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May 1st:

Swamp Girl’s 2019 White Boots Contest- Crawfish Town USA (Henderson) 6:00 – 8:30 pm

May 2nd:

CFMA (Chapitre de Lafayette) – La Poussiere Grand Point Avenue (Breaux Bridge) 7:oo pm

Jay Cormier – Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant- W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) 7:00 pm

May 3rd:

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival – Parc Hardy – 4:00 pm – 12:00 am

Louisiana Marketshops at the 115 (Henderson) Vendors welcome in Parking lot 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Dylan Aucoin- 6:30 pm

May 4th:

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival – Parc Hardy -10:00 am- 12:00 am

Louisiana Marketshops at the 115 (Henderson) Vendors welcome in Parking lot 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Pat’s Atchafalaya Club- Henderson, LA- Second Chance Band- 8:30 pm

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Sheryl Cormier- 6:30 pm

May 5th

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival – Parc Hardy – 9:00 am- 4:00 pm

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Lee Benoit- 6:00 pm

Pat’s Atchafalaya Club- Henderson, LA- Geno Delafose- 5:30 pm

May 9th :

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Jay Cormier- 7:00 pm

May 10th :

McGee’s Landing- Sunset Tour

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Brett Denais – 6:30 pm

May 11th:

Louisiana Marketshops at the 115 (Henderson) Vendors welcome for both farmers market product and products. Free to setup… Hand Made Local Arts & Crafts 9:00 am- 3:00 pm

Pat’s Atchafalaya Club (Henderson) MoJoe band- 8:30 pm

LaPoussiere Grand Point Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Accordion Festival- 10:00 am

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Zach Fuselier- 6:30 pm

May 12th:

LaPoussiere- Grand Point Avenue ( Breaux Bridge) Jackie Callier/ Ivy Dugas & The Cajun Cousins- 2:00 pm

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Luke Huval- 6:00 pm

May 15th:

Henderson Area Merchant Association (HAMA) Meeting at Landry’s Restaurant (Henderson) – 6:00 pm

Topics include:

  • Main discussion topic beautification of Henderson area.
  • Guest Speakers: Steven Fullen, executive director of Atchafalaya Basin Heritage Area & Holli Guilbeau, St. Martin Parish, Keep St. Martin Beautiful
  • Julie Calzone from Calzone & Associates will discuss and answer questions reguarding the new “Eat St. Martin

Guest speakers Steven Fullen, executive director or Atchafalaya Basin Heritage Area and Holli Guilbeau, St Martin Parish, Keep St Martin Beautiful…Julie Calzone from Calzone and Associates will discuss and answer questions regarding the new “Eat St. Martin” program…be sure to mark your calendars. We need a good crowd, Steven will be printing our maps..want him to see our active group …

May 16th:

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Jay Cormier – 7:00 pm

May 17th:

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Forest Huval- 6:30 pm

May 18th:

Pat’s Atchafalaya Club (Henderson) – Kevin Naquin- 8:30 pm

LaPoussiere Grand Point Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Geno Delafose & French Rockin Boogie- 8:oo pm

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Jason Frey- 6:30 pm

May 19th:

Spring Secret Supper Series- Maison Madeline Bed & Breakfast at Lake Martin 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

LaPoussiere Grand Point Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Jackie Caillier/ Ivy Dugas & The Cajun Cousins- 2:00 pm

Pat’s Atchafalaya Club (Henderson) – Foret Tradition- 5:30 pm

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Bubba Hebert- 6:00 pm

May 23rd:

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Jay Cormier- 7:00 pm

May 24th:

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – LaRecolte- 6:30 pm

May 25th:

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Brett Denais- 6:30 pm

LaPoussiere Grand Point Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Dylan Aucoin & The Judice Ramblers – 8:00 pm

May 26th:

LaPoussiere Grand Point Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Jackie Caillier/ Ivy Dugas & The Cajun Cousins- 2:00 pm

Pat’s Atchafalaya Club (Henderson) – Louisiana Red- 5:30 pm

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Huval Family Band – 6:00 pm

May 30th:

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Jay cormier- 7:00 pm

May 31th:

Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant. W. Mills Avenue (Breaux Bridge) – Lee Benoit- 6:30 pm

