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The Millennial Miss by Chelsea Briche - 6d ago

Hi sunshine’s, happy Sunday! 

I’ve had a lot of wellness related questions roll in from you guys so I thought I’d answer them all in one place. If I overlooked your DM, I’m a jerk. Feel free to comment at the end of this post with any further questions and or tips / tricks you’re looking for and I’ll make sure to get back to you! 

Post workout snacks 

If you’ve been following me for some time you know that I am a big smoothie fan. I drink one every single morning. When I got messages asking for post workout snacks that aren’ta smoothie, I have to admit that my heart broke a little.  If smoothies aren’t your thing, I guessssss I can understand that ;) Here are some ideas of what you can much on post workout, other then a protein smoothie.

Apple with almond butter

Greek yogurt (add fruit if you would like) 

Ezekial bread (topped with natural preserves, avocado or eggs)  

Power smoothie: one cup of almond milk, half a banana, scoop of protein powder & two tablespoons of almond butter *Ok, I lied. I had to add in just one smoothie recipe.

Want to feel like a little kid again? Pour yourself a glass of 1% chocolate milk. It provides just the right ratio of protein to carbohydrates post sweat sesh. 


I pray for the people around me when my blood sugar starts to crash because I get next level hangry. From reading your messages, mid-day hunger something that a lot of you experience as well. These nutritious and delicious food combinations will keep your energy and mood  high while holiding you over until dinner time.  

Hummus + veggies

Assorted nuts

Hard boiled eggs

Red bell peppers 

Dark chocolate (just a square, ok?) pick up with a bar with cashews for a little extra protein

Plant based chips
a few of my favorite: Jica chips && Dang chips

High fiber crackers with tuna fish 

In a rush? If you have to grab and go - these are the protein bar brands that I recommend: RXBAR, KIND snacks or a LÄRABAR.


Need to depuff? Here are a few foods that will help your belly bloat. 

Apple Cider Vinegar
Green tea

A little extra

Beyond what we put in our stomach here are a few other wellness tips that will help to create an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Are you looking for a little kick in the butt to get to the gym? Having an accountability partner to sweat with you is always a good idea. You wouldn’t want to leave your friend hanging at the gym solo now would you? If you’re not one for group workouts, that’s ok! Something that I always do is plan my workouts for the week ahead. A part of my Sunday routine is scheduling my workouts for the week ahead. I sign up for classes ahead of time so it’s locked in and I can’t back out. If you’re a morning person, set your workout clothes out the night before. If your routine is to burn calories after work, pack your gym bag the night before. This type of planning ahead will help keep your mornings less hectic.

Something that I’ve really been trying to work on is screen time. Having a device free hour before bed is ideal. Yup, that means no scrolling until your eyes close. It's a crazy concept, I know. On the flip side, when your alarm goes off in the AM refrain from refreshing your email inbox or looking at social media first thing in the morning. The news that you intake or the annoying email from your boss that you read before fully opening your eyes has the power to set your mood before your feet even hit the floor. Begin your day on your terms and not someone else’s. 

I know that many of us live by the motto “but first, coffee.” If you are glued to your coffee cup, don’t let me stop you BUT what I will say is, switching over or incorporating a hot cup of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper is so dang good for you. I, personally, like to have it first thing in the morning and before bed but give it a try and see what works for you. There are many benefits to this little concoction, you won't regret it! 

For more wellness related tips & tricks check out these three articles:
5 wellness tips that will change your life
Foods that help you keep your cool
Out of the box ways to take care of yourself

be happy be healthy,
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Regardless of the reason, there comes a point in time where time zones, states or even an ocean separates us from our BFFs. Before you become a sobbing mess saying your “see you soon” to your ride or die know this; friendships are not defined by how often you physically see each other rather the spotlight remains on how well you maintain your relationship. Moving away from close friends does not mean that your friendship has to come to screeching halt, it purely means that you may need to take a different approach to your relationship.

Here are 7 ways to maintain your bond even when you’re miles away. 

Phone Calls

Relatively speaking, calling your best friend seems like the easiest task in the world but once you add time zones, work schedules, and your personal life into the mix – it complicates things. The phone tag begins and “call you back tomorrow” text messages are exchanged and before you know it, 3 months has slipped by without hearing each other’s voice. The simple solution? Schedule a phone call. Yup, I’m talking highlighted Gmail calendar invites, the whole 9 yards. You wouldn’t miss a schedule work phone call so by securing a window of time to chat with your girlfriend gives you uninterrupted time to catch up. 

