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Back in February the hubby and I went along to Milton Keynes Stables to see a performance of ‘Crooners’

I had bought two tickets with some money that my mum had given us. I had chosen the performance totally off the cuff; I didn’t know anything about the show, but knew we both loved the music featured in it.

Little did I know that it was actually  comedic performance with amazing vocals from Mark Halliday, Roman Marek and Jim Whitley who have all starred in the West End!

We were in the front row and absolutely loved every minute of the show. We were lucky enough to meet the stars of the shown after the performance.

I have to say, it was probably one of the best stage shows I have every had the privilege of seeing; and I have seen a lot of West End shows!

Anyway, as I said in my previous review, I spotted that it was playing at our local theatre; The Lighthouse in Kettering.

Now, there are a couple of wonderful ladies that I have met through the vintage scene and had a few adventures with, Dawn and Annette. I thought they would enjoy the show and so I  messaged them to see if they and their wonderful husbands, Andy and Adam fancied going.

After a discussion we decided that we would make it  ladies night. A chance to put on our gladrags and make an evening of it.

We decided that we would go for dinner first, then head to the theatre for the show.

Choosing the Kino Lounge, we headed there for 1730 as I picked Annette up on the way. The Kino Lounge is a chain of bar restaurants and I love them as they have a great range of food and drink and are also Dog friendly, which means I can take Theodore with me when I usually go.

In this case, he was left at home and Dawn, Annette and I went alone.

Watermelon Ice tea is always my choice in there and as I was driving I would always have soft drinks.

I decided on Eggs Benedict and Halloumi Sticks for dinner, Annette went with Fishcakes with Poached Eggs and Dawn chose a Salad with Goats Cheese.

We had a  lovely time chatting and catching up over some great food. Soon it was time to head to the theatre and get seated.

Our seats were in the third row, which meant we had a good view.

I have to admit to being a little nervous due to the fact that I had recommended this to Annette and Dawn and I wasn’t sure what I would do if they thought it was a bit rubbish!

Thankfully I didn’t have to worry too much about it as within 10 minutes they were both laughing their heads off.

The show was as great as the first time I saw it. In fact I would probably go as far as to say that it was even better!

Glancing across at my friends, I could see they were wiping tears of laughter out of their eyes. It clearly was going down very well.

To be fair, it seemed like the whole audience was loving what they were seeing; the slapstick comedy, great music and even better performers.

The Mini Big Band was on top form as always and we were all swaying and singing along with the music.

I have to say that it was a but disappointing to see half the auditorium was empty. People really had missed out on probably the best night out possible!

Either way we loved it. Annette and Dawn were giggling in their seats and Dawn commented that her cheeks hurt from so much laughing.

The night ended with a wonderful finale and we gathered our belongings and went out to the foyer to meet the stars of the show.

Queuing up we chatted with Mark first and I commented on how I had loved the show in Milton Keynes and got my two friends to come.  He seemed to like the idea and said we all kept getting two people to come they would be selling out stadiums in about a year!

It was then the Jim Whitley spotted our group and then recognised me. I say this as he came over and gave me a big hug and said it was good to see me again.

What an honour!

I picked up a copy of their CD which has 21 different tracks on it and the gentlemen were more than happy to sign the back of the case.

All too soon it was over and time to head for home. Dropping Annette off at her house, I turned the car round and headed off for my house.

A glass of wine was waiting with my name on it!

Of course, before that I want to thank The Cast of Crooners, the band and the Lighthouse Theatre for another out of the world night!

In fact, I can’t wait to go and see it again.

Till then,

SPSG xxx

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A few months ago, the lovely Jenny from falseeyelashes.co.uk got in contact to see if I wanted to try out a selection of their lashes and glues for my blog.

Seeing as I love long false lashes, but am not keen on having them all the time ( I find I want to pull them off) glue on strip lashes work great for me.

I had a couple of sets from them and they were fabulous. You can catch up on the review here.

So, when Jenny got in touch again before Easter to ask if I needed any lashes for the Easter break, of course I said yes!

