comfortable reach. Guests can witness the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque from inside this hotel before exploring the delicate craftsmanship inside. Beaches offer both outdoor recreations, such as boating and fishing, as well as relaxation. And young visitors receive a VIP treatment with the particularly crafted Ritz Kids program. It is considered in most visited family hotels in Abu Dhabi.

The Jumeirah at Etihad Towers:

The Jumeirah at Etihad Towers the family beach resorts in abu dhabi

The hotel is dramatically sculpted into five towers that set a standard for luxury hotels in the city. It is located into western end of city’s Corniche, nearby The Avenue at Etihad Towers Mall.

The hotel gives you the opportunity to enjoy the exclusive and prestigious residential services while gazing at the sunset over the Arabian Gulf. Also, a variety of food is served from eleven posh restaurants and bars offering French to Lebanese cuisines. In addition, it can also be said as friendly and gentle family hotel in Abu Dhabi, since they also offer a babysitting service and include a safe beach and kid’s pool.

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Yas Viceroy:

Yas Viceroy the most luxurious beach hotel in abu dhabi

Situated near the ice rink, Viceroy is the most unique hotel with a rooftop pool, a sun terrace and a golf course. It is surrounded by Abu Dhabi’s famous Formula One circuit so the whole family can enjoy front row seats to the city’s racing car action.

The vast, stylish, 499-room Yas Viceroy hotel lies near the sandy beach and the resort connected to it has a refreshing open-air pool partially covered by an incredible canopy.

The hotel has a great, award-winning Espa spa, and there’s also a well-equipped fitness centre. Guests can revitalize with beauty therapy, massage and steam baths. Also, for food lover, guests won’t run out of places to eat here as there are 11 different dining venues to choose from.

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas:

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas the family resorts in abu dhabi

On the natural island of Saadiyat, the five-star Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas is one of the best family beach resorts in Abu Dhabi. With nine kilometre of pristine environmentally protected white sand beach, Saadiyat Island is a luminous choice for families.

There are airy rooms, suites & private villas all of which have modern design with delicate Arabian touches.

The resort is bordering to the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club and minutes from the city’s major business district and the Corniche. The resort has a fitness centre, steam room and sauna, and an exceptional spa.

Kids will be royally entertained at Camp Hyatt, offering a series of activities to keep them engaged and happy, while you enjoy your time in the premises.

Here was a list of some of the sorted royal family hotels and breathtaking family resorts in Abu Dhabi from where you can choose to get an amazing experience as you stay there.

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Abu Dhabi is a place with countless options for fun and entertainment. And in the the New Year, the place lights up like a sky of zillion twinkling stars.

In the few last years we found the emirate’s first-ever New Year’s Eve Countdown Village, 5 course feast hosted at the Ritz Carlton and the singing sensation like Katy Perry ruled the celebration with her best charts. Abu Dhabi is splendid in the way it brings out new and fresh ways of surprising its tourists every year. Multitude of stage performances, heavy amount of fireworks and bunch of packages filled with excitement.

Concerts, galas and festivals- here is how you can ring in the New Year in the UAE Capital. Find set of combinations on what things you can do at what places-

Fireworks at Emirates Palace

Highly praised for the impeccable blend of Arabian culture and latest luxuries, the hotel stages the richest festival. In the day, there are green lushes, silvery water fountains and the bright blue sky, while the night is glorified with the hotel’s lighting, glimmer ceilings and professional dances. Among various places in Abu Dhabi, Emirates promises one of the sparkling parties of fireworks.

Some of the other places to visit and be transfixed by fireworks are-

  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi
  • Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Entertainment at Al Maryah Island

Situated in the middle of Abu Dhabi as the new Central Business District, the place is home to an exceptional luxury for shopping and dining. For the grandest festival the island occupies the 5-star hotels like Rosewood Abu Dhabi and Four Seasons Abu Dhabi. With 50 outlets, there are finest brands that you can buy and gift. Some of the top stars come down the land while the skies are lit by fireworks.