Group Text

Having a group text with your best girlfriends is solid way to stay in touch and have consistent communication. The bad news is; you can’t sit down to pee without missing 30+ text messages. The good news is, you’re able to talk about the mundane day to day things instead of catching up on weeks and or months of life’s moments. 

Girls Trip

Want to know what’s good for the soul? A weekend away with your best friends. Whatever you have to do to make a girls trip a reality, do it. Nothing about the trip has to be elaborate! As long as you’re together, laughing until your stomach hurts, THAT’S what matters. Set a date, buy the flight and go. Your friendship will thank you. 

*here is some inspo for comfortable and chic travel attire. 

Snail Mail

Never underestimate the power of a handwritten card. One of my best friends, Jesse, will randomly put a little note in the mail and I’m telling you – they always show up in my mailbox at the exact perfect time. The envelope may serve as a much needed smile, a pick me up and or a virtual hug – either way, it’s an easy sentiment to let your friend know that you’re thinking about them, even from miles away. So, next time you’re aimlessly walking through the aisles of Target, make a pit stop at the card section.  

Use Social Media

This may be very 2018 butuse social media to the advantage of your friendship! Tag each other in a funny meme or use snap chat to show snippets of your day. Both are incredibly easy ways to add that extra little layer of effort!


If you and your girlfriend were still living in the same city chances are you would grab coffee and or a cocktail on the regular, right? Even though the physical part is not a reality you can still make the date happen! Venmo your friend $5 with a coffee is on me today note && VIOLA! Remember, the little things go a long way.  

Treat It Like A LDR

I find it a bit silly that there are endless articles discussing tips and tricks of how to make long distance romanticrelationships work while the topic of long distance friendships is shoved into a corner. Since long distance friendships are more prevalent we, as a society, tend to downplay them. The reality is, both types of relatinsihpos require an immense amount of effort. Make no mistake that each type of relationship is equally as important and both require your full attention. In a way, your girlfriends are absolutely your soulmates and soulmates deserve your full effort. Make the effort. Make the time. Make the scarifies. Just as you would for a romantic partner. 

Thicker than thieves,

5 refreshing lessons that I’ve learned from having BFFs across the country. 

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Your bags are (over) packed, you're checked into your flight and it's almost time to head to the airport. BUT FIRST - what are you going to wear?! Don't stress. The below linked items are easy pieces that will transform you into the chicest most comforter traveler there ever was.  Go on, strut your cute self down the terminal! 

Regardless of your destination, you can't go wrong with sporting a good ole t-shirt to the airport. Here are some fun logo T's mixed with solids and stripes - take your pick! 

I am all for a comfy pair of jogger pants when traveling. There is nothing worse then sitting in tight pants for hours on end. If you are traveling for business, don't fear! You can absolutely dress up joggers without compromising comfort. 

So, joggers or sweats aren't your thing. That's fine! Here are a few of my favorite boyfriend / wide leg fitting denim that are perfect to nail the airport chic look! 

Boarding a flight without a comfortable sweatshirt tucked in your carry on should be considered a sin. When the plane is freezing cold or you want to lean your head against the window, you'll be thankful you have this cozy little number at arms reach. The below sweatshirts come in a variety of colors so make sure not judge a book by it's cover ;)

Oh so you're more of a cardigan girl? I feel you, I feel you. These versatile cardigans are a staple to have hanging in your closet! From traveling to a business meeting to a movie date night  - you'll be living in this outwear! 

There is something about traveling in an open toe shoe that gives me the heebie-jeebies. Let' face it, airports and airplanes are not the cleanest of places - cover up! There are a few factors that should go into choosing your airport shoe. Comfort level is, of course, high on the list. Some terminals are, what feels to be, miles long. If you're getting your daily steps in you want do so without getting a blister. Another factor is what is the easiest to take off at security? If you don't have TSA Precheck then you don't want to be THAT person in line taking 10 minutes to unbuckle their shoes. Wearing a slide on shoe or something that you can easily untie is totally the way to go! 

