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Its time to recap (Aka Recapo). But differently to how we’ve done it in the past.
As you can now see. There are different parts of the Xperience that folks are involved in….
So… We’re going to recap and update, what’s going on there. Namely via the chats that we have in Messenger.
#1 Becoming an S-curve member
This has evolved. And always has done.
– It started with people wanting solutions on how to fix their physique (In our world… Creating an S-curve, where you turn to the left to see the letter ‘S’)
– It then became more about a mental/lifestyle fix (That’s where the problem starts from, in almost all cases).
But the biggest evolution… Is personalising YOUR Xperience.
Aka… Encouraging you to reply to messages and newsletters. So that we can dig deep and truly solve your problems.
And because we’ve been doing this for a decade. We know that there’s 5-7 core issues, that everyone has. Just… In different variations.
121 chats help us expose those variations to everyone that follows. Which keeps all of the content relatable.
On top of that… I’m personally meeting new people, almost every day. And in different countries.
And in some places… I’m known as that guy who works outdoors on his laptop. Not in coffee shops. Outdoors!
But these 121 chats aren’t just about becoming an S-curve member.
We talk about and answer questions, regarding all parts of the S-curve Xperience. Like…
– Buying food and supplements
– Items that we post from our Amazon.com related posts and page

Even CBD stuff (Which is a new thing for us… But very relative to the Xperience)
What you see on the social media feed(s). Is the protocol S-curve Xperience.
But sending a DM, via any of the platforms… Is how we create YOUR best Xperience.
Travel-curvish 2.0 
OOTD-curvish ‘reveal your abs’ roadtrip moments @rosanna_cordoba
As a reminder…
– Away for 2-4 days
– To an awesome yet less popular destination
– That’s 2-4 hours away from home, by car or plane
And as a reminder…
– We take these trips… To truly ‘come up for air’ (More than 2 hours a day, like we do on week days)
– We take these trips… As 2-4 days allows us to schedule them on a weekend. Which is convenient for those who aren’t able to get a lot of holiday time off work.
– We take them… Because they fun, awesome and addictive. Addictive… Which makes this the most effective strategy to become and stay S-curvish. Even more so than 121 coaching chats.
Which leads me into…
#3 Our S-curve partner program
There’s a lot of ground work going on with this right @ working with our newest partners. Which is part of why I personally haven’t been taking too many Travel-curvish 2.0 trips in 2019.
But we’ll get to that in just a moment.
Travel-curvish and the partner program
This is where the S-curve Xperience… Is experienced.
– It’s when YOU become 60-100% S-curvish
– When your people decide to follow suit, from seeing you do so
– And everyone celebrating the results by taking TC2.0 trips
It’s all about better bonding and unforgettable memories. Instigated by @fitbuzz.
We’ve been creating memories with you all, for years. But we’re continuously ramping things up a gear. Mostly offline. Which is then, published online. Like this album in 2017.
That’s our big goal.
So keep on following our social media posts. Because we KNOW that the posts are causing you to take action @ all parts of the Xperience.
Back to the partner program
So… Right now. A lot of the people I’ve met in the past several months. Are being groomed to become effective S-curve member partners.
The easiest way for any one to become that. Is by first, becoming an S-curve member themselves.
Because then, you’re just simply sharing your experience with others.
On the flip side… You could be a person that is a fan of the S-curve Xperience. And might even already be 60-100% S-curvish.
Yet… The people around you, may complain about being out of shape (less-curvish) or have a crappy lifestyle.
And so… Being an effective S-curve member partner, means being a good listener.
When these people talk… You introduce tem to the S-curve Xperience.
In person – To me
Online – To My Facebook profile
And then we do all the work, from that point onwards. And of course, most of what goes on beyond that point, happens in 121 chats. Unless we decide to record and post everything publicly. Like this…
So yes… A lot of developments are going on in this area. All of which, will give other parts of the Xperience a boost.
#4 Buzzcoin
Every year… I make predictions of how things may start to look in S-curve world. In the not so distant future.
And so far… I’ve been correct. Almost every year since I’ve been doing these predictions.
Now… We’ve evolved into an S-curve platform. Which means we become involved in different industries, by default.
The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries are very likely to affect some of those industries. In some, more than others.
It’s early days, in regards to reporting on which ones.
But what we’ve been doing for the past year. Is getting some S-curve world folks familiar with these early stages of trading and investing. Namely on the following two websites @ Binance/Coinbase.
1) It gives those involved, a way to earn an extra income, remotely. Which allows folks to live some variation of the S-curve Xperience @ work/workout/Live anywhere.
2) It gets you involved in that industry. Where there are a lot of developments happening, with companies and brands that are already a part of your lives.
To conclude
I myself, am living the S-curve Xperience. I have done, for 9 out of the 10 years of stayfitbug.com’s existence.
It’s always evolving into something bigger and better. And it’s always a good time to get deeper involved.
‘Deeper’… Because you are already involved by default, simply from being here.
The latest
The S-curve gym workout followed by ‘come up for air’ paintball shenanigans @lucecitaecheverria - YouTube
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S-curve world folk…!
We recently decided to take some time out from meeting new people. Which coincided with our mid-year review.
And if you look through our most recent social media posts…
You’ll also see that we’ve been encouraging everyone to take a break from the S-curve workouts… At this time of the week (Wednesday). 
And to instead… Embrace moments and activities like these…
S-curve workout + Fashion is a ’thing’ followed by ‘Come up for air’ ATV moments @vitoriagomes - YouTube
This is all about following the protocol S-curve formula timeline. In regards to how a typical week should look. When the goal is to live life S-curvishly. Aka… The best version of your current day lifestyle, in your best-curvish body.
– Monday workouts = Hardest
– Easier towards the end of the week
– Which ends with Travel-curvish 2.0 and ‘Come up for air’ shenanigans
And in regards to the S-curve formula timeline @ workouts. The goal, is to follow any one plan, for a 1-3 months max.
And to then take a break for a while. Which could last from 7-30 days.
If you don’t embrace any S-curve Xperience activities. Then to simply live your life. But to make sure you eat S-curvishly, consistently.
All of this came up again, due to a discussion that I had with a person that I met this year @ meeting 1-5 people daily.
And having that discussion. Confirmed why we have the S-curve formula set up like this.
Yes… It’s been set up that way. As that is what triggered a lot of results in past S-curve members.
But it’s those face to face interactions with people. That re-confirms everything that we do.
Which brings me to…
Getting back to meeting 1-5 people daily
Doing so… Keeps everything ‘real’ around ‘ere. Because we get to see first hand…

