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I often spend time with my friends and come away thinking about the positive attributes of their signs and how great they are at working with what they’ve got.

I felt inspired to write a little list of five things I love about each of the signs, and believe me, it was hard to narrow it down to 5! If I missed something, why not comment below to let me know what you think?

  1. Not afraid to take charge
  2. They are able to push you into being better by talking up your strong points
  3. They don’t beat around the bush – brutal at times
  4. Doesn’t get offended if you don’t feel like following them
  5. They are excellent leaders and inspire others to be more true to themselves
  1. They know how to relax in style
  2. They aren’t afraid of spending a bit more on better quality stuff
  3. They give the best cuddles
  4. They make food with amazing flavour
  5. They can’t be pushed into something if they don’t want to do it
  1. They juggle many tasks so effortlessly
  2. They are always there for a chat if you need to talk to someone
  3. They can introduce you to a variety of new ideas in one conversation with their far reaching knowledge
  4. They always have a cool book to lend you when you’ve run out of things to read
  5. They’ll go on adventures with you and have no qualms about jumping on a bus and travelling for a few miles
  1. Always know how to make you feel better when you are feeling down
  2. Are amazing at cooking comfort food, or sorting food out for a party that caters for a variety of tastes and dietary requirements
  3. They are amazing at spotting a niche and can inspire you to do that thing before anyone’s ever thought of it
  4. They aren’t too proud to let their emotions show
  1. Wear their heart on their sleeve, and sparkles on their garments
  2. Bring out the child in us all
  3. Amaze you with their confidence and comfort when all eyes are on them
  4. Teaches us to be proud of our talents and gives us permission to showcase them
  5. They always have such amazing hair
  1. Is humble and helpful
  2. Are so helpful when you need it and they want to do all they can to assist
  3. They intuitively know which foods are best for us
  4. They are able to get the practical stuff done that no one else really wants to do
  5. They are always able to offer practical advice and help make sense of situations which might be confusing and difficult
  1. Are able to listen and offer impartial advice to a situation
  2. Always look effortlessly gorgeous
  3. Are able to handle the most difficult situations with grace, and charm – natural mediators
  4. Don’t like to get involved with bitching
  5. Are generally calming to be around
  6. They give the best gifts and are so thoughtful
  1. Will be by your side in a crisis
  2. Will sit up to the early hours discussing issues you just couldn’t talk to anyone else about (or just watching stranger things and scary movie marathons)
  3. Show you the beauty in the darker side of life
  4. Will have you believing you can achieve something that you were doubting moments before you spoke to them 
  5. Have the most incredible strength when facing problems of their own
  1. Can just let things go when they are fed up of worrying or being angry 
  2. Really know how to let their hair down and have fun
  3. Can help you to see the bigger picture rather than getting hung up on the details
  4. Fill you with an infectious optimism and really lift the mood
  5. Will always find a reason to go to the pub and celebrate with you
  1. Take the no-nonsense approach when they need you to listen to them
  2. They’re good at adulting
  3. They’ll help you to sort out your finances/budget when you’ve gone off track
  4. They aren’t work shy, and they’ll impress you with what they are capable of achieving
  5. They are happy to take responsibility for things, leaving everyone else free to party – just not too blatantly under their nose or they’ll get irritated!
  1. They never judge you for being 100% yourself
  2. You can be totally weird in front of them and they won’t bat an eyelid. In fact they’ll join and and have you in stitches for hours
  3. They are great campaigners and can inspire lots of people to get on board with what they feel passionate about
  4. They do their own thing and often others are drawn to them because they have such unique skills
  5. They are natural rebels and don’t want to go with the status quo – they’ll wear odd socks on purpose.
  1. Have a beautiful outlook on life and can turn the gloomiest day into a poetic vision
  2. Teach us forgiveness by letting go of the negative crap and believing in the inherent good in people
  3. Can meet you on a level when you are feeling depressed, down or just plain shitty. They’ll be there to share stories of sadness and difficulty. You won’t feel alone.
  4. They make you want to transcend the mundane and inject an element of magic into existence
  5. They will make you feel organised because they generally live in chaos. They know it and they’re cool about it!

Each sign has it’s own special gifts and I felt like celebrating them all! So there you go, this responsible, serious Cappy has shown some love. The sunny weather must be affecting me!

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Go Cancer, it’s your birthday! Until the 22nd when Leo steals the spotlight. It’s a pretty eventful month with Jupiter turning direct on the 10th and Mars retrograde throughout (There really is no point starting that diet at the moment as motivation will be hard to muster) read more about Mars retrograde here.

There are two eclipses: a partial solar eclipse in Cancer on the 13th and a Blood Moon and total lunar eclipse in Aquarius on 27th. Often these events are like pressing hard reset, or fast forward on an area of your life. They can be foretellers of doom and usually accompany major changes or headlines in political or big world events.

Venus is the only planet to change signs this month from Leo to Virgo and there are 5 retrograde planets this month, Jupiter turns direct and then Mercury turns retrograde just in the last week of the month.

Mercury retrograde and Mars retrograde are in opposite signs Leo and Virgo – expect the cold shoulder, expect dramatic outbursts, expect gossiping friends and old flames.

Counterbalancing the air and fire is a lovely (albeit melodramatic at times) trine between Jupiter and Neptune, but with them both being retrograde at the moment there is an element of being more introverted rather than extroverted in their expression. This will be turned into a grand trine from the 11th to 13th of July as the moon in Cancer completes a trine to both planets, making for a very nice and harmonious connection as well as the Sun completing the train from the 5th to the 9th.

July 2018 Horoscope Key Dates
  • 05th – Sun trine Jupiter | Mercury opposite Mars
  • 08th – Sun trine Neptune
  • 09th – Mercury square Jupiter
  • 10th – Jupiter enters direct motion
  • 11th – Grand Trine Moon–Jupiter–Neptune
  • 12th – Sun opposite Pluto | Venus trine Uranus
  • 13th – Total Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon at 20°41’ Cancer at 02:48 GMT
  • 14th – Venus trine Saturn
  • 22nd – Venus sextile Jupiter
  • 25th – Sun square Uranus
  • 26th – Mercury Retrograde in Leo
  • 27th – Sun opposite Mars Rx | Partial Solar Eclipse 4°45’ Aquarius at 07:51 GMT
  • 28th – Venus trine Pluto

Are your ears burning Aries? It’s possible that you will be the subject of discussion among friends and it could relate to an issues which occurred back in mid-May when Uranus enters Taurus. Be aware that you may have spontaneous tendencies this month, particularly on the 7th which will feel incredibly unstable. Exercise caution and engage your brain before your tongue does any damage.

The eclipse on the 13th brings powerful feelings for you, possibly involving your work, or a particular individual there. An encounter with someone that has persuasion power, sows the seed of change in your mind. With home and fun highlighted you might decide to look for a job which works for you more and strikes more of a work-life balance.

The Sun enters fellow fire sign Leo on the 22nd and until that point, family and home life will be in the spotlight.

Mercury spends most of the month giving you a reason to do things for the pleasure of them rather than prioritising the stuff that feels like a chore. You might be thinking about how to develop your hobbies or perhaps you want to spend more time playing rather than working. You will have a chance to develop your knowledge whilst doing things which bring fun into your daily routine and allow you to express yourself more freely. Engage your spontaneous tendencies this month by going on an unplanned nights out rather than having an agenda.

The Full Moon puts friendships and communities under the spotlight, and with Mars retrograde in the mix you could have a rather short fuse or a friend might not be operating with their best intentions. You will see the situation for what it truly is on this day.

This month your ruling planet Venus is the only planet (other than the Sun) change sign, From Leo to Virgo. Up until this point, you will be happy to indulge yourself and enjoy those little luxuries – and why not when the Sun is shining? It is likely you have allowed yourself to indulge a little too much, so from the 10th having a little more control over your pleasure seeking impulses should feel a little easier. It’s a great time to get in touch with your body and your mind, doing some yoga or dance to getting the creativity flowing.

The 12th might have you spending impulsively on items that aren’t your usual taste. Take advantage of this time to introduce a positive habit which will benefit you in the long run. If you want to look and feel good, now is the time to say those positive affirmations or go on a diet! The total eclipse will be occurring in your courses and communication zone, so if you have been thinking of studying, this could be a great time to start; just make sure you check the small print before signing up.

The Sun moves from Cancer to Leo on the 22nd, and when it does, there is a really lucky day for you. If an opportunity comes your way, make sure you take it! Mercury Retrograde presents the potential to see old friends and get in touch with the past and times when you felt free of responsibility. Keep your eyes peeled for kitchen appliances on the blink; Mercury loves to reek havoc with technology! There have certainly been changes since Uranus entered your sign back in May and it is likely you are more open minded to a more holistic way of living.

The Full Moon and total solar eclipse on the 27th presses fast-forward on your career and public image house and with Mars retrograde in the mix, take extra care when conducting yourself at work. It’s possible that there are some people around you who don’t have your best interest at heart. It is advisable not to act impulsively – If you have been thinking of redirecting your energy into a completely new career, this Full Moon should give you the push you need.

Get your moonwalking shoes on Gemini! This month your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde in Leo towards the end of July. Expect dramatic gesticulation, unnecessary verbosity and theatrical conversations. Communication is highlighted and a dramatic outburst with friends could leave you regretting the way you handled the situation. Remember: stating things with confidence doesn’t make it a fact and others could take you more literally than initially intended. So starting a war of words with someone is not advised right now; You might come away shocked with the outcome.

Try not to say anything that could get blown out of proportion on the 9th, as Mercury meets challenging aspect to super-sensitive Jupiter at this time. Foot-in-mouth syndrome alert! Just remember if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

The 13th is a very positive feeling time though it is also a time where things can be blown out of proportion. With Jupiter in direct motion it could be a time where you find yourself seeing the future more clearly but understanding there are still some deep issues which need to be worked through.

You get a chance to truly reflect on what you value during the total lunar eclipse in Cancer. Having financial obligations and repayments, this may well be the time where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This Blood Moon brings an element of sudden movement and finances, so you could decide to book a night away or invest in a course in your local area.

Fortunately this month, home will be a place where you can retreat and recharge if necessary, so if you are feeling a little averse to chatting with the neighbours or the cashier in your local shop, stock up and hunker down at home.

The Full Moon in Aquarius at the end of the month highlights how much you just want to get away and travel, as well as wanting to expand your knowledge. If you have been looking at higher education, or dealing with affairs with a foreign flavour, you might have to go back over some of the fine print before commiting to a decision. Definitely don’t be too hasty in decision making when both Mars andMercury are retrograde.

Your entire outlook gets a power-up this month as the Blood Moon occurs in your persona and identity zone. You might find yourself having flashbacks, as though a pandoras box of memories has been opened up for you. This changes your perspective on a lot of things and could drastically change how you view and value yourself.

Keep a close eye on your finances at the beginning of the month Cancer as it is likely you will need to unexpectedly spend out later in the month – budgeting could soften the blow.

With Mercury retrograde highlighting your possessions, you could be going back and returning purchases, or deciding you want to reorganise your home.

You just seem to know exactly what to say this month, particularly from the 10th when Venus moves into your communication and friendship house. If you need to sweet talk yourself into, or out of a situation, it will come easily for you this month. Local area and home is also highlighted so spending out on your home, decorating or just having some friends round for dinner is on the cards.

With Mars retrograde highlighting your house of other people’s money, be mindful of investments and borrowing at this time as you might bite off more than you can chew.

The Full Moon at the end of the month in conjunction with Mars highlights your career aspirations and your shared goals and aspirations. With big changes in your friendship groups, you might find yourself looking back at an old job more favourably. Don’t act on this impulse, but note your observations and what you feel from it.

Happy birthday Leo! It’s your time to shine! The Sun enters your first house from the 22nd and you will get a sudden burst of vitality from your previous subdued and lethargic feeling. Integrating the recent changes that have occurred on a psychological level will be born in a more public way into your persona, allowing you to change habits or ways that you have done things for a long time.