I'm currently crushing on backpacks, especially when it comes to traveling. Lugging around a heavy bag on one shoulder is less than ideal. You gotta even that 'ish out - it's only fair to the other shoulder!! The below backpacks are functional and are IG approved for your #AirportLook post. Oh, I also included a tote for good measure!

Safe travels,
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So, your day isn’t going according to plan. You overslept, stubbed your toe on the way to the bathroom, spilled coffee as you were reaching for the blow dryer and now you have a whole 15 minutes to get out of the house looking like you have your shit together. 

Mission accepted. 

These 11 tips will help you look and feel like you have all your ducks in a perfectly lined row. Sometimes you gotta fake it till ya make it, honey! 

Morning Routine

In retrospect, having a morning routine will save you from running around your apartment like a bat out of hell. Do yourself a life changing favor by creating and implementing a morning routine, asap. 

Side note: download the app Headspace. Do it right now! It’s a great medication app that you can use wherever best suits your schedule. 

Jam Out

If you're desperately trying to amp yourself up or shake off your bad mood - turn up the volume and allow yourself to jam out. When the time calls for it, I put on full concerts in my car. I’m talking hair flips, sassy eyes and hitting notes that I should never attempt. You will feel so much better after channeling your inner Beyoncé. Oh and don’t mind the laughing person in the car next to you – they are your biggest fan ;)  

Compliment Yourself

In search of a confidence boost? No need to look anywhere else besides within. Give yourself a wink as you pass a mirror or close your eyes and repeat a positive mantra. Reminding yourself that IT’S OK to not have it together 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Enjoy being your own cheerleader! 

All In The Eyebrows

Is it just me or do you also feel like a new person after getting your eyebrows done? If time permits, make an appointment. If not, take a few seconds to fill them in and give them shape. If I find myself in an unexpected rush, I’ll do a simple 4 step makeup routine. Throw on tinted moisturizer, give life to your lashesshape the brows and add lip balm. BAM. Magic is worked in under 5 minutes. For bonus points – whip out your go to eyeshadow palette. I cannot tell you how many times the Naked palette has come to the rescue. 

Bed Head

A hack in making it appear that you’re put together is knowing how to work your bed head. For those days where standing in the mirror styling and blow drying you hair is simply not an option – work with what you got. Use your bedhead texture to style accordingly. Throw it back in a sleek ponytail, secure it in a texturized top knot or rock the messy bun. The compromise here is if your hair is going to fall under the “bad hair day” category then give your makeup a little extra time and love so they even themselves out.  Oh and make sure that you’re always fully stocked on dry shampoo – always. 

Be Bold

If your hair is unsalvageable then count your blessings that hats are in. Depending on your destination, choose the appropriate hat and rely on a bold lip to pull your overall appearance together. 

Manage Your Manicure

Having clean, manicured nails will round out your put together-ness. Since making trips to the nail salon is not always plausible I keep these gel nail polishes on hand and ready to be put to be put to work. When at home painting your nails, multi task with a little self-care and throw on a face mask on as well! 

Choose Denim Wisely

If you’re looking for a quick fix on how to make your outfit look more pulled together then grab the dark denim over the light wash. Dark denim tends to exuded more a polished and chic look while lighter jeans give off more of a super casual vibe. 

Less Is More

Don’t force it and don't overcompensate! When standing in front of your closet contemplating what you can throw on think classic and refined rather than overdoing it with trendy pieces and eye grabbing accessories. Simple is more and will always be in style.

Black On Black

Regardless of how much of a mess your life actually is, the color black will never let you down. Rocking all black makes you instantly look cool and sophisticated – without trying to hard. It’s simple and chic and is can be right for just about any occasion. 

All In Your Stance

Power pose it up girlfriend. Sit (or stand) a little taller, put your shoulders back and head up. Confidence is key and it’s all in how you carry yourself. You may have piles of laundry and empty take out boxes waiting for you when you get home but a power pose will fool everyone in the room thinking you have it all together. 

Adulting is hard,
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Let me tell you about my best friend…

Her name is Brooke and she stands about 5’5 but her larger than life personally makes you feel otherwise. She is the definition of beauty and grace but if you cross her, I’ll pray for you. My best friend doubles as my mother and lucky for me, I am her spitting image. One of my biggest prayers is that, one day, I am half the mother that she is to not only my brother and I but to many of our friends. She is truly the backbone of our family and our ultimate hero. 

