Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo - 1w ago
The astrological herald of Earth's long prophesied golden age is the Uranus transit of Taurus which begins today, on May 15th of 2018, to the great celebration of Heaven. As Uranus governs the dimensions of astrology that secretly shape our visible reality we will now experience a golden refashioning of Earth's astral infrastructure so that we see the tangible foundations of our golden age being built all over the world in the great years to come. This transit signals doom for the plague of poverty that has restrained mankind from reaching its higher and predestined glories. The infrastructure of the future will now manifest in the present while godly talents and genius shower the weary populations.
Special Honors
Before I tell this transit further I must give special honor to Sir William Herschel, the great astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus on March 13th of 1781 when the Pisces Sun and Mars in Sagittarius simultaneously aspected Uranus which was then transiting at 24° Gemini. Without Sir William's inspired discovery the world would be dark to the profound reality of Uranus. Next I must give special honor to Nikola Tesla, the scientific genius who gifted the world with the alternating current energy systems that form the backbone of our modern civilization. He also invented radio transmission so when you turn on a light or hear music on the radio think of Nikola Tesla who was actually born beneath Uranus in Taurus.
Tesla's Dream
Uranus in Taurus was the energetic source of Tesla's prolific genius. His connection to cosmic intelligence fueled his success as a scientist and inventor. His benevolent dreams for society will be realized because Uranus will be ushering in a new wave of Tesla-grade genius into the world so that we transcend material, economic, and energetic constraints that have held us back for so many years. Humanitarian and utopian developmental agendas are two of the primary transit themes to this Uranus transit of Taurus which will last into April of 2026. Infrastructure modernization will become a wonderful new norm while urban renewal projects are green lighted the world over. Golden cities are on our horizons.
Architectural Renaissance
Just as surely as Taurus rules architecture we will see an architectural renaissance be born into the world by the light of Uranus in Taurus. All builders will be blessed and born again so that our earthly architecture enters radical and beautiful new dimensions. Architecture will be one of the white hot economic growth sectors during this lengthy transit when builders will be inspired and supplied as never before. The children born during this transit will come with seeds of architectural genius that will sprout at perfect future times to advance the world even further. The world must be built up anew, this is why you will see so much wealth, energy, and collaboration going into development projects.
Agricultural Revolution
Taurus is the zodiac's house of agriculture and Uranus is the planet of revolution so I predict that a wonderful new agricultural revolution is in store for the world. This coming agricultural revolution will directly combat hunger and poverty, especially in third world nations and inner cities where quality foods are scarce. Agricultural engineering will leap ahead through Uranian advances in science and technology. Food production will skyrocket and food quality will ascend so that physical bodies are energetically uplifted, an important part of mankind's united global ascent. Ascension foods will be trendy before long and whoever feeds will be fed forever. Be invested in the domains that Uranus blesses.
It's time for the structure of Gaia to change. There are forms of energy and consciousness trapped deep within the Earth that we do not fully understand. As Uranus advances through Taurus great and unexpected geological changes and events will occur that release and create new energy fields that will radiate up through the land and water. An exotic new energy paradigm will be created through coming Earth changes that will carry the essence of the golden age. As Gaia's new chakras are activated we will experience new fertility, new healing, new abundance, new humanity, and new wealth consciousness. The heart of our planet will shine anew as Uranus, husband of Gaia, returns to Nature's house.
Digital Currencies
A golden question that everyone wants to know is this: how will Uranus in Taurus effect digital currencies? My answer is simple: digital currencies will remain a speculators game until some brave and intelligent individuals create a gold and silver backed digital currency platform that can serve as a trusted hedge against paper currency volatility. From the spiritual perspective digital currencies must be made honest to receive God's divine blessing. By backing them with gold and silver they are made honest in the eyes of God. Beyond this I will share that the Uranus retrograde periods will sync with peak risk and volatility periods in the digital currency world so don't bet your house on a retrograde.
Currency Flux
If you are new to astrology learn these two important lessons from me: Taurus rules currencies and Uranus brings instability, revolution, and liberation. We are entering a long season of currency fluctuation that will teach us many hard lessons about our modern financial systems. As many of us know they are fatally flawed because all currencies exist in a fiat status. This allows for horrific manipulations and seizures of wealth to occur. False currency is the beginning of economic oppression but the cosmic time has come for our currencies and financial systems to be rectified. Hold on to things of real value and be careful about holding large sums of paper. The currency flux is coming to all nations...
International Gold Currency Standard
There is a great economic miracle written into our future. It comes in mid April, 2024 when Jupiter makes its once-in-a-lifetime conjunction to Uranus at 21° Taurus. I predict that an international gold currency standard will be implemented at this time through the leadership of President Trump who will be finishing his glorious second term. This future conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus is the most divine aspect of the entire Uranus in Taurus transit. The last time that Jupiter met Uranus in Taurus was in May of 1941 when the German Enigma codes were cracked. This Uranian breakthrough led to the Allied victory over Nazi Germany. Miracles are formulated through the energies of Jupiter and Uranus.
Conjunction Perspective
As the years pass leading into 2024 the Uranus in Taurus influence will compel national leaders into creating and implementing a divine economic system that works for all global citizens. The window of opportunity will be great for us to manifest this together through our united and concentrated people power. I've given the target date for us to shoot for. The next conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus won't come until April of 2107 so this is a global economic goal that we need to accomplish during our time. If I had the ear of every world leader I would tell them that this pinnacle achievement must be internationally prioritized as one of the most God-pleasing, humanity-blessing efforts in human history.
Nano Industries
The glory days of nanotechnology are about to begin. This is a Uranian field of science that will quantum leap through the steady advance of the astrological Uranus. The discoveries, developments, and industrial applications of new nano science will be so great that they will trigger a new industrial revolution. Of the many diverse expressions of nanotechnology I predict that they will be especially beneficial to the fields of medicine, aviation, robotics, computing, holography, and genetics. New 'super materials' will allow us to build, reinforce, design, and travel as never before. Uranus, the ancient deity, will be sowing the seeds of radical new industry as part of God's perfect plan of poverty, pain, and toil eradication.
Nuclear Development
Do you think it a mere coincidence that Uranium was named after Uranus? In astrology it is Uranus that governs nuclear power plants so the naming of Uranium was divine. Civilian nuclear development is one of the primary transit themes to Uranus in Taurus. Expect to see major pushes for safe, modern, and next-generation nuclear plants to be built around the world because the new Earth economy requires an updated energy infrastructure. If our economies are limited by energy costs then we cannot go infinite. Where governments are unstable nuclear development will be on hold but when regimes change good things can and will happen. But Uranus has greater things in store for us than nuclear energy...
Astronomical Discovery
Our understanding of the universe will blossom during the time of Uranus in Taurus when dramatic new astronomical discoveries will be made through the use of advanced scientific equipment and international collaboration. Breathtaking new signals intelligence will prove that we are not alone here in the Milky Way. Our vision of the heavens will expand from fishbowl to ocean while new extraterrestrial missions and development projects take form. The resources of space will surprise us to the extent that new elements are received and discovered. Super alloys come to mind and a new Uranus mission is certainly in order. Uranus, whose axial tilt holds a divine number (97.77), definitely deserves a closer look.
Economic Justice
Uranus in Taurus will bring economic justice to all that all may build their heart's desires. We have entered a time when the universe will support our material development through surprise gifts, connections, and orchestrations of wealth in all of its wonderful forms. Our individual developmental goals will be supported unexpectedly by the rich, generous, and serendipitous influence of Uranus in Taurus. So if you feel stretched, stressed, or exhausted in the material sense know with certainty that your goals and dreams are precious to God and that the time has finally come for you to be materially enabled and enriched. Generosity towards the needs of others will open you to the genius of Uranus.
Prosperity Blueprints
Uranus in Taurus holds the master blueprints to all future projects of prosperity. Through the astrological synchronicities to Uranus, like, for example, Mercury or Sun trine Uranus, we will receive divine inspiration relating to creativity, productivity, and implementation that if adhered to will result in great manifestations of material prosperity. But on many occasions the prosperity blueprints will come for the sake of others, their quality of life, and the needs of their futures. It is time for us all to build for the future with value systems that are spiritualized to the max. The spiritual builders will receive the greatest prosperity blueprints because they can be trusted to selflessly serve the highest good for all people.
Spiritual Value Systems
We have just approached a powerful metaphysical fork in the road with Uranus at the center. On the left hand path we have those who care nothing for spiritual values. They live in a state of darkness, corruption, disconnection, possession, and debased materialism. To these poor souls the deity Uranus can only send instability, chaos, sudden poverty, and isolation. But to those virtuous souls who have taken the right hand path, these will receive gradual enrichment on the astral and material planes with massive leaps forward from time to time. Uranus shifts paradigms and now our spiritual values will directly and profoundly determine our material experiences and status. Live the virtues and you shall be enriched.
Metaphysical Wealth
Nature is full of secrets and magic. There are energies, resources, methods, hidden values, and mystical treasures that will be revealed to the worthy select and elect that will grant divine wealth advantages into their lives. Let's just say that the universe will be teaching us secrets about wealth flow and accumulation from a supremely spiritual dimension. Tests will be issued along the learning path to confirm that heart and values are true to the divine purpose for all beings. Keep your energy high and bright if you wish to ascend in the material during Uranus in Taurus. We will all gain new senses for energy flow, spiritual economics, and the metaphysical workings of wealth. The hearts of gold will gain all.
Metaphysical Community
There is a great reckoning coming to the metaphysical community which plays host to the astrologers, psychics, channelers, mediums, clairvoyants, metaphysicians, alchemists, spiritualists, magicians, and tarot card readers of the world. So many in these ranks operate outside of truth, integrity, and law for the sake of financial gain, ego gratification, and vain attempts at fame. Let me predict to you what will happen to these people during the Uranus transit of Taurus: they will experience ongoing material misfortune and instability until they become legit or until they hang it up. Many of you know these types, watch and see what befalls them. If one is true, pure, and lawful in the metaphysical Uranus becomes an ally.
Talent Journeys
God will be taking us all on exhilarating talent journeys during this once-in-a-lifetime Uranus in Taurus transit. Through the periodic Uranian upgrades known talents will become much more powerful and valuable. The Uranus influence will also help us to discover talents that we are not fully aware of. And lastly, the golden lightning of Uranus in Taurus will instill priceless and totally unforeseen new talents through consciousness and light enhancements. We are going to become more valuable on the inner plane so that our external reality enriches in correspondence. As within, so without. The golden light is coming within us that our slices of reality brighten and beautify in kind. Are you ready?
