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Add more speaking dates on your calendar this year

How is your speaking business going? Are you booking any gigs for this new year? Chances are, you may not be booking that many. Why?

I have had many conversations with some of my buddies who were very hot in on the speaking circuit. Now, they are not getting that much traction. I know exactly what they are talking about. The game has changed dramatically. All of us speakers can feel the pinch.

Without going into too many details, let’s say the people you would expect to see on the stages today are remarkably different. I know a guy who’s commanding 150, 0000 dollars for one keynote. He wears a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. And he curses a lot. That’s just one example out of so many.

Why Speakers Struggle To Get Paid Speaking Gigs

Here’s a short list of the kind of people getting the speaking gigs today: Politicians, celebrity bloggers, youtube stars, highly controversial figures, retired executives, TED speakers, scientists, college and university professors, etc.

Do you see yourself on that list? Probably not. I know I’m definitely not on it. Does that mean we should give up? The answer is NO!

That means we need to change our approach. The old ways we used to get speaking gigs don’t work anymore.

Meeting Planners Won’t Talk To You

Do you remember when we used to pick up the phone and talk to a meeting planner? Guess what? They don’t want to talk on the phone anymore. In fact, they don’t want to find them. They want to find you.

I have booked so many engagements and never talk to the client until I get to the speaking venue. Here’s the kicker: After I give the talk and get a standing ovation, they still don’t take my call. I have to send an email.

So, stop chasing meeting planners or speakers bureaus. They are running away from us. They are ignoring us. Now, I’m not mad. People are busier than ever. They are turning off advertising and promotions. If anything smells like a pitch, they will ignore you. That’s why we are paying extra to block the ads.

The Good News For New And Veteran Speakers

The good news is, there are more opportunities today than ever. The meeting industry is not disappearing. We are, first and foremost, social animals. We must meet and socialize.

We badly need more encouragement and inspiration. We are more worried, confused, uncertain and disturbed. Here’s an eye opener for you?

There are 7.7 billion people on this planet. So many of those would never, ever listen and pay attention to me or any of the above speaker types I mentioned above. They want to hear from you and only you.

They don’t about my story from a poor village in Haiti. They don’t’ care about anything I have to say. They only care about what you have to say. They just want to connect with you. Why?

It’s because your star is lined up with them. It’s because your story and life are almost precisely the same as theirs. I’m talking about millions out of the seven billion people. Here’s the best part:

1,000 People at $1,000 = $1,000,000

You don’t need millions. You only need to resonate and connect with 1,000 people who would pay you $1,000 to make one million dollars. You can get that with speaking, coaching, consulting, digital products, etc. Do you see my point?

Simply put, you only need to uplift and make a difference in the lives of one thousand people. The rippling effect could be huge since each one those individuals will, in turn, touch other lives.

All it would take is for you to capture their attention. To do so, you authentically speak from your heart to theirs. You tell your truth to resonate with your potential fans and inadvertently repel all those who are not aligned with your truth.

How To Get Event Planners To Pay Attention To You

Create the right content that grabs attention. Did you know that attention is the most priceless currency today? That’s right! It’s extremely difficult to get others to notice. This is a noisy world. So many people are yelling and begging for attention.

You must create content that resonates with a group of people who are going through what you have been through. People who connect with you and want to learn from you!

Start creating videos like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTAqYoz43nQ to upload to Youtube. And share your truth using the right keyword that would cause Youtube to show your video to your potential tribe. Oh, you don’t like being in front of a video camera? No problem.

Click on this image to subscribe to my channel. https://www.renegodefroy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/videos.jpg Audios Will Soon Win The Battle Over Videos

Believe it or not, in the future, audio will be the #1 medium to connect with your fans. Here is why:

Every home will have an Amazon Echo with Alexa or Google Home or Siri. People will no longer use their hands to type. They will speak and ask their questions. It’s like someone wakes up and say, “Alexa, how to do I increase my daughter’s self-esteem?” Bam! You have a video or a podcast about that.

Or while in conversation with a single mother she mentions her struggle with raising a teenage daughter. Bam! You tell her I have a video or podcast about that subject. Am I making sense to you?

Did you know that you can create a Podcast right now for free using your smartphone? It’s ridiculously simple! In fact, let me know if you want me to share some tips about with you. This post is already too long to address that.

Think about it this way: Most people don’t have time to sit and watch videos. They want to listen while cleaning the house, driving or exercising.

In conclusion, that’s the new way meeting or event planners will stumble upon your content on social media or online. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

As I mentioned to you before, do pay attention to what I am doing on Youtube and elsewhere. Pick up the clues and model success. Watch this video. Leave a comment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTAqYoz43nQ

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Years ago when I started speaking, I was really excited. Maybe too excited. I was taking massive actions!

I paid a bunch of people to coach me. I deprived myself of a lot to scramble for enough cash to pay those coaches.

One of those coaches told me to put a brochure and business card inside all the bills I was writing a check for. He said to me since you are paying them, it’s a great idea to sell them as well. I followed his direction precisely as I was instructed.

As soon as I would get out of bed, I would pull my daily goals and start implementing. Someone told me I needed to go and introduce myself to as many people as possible.

Twice a week, I would go to different networking events to introduce myself and pass around my business cards.

I did all of that relentlessly for eight months. Can you guess how many speaking engagements I got after month number eight?