Mercury retrograde in your first house highlights an element of backtracking on your part and you could decide that change your mind on an issue of lending and friendship. Never a lender or a borrower be, is something my mum always said to me and it really helped me to avoid issues with friends who didn’t ever pay back what they owe. Or it could be that you have decided to borrow from a friend and find that you haven’t got the means to pay them back. It goes deeper than this though, you could discover at this time who your real friends really are.

The total lunar eclipse occurs in your relationship house pressing a hard reset or fast forward for you. This New Moon is entwined with Mars retrograde and you could find yourself the subject of other people’s aggression. As this is occuring in your relationship zone, there is every chance an old flame could get in touch – unfinished business? You could also find yourself backing out of a relationship or partnership if you have recently been seeing someone. One thing’s for sure, if you are dating a colleague, or fancy one, you might find yourself wanting to keep things under wraps for a while as the spotlight on you and all that marshal energy is making you spontaneous and unpredictable; your relationship may be thrust into the spotlight. Try to avoid altercations at work! You probably won’t come out on top.

The Full Moon and eclipse on the 27th highlights your charitable side and triggers a need to want to get involved in a type of giving or charitable event.

Spending time with your social circle is fun but over the past few weeks you may have been burning the candle at both ends. With the New Moon in your house of social affairs and group activities, the seeds are being sown for a new project to be started, perhaps an event, or some way of raising money; you could find yourself doing something charitable and humanitarian. Be mindful that you also might have to sort out friction among your friends as people start looking back at past hurt and blaming each other. You might have to be a mediator for the early part of the month!

With the New Moon in Cancer on the 13th, a situation causes you to take a deep look within; the seed for irrevocable transformation from within spurs you to take control of your life. It is likely to be a subconscious realisation for now but will eventually develop into something far deeper and more meaningful, and quite likely, something very original too.

Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde toward the end of the month; you might try and figure out some of your friends and whether their intentions are as true to you as they seem. Old friends may also be in touch during this time and you might have to go back over some of your conversations to work out why you are feeling this intuitive doubt with someone in your circle.

With Venus crossing over to your image and personality zone you will have the tact and persuasion skills of a pro. You might also get a sudden confidence boost after feeling a little less attractive. You might have even changed your eating habits a bit in order to lose a little weight – This is when the work will have paid off and you will start to feel a bit better about yourself.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 27th is also a total lunar eclipse and blood moon highlighting work and the daily grind for you. You might get a sudden realisation that you need to change your lifestyle, or a that something in your routine just isn’t working for you anymore. With Mars retrograde in the mix, you will be looking back towards what you really enjoy and makes your heart sing. But initially you could feel rather stuck in your situation and the frustration of that situation will be obvious to those around you. Realigning your passions and pursuing what means the most to you rather than doing things out of obligation are important right now.

Venus is the only planet (other than the sun) to change signs this month. Venus is currently in you friendship zone until the 10th where she dips into a solitude loving space. You may only want to be surrounded by your nearest and dearest at this time and even that might be a bit too much company for you.

There will have been an emphasis on work and your professional outlook which will be getting you some recognition for what you do, whether that is among your colleagues or peers.

On the 12th a moment of realisation or deeper reflection from within grants the opportunity for change which you welcome. It could be over a relationship, or emotional baggage, be it yours or someone else, but it is the beginning of liberation for you. Followed shortly by the New Moon and partial solar eclipse on the 13th which occurs in your work zone; even if you have been recognised for what you do, you might have an inkling that it isn’t quite what you want to do. It might spark the beginning of a new you and a complete change of image. The next 9 to 18 months will reveal your true ambitions and desires.

Mercury goes retrograde creating a social and friendship feedback loop. Perhaps an old friend gets in touch or you could find yourself backtracking on a commitment you have made. Having the energy to keep the peace this month will feel tiring to you.

The Full Moon on the 27th lights up your hobbies and passions zone and with Mars retrograde also in this area, it’s likely an old friend or flame could get in touch and possibly on a mission to straighten things out if things weren’t left on good terms. Or they could be back to cause you more stress. If you have been spending too much time on your own enjoyment for a while, it might be worth looking at what you have been sacrificing in the meantime. In August Mars dips back into your home zone, so make sure family and your own personal space isn’t being compromised because you have a fear of missing out.

Your traditional ruler Mars is retrograde this month and for you will be affecting your home life. Deeper issues may come up for you at this time and this is a great opportunity to work on old wounds and let go.

Tensions on the 12 could be problematic as you have to deal with other people and their quirks. It might be that some of your more challenging qualities are shown up for what they are, or you are dealing with a challenging person who enjoys making life difficult for you (I can see the smug smirk on their face as I write).

Mercury retrograde this month is in your public image and reputation zone as you might have to go over things you have already done previously or draw on previous experience in order to move forward. Your friends might be able to advise you at this time, and it’s possible work takes over for you in many ways – much to the detriment of your home life.

Your modern assigned ruler, Pluto, is still in Capricorn but this month he is opposed by the New Moon and partial solar eclipse.  This is a powerful and deep process for empowerment, though it might be inspired through a situation where the power seems to be out of your hands. Your philosophies and faith in the future could be tested at this time and trigger that turning over of a new leaf for you. If you have recently met someone or got involved in a situation that seems too good to be true, it’s probably the case. Be wary of people with a guru complex.

The Full Blood Moon on the 27th highlights home life and with Mars retrograde also getting involved, it is likely you will need to address some issues at home, or perhaps with a family member. You are likely to be feeling pretty grouchy on the run up, and during the full moon exposed to some arguments. If you are living with a partner, try channelling that mars into a much more productive outlet – going for a run or getting some exercise (particularly in the bedroom) could help matters. With Jupiter going direct in your first house, if you have been particularly sensitive and introspective, from the 10th, the feeling will ease. This is an abundant and opportunistic planet so you will likely be feeling the benefits of him in your sign. If you have had a change of philosophy or have decided to take up a course or teaching, you could find this is where you really get into the swing of things or get some awards or achievements for your hard work.

Jupiter turns direct this month! In the deep dark belly of scorpio, you are bound to be finding lots of hidden gems in the recesses of your subconscious. With your ruling planet in the 12th house at the moment, it will now be in direct motion for the rest of it’s time there and you are likely to be deeply involved in losing yourself in someway, perhaps through drinking more, or being involved in meaningful activity or work of some description.

Again this month there will  be another grand trine for you involving the..

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At the end of June 2018, the planet of action, aggression, passion and war – Mars – goes retrograde. During this time there will be three full moons, two eclipses, Uranus enters retrograde motion and Mercury retrogrades and goes direct again! Rather eventful.

The Sun will move from 5° Cancer (directly opposite Saturn in Capricorn) to 4° Virgo so will be sextile (60°) from its original position by the time Mars stations direct. Our focus will be directed from the feeling realms, nostalgia and where we are coming from, to practical application,  tangible results, refining our craft and purification. This psychological journey of the ego asks us to get in touch with our raw skills and roots to apply ourselves.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and traditionally by Saturn. key words for Aquarius are: Progression, rebellion, individuality, friendships, imperfection, common purpose, shared goals.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Key words for Capricorn are: tradition, respect, authority, hierarchy, parental approval, perfection, mastery.

Both traditionally ruled by Saturn, Aquarius has been assigned Uranus by modern ruler ship and what with Uranus having entered Taurus recently, it is likely we will see some Uranus in Taurus themes during this retrograde period as Mars backtracks over the degrees he was residing during Uranus’ ingress to Taurus back in May 2018. Things may start feeling stuck, fixed and slow as Mars begins his backward dance, before dipping into cardinal Capricorn where he is exalted by traditional astrological method and is very high functioning.

Mars Retrograde from Aquarius to Capricorn Offers us:
  • a chance to go back over old feuds and process them using reason and logic
  • the understanding that there is no substitute for hard work
  • an opportunity to reevaluate and take serious steps toward future aspirations
  • a chance to revisit cut-corners and do things properly the second time
  • an opportunity to change ingrained habits and deal with our own ‘stuff’
Watch for:
  • backtracking on a decision you thought you were certain about
  • spontaneous and irrational actions, which are disruptive to your daily routine
  • seeing old enemies or flames in your life again
  • dealing with issues you thought were dead and buried
  • depleted energy levels or a lack of will power
Key Mars Retrograde Dates June
  • 21st – Sun in Cancer
  • 28th – Full Moon 6° Capricorn 04:53 GMT
  • 30th – Sun quincunx Mars | Mercury square Uranus
  • 02nd – Mercury quincunx Saturn
  • 03rd – Sun quincunx Mars
  • 05th – Mercury opposite Mars
  • 07th – Jupiter Mars Moon T-square with Mercury opposite
  • 10th – Jupiter Direct
  • 13th – New Moon 20°41′ Cancer 02:48 GMT and Total Lunar Eclipse
  • 16th – Venus quincunx Mars
  • 20th – Venus bi-quintile Mars
  • 21st – Sun in Leo
  • 25th – Sun square Uranus
  • 26th – Sun quincunx Saturn | Mercury Stations
  • 27th – Full Moon 4°45′ Aquarius 20:20 GMT and Partial Solar Eclipse | Sun opposite Mars | Venus sesquiquadrate Mars
  • 28th – Mars semi-sextile Saturn
  • 02nd – Mars square Uranus
  • 07th – Uranus stations Retrograde
  • 08th – Venus trine Mars | Mars semi-square Neptune
  • 11th – New Moon 18°42′ Leo 09:58 GMT
  • 13th – Mars enters Capricorn
  • 19th – Mercury Stations
  • 21st – Sun quincunx Mars | Sun in Virgo
  • 25th – Sun trine Saturn | Sun trine Uranus
  • 26th – Full Moon 3°12′ Pisces 11:56 GMT
  • 27th – Mars Stations | Sun bi-quintile Mars

Mars’ journey from Aquarius to Capricorn, is a process of energetic backtracking, as we attempt to correct our course and be taken more seriously; we may struggle with hierarchy or our superiors. Understanding the importance of a chain of command will be highlighted as we go from having lots of ideas, to wanting to see tangible results for our input.

Aquarius is a rebellious placement for Mars and by the time he moves back into Capricorn he will be prepared to take on the efforts that are required of him and understand his place in the bigger picture.

During this time you can expect to feel lower motivation when implementing diets and physical activity. However, it is an excellent time to go back over a plan of action which works in theory, and set the wheels in motion to get it working in practice as well.

Intellect over Fists and Fury

With instigator Mars moving from airy Aquarius back to earthy Capricorn, there is a feeling of being in the realm of ideas and concept and having to go back and create a more solid plan of action and structure in order to implement plans. Mars is the masculine archetype, the young man and from Aquarius he is different, rebellious and able to detach to analyse a situation. He fights his battles with intellect rather than fists and fury.

When Mars is retrograde he is closer to the Earth than usual and is felt in a much stronger way. In the same way the heat from a match gets hotter the lower to your fingers it burns, Mars presence is like a heating up as it approaches and a cooling off as it gets farther away.

Being in touch with Mars at this time doesn’t mean rage you have to spew lava like a raging volcano; it may be a more passive and undetectable process which puts you in touch with deeper issues and desires which have lain below the surface.

That said, Mars may well be felt in a more prominent way – his presence could feel more forced, more present than usual. Might we embody this penetrating essence? Or will it be imposed upon us? It is difficult to say, but it will depend on your personal situation.

Poison Arrow

The early part of the retrograde process may see a few poison arrows being deployed as Jupiter the Archer is firing from Scorpio, and the deep uncharted depths of the psyche. The arrows could be more like torpedoes from a submarine rather than being sniped from above. It could feel as though no matter what you do your name is being tarnished from a source that you can’t quite pinpoint.

