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Protein Packed Breakfast Burritos for on the go mornings to keep your kids full until lunch time. These are super easy to make and delicious!

Protein Packed Breakfast Burritos for Kids

I grew up eating breakfast burritos when I was camping with my family and wow did I forgot how good they are! These Protein Packed Breakfast Burritos are so good. You can make them fresh in the morning as your kids are getting dressed or you can make the filling the night before and zap it in the microwave the next morning! This is a great go-to recipe for busy mornings!

How to Make Kid-Friendly Breakfast Burritos

First, scramble up your eggs!  I love cracking all my eggs into a bowl before just to make sure I don’t accidentally let an shells make it into the pan!  Add your milk and any salt and pepper you want and with the bowl/pyrex measuring cup a cook whisk.  Then pour into your pan and scramble!  Everyone has their own tricks to perfect scrambled eggs, mine are: 1. Don’t let the pan get too hot! 2. Constantly fold/move the eggs.  3. Don’t over-cook them!

What Do You Put On A Breakfast Burrito?

To make the filling, just dump out your cooked eggs and use the same pan to save yourself time washing dishes.   Add your meat, seasonings and onions to the pan! Break up the meat with a wooden spoon or spatula and let brown.

Then you’ll add your drained and rinsed black beans and drained Rotel!  I drained my Rotel because I didn’t want to add to much moisture to the filling… no one likes a soggy burrito!

Add in your chopped spinach…

And then the cooked eggs and give it all a good stir! You can taste it and adjust the seasoning if you want! If you’re making this for yourself or any other adults, you can kick up the flavor by adding hot sauce or red pepper flakes!

I melted my cheese to my tortillas to help it all stick together as I wrapped it.

And there you go, the most delicious breakfast on the go!  This is one of my favorite breakfast recipes because it keeps me full until lunch!  No snacking needed after I ate this Protein Packed Breakfast Burrito!

If you need more burrito recipes, we have them!  Like this Veggie Burrito!

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Adding bell peppers to this homemade pizza recipe can turn it into a rainbow!  

We love this rainbow bell peppers pizza because the colors are so fabulous, the taste is amazing, and kids can’t get enough of it!

What are the benefits of bell peppers?

Peppers are a healthy veggie to include in your recipes!

  1. 1 cup of bell peppers have 300% of the RDA for vitamin C
  2. 1 cup of bell peppers have 100% of the RDA for Vitamin A
  3. They are high in fiber, and kids today need more fiber.

What’s the difference between green and red bell peppers?

Here’s a little trivia to share with your kids from wikipedia

The most common colors of bell peppers are green, yellow, orange and red. More rarely, brown, white, lavender, and dark purple peppers can be seen, depending on the variety. Most typically, unripe fruits are green or, less commonly, pale yellow or purple. Red bell peppers are simply ripened green peppers  although the Permagreen variety maintains its green color even when fully ripe. As such, mixed colored peppers also exist during parts of the ripening process. Green peppers are less sweet and slightly more bitter than yellow or orange peppers, with red bell peppers being the sweetest. The taste of ripe peppers can also vary with growing conditions and post-harvest storage treatment; the sweetest fruits are allowed to ripen fully on the plant in full sunshine, while fruit harvested green and after-ripened in storage is less sweet.

How to include bell peppers as a pizza topping

To use bell peppers for our pizza topping, we sauteed them in a skillet to soften them up and to bring out the flavor a bit.

First, we sliced and chopped!

Then, drizzled about 1 tablespoon of olive oil into the skillet.  We cooked the peppers one color at a time, just because we wanted to arrange them separately on our pizza.

We cooked our pizza crust first.  Spread pizza sauce, mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese on top of the crust. Then, after cooking our peppers for only about 3-4 minutes, we topped the crust with the peppers.  Then, we returned our pizza to the oven and cooked just long enough for the mozzarella underneath to melt.

That’s all! The kids love having this pizza!

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We have all experienced those busy nights when dinner has to happen in 30 minutes or less with minimal dishes or its just going to be a cereal for dinner kind of night.  Weeknight dinners should be something that isn’t complicated, but can still be balanced and filling.  Sheet pan dinners provide a way to give your family exactly that!

Why Make a Sheet Pan Dinner?