Mom, thank you for being our sunshine on the darkest days. The lessons you have embedded in Cam and I are unmatched and I hope that the eyes who read this article carry these life lessons with them in their own hearts and into their own families.  



My mother is a walking living breathing motto of the phrase just go.Throughout life and through an infinite amount of situations she has pushed us to go. To show up, even when it’s the last thing in the world you want to do. The outcome is another set of lessons but showing up is half the battle. 


The harm in asking? Well, there isn’t any. Asking questions helps gain clarity, power and knowledge. Do not be afraid to ask and certainly never be afraid to speak up. Ask the hard hitting questions, the uncomfortable questions, the controversial questions. 


In a mattress. 

In bed sheets. 

In a knife set. 

In staple wardrobe pieces.

In your home. 

In friendships.

In your health. 

In your skin. 

In yourself. 


Never get to caught up in someone else’s grass that you forget to water your own. Mom has always taught us to be too busy working on our own grass to notice if anyone else’s is greener.   


Loyalty isn’t grey – it’s black and white. You’re either loyal completely or not at all. People will always show their true colors and when they do, take note. 


Ah, strength. A trait that so many strive for yet few achieve. This isn’t something that my mother read to us at bedtime, rather we were taught the definition of strength by watching her. 


For your family and for what you believe in. Tooth and nail. Simple as that.  


For the greater front half of my life – I cared. I cared a lot. I gave a lot of fucks about a lot of other people’s opinions. Whether I knew them or not, approval of others consumed me. One of the most freeing feelings my mother opened my eyes to being your own despite of what "they" might think. I can hear her in my head “Chelsea, who care’s?!?” and wouldn’t ya know, she had a point. A piece of advice that I’ll pass along to you as a reader, a friend, is to:  give a lot of f!cks about the people who deeply and utterly give a f*ck about you and to everyone else, who f@cking cares. 


Today is a GIFT.

It’s a blessing.

It’s a treasure.

Be so obsessively grateful for today, right now, because we never know what tomorrow will bring.  


She never let us quit therefore, I never let myself quit. Stay hungry for what you’re passionate about. Stay hungry for your relationships, your dreams and your career. 


People may not always remember what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel. Being intentional with your words, actions and gestures is a recipe for being a respectful and respected human being. 


If you were to open the refrigerator at my parents’ house there is without a doubt a tupper-ware overflowing with freshly cut fruit sitting on one of the shelves. The fruit is so good most of the time Cameron and I look up at each other with stuffed cheeks saying “why is mom’s fruit always so good?”Know what fruits are in season and purchase accordingly! Oh and mom would be devastated if I didn’t mention this also: buy organic, ESP. meat and eggs. 


Even on the days where I say mommmmm and roll my eyes into the back of my head like an annoyed middle schooler and try to convince myself that she’s 100% wrong – she’s right. She is always right. She. Is. Always. Right. (how do moms do that?!)

To all the mothers out there, there are no words that will measure up to acknowledge the job that you are doing and for the difference you are making in shaping your children. I hope your day is full of love, relaxation and a whole lot of "she's right" moments ;) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

I love my mom,
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If you’re like me then most days your car doubles as an office, a changing room and a just about everything in between. Keeping a bag of the below items in your glove compartment will help make your days more efficient by not wasting time driving all the back to your apartment or making a pit stop. 

Here are a few items that you should keep in your car that will cover everything from those just in case moments to those this makes life easier moments.


Yuni Shower Sheets

Whether you’re running from the office to happy hour or living that blogger life and changing into your 3rd outfit of the day, these shower sheets will leave you feeling so fresh and so clean clean. 

Hair Ties

You can never have enough hair ties. Ever. You also can never have a enough bobby pins.  Keeping hair essentials (hair ties, bobby pins, travel size hairspray + brush) can be a game changer in how you feel about your appearance when having a jam packed day. Wouldn’t you rather walk into a meeting feeling confident and focused instead of wishing you had a moment to refresh before standing in front of a room full of people? The little things make a big difference.

Fresh Breath

Bad breath is not in and I don’t foresee it becoming a trend. Keep your breath fresh at all times! Keeping a pack of mints in your car is a no brainer! 

Marcio Badescu Facial Spray

A little spritz can take you from being drab to fab. Trust me on this. This facial spray is basically heaven in bottle and can give you the extra little boost you need. 


