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Clip in hair extensions remain one of the most popular ways to give your hair instant length and volume, in the comfort of your own home – no professionals required! Clip in hair extensions may seem daunting at first, but with just a teeny bit of practice, you’ll be swishing your voluminous locks around in no time.

Here is our guide to clip in hair extensions.


What Are Clip in Hair Extensions?


Clip in hair extensions are exactly what they sound like; hair extensions that clip in! Rather than having to visit a salon to have extensions applied in a traditional way, clip in hair extensions can be applied by yourself, at home.

Constructed very simply, clip in hair extensions are a length of hair attached to a comb-like clip, which can be clipped into your natural hair to give the appearance of thicker or longer hair.

A huge variety of clip ins are available on the market and let’s just say that not all hair extensions are created equal! The amount of money you spend and quality of the hair extensions will dramatically affect your final result. For the most natural, seamless look use real human hair extensions.

There are multiple benefits to purchasing human hair clip in extensions; you will be able to style the extensions just like you would your own hair, dye them, they’ll last longer, and most importantly, they will look so much better! Is there anything worse than mismatched, synthetic looking hair extensions?!


Who Can Wear Clip In Hair Extensions?


Just about anybody can wear clip-in hair extensions! If you have enough of your own hair to cover the clips, your hair extensions can be tailored to blend in beautifully with your own hair.

Clip in hair extensions are used for a variety of reasons as they’re so versatile. Lots of girls wear them because they are less hair to maintain, than a full head of hair extensions. If you have professional hair extensions installed, you have to maintain them at home, which some people just don’t have the time or patience to do. Clip in hair extensions require some care (washing and storing correctly), but a fuss-free alternative to more permanent hair lengthening solutions.

Hair extensions can be used if you just want to change up your look at the weekends or for a night out, but are also easy enough to apply that you can wear them daily if you wish. They are also a great option for thinning hair, or for disguising awkward growing out phases.


Clip In Hair Extension Tips


Here are our top five tips for making sure your clip in hair extensions look amazing!

  1. Choose the right colour

One of the most important aspects of buying new clip in hair extensions is ensuring that you get the colour match absolutely dead on. Hair will look unnatural and odd if the extensions are a drastically different colour from your own hair. Remember, hair extensions are meant to enhance your own hair not cover it or change your look completely.

  1. Seamless blending

The key to making sure your clip in extensions are undetectable and look completely natural is to take time to blend them in properly when applying them. You can style your extensions before you put them in, but we find a more natural blended result is achieved if you style them once installed. Whether you curl your hair or straighten it; put the extensions in first and then style them alongside your own hair.

  1. Stop the slip

There is nothing worse than a hair extension slipping down, or falling out. Talk about ruining a night out! To avoid your clip in extensions slipping out, particularly in fine or silky hair, use a teasing brush to gently backcomb your roots. This will give the hair more texture and a better surface for the clips to hang onto.

  1. Length is important

Just as important as matching colour is ensuring your hair extensions are the correct length. It might be tempting to go for long luscious locks, but if your hair is very short, these won’t blend well and the difference between your natural hair and extensions will be a dead giveaway. Choose extensions where the longest wefts are only a couple of inches longer than the bulk of your own hair.

  1. See the professionals

Of course, hair extensions are supposed to be low maintenance and help you avoid the salon, but consider getting your extensions cut for the first time with a professional stylist. An initial consultation will set you up with the right shade, length and style of hair extensions. Your stylist can also give you advice on how to put in your clip ins.



Spectrum One Clip In Hair Extensions


If you are looking for hassle-free luscious length then take a look at our range of clip in hair extensions.

They use double-drawn human hair to keep the thickness even throughout, ensuring a natural look that’ll have even professionals fooled! If you don’t want to commit to long-term length just yet, or you have a single event that you’d like to look extra-glam for, then these are the perfect option for you. We have a wide range of colours to choose from, but if you’re unsure about your best match then ask our team about our free colour matching service.

You can also pop into our salon to ask about clip in hair extensions, we would be happy to help you choose the right ones, help you customise them and show you the ropes!

For more information give us a call on 01706 551770 or email us; sales@spectrumonehair.com


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Spring is finally here! To help you look absolutely drop dead gorgeous day and night, we have chosen our fave spring hair tips that are dominating the catwalks!

