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Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo - 2w ago
Mark your calendars! The first major economic event within the 2019 astrological year is about to begin! Starting on February 14th the universe will be offering us powerful, future-oriented ways of building, preserving, and creating wealth through the unstoppable advance of the Mars transit of Taurus. Many major financial breakthroughs are about to occur! Through conscious alignment with this golden transit increases in personal wealth, security, and quality of life are guaranteed. The Mars transit of Taurus is an economic blast-off period that will precede the long-awaited golden age manifesting transit of Uranus in Taurus. Be ready to rock with Mars, the golden hour rapidly approaches!
This economically fortifying transit begins with a rare grand earth trine between Mars in Taurus, Eros in Capricorn, and Pleroma in Virgo. Grand trines in any element are divine configurations of grace, blessing, and assured success. Grand trines exist in the astrology of many prominent lives, cities, and companies on this planet. They emit pyramid power that is divine and of God's wise authorship. The Mars transit of Taurus will activate such an energy above us which will translate into obvious and extremely beneficial means of increasing economic strength through our work, career, and methods of earning income. Partnerships with prosperity potential and healing opportunities will shine at the start.
The general essence of this transit is as follows: new means of building a richer life here on the material plane. Mars is a planet of confidence, leadership, initiative, innovation, and guardianship. We will need to manifest these qualities to seize the opportunities that Mars will soon be presenting us with. Through the timing of Mars in our individual horoscopes we will be presented with the people, resources, projects, promotions, and ideas that will lead to higher future prosperity. Motivation and inspiration for building and development will soon spike so make sure that you channel the Mars energy into building and development in some form or another. When Taurus is active God wants us all building divinely.
Taurus is the house of Mother Nature and all of her glorious riches. Taurus governs oil, gold, industrial metals, farmland, botanicals, crop yields, precious gems, woods, and minerals, architecture, production, and on the metaphysical level, the periodic table of the elements. Be ready for Mars to introduce you to new forms of natural wealth. Between the entrance of Mars and Uranus into Taurus we are entering a breathtaking new period of time when Nature will reveal her wealth in marvelous new ways. New sources and supply chains will soon be created all over the world so that wealth is distributed in spiritually just ways. This is the most beneficial transit of Mars for those working in the agricultural realm.
Mars synchronicities overwhelmingly manifest through males, especially the alpha types. That stated, be especially vigilant for male expression of the Mars in Taurus energy in the near future. Men of great talent, wealth, productive ability, and connection to the Earth are classic to show during this time. These types of men can serve as the impetus for positive economic and spiritual developments. If you start encountering Taurus males all of a sudden smile and give glory to the Almighty God who created such a marvelous life science for us to navigate with. The male Taurus' of the world will be the most effected by this transit although all people, regardless of gender, age, or location, will be feeling this vibe.
The Almighty God, who created astrology to govern the world with, is a God of infinite wealth and generosity. The Devil wages wars of crushing poverty while God's path leads to material freedom and limitless prosperity for all. The Mars transit of Taurus is a war on poverty transit. Passions will run high as conflicts arise over wealth, its use, its creation, its preservation, and its social circulation. Pay close attention to raging bull political debates over currency, debt, budgets, and taxation as Mars will be revealing the heroes and villains of prosperity and poverty. Think critically and measure policies according to their net impact on social wealth, social poverty, and currency strength. History makes it easy.
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House Guidance
At this point I'm going to share house-by-house guidance so that you can gain a good idea of how to use this transit on a personal level. If you don't have your chart order it here.
Mars transiting your 1st House
This transit is all about self-development so that you can become a more valuable asset to the world. Mars will elevate your sense of self-worth while inspiring a can-do attitude that should be channeled into new forms of personal expression and leadership. This is a great time for you to take charge of a special project or position while making decisive new personal commitments that will lead you into a new dimension of growth and fulfillment. This transit could have you feeling very physical all of a sudden so be as productive as possible as this is a key ingredient to your new success formula. If you don't know about your inner wealth, the gifts and talents that God gave you, this is the transit that will force them into the light. When you find your inner wealth you can develop your golden identity.
Mars transiting your 2nd House
This transit is about raw economic increase, the kind that you haven't seen in about two years. New financial building blocks are coming through Mars but you may have to spend and build in order to discover or create new wealth. Expenses can increase with Mars in the 2nd but as long as they are wise expenses you will eventually come out in the green. This is a great influence for any type of nature excursion or construction project. Get out there, get grounded, and be close to the Earth to find the hidden gems that await you. This is a seed planting transit for future wealth to blossom. The 2nd house is slow so don't rush this process. Be product and value minded as new tools and resources are brought into your field of awareness. Your Mars says, "invest with the Earth and your wealth will be multiplied."
Mars transiting your 3rd House
What you know can make you rich. This is a mind and knowledge enriching time for you. Mars will be unloading a salvo of golden ideas for you to implement as part of your new personal success and economic ascent. Make the greatest gains through confident application of your Mars-enhanced mind, this connection is priceless to make. Crystal upgrades to your mental abilities are super appropriate as are any overdue technological, digital, or automotive upgrades. Update your web presence to access new digital money and take any trips necessary that will enhance your economic life. Work productively with siblings and make sure to master all vital communication and coordination. Big financial talks are ahead. Make sure to make key decisions with intelligence overruling passion.
Mars transiting your 4th House
Mars will be bringing new wealth into your family and business life as part of its two-year rare security enhancement effect. This is an auspicious transit for fortunate investments of all kinds, especially where properties and businesses are concerned. This transit could even have you giving birth to a new Mars-styled company with great profit potential. New business development is a must and if you need to move this is the transit that will help you with the money and muscle that you'll need to make it happen. Wealthy males can wind up in your living space all of a sudden. Make the most of these connections knowing the higher timing of Mars. Males in your family can aid you financially or open you to new financial prospects. Feel safe that this Mars will protect and uplift your bottom line needs.
Mars transiting your 5th House
A joyful time dawns like the rising of a golden sun! Financial increase can absolutely be connected to your near-term artistic production or performance. The full economic power of Mars is now with your passion pursuits and heart's desires so it will be much easier to crystallize them into material form. Be careful not to slip into spiritually-devoid hedonism or reckless bouts of gambling during this time. Instead, follow your heart compass which will be powerfully synced to Mars into early April. This is a beautification transit on the inner and outer levels so be about new beauty one way or the other. This is a classic transit for new romance as well, so long as Mars makes no ill aspects during his Leo dance. Use your cosmically-amplified creativity to steal the show and be a lover, not a fighter with this Mars.
Mars transiting your 6th House
Mars blares in the heavens, "it's time to heal and strengthen your body as never before!" Physical and dietary upgrades are the name of the game and Mars has all the resources, science, methods, and experts that you'll need to succeed. Your body is your temple and Mars has a new ascension regimen to implement. Promotions at work are in order, including financial, so step up to take the lead and the higher wage. A golden project can burst into life, especially if nature, science, or healing are involved. Give your best to it as the power of Mars will now rocket-propel your highest path of service and financial return. A priceless round of training is ahead of you. Don't shy from a sudden surge in workload that will be the basis of your new talent and skills development. Wealthy clients and masters ahead.
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Mars transiting your 7th House
A golden partner or a wealthy adversary will soon manifest, depending on your karma. Cooperative work and deals of all kinds will shine toward new prosperity. Make them and take them knowing the higher location of Mars. Trust is the spiritual currency that you need most, make sure to build it during this time. Lucrative cultural opportunities can manifest now so take the lead in the cultures that you value most. This Mars can inspire a sudden marriage proposal and in general it will strengthen all the most valuable relationships in your life. It's all about fair cooperation for mutual economic ascent. The universe will reward all your fair dealings so treat your new partners well. This Mars will help to rectify financial imbalances in your life. Advocate your needs while maintaining harmony for all parties.
Mars transiting your 8th House
If you've got financial fears this is the Mars transit that will teach you to conquer them! The greatest financial alchemy of the past two years is about to start to help you transform economic weakness into economic strength. Don't be attached to material things during this process, that could create sabotage. This is a great Mars for medical success, survival needs, accelerated regeneration, loan access, credit increases, joint ventures, and priceless mystical exploration. Sacred resources are part of the Mars payload, embrace them to trigger a secret rebirth. Mars will raise new intuition within you especially where money, sex, and secrets are concerned. You may have to do some detective work now. Golden evidence can be found to seal a certain deal. This Mars conquers inner demons.
Mars transiting your 9th House
Wisdom is better than rubies and this transit of Mars will soon prove it! The enlightenment that will open you to greater worldly prosperity is upon you. Be open minded as Mars stretches your learning and philosophical framework into golden territories of truth. Higher learning will lead you into higher earning. Victories of the pen and paper are now in order. Use the Mars momentum to advance your righteous legal, academic, and political agendas. New teachers, books, and travel plans will soon manifest for inner and outer journeys that should be taken. This is an "Indiana Jones" type of Mars that commands distant adventures, multicultural learning, linguistic ability, historical reverence, and foreign treasure seeking. Keep watch for new international connections that can help you prosper on a global level.
Mars transiting your 10th House
Promote, promote, promote! That is the song of Mars in your 10th. Wealth, status, and career increases are now in order, especially if you've been putting in hard work these past two years. If not you'll encounter master-level enablers who are wealthy, talented, and proven in their fields. Through their mentorship you'll find yourself with a new career and finance strategy that you'll need to develop over time. There are no shortcuts in this house so be sure to follow the golden trajectory that Mars lights up for you. Higher honors, duties, and legacy achievements are typical to this Mars which is known to crown new legends. For those already atop their peaks, this Mars will inspire you to use your wealth and influence for the social good. Build for society and God will grant treasure that money can't buy.
Mars transiting your 11th House
Your future is about to get hacked by the golden disruption of Mars! The gods know where the future's wealth will be and soon Mars will be giving you golden glimpses. This Mars transit will prepare you for the future through network development, community resource development, consciousness upgrades, precognitive flashes, and advanced preparations of all kinds. But perhaps more joyfully, this Mars will push many of your financial goals and dreams into full manifestation. Your material manifestation power will surge during this time so make sure that you're pulsing out wise intentions from your mind into the universe. A great time for community service, cause championing, and giving back to society, this will win you good karma that is like gold in the 12th house where Mars will head next for you.
Mars transiting your 12th House
At this point its all about your light and your karma, these are the currencies that matter most in the 12th house. If you're in good standing before the Lord bonafide financial miracles can happen for you now. Good karma will be returning through material wealth and mysterious luxuries of all kinds. Mars will also teach you how to break out of self-imposed economic prisons. Where is the illusion and what have you been missing? This Mars transit will show you. But Mars could also require something of you as a test of your soul: your willingness to play the part of an economic guardian angel to another in great need. Will you answer the call? The resources, including from the mineral kingdom, that will help you to connect to God in the greatest way will begin to manifest for your spiritual acceptance.
Closing Words
I hope that you've all found this article to be both valuable and enlightening. Amari and I wish you all an exciting and prosperous transit. Be sure to sign up for our direct email alerts below to avoid Facebook censorship. We'll be busy uploading some amazing new gems and ascesion crystals over the next few weeks. For now you can see updated Shungite, Herkimer Diamond, and Lemurian specimens on our crystal pages. Amari has also just finished an amazingly mystical batch of blue lotus infused palo santo. If you enjoyed this article your social shares and Facebook recommendations are always appreciated. And if you would like our professional services they can be engaged here.
In cosmic service,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
LinkedIn: @salvadorrusso
© Copyright 2019. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved.
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Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mys.. - 1M ago
A dramatic escalation of divine intervention against all the disguised tentacles of satanic government will begin with the Capricorn partial solar eclipse of January 5th and 6th! A powerful and unexpected sequence of divinely strategic actions against the wounded and weakened 'new world order' will commence while the new international alliance of anti-communist nations gains increasing political and economic strength beneath the righteous march of Jupiter in Sagittarius. On the personal front a life transforming season of divine promotion and accountability will ensue to raise the worthy atop new mountains while knocking the wicked off their rotten thrones. The universe will now force our worlds to collide, the world of light and order against the world of darkness and chaos. Through the alchemy of this collision we will see governments transforming and bending to divine will.
