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The psychic energy today is going to be composed…

Here Is Today's Psychic Energy Report:

The psychic energy today is going to be composed. People will tend to stay calm and in control of themselves - no matter what comes their way.

Being composed makes you more focused and able to complete a task successfully. When you slow down and make deliberate, thought-out actions, you avoid making silly mistakes.

Today you will be able to make better choices because you’ll tend to take things slow and properly consider your options.

Make the most of the energy today. Gaining control of your actions and thoughts helps you manage and enjoy, both the peace and pace of your life.


Click here to read my last Psychic Energy Report.

Have you ever felt that there’s something in your distant past that’s keeping you from enjoying this life fully? Get the answers today by scheduling a psychic reading. Click here to learn more.

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Long distance energy healing allows you to send healing to a friend or loved one who is physically miles away from you.

Hearing news about your loved one resting on a hospital bed makes you wish that there was something that you could do for them.  It’s even worse if you can’t be there for them because your miles apart!

Maybe you’re wondering if those energy healing techniques that you’ve heard about could be of use here.

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a term for any form of therapy that involves manipulating energy to help the body regain balance and heal naturally.

Energy healing primarily works by clearing energy blocks, which prevent the body from healing naturally. But clearing energy blocks is hard to do when the healer is not physically present to heal the recipient. This is where long distance energy healing comes in.

What Is Long Distance Energy Healing?

Long Distance Energy Healing, or Remote Healing for short, is the practice of healing a person without being physically there. Distance is not really a factor since the healer can heal the recipient even when they are on opposite sides of the world!


How Does Long Distance Energy Healing Work?

There are many ways for the healer to heal the recipient. The healer could ask for the help of his or her Spirit Guides to aid the recipient's recovery.

The healer could also astrally project himself to the recipient and heal the recipient as if he was there. Astral projection is where a psychic willfully releases his energy body from his physical body. And using his energy body, he or she uses their astral body to travels to the patient.

But the most common and simplest way to heal someone long distance is by sending healing energies to aid in the recovery of the recipient.


What Are Energy Healers?


Energy Healers are individuals who are formally trained to restore balance to a recipient’s energy body, so that the recipient can heal faster. Energy healers are also adept at sending out healing energy to heal people who are far away.

Energy Healers are very good at healing people and clearing out energy blocks to promote healing, but the healing doesn’t always happen overnight.

How Long Does It Take For Energy Healing To Take Effect?

It takes time for energy healing to work because it doesn’t treat the symptoms like modern day medicine does. It actually treats the root of the problem, instead.

Energy Healing will promote a healthy body and it will remove the causes of the sickness (energy blockages).

Although there are cases where Energy Healing works within a couple of hours, Energy Healing usually takes a couple of days or months before people can see its effects.

How well the Energy Healing works is determined by the effort of the healer and of the openness of the recipient.  So, if you’re the one receiving the healing, then you have to be open to receiving the energy.

How To Receive Healing Energy

Since energy healing is not an intrusive process, the receiver should be willing to accept the healing energy.

Energy Healing is not an intrusive process. In order for Energy Healing to work, the recipient must be willing to accept the healing energy and let the healing energy do its work.

The recipient must also be willing to trust the healer, as well as believe that Energy Healing works. If there are any seeds of doubt present in the recipient, then the recipient is actively blocking the healing energy from doing its job.

Can You Send Healing Energy Even If You’re Not Trained?


Yes, because energy work can be learned and performed by anyone. Your healing power might not be as effective as that of a trained healer, but it will still help.

But you can’t just send healing energies and healing thoughts right away! You have to make sure that the energy that you’re sending is clean and filled with good intent…

…and to do that you have to prepare.

How To Prepare For An Energy Healing

Proper preparation will enhance the healing process and make sure that the energy that you send is clean and safe for the recipient.

Here are things that you should do before sending healing energy:

  1. Relax and clear your thoughts

Take a deep breath and relax. Steady your breathing and empty your thoughts. By emptying your thoughts and steadying your breathing you are making sure that you have complete control of what you’re going to send.

  1. Clean your energy

A good doctor will always disinfect his hands before even touching their patient. This is to prevent infection and to make sure that the patient’s condition won’t worsen. And just like a good doctor, a good Energy Healer will clean his or her energy before sending it to the recipient.

A simple way of cleaning your energy is by emptying your thoughts and by thinking about positive things. By filling your thoughts with positive energy, you are making sure that the energy that you send is filled with positivity and hope.