Blogger Mail

Within a day or two, a package arrived on the doorstep. Inside was 3 packages of lashes, glue and a cheeky little discount voucher for my readers. Coupled with a lovely handwritten note from Jenny, I couldn’t wait to give them a go.

This time, I had been sent two pairs of Red Cherry Human Hair Eyelashes; Marlow and Savana, One pair of Ardell Professional Double Up lashes no 207. Also in the pack was a box of Eyelure lashfix glue.

What a Haul!

They all looked great and I was keen to wear them over the Easter break.

Such a lovely note

This was where it all came a bit of a cropper. Or rather I did!

The early hours of Easter Sunday I managed to fall over a extension cable reel. Landing on the reel I managed to damage myself quite comprehensively.

Bruised brow bone

When I woke up later that morning, I found that I had scraped the bridge of my nose, leaving a big scab. I had a dark blue bruise on my brow bone. My left wrist was swollen and heavily bruised. What a mess.


The worst was still to come; when I tried to get out of bed, my knee buckled underneath me. It was heavily swollen and bruised and extremely painful.

Badly Bruised

Oh dear!

Getting up, I had a look in the mirror and found that all the beautiful lashes in the World wouldn’t look good on my battered face.

I dropped Jenny a line with the information that I was a bit of a wreck and if she was happy, I would keep them until the May Bank Holiday. Jenny was more than happy with this and it gave me a chance to let my face heal.

Money off? Bonus!

So this previous weekend the whole family were due to meet up at an Auntie and Uncles house for  a get together. Perfect chance to get dolled up a bit and try the new lashes out.

Most of the makeup on

I decided to choose Savana as they had a great full look but not too over the top for a daytime event.

I put on a thin layer of the eyelure glue and left it 30 seconds to get tacky before attaching to my eyelid.

Now, I am the first to admit to being pretty crap at this.

What a great selection

I either get them on first time, or I mess it up totally.

Of course, as I was on a deadline with a two hour drive to the party so I had to do it on the first shot. Yeah, right.

I tried to put the right lash on first. It went on and I thought it looked good. I put the left on and it was absolutely perfect.

One on….

I went back to the right to check it and found out that half of it was now hanging off. I added a bit more glue and pressed it down.

It came right back off.

I decided to start again. Using a wet wipe I took off the glue that had dried, reapplied a thin layer and left it for the 30 seconds.


This time it went on perfectly and I was ready to go.

Perfect lashes

We had a wonderful time at the Aunties house; much alcohol and food was shared and thankfully the weather was good so we could sit in the garden.

All ready to go

After several hour my lashes were still on and it was time to make a move and start the 2+ hour drive home.

So natural

The great thing with the lashes is that as they are such a superior quality, I can use them more than once, and I still have another two pairs to test out.

As I am off to London this weekend, I may have to wear the thicker fancier ones and put on my glad rags.

Watch this space

Till then,


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In the past year I have become quite a big fan of Unique Vintage clothing and have two dresses and a skirt from them so far, including my marvellous Circus Skirt.

The Greatest Show

The reason I haven’t got more than that is for a few reasons.

Firstly because they are based in the USA and I get hit with duty and import charges.

Secondly, they only did most of their sizes in up to a 3XL with the odd 4XL which although is the normal size I would order, was not large enough for me.

The Goldwyn Dress

When I went to LondonEdge last  year, Unique Vintage actually had a stall and I was  lucky to have a really good chat with them. This was when my luck changed as their representative told me that they were starting to branch out into 5XL and 6XL.

Brilliant for my body but NOT brilliant for my bank balance.

Miss Candyfloss Delphine Dress

This January at the same event I fell in love with a couple of dresses and have been waiting for them to out and finally this week they did. Along with a lot of other beautiful things.

My heart soared.

Then I realised it was still a few weeks until payday and there was nothing left in the bank for pretties.

Well, a girl can always look and lust over their offerings and hopefully win the lottery and buy one of everything!

So here are the items I have been waiting for and also a fair few new ones that have caught my eye.

