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Thank you for an amazing season!

Another season’s coming to an end and we can safely say there’s been plenty of smiling children and relaxed mums and dads. We’ve monitored your post-holiday surveys and we’re delighted with the number of happy families coming back from resort. Thank you to those who travelled with us and for being a part of a spectacular season.

There were many positive factors to take from the season such as the successful introduction of Chalet Monet in Les Gets to our programme. The chalet is in a fantastic location right in the heart of the charming resort and proved very popular with you throughout the winter.

We also received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 55. The score is calculated by asking guests how likely you are to recommend Ski Famille to a friend or colleague (on a scale of 0 to 10). A score over 50 is considered ‘excellent’. Our score of 55 gives a very strong indication of how highly you viewed us as a tour operator and family skiing specialist. The score is a testament to the hard work of our team who aim to ensure each family that travels with us receives the best possible service. Our aim for next season is to beat this!

If you’d like to read what our guests had to say, you can find their Feefo reviews here. We’ve quoted some of our previous guests below:

“Everything from customer service in advance of the trip, through to the transfer and welcome at the chalet, and the week we enjoyed with our fantastic host and chef was really well done. All the staff couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming. It was a super week and we’d recommend SkiFamille anytime.” Anynomous, Chalet Petit Mouflon, March 2019

“From start to finish we couldn’t fault Ski Famille. Perfect ski holiday with excellent staff from booking through to childcare and our chalet team. We 100% plan to book again for 2020, so good it’s not worth trying to find anything better for us.” Anonymous, Chalet Aigle, February 2019

“Fabulous service from booking and throughout the holiday. Great attention to detail, great staff with every interaction. Made for a very enjoyable and easy holiday :)” Whittle Family, Chalet Bacall, March 2019

“Expert staff who bend over backwards to make everything smooth and easy. Great chalet, great food and wine. Ski area is great and varied. Have been a few times and it’s always great with Ski Famille.” Rodmell Family, Chalet Bogart, February 2019

“The whole Ski Famille ‘family’ made our first family ski experience a fabulous one. We were given guidance from the booking experience right through to the service at the airport as we flew home. Would thoroughly recommend them. The childcare facility was perfect for two of my children (age 6 and 10) and they were very thoughtful with my daughter (14) who wanted to be a ‘child’ sometimes even though she was classified as an adult. The staff at the resort were great fun but always very professional. We are saving up for our second ski holiday!” Anonymous, Chalet Katie 2, March 2019

“It was our first time with Ski Famille, and we stayed at Chalet Nicole in La Plagne. It was our first proper holiday as a family of 4 (boys are 4 and 22 months) and we had an amazing time. Childcare was nothing short of excellent, our 4 year old was skiing on the slopes by day 5, chalet food was superb, chalet staff couldn’t have been more helpful. 5 stars well deserved. And we have just booked next years trip with Ski Famille! Highly recommended. Don’t think – book your trip now as they get booked up!” Anonymous, Chalet Nicole, March 2019

“Everyone at Ski Famille went above and beyond to make our holiday extra special, from the reps at the airport to the chalet maids with their friendly service and amazing food! I would definitely book with them again and recommend them whole heartedly!” Townsend Family, Chalet Petit Mouflon, January 2019

Now onto the next one…

Next winter will mark our 30th season as family skiing experts. With the bar set so high, the 2018-2019 season is going to prove hard to top. However, we do love a challenge.

Despite a very successful season, we’ll continue to tweak, fine-tune and improve our chalets and programme for 2019-2020. We’ve already increased our flight options. New for next season are flights from Aberdeen, Belfast and Jersey to Les Gets. Who knows, there could even be a new chalet on its way!

As skiing parents ourselves, we know how valuable our in-chalet childcare is to families and so too is our full-service cuisine on six days a week (seven for children). For this reason, we’ll retain our childcare and cuisine for next winter.

With 34 weeks to go until next season kicks off (not that we’re counting!), you can make the most of our early booking discounts. For a limited time only, most early booking 2019-20 Preview prices are the same or lower than the 2018-19 season.

Book early through our Preview Brochure to secure:

  1. Your favourite resort
  2. Your first choice of chalet
  3. The best room for your family
  4. Special Preview pricing discounts (most prices frozen or lower!)
  5. Savings of £50 per child when you combine Ski Mountain Marmots and Monty’s Afternoon Club childcare

We are also offering free and reduced prices for children on specific weeks.

Peak weeks such as the school holidays are already proving popular so early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. This is particularly important for large bookings such as multiple families planning to travel together.

  • View our 2019-20 Preview brochure here
  • View our 2019-20 Pricing here

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Travelled to: Chalet Nicole in Plagne 1800 on 30th March.

Hi! I’m Michayla. As part of the Ski Famille sales team based in the UK, I jumped at the chance for my first trip to resort with my partner Matt and two children, Cameron (8) and Harriet (1), to see our programme in action.

Having children of different ages, I was keen to put our Mini Marmots, Mountain Marmots and Monty’s Afternoon Club to the test at our largest chalet (sleeping 30) – Chalet Nicole in Plagne 1800.


We chose to use the inclusive Eurotunnel Flexi Plus pass. This option gives the freedom to turn up at any time, join a dedicated queue and board the next available train (it also means you can pack as much as you like!). On top of this you get access to the Flexi Plus lounge where you will find complimentary refreshments which is a bonus with children in tow.


We were welcomed just before 9am on the first morning by our nanny, Kirstin, who was looking after Harriet for the week. Harriet’s an easygoing little girl (though unpredictable like any other young child) and took to her straight away. I think the large selection of toys and books in the chalet’s playroom also helped! She was happily waving us off with a ‘bye’ for the rest of the week. Kirstin also texted us a couple of times in the week to let us know Harriet was having a great time in childcare which I thought was a really nice touch.

It was a welcoming change to have staff available to help from 9am; it made the week so much easier not having to walk the children anywhere ourselves. As parents, none of us really enjoy the manic ‘morning rush’ back at home, so it was nice to escape from this each day!

Cameron was a beginner skier and like any other parent, I was apprehensive to send him off for his first ever lesson. Two members of childcare staff turned up just before 9am to take all the children to the meeting point and quickly put my mind at ease with an invitation to join them on the five minute walk. I needn’t have worried; the instructors updated the staff every day on each child’s progress and by the end of the week he received his badge and can’t wait to return next year when he gets to use ski poles!

After lessons, Cameron went back to the chalet for a supervised lunch and to join the afternoon club. The staff were brilliant at keeping them occupied with different activities every day. From tower making, quizzes, going out for a snowball fight, sledging, ice skating, snow painting, going up the mountain for a hot chocolate – the list was endless and I was genuinely so impressed with the effort they made for each day to be different. As adults, it was an unfamiliar but enjoyable situation to spend a week virtually child-free!