– The issues that are truly affecting you in your life
– How you’re using technology
– What you REALLY think about certain ish… That you don’t publish online

And folks can’t hide behind a face to face conversation.

And it’s always an interesting moment when you speak with ‘keyboard warriors’ face to face .

Also… Meeting 1-5 people daily, is what brings these newsletters to life.
All real. All current day. Because what we talk about with those people, is what ends up here.
At which point, we can all have a discussion.
It all relates. As most of the people that we meet, have a similar ‘avatar’ to you.
– Works long hours
– Not much time for working out (Although not much is needed, after explaining the S-curve formula to them)
– Has a messed up nutrition regime
– And most importantly… Wants to fix it
To conclude
 Meeting people offline/online… That’s just a part of what we do.
And like I say, almost every time I meet someone.
”You learn something new… Every single time!”
But on a bigger scale. The network effect gets a huge boost, as we continue to evolve into an S-curve platform. Bringing all areas of the S-curve Xperience… 
As usual… Comment below or hit the blue Messenger button on this page.
The latest
Tis the S-curve 'Xperienced' @eujessicadorado - YouTube
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You can use coconut milk throughout your diet because you want to have a new kind of diet that will use plated fats to keep you healthy.  There are a lot of things that you buy, and you could use these products to improve the way that you eat and manage your own diet. You deserve to have the best every day, but you might not have thought of using coconut milk before.  Because of this, you need to plan to make a big new change in the way that you are thinking of cooking for yourself, or making your shakes and smoothies.