The very first thing that will be going into my basket is this super sweet Honey Pot dress. This was at LondonEdge on a mannequin and I just fell in love with it. I knew that if it was available in my size then I would have to get one.

Darcy Dress £91.00

Everything about this dress just calls to me. The Darcy is a perfect summer outfit. And it will be mine.

I love the little honeypot brooch and can imagine getting some little furry ears and going Disneybounding as Winnie the pooh!

Honey, Honey

I would add a cute novelty bag such as both of  these and I would be all set. I mean, who wouldn’t want to do this?

Buzzy Bee £13.95

I mean… Seriously cute! £30.00

If you didn’t feel quite so adventurous I guess you could pair it up with this bag instead. Personally I would removed the multi-coloured shoulder strap.

A Classy option £16.99

Oh and the Brooch and necklace also look pretty good to me.

Little Fat Fellow – £1.39!!!

I think I would have to have one of each! £2.99

Now I have gone totally batty over the Darcy Honeypot dress, I think it is only fair to have a look at a few of my other favourite dresses as there are a fair few of them.

The first is the Pink Plaid Doheny Dress I absolutely adore everything about this dress. The colour, the check pattern and that smashing neckline. I think at £82.00 it is a decently priced dress for the quality and sizing. I am hoping this falls into my basket at some point!

The Pink Plaid Doheny Dress £82.00

My next two choices would work well together; the Ginger high waist trousers and the Navy Bea Blouse.

The Ginger High waist Wide Leg Trousers £52.00

I have been wanting some wide leg high waist trousers for the longest time and these really call to me. I think the pricing of only £52.00 is amazing as I have seen similar for a lot more.

The Bea Blouse £42.00

Paired up with the Bea Blouse at just £48.00 I think it would a smashing combo and would pair it up with red accessories. I mean, it just cries out for them!

My next choice is so up my alley that it is just bonkers. The sad thing is that I don’t think it goes up in a big enough size for me as the 4XL’s are problematic as I mentioned earlier. This is a real shame as i absolutely love the design of this dress and would buy it in a heartbeat.

I am of course talking about the Alfred Shaheen Crane Print Sarong.  I love how the shoulder drape hangs down, whilst the sarong skirt flatters every shape.

Alfred Shaheen Crane Print Sarong £135.00

In my heart I know the 4XL probably wouldn’t fit, but I am tempted to give it a go!

Moving onto this beauty, Micheline Pitt has created such wonderful designs for her Vixen line and I have a fair few pieces of her clothing. This dress, The Velvet Starlet wiggle dress is just divine. I love the colour and I know how great her wiggles are, so again it is one that is a front runner.

The Gold Velvet Starlet Wiggle Dress £77.00

My next choice is one I have been looking at for a couple of months now; the Hamilton Swing Dress.

I love the contrast on the left side and the pocket. I think it really makes it stand out. The fact that Navy is such  an easy colour to compliment with is also a bonus. I know this dress would get lots of compliments due to the unusual design.

I am a big fan.

The Hamilton Swing Dress £82.00

This next dress is not a colour I particularly wear or even own. But there is something about the design that I really like.

I have the Pin Up Girl Monica dresses which have the ruched wiggle effect, but the angel sleeves on the Rumor Wiggle Dress  are a great design choice. The green is a very fresh colour and I think it  would be great to wear something not in my usual palette.

Sage Rumor Wiggle Dress £90.00

Now it is down to my very last choice; the Luna Swing Dress and Capelet.

The Luna Swing Dress and Capelet £74.00

Although not a massive polka dot fan (it can tend to be a bit overused in the pin up world) I love the cute little capelet with its Peter Pan collar.

I also adore the fact that the dress is as smart without the capelet as it is with it. The double strap design gives it a bit of difference.

So, there you have it. My Ultimate Unique Vintage wishlist. Some of them are pipe dreams as I can’t afford everything. However some, like the honeypot dress will definitely happen.

I need it in my life!

Now readers, over to you. What do YOU think I should buy? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Till next time,

SPSG xxx

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As many of you know, I have a really good friend called Helen who I have worked with for around 11 years. We have got through good times and bad, drank a lot of cocktails and had some bloody great adventures.