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting brighter and you can pretty much see summer in the distance. Not only that, a night out with the girls is beginning to look more appealing than a night in watching Netflix, in your pyjamas, with your hair in a scruffy bun on top of your head (no judgement here, we’ve all been there).

Not that us ladies need one, but a new season is the perfect excuse to get creative with your hairstyle. We know that choosing a new hairstyle can be pretty stressful so don’t worry; we’ve got your back.


Ahh good old bangs, much like marmite, you either love them or you hate them. Either way, there’s no denying that bangs can totally transform your look without the need to drastically change your cut or colour.

It comes as no surprise that bangs are back this season and better than ever after stealing the show on the 2018 catwalks. Prada was all about the choppy fringe, whereas Versace went for the statement curtain bangs and Fendi kept it traditional (and rather 90’s) with the sweeping side fringe.

Whichever look you go for, remember that cutting your own bangs never ends well, trust us on this one.

  Brushed-Out Curls

There’s something about natural-looking curls that we just love! Maybe it’s that they look amazing whatever the occasion, whether it’s a night out on the town or a busy day at the office.

Plus, they are really easy to achieve! Simply curl your hair before gently brushing it out to get that natural, messy look.

Volume is key when perfecting this style and Versace embraced the natural volume of the hair on this seasons catwalk.

If your hair lacks volume, check out our lusciously thick hair extensions. Together with the Caviar Thick & Full Volume Mousse, you can have big, gorgeous curls in no time!

  Sharp Cut

So simple, yet so effective, there’s no denying that the sharp cut is everywhere right now! It’s even a firm favourite with Kim Kardashian who recently showcased her sharply cut, mid-length bob in platinum blonde. And we’re not ashamed to say it; if it’s good enough for Queen Kim, its good enough for us.

The sharp cut works better with short to mid-length hair and looks super sleek when straight. The Cloud 9 Standard Iron is perfect for achieving glossy, straight locks that make a statement.

  Exposed Roots

Yes, believe it or not, having exposed roots is a trend. And one we cannot get enough of!

Us girls have spent years trying to hide our roots. Whether it was an emergency salon appointment for a root touch-up before a big night out or wearing a hat to cover the natural hair that was totally ruining your whole look; we were just not a fan of our roots.

But in 2017, we saw a number of celebs embracing their natural roots, including singer Ciara, and we fell in LOVE.

It’s no secret that exposed roots look way better on longer hairstyles. Our 100% luxury human hair extensions can give you added length and volume to achieve this glam look. Thankfully, having exposed roots is a trend that doesn’t appear to be leaving any time soon which is fine by us as we are living for it!

  Abundance of Accessories

Sometimes you don’t even have to change your style to get a new look. Simply adding the perfect accessories can do the trick!

If the Spring/Summer catwalks are anything to go off; 2018 is most definitely the year of the accessories. Everyone from Versace to Dolce Gabbana were flaunting some pretty chic hair accessories including scrunchies, jewelled headbands and hair slides; talk about 90’s nostalgia!

Whether your rocking a stylish pin-up or tousled waves, adding a tasteful accessory can totally make your look.


 Platinum Blonde

We have seen it on Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, platinum blonde hair appears to be a huge trend within the world of celebrities right now. So, do you have to be a celebrity with your own personal glam team to pull off this gorgeous hair colour? We think not!

Now we’re not going to sugar coat it, getting your hair to a gorgeous shade of platinum blonde isn’t usually a quick and easy process; especially if your hair is currently brunette or a darker shade. This is a hair colour that you have to be patient with. Platinum blonde also requires a LOT of maintenance, although with exposed roots trending, maybe there won’t be AS many trips to the salon! See, every cloud has an… erm platinum blonde lining.

Are you feeling brave? We promise you it will be worth it!

  Get In Touch

If you fancy any of the hairstyles above or think you could really benefit from our luscious hair extensions; contact Spectrum One today and let us know! Our hair extensions are high-quality, human hair extensions that offer length, volume and texture! Not only that, they come at an affordable price.

Our amazing team are trained in hair extension application and will help you achieve the look you want, we can also recommend the best aftercare products to ensure you get the most out of your new locks. 

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Spectrum One has always aimed to deliver a high level of training and education for other professionals which is why we are very excited to now be running our very own dedicated academy!

Based in Lancashire UK and led by our award-winning educator, Katy Grimshaw, our academy offers courses that complement our innovative hair extensions by delivering training for stylists of all levels of experience covering aspects including application, technique, styling and aftercare.

