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Patong Beach. Source.
Phuket is a confluence of different hues of blues and greens. Thailand’s largest island is where endless seas meet the skies to make some of the most awe-inspiring sights you’ll ever see.
You’re planning your next trip to Thailand, it will be safe to assume that beach-hopping in Phuket is a big part of your itinerary. If not, we’re sure this article will change your mind. Pristine stretches of white sand, spectacular sunsets and luminous shades of water will make your trip to Phuket worthwhile.

Here are some of the must-visit beaches in Phuket. We've also listed some beaches that can be avoided for various reasons including accessibility and views.
Must-Visit Beaches

​One can say that Patong is the most popular beach in Phuket. It is mostly known for its lively partying scene because of the scores of bars, restaurants and clubs located here. However, it is also ideal for someone looking for watersports, ranging from cable skiing, parasailing, and boat rides. Patong is also the most popular shopping destination due to its many fresh markets, night markets, and Jungceylon, Phuket’s largest shopping mall.

If you’re spending multiple nights in Phuket, we’d suggest staying here to get the quintessentially happening Phuket city experience. You can choose from the quiet South and North Patong hotels, if you want a bit of solitude.
Patong Beach. Source.

​Kata is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. Its pristine white sands, tropical trees and clear waters will make you believe that you’re living inside of a computer wallpaper! Kata is divided into two areas- Kata centre, which is close to the Karon beach and Kata south, which houses several resorts. Apart from frolicking on the beach, surfing or sunbathing, you can also enjoy shopping at Kata’s many beach shops, where you will find everything from souvenirs to clothes and cosmetics. The beach also has many food stalls and restaurants if you want a refreshing meal after your beach time. For easy accessibility to this beach, it’s best to stay at a beach resort since it can be a bit tedious to reach here from the city.
Kata Beach. Source.

​Karon is only a short walk away from Kata beach, and is one of the longest beaches in Phuket. Despite being near the lively Kata, Karon beach does not attract a lot of crowd, which is why one can have a soulful beach experience here. It is also a popular destination for leisurely walks, since this beach is more sandy than rocky. Apart from lounging and walking, Karon has some good snorkelling spots and more room for jet skiing, parasailing, banana rides and other water sports due to lesser crowds, especially at the south end of the beach. Although there are some good restaurants nearby, one can always walk over to Kata beach for more variety. If you're someone who enjoys quiet beaches, this is a great choice for accommodation.
Karon Beach. Source.

​Bangtao beach is one of Phuket's most underrated beaches. It has a large coast and is fairly quiet. It also offers a lot of variety for restaurants, luxury hotels and spas. We think this beach is one of the best places to stay, due to its accessible location, views and serenity. Do check out the Banyan Tree Resort or Dusit Thani Laguna Pool Villa for the luxe hotel experience, with amazing rooms, spas and food.

Now, although it is a great destination for beach walks and sunbathing, watersports, especially surfing isn’t the best idea here due to the unpredictable nature of the waves. So, if you want to Venture out at the sea, it would be wise to consult the hotel or beach authorities to check for safety.
Bangtao Beach. Source.

Mai Khao is the longest and among the most secluded beaches in Phuket. This beach has some amazing views with its deep blue waters and vast stretches of the white, sandy coast. Plus, with Phuket airport being nearby, one can also witness the awe-inspiring sight of planes landing in the backdrop of a gorgeous beach. Another fun activity to do here is to experience the baby turtle release during the Songkran festival in April every year. You can also sponsor a turtle and
carry it to its destination in the sea!

If you want to get away from the city on one or two nights during your Phuket trip, we highly recommend Mai Khao beach.
Mai Khao Beach. Source.

Surin is one of the most picturesque beaches of Phuket. It has a good balance of activities and solitude, and is a popular haunt for celebrities and families. It is also a great location for swimming. However, during monsoon, the rains can create dangerous undertow conditions so it’s best to take necessary precautions. You will also find a lot of luxury resorts here. However, if you want to stay somewhere quieter, Bangtao beach is a short cab ride away from Surin and would be the more suitable destination.
Surin Beach. Source.
least popular beaches
Although, most beaches in Phuket are enjoyable and picturesque, you might want to consider venturing more on the west coast than the east coast. This is because the beaches on the west coast have a mountainous terrain in the backdrop, hence offering more spectacular views than the ones on the east coast which are flat.

