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Have you wondering about putting Vinyl on Canvas?  Have you tried it and it didn’t work for you?  I have what I found to be the secret to putting vinyl on canvas.  Get excited!  I pulled this canvas project together in no time!

If you are looking for information on how to put vinyl on a canvas, you can to the right place!  Here are a couple of images you can pin so you can find this post later.  This post is in collaboration with Expressions Vinyl and may contain affiliate links.


AND, yes, there’s a FREE Cut File, whoop whoop!!

Can you put vinyl on a canvas?

YES!!  I actually tested several different ways to put vinyl on a canvas, you can see those results HERE.  I have found that the secret to putting vinyl on a canvas is to be sure to use HTV, also known as Heat Transfer Vinyl.  It is KEY in getting your vinyl to stick to your canvas.

How to put vinyl on a canvas

Let me give you a quick run-down on how to put vinyl on a canvas – for this project I used:

GLITTER heat transfer vinyl (because everything is more awesome in GLITTER!) – I get all of my HTV, glitter and regular, from Expressions Vinyl – LOVE them!

–Future Bright Cut file (I have this for you, FREE, on down on this post)

–canvas in desired size (I grabbed this one at Michaels)

–cutting machine (I LOVE my silhouette!)

First, cutting out your design from the vinyl – remember a couple things:

–when you put your vinyl on the mat, it goes shiny side down!!  This means you are actually cutting your design from the backside.

–since you are cutting from the backside, you will need to MIRROR YOUR IMAGE.

Weed your vinyl

Weeding means pulling out all of the unwanted parts, so here it’s all the background and all the insides of letters like “o”.

Sometimes weeding glitter vinyl can be tricky – the glitter makes is hard to see where the cut lines are hiding.  Another secret is to hold it up to a light or window and you might be able to see the cut lines of your designs a little better. Although that’s hard to capture in a picture!

Voila!  Weeded and ready for placing on your canvas!

Ironing Vinyl on a Canvas

Since you’re using heat transfer vinyl, it’s going to transfer with heat – aka, your iron (or a heat press). But with a canvas, there is a little “give” when you push on it, and you want to be able to push firmly.  The secret to this is to find a board that will fit inside the rim of your canvas, like so:

That way, when you set your canvas on them, it gives you a nice firm surface in the middle to press your iron against.

Ironing Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Next you’re going to press your design with your iron or heat press.  Using an iron, you are going to want to do more “pressing” and less “ironing” – really push down hard!!  PRESS!  For a while, maybe 20 seconds or so.  Then move to another section of your design and repeat.

Once your design is pressed down you can slowly pull up that carrier sheet, and voila, your vinyl is nice and attached to your canvas!

That’s all there is to it!

Your Future is as Bright as Your Faith Quote

It turned out perfect!  My daughter is redoing her room decor and is putting up a few accents in gold.  This gold glitter vinyl was PERFECT!!  She picked out a quote she wanted displayed and we got to work and had this canvas done in no time!

I wish you could see the glitter in person, so good!

Your Future is as Bright as Your Faith FREE Cut File SVG

And YES, I have this FREE Cut File SVG for you – just enter your email address in the box below and you will be redirected to download that file for FREE! whoop whoop!

If you love Heat Transfer Vinyl projects, you’ll also want to check out:

How to Apply Heat Transfer Vinyl

How to Hand Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl

Secret Hack for Placing Heat Transfer Vinyl perfectly!

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Chalkboard stencils are very popular right now, but instead of grabbing one I’ve wanted to make my own – because I LOVE being able to make just what a want.  I love that about crafting, being able to make custom things just for you!  SO, I tried making a chalkboard stencil and it worked great.  Here are all my tips and tricks on How to make a Chalkboard Stencil.

I love that you can make it for whatever occasion you need!  Here I used it for a back-to-school chalkboard for all of those cute First Day of School Pictures.


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Craft Bundles – they have awesome cut file bundles and fonts for ah-mazing deals!!  May contain affiliate links.

The Dazzling Craft Bundle Deal

Right now the Dazzling Craft Bundle is on one of those amazing deals!  You can get The Dazzling Craft Bundle packed with 19 premium fonts from 11 font families and over 160 SVG cut files, watercolor designs, and digital papers! Normally priced at $330, now you can download it for ONLY $22 with full commercial license included!  See, that’s awesome!  This first day cut file was included in the bundle.