  1. Raise your vibration

Raising your vibration will strengthen the energy that you give off. Raising your vibration will also increase your focus and concentration as well.

A good way to raise your vibration is by meditating and focusing your thoughts on positive things. Another good way to raise your vibration is by praying and communing with the divine. You could even do both!

Praying, then meditating afterwards, is probably the best thing you can do to increase your vibrational frequency to the max.

  1. Smile and don’t think about what could possibly happen

Avoid worrying if it will work or not because these thoughts will affect the healing energy that you’re going to send.

Smile and just relax.

How To Perform Long Distance Energy Healing

The first step in preparing for an energy healing is to relax and empty your thoughts.

There are many ways to send your energy, but if you are an absolute beginner, then I suggest you follow these steps:

1. Empty your thoughts

Still your mind and think of nothing. Take deep breaths and steady your breathing. Keep doing this until you are perfectly calm and feel completely in control of your thoughts.

2. Build Up Your Energy

Now that your mind is empty, it's time to raise your energy. Imagine a fiery light burning inside of you. Imagine this fiery light growing larger and larger, and brighter and brighter, until it covers your entire body.

3. Condense the energy into a ball

Once you feel that the energy is strong enough, imagine the energy going into your hands. Put your hands together and imagine condensing the energy into a ball.

Now that you have a ball of energy in your hands, fill this ball of energy with your intent to heal your loved one. You should also fill the ball with positive thoughts and energy as well.

Keep filling it with as many positive thoughts as you can. When you feel like the energy ball is strong enough and large enough, then it's time to send it.

5. Send the Energy Ball

Visualize the ball buzzing and glowing with healing energy and positive thoughts. Imagine the ball floating away from your hands and traveling towards the person that you are sending it to.

Then, imagine your loved one receiving the energy ball and feeling its healing energy. See your loved one’s body absorbing the energy ball, which will speed up their recovery.

That’s it, you’ve done your part. All you have to do is wait for your loved one’s speedy recovery.

We are all made up of energy, and we can use our energy to influence the energy of others. By practicing energy healing techniques, we can send healing thoughts and healing energy to our loved ones to improve their health or to help them heal from an injury or a disease.

You may also want to find out more about spiritual healing energy. I'll be glad to guide you in learning more. You can fill out the form here  for more information.


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How To Send Long Distance Healing To Someone

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The psychic energy today is going to focus on breakthrough…

Here Is Today's Psychic Energy Report:

The psychic energy today is going to focus on breakthrough. Life can get tough sometimes and you may feel there’s no way out of your problems. Worry no more! Because today you will be able to get through and penetrate the barriers that block you from achieving progress in life.

Breakthroughs can come in different forms or instances in your life. They could be the long-awaited promotion at work that you have been wishing for. They could also be getting over your vices or addictions, such as smoking, gambling, or drinking. Or they could be as simple as finally being able to stick to your daily exercise routine and healthy diet.

They can be big or small, but no matter what, breakthroughs will change your life. They make you feel amazing and help you in a remarkable way. Make the most of the psychic energy prevailing this day.

Click here to read my last Psychic Energy Report.

Are there many things in your life now that frustrates you? Do you get upset over trivial things and don’t understand why? Get the answers today by scheduling a psychic reading. Click here to learn more.

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There are acoustical sounds in the universe, and those who are clairaudient can hear these sounds! I hear this music every day. Sometimes I hear harps playing, and other times, it sounds like a celestial symphony.

Sometimes I hear this celestial music when I am falling off to sleep, or sitting in silence in my meditation room. Often I am awoken by this music in the morning - like a celestial alarm clock gently waking me out of a sound sleep!

But what are these sounds and where do this music come from? You may not know it, but every time you find love, joy, peace, or feel happy inside, your Guardian Angels play their celestial harps. I have heard a few of my clients tell me they can hear this beautiful music when they listen in the silence of the night.

Do you have worries or concerns in your life? Do you need answers? Click here to learn how a psychic reading can help you!

Where I Often Hear The Angels Play

You will hear these sounds very slightly - if you listen - AND if you are listening at the right time! These sounds of celestial music are the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear!

When I walk alone in the woods sometimes, or when I sit at the beach and meditate, it as if I am being accompanied by a celestial orchestra! When I sit at the beach, and look out at all the mermaids and mermen I can see, I also hear beautiful music being played in the air all around me!