If you search ‘Dinner’ on Google, a lot of the top searches are for restaurants.  That is definitely a fallback when you are busy, feeling stressed or don’t feel like you have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen during those dinner hours.  We have found that a lot of times, you can make a sheet pan dinner faster than grabbing food or going out to eat!

When you eat at home, you are guaranteed to have more veggies and overall nutrition in your dinner.  If you haven’t made a sheet pan dinner yet, try one this week!  It has definitely been a game changer at our house!

Sheet Pan Chicken with Spring Veggies 

Super Healthy Kids

A one-dish chicken dinner wonder featuring fresh spring veggies! Grab your sheet pan and work up an appetite for this quick and easy family dinner. Sheet pan chicken and spring veggies is simple, filling, and fresh.

One Pan Honey Garlic Kielbasa 

Oh Sweet Basil

Sweet potatoes and a mixture of potatoes like purple, golden Yukon etc help this dish fill you up so you won’t be reaching for a snack after dinner. Kielbasa is a must. It’s easy to slice up and throw on the pan, it’s loaded with flavor and perfectly matches the root vegetables we added.

Easy Healthy Cashew Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Food Faith Fitness

This whole30 compliant Easy Healthy Cashew Chicken is flavored with curry, and is made all on one sheet! It’s a healthy weeknight meal everyone will love!

One Sheet Pan Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables

Recipe Critic

One Sheet Pan Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables is an easy meal perfect for busy weeknights. Best of all, it’s made entirely in one pan with tender chicken, crispy veggies with the most flavorful sweet and tangy Asian sauce.

Sheet Pan Dijon Pork Tenderloin with Potatoes and Green Beens

Carlsbad Cravings

This dinner is melt in your mouth tender and bursting with tangy sweet and spicy flavors you won’t be able to get enough of!

Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken with Asparagus Tomatoes and Walnuts

Cooking Classy 

Homemade pesto makes any meal incredible doesn’t it? And it’s just so easy to make, the food processor does most of the work. So really all there is to this meal is a bit of chopping, making a quick pesto, toss it all together on a sheet pan, roast it for about 20 mins and taaaadah your seriously delicious dinner is done!

Italian Turkey Meatloaf with Parmesan Rosemary Smashed Potatoes

Recipe Runner

This sheet pan dinner is the perfect way to turn that traditional ho-hum meatloaf dinner into something special! Marinara sauce and parmesan cheese not only make the meatloaf extra flavorful, but give it lots of moisture as well!

One-Pan Balsamic Chicken Veggie Bake

Real Food Dietitians

Healthy, easy and delicious! One-Pan Balsamic Chicken Veggie Bake is quick to prep and in the oven for less than 30 minutes. The perfect weeknight meal!

Apricot Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Recipe Rebel

This is an easy, healthy dinner recipe that requires just a few minutes prep and one pan! Loaded with potatoes and vegetables and topped with a simple apricot glaze. Includes step by step recipe video.

Sheet Pan Turkey Dinner

Simple Bites

This sheet pan meal has all the key elements of a holiday meal, roasted up together so the flavors marry, and are served up family style. I can promise you the sheet pan turkey dinner meets all the criteria of a well-rounded comforting meal.

Easy Sausage and Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner

Must Have Mom

Have you heard of sheet pan dinners? They are essentially a one pan meal that is made on a single sheet pan, which is lined with foil, meaning easy clean up and a tasty dish! I’ve been LOVING sheet pan dinners and this easy sausage and veggie recipe is sure to please your entire family!

Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas

Kirbie’s Cravings

Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas is a fun and easy dinner ready in less than an hour. Everything is cooked in the oven on one sheet pan. You can also swap steak for chicken or shrimp.

Roasted Tilapia and Broccoli Sheet Pan Dinner

No Plate Like Home

You’re working late, you’re tired and hungry and you know when you walk through the door, you’ll have a hungry family to feed. But, at the same time, you are thinking about a big pile of dishes you’ll have to wash after cooking for nearly an hour. That’s not even an option tonight. Ugh! Problem solved. You can make this delicious Roasted Tilapia and Broccoli Sheet Pan Dinner with few ingredients and easy clean up. Plus, it is ready in only 30 min!