I predict the following themes and events to manifest prior to the full moon in Capricorn of July 16th, 2019:
great career momentum through new transitions, duties, responsibilities, promotions, honors, opportunities, growth, achievements, and spiritual blessings
a summer strike against the monstrous Maduro regime which is responsible for mass
starvation, incalculable human suffering, and tremendous regional instability
manifestations of crisis by way of performance negligence, dereliction of duty, character destruction, criminal investigations, and accountability enforcement
major strategic losses for the Satan-serving EU plutocracy that advances its oppression through the timing of Saturn; God smites the EU in Spring of 2020
increases in domestic financial security through the influence of Juno in Taurus which carries forward til the full moon; women of honor will shine especially
a season of power decline for the communist Chinese government which precedes future and greater seasons of decline to come during Jupiter's transit of Capricorn
the amplification of prosperity for spiritually united families and business partners
a powerful new wave of law enforcement, legal action, and excommunication against sex offenders, predators, and criminals within all religious and spiritual communities
exuberant new manifestation powers that source from the eclipse wave and the Uranus prograde in Aries and Taurus; 2019 starts with new manifestation power
major strides of political and diplomatic progress between the USA and North Korea towards the creation of a new economic investment zone in the DPRK
wonderful new experiences of 'career branching' where the universe blooms cosmically-aligned career paths in exciting, inspired, and successful new directions
the blessing, cursing, and karmic accounting of entire industries and industry chiefs with 'special attention' on corporations and banks that have major China connections
the emergence of powerful maturation cycles within families with transformations in domestic roles, duties, responsibilities, daily routines, and positions of authority
through the influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius, which echoes through the eclipse, a tremendous increase in global political consciousness and inter-connectivity
the entrance of cosmically-born divine masculine energies that will begin to remedy the damage done by subversive emasculation campaigns; Eros and Vulcan to lead
a dashing of hopes for Robert Mueller as the eclipse will aspect his Leo sun exactly
stinging penalties and realizations for those who resist maturity, self-discipline, integrity, honorable living, and responsibility; the Capricorn virtues mean all in 2019
a new, multi-dimensional timeline opening that leads to a successful Iranian revolution with milestone events to occur with the December 'ring of fire' eclipse
career quantum leaps through the activation of Capricorn degrees among the worthy; starseed abilities will become much more powerful/valuable with Uranus in Taurus
the conscious observation, through astrological timing, of divine intervention and chess being played between God, nations, governments, and the rebel angels
Bad Omen Beijing
The first eclipse of 2019 will activate over Beijing which is the capital of communist China. Communism is forbidden in the golden age as it is completely hostile to God's plan for humanity. A great spiritual curse will befall the communist Chinese government through this eclipse as punishment for the viciousness of their war plans and their contempt for Christianity which they persecute more each day. Expect to see increasing belligerence from the Red Dragon as it wails from the unprecedented pressure of its new curse. The communist Chinese government will suffer the same fate as Soviet Russia - eventual collapse.
China hides great secrets from the world, especially about their weaknesses, but the eclipse ordains a new level of global awareness about the darkness, suffering, and scheming that they hide. Red China will show its fangs to the world as its power is gradually stripped. Remember the Beijing Capricorn eclipse when you see these things coming to pass. These future events will prove that communism exists in a state of rebellion to the divine cosmic order. The new astrology of the golden age will fade all communism out.
Worlds Collide
There are two worlds fighting for control of the planet. One world serves the light and one world serves the shadows of hell. In the horoscope above notice how the eclipse bisects Saturn at 11° Capricorn and Pluto at 20° Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto are malefic planets that the fallen use to advance their global domination strategy. But notice how God's eclipse light will penetrate between these planets. I marveled at this when I saw it and a vision came to mind soon after. I was in a forest and I saw a gigantic log being split in two with a sharp axe. The log represented the 'new world order' government structure and the axe represented this eclipse. Their plans will be split in two, divided and weakened, while a forced collision of worlds increases. My advice is to fully align your lives with the world of light as it evolves in 2019. There you will find refuge, sustenance, power, and peace. The astrology of 2019 will naturally elevate your mind to see these worlds with crystal clarity.
The Bigger Picture
There is a supernova-class astrological event on the 2019 horizon that will also occur in the House of Capricorn. I'm referring to the 'ring of fire' solar eclipse that will happen on Christmas night in an extremely rare and benevolent conjunction to the planet Jupiter who will by then be transiting Capricorn. This Christmas mega-eclipse should be understood by the Christian world as a celestial milestone for the mystical entry of divine government. In my humble opinion, this Jupiter-magnified ring of fire eclipse marks the time when our Creator will get extremely 'hands-on' with our dysfunctional governmental affairs, especially in the nations where the eclipse will trace its shadow. Because of the degrees involved with this blessed eclipse to come I interpret a powerful social and humanitarian expression through governments and industries towards the highest welfare of all people. Government-level magic will be producing government-level miracles in the year 2020.
Industrial Karma
Industries will be rocked and blessed according to karma and the mysterious workings of this eclipse. In astrology it is the House of Capricorn that governs all of the world's industries. Many top CEOs will soon find themselves embroiled in the greatest crisis of their professional lives. Industrial wealth, power, and influence must be used towards the betterment of society, this is the way that God wants it. Astrologically we can perceive this inherent responsibility through the transitional relationship between Capricorn and Aquarius. The industries which have aligned themselves against society will have the most to pay in 2019. Executives must be conscious of astrology to navigate wisely into the future. Oligarchs will also be 'spotlighted' as the eclipse degree of 15 Capricorn resonates exactly with oligarchy. Watch for headlines about them from Russia and China especially where this eclipse will trace. If you're in a bad karma industry now is the time to clock out.
Career Ascension
This is a tremendous eclipse cycle for rapid career ascension. The universe will be working its magic to ensure ways and means for all strivers who are focused on ascending into higher levels of career success. Major openings and breakthroughs can be expected in the house of your horoscope that hosts the 15th degree of Capricorn. Eclipse synchronicities can easily propel us above and beyond the limits, hardships, and wounds of Saturn and Pluto if we are perceptive enough to engage and develop them. Enter the eclipse cycle with prayer to God for clarity of understanding in your highest path forward. Strategies of growth and success will unfold before our eyes and through the months we will gain new wisdom and talent that will hyper-charge our career potential. If you haven't found your passion or niche this eclipse cycle will offer you good signs, guidance, and entrances into those blessed paths. For those who are already aligned, this is a cycle of higher mastery.
Success Blocks
This eclipse cycle will be extremely refreshing for those who feel like they are not successful enough. Astrology applies to all people no matter their race, religion, age, or geographic location. So when we have a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn it is time for us all to succeed in new ways and in varying degrees that reflect each of our places in the great cosmic soul ascent. Success blocks will be made known to each of us, including and especially through new teachers, guides, and mentors, so that no one is left behind from this universal growth wave. The light will zero in on personal flaws and weaknesses that have hindered or prevented new blessing and growth. Now is the time for great self-honesty, responsibility, accountability, integrity, timeliness, higher standards, and wise utilization of time. God will always match our efforts so start this cycle with your best. This eclipse can also inspire sudden closures with work, career, and paths of employment.
Family Wealth
There is only one light in Taurus during peak eclipse and that is the light of Juno at 21° Taurus, a degree of Taurus that relates specifically to family wealth and financial security. Through the blessed goddess influence of Juno we will all have new opportunities to increase family wealth, financial security, and even business revenue. But there is something that must be honored for us to feel the full magic: we must manifest spiritual idealism within our families and business dealings. The higher that we take our family spirituality, the higher the wealth blessings will be. And if certain family members won't be wise about this cycle they will be left out of Juno's golden circulations. Spiritual family members, be ready! Things will be happening to test our bonds and willingness to aid one another, including and especially through the mediums of money and investments. Look for golden spiritual queens to bring through Juno's energy in the most obvious ways.
Legal Warfare
Legal warfare is coded into the 12th degree of Sagittarius and this is precisely where Jupiter will be when peak eclipse occurs. With Jupiter serving us as 'the great benefic' make the connection between divine 2019 success and new legal actions targeted against gross violations, damages, negligence, accusations, and injuries. To live in alignment with the universe be ready to initiate legal actions and defenses on an as needed basis to manifest your highest year. Failure to do so could seriously jeopardize your highest future. This Capricorn eclipse ushers us into a tremendous accountability cycle so recognize the connection between legal actions and eventual accountability. This is not a timid place for Jupiter to be, the 12th is a fighter's degree of Sagittarius so bring that passion to the table in a wise, lawful, and strategic way. If you act with Jupiter your odds of winning will spike!
Time Mastery
Time waits for no one and time pressures will be active in 2019, especially during Saturn's retrograde in Capricorn! But don't worry, our Capricorn partial solar eclipse will be unleashing a new time consciousness throughout the world that will help us all to work much more wisely with time, something which is precious for a mortal to receive. As the weeks pass you'll be able to notice how you're suddenly working better with time. You'll make better time decisions, you'll be more productive with time, and wiser with time strategy. The glyph of Capricorn is symbolic of great, legendary, and masterful success. Capricorn is also the house where time tests, requirements, and restrictions abound. Be ahead of those deadlines and give your very best efforts where time and timing are concerned. This can make all the difference in 2019, I assure you. Be ahead of Saturn and the retrograde will be all the smoother. And if you're wise then learn your Key of Time.
Fathers, Mentors, & Honor
This Capricorn eclipse will cast special and profound attention on all fathers, living and deceased, as well as esteemed mentors who will enter with mysterious timing. Cosmic blessings will be coming to all the fathers who have cared for their children and families with honor. This is a sacred time for such fathers, may God bless and raise you all. There are many in this world who lack a healthy father relationship. To the people who can relate I say this: don't be surprised if the universe sends an amazing new father figure into your life during this eclipse cycle. Mentors are coming our way too, to share their wisdom and experience so that we may climb into higher success and honor. And speaking of honor, you should know this: honor is the most valuable spiritual currency for this Capricorn cycle. Recover it, develop it, and leverage it as best as you can. Be honor-conscious in 2019 and always do the honorable thing as God sees all that we do and all that we do not do.
Revolution 2.0
The Democrats have recently taken the house majority here in the USA. Why did this happen with such tremendous grassroots support for President Trump's MAGA movement? Election integrity is to blame but is there a higher spiritual purpose behind the Dems' temporary acquisition of political power? With my former house prediction being off target I have prayed intensely about this and the repeated understanding that forms in my mind is this: God has permitted their house power to thoroughly prove to the nation and world that they are hell-bent on destroying the United States of America. The Great Awakening must expand further, into new mental and spiritual territory, and so it will as our political worlds collide even further into the 2020 timeline of the 2nd American Revolution which will be light-born and Heaven-sent. I believe that General Washington is one of President Trump's spirit guides and that the Father of the American Revolution still has shots to call. Continue to pray for the nation and watch as President Trump is strengthened through all eclipses.