The sound is sometimes so loud, I am often puzzled that others cannot hear it too!

When you learn to quiet your mind, and shut off the chatter in your mind, if you are lucky, and if it is the right time, you will be able to hear these magnificent sounds too!

The Best Ways To Hear Celestial Music

If you would like to hear these most beautiful sounds, then the first step is taking time to listen.

The best times to hear these sounds, for someone new to this, is at night - between 11:00 PM and 3:00 AM. During this time, go somewhere where there is no sound. The quieter the better. If you have access to a sound proof room, that is the perfect place to hear these sounds!

Close your eyes, then take a few deep breaths to relax yourself even more. Then just sit there in silence. Don’t try to force hearing the sounds, because this will block you even more from hearing them.

Just sit there and be aware! Maybe read a poetry book, or read a spiritual book. Even better, read a book about angels! Whatever it takes to center yourself, and relax to the fullest.

Then all you have to do is just be aware and listen!

With my 93% accuracy rate, I can help you find answers to any questions you have! Let me help you! When you are ready for my help, click here to schedule a private session together!

Timing Is Everything!

Timing is everything for this. So you may try this a hundred times before you hear anything! Remember, this takes a lot of practice, persistence, and patience. But if you keep trying this, and trying it often, you will eventually hear the celestial sounds that have been there all along. But since you were not aware they were there, so you wouldn’t have known to listen!

Once you hear it - you will know it!

I hope you will work to develop this ability to hear angels’ music, because once you do, your life will never be the same! They say that people who can hear the music of the angels, have been instantly healed of disease the moment they heard this healing music.

Please email me and let me know when you have success hearing these celestial sounds!

I sincerely hope you will practice this, and experience the joy and bliss I do every day when I hear these beautiful sounds!

In light, peace and angelic love,

Tana Hoy

P.S. You can book a private reading by visiting here www.TanaHoy.com, or by calling 614-444-6334.

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Clairvoyance means “clear-seeing” and is also called “inner seeing”. It enables a person to receive information visually, without the use of the five senses.

Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to see a person, object, or location, without using your normal human senses. Clairvoyance is one of the more well-known psychic abilities out there, but ironically, it is also one of the least understood psychic abilities as well.

What Does Clairvoyance Mean?

The word “clairvoyance” is derived from two French words “clair” which means clear and “voyance”, which means vision.  So, in short clairvoyance is literally translated as “clear vision”, which is a fitting name for a psychic ability that lets you “see” things that you normally cannot see with your normal vision.


Is Clairvoyance ESP?

Yes, clairvoyance is ESP, but ESP is not Clairvoyance. Why? That is because clairvoyance is a type of ESP, while the term ESP refers to any or all psychic abilities, like telepathy, precognition, psychometry, and many more!

So, What Exactly Is ESP?

Extrasensory perception, or ESP for short, is a term used to identify any psychic ability that allows a person to gather information about something, without using their 5 physical senses.

If you didn’t already know, ESP is also referred to as your “Sixth Sense”.

What Are The Different Types of ESP?

There are many types of psychic abilities that fall under the term ESP.

If you don’t know what those abilities are, then let me tell you; ESP abilities are abilities that allows a person to sense or perceive things without using their 5 physical senses.  There are exceptions of course; psychokinesis (moving objects with your mind) for one, does not involve any perceiving but it is still classified under ESP.

Here are some well-known ESP abilities:

  1. Intuition

Everyone has intuition. Intuition is the ability to gain knowledge or insight without using logic or reasoning. It usually comes to you as a feeling and it often comes when you least expect it, so in short, you “just know” something is going to happen.

Here examples of intuition:

It’s your birthday and someone gives you a gift. Somehow you just know that you’ll be receiving a new pair of shoes. That’s intuition.

  1. Déjà vu

Déjà vu is French for “already seen”. So, in short, déjà vu is seeing a flash of a vision of having gone through an experience before, although you know this is your first time experiencing the vision you just saw.

And unlike with intuition, déjà vu comes to you as a quick vision.

Here’s an example of déjà vu:

You’re eating at a new Korean restaurant. It’s your first time eating there since the restaurant just opened, but you see a flash of having eaten here before. That’s déjà vu.

  1. Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis is the ability to move objects with one’s mind. It is still classified under ESP even though it doesn’t allow you to perceive things.

