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Stratton is an online trading broker.
As a CFD broker, Stratton offers over 200 assets including currency pairs, indices, stocks, and commodities.

Stratton is supported by an established investment company F1 Markets Ltd, EU authorised and CySEC regulated, so despite its youth, Stratton has entered the market with great promise. Having been launched post ESMA regulation announcements, Stratton encompasses all the regulation changes while maintaining excellent trading conditions accompanied by tools to help traders.

Stratton offers various account types all of which contain great features, but with each account even more features are unlocked. The four account types are the following:

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Details of each account are available on the official website.

On Stratton it is possible to invest especially on Forex and other CFDs, like indices, stocks and commodities.
The great variety of assets allows traders to find their favorite trading asset and to diversify their portfolio.

Trading can take place either on the online Stratton Trader and app, or on the world’s number 1 trading platform MetaTrader4.
This options allows traders to explore Stratton’s own platform as well as go with the platform they are already used to, and comfortable with.

In addition, both platforms are available as trading apps for Android and iOS.  The several main funding options with Stratton are: Credit/ Debit card, Wire transfer, and soon to be added Neteller and Skrill.

Support is one of Stratton’s standout features.
The broker equips traders with their own Strattoneers, who are experienced support agents with the aim to build long-term relationships with them. Traders can reach the Stratton support team through live chat, phone or email.

With Stratton traders can benefit from a comprehensive education center, the Stratton Library. There traders can find video tutorials, detailed ebooks with quizzes and frequent webinars for traders of all levels. It is important to note that Stratton has hired Chief Trading Educator, James Trescothick to head webinars and trading education.

In addition to education Stratton will offer its traders Trading Central trading alerts, daily morning market wrap and technical analysis to keep them informed and ready for the next big trade.

With Stratton you are always supported by your dedicated account manager and supplied with education and great trading tools with insights to the market and its current activities.
In addition you have a large variety of trading instruments to choose from, low spreads and choice of account types.

Get your own Stratton account here.

Stratton reminds its traders that between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.


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Soloforex by Soloforex Team - 6M ago

GCG24 is today’s leading Forex trading platform. As Forex has become more popular than ever, GCG24 provides traders with an excellent trader experience in terms of security, features, user-friendliness, tools, and education.

GCG24 commits to excellence in providing a trading platform that can be used for private and institutional investors worldwide. The staff at GCG24 is there for traders’ 24/7, with professional brokers guiding traders every step of the way.

The GCG24 vision is to give you, the trader, the safest, most convenient, and all around best trading experience ever. Our pricing and execution modules ensure the use of the most updated and advanced technologies. Through our partnership with feeds provider, Reuters, we receive live and accurate data streams, and our terms and conditions clearly state the difference between real time market price, and option prices. We provide expiry graphs for any given moment, to ensure trader confidence so there are never any questions on the trader’s end.

As a professional broker, GCG24 offers different account tiers, they mainly differ by the minimum deposits and various services. Here are the lists of account tiers and their features:

  • Silver: $250 minimum deposit. 24/7 Customer support care, Ebook, Academy Access, No withdrawal fee and Account manager.
  • Gold: $1000 minimum deposit. 24/7 Customer support care, Ebook, Academy Access, Dedicated account manager, No withdrawal fee and Trading signals.
  • Platinum: $10000 minimum deposit. 24/7 Customer support care, Ebook, Academy Access, Dedicated account manager, Trading signals and Senior Account Manager, Expert Analyst trading sessions,

Bonus according to the agreement, No withdrawal fee and Interest bearing account option for consolidation of profit.

  • Diamond: $50000 minimum deposit. 24/7 Customer support care, Ebook, Academy Access, Dedicated account manager, Trading signals and Senior Account Manager, Expert Analyst trading sessions, Bonus according to the agreement, No withdrawal fee and Interest bearing account option for consolidation of profit, Full education package, Premium Contract Options, Senior Account Manager and Senior Wealth Manager.

Client’s funds are held in a segregated account. Funds are used only for trading options through our website upon client’s instructions and are never used for any other cause. Our liabilities and exposures are professionally handled and we guarantee payouts of your profits based on our terms.

GCG24 and collaborators consist of professional forex brokers, experts in derivatives and risk management, and payment processors. We cover every aspect of Forex trading, so that you have the best trading experience. Ever.

Join the GCG24 family, and trade like a professional!


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Wise Trader is an online trading broker. As a top forex broker, Wise Trader offers
over 40 currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities, cfds, gold and silver for
personal investment and trading options.