#1 How To Use It

You can use coconut milk powder in anything that you want because that is truly the best way for you to get the milk into the different parts of your diet like your shakes and smoothies.  You could even use this powder in your baking if you want to have a little bit more of that flavor in all your meals. Someone who would like to make a meal replacement shake or a smoothie can add the powder at any time, and they will instantly feel the difference because they can taste the coconut flavor.

#2 How Does It Help?

Coconut milk is a good plated fat for anyone who is on a diet that requires them to add a little bit more fat to each meal.  This is a very good thing for you because it can make a big difference in how you eat every day. If you would like to get some coconut milk to pour into your coffee, you could do that to make your drinks better.  Coconut flavor is very soft, and you will feel good knowing you are using something that is good for you.

#3 The Nutrients

You get a lot of nutrients from coconut because that is something that you can do to ensure that you have covered all the gaps that you have in your diet.  You have to remember that most people who are trying to get some better results in their diet will not want to use supplements because that makes it hard for you to take them regularly.  Adding coconut to your diet makes it possible for you to get the extra nutrients so that there is no problem going forward.

#4 Increased Metabolism

The coconut that you add to your diet can make your metabolism much better.  You are going to feel like you can lose a lot more weight because you are using the most appropriate items.  Plus, you need to be sure that you have come up with a plan to use the coconut enough that you will feel comfortable, and healthy.  

The best part of this is that you can change your life by using coconut milk powder every day.  This is a great thing for you to do to ensure that you will be comfortable with your diet, and it will add a plated fat that you know you need so that you can lose weight more comfortably.

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This year… We created an official items list. Which coincided with the launch of the Amazon influencer page (Image above).
And Amazon seem to know what they’re doing. Because the response to that page, has indeed been a positive one.
We have of course, used different vendors over the years. In terms of getting relevant and useful items into your hands.
But over time… Amazon has become the place that makes sense for most people to buy on/from.
On top of this… We have continuously/organically been evolving into an S-curve platform.
A cohesive set of areas, that make up what the S-curve Xperience ‘is’.


– Buzzcoin

– Travel-curvish 2.0

– The S-curve member partner program

As well as expanding on existing territory.


–  The S-curve program

And of course… There are many different items that can be used within those areas, to enhance YOUR S-curve Xperience.
As stated many times before. This list doesn’t grow much at all. As we only list new items. After we have used something useful ourselves. Or something that one of YOU reports that we should use/add.
On this day though. It’s Amazon prime day.
We ourselves, don’t offer ‘deals’, in regards to apparel, supplements and S-curve program plans.
But Amazon does. And I we took some time out today, to scan through their deals page… For items that fit into/improve the S-curve Xperience.
Here’s some that we found.
The COSORI Air Frye
The WD 10TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive
The Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender
The LEVOIT Air Purifier
As usual… If you’re scanning on your own there. You’re going to stumble upon some great finds, different to what you see listed above.
What’s most important. Is that we send you to the relevant category of items, that could be used within the S-curve Xperience, to make it better.
Now comment below or hit the blue button to talk.
The latest
Because S-curve workouts will always be important... Followed by OOTN-curvish moments @bugattibody - YouTube
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Soooo.. It’s a Sunday. We’ve kick started the 2nd half of the year. And for many… That means loads of Travel-curvish + 2.0 trips to be taken. As per protocol S-curve formula timeline. And recommended.
This also means that folks have had to to sit back, relax and reflect, on where their life is currently heading.
What’s working. What’s not. 
Even for us. We’ve taken a break from meeting 1-5 people daily.
Reflecting on and building on some of those relationships.
And so… That has lead us to creating today’s newsletter topic.
To discuss what’s going on in each of the main parts of the S-curve Xperience.
Let’s get into it.
In order from hottest to least hottest
The S-curve partner program
I, Shaun Sinclair… Started the S-curve program back in 2012.
It of course, evolved NANY different times, during that time.
I of course, have a super solid memory. So let’s look back at some of the iterations that took place.
2012/13 – Operation S-curve ebook bundle

