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“The frankincense burns, the Awakener arrives, with his respected shift into Taurus, all compounded things die. There are changes abound, in ways that we cannot comprehend, when the Awakener commands, the world shall bend. Believe in the sudden, the tempting and the light, the electrical frequencies of genius and might. There are inventors to be born and new creations of stealth, gains are possible, as are losses of wealth. Appreciate the Seers, the Shakers and the Lie-Breakers, for it is they who channel his surprise. Do not fall prey to the coming of chinwaggers, their infantile actions shan’t survive. The future times are here; the Awakener is near, Hail. Hail. Hail.” – TarotbyTashi

Hello dear ones,

How are you?

I send you infinite blessings!

Todays New Moon in Taurus shall flip the spectrum of emotive trends. With earthy Stelliums galore, the ground we stand on shall rumble.

You are actually tuning into this cosmic update just as Uranus shifts from Aries into Taurus. Wow!

The slow moving planet was in Aries for around 7 years and now commences his Corrida de Toros like transit. The last time Uranus rode the Bull was around 77 years ago. During that period in time, we were met with the Second World War, The Great Depression, Banking Acts firmly placed as well as things such as the Social Security Act. A series of natural disasters struck our planet in the late 1930’s and early 40’s too….a couple to mention here are The Guangxi Province earthquake and the Vrancea earthquake. I am bringing these historical facts into the present, so that we can get a feel for the energetic themes, when such cosmic vibrations swirl above us.

Under the current transit, there is A LOT of earth-power in our Sky, which should actually keep the wild winds of change grounded and somewhat directional. This insight into what to do, where to go and what to become won’t last long so please journal your persistent motives before the unexpected settles.

Uranus surprises even change and is the one who cannot be predicted. Dare not attempt to nail this awakener down! His frequency purposely shifts when we assume to know anything about it. This lightening bolt of a planet is known to rule the collective’s creative energy and movement; it is the electricity and oxygen that we breathe as well as the vibration that can dismantle form/matter/phenomena faster than a speeding bullet. Some call this planet the “Enlightener” because of the influential ability to awaken in ways that go beyond saying. The unconventional dwells here, all that lives outside the constricting box and all that wins through spontaneous-free-demonstration is Uranus!

Many fellow Astrologers are speaking of revolutions and I won’t omit this at all. I do believe that everything we are working through spiritually and astrologically, up until the year 2020, will give way to various revolutions and truthfully has already started to do so. What is difficult to digest is that the revolutions could cause extreme imbalances within the energetic polarities that make up our world.

The loud divide between the extremes that dwell within dualism seem to congeal and the predictions for the revolutions are in accordance with such extremes. Of course, we will also start to witness very poor regions in our world suddenly become rich as well as changes in policies and structures that can benefit the global set up. This will all however, start to manifest closer to the end of the 7th planet from the Suns bull-ride.

The tangible and the unexpected alterations, over the course of the next 7 years, will target our emotional and practical states of security. What makes us feel safe? Just how comfortable are our comfort zones?…are all questions to consider. Finances are also a major focus under this planetary combination.

The intensified period of this Uranus in Taurus time comes with strong support that should have a lot to present to us until 2020. Uranus will return to Aries for a short while later this year, before making a firm return into Taurus around March 2019. This fiery return into Aries will provide access to the wounds forgotten and support our healing time before the BIG RUN of 2019. There will be much to aim for and fight for as the year unwinds and rewinds until it starts anew. I don’t wish to spring us too far into the future because the current cosmic theme is already a lot to manage. So….how do we make the most of this Stellium Kissed New Moon in Taurus + Uranus’s Entry into the mighty Bull? Do listen to the Audio below!

If your personal Star Map is strongly held by either Taurus, Scorpio, Libra, Aries, Leo and/or Aquarius, do note that you will be feeling the effects of the next few months more forcefully than others. I do recommend that you look at where Taurus and Scorpio sit in your own Star Map because this should pin point some of how Uranus in Taurus will connect with you personally. If you would like to receive an in-depth reading on this transit, you can contact me directly to request this here. I should have openings for a Uranus in Taurus Personalised Astrological Reading come mid July 2018 and will continue to work with the transit throughout the 7-year period. It is normally advisable to see into the transit closer to when it commences and also when it directly aspects your own Star Map.

More on Uranus

Uranus rules Astrology and all it can offer, it also rules rebels and the act of evolution. It cuts through any delusion and is the universal spark that ignites an energy that knows no bounds. We are made to “wake up” when this planet is active and can access dimensions that possess greater levels of intelligence. A perfect human example of the planet Uranus would be “Albert Einstein” and a modern day film called “Lucy” captures the infinite-ness of this planets potential.

Since Uranus has now taken a hold of Taurus, we will come to know about so much more of the hidden world and its intelligent systems/functions. We will learn to integrate technology in ways that suit the mundane and not steer us away from it. Perhaps the farming industries will agree to work with healthier means of sustainability and will finally get the environmentally beneficial support that they desire.

We are definitely in for financial losses and gains; such ups and downs will not be easy under this influence. I did write about this aspect a few months ago and here is a useful snippet:

“Whenever Uranus makes a shift, so do we, and the shifts tend to be experienced somewhat ferociously. The trick is to not resist and to collectively understand what is changing before the change actually happens. Let’s talk a bit about this erratic and futuristic planet. Uranus is unpredictable and a very loud messenger. The energy of such cosmic influences cannot be tamed nor understood. Uranus is always in the future, advancing, evolving and managing matters linked to technology, invention and information. This planet praises individuality and vomits at conventions. All that is eccentric, surprising, rebellious and uncanny dwells here. We can often link electricity to this planet as we can lightning, the sky and chaos. Many of us appreciate Uranus for it is never still nor stuck and is constantly encouraging what it touches to take risks and to take action through spontaneity. When Uranus is at the final moments of a 7-year cycle, we must open up to a collective awareness and gather information as to what’s to come. Since Uranus is making a shift into Taurus, we need to ask ourselves how can we learn from the last gifts of Uranus in Aries? How can we let the fire become earth? This icy planet spins from east to west and is lonely in its rotation with only Venus to accompany it. With 27 moons and out of character expressions, the shift from bold and authoritative Aries into Taurus will equal to a lot of financial woes. We need to take control of our finances and practical concerns because when Uranus steps into Taurus some will win big and others will lose all.”

A Sweet Mythological Connection

The Ancient Greek Mythology of Uranus is interesting and….I do not think that it is a coincidence that the planet Uranus rotates in the same direction as only Venus. They are lonely but also united in their rotation. I say this to you because in the great Myths, Uranus gave birth to Aphrodite (Venus) and their connection is plentiful. Isn’t it rather sweet that the skies connect them too?

New Moon in Taurus and Earth Sky Stellium Audio http://www.tarotbytashi.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Uranus-In-Taurus-Astrological-Audio-May-2018-15th-TarotbyTashi.m4a

May all be auspicious!

Love and light,


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“The reverberations of no Moon, no brightly full moon night, summon the Black Moon and return her to our sight. I speak of a beckoning, when the darkness calls our name and here in this signaling, we inaugurate the journey to mysticisms array.” – TarotbyTashi

Hello dear ones,

Take your heart and mind back to 1999 for a moment. What were you doing? How were you feeling? Take some time to recollect “the you” that lived then, what were your fears and hopes? Do you even recognize who you were?

We have come a very long way since then, now haven’t we? Our collective lessons have been associated with speed, a speed that the Age of Aquarius seems to harness like a log.

To rewind the video of life to 1999 comes with reason, you see, what if this Black Moon month of February 2018 can pull into the present, a concealed personal potential of that old version of you? Before I go into the specifics of how and why this is possible, I will touch on the Astrological and Mystical significance of when there is no Full Moon in a calendar month.

The label “Black Moon” is a label of many meanings and one of them (the one I am referring to now) is when there is no Full Moon in a calendar month. Some Astrologers would call this cosmic event the “Lilith Moon.” The last time a no Full Moon month happened was in February 1999.

We always hype up Blue Moons, this is fair because we can witness their graciousness and they light up the entire sky and leave us in a trance like awe. It is completely normal that we notice them! Black Moons, on the contrary, are rarely spoken of….but…are equally as important and to the Mystics even more so.

Think of a no Full Moon month as a storehouse of energy, energy that is hidden, concentrated and raw. The lack of obviousness to this presence makes us drowsy and our need for solid rest coagulates.

This deep rest that we long for, is actually a good thing because, it will make the cosmic transmissions easier. When in a restful place, the energetic transference can enter us and rejuvenate the cells to awaken the hidden bits.

It is no coincidence that a Black Moon month coincides with the Ecliptic portal and the Lunar New Year. This to the wise ones is a month of “certainty.” A month where whatever we were meant to do and did not do… will happen.

I see February as the silent killer, the killer of fears, unnecessary dreams and focus points. The blessing here is, it’s as though we wont actually have to do anything to make things happen. They will simply happen and….wearing the costume of CHANGE!

A no Full Moon month, to the Astrologers is like a New Moon set on fire. The darkness of the month calls for subconscious renewal, cleansing and also a deep surrendering to the subtle mysteries. Even if we cannot see or comprehend what is happening, the energies are active and completing their mighty tasks.

We as observers, can work with this prolonged pitch-black night to set a multitude of intentions, ones that will take us through the next 20 years. I say this because; a Black Moon month like this one, only happens every couple of decades and the power of intention setting under such influences in stronger than usual.