Spring Secret Supper Series- Maison Madeline Bed & Breakfast at Lake Martin 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Pat’s Atchafalaya Club- Henderson, LA- Geno Delafose-  5:30 pm

LaPoussiere- Grand Point Avenue ( Breaux Bridge) Jackie Callier/ Ivy Dugas & The Cajun Cousins- 2:00 pm

If you would like to have your event listed on next month’s things to do, please e-mail me at amberlaviolettephoto@gmail.com

If you would additional details of events happening around our parish and around Louisiana check out www.cajuncountry.org andhttps://www.townplanner.com/70517/la/

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A truly magical interactive swamp tour experience! If asked to describe this tour in just one sentence that would be my reply.

Captain Billy Gaston was born and raised on the bayous and swamps of South Louisiana and has spent most of his life surrounded by the wildlife. This has provided him with the love of his career, knowledge of our culture and experiences to share the beauty of Louisiana swamps as well as make the bayou come alive for us as our tour guide.

Before the tour even begins you will be greeted warmly as though you are part of Captain Billy’s family with his engaging personality. Once the boat is ready for loading, you are let aboard where you will notice that the boat has comfortable seats, is handicap accessible with a bathroom facility, and has a covered roof which will provide much needed shade on a hot day or keep you dry if it starts to rain.

On a tour you can expect a narrated adventure through the swamps and bayous, plenty of chances to see the amazing cypress trees with spanish moss and authentic cajun music playing along the way.

There are several different animals you can expect to see along your journey.


Captain Billy has named the gators many popular names you will hear around Southern Louisiana like Boudreaux, Thibodeaux, Clotile, T- Mike, T- Claude, and if you’re lucky T-boy who is a 13 foot alligator.  The gators will often come closer just by spotting his familiar boat and by recognizing the sound of his voice to receive a reward of fresh food. Gators may be present during winter tours where you can see them out enjoying the sun while resting on a log, but they won’t be very active.

Bald Eagles:

Captain Billy knows where the eagles nests are located and Terrebonne Parish happens to be the most active place in Louisiana to find eagles.  The eagles are common from the middle of October (when they first start building their nests) through the beginning of May (when they will leave to travel up north.)

Other common animals:

Great blue heron, little blue heron, snowy egret, great white egret, owls, hawks, anhingas, osprey, cormorants, turtles, white tail deer, wild pigs, coyotes, rabbits, nutria and squirrels.

There are several tours you can choose from:

Regular Swamp Tour – 2.5 hour tour- limited to 45 people

This tour is recommended for all ages. Captain Billy will invite anyone who would like to feed the alligators a chance to safely feed them fresh chicken as well as invite children to steer the boat back to Bob’s Bayou Black Marina.

Photography Tour:

3.5 hour tour – catered to photographers only. Captain Billy will get you as close to the subject as possible and even tries to eliminate branches and other obstacles as well as positioning the boat so everyone can have an opportunity to photograph the subject easily. Limited to 22 people so your tripods and photography equipment all have room.   (more information on suggested lenses below)

Praise and Worship Tour:

There is nothing more fulfilling than a beautiful day out on the water singing and praising the lord in the midst of God’s beautiful creation, the swamps and bayous of Louisiana. Book this tour for a one of a kind experience tailored to your specific church group.

Private Group Tour

Documentary Tour:  Captain Billy’s Swamp tours have been feature on National Geographics, Hollywood Tv Shows, and EWTN

Other possibilities include:

School field trips (Very educational) Birthday parties, wedding parties and anniversary parties

Did you know that each year over 5,000 tourists will visit Terrebonne Parish?

Did you also know that Captain Billy’s Swamp Tour was voted the best swamp tour in 2018?

As you can tell, you are in for a treat! So pack your bag, grab your family & friends and enjoy Captain Billy’s knowledge of the swamp, explanation of its importance and sense of humour for hours at a time.

Additional Photography information:

If you are interested in the photography tour- here are some of my takeaways:

The first time I went on the tour I brought my 70-200 mm lens on a full frame body. This worked well for the alligators nearby, but would have preferred to have more of a wide angle lens to capture the alligators better.   The eagles were too far off into the distance for me to capture any significant details of the birds while they were perched in the trees.