Ascension Keys
Amari and I offer the following ascension keys that if applied will help to make your Capricorn eclipse cycle much more successful, as follows:
recover lost honor while developing new honor through righteous, wisely-timed deeds
give your best to the new duties and responsibilities that life presents you with
recognize the living connection between spiritual development and career progress
be quick to recruit and apply the law towards vital defensive and offensive maneuvers
improve organization, efficiency, and productivity through systems development
develop the concepts of order, maturity, respect, and accountability within family life
restore relationship imbalances and build trust to increase 2019 personal fortunes
have a spirit of compromise and negotiation towards the creation of peace and justice
help others to learn and develop their gifts, especially towards career expression
be super-conscious of time and the wisest use of it, including astrological time
integrity tests are coming to measure our characters, make sure that you pass them
initiative and leadership will amplify success potentials further, live them boldly
universal learning is gold this year, heed the lessons of life as they come to you
beware the 2019 retrogrades when planning your wedding, be wise with timing
the goddess Juno will inspire wise courses of investment, heed her golden signs
be adaptive to the unorthodox means of future prosperity that Uranus will offer
plan ahead for Saturn's retrograde in Capricorn, pray for light to aid this cause
be invested in the right industries, signs will show which ones are divinely favored
increase your spiritual light to increase your social rank, this is a Capricorn secret
for the conscious men of the world, embody the divine masculine that stirs in Heaven
It's been a while, I must admit. This star pursuit I'll never quit. My cosmic soul is full of grit, I seal this all in poet's wit. An omen for the dragon red, when Michael strikes he takes the head. In Saturn's vice for years I bled, but then I conquered Saturn's dread. The wicked priests will surely hang, the gods will strip a dragon fang. When Christ was born the angels sang, in Venezuela Mars will bang. My sun lights up the sacred house, I love my twin I call her spouse. If wisdom's wet I've had my douse, my German partner's name is Klaus. A ring of fire on Christmas night, when God will show his cosmic might. His magic comes to clear the blight, our third eyes hold the second sight. Christian Europe how we love you, pray for Pari God above you. Coded intel streaming through Q, cosmic intel shining on cue. Twenty twenty God world order, Trump will have his golden border. Satan's time is growing shorter, learn to work the magic mortar.
With passion and optimism for the future,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved.
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Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo - 2M ago
The first major legislative victory that corresponds to the Uranus transit of Taurus has just been signed into law by President Trump! The Farm Bill of 2018 will create a golden revolution in the agricultural world that will eventually lead to the international industrialization of hemp and the fulfillment of ancient scriptural promises. The tree of life will soon be planted as the age to come is prepared before our very eyes! Understand that this glorious bill sources from the light of Uranus in Taurus which was secretly planted in the 8th house firmament of the astrologically resurrected United States of America back in May of this year when Uranus first entered Taurus. With many of my former predictions of the Uranus transit of Taurus already proving true, I encourage you all to have great optimism about the economic future of the world. Make no mistake, this is golden age legislation manifesting in divine astrological timing and in accordance with God's promises.
( 2 Esdras 8:52, Apochrypha)
Golden Age Laws
The laws of the golden age will precede the physical manifestation of the golden age. We will see this astrological truth proven throughout the whole world in accordance with specific planetary timing. Of all the planets to watch it will be Jupiter and Uranus that will yield the great laws that will gild our collective future. For example, as President Trump signed the revolutionary Farm Bill into law the Sagittarius Sun trined Uranus retrograde in Aries exactly while a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction formed in Sagittarius. This is clear astrological proof of two powerful truths: that golden age laws will manifest through Jupiter and Uranus, as I've presented, and that once again President Trump reveals himself to be a great servant of God as he channels some of the most beneficial astrological energies in existence through his executive actions. A new gold rush will now be born into life here in the USA and I predict, once again, that industrial hemp will become an international norm.
Hemp, The Tree of Life
The legalization of industrial hemp is a golden milestone in the wars against hunger and poverty. President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will forever hold the honor of leading and sealing this law into life. The hemp boom is coming and it will be wise for us all to partake in it one way or the other. As the economy blooms in this wonderful new way remember that it all connects to one of God's old promises for our golden age. Most Christians are unaware of the wisdom and insight contained in the apocryphal work titled "2 Esdras" which is where the highlighted verse above originates. It is our belief, as with many other mystics around the world, that hemp is the earthy manifestation of the biblical tree of life. We believe that it qualifies to be "the plant of renown" that can "heal the nations." When one considers all of its divine qualities and potential uses it is quite easy to come to the same conclusion. The Tree of Life will bloom beneath the influence of Uranus in Taurus!
Ascension Food Revolution
Hemp seed is a perfect protein and a nutritional powerhouse unlike any other. Hemp seed will eventually destroy the meat and dairy industries that are responsible for millions and millions of human and animal deaths. Consumers will now be able to access delicious, high-protein hemp foods that promote physical healing, peak performance, optimal health, and spiritual ascension instead of the slaughtered animal flesh that leads to our premature death. The legalization of industrial hemp will lead to an ascension food revolution. Some of you who are reading this now will play a major role in this ascension food revolution to come. God wants our food to be pure and powerfully beneficial for our health while also being produced in harmony with nature. Vegan glory days are ahead as an explosion of innovation, consumer demand, and economic growth will be occurring in this blessed sector. We are what we eat so be wise and transition into the divine tree of life proteins.
Merry Christmas
As genuine Christian mystics Amari and I would like to wish you all a divine and magical Christmas holiday. We are grateful to God and to Christ, our King, for the blessings in our life. We wish these same types of blessings for you and your loved ones. We hope that you enjoyed this brief but extremely important perspective on President Trump's signing of the Farm Bill. We are so thrilled by its full manifestation that we will be celebrating. For those who don't know, Amari and I have been dedicated vegans for about seven years. Because of veganism we enjoy great health, strength, and spiritual connectivity. For us veganism was a form of initiation into higher levels of spiritual development. We will always recommend veganism because it enables us to conquer and prevent disease while raising our inner light towards our highest evolutionary potentials. If you value our work we ask that you share our site and articles. We are 99.95% censored on Facebook to 146,000+ fans.
Cosmic media scares the system,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
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It is the planet Jupiter that evolves our lives in the most divine and cherished ways. November 8th marked a sacred day in the world of astrology because Jupiter entered Sagittarius which is the house of its exaltation. The time has come for us all to grow much, much wiser and in our newfound wisdom we will be able to create wonderful new lives. The wisdom of God will shine upon the world through this blessed transit in ways that are far beyond mortal comprehension. In this article I will exclude religious and political focus to provide you with pure and precise sign specific guidance that will empower you with a high degree of astrological awareness for the great season which dawns. The master key to divine growth is harmony with Jupiter's transit and progression. It is this state of cosmic harmony that I wish to instill within each of you through these carefully crafted counsels.
Guidance for Aries
Inspired leadership, initiative, and action will win you everything during this transit. As one of the zodiac's fire signs you are naturally positioned to receive some of Jupiter's most fortunate blessings. God will grant you the means to pioneer, lead, and succeed in divine ways for the world so have confidence in your own ability to accomplish the impossible. All the wisdom, guidance, and support that you need will manifest so that you can open paths for people who can't open them on their own. As time passes you will feel increasingly spiritualized so that your personal motivations and ambitions take on much more enlightened qualities. Jupiter will raise your higher self awareness so that you know yourself as God does. You may even receive new missions from Heaven, good fights to fight.
To grow during this time you're going to have to develop your intellectual, philosophical, academic, and spiritual capacities to the next level. Enhance your warrior soul with the higher learning that opens through Jupiter's transit. To master the lesson plan follow Jupiter's transit through your horoscope, then you won't miss a thing. New learning requirements will often precede the new victories, positions, and advances that are intended for you so be sure not to neglect a season of divine learning. God will challenge you through new fields of learning. Embrace the challenge and you will open the doors to your highest future. Expect great teachers and books to make the process adventurous and be willing to explore foreign travel opportunities that bear the blessing of Jupiter.
Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. Slow down during this time to make sure that everything is wise, lawful, and properly understood. You could find yourself being provoked during this time and if you're not careful a massive legal complication could sour the remainder of your transit. Guard yourself with wisdom and a sharp legal understanding to fend off the adversities of that time. Jupiter retrograde inspiration can give you some of your brightest ideas for getting ahead. Make time for meditation if you never have so that you can benefit from genuine experiences of divine inspiration. Once you've got the new blueprint plan for full blown implementation with the Jupiter prograde momentum. Jupiter's spiritual fire will soon be christening the new you.
Guidance for Taurus
This transit of Jupiter can mark a time of matrimony in your life, perhaps with that special someone that found you during a prior transit of Jupiter. If marriage is in your hearts and plans it should be done in wise accordance with the higher fortunes of wedding astrology so that you can open to a sacred form of wealth and life experience. Prosperity teachings are in store for you as this is a transit that will teach you how to create new material freedom for yourself and for others. Through Jupiter's attunements you will become profoundly acquainted with the inner wealth that God has given you. As your wealth wisdom rises the universe will send you perfect partners to build with. The foundations that you lay with the right people can open you to the vast sums and returns through others.
Divine wisdom is transformational and this is a truth that you will soon be living. The alchemy of wisdom will take hold of you so that a higher refinement can take place within you. This process will catch you by surprise and it will feel powerful, spiritual, and pure. Inner revelations about your life will become much more frequent as the Jupiter frequency encourages you along a new maturation and transformation process. If you feel like you're living in a cocoon this is the transit that will set you free for beautiful new flight. Jupiter will also offer you benevolent protection against the most fearsome aspects of your life, just like a divine insurance policy. Jupiter will help you to conquer existing forms of disease, pain, and poverty while accelerating all regenerative processes. Deep healing awaits you.
Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. Inner guidance and dream wisdom will become extremely powerful during this time. Adhere to your inner guidance to successfully navigate retrograde complications surrounding relationships, financial flows, shared resource access, and monies owed to you. Power will be raised in the house of Jupiter's retrograde, power that will bloom after the prograde. Foreign relationships and teacher/student relationships will shine for you. Make the most of all good potential that presents among them. If you are too materialistic this Jupiter can work to transform your value system so that it becomes heavenly. Adhere to the golden verses that find you, make time for spiritual study, and acquire Jupiter's resource offerings.
Guidance for Gemini
Divine upliftment to your working life is upon you with specific times to match your stars. As your labors are relieved and blessed you will find new ability and quality within your daily work rhythm. Jupiter's influence can orchestrate that long deserved promotion, foreign work opportunities, new abundance for your practice, great press for your services, and new success for your long shot project. At special times the Spirit of Wisdom will descend into your mind to help you elevate above any spiritual blockages in your working life. Jupiter's frequency can inspire new genius into the way you work so be conscious of the divine connection between Jupiter's influence, your mind, and the next level of your working life. Expect divine mental upgrades when Jupiter makes its eventual opposition to your sun.
Craft perfection and dramatic service expansion are also in order for you. Say yes loudly and quickly to all growth oriented work opportunities that manifest for you, even if you have to work through foreign languages or with foreign contacts. Your work can be your golden ticket this next year and through it you can find yourself connected to an amazing new circle of Jupiter-class people, even if at a distance. Contracts and commitments can become massive avenues of new growth, wealth, and prestige so pay special attention when they manifest. God could even send you a perfect twin to work with, a perfect complement to who you are and where you are in your individual life path. And where you are unsure in your path Jupiter will orchestrate divine counsel to propel you forward.
Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. For many of you this will be a time of training and skills development, potentially under the tutelage of a master. Many of you will be trusted to repair the problems and dysfunctions that others have created during your Jupiter retrograde work experiences. Although they will be difficult recognize that you are being trusted by God to see a good thing through for a higher reason and purpose. The retrograde period could also be a time of work transition into something more promising or intellectual. On the esoteric level Jupiter's retrograde and subsequent prograde can grant you knew skills for discerning, understanding, and maintaining the cosmic law within your daily life. Strive for the gnosis of the cosmic law.
Guidance for Cancer
True love could be Jupiter's highest gift for you during his time in Sagittarius. But if not all the things that you love will be blessed, protected, and magnified so that your life feels much more pleasurable and secure. Jupiter will cast a spotlight on your heart so that your creativity blasts past the moon in a super-spiritual way. Be sure to find wise means of creative expression and productivity during this transit as Jupiter's inspiration, if properly applied, will be able to solve many of your current problems. One way or the other, Jupiter will have you giving birth to something special and dear to your heart, perhaps a new child. Divine lessons and blessings for family, security, business, location, home, and investment are coming for you, all tailor made by God, so that you can live wisely and prosperously.