  1. Retrocognition

Retrocognition is the ability to know about things from the past. Unlike intuition, retrocognition doesn’t come to you as a feeling. You usually experience retrocognition by consciously trying to see into the past with your mind.

I’ll use the same example with déjà vu:

You’re eating at a new Korean restaurant. It’s your first tie eating there since the restaurant just opened, but you just have this feeling that you’ve eaten here before. Additionally, you also know what to order in the menu and you also know how the food tastes like. That’s retrocognition.

  1. Premonition - Premonition is the feeling or warning that something is about to happen. Just like with intuition and déjà vu, premonition comes to you as a feeling and when you least expect it.

Here’s a good example of premonition:

It’s a hot and sunny day. You’ve decided to take a walk and buy some groceries from the nearest store. Somehow, you get this feeling that it’s going to rain, so you bring an umbrella just in case. On your way to the store it starts to rain. This is a premonition.

  1. Precognition - Precognition is the ability to know about things in the future. Think of precognition as the advanced form of premonition.

Here’s an example:

You’re going to have a job interview tomorrow morning. In order to make sure that you’ll have a good interview, you decide to use your precognitive abilities, and you are willingly using your mind to take a peak tomorrow morning.

All you can see is traffic, traffic, and more traffic! The following day you decide to take the subway instead of driving your car.

Later that night you learn on the news that there was a car accident near where your job interview was, which caused a major traffic jam.  That’s what precognition is.

Telepathy is a type of ESP and is a mind-to-mind communication.

  1. Telepathy - Telepathy is the ability to transfer, feel, and receive information using one’s mind. To make it easier to understand, think of telepathy as sending an email from your mind to another person’s mind.

Here’s an example:

We have psychic A and psychic B. Psychic A lives 10 miles away from psychic B. Psychic A can tell psychic B what he ate for breakfast using his mind.

  1. Psychometry - Psychometry is the ability to gain information on someone or something by holding or touching something that is related to the person or the object. A good example would be knowing where a person lives by touching a handkerchief that the person dropped.
  1. Mediumship - Mediumship is the ability to communicatewith the dead. Just as the name implies, the Medium, serves as a medium of communication between the living and the dead.
  1. Clairsentience - Clairsentience is the ability to feel auras, emotions, and vibrations of the people, spirits, and animals around them. To put it simply, a clairsentient person can detect people around them by sensing their auras, vibrations, and feelings.
  1. Clairvoyance - Last but not the least we have clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to see things far beyond our normal sight. It allows us to see things in the distant past, things hidden in the present, and things in the far future.

Here’s an example:

You’re thinking about your dear friend in the middle of the day. While thinking about your friend, you begin to see visions about her. You see that she is stranded in the middle of nowhere because her car broke down.

Being the caring friend that you are, you decide to call her and ask if she’s okay. She tells you that her car just broke down and that she needs help. You quickly tell her that you’re coming to pick her up. That’s clairvoyance.

These are just some of the more well-known ESP abilities.  There many more abilities that ESP covers, and I will more about them in future articles.

What Is Clairvoyance Used For?

Clairvoyance is often used by psychics to gain information about a person, place or event.

And unlike other ESP abilities, clairvoyance gives the psychic detailed and info about a place, object, or person, since it basically allows the psychic to see as if they were there.

This brings us to an interesting question….

Is A Clairvoyant And A Psychic The Same? 

They are not the same. A clairvoyant is psychic, but a psychic doesn’t have to be clairvoyant. Psychics have different psychic abilities from one another. So in short, you don’t have to be clairvoyant to be a psychic.

So How Do You Develop Your Clairvoyant Abilities?

Clairvoyance can be attained by those who train and develop their psychic abilities. One way to develop your psychic abilities is by awakening your third eye. But in order to awaken your third eye, you must first know what the third eye is.

What Is The Third Eye?

An opened Third Eye allows you to hone your psychic abilities and allows you to see beyond the physical realm.

The Third Eye is a region located between your eyebrows at the center of your forehead. It is a symbol of enlightenment and of awakening.

In Hinduism, the third eye is also where the sixth chakra (centers of spiritual power in the human body) are located. If you didn’t know, the chakras are centers of spiritual power in the human body.

What Happens When You Awaken Your Third Eye?

Awakening your third eye is literally an “eye-opening” experience. It will help you develop your psychic abilities, as well as bring you one step closer to enlightenment.

When your third eye starts to open, be mindful of your environment because you will begin to feel and see some very strange things. Things like ghosts, auras, and things that are about to happen.