2014 – $66 a month program. Which helped keep members for accountable. Which lead to improved results.
2014/15 – All ebook programs converted into video programs. Which we still use with today’s members.
2016 – Introduction of the LIVE update member page. Which looks like > this.
Because going LIVE, kept all members super engaged.
But more importantly… Members could instantly report back what worked/didn’t work. In regards to workout and nutrition shenanigans.
2018 – The S-curve formula is established.
In short… It can be given to anyone to use. And for qualified individuals to offer to people, as a solution to their less-curvish problems.
Enter July 2019 – For most of this year… I’ve been lining up S-curve member partners.
These are individuals who tend to be business minded folks. Who may have friends, colleagues, associates in their network, who may benefit from becoming an S-curve member.
This mostly happens locally, to wherever I AM, in person. Which then translates to online communication.
Of course… This happens online too (first). But usually when a follower becomes a successful S-curve member. At which point, their people tend to naturally get involved. Due to noticing the visible results of that member.
Some of those partners may even begin teaching the S-curve formula to others, once they’re qualified enough.
But the main goal of the partner program, is to build great relationships and experiences. Via ‘In the city’ and Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.
Aka living the S-curve Xperience.
The memories that are created here, do NOT fade away in a hurry. And people naturally talk about the things that bring happiness into their lives.
It’s all about building a foundation, where everyone involved, is on the same page.
Like… Where everyone knows…
– That you can reach 60% S-curvish within 3 months and start eating whatever the fudge you want.
– That we focus on ‘soft lean’… Not encouraging the buying of fake body parts.
– That we focus on taking TC2.0 trips for 2-4 days, that are 2-4 hours away from home, every 4-6 weeks
And of course… There are commissions involved here for S-curve member partners. With the goal to spend those earnings with those who become S-curve members.
And since we’re on the topic of earning an income within S-curve world. Let’s dig into another hot area. Which stated would heat up, in 2019… Back in December 2018!
And if you was interested and/or listened. You would have benefit from the most recent heat in that area. Which is of course,
I’ve re-highlight the reasons why this has become a part of the Xperience, in recent newsletters like > this one.
And aside from the short/long term earning/income side of things. And aside from the blockchain/Cryptocurrency industry, improving current parts of the S-curve Xperience in the not so distant future.
One the benefits of doing so… In relation to how we live here. Is the fact that you can earn THAT income, from anywhere in the world.
Along with the growing options of outlets that we have, to receive those earnings. Regardless of where you are in the world.
Which = 
– More time
– More freedom
Both of which… Are what is holding people back, from Becoming new S-curve members.
If that is YOU right now. The no.1 thing you can focus on. That requires almost no extra time (Just a restructure of your time). Is…
The food and supplements shenanigans
This has been a hotter area.. Than even the main S-curve program (At least online… Globally).
And as of this year… We put together our comprehensive guide (That we’ve been building since day one). On how you should approach eating and taking supplements. When the goal is to look like this…
‘Coming up for air’ #swimsuit-curvishly in #Zákynthos
@ ‘soft lean’ and S-curvish
Not much else needs to be said at this point. Just consume that page. And continue to keep on consuming it.
You WILL  continue to win!
Travel-curvish 2.0
There’s isn’t much to update on this at present. But it’s hotter than ever.
It’s the area of the S-curve Xperience, that gets you to move off ya ass… More than any other area here.
And continues to do so, the more trips you take.
And if money is an issue in your life @ how will you pay for all those trips. Then scroll back up above @ the S-curve member partner program and Buzzcoin.
Because there’s nothing worse, than enjoying the S-curve Xperience via social media. And not being able to join in, due to lack of time and/or money.
The one thing I will say. Is to keep an eye on the social media feeds, to bookmark possible destinations that you can visit.
The items page
You’ll end up buying your own items, most of the time. Which is OK. Because you would most likely scan a lot of reviews and options, before doing so.
What’s important to us… Is that we guide you to certain types of items. That will be used within the S-curve Xperience. For a more enjoyable Xperience.
To conclude
Don’t ever be shy. Message via this Messenger (Blue button on the right) to talk about what’s on your mind, when you get these messages.
Because what we talk about, ends up as newsletter content and solutions, that benefit everyone that’s involved here.
The latest
‘Come up for air’ S-curve workout followed by OOTN-curvish shenanigans @thaisbianca - YouTube
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That’s the current goal. To continuously build upon that.