Great healing and physical health improvements are also on your horizon. The timing will depend on the degree of your sun but be sure that you will encounter and receive the services of wise, effective, and benevolent healers and counselors before this transit is finished. Travel to meet them if you must, Jupiter will pave the way. The essence of this transit is that God will help you to redesign and rework your life so that it fits perfectly into the grand universal scheme of things. Expect a total life realignment that brings you into a new state of joy, security, and satisfaction. But certainly be ready to do all the humble work that this entails for you. Divine investment opportunities can manifest when Jupiter aspects your sun so be sure to track the transit through your chart. Fertility will be spiking.
Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. You could face challenges with long distance love, business development, travel commitments, and high-pressure academic deadlines during this time. With Saturn opposing your sun your priority skills will be seriously tested so make sure that all of your priorities are in right order according to time, maturity, and long-term necessity. While pressures are on the universe will sneak you a new spirit guide, angel, or muse to uplift and inspire you for the Jupiter prograde push. Take some time to backtrack to make sure that as things are sifting out you commit yourself to the highest path forward. The universe will make this path as clear as Jupiter's transit in your chart. Apply the wise navigation skills that God gives you.
Guidance for Leo
Your home base is about to be blessed in a heavenly way, even to the extent that new family astrology gets written into your future to open a journey of joy that was previously impossible. You could find yourself moving up into a new living space, home, or location that is much more resonant with your cosmic ascension. All your family affairs and needs will be tended to by the divine providence that Jupiter yields. That long awaited reunion or family trip can now take place and extraordinary successes within the family will gradually become the new norm. The wise thing is to focus on family, business, and divine upgrades to each, that is until Jove makes his trine to your sun when your star power will amplify tremendously. Renaissance-grade creative genius will have you feeling like a divine artist.
Your passionate nature will be greatly stoked by the fires of Sagittarius. This is very important for you to understand because this spiritual stoking will develop a new personality aspect within you, alchemy style. Bring your new leadership, charisma, talent, and social purpose to the table and express your new light for the sake of Heaven on Earth. Your heart compass will shine as never before, follow it into uncharted growth-oriented territories. Royal wisdom will open to you, as it is your birthright to gain the wisdom of kings and queens so that you can become a sovereign yourself. This is the transit that will open you to such learning. When royal figures, subjects, teachers, and guides manifest before you, including through books and history, you'll know that you're on the Jupiter path.
Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. If you are limiting yourself through any form of vanity or materialism this is the time period that will teach you how to change. Jupiter will sway you away from spiritually-devoid glitz, glamour, and pleasure pursuits so that you can enrich your soul with spiritual fire and divine wisdom. If not blockages can be imposed. Don't be afraid to pull back from the world so that you can draw in Heaven's light. For many of you this is the missing link. Because of Jupiter's fire harmony to your sign this should be a relatively pleasant retrograde with lots of wonderful light-based alchemy happening within you. But do be cautious for bad investments and misadventures, including of the romantic type, during this time.
Guidance for Virgo
Thoughts become things and now your thoughts, more than any other tribe in astrology, will be hyper-charged by the divine frequencies of Jupiter. This means that your manifestation power will be amplified to extents beyond your belief. Start your transit by telepathically projecting your grandest intentions into the universe that your days may be reordered in lawful accordance. Expect to feel more brainy and more mentally connected to the universe during this transit. Your IQ can increase through Jupiter's alchemy and spiritual gifts to your vision, hearing, and understanding can come. As God enhances your mind in it will be up to you to decide on how to project and utilize your new mental light. Divine knowledge and wisdom specific to your ascent will come in abundance as well.
On a more practical level this transit of Jupiter is tremendous for commercial success, so long as you are positioned in the right line of work or sales. If not you will soon learn where you should be to reap Jupiter's fortune harvests. The universe will give you sign after sign about your ideal path of service as well as brilliant new ways to prosper from the rapidly evolving internet economy. Over time Jupiter will melt away any daily obstacles that have drained the potential out of your days. Logistical troubles will be solved and your need to travel frequently can surge, both short and long distance, and always for gain. Online schooling, advanced research work, and special engineering or formulation projects will have spectacular outcomes so long as your efforts are honest. Carpe diem dear Virgo!
Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. During this time you could find yourself feeling scattered and stretched in too many different ways at once. Get ahead of this potential by simplifying and optimizing your life to the best of your ability during the Jupiter prograde period. Plan for a hurricane and if one comes slice through it with your newly developed excellence. Family life will take sharply positive turns with timing that depends on the degree of your sun. But eventually, like Leo, divine grace will be cast on your house, your kin, and all the needs therein. Maintain your daily faith while understanding a simple formula: the greater your faith the greater your Jupiter experience will be. And when Jupiter squares your sun you'll receive a miracle from God.
Guidance for Libra
This transit is all about divine options that will be presented to you through the grace and timing of Jupiter that will help you to establish a perfect and profitable harmony with the universe. But to accomplish this Libra you must possess the mental wisdom of Sagittarius and that is precisely the season that has dawned for you. Through higher spiritual and astrological learning you are now poised to master the balance of life itself. In doing so you can help bring much needed peace to the Earth. To help you with this process the universe will be sending you extraordinary resources trending along the lines of treasure and pricelessness to boost you where you need it most. New teachers, mentors, and financial benefactors can now manifest to help you traverse impasses in your growth and learning.
To tell you the truth this can be a very prosperous time for you, so long as you are producing, developing, and purchasing in wise ways. The details will be revealed by Jupiter, just make sure that you're following the transit in your horoscope, otherwise you might not recognize the golden opportunities. The wisdom of relationships is yours through this transit and at times that can mean your foray into the realm of astrological chemistry. Solutions to security stresses are a big part of this transit, just recognize that trust, commitment, and ethical conduct will be required to receive Jupiter's highest blessings. Foreign trade, resource access, and developmental investments can yield you great fortune with time. Think big and partner for growth and success all around the world.
Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. This can be a time of secret spiritual enrichment or a time of blockage and shortage depending upon the levels of trust, harmony, and justice in your life. There are two sides to your scale. By entering Jupiter's retrograde heavy on the virtue side you will guarantee that great blessings are awarded to you through Jupiter's timing. You may have retrograde realizations that certain relationships must be released from your life. You'll be tested with hard decisions, some that are greatly life altering, so seek divine wisdom to get you through successfully. Reach back to make amends as needed, renegotiate terms, know your contract law, and if applicable, grow wise together by learning your wedding astrology.
Guidance for Scorpio
What is power without the wisdom to wield it? You should be feeling much more powerful after having Jupiter in your sign for the last year. But now it's time for you to gain the wisdom to properly wield your new power so that you can transform yourself and your life in the divine ways that you wish. Jupiter will be illuminating the secret blessings and star seeds that God granted you over the past year so that you can fully understand your new astral potential. Your spiritual senses are going to surge while Jupiter ushers you into a brief but intense sage phase. So long as you are learning and transforming with the learning you are guaranteed to experience greater freedom and higher wealth. If you're off course Jupiter will offer you a baptism by fire that can save, redeem, and release your life.
If your material circumstances are not as powerful as you wish I have great news for you: Jupiter in Sagittarius will offer you mega-upliftment in your economic life so long as you are harmonized with the transit. Major quality of life increases are in order with variation depending upon the houses that will be active in your horoscope. Your intellectual side will soon be invigorated by Jupiter's energy. Develop yourself and produce in wise accordance and you will enter a golden path of prosperity. Don't be afraid to invest wealth into your higher learning, personal development, or inspired productivity as these are major transit themes for you. As long as you are investing with Jupiter your returns will always be multiplied. Make perfect financial moves by synchronizing with Jupiter in your horoscope.
Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. If your spiritual and astrological development is lacking the universe could put you on hold during this time, like an academic detention of sorts.
This can be a time of intense soul searching and truth sifting. If you feel blocked you must release forms of falsehood and darkness from your life to release yourself from spiritual bondage. But through the grace of God and the timing of Jupiter the golden truth will shine for you to follow. Profound spiritual experiences can happen during the retrograde, like secret prophetic revelation, so don't think that it will be all bad. God wants you to value his law, wisdom, and inspiration above the things of this world. If you go this way in prayer you will become spiritually enriched.
Guidance for Sagittarius
What a blessed time to be you! Jupiter's entry into your sign marks the start of your long awaited golden year that if lived wisely enough will guarantee a golden decade to come. The full and overwhelming grace of God will be with you so that divine and unforeseen dimensions of life begin manifesting for the joy of your soul. Be ready to capitalize on super-fortunate opportunities and circumstances that manifest amidst a magical new energetic environment that was designed by God for your perfect ascent. No matter where you are or what challenges you're faced with the universe will punch you a golden ticket into a quality of life far greater. Honor the grace and transit by embodying the highest virtues and qualities of Jupiter and Sagittarius as one. New freedoms are upon you!
Your tribe represents the wisdom of heaven in collective human form. You are each given a slice of wisdom to develop and teach over the course of your lives that relates to the specific degree of your sun. When Jupiter makes conjunction to your sun you will receive a powerful endowment of divine wisdom that will propel you in all ways. You might feel like Buddha or Jesus at times from the blissful amount of divine inspiration that you receive. But most importantly, you must strive to live the cosmic law in great excellence. That means mastering your astrology and in doing so, mastering yourself. Make no mistake, this is a golden transit for self-mastery, twelve years rare, so keep that goal centered in mind. It is vital for you to see yourself astrologically so that you can truly be wise in all your ways.
Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. There are two types of courses that could emerge for you depending upon your standing with the cosmic law. On the one hand you could find yourself amidst setbacks, crisis, or limitations if you have declined to live wisely, honestly, and spiritually. The universe will hold you in hopes that you seek God and your higher nature of your own free will and deductive reasoning. On the other hand, with you in majestic philosopher stride, the retrograde synchronicities can bestow even greater wisdom, wealth, and freedom into your life. So please choose the wise spiritual path if you haven't already. Divine inspiration will be clear and true. Follow and apply it as it comes in all your creative and productive enterprises.
Guidance for Capricorn
Your secret sorrows are now in Jupiter's benevolent crosshairs. Whatever holes that you have in your life and heart, that is precisely where Jupiter's light will be entering during this blessed transit. If you are entrapped in any way or suffering from any type of ongoing, time-destroying illusion the star has come to set you free. Like strokes of lightning, the universe will be surprising you with great and unforeseen paths into dream fulfillment. You will have new benefactors entering your life, at times for rescue purposes, to help you up and out. If your life is in cosmic order then this transit will put you ahead of time itself as the magical side of Jupiter will grant you the light that you need to achieve greater successes and positions of authority. You'll be mystically groomed for Jupiter in Capricorn.
Jupiter may spiritually test you and call you away from traditional roles, duties, and honors into a vital cause or selfless form of service with communities, councils, and charities being highlighted. Although it may seem counter-intuitive to your own ambitions these types of trajectories will earn you the spiritual favor that you need to excel beyond your current plans and visions. Jupiter will also attune you to the mysterious crossroads of time and space. Through its inspiration and worldly agents you will learn your perfect path through time towards the creation of a divine strategy for your future. This transit will teach you your best future placement and how you can best serve the needs of the world. And so it will open you to new challenges, honors, and legacy..
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Astrology never ceases to amaze me. Time and time again, when there are extremely critical junctures in our lives, there is always a remarkable astrological event that mysteriously matches those critical junctures. Here in the United States we are well aware that on November 6th we will have our hotly contested midterm elections that will have a profound impact on our nation's future timelines. But what 99% of the population doesn't know is that on that same fateful day the planet Uranus will regress from Taurus into Aries. Uranus is well known to be the "planet of revolution" so imagine the significance of its house movement on this powerful political day. If you would like to cut through the 3D media narratives I welcome you to my insight and perspective of November 6th, 2018.