Don’t worry because it is normal for any developing psychic to feel and see things that you aren’t accustomed to seeing and feeling before.

With that being said, let's see how we can awaken your third eye.

How To Open Your Third Eye

You can stimulate your third eye to open by doing the following things: 

1. Use your intuition more

By trusting and following your intuition more you are slowly developing your third eye, as well as getting accustomed to using your latent psychic gifts.

2. Get in touch with your creative side - The third eye is often associated with creativity. By getting in touch with your creative side, you are also stimulating the development and awakening of your third eye.

3. Become mindful of your surroundings - The third eye allows you to see things that others cannot see. Just like with being creative, being mindful also helps stimulate the development and awakening of your third eye.

4. Practice Meditation - The third eye opens naturally for those who practice meditation seriously. Meditating and visualizing daily causes your third eye to open. This is a sure way to awaken your third eye.

Clairvoyance is one of the more reliable psychic abilities to have. It gives you a lot of information on a particular person, place, or object.

Developing and mastering this psychic ability is a good way make better decisions and avoid major mistakes in your life.

I hope this article helps you in developing your latent psychic gifts. And remember, the next time someone asks you, “What is clairvoyance?” you’ll know exactly what to say.

If you feel that you have psychic abilities and need some helpful guidance, you can click here to schedule a consultation with me where I can guide you on how to best deal with your situation.

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Are You Psychic? Understanding Your Psychic Abilities

How Do I Know If I’m Psychic?

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Here's Your Money Horoscope for July 2018.

Money Horoscope for July 2018

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

This month you will be in a position to take some risks in your investments, as recently it seems that anything you touch turns to gold. You may have been quite conservative until now with your expenditures and your investments, and this month is a good time when you can step out and take a risk. However, don`t jump into some get-rich-quick scheme, but instead, diversify your stock portfolio to include some more high-risk stocks.


Taurus (April 21 to May 21)

This month indicates a good phase for you. Money matters seems to favor you this month. Your cash flow looks to be in a good satisfactory state. A significant increase in your savings is likely with proper management of funds. You should not loan out your money, as it may turn into bad debt for you.

Gemini (May 22 to June 21)

Financial limitations might prevail this month, but they will not hamper your financial responsibilities and duties. You could expect some monetary help from maternal relatives, which will improve your economic state. New investments can be made, but only after the middle of the month. Real estate could also yield profitable returns for you.

Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

Your monetary status this month does not appear very favorable. You should strictly avoid lending or borrowing money, especially at the beginning of the month. Financial gains are likely towards the closing of the month, yet profits will be lower than expected. Investing or trading in the stock market should be strictly avoided, as loss of capital is indicated.

Leo (July 23 to August 21)

Monetary matters will mostly remain favorable for you. Investments that you make should be researched and carefully analyzed before finalizing. Inherited property or related matters will bring profits to you this month. Financial gains are also likely on the home front.

Virgo (August 22 to September 23)

Hefty gains and profits are likely for you at the beginning of the month. Expenses appear to be under control, yet you should practice economical spending. Investments made in the past could give you good returns during this period. Cash flow will meet your high expectations, providing you a feeling of happiness.


Libra (September 24 to October 23)

Expenses will seem to rise significantly, most of which might be towards unnecessary spending. Any kind of investment should be avoided until the middle of the month. You should also avoid heavy purchases like a vehicle and property. A female friend is likely to help you financially this month.


Scorpio (October 24 to November 22)

This month indicates a period of heavy expenses. Entertainment and enjoyment will be the primary sources of expenses. Economic spending is highly advised. Avoid purchasing an item from abroad, as this could leave a dent in your pocket.


Sagittarius (November 23 to December 22)

Profits and gains are expected to see a rise, but expenses will also soar. You are advised to avoid lavish spending, as this might lead to financial instability. Funds may also be required for the maintenance of a property or vehicle. You can look forward to rewards from investments made in the past.


Capricorn (December 23 to January 20)

This month looks favorable for your finances. Monetary matters might cause you stress but will eventually these will be beneficial for you. Chances of purchasing of a vehicle are quite high this month. This period looks mostly positive for financial matters.

Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)

This could be a profitable period for you. Accumulated wealth could see a significant rise but good management of funds is also needed. Avoid the lending or borrowing of money this month, as it can lead to financial problems. Your children and home will be the primary focuses of expenses at this time.


