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A few days ago, I reached out to my email list (if you’re not on there, here’s where you can sign up!) to see what question you’d have for me if we were sitting together over a cup of coffee.

WHOA was I blown away by the many replies I received!

This community is beyond incredible and continues to inspire me with your thoughtfulness, gratitude, and vulnerability.

Each week until I head out on maternity leave later this summer, I’ll be picking one question to address — both here in your inbox and during a FB live in the free + private Beautifully Imperfect FB community (if you’re not already a member, you can join the FB community here). 

The topics will be selected randomly. And, because I got so many amazing responses, my current plan is to continue addressing these awesome questions when I’m back after maternity leave, too. So, if your question doesn’t get answered in the upcoming emails, stay tuned.

I love knowing that what we are talking about here is actually benefiting you in your REAL life. Ready for the first one?

Let’s dive in:

‘How do I stay true to me around others who are making different choices?’

I’m excited to share a few practices that can help you to cultivate more self acceptance and self connection, which will ultimately support you to stay true to you even when those around you are doing things differently.

Before we chat through those practices, it’s super helpful for you to ask yourself: where do I feel really comfortable making different choices or being different than others around me? Is there an area or areas where you are comfortable with the fact that not everyone has the same needs, is in the exact same place, or is exactly the same? What makes me comfortable to celebrate my uniqueness and the uniqueness of others in this area?

Then, ask yourself: where it it hard to accept myself when I’m ‘different’ from the people around me? And, where did I first learn to believe that I needed to be the same as others in this area to be acceptable?

Just for a moment imagine a world where we were all the same. All looked the same. All liked the exact same things. All had the same gifts / talents. All worked the same job. All had the same personalities.

Uh oh, right?

Not only does it sound ridiculously boring but, from a practical standpoint… there would be a lot of VOIDS.

We are not all meant to be the same. We are not all meant to look the same. We are not all on the same exact journeys. We don’t all have the same passions. We don’t all have the same gifts. Our needs are NOT the same at any given moment.

And, the fact that we are all different is not an accident. 

Your uniqueness is on purpose. You are on purpose.

So, how do you start to accept and connect with your uniqueness — whether it’s your food choices, your body shape, or a season in life?


When you find yourself comparing yourself to others and trying to fit into her mold, let it serve as a little alarm bell reminder.

Not a reminder that you’ve done something wrong for comparing yourself to someone else (everyone experiences comparison — no need to ‘shame + blame’ here)…

But, a reminder that you have an opportunity to connect back to yourself.

And, the best way to connect back to yourself is through genuine curiosity. Here are some guiding questions that can help with this:

If I was safe to be my authentic self in this moment…

  • what would I desire in this area of my life?
  • what would feel meaningful and fulfilling to me?
  • what current needs would I articulate?
  • how would I care for myself right now?

Another question I love to ask myself (which I shared in this post here) is:

  • what can her choices tell me about my… body / needs / life?

The answer is usually: nothing.

Rarely can someone else’s choices — whether on her plate or in her life — tell you much about what YOU truly need on or in yours.

You’re the one who holds that insight and expertise!

Getting curious with yourself when you feel comparison starting to trickle in is one of the most powerful ways to cultivate self acceptance and connection.


Another way to cultivate self acceptance and connection?

Start to celebrate what makes you, well… YOU!

What are your strengths? What do you appreciate about yourself? What are your personal gifts?

Write down a list of your unique strengths and start to celebrate and appreciate them! You can even reach out to a few people who know you best and ask them what they appreciate most about you and add those to the list, too.

Be intentional about sharing your gifts with the world and practice gratitude that you’ve got such special gifts to share.


It’s hard to stay true to yourself when you don’t feel free to get to know yourself.

One of the best ways you can connect with your true self is by giving yourself permission to discover what you actually like and then do more of those things!

To do things that bring you joy. To say ‘yes’ to things that feel fulfilling. To eat foods that satisfy your taste buds. To try something that sounds interesting. To wear clothing that feels good on your skin. To admit your needs. To honor your cravings.

If you weren’t busy worrying about everything you should do, should say, or should be… what would you be interested in trying, exploring, tasting, doing, learning?

Give yourself permission to explore!


I once heard Robyn Nohling say, ‘good for them, not for me.’ Her words came back to me as I was writing to you today!

Something can be good for someone else and not be good for you. That is 100% ok!

Her words make an awesome affirmation to practice if you find yourself feeling like you need to be exactly like everyone around you.

I hope these practices will help you to feel supported to stay true to yourself when others are making different choices from you!

And, for more on this topic (including dealing with judgmental comments from others about your choices), I’ll went live in the free + private Beautifully Imperfect FB community today — Sunday, June 23. As always, there’s a replay waiting for you.

Big hugs and I hope you have a great weekend!



p.s. make sure you’re on my email list (sign up here) to get the future questions answered right in your inbox!

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It’s so fun for me to think that in just a few days…

I’ll be sending you a ‘good morning’ email every weekday for three months if you join me for the mini summer membership Well & BEING!

Since the doors close to Well & BEING tomorrow night (5/31) at 7 PM EST — that means less than 48 hours to join — I wanted to reach out and see…

First — do you have the same concerns these women shared with me yesterday?