Murder Mystery nights, trips away, theatre visits and more. Usually we find something that sounds interesting, propose it to the other one and 99.9% of the time we end up booking it. Usually the stranger the better.

Me and the Bestie

So a few months ago I spotted and event in Nottingham. Ginny Stillage telling the tales of The Spirits of Gin Lane.

Did someone say Gin?

Well of course I knew H would be up for it once I sent her the link and so I booked us two tickets. Then during discussions about getting there and the semantics of everything, we decided that we probably wouldn’t be able to drive home after taste testing a few gins.

A hotel stay was suggested. Well, go on then, twist my arm (as if it needed twisting)

H said to leave it with her and in a few minutes I had a notification that we had been booked in at the St James Hotel in Nottingham. Now all we needed was our train tickets.

St James Nottingham

Deciding to leave them closer to the date, we settled in for a few weeks to wait for the event.

Well you can imagine our disappointment when with just a week to go, we received notification that due to unforeseen circumstances the event had to be cancelled.


I messaged H and asked what she wanted to do. The hotel was non-refundable so we decided ‘What the Hell’. We would still travel and find things to do.

Sadly as mentioned in previous blogs I had inflicted upon myself quite a nasty knee injury during what is now known as my Gincident.

I was walking with a stick and in considerable pain so we had to be sensible about what we would go an do. Either way we knew it would be a good giggle and a chance to relax and have a proper catch up.

We decided to treat it as a mini-holiday and booked the 0953 train to Nottingham. We arrived early, as is our style and waited for the train. I had packed everything we would need; croissants, chocolatines and two small bottles of fizz each. Oh and a metal straw!

Breakfast of Champs

Sitting on the train I got out the goodies. Well, we were on holiday after all. An hour later and we arrived at our destination.

It must be 6pm somewhere?

Getting off the train was easy. Then we saw the large flight of stairs we needed to get up. Thankfully there was a lift.

The lift was Out of Order.

I was at a loss. I knew I would never make it up all the stairs with my knee. I would either be vomiting or crying half way up. What the heck were we going to do?

H offered to carry my suitcase up but that still didn’t solve the problem. That was when we saw a stairlift coming our way. At the bottom of the steps was a man with a trolley loaded up with products for the shops upstairs. The stairlift was coming down for him.

He told me to use it first as it would take ages to get his heavy load up to the top.

I got onto a metal platform which had a folded seat. Sitting down, two metal arms came down to keep me safe. The station assistant had the controls on a stretchy cable and up we went. Very very slowly.

Of course, H was half way up ready to record my embarrassment. By the time I had got to the top she had already posted it on Facebook!

The Shame

She genuinely thought it was a goods elevator and laughed her socks off. I was glad that I could set her straight. But I still looked like a prize idiot.

Eventually getting to the station concourse, we looked at getting a taxi to the City centre. I called the hotel to see if we could leave our cases somewhere as I couldn’t really lug mine around town.

Such a warm welcome

The receptionist was lovely and was able to advise us that the room was actually ready and we could check in. As it was only 11am we hopped in a cab and went straight there.

Pulling up at the hotel five minutes later, we were amazed at the luxurious exterior.

Walking into reception we were really impressed. The foyer was beautiful; huge metal light shades, a massive vase of fresh flowers and a really inviting feeling.

Just stunning!

We were checked in really quickly and went up to the 3rd floor where our room was. Opening the door we were extremely impressed by the facilities. Great bathroom, lovely decor, comfortable beds and The White Company complimentary toiletries.

Just gorgeous

We decided to unpack and have a cup of tea before planning on what we wanted to do.

Very posh!

The fun and games started almost immediately. Being two ladies of a certain age, the room was very hot. There were two large windows, set quite high up.

H got on the bed to try and open one. It opened up quite wide; so wide that we were a little worried about. But then we had a eureka moment.

The walking stick!

That would do it. Using the handle part of the stick, she could pull on the window handle and close it a little.

What could possibly go wrong?