Paprika Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Busy Baker

This Paprika Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner is the ultimate easy weeknight meal that the whole family will love! It’s got all the delicious flavor of a slow-cooked chicken dinner but it’s on the table in 30 minutes or less!

One Pan Garlic Roasted Salmon with Brussels Sprouts


Incredibly delicious, garlicky, super flavorful one-pan dinner with oven-roasted salmon and brussels sprouts.

Jamaican Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Sweet Peas and Saffron

This healthy Jamaican chicken sheet pan dinner bakes up with bell peppers, onions and potatoes in a spicy Jamaican spice rub in under 30 minutes. Top with fresh mango!

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The only advice you need to make a green smoothie  your kids want!

Last year my mom got me a Blendtec.  It came with one caveat though.  I had to use it everyday for 30 days or else she would take it back!  She and my dad had purchased a Blendtec for themselves and had been making green smoothies for a few months before this and were really excited about the way they were feeling.  They wanted all of their children to join in the green smoothie madness!  At the time, I must admit I was not really into smoothies.  I think my hold up was that the majority of my experiences with smoothies were from places like Jamba Juice.

When I was in high school, a lot of my friends worked there and were really into smoothies.  I always felt like they were packed full of calories and sugar and so I would take a few sips and then be done with it.  What I didn’t realize is that smoothies are actually really healthy for you when you customize them and make them at home.  It is a great way to get a lot of nutrition in one sitting.  I’m always surprised at how many more fruits and vegetables we eat when we are drinking smoothies regularly.  Back to the Blendtec.  I decided to take the challenge and used my Blendtec every single day for 30 days!  These days there is almost not a day that goes by that I don’t use it.  There is a counter on the front that tells you how many blends you have.  This was my blend number today:

Out of the 365 days that I have had the Blendtec, I have used it almost everyday!  (Sometimes I use it twice a day, so that may have made up for the times I didn’t – ha)  The great thing about a smoothie is that they are really hard to mess up.  With that being said, it is also nice to use a recipe so that you know it will turn out delicious.  We have made A LOT of smoothies – of every variety.  In fact, Amy has made so many smoothies that she even wrote a book about it.  201 Smoothies and Juices for Kids.  That is a lot of smoothies.

I decided that instead of just giving out some great recipes (which I will do that also) I would give out a template so that you can always make your own great smoothie with whatever you have on hand!  What is that old saying?  ‘Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.’  We want you to be able to drink smoothies for a lifetime!  This is our template that has worked for us time and time again.  If you want to print it, laminate and stick in on your fridge, click to print below!

Click Here to print 

With this template you can make almost any variety of smoothie your heart can imagine and your taste buds can handle.  When you follow this template, it will make enough to feed about 4 people – depending on how big or little the people are.  My girls usually will drink about 4-6 ounces each and my husband and I will drink about 10-16 ounces each.  These are some of our favorite recipes (green and non-green) from our site:

Green Smoothie Tips and Tricks
  • If you are just starting making green smoothies, don’t worry about increasing your proportion of fruit to greens until you get used to the flavor.
  • Spinach and Swiss Chard are the most mild tasting greens.  Baby Kale is more mild than mature kale.
  • Bananas are a natural sweetener – the more banana you add the sweeter your smoothie will be.
  • Cinnamon and Ginger give your smoothie a ‘warm’ flavor
  • Dark berries hide the green color if your kids have a problem with it at first
What Ingredients Should be in a Green Smoothie?

The best ingredients to turn a smoothie green is leafy green veggies such as spinach and kale. They will have the biggest impact on color, while delivering some healthy phytochemicals you can only get through leafy greens.  Other greenish foods include avocado, kiwi and cucumbers, which we love to use, but the color won’t be as vibrant.

For a smoothie to be the color green, the other ingredients should be light in color,  like mangoes, pineapple, apples, lemon, bananas.  But without getting technically about the final color, we consider all smoothies that include leafy green veggies to be “green smoothies”, even when the final color is purple, like you’d get with dark berries.