Think of a Black Moon month as an opportunity to purge, with the support of the Eclipses and Lunar New Year, your bound to feel like a new born baby come April.

Now, back to 1999….

…..the Mystics of the world believed (and still believe) that every no Full Moon month (sometimes called a February Moon) had the capacity, to rekindle us with our forgotten aims. Normally these aims are in alliance with the aspirations of the year the previous no Full Moon month shared. So what this means is, whatever we forget to fulfill in 2018, that has significant importance, will come back to bite us in approximately 20 years from now. This exact same theme is taking place this month and it is linked to 1999. So, what is coming back to nibble on your ear? Are you experiencing any resonance? I know I am.

One last point about the Black Moon month……
….working with Lilithian energy is extremely beneficial during a month like this one. The forgotten Queen rules such domains and supports any quest to get to know our hidden bits. If you want to know more about Lilith, you can read my detailed article here.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, will mark an end to our in-between Eclipses portal and draw a line that marks the closing conclusion, to many experiences that have been shaping us since August 2017. This is it, things are about to get so much clearer and we will be fresh in our collective frequency come this April. I keep mentioning the month of April because it really is a precious time. Not only are we heading towards a new degree of collective understanding but we are also finding new ways to heal and our tolerance levels are increasing as a whole. The princess and the pea syndrome just wont be possible anymore….as this universe expands and contracts (wink wink.)

For a deeper understanding about this Solar Eclipse in Aquarius and how it will influence you personally, please have a listen to my Audio here:


This Partial Solar Eclipse will take place on the 15th of February 2018 at 18:55pm UTC time and shall end at 22:48 UTC time.

Our beloved Venus is in Pisces until March the 6th 2018

Listen to Venus in Pisces Audio here:

http://www.tarotbytashi.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Venus-In-Pisces-Audio-2-TarotbyTashi-Feb-2018.m4a Mystical Tour of Greece in May 2018

Throughout the year, I run various Mystical Tours and some I run in person and others from a distance. I tend to keep these activities low key, because I prefer to offer these experiences intimately. Since the service I offer is so unique, it only makes sense that it can’t be packaged in a standard way. Europe is where most of my tours have been taking place however, I have also guided people through their journeys in India, Nepal and similar lands. You can contact me for a Mystical Tour or Sojourn for practically any location, they do take some time to prepare so ensure to give me ample amounts of notice. When I am arranging tours for the major cities in our world, I don’t need as much notice so; a good 2 weeks or 3 are fine. Mystical Sojourns make divine gifts and….if you want to know all about what I offer you can take a peak here.

Would you like to join me and 5 other delightful hearts on a Mystical Tour in Greece? The focus will be on the Divine and Sacred Feminine Principal. I have 1 spot left for this amazing opportunity and this all-inclusive 2-week package (excluding flights) costs a non refundable $2500 USD approx. If you would like to know more, please connect via email. The sooner I hear from you the better. I am finalising this “in person” Tour this month and wont be accepting anyone else after the 25th. Do keep in mind that I run tours frequently and you can also request to tour Greece with me at a later date. Looking forward to Mystical Touring with you.

Some Closing Notes

The Lunar New Year of the Earth Dog commences on the 16th of February 2018. Earth Dog energy is loyal, steadfast, responsible, fun and committed. It will be a beneficial year to revise where our loyalties live and who or what we can rely on. My intuitive hunch is that we can gain long lasting and sincere friendships this year. There is also an element of simply sticking to the tasks at hand, getting on with everything and without delay. Our planet Earth will also be calling for our loyalty, our love and our friendship….so please be loyal to her. She needs it the most.

Wishing you all a healing and clearing month of February. May this Eclipse season realign you divinely and for the utmost benefit

Infinite blessings dear hearts and thank you so much for your ongoing support.

Love and light,


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Have we been lying to ourselves? Refusing to remember the truth that exploded in our hearts during the months that preceded last August? Something happened then, the truth was raw, our inner and outer veils came down and as hard as it may have been, we got to feel and remember the underlying sadness. Many of us experienced it and washed away all worries through tears of release. Some got through with ritual and prayer. Others paid their way by accepting endings that led to wonderful beginnings and there were some, (like me) who delayed the rightful action and are now being confronted to let Mother Nature lead.

On the 31st of January 2018 at 17:53 New Delhi time, a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo will take place and command our skies. It is said to peak at around 18:59 New Delhi time and this anticipated phenomena will last approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes.

The influential energies have been with us for some months now and will continue to influence us for the initial portion of the year. Depending on where the light of this Full Moon in Leo sits in your birth map, it will determine a lot about how you will be impacted personally. You should also take any Aquarian placements into account and work with the degrees of this Full Moon and upcoming New Moon in Aquarius/Solar Eclipse to deliberate your predictions.

The Heart of IT

The Oxford dictionary meaning for the word Man is…”Human beings in general; the human race.”

….We human beings in general, also considered as MAN, with our top of the food-chain status here on Earth, still marching away in a body that carries over 100,000 kilometres of blood vessels and 300 million capillaries, are actually capable of so much more than simply pumping away 1 million barrels of blood, during a single lifetime!  Yes….you heard me, we are producing around 600 millilitres of saliva each day and probably not even noticing it!

So then…the magical question is “what for?” …why all this activity to keep a human body functioning? Well….the general person would probably only ponder over this question a few times in one lifetime. Normally, the depth of thought comes from health complications, losing something we love or perhaps being high on a meditative drug. Whatever the case, do we even thank the heart that beats around 35 million times a year to ensure we are breathing? And…what is it that stops us from experiencing the 300 kilometres an hour message, which travels from our brain through our nerves? Are we even capable of unparalleled foresight?

Yes we are.

Yes we truly truly are.

And this Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo will ensure it!

Being Human

We humans are distinguished from other species by our superior mental development, upright/vertical stance and power of articulate speech. The healthy and harmonious combination of elements enables imagination, creation and more but…what makes us particularly unique is our intuitive yearning. This “yearning” can lead to spiritual attainments as it can lead to infinite perils. The point is that, so many of us have the best faculties in place, to assist some form of TOTAL experience that can free us and those around us, from whatever it is that keeps us bound. This rare yearning is also felt in our bittersweet symphonies of love. Our love can be felt from our central channel as it can be experienced as unconditional when raised to the highest degree. In better words, we are fundamentally kind. Most species however, simply feel to survive.

We, Kings and Queens at the top of the food chain, need to take a moment or two and reflect on what we can do with these privileges? It actually really is a privilege to have a so-called mind and heart which functions in an almost harmonious way. This mind and heart once united in intention can manifest the Pyramids of Giza as it can live in the past, present and future all in the now!

Our regal status as Humans is something the Lion of this Moon would like us to consider and really evaluate. Our independent and collective responsibilities as humans are dangling on the surface of all themes now. As Aristotle would say, “in order for Man to perfect his humanity, he must be the best man he can be.”

This is it! We all, as Kings and Queens on this Earth need to rule our lives again by honoring that we can achieve greatness, by rejoicing that we can love, by believing that we can arrive to a land beyond dualism and by experiencing what it truly means to be human….and….simply being it.

Last August united us in the outer sorrows of change, we came to a visual understanding of how the world we live in, isn’t as easy as we would like it to be. The outer curtains were pulled away and we humans got a glimpse of how such privileges are abused. This is the danger of dishonoring our human-ness. In fact, the term “inhumane” implies that when someone is being cold hearted they are not being “human.” This then would further imply, that to be human is to be kind and not because we are seeking out fans or validation. This perfected kindness is the fundamental nature of all humans and when this kindness is not accepted we fall pray to silly distractions that turn us away from “in” and definitely delay our ability to experience a 300-kilometer an hour message travelling from our brain through our nerves.

This Lunar Eclipse in Leo has a heart of gold, waiting to burst into infinite pieces so that the value of our supreme fundamental nature can be cherished. We all deserve this treasure, this treasure within. It is our right as the lords of this earth to use the greatest weapon “LOVING KINDNESS” and through that….raise ourselves to the highest degree. We are the example, we are leading the way and through this cosmic reminder may we lead it well. The journey is shorter than we know and this swiftness called LIFE mustn’t be underestimated. Our 1 million barrels of blood, pumping away in one lifetime as well as the 100,000 kilometers of blood vessels and 300 million capillaries are all distinctively cheering aloud, for our lives to NOT be wasted.

Make the most of this generous life by accepting your fundamental nature that is no other than the glory of being human.

Astrological Eclipse Tips Audio http://www.tarotbytashi.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Eclipse-Tips-TarotbyTashi-Mp3-1-Of-1-Audio-For-Site-Jan-30-2018.m4a

Infinite Full Moon, Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse

in Leo Blessings Dear Hearts

Love and light,


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When I think of a Sea Goat, I think of the true exemplification of the Star Sign Capricorn and the interesting blend of Fish and Goat (water and earth) that takes us on to explore various Secrets of The Ancients.

To understand the current Capricornian influence and to reap the rewards that the next few Capricorn themed years will offer, you will need to get to know the Sea Goats secret symbolism.

The head being the Goat here is the domain of the mind and represents the consciousness-energy of the Sign. In this case a Mountain Goat. What do Mountain Goats do? They climb all their way up to the peak of any mountain, rarely stopping until they have reached the top! Mountain peaks are also the HIGHEST point in our physical realm….and before I continue, please just EXPERIENCE this statement for a minute.