An opposition from Venus with Jupiter being the area of output creates a deeper commitment to the bigger picture. Echoed by the Moon in Sagittarius at the time of Mars’ retrograde motion, it is worth considering this to be a process of focus, value and faith. Whether it is believing in our leaders, putting us in touch with our Gods or believing in our own creative abilities, this could be a very revealing time. Challenges in our relationships may also be highlighted at this time, commitments and obligations may weigh heavily on us but we could feel ready to get involved rather than resisting.

On June 28th, the Full Moon at 6° Capricorn in conjunction with Saturn highlights a matter which demands to be taken seriously. Consulting with someone with experience or a respected professional in order to clarify your situation will reflect your true feelings about how to approach your situation.

Rocking the Foundations

An energetic and dynamic t-square is formed from the 7th July which questions the future and our existing foundations. A recent conversation, be it harsh words or a healthy debate causes a sudden process of deep self-assessment highlighting future needs and past changes leading up to this moment.

Instigated is an honest and fresh perspective look at the necessary steps driving us from focusing solely on what we were convinced was the only direction, to following a deeper and more specialized path, adding ‘more strings to the bow’. From the 10th of July the wheels of change begin to turn and you might have to step out of your comfort zone. The resistance to change may feel present but not as pronounced as it previously has; an element of optimism helps the process along.

Mars is retrograding back towards another square with Uranus which gets me thinking about the Hawaiian volcano Kīlauea which is still spewing lava since it became active back in May. The total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on the July 13th, could indicate another eruption.

Piton de la Fournaise

However, as the eclipse occurs over Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar  it is possible a volcano from that part of the world could erupt, or at least become active again. Perhaps Trou aux Cerfs will become active after lying dormant for so long? Or maybe or Piton de la Fournaise will erupt again – the most recent case of this being July 2017.

The 22nd July presents a tremendous opportunity to get in touch with previous hurt and learn to heal from it. The Sun enters Leo on the same day which gives an opportune. Subconscious patterns of pain, inherited from family patterns and previous generations could be offered a chance to heal. A maternal figure may offer insight which enables emotional independence, or you could decided to break away from familial expectations to pursue your true joy in life.

With the Sun entering Leo on the same day, this is a fiery and dynamic combination which is likely to get the heart aiming his arrow before the head is engaged. Keep this in mind, as spontaneity might cause a future hindrance, rather than the freedom promised by the moment. 

From 29th July to 19 August Mars will be in a challenging aspect to Neptune. Think of it as running in water. You still move, though you are met with resistance. Imagine trying to run backward. Things may become confused or indirect, if you have feelings for someone, it might be a time where your intentions change course or you struggle to control your urges. Your will power may feel blurred. Stationing direct this aspect is still coloring Mars’ modus operandi. This could lend to a sympathetic and charitable edge in his forward motion.

Karmic Connections

With Mars in conjunction with the point of eclipse there certainly feels as though this is a necessary point where we can draw on our previous experience and intellect in order to develop ourselves, or we could just decide to avoid the opportunity. We might meet people who play a pivotal role on our journey, or we may create a situation which changes our course of action unintentionally.

When Mars moves back into the late degrees of Capricorn on the 13th of August, Mars finds strategy and is able to moderate his energy output and invest in a plan worthy of his time and effort. Controlled when angry, this is the highest functioning position of Mars with the ability to exercise great self-control. Having said that, Mars in Capricorn can still rage, but you might have to push him to the top of a mountain before he erupts!

There will be a shift in what is deemed as possible. It is still a time of planning until Mars goes direct, but accompanied by the Sun in Virgo, the bigger picture will be visible and a plan of action will be forming as long as there is an element of flexibility.

The grand-trine from both Uranus and Saturn (rulers of Aquarius and Capricorn) to the Sun in Virgo at the end of this process indicates an acceptance of the necessity to change, alongside the willingness to carry out your plan of action.

Mars Retrograde in the signs
  • Aries – Groups, friendships and shared goals to personal goals, respect and reputation
  • Taurus – Career and public image to the looking for meaning in the bigger picture
  • Gemini – Philosophy and education to commitments and shared wealth
  • Cancer – Contracts and joint enterprises to relationships, lovers and other people
  • Leo – Partnerships, relationships and other people to colleagues and the daily grind
  • Virgo – Work, routine and lifestyle to pleasure-seeking, romance and fun
  • Libra – Hobbies, passions and children to home, heritage and family
  • Scorpio – Roots, the past and unconscious to local neighborhood, study and communication
  • Sagittarius – Travel, languages and local resources to money, possessions and worth
  • Capricorn – Values, quality and comfort to image, aims and personal space
  • Aquarius – General outlook and immediate environment to transcending the self and connecting to humanity
  • Pisces – Transitions, recuperation and the dream realm to friendships, groups and shared ideals

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It’s hard not to compare my life prior to and post my initiation into the astrological world. I decided to officially start learning the craft at my Saturn return and as a Capricorn my entire sense of self and career went through some huge tests. At the time it can seem difficult to navigate but when you understand the bigger picture, you can understand the importance of  bigger decisions you have had to make and how they fit in to your journey.

When my own journey commenced, I wasn’t aware of quite how much my life would change for the better. I now realise that people are often drawn to studying Astrology at a time in their life when they are ready to start learning about themselves on a much deeper level. It’s a therapeutic journey which calls out to you. However, in my case, it was a calling to my career as well.

Below are five things I didn’t know would happen before I started learning astrology:

1. I would spend the rest of my life mentally decoding every moment

In a similar way to the casino scene with Zach Galifianakis in the Hangover, I spend large chunks of my time mentally figuring out which planet is currently rising, which sign the moon is in, and whether something is making a hard aspect to the ascendant of the moment. I also listen to people in a deeper way, unpicking the phrases they use which might give me a clue to the happenings in their natal charts as well as wondering what their natal chart actually looks like. I can often see aspects of their chart in their appearance. I love the depth in which I find meaning in the little moments in life. 

via GIPHY 2. My social and professional circles would expand in the best possible way

The friends I have made during my astrological adventures – in classrooms, lectures and conferences – are friends I will keep in touch with to the end of my days. Some people I have never met in person, the internet has been our stomping ground.

The language of Astrology transcends age, time and cultural background. It connects people, events and cultures and allows objective analysis. It’s a whole world of weird and wonderful. Having a special code language is pretty cool, too. 

3. I would become more tolerant

So actually, astrology can provide a context to other people’s seemingly inexplicable actions. Having a disagreement with someone can be seen in the chart of the moment very easily. You can see what the disagreement is about from your own perspective, and the perspective of the other person.

Another thing you can do is look at the other person’s natal chart and transits to gain insight in the problems affecting them. I have done this so many times and my anger towards the situation shifts very quickly to empathy and understanding. It is a humbling experience.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t get angry, annoyed, p**d off or upset! We are meant to experience our emotions. However, if you need to see deeper meaning, astrology can provide that. It is far easier to be objective in matters of the heart.

Astrology gave me the insight to understand not only my own motivations but also the motivations of those who have ‘wronged’ me. It has also helped me to see the bigger picture of situations and understand why even the smaller ‘failings’ or wrongdoings are actually a set up for something else that perhaps isn’t perceived as possible just yet.

4. My life would drastically improve

Studying astrology is like attending therapy with constant revelations about your actions, personality and the world around you.

Being a Capricorn with a Scorpio moon and a Gemini ascendant, the need for control and understanding is great! So imagine how out of kilter I felt when I didn’t understand what was going on in my life during difficult times and I felt in a state of chaos. I struggled to cope with depression and anxiety and took medication for years.

As a school child during the 80’s and 90’s with an undiagnosed case of ADHD, I had teachers telling me I was stupid and lazy. However, when starting out in my astrological studies, I realised that none of these things were true and in fact my aversion to routine and a need for constant mental stimulation was expressed very clearly by my natal chart. I could also see the untapped potential of these markers. As a result, I have been able to manage the difficult days without medication for years.

I’m not saying the tough times go away when you study astrology – of course they don’t. But even the most difficult days are helped along with the insight astrology can provide. I am reminded that nothing is permanent and we are all in a state of constant flux. Moments come and moments go –such is the nature of life.

So even if you can’t see anything bright about your day, you can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that tough transits pass. You can even focus on the positive transits coming up and plan for how you are going to use them rather than letting them go by un-noticed.

5. My dreams would come true

Sounds cliché? Perhaps. But actually, since becoming an astrologer, I am much more aware of my capabilities and perceived limitations.

I had always dreamed of being published in magazines and books, presenting a radio show, travelling the world and being part of something that gives my life meaning whilst being able to help others. Astrology has made all of these things possible.

Put simply, my life has opened up to opportunities which were simply not available to me before. Gaining the respect of those who understand the challenges of pursuing an unconventional career is a great compliment – but mostly I love doing the thing that makes my heart sing and sharing that thing with the rest of the world. It’s a true blessing and I am eternally grateful to be walking this path.

Below is a video of my presentation in India, a moment one of my dreams came true and I became an international speaker. Anything is possible, dream big!

Stefanie James of UK addressing on "Uranus, Neptune & the Capricorn Stellium" - YouTube

The post Five Things I Didn’t Know Would Happen Before I Started Learning Astrology appeared first on Stellium Astrology.

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Winding down from the Blue Moon in Libra on March the 31st,  Mercury is retrograde until mid-April. With some challenging aspects from Saturn to the personal planets, we are asked to fix-up and look sharp! Read more about Mercury Retrograde in Aries here

If you would like to read your monthly horoscope with a bit more depth, try reading for your sun-sign and Ascendant.

Don’t forget to create your New Moon Wish List for the New Moon in Aries – Why? Find out and get your free diary here.

April 2018 Horoscope Key Dates
  • 01st – Sun–Mercury conjunction
  • 02nd – Mars–Saturn conjunction
  • 04th – Mercury square Mars
  • 05th – Mercury square Saturn
  • 07th – Venus trine Saturn
  • 11th – Venus trine Mars
  • 12th – Venus sextile Neptune
  • 14th – Mars sextile Neptune | Jupiter sextile Pluto
  • 15th – Mercury stations direct
  • 16th – New Moon at 26° Aries (01:57 GMT – 00:57 UT)
  • 17th – Venus Opposite Jupiter | Venus trine Pluto
  • 18th – Sun–Uranus conjunction | Saturn stations retrograde
  • 19th – Sun enters Taurus
  • 22nd – Pluto stations retrograde
  • 24th – Mars sextile Jupiter | Venus enters Gemini
  • 25th – Mercury square Saturn
  • 26th – Mars–Pluto conjunction
  • 29th – Sun trine Saturn
  • 30th – Full Moon at 9° Scorpio (00:58 GMT or 23:58 on 29/05/18 UTC)

It’s your time to shine Aries! This month is about checking in with yourself and being sure you know what you really want. Friendships, finance and career are highlighted for you and the 2nd April is an opportunity to put your energy into a project that will get you some serious respect in the long-term. Time for some critical thinking; do you push to do things your way, or compromise to reach the finish line? You have super-attractive power on the 11th in your self-esteem and earning zone and from the 15th you will be able to put plans into action having potentially turned a complete 180° on a decision you were previously convinced on. The New Moon on the 16th is the perfect time for self-reflection, assessing how to work with others whilst getting the outcome you want and the 24th presents a lucky opportunity which shouldn’t be ignored – If you’ve been wanting to ask for a pay-rise, this would be a good time. You will have persuasion power like no other on the 26th but remember: with great power comes great responsibility – be sure that you use this power wisely and fairly as it has a quality which can grant your wishes – be careful what you wish for!

