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There’s competition in every industry. No matter what you do, there is always going to be someone that does something similar. That’s why it’s important to always be on the lookout for new ways to best the competition.

The ability to compete can determine your financial success as well as your relevancy in regards to your target audience. Fortunately, with the rise of digital marketing, there are more ways than ever to get a leg up on your competitors; one of those being SEO.

Search Engine Optimization allows consumers to find your business on search engines with relative ease by simply typing in specific terms and phrases.

However, you’re not the only one on search engines. Expect to see your competition right beside you, especially if you’re in close proximity location-wise. In today’s blog post, we’re going to take you through how to outrank your competitors on search engines in order to give you a fighting chance when it comes to attracting consumers.

STEP 1: Start Developing Content

First things first; you’re going to need some content in order to achieve a positive ranking on search engines. What is content, you ask? Well, it can be anything from introductions and product descriptions on your website to any additional blog posts you may feel inclined to include.

In layman’s terms, it’s what you’re going to be using to educate and intrigue your audience when they visit your website. Search engines are smart enough to scour through and analyze your content, ranking it based on quality, quantity, and the number of keywords.

Best believe that your competitors have someone writing content for their website, meaning that you should be doing the same. Many times the difference between number one on google and number two is the type of content being produced.

Check out your competitor’s website. Notice that they’re lacking in content? Use this as an opportunity to outrank them by crafting content that is meaningful, engaging, and includes keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. Search engines will pick up on this and push your site up the results page in no time.

STEP 2: Redesign Your Website If Necessary

We understand if you’re not a web designer but there a few things that you should be aware of. For one, search engines prefer it if your website is compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Also, load times must be as short as possible to receive a higher search ranking.

There are a ton of things that can be done to reduce the loading times of your web pages. We highly recommend that you bring in a web developer to assist with your site’s redesign but only if it’s necessary.
Many times, managers will poke around and try to fix what’s not broken only to tarnish their current search ranking. That being said, it’s important to ensure that your website is continuously being monitored.

There are updates that are constantly being released that can dictate the speed of your website. You need to make sure that these updates are being applied in a timely fashion to receive the results you desire. Ask the top SEO experts: all it takes is a matter of minutes and your competitor can skip over you in the search results. Just like that.

STEP 3: Begin Linking Content

This step applies to the development of content we spoke about earlier. Did you know that people linking your content to theirs can increase your domain authority thus boosting your search ranking in the process? The only way to get people to link your content is by creating content worth linking to. Now I know we talked about your website and blog posts but these aren’t the only forms of content.

People like to come across things like videos, top ten lists, and infographics. As long as the content is of quality and something individuals find relevant, they will have no problem sharing it on their social media profiles and websites.

The best thing about this step is that depending on the industry you’re operating in, your competitors may not even be thinking of linkable content. For example, even an industry as cut and dry as hardware appliances (no pun intended) is worth crafting content about. There is a multitude of subjects within every industry that can be articulated through various mediums and trust us; people will be interested.

This may seem like a lot but by doing so, it will place you light years ahead of the competition. In order for them to surpass you at that point may take weeks or even months. That’s months of increased website visits and potentially a surge of new consumers.


This might sound like a lot to digest at the moment but once you bring on a specialist, it’ll all make sense. SEO has done a great deal in regards to evening the playing field for businesses and their competitors. It’s longer about whose storefront is better but rather whose website pops up first on search engines. With that, SEO is a tactic that you’re going to have to utilize in order to be successful. Fortunately for you though, we’ll be with you every step of the way.
Learn about our SEO Pricing and SEO Services today!

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Working for an SEO company has its ups and downs, you’ll have your great days, and other times, due to the amount of work dished out to you, and the stress of meeting deadlines will be daunting sometimes.

But I have never felt overwhelmed or even underwhelmed with my work

I really enjoy working at an SEO company as a digital marketer, providing multiple digital marketing facets, and so do all of my colleagues too.

You Get to Learn from Other Businesses and Their Industries

Working at an SEO company is a whole lot of fun. As for me, I really enjoy meeting interesting clients with unique businesses.

As a general marketer, I find it very intriguing to learn more about the multiple industries that seek our SEO and digital marketing services.

In order to build proper SEO campaigns, or other digital marketing strategies for that matter, it’s important to do good quality digital marketing research on the industry you are working for.