The second photography tour I went on I was better prepared and knew that the alligators wouldn’t be my subject because it was a chilly winter morning. I brought my 200 mm – 500 mm lens on a full frame body and was able to capture the eagles grabbing food out of the water as well as capturing them in the trees.

A Cajun Man Swamp Tours can be found at

251 Marina Dr, Gibson, LA 70356 (985) 868-4625

Open 7 days a week- all year long

Tour times:

10:30 am & 1:30 pm (depending on weather)

Website: www.cajunmanadventures.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/A-Cajun-Mans-Swamp-Tour-161479740579294/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1926016470955573/?ref=br_rs

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Festival International 2018


Art! Music! Costume! Action! Who’s ready get to their festivalin’ on this year at Festival International de Louisiane? If you find yourself thinking, “Hmmm, I went last year, so I think I will pass on going this year…” or , “Eh, it sounds cool, but it’s too far away…” Don’t be silly! No one needs that kind of negative energy in their life. Grab yo kids. Grab ya wife. And grab ya dogs and friends while you’re at it, and head on over to downtown Lafayette, Louisiana for some music, food, crafts, volunteering, fun, and more! Plus, it’s free-entry!

What and why

Festival International de Louisiane is essentially a non-profit organization with the mission of connecting the community through the world of international arts. Over the years, it has become the LARGEST music and arts festival in all of the United States, joining people from all of the world to celebrate life and culture through performing arts, food and crafts. Every April, the downtown area of Lafayette, Louisiana is transformed into a major checkpoint for tourism, education, and cultural expression by bringing in over 300,000 festival-goers and artists from over 20 different countries! I better see you there this April, 25-29!

Lineup and events

After 32 years, Festival International will be surpassing any other with the the number of artists, vendors, and visitors! From Louisiana to the Czech Republic to Morocco to China to Latin America, Festival has the largest diversity of artists yet! You will get the chance to have a live experience with The Givers, Marc Broussard, Sidi Toure, Mydy Rabycad, Wesli, Amythyst Kiah, Frigg, Socks in the Frying Pan, Ladama and more! Festival is literally bringing th world the our Louisiana backyard!

See full line-up here

News Flash! Festival International is getting rid of beverage tickets and introducing the new RFID wristband payment system, sponsored by IBERIABANK. What is this you ask? It’s essentially a form of paying for beverages and merchandise at Festival with double tap on the wrist after loading a chosen amount off money at the “Top-up” stations. Why should you consider one of these RFID bracelets? Here’s why:

  • Efficiency: shorter lines and faster transaction times
  • Removes all worries of finding an ATM and losing your wallet/money
  • Gives better control of your budget and spending
  • Digital receipts through email
  • Get your unused money refunded back to you after Festival! ($5 processing fee will apply)

    find out more here

Volunteer and 5k:

With Festival International there always comes many ways to give back, participate, and get behind the scenes. If you one that is looking to experience Festival International in a new way, you should definitely consider running the 2018 Courir du Festival 5K, presented by Stuller, or joining one of the many volunteer opportunities available. From selling pins, to helping the video crews through AOC, to taking photography, to joining the recycling crew there’s so much you do to become the backbones of this incredible festival.

For more information in signing up go to Festival International’s Volunteer page here

Festival International has and endless amount of things to experience this year! With a perfect mixture of old traditions, diverse cultures, endless entertainment, and fresh new additions, there is definitely a sense of belonging waiting there for everyone. So, whether you are a first time festival-goer or a 32-year festival veteran, I can assure you there will be something new for you!

Post by Guest Blogger & Blog Editor

Lauren DeWitt (Louisiana Native)

Check out Lauren’s Blog

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I’ve recently come to realize that being raised in the deep south of Louisiana comes with some important responsibilities and truths to face! Coming up on the list right after “knowing how to fend off a ‘gator,” is “respecting the Louisiana crawfish tradition.”   

With crawfish season upon us here in Louisiana, I’ve been reminiscing about my memories revolving around these tasty crustaceans and growing eager to fulfill my Louisiana crawfish responsibility by learning more about its edible traditions. I cherish my experiences of growing up going to backyard crawfish boils and religiously attending the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival each year with family and friends. So, I knew it was time for me dive deeper into the secrets of Louisiana crawfish, find me a nice muddy pond, and cross “crawfishing” off my bucket list!