Taurus, you have permission to indulge yourself a little more than usual this April. You may be feeling low-energy at the beginning of the month. My advice to you is to reconnect with nature; get your feet on some grass and enjoy the blossom on the trees. If you have been dreaming of a holiday, you may well end up booking one on the 11th, or broadening your horizons by signing up to that course you’ve been thinking about. On the 19th, you will have renewed and back to your old self. Be mindful that you don’t overdo things, particularly if an old friend gets in touch that you used to get up to all sorts mischief with! The 17th is a particularly naughty day of over-indulgence and if you happen to be looking for a bit of romance, that could be on the cards too. The Full Moon will present you with another opportunity to spend time with your friends, a party, letting your hair down and blowing off steam before your big transit in May! Yes, May is a big one for you as Uranus enters Taurus, just a heads up as you will need to prepare for some changes.


April is all about friends and commitments Gemini; you may feel like you are undecided about where your loyalties lie at the beginning of the month, feeling torn between a freer existence compared to a joint investment which involves a big commitment. It could be a physical investment, or just your mindset on a situation but by the time Mercury goes direct you will have a better idea. Retreating from mundane life might be the perfect solution to quiet your mind and hear the truth coming through. Your part in a shared project or enterprise gets a boost this month, and once you have decided where your passion, focus and energy is best directed, you will be able to put a lot of effort and hard work into making it a success. Venus moves into Gemini on the 24th which gives you attractive power which will open up a number of opportunities for you. It is also a great time to be self-indulgent and invest in yourself. Take a bath and read that book you have been meaning to read, take a break and take up that hobby you never seem to find the time to do.


Work is highlighted for you this month, with a particular emphasis on the amount of energy you will be putting in. You have a strong network of friends that you value highly; they may be able to offer some time to go out and enjoy yourself during the coming month. Balancing your friendships, relationships and professional life will be the challenge this month where you may spread yourself too thin. The New Moon in Aries on the 16th is in your house of career and public image, you may decide it is time for a change and set out on a new path. Having to strike a balance between serving your own interests and those of others will be highlighted on the 17th and you will have a chance to have your contributions recognised by others also sharing your vision. This is a lucky time so make sure you take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 30th highlights your house of fun and special gifts, so make sure you spend time doing something you enjoy. However, exercise moderation as this Full Moon won’t necessarily recognise when enough is enough!


Leo you have some positive transits this month which will give you the chance to be seen in the best light. Starting from the 7th, your hard work and determination at work is just about to pay off, with a positive and favourable transit from your career zone. Time for some well earned recognition! With the planet of charisma and congeniality highlighting your public image for a good part of the month, you will be in prime bargaining position. You’ll be able to persuade others that your consistency and commitment is worth financial investment. If you want a pay-rise, your request will be looked upon more favourably on the 7th. The real change is yet to come in May which will give you a new type of independence. Embrace it! From the 24th you will have a chance to network and make new friends who share an interest or are in a similar situation. The Full Moon on the last day of the month will be in your home zone, and you may find yourself reminiscing about the past but looking towards the future with a healthy respect for the resilience and hard work it has taken to get where you are now.

With your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde motion for the first part of the month, you may feel the need go back over things and check the details. You might be speaking to solicitors or looking over legal documents; you may have made a commitment where you are responsible for looking after other people’s valued possessions. There is also the potential you may find yourself with some family commitments which though a rather hefty responsibility, may suit you quite well. From the 15th, you will feel ready to move forward after a slow start to the month. Amidst your current commitments and the big changes of late, you may find yourself longing for a bit of travel and culture! The 17th is a positive date for travel, or investing in movement of some description, be it a holiday or a short trip more locally. As Venus moves into your public image and reputation zone from the 24th, you may be called upon to represent your company or job in some way or your diligence and dedication will be rewarded. However, there is still an element of perfection that you will strive to achieve before you are convinced you deserve the kudos.


Money may be a bit tight this month; be wary not to overdo the spending as there is an excess transit occurring on the 17th which may leave you a little lighter in the wallet – the 7th is a good day to plan your budget and set positive spending intentions, and you may come up with a way to make some money from home or working with family. Home life may be a little frustrating and there is a sense of responsibility or commitment implied which may be the source of this tension. With the New Moon on the 16th highlighting your partnership zone, relationships and compromise will be brought to your personal sphere. Perhaps you have been polite for too long, not saying what you truly think to keep the peace. It is important that you take action at home and redress equilibrium as otherwise you may feel taken for granted. When your ruling planet Venus moves into your expansion zone on the 24th, the bigger picture may begin to make more sense. However, you might decide you want to have a change of environment and take yourself off on an adventure somewhere which puts things into context for you.


The feeling of futility at the beginning of the month is short lived, Scorpio. It may be that you are flat-out with study, managing paperwork or having to do someone’s dirty work for them but serious focus will be directed on these tasks until the pressure eases off on the 7th. Your efforts for the hard work and commitment will be rewarded on the 17th. This is a day for positivity and indulgence, so make sure you measure your celebrations with moderation. For the whole of April but particularly from the 19th your relationship zone will be highlighted, where you may find yourself more inclined to indulge in romantic endeavours. However, it is also a good time for you to Indulge yourself and spend some time doing things you love with people you love. As the month wears on be wary to exercise an element of caution in the things that you do as the signature for excessive behaviour is strong for you right now. With the Full Moon on the 30th in your personal sphere, you may spend some time looking at how far you’ve come, (the highs and the lows) and giving yourself permission to come out of your cave and let your hair down.


Some serious money management may be in order as you re-evaluate your finances and what you want to spend them on in the long-run. The 2nd is a great day to focus on your long term-plan and prioritise what you truly value. But it’s also about having fun and with passion and creativity highlighted this month, meeting other people will bring you opportunities to achieve some of your professional goals. The New Moon in Aries on the 16th is a great time to set intentions for the future – if you want to branch out independently in a new direction, or develop your special talents in a way that could earn you money in the future, this is a great time to start planning how you want to do so. During April your daily routine will feel less of a chore. Cooperation with colleagues will enable you to achieve a lot more this month as the planet of congeniality sweeps through your work zone. The Full Moon on the 30th is close to your ruling planet Jupiter currently cruising the house of solitude and sacrifice; you may feel the need to conserve your energy and retreat during this period.


From early April you will be feeling the pressure to achieve your personal targets and goals. Since your ruling planet Saturn entered your sign in December 2017, you’ve been diligently working and April promises to be particularly productive. The 2nd is a great time to take action on a long-term plan and get some firm foundations laid. The opportunity to indulge in your hobbies and let your hair down will be a welcome break on the 7th where you are able to socialise and have fun. You will be fired up throughout the month and challenging yourself to improve. Expect the work you do to create sparks! It may be stressful at times, but you will definitely get results. The New Moon on the 16th is a great time to make changes at home and in your family life. With certain issues really ‘getting your goat’ recently, turning over a new leaf at the New Moon creates a new pathway for the future. The 24th revisits some issues from the recent Mercury retrograde, with a chance to set things right. For you it will be around colleagues, work, routine and health. The Full Moon on the 30th will be another chance to let your hair down again and have a great time with friends.


During April, your energy is dispersed but your intuition is strong. You are currently transitioning Aquarius, so figuring out your plan of attack on the 2nd gives you a chance to focus on an end goal rather than trying to muster all your energy right now. The New Moon on the 16th is a time for introspection as your ruling planet Uranus is drafted in to shake things up. Pressing the reset button for you, this New Moon refreshes the canvas in order for you to implement plans for the coming months. During the New Moon you may find yourself revisiting old ideas and injecting a fresh perspective. If you’ve been thinking of travelling, getting involved with your local community in some way or studying some courses this is the time to reflect on what you really want. The 18th is a charged day with lots going on for you. You may have a sudden realisation that you haven’t been 100% realistic about your goals or they aren’t in keeping with your true course in life. From the 25th bringing a new practice into your routine will give you a boost and give you mind, body and spiritual satisfaction. Yoga or Qigong is a great way to work with external energy to give yourself a natural boost.

Not being one who really cares about objects or physical wealth Pisces, you are having a re-think about your financial situation and how to make the best of it. Work might have slowed down, or it could be getting in the way of what you are truly passionate about. You may decide to do some temp-work in your local area or perhaps selling some of your possessions in order to raise funds. The 7th and 12th are both good days to do this. Recently, your friendship group has seen some changes; you are more inclined to meeting groups of people with shared interests as opposed to having exclusive one-to-one friendships. Your creative and communication abilities will be fruitful on the 17th when you are able to reach out in a bigger way and make some lasting contacts with people who believe in your mission. This is a great day for collaboration and your potential for outreach will be magnified. Private life and home will get a lift from the 24th and you may think about moving, or at least going on a little adventure. Ultimately you could find yourself particularly inspired to write, create and produce. The Full Moon in Scorpio will highlight the need to broaden your horizons.

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Every now and again, astrological transits demonstrate themselves in such an obvious and straightforward way, they leave me smiling to myself in disbelief. I used to make a note of these events in my personal diary, but have decided to share them with you for entertainment value and hopefully to enrich your understanding of astrology, too.

We currently have transiting Mars at 16° Sagittarius placing him very close to my descendant. My descendant also happens to be my Sun–Moon midpoint as well as the Uranus–Neptune midpoint in my natal chart. The following is a little story about how Mars on my descendant in Sagittarius manifested for me today.

It was a particularly cold morning and I had the joyus task of de-icing the car. I can’t help but blow smoke rings with my cold breath, reliving my days as a smoker. ‘Blur: The Best Of’ (a particular favourite of mine) played through the closed doors of the car as the engine’s warm hum melted the frost from the bonnet. (For the record, being ‘The Best Of’ anything is a very Mars mindset, and cars are a symbol of Mars as well). So far, so good.

Through the muffled music and scraper cracking through ice on the windscreen, I heard a strange noise which to my recollection was not part of the track – or was it? Screwing my face up and straining to hear where the sound was coming from, the other early-birds on my street were also looking around. They must be able to hear the noise too?

Preaching to the Convertible

It took a while, but eventually I realised it was a woman shouting; about what I couldn’t be sure. As she turned the corner onto my street it became clear. I was dealing with a pyjama wearing preacher! She decided that the morning of the 22nd of February with the Sun in the early degrees of Pisces, would be the perfect time to spend the word of her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. At the top of her lungs, no less!

A red Ferrari with the Pope inside – So Mars in Sagittarius!

Now I wouldn’t normally let this bother me too much, but at 6:55am I felt it was a tad inconsiderate. Not only to my neighbours with very young children but also my poorly bedridden boyfriend, marooned at home with Gastroenteritis and Tonsillitis.

Ice-scraper in hand, I decided to assert myself into the situation. I politely asked preachy-lady to keep the noise down and consider the other people who live on the road who were trying to sleep – especially my sick and delirious Sagittarius boyfriend (represented by my descendant) suffering with a very high temperature and horrible fever (the passing transit of Mars). The preacher woman proceeded to tell me that “God likes it when we use our voices loudly”. She then motioned rudely by inserting her right index finger into the ‘O’ shape she created with her index finger and thumb of her left hand, asking me whether my boyfriend and I have a sexual (Mars) relationship (descendant/7H cusp). “It is not allowed” she said. “It is a sin” (the dogmatic approach that Sagittarius can adopt).

The Man Behind The Mars

Unfortunately by that point she had my back up a bit. She raised her voice again and started stomping down the street, continuing on her mission. A man who I assume was her partner came angrily storming down the street to drag her away. This is Mars, but instead of being the passionate and provocative preacher, her partner embodied the speedy and aggressive aspect of Mars.

A lot of my neighbours were on their doorsteps or leaning out their windows at this point and by the time the preacher had left, we were all raising our eyebrows and smiling at each other over our shared experience of quirky irritation – a little bonding experience for the street. Interestingly, Mars in my natal chart rules my 11th house of shared experience and common purpose, and I also have Mars in quirky Aquarius natally – this part of the proceedings was such an 11th house/Aquarian experience and through the community focussed lens of my Gemini Ascendant.

Love Thy Neighbour

I can only assume as this woman went on her mission through the streets, spreading her religious message in the hope of inspiring people (mutable fire) to believe in God, but in doing so made people angry, by aggressively and inconsiderately imposing her own beliefs and judgement on people. Most people would be tolerable of this type of behaviour (it’s an everyday occurrence in my hometown) but as it was 6:55am in a residential area, tolerance levels were low!