Sometimes Mother Nature is a sneaky little B and comes early to say hello. For those times where you have an unexpected visitor but don’t have time to run into CVS you’ll be glad all you have to do is open your glove compartment and voila! 

Safety Pins

Because if you didn't by chance have one handy then it would be the day your entire dress strap breaks and your day instantly crumbles into a million pieces. It can’t hurt to keep on in your glove compartment along with the rest of your essential. 

Hand Sanitizer

Everything is dirty, sanitizer helps.  

Car Charger

If we are being honest here, technology is in our veins and the world would come crashing down  if our iPhone battery died. Have a phone charger that you keep in your car and the universe will keep spinning. 

Flip Flops

You never know when an emergency pedicure is crucial. Either for your mental state or because you cannot wear those adorable new wedges you got with your toes looking like THAT. Keep a cheapo pair of flip flops in your trunk so you don’t have to wobble like a penguin back to your car in those paper thin ones that the nail salon gives you. 

Yoga Mat

Depending on your workout preference and or schedule "yoga mat" can translate into gym bag. For me, personally, I keep a yoga mat in the trunk of my car, at all times. It instantly becomes my BFF for those day when I need someone else to remind you to inhale and exhale.

Need a cute toiletry bag to keep everything in? OF COURSE YOU DO. 
Here are some cute ones: this one, that one, or even this one. 

Oh and also, HERE is an article of the essentials items every busy woman should keep in her purse. 

On the go,
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Did you know that water has all of these benefits :

-maximize physical performance
-may help prevent and or treat headaches
-aids in weight loss
-works wonders for your skin
-helps to reduce handovers
-great for your whole digestive tract
-hydration is key in brain function and energy levels

YUP. Water is THAT big of a deal. If you’re sitting there thinking ok Chelsea, are you really going to talk to us about the importance of drinking water? You bet your cute self I am! As you know, wellness tips are something I always love to share with you guys and when I find something knew that works for me, I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  

Say hello to DrinkUp, the water bottle that maintains your optimal hydration levels. Basically, this is the genius version of  a ‘smart’ water bottle. Drinkup makes staying hydrated seamless because it literally records your hydration routines and reminds you when you drink. How tech savvy is that?! The three things that I look for in a bottle before purchasing is style, functionality and portability. DrinkUp was designed with all of those factors in mind. Who knew that staying hydrated on the go and looking chic while doing so was possible! Oh and one more element that has me loving my DrinkUp bottle: liquids stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot liquids up to temperature for 12 hours. SOLD!

If you want to stay hydrated all day, every day head to Drinkupbottle.com to purchase your own bottle or to read further info on how this sleek bottle is changing how we consume H2O.

Drink up,

this post was sponsored by DrinkUp however the opinions are my own.

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Have you ever felt stuck somewhere between what if, what could have been and what will never be?

What about feeling stuck in your career or simply in life in general? 

It’s a wave that hits us all at different times. For those times when the mundane day to day grind takes over or for when the wave comes crashing in extra hard here are 10 easy ways to help get you through a rut and back to feeling like your sparkly self. 


You know that scene in Legally Blonde where Elle Woods basically turns into a race car driver and peels into the nail salon? Do that. Actually, do that minus the insane driving!! The power that a visit to the blow dry bar or a mani / pedi is underrated. Pampering yourself back to happiness? YAS QUEEN. The little things can make a massive difference in your overall vibe. 


But only for a minute or two. Give your emotions time to set in, feel all the feels, then wipe your tears and put one foot in front of the other. Let your feelings know who is boss by taking full control. Having a window of time to allow yourself to validate your disappointment will help you get through the recovery stage instead of just sweeping them under the rug. 


Some situations call for blaring a playlist and running until you can’t run anymore. Releasing endorphins could be just what the get me out of this rut doctor prescribed.  On the other hand, some situations call for utter relaxation. Enjoy a face mask while rocking the comfiest pair of sweatpants you own and just like magic you’ll start to feel a little better.  

A few feel good mask recommendations: 
*all under $30

Comfy sweatpants you'll love:
*all under $50


Even when you may not feel up for it, throw your hair in a messy bun, paint on some sassy lipstick and go on with your fabulous self. Don’t have big plans? Doesn’t matter! Doll yourself up for a grocery run. Trust me on this one, ok?  