Knowing their SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis can give you a great understanding of how to maybe approach that company’s marketing tactics on a digital level.

Researching your client’s current digital marketing standings will keep you on your toes, but getting to know the industry they are in, as well as the competition they are facing will give you a competitive advantage in this field.

Not only is it competitive to compete in our clients industries, but as a digital agency and SEO company that services digital marketing techniques, we are thoroughly researching the best digital marketing and SEO practices needed to win against the competition.

The more we learn, the better we become as an SEO company and as digital marketing practitioners. This knowledge we gain about the different industries we compete in, gives us a unique edge, as we learn more new things from many different types of businesses.

We can curate a unique and perhaps a better marketing tactic and strategy on a digital level, than let’s say the competition could because of what we have learned while working for these multiple clients of ours in multiple industries.

So this is why I enjoy working at an SEO company the most; it’s because I get to learn about new industries, and how unique they are as a digital marketer who does SEO for an SEO company.

The knowledge I obtain working for all of my clients will make me a more effective digital marketer and SEO consultant and practitioner.

Learn More about the Modern and Advance Practices of SEO

One of our Junior SEO practitioners in our SEO agency, enjoys working at our SEO Company, because she wants to learn more about SEO. For her, money is always a factor to wanting to come to work, but this young colleague of mine enjoys learning more about how to do better SEO tactics and techniques.

She enjoys working at the SEO Company because this environment gives her a leeway to learn how to be a better practitioner in SEO and digital marketing as a whole.

So, although I enjoy learning about the new industries our clients compete in, one of my colleagues enjoys learning about SEO in general, so she can be great at it.

I commend her for her efforts, and I respect her enthusiasm. SEO is a place where learning is key to staying on top of things amongst the competition who also practice digital marketing.

Being able to learn the modern techniques and strategies, as well as useful digital tools, and getting a better understanding of the digital tools you can utilize for digital marketing, will give you great advantages in our field.

So the more you learn, the better you will be in our industry of digital marketing.
If you like to learn and do research about SEO and other digital marketing techniques, it will be fun for you to work at an SEO company and its similitude.

Everyone Treats Each Other like Equals, No Boss, We Are All Friends Here

Being able to work together with others is a great thing. But being able to work well with each other as friends will make your work experience and life a bit more positive than usual.

When your friends at your work environment (which includes everyone in your department at least) has your back when you need it the most. You find that the teamwork and the quality of work done is a lot more substantial, and the outcome becomes a lot more logical and realistic.

I have to admit, because we treat each other like friends and equals (including our boss) we seem to get more quality work done.

No one is pushing the other down, nor are we holding each other back. There sure is competition in our agency, but what great SEO Company doesn’t become infamous without a bit of competition in house, and outside of the work environment?

It’s good to compete, because competition breeds creativity, am I right?

Who Doesn’t Love a Bit of Teamwork?

When I first started out at the agency, I had quickly learned that, not all people are team players. To say the least, we had lots of interns come in, some made the cut, others were not so fortunate.

Another one of my colleagues has told me that, the reason why he loves working at our Digital Marketing and SEO Company, is because of the teamwork we have.

We get the job done, and we care about each other, and the quality of work we put in.

We are all open to criticism, because it feels more like a family than friends when we work at this SEO Company in Garden City, NY. But at the end of the day, he says that, knowing you and your team can work well together can make a huge difference to getting quality work done.

Like I said, some of the people I started off with, including managers couldn’t make the cut, and were subsequently let go. Not because they were terrible workers, but primarily because, they didn’t benefit the team more or less.

It’s one thing to be able to do quality work, it’s another thing when you can be a supportive team member, and a team player.

There Is a Good Mix of Creativity and Technical Work

Working at a Digital Marketing and SEO agency really requires you to know the difference of what truly is marketing, and what technical digital operations are.

In order to do digital marketing, and good SEO practices, you will need to know what marketing is first. Be creative with your marketing and SEO strategies. Do what you can to gain the best results and higher ROI.

Once you have created a great digital marketing and SEO campaign, the next step is to actually implement them.

Now, in order to implement digital marketing and SEO campaigns, you’ll need to know the digital intricacies that will require you to have knowledge of before you can get any digital marketing results.