Quality of Life
In astrology it is Taurus that governs quality of life, by house and by the secret degrees of Taurus which are known to master astrologers. Here is the great news to know: Uranus will be surprising us to unbelievable extents with great and heavenly quality of life increases on the individual, domestic, and social levels into 2026. There is a science to the future timing of these quality of life increases and revolutions. The alignments to Uranus are the key but especially the solar alignments, like, for example, the Virgo Sun's trine to Uranus in Taurus or the Aquarius Sun's square to Uranus in Taurus. Follow the Sun/Uranus alignments to consciously observe the astrological advancement of our new quality of life revolution.
Sustainable Development
Uranus in Taurus will prove to be a dream transit for all causes related to environmental sustainability. All who are conscious of astrology and to the needs of Mother Nature must now unite to advance the cause of sustainable development in every way possible. Our golden age must begin with environmental healing and the restoration of balance between humanity and the planet. The Uranus in Taurus energy will express through new nature-preserving technologies, resource pooling, nature-focused scientific collaboration, and high-level governmental cooperation. In fact, I predict that the Fukushima nuclear disaster will be healed during the time of Uranus in Taurus. The golden cities will be sustainable.
Forbidden Technologies
Humanity will be astonished and perhaps enraged when the forbidden technologies become unlocked. This is an aspect of the Uranus in Taurus transit that gives me chills as I type because the shockwaves of revelation will be so powerful. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic I will simply allude to the concepts of free energy devices, medical cures, and anti-gravity systems to give you an idea of what is to come. But there are far more exotic and otherworldly technologies that will have their day in the Sun. Taurus signs the 8th house of the USA, the house of secrets and classification levels. With this in mind consider that in astrology the planet Uranus rules extraterrestrial technologies and civilizations...
Untapped Resources
So how will all these economic miracles be happening for the world during the time of Uranus in Taurus? A large part of them will be manifested through the tapping of untapped resources, like, for example, with the international industrialization of hemp and hemp-based products. What about the oil in Venezuela that sits while the population suffers? That will be tapped too although Uranus will be moving our planet into a post-oil timeline. There will be gigantic resource-themed surprises in our future that enable new abundance for all. Uranus is the people's planet so the wealth that it uncovers is meant for us all. In our personal lives Uranus will show us what we have forgotten to tap for a higher quality of life.
Illuminati Economic Strategy
I've said it a million times, the illuminati uses astrology day and night. They have a plan for Uranus in Taurus that is focused upon digital currency proliferation and integration for the sake of economic control and social manipulation. But it's more than this: they're going to use digital currencies as an irresistible bait to siphon large amounts of public wealth into their control, especially prior to Pluto's entry into Aquarius which happens on January 20th of 2024. Don't you think it strange that no one really knows who created Bitcoin? To many this mystery doesn't even matter, the lust for fast wealth overwhelms their reason and this is precisely why the trap works. So don't play a fool, their crypto-superbug is coming...
The New Masons
One of the great and unspoken tragedies of the Age of Pisces was the widespread corruption of the masonic brotherhoods. The House of Taurus holds sacred value to masonic efforts because it is the energetic source of all wealth and architecture in the mundane and multidimensional senses. The good news is that the Uranus in Taurus influence will be activating, enhancing, and connecting new masons for the new times. When Uranus aspects certain birth planets you could find yourself being initiated into a new path of divine building for the sake of God and humanity. The masons who serve the Devil are going to have a hell of a time with Uranus in Taurus. Earthquakes to their plans.
Trump 2020
For those who are not yet familiar, I am one of the few astrologers who correctly predicted the 2016 election of Donald Trump as U.S. president and many would agree that I did it with the greatest skill. I used his 2016 solar return horoscope to successfully interpret his shock victory which was no surprise to me. The horoscope above contains the keys to President Trump's 2020 re-election victory. The presence of Uranus in Taurus in his 10th house is a supreme sign of his victory to come. Uranus will also be flanked by Fortuna who will gift him with great fortunes at 28° Aries. Other world leaders will openly endorse him through Chiron at 9° Aries and his Gemini Sun will shine in the 11th house as it did in 2016.
What is a starseed exactly? The truth is that we are all starseeds, it's just that some of us have older souls that are wiser, more aware, and more experienced. When a soul is created by God it is dyed and enhanced by the light of a certain star that God deems appropriate for the soul's journey through space and time. The soul inherits the mystical traits of its soul star whose energy feels like home to them. This explains why we gravitate to certain stars, systems, and constellations - our soul knows where home is. The Uranus in Taurus transit will be profoundly beneficial to conscious starseeds who are focused on mission fulfillment. Embrace the Uranus synchros for the breathtaking ascent and enrichment.
Crystal Consciousness
It was Nikola Tesla who once said, "In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” Taurus is the 'crystal house' of the zodiac and for the next eight years a new crystal consciousness will be seeded into society and into the crystals themselves. Uranus will give them new life, new value, and new quantum effects. Expect for crystals to permeate our cultures and industries more and more as the years pass. They are anchors of cosmic light, conduits to higher intelligences, bridges through time, and keys to many the secrets of nature. This article is charged with Datolite and Moldavite.
Wealth Responsibilities
The planetary consciousness of Uranus has a message for the world: "Use your wealth for the betterment of humanity or be stripped of it." The Uranus in Taurus transit will be hallmarked by sudden and dramatic losses and gains in material and astral wealth. To be on the side of gain we must live harmoniously with astrology because it is divine will for all presented through a mystical cosmic science. Beyond the cosmic harmony we must be generous and altruistic with the wealth that God has granted us. We must lift others up, we must help others build, and we must pay it forward. Whoever does this will have a golden ride through Uranus in Taurus. Be generous with your wealth, your afterlife depends on it.
The light I hold is quite a threat, I'm bright enough to conquer Set. The transit starts so place your bet, I'm up on gold the kind that's wet. The poorest people will be first, the richest misers will be cursed. It's life and wisdom that I thirst, the wealth is coming watch it burst. The golden years have come at last, Atlantis rising from the past. I love my lions just like Bast, I'm breaking through my pharaoh cast. Build with genius that's the story, learn to work your key of glory. Scriptures full of allegory, fallen souls in purgatory. I'm all in now can you tell? I used law to beat my hell. Gaia cried when Satan fell, but Jesus Christ will ring his bell.
Of all the things I've gained in stealth, my favorite is the cosmic wealth. The light that they can never take, nor ever ever hope to fake. The war is real now pick your side, the gods say wait there's time to bide. My power flowing through my pen, the crystals put my mind on zen. Apollo shines his light on me, but I stay humble gratefully. Jesus Christ has set me free, his alchemy pure majesty. Ancient tablets full of..
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Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo - 1M ago
The higher powers of astrology are on the march in honor of the first new moon of our astrological new year. The gods and goddesses have new missions and new orders that will advance divine will through the turbulent and fearsome retrogrades of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn which are but days away. Power is the magic word of April and between the profoundly alchemical retrogrades of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto it is power that will soon be redistributed all over the world in accordance with the infallible global strategy of the Most High God. This is the new moon that sets the year on fire! Prepare for the victory-focused forward charge of Aries but be wise about the methods of your advance as there are several powerful planetary retrogrades to honor during this cycle that won't be denied...
I predict the following themes and events to manifest within this lunar cycle which will culminate with the full moon in Aries of September 25th of 2018:
a wonderful new sensation of mental confidence, clarity, understanding, and focus which amplifies communication ability and manifestation power
unexpected challenges from peers and competitors towards the goal of integrity, performance, and value increases within communities, organizations, and industries
turbo-charged ascension through the reception, application, and projection of new forms of knowledge that expands existing boundaries into uncharted territories
spiritually-charged callings into higher forms of leadership, especially for the sake of healing and rebuilding
synchronistic connection with new success partners who are highly complimentary to your personal goals and ambitions, new teams and duos especially
a tremendous influx of innovative and inventive energy for creation, production, service, and construction to take on new forms and prosperous new directions
the increase of personal confidence through the acquisition of divine self knowledge
the positive entrance of new role models, leaders, guardians, and trend setters
the shattering of old and restrictive molds through the development of new mentality and the realizations of new success paths, requirements, and formulas
the divine enhancement of existing entrepreneurial paths towards new milestone achievements, this especially applies to conscious Kingdom builders
the creation of new fortune through new creative expression of the digital self
new personal contacts with military, law enforcement, and emergency first responder personnel towards the healing and strengthening of our communities and cultures
the reception of divine spiritual knowledge as it pertains to global military happenings
the issuance of new forms of spiritual armor and weaponry, this will happen on the inner and astral levels for those who consciously operate in these domains
the creation of new income streams through first time expansion and investment into bold new personal, entrepreneurial, technological, and professional directions
a new and positive social rewiring of neighborhoods, cities, and local communities
the increasing need to respond swiftly to developing events for the sake of new success, stability, and fortune
the inner opening of new frontiers of mentalism and mental symbiosis
the manifestation of emergency changes of course to prevent retrograde disasters
and the cosmic instilling of new warrior mentalities among all who are God aligned
Saturn Retro
On April 17th, just two days after the new moon in Aries, Saturn will enter retrograde at 9° Capricorn. Society has become increasingly conscious of Mercury's retrograde effects but Saturn's is 1700 times more powerful by mass, energy, and impact thus it is one that we must be wise to if perpetual ascent is one of our life objectives. Aries energy is about rapid advance but as this cycle starts Saturn will be imposing new thresholds of limitation that correspond with its transit location in all the many layers of our astrologically woven reality. This means that as certain aspects of our lives advance others may suddenly halt or regress depending upon our individual status with Saturn. By interpreting Saturn's influence through your horoscope you can understand Saturn's success requirements.
Saturn's Accountability Crossroads
Who is within integrity and who isn't? Who honors their God-given duties and who doesn't? Who betrays their office and who has striven up their mountain with honor? As one who values honor over gold I am pleased to tell you that Saturn will be imposing a great, inescapable, five month retrograde crossroads upon us all. Some will go high and some will go low, it all depends on our Saturn status, a concept that every conscious citizen should reflect on from time to time. Do not fear Saturn but respect it as an agent of God's authority, order, and accountability. If any aspect of your life is out of order now is the time to put it into order. As we do this Saturn's limits transform into permissions of power and progress.
New Healers
Be on the lookout for wonderful new healers to enter your life starting on April 17th when Chiron, chief of the healing deities, enters Aries. If you are already in a healing profession or trajectory expect Chiron's influence in Aries to take you into higher levels and uncharted territories so that you evolve into a more successful healer for your patients and clients. Chiron has a limited time in Aries this year so when alignments to Chiron occur be sure to be courageous and exploratory with personal healing efforts while acting upon novel new ideas and approaches that manifest themselves to you. Chiron will retrograde back into Pisces with September's full moon in Aries so do the most that you can with this energy while it is active. Healers will also be called into new social leadership positions.