For the past 3-5 years… We’ve ventured into new territory. 



Travel-curvish 2.0

The S-curve member partner program

As well as expanding on existing territory.


–  The S-curve program


And one area that I’m excited to watch evolve. Is how the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry will merge into our S-curve world. 

Especially since we’re now a platform. Basically meaning, that the industry will affect what we do here, in different ways/pats of the S-curve Xperience.

7 months ago… I gave you the option to be able to start as an S-curve member for free. Simply by signing up on the following two websites.

The first reason… Is to of course, get you to start @ fixing whatever issue you have.

The 2nd reason… Is to give you one option, to be able to live the S-curve Xperience to the max. Which basically means to live and work from wherever you want. By investing and/or trading cryptocurrencies.

And today… I’m re-highlighting that fact.

Many of you will receive these newsletters via Messenger.

And of course… Replying to talk, is the norm.

That… Is where the fix begins for you. Long before you even become a paying S-curve member.

And so… It’s all about keeping those chats free for you. At least to begin with.

Because naturally… We’ll have to switch to some kind of paid plan, if ‘results’ is your goal @ whatever you need fixing.

So… If you want to dig deeper into fixing something, without the pressure of becoming an S-curve member. Then sign up on those two websites for free.

Once done. We’ll begin. As well as teaching you what to do with those websites.
The latest
S-curve workout + 'Coming up for air' horse riding @kissluckchris - YouTube
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And for those who see this, as their 1st @fitbuzz post. ‘Fudge’ is our word for f*ck @ cursing without cursing.

Now… To answer the headline question.

Why the fudge do we need a newsletter?
Stayfitbug.com started 10 years ago this month. And the great thing with websites. Is that you can look back at any part of the journey.
10 years is a long time. And a lot of changes have happened since then.
Back in 2009. It was all about the email newsletter. And back then… The focus was almost entirely on the S-curve program (Even though it didn’t get that name, until years later).
So the core purpose of the email newsletter. Was educate you on a deeper level. To bond on a deeper level. Both of which… Couldn’t be done, without receiving an email.
Fast forward to 2019
That can be done via, videos, Messaging apps, LIVE video.
Yet… The goal is still the same. Which is to be able to connect with you on a deeper level. Even after using all of the above methods of communication.
And today… That happens right here, on stayfitbug.com.
What you’re reading right now, is the newsletter. It’s just delivered to you in several ways.
– Messenger apps
– Push notifications
– Social media platforms
And one core reason why you’re being sent to this website. Is because it’s where everything that we do, exists.
It’s the ONLY place you’ll ever need to go. To learn more about, whatever we talk about, on any given day.
Which is of course… The NOW S-curve platform, for EVERYONE that’s involved within the S-curve Xperience.
To conclude
Today… It’s more important than ever before, to start receiving these newsletters. It’s a big noisy world out there. And this is our quiet room. Where we go over all the details @ all 4 parts of the Xperience. 
Each newsletter you receive, is us… Going on a new date together, every time you receive one.
And with every date we go on…. We learn more and more about each other. And to hopefully, marry you, with whatever your goal is, during your time here.
Comment below or reply via the Messenger button.
The latest
'Come up for air' S-curve workout moments @vitoriagomes - YouTube
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Stay Fit by Shaun - 2w ago

Ya… It’s a ‘thing’. So let’s talk about that.

So… We have recently re-concluded. That all of what we do around here… STILL, starts with the S-curve.

The S-curve in #OOTD attire @nataliya_zibrova

You have that in place. All 4 parts of the S-curve Xperience, sync and together, to make YOUR life awesome.

And whenever a new S-curve member jumps onto the scene… There’s usually an aura of negativity around them.

This of course… Comes from everyone who is currently present in their lives. Through family, friends, work colleges and the like.

And it’s the incoming presence of positivity. That is the back bone of our existence here.

It’s a #TBT on this day. So let’s look back through a classic scenario of where this happened, within S-curve world.


The following two ladies were old friends, who were about to re-unite on this trip to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong
Vlaxamana DAY 15 - YouTube

I arrived at the airport with the first lady, meeting the 2nd lady on arrival.