My opportunity came just a few weeks ago when the manager at C&M Crawfish in Vidalia, Louisiana, Dorthy Jones, invited me to go behind the scenes of their crawfish business.  Of course, I immediately said YES!!!

What in Tarnation is a Crawfish Anywho?

I’m so glad you asked! Imagine taking a lobster, placing it under the shrink ray from “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids”, and zapping it to reduce it about 4 times in size. Apart from their similar appearance and tendencies to taste delicious with a butter sauce, lobsters can only be found in saltwater ecosystems, whereas crawfish can only survive in freshwater ecosystems. More often than not, you can find these crawdads digging holes in the mud after a huge thunderstorm! In fact, the peak of crawfish season spans throughout Louisiana’s rainy season in the spring and summer. This is the perfect time for neighborhood crawfish boils!

The Southern Louisiana , a.k.a. Cajun Country, tradition of a crawfish boil involves just what you think it might: boiling tons and tons of crawfish! And of course you can’t forget to add in the classic spices and seasonings like “C & M Crawfish Seafood Boil” (also fantastic on steak) in the water along with sausage, mushrooms, corn, potatoes, and whatever else your heart (or stomach) may desire.  Once everything is well seasoned and boiled, it’s tradition to dump it, pile it, peel it, and eat on top of a newspaper-covered table, where it’s everyone for themselves. You may or may not hear Uncle Boudreaux yell “Laissez les bon temps roulez!”

I’m sure you all are wondering where and how to you find and catch all of these mudbugs in order to sustain the high demand of Cajun crawfish cravings throughout all of Louisiana? Hopefully my experience at C & M Crawfish will give you a better idea of what it’s like to fish for and prepare crawfish.


I started off my day at C & M Crawfish with Lauren Simon, from Lauren Simon Films, where we were greeted like family by Ms. Shannon Melton (owner) and Dorthy (manager) who showed us around the restaurant.  Boy did they know their crawfish facts! Dorthy immediately took us over to Mr. Barry Richardson’s property where we were given a tour of pond # 10 out of his 20 separate ponds.  Dorthy mentioned to us that out of her six seasons with C & M Crawfish, this would be her first experience crawfishing as well. We all hopped on in the boat, put our fishermen hats on, and began crawfishin’!

Here’s what Mr. Barry taught and showed us about crawfish trapping:

  • grab the trap out of the water
  • empty your catch into the bucket
  • put the new crawfish bait/food into the trap you just picked up
  • repeat the process as you make your way around the entire pond and finish checking all of your traps

Also remember to:

  • Monitor the temperature of the pond
  • Monitor the algae in the pond


After the tour around the crawfish pond, Lauren and I were taken back to C & M facilities and led over to the loading and preparation areas. It was soon explained to us that when the live crawfish arrive to the C&M crawfish loading area they are transferred onto the sorting conveyor belt. Here the workers go through each catch and sort out the live crawfish; removing any blades of grass that may have been in the traps or crawfish that didn’t survive along the way. They do this because if these imperfections get thrown into the boil it could easily alter the taste. For example, the crawfish that are already dead will be mushy and taste rotten after being boiled.


While the sorters were going through the crawfish, other employees were preparing the water to a rapid boil. PHEW! I’m sweat’n just thinking about it!

Next we watched them throw in the crawfish, corn, sausage and potatoes. We were reminded that the most important step after adding the crawfish is adding in C & M’s homemade seasoning.  We asked what the secret ingredient was, but unfortunately we were sworn under oath not tell a soul! You’ll just have to try it for yourself.

Peeling and Eating

Warning: content may subjective and may induce a Cajun dispute.

Finally, the moment we had been waiting for all day arrived when the team at C & M asked us to taste test the most recent batch of crawfish after being boiled. But first, we were given a lesson on how to peel the crawdads, which is half about tradition and half about efficiency.

How to peel a crawfish correctly:

  1. Take the crawfish at the natural spot in the middle and break apart the head and body/tail
  1. Peel off the first segment of the shell around the tail
  2. Pinch the end to make the tail-meat pop right out
  3. Optional: put your lips on the opening to the body you originally peeled off

from and draw in the juices!

Note: Loud noises are OK in polite company when sucking crawfish heads.