If you want a HUGE inventory of recipes, make sure you check out our book:

 Click Here to print smoothie chart READ NEXT==> FREEZER SMOOTHIE PACKS

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Your toddler may seem like they need to eat all day long!  And that is because they kind of need to.  Keeping reading to find out why frequent healthy snacking for toddlers is so important. The term “snack” often means different thing to different people. For some, snack is synonymous with “junk food”. And while there’s room for fun food occasionally, we should be focusing on nutritious foods for our snack time to fill in the nutrition gaps.   And here’s why: It’s hard to fit in all of the nutritional needs for a toddler into only meal times. Their bodies are growing and developing so fast that they need nutritious fuel to help them grow. Toddlers generally need 2 snacks a day in addition to their 3 regular meals. They will also need to eat about every 2-3 hours.

Sample Toddler Meal Schedule

This may be an appropriate eating schedule for your toddler.
Breakfast 7:00 am
Morning Snack 9:30 am
Lunch 12:00 pm
Afternoon Snack 3:00 pm
Dinner 6:00 pm
Before-Bed Snack 7:30 pm

What If My Toddler Won’t Eat?

Often toddlers will refuse some foods at snacks or meals. But don’t worry, if they won’t eat at one meal or snack, the next opportunity isn’t too far away. Your job as the parent is to offer the healthy foods at regular times and your child has control of how much they choose to eat. Snacking also doesn’t mean eating when ever the mood strikes. Snack times should happen at about the same time each day. And when the inevitable “I’m starving” phrase pops up, you as the parent can decide if they can wait until the next meal or snack, or if they need food right away.

What Makes a Balanced Snack?

It’s a great idea to include fruits and veggies as well as protein into your snacks. Whole grains are also a great addition. Snack time is a time to pack in extra nutrition that you child might not get in their regular meals. This means that we need to focus on nutrient dense foods (foods that have a lot of nutrition for the amount of calories they have).  A balanced snack should include two or more food groups.  Some examples of what this might looks like?

  • Apple Slices + Nut Butter
  • Cheese Cubes + Whole Wheat Crackers
  • Veggies + Hummus
  • Greek yogurt + Berries
  • Dried fruit + Popcorn
  • Cottage Cheese + Canned Peaches
  • Bell Pepper Slices + Sliced Turkey
  • Homemade Guacamole + Tortilla Chips
  • Banana + Nut Butter
  • Bran Muffin + Carrot Sticks
  • Pear Wedges + Vanilla Greek Yogurt
  • Whole Grain Pretzels + Edamame
  • Hard Boiled Egg + Apple Slices
4 Tips for Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

1. Start with fruits & veggies. Who doesn’t need more fruits and veggies? Snack time is a
perfect way to add those healthy foods. And we all know that any food tastes better when
we are hungry. So why not take advantage of these hungry bellies and fill them with fruits
and veggies. Not all kids will like something the first time they are offered it, but after seeing
it several times and tasting it a few more, they just might actually eat those carrots and
cucumbers. If your kids aren't thrilled by the idea of fruits a veggies, try cutting them in fun
shapes or dipping them in a sauce they like. Find the ways your kids enjoy eating veggies
and start there. Pretty soon you can add in new and different ones.

2. Pack in some protein. If we add a protein to the snack, kids are more likely to be filled up
and satisfied instead of asking for another snack in 5 minutes. Some easy, snack friendly
proteins include:

  • Nut Butter (peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Hummus
  • Refried beans as a spread
  • Cheese Cubes
  • Sliced turkey, ham or roast beef

3. Make a plan. When you’re digging through the cupboard and the kids are whining, it’s easy to grab some crackers and fruit snacks to make them happy. But if you have a snack plan in place, it’s a no-brainer to pass out healthy snacks instead.

• Remember to start with fruits and veggies and then add a healthy protein. Whole grains can
be part of great snacks too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         • Try keeping a stash of pre-cut up veggies and fruit in the fridge. This is a simple way to allow
kids to choose their snack and keep it healthy at the same time.
• Find a formula that works for you. One option is allowing kids to choose one item from the
fruit and veggie basket and the protein box. Another might be having snacks assigned to
certain days; Mondays are string cheese and apple days, Tuesdays are for smoothies,
Wednesdays are hard boiled eggs and fresh veggies, and so on. If your kids know what to
expect (and you stick to your plan), the complaining goes away and happy healthy kids
enjoy snack time.