Chalet Meals

We were really looking forward to having the Ski Famille chefs cook for us for the week and it definitely didn’t disappoint. From sage and prosciutto pork with dauphinoise potatoes to Thai grilled chicken and our favourite; raclette night! Every evening started with prosecco and delicious canapés and ended with a lovely dessert to complement the dinner. I couldn’t fault a thing!

On the staff day off (Wednesday), we went to a local restaurant in the resort (a short walk away) called ‘La Cantine’. It was recommended by a member of staff and was just right for us with pizza or pasta for the children and a nice choice of options for the adults.

Plagne 1800

This was a new resort to us and one I will definitely return to but also highly recommend to families. Everything we needed was within walking distance of our chalet (the same applies for Chalet Delphine on the opposite side of the road) whether it be a restaurant or shop and the ski area itself is huge. There are lots of wide blue runs for beginners and dedicated areas for children but also plenty of red and black slopes for those looking for more of a challenge – I don’t think we even covered half of the ski area!

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One of the best parts of having children is seeing the world again, for the first time. It sounds trite, but every parent that watches that first encounter with a new thing – a puppy, a rabbit, a swing set – knows the feeling. The little face lights up, the eyes widen in wonder, and, if our experience is anything to go by, the parent’s heart wells over with joy.

Travel is an opportunity to experience dozens of great new family moments, but not all of those experiences will be full of wonder and joy. Travelling with children can be fun, but it brings with it challenges, for parents and children, that can take the peaks off of the highs, and pull the lows even lower.

Not to worry though, with a little preparation, mental and otherwise, you can set you and your loved ones up for a successful, manageable holiday – complete with all of the cherished highs (and the occasional lows) that come with family travel. These tips can help.

Mental Preparation and Anticipation

You’ve been on a lot of holidays in your time, and you know what to expect. Your children probably don’t, especially if they are very young. Last year’s holiday might even have faded from their memories already, so helping your child to know what kind of experiences are coming up can do a lot of good for keeping anxiety levels lower and increasing confidence.

Get your children into a skiing holiday mindset by stimulating their imagination. Your child should hopefully absorb information in a controlled and enjoyable setting, similar to playing with dolls or Lego. As the parent, you can have certain goals in mind; the children can just have fun.

Learn a bit about the Destination

Are you going to a new country? A colder climate? Work information about the resort it into the play. Build an area you might see, have some characters who speak a new language, and see where it goes. You don’t need to be strict or even overly realistic. Children are wired to mimic parents and older siblings, so a lot of valuable information will get picked up in subtle ways. Above all, the play will ease anxiety, and confidence will increase.

Talk About What to Expect

Will you be flying or using our Eurotunnel Flexi ticket option (self-drive)? Let children know what’s coming and, even if they don’t have the experience to picture it very accurately, they’ll at least know that you are in control and knew what to expect. ‘See, there are the mountains we talked about!’ can be more than just pointing out a beautiful scene; it can also signal to a child that all is as it should be, even if strange and new to them.

Children are largely powerless, but they’re used to that. What gives them confidence is the knowledge that a trusted adult is on hand and taking care of the things they don’t yet understand. You’re a superhero to them, and they think you can handle anything – especially if you show them your own confidence. Anxiety is exhausting, so this general atmosphere of relaxed confidence means a longer day of fun, and more energy to roll with things that don’t go quite as planned. Our travel section has more information on your options to get to and from resort.

Plan for Mishaps

Losing track of a child near home would be stressful enough, but the same situation while on holiday can mean more complications and heightened fear on the part of parents and children. It needn’t be anything criminal, either – a harmless fall by a parent can mean a little one skis off down a slope unaware that their supervisor is no longer right behind them. Similarly, if you’re a little ahead of a child who falls or takes a different turn, separation can occur. Unless your child knows how to contact you, and where to go for help, a short-but-scary mishap can get drawn out. The solution is to plan ahead.

Arrange for a roaming plan on your phone, even if you don’t intend to use it. Teach your child your phone number, if they don’t already know it, and role-play how they could ask someone for the use of a phone. Make sure they also know how to decide on someone to ask for help. A family with children is usually a good bet, as they will understand what kind of panic the parent will be experiencing, and will have some experience comforting frightened children too.

Singing your phone number to a familiar tune, like London Bridge is Falling Down, or Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is a great way to make this activity fun and to make sure the numbers stick in the memory. If they’re old enough, knowing how to write it down is good too. Finally, make sure they know where to find the information, in case they are too stressed or upset to remember or speak – pointing to a tag on a coat or belt might be more manageable than talking to a stranger. The world is a very big place to such a little person.

The Result

The result of this mental preparation will be lower anxiety. Since anxiety can be taxing and exhausting, minimising it means that the child will have more energy for travel, will maintain a more positive attitude, and will better be able to deal with the normal inconveniences and novelties of staying far from home.

Packing the Right Things (and leaving the other ones behind)

Bringing everything you can think of may seem like a good idea at first, but the personal exhaustion of hauling around masses of extra luggage will quickly drain you of energy and positive attitude. Choosing the right things to take and to leave behind is a key part of minimising effort while still preparing for general needs and possible crises.

Here are a few categories to consider.

Safety and Practicality

Clothing should be versatile and comfortable and not prone to wrinkling. Pack extra thermal underwear, comfortable clothing for resting in the evening and comfy shoes for travel and relaxation – those little feet will need it after the first day in ski boots.

We’d also suggest you don’t wear belts for the flight, to avoid everyone having to remove and replace them amid the rush and crowd of the security check area.

The time of year – and luck of the draw –  can make a big difference on what kind of weather you’ll be facing. As well as the cold weather clothing (warm coats, mittens, hats, thick socks), you might want to include lighter jackets, sunglasses and sun cream for ‘bluebird (sunny) days. Even on warmer days, though, the wind can be very cold on lifts and higher up the peaks; better to have a warmer coat with a zipper lowered than to be cold and unable to do anything about it! Mittens are warmer than gloves, and neck tubes are less risky than long scarves that might get tangled in lifts or branches.

Bring extra underwear and socks, but in most cases après-ski jeans can be worn more than once, so there’s no point in taking up too much space with spares.

Winter sun can burn too, especially at higher elevations, so pack sunscreen and make sure everyone uses it properly. Dark sunglasses or tinted goggles are also a good idea.