Wise Trader is a top forex broker specialized in Forex investment and CFDs trading. As
an online trading broker it offers to beginners the opportunity to better understand the forex
market and to experts offers the access to various advanced techniques and tools.

Since it was born recently (2017 October) and it has already become a top forex broker,
many reviews point it as a scam forex broker. It is not really like that. Wise Trader is a
licensed and regulated top forex broker and investors funds will be safe with it. It has
been licensed by CySEC as a reliable and legit Forex and CFD broker and it is also
authorized to provide its services across the EU under the MiFID pass-porting regulations.
Wise Trader is owned by a company called F1 Markets Ltd. located in Cyprus.
As a top forex broker, Wise Trader has a lot of account tiers available, they differ mainly
due to the minimum deposit and accessory services. Here is the list of the account tiers
and their features:

Basic: $250 minimum deposit, 24/5 Customer Support Care, Access to Trading Academy,
Video Library, and Webinars;
Bronze: $1.000 minimum investment, all of the Basic accounts services + Trading
Signals and One-on-One Coaching;
Silver: $2.500 minimum deposit, all of the Bronze accounts services + Multiple 1-on-1
Coaching Sessions;
Gold: $10.000 minimum investment, all of the Silver account services + Analyst
Support, ECN;
Platinum: $25.000 minimum deposit, it includes all the previous services + Access to
Limited Assets and 3% Extra Payout.

On Wise Trader it is possible to invest especially on Forex and CFD, but also on indices,
stocks, commodities and various cryptocurrency assets like the famous Bitcoin.
WiseTrader is a fixed-spread broker (most of the top forex brokers provide a spread of 2
pips on majors) but its spreads on EUR/USD are fixed at 3 pips. Also the offered leverage
is the industry’s standard: up to 1:200.

It is possible to choose from many payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners
Club, Qiwi, Neteller, Skrill Moneybookers, Yandex, Web Money, Cash U.
Just like the others forex trading brokers, Wise Trader operates on the popular MetaTrader
4 platform. Investors can trade on a web-based platform and on android or iOS thanks to
a mobile version.

Traders have an immediate support thanks to the customer service which provide friendly
and professional advice on trading via email and live chat.

The main advantage of Wise Trade is its large educational center. The platform contains
a glossary on the trading world, live webinar trading and numerous ebooks. Inexperienced
traders have the opportunity to study the market also by learning about various
fundamental market analysis.

By accessing Wise Trade you can breathe the air of a platform created by a team of
trading professionals who have built it with the user in mind. This is also its strength, the
team behind the product who wants to help regular people to know the Forex market and
learn about the different available instruments.


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Summary of the week: the Bitcoin cash that almost doubled compared to April, the Litecoin which is close to $100 and the Bitcoin always in difficulty that slides back below the threshold of $ 8.000.


Bitcoin Cash seems to be the cryptocurrency of the moment. Many observers think so, after last Saturday, when the Bitcoin Cash miners met to discuss for a Bitcoin Cash development fund.

To improve Bitcoin Cash, the fees obtained by the miners during their extraction activities are flowing into the fund.

Bitcoin Cash has traveled around $1.300 in the second week of May and then dropped below that figure a few days later; but the progress compared to the 763 dollars in April was considerable, although not entirely in line with the forecasts of the experts.


The quotation of Litecoin returns to lose ground, in perfect harmony with the rest of the other cryptocurrencies.

At the beginning of the week, Litecoin found itself exposed to a new sales pressure that hit the market causing losses of more than 5 percentage points per week.

Litecoin was obviously dominated by a predominantly bearish sentiment. In recent sessions the cryptocurrency has suffered the strength of the US dollar. The quotations of the Ltc / Usd exchange have in fact fallen to below the lows of the last month in the area 123-124 dollars. According to the latest expert forecasts, a drop in Ltc / Usd under this area could exacerbate the weakness of the cryptocurrency, up to bring it back to $ 100. This threshold was already touched by Litecoin last December.


As well as Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies, the price of Bitcoin once again fell below the $ 8.000 threshold.

As repeated by many parties, the price of Bitcoin and that of its virtual colleagues has weighed the disillusionment followed by the Consensus Conference 2018, which has failed in the attempt to advance the sector as in previous editions.

The Consensus disappointed the most enthusiastic and both the price of Bitcoin and the prices of the major cryptocurrencies in circulation were not able to take advantage of the event.