Make Your Own Chalkboard Stencil

You’ll need:

Dazzling Craft Bundle cut file

–Cutting machine (I used my Silhouette Machine)

Stencil Vinyl

–Transfer Tape (my favorite is the clear gridded)

–Chalkboard (I found this one in the Target Dollar Spot)

–Chalk or Chalkboard Markers

Chalkboard Stencil Video Tutorial

Yep!  I have a video tutorial for you, just about a minute long – enjoy!!

How to Make a Chalkboard Stencil
  1. Cut your decal using your cutting machine.  Cut it out of Stencil Vinyl – if you are unsure what stencil vinyl is, be sure to read all about that HERE.
  2.  Weed out the parts that you are going to want to chalk.  So here I weeded out the words because that’s what I wanted to chalk onto my board.  Leave in the middle of the letters, etc.

3. Then use your transfer tape to move the vinyl onto your project.  Place the transfer tape on top of your design and then remove the backing paper from your design.

4. Now it’s time to attach the decal stencil to your chalkboard!

Using a Chalkboard Stencil
  1. Make sure your stencil has been pressed firmly onto your chalkboard.  If your chalkboard is brand new, you’ll want to “season” your chalkboard before attaching the stencil.  Seasoning a chalkboard is simply covering the whole thing in chalk and then wiping it off.
  2. Using either chalk or a chalkboard marker, color in the stencil.  If using chalk, sometimes it helps to get it wet to get it to write in a deeper color.

3.  When dry, remove the stencil vinyl.  Don’t forget to pull out all the centers of letter, etc.

That’s all there is to it!  Hope you had fun learning How to make a Chalkboard Stencil!  And don’t forget to check out that awesome cut file and font bundle at Craft Bundles!

The post How to make a Chalkboard Stencil appeared first on Sugar Bee Crafts.

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Sugar Bee Crafts by Mandy Beyeler - 1w ago

Have you ever wondered about layering vinyl decals?!  It’s easier than you think!  You can layer right onto the transfer tape to make things way easier when you go to place your decal.  I’ve been on a kick of adding decals to all the cars in my family and my grandma requested a cardinal, which looked better in layers . So today I’m going to walk you through Layering Vinyl Decals!

This isn’t hard – you can do this!  The reason you want to use layering is so that you can put the decal on in one shot instead of trying to build layers onto your project.  Sometimes it’s easier to attach a decal in one shot, such as when you’re putting on a car decal.

Layering Vinyl Decals Video Instructions

yes!  I made a quick video to walk you through how I do this – it’s only a couple of minutes long, so enjoy!  And then I have written instructions down below if you prefer that.

Layering Vinyl Decals Tutorial
  1. cut the various layers of your decal out of various colors of vinyl
  2. starting with the TOP layer, build your layers
  3. layer until you have all the layers built onto the lower layer
  4. when you attach your decal, peel off the backing sheet and attach to your project.  All the layers will go on at once.

For example, here I started with the beak and eyes, adding them to the mask.  Then I added the mask to the main body.  Then I added the wing and feet to the main body.  Then ALL the layers were on the main body and I could transfer the entire decal at once.

I have another great example of How to Layer Vinyl on Transfer Tape that you can also check out to help explain the process method. Check it out!

Enjoy Layering Vinyl Decals!

Layering Vinyl

if you’re looking for other tips and tricks about layering vinyl, be sure to check out:

Secret to perfect placement of Heat Transfer Vinyl

how to layer vinyl on Transfer Tape

how to cut a layered SVG in Silhouette

layer vinyl on a notebook

The post Layering Vinyl Decals appeared first on Sugar Bee Crafts.

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Sugar Bee Crafts by Mandy Beyeler - 1w ago

Have you ever wanted to try to make some Melted Crayon Art?  Sometimes it can be tricky, but we got first dibs on trying out the Crayon Melter an it was so fun!!  It was the perfect way to tackle a Melted Crayon Kids Craft.

The possibilities are endless with Melted Crayon Art!!  This post is in conjunction with my part of the Michael’s Makers Blogger Team, all opinions are my own.

Melted Crayon Kids Craft

You’ll need:

–Crayola  Crayon Melter

–blank canvas

–crayons in the colors of your choice (yes, they can be broken! Great use for all of those!)