There’s a travellers’ saying: ‘Bring half as much stuff as you think you’ll need… and twice the money.’ You don’t have to take these words at face value, but understand the spirit of them: if you need anything in case of emergency – major spills at a mealtime, plasters, cough medicine – all of what you need will be available from local shops. Our chalets do come with toiletries for the family, but if you require more all our resorts have nearby shops that’ll supply further bathroom items, so consider leaving those at home too.

Do, however, bring water bottles (empty ones if you’re flying) and snack containers (great for travel and once on the slopes).

Comfort and Fun

Items for comfort don’t have to be big. Snacks, a blanket and a small pillow can make a massive difference to the comfort of a trip. Add to this a little treat, like a favourite game on a phone or tablet, and the hours travelling will go by much more quickly – for all of you.

Video subscription services like Netflix now offer downloadable videos as well, so you don’t need to pay for expensive access or use up your mobile data. Choose some favourites before the trip, download to the device and a few hours of handy backup entertainment is at your fingertips. For little ones, familiar and reassuring choices are better than new ones.

Banish boredom – A little screen time won’t detract from the hours of great outdoor fun they’ll have once you get to the resort; it might even facilitate them.

The Night Before

Last minute rushing is a killer of enthusiasm and a harbinger of anxiety and frustration. Give yourself the gift of a positive start to your holiday: Organise the luggage the night before you leave. If your car is in a garage or safe place, you might want to load it the night before. If not, then load up the hallway, each item ready to be rolled out into the taxi or car, quick and easy with no fuss.

Perhaps most importantly, get a good night’s rest. You’ll be excited, as will your family, and you may have some last-minute things to get sorted, but as much as possible, get an early night.

The Morning Of

Add an early morning to that early night, and you’ll thank yourself for it. Be the first one up, take a moment for a cup of something warm, and prepare yourself for the day. You’ll be the one holding things together through the rush and stress of travelling to the final destination, so give yourself the best chance at keeping calm and reassuring – even in the face of delays, close connections, and other inconveniences of travel.

Have a satisfying, simple breakfast ready, so you won’t be adding hunger to the mix. If it’s quick and easy to clean up, that’s even better.

Leave for the airport early, check in as soon as you can, and have a relaxing meal or snack before boarding. Rush kills calm, and calm is what you want, so leave plenty of time for everything you need to do.

Security Checks

One adult should be responsible for the whole families’ passports – and if there’s a choice, you probably know already which adult this should be – so you can hand them all to the proper personnel when the time comes, and collect them all afterwards. Quick and simple.

Settling into the Chalet

Designate beds in the children’s room first so children have a sense of their own space right from the beginning. Let them explore the room or take a minute to rest – whichever suits the particular child. Some time for them to get familiar with their new surroundings will mean a better night’s sleep for everyone.

Unpack first. Set up toiletries, hang your coats, stow your footwear, and place other items in drawers. Living out of your suitcase may be most convenient at first, but it gives a sense of transience and disorganisation – and children are used to permanence and to things having a certain place. For a child, having his or her own drawer is a special thing, and can change overwhelming strangeness into a fun adventure. Even seeing the mysterious bottles and sprays grown-ups use will have a calming effect on little ones; you’d be surprised what they notice. These little things have big impacts.

Your temporary home base should be secure and familiar. Once you’re settled into the room, work your way outward. Explore the chalet next and ask our friendly and passionate chalet team if you have any questions. The focus can shift on the following day to the slopes, learning to ski, and having even more fun and adventure.

The chalet will be home for your stay, and returning to it should be a reassuring and restful experience for you and your children.

Schedule Your Ski Time

Schedules may seem too much like regular life to include on a holiday, but our advice is to allow a little of it, as this will reduce stress and increase relaxation and enjoyment for the whole family – and that’s the core of what holidaying should be about.

Schedule a Meet-up

Designate a meeting place, a central spot where everyone can meet up if you get separated. If your children are old enough to ski on their own, designate a time for you all to meet up. The best places are the ones with a seating area and that serve snacks or hot drinks. You might be waiting for some of the group to finish a run, or realise they’ve lost track of time – waiting is easier when there’s something on hand to do.

Rather than pin-point a time, it is usually best to agree on something like ‘Be at this coffee shop, between 11:00 and 11:30.’ That way, you won’t be panicked if some of the group are a little late. It can be difficult to gauge the passage of time when fitting in runs, not to mention losing track of time altogether. Setting alarms on watches or phones is a handy trick too.

Pace Your Family

Don’t overdo it the first day. In fact, don’t overdo it at all. You may know how to pace yourself, but your children won’t, and the last thing you want is for them to cry that they don’t want to ski the second day!

A couple of hours on the slopes is enough for your first session. Do that, then take a long, unrushed break to talk about it, laugh about falls and mishaps, and imagine new challenges and memories to come. If you can do a little stretching during this time, that can’t hurt either. When you’re ready, hit the slopes for another couple of hours and repeat the process.

Half an hour in the room in the middle of the day may be difficult to prioritise, but it can be telling. Often children will be running on the high of new experiences, and exhaustion can creep up beneath the surface and later explode. If, after a half an hour of quiet time, everyone is still awake, then feel free to head back out to the slopes. If little eyelids close, however, let them catch a good nap and then head out when they wake up. We suggest music or a podcast rather than TV, as it allows children to close their eyes and not feel as if they’re missing anything. TV and movies can keep them straining to stay awake, and can mask the signs that they need a short sleep to refuel.

Even active kids will be using neglected muscle groups when skiing, much more than they normally would. Avoid soreness and injury by easing into things, stretching and resting at regular intervals. Find time to make use of your chalet hot tub to help with any aches.

Children Need Processing Time

The world is a lot to take in, and a new place, sightseeing and riding lifts amid crowds and unfamiliar machinery. Add to that the pressure of learning to ski (possibly under the watchful eyes of family members). It can be a lot for a child or young person to process. Make sure you set aside time for resting.

It can be in the room, the chalet playroom or games room. As long as it is a normal activity, something relaxing or familiar, that will allow some confident play in secure surroundings. A little TV in the evening is not a bad idea either (or make use of the cinema rooms in our chalets in Les Bruyeres, 3 Valleys). Limit it, sure, but don’t feel the need to ban it.

Remember the overall principle: mix in the familiar with the unfamiliar, and you’ll help your children to feel secure and safe in their new environment.

Parents Need Downtime Too

So far, most of what we’ve covered is what parents can do for the children to get what they need, but that’s only half of the story. You need to relax too and we therefore recommend making the most of our childcare and babysitting service.

Babysitting Service

Our babysitting service is available 6 nights a week across all of our chalets, allowing you to explore the local après ski scene or simply taking a break from the parenting role. Babysitting is available at 12€/hour/carer and can be arranged through your Resort Manager.