Yesterday on Instagram I asked people to share…

  • What they were most excited about if they’d already joined Well & BEING; and
  • What concerns they had, if they hadn’t yet joined!

What people were most looking forward to included fun things like..

Sipping my coffee every morning while I read your emails!

Investing in my relationship with food, exercise, and my body on a daily basis!


Healing my relationship with food!

It was awesome to read what women these shared. And I second all of these excitements! I truly can’t wait.

I was also SO grateful for the women who shared their concerns with me. I wanted to share here with you today in case you’re feeling these things, too…

Concern #1 – I’m worried you’re too thin to understand my struggles.

I hear you! I have thin and white privilege, so there are some experiences I don’t personally have because of that.

I work with women who are in all different bodies — including ones that are larger than mine.

From the very beginning of this business I’ve said, ‘I want to help women take care of and respect THEIR bodies. Not to try to have mine.’

I fully believe this is the way I coach: to help you connect with YOU.

I believe in respect for ALL bodies and that is a foundational value of all the work that I do — including Well & BEING.

I also believe in listening to people’s lived experiences, validating their feelings, and providing compassionate care to help them navigate their lives with decisions that honor their values and uniqueness.

I’m not here to fix you — I don’t think you need to be fixed.

But, I’m very passionate about working to change the narratives (internal and external) about our bodies and our worth. And, to help us all navigate this world with more self-trust, self-compassion, and self-care while we make this world a better place!

You don’t have to take my word for it, though: Here’s where you can read what some past client’s have shared about their experiences working with me.

I think it’s SO important for each person to feel fully empowered to work with someone who they feel comfortable with. If that’s me, I’d love to support you in Well & BEING! If it’s not, I truly believe you know what’s best for you and I would never try to tell you otherwise.

You are the expert on YOU.

Concern #2 – I’m 68 and I wonder if this program is more for younger people.

Intuitive eating, body image work, joyful movement, and emotional wellbeing are for EVERYONE who wants to practice them! No matter your age.

I’ve had clients in high school / college, some in their 70s, and many in between.

In my opinion, it’s never too early or late to work on your relationship with yourself.

If you had these concerns, I hope my honest responses will help you to know if Well & BEING is right for you!

And, if you’ve got a concern that I haven’t covered (or a question I didn’t answer here in this Q&A) please let me know.

Second — would it feel fun to know some of the specifics about those daily emails you’ll receive if you do decide to join Well & BEING?!

During Well & BEING, you’ll receive personal emails to your inbox every weekday from June through August.

That’s 64 doses of daily inspiration, encouragement, support, reflection, and guidance! WHOA!

These emails will cover the four pillars of the program:

  1. intuitive eating;
  2. body image work;
  3. joyful movement; and
  4. emotional wellbeing

More specifically, here are some of the topics I’ll be supporting you around during our three months together in these emails:

  • How to set and honor your summer intentions
  • How to recognize the fantasy v. reality of dieting
  • Understanding why diets don’t work long term
  • If you’re not dieting, what you can do instead!
  • How to enjoy food without fear this summer
  • How to let go of food rules and restriction
  • How to honor your hunger and fullness
  • What it means to have unconditional permission to eat (and how you can practice it in a way that feels supported)
  • Distinguishing between physical discomfort and self judgment
  • How to honor your cravings
  • Practices to help you tune into what your body needs
  • Exercises to help shift from self judgment to self compassion
  • How to say ‘yes’ to more joy this summer
  • What it looks like to take care of yourself when you’re having a day where you don’t love how you look
  • How to eat more mindfully
  • How to shift from being externally to internally driven
  • How to build up self trust and body trust
  • How to navigate summer holidays and festivities
  • What it means to ‘drink intuitively’
  • How to have a joyful, intuitive relationship with movement (and with rest)
  • How to connect with your worth beyond your body
  • And SO. SO. SO. MUCH MORE.

I can’t wait to spend the summer growing, connecting, and having some fun with you.

There is so much loving support waiting for you here this summer in Well & BEING.

Plus, each month we will be gathering as a community for our live Membership Mastermind calls to dive deep into conversation about all of it. And no need to stress if you can’t make one or more of these. I know summer is a wild time — they are all recorded so you can check out the replay.

Once you join (you can do that here), there will be a welcome video + note from me waiting for you!

Then, I’ll be in your inbox Monday morning around 7 AM with your very first Well & BEING email.

I can’t wait to say a big ‘good morning’ to you then!

This summer is going to be awesome.



p.s. Doors to Well & BEING close tomorrow night (May 31) at 7 PM EST. If you want to say ‘yes’ to this mini membership, now is the time: Here’s where you can join.

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Are you trying to eat intuitively but the ‘unconditional permission to eat’ part makes you feel terrified?

Oh my gosh, do I hear you! I was so so (sooooooooo) scared to let go of my food rules and give myself full permission to eat the things I’d thought of as ‘bad’ for so long.

If you’re in this phase of intuitive eating and you’re working on eating foods you’ve had rules or fears around, then it’s probably going to feel pretty scary to do things differently.