The Pyjama Preacher: 6:55am 22 February 2017, Northampton, UK.

As I hopped in my car and drove off, all I could think of was the astrological symbolism being so spot on! It’s those little moments when you have to acknowledge astrology permeating everything. Once you train your brain to recognise the symbolism, you can read it in every moment that passes.

Looking back at the Chart of the moment, transiting Mars (and my natal descendant) were culminating on the Midheaven (the highest and most exposed point of the chart).

My natal Mars (not seen in the picture) is rising on the Ascendant, or the 9 ‘o’ clock position if viewing like a clock. The Pisces stellium in the first house and Jupiter in Scorpio in the 9th house gives this chart, a particularly pious bent. Interesting that this lady was wearing her pyjamas – dark brown with light pink flowers – The Moon in Taurus opposite Jupiter in Scorpio would opt for comfort over style when venturing out to spread her religious beliefs and judgements of local folk engaging in pre-marital sex. Interestingly, The Moon–Jupiter opposition from the 3rd house of local area and neighbours to the 9th house of religion, philosophy and law, forms a highly energetic T-Square with the ascendant and my natal mars as the apex. As a result, a religious confrontation occurred whilst de-icing my car. The ruler of the Ascendant, Uranus in Aries is in the 3rd house, making this a particularly headstrong chart, and allowing the magic of this strange and special moment to be viewed by all and sundry… Yes, it was silly.

Another nice touch is that I am teaching Mars: Make Love Not War at the London School of Astrology on Saturday. Just another nice little synchronicity and a good way to immerse myself in the meaning of that planet in order to teach a room full of astrology students; another expression of Mars in Sagittarius on my descendant, ruling my 11th house of common purpose.

If you enjoyed this post or know someone else who will, please share it!

There are so many other aspects of this chart that I’ve not included in my post. I’d love you to share your insights, so please comment below.

For deeper insight on how any of the transits mentioned could affect you on a personal level, consider booking a reading with me.

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Uranus entered Taurus on the 15th May and I know a few people with planets or angles in the fixed signs, who felt the ingress in a particularly prominent way. Its been a shake-up for some, an awakening for others and for all has brought in a necessity for change in particular areas of their lives. As disturbing and unwelcome Uranus can be in some cases, it can be a welcome liberation as well, with freedom from situations which once had no perceivable exit. 

Kīlauea and Hawaii

Stability for some residents of Hawaii has been completely removed.  Many have been evacuated from their homes with the eruption of active volcano Kīlauea. The eruption was preceded by many earthquakes during the final degrees and minutes of Uranus in Aries, before the ingress into Taurus. I had been expecting an event like an earthquake – astrology can be so literal sometimes – but actually I had omitted the inclusion of Mars making a hard aspect from Aquarius (the sign Uranus rules) creating an erratic and uncontrollable burst of heat from under the earth. Sadly Hawaii is in dire straits as Kīlauea continues to reek havoc on the residents with the county ordering evacuations for all of Leilani Estates, which according to the 2010 U.S. Census has a population of 1,500.

On a societal level, Uranus’ ingress to Taurus has been very positive with big changes which liberate many, giving them legal right to choose control of their bodies, their personal data and their right to privacy and freedom from archaic traditions and antiquated systems.

Freedom, Conception and Choice

Scientists have found the cause for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – this very exciting news for one in ten women – including myself – who suffer from the painful condition. This could very well be a break-through in fertility and family planning in coming years, with the likelihood that there will be a more suitable solution than putting women on the pill when their symptoms become too much to manage. The pill interrupts the natural lunar cycle of menstruation and doses the body up with oestrogen and progesterone hormones – I’ve never seen it as a reasonable solution to an issue where fertility and conception is a primary issue for those diagnosed with PCOS. Themes running here are very Venusian (Venus rules Taurus), and affecting matters of the body which Taurus rules. Science and breakthroughs are governed by Uranus.

Also relating to fertility, in Ireland we’ve already seen abortion legalised as a result of the Abortion Referendum which some have labelled “the quiet revolution”. This is an epic breakthrough with a landslide vote for the stagnant views imposed by the catholic church removing the freedom of choice for women who find themselves in a situation where they cannot accommodate their unexpected pregnancy. I am pro-choice and believe everyone should have the right to decide if they are well and able enough to bring a new life into the world. With protesters holding up signs saying “keep your theology off my biology”, “keep your rosaries off my ovaries” and “think outside my box” the overwhelming amount of voters who made this change possible were celebrating the enormous victory for human rights in Ireland on the evening of the 25th of May. Whatever your stance on this controversial subject, it is obvious that traditions are changing. 

Interestingly, on the same day the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented, which is a new law affecting EU citizens overseen by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). It is a law which gives individuals more control over the personal data which companies and corporations hold about them. Taurus tends to hold on and hoard things as a way of maintaining stability and control, and Uranus represents technology, freedom and release. It’s interesting to see the sign so concerned with holding on being encouraged to let go and de-clutter. It’s a big change for the UK and a very positive move for privacy rights and is liberating having a law which demands that we get rid of old paperwork and shred data files anytime the customer decides they no longer wish for their information to be held.

The Revolution Was Televised

But of course, the most publicised and talked about Uranus in Taurus event was the Royal Wedding with Prince Harry tying the knot with ‘Suits’ actress Meghan Markle, a divorcee, feminist, and blogger, 3 years Harry’s senior and a woman of colour.

In her own words, Meghan describes her heritage “My dad is Caucasian and my mom is African American. I’m half black and half white. … I have come to embrace this and say who I am, to share where I’m from, to voice my pride in being a strong, confident, mixed-race woman.” – from Wikipedia

The wedding was a multi-cultural celebration which had social media cooing over the exciting new age that was being ushered in for Britain. Uranus did a fantastic job of  breaking open the royal rituals and making way for change for the future of the royal family. I think the most beautiful thing was seeing how much Harry loves Meghan and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he has been allowed to marry for love and not traditional obligation. 

Rage Against the Machine’s hit “Take The Power Back” echoes through my mind as I write this post, and to an extent, there has been a shift in control with the people having more of a say with issues concerning their personal information and bodies. It makes a change from the “nanny state” making choices being the concern of governing bodies with our best interests at heart (erm… really?). Crank up the volume and enjoy Rage Against The Machine, a band WAY ahead of their time.

rage against the machine - Take the power back - YouTube

With lead singer Zach Manuel de la Rocha‘s natal Uranus in fellow Venus ruled sign Libra, been activated by transiting Saturn in Capricorn. Zach and RATM’s rebellious back-catalogue which call for equal distribution of power could be the anthems of these interesting times with Pluto tearing through Capricorn, activating his Sun–Mercury conjunction and calling for a complete transformation in the ruling elite.

Zach Manuel de la Rocha’s natal chart Born: January 12, 1970 (unknown birth time)
In: Long Beach (CA) (United States)

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We have reached June – six months into the year already and the Summer Solstice is so near. Approaching tipping point, the Northern hemisphere of planet Earth begins to wobble away from the Sun. It’s a slow process, but this is what gives us our seasons as we orbit the Sun on our year long journey around the zodiac. Blessed be to you all reading this.

I know a few people with planets or angles in Taurus, who felt Uranus entering Taurus in a particularly prominent way. Well let’s forget about all the disruption for a while as June starts off with an abundant grand water trine! With Jupiter and Neptune being 120° apart from each other, they are met by goddess Venus who is a particular blessing in particular when paired with Jupiter creating a trifecta of poetic beauty and dreamy romance. What a beautiful way to start the month!

Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune are all retrograde this month already with with bad boy Mars turning on his heels to join the retrograde bandwagon at the end of the month.

Oh yeah… just a heads-up – Mercury will go retrograde as well at the end of July! Shhh

2018 June Horoscope Key Dates
  • 01st – Venus trine Jupiter
  • 02nd – Mercury quincunx Saturn
  • 05th – Mercury quincunx Jupiter
  • 06th – Mercury square Neptune | Venus opposite Pluto
  • 07th – Sun square Neptune
  • 08th – Mars semi-sextile Saturn | Mercury quincunx Pluto
  • 11th – Sun quincunx Pluto | Mercury semi-sextile Venus
  • 12th – Mercury in Cancer
  • 13th – Venus in Leo | Mercury sextile Uranus | New Moon at 22°44’ Gemini 19:43GMT
  • 15th – Venus square Uranus
  • 16th – Mercury opposite Saturn
  • 17th – Venus quincunx Mars
  • 19th – Mercury trine Neptune | Venus opposite Mars
  • 21st – Sun in Cancer: The Solstice 10am
  • 23rd – Sun sextile Uranus | Mercury opposite Pluto
  • 25th – Venus square Jupiter
  • 26th – Mars station retrograde
  • 27th – Sun opposite Saturn
  • 28th – Venus quincunx Neptune | Full Moon at 6°28’ Capricorn 04:53GMT
  • 29th – Mercury in Leo
  • 30th – Sun quincunx Mars | Mercury square Uranus

During the beginning of the month you will experience an ease of expression in your home-life; with a naturally harmonious environment you can be as productive as you like. If you have been having money issues, creating a budget to manage your finances is a good idea. Make sure you aren’t being unrealistic about your repayments if you are thinking of taking out a loan.
The New Moon will spark the need to develop your knowledge to improve your outlook and aspirations. Perhaps you have decided that you would like to go back to study.
When the Sun crosses the solstice point home and family life will be emphasised and you might decide to make some home improvements or spend quality time with family. If you are thinking about moving in with a friend or partner be aware of all the implications before committing and ensure you aren’t seeing the world through rose tinted glasses.
Energy levels may stagnate toward the 26th as your ruling planet Mars slows down to the point he is ready to enter retrograde motion. You will likely feel more introspective and in tune with your true desires. A little more strategizing may be necessary in your shared and personal goals before you go full speed ahead. In concept things work but in practice your plans may need re-working. It can be infuriating working with people who aren’t as disciplined as you; be aware that you could be more assertive than usual, and more likely to say what you think.
The Full Moon on the 28th spotlights your public image and professional outlook – paired with Mars retrograde, you will be aware of the milestones you have already reached, and your hard work will be evident to all at this point. It isn’t necessarily a time to stop making an effort but by the end of the month you will be able to take your foot off the accelerator and enjoy yourself a little more.

Since May 15th, rebellious Uranus has probably got you feeling all shook up. The dust will settle but get used to unpredictability for a little while because the more you try and control things, the more difficult things will be. Read more about Uranus in Taurus here.
At the beginning of the month, relationships, communication and friendships get a bountiful boost. A shared project could be sprinkled with a little luck and abundance, and romance could be on the cards. However, it is possible to blow things out of proportion during this transit so make sure the feeling is mutual! If you are single, now is a good opportunity to go out and meet someone though I would urge you to be sure you are realistic before getting to deeply involved as it is possible you are seeing through rose-tinted goggles. Wishing to share ideas and having a mental connection with your loved ones, this might be a time where you feel you are lacking this. If you haven’t already got plans in place, the New Moon asks you to think about putting money aside for savings; perhaps you have been looking at a local investment or wishing to set money aside? On the same day your ruling planet Venus moves from the house of communication to the family and home zone, so things could feel a lot better at home if you talk it out.
Mars retrograde on the 26th is the beginning of a very introspective process as you try to figure out what really matters to you. Thinking about your career and whether you are channelling your energy correctly, you might feel like you need to do something that really resonates and has a meaningful or humanitarian bent.
With the Full Moon in your house of expansion, you might feel you need to study a course or add to your skills in some way. Adopting a new philosophy in order to understand the changes occurring in your life will help to create structure for you.