Something clearly had when Helen went ‘ooops’. Pulling the stick back she revealed that it no longer had a handle!

The next thing I knew she was flying out the door and legging it down the corridor!

Well, all I could do was laugh.

About ten minutes later she appears again, brandishing the missing walking stick handle. I was still laughing my head off and we decided to leave the window open and not try again.

During our cuppa we made a few decisions on what we would do. Given that my leg was a bit duff, we didn’t want to overwork it by walking miles.

First though, we needed sustenance in order to have a night of drinking. There was a Wetherspoons pub about a ten minute walk so off we set.

Bring on the Gin

The Joseph Else was situated smack in the middle of town. I have to admit it was a lovely pub, but absolutely packed, as most Wetherspoons are. We perused the menu and decided to go with paninis. I also wanted some halloumi fries and H suggested some nachos too.

We went with the meal deal with included an alcoholic drink for around £6. Bargain.


Helen came back with a glass of white wine, a pink gin and ginger and had ordered 2 paninis, and the extra sides.

It didn’t take too long for the food to be delivered. And we really should have read the menu correctly. The paninis actually arrived with a huge portion of chips too. Oh well.

Alcohol Selfie

The food was amazing, fresh and very tasty. We must have sat there for a couple of hours catching up and having a laugh. We tried a couple of other gins; Gin ting with lemonade and Didsbury Gin and ginger. Both were very fruity and utterly delicious.

Pub Selfie

After a couple of hours we decided to make a move and try and find Another?  which is a self service wine bar. It seemed like such a novel idea that we needed to at least go and have one glass there.

I have to admit we had a right old time finding it. Google maps told us where to go, but I put the phone back in my bag. It was only after walking around for 10 minutes that we realised that we had gone in totally the wrong direction.

The Pit and Pendulum – Need to organise a visit here as it wasn’t open yet.

Thankfully we were only five minutes away and headed in the right direction, and literally walking past the wine bar (including the A frame advertising it).

This is me – Sweet and Innocent

Realising we had gone past it, we retraced our steps and I managed to spot it. It is a very small building and easily missed. It would have been such a shame if we hadn’t found it, as it was fantastic inside.

Unfortunately it was up some quite steep steps, but I managed to get myself up them slowly and it really was worth it.


The wine bar had a very old feel to it. Wooden beams, exposed brickwork and old tiles, it really was welcoming. Add to that the shiny metal drinks dispensers, it had a great feel.

The room was quite small but there is also a roof terrace that you can go and sit on. I didn’t attempt getting up there, so found a table in the corner which was very comfy.

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So, if you read me frequently, you will know that I did a post speaking about a collaboration with J D Williams recently. If you missed it, you can see it here.

Well the parcel arrived very quickly and I was keen and eager to give things a go.

Blogger Mail

As it happened, I was due to go to my health club that evening and decided to take the swimming costume I had chosen with me.

To make things even easier, I added the shift dress to my gym bag so I could just pull it on after my swim.

All the goodies

Obviously as I hadn’t yet managed to try them on, I made sure I had a back-up bikini in the same bag just in case.

Shift Dress

Anyway, after a heavy day at work and still limping with a knee injury, I was really looking forward to sliding into the pool to do a few lengths before using the steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi.

Magisculpt Swimsuit

I grabbed the swimming costume from my bag and slipped into it. As it was a magisculpt swimsuit, it was very flattering on the shape as it smoothed out my bumps and lumps a little bit, but not enough to be uncomfortable or too heavy duty.

The small gap shown on the model was a LOT bigger a gap on me. I looked in the mirror and wondered if it was a little too risque. Then I thought, So what?

Very flattering and supportive

Irregardless of what suit I wear, I still have big boobs. That is a fact and they aren’t likely to disappear overnight.

With an added hat and chiffon sarong.

I took a really good look in the mirror and liked what I saw. I decided to stick with it, removed the hygiene stickers and tags and went off for  my swim.

Trying to look alluring…

Makes me feel very glamorous

Although the costume is plain black, once it got wet it went very shiny like the skin of a seal. I actually loved it even more than before and it felt great when swimming in.