7th House, USA
First of all we must understand that the USA was granted perfect houses by the Almighty God since its beginning. By perfect I mean that each of the house cusps are marked at 0 degrees starting with Libra at the nation's ascendant. This means that the 7th house of the USA is perfectly signed with Aries and this is important to know because when Uranus retrogrades back into Aries on November 6th it will be re-entering the 7th house of the USA which governs the nation's culture. Students of astrology can tell you that Aries resonates with conflicts and wars. Considering our social climate of culture wars are you surprised to learn the sign of our 7th? Know that Uranus will be retrograde in Aries until January 6th of 2019 and that it will re-enter Taurus on March 6th. Culture climate is about to go nuclear!
New Republican Power Majority
I predict, as I did recently on Facebook, that a new Republican power majority will manifest in the USA after the midterm elections. I think that the revolution that Uranus will trigger will be a Republican one. I'm predicting Republican increases in the Senate, the House, and among the state governorships. Not every time, but definitely with a historic victory theme for the Republican party. I give you these predictions because of astrological factors. I have cited the Uranus retrograde into red-colored Aries but I'm also predicting this way because Jupiter will enter Sagittarius on November 8th and Jupiter, in my opinion, is the "patron planet" of the Republican party with Pluto being the "planet of the Democrats." The new Republican power majority will trigger anti-American leftists into a great frenzy.
Culture Alchemy Intensifies
Be prepared to enter an even hotter and more intense phase of our U.S. cultural alchemy! The new intensity will advance a spiritual process that will eventually lead to national peace and unity. But make no mistake, the sociopolitical climate will soon become much more volatile. As an astrologer I am in a unique position to present a higher perspective that can cast wisdom and peace upon a divisive and potentially dangerous situation. I would like you to know that God governs the world through astrology. By observing political agendas, actors, and outcomes through astrology we can gain insight into divine will for our laws, governments, and societies. See who gains power through the lunar cycles and see who gains power through Jupiter's advance, then you'll see the higher cosmic truth.
Danger Zone
The upcoming Uranus retrograde in Aries is an astrological danger zone. Risk and threat potential will be highest between November 6th and January 6th. Although this article is focused on U.S. national events this influence, of course, is global in reach. Please take all necessary precautions to increase personal safety and security during this time. Trust your instincts and stay away from mass gatherings of people where the Uranus retrograde energy can combust very easily. This is a time to say special prayers for military, police, customs agents, and emergency first responders who will be called into action against hostile mobs, paid agitators, politically-sponsored anarchists, and deranged lone wolfs. This Uranus retrograde will also give birth to new heroes. Salute them when you see them.
Retrograde Science
Believe it or not but there is a science to chaos. Astrology is that science and depending upon our birth astrology we can measure our individual levels of threat exposure. If you were born with birth planets or deities between 27°30' and 29°59' in the following houses
you are at higher risk for Uranus retrograde hazards: Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, Virgo. Placements in these signs and degree spans represent the squares, oppositions, and quincunxs that will form within the retrograde window. I advise checking your horoscopes so that you can pinpoint a Uranus alignment to one of your personal planets during this time. Knowledge can be a great defender. If you don't have an accurate, trustworthy horoscope you can order one from me by clicking here. Mine are top notch.
The Unexpected Advance
Please don't think that Uranus is a malefic planet. That honor belongs to Pluto, the illuminati power planet, first and foremost. There are some wonderful things that will come through Uranus, especially after its prograde in January. These are the unexpected advances that God has in store for each of us that will start our new calendar year with a divine and unexpected bang. I will tell you the day when this will happen: January 19th. This is the day when the Capricorn Sun will make perfect square to Uranus in Aries. This is the day when the great and final Uranus in Aries blessings will come into our lives and into our world. Savor the gifts and events of this day as we will never see Uranus in Aries again in our natural lifetimes. It's the transit that made me an astrologer and I will miss it dearly.
Closing Words
Amari and I send love and well wishes to all. We hope that you've found this article to be enlightening and uplifting. The next major events in astrology are Jupiter's entry into Sagittarius and the new moon in Scorpio. I intend on writing about both so stay tuned. If you would like more frequent astrological insight I welcome you to try my popular Starseed SMS mobile service. If you would like to schedule a professional astrological or psychic reading you can do so here. And if you would like to get a very special gift for your loved ones this holiday season try visiting our crystal pages. If you valued this article we ask that you share it with your friends, family, and networks. And if you like what we do and believe in our work contributions can be left here. Have faith in the future, God controls it.
From the heart,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
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What do President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh have in astrological common? The answer is that they were both sworn into supreme national power during Jupiter aspects to their respective suns. Brett Kavanaugh, who was born a 23° Aquarius Sun, has become a new Supreme Court Justice through Jupiter's square from 23° Scorpio. When President Trump was sworn into office it was Jupiter that made trine to his Gemini Sun from 22° Libra. The common link between their rise to power is the planet Jupiter which has been known since ancient times as "the great benefic." The cosmic order has established the rightful judge and now I will show you more through objective astrological fact and truth.
Kavanaugh's Nomination Timing
Was there anything astrologically special about the timing of President Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh? The answer is an emphatic yes! President Trump publicly nominated now Justice Kavanaugh within 24 hours of Jupiter's prograde in Scorpio. This was back on July 9th the day before Jupiter went "full power." This meant, as I wrote three months ago, that this was a great sign that the new justice would be aligned with the cosmic order and God's divine agenda. Because of the astrological timing of Kavanaugh's nomination I knew that he would go on to be confirmed. Jupiter was the first sign and through Jupiter he was confirmed. I challenge any left-leaning astrologer to disprove what I am presenting.
Mars Pattern
What do Justice Kavanaugh and Sebastian Kurz, the Chancellor of Austria, have in astrological common? The answer is that they both ascended into higher national power while Mars was transiting their sign. Chancellor Kurz, who is one of the world's most powerful Virgos, enjoyed election victory when Mars was transiting Virgo. Justice Kavanaugh, who is one of the world's most powerful Aquarians, was confirmed with Mars in transit of Aquarius. Do you see the cosmic pattern at work? It is no coincidence that these men were empowered with Mars transiting their sign. This is an important connection to make and it can be verified by any competent astrologer no matter their political slant.
Judiciary Committee Advancement
A key astrological moment in the nomination advancement process came on September 28th when the Judiciary Committee decided to advance Kavanaugh toward the full Senate vote beneath a perfect trine between the Libra Sun and Mars in Aquarius. The astrological timing of this advancement was extremely significant because Libra is the house of judges and Aquarius is the house of committees. In other words, Kavanaugh was advanced during a beneficial Sun/Mars aspect that matched his profession, his future goal, and his astrological sign exactly. With chaos and controversy exploding this trine made it clear that the universe was moving him forward toward a future victory. Who can dispute this point?
U.S. National Horoscope
In the first horoscope presented in this article you'll notice the Libra Sun circled at the 13th degree. This is relevant because it reveals how Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation is observed through the U.S. national horoscope which you can find below. Simply put, the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh is evidenced through the Libra Sun's perfect square to the Cancer Sun of the USA, both shining from the 13th degrees. Sun square Sun shows the powerful new judge. But do not think that this chart below reveals the new USA, far from it. I assure you that God has blessed the USA far beyond what you see here. The nation has secret stars in all of its houses. This is God checkmating the Devil beyond belief.
2nd American Revolution
The Deep State has failed to thwart the cosmically-blessed judge. I have demonstrated through the science of astrology that Justice Kavanaugh has cosmic favor and so God's blessing. Keep in mind that he is a Christian Justice and that the stars are all over him in divine ways. Expect wonderful things from him! I have been accurate and true with my analysis and forecast of this most contentious of events. I predict that President Trump will have a third nomination to offer the Supreme Court before long.
I also stand by my past prediction that the USA is on track for its second revolution.
I'll even give you the exact date of its activation: December 19th, 2020. This revolution belongs to God so don't fear it. In the future, when the cosmic law permits, I will arm you with foreknowledge of the times.
Foreign Friends
Dear readers of the world, please know me as a veteran patriot Christian astrologer. I love my nation with all my heart and my Oath of Enlistment is still etched into my soul. Although this article is focused on U.S. national events I want you to carry the wisdom with you that by following Jupiter's transit you can gain great insight into the highest political courses for your countries. I have given you some examples of how it works and in the future I'll do much more. Believe in divine intervention but also know that God works through the timing of astrology. I believe that God treads the Earth and that certain verses from the Book of Enoch will soon come to pass. Expect my Jupiter in Sagittarius article in the coming weeks.
Closing Words
I was guided to write this article so that people could see Justice Kavanaugh from the cosmic perspective. Although political differences exist I believe that the stars can unite as long as they are interpreted truly. This is exactly what I have offered you, a true interpretation of the most important Supreme Court Justice pick in a generation. If you appreciate my effort and free insight consider making a contribution to Starseed Astrology or consider starting a subscriptionto my popular Starseed SMS mobile service. By now I have learned to love what Jupiter brings. Jupiter will be bringing us all wonderful new blessings starting on November 8th when it enters Sagittarius. Have faith in the impossible!
With passion and integrity,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
This article was written under the influence of Moldavite.
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Image credit R. Gino Santa Maria / Shutterfree, LLC
Astrology can be used to objectively compare the lives, futures, and fortunes of fierce competitors. I am often asked about the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. My answer is clear: I predict Donald Trump to win by historic and unprecedented margins. But to date I have not revealed my technical reasoning for making such a statement. I will ignore Hillary Clinton because I know that she is severely cursed. She has no future, she is just too evil. For those who'd like to know why I favor Mr. Trump over Mr. Sanders, read on.
My methodology is based upon comparison of the 2016 solar return horoscopes of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Trump will enter a new cosmic year on June 13th while Sanders will enter a new cosmic year on September 7th, approximately. By comparing and weighing the stars of their returns I have come to the confident conclusion that Donald Trump has far more presidential favor than Bernie Sanders does. My statement is based purely on an objective assessment of the energies that will be at work in their lives well into 2017.
Trump's Year Ahead
Above you will see an approximate horoscope of Trump's upcoming year, meaning, the span of time that extends from his 2016 birthday to his 2017 birthday. His Gemini Sun is excellently placed in the 11th house which governs revolution,collective effort, cyberspace, dream fulfillment, and my personal favorite, astrology. Venus is also present so elements of beauty, love, joy, and good fortune will be enhancing his movement and dream quest. His Jupiter and Uranus are both prograde unlike Mr. Sanders who will have Uranus in retrograde for his upcoming year. This gives a powerful, unpredictable, quantum advantage to Donald Trump.
Jupiter Days
Next we have the matter of Trump's Jupiter for the year, found at the 15th degree of Virgo which is one of the three secret presidential degrees of Virgo. This placement indicates a divine promotion into presidential service with Jupiter being symbolic of the Hand of God. Fate, which is symbolized by the Moon's north node at 16°54' Virgo, is found in conjunction with Trump's Jupiter at 15°2' Virgo which adds a powerful confirmation of fated presidential success and anointment. In relation to his Sun Jupiter will be blessing the days, mind, labors, servants, coworkers, advisors, inner circle, and constructive efforts of Mr. Trump. Great legacy through public service will be on his mind for sure and he will enjoy divine support.
Uranian Politics
Uranus, the planet of genius and liberation, manifests in Trump's 9th house which strongly supports historic and unprecedented success with his political campaign and policy agenda. The 23rd degree of Aries is mystical and transcendent so it is very likely that Mr. Trump will have divine guidance assisting his political activities, foreign relations, unification efforts, and policy creation. This placement of Uranus also indicates that Mr. Trump will focus on transforming self defeating political policies that in his mind harm U.S. national interests. The 9th house is international so it is certain that Mr. Trump will continue to wield extraordinary influence over the geopolitical world. His unpredictability has only just begun.