The best kind of solutions are the ones that are in plain sight. GO HAVE FUN! Creating your own excitement by making fun plans is doable, all it takes is the effort to bring those plans to fruition. Nothing beats Belly laughing while having a great time!


If you’re on the search to gain that feel good feeling, my advice is: GIVE.  Whether it’s giving your time, a helping hand or a listening ear, giving can open up your eyes to something that your soul may be seeking. 


There is a direct connection from your wardrobe to how you’re feeling! If you’re feeling a bit stuck, a closet detox could be calling your name. Not sure where to start? THIS helpful article has all the tips on how to decide what to take or toss. 


You know, the couch could totally go in a different spot and that floor lamp will definitely look better in the opposite corner. Oh and those throw pillows? Invest in new ones.

There are therapeutic qualities in rearranging your interior space. It’s important that your living space is a reflection of your best most positive self. If you’re craving a project to help get your mojo back, then start shuffling your space around until it’s officially been revamped! If the thought of moving furniture is not in the cards, you can rely on two of my go to mood boosters: adding candles and fresh flowers to your home!

*If there is a Trader Joe's near you, their flowers are totally budget-friendly and beautiful quality!  


What’s reallygoing on? Where is your funk brewing from? When did it begin? Tapping into your mindfulness is a must when working your way through a rut. When you are tapped in to both your surroundings and emotional state you’ll be able to work towards getting back to your better self. 


What are friends for after all? Lean on them in good times and in bad. Talk their ear off while curled up on the couch or go out and raise your glasses high. Friends tend to have the secret ingredient to help you shake it off! 

Moving right along,

“You’re not stuck. You’re just committed to certain patterns of behavior because they helped you in the past. Now those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful. The reason why you can’t move forward is because you keep applying an old formula to a new level in your life. Change the formula to get a different result.” – Emily Maroutain

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What do an airport terminal, a coffee shop, a hotel room and a cubicle all have in common? 

They are work spaces. While some of us head to a physical office building from 9AM to 5PM others live and breathe the #LaptopLifestyle and work day in and day out from a mobile office. 

With all the ‘here’ and all the ‘there’ that Robby and I do, I’ve learned a thing or two about successfully creating a workspace, regardless of the set up. 

Beyond having an “instagrammable” space, making sure your work area is functional should also be high on the priority list. Below, I’ve broken down workspace tips for both those that head to the same desk Monday through Friday and for those that are forever on the go. 


Whether it’s a home office or a work space in an office building, setting yourself up for success is essential. Having a space that exudes good vibes and uplifting energy is worth the minimal effort it takes to create! Depending on your freedom with the space, here are 4 tips that will help transform your workspace to its best possible set up. 


Ah, decisions decisions. If the option to paint your space is available – take it! But before you dip your brush into a paint can take the time to carefully decide what color you will paint the walls. Green is a color that represents balance and blue simulates concentration so you can’t go wrong with incorporating either or both of those colors. Can’t paint? No problem! You can subtly include colors in other ways. It can be something as simple as your pen holder or desk lamp. 


 Mood lighting, baby. Natural lightening is what dreams are made of. If you have an accessible window near your desk, consider it your lucky day. Use the shining beams to your advantage as it’s proven to improve moral and help with ultimate focus. Set up your space around the open lightening! I would suggest facing the window as opposed to having your back to it. 


Plants are said to boost productivity by as much as 15% and if that doesn’t convince you to run and get flowers in a vase then we can’t be friends. Ok, I’m kidding. Kind of. Having flowers or plants around your workspace will absolutely make a difference in your day to day grind. If picking up fresh flowers on a weekly basis is not in your budget, don’t wilt up! HomeGoods has a solid selection of fake flowers that don’t look fake, which is ideal. The low price tag may even convince you to buy two flower sets ;) If budding flowers aren’t your vibe then succulents may just become your new best friend. Succulents are an inexpensive fix and come with an added benefit of not worrying to remember to water them! 

*side note: if you're anything like me and always looking for an "excuse" to go to Target - they (of course) have a great selection of fake flowers as well! Just saying!! 