I love to help you make an already inherently scary thing feel more safe and supported.

By creating more positive interactions and experiences with these ‘off limits’ foods that you’re practicing permission with, you can rewrite the stories you have about these foods and reframe what you’ve been making eating these foods mean about you.

Today, I want to offer you something that can help you do this with unconditional permission to eat. 

Pick a food or type of food that you want to practice permission with (psst: you don’t have to create unconditional permission to eat with every single food all at once. You can go slowly and take your time. There’s no rush to the finish line)…

And, practice eating that food WITH other foods as part of a meal.

This allows you to feel more full AND satisfied.

Let’s use potato chips as an example.

It’s normal for anyone who is hungry and who sits down with only a huge bag of potato chips to eat most, if not all, of the bag.

If I’m really hungry and the only thing I have is a family size bag of potato chips, I’m probably going to eat them all! Because, like I mentioned, I’m hungry.

But, for someone who is trying to create a positive experience with a food that’s been previously off limits, sitting down and eating an entire big bag of potato chips reinforces stories like:

  1. I shouldn’t eat potato chips because once I start I can’t stop them; and / or
  2. I can’t let myself eat potato chips because they don’t make me feel good.

So the experience plays into continual fear of that food. 

But, if you practice eating the food you’re trying to create freedom with (i.e. chips) in the context of a meal…

Like a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mayo, avocado, and pickles and some apple slices AND SOME CHIPS…

Then it’s going to way more likely that you’ll walk away from that interaction with the chips feeling full, satisfied, nourished and having had a positive experience.

Every one of those positive experiences allows you to change the stories you are telling yourself about certain foods and also allows you to build up trust in your relationship with your body.

So, if you’re in this phase of unconditional permission to eat and feeling terrified, I’d really encourage you to try this.

It’s a way to make a scary situation feel more safe and supported — which is vital to create the positive experiences you need to help you re-write those inner narratives and reframe those meanings so you can keep growing.

If you’re on your intuitive eating journey and you’re looking for practical support and genuine, compassionate encouragement, I’d absolutely LOVE to have you join me in Well & BEING this summer (you can read more details + join this take-with-you-anywhere membership here).

Well & BEING is your 3-month mini membership to help you get grounded and feel more at home in your body this summer.

Imagine what it would be like to spend 3 months creating continued connection, quality time, and growth in your relationship with yourself. And, if this summer, rather than feeling like you’re waging war against your body you spent a few minutes every day getting closer and closer to finally feeling at home in your own skin.

That’s what Well & BEING will help you to experience.

From June through August, Well & BEING provides you with simple, flexible support you can take anywhere. Daily digestible nuggets you can apply to your everyday to help you:

  • Eat more intuitively (even when the summertime diet pressure is high)
  • Practice unconditional respect and kindness toward your body (yes, that means even on days when you don’t ‘feel in love’ with your reflection)
  • Say ‘yes’ to your life in your body just as she is today
  • Enjoy a more joyful relationship with movement
  • Care for your whole self — not just what’s on the outside
  • Create continued connection, quality time, and growth in your relationship with yourself
  • Feel more at home in your own skin

You can find details + join here!

This summer, I’d love to help you experience:

  • More food freedom
  • More body trust
  • More self connection
  • More presence in her life this summer

Whether you’re new to intuitive eating and are looking to ditch diets for the very first time OR you’re farther along in your journey and are looking for some continued encouragement in these warm-weather months… this mini membership is for you.

If this is the kind of guidance you’re looking for this summer, here’s where you can join me for Well & BEING.

Doors close in less than two weeks and I don’t want you to miss this opportunity!



p.s. Last week I answered some questions about Well & BEING. You can read those Q&A’s here! If you have a question I didn’t answer, reach out and let me know.

p.p.s. If you know you’re in, you can join here now!

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I just had so much fun going live on Instagram tonight to share about Well & BEING. I loved getting to answer your great questions about this 3-month mini membership and to help you decide if it’s right for you this summer!

You can catch the replay here on IG until 7:30 PM EST on 5/15.

And, I wanted to take a few minutes to share those Q&A’s about Well & BEING here with you, too.

And, if Well & BEING feels like what you’re needing this summer, then I’d also love to invite you to join me and a lot of amazing women before doors close on May 31! You can join us here.

Let’s dive in!

What is Well & BEING?

Well & BEING is your 3-month mini membership to help you get grounded and feel more at home in your body this summer.

Imagine what it would be like to spend 3 months creating continued connection, quality time, and growth in your relationship with yourself. And, if this summer, rather than feeling like you’re waging war against your body you spent a few minutes every day getting closer and closer to finally feeling at home in your own skin. That’s what Well & BEING will help you to experience.

From June through August, Well & BEING provides you with simple, flexible support you can take anywhere. A thoughtful pause for your busy life full of small, digestible nuggets you can apply to your everyday to help you:

  • Eat more intuitively (even when the summertime diet pressure is high)
  • Practice unconditional respect and kindness toward your body (yes, that means even on days when you don’t ‘feel in love’ with your reflection)
  • Say ‘yes’ to your life in your body just as she is today
  • Enjoy a more joyful relationship with movement
  • Care for your whole self — not just what’s on the outside
  • Create continued connection, quality time, and growth in your relationship with yourself
  • Feel more at home in your own skin

And, I’m so dang excited for all of us to end this summer feeling more food freedom, body peace, and self trust than when we started!