This ability to always climb to the very peak of any mountain, the highest point in our physical realm and to be able to dwell there, with the sages, gods and heavenly presences is interpreted as “the hunt for a greater state of being.” Some others may call it “the pursuit of a higher consciousness.”

So what is so great that gets the Mountain Goat all the way up there….to the very very top? Is it his eyes? Or….his legs? Perhaps his horns? Hmmm, I would say it is his feet and this is because they are sure-footed, determined and adroit in an aware and effortful way. There is also something so playful and nimble about Mountain Goats feet.

The lower part of the Sea Goat is depicted as a Fish, which automatically takes us to the very depths. When we think of depths we instantly see the opposite to mountain peaks don’t we? The big blue Ocean is the grandiose habitat for Fish and the deepest point in our physical realm. Some of these points have yet to be discovered by man! Many would say that the Ocean represents the subconscious, intuition, the mysteries of our world and Gnosis (an understanding and inner knowing.)

To accept the obviousness of dualism/extreme that is presented in the representation of the Sea Goat is to capture the world we live in, in its totality and therefore, when working with the energy of this Star correctly, we will learn to go beyond both logic and intuition, the rational and the mysterious, consciousness and subconscious-ness. I am not joking when I say the next few years will bring us “up close and personal” with the outer and inner extremes. Thanks to the cosmic line up, we will receive various collective opportunities to actually experience what the extreme of dualism really means and we will be propelled to aspire for something more, something beyond both.

The Sea Goat uses both the depths and the peaks to arrive beyond both and how does he do this? By simply being both equally, which automatically makes him something more. He doesn’t lose his depths to his peaks nor does he lose his peaks to his depths. He is one with ALL he is, always.

Let us not forget this 4000+ year old symbol and a Star indeed capable of awakening us all. Capricorn Season, we embrace you!


Now for the practical bits…

Hello dear ones,

How are you?

Hasn’t this New Year started ever so LOUDLY? I am still in awe of how busy everyone and everything is. We could easily blame the Capricorn Stellium that is taking place in our skies. There are currently 6 planets in Capricorn coupled with Lilith and her glare. I have been posting a lot about this moment and if you feel inspired, do back track and listen to my audios in previous posts as well as read what I have been saying on social media. My anticipation for this moment in time has been ongoing and now that it has arrived, I just want to capture it tightly. The concentration of energy and direction points to our outer collective projection…”who do we all want to be as a whole and what will it take for us to raise our collective consciousness effectively.” The race up to 2020 is making such questions boil and there will be forces trying to pull us down, seduce us into the overindulgent desirous realms so we must keep the Mountain Peak goal in view without forgetting the depths.

This New Moon in Capricorn (the first New Moon of 2018) is exposing us to our collective responsibility and an urgent demand to learn from our elders, the ones who have come before us as well as preserve their wisdom by sharing and practicing it. There is also a call for getting our s*** together and this could be as plain as not arriving to work late. We have to look at what we are presenting to the world around us, do we like the person we are trying to be? Who are we wishing to be really? All of these questions have the support of the stars and when the effort is put in, the result will be plentiful.

To receive the maximum that I am offering in this newsletter, please have a listen to the Audio Files below. Today I have decided to go over my beloved theme “Stelliums in Astrology” and to provide you with some useful New Moon in Capricorn Rituals.

http://www.tarotbytashi.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/TarotbyTashi-Audio-1-New-Moon-Capricorn-1712018.m4a http://www.tarotbytashi.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Stellium-In-Astrology-TarotbyTashi-Audio-2-Jan172018.m4a New Moon in Capricorn to Peak at 2:17am in London on the 17th of January 2018

For those of you who missed my 2018 Forecast Marathon with Astrology Hub, do not worry….there is more in stall for you this year and….I am pleased to announce my participation in their Inner Circle program. You can read all about it here. 

I shall sign off now by providing you with some excerpts from my recent writings on the Divine and Sacred Feminine / Masculine principal which is very relevant for such times.

“Can you feel that? That’s infinite woman of our world healing…healing because woman in power are rising up and using their positions to really speak their truth!

The abuse of this Sacred Feminine Energy has been taking place for way too long and if your waking up today with a tender sensation in your heart, one that feels so much more tender than normal, please know that you are feeling the deep healing that is taking place right this very moment!

When power is robbed, stolen and taken away, it leaves enormous holes in our collective make-up and now that a start to a correct level of honour is being poured into its rightful place, we are collectively experiencing “a return” and this return of truth into our very own cores will echo for days.

As the Rise of the Divine and Sacred Feminine Energy continues and many out there do their best to restore honour and respect in its rightful place, the fire of truth will rise from the ashes within.

To really heal our world is to heal the imbalances…starting with our Sacred Mother Earth, her ever-flowing generosity and how we fail to value it, this is the first and obvious example of such grand abuse to this Sacred Feminine Energy.

When we talk about the Sacred and Divine Feminine energy we are NOT excluding the Sacred and Divine Masculine energy. Both are interlocked, united and cannot function properly without a healthy level of equilibrium.  

When one is lacking or imbalanced within us, we eagerly search for it “out there.” This quest can be as simple as looking for a suitable partner or someone to share love with. This obvious imbalance on the subtlest of levels is what needs to be addressed first. 

For so long now, the Divine and Sacred Feminine energy has been suppressed in both Men and Woman.  It has been torn down, feared and refused. The mystery of the energy put many in a state of panic around the 12th and 13th Century, which lead to a grand rejection of the glory of what this energy contains. Since then, our Western World has seen gruesome witch-hunts, the end to woman’s rights, a suppression that created even woman themselves to fear their very own power. This extreme divide of polarities, which actually depend on each other, only really started to yearn for a homecoming in the 19th Century. That’s a bit too long of a wait for respecting an energy that flows through all of us and in everything we see, consume and experience!

Since the scales were tipped so strongly in the direction of refusing to embrace the mystery of this energy, the normal effect or consequence is that the scales will now tip in the exact opposite direction! Astrology confirms it, with Lilith in Capricorn and various other history changing planetary alignments, its as though the reclaiming of this energy wont be peaceful. So what to expect if the reclaiming of the Sacred and Divine Feminine energy manifests as extreme?

  1. There will be many natural disasters and those that come from nowhere and without sense.
  2. Large imbalances will take place with the elements that make up our world, for example, obtaining clean water will be as hard as pulling a diamond out of a crocodiles jaw.
  3. The concept of family will lose its worth and we will find less and less people wanting to make a life together.
  4. The confusion as to how we apply ourselves, as human beings will increase and the concept of a purposeful life will diminish.
  5. There will be an upsurge of destructive tendencies.

This is just a bit of what can happen when extreme outer divides take place in energies that so eagerly depend on each other. We were pulled into one extreme for centuries and now we are on the brink of being pulled into another.

The deep and tender healing that can happen and must happen needs to start from an awareness of how these energies live within us! The Divine and Sacred Feminine and Masculine energies are what make us complete. When this truth is ignored and disrespected, extreme imbalances take place and then we grow further and further apart as if we are not interdependent. As if we are rivals on a numberless battlefield.  

Does it need to be so destructive, this reclaiming of the Sacred and Divine Feminine energy? Perhaps!

The healing energy we are feeling due to the woman of the world rising up and speaking their truth, bringing a needed voice back into our world is evidence of the urgency such imbalances demand.

We all felt it, something like a deep and nourishing peace when Oprah told it how it is. We all connected in ways that had no space for ego during that moment of energetic honesty.

It’s the divine energy itself that goes beyond gender, which shook inside us, singing its melody of confirmation. On the gross level, we see this manifestation as “woman of the world” but what its really all about is an energetic representation. See it for what it really is and embrace the energy without rejection.

The ever-flowing great mother goddess energy is forgiving, it will help us if we honour and respect it. It will heal its wounds if we start to heal ours and through a collective understanding the destructive results may even subside.”

– TarotbyTashi

Do connect anytime and share your expressions with me. You can also forward this wisdom on to your friends. I will welcome your extended networks into my community wholeheartedly.

May the dark of the Moon remind us of the birth of the light and the birth of the light remind us of the dark of the Moon. All united, dependent and yearning for each other.

Infinite blessings,


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“What if the year 2018 is a year to note down in history, a year where the tides will turn and the moods will churn? What if 2018 is a year dedicated to a world that was once a mystery? And through the gates of alteration, our entire globe will rearrange the way it sees and breathes? No longer dare we ignore, 2018 will roar, whilst pulling down the dark. We will see again, at last! Yet seeing is knowing; do we have the strength to see? 2018 will show us many truths and denial cannot be.  A year of entry, into the lap of voluminous change, I call it “not easy “ and we summon it to attain….a greater state of being. A greater state of being!”


Hello dear ones,

Happy blessed NEW YEAR. We did it! We have entered 2018!

I would love to warmly welcome all of you who have just signed up to the TarotbyTashi newsletter. WELCOME, how wonderful to connect and what a great time to get on board because….2018 is going to be a very rich year for all themes Astrological. I guarantee to be here, sharing an expressing so much! There are many offerings to look forward to including Podcasts and live Videos + many many informative write ups like this one. I encourage you to say hi and share with me what you would like to read or see more of. All of you are welcome to share your thoughts so please do.

For those of you who have been here with me for a while now… THANK YOU…all of this would not be possible without your eager and tender wish to keep the flame of magic alive in all I do! I know that you know Astrology is just a part of it and I aspire to make 2018 a year that will bring forth all my offerings, in ways you can actually “experience” the benefits which will be felt beyond reading.