4. Involve the little ones. Complaining kids are no fun, but if we involve them in planning and preparing they are much more likely to enjoy and eat what we are serving. Give them a few simple guidelines (such as the snack must have a fruit or vegetable in it) and let them be creative and have fun! Kids love to be involved with the food they eat and it’s a perfect time to help them learn to make good food choices along the way. So next time you hear “I’m starving”, you can tackle the situation with confidence. With these 4 tips, you’re well on your way to healthy snack time!

Having good healthy snacks prepared ahead of time will help to make sure that healthy snacking for your toddler is something that happens everyday!  It is so satisfying to see your kids eat and enjoy healthy foods and have energy to play, strong immune systems, and happy attitudes.

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Healthy Irish Potato Bites baked with spinach that the kids will love! This is the protein packed meal they’ll be asking for again and again. 

Healthy Irish Potato Bites for Kids

March is full of madness and luck of the Irish and the leprechauns love these healthy Irish Potato Bites! They’re stuffed full of spinach, cheese and turkey. They’re like mini twice baked potatoes!  The kids will love eating 2 or 3 of these for the perfect protein packed meal.

Dinner Ideas for Quick and Easy Meals

In a perfect world, I love planning out my meals all week long.  But life isn’t perfect.  So we at Super Healthy Kids consider ourselves the queens (and kings) of quick and easy meals to throw together.  Some of my favorites are 10 Minute Dinners , Last Minute Dinner Ideas, and Tangy One Pot Chicken Pasta! When kids get sick, have late night soccer practice, when we’r stuck in PTA meetings all night, we need some favorite go-to recipes in our back pocket!

How to Make Irish Potato Bites

These are basically healthy mini twice baked potatoes.  You’ll boil your red potatoes to cook them and then slice them in half.  I cut off a little of the bottom of each half to make sure it would lay flat on the pan and not roll around.  Scoop out the inside of the potatoes using a melon baller or a spoon and mash away. After you mash your potatoes you’ll cook up some ground turkey and then add in spinach and cheese.  Mix it all with the mashed potatoes and then re-fill the potatoes.  Your kids can help you fill the potatoes! Pop them back in the oven to make sure they’re heated all the way through and then serve with a tiny dollop of sour cream on top.   Add some chives for color and watch out for leprechauns.  They might sneak up and try to steal one!

How to Make Delicious Baked Potatoes

A perfectly cooked potato should have a crispy skin on the outside and a light and fluffy center.  These potato bites are a little different because the fluffy inside is combined with other delicious savory ingredients to make a creamy, delicious filling.  But if you like that crispy outside on the skin, grab a pastry brush and brush a little oil around the outside.  This will give you that amazing crispy skin that every baked potato should have!

Are Potatoes Good For You?

Potatoes are a classic comfort food.  There are so many ways to cook them, but they all mean comfort.  And the great thing is, as comforting as they are, they are loaded with health benefits!

  • They are among the most potassium-rich foods.  It is recommended that American’s try and get close to 4500mg of potassium a day.  Potassium helps to counteract the harmful effects of too much sodium and keeps blood pressure in check.  An eight ounce baked potato contains 1000 mg of potassium!
  • With the skin on, they are a high dietary fiber food.  One potato provides a significant source of fiber that kids needs need in a day.  Fiber is important for good digestion and efficient absorption of nutrients. Baked potatoes have both soluble and insoluble fiber, which is great! The soluble fiber controls cholesterol, while the insoluble fiber makes it easier for waste to pass through your system.
  • They are low in calories. It’s true. Potatoes often get a bad rap of being loaded with calories.  The truth is that one medium baked potato contains only about 170 calories.  It is all the heavy toppings that pile up the calorie count of potatoes: bacon, cheese, butter and sour cream.  Potatoes are a great food to add more veggies to!  Check out these mini loaded bake potatoes for a healthier way to serve up potatoes at your dinner table!

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Kids can use this lunch packing printable to make their own healthy lunch!

Click here to get printable

When I hear about parents packing their kids lunches I wonder why?  Is it

  • because they want to make sure they get a healthy meal?
  • because their morning is hectic, and parents don’t have time to manage the process?
  • Or is it because you haven’t considered that the kids are completely capable of doing this task, and they might even do it better?

I learned my lesson early in my parenting.  My oldest son traded the ENTIRE lunch I made for him for a single piece of candy! (I believe it was a single candy corn!) ha ha..  At that moment I decided to let them decide what they were going to put in their own lunches, as long as it met my standards of course!   From that was born our required checklist.