In my opinion, you can never go wrong with picture frames and or a candle! Knick knack items should not break the bank. While you’re at the store buying flowers throw a frame and some candles in your cart. When you sit down at your desk chair you’ll be happy you took the time to add a personal touch to your space. PS: I'm currently crushing on light boxes. They are such a simple way to add some sparkle to your space! Are you more of a message board kind of girl? Then you’ll LOVE this one


Read the following sentence very carefully: ONLY keep items on your desk that you use on a daily basis. Store everything else in a drawer or easily accessible cabinet. For example: I keep my agenda, notebook and pens on top of my desk. Everything else is tucked away. Clean space equals a clear head. Your brain should be focused on the task at hand and not on the jumbled mess on your desk top.


If your job and or lifestyle doesn’t keep you in one consistent space, here are a few tips to keep your office on the go functional and friendly. 


Protection is #1. Electronics are, most of the time, our lifeline so make sure they are kept in a safe place when traveling or have separation from the sticky café counter. In need of a new case? Take a look at THIS one. Or this one. Or even THIS one! 


I’d rather sit in a dentist chair for hours then deal with a dead cell phone. Dramatic antics aside, having a portable charger when constantly on the go is key. I’d suggest going with a mophie or a "lipstick sized" portable charger.


Noise cancelling headphones are hands downs worth the investment. Whether you’re typing away at a hotel restaurant, a home office or a busy cubicle - being able to shut out the noises around you is ideal to stay in your zone.  


You know that moment when all you need is a pen and you cannot for the life of you find a pen? There you are, ravenously digging through your purse as if you’re Mary Poppins and a pen will magically appear if you keep shuffling things around but in reality you know full well that you don’t have a pen. 

Don’t be that pen less girl again. Ever. 

I suggest having a pouch full of pens and whatever else you want to throw in there is the way to go. Keep those pens and items in that same pouch at all times so you never have to be caught in the airport again praying a pen falls from the sky.   


Some days, regardless of where your workspace physically is, you need a quick break. Your mind is begging you to say “BRB – taking 5.” Taking a timeout is necessary throughout the workday. For those demanding days where you feel chained to your chair take 45 seconds to inhale, exhale and then use two of my favorite products. This Mario Badescu facial spray will give you a quick refresh and essential oils work wonders. I’d keeping these items in either a desk drawer or in your bag at arm’s reach, always. 

work work work,
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We’ve heard it a million times: “if you dream it, you can do it.” Even though those feel good words fill you with hope and sunshine they aren’t exactly realistic. Make no mistake that there is a difference from those who have a dream and sit on the couch waiting for the opportunity to fall straight into their lap and those that go out and hustle until that opportunity is theirs. 

Bottom line: if you want something you have the power to create it. Stop waiting for it. Your dreams are not going to knock on your front door asking if they can come in. More so, you need to go knocking on each and every last door until you come face to face with your optimal opportunity. And in between all those knock you will be working that cute little butt of yours right off. Long nights, early mornings, and skipping out on social functions will all come with the territory. So how exactly does one create opportunity? Well my friend, let me tell you … 



If you are serious about creating opportunity for yourself, the first step is to evaluate your current situation. Are you feeling wishy washy about your goal or do you have your eyes locked in on the prize? Are your emotions under control or are you doubts creeping in? What tools do you, realistically, need to reach to turn this opportunity into an attainable plan?  Once you have taken inventory on your mindset and surroundings – get ready to move forward.  


Set a specific goal that you are able to measure with a given timeline. The more detailed and relevant your goals are – the more likely they will be checked off your list.  If you know what you WANT then make the necessary changes and or arrangements to get yourself to the finish line. Be prepared to shift time and energy towards achieving your goal and don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way. 


We live in a world that revolves around INSTANT gratification. We want it and we want it now. The problem is, we want “it” without the blood, sweat and tears that come hand in hand. Which means that the majority of people fall short of creating opportunities purely because it “took too long” to achieve or because it was “ugh, too hard.” Are you the type of person that can stare at themselves in the mirror at the end of the day knowing that you could have given more? If you answered no, you’re half way there. For better or worse, commit to your given goal. During the successful days, work hard. On the days where every door is slammed in your face, work harder. Committing to creating an opportunity will set you apart from those who couldn’t sack up and put in the work. 


There are two ways to look at it: you hustle your heart out to achieve your goals and create opportunity or you will be working for someone who does. The decision is yours. My suggestion? If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. Whether it takes you 2 months or 2 years – get there.

Stay focused,

*related article: DREAMING vs. DOING


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