Sadly, the day had to come to end, and Lauren, Simon and I had to say our ”thank you’s” and “goodbyes.” It also was time for a crawfish induced nap! Before we departed, Ms. Shannon, the owner of C & M Crawfish, informed us about their other locations in Winnsboro, LA; Natches, Mississippi; and Clinton, Mississippi (opening soon). With 4 locations, you have so many opportunities to hop on over to Louisiana to try one of C & M Crawfish’s famous boils! What are you wait’n for?!

Special thanks to the C&M Family:

Shannon & Lonnie (Owners since 2012)
Dorthy (manager) 6 years
Marsha (manager) 2nd season
DB is a boiler/supervisor 3rd season
Zach is a boiler 4th season
Katelin is a front worker 5th season
MJ is a front worker 2nd season

C&M Crawfish Facebook    Website

Lauren Simon (Videographer) Facebook   Website

Lauren DeWitt (Content Editor)  Website

Our visit to C and M Crawfish - YouTube

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Mid-Winter Fair Rodeo

Did you know that riding a 2,000-pound bull for eight full seconds is pretty close to impossible? What about, that riding a bull for eight seconds is harder than riding a horse for the same amount of time? Both of these activities are widely practiced professions for many young people in the south… especially Louisiana! You can find these cowboys performing in rodeo events such as bull riding, saddle bronc, steer wrestling, calf roping, barrel racing, mutton bustin’ and more! In fact, this year, the 66th Annual Mid-Winter Rodeo in Lafayette, Louisiana had it all.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this event, after seeing a recommendation from TownPlanner.com’s weekly newsletter for the 66th Annual Mid-Winter Fair Rodeo. A group of local photographers and I decided to visit this rodeo event held at the Blackham Coliseum for the Saturday night showing. Yee-haw y’all!

A couple of photographers from the Lafayette Photographic Society and myself waited in long lines of traffic and anxious attendees at the door who were all waiting to get tickets and begin their rodeo fun! We were so afraid that the event would be sold out. Fortunately, after a few minutes into standing in line, my photography friends and I heard a young girl asking if we were looking for tickets. We immediately took advantage of her offer and explained that even though we came as a group, only two of us needed tickets because we had already planned to spread out around the arena. The stars must have been aligning, because we got two tickets side by side in section Q!

Once we found our seats, we were surprised to find the family we purchased the tickets from was seated next to us! What a fun and refreshing night with such a delightful family! They were frequent rodeo goers, and with their extensive rodeo experience, I had the opportunity to ask many questions about the event.

I learned that when rodeo cowboys strap on their chaps and dust off their boots, they’re not only playing along for our enjoyment, but actually entering a contest where each cowboy will be judged in multiple events, resulting in overall winners based on each contestant’s performance. As I watched the cowboys’ initial preparations before each encounter with the bulls and horses, I soon realized how much trust they need to have in their knowledge of this sport, as well as the trust in the animal they are riding.  In fact, I realized that the horses seem to have an instinctual desire to perform equally as fierce as their rider while competing. I cannot begin to imagine the amount of training it takes to prepare for these events!

Between all of the incredible events throughout the night, the buddy riding event was no doubt my favorite event. To sum it up, one of the cowboys has to ride on their horse across the arena to pick up their buddy (another cowboy) as quickly as possible and then ride back to the other side of the arena. I honestly cannot envision myself standing on a barrel watching a horse run towards me, trying to keep my balance, while having to jump up to reach my partner!  It was fascinating to watch the professionals showcase their talent of this event with so much coordination!

Aside from the traditional rodeo events, the Lafayette Fair and Rodeo offers so much more for its audience. Family entertainment was provided by the legendary Lecile Harris, one of the funniest and most daring rodeo clowns in the PRCA circuit. Lecile started off as a backup bullfighter and has decades of experience entertaining rodeo fans. His athletic prowess around the fiercest animals has earned him the title of Rodeo Clown of the Year on four separate occasions!

What an entertaining night!

Of course, the night wouldn’t be the same if we did not have some of our own precarious adventures added to it.  While attempting leave the dirt parking lot got our vehicle stuck in the mud! Thankfully, two very kind cowboys helped my friend and I push our SUV out of the mud while the rest of our group attempted to accelerate the vehicle out of the mud. Our teamwork effort paid off after several attempts. Like I always say… There’s always an adventure waiting to happen around the corner!