Pluto Retro
On April 22nd, just one week into this Aries lunar cycle, Pluto will enter retrograde at 21° Capricorn. This is one of the power movements of April although Pluto's power is of extreme darkness. After observing Pluto's microcosms for seven years I have learned a great secret that I wish for all of you to know, perhaps out of a personal vendetta of mine: the Devil is supernaturally bound to Pluto's transit. You can also identify servants and agencies of the Devil through Pluto synchronicities. Keep this in mind during the Pluto retrograde time period and especially during election season. Don't vote for Pluto's candidates, vote for the Jupiter candidates, that is if you want to see Heaven being built on Earth while you walk it. And when Pluto is retrograde we see great evil from the past flushed out into the light...
Skin Shedding
Be ready to shed your old skin! There will be tremendous energies active during this lunar cycle to propel us forward through the resolution of outstanding problems from the past, including and especially from serious wounds that were never fully healed and from ongoing abuses of power. Astrology will be very, very catalytic these next few months and life will appear chaotic to the uninitiated. Things always get volatile when power is stripped from darkness to light and that is one of the major themes of this lunar cycle. As the old skin comes off, and as the new light comes in, be confident about the new plan that unfolds for the new you. When the Cancer transits start the new life sentiment will feel powerful.
Pressure Cookers
Diamonds are made under extreme earthly pressure. Human diamonds are made under extreme astrological pressure. With Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto soon to be in retrograde together we can expect for high pressure situations to begin manifesting in our lives in accordance with our karma, our ascension path, and the requirements for our next level soul development. If you find yourself in a pressure cooker don't panic, just recognize that you're experiencing a very powerful phase of alchemy that will lead you into a higher life if you respond and transform wisely while demonstrating the best conduct and service that you can. Spiritual performance powerfully determines how we exit our pressure cookers.
Bright Ideas
This lunar cycle will be super abundant with bright ideas. The ideas will come from benevolent cosmic sources and from our own elementally-charged brainstorming. It will be to our great benefit and fortune to act upon them as quickly as they come. Aries cycles always demand decisiveness, action, and rapid implementation. Be clear about the mind/action/manifestation formula for this cycle and rise it to new victory. Higher mind activations are an important part of this cycle, especially after the Uranus in Taurus transit begins. Do your best to keep your mind clear, peaceful, and mission focused despite any disturbances or distractions that you may see, or that may soon shock the world...
Information Warfare
This new moon in Aries marks a powerful turning point in the information war being waged against the 99%. During this cycle God will be forcing certain information through the forbidden media thresholds. I sense that there will be a shock and awe campaign that develops because of this, because of what is revealed to the world. Expect information warfare to intensify during this cycle but also have peace in knowing that God will be creating a new media landscape for us during the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit. Be prepared to fight with fact, knowledge, and information as new battles of mind and communication are part of this cycle. Use upcoming Mercury synchronicities to distinguish fact from fiction.
Government Squeeze
Governments are swollen with corruption and God knows it. I believe that the Most High will be using the Saturn and Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn to force secret government corruption out into the light ahead of key elections and for the sake of new accountability. Because Capricorn also rules industries and corporate officers I believe this same exposure and accountability effect will be coming into those echelons as well. Amari wanted me to emphasize the importance of having faith that is greater than fear during these times and that we should keep our energy high despite the storms that manifest. Never succumb to fear tactics and always remember that God's victory plan is perfect.
Closing Words
This article gives a taste of the cycle to come but naturally there is much more to it. For those who would like to receive a higher level of insight into the major astrological events I welcome you to try my popular Starseed SMSmobile service. Amari and I have learned that ruby is the true birthstone of Capricorn. With the Saturn and Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn soon to start we'll be wearing and holding ruby close to enhance our transit experiences. We offer rubiesfor sale and will be loading more soon. If you're interested in a professional session with either of us we welcome you to our services page.
Amari and I wish you all a divinely adventurous Aries cycle! Your comments and shares are always appreciated. Sign up below for direct email updates to avoid social censorship.
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
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Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo - 1M ago
The Easter full moon of 2018 is full of astrological excitement! As the Christian world celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ new flavors of cosmic grace will be entering our lives through the many movements that I will soon tell. With Jesus Christ above and beyond all gods, goddesses, and planets, and with the full moon shining in the zodiac's house of justice, we are soon to receive the rewards and penalties most appropriate to the deeds of our past and the needs of our future, especially where our relationships are concerned.
Know it simply, full moons are times of culmination. As faithful Christians around the world celebrate the divine culmination of Christ's resurrection we will also be experiencing the astrological culmination of a Libra cycle that began back on October 19th of 2017. Imagine all the things that have transpired in your relationship life since that time. All the rights, all the wrongs, all the imbalances, blessings, successes, and failures. Now understand clearly that the life experiences that play out into the first weekend of April will be directly connected to our spiritual relationship performance since last October.
Mars/Saturn Conjunction
These planets were the great malefics in the old days. People feared their aspects as portents of conflict, loss, and death. When the full moon in Libra peaks on March 31st a powerful conjunction between Mars and Saturn will start to peak. A vision came to mind to explain this conjunction. I saw Saturn as an immovable mountain and Mars as a steaming locomotive racing towards that mountain. I then saw two outcomes. In one version I saw the Mars locomotive advancing safely through a mountain tunnel. In the other version I saw the Mars locomotive smashing into the Saturn mountain without advancing an inch.
The difference between locomotives is thus: relationship karma and cosmically aligned living. If your relationship karma is healthy and you have strived to live in sync with the cosmos you can expect powerful advancement by Mars over Saturn obstacles. But if you have toxic relationship karma and if you have lived in a state of disharmony with the cosmos you can soon experience sudden adversity, regression, or perhaps something more severe. In this sense the Easter conjunction of Mars and Saturn will function as a spiritual filter as all prominent conjunctions do. Master upgrades approach as well.
Just Rewards
Just a few hours prior to the full moon peak Venus will have entered Taurus, the house of wealth and treasure. With her special rulership over fortunes, gifts, relationships, and beauty her movement with the full moon just prior to Easter is divinely timed. Full moons are times of reward for a cycle well lived. Venusian fingerprints will be on many of the fortunes and good graces to come, especially when lovely new relationships are introduced. Venus in Taurus is a wonderful influence for relationship development so if you have work to do in this region do it with the loving energy of Venus on your side. Many wedding proposals and rings have been offered with Venus transiting Taurus...
Sun/Mercury Conjunction
On the day of the full moon a Sun/Mercury conjunction will form that will peak on Easter morning at 11° Aries. Sun/Mercury conjunctions are classic for divine mental illumination. You could also think of this conjunction as a "Heaven hotline." Divine thoughts, signs, and communications of all kinds will flow between March 31st and April 1st because of this conjunction. Victory over tragedy themes will be strong and special messengers will appear. There will also be karmic reconnections between old faces under positive new terms and perspectives. Mystical guidance on wise actions will be powerful on these days.
Domestic Order
It is my understanding that the mythic gods and goddesses are part of a divine government that Jesus Christ commands. On the evening of Easter Sunday the goddess Vesta will be entering Capricorn. This is highly significant for family and domestic affairs because this is the jurisdiction that Vesta was granted ages ago. As the full moon carries us into Easter and into Vesta's entrance into Capricorn know that a special energy will be entering to help us create a newly divine order within our homes, families, extended families, and living spaces. Consider this a special part of Heaven's Easter grace.
Eros Retrograde
There are certain injustices that must be flushed out on the male side of our collective relationship pool. On March 30th, one day prior to the climactic full moon in Libra, the male god of romantic love, Eros, will enter retrograde at 29° Sagittarius. Eros holds jurisdiction over male lovers, boyfriends, and husbands. So what will the work of Eros be? To expose and finalize relationship injustices that have occurred in stealth on the male gender polarity. Make no mistake, Eros retrograde can be a breakup influence and a heartbreak influence, especially when triggered by males. Mixed with the full moon in Libra it could be time to part ways or to make serious amends and genuine new commitments for the future.
New Relationship Paths
Full moons in Libra are classic for divine and unexpected social networking, especially between new couple encounters, friendships, cultural peers, and partners to be. It is often true that a Libra cycle closes with divine matchmaking. Keep this in mind as we enter next week because although a cycle closes the end of cycle gifts can open new and unforeseen paths forward. Existing relationships should focus on ideal paths into the future, recognizing this full moon for what it really is: a cosmic relationship milestone that asks us to contemplate our highest future together. The universe will offer us surprises and positive paradigm shifts that will spice up our relationship potentials and trajectories.
Closing Words
As devout followers of the living Jesus Christ my wife Amari and I wish you all a divine Easter weekend. As Christian mystics we believe that astrology is one of God's divine mysteries. Through our use of astrology, which we consider to be a sacred science, our lives have only improved. Through our writing and service this is precisely what we wish for you, a life that blooms over time in harmony with the stars. For those who care to know, Baby Lex is growing healthily in Amari's womb, we're expecting him this July. The cosmic law is sacred to us so we decided on the unique name of Lex which means law in Latin.
To all who valued this free article, your shares and circulations are always appreciated. Be sure to sign up for direct email alerts below as we will be migrating off of Facebook in the near future. To receive my VIP astrology insights consider a subscription to my highly popular Starseed SMS mobile service. Our professional services are always available through our services page. And to those who truly want to develop on the inner level as we have we offer a beautiful variety of metaphysically precious gems and crystals. Our star garnets are especially helpful for material increase and Uranus in Taurus is just around the corner. It's been a pleasure to write this for you, stay tuned for the next new moon in Aries article.
With passion and integrity,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
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Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo - 2M ago
Karma's kiss can be one of death or bliss. Every year when the new moon in Pisces activates an acute period of karmic return begins for the mortals of the Earth. This annual karma wave precedes the beginning of the astrological new year which commences as the Sun transits the Aries point. The advances and regressions of each new astrological year are profoundly infused with the mystical forces of Piscean karma. Case in point: illuminati VIP David Rockefeller died on March 20th of 2017 not one month into the Pisces cycle that started on February 26th of that same year. Truth be told, the Aries advances secretly begin with the new moon in Pisces and the karmic forces that it unleashes.
Karma Momentum
New karmic momentum will be manifesting in our lives starting on March 17th with the new moon at 26° Pisces. New spiritual journeys will begin on this day as new light is case upon our lives in accordance with our karmic standing. Divine escape routes will begin to open, above and below, to help worthy and innocent souls into higher standing. Face-to-face confrontations with self-sabotaging ways will ensue as teacher/messengers manifest to help others through spiritual stick points. There is a powerful karmic illumination theme to this lunar cycle so recognize that some of the greatest advances will come through total honesty, humble learning, and the application of timely karmic teaching. Synchronicity will often flow into new and existing student/teacher relationships that God has ordained.