Melted Crayon Kids Craft VIDEO TUTORIAL

Get excited, I have a VIDEO Tutorial for you so you can see how the Crayon Melter works – it’s super awesome!  I also have a written tutorial on down if you prefer that.

How to Use the Crayon Melter
  1. plug in your crayon melter
  2. push a crayon into the top of the Crayon Melter.  It will be ready when the light turns green.
  3. once ready, melted crayon will flow out of the tip of the Crayon Melter when pressure is applied to the tip.  Hold it like a pen.
  4. start off using the practice sheets to get the hang of drawing with melted crayon.  Then have fun creating!!
  5. to change colors, draw on a scrap paper with the unwanted color until it runs out, then insert the new color.  Draw a little more on the scrap paper until all the color from the old crayon is used and the new color is flowing brightly.

Drawing with Melted Crayon

We loved the dimension that the the Crayon Melter gave to the project.  And because it’s thick, the color is super vivid and awesome.  We found it best to draw an outline of your picture and then fill it in, but you can experiment and see what works best for you.

The melted crayon worked great both on the cardstock paper we used for scrap and on the canvas.

It was fun to see what my kiddos drew and how they can showcase their likes and personalities in their art projects.  THAT’S the fun of kids crafts!

Have fun creating your own!

Kid Craft Ideas

If you love Kid Crafts, you might also like:

String Art Heart Kids Craft

Cupcake Liner Flowers

Glitter Eyeball Slime

The post Melted Crayon Kids Craft appeared first on Sugar Bee Crafts.

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I know it’s not Back-to-School quite yet, but I wanted to get this idea out there so that when you’re ready to find Back To School craft ideas, it’s here and ready for you.  I had my girls help Design and Create a Custom Backpack and it was so much fun! And it turned out soooooo cute – you’ve got to try making a backpack for yourself.  I have all the details on the one we made for you, in case you need tips and ideas.

This post is a part of my participation as a Michael’s Maker – all opinions are my own, and my opinion is that is so so cute!!

Custom Backpack Craft

You’ll need (I grabbed all my supplies at Michael’s )

–blank backpack

–stencil (love the ones with a sticky back!)

–craft paint that works on fabric, or craft paint and fabric medium

–stencil dauber foam or brush

–fabric marker

Custom Backpack Craft Tutorial

Guess what – I put together a VIDEO Tutorial for you today – it’s only a couple of minutes long, and it will walk you through all the steps I used to create this fun Cactus Backpack.  If you prefer reading instructions on how to make a cactus backpack or stenciled backpack, I have that on down as well.

How to Stencil on Fabric
  1. use a stencil with a STICKY back – it helps seal it to your fabric
  2. use paint that is made for fabric, or mix fabric medium into your craft paint
  3. “pounce” the paint onto the stencil, do not “paint” it on – pouncing is dabbing the paint on over and over and using minimal paint so it doesn’t seep.
  4. Peel up stencil while paint is still wet, and voila!

You can see how using the “pouncing” and the sticky stencil can make for a nice crisp stencil.  The very first cactus bled just a little, because I used to much paint on my very first pounce, but after that I got the hang of it and the rest of the cactus turned out so great!

You can obviously use whatever stencil design you’d like and place them wherever you’d like.  I used 4 different colors of paint and just placed the cactus randomly on the backpack.

Tips for Stenciling on a Backpack
  • Iron the backpack first if there are any wrinkles (mine had some)
  • Use something solid inside the backpack to press your stencil against – I slid a piece of wood into the backpack to give me a firm place to push along the stencil.
  • Use tips for stenciling on fabric above to get nice clean crisp lines.  Place your first stencil in an inconspicuous area (I put my first one right up front, whoops!) because that’s the one you might mess up a little on.
  • Add keychain flair for a finishing touch!

Design and Create a Custom Backpack Craft

What would you design for your backpack?  We picked cactus but there are SO many options!!  We almost did a fruit backpack!

Enjoy making a backpack for yourself and bring that crafty vibe into all your back-to-school projects! Create a Custom backpack and enjoy!

Back to School Craft Ideas

If you love Back to School Crafts, you’ll for sure want to check out:

DIY Grad Year Tee

Painted Lunchbags for Back To School

First Day of School Photo Backdrop

Rainbow Crayon HolderHow to Organize Crayons!

The post Design and Create a Custom Backpack appeared first on Sugar Bee Crafts.