Alternatively, you could take turns looking after your child or children.

Take Shifts – and Treat Yourself

Set aside some time for one adult to take charge. Enjoy some ‘me time’ by having a massage in your chalet through Massage Me or by simply enjoying a long nap. Dive into that novel you’ve been meaning to read. Wander the village market or mall, and linger over a cuppa. Whatever it is that means ‘relaxation’ to you, do it. Recharge.

If you’re the only adult on the trip, it’s going to be difficult to do this and we’d highly recommend the babysitting service option. If you choose not to, then do your best to adjust this advice to suit. Let the kids watch a movie while you take a long bath, or enjoy a hot drink and a snack while they run around a play area, or take a ski lesson. If they’re old enough, you might want to step out for a run or two on your own.

Whether you’re responsible on your own, or part of a team, don’t burn the candle at both ends and wind up having a meltdown of your own. The refreshed adult that returns to your children will be a lot more fun than the version of you that is tired, tapped out, and ready to break.

The Trip Home

With the mountains conquered, the goals reached, the faces..

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We’re in the midst of the season’s best powder, with no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. All of our resorts are expecting heavy dumps of snow this week and next with a mammoth 49cm expected next Friday in Les Menuires (near our Les Bruyeres and Reberty 2000 chalets in the Three Valleys).

Les Gets Snow Forecast – 7th-17 March:

La Plagne Snow Forecast – 7th-17th March:

Les Bruyeres and Reberty 2000 Snow Forecast – 7th-17th March:

With next week’s heavy snow, we couldn’t think of a better time to take advantage of our family skiing offers. Don’t delay – we have just one room left for this week and next in Chalet Katie 1 in Reberty 2000 (3 Valleys).

On 9th March, Room 1 in Chalet Katie 1 (Reberty 2000, 3 Valleys) is on offer for £1999 for a family of 4 or £2199 for a family of 5. Includes flights and transfers or Eurotunnel flexi ticket and 6 days catering (7 for children). Offer here!

Or on 16th March, Room 2 in Chalet Katie 1 is on offer for £2099 for a family of 2. Includes Eurotunnel flexi ticket and 6 days catering (7 for children).

Chalet Katie 1 Exterior

If you’re not as spontaneous, we do have some great value deals towards the end of the month. Make the most of great snow and even better savings! We’ve used our family of 4 offers in this article however we do have deals for families of 2, 3 and 5. See our full offers page here for a more detailed breakdown or ask our friendly and knowledgeable team on 01252 365 495.

On 23rd March, Rooms 2 and 3 in Chalet Grand Mouflon (Les Gets) are on offer for £2499 for a family of 4. Includes flights and transfers or Eurotunnel flexi ticket and 6 days catering (7 for children). Offer here!

Also on 23rd March, Rooms 3 and 4 in Chalet Eva (Reberty 2000, 3 Valleys) are on offer for £2799 for a family of 4. Includes flights and transfers or Eurotunnel flexi ticket and 6 days catering (7 for children). Offer here!

Our final 23rd March offer is Room 2 in Chalet Katie 1 (Reberty 2000, 3 Valleys) for £1499 for a family of 2. Includes flights and transfers or Eurotunnel flexi ticket and 6 days catering (7 for children). Offer here!

30th March:

Enjoy large savings when taking advantage of our further reduced 30th March offers. Some of our largest savings on this date include:

30th MarchChalet Bacall for £1999 for a family of 4. Includes flights and transfers or Eurotunnel flexi ticket and 6 days catering (7 for children). Offer here!

30th MarchChalet Nicole for £2999 for a family of 4. Includes flights and transfers or Eurotunnel flexi ticket and 6 days catering (7 for children). Offer here!
Further offer – Paradiski adult lift pass for price of child lift pass.

30th MarchChalet Aigle for £3799 for a family of 4. Includes flights and transfers or Eurotunnel flexi ticket and 6 days catering (7 for children). Offer here!

We look forward to seeing you in the mountains!

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We are delighted to win the Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award 2019! Feefo is a platform that enables guests to review our family skiing holidays. The award is a sign of our excellent service and the many fantastic reviews you have kindly written for us. Thank you to all guests for their fantastic reviews!

What is the Trusted Service Award?

Every year Feefo honour their highest performing businesses with the Trusted Service award. Only the best of the best who’ve shown outstanding levels of quality and service throughout the year will qualify for Trusted Service award. The award is a recognised symbol of trust – helping you click with confidence. To quote Feefo’s words:

“Only the businesses providing the best experience for their customers, as rated by them, make the grade.”

We are delighted to have met these outstanding levels of quality and excellence in service!

How did Ski Famille Qualify for the Trusted Service 2019?

To qualify, we had to achieve a Feefo service rating of over 4 stars (out of 5) as well as reaching over 50 reviews. Our current Feefo average rating is 4.8! This is a testament to the hard work of our team in the UK and in our French resorts. We aim to ensure each family that travels with us receives the best service possible.

Thank you to those who have reviewed us and we’re delighted so many of you had a great Ski Famille holiday!

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This winter has been a season of great snow, plenty of sunshine and many happy families. We can confidently say it’s been a successful one so far and long may it continue!

The local tourist boards have been capturing stunning photos, and so too have our guests and our friendly (and passionate) resort team. With the fantastic conditions in all our resorts, capturing impressive photos has been a lot easier. Here are our favourites from each resort:

Les Gets

© Mel Carle / OT Les Gets

© Mel Carle / OT Les Gets

© Mel Carle / OT Les Gets

La Plagne Les Bruyeres (3 Valleys) Reberty 2000 (3 Valleys)

If the fantastic conditions and beautiful photos have got you in the mood for a family ski holiday, our friendly and knowledgeable team would be delighted to help guide you through your options. Give Jack, Michayla, Angela and Sheila a call on 01252 365 495.

If you’ve already had your winter fix and would like to see your holiday photos on our Facebook and Instagram channels, please send them to holidays@skifamille.co.uk. We’d love to use your photos!

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Here at Ski Famille, one thing we are very proud of is our renowned in-chalet childcare. For any of you who are new to the Ski Famille programme and wondering what we mean by this phrase, we are here to clarify and – more importantly – explain why it works so well!

Chalet Eva Playroom

Forget the Early Morning Snowy Trudge to a Centralised Creche!

As part of our À La Carte childcare, our childcare team join your children in the comfort of your chalet’s dedicated and well-stocked playroom. Your children will make full use of your chalet’s playroom facilities, however they will not be confined to the playroom alone; our childcare team encourage outdoor play too!