Having a super cerebral time at the moment Gemini with your brain juggling so many ideas and tasks, its likely sleep isn’t coming easy. During the early part of the month you will have difficulty with implementing action without having to address the more serious issues with bouts of productivity being completely ground to a halt. However, the grand water trine on the 1st will give you a boost in your financial, work and career zones. Your hard work could start to pay off right now and your reputation could get a tidy boost. However, be wary of people in your day-to-day who aren’t revealing their true intentions – avoid gossip or you could end up becoming tabloid fodder instead!  
The New Moon on the 13th is in your first house. This is a time where you will brainstorm and coming up with plans. You might feel introverted at this point with your focus on weighing up your options right now as there is a sense that you have two routes you can take, leading to two very different outcomes. On the same day you will likely feel the shift from being very scattered with many fingers in many pies to thinking about what worked previously and how you can draw from experience to get your desired outcome.
Having to juggle your money this month will be irritating to say the least, but from the 21st onwards you will have a much clearer financial outlook and may actually find you have a little more cash in your pocket than first anticipated.
The money theme is echoed through the Full Moon, though in this case it is a spotlight on a shared commodity or commitment. This may be a time where others want to invest in what you have to offer; It’s also a great time to dig into your psychological depths and address issues which until have been obscured from your awareness.

You have a very bountiful start on the 1st of the month where the Moon (your ruling planet) feeds in to the grand water trine creating a powerful outlet for productivity. It might not feel like a light and fluffy day, but there is great potential to channel your hard work into tangible results and working through issues with a partner could bring very positive results. If you have been craving a holiday you may end up booking one and with this combination it looks as though you will opt for a an ocean view! It might also be a time where you adopt a more spiritual outlook. Just be careful not to overdo things as there is a risk of overindulgence.
On the 13th you will feel particularly introverted and more inclined to wanting time alone to process your thoughts. The solstice welcomes Cancer season which is a welcome change of mood for you as the shift of low energy and lethargy breaks forward into vitality. On the same day your money zone gets a boost which might be the time you decide to buy that super-comfy bed you have been promising yourself! Or perhaps you will just find the time to indulge yourself a little.
Mars retrograde gives you a taster of signing on the dotted line before dipping back to check on your end of the deal from the 26th so if you are involved in a mortgage loan or inheritance, it is likely the breaks will be applied so you can go back and assess the legalities to make sure everything it as it should be. It is possible an old flame might turn up during this time.
The Full Moon spotlights your relationship zone echoing the early part of the month. It seems that the plans you put in place during this time will blossom in time for the full moon allowing you to be able to make some serious progress and solid plans with a partner – business or romantic.

You will likely be feeling the impact of Uranus entering Taurus which is unsettling for the fixed signs (that’s you!). However, it might be the perfect time to go inwards and enjoy some serious ‘me time’ and retreat whilst you contemplate some of the challenging issues that you have navigated of late. Intense situations at home are granted a lighter and more harmonious air at the beginning of the month which lifts the pressure of family expectations.

The New Moon is a great time to see friends who share interests or goals with you, rather than rubbing shoulders with acquaintances. On the same day, Venus crosses the threshold into Leo, and you will feel a boost of confidence – it’s likely before that you will have considered going on a diet making little changes to boost your self-esteem a little (perhaps you have met someone who makes you feel like making a little extra effort?)
When the Sun crosses the Solstice point, it moves from a sociable place full of ideas and common interests with others to a place where it feels little out of sorts or under the weather, preferring alone time rather than mingling. This isn’t fitting with Leo’s vibrant, confident persona so down-time might be in order.
The Full Moon at the end of the month puts a spotlight on your daily routine, whether that be a focus on your day job, health or general routine. Feeling the effects of Uranus in your career house at the moment it is likely you are considering a different course of action as far as work is concerned and since Uranus’ ingress to Taurus, you have probably already stated meeting a lot of interesting people who can help you on your way.

Your ruling planet Mercury has spent a lot of time in cerebral Gemini enabling you to juggle many tasks like a pro. With your communication skills and multi-tasking abilities getting an approving nod from others, it would seem you are on top of things. From the 12th, you will feel a shift into a more single-minded and instigating attitude, and it will probably be hard to hide your emotions. It is a good time to talk about your feelings and express how you are feeling, and you might find you get rather nostalgic, thinking about old friends and those you cared for from your past. The New Moon will give you food for thought relating to your career and public image and it might be that since Uranus entered Taurus, you could be feeling a pull to pursuing a lifestyle which expresses who you are rather than moulding yourself to other people’s expectations. If you’ve been managing a lot of tasks, you might be trying to figure out how to streamline what you do and make it less of a juggling act.

Mars Retrograde on the 26th will point your focus towards your daily routine. With a growing desire to have autonomy and freedom in what you do, this period for you could be about looking at what really suits you and trying to work in an element of individuality in what you do. It’s probably been a little difficult to ignore with the daily grind testing your patience, but the volatile nature of this transit could have you acting more hastily than you intended – be wary of this! With Mars making a U-turn in this area of your life, you will be re-assessing and re-directing your energy. He will be popping into your house of pleasure, play and children so embrace your need to take this area of your life more seriously – it could lead to an interesting place where you become more independent in your daily activities. Try not to commit yourself to anything during this time.

The Full Moon on the 28th highlights your sense of fun – with the positive influence you are receiving from Uranus in Taurus you could feel like it is time to take your passions a little more seriously. From the 29th, you will definitely notice a shift and your thought process and general mental state as you could feel introverted and analytical. It might just be the perfect time to catch up on some sleep!

The month commences with a good fortune and luck blessing you in your career, routine and money zones. It is likely that you have been putting in a lot of hard work and you are beginning to reap the benefits now. If you are applying for work you will be seen in a very favourable light, just be sure that you are aware of what is expected of you on a day-to-day basis.

The New Moon will likely peak your interest in some form of study, with the potential of broadening your horizons. It might not be to boost your professional tool kit – something which involves longer distance travel like a yoga course or even an online course of study could be on your mind. This New moon may expose your limitations and encourage you to do something about them. It’s certainly a time to explore options.

From the Solstice, your career house gets lit up like a Christmas tree as the Sun joins the party really putting your professional and public image under the spotlight. Others will see you as approachable and prepared to put in the extra effort with your professional goals.

Mars retrograde on the 26th might be a little tricky for you. As he slows down and turns back, you could find yourself thinking about ex partners – and during this time they are likely to get back in touch with you. It could be a matter of tying up some loose ends and do the dreaded ‘stuff’ handover. If you are single, or in a new relationship, you could find yourself thinking about how things once were with a certain somebody. It is possible during this time you meet people who bring out a strong response in you, or you could attract some aggressive types. It’s worth thinking seriously about how you want to progress, and try not to let other people cloud your thoughts at this time.

The Full Moon puts home life in the spotlight for you so it won’t be a surprise after considering Mars retrograde that things at home will be more emotionally charged. It’s time to get a little more serious and observe the rules. If someone isn’t respecting your boundaries, this is the time to address the issue!

Having dealt with the initial rumble of Uranus in Taurus in your relationship house, you have a much softer channel which feeds into your personal sphere at the beginning of the month. Already you will have been feeling the deep transformations in your life which are directly impacting you and though it has been an intense time, you have experienced resonance with your true course in life. You will be able to tap into a poetic and artistic outlook and philosophical ideas. It’s possible you might get the opportunity to travel as a result of this transit. Remember to exercise moderation, but harness this abundance – you might just find yourself in the right place at the right time. An opportunity may present itself to you on the 6th with repercussions which aren’t immediately obvious. Don’t let yourself be overpowered today – harness the enormous persuasion power of the day. The New Moon is a time for you to exploring the psychology books on your bookcase or get into mystery or occult subjects. You might even find yourself drawn to a counselling course or something of that ilk. Whatever seeds you sow at this time you will grow over the coming months so perhaps create a New Moon wish list to track what is on your mind. You will be feel an element of positivity in your work, and will want to put in the extra effort during this time which you are likely to see a return on.

Mars retrograde on the 26th will highlight a flurry with affairs of the heart which will be brought back down to earth. However, the initial foray has already begun, immersing yourself in hobbies, interests and pleasure-seeking activities which make your heart sing. Sometimes this house can signify children and pregnancy, other times it can indicate an affair. It is the house of childlike optimism and joy. Mars backtracks from this house and enters you home and family life once more as he has unfinished business there.

The beginning of the month spotlights how you are feeling in mind, body and soul. This year has felt a little like limbo for you with no real grounding. This has taken its toll on you which has the chance to be addressed now. You might have felt drained with lots of commitments which have just started to ease. With home and shared wealth being highlighted you may become aware of your role in a situation where you have felt stifled or trapped in some way.
The New Moon on the 13th highlights your relationships and has a serious and long term vibe; If you have been thinking about making your partnership more official, now may feel right to you. It’s a great day to network and make connections with people in a professional sense as well as personally. When the Sun crosses the Solstice point on the 21st, commitments and shared possessions will be highlighted, so it might be time to review housing contracts or joint investments. It is also a time where you have added financial attractive power.
Mars retrograde highlights home, finance and your local area so you if you have been scouring your neighbourhood for ideas about where to settle, you might have to go back to the planning phase and..

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Uranus enters Taurus on the 15th May 2018 and the 6th March 2019. After that, he will stay in Taurus until April 26th 2026.

The last time Uranus entered Taurus was between 1934 to 1942 – lots of us weren’t born then so this will be a new experience! This is a big transit, which will affect us all – some more than others.

Taurus the bull, known for her tenacity relies on predictability and routine. Below you can read about how Uranus will affect you and how you can manage this new dynamic energy. 

Holding on and resisting is often the knee jerk reaction that people have to change, and what with Uranus entering the sign of resistance to change, this might be the case for all of us.

It is far easier to allow the new path to form in front of you; don’t keep trying to squelch through the muddy path that you thought you were supposed to travel! Let go.

Uranus has the potential to shake up the foundations in your life and help you build stronger ones. It may relocate you or pick you up and turn you a full 180 degrees; you will be awakened to the flaws in your situations and moved to take action.

Uranus shows us the potential to bring in great change – In order to do this we must wake up to what needs changing. If you can’t let go, it will feel like you are being repelled, as opposed to being instrumental in your decision making making process.

Follow the path of least resistance.

Of course this is based on your sun-sign, and ascendant sign alone, so if you need a deeper and more personal interpretation, you can book a reading with me.

  • Spends approximately 7-9 years in a sign
  • Takes 84 years to orbit the Sun and do a complete revolution of the Zodiac
  • Hasn’t been in an Earth sign for 22 years (when he was in Capricorn)
  • 15th May – Uranus enters Taurus
  • 7th August – Uranus Retrograde
  • 6th November – Uranus Retrograde enters Aries
  • 6th January – Uranus enter direct motion
  • 6th March – Uranus re-enters Taurus fro Aries
  • April 26th Uranus enters Gemini
Read more about Uranus here: The Planet Uranus | God of the Sky So What Does It Mean For Me? Read for your your Sun Sign and Ascendant Sign for a deeper understanding of the areas of life which will be affected by this major transit

 The past 7 years have been about:

Aries, Your entire life has been completely reorganised and it’s likely you are facing a totally different direction than when you started out. You might even look like a completely different person! A total shift in your outlook and modus operandi, you will have made a break for independence from restriction, shunning the cookie-cutter mould in order to express your unique qualities. Wearing your inner truth as your overcoat, you fought the naysayers and learned to have the confidence to walk your own path. It takes gall, self-assurance and courage to go against convention, and those who didn’t see the point in what you were doing now realise your inspired decisions were way ahead of your time.

The next 8 years will be about:

Having spent so much time crafting your unique ability, you will now start to see the value in what you do. Your priorities and self-worth will get a shake-up with changes in your financial outlook, commodities and values. Self-employment, freelancing, or unconventional employment, the desire for financial freedom will drive you to tap into your own earning potential and do things your own way. Drawn to spending your energy wisely, you will want to increase the quality of content in what you do, rather than spreading yourself too thin and not being appreciated for making the extra effort. This turnaround could be reflected in your surroundings and you may have a sudden need to get rid of objects you accumulated over the years; it might be that these objects no longer ‘define’ who you are or what you represent or you just need more space from all the clutter. Possessions of a farther reaching and unconventional realm my appeal more, perhaps gifts with a personal touch from friends.