What I mean here is, in order to achieve digital marketing success, you need to know what the word digital means in digital marketing.

Digital really means, knowing the digital channels and tools to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

This type of company, an SEO Company and digital marketing agency is a great balance of creativity and digital applications.

You will need both to be a better digital marketer.

Knowing both makes you a better asset in the digital marketing world, and it will also be fun to learn if you like this kind of work.

Working at an SEO Company Is Fun, Because It’s Endless

When I went around the digital agency I work for, asking them why working here was fun for them, I was very intrigued to hear one of New York City’s best SEM and SEO consultant, rated by LinkedIn, to answer my question.

I wanted to know why he loved working at our agency and why working at an SEO company is so much fun for him.

He looked at me while I asked the question “Why do you have fun working at a digital and SEO company?”

He replied back with a smile “I enjoy working in digital marketing and SEO because it is endless.”

I pondered for a second, wondering what he meant. But then I understood what he meant completely.

Digital marketing is somewhat of a new practice, every business should be involved in the digital world somehow. With that said, digital companies like Google is doing whatever they can to make sure their services are better and more user friendly.

Digital as far as we know is developing, and always increasing.

It’s in our best interest to stay with the times, and see the updates of the digital world, so we can learn how to make better digital marketing campaigns and decisions.

Ultimately, the goal is to make sure we are ahead of the competition in digital marketing tactics and techniques, as well as to grow with digital, as digital changes the whole world.

Working at an SEO company and at a digital marketing agency in general is fun. There is always something new for you to do, learn, and grow with as you continue to work for an SEO and digital marketing agency.


All in all, it seems like I am not the only one who enjoys working at an SEO company, or a digital marketing agency as a whole.

My colleagues and I enjoy the type of work we do, and we have built great friendships that have stemmed from our hard work and comradery.

We also have made great friends with our clients as well.

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Content Is Key!

Having good content will lead to natural and unnatural link building. No matter what, links are shared due to the value of their content being linked.

  • Content should be relevant, and backlinks should be relevant to the topic of the content.
  • Unique content, that brings value, is considered relevant to search engines.
  • Search engines really care about giving search inquirers the content they really want to see.
Natural Link Building

Links that are accumulated through natural and organic hyperlinks, etc.

  • Natural backlinks are given to you because you’ve earned them.
  • Some examples of natural backlinking include editorials, giving credit to a sourced document, etc.
  • Google wants your content to be so amazing that people on the web will link your content naturally to their own websites.
  • Google wants links to be organic and natural.
Unnatural Link Building

You make links all on your own. You find “unnatural” ways to obtain a backlink, instead of the alternative organic via natural link building way.

  • Sometimes people can pay you for links and vice versa.
  • Some people barter for links, offering a form of service in order to obtain a backlink.
  • Google is not very fond of unnatural link building.
Building Relevant and Quality Links Helps With Your Ranking on Search Engines

It’s important to be ranked high on search engines from a marketing business point of view. Traffic to your website will increase if your website is ranked on the first page of search queries.

  • Only relevant content gets ranked high on search engines.
  • Backlinking makes your content & business relevant to search engines.
  • Backlinks help get your website on the first page of search engines. But make sure they are of quality link build.
  • Although organic link building is the way to go in terms of earning Google’s stamp of approval, people still do unnatural link building.
  • It’s very risky to do unnatural link building, because if you’re caught, you’ll get penalized for the practice.
Quality Link Building

If you gain backlinks from web domains with high authority on the World Wide Web, it substantially helps you to rank higher on search engines.

  • If you’re backlinked to a super relevant site, let’s say Forbes.com linked you to an article they wrote, congratulations! Google will consider your web domain more relevant now if such a relevant site like Forbes.com links you to one of their articles.
Lesser Quality Link Building

If you link to site domains as backlinks, with their domain authority being low, it could have minor to no effects on the status of your websites ranking in search engine indexes.

  • As a matter of fact, if a low quality domain site backlinks one of your webpages, it could lower that current pages ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
Webmaster Guidelines

There are rules Google has setup (more like guidelines actually), that indicate to these people who want to do link building to follow these rules.

  • The guideline entails the nature of how link building should be done.
  • Breaking Google’s rules will call for a penalty on your website.
  • Penalties hurt your ranking almost indefinitely.
Black Hat Link Building

These are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices that are deemed “unethical.”