Pisces (February 20 to March 20)

This month, huge profits are indicated for you. New sources of income may develop, and some old pending income could find its way into your budget, thus, improving your economic condition. Expenses will mostly be focused on foreign travels or home furnishings.

Click here to read my previous Money Horoscope.

You can use this horoscope as a guide regarding your money affairs. However, if what you need is more detailed insight about your financial matters, you can get the answers through a psychic reading. Click here to schedule your reading with me.

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Hi there,

Today I wanted to talk about an email I received a few days ago, from a woman named Gloria. Here is the email she sent me: 

Dear Tana, 

I have wanted to have a psychic reading from you for a long time, but I have a question first. What are some of the reasons a person would decide to have a psychic reading? 

I know this may seem like a basic question, but I would like to hear your answer. It would really help me understand the purpose of a psychic reading more. 

Gloria G. Fayetteville, NC

I am so glad she asked me that question, because if one person has that question, I am sure other people will have the same question too. So here was my reply back to her:

Dear Gloria, 

Thank you so much for your email, and to answer your question, people have a psychic reading for many different reasons. 

Some people want to know about love, and ask such questions as: 

- Who is my soulmate?

- Will I ever meet my soulmate?

- Did I know such and such in a past life?

- Is the person I am with my soulmate?

- Is my spouse being faithful to me?

- Will I ever be back together with my ex?

- Does my spouse love me?

- Or any other questions they have about love… 

Some people want to know about money, and ask such questions as: 

- Will I ever make more money?

- Will I ever hit the lottery?

- Will I get an inheritance?

- Am I blocking the flow of money into my life?

- Or any other questions they have about money… 

Some people want to know about their career, and ask such questions as: 

- Will I find a good job?

- What should I do for a career?

- Will I get a promotion at work?

- Am I in the right job?

- Will my boss and I get along better?

- Can I trust my coworkers?

- Would starting my own business be the right move for me?

- Or any other questions they have about their career… 

Some people want to know about their family, and ask such questions as: 

- Will my husband do okay at his job?

- Will my kids go to college?

- What careers should my children chose?

- Will my parents be ok?

- Or any other questions they have about their family… 

Some people want to know about their health, and ask such questions as: 

- Will I live a long time?

- How is my health energy looking?

- Do you see any unexpected illnesses?

- Are there any health problems in my family I need to be aware of?

- Or any other questions they have about health… 

And a variety of other questions such as: 

- What is my life purpose?

- What are my lucky numbers?

- What are my lucky days?

- What are my lucky colors?

- Who was I in a past life?

- How many past lives have I lived?

- What color is my aura?

- What are the names of my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels?

- Or other various questions such as these. 

So Gloria, as you can see, people ask a variety of questions, depending on what they want to know about as related to their own personal lives.

I always stress to my clients that there are no right or wrong questions, and there are no silly questions either. ANY QUESTION that you want to ask or know about, is an important question!

So I hope this answered your question Gloria.

If there is anything in your life that you need accurate answers to, insights into, or psychic guidance on what to do, I would like to encourage you to click here schedule a private reading, where you can ask me anything need to know about. I will be able to give you accurate answers and insights about anything you need or want to know! 

You can also schedule a reading by calling my office at 614-444-6334.

Thank you for reading my email today and I hope we speak very soon

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy



P.S. Here’s your Money Horoscope For July 2018

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The psychic energy today is going to be stylish…

Here Is Today's Psychic Energy Report:

The psychic energy today is going to be stylish. Today you feel like putting on a fashionable outfit and dressing in style, looking like someone who just walked off the pages of a magazine.

It’s nice to celebrate beauty and inspire people. Being stylish is also a means of expressing oneself and individuality. It encourages a person to develop his or her own style based on fresh trends.

People are being judged by their appearance. The way you wear your clothes is one of the most important things always noticed in any social setting.

Today walk in style, head high, and be confident to face the world. Looking good gives you courage and also manifests a positive outlook towards life.


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Empaths are people who not only understand what others are feeling but may often feel it as well.

Are you like a sponge that easily absorbs the feelings and emotions of people around you? For example, if someone around you is angry, you may start to feel this way without apparent reason.

Do you feel overwhelmed when you’re in a crowd? Therefore, you prefer not to attend social gatherings because of the different kinds of emotions that you tend to feel?

These are all signs that you may be an empath.

What Is An Empath?