Want to experience these this summer? Join Well & BEING here!

The program runs from June through August 2019. You’ll receive your first weekday email on Monday, June 3 at 7 AM (EST) and your final email on Friday, August 30 at 7 AM (EST).

What can I expect?

Each Monday through Friday, from the beginning of June until the end of August, you’ll receive a personal email right to your inbox from me around 7 AM (EST). That’s 60 emails total!

Each daily email will be an opportunity for inspiration, encouragement, education, and/or reflection.

Once a month, we will also be gathering as a community for our monthly Membership Mastermind! These 60-minute live video community calls are our chance to create conversation, spark meaningful discussions, share breakthroughs, and ask questions!

The tentative times / dates for the Masterminds are:

  • June: Thursday June 27 from 7 – 8 PM (EST)
  • July: Thursday July 25 from 7 – 8 PM (EST)
  • August: Thursday August 29 from 7 – 8 PM (EST)

These calls take place via ZOOM (which you can join from your phone or computer).

If you can’t make one or more of them, it’s no problem! They will be recorded and you’ll receive a link to watch the replay within 24 hours of the original call.

Who is Well & BEING for?

Well & BEING is for the woman who wants to experience:

  • More food freedom
  • More body trust
  • More self connection
  • More presence in her life this summer

Whether you’re new to intuitive eating and are looking to ditch diets for the very first time OR you’re farther along in your journey and are looking for some continued encouragement in these warm-weather months…

Well & BEING is for you!

I started my own journey almost 8 years ago and I’m planning to read the emails and reflect every single morning right along with you.

I’m so excited for a chance to be intentional in my relationship with myself this summer. If that’s what you’re looking for, too, then it’s going to be a great fit.

A commitment to our relationship with ourselves and our own wellbeing is an ongoing journey!

What does Well & BEING focus on?

In Well & BEING, you’ll receive a mix of support in four powerful areas:

  1. intuitive eating,
  2. body image work,
  3. joyful movement, and
  4. emotional well-being.

All with an emphasis on summertime!

Is this different from your private coaching or 8-week group program Beautifully Imperfect?

YES! Well & BEING is unlike anything else I’ve offered. And, that’s really intentional.

After doing this work for 6ish years, I’ve noticed that summertime means two big things:

  1. women so badly want support on their food / body image journeys, especially since this can be a tougher time of year with the increase in diet culture messages and the warmer weather begging us to wear less clothing, BUT
  2. it’s a VERY challenging time to commit to deep coaching work because of how wild and wonderful this season can be. With so much travel and so many chances for socializing (pool parties, BBQs, later sunsets calling for later nights, etc), it’s hard to be a certain place at a certain time week after week. A commitment to deep one on one coaching work or the work we do in the 8 week group can be a harder one to make! And, with all the super fun experiences available, it can be harder to make a bigger financial commitment this time of year, too.

I’ve thought long and hard about how I could create summer support that meets both the desires and needs of the women in this community, and Well & BEING was the answer.

It’s a budget-friendly, SUPER flexible, self led, and low commitment guide you can take anywhere to help you get grounded and become the you-est version of yourself you can be this season.

What if I have a question for you or have a breakthrough or win I’d love to share during the program?

At the end of each of your daily emails there will be a link to a Google form where you can share any questions, breakthroughs, or a-ha moments with me. I’ll read each one thoroughly and will address as many of these as possible on the monthly masterminds later that month!

Will drinking be addressed under the umbrella of intuitive eating?

You bet!

Is there anything specific to pregnancy?

Specific to pregnancy? No. But, applicable to pregnancy? Definitely.

Well & BEING is for anyone who wants to feel more at home in her body — pregnant or not. While this program is not focused on pregnancy, the body image, intuitive eating, emotional well being, and movement reflections, prompts, and insights are useful in any season of life (especially SUMMER!).

What kind of educational information will there be in the emails?

We’ll be touching on the research supporting intuitive eating (and why diets don’t work long term). I love to share about the scientific reasons ‘why’ these practices are worth your time and energy!

Will there be lives and videos, or exclusively written content?

The emails will be almost exclusively written content, to make it easy for you to consume wherever you are. But, I’ll be on video on the monthly Membership Masterminds and if it works out, I’d love for you to be, too.

If there a Facebook community?

There isn’t! My hope for you during Well & BEING and this summer in general is that you’ll feel free to disconnect from social media and reconnect to yourself as much as you want and / or need. So, because of that, there isn’t a social media element of this mini membership!

We will have the chance to create community each month on our monthly mastermind calls. Can’t wait!

Will there be daily journaling prompts?

I’d definitely encourage you to get a journal for Well & BEING where you can write down your daily thoughts, reflections, and takeaways! Of course, you can always do a virtual version of this… but I’m a sucker for a great paper journal.

Almost all of the days will prompt you to reflect on and / or write about something. So, if you love to journal, then I bet you’ll have something to write almost every day.