As good from the back too

I didn’t feel insecure or like I was going to have something pop out on me.

So flattering too

It was extremely supportive, didn’t dig in anywhere and felt great to wear. To be honest, I possibly could have fitted in a size 24, but I was concerned that if it was snug on the top of my thighs, it would leave bulges and dig in a bit so I am glad I went for the size 26.

Strike a pose

(As a side note, whilst taking photographs, Theodore the Diva completely photo-bombed me repeatedly. I couldn’t not add this photograph as he really was posing hard)

Yes, he is a Diva who loves the camera. No idea where he gets it from.

After the swim, I showered and washed my hair. After I had blow dried it I grabbed the shift dress.

Lightweight and great quality

I had fallen in love with the simplistic design, yet stunning print. At only £18 it was an absolute bargain. The draped sleeves with a tied section were very comfortable and flattering on the bingo wings.

Even better is that the dress has recently gone into the sale and it can be yours for just £12.50!

The material is very light and silky and was perfect to just pull on for the 5 minute drive home, but would be equally perfect for a summers day out or even afternoon tea somewhere posh.

Love the pattern; a perfect summer dress

Again, I took a critical look in the mirror at what I could see. Yes, the pattern was stunning and I loved it. But was it a little too short?

Most of my outfits in recent years have been long full skirted affairs, reaching at least to my mid-calf. This was slightly higher than my knees.

At nearly 45 there will possibly be a lot of women out there that would shy away from wearing something as short as that. Especially as I am only 5ft2, on a taller person I can imagine a lot more skin on show.

Anyway, after critiquing myself I realised that as a size 26 woman, I don’t actually have a bad set of pins (minus the bruises from a recent Gincident)

Shorter than what I am usually used to

They are quite shapely albeit it short and stumpy. I decided I really liked the look and the dress was just lovely on the body.

If you are considering this stunning dress but are a little worried about the length, it would also look fabulous with a pair of leggings to protect your modesty. I know there will be times where I go down that route and there are three or four different colours that you could wear to compliment the pattern of the dress too.

The last two pieces that I had asked for were a pair of Capri Pants and a double layer vest top. As I don’t really have any gym wear and will be starting Pilates soon, I needed something to wear.

Love this colour combination

The Performance print Capri pants are £20 had a great funky pattern and when I spotted matching tops, well I knew they had to be on my list.

Really comfortable too

I was actually really surprised when I opened the double layer vest top as it was actually two separate tops. A patterned bra top and a plain purple vest top. Again at £20 this was a total bargain.

One day I will just wear this!

The sad thing is that due to a damaged knee I am unable to start Pilates at the moment, so I haven’t been able to take any photos of the items in action.

Smashing racer back style

However, I have worn the set and it is a dream to wear. Very comfortable and as you can see here, very flattering too.

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Secret Plus Size Goddess by Tanya Brannan - 3w ago

Followers of my blog may remember my friend Vicky who came on several vintage/plus size jaunts with me in previous years.

Sadly, Vicky left the job she was in and through no deliberate fault, time passed and before we both knew it a LOT of time had passed and we had lost touch.

So, a few months ago we both seemed to realise this and for whatever reason both got in touch again at pretty much the same time!

It must have been fate.

Well, we decided that too much time had passed and we didn’t want anymore to fly by and arranged to meet up for afternoon tea.

I say we arranged… We tried to arrange, but the place we wanted to go to was fully booked up for 5 or 6 weeks.

Never daunted, we booked for 6 weeks time and waited for the day to come.

Vintage Style meets Funky attitude

Finally it arrived. Saturday 27th April. Vicky had booked a table for two at a local historical site near to us; Delapre Abbey a recently refurbished site with woodlands and the beautiful Orangery where would be taking tea.

The Orangery is in two sections; the general area where you can turn up and try an array of delicious sandwiches, cakes and more. Then there is the billiard room which is only accessible for those who have pre-booked afternoon tea.

The Billiard Room

We were shown into the Billiard Room by a lovely waitress and taken to our table.  Huge square armchairs with comfy coloured cushioned awaited. Perfect.