Welcoming 2018

May we all get closer to a greater state of being this New Year. May we all work with the influences and themes to make meaningful changes in our lives and fear not the dark. There is so much that can be taught through the shadows, our shadows and 2018 won’t let the slippery bits fall away. We will be made to face so much of the truths we forget and come to terms with what is really happening on every level. Of course, there are always choices and we will still have to select what it is we really want. Will we want to climb up the majestic mountain or just look at it from afar? It’s never easy ascending.

Post-New Year Full Moon in Cancer Blues or Slews?

Almost everyone I know had a turbulent 2017, the year was dreamy and yet still managed to shake us up and crush us down. The death of 2017 is yet to arrive…we are on the brink of some final lessons and integrating what was. This actual death of a shared cycle will be felt closer to the end of February 2018 and the New Year energy that we so eagerly await will happen when the Sun kisses Aries. I know this is a while away however we are in need of a deep integration and if this doesn’t make sense, just remember the grandness felt when the Moon was full in Cancer. We can probably still feel it!

The depth of feeling and surprise, all mixed into the first Full Moon of 2018, is a bit too large for a beginning of a cycle…we are still shedding skin and learning to absorb whatever we did not during 2017.

Many of you will be asking profound questions to yourself and wanting sincere answers. The depths of your dialogue with yourself are proof of just how far we have come. The need to integrate the polarities, the mean extremes and the energies that divide us are hovering now. It all seems and feels so hard to stabilize doesn’t it? Yet we must not fear the dark nor the grandness that is equally dependent on our attention.

A few months ago I sent out a detailed voice recording about our Forgotten Queen Lilith’s entry into Capricorn (do ask for this if you did not get it.) The texture of this flavor thickens because her powerful unification with Capricorn would have sat opposite this recent Full Moon in Cancer. The Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto accompanied her opposing energy! Do you know what this means? Well, the warm and cuddly home-dwelling Moon would have not been as smothering and pleasant as usual. We are left with many emotions that counteract all of our ambitions and a tendency to feel unloved. This feeling doesn’t need to be obvious, perhaps the emotions that were amplified under this Cancer Moon still need gentle examinations. It’s as though the fears of homelessness and our endless yearning for really belonging to something or someone are here, asking for our focus in an abstract way. When the Moon is in Cancer a return inward, to our natural emotional home takes place but….this Full Moon was different because of the forceful oppositions, demanding change in a hostile way. I know many who just burst into spontaneous cries and others who couldn’t get out of bed. Some were so charged with energy that they did not sleep for days. This is not just any Full Moon; her influences are still with us and will drag us towards a series of potent events such as the first Eclipse of 2018 that lands on a Blue Moon in Leo.

The energetic extremity continues and we wonder why when the Moon is waning. How can the Moon be waning? Let us call it a mirage or an optical illusion because some would say that the Moon is ALWAYS full. Let us consider this statement as FACT…especially since we are being lead to another Full Moon in January…Blazing, Ecliptic and in Leo.

Uranus; The Final Quarter and a Half

Uranus just went Direct in Aries on the 2nd of January in the last degrees (24 degrees) of the Star Sign. We will not be able to hold back on letting the inner revolutions OUT. Since August 2017, the wish for so much outer transformations developed. We all connected through the inner plains, desiring for various revolutionary manifestations. There was a collective desperation, holding us all together and waiting for the moment to say BOOM. With Uranus taking a direct turn in our glorious sky, the BOOM of a moment is here. From now until Uranus’s entry into Taurus, we will be working with the pinnacle of the 7-year cycle this planet generously offers. If we did not deal with our inner contradictions earlier, we better fasten our seatbelts as this lightening bolt awakener sends us to a state of serious negotiations. We must hurry and take a look at where this Awakener sits in our Astrological Birth Charts. We must also peek into where any Libra, Aries, Capricorn or Cancer aspects collide. Feel free to email me for a personal Astrological Analysis on this subject.

The final Quarter and a Half of the Uranus in Aries influences will have brutal endings to many unresolved independent movements or actions in our world. For example, we have not been hearing all that much about Cataluña’s wish for Independence since the closing of the States opportunity to vote. It would not be a surprise if such movements arose again closer to the end of this planetary cycle. Anything that was silenced since August 2017 and still needs to reveal some final decisions will be made known to us before May 2018. There is a collective danger of getting too confident in what needs to be done now. I hope we don’t overdo it, as Uranus’s entry into Taurus will naturally slow things down and perhaps bring about hefty economical crisis. Here are some excerpts of what I wrote earlier about this stimulating planet….

…..Did you know that Uranus moves through the Signs every 7 years? Uranus is at its final months of a cycle in Aries and will move into Taurus in May 2018. Whenever Uranus makes a shift, so do we, and the shifts tend to be experienced somewhat ferociously. The trick is to not resist and to collectively understand what is changing before the change actually happens. Let’s talk a bit about this erratic and futuristic planet. Uranus is unpredictable and a very loud messenger. The energy of such cosmic influences cannot be tamed nor understood. Uranus is always in the future, advancing, evolving and managing matters linked to technology, invention and information. This planet praises individuality and vomits at conventions. All that is eccentric, surprising, rebellious and uncanny dwells here. We can often link electricity to this planet as we can lightning, the sky and chaos. Many of us appreciate Uranus for it is never still nor stuck and is constantly encouraging what it touches to take risks and to take action through spontaneity. When Uranus is at the final moments of a 7-year cycle, we must open up to a collective awareness and gather information as to what’s to come. Since Uranus is making a shift into Taurus, we need to ask ourselves how can we learn from the last gifts of Uranus in Aries? How can we let the fire become earth? This icy planet spins from east to west and is lonely in its rotation with only Venus to accompany it. With 27 moons and out of character expressions, the shift from bold and authoritative Aries into Taurus will equal to a lot of financial woes. We need to take control of our finances and practical concerns because when Uranus steps into Taurus some will win big and others will lose all.

Some Astrological Reflections and Questions

I have been reading a lot of Astrology lately and seeing what this industry likes to share and promote. A topic that seems to be on almost everyone’s mind is the mystery of the Galactic Centre. There is also a resurrected focus on Sirius and a few other bright starry friends. This is interesting because what we all choose to care about at different times / seasons say a lot about what we need or what we are collectively searching for. Sometimes we are simply following trends but when we sincerely select our focus or become aware of it, much knowledge of our needs is found. This industry is full of basic information and many musings that lead us astray….you need to carefully select your interests / whom you follow and always allow for contemplation. Personally, I like to rely on books and ancient texts that have been passed down to us from the forefathers of Astrology (or what was preserved of it.) We should also test whomever we are following, see how their advice works for us and note down our discoveries. I am saying all this because I want the purity of Astrology to be preserved and for the world to appreciate it again by connecting with the people who really support the industry. On this note, I would love to hear your thoughts on WHY THE GALACTIC CENTRE IS SO IMPORTANT NOW? I am putting together an in-depth write up about this mysterious focal point and wish to interact a bit to bring to life the essence of the multidimensional message. Its an interesting one because as an Astrologer, I actually don’t speak of it too easily and all that much. There is something missing in the accuracy of interpretation linked to the GC. I am going deep into research and knocking on the doors of many many elders…..so do email me with any expressions, I will deeply appreciate it. Now, back to some more reflections….

….there was a time when no business, marriage or venture could take place without the advice of an Astrologer. In some current cultures, this still is the case. I wonder how many of you seek out Astrological advice before committing to a business partner or a lover? Astrology is a powerful tool and you must work with it to support even the most basic of tasks. My ancestor’s cookbooks are all written Astrologically and I truthfully miss the days when people would EAT according to the season and natural flow of things. We may not notice but this natural flow of our eating habits that once was has deep astrological roots! These modern times allow us to eat anything, anywhere, despite the fact that Sweet Potatoes may not even be in season! I ask myself just how far this disconnection to the natural will go?

May our persistent love of Astrology remind us of nature and its beautiful abilities. May we work with the cosmic influences to really benefit others and ourselves.

I say… write a list of what Astrology means to you and pin it up somewhere. Revisit that list in some months and you will be amazed at just how much your thoughts developed. That is Astrology…changing, evolving and flowing with the times.

Listen To  Key Astrological Themes for January 2018 http://www.tarotbytashi.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/January-2018-Astrological-Key-Themes-TarotbyTashi-5th-Jan-2018.m4a

Order Your 12 Houses Astrological Reading for 2018 Now

More information about Tarot Card Readings

January 31st Full Moon Lunar Eclipse To Peak

Los Angeles – January 31st – 5:26 am
London – January 31st – 1:26 pm
Delhi – January 31st – 6:56 pm
Sydney – January 31st – 11:26 pm



Hello again dear ones… isn’t this a LONGER write up than usual? I feel as though I could write and share infinitely. In fact, I think I will and shall start this aspiration by launching Star Medicine! Have a listen here….


Have you signed up to watch me, beautiful host Amanda Pua Walsh and 12 other skilled Astrologers share wisdom for 2018? If not, click here.

We are only days away from this knowledgeable summit and it’s FREE so….do let me know if you sign up and ill think of you indeed.

Some Closing Notes

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“Dance Dance dear goddesses of naked awakening. Sing to us your song of sorrow; remind us how the taste of every feeling dwells well within your all-embracing bosom.

Dance dance dear goddesses of the silent mystery, seduce our every curiosity and take the dream to where it belongs, beyond the horizon in a land truly given.