Week after week, we receive rave reviews from you on this concept. Many of the comments praise the ‘relaxed home-from-home atmosphere’ that this unique approach creates and how it puts both parents and children immediately at ease. Besides that, there’s no snowy trudge to a centralised crèche in the morning, allowing you to be among the first to experience the fresh, untouched powder!

Around a third of our child guests are three or under, and we are proud to offer our Mini Marmots all-day childcare (six days a week) to children aged four months to four years. Our caring and enthusiastic nannies provide safe, stimulating fun in and around your chalet from nine to five in the evening (including a break for a supervised lunch). Available for £399 per child per week.

Chalet Aigle Playroom

All 16 of our chalets receive superb feedback on their playrooms, but Chalet Nicole in particular is a hit with many families. Here’s what some of our previous guests have written about their experience:

– Fantastic set up in chalet Nicole with the playroom next to the social area. The Nannys were all excellent. Say Family, January 2018, Chalet Nicole
– The Nannies were absolutely brilliant and I loved how much the children got out and about – perfect for my very active 2 year old. My 6 year old had a morning with the Nannies in the playroom and she had a fantastic time too. Sawle Family, February 2018, Chalet Nicole
– Feeling sad to be home after an amazing week in Chalet Nicole. Similar to most parents we were concerned about the childcare but we needn’t have worried: our kids seemed to love every minute and had so much fun with the nannies and in the playroom that they were delighted to ditch us at the earliest opportunity. Embrey Family, February 2017, Chalet Nicole

Chalet Nicole Playroom

New and Improved Playrooms
Chalet Monet:

We are always on the lookout for new chalets and ways to upgrade our existing properties.

This season has seen us take on a new chalet in Les Gets. Sleeping up to 22, Chalet Monet sits in the heart of Les Gets and has a bright, spacious playroom amongst other family-friendly amenities such as family suites, a large living room, a large hot tub on the terrace, and a sauna for aprés-ski recuperation.

Many Chalet Monet guests have commented on the exceptional childcare, with comments such as:

– The service from the childcare team was exceptional and a real asset for the company. A special mention to Maddie, Eileen, Chris and Hannah. Their care, attention and enthusiasm were evident and I felt my children were in great hands.” Peters Family, January 2019, Chalet Monet
– Friendly, helpful and competent too. Huskinson Family, February 2019, Chalet Monet
– Friendly and accommodating. Pierce Family, January 2019, Chalet Monet
– Loving and caring. Extremely professional. Woolf Family, January 2019, Chalet Monet
– Wonderful team. Very dedicated and professional. McVay Family, January 2019, Chalet Monet
– The childcare team were amazing. Wan Family, February 2019, Chalet Monet

Spacious, New Chalet Monet

Chalet Katie 1 and Chalet Katie 2:

This season we have introduced a new, extended playroom in chalets Katie 1 and Katie 2. The chalets sit next to each other and are right by the famous Three Valleys pistes in Reberty 2000. The chalets are all about location; they are perfect for those who love their skiing with instant access to both the slopes and ski school meeting point. It’s not just the snowy trudge to a centralised creche that you don’t need to worry about, you can also forget about carrying your bulky skis up to the slopes in stiff ski boots!

Chalets Katie 1 and Katie 2 now have a large playroom that spans across most of the shared ground floor. For any ‘Ski Famille regulars’, you may remember this is where the shared indoor hot tub once was. All our other chalets have outdoor hot tubs (often with beautiful views too), and due to the fantastic feedback we’ve received, we’ve chosen to give both Chalet Katie 1 and Katie 2 their own individual hot tubs outside on their sunny terraces. This has also created more space on the ground level, allowing us to expand this shared playroom area.

Here’s what some of our guests wrote in their reviews:

– Ski Famille was the best childcare we have experienced. Lovely playroom, not overcrowded and with lots of natural light. Anna Wyse, December 2018, Chalet Katie 1
– Loved the light, bright playroom. Meghan and Leonie were fantastic. Caroline Harvey, January 2019, Chalet Katie 1
– Great company for travelling with children, very accommodating and chilled out about frantic kids running around the house. Having the playroom in the chalet was very convenient. Sergiusz Bleja, March 2018, Chalet Katie 2

Chalet Katie 1 & 2 Playroom

Chalet Marjorie:

Two seasons ago we refurbished and redesigned many of the communal areas in Chalet Marjorie (Les Gets). The playroom was expanded and so too was the stylish dining area that now leads onto a stunning terrace with its own hot tub.

Since the redesign, many guests have commented on how well the chalet layout works for families. Returning guests to Chalet Marjorie have echoed this, particularly highlighting the improved playroom and spacious dining area.

– Chalet Marjorie was really well set up for children. Plenty of space and perfect playroom. Bennett Family, February 2019, Chalet Marjorie

Children Marjorie Playroom

Chalet Aigrette and Chalet Corbeau:

Two seasons ago, we acquired two new luxury chalets in a new resort. We welcomed Chalet Aigrette and Corbeau in Les Bruyeres (3 Valleys) to our ever-growing programme. The two chalets are virtually mirror images of one another and became part of our new ‘Premier Select Plus’ category. Since then we’ve brought in two more new Les Bruyeres chalets – also in this category – Chalet Aigle and Faucon. All of our Les Bruyeres chalets are close to the slopes, with Aigle and Faucon being completely ski-in-ski-out!

Aigrette and Corbeau took to our programme brilliantly; receiving excellent feedback during their debut season and well-worthy of their Premier Select Plus chalet class. Having said that, we were never satisfied; even if our guests were! Over the summer months that followed, we were constantly striving to find new, exciting ways to improve the chalets (as we always are!). Following a process of thoroughly scrutinising the two chalets, we decided to move their individual playrooms onto each chalet’s ground floor. Situated just off each kitchen, children booked into childcare were closer to their supervised lunch and didn’t have any stairs to manage during the day. Since moving these playrooms they’ve been even more safe, convenient, and well-located!

Below are some fabulous reviews from our previous guests in the two chalets:

– This is our third holiday with Ski Famille and once again I cannot fault the nannies. Such kind and professional people who cared for our children very well. The children were all happy and very much enjoyed their time with them. They gave us no worries and made us feel like we could get on with enjoying full days skiing without compromising the children. I cannot praise them enough. James Family, January 2019, Chalet Corbeau
– Really pleased overall & loved the number of outdoor activities my daughter did. Milner Family, January 2019, Chalet Corbeau
– Childcare was great, felt comfortable leaving my kids with the nannies. Feltham Family, February 2019, Chalet Aigrette
– We had 3 babies in our chalet and 3 nannies – perfect peace of mind. Allen Family, January 2019, Chalet Aigrette

Chalet Aigrette Interior

Whichever chalet you choose to stay in, we are confident little ones will love their playroom and mountain experiences. You can ski in the knowledge that your children are safe and happy in the hands of our passionate childcare team.