Not only that, we have now come up with even more complementary courses, such as makeup masterclasses, curly blow dry mastery and more!


Spectrum One Academy Website


As our training offering expands, we felt it better to have a dedicated website – a place we can pack full of resources for you guys, offering easy ways to book and pay for training and add course details.

So for all of your training needs, you can now visit www.spectrumoneacademy.com where you will find our full selection of hair extension training courses, plus much more.


Curly Blow Dry Training Course


Talking of courses, are we kicking things off with a bang! On April 10 we launch our brand new curly blow dry course.

Our masterclass will teach you which products will keep a curly blow dry full of bounce and body, how to section hair properly and smooth ends like a pro.

The curly blow dry is a style that’s great to master for both professionals and those who wear hair extensions themselves. Never out of style, a classic curly blow dry is usually the most requested at any salon. Being able to style hair like this is great for repeat business if you already work in a salon – become your clients go to for their ‘going out’ hair needs!

The course takes place in our Haslingden salon, where you will work in a group of up to ten, styling each other’s hair, or one of our models. This course is also open to anyone who doesn’t have hairdressing experience and just wants to learn how to create a rocking hairstyle!

If you want to learn how to be a curly blow dry master hurry and book now.



Balayage For Beginners


This fab new course is specifically for stylists who want to learn the correct foundation techniques of Balayage; the colour method popular with celebrities, models, and just about everyone!

Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint and this is exactly what we will show you – sweeping freehand colour techniques, correct sectioning and placement and of course how to create ‘the money piece!’

Our B Balayage masterclass will offer beginners an in-depth education on underlining tones and how to counteract and tone correctly, as well as freehand highlights and reverse balayage.

This course will give you the confidence to apply a full balayage in the allocated 1-hour salon slot – we will show you placement for speed and ultimate client satisfaction, a tried and tested method from our own salon.

Our initial balayage masterclass will be taking place April 9. Book here and don’t miss out!


Academy Location and Bookings


All of our training courses are held in our award-winning Spectrum One salon in Haslingden, Lancashire.

You will instantly feel at ease and relaxed in our stunning salon, which won a top award last year for being so gorge!

You can already browse our full course calendar here and book yourself on to any of our courses with our easy booking system. If you have any questions you would like to ask before booking, simply give us a ring on 01706 551770 or email info@spectrumoneacademy.com

If you are local, you can always pop into our salon for a chat! We are located at 55 Deardengate, Haslingden – postcode BB4 5QN.

What are you waiting for! We hope to see you on one of our courses in the near future!

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If you noticed that social media went all girl power yesterday, you wouldn’t be the only one! It was fab seeing so many positive, female-focused stories and it’s all thanks to International Women’s Day (IWD).

As a very female orientated business, we thought we would weigh in with our thoughts!


#PressforProgress On International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is an annual celebration of all things great and female! Held on March 8th, the scheme recognises the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.

The beginnings of IWD might be a bit of a mystery, but today it’s acknowledged worldwide and there are loads of ways you can take action for yourself and on behalf of your sisters!

The theme of this year’s campaign, #PressforProgress aims to bring attention to the fact that in many areas, us girls still don’t have the same privileges that men have.

We’re still underrepresented in areas like politics and the technology industry, and there still exists a big gap between salary differences.

So in addition to highlighting amazing female achievements, the bigger picture is all about making sure we are on an equal footing with the guys.



Women Supporting Women


Now, we aren’t normally ones to get all political, but we did take a step back yesterday to reflect on the fact that Spectrum One certainly has a lot to shout about in terms of what we do for empowering women!

If you don’t already know our story (where have you been?!) – let us remind you that we were founded by one feisty and fabulous female entrepreneur; Katy Grimshaw.

Starting her career in hair at just 15 years old, Katy embodies what it means to be an independent and successful woman. She’s an award-winning hairdresser who has travelled all over the world to work with some of the biggest names and magazines in the fashion industry.

Being the entrepreneur that she is, Katy not only created Spectrum One Hair Extensions when she saw a gap in the market for premium hair extensions but she also opened, and totally bossed, a luxurious hair salon in Lancashire.

As a business, we are super proud not only of our very own girl boss but of the way we pass on skills and knowledge to other budding entrepreneurs via our Academy Training.  

Spectrum One deliver the highest level of training and education for hair professionals, enabling them to either enrich their own salons with new services or set their own businesses up installing our real human hair extensions.