Food at the Fabulous Bars and Restaurants

  • Dine in the few magnanimous hotels as the opulent Al Raha Beach Hotel and its grand ballroom, or stay at the elegant and luxurious loft Abu Dhabi, or head to the Garden City.
  • At the exquisite Beach Rotana, you can find the mouth-watering 6-course meal.
  • Topping all the pubs, you can have gala of time at the Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi.
  • Four Seasons is all set with its much loved menu to serve you one of the most lavish dinners you will have in your life. There is jazz, fashion and lot more for you to cover.
  • The St. Regis Resort at the Saadiyat Island will offer the international buffet on the side of a brilliant piece of band playing some amazing hits. Needles to mention, the fireworks are going to dazzle.
  • With scenic view there are impressive options of hotels that you can stay, eat and dance at, like the Eastern Magroves Hotel, Emirates Palace, and Holiday Inn.
Winter Carnival at the Yas Island

One of the famous islands in Abu Dhabi, the Yas transforms into the beautiful Winter Carnival. It seems like a dreamland that has snowpark, funfair games and rides and lot of activities to be enjoyed by kids and adults. There is a huge festive excitement and chances to win bumper prizes. There are trendiest stalls of the local arts and crafts. Also the trucks of food and beverages, keep the guests entertained for their journey.

And if it’s your first visit to Abu Dhabi, don’t miss out on the following-

Ferrari World: The world’s largest Ferrari amusement park and the most thrilling theme park raises the adventure quotient with its 37 record-breaking rides and attractions. Along with the endless fun on the rollercoasters, there is leisurely dining experience and impressive collection of shopping.

Yas Waterworld: Named in the world’s greatest playground, the water park consists of 40+ class rides, slides and attractions. Being here can offer you the ultimate family experience- luxurious dining, complete shopping and enormous activities like diving and dunking.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque: One of the world’s largest mosques is praised for its architectural work of art. Holding a capacity of 40,000 worshippers the spiritual place stuns everyone with its beautiful 82 domes.


Hands Down to Abu Dhabi; the capital manages to offer such a delightful and memorable experience every New Year. Besides the delicious food and pulsating discos, you have got the awe inspiring fireworks going on. Place your bet on any of these several vantage points and you can create memories watching the entire countdown unfolding itself.

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Abu Dhabi is the only city in the Middle East that can give Dubai a run for its money. Abu Dhabi has stunning desert along with beautiful coastline which gives a massive boost to the fishing industry. When it comes to food, Abu Dhabi is right there giving a competition to Dubai. There are plenty of cuisine one can try here from French, Chinese, American, Indian and many more. Needless to say, this city has all kinds of cuisine from all over the world. However, it’s the local food which makes it even more unique in Abu Dhabi. Here’s a list of few local cuisines which must be tried if Abu Dhabi is your next destination for a vacation.