  • Pretty much these are SEO practices that Google has laid out in their guidelines that they will not tolerate any individual or SEO Company to do…Ever (unless stated otherwise)!
  • Some black hat practices include cloaking, keyword stuffing, link farming, etc.
White Hat Link Building

These are SEO practices respected by Google

  • White hat practices primarily focus on user friendly & organic / natural link building.
  • These are also practices that do not violate Google’s SEO guidelines.
Google Penguin

This update came to clean up the spam & black hat link building practices done by SEO practitioners.

  • Google pretty much put their foot down, in a serious way, to stop “spam” & “unethical” backlinking practices.
Google Panda

This update was established on February 2011. It modified the Google search algorithm, so sites that deserved to be ranked high, gets ranked high.

  • The goal of Panda was to lower the ranks of low-quality sites “thin sites,” and to increase the ranking of high quality sites.
Google Really Thinks Content Is King

Content is king, I agree with Google. Because, even if you spammed your ranking, you’ll never get conversions on your website with bad content written, or portrayed in it.

  • Google really wants your content to gain value through natural / organic link building.
  • You reap what you sow.
  • If you make unique and content rich content worth sharing, or worth being ranked, google will rank you due to the quality content you provide to people.
  • Having rich content can also convince a potential convertor or buyer to take action on your webpage.
Get Penalized by Google

If you are red flagged by Google, for conducting black hat practices in your SEO work, expect your rankings, as well as traffic to your website to take a dramatic fall.

  • If you are penalized, undo the bad practices you’ve done through Google Disavow Links Tool, in order to regain and compete for top rankings again.
Natural Link Building vs. Unnatural Link Building

Link building works, and it’s by far, one of the most important practices a SEO specialist must utilize in order to optimize search rankings.

  • Staying organic and natural, rather than unnatural will help you gain positive feedback from Google, rather than a potential penalty that could hurt your company’s rankings on SERP.
DoFollow Links

DoFollow links are imperative towards SEO. In order to obtain the link juice, that helps push your website and its content to the top rank position on search engines, you’ll need relevant and high quality DoFollow backlinks to do it. DoFollow allows the sharing of link juice, which provides your website more domain authority. The more domain authority you obtain, the higher you’re ranking on search engines.

  • These type of links are the really important type of backlinks you’ll need to rank higher on search engines.
  • DoFollow links from high quality and relevant websites pushes your ranking higher on search engines.
  • DoFollow links from low quality or irrelevant websites can push your web ranking down on search engines,
NoFollow Links

NoFollow links are backlinks that do not share link juice, meaning, they do not help your ranking on search engines whatsoever. But NoFollow links aren’t terrible. They still have benefit from a marketing standpoint. But still, NoFollow links will not improve your rankings on SERP.

Content Is King, but with High Quality Backlinks, Content Will Become More Rich

Content is the most important factor when being ranked by Google and any other search engine indexes. By having good content that has been backlinked from high quality domain websites will boost your contents power even more in search rankings.

  • Likewise, even if you’ve written amazing content, if getting linked only to low quality domain sites, it’ll drag your SERP rankings down on that content’s specific page.
Your Competition Is Link Building

Even if you are creating amazing content, or your website has amazing content on it, Google may rank your competition higher on search engines, just because their backlinks are of better quality.

  • If you don’t have any backlinks in the first place, try to the best of your ability to start earning backlinks organically.
Always Link Build

Link building is one of the most, if not the most important practice for SEO. Being able to build quality links keeps your website super relevant in terms of SERP.

  • Because your competition is always link building, so should you.
  • Link building also helps your branding.
  • By link building, your brand name and its message spreads throughout the internet, bettering your company’s marketing position.
Link Building Makes You Relevant

By building organic relevant links, you are telling Google you are relevant.

  • If you are relevant to the search engine bots that crawl your content (to determine if you’re really relevant or just spam), you’ll be ranked higher.
  • If Google put’s you up on top of the pedestal, as one of the top 10 search results for a specific search query, you’re pretty much telling Google you are relevant to human beings.
  • Even though Google finds you to be relevant, through SEO practices, and more, you better hope people who read your content think you are relevant too.

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As a digital marketer here at Target Points Inc. I’d like to explain to you more about backlinking and how it will effect your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This article will also touch upon several other explanations. Such as why your business needs to do link building, and why obtaining backlinks is so important to stay relevant in this digital marketing world.