The week that is about to be concluded was inaugurated by a positive performance of the price of Bitcoin which get back the listing above the $ 8.500 threshold. All thanks to the gains made by the cryptocurrency in the previous weekend, when it jumped by more than 6 percentage points.

After trading around $ 8.500, however, the BTC / USD reversed its course and the sales pressure came back: from the highs of Monday to Thursday night lows, the price of Bitcoin lost more than 12 % and went back on the threshold of about $ 7.4090.

The price of Bitcoin, according to some, was the last decisions of the US SEC that recently brought to light numerous cases of fraud related to ICOs and even launched a website to help investors gain greater awareness of the risks involved to the virtual phenomenon.


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The cryptocurrencies this week have been quite unstable, while a new cryptocurrency enters the
market, the Bitcoin suffered and Microsoft joins the list of companies that banned advertising on
such currencies.

On Friday, the price of Bitcoin has returned to trade below the threshold of $8.000, before sinking
up to $7.700 and then trying to recover the new lows of the day.
The fall pushed the listing of the BTC / USD even lower and the most famous cryptocurrency in the
world has tried in every way to put a brake on sales.
It seems that long-awaited Coindesk Consensus Conference, an event held this week in
Washington, did not have the expected effect on either the Bitcoin price or the price of other
At the beginning of the week, blockchain experts, scholars and investors have looked hopefully at
this event because in previous editions the Consensus Conference has always managed to
support the price of Bitcoin, but this time it did not go this way.
Someone attributed the decline of the listing to the different opinions that emerged during the
summit. The opinion of James Bullard, president of the Fed of St. Louis, was the hardest attesting
that the cryptocurrencies will never be "main currencies,” since they are too many and they
exchange on totally different price levels.

To contribute to the Bitcoin rebates was also the latest decision by Microsoft that announced its
intention to impose a ban on advertising related to cryptocurrencies and ICO, a ban that will affect
its favorite search engine, i.e. Bing. All in the wake of what has already been accomplished by
Google, Facebook and Twitter. The ban will take effect between the end of June and the beginning
of July.
Microsoft has justified its choice by defining the cryptocurrencies tools not yet regulated and
therefore unsafe for users who, in turn, could end up in the sights of unscrupulous people ready to
cheat them.
At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin was again attempting to recover ground by trading 4%
down on $8.200. The same situation has also arisen for the entire cryptocurrency industry.

According to rumors, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, the fifth largest bank in the world, could soon
bring in the market a new cryptocurrency (MUFG Coin) soon in 2019. The bank had anticipated its
intention to launch a first token in January, a move that would have allowed her immediately to
become the first Japanese credit institution to issue digital assets by diving into the cryptocurrency
The bank would already be considering the possibility of establishing some partnerships in order to
guarantee an initial basis for testing and subsequent acceptance of cryptocurrency.
In fact, the phase of emission of the cryptocurrency will be preceded by analysis and testing.
Customers who choose to participate will download an application through which convert their
The cryptocurrency will allow to make transactions from one account to another, as well as
payments in common places such as restaurants, small shops and all businesses. The value of
each unit of this token will correspond to that of a single yen.
The entry of the new coin, which will be used at the beginning only in some stores and only in
Japan, will probably not shake the trend of the virtual market. Yet the birth of a new cryptocurrency
by the hands of a bank, could turn out to be a fundamental precedent for a broader acceptance of
the virtual phenomenon, even by financial institutions.



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Soloforex by Soloforex Team - 10M ago


Goldman Sachs has decided to challenge the risks and inaugurate what appears to be the first
Bitcoin trading operation carried out by a Wall Street bank.
Goldman Sachs will launch a trading desk on Bitcoins. New York Times reported that the company
is preparing to use its funds to sponsor a variety of investment contracts linked to the price of
Although it will not buy or sell real Bitcoins initially, the bank is trying to move in this direction if it
will be able to obtain regulatory approval and understand how to deal with the additional risks
associated with holding virtual currency.
The bank has confirmed that will offer its customers a type of contract called ‘non-transferable
forward’ that will be linked to Bitcoin.