  1. Harees – Harees is a traditional dish made especially during Ramadan and weddings. Cooking Harees usually requires effort and time, but the end result is worth the wait. Harees is made of wheat, chicken meat, and just salt for seasoning. To understand the process, it’s divided in to 2 steps.                                                                                      a.  First Step – With the help of a huge pot, the ground wheat is cooked with chicken and salt for a few hours on a gentle heat. The chicken meat has to mix well with the wheat.                                                                                     b. Last step – It is then transferred on to a clay pot which is kept outside in a hole in the ground, and covered with hot charcoal. Leave it for a few hours and let all the flavours emulsify. At the end, the mixture is stirred with the help of a special wooden spoon and then served.
  1. Salona – If you prefer soup with the addition of meat then Salona is something you’ll love. Salona is easy to make. The meat is first boiled in water along with onions. After a while, fresh, local vegetables such as courgettes, eggplant, okra and bell peppers are added to give flavour. In the end, tomato paste is added to lift the intensity of the soup making it mouth-watering.
  1. Madrooba – U.A.E.’s main cuisine is seafood. All the fish come in a variety of colour, size and shapes. Depending on how you would want to eat, the seafood is grilled, boiled, fried, poached or slow-cooked. And the most popular of the lot is Madrooba, which highly preferred by the locals. This dish is prepared by the use of any salt-cured fish. It may a little different but that’s not the case with this dish. The fish is rinsed thoroughly and then cooked in a pot of water by adding a few spices slowly. Also, there’s the addition of flour which gives the broth texture and thickness. Ghee is added on top when served which makes it melt on your tongue like butter. Try it once and you’ll always want to have it.
  1. Machboos – Rice and meat is what makes Machboos simple yet a delicious meal. At first, it may sound boring when you hear about the dish because it mainly consists of a few things. But what most people don’t know is that, the cooked meat is made richer with the addition of a secret blend of spices. Meat can be of any type except pork obviously, but it is fairly simple to make. The preferred meat is first boiled in water along with the secret spices. Then fried, chopped onions, along with different vegetables like potato, green peppers and tomatoes are added. Later, saffron is added to deepen the flavour of the dish along with layering of the rice. Machboos is then transferred to an oven for 10 minutes. Serve it hot!
  1. Luqaimat – Save some room for dessert. Luqaimat is a traditional dessert consisting of syrupy dough balls made to be enjoyed at the end of a lavish meal. It is light and fluffy making it an absolute favourite with everyone. When you bite in to it, it will take you to another dimension. It is the perfect end to traditional and delicious Emirati meal.

Local dishes in Abu Dhabi are simply not to be missed, because they stand out in a league of their own. Dubai has many fancy restaurants, but Abu Dhabi preserves and propagates U.A.E.’s traditional dishes and cooking styles, making it unique and different. The Middle Eastern classics found in Abu Dhabi are quite different, compared to other cities in UAE. So, on your trip to Abu Dhabi, forget fast foods, and junk food, gorge on these traditional; dishes to truly appreciate the beauty of Abu Dhabi.