Not only do Spectrum One want other women to succeed in this industry, but we want to give them the skills to go and do just that.

In addition, we also have our own fabulous in-house team, all of whom receive the highest level of training and support to accomplish their goals.

Talk about women supporting women eh!


Just Hair?


We would like to think that the products and services we provide are supporting women too. Hair is such an important part of how a woman views herself, it definitely isn’t ‘just hair’. 

The services we provide enable you lovely lot to go out and face the world looking and feeling your absolute best. 

If you look good, you feel good. It’s true, no matter what people say, that being happy with your image and the way that you look makes a big difference to your mood and the way that you interact with the world.

It’s not about putting on an appearance for others – it’s about looking good for yourself.

We all know the feeling of a bad hair day…it makes you feel rubbish!

Women are often pressured to look and act a certain way, not only do we think that’s totally not on but we actively encourage women to look how they want to look – for themselves. 

That’s why Spectrum One exists. We are here to make you girlies feel good about yourselves, no matter what the world says!

Happy International Women’s Day!



Spectrum One Hair Extensions


If you’d like to learn more about our quality hair extensions, academy training, or if you have any questions regarding our products, then please drop us an email and get chatting with one of our friendly team. We’re always happy to help!

You can contact us in any of the usual ways; by email on sales@spectrumonehair.com by phone on 01706 551770, or why not pop into the salon at 55 Deardengate, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 5QN. We love visitors!

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Spectrum One have an exciting weekend ahead as we pack up our kits and head off to Pro Hair Live 2018! We are super excited to be spending two days at this industry event and can’t wait to show you what we get up to whilst we’re there!  


What’s on at Pro Hair Live?


Pro Hair Live is basically an unmissable industry event for hair professionals, suppliers and manufacturers. Visitors to the show come to see all the very latest products, tools and technologies from all the top brands.

We feel really excited to have our own stand (E110) at Pro Hair Live, as the event organisers insist on only featuring companies that are relevant and committed to the hairdressing industry! Just check out the top names we’re going to be hanging out with this weekend!

In addition to all those amazing brands, Pro Hair Live will also play host to some MAJOR names from the hair industry, including Errol Douglas, Lee Stafford, and Mark Leeson. They will be up on stage giving educational seminars, demonstrations and loads of other brill stuff – take a look at the timetable here.


Spectrum One at Pro Hair Live 2018


As mentioned, the event runs for two days – Sunday 25th and Monday 26th February and is guaranteed to be packed, so make sure you set your alarm clocks early! The doors open at 10am, but we know you will need to be looking your best before travelling to Manchester Central to mingle with the hair industries hottest experts.

Our gorgeous team will be at Pro Hair Live for both days, representing Spectrum One and showcasing our huge range of quality hair extensions! You can catch us on stand E110 holding live demonstrations, taking orders and just generally showing off our fab range, including our tape extensions.

We haven’t even mentioned the best bit yet! Pro Hair is absolutely FREE to attend! Simply pre-register here – don’t be shy, we can’t wait to meet you!


About Spectrum One Hair Extensions


Founded by hair entrepreneur Katy Grimshaw after she saw a gap in the market for an elite range of hair extensions, Spectrum One Hair Extensions has become synonymous with the words luxury and quality.  

Our real human hair extensions are created to the absolute highest industry standards, guaranteeing a professional, and most importantly, natural look every single time.

In addition to our hair extensions web shop, we run a little hair extensions salon in Haslingden (ok we lied, it’s huge and has even been voted as one of the most beautiful salons in the country!)


Get in Touch! 


If you want to keep up with what Spectrum One are up to, our latest product announcements, as well as what we get up to at Pro Hair Live this weekend, then follow us on Instagram or Facebook.  

For all hair extension enquiries, please email us at sales@spectrumonehair.com – we’re always happy to help!

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With Valentine’s day just around the corner, we’re sure you have something special planned. Be it going out with someone special, or getting together with your mates (who needs dates?!), you’re going to want to look like an absolute babe of course!  

So with love in the hair, oops air, we were thinking what long hairstyles are the most romantic? We are thinking effortless, slightly messy, sexy? Like you haven’t tried too hard when of course you’ve spent hours getting ready! To give you a hand looking gorgeous, here are our top three romantic styles for valentine’s day!