If you would like more information about the rodeo, please visit: http://frontierrodeocompany.com/midwinterrodeo.php

To see more events and sign up for Town Planner’s newsletter please visit: https://www.townplanner.com/

Photos from Larry Arcement Photography:


Click to view slideshow.

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Did you know that Louisiana has over 400 festivals a year? With a new year upon us comes a new season of Louisiana festivals! Something in particular, that makes these festivals extra special is the naming and crowning of a queen who essentially represents a particular festival for that year. The process of choosing a queen begins months before the actually festival and crowning, and it can be an overwhelmingly emotional event.  

Over the years, I have been photographing many of these festivals, and I often see the queens walking around during the festivals. However, It wasn’t until this year that I witnessed my first queen’s pageant and crowning, and it happened to be my friend, Kathryn.

Kathryn and I are both photographers in the same area and we both share the hobby of festival-going. With so much in common, we became friends over Instagram and one day she invited me to watch her compete in a queen’s pageant. Several months before the festival took place, I remember seeing Kathryn’s social media posts about her dreams and goals of winning this title of queen for the 81st International Rice Festival. As the day of the crowning arrived, all of these ideas finally came in to reality, and I began to understand the importance of winning for her.

What a breathtaking and emotional experience it was to watch my friend get crowned queen! The crowning ceremony began with a speech from the out-going pageant queen about her life long memories she had the previous year throughout festival events, friendships with other queens, and many other unbelievable experiences. Following her speech, myself and the audience were introduced to all of the girls who were interviewed for the queen’s title. I was impressed with their passion for the festival and winning the title of queen, their endless support for one another, and their personal stories and backgrounds.  I felt inspired, and I must admit my heart went out to these girls!

I cannot even begin to imagine myself standing up on that stage in front of everyone, answering interview questions  and making sure I remember to smile the entire time. Let’s just say I prefer to work behind the scenes, or should I say the lens…. 
Needless to say, each of the contestants are beautiful and unique individuals who equally deserved the title of queen. But, when they started announcing the winners, my heart was beating out of my chest. Hearing Kathryn’s name recited as the 81st International Rice Festival Queen and watching her cry tears of joy as she was crowned, absolutely made my heart melt! An indescribable wave of emotions rushed over me, and I cannot even explain the excitement that flooded through my head. I felt as though something life changing happened to me as well. It’s a feeling I’ll never forget. It’s a feeling that everyone should get the opportunity to experience while visiting Louisiana. So, I hope to see you all soon at one of the next crowning ceremonies this festival season!

Congratulations to Kathryn Shea Duncan on her title of our 81st International Rice Festival Queen

If you would like to follow Kathryn’s travels as Queen check out her Instagram by clicking here.

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Have you ever wanted to attend a Mardi Gras Parade, taste the savory flavors of a crawfish boil, or take a swamp tour on the bayou to see the alligators? If so, hop on your steamboat and head down the Mississippi River for a true Louisiana experience.

My name is Amber and I’m a small town Cajun girl from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana; also known as the “Crawfish Capital of the World.” Most people will recognize me from my photography
Instagram account, @amber.laviolette.photos, where you will find a deeper visual insight of my southern life, values, and personality. However, after much thought and positive feedback from my followers, I felt that the Louisiana experience should have a place of its own.

As a result, it is my pleasure to finally welcome you to The Traveling Crawfish!

My goal for this page is to build and foster a virtual community of people who share a love for Louisiana, the southern atmosphere, or just traveling to any new and unique place. Instead of spending hours or even days of researching a specific place in books and search engines, I want to provide an efficient and fun, all-in-one webpage that allows people of of all ages to discover the magic of Louisiana’s culture, nature, and history.

I may be biased, but my home state has the most fascinating heritage in the world, and to top it off, it’s our southern hospitality and sense of community that makes Louisiana such a magnificent place to visit!

So please explore my site, and encourage the Louisiana values of community by adding your recommendations on places, recipes, tours, and more for others to see. After all, there’s always a special place…or meal… in Louisiana for everyone!

I look forward to connecting and sharing with y’all!

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