What can I do to prepare to get the most out of it?

The big things you’ll need to get the most out of this program are:

  • Anywhere from 2-10 minutes each weekday to read your email and reflect; and
  • An open heart and desire to connect with yourself!

Whatever you need to do to make these things happen by June, then I’d recommend doing that!

I really want to do this! Can I purchase anytime?

You need to join by May 31 at 7 PM (EST). That’s when the doors close!

You can join here now.

What’s the investment?

Financially, there are two budget-friendly payment options: 3 monthly payments of $49 or a single discounted payment of $125. All payments are securely processed via Teachable.

As for your time, I recommend planning for two to ten minutes per day for the daily emails and an additional hour once a month for the monthly mastermind (either to attend live or to listen to the recording).

If I choose the payment plan, when do I get charged the 3 payments?

Your first payment of $49 will be charged when you join and the next two in the subsequent months on that same date.

What if I want to work with you privately or in your 8-week group coaching program (Beautifully Imperfect) the next time you open them up? Is joining Well & BEING still a good idea?

Yes yes yes!

This would be an awesome foundation for the deeper work we would do either privately or in the 8-week small group coaching program, Beautifully Imperfect.

A lot of my past clients (both private and from the group) have also already joined Well & BEING for some extra summer support and a chance to be intentional in their relationships with themselves, too.

Because it’s so different from the other ways of working with me, I don’t see them as an either / or thing. But, a great additional way to be encouraged — either before or after we’ve worked together.

I am almost 100% in but I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it happen every single day. Thoughts?

The truth is, we are all human and you probably will have a few days where you don’t get to the email! That’s ok!

Perfect is the enemy of good, right?

First, you’ll have the emails in your inbox to go back and revisit anytime.

Second, what a great chance for you to practice some self compassion when you miss a day.

I’m in! What can I expect when I join?

YAY! Welcome!

First, pick the payment that’s best for your budget (pay in full or payment plan) and complete your purchase: You’ll find both of those options here.

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll be taken to a Teachable portal where you’ll create a username and password.

Once you login, there will be a welcome video and welcome note from me waiting for you immediately! And, an email that will be sent to your inbox shortly after.

They will tell you everything you need to know before your Well & BEING daily emails will start arriving on Monday, June 3 at 7 AM (EST).

I cannot wait to support you in Well & BEING. If you know this 3-month membership is the right place for you this summer, here’s where you can join.

And, if you have any questions that I didn’t answer here, just reach out and let me know what’s on your mind!



P.S. Here’s where you can join Well & BEING: your 3 month mini membership to help you get grounded and feel more at home in your body this summer! Doors close end of this month — don’t miss it!

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Happy International No Diet Day!

As you know, it’s a holiday I like to celebrate every day. And, love to help you celebrate, too.

Today, in honor of the holiday, I’d love to encourage you to reflect on one way that being interested in intuitive eating / food freedom or pursuing it has changed your life for the better.

I reflected on it this very morning and my list of ‘one thing’ turned into a long one.

I owe so many positive changes in my life — from health to relationships to a deeper sense of self worth to this incredible job of getting to help other women on their food and body image journeys and more — to intuitive eating.

Knowing what an impact finding food freedom and body peace can have, I’m growing more and more excited each day to welcome summer so we can get started with Well & BEING: your 3-month mini membership to help you get grounded and feel at home in your body this summer.

You can check it out here!

When I was struggling in my relationship with myself, I was always attempting to make my body smaller, fitter, ‘better.’

During this time in my life, summer was a source of MAJOR anxiety and fear for me.

The pressure to get ‘swimsuit ready’ was ON and I felt it majorly.

In trying so hard to control what I ate, follow all the rules I read, and force more movement, I’d miss out on most of the fun of this warm weather season. I was either distracted by trying to follow my rules or full of anxiety that I hadn’t done enough to deserve to really enjoy it.

Even when I was doing ‘fun’ things, I was in my head worried about what ingredients were in that pasta salad I just ate, how many calories were in that drink I sipped, or how my body looked in that photo someone just took.

It was a constant physical and mental battle.

Can you relate?

If you can relate to feeling the extra pressure to change or ‘fix’ your body — especially as the weather warms up — I want you to know that I created Well & BEING for YOU.

So that this summer can be a different experience — once that brings you home to yourself rather than waging battle against yourself.

During this membership, I’ll be sending you emails every weekday morning full of inspiration, reflection, encouragement, education, and more to help you to connect more deeply in your relationship with yourself through intuitive eating, body image work, emotional wellbeing practices, and joyful movement.

We will also get to connect as a whole community once a month on our Membership Mastermind LIVE calls (don’t worry, they’re recorded, too!).

These details + more here!

The membership runs from June through August and I can’t wait to support you this summer, wherever the season takes you.

This membership was designed to work with your summer plans (and to help you enjoy them even more).

Plus, it’s the most affordable way I’ve ever offered for us to work together! When you sign up, you can choose between 3 monthly payments of $47 or a single discounted payment of $125.

I’m grateful to get to celebrate International No Diet Day with you today — and I’d love to help you celebrate ALL summer long here in Well & BEING.