In the first sessions of May, the price of Bitcoin has returned below the threshold of $9.000 after a
thrilling April. The price initially tried to bring back the coveted $10.000 threshold and then go back
to traveling under the banner of weakness.
No such specific cause has been attributed to this downturn, but it seemed to be only a resurrected
sales interest close to $10.000.
Yet the last performance of the listing was totally opposed to those recorded last month.
In fact, April was the month by which the cryptocurrency was able to recover some of the losses
made at the beginning of the year.
Many traders, however, looked with apprehension at the moves of the "Tokyo whale," namely
Nobuaki Kobayashi, bankruptcy administrator of Mt. Gox, the Japanese exchange that imposed
the sale of immense quantities of BTC, causing the weakness of the listing. According to what
emerged in the last days, after the $400 million sold until February 2018, the so-called Tokyo whale
would have dumped another $170 million.
The recent statements by Warren Buffett did not even help. During the weekend the oracle of
Omaha has defined the cryptocurrency as "rat poison". For the experts, however, these words will
not affect so clearly the next trends of the price of Bitcoin.

The second cryptocurrency for notoriety and capitalization continues its upward movement started
on the 7 th of April and in the week allowed Eth / Usd listing to leave behind the obstinate static and
psychological resistance at 700 dollars.
At the same time, the recent surge in Eth / Usd has made it possible to violate the short-to-
medium-term trendline out of the top on the 18 th of February. In fact, these evidences corroborate
the reversal of the bearish trend that weighs on the scenario of Ethereum since mid-January.

Europe has amended the V anti-money laundering directive to combat the anonymity of virtual
"Providers of exchange services between virtual currencies and legal currencies" and "digital
portfolio service providers for virtual currencies" will have to apply due diligence and verification
checks to their customers, as required by banks, to end to the anonymity regime associated with
virtual currencies. These platforms and these service providers must be registered in a special
public register.


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Soloforex by Soloforex Team - 10M ago

Trader.Online Forex Broker Review – where traders trade
They are new, and ready to take over the Forex industry. Established in the early 2018,
Trader.Online is a Forex broker with the aim to make trading accessible, simple, fast and
rewarding for traders around the world. The broker stands out of its competition simply by its
willingness to provide the best possible to all its traders. In this review, we will take a closer
look at the different features and services available at Trader.Online and what really makes
Trader.Online who they are today.

Assets & trading platform
Trader.Online Forex Broker is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders alike who can
trade over 200 assets effortlessly on the most straightforward platform. Hence, this can be of
great benefit for newbies who can start trading in a safer way with the help of experts.

The broker provides two trading tools, which are named ‘Forex’ and ‘Simplex’ respectively,
and both consists of different inbuilt features for a smooth trading journey. With both tools,
traders can invest on a variety of assets, ranging from major currency pairs – EUR/USD,
USD/CHF, GBP/USD to major companies stocks, global futures, commodities such as crude
and gold; and the most trending cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Different assets consist of different Leverage Size and traders can easily select their ‘level of
risk’ while they are placing transactions, and trade at their convenience. Leverage size starts
as from 1:25 and can reach up to 1:200. Various trades can be placed and monitored on the
trading platform itself under a section called ‘Open Positions.’

The desktop platform is most recommended and more functional as traders can check live
charts, live news and invest accordingly. However, the mobile platform is also available for
iOS, and Android, allowing anyone to trade any place they want and any hour of the day since
it is based 24/7.

Funding & Withdrawal
Payments and withdrawals are fast and easy, and both can be done with Credit/Debit cards or
Wire Transfer method, anything the trader prefers. To be able to withdraw funds, a trader
needs to submit some documents required by the broker and only a minimum of amount of
$100 can be withdrawn. However, there also involves a withdrawal fee that also needs to be
processed while requesting for withdrawals.

Trader.Online Forex Broker is a reliable broker in the trading industry and that is why it offers
a safe trading experience, it follows strict SSL protocols to protect personal information;

traders identity is protected and secure as the broker has implemented strong algorithms on
its website. Furthermore, it uses segregated accounts to manage funds of clients and those of
the company itself.

Education & Learning
To assist traders in their endeavours, Trader.Online provides online training materials, from
Forex Basics, Technical Indicators, and Market Guard. These sections consist of articles which
can help anyone who wants to trade. Additionally, there is also a news section, aimed at
informing about ongoing news causing an impact on the financial market.
Short videos talking about particular assets, providing through analysis and useful trading tips
are made available to keep clients updates about the financial world and global assets.
Trader.Online also provides a weekly Economic Calendar which can help many who are
looking for events before placing transactions on the trading platform.
Account Types
This broker allows traders to benefit from its features by choosing the right account type,
including ‘Take-Off,’ ‘Booster,’ and ‘Uplift.’ All the three accounts promise a Welcome Bonus,
promotional emails, support service, weekly webinars; and much more, depending on the
kind of account someone chooses.