Chalong, Cape Panwa, Koh Siray, Ao Po are some beaches on the east coast that can be avoided if what you’re looking for is the lively, Thailand life. These beaches are more suited for tranquil activities like swimming and meditation. Since the main Thai community resides here, this can also be an option for a more local culture-driven vacation.
AUTHOR BIO: My name is Lavanya and I discovered peace in traveling and exploring. I love experiencing the authentic culture of any place I go to, the local people and local food is how I connect with the place. Currently I work at a travel company called Ithaka and help other people enjoy traveling as much as I do.
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Here are ten essentials to not forget while preparing for a camping trip.
Sometimes life can get so stressful that you forget to carry a sleeping bag on a camping trip. It’s happened, we admit it. However, it is crucial to stay away from such mishaps. We’re saying this because it is very easy to forget some items while being engrossed in hectic packing. Which is why we’re here to help you out through the process! Do not mistake these essentials to be just for newbie campers though, as it is equally important for experienced campers to double check their list. Without further ado, here are ten super amazing essentials to not forget while preparing for a camping trip.
1. Survival Knife
Unless you want to be Bear Grylls and eat a spider out of starvation, you’d probably want to carry a pocket knife. This knife could be useful in rope cutting, chopping and other things that you might end up having to do. One thing to do is that make sure you purchase a high-quality pocket knife that isn't flimsy and that can actually be of some use. You never know when you might need it so it’s always better to take precautions while you can. The wilderness is an unpredictable place and you never know how important some things can turn out to be.
2. First Aid & Other Supplies
If we tried, we probably would not be able to emphasize enough on how crucial first aid is. It is the perfect preliminary medical aid and not to mention how useful it can be in emergency situations. Painkillers, bandages and gauze can be carried. Also, if you are more on the queasy side, make sure to carry loose motion tablets and similar tablets. This way, if you happen to feel a bit uneasy you can use your usual medications to avoid ruining the camping trip for yourself as well as everyone else.
3. Emergency Light Source
Apart from carrying a lantern or any other medium sized light source, an emergency flashlight is important too. You can keep this in your backpack as an extra light source in case of emergencies. This is because you can never really be sure of what could happen and in the case of your lantern dying out, at least you’d have your handy torch to keep things illuminated. Speaking of packing, make sure to focus on Ultralight Backpacking. Don’t end up carrying things you won’t really need.
4. Maps or Any Directives
Sure, with the world of GPS and Siri, one wouldn’t even think about using physical maps or compasses to get one somewhere. However, when it comes to camping, you probably won’t get to use your phone all the time. Not to mention your phone won’t be able to guide through a forest or wherever your campsite is located. Because of the lack of range found in such areas, make sure to carry a map with you just in case.
5. Get That Raincoat
Most of the time, weather is inevitable. This is because no matter how well you research about the weather predictions of the day of your trip, there is a huge chance the vibe will change. So, in order to avoid any mishaps due to mother mature, you must ensure to carry some extra clothing. For example, if it rains, you will be protected if you carry a handy raincoat.
6. Bug Spray or Insect Repellent
Everyone needs odomos in their lives. However, if you’re into creams or if you might be allergic you can opt for any bug spray. You might want to avoid forgetting this essential as you might come back home with some nasty insect bites. No one wants that! So, carry it without fail, or face the wrath of the mosquito and its friends.
7. Sun Protection
You can carry some shade in the form of umbrellas, but it is always crucial to use sun cream. This is because you will be spending most of your time outdoors, which means more sun exposure. No one wants to get back from a camping trip with a harsh sun burn. Any kind of SPF is fine but having a water resistant one is recommended.
8. Fire Starters
Now, don’t get is wrong, we love some old school camping techniques. Attempting to light fire with sticks and other mediums was a great way of roughing it. However, there is a way you can easily light a campfire without any frustration. This way is through fire starters. Purchase them and be free from any time wastage the entire tip along. You can also just opt for regular matches in case you don’t want to go the extra mile.
9. Water
Unless you already have a plan for the water supply, it is crucial to carry your own. Some campsites provide water supply but the quality of the said water isn’t really guaranteed good. Make sure to confirm with the site on their water status beforehand so as to avoid any last-minute disappointments. You wouldn't want to go back home just to get water, now would you?
10. Tarpaulin Sheets
No matter what you will end up using it for, tarp sheets can be extremely handy. They aren’t really a complicated source and can easily be stuffed into your backpack. You can use it to go under your tent or even to provide some extra shelter in emergency scenarios. 
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Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.
if you are planning your next vacation, or want to get together a list of dream hiking destinations, then here are some of the spots that are not to be missed.
If you like to explore the outdoors and enjoy hiking and walks, then it is only natural that you will make part of your vacation planning around some of the best places to hike and walk. And we are blessed with an abundance of places to choose from, all around the world. So if you are planning your next vacation, or want to get together a list of dream hiking destinations, then here are some of the spots that are not to be missed.
The Grand Canyon based predominantly in Arizona is a must for all outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. And naturally, it is one of the places that springs to mind when you think about hiking and being outdoors. There are plenty of trails to choose from, all varying in lengths, so there will be something for everyone. In fact, the Grand Canyon has hundreds of miles of hiking trails, most departing from the South Rim Village or the North Rim Village.

Australia is another natural choice when it comes to choosing somewhere in the great outdoors. While there are plenty of spots to select from, one of the best areas in Queensland. There is Purling Brook Falls to explore, found in the south east region of Queensland. It is a horsetail waterfall and trail, located in the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Gondwana Rainforests. So the scenery and setting is like no other.
Mont Blanc, France.
When you say Mont Blanc, you immediately think of it being in France. But the trail on the mountain actually covers parts of France, Switzerland, and Italy. So it makes it a perfect choice if you are looking for a European hiking adventure. The scenery is amazing, and will definitely help you to feel like you’re on the set of the Sound of Music.

The UK isn’t especially known for its mountains or peaks, apart from the beautiful Lake District area in the north of England. As the name suggests, there are plenty of lakes to enjoy, meaning that there are valleys and peaks aplenty. You can spend quite a while in the Lake District as there is plenty of choice (as well as making sure that your time to refuel with some Kendal mint cake).

The Pacific Crest Trail that starts off in California, is as the name suggests along the Pacific side of the US, stopping off in Oregon and Washington along the way. The trail is long, but lush and green with plenty of waterfalls to see and jump in along the way.

If you have not experienced Alaska, or discovering Alaska’s backcountry, then the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is one of the best destinations for wilderness adventures, hikes, and walks. Not only that, but you can see a great variety of protected plant and animal life and see some epic wildlife along the way. There are limitless hiking and walking routes, as well as water sports.
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