Dance dance dear goddesses of mayhem, we need the shock, the constant reminder. Speak to us your secret tongues and allow the movement of the elements divine to spin their way back within our nature.

Dance dance dear goddesses of artistic magic, caste your spells of a purifying touch, let the liquids of false action pour out of us and fill our vessels with nectar so pure.

Dance dance dear goddesses of union, hold ever so dear your inseparable quality, and let us witness the joy, the pleasing joy when love is free, when love is everlasting.

Dance dance dear goddesses of anger, your wrath well transformed is better used than any weapon given, turned into an army of supreme force, no affliction can match its power!

Dance dance dear goddesses of harmony, balance out our petty miscalculations, let the peace that appreciates all that is, let that peace be present forever.

Dance dance dear protector goddesses of words so holy, encourage our young kings to learn the language of truth and spread its glory in all the directions and throughout all the times.

Dance dance dear goddesses of creation, we throw our tender hearts at your feet, we beg of you to keep us safe, safe in loving hands that let our fragile roots spread well anchored. 

Dance dance dear goddesses within, we know you live well kept, well kept in our own inner sanctuary!

So dance dance your loudest dance, may the thumping within deafen our grandest doubts and may we all forever remember your perfect home, your perfect world deep deep within us. 

Dance dance dear Goddesses, dance your dance, dance your endless dance, dance your endless golden dance.”

– TarotbyTashi

Hello dear ones,

Welcome to the final chapter of 2017. I feel privileged to be able to share and connect and I appreciate you all very much for it!

I wrote the above praises and invocation to the Great Mother in Boudhanath, Nepal on the 22nd of June 2014. I felt compelled to share this now and the reason behind my decision stems from the wish to continue with our #inallherforms project.  For those of you who do not know or do not remember, around 3 years ago I started a little ongoing project that brings back the Divine and Sacred Feminine into our memory, invoking the Great Mother Goddess “In All Her Forms.”

This project generally starts on or around Decembers Solstice and this year, I feel inspired to add some interesting flavors into the mix.

The way we normally collaborate is to share and post our favourite goddesses, deities and woman of cultural importance on the TarotbyTashi Facebook Page and Instagram Page including notes of inspiration.

This year, we are going to do this AGAIN and this time with a little more zest!

I have decided to extend the honouring period from now until the end of January 2018. I have also decided to fill a cute Navy Blue Box with all the names of everyone who participates and on the 31st of January 2018 I will draw 3 random winners!

What is there to win?

A Personalised Astrological Forecast on how the 2018 Eclipses will be influencing YOU!

I want everyone to go ALL OUT with this project…get your friends on board too and honour the GREAT MOTHER through Video Posts, Images, Poetry, Hymns, Quotes, Art… basically share with us whatever inspires you most.

If posting on Instagram or Facebook, please tag me “TarotbyTashi” and hashtag #inallherforms. This way I will be able to track all the participants and draw 3 lucky winners at the end of January.

If you are not fond of Facebook or Instagram you can always email me your expressions, photos etc and I will post them on your behalf.

I do look forward to make this possible YET AGAIN and to honour the Divine and Sacred Feminine IN ALL HER FORMS.

Some excerpts from the December 2016 Solstice Write Up What is the Winter Solstice?

The word “Solstice” is derived from two Latin words: sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still.) So basically, Solstice is the time when the Sun stands still.

Speaking in astronomical terms, Solstice is the time when the Sun reaches its highest (summer Solstice) and lowest (winter Solstice) point in the sky. During the winter Solstice we have the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice usually occurs on December 21st to the 23rd and on June 20th to the 23rd in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Spiritual Importance of Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice was always one of the greatest events on any calendar cycle. This event had deep spiritual meanings in many cultures and in various cases, Winter Solstice was associated with the birth of the Sun.

In Ancient Egypt people celebrated the birth of Horus, in Ancient Rome it was the birth of the unconquered Sun. Ancient Persia celebrated the birth of Mithra and in Ancient Mexico it was the Feathered Serpent.

It seems that all Ancient cultures had similar spiritual meaning for Winter Solstice. This means that all cultures had almost the same interpretation of this astronomical event. This also means that humanity always cared deeply about the rebirth of light.

– Dr. Carpenter

How did you spend Solstice this December 2017?

I ask because it was extra special symbolically and astrologically. I spent mine gathering the last ingredients for the new Solstice Sacred Scent and watched the first light enter a 2700 BC Megalithic Monument, built in homage to the Summer and Winter Solstice. It was a deeply moving moment and I carried all of you in my heart whilst committing to prayers and ceremony. There was an intimate group with me, Mystical Touring and we all felt the deep nourishing silence that only such potent moments can bring forth. You can still capture this silence, right up until the first Full Moon of 2018. So please, do sit with it, retreat if you can and work with the subtle influences divinely.

Astrologically Speaking
  • Saturn has just returned home into Capricorn.
  • Mercury is no longer in Retrograde!
  • The Sun, (almost Venus), Lilith, Saturn and Pluto are all in Capricorn.

Do have a listen to this Voice Recording:


I go into some expressions on Saturn returning home. I will be saying more on the Saturn in Capricorn effect very soon.

What I must emphasis on right now is the major Capricornian action in our skies. Just feel it for a second… what do you think will happen when Venus, The Sun, Lilith, Saturn and Pluto all dance with Capricorn? The exact SMASH will take place on Christmas Day (25th of December at 16:25 GMT.) Mercury will soon too enter the show, shifting into Capricorn on the 11th of January 2018. Watch out because this Stellium will ROAR.

How can such intensity be captured written down? I have recorded all of my thoughts on a series of Mp3’s and can send them to you via email. I know y’all are making requests that I set up a formal podcast…and I WILL….I promise…..but for now, do email me if you are interested in hearing all there is to know about this remarkably influential time. Click here to receive these free insights via Mp3.

A Ritual for the Capricornian Stellium on the 25th of December 2017

Ambitions, what motivates us, our status in society, who we are out there and who that is really are all key themes now.

Take the time on the 25th to assess what motivates you? What is the driving force pushing you forward? Is it a healthy force or are you driven by poisonous emotions? All poisonous emotions can be transformed…so work with the magic of the 25th to have a good look into what it is that moves you forward? Are you doing all you do for the utmost benefit or not? Just how much of your intentions are pure? All these questions are worthy of answers and you need to answer them to you. Only to you! After you have assessed your ambitions and the governing forces beneath them, take the time to really confirm if you are happy with them, if your heart is pleased? How does your heart feel? Note down your discoveries and re-set your divine intention wherever it is lacking. When we talk about divine intention we are talking about being of a sincere service to all beings, far and wide and to our Earth and its elements. The Capricornian Stelliums influence tends to do really well in a worldly sense so please ensure to harness the energy in a GREATER way and go beyond the narrowness of the ego. A lot of GREAT work can be accomplished under this influence and through simply setting ones intentions, starting a blessed project or planning something out, the 25th is a guaranteed portal towards success when used correctly.

Are you in a GENEROUS mood?

To get in touch with the festive season generously, I am listing 3 of my favorite NFP’s that are doing amazing work in the world!  Take a peak and donate as you please.




Wow, so many Sacred Scents…

Can you keep up with the Sacred Scent rush? I know I am releasing one Scent after the other but this is due to a year and a half of preparations and now all of these divine bottles of power are coming to get you!

Some Sacred Scents to Mention:
  • Lilith
  • Mercury in Retrograde
  • Saturn at 0degrees in Capricorn
  • Solstice
  • The Birth, Life and Death line
  • New Moon
  • Full Moon

I want to let you know that I have 4 15ml bottles left from the 1st Mercury in Retrograde batch and will be going to the post office on the 27th.  1 bottle costs $28.00 USD + postage and these make wonderful gifts. If you are interested in getting your hands on one, do email me now.

Saturn at 0degrees in Capricorn is on the shelf and ready to send off into the world. I sealed the creation under the influence of Saturn’s return back home. Some ingredients to mention are: Juniper, Patchouli, Cypress and sacred Earth.  Working with this Essential Oil Perfume Blend is grounding; anyone who would like to experience the benefits of Saturn should get their hands on one of these. If you are going through your Saturn Return then I feel this Sacred Scent will bring a transformative power over the influence. The Cypress in particular, when blended with Juniper can ease off any hard to process potency. 1 15ml Dropper Bottle costs $33.00 USD + Postage and you can register your interest here.

sacred scents

Is 2017 REALLY over? Almost….

Lets all join hearts to release 2017 into Divine Light and appreciate what it gave us. I know it has been a VERY hard yard for many and here we still are, enduring. Lets be proud of just how strong we all are, marching forward and still willing to love and share. This purity of the heart is freeing so please enter 2018 with a heart of gold, ready to do whatever it takes for the highest of benefits. No matter where you are in the world and no matter what you are doing, you can always set a few moments a day aside to aspire for the best for all of the universe. Making this wish with all of your heart, each and every day, that the entire universe will be happy, free of any suffering and evolve profoundly, is one of the best things you can do.

Stay sunny dear ones and see you soon…

….2018 is a’coming!


Love and light,


The post Welcoming Saturn Home <br/>The Dying Part of the Year <br/>In All Her Forms <br/>December 22nd 2017 appeared first on TarotbyTashi.