Support team
The support team is said to be very responsive to all queries and can be contacted by phone,
email or chat. The team operated 24/7 – and can thus be contacted any time. Unfortunately,
the website is available only in English for now, it may provide other languages as well in the

Trade Easily With Trader.Online
Since the forex market is very competitive, brokers need to stand out to be noticed and
chosen by traders. Hence, it is important that brokers differentiate themselves by providing an
excellent service. Here are some of the main features of this broker:

● 24/7 customer care
● Fast payment & withdrawal process
● Informative & Educative materials
● User-friendly trading platform
● Daily news & asset analysis
● No limits on trading & profits
● Safe and Secure platform

Trader.Online is an attractive choice for many traders across the globe who wish to trade a
variety of assets and enjoy profits. With its user-friendly interface, traders of all fields can
discover and work on new strategies to achieve goals.


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Here the main news on criptocurrencies of this week: Bitcoin tempted to reach $9.000, Ripple flash
crash, Tron trying to overcome Ethereum and high profits of Coincheck.

Last week we have made a prediction, riding the rising wave of the Ripple quotation.
We were right partially because at the beginning of the week the quotation of Ripple had returned
above the coveted threshold of $0,90, fully enjoying the euphoria and the enthusiasm of the
Suddenly, in the middle of the week, this euphoria turned off and Ripple listing within a few minutes
fell to $0,59.
The flash crash that has affected the Ripple has long been discussed by traders who have
accused the so-called ‘whales in the market’ and their impressive sales orders. It seems that
investors with a large availability of XRP have sold everything and have decided to do it on the
same day. As it collapsed, however, Ripple listing rose again, returning to April levels (about
We are convinced that, after this flash crash, the cryptocurrency will continue to show all its
vulnerability over the next few days.

The same fate of the Ripple has not certainly touched the Bitcoin that seemed to be returning to
the spotlight finally finding the momentum needed to move closer to $9,000.
That of Bitcoin and there other cryptocurrencies could be defined as resilience as well, which
surprised even the most skeptical, convinced by now of the decline of this kind of currencies.
Several elements may have contributed to the recovery of the listing and among these there is
certainly the end of the season of taxes in the USA.
For some traders, the price of Bitcoin has now reversed. Its listing could even go as high as
$20.000 as early as mid-2018, while it will not be difficult to see a climb of $25.000 by the end of
the current year.

The number of exchange through which trading cryptocurrencies is constantly growing. Among the
currently most famous exchange stands out Coincheck, a Japanese giant that in January was
however the victim of a massive hacker attack costing approximately 500 million NEM tokens.
Despite this, the cryptocurrency exchange has managed to make the Tokyo Stock Exchange in
difficulty in terms of operating profits.
In the period between April 2017 and January 2018, the platform earned 53,2 billion yen, i.e., 490
million dollars. 500 million yen was the profit of the months of February and March only.
Regardless of what will happen, the performance of the exchange registered before the hacker
attack will certainly not be forgotten by the world of cryptocurrencies.
Tron, the platform created by Justin Sun where the protagonist is the cryptocurrency Tronix, has
gone into a new phase of development by launching the test of the network of its native platform
last month. Tron has migrated from its ERC20 platform, making a major blow to Ethereum,
considering that Tron has a large user base on his DApps, which will also migrate from Ethereum
to Tron.
Sun himself clarified his plans for Tron as part of the test launch event, during which he stated that
Tron is no longer the ERC20 token, and will compete with Ethereum as a DApp platform in future.
According to Justin Sun, it was precisely the shortcomings of Ethereum that pushed it towards the
development of Tron's native platform, after using Ethereum in the development of the initial phase
of its cryptocurrency. The blockchain parameters taken into consideration by Sun to develop its
idea were security, transaction costs, scalability, network speed and many others.
Will Tron be able to dominate Ethereum?



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The Bitcoin Cash which attempts to get back, the thud of Ripple following the regulatory requests,
the birth of the European Blockchain Partnership. Here are the news of the moment on the
cryptocurrencies market.

In the background of the continuing volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the Ripple quotation has
returned to losing ground after the regulatory demands formulated by British institutions.
Most traders attribute the cause of the thud of the Ripple quotation observed in this week, to the
requests of a major regulation of the phenomenon. For others, however, the decline represented a
natural and momentary phase of retracement compared to the progress of recent days.
XRP’s head of regulatory relations has asked regulators to strengthen the cryptocurrency
legislation by adopting a similar approach to that of Japan, where legislators have already imposed
on all exchanges to have adequate licenses to operate legally.
For experts, the strange requests of the company have slowed the advance of the quotation of
Ripple, which after having only touched the share of $ 0,70 has returned to $ 0,63.
For a long time, the hypothesis of closer global regulation terrified the cryptocurrency sector and
was identified as one of the main drivers of the crash at the beginning of the year.