An empath is a person who has the ability to sense other people feelings and emotions as their own, sometimes to a point where they cannot distinguish between their feelings, and the feelings they are picking up others.

An empath is so sensitive to the energies around them, that they can feel the emotions of others even if they are not verbally it or displaying it. They are easily influenced unconsciously by the moods, desires, intentions and motives of people around them - even those of strangers.

Empaths and highly sensitive person are not the same things.

An empath is someone who has clairsentient abilities (clear-feeling) whereas a highly sensitive individual has enhanced sensory awareness. Empaths pick up on energy, while highly sensitive person are reactive to the energy around them.

Here is an example, a friend loses a child.

An empath can literally feel what the friend is going through; their sadness, anxiety, and emotional pain, as if they are one who directly experienced the loss. If that friend has a headache because of too much crying, the empath may develop the headache, too.

On another hand, a highly sensitive person will cry and feel overwhelmed by the idea of losing a child and because of their sensitive nervous system, they take the friend’s loss and make it about them.

Characteristics of An Empath

If you think you are an empath, then here are some common traits of an empath:

  • Empaths are extremely sensitive to the emotions of others

    One characteristic of an empath is that they are lovers of nature and animals.

  • They are deeply affected by violence and cruelty around them
  • They have the ability to see a person’s true colors and can tell if someone is faking it
  • They feel overwhelmed by large groups of people, busy locations, and crowds
  • They are like a magnet to the emotionally needy
  • People trust empaths easily and usually share their problems with them
  • They occasionally need some alone time
  • They love nature and animals
  • They have highly tuned senses

Empathy is a great psychic ability that one can have but it can also be a burden to have, too. If you think you’re an empath it might be challenging but it can be a truly rewarding gift also, when developed and honed.

Signs That You’re An Empath

There are a lot of people who are empaths without knowing it. Here are some signs that can help you affirm that you might be an empath:

- Do you always want to avoid public places and social encounters because you constantly feel overwhelmed with inexplicable emotions for which you can’t determine the reason?

- Are there times you suddenly feel lethargic, ill, sick, or nauseous, for no reason at all?

- Do you find it difficult to watch the news with distressing images or other horrible real life situations because you can feel the pain of other people, as if you are them?

- Can you hear the thoughts of others and know what they are thinking, even when they aren't saying it?

- Do you easily know if a person is lying or not?

- Do you feel responsible for how other people feel and feel compelled to care for them - no matter who they are and what they’ve done to you?

-Do you often find yourself in a counselling role, feeling drained when people dump their emotions on you?

-Do you feel an affinity with nature and animals?

-Do you have an emotional over-identification with characters in films, plays, and novels? Always feeling how actors the felt?

-Do you have a general tendency to put your needs last, or serve others at your own expense?

These are all signs that you can sense the energy, emotions, and thoughts, of those around you. If you can relate to many of the above signs, then you should learn how you can control the emotions you feel to make your life a lot lighter.

What Are the Types of Empaths?

The power of an empath is great and if used wisely, can greatly benefit others. There are different types of empaths:

  1. Emotional

This is the most common type of empath. You can easily pick up the emotions of others. The emotions don’t have to be displayed by the other person because emotional empaths feel them inside.

Physical empaths can feel other’s physical symptoms and ailments in your own body. It usually occurs when an empath is near the hospitals or accident scenes.

  1. Physical

This is the ability to feel other’s physical symptoms and ailments in your own body. This usually happens when you are in the vicinity of an injured person, such as scenes of accidents and hospitals.

  1. Nature

You have an affinity for feeling the needs and vibrational signatures of the natural world. You are drawn to plants, the outdoors, and animals. You can hear, understand, and interact, with animals.

You can feel when an animal is happy, sad, or anxious. Nature empaths can sense when changes are occurring within the environment and can often predict the onset of natural disasters or inclement weather.

  1. Knowing

You can easily understand the thoughts of others without them verbalizing it. A knowing empath has a combination of clear-knowing combined with the skills of an emotional empath. You can get a deep sense of understanding of someone just by hearing their voice or seeing their face.

  1. Spiritual Empath

You can feel the spiritual realm and feel the presence of angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones. You can sense things that are on a higher frequency that others are not attuned to.

How to Deal with Empathy

Empathy is a wonderful spiritual gift but is not an easy one to have because you can become easily overwhelmed by the sudden flood of information you receive. The feelings, and even the physical sensations you may pick up from another person, can be stronger than your own. Making it difficult for you to distinguish which emotions are yours and which ones belong to others.