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You can be jealous – my nightstands are amazing!! I am so thrilled with how they turned out – what I saw in my mind actually came into reality.  And I’m here with a quick tutorial for you of how to make nightstands from a desk.  It’s a perfect DIY, Do-It-Yourself project to tackle on a weekend.

UPDATE:  we’ve had these for years now and I STILL love them!!

Master Bedroom Pop of Color

I really love the pop of color they bring to that whole wall .  My wall stencil can be seen here and the ceiling inset dilemma can be seen here.

They bring color to the room, but also extra depth and dimension.  I love the all the drawers and the unique curve that they have:

Nightstands from a Desk

So yep, these came from a desk – seriously!!  I can’t take credit for the idea – my sister-in-law said she was chopping up a desk to convert it to nightstands, and I thought it was genius.  So I started haunting Craigslist for a cheap desk.  I found it, solid wood – for $10 – awesome!! The top was a little rough, but that’s part of the charm, right? And that’s why I didn’t feel bad about cutting it – it was in pretty rough shape.

How to Make Nightstands From a Desk Cut the desk in Half

I enlisted Trevor’s help.  He cut free each stack of drawers from the middle part.  Aren’t I nice to showcase his new motorcyle

Then he routered the cut edge to make it match the manufactured edge and sanded it smooth.

After painting and putting them in our room, I had to ask him which edge he did – so obviously he did a great job, since I can’t even tell:

Finishing Touches on Nightstands

I primed and painted everything.  The color is green even though it looks yellow.  Trevor calls it yellow.  But I wanted green – and the paint is called “gecko” – who has ever heard of a yellow gecko?  So I call it green.  I actually liked the drawer pulls it came with, so I just soaked them in mineral spirits overnight and scrubbed on them with a toothbrush to clean the up a little, then put them back on:

And voila, in their place – they’re looking great and I LOVE all the drawers:

You can do this!!

Another Desk Turned into Nightstands

Find an old desk and get to work.  Kate found a desk on the side of the road and made herself some.  Here’s hers –



So there ya go – a quick run-down of how to make nightstands from a desk.  Start your hunt for the perfect desk and go ahead and get started!

The post Nightstands – from a desk! appeared first on Sugar Bee Crafts.

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Sugar Bee Crafts by Mandy Beyeler - 2w ago

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you’ll know that I love Ribbon Tees – I started making them even before I had a blog when I used my embroidery machine instead of vinyl.  In the past I’ve always sewn on the ribbon, but for those of you that are intimidated by sewing, I thought I’d put together a quick No Sew Ribbon Tee option, wahoo!

It comes together super quickly, you’re going to love making this!  This post may contain affiliate links.

No Sew Ribbon Tee Supplies for a Ribbon Tshirt

–Blank Tshirt (I got this tank top at walmart)

–Ribbon in desired pattern (I think this ribbon is from Michaels – it was in my stash, so I can’t remember for sure)

Speed Sew Fabric Glue – it dries really quickly so it works great for this project

–Optional: Heat Transfer Vinyl cut into a name for personalization

No Sew Ribbon Tee Instructions – Video Tutorial

I put together a quick (just about a minute long!) video tutorial to talk you through the process, and then I’ll write out the instructions below that in case you prefer reading to watching. Here’s the video tutorial:

How to Make a No-Sew Ribbon Tee
  1. Cut ribbon to slightly wider than the width of the tee
  2.  Turn under each end of the ribbon to give it a finished edge.  Secure with fabric glue.
  3.  Attach ribbon to tee using fabric glue and press into place.
  4. Make bow as desired. Attach bow using fabric glue and let dry completely.

Other Crafty Tee Ideas

If you love this Ribbon Tee, you might want to check out:

Ribbon Tee, the sewing version

–the Little Firecracker Tee (from the pic above) and how to layer vinyl

How to make an Applique Tee (Harry Potter! or any decal!)

The post No Sew Ribbon Tee appeared first on Sugar Bee Crafts.

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You have an SVG with layers – now what?! Have you ever wondered How to Cut and Apply layered SVG in Silhouette?  It’s easier than you think, and I have a quick video to walk you through it, yea!!  Working with heat transfer vinyl is one of my most favorite crafts.

If you haven’t tried layering yet, what are you waiting for?!  You’ve got this!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with FontBundles – all opinions are my own.

Where to get SVG Files?