To encourage kids to pack their own lunches, I created this printable for them to use when packing. It’s been a GAME CHANGER!  I want them to make healthy choices, on their own, and this chart helps to make it happen. They know they have to choose one thing from each food group to “pass inspection!”  We have printed and reprinted this to hang inside our pantry door. We also have baskets where they can find different these exact foods to pack.

Each lunch, I needed them to have a grain, protein, vegetable, and a fruit. I had a chart similar to this one hanging on our fridge for their reference for many years.  They would refer to it for ideas, and then make their lunch.  This is the best way to avoid the problem of packing 3 granola bars and nothing else, or forgetting a veggie.

Anything that will get the kids involved in the process of making their own lunch is going to give them kitchen skills they need and ownership over what they choose to bring to school.

Click here to get the lunch printable
What are some healthy things to eat for lunch?

Having a balanced lunch means packing a food from each food group. That’s why we love this printable inside our pantry.  Sandwiches can be made with all different types of grains or breads.  The toppings for the sandwiches could include some type of protein, such as lunch meats or nut butter (seed butter if nuts aren’t allowed at your school) .  The sides can be a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Some of my kids favorite things they put in their lunch include:

  • Wraps (tortilla) with lunch meat and hummus.
  • Waffle sandwich!
  • Container of cereal
  • Quesadillas
  • Tortellini
  • Green salad
  • Pasta salad
  • Soup in a thermos
  • Sliced apples or oranges
  • Baby carrots with a dip or dressing for dipping.
  • Milk, water, or juice

Whatever you choose to have on hand for your kids to pack their lunches with, make sure it’s THEM packing the lunches, and not you!

Click here to get the lunch printable READ NEXT=> 10 Non- Sandwich Lunch packing ideas!

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St. Patrick’s Day is a fun and silly holiday that involves all things green.  One way to celebrate this holiday is by serving fun food to your kids.  Fun food doesn’t have to be full of food coloring and sugar! What are your family’s green food traditions?  We have 20 fun and healthy food ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for you to try at home with your kids this holiday.

Leprechaun Hats by Creative Food 

Simple and fun healthy St. Patrick’s Day snack!

Rainbow Fruit Salad Parfaits by Thirty Handmade Days

These Rainbow Fruit Salad Parfaits are the perfect treat to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The kiddos will love this colorful treat. You will love that it is a rainbow of fruit. A deliciously perfect rainbow of fruit.

No-Dye Green Pancakes by Super Healthy Kids

Boost the nutrition and create a festive breakfast with these all natural green pancakes!

Green Potstickers by The Flavor Bender 

Make homemade dumpling/potsticker dough even MORE fun with this GREEN dumpling dough/potsticker dough! They are naturally colored with spinach puree. Then use these fun wrappers to make steamed dumplings or potstickers.

Spinach Cupcakes with Irish Creme by Renees Kitchen Adventures

As you can see, the green doesn’t fade during the baking process. The end result is a moist, non-spinach tasting cake with a rich green color.

Rainbow Pepper Pizza by Super Healthy Kids

You only need one pizza recipe for a great crust, and you can create a million different pizzas!  We love this Rainbow pepper pizza because the colors are so fabulous!

Green Fruit Salad Snack Recipe by Eating Richly

The all green fruit topped with a kiwi shamrock is a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at snack time.

Shamrock Dippers with a Pot of Gold by Super Healthy Kids

A fun and festive after school snack that is surprisingly easy to whip up!

Green Candied Grapes by Rachel Schultz 

A healthier version of a favorite sour candy, Sour Patch Kids.  And green to boot!

Kiwi Kale Green Smoothie by A Side of Sweet

A healthy and vegan kiwi kale green smoothie recipe made with coconut water. Start your St. Patrick’s Day off with a super nutrition boost!

Sweet Spinach Muffins by Super Healthy Kids

Got a picky eater? These kid-favorite muffins are 100% whole wheat, refined-sugar-free, and packed with fresh spinach!  Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day breakfast or snack.

Avocado Cucumber Cupcakes by Haute and Healthy Living

Adorable mini cucumber cupcakes topped with an avocado and goat cheese icing. These little bites are the perfect appetizer for any party of get together. They’re healthy, low in calories, vegetarian and gluten-free!