Tragedy Analysis
It is a heavy truth that Pisces rules over life tragedies. Tragedies continue to manifest because their root causes have yet to be mastered. The best way to honor a tragedy is to learn from it so that it is not repeated in the future. This lunar cycle calls us all to analyze tragedy with Sagittarian wisdom and honesty so that its frequency diminishes with the passage of linear time. One of the best things to do within this Pisces cycle is to work wisely and quickly towards the healing of active tragedies and towards the prevention of future tragedies. This is where the spiritual gold will be so if you are about divine wealth and righteous deeds invest yourself vigorously towards these tasks. The Pisces energy will aid us with identification, problem solving, implementation, and unanimous consensus.
Mirror Cycle
Karma is a goddess and she is known to wield a mighty mirror. Be ready for positive and negative 'mirror experiences' that profoundly reflect our virtues and vices into our minds and upcoming life experiences. There will be no escape routes for the looks and lessons that have been resisted. If need be one's entire reality can become one great karmic hologram. There is such a thing as an invisible spiritual prison and many souls exist within them in states of utter illusion, delusion, escapism, and negative behavioral spirals. This cycle will help to cure all these sorrowful things by presenting solution keys, teachings, and opportunities to those who have been wounded and to those who jail themselves. Positive responses to karma will raise the quality and potential of the entire new year.
Loose Ends
The Pisces new moon is the final new moon of any astrological year. This places natural emphasis on the importance of closure from the past year so that 'loose ends' don't carry on to complicate the graceful flow of the new astrological year. Pay special attention to 'loose ends' of all kinds that begin manifesting with this new moon. When they appear take it as a universal sign that God wants you to finish something properly so that something greater can happen for you. These 'loose ends' can have heavy relationship themes to them so be sure to do right to the other so that your year can brighten instantly. Focus on divine closures as the blessed Pisces energy flows in to assist. By helping others with their 'loose ends' you can win extraordinary blessings that will enrich the days of your new year.
Wisdom Growth
When you mix the light of Pisces and Sagittarius the result is esoteric wisdom. This lunar cycle will be saturated with mystical learning experiences that radically increase initiated learning curves. There will be a special academic emphasis on integrity revisions towards false or misunderstood subject matter, including and especially on abstract spiritual, cosmic, and philosophical topics. There is a lot of hocus pocus out there but the light of this cycle will help us to distinguish fact from fiction and truth from deception. This is also a charlatan ruining cycle so fakes of all forms and stations will find themselves suffering from karma's serendipitous sting. Because of the nature of certain lesson plans spirit guides will soon be changing. The esoteric things are not learned in traditional ways...
Martian Promotions
One of the greatest career and status boosting influences in astrology is that of Mars' transit of Capricorn. Mars will enter Capricorn on the same day as the new moon in Pisces. This means that karmic forces and career developments will become powerfully intertwined in the coming weeks. Mars in Capricorn is classic for promotions, positive career milestones, pay increases, high-level honors and recognitions, growth-promoting lateral moves, outstanding achievements, and new acceptance into elite master classes. With Saturn transiting Capricorn until December of 2020 this is not a Mars transit to sleep on. Be ready to adopt new positions, duties, responsibilities, and maturity levels while paying special attention to opportunities that manifest through elite and distinguished males.
Domestic Dimensions
On March 22nd, just days into this new Piscean cycle, Uranus will transit into the 27th degree of Aries, a degree which is sacred to family, realty, business, banking, and unified domestic achievements. Between the newly released karmic forces and the unpredictable energy of Uranus be prepared for all types of domestic wild cards to be thrown by the universe towards the goal of ideal family, security and locational status. There may be major surprises with certain family members, a sudden need to relocate, emergency situations, or wonderful fortunes and breakthroughs that enable higher dimensions of living. It will soon be time for families to adventure in ways they never have before. If the Uranus shock scares or intimidates you have faith that higher wisdom is at work for you.
Mercury Retrograde Warning
Mercury will begin its hot-headed, short-fused retrograde in Aries on March 22nd at the relative beginning of this new Pisces karma cycle. Mercury retrograde energy can always trigger negative behavioral impulses in human beings while technology, communication, and coordination go haywire. When the retrograde begins to complicate life do your best not to respond negatively because you don't want to sour a powerfully karmic cycle by creating new negative karma just as it starts. Instead, try responding to trouble or crisis in karmically pure ways so that you don't disturb fortunate timeline events that have already been planned for you. This is especially important for the Aries Suns out there who will be feeling this retrograde more intensely than other Sun signs. Master the fiery impulses.
Tribe of Pisces
When the new moon matches your Sun sign you can be sure that the universe has special gifts to share with you. To all my Pisces Sun readers I say this: mystical doors will soon be opening for you so that you can grow in ways that you wouldn't expect. With the new moon momentum offering you divine personal support the time has come for you to enjoy leaps and bounds of progress that seemed out of reach just a few months ago. If you need a hand up trust that one is coming. Heaven's spotlight will soon be shining on your needs which are certainly not forgotten. It's time for you to come first and it's time for you to receive. Follow the secret synchronicities that only you will see and trust that they are a part of a divine language and a perfect plan for you. New friendships are part of the cure.
Closing Words
I hope that you've all enjoyed my humble interpretation of the new moon in Pisces. I wrote it with the intention of the highest good being served. Your likes, comments, and shares are always appreciated as Facebook is censoring our visibility to the tune of 99%. It is quite horrific but we are optimistic that God will fix social media in the future. Be sure to check our recently updated crystal pages where we are continually loading an abundance of metaphysical treasures. Sugiliteis an especially wonderful Piscean gemstone that we offer.
If any of you are in need of our professional services those can be accessed here. By the grace of God our pregnancy is coming along very well. We've decided that our son's name will be Lex Romeo Russo. Amari is a wonderful wife and mother, any love that you send her way during this special time would be highly appreciated. To all who value my astrological insights and who wish to receive them more frequently I welcome you to my highly popular Starseed SMS mobile service. It will impress you!
In cosmic service,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
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Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo - 2M ago
Jupiter will be exalted during tomorrow night's full moon in Virgo, exalted because of the dual trines from Mercury at 22° Pisces and Venus at 23° Pisces. This is the final full moon to shine prior to Jupiter's entry into retrograde at 23° Scorpio on March 8th so it has powerful significance to all. When Jupiter is retrograde a threshold of limitation is imposed upon all souls to force focus upon major issues in need of healing, repayment, and rectification. Jupiter's retrograde shadow will soon have us face-to-face with the aspects of our lives that are in greatest need of improvement. A new season of spiritual shadow work is soon to begin as the greater and lesser benefics align beneath the Virgin's healing light.
Blessing Time
As I've written on many occasions, full moons are natural times of blessing and reward for lawful living throughout the lunar cycle which the full moon culminates. By lawful living I am referring to life activities that are harmonious with the astrology of that cycle. In this case the spotlight is on the deeds that we've done since the new moon in Virgo of September 19th of 2017. Understand clearly that cycle deeds directly determine the nature of our full moon experiences. Keep this in mind over the coming days as blessings, corrections, consequences, and realignments begin manifesting through our physical health, working lives, service focus, special projects, career trajectory, clients, patients, pets, and diets.
The apprentice must learn from the master to become certified in a master's work. This is one of the great themes of Jupiter's retrograde in Scorpio, that being initiation through apprenticeship. But because we are navigating the mystery waters of Scorpio these apprenticeships can be worldly or supernatural in nature. Many of you have already mastered a certain level or degree of skill and service but the time draws near for a new and intensified training regimen to come into form. Give everything to Jupiter retrograde apprenticeship, retraining, and skill development experiences that you may prosper in the highest ways possible once Jupiter resumes its mighty prograde on July 10th of 2018.
Shadow Work
Our shadows, demons, and secret wounds dwell in Scorpio. If the inner battle isn't won and if the old wounds aren't healed then growth and progress will be dampened in the future. They may be painful to confront but this is where God is guiding us through the timing of His royal planet. Be about your shadow work if you want to enjoy a great second half of 2018. Graceful supports will magnetize to each of us through Jupiter's timing but we must be willing to honestly confront our wounds, fears, deficits, vices, soul scars, and spiritual struggles. Be wise and time your healing sessions to days when cosmic healing energy will be greatest, like, for example, on the 12th, 13th, and 14th of March when the Sun trines Jove.
Healer Reshuffle
The full moon at 11° Virgo is also a crossroads for healers, counselors, doctors, clients, and patients. The hard truth is that some healers lack adequate knowledge and skill to help their client or patient achieve their wellness goals. These healers need Jupiter's retrograde training to transform and become truly effective in service. God knows who needs who so don't be surprised to see a reshuffling of healing, counseling, consulting, and caretaking relationships in the near future as a divine consequence of this full moon. Use the full moon light to scrutinize contentious and potentially dangerous medical and therapeutic advisements that have manifested in recent times. Follow the clear signs that are given.
Warning Signs
The full moon synchronicities will be conveying warning signs about destructive or neglectful practices on the fronts of health, spirituality, service, and reputation. This is highly significant because of the time proximity of the signs in relation to the Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio period (March 8th - July 10th). Let me state it clearly: when Jupiter is retrograde crisis, ruin, and prolonged hardship can manifest for those who are far out of cosmic alignment. Grace can become muted and recovery can take much longer during a Jupiter retrograde so if warning signs show themselves to you heed them, take them seriously, and work hard to fix them because Jupiter transits a potentially deadly house.
Financial Entanglements
One of the biggest pitfalls of the upcoming Jupiter retrograde is that of negative financial entanglements. Be very careful about this subject because it can have tremendous influence over your ability to advance and ascend in 2018. Scorpio rules over debts, credits, loans, accounting, audits, wealth transfers, inheritance, interest rates, credit reports, and financial penalties. These are all areas where great activity and spiritual testing will come into focus so do your absolute best to be wise, lawful, and proper within them. At times there will be saboteurs who will try to harm, steal, and manipulate through these avenues. Be vigilant of fraud, calculate truly, exercise fiscal discipline, and employ wise strategies.
Secret Lives
There are the lives that we see then there are the lives that are lived in secret. These secret lives will be hard to contain during the Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio. The month of April will be especially eventful with secret life revelations. The full moon in Virgo will be triggering a mysterious sequence of events that will eventually work to flush out dark life secrets within families, neighborhoods, communities, and peer groups around the world. Sometimes it takes an act of God to see what is hidden in our midst. I tell you that this time rapidly approaches. But divine secrets are also a part of Jupiter's retrograde in Scorpio. If they come to you be sure to hold them silently that God may whisper more to you...