I love to get SVG files in Bundles and recently got the Crafters Delight Volume IV – so many cute options! I have plans to pick a kitchen one to put on an apron – they would also make awesome kitchen towels.  And that zebra would look great on a tote bag.  And the pilot and co-pilot for daddy and kiddo tees.  So many options!  PLUS, in addition to all those SVGS, do you the FONTS that it comes with?!  I’m obsessed with “floaties” and “the overthinkers” – they’re SO good!  I would get the whole bundle just for those fonts.  Right now you ALL of this, a $282 value, for only $24 – such a good deal!!

How to Cut and Apply layered SVG in Silhouette

You’ll need:

–Super Cute SVG File – I used the Little Firecracker SVG from the Crafters Delight Volume IV – it comes with SO MANY cute SVGS!!

–Heat Transfer Vinyl

–Silhouette Cutting Machine (or whichever cutting machine you prefer!)

–Blank Tee (this one was in my stash)

How to Cut and Apply layered SVG in Silhouette – VIDEO TUTORIAL!

Yep, I thought it would be easiest to just talk you through the project, so enjoy this how-to svg layer video, it’s only a couple minutes long.  If you prefer reading instructions, that’s on down below too!

How to Cut SVG Layers in Silhouette
  1. Open your SVG and adjust it to the desired size.  Mirror image if you’ll be cutting HTV.
  2. Click “send” to send to your Silhouette Machine.
  3. In the “send” panel, choose the “fill tab”.
  4. Check box next to the color of vinyl you want to cut (uncheck all others)
  5. Put that color of vinyl into your cutter and cut that layer.
  6. Uncheck that color and check the next color that needs cut and repeat.
How to Apply Layered SVG using Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV
  1. Cut all layers separately (see above).
  2. Weed out excess vinyl.
  3. Apply bottom layer of vinyl using iron or heat press (if you want more info on how to apply HTV, I have a video for that!).  Peel off carrier sheet.
  4. Apply next layer of vinyl over the top of first layer.  If there is HTV exposed, do not touch that section with your iron! You can reuse the carrier sheet to protect it if needed.
  5. Repeat until all layers are applied.

Now you know all about How to Cut and Apply layered SVG in Silhouette  – what will you make first??

The post How to Cut and Apply layered SVG in Silhouette appeared first on Sugar Bee Crafts.

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There’s just something about heading out to a Disney vacation that makes you want to craft all.the.things, am I right?!  I made some DIY Disney Mickey Ears, Diy Tees, and even sewed up some drawstring bags that turned out sooooo cute.  Today I wanted to show you the DIY Disney Tee with FREE cut file – yep, you too can make it, super easy!

I really LOVED how these turned out and am excited to share the cut files with you.  In case you love pinning to save for later, here you go:

They were perfect!! (yes, I’m wearing a fanny pack, it’s from Walmart – those things are ah-mazing!!).  This post may contain affiliate links.

DIY Make Your Own Disney Shirts

You’ll need:

–blank tee – we loved the baseball style ones

heat transfer vinyl

–optional, GLITTER heat transfer vinyl (wherever you see red I used glitter!!)

Silhouette Cutting Machine (you can get 10% off HERE with code 10OFF)

–Cut Files (see below)

Disney Tee Cut Files Decal

Cursive “love” with Disney mickey head is HERE and will work with either/both a Silhouette machine or a Cricut Machine.

You can get the Best Day Ever, Disney Vibes, and Square Love as a free cut file by entering your email into the box below:

How to Make a Custom Tshirt
  1. Cut your decal using your cutting machine (I LOVE my Silhouette! – get 10% with code “10OFF” HERE. Cricuts are great too) – be sure you’re cutting it MIRRORED
  2. Weed out the extra vinyl
  3. Use an iron and press your design onto your tee
  4. That’s it!!  If you’d like more step-by-step details on how to make a custom vinyl tee, I have a video for that!
Disney Craft Ideas

If you love all things Disney and are looking for more Disney Craft ideas, I have those too!  Be sure to check out:

Simple Minnie Mouse Costume (no-sew!)

Make Your Own Minnie Mouse Ears Headband

Rolled flower Minnie Mouse Hairclip

And enjoy your DIY Disney Tee with FREE cut file – have fun making them!

The post DIY Disney Tee with FREE cut file appeared first on Sugar Bee Crafts.

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