Sanders' Year Ahead
Above you will see an intelligently estimated solar return horoscope for Senator Sanders. The truth is that I don't know his exact birth time so I created this solar return horoscope from my estimation of his actual horoscope which I am sharing below. I estimate that Senator Sanders has a 9th house Virgo Sun and a Sagittarius ascendant. This would support his career in high political office, his expression as a legislator, and his presidential ambition. See for yourselves:
Weaker Stars
The main problem for Senator Sanders is that he has a weaker Jupiter heading into 2017. The 29th degree of Virgo is not presidential, it is karmic, mystical, and medical. When comparing Jupiter in Virgo between Trump and Sanders the objective truth is that Trump has a stronger Jupiter, at least within the context of presidential ambition and success. Then there is the problem of Sanders having Mercury retrograde in Virgo for his year in comparison to Trump's commanding, 10th house Mercury prograde in Gemini. Between the two, in pure objectivity, Trump has a stronger Mercury, and Mercury is very, very important if you're trying to become president.
Saturn Days
Now because Sanders is a 15° Virgo this puts Saturn at 10° Sagittarius in his solar third house for the year ahead. I interpret Sanders' 2016 Saturn to symbolize two primary things: the U.S. Republican Party in its entirety and the next head of state, Donald J. Trump. Sanders' Saturn is a negative factor in comparison to Trump's Jupiter, both of which are found in common houses in relation to their Suns. Sanders does have a Sun at 15° Virgo, which I've mentioned is one of the presidential degrees of Virgo, but when you consider the other factors at work, he just doesn't have the power to pull it off.
Uranus Retrograde
Another negative sign for Mr. Sanders is that his Uranus for the year will be retrograde at the 23rd degree of Aries. Uranus is also found in a non-political house in relationship to his Sun which is weak in comparison to the placement of Uranus in the 9th "House of Politics" for Donald Trump. I interpret Democratic party instability and unexpected losses of power through the symbolism of Sanders' Uranus. There may even be unexpected or erratic medical issues or scandals that arise to complicate the days and affairs of Senator Sanders. I don't wish for this, of course, but it is likely considering his age, allegiance, and this planetary influence.
In summary, Donald Trump has astrological favor to winthe U.S. presidency against Bernie Sanders because:
he has a stronger Jupiter heading into 2017, 15° Virgo over 29° Virgo
his Jupiter makes conjunction to Fate which extremely auspicious - Sanders does not have this
he has a stronger Mercury, 10th house prograde in Gemini over Sanders' retrograde at 25° Virgo
he has a stronger Uranus, prograde in the house of politics, law, media, and foreign relations
his Sun will shine in the house of dream fulfillment, collective effort, and altruistic service for the greater good
Parting Words
Astrology can be used to raise perspectives on issues of great controversy and confusion. As time passes I will do my best to help people perceive political affairs through the context of astrology. Truth, to me, is cosmic in origin. By observing and studying the cosmic order we can become more skilled in perceiving what is right and best here on Earth. If you're a Hillary fan, I'm sorry. If you're a Bernie fan, I'm sorry. In my professional opinion the stars favor Donald Trump.
Clinton Prediction Flashback
And just for the record, last December 5th I publicly predicted that Hillary Clinton had "a snowball's chance in hell of winning the U.S. presidency in 2016." Here's the proof:
Inauguration Day Update
I offer further, irrefutable proof that President Trump has God's cosmic blessing to lead the USA. The horoscope below reveals the astrology active on his inauguration day. As he was sworn into office by Chief Justice Roberts Jupiter was transiting at 22° Libra in perfect trine to his 10th house Sun at 22° Gemini. The trine between Jupiter and his Sun confirms that he is the rightful, cosmically blessed president. Anyone who ignores or refutes this is either ignorant to the workings of astrology or politically biased to the point of being astrologically corrupt. When someone is promoted through Jupiter's timing they are in fact being promoted by the Most High God.
Inauguration Day Horoscope
President Trump Birth Horoscope
Have faith in the future, God is redesigning it for the divine benefit of all of mankind.
In cosmic service,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2018, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
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When the moon turns red God avenges and blesses in dramatic fashion. The longest blood moon of the 21st century begins in a few short hours. Most of the world knows this much but most of the world doesn't understand the fine astrological workings of this soul stirring event. On the esoteric level Aquarius is the house of the gods and it is in Aquarius that this blood moon will occur - at the 4th degree to be precise. The natural potency of this event will be greatly amplified by the presence of Mars which will be in conjunction at 3°59' Aquarius. And the fingers of cosmic fate, which are the lunar nodes, will also be touched by the sun and moon as they oppose in their mysterious exchange. The greatest paradigm shifts of the year are about to begin! Be fearless as the cosmos presents an unexpectedly beautiful new design for our lives, loved ones, hearts, and futures.
Super Closure
Full moons designate natural times of closure but when we have a blood moon total lunar eclipse such as this one we are confronted with life experiences of super closure. Because of the specific degrees involved many of these upcoming super closure events will revolve around family members, loved ones, living arrangements and locations, employment, business affairs, community causes, social services, security sources, erratic romances, cooperative projects, critical health issues, obstacles to creativity, and unstable ways of living that compromise the manifestation of one's highest life potential. As powerful and unexpected experiences of closure, transition, and realization occur remember that God's wisdom is pouring through the process to serve the highest interests of everyone involved.
Labors of Love
Royal alchemical enhancement comes with this blood moon with focus on our labors of love. To those who have found their labors of love, the light of this blood moon will work to take you into the next level of your passion service. To those who have not yet found their labors of love, the light of this blood moon will advance you in your quest to discover it through a future-focused synchronicity string that will dazzle you with signs and confirmations. God wants us all to work from the heart, to love what we do, and this blood moon, the longest of our lifetimes, will give cover to the secret entry of spiritual gifts and royal upgrades that will carry us all forward towards the goal of working and serving from the heart. Be ready for your work to evolve in unexpectedly wonderful ways and embrace the new universal design that will be presenting itself to you in the very near future.
Social Beautification
It is my understanding that there are special times for divine vengeance to occur and blood moons are one of them. Modern society has been victimized by a relentless satanic social engineering strategy that has crippled our ability to truly love one another as brothers and sisters. With the blood moon occurring in Aquarius, the house that rules all societies and humanity itself, I predict that socially redemptive cosmic blessings will be entering our nations and cities to spiritually cleanse, restore, and advance our social landscape into the beautiful utopian reality that many great seers of our past had envisioned. In my mind's eye I see new stars being set over cities, states, and nations in an apparently random way. Then, towards the end of the placements, a beautiful new light network activates showing a perfect new fabric and interconnection between people, even at the international level.
Blood Moon Conjunct Mars Retrograde
When a blood moon aspects a planet that planet's influence takes center stage in the ensuing synchronicity flow. With Mars retrograde being activated we can expect super closures, shock surprises, dramatic developments, and divine engagements of all kinds involving prominent males in our lives - and also those who will enter with or shortly after the blood moon finishes. Depending upon the paths that each individual male has chosen this blood moon can sync with closures to crisis or births of new crisis. Be cautioned that astrologically-unconscious non-spiritual males can become aggressive and unstable under the pressure of the blood moon influence. If the males in your life have secrets this blood moon will certainly bring them out. Be perceptive of male action during this sacred time and you will see the cosmic light working through them, for them, or against them.
Family Reboots
How many of our families need a reboot? The number is perhaps countless. There is a definite family epicenter to this blood moon because of the degrees active. The trajectory that I interpret is new life, new paradigms, and new directions for all family members. The bloody wounds of family life will be receiving healing light during this eclipse, light that is planted like a seed into a deep wound and over time that cosmic light will grow to close the old wound completely. Family crisis and dysfunction will also be in focus for healing, separation, and evolution. The reboots will also be happening at the DNA level because when certain degrees are active in the zodiac certain aspects of our "junk" DNA become active. The stars are interwoven with our DNA and when they align new life can be born within us. We have approached such a time. By the way, our horoscopes shine in our DNA.
Passion Causes
In astrology it is Aquarius that governs all causes. By cause I am referring to a collective agenda to bring a socially beneficial goal into fruition for the benefit of all. One example would be a cause to eliminate genetically modified foods from our food supply. This blood moon and all the extraordinary events that it brings will be stoking the passions that we have for certain causes that are dear to our hearts. Divine power will be granted to the causes that God deems most worthy here below. We could even see the christening of new leadership for causes that have gone stagnant or unfinished. Our own personal blood moon experiences could sear future cause involvement into our hearts. However it plays out just know that passion causes and our direct and future involvement with them are part of God's plan for our collective future. If you don't have a cause one may soon find you.
Cosmic Intelligence
Human minds were designed to interface with benevolent forms of cosmic intelligence. We were born of the stars and it was always intended that we develop the capacity to consciously interface with higher cosmic intelligence. This type of mind/cosmic link belongs to Aquarius where our blood moon will soon be bursting. The energy will soon be radiantly rich for us to mentally tune in to the divine realms where our friends in high places exist. We can each get our own slice of cosmic intelligence, this is our collective birthright. Therefore, I highly recommend individual and group prayer and meditation during peak eclipse as Heaven's broadband will be bristling with knowledge, wisdom, counsel, and foreknowledge of the future. The mythic gods are the Biblical "Hosts of Heaven." My intel tells me that the gods will be working overtime for us all as the Lord of Hosts commands.
Closing Words
I hope that you've enjoyed my humble interpretation of our upcoming blood moon total lunar eclipse in Aquarius. There is more to it, of course, but Aquarius always compels the element of surprise to be present. I write freely for the world with the intention of brightening things up in the ways that I can. If you appreciate my efforts and insights I ask that you share this article with your friends, family, and social networks. If you wish to support my work directly while receiving extraordinarily valuable astrological insight I welcome you to try my Starseed SMS mobile service. It will give you a powerful astrological knowledge advantage, you can read the reviews to see what others have to say. Amari and I send our love to you all! If you're living in alignment with astrology the best will always be ahead of you. Be sure to sign up for our email alerts, join us on Twitter, and if you see anyone copying my black horoscopes let me know ;)
In cosmic service,
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
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Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo - 10M ago
The astrological herald of Earth's long prophesied golden age is the Uranus transit of Taurus which begins today, on May 15th of 2018, to the great celebration of Heaven. As Uranus governs the dimensions of astrology that secretly shape our visible reality we will now experience a golden refashioning of Earth's astral infrastructure so that we see the tangible foundations of our golden age being built all over the world in the great years to come. This transit signals doom for the plague of poverty that has restrained mankind from reaching its higher and predestined glories. The infrastructure of the future will now manifest in the present while godly talents and genius shower the weary populations.
Special Honors
Before I tell this transit further I must give special honor to Sir William Herschel, the great astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus on March 13th of 1781 when the Pisces Sun and Mars in Sagittarius simultaneously aspected Uranus which was then transiting at 24° Gemini. Without Sir William's inspired discovery the world would be dark to the profound reality of Uranus. Next I must give special honor to Nikola Tesla, the scientific genius who gifted the world with the alternating current energy systems that form the backbone of our modern civilization. He also invented radio transmission so when you turn on a light or hear music on the radio think of Nikola Tesla who was actually born beneath Uranus in Taurus.
Tesla's Dream
Uranus in Taurus was the energetic source of Tesla's prolific genius. His connection to cosmic intelligence fueled his success as a scientist and inventor. His benevolent dreams for society will be realized because Uranus will be ushering in a new wave of Tesla-grade genius into the world so that we transcend material, economic, and energetic constraints that have held us back for so many years. Humanitarian and utopian developmental agendas are two of the primary transit themes to this Uranus transit of Taurus which will last into April of 2026. Infrastructure modernization will become a wonderful new norm while urban renewal projects are green lighted the world over. Golden cities are on our horizons.