The past 7 years have been about:

Waking up to ideas bigger than yourself and wanting to change humanity in some way, the past few years have been about giving back, fighting a cause, or going on a spiritual mission. A period of down-time, you will have done a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work which has slowly built on your public image and reputation. During this transitional period you may have been working against the tides with revelations that people near to you haven’t always had your best interests at heart. Searching for a deeper meaning, and giving purpose to your life’s journey, you feel like it is time to see a return on your contribution.

The next 8 years will be about:

You have likely felt the approach of Uranus as the desire to make changes in your life. An image overhaul, being open to a completely different lifestyle and craving for different types of food; the external changes represent how you identify with yourself on a core-level representing the changes occurring there. The time and effort spent building your reputation over the past few years will take you on a few unexpected twists and turns, and things may not be quite as you expected them to be, particularly in the area of career. This may be a surprise initially, but over time you will find firm footing and new comfort in your role, in a way that suits you and your new-found quirks. During this time, the recognition and respect you desire at work an be achieved, but only by creating your own foundations and building on your personal vision of how things should be done. This may be difficult to implement initially, but the grit and determination of the Bull has amazing stamina and consistency, even when the world around her is unstable. The veil is being lifted to reveal a life you’ve never considered – Your own personal Shambhala!

The past 7 years have been about:

You will have been working on your friendships and communities. From the big changes in your social groups, some of your friendships will have dropped away with some people being cut off all together. As your interests and life changes have taken you on your own unique journey, some of your friends didn’t join you for the ride. However, you will have also found that you have met lots of new friends along the way and are now part of a community of people who share your outlook, ideas and goals.  

The next 8 years will be about:

You will feel a pull towards work which feeds the soul. Often this is through charity, humanitarian or service oriented work; what you do needs to serve you spiritually whilst marrying your dreams with the physical realm. Be aware that you are entering a place where the motives of others will not be clear and you mustn’t sacrifice your own opportunities during this time. You may find that you are more aware of your carbon footprint and your impact on the planet prompting a more eco-friendly and minimalistic way of living. Travel could be more of a feature in your life, as well as working with the communities you have developed over the past few years in order to create a collective project of some kind. This could involve connecting people with great distance between them to meet on an educational level. You could find that you spend more time in exotic locations, travelling, teaching and expanding your mind and outlook. You may feel a sudden change to location is needed and being drawn to living or working abroad will be giving you some food for thought right now.

The past 7 years have been about:

Your entire professional outlook has changed from the start of this transit. Your career will have been through a transformative process, scrape the bottom of the barrell in order to bring the goods to the surface. It is likely you were micro-managed and placed under firm rule by your superiors awakening you to the benefits of working in professions which allow you freedom and autonomy. Your desire to work on a deeper than superficial level encouraged you to developing your analysis and investigation skills, developing your intuition for psychological dynamics of the workplace. It is likely that you changed jobs a more than once, or become self-employed.

The next 8 years will be about:

You will now be focussed on contributing to a shared goal, or perhaps with a technological or humanitarian ‘world’ concept bringing people together in some way, connecting people with a common interest or need. The desire to leave a legacy and contribute to a project of real substance is a reality for you now. Taking part in a project which allows you to give something back to the wider community, you are able to add your personal touch to a creative project, bringing your ideas into the physical dimension. Revelations about existing and friendships will be part of your process during this time; your friends see you as a consistent and reliable person and you may find you become a conficante for those who start having issues. Your ability to dig under the surface and uncover the root of issues could lead to friends referring to you as counsel. Being naturally good at knowing what people need, you might even find yourself running a community of your own in your spare time, or looking for a community of people who you can connect with.  

The past 7 years have been about:

You will have noticed big changes in your inclination towards adventure, overseas travel and other cultures. You could have been on a number of spontaneous holidays or even decided to relocate to another country (or a considerable distance to what you call home). You might have fallen in love with someone from a different cultural background – or perhaps the adventure of the past few years was too big to consider that type of commitment. However, the people you met had a big impact on your life and may have inspired you to expand your horizons. A desire to gain deeper intellectual enrichment may have lead to you to pursuing courses of higher education or even teaching.

The next 8 years will be about:

You can now apply your knowledge and experience of the past few years to your profession. Initially you might decide that the career path you are on isn’t quite for you, or the rigid 9-5 isn’t giving you the freedom you desire in order to express your true creativity. Your eyes and heart will be opened and you could find that romance is on the cards for you in the workplace. If you aren’t looking for a relationship, work provides an opportunity for you to meet people who have a big impact on your reputation. Hierarchy isn’t of particular importance to you as you seek to do something of substance, wanting to contribute to the good of humanity and help others rather than serving your own ego. Learning a lot about your personal motivations and drive through your professional and personal engagements, you could revolutionise your career by becoming well known in a counselling or therapeutic capacity. One thing’s for sure: for you to be happy you will need to do things on your own terms, which might be unconventional.

The past 7 years have been about:

You will have seen changes in your shared wealth and values. From deeper commitments to relatives and those you are bound to by law, to signing contracts and handling other people’s assets; you could have received money through inheritance, or decided to take an early retirement. The pursuit for freedom in your daily routine has empowered you to let go of baggage and expectations, allowing you to break away from ingrained behaviour patterns holding you back. A deeper interest in diet, health and medicine has turned your interest to psychological dynamics, heightening your intuitive ability to recognise other people’s motivations.

The next 8 years will be about:

You have a new lease of life and you want to share your discoveries with other people. Your entire outlook and personal philosophy is complemented by this transit allowing you to see tangible results for your efforts with the ability to implement long term change. It is likely you will relocate – you could end up in a completely different country by the end of this transit, or much farther from home than you had even envisaged. You may discover that you have a gift for teaching, sharing your knowledge and experience with others whilst learning through the process. Developing spiritual, religious or philosophical connections in your relationship with the day-to-day will give you the faith to follow your bliss. Discovering your own personal language to communicate directly with your higher-self, your connection to deeper meaning comes directly through the body. Physical activities like sport, yoga, martial arts and dance are a type of worship that marry beauty, ritual and discipline. You could also experience a compulsion to learn or write and may decide to go into higher education, set up a blog, or have work submitted for publication.

The past 7 years have been about:

You will have experienced life changing situations and realisations through your romantic and professional partnerships; perhaps your entire perspective on relationships has changed enabling you to embrace an unconventional set-up. Lessons about compromise and tolerance, as well as rejection and instability may have featured for you, strengthening your appreciation for the ‘imperfections’ in your partner. You may have decided to get hitched and have children or to pursue your hobbies and interests with the one you love. Learning about yourself through your interactions with others which has helped you to discover and refine the unique gifts that you have to offer.

The next 8 years will be about:

Librans enjoy being with other people, but now is the time for a bigger commitment and to create a bond with someone who is in alignment with your values. If you have been thinking of setting up your own business, you could end up in a joint professional enterprise. If you have been in a serious relationship, you might feel ready to take things to the next level and apply for a mortgage loan together. However, you could decide that you want to be freed from the commitments you have made. Finances are indicated and you may suddenly have more money. However, a thorough review of your financial situation could be in order to meet the commitments you wish to make. Dealings with estate agents, solicitors or middle-men who moderate your finances and legal obligations could be a more frequent presence. Entering contractual agreements may impede your freedom to do the things you love on a whim. Being drawn to unusual and alternative subjects, your hobbies could take you down the path of psychology, mysteries and the occult – scratching below the surface may become the scab you just can’t stop picking! However from the right angle and with enough cash, you could take some time out to pursue your passions and turn them into a money making venture.

The past 7 years have been about:

With changes at work and disruptions to your daily routine, your daily philosophy and lifestyle have been reevaluated. Your diet may have had a serious overhaul and you might not be able to eat the things you used to, or perhaps you decided to become more experimental. Taking an independent approach to your health you will have been drawn to holistic systems which heal the mind and the body as one. You will have discovered the understanding that work has to be on your own terms and fit in with your family life – perhaps freelancing and self employment is more suitable for you than working for others.

The next 8 years will be about:

It’s time for excitement! Uranus is entering your house of relationships, both romantic and professional. Expect the people you meet to be quirky, outside the box and completely refreshing. If you already have a partner, it might be time to shake things up and introduce an element of spontaneity to your relationship. Perhaps it’s not the routine that needs changing? With the types you normally attract being reliable and consistent (sometimes stubborn and controlling), you may find yourself craving someone who goes against the grain – a rebel without a cause! Or your partner might start behaving in completely unexpected and unusual ways. During this time you will learn a lot about yourself and what you want through your interactions with others; consider that we attract what we can’t integrate within our own psyche. Look at your partner as your projected flaws and understand that they represent the qualities you are blind to in yourself. People you attract during this time may hold the key to your past, helping to make sense of your subconscious emotional drives. Your family life and location may shift – but once you find the place to lay your foundations, they will be solid and strong.

The past 7 years have been about:

You will have had to work through some creative blockages. With a rebellious and intuitive streak which puts you ahead of your peers, others telling you to use the ‘tried and tested’ method have served only to push you closer to your own source of genius. Children may have enriched your life, though their presence may not have been through the most conventional of routes. Learning to embrace a ‘carpe diem’ attitude, has lead you to a richer, more meaningful life experience connecting you to a true creative source of your own and you have found value in making times for your hobbies and doing things for the sheer pleasure of them.

The next 8 years will be about:

Uranus’ influence for the past 7 years has had a positive impact on you. Expect to feel a shift in your daily routine, lifestyle and health. It is likely that if you are dissatisfied in your work, Uranus’ arrival in Taurus will motivate you to make changes – this can be sudden – don’t be too hasty! Instability and a lack of security could leave you feeling out of kilter. Learning to work with an unpredictable schedule initially is essential in order to build foundations during this time; you can establish something very personal and original through your work, which will be implemented long-term. You may feel a huge disruption in your daily routine whether you introduce changes yourself, or the changes arise through an external situation. You could suddenly be drawn to working in a completely different sector. Though it isn’t all about work – lifestyle and health are indicated too and you may feel drawn to a more alternative and holistic method when it comes to your health and dietary needs. Becoming more body-focussed and embracing a new..

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A major shift will be felt this month! For the first time in 84 years, unpredictable Uranus will enter Taurus on the 15th May bringing change to the sign that values above all else stability, consistency and predictability. To accompany Uranus entering Taurus we have a New Moon in Taurus on the SAME DAY! If you want to establish some changes in your life, why not create a New Moon Wish List to focus your intentions and optimise on this major event? 

Expect a huge shift, and keep your eyes peeled on the news to see what stories arise as a result. This Earth-Quaking ingress will have us all looking at things very differently as quirky and insightful Uranus transitions from direct, fast moving, and adventurous fire sign Aries, to slow, steady and practical earth sign Taurus.

Jupiter will trine Neptune on the 25th – this is a ‘mundane’ cycle so affects generations and the group rather than the individual. Not to say it won’t affect you, it has to feed into your chart in some way or another. That’s where Venus comes in to the equation! Towards the end of the month a Grand Trine in the water signs will appear in the skies as Romantic Venus connects with Jovial Jupiter – both considered beneficial placements, and with Neptune in Pisces, this makes for an abundant, spiritual, psychic, creative and bountiful time for us all. This it the time to DREAM BIG and ask the Universe!