Cute Curls


If you are going out on a ‘date date’, how about rocking classic curls? Perfect paired with a little black dress, this cute and flirty hairstyle is guaranteed to catch the eye of Mr Right.

If you have long hair, or Spectrum One hair extensions, try using the Cloud Nine Standard Wand to effortlessly create this look. If you want your hair to have a more relaxed or casual curl, curl it the day before your date to give the curls time to relax.  


  Side Braid


So you’re off out on that hot date, it’s last minute and you haven’t had time to wash your hair! What to do? Sexy side braid to the rescue! This style actually works better on second and third-day hair, so just use a touch of dry shampoo on your roots, and get braiding!

A side braid is also the perfect way to keep long hair away from your face; you want your date to notice how amazing you’re looking after all!



Bed Hair


Last but not least, our favourite style, a romantic classic; the ‘I just got out of bed, sexy hair’ look. Perfect for a cosy date night at home, or a night out – long, voluminous, textured hair, screams ‘look at me’.

If you are a little lacking in volume or length, our clip in hair extensions will give you the boost you’re looking for. There are several ways to achieve this look, you could try braiding your hair overnight and leaving the plaits to do their work. Alternatively, check out the Caviar Thick and Full Volume Mousse; scrunch it through your hair and gently dry it to give you a messy, just woke up look.  



Hair Extensions From Spectrum One


If you think you could benefit from some gorgeous hair extensions this Valentine’s Day, drop us an email at Spectrum One and let us know. We have our very own range of high-quality, affordable extensions that are worn by our local girls and celebrities alike! We’re also trained in hair extension application, so we can give you the style you want and make it look

absolutely natural. Plus we can advise you on the best aftercare products for hair extensions, so your mane keeps looking gorgeous for longer. Our team’s super friendly, so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions!

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Spectrum One Hair Extensions by Emily-jo Sutcliffe - 10M ago

Media: Creative Head
Date: 1st February 2018 (February 18 Issue)
Reach: 8,000
Readership: 72,000

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Fancy a new look for 2018? If you are lusting after a new style but just don’t have the hair for it, adding hair extensions will give you volume, length and that on-trend look you’ve been waiting for.

Carry on reading and feast your eyes on styles set to be popular in 2018 and how extensions can help you achieve #hairgoals.


Centre Part and Sleek


Popular through last autumn and set to continue this year is the centre parted super sleek look. Kim Kardashian is a huge fan of this look, as is younger sister Kylie and whatever is good for the Kardashian’s is good to us!



Prepare to use some serious straighteners for this look and plenty of serum to keep it looking neat. A good cut is also essential to making this style work – no scraggy ends allowed! If your hair is on the thin side or you want to achieve a longer centre part style, our premium hair extensions will have you set.


Long Lush Curls


Does this style every really go out of fashion. Long flowy waves are often seen as romantic and feminine, not a bad way to be seen, right?



This is a classic look where hair extensions can really make a difference, adding volume and giving your hair that extra ‘oomph’. Popular with many celebs, this style is set to be with us through 2018 and beyond.


Natural Hair


Spotted on the Spring 2018 catwalk previews at both Oscar de la Renta and Anna Sui were very natural styles. Use hair straighteners to add a couple of bends for textures but let nature do the rest!



Now, by natural, we don’t mean you can’t use hair extensions of course! Our quality clip in hair extensions are perfect for this style and look as close to natural hair as possible. In fact, you would struggle to detect they were extensions at all!


Premium Hair Extensions From Spectrum One 


If you fancy any of the looks above as your signature 2018 style, then why not pop into our salon and see how we can help out?

Give us a call on 01706 551770 to book an appointment or browse our clip in extensions here.

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If you’ve been looking to flex your hair extension application skills but didn’t know the next step to take, then you’re in luck. The luxury hair extensions company have joined forces for a series of new education training courses set to start from March 2018 at Alan Howard units across the UK. The sessions will be headed up by award-winning Spectrum One founder and educator, Katy Grimshaw.

The Habia-accredited courses will offer both beginners to hair extensions and seasoned professionals the technical and business knowledge to incorporate Spectrum One Hair Extensions into their own salons to grow their services and their turnover.

Five Alan Howard units will play host to the courses at flagship S.Park (Stockport) plus Chester, Wolverhampton, Leeds and Stoke-on-Trent.