Here are a few important practices to help you tune into the benefits of being an empath without having to deal with the struggle.

  • Visualize a shield of white light around you to separate yourself from ill-feelings and emotions when you are around unpleasant people or sensations.

Here is a simple technique for controlling empathic abilities thru visualization.

  1. Close your eyes. Visualize two volume switches in your mind's eye. Mark one switch as "me" and one switch as "everyone else."
  2. Turn your “me” volume switch all the way up. Turn the volume switch for “everyone else” all the way down.
  3. Reset this as often as you need. These switches will stay in their positions the more you practice this.
  4. You can do this when you are about to go into crowded places or if you feel overwhelmed by other’s emotions.
  • Eat well and have a diet full of nutrients to be as physically and mentally strong as possible.
  • Take a time out for yourself. Honor your need to recharge in solitude
  • Go outside into nature as often as possible. This way, you can absorb Mother Nature’s positive energy.
  • You can also clear your mind of your own stresses and the stresses of others’ by practicing yoga and meditation daily

With proper practice and by maintaining healthy boundaries as an empath, this gift can positively benefit your life and others.

If you believe you're an empath and are having trouble coping, I can give you more information about how to develop and control this ability.

You can contact me by calling 614-444-6334, or clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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A Psychic Versus A Psychic Medium: What’s The Difference? 

People often ask me to explain the difference between a psychic, and a psychic medium, like myself. Well, there is a big difference. So I hope that this email helps you to understand these differences more clearly.

The Psychic

A psychic reader is a psychic, but not a Psychic Medium. A psychic reader does not possess the ability that a Psychic Medium does to communicate with the spirit world. A psychic can tell you many things about your future, but will not be able to receive any messages from your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, or departed loved ones.

The psychic reader uses various tools like tarot cards, runes, numerology charts, crystal balls, and the lines in your palms, to receive psychic information about your future.

When a psychic reads tarot cards, or a crystal ball, for example, he or she then needs to interpret the information that they see in the ball or the cards. The need for interpretation is the key difference here.

Read on and I’ll explain what that means…

The Psychic Medium

A Psychic Medium doesn’t need to use tarot cards, crystal balls, numerology charts, reading your palms, etc, to receive their psychic information, because a Psychic Medium is the “medium”, or vessel, between you and the Spirit World.

So when a Psychic Medium is giving you a reading, he or she “hearing” the information about your future from Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and even your loved ones who have passed away.

A Psychic Medium simply repeats back the words he or she hears from the Guides about your future.

…So with a Psychic Medium, very little interpretation is involved, because the Medium simply repeats the words he or she hears from their Guides.

So a Psychic Medium works with a much higher energy vibration than a psychic. What this means is that a Psychic Medium is always vibrationally linked to the Spirit World.

The Importance Of Being Grounded

A Psychic Medium needs to meditate often to keep himself or herself spiritually fit. Because being vibrationally linked to the Spirit World on a daily basis can cause an unbalanced Psychic Medium to feel overwhelmed, due to this high energy connection.

I explain it like having your finger stuck in an electrical outlet. If you aren’t grounded properly, you’re going to get a big shock! So meditation and spiritual fitness are what keeps a Psychic Medium grounded, so that they don’t get a big “spirit shock” from dealing with all that high vibrational energy everyday!

I forgot to mention that what causes the highest inaccuracy of a reading, other than free will, is misinterpretation of the information that a psychic mis-reads when interpreting their tarot cards, crystal ball, numerology charts, or the lines in the palm of your hand.

This does not mean there are not good psychics, I am simply trying to explain the differences between psychic and a Psychic Medium. 

Many Emails About Psychic Readings

I have been receiving emails from people telling me that they want a psychic reading, but have been afraid of hearing something they didn't want to hear.

I have never had a person hang up the phone crying after a psychic reading. As a matter of fact, they hang up feeling better after the reading, than they did before having it!

The reason for this is two-fold. First, people tell me that they would rather know the truth, and second, when a person has the answers, they have the free will and power to continue making it happen, or changing their path to take things in the direction they desire. Knowing about something BEFORE it happens give YOU the power to change it!

I wanted to share this information with you to hopefully answer some questions you may have wondered about and to give you more insights into my psychic world!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

Website: www.TanaHoy.com

Office: 614-444-6334

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