If you have any questions, email and let me know.



P.S. If you check out the details of Well & BEING and it is out of your budget… I’m so excited to share that I have one FREE spot available in Well & BEING!

Two lovely women and amazing champion of intuitive eating reached out and each asked to sponsor one woman in Well & BEING this summer. They’ve asked to remain anonymous — but I’m full of gratitude for them their generosity, kindness, and caring hearts.

If (1) Well & BEING is out of your budget and (2) you are a woman of color, mama, or both, then you can apply for this spot right here! The two winners of the spots will be selected THIS Wednesday (May 8) at 7 PM EST. The winner will receive an email from me then!

And, if you know of someone who would benefit from Well & BEING in general or the free spot, please forward it along to her. Sharing is caring!

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The idea of attachment has been in my mind a lot lately. 

For the past few months, my BFF has been sharing with me a bunch of takeaways from Super Soul Sunday where Oprah Winfrey interviews Eckhart Tolle about his book A New Earth.

I kept loving what she was sharing with me so I downloaded the book on Audible and have been listening to it every moment — from solo car rides to coffee shop walks — I can. 

So far in the book, Tolle talks a lot about attachment and how we attach to external things as a way to try to form our inner identity. 

In the book’s chapter titled ‘The Lost Ring’ he shares a story of a past client who was given only a few months left to live after a cancer diagnosis. On one of Tolle’s visits to see her, she shared that her very special diamond ring had gone missing.

She thought it had been stolen by a caregiver and was very upset and defensive about the situation.

In response, Tolle asked her a series of questions, which I want to share with you today:

  • Do you realize you’ll have to let go of the ring at some point (perhaps quite soon)?
  • How much more time to you need before you’ll be ready to let go of it?
  • Will you become less when you let go of it?
  • Has who you are become diminished by the loss?

Rather than replying instantly, he encouraged her to find the answers within herself.

While I haven’t agreed with or resonated with everything in the book so far (<– just a note that we can still learn SO much from a book or experience even if we don’t love / agree with / connect with / resonate with every single second of it), I was especially touched by this chapter. 

Specially, I found his questions to be incredibly powerful. 

I found myself crying in my car thinking of all the ‘rings’ that I’ve had in my life. Whether they been the idea of an ‘ideal’ or ‘unchanging’ body, the ‘perfect’ diet, what others think of me (or what I perceive them to think of me), and the list goes on and on. 

I was very attached to these external things. More than that, who I believed I was felt VERY intertwined with these concepts. 

At first, letting go of those ideas made me feel like I was ‘less.’ But, when I took the time to go within I realized that none of those concepts ever had or ever could define me. ​

While listening to the book, I found myself crying a little but as he read these questions. It just brought me back to that place where my inner sense of self worth had been so attached to something external. 

Do you find yourself struggling with attaching your worth and enoughness to something outside yourself (i.e. a ‘ring’ or sorts)?

If so, I hope Tolle’s questions will help you reflect more deeply on that feeling. 

And, like he shares in A New Earth, I hope that you’ll look for the answers within yourself rather than feeling the need to reply instantly. 

Sending you big hugs. 



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Last week, temps hit 70 and sunny in Columbus, OH — it felt almost tropical!

So, Osh and I took full advantage by spending the afternoon outside barefoot and barelegged. It was LOVELY and definitely got me excited for warmer months ahead. I thought of late evening BBQs, play dates at the pool, and easy breezy dresses.

I also realized that my present excitement was in stark contrast to how I used to feel at the first sign of warmer weather: which was a panicked pressure to lose weight for the many events of summer (from weddings to beach vacations).

I felt the impending doom of needing to be ‘bikini ready’ closing in on me.

For years and years, anytime I’d have an upcoming event — summertime or not — I’d plot how I could lose as much weight as possible in time for the big day. Whether it was a pool party with friends, a beach vacation with family, a wedding I was attending as a guest, and even my very own wedding.

More on that here.

I’d spend the months, weeks, and days pressuring myself to get as small as possible in time for whatever impending experience was on my calendar. I’d follow different food plans (many times mixing them for what I thought would provide maximum results) and working out as intensely and consistently as possible.

I’d think about how my body would measure up next to others. I’d worry about what people would think about how I looked. I feared the shame, discomfort, and overall crappy-ness I’d feel when I had to look at yet another picture where I hated the way I’d look.

I’d sacrifice MONTHS of my life to these damaging patterns in the hopes that I’d feel OK for a single day. 

I believed that if I could just lose X pounds by the event or make my body look like Y in time for the big day, I would be safe from all of it: the comparison, the judgment, the feelings of failure.

You know what I learned from years and years of that?


It never helped me have more fun, feel more present, or connect with the experience. And, my intense body manipulation tactics always backfired — through yo yo’ing weight, binge eating, food fixation / obsession, and continued participation in toxic diet culture.

You know what I’ve learned since healing my relationship with food + my body and making it my mission to help others do the same? That I was NOT the only one who feared the comparison, judgment, and feelings of failure.

In fact, it’s an epidemic that so many of us experience!

Last week, I checked in with you on Instagram and asked for you to share the specific body fears or pressures you were experiencing in relation to upcoming events so that I could best support you.