If you have any questions relating to our chalet playrooms, childcare, or anything else, our friendly team are on hand to help. Call Jack, Michayla, Angela or Sheila on 01252 365 495.

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Those of you who are Ski Famille regulars, or who frequently follow our social media and email newsletters, may have seen us refer to our chalets as being in “superb locations”. But what exactly do we mean and why do we think the locations are so great?

One reason that our 16 chalets are so perfect for families is the easy access to the slopes, ski school and other amenities. Forget about you and your children having to carry bulky skis up to the slopes in stiff ski boots, and leave more time for actually skiing!

Many families face a dilemma – would you rather be in the heart of the resort and therefore close to the local shops and amenities (Chalet Monet, Marjorie, Bacall and Bogart in Les Gets), or would you prefer to be slightly out of resort but benefit from spectacular mountainside views (Chalet Petit Mouflon, Grand Mouflon and Chats Bleus in Les Gets)?

For those who want both, we have a few chalets in smaller satellite-resorts that offer breathtaking views but still close to the hamlet’s selection of shops and restaurants, such as Chalet Nicole and Delphine in Plagne 1800; Chalet Faucon, Aigle, Aigrette, Corbeau in Les Bruyeres (3 Valleys); Chalet Eva, Katie 1 and Katie 2 in Reberty 2000 (3 Valleys).

Whichever chalet you choose, all of our chalets are less than a 5-minute walk to the nearest chair lift or pistes.

For families who just love a breathtaking view, you can’t beat the following chalets:

1. Chalet Aigle

Ski-in-ski-out Chalet Aigle (in Les Bruyeres) is found right beside the piste of the Three Valleys. Aigle’s large full height windows spans from its living area up to its mezzanine and offers truly stunning views of the pistes beneath. Beyond the living area is a spacious terrace where you will find Aigle’s outdoor hot tub. If the hot tub’s bubbles aren’t enough, how about enjoying a glass of fizz while soaking in (pun intended!) the fantastic views?

On a sunny day, Aigle’s views are hard to beat, but perhaps the sunrises and sunsets from Aigle’s windows and terrace are equally impressive? After sunset, you’ll experience a beautiful skyline of nearby La Croisette slightly further down the mountain.

2. Chalet Faucon

Next door to Chalet Aigle is another one of our luxurious Premier Select Plus chalets – Chalet Faucon. The views from Chalet Faucon are very similar to Chalet Aigle as the two chalets are a stone’s throw (or snow throw) away from each other. However, with Chalet Aigle being right on the piste and Faucon tucket in a couple of metres from the piste, we’ve decided to give top spot to Aigle with Faucon being a close second. Despite this, Chalet Faucon is still ski-in-ski-out being just 10 metres (approx) from the pistes. You can still enjoy lovely piste-side views from Faucon’s terrace, kitchen and mezzanine through the chalet’s full-height windows.

Chalet Aigle on the left and Faucon on the right

3. Chalet Katie 1, Chalet Katie 2 and Chalet Eva

Reberty 2000 is simply beautiful on a sunny day. Thankfully, it gets sunny ‘bluebird’ days pretty regularly! At 2000 metres, the resort is high in altitude and therefore snow-sure too.

Our three chalets in Reberty 2000 – Chalet Katie 1, Chalet Katie 2 and Chalet Eva – are metres from one another (with Katie 1 and 2 being part of the same building) and therefore offer the same spectacular views.

4. Chalet Chats Bleus

Chats Bleus is found in a peaceful, elevated position in Les Gets; contributing to the stunning views on offer! Each room has its own fantastic views looking down into the village and Mont Chery on the far side. However, the very best views come from Chats Bleus’ top floor communal area. With a cosy living space and a balcony on its top floor, you can take advantage of the magical views overlooking Les Gets.

5. Chalet Nicole

Chalet Nicole in Plagne 1800 is our largest chalet sleeping up to 30. The rooms on the higher levels offer great views of the nearby slopes, with family suite Room 8, in particular, offering the very best views. The spacious family suite is on the top floor of the chalet and has its own living area that looks out to the slopes.

6. Chalet Aigrette and Corbeau

Our fifth favourite view comes from Chalets Aigrette and Corbeau in Les Bruyeres (3 Valleys). These two chalets sit side by side each other, and on a sunny day (often midday to early-afternoon), you’ll find the views from both of these chalets to be terrific. Each of the chalets has its own spacious terraces with individual outdoor hot tubs and spectacular views. In our opinion, the bedrooms with the best views are Room 1 (sleeping two), Room 2 (sleeping two) and Room 6 (sleeping up to five). Room 1 and 2 offer great views from their bedroom windows and shared balcony, while family suite Room 6 on the top floor offers beautiful views from the adults’ bedroom.

If the chalet you had in mind has not made the list – fear not! We do have many other chalets that offer fantastic views.

Some of our chalets that don’t offer these stunning views make up for it by being close to the local amenities. Chalet Monet, Marjorie, Bacall and Bogart are all in the heart of Les Gets and therefore near the resort’s ice rink, restaurants, cinema and more!

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The Best Family Resorts for Skiing at Easter

The benefits of skiing at Easter are easy to spot: the weather is usually warmer, the sun brighter, days longer, and there is never a shortage of excellent Easter-themed treats on offer.

But there’s more to a great Easter ski holiday than the dates; picking the right resort for you and your family is key.

We can help.

What Makes a Good Family Resort for Easter Skiing?

No resort is going to be ‘bad.’ Mix skiing and time off and family bonding and you’re going to have an excellent time. But to really get the best value out of your time away, consider these important factors.


The best setting and facilities for family holidaying is a chalet. They are catered on 6 days a week (7 for children), so you don’t need to worry about shopping, cooking, or even cleaning up. Families tend to love the concept of family suites (a bedroom for adults, bedroom for children and a bathroom all behind one door). Away from the family suites, you share the beautiful common areas with another family or two who are also there to ski. Or if your group is big enough, you can enjoy the whole chalet to yourselves!

You’ll find cosy amenities in our properties such as deck chairs on the chalet’s sunny terraces, outdoor hot tubs and indoor fireplaces. All our chalets provide in-chalet childcare too, meaning you don’t have to hustle your tiny ones off to an outside facility. That’s more comfortable for them, and better for you too.

The chalet should be close to the ski lifts too; you should be able to walk it in five minutes or less, or better yet, ski right to and from your front door (as is the case for some of our chalets such as Aigle, Faucon and Delphine).