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With the Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mercury all in Sagittarius, we will be gifted with the opportunity of Divine Goal Setting and if we allow it, this New Moon will knock our socks off towards greater realizations. The New Moon will take place on the 17th / 18th of December 2017 and peak at around 7:30am on the 18th (Parisian Time.) To be ready for the last New Moon of 2017, prepare for spiritual “take off” and open your heart to the swiftness of advancement. We are all natural born seekers and this Divine Archer won’t let our targets get away, so do ask for your wishes to be granted and they will! The strength of these 5 planets will provide us with a Jupiterian boon, Saturn has been in Sagittarius for a while now and just before its departure into Capricorn, it will offer us some final teachings on a needed cosmic order. With the support of so many juicy planets, we are destined to grow and in speeds unimaginable. This portal of advancement is short so please soak it up until the 20th because after that, the lights will dim and the REAL discipliner shall arrive.

How can we explore the immense wonders of this universe through our heart and soul? When can we just leap off into the unknown risk free? Sagittarius knows the path and never fakes a quest. The movements of this lucky Star have infinite benefits. There will always be some rough edges and difficult to control outcomes but the ride is well worth it and so is the wisdom obtained once done.

We all have some of this lucky Star within us; the Jupiterian blessings are vast and love to influence us into “believing.” Take these next few days as a precious reminder of how grand the universe is and contemplate on how we fit into it, what are we really? Aren’t these all worthwhile queries? A Sagittarius Moon would say YES and leap to the challenge of seeking out a supreme freedom! If it is a supreme freedom you want, aspire for it now! Wish with all your heart that this entire universe will be free of its misery and obtain the greatest gift of all… “Liberation.” This is where the last New Moon of 2017 is taking us; it is showing us the way to awakening and through a one pointed, fearless sense of certainty. It wants us to believe in more than what the rational mind permits. It wants us to believe in worlds beyond this one, in lands that exist far far away or deep deep within.  Do we ever wonder what is happening in the eye of a storm? Maybe there is an elegant party occurring or a stage of wild, glittery singers!

This stellium of Sagittarian power must be used alchemically and for the greater good. If you feel pain in your thighs, hips, lower back and pelvic area it is due to the concentrated planetary influences. A useful way to let the massive surge of new energy flow through you is to stabilize it by some deep stretches and by working with simple meditation practices. If the energy is too loud please have long and peaceful walks where you are focusing on your body and its movements. I will provide us with a New Moon Ritual now that will support the harnessing of this energy and please, do not be alarmed with the intensity of this time, it has come to recharge our spiritual batteries and reactivate our trust in the universe.

New Moon in Sagittarius Ritual, the Last New Moon of 2017

Why would such an opposite of subtle Star shine forth in the dying part of the year? Isn’t it a time for quiet and silencing so that we can work with our hidden and more delicate energies?

It does seem ironic that such a grandiose Sign influences us with chunks of intensity during this part of the year yet there is a profound reason and let me explain why…..

.…….the ascended Sagittarius influence is all about the inner quest and the inner Holy Grail retrieval. Sure, we need infinite outer journeys to arrive deep within ourselves but when we do arrive we are stunned by the glowing magnificence. It takes boosted levels of confidence and devotion to NEVER GIVE UP, so doesn’t it make sense that our Divine Archer arrives just before Solstice to enable an optimistic focus throughout the death of many layers? I sincerely think so!

We secretly want the Jupiterian emphasis because if we really think about it, it wouldn’t fit if the New Moon were in Libra or Pisces during the dying part of the year. We need something ALL-EMBRACING and large. This is exactly what we have; the luckiest signs of them all and this Star is here to remind us of the TRUEST QUEST.  If we remember we will be able to see in the dark and win our way towards the birth of the new light. We mustn’t give up nor fear the infinite roads, the journey will end and we will be victorious through our trust and fearless belief in a deeper sense of being. This Sagittarius New Moon coupled with the force of many other planets is blessing us with the energy we need to get through and ascend, high above the petty borders of the ego. Rise up dear hearts and enjoy the glory of this time.

The Rituals….
  1. Focus on your dreams, keep a dream journal beside your bed and pay attention to the visions you have during this New Moon. The Divine Archer is also a Shaman and can aid you through the magical world of dreams and sleep. I recommend that you specifically set the intention on the 18th night to receive a prophetic dream / vision that will help you on your soul-life journey. To assist this intention light a purple candle and place an amethyst crystal near your pillow. If you would like to complete an elaborate Prophetic Dream Ritual that was handed to me by my ancestors, please email me here and I will provide it to you.  If a prophetic dream / vision did not arrive, please look out for serendipitous signs on the 19th and 20th and ensure to write them down. For further information on working with Dreams and their Interpretations click here.
  2. As my mother and I would always do, CREATE A DIVINE VISION BOARD on the New Moon in Sagittarius! You will need a large coloured piece of paper ideally A2 in size. Cut out desired images from various magazines or print images of your goals from the Internet. Stick them all onto your Divine Vision Board and mark this as your wishes and aspirations of what you would like to accomplish in 2018. Feel free to draw on the board and write on it if you cannot find the matching images. I remember writing poetry on mine to cryptically express my goals. Be as creative as you please! Once you are done, burn the Divine Vision Board created under the light of the Sunrise on the 20th. Whilst burning this, see and feel all your aspirations succeeding and becoming complete in their nature. Children love this exercise so have fun getting all the family involved.
  3. Broaden your own Cultural or Religious perspective via researching / investigating something that attracts you. Honoring the New Moon in Sagittarius is to honor cultures from all around the world and their belief systems. If it is Astrology that interests you, read about a new theme linked to the subject. Our Divine Archer wants you to expand your horizons by watching an informative documentary or by actually going on a pilgrimage to a sacred place somewhere out there! Where will you go? Sometimes just sitting by the seaside or resting at the top of a nearby mountain is enough. Do something under the light of this New Moon to feed your soul and its curiosity. Be a pilgrim in whatever way that may mean to you! If you’re interested in Mystical Touring with TarotbyTashi in 2018 click here.
  4. The bright light of optimism is available so gather if you can around an open fire and tell wholehearted stories. Laugh at the magic of life and laugh because you love it. Laugh because you know life deserves to be celebrated. Have a cheerful and freeing time. Being beside an open fire is an instant way to feel the blazing splendor of this planetary influence.
  5. Soak your feet in a warm saffron infused bath. You can also add some Essential Oils and beneficial Salts. I recommend Honeysuckle, Jasmine and / or Amber.

I will be sharing a lot more with you soon as there will be MAJOR ACTION in our skies this December. I am tempted to start the #inallherforms ceremony on or around solstice (stay tuned.)

Did you know that my Mercury in Retrograde Sacred Scent is now ready to send off out into the world? If you would like to know more about this needed Essential Oil Blend made under the influence of Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius and with ingredients picked from a Temple dedicated to Hermes / Mercury himself, please email me here. This particular Sacred Scent will get us through any future Mercury in Retrograde event and is made with 100% natural ingredients. Some ingredients to mention are Mugwort, Basil, Marjoram and hand picked Blossom. I can ship to anywhere in the world and the promotional price for a 15ml Bottle is $28.00 USD. I have various Sacred Scents available and can custom make a blend to benefit your Star Map and wishes.

Some Closing Notes…

On this New Moon you are being called to overcome your procrastinations. Be bold and take action in aiming towards your hearts quest. Do not be tactless; instead, know your worth and be a divine recipient of supreme wisdom. Feel motivated by the constant question of “what is my main purpose in this life?” Be motivated by the answers that arise and inspire a generous service to humanity! There is no frustration where divine intention is set, under this New Moon know your worth and aim higher. If there are patterns we need to overcome and habits we yearn to exhaust, this New Moon shall speed up the process of purification. Whatever occurs, see it as a chance to purify and cleanse the various layers that need to die down pre-solstice. If you can make the time to play, to be playful and create ways to express your creativity it will be healing and supportive. No need for point blank honesty now, turn it inward and ascend.

An Affirmation / Invocation

“I rise above all of the egos limitations and offer myself to the supreme service of humanity. My thoughts are as powerful as my eyes; what I think, is what I see, and what I think is what I am. May my thoughts never sway from the True Quest and may my eyes always be aligned firmly with the eyes of the Divine Archer.”


 Infinite New Moon Blessings Everyone!

Love and light,


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The early weeks of December will lack the texture we desire. The stampedes of noise, a lot of noise and most of it stemming from our heads, will leave us heavily cluttered. Don’t believe the cosmic tricksters that play about, they want us to lose our grip and miss the Bull’s Eye of a season! Sure, December will be grand but this may seem impossible to consider just now. If you are asking yourself “why all this confusion, why all this weight?” believe me, it’s my question too and I can finally present you with an answer.

December kicks off with some annoying cosmic oppositions and this naturally manipulates us into a halt or a lengthy pause of some kind. We are silly if we think we are not manipulated by planetary influences because we frequently are. What bothers me most is how gloomy some influences can be…..but of course….there are always tricks and ways to steer clear from such influences. Just know, for the most part, they catch us when they catch us!

The current line up isn’t your straightforward blast of an influence like that blazing Full Moon in Aries we shared on October the 5th 2017. This line up is conniving, slimy and will make it harder for us to detect. The good news is, this will not last long but could make us lose chunks of our needed energy. It may also just bring us down to our knees in unwanted discomfort.