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

In fact, people were not even returning my calls or reply to my emails. I mean, I could not find any speaking engagement. No one would give me a chance. That was so freaking frustrating!

I started doubting myself. I was thinking, “Maybe I’m not qualified. Maybe speaking is not my calling.”

Do you remember how we used to get upset when telemarketers would call to disrupt us? Well, those days, I was happy when a telemarketer calls. At least my phone was ringing. Do you see what I mean, {!firstname_fix}

I was so close to giving up and walk away from all my efforts.

One of the veteran speakers told me I needed to do a lot of unpaid gigs to get to the paid ones. He said in those kinds of audiences, some people would book me for a fee.

That sounded really good to me. I started knocking on doors for the opportunity to speak for nothing. I got about fifteen of those gigs. Guess how many paid ones I landed from those?

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

I’m not kidding. I was so done with this speaking thing. I was spending all my money to make it work. I maxed out all my credit cards. Later I took a second mortgage on my house.

I attended so many conventions and hired so many speaking coaches. I remember when I paid this guy $10,000 to create a demo video for me. I spent another $12,000 to attend a weekend seminar. That was insane!

By the way, I was doing all of that while keeping my full-time job as a doorman at the hotel. Yep! I used all my tips money to finance my speaking business.

Looking back, everything I did that was not working should have worked. Those ideas were all excellent. But, some ingredients were still missing. And I didn’t know what they were.

Have you ever felt that there’s something you need to know so you can have your breakthrough? Well, here’s the real truth:

It’s what you don’t know you don’t know that is holding you back.

Did you get that? Since you don’t know you don’t know, you will never go find and learn it. In fact, you would not even know it even if it were right in front of your face. It’s the invisible success factors even the highly successful people cannot tell you.

I remember a friend of mine telling me to be patient. She said it’s like planting seeds. You can’t expect them to grow overnight.

She was right. Most people never allow enough time to make something work. However, in most cases, it doesn’t matter how patient we are. Because we can do the wrong things patiently for years.

Fortunately, through trial and error, I was able to break the code and access the real and critical ingredients that can make you succeed.

Once you get your hands on those ingredients, you will instantly catapult yourself to the top. And it doesn’t matter if you have terrible stage fright, no experience, or degrees. None of that matter.

I will share with the step by step process to catapult your speaking career in another post.

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This bird is not lucky. She builds the nest patiently against the odds. She had no connection. Persistence pays.

I read a comment from one of my videos on Youtube. The guy was answering a couple of questions about luck and connections. Here’s part of his comment:

“Are successful people luckier or smarter than failures?  My answer is yes, sometimes they are but not always or necessarily so.  Do they have the right connection or resources?  Again the answer is in many cases yes they do.”

He is right. In some cases, luck has something to do with it.


I started writing a reply. Then I decided to put here. It should inspire you to believe you can become a powerful motivational speaker.

Wow! Great feedback Carlton. I agree with you. So, let’s look at it from a different angle.

What if you didn’t know everything you just shared with us?

I’m asking you because when I started in the speaking business, I had many barriers in front of me. Statistically, I was not supposed to make it.

  1. I didn’t speak good English. Most people had a hard time understanding me.
  2. I didn’t go to school in the US. In fact, I never finished High School.
  3. I had zero connections
  4. I was a doorman at a hotel – Meeting planners didn’t want to pay attention to me
  5. I didn’t know anything about public speaking – I didn’t even know about Toastmasters Internationale
  6. I have no money to promote myself or join some associations to network
  7. I tried to contact some of the top speakers – nobody responded
  8. I didn’t know how to write proper English (That was 18 years ago.)
  9. I was extremely shy. Really. No joke.
  10. Most people around me didn’t believe I could – Some told me to try something else… Others laugh at me

There were many odds stacked against me. Finally, let me share this with you.

When I got my first break to speak on the main stage at the National Speakers Association or NSA, I was raw. That means I was not on the speaking circuit yet. I was learning about speaking. (Please, don’t tell them.)

I was going to be in front of 2,000 professional speakers… Many big names. The day before, some people started asking me if I was afraid. I said no. I was calmed, collected, and relaxed.

I hit the stage and stole the show. At least, that’s what Jeffrey Gitomer, the sales GURU, wrote in the foreword of my book. He’s the real deal.

Would like to know why I was not afraid. It’s because I didn’t know the names of the big dogs in the audience. I didn’t know I was in front of the gods and goddesses of the speaking industry.

You see what happens when you pretend you don’t know the facts? Or assume everything you know is false?

Alright, you may be thinking, “Ah! You had a big break?” Yes, I did. But would you like to know how I got that break?

Well, that would be a long story. The short answer is, I was everywhere trying to meet everybody. I attended many lots of events. I introduced myself to so many people. I infiltrated lots of networks of movers and shakers. I was polite.

I made myself available to help in any way I could. I volunteered many hours of my time for free. Simply put, I saw the parade; I threw myself in front of it. Just like a bird, I know it takes many trips or steps to build a nest.

As I said, there’s a lot to the story. But you get the gist of it.

That said, I don’t mean to disagree with you. Everything you said is true everywhere, in any country. I know. It’s even worst in my country… Haiti. The reality is, some people still manage to rise from horrible circumstances and make it. That’s proof anybody can.

I just wanted to offer you a different way to look at it. Perhaps I should say a little motivation.

The takeaways: Be dumb. Be persistent. Erase those negative beliefs. Build your nest twig by twig!

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