Here Are A Few Important Facts about Backlinking and Digital Marketing

Before we start talking about backlinks and link building more in detail, it’s important to understand why backlinking has become very important for digital marketing as a whole. Backlinking is a very crucial part of SEO and digital marketing, because It helps you rank higher on search engines. It increases relevancy of your brand name, by also having influencers promote your business’s products and content on the World Wide Web. Backlinks aren’t only used for SEO. Backlinks help drive traffic from other websites that may have your target market already viewing those particular sites. Having your brand promoted or talked about on other sites, as well as having your website linked back to, will increase your business’s P.R. (Public Relations) and publicity.

Backlinking is one of the most crucial methods used for digital marketing to date. It is also an imperative part of modern day SEO practices and techniques. With the use of backlinks and link building, being able to rank on the first page of search engine queries will help drive more traffic to your website. Receiving backlinks is also a key feature in the digital marketing world to obtain a higher ROI on your webpage sales.

It is also very important to be seen on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It gives your brand and business positive brand awareness. To be seen on the first page of search engines will make your company more relevant. This will garner better publicity and P.R. among the generic viewers searching the internet for information.

Almost the whole world is using search engines. Being noticed by the whole world, or your local community, makes your brand that much more unique and relevant.

Why I’m on the Band Wagon for “Content Is King”

You’ll have lots of people saying content is king, which is something I believe in. Especially for SEO. But you’ll also have lots of people saying content is not king, how you implement SEO is more important.

Both arguments are correct.

Why I believe this, is because in order to do proper SEO work, to be ranked higher, you need to have content that is worth backlinking to. Backlinks will help to get your content ranked higher (I’ll explain why in a little bit), but in order to obtain the organic link building search engines love so much, your content needs to be worthy of link building and of sharing in the first place.

There are plenty of approaches to try and obtain natural link building.  There are also white hat SEO practices to use in order to help your search rankings too. But if you don’t have content worth optimizing and obtaining backlinks for, how are you ever going to increase your P.R. and webpage search engine rankings?

So, I say, even though being able to practice great SEO techniques to push rankings higher on search engines is important, I believe content is king.Without having content worth backlinking to or optimizing in the first place, you’re going nowhere in terms of search engine rankings, and perhaps with your online sales either.

Content is core, but having great content to begin with will make your SEO work that much easier to achieve. With that said, even though you might have great content worth backlinking to, you’ll probably and most definitely need to help build its authority, such as getting in contact with publishers to explain why your content is worth it for them to backlink to, etc.

Now, let’s get back to our main topic, which is backlinking via link building.

1st off, What Is a Backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlink that connects one webpage to another. But specifically, if you have a link on one of your blogs that send readers to another webpage, you are backlinking that webpage in your content. In other words, you are giving a backlink to that foreign content’s webpage through your blog by a hyperlink.

Obtaining backlinks is a key factor to ranking higher on SERP. It’s important to make sure your content is so good that other websites willingly link your webpage’s content onto their own websites, giving you more domain authority due to the backlink.

One way to obtain valuable backlinks is by curating amazing and great content that you know people are willing to backlink to.

Get Natural Backlinks

The next step for you to obtain valuable backlinks is to obtain natural backlinks. When you obtain natural backlinks, you are obtaining natural and organic P.R.

Backlinks that induce P.R. is very relevant for your company. It doesn’t just drive traffic to your website, it will also make your business relevant to the masses. If spokes people in your field and expertise talk about you, and coincidentally link back to your company’s webpage. That P.R. will increase traffic of viewers to your content through that very specific backlink.

This backlink, as long as there are no indications of black hat practices, which are known as “unethical” SEO practices that break search engine guidelines, will not just only increase traffic to your website, but in search engines eyes, it can make your business seem more relevant to specific search queries. Hence forth, this will increase your rankings on search engines.

The reason why this will increase your search engine ranking is because the backlinks you obtain, from websites with good domain authority, tells Google you are just as good as a website to provide relevant content to viewers.

The key here is that relevant websites with high domain authority backlinking to your content, makes your content, website, and business look more relevant in general.