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Abu Dhabi is not only the largest Emirate but also the capital of United Arab Emirates or UAE. Although not as popular or glamorous as Dubai, this Emirate city has its own charm. Deeply rooted in its traditions and culture, a visit to Abu Dhabi would give you the glimpse of Emirati culture and heritage. However, this does not mean that a holiday in Abu Dhabi comprises only sightseeing. On the other hand, there are several interesting things to do here. In fact, Abu Dhabi has an island dedicated to fun and entertainment. If you are planning a holiday in Abu Dhabi, here are a few things that you need to know before you arrive.
Abu Dhabi: Places to Visit
After you have booked your tickets but before you pack your bags, it is important to create your itinerary for your holiday in Abu Dhabi. While there are several tour companies that offer Abu Dhabi holiday packages, you can easily explore the city on your own too. Here are some of the places that you should not miss when in this Emirate city.
Sheikh Zayed Grand Palace: The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, popularly known as Grand Mosque, is the largest mosque in the UAE and is a grand one in every way. Inspired by Indo-Islamic architecture, the mosque can accommodate 40,000 worshippers at a time. The entire place is created in marble with gold elements. Inside the mosque, you would find large crystal chandeliers, the largest carpet in the world adorning the prayer hall and gorgeous pools too.
Abu Dhabi Corniche: Complete with a beach, play area, pedestrian and cycle pathways, restaurants and cafes, the Corniche Road stretches for 8 kilometers and is the perfect place to relax and unwind with family and friends. You can also go on a dhow cruise here to enjoy the gorgeous Abu Dhabi skyline and have a great time.
Abu Dhabi Heritage Village: If you want to experience the Bedouin way of life, i.e. the Emirati life before the oil boom, the Heritage Village is a must visit place. A traditional oasis village, you would find a goats’ hair tent, campfire with coffee pots and a fajal irrigation system here. You would also find craftsmen demonstrating traditional skills of pottery, metalwork, etc.
Qasr Al Hosn: A visit to Qasr Al Hosn would give you a free demonstration of the life and history of Abu Dhabi and its people. Another highlight of Al Qasr Hosn is that it is the oldest stone building as well as the first permanent structure of Abu Dhabi.
Yas Island: Yas Island is a haven for those who are looking for fun and entertainment during their holiday. Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, and Yas Marina Circuit are some of the major attractions of the place. Moreover, Warner Bros. World and SeaWorld are two theme parks that would be added to the Yas Island in the near future.
Apart from the above-mentioned places, there are several malls in Abu Dhabi that would make for an interesting visit. You must also check out the Emirates Palace Hotel which is nothing less than a royal palace. Although you cannot go sightseeing at the hotel, you can have a meal at one of the restaurants or cafes if you really want to check the interiors.
Abu Dhabi: Important Things to Know
Knowing the places you must visit when in Abu Dhabi is only half the job done. While the luxurious buildings and skyscrapers may create a modern picture, it is important to remember that Abu Dhabi is a part of a Muslim state and hence is quite conservative. Also, there are several laws regarding things that are considered to be normal or regular in most countries. Hence, it is best to be equipped with all know before you begin your journey.
Best Time to Visit: The summer months (from May to October) are extremely hot in Abu Dhabi and hence best to be avoided. However, it is cheaper to travel during summer as you get everything at half rates at this time of the year. On the other hand, the best time to visit Abu Dhabi is the winter months i.e. between November and February when the climate is pleasant.
Traveling: The best way to travel in the city is by cab. Apart from being an inexpensive mode of transportation, you would also find it easy to flag down a cab anywhere in the city. While the silver taxis run on meters, it would be best to agree on a price before you begin your journey in a white and gold taxi. Pink taxis (driven by women) are exclusive for women passengers as well as families.
Dress Code: As the place has a warm climate, it is best to wear loose, cotton clothes during your holiday. As a respect to the cultural and religious beliefs of the locals, you must wear clothes that cover your knees and shoulders. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight and those that expose upper arm, cleavage, thighs, etc. as they are considered to be offensive. Beachwear and shorts can be worn at the beach and at the pool area in your hotel. If you are visiting a mosque, you must cover your arms and legs. The traditional garments for men and women are available for free at most mosques.
Language: English is widely spoken in the city and hence you do not have to worry about not knowing Arabic. Of course, you could learn a few words. But wherever you go, be it to airports, hotels, restaurants, malls, departmental stores, etc., you would find people speaking English. Hotels also employ staff who speak Russian, Chinese, German, etc. to help those guests who do not speak English.
Alcohol: Alcohol is available at most high-end restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. However, you must remember that drinking in public is illegal in Abu Dhabi. If you are caught drinking in malls, parks or other public areas, you would have to pay a fine and would also have to spend time in jail. Also, tourists cannot buy alcohol from stores. Only locals and expats with a license can do that.
Public Display of Affection: PDA is a strict no-no in Abu Dhabi. Apart from holding hands, couples should avoid hugging, kissing or cuddling in public. If someone reports you, you could be in big trouble. Moreover, staying in the same room with the person of the opposite sex (unless married) is illegal. So, if you are traveling to Abu Dhabi with your partner, it is best to stay in separate rooms.
Ramadan: Ramadan is the holy month of Muslims, during which people fast from morning till evening. While you may not have to fast, there are several rules that you would have to follow if you visit Abu Dhabi during this time of the month. Firstly, you would not be allowed to eat or drink in public although it is fine to eat in private areas of hotels or restaurants. Businesses close early and there is a ban on a lot of tourist activities. So, you may miss several interesting things and activities. But if you want to learn about the traditions, religion, and culture of the Arabs, this is a great time to visit.
Abu Dhabi is a place that offers sightseeing, adventure, entertainment and shopping, and hence a great addition to your travel bucket list. Moreover, by knowing everything you should about this Emirate city, you would definitely have a hassle-free holiday in Abu Dhabi.

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