Architectural Renaissance
Just as surely as Taurus rules architecture we will see an architectural renaissance be born into the world by the light of Uranus in Taurus. All builders will be blessed and born again so that our earthly architecture enters radical and beautiful new dimensions. Architecture will be one of the white hot economic growth sectors during this lengthy transit when builders will be inspired and supplied as never before. The children born during this transit will come with seeds of architectural genius that will sprout at perfect future times to advance the world even further. The world must be built up anew, this is why you will see so much wealth, energy, and collaboration going into development projects.
Agricultural Revolution
Taurus is the zodiac's house of agriculture and Uranus is the planet of revolution so I predict that a wonderful new agricultural revolution is in store for the world. This coming agricultural revolution will directly combat hunger and poverty, especially in third world nations and inner cities where quality foods are scarce. Agricultural engineering will leap ahead through Uranian advances in science and technology. Food production will skyrocket and food quality will ascend so that physical bodies are energetically uplifted, an important part of mankind's united global ascent. Ascension foods will be trendy before long and whoever feeds will be fed forever. Be invested in the domains that Uranus blesses.
It's time for the structure of Gaia to change. There are forms of energy and consciousness trapped deep within the Earth that we do not fully understand. As Uranus advances through Taurus great and unexpected geological changes and events will occur that release and create new energy fields that will radiate up through the land and water. An exotic new energy paradigm will be created through coming Earth changes that will carry the essence of the golden age. As Gaia's new chakras are activated we will experience new fertility, new healing, new abundance, new humanity, and new wealth consciousness. The heart of our planet will shine anew as Uranus, husband of Gaia, returns to Nature's house.
Digital Currencies
A golden question that everyone wants to know is this: how will Uranus in Taurus effect digital currencies? My answer is simple: digital currencies will remain a speculators game until some brave and intelligent individuals create a gold and silver backed digital currency platform that can serve as a trusted hedge against paper currency volatility. From the spiritual perspective digital currencies must be made honest to receive God's divine blessing. By backing them with gold and silver they are made honest in the eyes of God. Beyond this I will share that the Uranus retrograde periods will sync with peak risk and volatility periods in the digital currency world so don't bet your house on a retrograde.
Currency Flux
If you are new to astrology learn these two important lessons from me: Taurus rules currencies and Uranus brings instability, revolution, and liberation. We are entering a long season of currency fluctuation that will teach us many hard lessons about our modern financial systems. As many of us know they are fatally flawed because all currencies exist in a fiat status. This allows for horrific manipulations and seizures of wealth to occur. False currency is the beginning of economic oppression but the cosmic time has come for our currencies and financial systems to be rectified. Hold on to things of real value and be careful about holding large sums of paper. The currency flux is coming to all nations...
International Gold Currency Standard
There is a great economic miracle written into our future. It comes in mid April, 2024 when Jupiter makes its once-in-a-lifetime conjunction to Uranus at 21° Taurus. I predict that an international gold currency standard will be implemented at this time through the leadership of President Trump who will be finishing his glorious second term. This future conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus is the most divine aspect of the entire Uranus in Taurus transit. The last time that Jupiter met Uranus in Taurus was in May of 1941 when the German Enigma codes were cracked. This Uranian breakthrough led to the Allied victory over Nazi Germany. Miracles are formulated through the energies of Jupiter and Uranus.
Conjunction Perspective
As the years pass leading into 2024 the Uranus in Taurus influence will compel national leaders into creating and implementing a divine economic system that works for all global citizens. The window of opportunity will be great for us to manifest this together through our united and concentrated people power. I've given the target date for us to shoot for. The next conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus won't come until April of 2107 so this is a global economic goal that we need to accomplish during our time. If I had the ear of every world leader I would tell them that this pinnacle achievement must be internationally prioritized as one of the most God-pleasing, humanity-blessing efforts in human history.
Nano Industries
The glory days of nanotechnology are about to begin. This is a Uranian field of science that will quantum leap through the steady advance of the astrological Uranus. The discoveries, developments, and industrial applications of new nano science will be so great that they will trigger a new industrial revolution. Of the many diverse expressions of nanotechnology I predict that they will be especially beneficial to the fields of medicine, aviation, robotics, computing, holography, and genetics. New 'super materials' will allow us to build, reinforce, design, and travel as never before. Uranus, the ancient deity, will be sowing the seeds of radical new industry as part of God's perfect plan of poverty, pain, and toil eradication.
Nuclear Development
Do you think it a mere coincidence that Uranium was named after Uranus? In astrology it is Uranus that governs nuclear power plants so the naming of Uranium was divine. Civilian nuclear development is one of the primary transit themes to Uranus in Taurus. Expect to see major pushes for safe, modern, and next-generation nuclear plants to be built around the world because the new Earth economy requires an updated energy infrastructure. If our economies are limited by energy costs then we cannot go infinite. Where governments are unstable nuclear development will be on hold but when regimes change good things can and will happen. But Uranus has greater things in store for us than nuclear energy...
Astronomical Discovery
Our understanding of the universe will blossom during the time of Uranus in Taurus when dramatic new astronomical discoveries will be made through the use of advanced scientific equipment and international collaboration. Breathtaking new signals intelligence will prove that we are not alone here in the Milky Way. Our vision of the heavens will expand from fishbowl to ocean while new extraterrestrial missions and development projects take form. The resources of space will surprise us to the extent that new elements are received and discovered. Super alloys come to mind and a new Uranus mission is certainly in order. Uranus, whose axial tilt holds a divine number (97.77), definitely deserves a closer look.
Economic Justice
Uranus in Taurus will bring economic justice to all that all may build their heart's desires. We have entered a time when the universe will support our material development through surprise gifts, connections, and orchestrations of wealth in all of its wonderful forms. Our individual developmental goals will be supported unexpectedly by the rich, generous, and serendipitous influence of Uranus in Taurus. So if you feel stretched, stressed, or exhausted in the material sense know with certainty that your goals and dreams are precious to God and that the time has finally come for you to be materially enabled and enriched. Generosity towards the needs of others will open you to the genius of Uranus.
Prosperity Blueprints
Uranus in Taurus holds the master blueprints to all future projects of prosperity. Through the astrological synchronicities to Uranus, like, for example, Mercury or Sun trine Uranus, we will receive divine inspiration relating to creativity, productivity, and implementation that if adhered to will result in great manifestations of material prosperity. But on many occasions the prosperity blueprints will come for the sake of others, their quality of life, and the needs of their futures. It is time for us all to build for the future with value systems that are spiritualized to the max. The spiritual builders will receive the greatest prosperity blueprints because they can be trusted to selflessly serve the highest good for all people.
Spiritual Value Systems
We have just approached a powerful metaphysical fork in the road with Uranus at the center. On the left hand path we have those who care nothing for spiritual values. They live in a state of darkness, corruption, disconnection, possession, and debased materialism. To these poor souls the deity Uranus can only send instability, chaos, sudden poverty, and isolation. But to those virtuous souls who have taken the right hand path, these will receive gradual enrichment on the astral and material planes with massive leaps forward from time to time. Uranus shifts paradigms and now our spiritual values will directly and profoundly determine our material experiences and status. Live the virtues and you shall be enriched.
Metaphysical Wealth
Nature is full of secrets and magic. There are energies, resources, methods, hidden values, and mystical treasures that will be revealed to the worthy select and elect that will grant divine wealth advantages into their lives. Let's just say that the universe will be teaching us secrets about wealth flow and accumulation from a supremely spiritual dimension. Tests will be issued along the learning path to confirm that heart and values are true to the divine purpose for all beings. Keep your energy high and bright if you wish to ascend in the material during Uranus in Taurus. We will all gain new senses for energy flow, spiritual economics, and the metaphysical workings of wealth. The hearts of gold will gain all.
Metaphysical Community
There is a great reckoning coming to the metaphysical community which plays host to the astrologers, psychics, channelers, mediums, clairvoyants, metaphysicians, alchemists, spiritualists, magicians, and tarot card readers of the world. So many in these ranks operate outside of truth, integrity, and law for the sake of financial gain, ego gratification, and vain attempts at fame. Let me predict to you what will happen to these people during the Uranus transit of Taurus: they will experience ongoing material misfortune and instability until they become legit or until they hang it up. Many of you know these types, watch and see what befalls them. If one is true, pure, and lawful in the metaphysical Uranus becomes an ally.
Talent Journeys
God will be taking us all on exhilarating talent journeys during this once-in-a-lifetime Uranus in Taurus transit. Through the periodic Uranian upgrades known talents will become much more powerful and valuable. The Uranus influence will also help us to discover talents that we are not fully aware of. And lastly, the golden lightning of Uranus in Taurus will instill priceless and totally unforeseen new talents through consciousness and light enhancements. We are going to become more valuable on the inner plane so that our external reality enriches in correspondence. As within, so without. The golden light is coming within us that our slices of reality brighten and beautify in kind. Are you ready?
Quality of Life
In astrology it is Taurus that governs quality of life, by house and by the secret degrees of Taurus which are known to master astrologers. Here is the great news to know: Uranus will be surprising us to unbelievable extents with great and heavenly quality of life increases on the individual, domestic, and social levels into 2026. There is a science to the future timing of these quality of life increases and revolutions. The alignments to Uranus are the key but especially the solar alignments, like, for example, the Virgo Sun's trine to Uranus in Taurus or the Aquarius Sun's square to Uranus in Taurus. Follow the Sun/Uranus alignments to consciously observe the astrological advancement of our new quality of life revolution.
Sustainable Development
Uranus in Taurus will prove to be a dream transit for all causes related to environmental sustainability. All who are conscious of astrology and to the needs of Mother Nature must now unite to advance the cause of sustainable development in every way possible. Our golden age must begin with environmental healing and the restoration of balance between humanity and the planet. The Uranus in Taurus energy will express through new nature-preserving technologies, resource pooling, nature-focused scientific collaboration, and high-level governmental cooperation. In fact, I predict that the Fukushima nuclear disaster will be healed during the time of Uranus in Taurus. The golden cities will be sustainable.
Forbidden Technologies
Humanity will be astonished and perhaps enraged when the forbidden technologies become unlocked. This is an aspect of the Uranus in Taurus transit that gives me chills as I type because the shockwaves of revelation will be so powerful. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic I will simply allude to the concepts of free energy devices, medical cures, and anti-gravity systems to give you an idea of what is to come. But there are far more exotic and otherworldly technologies that will have their day in the Sun. Taurus signs the 8th house of the USA, the house of secrets and classification levels. With this in mind consider that in astrology the planet Uranus rules extraterrestrial technologies and civilizations...
Untapped Resources
So how will all these economic miracles be happening for the world during the time of Uranus in Taurus? A large part of them will be manifested through the tapping of untapped resources, like, for example, with the international industrialization of hemp and hemp-based products. What about the oil in Venezuela that sits while the population suffers? That will be tapped too although Uranus will be moving our planet into a post-oil timeline. There will be gigantic resource-themed surprises in our future that enable new abundance for all. Uranus is the people's planet so the wealth that it uncovers is meant for us all. In our personal lives Uranus will show us what we have forgotten to tap for a higher quality of life.
Illuminati Economic Strategy
I've said it a million times, the illuminati uses astrology day and night. They have a plan for Uranus in Taurus that is focused upon digital currency proliferation and integration for the sake of economic control and social manipulation. But it's more than this: they're going to use digital currencies as an irresistible bait to siphon large amounts of public wealth into their control, especially prior to Pluto's entry into Aquarius which happens on January 20th of 2024. Don't you think it strange that no one really knows who created Bitcoin? To many this mystery doesn't even matter, the lust for fast wealth overwhelms their reason and this is precisely why the trap works. So don't play a fool, their crypto-superbug is coming...