The three one-day courses on offer to industry professionals comprise of:

I-TIP COURSE – aimed at beginners, to cover and teach everything you need to know about Spectrum One i-Tip Extensions including sectioning, in-depth background and application knowledge, application methods, cutting and blending techniques.

COMBINED ONE-DAY WEFT & TAPE COURSE – also aimed at beginners, delivering knowledge in the latest techniques in both weaving and tape application. Tape is a fast and effective method and the turnover vs time is one of the entrepreneurial elements that has been weaved into this course.

THREE IN ONE REFRESHER/CONVERSION COURSE – for experienced extensionists only looking to recap on their previous Spectrum One application knowledge, or for those professionals who have trained in an alternative method but are looking to switch over. All three methods of i-Tip, Weave and Tape are covered in this course.

The cost of Spectrum One Hair is included within all courses, along with a full kit of beautifully branded accessories, meaning hairdressers can turn up on the day empty handed* and leave with a new kit and the business and technical knowledge to start offering Spectrum One Hair Extension services in their own salons from the next day.

Spectrum One Hair Extension Courses at Alan Howard start from £750+vat and can be booked online now at: www.alanhoward.co.uk/Education_Hair

*Course pupils will need to arrange for their own model to accompany them on the day

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Our favourites stars black outfits were rightly front and centre on the red carpet at the Golden Globes this year, but we couldn’t help but notice everyone’s gorgeous hairstyles too. Here are some of the hottest hair moments from the 2018 Golden Globes.

  Our Favourite Picks


Loose Gentle Waves

both Jessica Chastain and Margo Robbie sported gorgeous loose waves, kept neat with a side parting and one side swept behind the ear. This is a classic look which is never going to date or go out of style.

It’s also an ideal look for anyone who has hair extensions fitted because it’s an easy style to achieve and won’t cause too much stress on your extensions bonds. We recommend using a product like Kendi Dry Oil Mist to keep your waves looking sleek, shiny and with plenty of movement. 

If you want to create this look, why not invest in the Cloud Nine Waving Wand – it’s the perfect tool to create loose waves and curls.

All you need to finish this look is a statement pair of earrings and a bold red lip. Beautiful! 


Super Sleek 

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and Alicia Vikander went for really simple sleek up-dos. Maybe a slightly unusual choice for the red carpet, but to be honest, we’re feeling it! Millie went for a cute top knot, whilst Alicia parted hers down the middle and gathered it into a low bun at the back of her neck. 

Keeping your hair simple really accentuates your features and is a fuss-free way to enjoy your night out without worrying about your hair too much. 

Just remember, if you have hair extensions, you need to to be careful with hairstyles like this as gathering your hair backwards can expose bonds. Alicia’s middle-parted style is a safer option.  


Messy Bobs

Our two absolute favourites of the night have got to be Kendall Jenner and Dove Cameron (you might recognise Dove if you’ve got kids – she stars in several Disney Channel shows).

Both of them are sporting layered shoulder length bobs at the moment, on the night of the Golden Globes they both messed their hair up a little, for an ‘I just woke up looking this good’ look! Kendall’s hair is a little bit more relaxed, while Dove added a slight wave to hers. We approve! 

You can use hair extensions to add volume to short hair – extensions aren’t just for length! If you have a shoulder length cut which could do with a little bit of oomph, then why not try some Spectrum One clip in hair extensions? 

  Why Was Everyone Dressed in Black?


This blog is about hair extensions as that’s what we do, but on a deeper level, we give women the means to empower themselves by choosing how they look. That’s why we couldn’t blog about the Golden Globes and ignore why all the women were dressed in black. it’s important to discuss what was unusual about this year’s award ceremony.

In light of the sexual misconduct allegations, women in Hollywood joined by millions of others from around the globe started the #metoo movement last year, that has now been joined by the new TIMESUP initiative. It was unofficially agreed that all women at this year’s Golden Globes would wear black, as a mark of solidarity and to bring worldwide attention to TIMESUP.

The TIMESUP legal defence fund is a US scheme, but if you are based in the UK and need assistance or advice on harassment or discrimination of any kind at work, please contact Citizens Advice. For anyone who has ever suffered from sexual abuse or harassment, This Morning put together a great resource here, full of helplines and organisations that you can contact.

Never be afraid to speak out ladies and carry on expressing yourselves the way you choose to!

Love from the Spectrum One Team.


Hair Extensions Lancashire


View our exclusive range of hair extensions here. Or contact our salon on 01706 551770 to make an appointment.


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