Green Mac and Cheese by Weelicious

This mac and cheese is not only super creamy and cheesy, it’s packed with nutritious veggies like spinach, broccoli and sweet peas which only add to the heavenly nature of this traditional, kid friendly recipe. See, it’s easy being green!

Shamrock Bento by Creative Food

Simple to put together, but so much fun for your kids to eat on this fun Holiday!

Ombre Veggie Tray by Land of Nod

Bite-sized green veggies served up in a monochromatic array will delight even the littlest leprechauns. Collect a variety of crunchy green vegetables: cucumber, celery, broccoli, green pepper, sugar snap peas and zucchini.

Shamrock Veggie Skewers by Two Healthy Kitchens

These easy Shamrock Veggie Skewers are a perfect St. Patrick’s Day appetizer for parties, and a fun, healthy after-school snack! Plus, if you happen to catch a leprechaun (lucky you!), you’ll know just what to feed him!

Shamrock Avocado Toast by 360 Family Nutrition

A perfect snack, appetizer, or treat to get into the St. Patty’s Day spirit.  All you need is a few minutes and some simple ingredients (basically bread, avocado, and seasonings) to create this fun holiday themed treat.

St. Patrick’s Day Fruit Skewers by Get Creative Juice 

Deliciously refreshing way to serve yummy green food on St. Patrick’s Day!

Green Apple Sandwiches by Simply Frugal 

These apple sandwiches fall under the category of simple, delicious and budget-friendly.

Whole Wheat Spinach Cheddar Scones by Family Food on the Table

These scones are fluffy, tender and easy to make. They’re loaded with spinach and cheddar cheese for a savory breakfast or brunch recipe that everyone loves!

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Busy meets healthy with these quick veggie options you can serve your kids even when you’re super pressed for time!

How Many Fruits and Vegetables Should I Eat in a Day?

If you read our recent Notecard Post, you know that one of the essential healthy eating guidelines we believe in is to serve at least one vegetable and/or fruit with every meal and every snack.

It’s a commitment, but it’s totally possible! Here’s why we do it:

It adds fiber and vitamins.
It normalizes the appearance of fruits and veggies on kids’ plates.
It gives kids lots of opportunities to eat fruits and veggies throughout the day.
It makes plates colorful and fun.

True, vegetables can take time. They’re worth the time! But sometimes, I get it, you’re dashing out the door, or tossing your kid a snack so you can answer the phone, or cleaning up spilled bubble stuff, and food has to happen NOW or else someone (maybe you) is going to cry. In these instances, fresh food is still doable, and can even be as quick as opening up a package of crackers.

To prove it, I’ve compiled a list of veggies and fruits to serve if you have just one, five, or ten minutes to spare. The list assumes you’re starting from scratch, having done no preparation whatsoever, because those are the times when serving veggies seems too hard to manage.

I tried to be realistic about these prep/cook-times. When in doubt, I timed myself. (I had to cut steamed sweet potato and steamed carrots from the list, because they took a little too long. Next time you have fourteen minutes to spare, you can still get those yummy orange veggies on the table.)

I DID get a bunch of kale from the fridge to our plates in eight minutes, though. You can do this! Here you go.

What Veggies Can I Make Fast?

If you have only ONE MINUTE, you can still serve:

  • frozen peas or sweet corn (still frozen!)
  • baby carrots or a whole peeled carrot
  • cherry tomatoes
  • cucumber slices
  • raw sugar snap peas
  • half an avocado
  • red bell pepper slices
  • frozen edamame pods (packed to-go; they’ll defrost)
  • any fresh fruit (berries, apples, pears, bananas, clementines, grapes, etc.)
  • raisins or other no-sugar-added dried fruit
If you have only FIVE MINUTES, you also have time to serve:
  • smoothies made from frozen fruit and leafy greens
  • steamed or sauteed asparagus spears
  • salad greens or slaw mix with vinaigrette
  • celery and nut butter or cream cheese
  • steamed green beans
  • steamed snow peas
  • sauteed fresh or frozen spinach
  • steamed zucchini and/or yellow squash
  • steamed (frozen, pre-cooked) edamame pods
If you have only TEN MINUTES, you can serve all of the above, plus:
  • whole microwaved sweet potato
  • sauteed kale, collards, chard, or other hardy greens
  • steamed broccoli or cauliflower
  • stir-fried bell peppers

That’s our list! Happy minute-munching.