Snow Conditions

Having great snow conditions late in the season usually comes down to two things: Altitude and Latitude. There are exceptions, where slopes are shielded from the sun for more of the day, or where microclimates allow the snow to linger on a little longer than normal, but for the most part, resorts that are higher above sea level, or further north, will keep their good snow conditions longer. For you, that means better skiing.

Variety and Difficulty of Runs

Which difficulty level(s) you need for your family depends on how skilled and experienced each member is. If you’re all the same level – whether that means beginners or experts – then you’ll want a ski area with lots of variety at that level. If skill levels and tastes within your family vary, as they most often do, you’ll want an area with a wide variety of runs for each of you.

We look for two factors. First, are there runs for each skill level in the family? Second, is there a reasonable variety within each difficulty level? Few people are satisfied going up and down the same few runs for days at a time; your ideal resort should have lots to explore and experience.

Ski Schools

Even for people who are fairly confident on skis (or boards), a good ski instructor can take your abilities to the next level. That means more control, more safety, and more fun.

The ski school should be taught by an expert skier with experience in teaching. The classes should also be in English. We’ve chosen to use 360 International in Les Gets, and Ecole du Ski Francais (ESF) in La Plagne, Les Bruyeres (3 Valleys) and Reberty 2000 (3 Valleys) for their professionalism and ability to teach children in a fun and encouraging environment, as well as the continued good feedback we receive from children and parents alike.

If you have young children who will be taking some lessons, it’s convenient and saves both time and energy by choosing a chalet right next to the learning area. All our chalets meet this criteria, with our Reberty 2000 properties (Katie 1, Katie 2 and Eva) being just a stone’s throw (or snow throw) away from ski school.

Boarding lessons are also available from most ski schools.

Other Activities

You won’t be on the slopes every moment of the day. A little time off-piste will even enhance you and your children’s enjoyment of those hours you do spend on skis… So a suitable resort will also have a lot of other fun activities.

These activities come in all shapes and sizes. There are activities that are similar to skiing, like tobogganing or sledging, snow machine rentals, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and other activities on the snow. There are more restful activities, like watching films at the Les Gets cinema, ice skating, lounging in cafés, restaurants or games rooms. Other options include laser tag in La Plagne centre, indoor play areas, and more.

Whatever your family likes to do – or wants to try – it might make a nice addition to your ski holiday, and can give you the time out you need to get back on the slopes with renewed energy and excitement.

Great Resort Choices for Family Easter Skiing – The Runners Up

We do have a top choice for family skiing at Easter, but it’s far from the only good option, so before we reveal the number one spot, here are a couple of others that deserve an honourable mention as great spots for a family ski holiday. We’ll call them the runners-up.

Les Gets

Just an hour and 20 minutes from Geneva with our inclusive transfers, Les Gets is a charming resort nestled among the trees on the shoulders of the mountain. With access to over six hundred kilometres of skiing and two hundred lifts, it offers something for a wide range of preferences and abilities.


Our chalets in Les Gets offer everything your family needs for an immersive, alpine ski holiday.

The same great alpine décor and very modern features are available, along with amenities that include perks like roof-top saunas and hot tubs in Chalet Petit Moulfon and Grand Mouflon, rooms with heated ski-boot warmers (in all our chalets) to keep your equipment safe and ready for comfortable use when next in need, and shuttle buses to and from ski school locations.

Even if your list of wants is a long one, we probably have a chalet in Les Gets that fills it – and more. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can guide you on which chalet is most suitable on 01252 365 495.

Run Choice

Though only 11% of the runs are rated green, that still works out to substantial skiing choice when one considers the overall size of the skiing area on offer.

A whopping 43% are blue, which means a confident beginner will have a good choice of increasingly-challenging runs making up more than half of all those available.

35% of the runs are red, best for those with considerable experience and a desire to push themselves, and the remaining 11% are rated black, best for the expert who craves the steep and deep thrill of a technically-demanding run.

Ski Schools

We have built a close relationship with 360 International Ski School and our guests have commented on their friendliness, English proficiency, and ability to teach a variety of ages and levels in a fun, knowledgeable manner. They are based right by the slopes and our chalets too.

Boarding lessons are also available from most ski schools.

Off-Run Fun

The thrills aren’t only found on the ski runs, as visitors can try dog-sledding, ice skating, hot air ballooning, and even paragliding!

For something a bit more low-key, take a stroll through the beautiful little village, pick up some fresh food at the weekly Thursday market, or check out the wide range of shops and boutiques.

Most of the restaurants in the area cater to those wanting traditional Savoyard (alpine) food – like Le Vaffieu and Le Tyrol, but there are at least a few options for those wanting fast food, pizza, or fine dining at the other end of the culinary spectrum.

Nightlife isn’t the main reason families choose Les Gets, but there are plenty of relaxed bars for a drink or two. Bar Bush is a popular choice, or for the small minority looking for more of an electric atmosphere, Igloo Nightclub offers just that.

Plagne 1800

La Plagne is a good-looking, alpine-styled resort, but what elevates it into the ‘stunning’ category is the view. From the chalets and lifts, the eye can wander over panoramic views of neighbouring valleys and peaks – the effect is almost breath-taking.


Plagne Centre is a cluster of buildings and facilities, resting on the shoulder of the mountain with runs stretching above, below and around it. Other hubs, such as Plagne 1800 (where you’ll find our chalets Nicole and Delphine) are placed around it on the mountainside and feature lifts that connect your temporary residence with the hub of activity at Plagne Centre. The design and décor available is of high-quality, but invites a laid back kind of relaxation – furnishings are often more ‘rustic-chic’ than formal. The result is stylish comfort is a relaxing atmosphere. We love Plagne 1800 for its superb location while offering an inviting, pretty and peaceful alternative to the purpose-built Plagne Centre.


La Plagne is at altitude and this is reflected in its long-running season, which stretches to the end of April. This means that you are more likely to have good snow conditions over Easter, even if the weather is mild.

Run Choice

La Plagne is a sizeable network of runs, with 425 kilometres of pistes to explore. That size means that the relatively low percentage of Green-rated runs (8%) still gives most beginners more than enough room to explore runs appropriate to a lower skill level. There are also designated children’s zones, so your little ones won’t have to worry about adults trying to navigate around them while they learn to ski and practice skills – they can concentrate on the fun of it all instead.

Where La Plagne really shines, is in the provision of intermediate runs. 51% of pistes are rated Blue. There are even Blue runs that start up near the peaks and give intermediate skiers the full, panoramic experience of alpine skiing – without demanding expert levels of skill or daring. Some follow the high ridges before winding their way down into the valley toward the central hub and chalets, allowing skiers a long, uninterrupted run that can stretch from high on the peak to the valley floor and your waiting accommodations.