A flood of brave, vulnerable, and honest responses came through, and I hear you loud and clear.

Here were the main themes:

  • Fear of judgment over body changes (i.e. pregnancy, postpartum, eating disorder recovery, etc) — the fear that because your body looks different than it used to that people will be judging those changes (judged by others + yourself)
  • Fear of comparison with other bodies around you (i.e. bachelorette parties, wedding bridesmaids, group vacations) — the fear that if your body isn’t the smallest in the group or is larger and / or different from the others you’d be with that you could be judged / criticized via comparison (judged by others + by yourself)
  • Fear that your body would make other people feel uncomfortable (i.e. cellulite, rolls, softness) — the fear that by simply existing in a body that doesn’t look like an airbrushed magazine model that others will be troubled
  • Fear that you will hate seeing yourself in photos (i.e. multiple women shared concerns that their bodies were not ‘instagramable’, ‘instagram-worthy’, etc.) — the fear that your body is not good enough and that you’ll have to relive that not enoughness over and over again through pictures.

Let’s not rush past these fears quite yet. Let’s take a minute to sit with them.

First — have you ever experienced any or all of these fears? Are any of them feeling real for you right now?

Without judgment or the need to ‘fix’ the fear, simply acknowledge which ones are ringing true for you in this moment.

Second — I want you to think about the many many women who submitted responses to my question on Instagram.

I want you to imagine that a handful of those women are women who you love. Maybe your best friends, sisters, daughter, or your mom. Pick a few of the women who you love so deeply and fiercely and hold them in your mind right now.

Imagine them sitting on the other side of their phones feeling these fears. Looking at their calendars — at an upcoming bachelorette party, wedding, or beach vacation — and feeling that who they are right now is not safe or worthy of having that enjoyable experience.

Imagine they will spend the next days, weeks, or months trying to ‘fix’ themselves. To obsess over their food. To punish their bodies with exercise. To feel like a failure if they eat the ‘wrong’ thing. To panic that they haven’t done enough when the event finally comes. To be physically at the event, but mentally distracted wondering… what are people thinking of me?To be disgusted when they see a photo the following week as they pick their bodies apart.

Imagine that reality for these women who you love.

What comes up for you? What do you want to say to these women who you love fiercely? What do you want them to TRULY AND DEEPLY KNOW?

Pause and write it down. Write it all down.

Sometimes the most powerful thing we can do when it comes to body image triggers is to take ourselves out of the equation so we can connect back to our compassionate side. I consider compassion to be both kind AND honest — often much easier to practice with someone else than toward ourselves.

These compassionate truths you spoke when thinking of your friends are true for you, too.

Third — I’d love to share some reflective questions that I know can be incredibly powerful in navigating the pressure to lose weight for an event (even if that ‘big event’ is the warmer temps in general). Here they are…

  • Reflect on the truth of your past experiences with intentional weight loss.
  • What were your past experiences with intentional weight loss actually like for you?
  • What did it cost you in the months, weeks, days of trying to lose weight (those times leading up to an event)? Be honest about what these experiences were like for you in the past.
  • What was your reality like after the event? What happened in your relationship to yourself, with food, movement, etc?
  • What opens up for you when you’re NOT intentionally pursuing weight loss? How might the next months, weeks, and days be different for you if you shifted your focus?
  • What do you GAIN if you’re not intentionally trying to lose?
  • If you weren’t focusing on body comparison or judgment at this upcoming ‘event,’ what would you be free to focus on instead? For this event or experience to be most fulfilling and meaningful, what would you be focus on?
  • What if you accepted that your current body is the body you’re going to this event in — what would it look like to embrace and enjoy this experience in the body you’re in today?

Lastly — here are some truths I want to remind you of, today and always:

Our bodies are made to change.

You body. My body. They will, they are, and they do! Your body expands and contracts, which allows you to experience so much of life: from healing to grieving to exploring to giving life and beyond. Think of all the ways your body has supported you and shifted to create space when you needed it most.

It’s ok to not be 100% ok with every part of your body.

Yes, you heard me right. This idea that we have to be obsessed with every inch of our bodies all the time keeps us hooked into diet culture because there is ALWAYS something to be fixed.

It’s not your body’s job to make other people feel comfortable.

It’s not your body’s job to be responsible for all the fun, joy, presence, fulfillment, and excitement you have in your life.

Many of the behaviors, inner thoughts, and habits we develop to try to get ‘event ready’ actually detract from health and long-term healthy habits.

Self care that prioritizes your personal values and allows you to show up more fully in your life (rather than feeling distracted or isolated) are much more healthy and sustainable than any extreme things we do to get an ‘Instagram-worthy’ body.

Speaking of Instagram-worthy bodies… nobody loves every single picture they see of themselves.

You’re not alone!

You’re not alone! It’s ok not to love every single photo. Ask yourself ‘how helpful it is to sit there picking myself apart?’ if the answer is ‘not very,’ then close the screen and go do something that feels more valuable to you.

It’s not your body’s job to get more ‘likes’ on Instagram.

Your worth has nothing to do with how many likes you get on Instagram…despite what the algorithm would have us believe ;).