The New Masons
One of the great and unspoken tragedies of the Age of Pisces was the widespread corruption of the masonic brotherhoods. The House of Taurus holds sacred value to masonic efforts because it is the energetic source of all wealth and architecture in the mundane and multidimensional senses. The good news is that the Uranus in Taurus influence will be activating, enhancing, and connecting new masons for the new times. When Uranus aspects certain birth planets you could find yourself being initiated into a new path of divine building for the sake of God and humanity. The masons who serve the Devil are going to have a hell of a time with Uranus in Taurus. Earthquakes to their plans.
Trump 2020
For those who are not yet familiar, I am one of the few astrologers who correctly predicted the 2016 election of Donald Trump as U.S. president and many would agree that I did it with the greatest skill. I used his 2016 solar return horoscope to successfully interpret his shock victory which was no surprise to me. The horoscope above contains the keys to President Trump's 2020 re-election victory. The presence of Uranus in Taurus in his 10th house is a supreme sign of his victory to come. Uranus will also be flanked by Fortuna who will gift him with great fortunes at 28° Aries. Other world leaders will openly endorse him through Chiron at 9° Aries and his Gemini Sun will shine in the 11th house as it did in 2016.
What is a starseed exactly? The truth is that we are all starseeds, it's just that some of us have older souls that are wiser, more aware, and more experienced. When a soul is created by God it is dyed and enhanced by the light of a certain star that God deems appropriate for the soul's journey through space and time. The soul inherits the mystical traits of its soul star whose energy feels like home to them. This explains why we gravitate to certain stars, systems, and constellations - our soul knows where home is. The Uranus in Taurus transit will be profoundly beneficial to conscious starseeds who are focused on mission fulfillment. Embrace the Uranus synchros for the breathtaking ascent and enrichment.
Crystal Consciousness
It was Nikola Tesla who once said, "In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” Taurus is the 'crystal house' of the zodiac and for the next eight years a new crystal consciousness will be seeded into society and into the crystals themselves. Uranus will give them new life, new value, and new quantum effects. Expect for crystals to permeate our cultures and industries more and more as the years pass. They are anchors of cosmic light, conduits to higher intelligences, bridges through time, and keys to many the secrets of nature. This article is charged with Datolite and Moldavite.
Wealth Responsibilities
The planetary consciousness of Uranus has a message for the world: "Use your wealth for the betterment of humanity or be stripped of it." The Uranus in Taurus transit will be hallmarked by sudden and dramatic losses and gains in material and astral wealth. To be on the side of gain we must live harmoniously with astrology because it is divine will for all presented through a mystical cosmic science. Beyond the cosmic harmony we must be generous and altruistic with the wealth that God has granted us. We must lift others up, we must help others build, and we must pay it forward. Whoever does this will have a golden ride through Uranus in Taurus. Be generous with your wealth, your afterlife depends on it.
The light I hold is quite a threat, I'm bright enough to conquer Set. The transit starts so place your bet, I'm up on gold the kind that's wet. The poorest people will be first, the richest misers will be cursed. It's life and wisdom that I thirst, the wealth is coming watch it burst. The golden years have come at last, Atlantis rising from the past. I love my lions just like Bast, I'm breaking through my pharaoh cast. Build with genius that's the story, learn to work your key of glory. Scriptures full of allegory, fallen souls in purgatory. I'm all in now can you tell? I used law to beat my hell. Gaia cried when Satan fell, but Jesus Christ will ring his bell.
Of all the things I've gained in stealth, my favorite is the cosmic wealth. The light that they can never take, nor ever ever hope to fake. The war is real now pick your side, the gods say wait there's time to bide. My power flowing through my pen, the crystals put my mind on zen. Apollo shines his light on me, but I stay humble gratefully. Jesus Christ has set me free, his alchemy pure majesty. Ancient tablets full of..
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Starseed Astrology by Astrologer Salvador Russo - 11M ago
The higher powers of astrology are on the march in honor of the first new moon of our astrological new year. The gods and goddesses have new missions and new orders that will advance divine will through the turbulent and fearsome retrogrades of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn which are but days away. Power is the magic word of April and between the profoundly alchemical retrogrades of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto it is power that will soon be redistributed all over the world in accordance with the infallible global strategy of the Most High God. This is the new moon that sets the year on fire! Prepare for the victory-focused forward charge of Aries but be wise about the methods of your advance as there are several powerful planetary retrogrades to honor during this cycle that won't be denied...
I predict the following themes and events to manifest within this lunar cycle which will culminate with the full moon in Aries of September 25th of 2018:
a wonderful new sensation of mental confidence, clarity, understanding, and focus which amplifies communication ability and manifestation power
unexpected challenges from peers and competitors towards the goal of integrity, performance, and value increases within communities, organizations, and industries
turbo-charged ascension through the reception, application, and projection of new forms of knowledge that expands existing boundaries into uncharted territories
spiritually-charged callings into higher forms of leadership, especially for the sake of healing and rebuilding
synchronistic connection with new success partners who are highly complimentary to your personal goals and ambitions, new teams and duos especially
a tremendous influx of innovative and inventive energy for creation, production, service, and construction to take on new forms and prosperous new directions
the increase of personal confidence through the acquisition of divine self knowledge
the positive entrance of new role models, leaders, guardians, and trend setters
the shattering of old and restrictive molds through the development of new mentality and the realizations of new success paths, requirements, and formulas
the divine enhancement of existing entrepreneurial paths towards new milestone achievements, this especially applies to conscious Kingdom builders
the creation of new fortune through new creative expression of the digital self
new personal contacts with military, law enforcement, and emergency first responder personnel towards the healing and strengthening of our communities and cultures
the reception of divine spiritual knowledge as it pertains to global military happenings
the issuance of new forms of spiritual armor and weaponry, this will happen on the inner and astral levels for those who consciously operate in these domains
the creation of new income streams through first time expansion and investment into bold new personal, entrepreneurial, technological, and professional directions
a new and positive social rewiring of neighborhoods, cities, and local communities
the increasing need to respond swiftly to developing events for the sake of new success, stability, and fortune
the inner opening of new frontiers of mentalism and mental symbiosis
the manifestation of emergency changes of course to prevent retrograde disasters
and the cosmic instilling of new warrior mentalities among all who are God aligned
Saturn Retro
On April 17th, just two days after the new moon in Aries, Saturn will enter retrograde at 9° Capricorn. Society has become increasingly conscious of Mercury's retrograde effects but Saturn's is 1700 times more powerful by mass, energy, and impact thus it is one that we must be wise to if perpetual ascent is one of our life objectives. Aries energy is about rapid advance but as this cycle starts Saturn will be imposing new thresholds of limitation that correspond with its transit location in all the many layers of our astrologically woven reality. This means that as certain aspects of our lives advance others may suddenly halt or regress depending upon our individual status with Saturn. By interpreting Saturn's influence through your horoscope you can understand Saturn's success requirements.
Saturn's Accountability Crossroads
Who is within integrity and who isn't? Who honors their God-given duties and who doesn't? Who betrays their office and who has striven up their mountain with honor? As one who values honor over gold I am pleased to tell you that Saturn will be imposing a great, inescapable, five month retrograde crossroads upon us all. Some will go high and some will go low, it all depends on our Saturn status, a concept that every conscious citizen should reflect on from time to time. Do not fear Saturn but respect it as an agent of God's authority, order, and accountability. If any aspect of your life is out of order now is the time to put it into order. As we do this Saturn's limits transform into permissions of power and progress.
New Healers
Be on the lookout for wonderful new healers to enter your life starting on April 17th when Chiron, chief of the healing deities, enters Aries. If you are already in a healing profession or trajectory expect Chiron's influence in Aries to take you into higher levels and uncharted territories so that you evolve into a more successful healer for your patients and clients. Chiron has a limited time in Aries this year so when alignments to Chiron occur be sure to be courageous and exploratory with personal healing efforts while acting upon novel new ideas and approaches that manifest themselves to you. Chiron will retrograde back into Pisces with September's full moon in Aries so do the most that you can with this energy while it is active. Healers will also be called into new social leadership positions.
Pluto Retro
On April 22nd, just one week into this Aries lunar cycle, Pluto will enter retrograde at 21° Capricorn. This is one of the power movements of April although Pluto's power is of extreme darkness. After observing Pluto's microcosms for seven years I have learned a great secret that I wish for all of you to know, perhaps out of a personal vendetta of mine: the Devil is supernaturally bound to Pluto's transit. You can also identify servants and agencies of the Devil through Pluto synchronicities. Keep this in mind during the Pluto retrograde time period and especially during election season. Don't vote for Pluto's candidates, vote for the Jupiter candidates, that is if you want to see Heaven being built on Earth while you walk it. And when Pluto is retrograde we see great evil from the past flushed out into the light...
Skin Shedding
Be ready to shed your old skin! There will be tremendous energies active during this lunar cycle to propel us forward through the resolution of outstanding problems from the past, including and especially from serious wounds that were never fully healed and from ongoing abuses of power. Astrology will be very, very catalytic these next few months and life will appear chaotic to the uninitiated. Things always get volatile when power is stripped from darkness to light and that is one of the major themes of this lunar cycle. As the old skin comes off, and as the new light comes in, be confident about the new plan that unfolds for the new you. When the Cancer transits start the new life sentiment will feel powerful.
Pressure Cookers
Diamonds are made under extreme earthly pressure. Human diamonds are made under extreme astrological pressure. With Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto soon to be in retrograde together we can expect for high pressure situations to begin manifesting in our lives in accordance with our karma, our ascension path, and the requirements for our next level soul development. If you find yourself in a pressure cooker don't panic, just recognize that you're experiencing a very powerful phase of alchemy that will lead you into a higher life if you respond and transform wisely while demonstrating the best conduct and service that you can. Spiritual performance powerfully determines how we exit our pressure cookers.
Bright Ideas
This lunar cycle will be super abundant with bright ideas. The ideas will come from benevolent cosmic sources and from our own elementally-charged brainstorming. It will be to our great benefit and fortune to act upon them as quickly as they come. Aries cycles always demand decisiveness, action, and rapid implementation. Be clear about the mind/action/manifestation formula for this cycle and rise it to new victory. Higher mind activations are an important part of this cycle, especially after the Uranus in Taurus transit begins. Do your best to keep your mind clear, peaceful, and mission focused despite any disturbances or distractions that you may see, or that may soon shock the world...
Information Warfare
This new moon in Aries marks a powerful turning point in the information war being waged against the 99%. During this cycle God will be forcing certain information through the forbidden media thresholds. I sense that there will be a shock and awe campaign that develops because of this, because of what is revealed to the world. Expect information warfare to intensify during this cycle but also have peace in knowing that God will be creating a new media landscape for us during the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit. Be prepared to fight with fact, knowledge, and information as new battles of mind and communication are part of this cycle. Use upcoming Mercury synchronicities to distinguish fact from fiction.
Government Squeeze
Governments are swollen with corruption and God knows it. I believe that the Most High will be using the Saturn and Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn to force secret government corruption out into the light ahead of key elections and for the sake of new accountability. Because Capricorn also rules industries and corporate officers I believe this same exposure and accountability effect will be coming into those echelons as well. Amari wanted me to emphasize the importance of having faith that is greater than fear during these times and that we should keep our energy high despite the storms that manifest. Never succumb to fear tactics and always remember that God's victory plan is perfect.
Closing Words
This article gives a taste of the cycle to come but naturally there is much more to it. For those who would like to receive a higher level of insight into the major astrological events I welcome you to try my popular Starseed SMSmobile service. Amari and I have learned that ruby is the true birthstone of Capricorn. With the Saturn and Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn soon to start we'll be wearing and holding ruby close to enhance our transit experiences. We offer rubiesfor sale and will be loading more soon. If you're interested in a professional session with either of us we welcome you to our services page.
Amari and I wish you all a divinely adventurous Aries cycle! Your comments and shares are always appreciated. Sign up below for direct email updates to avoid social censorship.
Astrologer Salvador Russo
© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.
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