There are an additional 26% in Red runs for the intermediate skier who is more daring or ready to take the next step upward. The remaining 15% is made up of Black-rated runs of course, and there is no shortage of thrilling terrain for any expert skiers in your family.

Ski Schools

The children’s ski school area is in easy walking distance of our chalets, and instruction is available (for all ages) in English. Our passionate and enthusiastic childcare team will walk your children to and from the ski school meeting point each morning.

Boarding lessons are also available from most ski schools.

Off-Run Fun

There is a fair amount of nightlife around Plagne Centre, which is why we prefer the quieter satellite resorts of Plagne 1800 for our family holidays. Adults can always hop a shuttle bus if they want to step out for live music in Plagne Centre, and more action-packed night-time fun, but Plagne 1800 does have some excellent restaurant choices – like Le Petite Chaperon Rouge and Le Cantine.

There are some thrilling non-skiing activities too, like the bobsleigh track for any brave adults (yes, they’ll let you try it!), tobogganing, dog-sledding, snowmobiling, paragliding, and more.

If you like your fun a little less daring, there is a new ice skating rink, bowling, a cinema, a sports centre and, not far away, the Deep Nature Spa and Swimming Pool. There is also a weekly market on Thursdays, and shopping facilities nearby.

Why La Plagne Didn’t Make First Place

There are two reasons La Plagne didn’t quite top the list, and the first is the make-up of the ski runs. If your family is made up of intermediate skiers, then this might be the ideal place for you to go, but most families aren’t. Most families have a range and, in many cases, that range is primarily toward the Green end of skill and experience. This isn’t a bad place for novice skiers, but it is not specifically geared toward them.

The second reason is that the off-piste amenities of our top choice resort are just a cut above. The skiing is excellent, as you’ll read below, the other factors are in place – but the family fun-factor is top-notch, and spreads well beyond the slopes themselves.

Our Top Choice

We’ve given the top spot to Les Bruyeres, our pretty resort in the same valley as Reberty 2000 and Val Thorens. The three are close together, have many of the same amenities, and share the same massive skiing network of Les Trois Vallées (3 Valleys). Each has its own doorstep benefits too, so we will include a brief word on Reberty and Val Thorens – but top prize goes to Les Bruyeres itself.

Les Bruyeres

Les Bruyeres resort is in the French Alps, just inside the Réserve Naturelle du Plan de Tueda (Natural Reserve of the Tueda Plan), two and a half hours on our exclusive transfer from Geneva airport. Les Bruyeres is a family favourite at all points of the skiing season, and Easter is no exception.


Bruyeres offers some of our finest new chalets in our Premier Select Plus category, and perhaps the best part is their proximity to the slopes: from Chalet Aigle and Faucon you can pop into your skis just outside your door when you begin your day, and slide right up to it again in the evening. No walking, just ski-in, ski-out convenience. Our other two chalets in Les Bruyeres (Aigrette and Corbeau) are not quite ski-in-ski-out although if you dig your ski poles into the snow and push yourself along a flatter track, you can just about ski to your door!

Our Les Bruyeres chalets are built to our own specification in superb piste-side locations. Each chalet offers spacious family suites, their own private cinema, hot tub and stunning interiors. All also offer espresso coffee machines, an upgraded wine list and cheese board.


Bruyeres is known for great snow. It’s not a very northern resort, but it has the high altitude (1850m) and microclimate necessary to give you the best chances of great conditions even as late in the season as Easter. There are no guarantees when it comes to nature, but the location of the 3 Valleys area means that reliable snow conditions are available throughout April, with lifts and runs operating into the first week..

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The Award

The Angels & Urchins Travel Awards is back for another year, and we’ve been shortlisted for another award! Last year saw us win the Best Family Ski Company award, and the question is, can we make it two wins on the bounce?

So far we’ve been shortlisted for the Best Family Kids’ Ski Operator 2019. As family skiing specialists, we take a lot of pride in being shortlisted for this award as it recognises ‘the best of the best in family travel’. If you believe we are worthy winners for a second year, please email emily@angelsandurchins.co.uk!

Who is Angels & Urchins?

Angels & Urchins (A&U) are experts in family life in London. For nearly 18 years, they have produced newsletters for families in London. A&U is a trusted voice for London families who would like travel advice, while also specialising in other areas such as London events, parenting advice, kids’ fashion, education and school guides.

What Else Have We Won?

Success hasn’t been in short supply this season and the last season! As well as our Angels & Urchins success, we’ve also recently achieved:

  • Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award
  • Highly Commended at the Ski Club of Great Britain
  • Best Family Ski Operator – Family Traveller
  • Best Family Holiday – MadeForMums Awards
Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award

Our most recent award came from Feefo; a platform that enables guests to review our family skiing holidays. We averaged a rating of 4.9 out of 5 from guests who travelled and reviewed our holidays last season. This led to us achieving the Gold Trusted Service Award as a sign of our excellence in customer service.

Highly Commended – Ski Club of Great Britain

Just before the start of this 2018-19 season, we received more fantastic news. We were recognised as Highly Commended 2018 by the Ski Club of Great Britain.

We reached this great accomplishment through achieving a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 61. The score is calculated by asking guests how likely you are to recommend Ski Famille to a friend or colleague (on a scale of 0 to 10). A score over 50 is considered ‘excellent’.

Our score of 61 gives a very strong indication of how highly you value us as a tour operator. The score is a testament to the hard work of our team who aim to ensure each family that travels with us receives the best service possible.

Best Family Ski Operator – Family Traveller

We were also recognised as the best Best Family Ski Operator by the Family Traveller Awards.

Family Traveller is a renowned industry expert in family travel and serves as an established and reputable source of information for many families intending to travel.

Best Family Holiday – MadeForMums Awards

We also won gold in the Best Family Holiday category in the MadeForMums Awards last season! This award marked the third we’d won. Unlike the other two awards, this was not just limited to the skiing industry. We therefore had to tackle more competition including beating family holiday operators in a range of travel-based industries.

MadeForMums is an ‘online home’ for mums, mums-to-be and anyone who is trying to start a family. The website is run by a small group of (mostly mum) journalists who utilise their own experiences (plus honest advice from experts) to cover topics and areas such as pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers and school-age children.

For those who want something a bit lighter – their website is a platform for competitions dedicated for mums, a ‘celebrity-parent goss’ page and a place for mums to chat. It also provides useful information, which aims to make parenting life easier and more fun!

To discover our award-winning service for yourself, call us on 01252 365 495

The post Ski Famille Shortlisted in Angels & Urchins Family Travel Awards 2019 appeared first on Ski Famille.

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