May 2018 Horoscope Key Dates
  • 02nd – Venus Quincunx Saturn
  • 03rd – Mercury quincunx Jupiter
  • 07th – Mercury square Pluto | Venus square Neptune
  • 09th – Sun opposite Jupiter
  • 11th – Sun trine Pluto
  • 13th – Mercury conjunction Uranus
  • 15th – Uranus enters Taurus | New Moon 24°36’ Taurus
  • 16th – Mars enters Aquarius | Mars square Uranus
  • 18th – Mercury trine Saturn
  • 19th – Venus enters Cancer | Venus sextile Uranus
  • 21st – Sun enters Gemini | Venus quincunx Mars
  • 23rd – Mercury sextile Neptune | Mercury opposite Jupiter
  • 24th – Sun trine Mars
  • 25th – Jupiter trine Neptune | Mercury trine Pluto
  • 26th – Venus opposite Saturn
  • 29th – Venus enters Gemini | Full Moon 08°10’ Sagittarius
  • 30th – Venus–Jupiter–Neptune Grand Trine

After the recent Mercury retrograde, you are now more certain in your plans and how you wish to move forward. With your focus in the first part of the month being work and how you are perceived by others, you will later in the month find that you gear your interests towards community work and spending more time with friends and those with a common interest. You will notice a shift on the 15th as Uranus will move out of your sign Aries, after being there for 7 years! On the same day, the New Moon will occur in your finance zone – this is a great time to take action and implement change in your financial situation and take a fresh look at your value system (including how much you value yourself). During this time, unpredictable actions and spontaneous behaviour may cause you to do something you later regret, so make sure you don’t act too irrationally or let your temper fray. This is a great time for putting your energy into something outside of your usual routine, so if you had an idea about doing something out of the norm, try it now! Highly charged and quirky, It’s a great time to explore unusual and ‘out there’ concepts and ideas to push your intellectual boundaries. The Full Moon on the 29th illuminates your travel zone so booking a holiday may be the perfect opportunity to give yourself on a much deserved break after all the hard work you have been doing.

This is a big month for you Taurus! A word of advice: expect the unexpected! Unconventional Uranus is entering your sign on the 15th, accompanied by the New Moon in Taurus bringing with them fresh perspective, an opportunity to make changes to the outdated in your life and an understanding that you must let go of the old to make way for the new. Venus your ruling planet will help you see value in this; you may decide to sell objects that no you no longer require, or perhaps shed a habit that has been holding you back in some way. An overhaul of appearance as well as outlook is indicated, and with progressive Uranus entering Taurus, you may find yourself feeling a bit ‘different’. You may be tempted to leave your job, so if you are already feeling as though you don’t enjoy your day job anymore, start looking for work now to give yourself something to focus on when the urge kicks in. The Full Moon on the 29th is a time for inner exploration prompting a deep look into the recesses of your mind. Relationship issues and commitments are likely to be lingering in there, but there is something far deeper than that which isn’t immediately obvious. At the end of the month you will have a lucky, creative and supportive boost in your work, social-circle and local area. Some hidden talents you weren’t aware of will become apparent giving the feeling you’re on a roll.

A month of great change, your ruling planet Mercury travels quite a distance this May. This offers choice and fluidity for you Gemini, which is always welcome when you have many options you want to explore. The month commences with you feeling a little dreamy and lacking concentration. Try to optimise on this time by going behind the scenes and recharging your batteries. With the atmosphere mid-May feeling erratic and temperamental, you’ll have a chance to tune with the impending shift on the 13th as you’ll be able to think at lightning speed. Keep tight-lipped at this time as you might say something you regret! The 15th hosts a major transit: Uranus enters Taurus. This could have a very ‘spiritual’ impact on you Gemini. Feeling the pull to do something charitable and ‘give back’ to humanity is likely, as you contemplate ideas much bigger than yourself and this life. You may also contemplate yourself travelling abroad, getting involved with a community that shares your goals and ideals. Just try not to get too irritated by your day-to-day dealings at the moment as a short fuse is implied on the 16th. Rash words and decisions can’t be taken back and once people know what you really think they’ll view you very differently. The Full Moon in the 29th falls in your relationship zone, highlighting your need to look at the bigger picture in your business, romantic and familial partnerships. If you are single, this might be a good time to go out and get your flirt on. Let’s face it Gemini, that’s not hard for you!  

With work taking a front seat at the moment, you may be concerned about the amount of time you aren’t spending with the people you love and value. On the 15th, new ideas around a shared goal with others or a group project will begin to take root. Focussing on how you can work with your friends and wider community to achieve a long-term goal, you will have realisations about how this will be possible. Joint ventures will also be highlighted, with contracts, legalities and anything where a middle-man has to be enlisted to mediate processes. From the 19th things at home will be of primary interest to you, brainstorming about how you can spend more time striking a happy medium between your personal and professional responsibilities. The 21st of the month may leave you feeling low energy and in a process of evaluation and transition. It is likely you will feel a bit run-down so take this as down-time for you to recoup and have some quality time alone or a select handful of people who ‘get you’.  By the 29th you should have a little more clarity with a better idea of how you can get where you need to be. With the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th falling in your house of work and health you will ask yourself whether your daily activities hold enough meaning for you. Things really pick up at the end of the month with luck and creativity feeding into everything you do. You can apply this gift to all areas of your life but it will primarily affect your personal outlook, hobbies and passions, children, long-distance travel, higher education and knowledge.

Being mid-way through some pretty big transformations at home and in your family life, you now have bigger changes going on with work and your public image. The 9th promises an encounter or experience with someone who feels like home, or reminds you of your roots. You may learn something about your past which provides insight on your current situation and gives you a sense of belonging. Being used to having a routine and fixed way of doing things is likely to change from the 15th as you will feel ready to embrace a more flexible approach to your working style and a quirky edge to your public-image! Having spent time enjoying the company of friends and mixing with those who share a common goal, it’s time to express your unique gift which separates you from the average Joe Bloggs. Someone you weren’t expecting might grab your attention and a sudden urge for romance could be on the cards from the 16th. This individual could trigger spontaneous behaviour in you and though intriguing, you could find yourself distancing rather than wanting to get deeply involved. Talking to friends will help as the dramatic changes have likely spun you out! The Full moon on the 29th will have you feeling right at home. You might find you are centre stage possibly hosting a gathering with lots of exotic food and good company. You may also decide to get yourself a holiday booked to pamper yourself. Positive vibes and a little nod from the Universe at the end of the month give you a sense that you are on the right track.

For the whole month, public image and respect is is pulled into focus for you Virgo, but instead of being the silent force who powers the ship, you will receive some well earned recognition. With lots of boosts in the area of career and public persona you will receive respect for what you do. From the 21st onwards, you will have a chance to shine, as an authority, a parental figure or in your career – Perhaps all three! Efforts that you have made towards making a real difference towards something meaningful will be acknowledged and you will feel a great sense of vitality and worth. The phrase ‘busy as a bee’ applies to you right now and whatever the hard work is that you are doing, it will not go unnoticed. The New Moon may fuel the need to invest in your knowledge and book yourself onto a course which will benefit you in the long-term. The time to research your options will be instigated by this New Moon. Keep your options open and be prepared to change course slightly during May as you will have ease of transition. The Full Moon will highlight family issues and highlighting the need for a deeper connection to your loved ones. Set aside some time to nourish your family relationships; quality time is on the cards and with the Full Moon shining upon this area of your life, you will look back at how far you have come. At the end of the month and into June your daily routine, career and finances get an extra boost.  

During the first part of the month you may be caught up with contracts and paperwork. Be sure to clarify your obligations as your better judgement could be impaired approaching the 7th. This may have something to do with the impending changes from the 15th of May which will be in the area of joint investments and loans, eg: buying a property or a entering a business partnership. With relationships and home life having been a point of focus for you recently, it’s been difficult to see beyond all the madness which has been going on. Tension at home or a shift in family dynamics will ease up from the 16th allowing you to let your hair down and spend more time doing the things you love (though you might be drawn to a new and unconventional area of interest). A sudden romance may also be on the cards if you are looking, Libra. The 19th offers you a chance to make changes to your immediate circumstances as well as your career, which will be a welcome change. You will feel a sense of appreciation and accomplishment and if someone offers you something, take it up! Your money and career will be getting a double whammy of luck and abundance this month which will be fruitful for you. Putting in the extra effort won’t feel challenging for you and circumstances are aligning for you to ask for a pay-rise from or even go for a promotion with an extra injection of good fortune at the very end of the month and beginning of June.

If you’ve been sensing the winds of change, it’s worth trusting your intuition right about now; the 15th marks the beginning of interesting times. In your home life, work and relationships, you will have been experiencing the urge to make changes which could open up a whole new pathway for you. If you are in a relationship, you might decide that your current arrangement needs to be shaken up a bit. If you are single, you might decide that you want to form a deeper bond with someone who you feel at home with already. With the New Moon on the same day, it’s a great time to set intentions of how you would like to see changes develop in your life. Meaningful conversations about relationships and compromise may be on the cards; my advice is to ensure you consider exactly what you want before taking action. With the daily grind currently taking its toll you may feel like you have been bringing your work home with you. The additional paperwork and responsibility might prompt you to look for another job or gain recognition in your existing role. The Full Moon on the 29th gives you a reflective attitude towards your finances and how to manage them moving forward. If you’ve been thinking about putting a holiday on the credit card, make sure the repayments are manageable! After an unpredictable and interesting month the end of May and beginning of June promise a fruitful ease of passage when it comes to your enjoying yourself and allowing yourself a bit of R ’n R.

Communication could be a little tangled at the beginning of the month, with friends trying to get you to see from their perspective. It is worth listening as they may provide you with a perspective you hadn’t yet considered. Your relationships will have been easier and enjoyable and others are able to appreciate your worth. Around the 9th you will have the opportunity to view yourself objectively, tuning into your body or routine to look at where you can make improvements. It’s possible that you’ve felt held to ransom by your financial commitments, so much so that you have put your health on the back-burner. You have an awareness that you need to change which is fortunate as from the 15th the planet of change enters your daily routine shaking up your your work, lifestyle and daily rituals. Around this time your efforts will be driven into socialising, networking and getting involved in community events. In the lunar spotlight on the 29th of this month your outlook and immediate sphere will be illuminated. Expect some self-realisations which inspire a deeper commitment to yourself, helping you to prioritise your values and giving you faith in your abilities. The desire to make a difference and do something that matters is given an added boost and at the end of the month your hard work will receive recognition. Being liberated from ‘baggage’ and family obligations gives you a footloose and fancy-free close to the month allowing you to flourish right into June.

Tensions may have been high for you over the last month Capricorn, but you’ll have had the opportunity to assert yourself and tackle issues brought up by the preceding Mercury retrograde in Aries. An earth-quaking transit is occurring on the 15th and along with the New Moon occurring on the same day, you will find this is a great time to express your gifts and creativity. With Mars entering your money and self-worth zone on the 16th, there will be a sudden drive to instigate change, expressing your unique gift and setting a price you feel reflects your value. The 18th is a good time to think about long-term plans for how to establish your professional goals and aspirations. From the 19th Venus will be entering your love zone: If you have a partner, this is a great opportunity to indulge in the relationship. If you are single, others will be attracted to you and value your company. Approaching the 26th is a chance for you to prove your worth to others. If you’ve been thinking of asking for a pay-rise this would be a great time. From the 21st work is highlighted so expect things to get busier – you will learning a lot and juggling tasks. The Full Moon highlights behaviours and actions where you sabotage yourself – pay attention to the intuitive (or literal) messages that you receive. The month ends on sociable note making it a great time to spend with friends, family and partners. I see a pub garden and a cold beer with your name on it!

On the 15th of May, your ruling planet Uranus will be moving from Aries to Taurus. During this process, a sense of awareness at home and with family may occur either psychologically or physically. You could have some sudden revelations about your heritage which take you by surprise, or you may want to introduce change. It is likely that pressures (or a particular person) at work prompt you to look at imbalances in your work–life balance. Try to exercise patience during this time as this is a highly volatile period enabling spontaneous and irrational actions. If you don’t have your own place you may decide that you want to have more space. Attitudes toward family life are likely to change and turning a..

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