You deserve to say ‘yes’ to the things that light you up right now.

Not in 10 pounds, not when that dress that used to fit does again, not when you follow your meal plan perfectly.

Right now.

Every body can wear shorts.

Every body can wear a tank top. Every body can wear a swimsuit.

You are enough.

You are enough. You’re not too much. You are enough.

This summer, I hope you’ll spend less time looking at your body and more time living in it.

What can you do today to help you feel connected to yourself and more present in your life?



p.s. Letting Go Of Leo: How I Broke Up With Perfection, specifically the chapter ‘I Jumped in the Damn Waves,’ would be a great pre-summer read. If you’ve got a copy, crack it open. If not, you can order one right here.

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One of the things I work with clients on is helping them to see and acknowledge the positive intention behind their behaviors — yes, even behaviors that feel negative, yucky, or self-sabotaging.

Even behaviors they are deeply invested in changing.

When we develop behaviors, actions, coping mechanism, habits, or patterns, we do so because of a positive intention.

Think of something you’re doing in your life that is feeling negative, yucky, or like it’s self-sabotaging.

Perhaps it’s continuing to try ‘one more diet’ over and over again.

Perhaps it’s creating ridiculously high expectations around movement that either (1) leave you feeling totally burnt out or (2) keep you from moving at all because you couldn’t possibly live up to the expectations.

Perhaps it’s making certain foods off limits only to find yourself obsessing over that food 24/7 and feeling out of control when you finally get your hands on it.

Perhaps it’s beating yourself up over what you’re assuming others might think of you.

Perhaps it’s comparing your life to strangers on the internet day in and day out.

Perhaps it’s missing out on certain experiences in your life because you think your body should be smaller before you allow yourself to say ‘yes.’

Perhaps it’s something else?

While these behaviors might not feel good for you, I truly believe there was a REALLY GOOD REASON why you started doing them in the first place.

Perhaps it was to trying to belong?

Perhaps to try to motivate yourself?

Perhaps it was to feel grounded or in control when things felt crazy?

Perhaps it was to feel like you’re good enough?

Perhaps it’s something else?

To truly be able to change your behaviors, it’s essential to acknowledge and honor the positive intention behind the behavior that — for one reason or another — is no longer serving you.

Then, you can work on practicing new ways to honor that positive intention that feel better for you.

I know change can be hard.

This isn’t meant to sugarcoat that.

But, I do think that it helps us to understand the reasons why we continue to do the same things over and over again, even when they aren’t working for us. And, it helps us to move forward and create meaningful change!

Here are the steps broken down, if you’re up for workshopping this for yourself today:

  • What’s one behavior in your life right now that’s no longer feeling right for you? No longer working for you? No longer serving you?
  • What’s the really good reason (positive intention) that you started that in the first place?
  • What’s one small way you can begin to honor that intention through a new, different behavior or action?

I believe in your ability to learn new and different ways of showing up for yourself.

I believe in you.



p.s. get blog posts delivered directly to your inbox here!

The post It All Starts With A Positive Intention appeared first on Simi Botic, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach.

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Do you ever have those days (or weeks) when you feel hungrier than your ‘normal?’

How do those days or weeks make you feel?

I can remember when they made me feel scared! 

I was afraid the extra hunger would make me feel out of control around food and might even end up in a binge. 

Can you relate?

I remember thinking there was something wrong with my body for wanting more food than what I was ‘allowed’ to give her that day. 

I remember googling things I could do to suppress my appetite. 

If days when you feel a little hungrier feel scary for you, I want to share with you what you can do when those days (and that fear) strike:

First, know that it is SO NORMAL to have different levels of hunger on different days. 

So many things play into our hunger — from activity levels to hormonal shifts and beyond. 

I don’t ever think you need to ‘justify’ your hunger, but I do think it helps when you’re learning to trust your hunger to know that your body has reasons for asking for more energy (even if you can’t specifically identify what that reason might be in the moment). There isn’t something wrong with you, your body is simply communicating an essential need with you.

Thank her for that!

Second, eat more when your body is hungrier. 

No need to google ways to suppress your hunger, just make your meals heartier / larger than normal, eat an extra (or a few extra) snacks, and watch how your body’s hunger will naturally disappear by eating enough food for your body that day! 

That only ‘natural appetite suppressant’ you need is the natural act of eating enough throughout the day. 

Often binges happen when we restrict over time or throughout the day (yes, restriction can look like eating what was enough yesterday but isn’t enough today) and then feel STARVED at the end of the day. A binge is a normal, natural response to restriction. 

Third, don’t worry if you’re eating more than the person you’re eating with. 

There are a million reasons that person might be eating less than you but the only thing that’s important is that you’re giving your body what she needs in this moment. 

Nobody else’s body can tell you what your body needs right now. 

Fourth, move on.

The amount of food you needed yesterday might be different than the amount you need today. It might be different than what you need tomorrow. 

This takes you back to the first ‘step’ I shared with you: it’s normal to have different levels of hunger on different days. 

So, the cycle begins again! 

You can learn to trust those internal drivers



p.s. get blog posts delivered directly to your inbox here!

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