Then again, content is key. Not only do backlinks help, Google will take action to determine whether or not your content truly is worth ranking. Google has search bots/crawlers, and their search engine algorithm is one of a kind. They’ll quickly know if your content and website is spam or not.

Don’t Do Unnatural Backlinking

Google will take it upon themselves to determine whether or not you are following their search engine guidelines when practicing SEO. This includes link building, and how you go by it, as link building will affect SEO ranking.

Perhaps you’re doing unethical practices to get those backlinks, such as paying for backlinks. This is called “unnatural” backlinks because you take action to get those backlinks to drive traffic to your webpage.

This is bad practices, and Google doesn’t like this. Therefore reframe from practicing such unethical ways in your SEO and backlinking tactics. Google wants you to obtain natural organic backlinks to help increase your domain authority.

What Is Domain Authority You Might Ask?

Domain authority is like an anchor in a sea of web searches. As long as you have strong relevancy in the sea of web searches, you’re able to hold your position as an anchor in this sea.

If you try to move forward in this sea of web searches, that anchor will help position you, as well as stabilize your movements as you move forward in your voyage to be ranked as the top result for search engine queries designated to your own content.

So, in hindsight, anchor means relevant, and relevancy means high domain authority on search engines. The higher the relevancy on search engines, the more likely you will not be moved back, but forward in this sea of searches on search engines.

Domain Authority Is Also like Receiving a Vote of Authenticity

To obtain a vote, you’ll need to have websites to backlink your content to theirs. This is link building, building links to obtain high domain authority.

Not every vote counts the same though. Links that are backlinked from, let’s say Forbes.com, weigh more heavily than your local mom and pop’s hardware store.

Search engines take precedence to Forbes.com’s backlinks, as it is a highly respected website. This is due to Forbes.com’s relevancy and consumer traffic, as well as other important websites probably backlinking Forbes articles. Google and other search engines will consider a Forbes.com backlink of your content to their articles to be much more significant than let’s say that of your local mom & pop hardware store backlinking to you.

So, what I am trying to say here is, not all votes are the same. You’ll want backlinks from websites that are relevant to your content and already have high domain authority.

What You Need to Know about Negative SEO

Negative SEO is the so called practice of trying to maliciously de-rank your competitions webpage. It’s not entirely new, nor is it especially problematic. But it’s important for you to know, in case people try to do negative SEO to your website.

Negative SEO, like I said is a malicious attack on your website. One way to do negative SEO is to backlink your website to irrelevant spam websites, such as a porn site.

If someone backlinks your gardening website or greenhouse magazine articles to a porn site, that’s going to leave search engine crawlers pretty perplexed and confused. Don’t worry, search engine bots aren’t entirely stupid A.I. After all, Google and other search engines invest millions to billions of dollars in it’s A.I. and search engine algorithm. These search engine bots will tell what is spam or not, but at the same time, it isn’t perfect either.

You’re going to want to disavow negative SEO backlinks, when you come across them because they will ultimately affect your business and rankings somehow.

The reason I sound nonchalant than painstakingly worried for you, is because negative SEO is not a practice lots of people practice. Sure some SEO practitioners do it, but it’s mostly best for you to focus on creating amazing content that gains natural backlinks.

It’s also very important to learn how to use Google’s disavow tool. This tool tells Google to consider certain links to not be considered for search engine rankings. It’ll stop the negative affect of the backlinks you obtain from spam or low-quality sites.

DoFollow Links

DoFollow links are highly important when it comes to ranking on search engines. The reason why I say this, is because, links that are being backlinked need to be DoFollow in order to share link juice. Link juice essentially is the secret sauce that will transfer relevancy of one site to another.

So, you know how I said link building and backlinks help your search engine ranking? It’s because when you are receiving relevant backlinks to your relevant content, that website that is back linking to you is giving you some of their link juice. This will push you up on SERP. Still, websites with high domain authority provide amazingly unique link juices. Domain authority that is low will provide little to none.

Sometimes low ranked websites, with little domain authority can hurt your ranking if they choose to backlink your content. Especially if you are being back linked by a spam website. The spam site’s link juice could actually push your ranking down (hence negative SEO). This would be the time to use Google’s disavow tool. The disavow tool will stop the negative effects from altering your search engine rankings.

Still, DoFollow links are the type of organic links you’ll need to see positive results in your search rankings.