NEED MORE last-minute healthy ideas? Check out our Top 10 Ideas for 10-Minute Meals.

NEED EVEN MORE? Read about 30 Quick and Easy Last Minute Dinner Ideas.

The post 20+ Veggies to Serve in 1, 5, or 10 Minutes appeared first on Super Healthy Kids.

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My top tip for getting a picky eater to eat what you want them to! 

As we were hanging out with our neighbors on Sunday night, the 3 year old, upon seeing my son TJ eating an apple, picked up an apple and started eating one himself.  Shocked, my neighbor Julie said, “We are witnessing a miracle here! He never eats apples!”  Julie’s 3 year old loves my 8 year old son TJ, and loves to copy things he does.  The strategy that has worked for me in getting kids to try new food, is none other than:

Peer Pressure!

You can call it modeling or mimicking, but the fact is, peer pressure has proven to be effective over and over in the circumstances I’ve witnessed with a picky eater. The pickiest eaters won’t even hesitate to eat the same foods as their friends, whether they like the food or not.

Peer pressure is defined as “social pressure by members of one’s peer group to take a certain action, adopt certain values, or otherwise conform in order to be accepted.” (source)

Seeing their friends, or mentors eating vegetables that your kids would normally not eat, is great motivation for them to try it.  The best results I’ve seen here is when it is by their actual peers… by other children.  It’s great for your kids to see you eating fruits and vegetables, but the powerful impact of their peers eating them is amazing.

Our second incident was over Kiwi.  TJ didn’t like Kiwi for a long time. Then one day, we had one of his friends over for lunch.  The friend, Douglas, had brought a kiwi from home.  I mentioned how delicious it looked, and replied with

“It’s my favorite! It’s sour! Do you like sour things TJ?”  Suddenly for the first time, TJ wanted to try kiwi!

So, yesterday we tried it with 2 year old Michael, who LOVES Nathan!  Of course he wanted to try it when he saw Nate eating it!

(Actual picture of Michael asking for kiwi that his favorite cousin Nate is eating)

How to encourage peers to influence your picky eater Leverage school lunch

Not only can peers encourage each other to eat a new food, studies have actually shown in a school lunch room, they brag about the different foods they are willing to eat “….it seems that once at school there’s a desire to fit in with everyone else and even some positive peer pressure to boast about the variety of what foods you can eat.  (source)  Research has found that 4 out of 5 kids will try a new food at school, that they have never tried at home.   According to the BBC:

“Getting children to eat healthily is every parent’s dream, but meal times at home can often be a battle ground and emotionally charged.  From Mumsnetters’ experience it seems that once at school there’s a desire to fit in with everyone else and even some positive peer pressure to boast about the variety of what foods you can eat.”

Orchestrate the playdate

I have done this! Knowing a neighbor loved spinach salad, I invited him for a play date and dinner!  I of course served, Spinach salad! My son Nate, in not having an interest in this salad in the past, saw his friend eating seconds of his salad, and took some himself. I didn’t even say a word, and he just ate it!

The teenage picky eater

Although as kids grow up, their palate naturally expands, and they are wiling to try and taste new foods, but do they choose these foods when they are with their other teenage, influential friends?  They can! You behave similarly to the way your closest groups of friends behave (as adults as well as teens). So when my friends daughter had a friend that loved bell peppers and brought them to school in her lunch every day, so her daughter was intrigued enough and liked her friend so much that peppers became one of her favorite foods too!  While you can’t choose your teenagers friends the way you can choose their friends in preschool, it might be worth your time to inquire about what they bring in their lunch to help your teenager notice!  Unfortunately, many teenagers eat fast food during school lunch, but one highly influential teen can change that and set the tone for their group of friends.

Have you noticed the same thing?  So, with this powerful strategy in your pocket, use it to your advantage!  My recommendation is to invite your kids friends over for lunch if you know they enjoy a vegetable your kids won’t try! You’ll be surprised.


The post My Best Strategy For Getting a Picky Eater to Eat appeared first on Super Healthy Kids.

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