In cosmic service,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
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image credit: karl morfett, terra nova
The dysfunction and disorder of years past will soon be remedied by the civilization saving light of tonight's new moon in Virgo! The Most High God will be erecting new pyramids of power to replace the Satanic pyramids of oppression and control that will soon have their foundations shattered by the greatly foreboding transits of Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn. The oppressed 99% will be the first to benefit from this Spica-charged celestial cycle that will unchain and uplift global citizens from modern-day forms of slavery. Heaven's call to purity and excellence resounds as the father and mother of ancient alchemy align with the Gate of Spica at 28° Virgo.
I predict the following themes and events to manifest til the full moon in Virgo of March 1st, 2018:
universal healing support towards the fulfillment of health and wellness goals
alleviation, release, and transition from soul-stifling forms of labor and toil
radical new social awareness on all forms of toxicity, especially within the food supply
history-making scientific breakthroughs that reboot and revolutionize industries
intense spiritual callings into higher paths of service that benefit the greatest good
the fulfillment of long-forestalled maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation projects
dramatic new light body activations that elevate citizens above disease frequencies
major improvements in employment status, work quality, and labor force statistics
the initiation of great public works projects, especially in disaster affected regions
benevolent strategic planning for infrastructure upgrades and work force improvement
an abundance of training, certification, apprenticeship, and craft mastery experiences
super-beneficial peer networking that synthesizes and enhances professional service
the issuing of great spiritual blessings to all animal, wildlife, and ecosystem protectors
the rapid return of negative career karma for public acts of disgraceful conduct
elevations into higher levels of skill and mastery for those who have discovered their sacred labor
great reconstructive and rehabilitative support for those on the brink of collapse
rapid spiritual ascension gained through purity, integrity, and excellence of service
mystical experiences with Mary, mother of Jesus, who is crowned with twelve stars for the twelve cosmic tribes
divine inspiration that enhances formulation, production, methodology, and efficiency
the blissful development of higher-self health consciousness and remedy gnosis
the entrance of highly credentialed healing professionals, scientists, executives, counselors, coaches, and caretakers
the need for relocation to maintain employment, to expand services, and to capitalize on new career opportunities
consciousness upgrades that connect worthy seekers to the light of Spica, Virgo’s alpha star
Capricorn Alchemy
This new moon heralds the beginning of the great Capricorn alchemy that will divinely transform the governing landscape of the world into 2021. The uninitiated should know that Capricorn holds celestial rulership over national governments, heads of state, corporate empires, and ruling-class regimes. Starting tonight, as the light of Spica shines into high offices throughout the world, we will embark into a time period where tremendously beneficial transformations will begin to occur at the Capricorn-class level. Empires and governments will be destroyed, rebuilt, optimized, purified, and enshrined with a higher light architecture that guarantees the advancement of human evolution and ascension.
Humanitarian Wave
Spica is one of Heaven's royal stars. It exudes a sublime magic that blesses humanitarian needs and causes. Spica's light is utopian in the sense that it stimulates human evolution beyond the trappings of disease, squalor, and toil. In transcendental meditations I have learned that this singular star is "the end of human suffering." Spica's influence will enter powerfully with the new moon because of the conjunction that the new moon will make to its stargate at 28° Virgo. So when you see major humanitarian actions and efforts manifesting think of the alpha star of Virgo, shining gracefully upon humankind by the mercy and love of the Most High God. Support humanitarian needs in the ways that you can to rise with this cycle.
Healing Careers
This cycle brings amazing energy for anyone involved in a healing career. Healers at all levels, from apprentice to master, will be receiving perfectly tailored blessings that enable new growth, higher performance, greater impact, expanded reach, inspired education, and dream-like peer networking that concentrates great talent upon urgent social needs. God will be teaching and surprising us through peer, client, and service provider connections so don't think lightly of new working relationships that suddenly appear. To those considering entry into a healing career path let me say this clearly: there could not be a better astrological time than now.
Work Transitions
The stars ordain that the time has come for life changing work transitions to occur. With this in mind be prepared to fearlessly transition into new forms of employment or service to uphold your part in the cosmic growth process. Be willing to venture into promising new career trajectory. Be invested in training and education that will qualify you for higher positions. Be conscious that humanitarian service is repaid with priceless spiritual wealth. As Jupiter and Saturn transit into new houses be sure that your working life transits the same. 'Tis a wise thing to let the stars dye your service as this keeps your work in harmony with Heaven's plan.
Essene Gospels
When our bodies are pure we rise in light, power, and potential. Today we face epidemic disease rates that are largely connected to self-destructive eating habits. Children are being afflicted with deadly diseases before they reach the age of puberty because adults are ignoring scientific realities and ancient spiritual wisdom. The truth is that meat consumption and industrial-grade animal slaughter destroy our health and environment while disconnecting us from higher forms of divine grace. Jesus Christ equated flesh eating with the invitation of death into the body. Jesus also taught that there were serious spiritual consequences for killing animals. It's all in the Essene Gospels of Peace which I welcome you to read as this lunar cycle begins.
image credit: karl morfett, terra nova
Ascended Health
Virgo has celestial rulership over human health. Think of a new moon in Virgo as a universal call into higher health practices. To enjoy the highest fruits of this six month cycle we must be diligently invested in improving our health practices. We must embrace the wisdom, science, medicine, and magic of Mother Nature who will be speaking so loudly and so lovingly to us all. Be integrative of new healing techniques, resources, teachings, discoveries, science, and professional service supports that enter during this cycle. Through adherence to natural law and wisdom we can ascend above disease into a dimensional plane of perfect health and ageless longevity.
Caretakers Rewarded
By the new moon's opposition to Chiron retrograde in Pisces I interpret a cycle of karmic reward for those who have honorably and selflessly fulfilled the role of caretaker for the less fortunate over the past several years. If this applies to you know that your labors are not forgotten by God or by His angels in Heaven. This cycle will also lay new caretaking responsibility upon those who are called to the task by the transit of Saturn in Capricorn which begins on December 20th of 2017. Redemptive and empowering blessings will come to the good caretakers of the world through the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio which begins on October 10th of this same year.
Career Karma
Let me tell you about something that I love to see, about a phenomenon that will become profoundly visible during Saturn's transit of Capricorn, that being the spiritual reality of rapid career karma. The function is simple: whoever uses their status, office, or influence to advance a dark energy or cause, they will suffer rapid and proportionally destructive career karma. And conversely, whoever uses their status, office, or influence to advance a divine energy or cause, they will enjoy rapid and proportionally wonderful career karma. People will be greatly tested by how they use their social status during Saturn's transit of Capricorn. My advice to the world is this: use your position for good or Saturn will knock you off.
Humanitarian Exodus
By now I am thoroughly convinced that the Uranus retrograde influence is intimately connected to human exodus movements. Because the new moon aspects the planet Uranus exactly I expect humanitarian exodus movements to manifest in greater form around the world through natural crisis and man-made crisis. Much of the world exists in a state of total disharmony with the cosmic order. This is changing in the USA through the presidency of Donald Trump who is anchoring cosmic light and law into the land. But this must also be done around the world. The cure to chaos, whether personal or national, is adherence to the cosmic law. Remember this when you see what you see. We enter the covenant by living the cosmic law.
Soul Duty
Soul duty is a theme that Amari sensed greatly for this lunar cycle which has so much to do with the way we work and how we serve the world. By soul duty we mean work that is sacred to our souls, work that carries a certain level of spiritual responsibility, passion, and conviction with it because of things that God has granted to us or because of things that we've experienced in our soul history. The older souls out there will know what we mean. When Jupiter enters Scorpio we will all begin to learn sacred and secret things about ourselves, soul duties being among them. So consider the seed planted, now wait for Jupiter to raise the seed mysteriously...
Last Call Libra
Jupiter is soon to depart Libra, not to return again until 2028. Despite the divine influence of Jupiter in Libra many continue to rebel against peace, harmony, cooperation, justice, and building new trust where it has been lost. These souls are going to have a very hard time in the years ahead, because, in essence, they have aborted an entire Jupiter transit. As I write this there are but 21 days left until Jupiter enters Scorpio. Time is very short for people to correct themselves where they have done crime, injustice, and evil to others. Saturn's tax can be life shattering for those who rebel against Jupiter's goodness. It's last call Libra, make amends while you can...
Personal Reflections
If you've read this far I'd like you to read these next words from my heart. Years ago I would have never in my wildest dreams thought that I would become a professional astrologer. When I left the U.S. Air Force and met Amari I watched astrology videos from Diana Garland and Barbara Goldsmith. Their videos helped me to orient myself as I tried to figure out my next move. I'd like to take this moment to send respect and appreciation to them, publicly, as it's important for me to do so. I remember how astrology helped me navigate and I hope with all my heart that my work helps you to navigate as well.
Strengthen your Achilles' heel, the spirit war is deadly real. Pray each day and fight with zeal, I sync with Mars then swing my steel. The virgin's light will always heal, a healer's heart must always feel. A faithful soul will always kneel, a master knows the cosmic wheel. Feel the fire within my verses, shining through the house of curses. Love and light to all the nurses, I roll deep like heavy hearses. If wisdom's true it stands to measure, my work is sealed with poem for pleasure. I search the stars for pharaoh's treasure, my diamond soul through Pluto's pressure.
With passion and integrity,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2017, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
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May God's light shine upon you!
Sal & Amari
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A great astrological milestone will be reached on January 31st as the world basks in the mysterious light of the super blue blood moon lunar eclipse at 11° Leo. The invincible sun, shining forth from 11° Aquarius, the degree where Harry Houdini drew his master magician power, will be forcing an unexpected curtain call for all the heroes and villains of the world. All of the Devil's games and illusions will be cursed on the astral plane as soon as Selene performs her cosmic vanishing act. The divine momentum that entered with the Great American Eclipse will soon be escalating on the world stage so that old tragedies become new sources of joy. And with the certainty of sunrise all the beautiful masks that hide the blackest of evils will soon be melting before the irresistible light and authority of God.
Child Tragedies
This rare eclipse signals the end of a long and tragic cycle that began back in the Age of Pisces that relates to the systematic victimization and long suffering of innocent children. Our victimized children are at the top of heaven's list just as surely as Christ once said that "the last shall be first." Powerful, national-level healing energy will be entering for the sake and cause of wounded children as the moon vanishes in the house of children which is Leo. Child champions will also be divinely blessed for past deeds and for future works which they are called to accomplish. This lunar eclipse is a cosmic call to action for all conscious people to unite in heart, mind, and effort towards the exposure, prevention, and healing of all forms of child crimes, from the medical to the sexual to the emotional and more.