NoFollow Links

NoFollow links are hyperlinks that do not share link juice. Sure, this could be barren to SEO. But having a hyperlink on a relevant website that drives traffic to your content page is super relevant. This helps with your marketing in many ways.

Let’s say you have an amazing Wikipedia page about your business. Generally speaking, the domain authority of Wikipedia is high, but they usually only offer NoFollow backlinks. Does that mean you shouldn’t bother to try and obtain backlinks from that Wikipedia page to your business’s website? Of course you should try to obtain backlinks from that Wikipedia page. Even though the backlinks are NoFollow, meaning they provide no search engine ranking juice, it will still drive traffic to your webpage. Wikipedia is used by millions, even billions of people every year. This is a fantastic channel for traffic to visit your site.

NoFollow links, although aren’t relevant for SEO (unlike DoFollow links), it is still a fantastic way to obtain traffic to your website. Let’s just hope you have great content on your website that’ll turn viewers into convertors, hence the increase of your sales on your website.

This Is Just Only the Beginning for SEO and Backlinking

There are lots of factors to take into consideration when trying to achieve the number one spot on search engines. Link building is one of those unique factors and techniques needed to be considered as a top ranking candidate for search engine queries of specific keywords.

We haven’t even touched upon keyword research or on-page optimization of your website and content yet. Make sure you read all of our other blogs to learn more about digital marketing and its entirety.

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Among the search results, we usually spend some time to target what we need and choose it to go further. In the search engine, the higher the ranking, the more keywords that the website will match. Top ranking websites have their secrets, which are the utilization of alt tags in images. How do people see the search results if pictures cannot be displayed? It’s time to talk about the alt tag for on-page search engine optimization.

The alt tag is a method that provides a text alternative to your audience when they cannot see the image. The important function of an alt tag is to give blind audiences an explanation as to what the image is displaying. However, for some users with a low-speed network, it can basically be a preview of the content’s image.

Increase the Webpage Traffic

It is clear that a website with images is more attractive to your audiencer. Sometimes, an alt tag can replace the text if you want to make a difference. For example, if a web page contains image-based content and on-page descriptive text, it will have a top ranking on search engines. Using and optimizing an alt tag reasonably is important for ranking highly for SEO because the search engine crawler can only recognize an alt tag. The search engine may skip your pictures without an alt tag. A large of proportion of image searching is via the search engine. Also, images are more acceptable to users compared to the text.

Improve your UE (User Experience)

When you are in the environment of a low-speed network, the picture may not be loading quickly. The alt tag can help users to better understand your page content. The advantages of using photos for website content are that they are easy to share with people and hold their attention longer. Therefore, it’s more competitive when every image has an alt tag. However, an alt tag is a part of the accessible images and cannot represent your final goal. In the meantime, improving SEO is important.

For Business site

People use the search engine to find the exact information they need from your website. Your potential audience may not be able to find your site if it has a low ranking. The reason is that users are more likely to enter a site through search queries instead of navigating through the page hierarchy. The site must be adapted in a timely manner to a search engine crawler, and then let the page appeal to users. For example, as a sales company, it is a good idea to use your product’s image and add an alt tag as the product’s name. It also works when you have multiple products.

From SEO’s Perspective

Search Engines cannot see images on websites so that it cannot crawl the text either. So by creating an alt tag for every image, you have a great opportunity to let your image on a website to be as visible as possible. Alt tags can help SEO in the way of using information provided by the alternative text. It can directly increase the page’s traffic and improve the search engine rankings. In short, the alt tag is a good method to use keywords to improve the opportunity by displaying the related images. Most importantly, using the appropriate word to describe the image can let your website be seen more. However, it will hurt your reputation if the photo and your search do not match each other. Also, do not use stuffing keywords as an alt tag. SEO may search your picture with irrelevant words, which is awkward.


Please keep in mind that to use an alt tag specifically and precisely; utilize the keywords to help your website rank better. We’d like to see your website with a high ranking in the future.

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Local SEO is one of the biggest factors to implement, not just in the SEO game, but it is a vital part of the best practices used in the Digital Marketing World to date. One reason why we can say local SEO benefits businesses, is because local SEO brings branding and SEO ROI in the same package. Read on to learn more, as to why local SEO is so powerful.

Why Local SEO?

Local SEO has become indicative to mobile use. Many companies can take advantage of users searching for local products and / or services.