Mercury goes Retrograde in Sagittarius in the early hours of the 3rd of December 2017 followed by a Full Moon in Gemini opposition. What adds to the “dimming of the clarity lights” is the Neptune Square Moon effect.  This square will make our Full Moon experience stranger than usual, the conflicting feelings VS thoughts will run around and have us chasing them for absolutely no reason.  I caution you to be mindful of psychic vampires, energy theft and any form of cheating, dishonesty or scandal. Neptune in this position will push for illness and not just any form of illness, but the one that eats at the mind and messes with the tuning. We should all avoid intoxicants on or around this Full Moon as well as do our best to not trust our dreams, projections or hunches. There is a lot more pulling us now so we best maintain a meditative pose, waiting for this tricky line up to pass.

The USEFUL aspects of this Gemini Full Moon

What a first-rate time to examine all forms of communication and to have a healthy talk with ourselves.

Mercury in Retrograde opposing this Moon will force us into a needed silence. Do use this opposition wisely as some planetary aspects will sicken us with doubts. I suggest a lot of silence, plus fearless contemplation on where we are cheating ourselves, where we are cheating others and how much deceit we allow into our lives!

The theme is wishing for the collective version of a whole to “cut the bull****” so to speak and to reflect back, on all of 2017 with integrity. This looking back can make our final portion of the year grander, we need to see things as they were and understand them, understand our losses and gains. Where we hurt others, how we hurt ourselves and recall all the major events on a global scale that would have impacted our collective consciousness.  Using this Full Moon to reflect, learn and note down such knowledge will pave a way into a correct Mercury Retrograde tone. It can also be speedy in its success if worked with directly.

A Little Full Moon Exercise…..

If 2017 could be described in 5 words, what would those be to you? Under the light of this Full Moon, write those words down and integrate your lessons. See and feel how each word resonates to your current disposition and ask yourself what words would you like to take into the journey of 2018? Draw a graph too, from month to month, examining your lows and highs in 2017, have a look at it and see your rhythms and then smile away. It’s a pretty picture isn’t it? The madness of life and its moods! Keep the graph as a reminder until the end of the month, before setting ones intention for the New Year. Work with the graph for healing each month and setting it free as you release yourself into the dying part of the year.


The above exercises will help lighten up the gloom and make our entry into the final portion of the year useful. Another fun way to free up some chains is to donate a handful of our old clothes and belongings to the poor. We could even set up a group fundraiser. Yes, the Gemini Full Moon can attract money through social gatherings and when aimed at humanitarian pursuits, it’s rare we miss. The more honesty put into supporting those who are underprivileged, the better! This cosmic line up kind of deserves it.

Full Moon To Peak

Los Angeles – December 3rd – 7:46 am

New York – December 3rd – 10:46 am

London – December 3rd – 3:46 pm

Barcelona – December 3rd – 4:46pm

Delhi – December 3rd – 9:16 pm

Sydney – December 4th – 1:46 am

Some Closing Notes

It starts before it really begins is the trick of this entry into December. I mean, the real major players in our sky, will do some great things later this month so we best not take these first impressions too seriously. We are heading towards a very powerful end of month with Venus, Pluto, The Sun, Saturn and Lilith in Capricorn. Did you read that well because it will be MAJOR. We have also just entered Eclipse Season, with our first Eclipse of 2018 to take place on the 31st of January on a Blue Moon….WOW.

There will be 5 Eclipses in 2018 and some BIG ASTRO TALK. Uranus will make its 7 Year shift into Taurus, we will witness an approaching towards this 2020 collective deadline and we will really start to feel the urgency around rising or falling. It sounds quite extreme doesn’t it? Well it will be and it needs a noteworthy level of respect.

I salute December, because to me, and to many others, it is a symbolic season to honour the Divine and Sacred Feminine #inallherforms. This particular end of Month will emphasis on working with the Shadow elements of the Divine and Sacred Feminine principal as well as make us embrace the rawness around what that really means.

Here is a little something I put together on Instagram in respect to this Months dominating energy….

…..How are you going to unwind into silent and still December? No matter where we are on this precious globe, December will always be silencing and this fact goes beyond the concepts of Winter. December silences us so that we can process the significance of the year. It has a trance like quality, with a windy swiftness into the womb, into the softness of ones very own core. Would you believe me if I told you December is for Mothers, Maidens and Krohns? The mysteries of this Month have been holding us for centuries and if we look closely, we bond so profoundly (more than we do in any other month) during “the final chapter” themed December.

An Invocation

“The great mother awakens from her rest; the sacred essence of the Divine Feminine arises. Her breath is crisp, her first look is deadly and her last look takes us out of all the entrapments of the year now gone. I salute December, for it is there where we can sleep like a hibernating bear or truly realise that our eyes are brighter in the dark!” – TarotbyTashi

Blessed entry into December everyone! Dance around the fire, sing and look up, feel all that burns above you. We are not alone. We are forever united and so we must be.


I will be sharing more with you closer to the New Moon and Solstice. By then, all matters will feel lighter and the universe will be preparing to install in us a completely new download. Let us clean out the clutter, let it fall away and let us do the last bit of healing work to end this year justly. If we commit to some open hearted communication with others, and ourselves…..under the light of this Full Moon, we will bypass so much of the mess and then the luck of Jupiter will present its pizzazz to this Mercury Backward story.

Thank you everyone for an expansive 2017, I appreciate you and the attention you give to such things. It’s the love of magic that keeps the magic alive, so lets keep at it!

Feel free to share this with all of your friends and do note I am taking TarotbyTashi service bookings for January and February now.

Healing, Purifying and Honest Full Moon Blessings Dear Ones!

Love and light,


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The post Full Moon in Gemini <br/>Mercury Retrograde <br/>Several Oppositions <br/>December 3rd 2017 appeared first on TarotbyTashi.

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Well aren’t we all lucky? With the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio! I command a dance, a sexy and tasteful tango perhaps? Or a beat box, head swinging and saucy jiggle. The mood is high, mean, raw and provocative. I say dance it off, shake it off and ground yourself to the beats that go boom la la boom la la boom. This is a mood to feel, to taste with our hips whilst stepping closer to the sweating body of another. Rub up close to that other and let the wonders of 2 strange worlds collide. It’s a net of sensual intensity and can easily unify the extremes through our wishful adaptation. We are learning to be real now, as real as the dusk when it burns or the shimmer of a snowflake in the sun. We are learning to undo and to come undone.

New Moon in Scorpio

Mmm, says the lady in red, mmmm as she sips on the blood of a battle well won. The blood can be seen as a representation of the hefty efforts recently made when swimming through the swamps of transformation. The pre New Moon in Scorpio drive was kissed by the glorious Jupiter and Venus conjunction. This kiss lightened up the shadowy feel to our often “apparent” Scorpio season. Thanks to this, we can really dance it off now and ascend to lands that dissolve any deceptions. Thanks to this, we are willing to connect with the parts of us that often call for apprehension. I call upon you to dance, dance, dance, in the rhythms divine and the hums will caress you. The experience of this Astrological mood can be found in a melody. Learn without thinking; just be with your senses and the heartbeat in a song. You can turn to nature to find music, you can hear it in your inner tick and tock, that inner sweet clock…so make it a little easier and hold the mood up close. DANCE.

The Void of Course Moon

It wouldn’t surprise me if many of you are not familiar with this term in Astrology and it wouldn’t surprise me, if those of you who are, simply ignore it! What would be nice is to receive an overview on the subject and its interpretations (something Astrologers are starting to do again) so…I will try my best now, to emphasis on the benefits, the myths, my interpretations and the roots of this interesting phenomenon.

The Void of Course Moon is known to be a period of time, normally lasting a few minutes or on the rare occasion 48 hours, where our course of events are expected to be a little tougher and arrangements are influenced by sudden changes / diversions / halts. Some Astrologers purposely stop all-important plans because of their beliefs around this cosmic event.

Generally speaking, when the Moon is Void of Course (VOC) there is an interruption and we “float” in-between Star Signs. It tends to start after the Moon has made its last major aspect, like to the Sun or Planets and is still within the Sign, but considered VOC until it enters the next Sign. The main practice linked to this belief is the Horary branch of Astrology.

Some Ancient Greek writings state that the original VOC Moon occurs when the Moon is not making any exact Ptolemaic aspects within the next 30 degrees, regardless of the Star Sign limitations.

Ancient excerpts….

“There is void-coursing of the Moon whenever it is not applying to any planet, not bodily and not by figure [aspect.]” 
– Antiochus

“If you find the Moon void of all the planets, none of them aspects it, and none is in the ascendant or aspecting the ascendant, then this native is void of good in livelihood, possesses pain and hardship in the pursuit of what he needs.” 
– Carmen Astrologicum, Dorotheus

I want to bring new light of interpretation into the importance of the Void of Course Moon and clarify what it is and what it is not. Let’s not confuse such events with a Mercury Retrograde experience for example.

As you may know, our Moon starts a new chapter every time it enters a Star Sign but such chapters have different lengths. If you think about it, why is it that the Moon stays in some signs for a full 2 and a half days and then misses that final half or more in others? The main point is that, there is always a moment of stillness and this stillness is the phenomena of a transiting moon. You could call it an in-between state, the Void, or a simple pause / interruption but what we need to understand is how we will always find a break, a breath and a still sense of emptiness or so called nothingness in-between the switch! My interpretations of this pause are accompanied by a sense that we are being notified by the cosmos, to process and absorb whatever astrological influences are taking place. When the Moon is VOC we should reflect on what just happened, and what is about to happen because there is always a reason behind the rest. I do not feel it is a positive or negative gap, to me, it is really a chance to process and go deeper into the recent lessons and be ready for the lessons to come. The VOC Moon phenomenon is happening quite frequently and whether it lasts minutes or hours, we can use that information to interpret the importance of the switch. Some say when the Moon is VOC there is an eerie stillness in the world or a loud silence. Imagine if we were to use that gap, whenever it occurs, to go inward, to meditate and to simply return to the now?! This would probably be the absolute best form of advice on how to use this constant VOC Moon reminder from our cosmos.