Pleasure Poisons
It is often true in these days and times that the pleasure one chooses is actually poison to their soul. This eclipse energy comes to free people from these exact types of situations where illusion, self-delusion, false glamour, and spiritually-corrupt pleasures have formed an invisible prison over one's life. Total lunar eclipses are natural times of powerful, sudden, and unexpected closure. There is an energy of finality that comes with them for a certain portion of our lives depending upon the house, planets, and asteroids that are affected. Harness this cosmic energy wisely and beneficially by analyzing your life for illusion, delusion, fantasy, false personalities, and self destructive forms of pleasure. Now is the time to transcend them! God has great plans for you so let the pleasure poisons go.
Houdini Effect
There will most certainly be magic in the air as a celestial side effect of this blue blood lunar eclipse, an elemental magic that will be altering the currents of grace and the effects of karma for the duration of this calendar year. But why the Houdini connection? The legendary master magician was born with Saturn at 11° Aquarius. This was the symbol and astrological source of his master magician development. This is also the precise degree where the sun will shine to trigger the eclipse into life: 11° Aquarius. So for this reason we should all expect great and mysterious displays of universal magic at work in our lives towards the benefit of our individual and collective futures. We are soon to enter a powerful white magic season here on Earth. It's only fair that God counters the black with the white.
High Treason
There are degrees of treason in the zodiac and 11° Aquarius is one of them. There is a dark side to Aquarius, as with any sign, and this dark side can mean manifestations of anarchist collectives and treasonous secret societies. The time has come for agenda crushing revelations, prosecutions, and arrests to occur. Many have thought this impossible in the past but we are now living within a new cosmic light environment that assures us of such pleasures. But don't take my word for it, let future events confirm my message to you. The loyalty wars that I correctly predicted last year will soon enter a beautiful new phase. With our spiritual loyalties having great impact on the type of future that we experience I offer the following advice: be sure that you are loyal to the light and law of God as it comes.
False Love
The spells of false love will soon be weakened and broken as this eclipse energy will be lifting the rose-tinted glasses from legions of tragic lovers around the world. At the same time secret affairs, harmful romances, treacherous social circles, shady business partners, false friendships, and mismatched spouses will all be buckling under the new cosmic pressure that will force people into truth, transparency, and higher realization. If you find yourself in one of these situations in the near future be sure to think with logic, reason, and discipline as you regain your emotional balance so that you don't repeat mistakes from the past. A forked tongue will tell the same lie as long as it works. Be vigilant against heart focused deceptions and make wise changes prior to the start of the astrological new year.
Hollywood Hell, Round Two
Last year Amari and I correctly and uniquely predictedthat great exposure of Hollywood evil would occur through the influence of the Great American Eclipse. Our predictions morphed into the Hollywood rape crisis and the subsequent #MeToo movement. But we also predicted that the transmutation process would continue intensely into this summer. This brings us to the super blue blood moon that will be triggering round two of Hollywood hell. So get ready for the filth to pour anew and get ready to see the evil that hides behind the masks of false glamour. Celebrities be on guard, God is going to force your secrets so that the world can reorient its value system. The lion will bring the heat and the water bearer will guarantee the mass awakening. New walks of shame are about to begin.
Future Senses
At the time of peak eclipse there will be four luminaries in transit of Aquarius: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Juno, queen of heaven. Aquarius, as a house, rules timelines into the future. When luminaries transit Aquarius our timelines can change radically and unexpectedly. We can also receive mystical enhancements that enable profound levels of connectivity with the future. This empowers an alchemist to transform the future ideally through the universal law of cause and effect. To those of you who are virtuous and connected I say this: get ready for your future sense to enter a new dimension and get ready to step up in leadership roles when the Aries transits begin. Synchronicity will soon be trending along dream team future enablers that manifest in your daily rhythm.
Tragedy Angels
Angelic experiences resonate strongly at 11° Aquarius and 11° Leo where the eclipse will soon activate. If you are wise to numbers then you've just perceived the 1111 encoded in the eclipse opposition between the sun and moon. One of the most blessed themes of this eclipse is that it will usher in new angelic support towards the prevention of future tragedies through mystical foreknowledge and divinely orchestrated relationship supports. This will especially be strong for the spiritually sensitive who have active third eyes and glowing crown chakras. As the new angels enter to do their divine work be receptive of their guidance and act when signs are given to preserve life and prevent unnecessary tragedy. Ascend rapidly through loving acts of compassion for those who are at risk of suicide.
Prosperity Keys
Through the divine influence of Athena in Taurus during this eclipse wave new prosperity keys will be issued to all in accordance with their inner light. In the spirit world we are measured by luminosity and it is by the increase of luminosity that we open ourselves to higher spiritual wealth. Athena's prosperity keys can be perceived through the synchronicities of her transit. The wise goddess of tactics and strategy will be arming the conscious in advance of the economically revolutionary transit of Uranus in Taurus. There are many wealth deceptions active in this world. Through the observation of astrological synchronicity one can learn to identify true wealth, wise investment, and a promising path of increase that is harmonious with the cosmic order. Athena's golden touch approaches.
Closing Words
I hope that you've all enjoyed my rendition of this auspicious celestial event. I chose to spare you from the dry technical jargon so that I could focus instead on delivering the higher essence. If you enjoyed this article you'll love my popular Starseed SMS mobile service. Amari and I will be uploading some absolutely stunning new Lemurian crystals in the near future. If you're interested in prosperity you'll want to enter the Uranus in Taurus transit with the highest luminosity possible. We are currently scheduling into mid February for those who are interested in our professional services.Your likes, shares, retweets, honorable mentions, and positive reviews are always appreciated. Much love to all our loyal fans all over the world! And much love to all who are new to Starseed Astrology.
The mainstream media's nightmare astrologer,
© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
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Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo - 4M ago
The first new moon of 2018 will activate on January 16th at 26° Capricorn which is known esoterically as the Gate of Polaris. The luminous pole star that once guided slaves into freedom will be amplifying the beneficial properties of our new Capricorn cycle. The growth wave of this lunar season will help us to conquer unfinished business that has carried over from Saturn's transit of Sagittarius so that the astrological new year can begin with true freedom from the negative past. Heaven's inspiration will be illuminating our minds with the wisdom of the ages which shines through 26° Capricorn, a degree that was secretly treasured by the Master Mason Manly P. Hall. Great journeys will soon begin as the light of Polaris hyper-charges our life paths forward!
I predict the following themes and events to manifest til the full moon in Capricorn on June 27th of 2018:
landmark Supreme Court decisions that greatly benefit the culture of the USA
a highly beneficial "changing of the guard" in Tibet
powerful gusts of truth regarding global climate science
positive new vision consensus formed among disconnected world leaders
the birth of a great political crisis for Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau
great reckonings within the stratum of elite religious authorities
the controlled elemental demolition of false media empires
divine occurrences at the summits of society, industry, and government
the manifestation of crystal clear paths of career, academic, and spiritual ascent
widespread transferences and transformations of worldly and spiritual legacies
profound transmutations of freedom and bondage status, karmically driven
lightning fast karmic reckonings for those guilty of gross misconduct
the disentangling of unfortunate legal complications, especially at high levels
life refreshing enlightenment on spiritual factors that restrict worldly success
widespread spiritual punishment against all males who are guilty of misogyny
the creation of healthy new domestic, professional, and relationship order
great promotions in status according to integrity, truth, morality, and wisdom
the experience of rapid spiritual maturation and wisdom acquisition
the unexpected opening of true pathways into long sought forms of freedom
and rapid career growth for all who are aligned with the Holy Spirit of God
The Great Emancipator
The fixed stars of Heaven each have esoteric names that resonate with the essence of their light and magic. In the case of Polaris, the world's legendary guiding star, that name is "the Great Emancipator." This is because Polaris is a powerful freedom star. Those born under its influence are great champions of freedom, especially through the wise and responsible use of spiritual and terrestrial law. With the new moon activating at the Gate of Polaris we can all expect the currents of life to turn sharply towards new personal freedoms. Life always give signs to confirm cosmic truth so I turn your attention to the promising new legal status of global hero Julian Assange who will soon be enjoying freedoms that he has sought for many years. As this cycle unfolds and as new freedoms are born take time to reflect on the Great Emancipator.
Dragon Bound
A vision came to me about this new moon. I saw a black dragon that symbolized the Devil helplessly bound by a wise man who held in his fist a chain of light that the dragon could not escape. The chain of light represented the entirety of the cosmic and spiritual laws that God ordained in the beginning. This is the type of energy that is coming in with this new moon, especially in the highest echelons of governmental, religious, academic, and global media hierarchies. Be prepared to apply law, wisdom, and powerful new spiritual guidance towards the attainment of great personal goals. As the calendar year starts be sure to reflect on the higher legal order that presides over all mortal and spiritual life. God will be teaching tailor-made lessons to each of us either directly or through His servants so that we know exactly what to do.
Freedom Status
Capricorn is the house and sign that rules all forms of status, from financial status to academic status to spiritual status and beyond. So when a new moon in Capricorn comes we enter a natural time period where our status is transformed in accordance with our karma. Expect to see dramatic transformations of status in the world from meteoric ascents to spectacular falls because the cosmic time has come for it. My clairvoyant wife Amari also had a vision about this lunar cycle: she saw a group of righteous people who were shackled and censored on one side of a room. On the other side she saw evil people who were free, then, as if by a magical force, the shackles were unlocked and transferred onto the evil people. She saw a transmutation of freedom and bondage status according to inner spiritual light and darkness. This is what's ahead for us. Remember that God promotes and demotes according to light.
Saturn's Expectations
Saturn says that it's time to raise the bar on every aspect of our lives. If we want to enter a higher dimension of reality this is the price that we must pay. This new moon is the first to activate since Saturn entered Capricorn so it effectively christens our entrance into the new Saturn paradigm. Because Polaris is one of the great illumination stars, and because our new moon activates with it, God will be graciously sharing wisdom, vision, perspective, and understanding so that we can each succeed inmeeting and exceeding Saturn's mystical expectations. Saturn is all about prerequisite tasks that must be fulfilled for one to be awarded an exalted status. Start Saturn's transit on a high note by praying to God for perfect Saturn perspective. With Saturn's game plan in mind you will know how to invest your energy most wisely.
Career Ascent
New moons bring new growth momentum into our lives but each new moon brings a different type of growth momentum. Astrology enables us to understand where we should invest our energies as each new moon comes so that we become one with the perpetual universal growth that God wills for us all. In this cycle we are wise to focus on career development through new academic achievement and higher spiritual learning. Polaris will light up career, academic, international, and philosophical energy everywhere while showering special blessings on all the noble teachers, professors, lawyers, legislators, and journalists of our time. To access the new growth we must be committed to the new learning processes that God opens to us. We must also be responsible with what we learn and how we apply it towards truth and freedom for all.