To cut a long story short. It was a great trip of exploring. Which today… Looking back. We would call a Travel-curvish 2.0 trip @ away for 2-4 days.

Great experiences with people, usually cements the bond between you.

A few months later (August 2016).

The first lady decides to become an S-curve member, after a talk over lunch.

She had been failing on and off 2 years prior to that day.

Within 2-3 weeks… She experienced noticeable results.

And EVERYONE in her life noticed. Especially as they viewed her as the ‘fat girl’ (Not truly fat, of course).

Naturally… Every asked what she’s doing.

One of the people who asked, was the friend above (4 months after Hong Kong).

She found out I was the person responsible. And because of the connection that we made on the trip. It was easy for her to decide to become an S-curve member.


SHE also was surrounded by negativity.

In fact, her closest friends told her that she was wasting her time by becoming an S-curve member.

Possibly because her known eating out shenanigans.

But she wanted to start. Because she saw all of he new positivity, that was surrounding the 1st lady.

Two weeks later. This happened…

2 week progress to shred-curvish

Even I was shocked.

She used the exact same S-curve formula as the 1st lady. Yet, the shred was quicker and more noticeable.

To fast forward

Both of them were paying members. And we used that money, to take a C2.0 trip, to celebrate. Especially since they were now 60% S-curvish or above.

And THAT… Is the goal for everyone that gets involved here.

To bring your people closer together via positive experiences.

Because it’s the back bone of a great S-curve Xperience.

As usual… Comment or reply to chat via Messenger

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It’s a new month folks!
And it’s our universal goal, to improve all parts of your S-curve Xperience. Month after month.
Of course… We won’t always win. But that’s why we measure our sh!t. Because you can improve the things that you measure in your life.
From what I saw… A LOT of you had fun in June. Aka… Living parts 2-4 of the S-curve Xperience.
And if you look at the recent Insta mini blog posts. That is what we want for everyone one to ‘happily’ be doing @ life beyond 60% S-curvish.
Today… It’s all about highlighting what’s actually going on in S-curve world.
Yes… We have done this in a recent post. But you know… To highlight what’s going on in each of those areas right now!
Becoming S-curvish and the partner program
I’m personally, constantly going out and meeting new people. Almost everyday.
And from what I see… The S-curve Xperience is EXACTLY what people WANT to look forward to.
You know… Eating whatever the fudge they want. But still look S-curvish.
‘Coming up for air’ #Feeding the #monster on a #bicycle @iamraewilson
We of course… Connect via social media. At which point. They then see a desired body type. That is even better than they imagined.
Especially when they look through our S-curve member results page.
The messaging then sinks in. And within 1-3 months of following. They ‘get it’.
They may or may not become S-curve members (Via the program). But if they do… Then results follow.
Which leads me to…
It’s at that point, where YOU are in the best position to become an S-curve member partner.
Because the people around you, are naturally going to enquire about what  you’re doing to achieve the results.
And you simply tell them.
Face to face or online members… You’ll then receive commissions from each month, that person is a member.
The goal isn’t to earn money from your people. Because we don’t roll like that around here.
The goal… Is earn money collectively and spend it collectively, with your people. At the same time, getting them involved n other areas within the S-curve Xperience.
That’s the big picture goal.
And right now. I’m working closely, with a select few S-curve member partners, offline.
All of which, will be shown to you via these newsletters.
The supplements
‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve #workout + #fashion is a ‘thing’ @fefurlan
Not too many changes in this area. But if you’re present and active in S-curve world. Then you need to consistently revisit this page…
Things have indeed heated up in this area, in the first 6 months of 2019.
I did say they would. And if you didn’t listen. You of course, missed out. In regards to the earning side of things $$$.
But it’s not to late… Yet!
Just sign up on Binance and Coinbase. Message via the blue button on this page. And I’ll guide you.
The items page
This is always on fire. Just keep an eye on the new updates page. Mostly when we talk about it. Like I just did.
To conclude
There are other things happening behind the scenes. But the above, is the core focus right now.
The latest
S-curve workout exercise variations + Fashion is a 'thing' @thalitanascimento_ - YouTube
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