Speaking of the decline of cryptocurrencies, 2018 has not been particularly gracious to them. The
market has dealt with the growing concerns related to the regulation of the phenomenon as well as
with the closure of some large companies (Google, Facebook and Twitter) to the advertising
related to them. The fears related to the explosion of the so-called bubble have certainly not helped
the sector, which has finally weighed the season of taxes in the United States.
It is not too late to get back on track because there are many predictions that attest to a return of
Bitcoin Cash around $ 2.000 by May.
From the beginning of the year to today the Bitcoin Cash quotation has followed the same path as
its other major colleagues. After reaching record highs at the end of December, the cryptocurrency
undertook a period of slow decline that brought BCH/USD up to $ 610.
The skeptics, however, remain, because if Bitcoin Cash will reach that goal, then the recovery
would be over 150 percent points within a few weeks and right now the $ 2.000 still appear very

The first European alliance on the blockchain was officially born. Signed on the occasion of the
Digital Day 2018, the partnership will have the objective of promoting the exchange of skills and
experience in technological matters and making fertile the ground for the launch of blockchain
applications at European level, which will affect both the public and private sectors.
There are 22 countries that have joined in a similar alliance and have chosen to get on the
bandwagon of the digital market: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic,
France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland,
Slovenia, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.
Through the European Blockchain Partnership, all the countries will try to pursue greater
cooperation both from a technical and a regulatory point of view. All this, they explained from
Brussels, with the aim of making Europe a leader in the development and in the spread of
blockchain technology.
And technology is the driving force behind cryptocurrencies. Not surprisingly, Bill Gates, co-founder
of Microsoft, expressed this opinion regarding cryptocurrencies: “Bitcoin is a technological tour de



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Soloforex by Soloforex Team - 1y ago

The attention of the traders this week was on the minutes of the most influential central bank of the moment: the Central Bank of Europe and the Federal Reserve.

According to the minutes of the FOMC, the solidity and renewed momentum of economic growth in the United States are increasingly convincing the implementation of a monetary policy of gradual increases of interest rates. Most members of the committee, however, are pushing for a cautious and patient attitude towards interest rates.

As far as inflation is concerned, the FOMC still does not seem to see wage growth, but most of the Committee is convinced that 2% target will still be achieved.

After an initial rise, Wall Street was hit by the deep swings of the Treasury market. US 30-year yield has jumped well over 3,22% while US 10-year yield has jumped on the 4-year highs, over 2,95%. The consequences on the stock market were almost immediate: the Dow Jones turned bearish as well as S & P and Nasdaq.

FOMC minutes have also had an impact on Asian markets, drowned by possible increases in interest rates that could affect the US.

From the ECB minute, on the other hand, very different topics have emerged. First of all, the weakness of the US dollar. ECB members are worried about the fears that US administration is deliberately trying to start currency wars. Everything refers once again to the comments of Steven Mnuchin who, speaking with optimism of the depreciation of the greenback, has caused obvious fluctuations on the foreign exchange market.

Another important issue directly concerned the methods of communication used by the Central Bank and indirectly the inflation of the Eurozone.

For the members of Frankfurt it is still too early to change the current forward guidance and to report the normalization of monetary policy, although the minutes have highlighted the improvement in inflation estimates reaching the target at 2%.

The euro dollar exchange after the publication of the minutes has moved a bit loosing some points.

Despite these statements, a few days after it was published the ZEW confidence sentiment that fell in February. The market mover has indeed gone from the 31,8 of the previous survey to 29,3 share. Analysts had expected a drop in the ZEW index at 28,4.

Here are the market movers of the week from the 26 of February to the 2 of March.

Among the most important events to be monitored on the Economic Calendar certainly the Non Farm Payrolls USA. The periodic survey will raise the veil on the US labor market and will be as usual accompanied by the data on the participation rate and on the unemployment rate.

Among the market movers of the week, always referring to the USA, the attention will be on the GDP and on the surveys on the performance of the real estate market.

Moving to the other side of the ocean, this week will offer important points for discussion. Inflation, price trends and labor market will be analyzed once again.


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