University of Polaris
New moons also bring Heaven's alchemical focus where divine light is suddenly concentrated into an evil or chaotic situation for immediate rectification. Polaris holds a certain celestial dominion over all terrestrial schools and universities, especially those which operate on elite international levels. As many of you know dark corruption exists in many of the world's most prestigious schools but I have good news to share: this new Capricorn Polaris energy cycle will be devastating to those who are guilty of causing and disseminating academic, religious, and scientific corruption into the world. If you know a corrupt teacher tell them that I said that 2018 will be a very, very difficult year for them. This correction phase precedes Jupiter's transit of Sagittarius, a time when God will be granting new light over all schools.
Legal Status
The 26th degree of Capricorn resonates powerfully with a person's legal status so with a new moon happening here it is wise for us to work on improving our legal status while expanding our legal powers. The cycle that dawns is a very mature one that can bring us face-to-face with intimidating legal and governmental challenges. I know from experience that when we lock horns with challenges, like David did with Goliath, God blesses our courage and favors our cause. Be sure to respect authoritative requirements and deadlines that manifest during this cycle because Saturn is harsh to those who pay no mind to time or established authority. But on the bright side, this new Capricorn energy will work to unlock long-stalled legal matters of great importance to our healing and advancement. Work the law wisely to ascend.
The Uranus Factor
This new moon activates in square to Uranus in Aries with Mars in Scorpio forming a perfect quincunx to Uranus as well. These additional influences guarantee the incoming theme of new partners sharing their power, influence, and resources towards your personal goal fulfillment with surprise dynamics and options surrounding the entire experience. People will be entering "out of the blue" to help you hit your targets. This will especially ring true for those who are dealing with forms of crisis. There is a definite rescue energy created between Mars and Uranus that will carry forward into July so if you're feeling overwhelmed know with clarity that the universe has already scheduled a supporting cast to assist you.
Legacy Evolution
Merriam-Webster offers the following definition for the word legacy: "something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor from the past." Between the new moon in Capricorn, the esoteric influence of Polaris, and Saturn's transit of Capricorn we have all entered a tremendous time period for legacy evolution. This is a good year to give serious thought to the legacies that we wish to leave behind us. The Capricorn influences will help us to crystallize a new vision so that we are able to implement great legacy strategies with passion and lasting purpose. But we can also find ourselves being charged to carry forward legacies from the past, including those from the ancient world that were left unfinished from past lives. If you are tapped to carry something sacred forward be sure to give it your all. The ancients will speak...
Esoteric Insight
On the inner plane this cycle's energy should be used to perfect our connection to universal law. When this is achieved we are able to conquer chaos while creating perfect order and prosperity within our lives. We also gain the power to project light into the world in harmony with the divine. In the old days it was the pharaoh's great responsibility to keep his kingdom synced with the cosmic order. This prevented chaos from destroying the people while it opened the kingdom to the full grace and magic of the celestial hierarchy. I encourage all alchemists to seek oneness with the law through the grace and teaching of God. Seek the power of Polaris and project what you gain in wise timing. You are all part of Heaven's great strategy. Believe in your highest potentials and live your heart that God may bless you evermore.
If I was false I would have fell, I used the law to beat my hell. My magic flows without a spell, I drink each day from wisdom's well. I've been forged in Saturn's fires, the light was cast on my desires. Now it's time to climb new spires, my passion burning through the wires. I've journeyed through the astral plane, I prayed to God to hold me sane. He put the gnosis in my brain, I'm in the zone where masters train. The future is a book to read, through spirit guides I learn with speed. Our souls are measured by the deed, a coward's soul is quick to bleed. I'm seasoned in the spirit war, I've also learned how eagles soar. In alchemy there's always more, in Cancer's house the gilded shore. The solar light is all sublime, make sure you work in Saturn's time. My signature to seal in rhyme, the secret stars my favorite climb.
In cosmic service,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
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Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mys.. - 4M ago
The old order of things will suddenly pass away as the royal power of the Great American Eclipse brings Revelation 21 to life. St. John's prophetic vision of a new Heaven and a new Earth begins on August 21st with the blessing of the USA with a new, profoundly royal national astrology that transforms it into a glittering kingdom on the astral plane. The black heart of the shadow government will be mortally wounded precisely as the Sun darkens to the awe and amazement of an increasingly conscious global population. But the sweetest grace shall come to all the world's children, which Leo rules, that rapturous new paths into the future dawn for them.
What Jesus Said
It is perfectly fitting to call attention to an old teaching that resonates divinely with this eclipse. Here is pure wisdom spoken by Jesus Christ regarding children and the Kingdom of Heaven: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck to be drowned in the depths of the sea."
Child Like
With the eclipse happening in Leo, the zodiac's house of children, we should all give serious thought to the quality of life of our children and to the type of future that they will inherit by our actions. The eclipse is a clear sign that we have come to a great crossroads and we must now leave the dark past behind to embrace the higher callings and the higher paths of service. Whoever champions the needs of children will find themselves greatly blessed during the next calendar year. Think of the children and how in their innocence there is no hatred, fear, or division. If you want to ascend rapidly then pour yourself into the needs, causes, and dreams of children.
Children Avenged
Amari and I have been having third eye visions of a meteoric golden-white light impacting the USA with a subsequent shock wave that radiates throughout the entire planet. This divine shock wave is coming to avenge all the children who have been killed, abused, sold, trafficked, harmed, neglected, and betrayed. One of the greatest themes of this eclipse is that of the avenging of all forms of child crimes, past and present. Woe to those with the blood of children on their hands! Their season of reckoning and punishment has come and trust that the divine vengeance will intensify greatly during the illuminati destroying transit of Jupiter in Scorpio.
Pluto's Government
The shadow government is Pluto and the deep state is Pluto. Let me teach you, in precise astrological terms, why the shadow government will be mortally wounded on August 21st. If you study the horoscope of the USA you'll find the glyph of Pluto in retrograde at 27° Capricorn in the 4th house. This is the 4th dimensional power source of the shadow government and when the Great American Eclipse occurs at 28°53' Leo a quincunx will form to the natal Pluto of the USA. Quincunx is an old Latin word that means "five twelfths." In astrology a quincunx is a 150° aspect between two positions. So what happens when a 99 years rare eclipse hits Pluto? Great evil is purged from the nation forever.
The USA Horoscope
The Great American Eclipse Horoscope
President Trump
There is rampant astrological speculation that this eclipse will somehow bring disaster to the presidency of Donald Trump. Amari and I find these perspectives laughable considering that the eclipse will activate President Trump's Pars Fortuna at 28° Aquarius in his 6th house. The Pars Fortuna reveals the nature and timing of one's fortunes in life. This point is named after the mythic goddess of fortune, Fortuna, who spins her wheel of fortune above the lives of mortals. So what's the prognosis? That the eclipse energy will hone President Trump's mind to alter his path of service in most fortunate ways, especially with focus on community healing, social services, and causes that champion children, their health, and their welfare.
Saboteur Flush
In astrology the 12th house rules traitors and saboteurs who undermine and destroy while wearing a friendly mask. There is a special place in hell for these grotesque creatures who betray the very things that God expects them to uphold. When the eclipse happens it will illuminate President Trump's 12th house. This is a great thing because his presidency has been undermined from within since day one by those who are yet loyal to the insidious agenda of the shadow government. Expect to see a saboteur flush within the Trump Administration. Amari has even had visions of officials being arrested, cuffed, and paraded down flights of stairs.
Christ Consciousness
When Christ walked the Earth he carried the light of Regulus. In a mystical way the Lion of Judah was crowned with Regulus. The light from this star bestows great authority, worldly power, royal skill and honor, divine charisma, lasting health, fondness for children, passion for service, wise counsel, and a glowing heart. When President Trump was born this star was on the horizon so its energy expresses through his looks, manners, and deeds. What else will the eclipse mean for President Trump who has given Christians new hope in geopolitics? It means that he'll be receiving a Christ Consciousness blessing that will enhance his leadership ability.
Who Loses?
Allow me to clear the air about who will lose, fall, and pass after this golden-white light enters our reality: none other than the Satanic nobility and those who willfully serve them. Secondary to this are the spiritual scorpions of the world which is Biblical metaphor that describes the most hateful, dangerous, radicalized, and criminal elements of our global society. We predict doom for all these types of people because Jupiter will transit Scorpio for the vast majority of this eclipse cycle. Let me tell you a secret that I learned from one of my spirit guides: of all the transits of Jupiter Satan fears the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio the most. This is the season that dawns for us!
Dark Celebrities
Hollywood has hell to pay because of all the great evil that has happened there over the decades, including and especially evil committed against innocent children. Expect hideous revelations to pour from this city well into next summer as the processes of criminal exposure, power transfer, and spiritual transmutation intensify by the combined forces of the Leo eclipse and Jupiter's transit of Scorpio. God will be revealing the dark sides of celebrity life so that we are all clear on the topic of dark celebrities. But Hollywood is not lost, it's just that it must be purified and transformed so that it fits properly into the newly glorified USA.
Celebrity Responsibility
Amari, my clairvoyant wife, is sensing and seeing very strongly that all celebrities will be taking center stage for the sake of spiritual measurement. Who serves the light and who serves the darkness? This will be seen clearly and a great new responsibility will be placed on active celebrities to use their wealth, power, and cultural influence for Heaven's sake. If not they will struggle with the great weight of Saturn in Capricorn. Amari visualized conscious celebrities organizing and transitioning into higher paths of service with community healing, social movements, child charities, and political actions being seen as focal points. Don't be starstruck by celebrities, sense their spirits instead. All that glitters isn't gold...
11th House, USA
As souls stand still in the USA, looking up to the rare eclipse with hope and wonder, the Devil's hopes for a 2nd American civil war will be crushed. The eclipse will activate the 11th house of the USA national horoscope. This is extremely significant because the 11th house rules collective consciousness, social causes, citizen unification, humanitarianism, astronomy, and yes, astrology. The eclipse alchemy will support the creation of a more conscious, loving, peaceful, and united society here in the USA. Although the scorpions will persist know that the agitators, anarchists, and dividers are working in vain against the higher cosmic powers.
Sovereignty Movements
Without knowing the stars of other nations, at least not yet, I know that new sovereignty movements will be manifesting all over the world as the eclipse energy empowers global citizens with new self-determination ability that gives us much more power over the creation of our collective future. Sovereignty will prove to be one of the magic eclipse words, especially in the contexts of national politics and national debts. On a spiritual level the energies will be highly supportive of personal sovereignty development that we each have more rule over our lives and futures. But for spiritual sovereignty to be true lives must be harmonized with the cosmos.