  • Because people are always traveling, they are looking for results in SERP designated to their current location.
  • Even though Google’s “Pigeon” update made local SEO more competitive. It’s easier to market your business on a local scale, than on a national, or global one.
  • 200 people searching for a local result in order to purchase a service or product can induce a higher ROI, than let’s say 4,000 generic people around the world, finding your webpage.
  • Those 4,000 generic visitors are “theoretical buyers” unlike the 200 people “wanting to buy a product or service” in their local area.
How Local SEO Helps Your Public Relation

It goes without saying that people appreciate the efforts of those who can help others. Especially if those searching for help are being helped by your business. If you can become the town’s savior, expect a welcoming appreciation from your local community.

  • Your website is in front of local consumers in a timely & efficient manner.
  • People searching for your company, and it pops up locally, you are giving them what they want, when they want it.
  • Writing articles that effect your local SEO results, and is a valued article to read in your local community will better your branding.
  • Supporting local events and local communities, and branding it on our websites will increase the local’s interest in you.
  • Articles you write about, involving your local community, can be used as efforts to increase your local SEO ranking.
If You Don’t Take Advantage of Local SEO, Your Competition Will

Your competition is definitely catching on to the importance of local SEO for SERP. If you lag behind, you’ll have to work twice as hard to catch up.

  • It’s a race to be ranked #1 on search engine pages.
  • Fighting for the top spot is the goal for SEO.
  • Positive Social Media & Local Directory Reviews Will increase local branding.
  • It’s a fight to stay ranked #1 and on the top 10 ranking list.
  • Big businesses are doing local SEO, you’ve got to compete with them in your community now!
Doing Advertisements on Local SEO

As companies strive to obtain the #1 rank for local SEO search results, small to big businesses can use PPC ads to compete in marketing on SERP.

  • Google AdWords is a great way to send current promotions and events.
  • If your paid ads, and organic SEO listings show locally, you double your chances in making a conversion.
  • Organic search results, and paid PPC ads found on the first page, of the same company. Shows that company is very relevant to your local consumers.
More People Are Using Mobile Search

Statistics show that there are more & more businesses, benefiting from mobile search results on Google’s search engine.

  • More people are using their phones to gain search results.
  • Businesses are making their websites more mobile friendly.
  • Locale SEO mobile searching has been increasing dramatically.
Algorithms That Are Affecting Local SEO

Google’s algorithm has been improving since it’s creation back in the early 2000’s. The reason for the multiple updates is because their are millions of websites being indexed by the Google algorithm. Each update makes the indexing processes more relevant and categorized, so searchers on search engines can find what they are looking for.

Google “Panda” for SEO

Released on February, 2011. Google Panda makes sure that websites that deserve to be ranked higher than others sites will be ranked higher. Sites that deserve to be ranked lower will be ranked lower.

  • “Low-quality-sites” or “thin sites” will be ranked lower in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
  • Google Panda cracks down on “content farming.”
Google “Penguin” for SEO

Launched on April, 2012. Google Penguin works to catch sites that are spamming its own search results.

  • Buying links or obtaining them through Link networks, for a higher Google ranking, is a big no-no now.
  • The Google Disavow Links Tool will help websites get rid of their spam, in efforts to regain their rankings.
Google “Pigeon” Update for Local SEO

Google’s new Pigeon algorithm (launched on July 24, 2014), helps better rank businesses for local SEO. Mom & Pop shops are not the only ones now who can utilize local SEO. Anyone can do it now! But all standards are still under strict observation by Google “Panda” & Google “Penguin.”

  • Google’s Pigeon provides more accurate & relevant local SEO search results.
  • Pigeon’s algorithm improves the location & distance ranking parameter.
  • Local SEO was already competitive before. It has become even more competitive now!
In a Nutshell

Local SEO practices is very important, not because it’s a widely selected SEO trend, but because it’s an SEO trend that works!

    • Local SEO will help build SEO ranking on all search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).
    • SEO Practices like link building & on-page SEO optimization will help you compete for the top spot in search engines.
    • Local SEO increases branding of your business to local communities.
    • Local SEO has the ability to increase SEO ROI (branding, sales, promotions, etc.).
    • More people are searching locally for products & services.
    • It’s a channel used for marketing tactics.

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