What to do and not to do when the Moon is VOC
  • Do rest and rejuvenate, sleep in or laze about. Many are known to sleep a lot better
  • Do edit or correct work. Revise and go over plans, projects, writings, reports etc
  • Do Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Practice
  • Do process experiences and lessons
  • Do prepare for the next steps
  • Do work with ones intuition
  • Do have a quick getaway, holiday or retreat
  • Do Not attempt to force any situation
  • Do Not chatter uselessly, being secretive and reserved is encouraged
  • Do Not start any major new projects
  • Nothing is affirmative during this time so do your best to stay in the middle
Why all this emphasis on the VOC Moon?

For those of you who know me, know that a lot of what is dominant in my Star Map is linked to the Star Sign Scorpio. When we enter Scorpio season, I get rather taken and was on this uncanny high as 4 of our most beloved planets entered the Sign (Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Venus.) The cool thing is, the Moon is VOC as I am writing this post and it is in Scorpio! This very fact is what is propelling me to express some thoughts on the matter. The Scorpio covered VOC Moon is one of my preferred ones and that is not because I am being biased in any size shape or form (wink wink!) It is really only because it has so much obvious power attached to it. We can feel the availability to this power without having to think or suspect much. It is just there and loud and wanting us to explore it by tuning into a more spiritual note. So, whenever the Moon is VOC, try to tap into the benefits of the stillness before the switch and just be with the energy that is being made available. It is a vibration to appreciate.

Time to Raise the Universal Frequency! 

We will be Raising the Universal Frequency on the New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th of November 2017 between the hours of 9pm and 11pm (Parisian Time.) This is a FREE event and it will be our 6th time uniting!

In the last Union we gathered from all around the world (a few hundred of us) and joined hearts to meditate on loving kindness for each other and all beings. All we need to do, during the hours listed, is simply sit quietly, wherever we feel comfortable and send love and light to the entire universe (including ourselves.)

Since we are all uniting to make this possible, from all around the globe, the effect will prove potent and therefore shall Raise The Universal Frequency!

Please join us by clicking here.

Additional information about this event.

Do feel free to share this event with all of your friends.

Some Comments To Close

The Last month has been all about Sacred Scent making and working with the Importance of Lilith in Astrology. I am so thrilled that we managed to enter this magical realm of work just as Lilith was shifting from Sagittarius into Capricorn. For those of you who are interested in receiving a Free Voice Recorded Message about Lilith’s shift, please click here. I would love to transmit this information directly as opposed to typing it out. My love for Lilith #inallherforms goes beyond just Astrology and if you want to know more about my feelings and expressions you can take a look at this recent post.

In honour of her might, our daughter of Hecate, I have created a Sacred Scent (Essential Oil perfume blend) that captures the Astrological power of this current transit and is tickled with enchanted substances such as Amber, Sage and Clove. I have also maintained the ritualistic approach in Sacred Scent making that was handed down to me and that always respects the alchemical process in such creations. We smell to experience, to remember, to create memory and to know. Through this important portal (scent) we receive so much and I want this Lilith creation to be just that; a gift from me to you, to receive the Importance of Lilith….in a bottle! If you are interested in obtaining a Sacred Scent or would like to know more about this process from me, do respond to this email. I custom make Sacred Scents to suit various needs and work with Astrology and other magical methods as a platform.

Happy Mystical and Empowering Astrological Month of November everyone.

Until the next time…DANCE DANCE DANCE!

Love and light,


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“Are you ready for the Full Moon in Taurus on the 3rd/4th of November? Do you know how to ride a wild Bull? Can you befriend what is uncontrollable and demanding? With some loud contradictions in our night sky, this Full Moon in Taurus will take us for an untamable ride! The influences will bring about the chance to defend ourselves, to stand up for our rights, to be stubborn in the midst of struggle and to indulge in our irrepressibly earthly needs. When the Moon is in Taurus it is often pleased and our senses will want to explore and unravel. Our moods will lean to the self and what the self requires to feel luxuriating. The Bulls ways must not be misinterpreted, he knows where he stands and is feeling exhausted by the lack of sturdy direction in the recent months, he will force us to step again, down on the earthly terrains and prepare to charge forward. There cannot be compromises, just a willingness to befriend the wild and the untamed. Just a trusting willingness.”

I posted the above blurb on Instagram earlier today; it was a spontaneous expression that arose after sitting with the vibration of our glorious sky. The mood was wild and forceful….but….as the day died down, this odd sorrow started to linger. I could attempt to call it a “sweet sorrow” or a sorrow that moves through the hours without giving way to silly interventions. A sorrow that presents humanness; a humanness eager to give in!

The interesting Saturn Square Chiron effect (that is gently drifting from us) could have something to do with the apparent presentation of grief and tenderness. With Mercury in a glaring Trine with Chiron, an enhanced urge to decode hidden problems and to connect with these tender parts is essential.

The Taurus Full Moon will bring forth reality to us BLUNTLY and it shouldn’t really matter if we want to see it or not, we should just do what we can to be as sincere and grounded as possible.

Some of us may leave others hanging, and not communicate clearly due to fear or unnecessary entanglements. If we could take a look at our department of communication and see if we are ignoring or diverting ourselves from simple and necessary chats, it will really really help!

The Taurean lunar energy wants us to honour our commitments because the strength that comes with this Moon is ever so mighty and if we fail to show up (to the most basic of tasks) we will find the remaining portion of this month to be quite the burden.

Taureans in general are simple and like things to be straightforward and clear. When this vibration embraces the Moon, it can easily turn into something enchanting. The Venusian kiss wants LIFE TO BE EASY! So…let us assist the Taurus Moon power by clearing out the mental clutter, taking action as apposed to over thinking and to simply get real, get back into the magnificence of the moment.

The “sweet sorrow” is the pre Full Moon reminder to return to the now, to get back into ones body and to connect with the palpable interconnection. Once this is established the luxuries of the Taurean mood will follow. You can then prepare for sensual delights and a complete recharge of ones emotional battery.

Let this Full Moon return to you the ground that has been missing. Let it be the bringer of the foundations needed to surge forward in sureness. Your heart will feel tender and willing to live, so… give in to that HUMANNESS.

How To Work With This Full Moon
  • Make love not war
  • Spend time gardening
  • Indulge in the pleasure of eating
  • Wear nice perfume
  • Have slow yet committed hours
  • Finish that book
  • Take a nice long bath with scented candles
  • Moon-bathe
  • Make a budget book / monitor finances
  • Speak your truth
  • Communicate clearly
  • Tie up any loose ends
  • Just be still, be in the now
  • Do wholesome yoga
  • Make some Jewellery
  • Window shop
  • Tell those you love how you feel
  • Embrace confrontation with heart
  • Be tender
  • Believe in interconnectedness
  • Make aspirations for abundance
  • Light a Green or Purple candle

Do note that the Full Moon will peak at 6:22am in Paris on the 4th of November. I believe it will be approximately 11:22pm on the 3rd of November in Denver, USA. Please convert the times accordingly to match your area. I mention the peak of the Full Moon specifically so that we can work with the time to make positive prayers and aspirations for our world.

An Invitation To Raise The Universal Frequency

We will be Raising The Frequency on the New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th of November 2017 between the hours of 9pm and 11pm (Parisian Time.) The invitations will be sent out shortly via Facebook. This is a FREE event and it will be our 6th Union! In the last Union we gathered from all around the world (a few hundred of us) and joined hearts to meditate on loving kindness for each other and all beings. All we need to do, during the hours listed, is to simply sit quietly, wherever we feel comfortable and send love and light to the entire universe (including ourselves.) Since we are all uniting to make this possible, from all around the globe, the effect will prove potent and therefore shall Raise The Universal Frequency!

For more information please click here and feel free to share this will all of your friends.

Full Moon in Taurus Cleansing Ritual

Under the light of this Full Moon, prepare a bath with salts, essential oils and some mood setting candles. Pour the bath salts (magnesium flakes or any salts that you prefer) into the bathtub and watch them dissolve as the bathtub fills with warm water. Add some drops of your favourite essential oils; some to list are Rose, Cypress, Clary Sage and Peppermint. Light some candles (ideally green, white and / or purple) and then turn off the lights.

When the temperature of the water is agreeable, step into your magical cleansing bathtub and disappear into stillness. Whilst there, healing and cleansing, make your aspirations and good intentions that will cleanse you from any unwanted negative hooks and patterns. I like to add some Rose petals to the bathtub and sink some of my beloved Crystals into the water to enhance the healing experience. If you are also hoping to invoke some abundance, my ancestors would drop in well washed gold or silver coins, you can put them on the rim of the bathtub if that makes you feel more comfortable. This can distract the theme a little….but…the Taurus Full Moon only comes once a year and has a tendency to assist us with wealth too.…should we let it! When you feel it is time to get out, ensure to dedicate the merit of your experience for the highest and utmost benefit. Close your ritual by saluting the Moon and thanking it for the generous blessings.

I send you all endless wishes of good fortune and strength and do look forward to connect again soon.

Happy Full Moon In Taurus Blessings!

Love and light,


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