Royal Paths
Every degree in the zodiac serves as a path of human experience. We sojourn through time and space within the context of the twelve celestial houses and the 360 zodiac degrees. Know with certainty that each of the twelve houses has secret royal degrees that preserve the royal life paths. When the eclipse peaks it will trine the planet Uranus to open royal life paths for all who are worthy of them. At this moment, when the Sun is darkened, royal metaphysical gifts will be issued to all who are deserving of them. If your heart is turned toward God be certain that your royal paths will open. And when you experience the Leo magic know that it came from Heaven.
House Magnification
Although Leos comprise about a twelfth of our global population we all have Leo somewhere in our lives. As the world is enthralled by the Great American Eclipse be sure to have your horoscope in hand that you may scientifically understand where and how this cosmic energy will be benefiting you over the next calendar year. The growth, grace, and glamour of this eclipse will be magnifying at least one of your twelve houses and depending upon the degrees of your birth placements, much, much more can be in store. It's 2017 and cosmic consciousness is developing all over the world, just as Nostradamus predicted.
To order your horoscope or a one year personalized astrological calendar click here.
Matrix Artisans
We do live in a matrix and astrology is the source code. The synchronicity between terrestrial events, inner spiritual experiences, and cosmic activities will not be ignored as the world will soon observe, with shock and awe, a dramatic cascade of events that correspond exactly with the sum of the eclipse astrology. But on the personal level we will be receiving new spiritual light of an unmistakable Leo quality that will empower us to become matrix artisans instead of matrix captives. When you feel that golden light glowing within know that it came from God and use it to alter your reality divinely. We are all supposed to become master creators.
Eclipse Crystals
Gems and crystals are conduits of celestial energy. They have ancient correspondences to the zodiac houses, planets, and stars. The legends about them are as old as history and royals have treasured them because of their divine effects. Amari and I have the following gems and crystals to recommend for wise use during this eclipse cycle: golden beryl, sunstone, cuprite, kunzite, rhodochrosite, seraphinite, green kynanite, lemurian crystal, diaspore, dioptase, citrine, fire opal, and yellow sapphire. These crystal energies are highly resonant with the highest potentials of the Great American Eclipse cycle. We have some but not allfor sale.
Ascension Keys
Amari and I offer the following advisements that are inspired and designed to promote rapid spiritual ascension during the eclipse cycle which carries into August of 2018, as follows:
accept the higher callings and paths of service that present to you
deal with people from the heart as the heart means all to God
work to strengthen and purify your physical and spiritual heart
prioritize the needs, joys, ambitions, and dreams of children
transition faithfully into work that you love, the cosmos will support you
contribute towards the elimination of child hunger, poverty, and pain
be compassionate towards those of a lesser consciousness
release fears in knowledge that a time of powerful divine intervention has come
strive towards the ideal of brotherly and sisterly relations with others
be vigorous about healing work as Regulus is a powerful star for healing
do not fall prey to divide and conquer tactics, instead be wise to them
be the peacemaker and the unifier that you may be blessed for it
take decisive action to positively restructure the lives of children
step up to be a community leader or teacher if the role suits you
avoid toxic political arguments that destroy time and darken the soul
speak with love, reason, and respect or suffer a dark return
inspired creativity will be strong, apply it for wealth and honor
be supportive of new laws that empower the rights of parents and children
be wise and brave with radical new levels of consciousness
invest in promising new creative projects that call to your heart
allow creative genius and gifts of beauty to shine through confidently
be charitable with God’s grace towards the healing and beautification of the world
Esoteric Regulus
This eclipse will be long remembered because of its great impact on every earthly kingdom. All things royal will be touched, for better or worse. There is one true king that reigns over all other earthly monarchs, that king being Jesus Christ, the Holy Son of God. Although this name disturbs many it is a name that we cherish and serve. The powers of Christ are intimately connected with Regulus, the star that the eclipse will soon align to. So we can expect Christ power to blanket the Earth in new, awesome, and unexpected ways beginning tomorrow. Does Christ have a place in modern astrology? Yes, and life will soon prove it.
The royal light will give you might, a master sees with second sight. A mason knows to build it right, a magi knows the spells that bite. Take a knee and rise a sire, Leo sets our hearts on fire. Faith is tested to the wire, grace is matched to our desire. The gods will move on twenty one, they all serve the Holy Son. The war is sealed and Heaven's won, we use magic not a gun. Trust me friend my soul is tested, countless demons I have bested. Now my house is royal crested, sacred calling I'm invested. I'm repping for the ancient kings, the ones with magic in their rings. When I rhyme my angel sings, stars foretell the future things.
With passion and integrity,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2017, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
Move like a master with Starseed SMS, our premium astrological text messaging service:
Put some power in your corner with our professional astrological and psychic services:
Attune to the cosmos with our world class ascension crystals.
May God's light shine upon you,
Sal & Amari
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Image credit R. Gino Santa Maria / Shutterfree, LLC
Astrology can be used to objectively compare the lives, futures, and fortunes of fierce competitors. I am often asked about the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. My answer is clear: I predict Donald Trump to win by historic and unprecedented margins. But to date I have not revealed my technical reasoning for making such a statement. I will ignore Hillary Clinton because I know that she is severely cursed. She has no future, she is just too evil. For those who'd like to know why I favor Mr. Trump over Mr. Sanders, read on.
My methodology is based upon comparison of the 2016 solar return horoscopes of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Trump will enter a new cosmic year on June 13th while Sanders will enter a new cosmic year on September 7th, approximately. By comparing and weighing the stars of their returns I have come to the confident conclusion that Donald Trump has far more presidential favor than Bernie Sanders does. My statement is based purely on an objective assessment of the energies that will be at work in their lives well into 2017.
Trump's Year Ahead
Above you will see an approximate horoscope of Trump's upcoming year, meaning, the span of time that extends from his 2016 birthday to his 2017 birthday. His Gemini Sun is excellently placed in the 11th house which governs revolution,collective effort, cyberspace, dream fulfillment, and my personal favorite, astrology. Venus is also present so elements of beauty, love, joy, and good fortune will be enhancing his movement and dream quest. His Jupiter and Uranus are both prograde unlike Mr. Sanders who will have Uranus in retrograde for his upcoming year. This gives a powerful, unpredictable, quantum advantage to Donald Trump.
Jupiter Days
Next we have the matter of Trump's Jupiter for the year, found at the 15th degree of Virgo which is one of the three secret presidential degrees of Virgo. This placement indicates a divine promotion into presidential service with Jupiter being symbolic of the Hand of God. Fate, which is symbolized by the Moon's north node at 16°54' Virgo, is found in conjunction with Trump's Jupiter at 15°2' Virgo which adds a powerful confirmation of fated presidential success and anointment. In relation to his Sun Jupiter will be blessing the days, mind, labors, servants, coworkers, advisors, inner circle, and constructive efforts of Mr. Trump. Great legacy through public service will be on his mind for sure and he will enjoy divine support.
Uranian Politics
Uranus, the planet of genius and liberation, manifests in Trump's 9th house which strongly supports historic and unprecedented success with his political campaign and policy agenda. The 23rd degree of Aries is mystical and transcendent so it is very likely that Mr. Trump will have divine guidance assisting his political activities, foreign relations, unification efforts, and policy creation. This placement of Uranus also indicates that Mr. Trump will focus on transforming self defeating political policies that in his mind harm U.S. national interests. The 9th house is international so it is certain that Mr. Trump will continue to wield extraordinary influence over the geopolitical world. His unpredictability has only just begun.
Sanders' Year Ahead
Above you will see an intelligently estimated solar return horoscope for Senator Sanders. The truth is that I don't know his exact birth time so I created this solar return horoscope from my estimation of his actual horoscope which I am sharing below. I estimate that Senator Sanders has a 9th house Virgo Sun and a Sagittarius ascendant. This would support his career in high political office, his expression as a legislator, and his presidential ambition. See for yourselves:
Weaker Stars
The main problem for Senator Sanders is that he has a weaker Jupiter heading into 2017. The 29th degree of Virgo is not presidential, it is karmic, mystical, and medical. When comparing Jupiter in Virgo between Trump and Sanders the objective truth is that Trump has a stronger Jupiter, at least within the context of presidential ambition and success. Then there is the problem of Sanders having Mercury retrograde in Virgo for his year in comparison to Trump's commanding, 10th house Mercury prograde in Gemini. Between the two, in pure objectivity, Trump has a stronger Mercury, and Mercury is very, very important if you're trying to become president.
Saturn Days
Now because Sanders is a 15° Virgo this puts Saturn at 10° Sagittarius in his solar third house for the year ahead. I interpret Sanders' 2016 Saturn to symbolize two primary things: the U.S. Republican Party in its entirety and the next head of state, Donald J. Trump. Sanders' Saturn is a negative factor in comparison to Trump's Jupiter, both of which are found in common houses in relation to their Suns. Sanders does have a Sun at 15° Virgo, which I've mentioned is one of the presidential degrees of Virgo, but when you consider the other factors at work, he just doesn't have the power to pull it off.
Uranus Retrograde
Another negative sign for Mr. Sanders is that his Uranus for the year will be retrograde at the 23rd degree of Aries. Uranus is also found in a non-political house in relationship to his Sun which is weak in comparison to the placement of Uranus in the 9th "House of Politics" for Donald Trump. I interpret Democratic party instability and unexpected losses of power through the symbolism of Sanders' Uranus. There may even be unexpected or erratic medical issues or scandals that arise to complicate the days and affairs of Senator Sanders. I don't wish for this, of course, but it is likely considering his age, allegiance, and this planetary influence.
In summary, Donald Trump has astrological favor to winthe U.S. presidency against Bernie Sanders because:
he has a stronger Jupiter heading into 2017, 15° Virgo over 29° Virgo
his Jupiter makes conjunction to Fate which extremely auspicious - Sanders does not have this
he has a stronger Mercury, 10th house prograde in Gemini over Sanders' retrograde at 25° Virgo
he has a stronger Uranus, prograde in the house of politics, law, media, and foreign relations
his Sun will shine in the house of dream fulfillment, collective effort, and altruistic service for the greater good
Parting Words
Astrology can be used to raise perspectives on issues of great controversy and confusion. As time passes I will do my best to help people perceive political affairs through the context of astrology. Truth, to me, is cosmic in origin. By observing and studying the cosmic order we can become more skilled in perceiving what is right and best here on Earth. If you're a Hillary fan, I'm sorry. If you're a Bernie fan, I'm sorry. In my professional opinion the stars favor Donald Trump.
Clinton Prediction Flashback
And just for the record, last December 5th I publicly predicted that Hillary Clinton had "a snowball's chance in hell of winning the U.S. presidency in 2016." Here's the proof:
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In cosmic service,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2016, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
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