The afternoon tea is a pre-set menu, unless you have an intolerance or ask for something different. There were over a dozen different teas that you could choose from which were also unlimited.

Extra Menu

I decided to go for Citrus Earl. I love my Earl Grey and this sounded perfect; citrus undertones and grapefruit too. Vicky went for Earl Grey and we were served two large teapots. Brilliant!

Tea for two

The stand containing our food was soon delivered. The bottom tier contained finger sandwiches. Four Salmon, four Egg and Cress and four ham and mustard.

They were fresh and delicious. Being someone who doesn’t like smoked salmon, Vicky was happy to eat more of those and I had an extra ham and egg one instead.

The full Monty

The second tier contained sweet treats; a snowball, Viennese whirl, meringue, fresh strawberries and a little tiny cup which contained a lemon flavour creamy dessert. This was topped with a coulis and a blueberry.

Citrus grey

The top tier held home made scones, clotted cream and jam. Just as an afternoon tea should be.

We took our time over the whole procedure, eventually asking for a second pot of tea each. This time I had my normal Earl Grey and Vicky went for the Citrus Grey on my recommendation.

Tea Time

We slowly made our way through the sandwiches. Chatting and catching up with each other and what had been going on over the previous months.


The sandwiches went down well, and then we hit the desserts. Every little morsel was delightful. As someone who really doesn’t like Snowballs, I was pleasantly surprised by their one. It really was divine.

All home made

Finally we got onto the scones and I have to say, they were outstanding. Full of fruit, light and tasty, once topped with the clotted cream and jam, it was out of this world.

Fresh Scones

It was finally time to finish our lovely tea and pay the bill. For the two of us with unlimited tea it came to a fabulous £29.90. An absolute bargain.

Divine Desserts

It was lovely to see Vicky again and we had a relaxed couple of hours catching up and eating lovely food.

Ladies that Tea

I highly recommend The Orangery at Delapre Abbey and I know it won’t be long before I return for a second helping.

Ready to goUntil next time,

SPSG xxx

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Secret Plus Size Goddess by Tanya Brannan - 3w ago

A couple of weeks ago I received a lovely email from Laura asking if I would like to collaborate with J.D Williams.

Well, I bought some close from them before and liked their styles and so I said yes. Laura gave me a budget of £100.00 to spend and there were a few categories that they were looking to promote, including swimwear, summer sandals, dresses and wedding guest styles.

I immediately discounted the first two and started looking at the dresses. After a lot of deliberation I nominated these two, which I thought were stunning.

The first was the Quiz dip hem dress in Blue

Quiz Dip Hem Dress £40.00

The second was this pretty, summery number. The Yumi Curves cold shoulder dress

Yumi Curves cold shoulder dress £50.00

Both were a little out of my comfort zone, but I really loved the print on the Yumi curves dress and the shape of the Quiz really called to me too.

I emailed Laura and asked if I could try these items out. She happily got back to me and said ‘leave it with me’

Sadly she came back a couple of days later and advised they didn’t have the size I needed and was there anything else I would like to look at.

Well, in the week since I had asked for the dresses, my lifestyle has slightly changed in that I had joined the gym.

Not to get skinny, but to improve  my shoulder issue and improve  my dancing stamina. You can’t jive if you can’t breathe!

So, this was a great time for me to have a different point of view as another of their categories they were looking to get reviews was swimwear and tankini’s.

Well this was totally up my street!

Of course I still have my wonderful Ewa Michalak Saint Tropez bikini (almost 3 years old and still going strong) however I would need more than one if I planned on going swimming every day.

Ewa Michalak Saint Tropez Bikini

I started looking at the swimsuits, swimdresses and tankini’s and found several that I really liked. The colours and prints, the shape and designs, they were all amazing.

Eventually I had a list of about 7 and needed to whittle them down. One by one I discounted items until I was down to my last two choices.

Wolf and Whistle Floral Swimsuit £50.00

Magisculpt High Neck Shaping Swimsuit £40.00

This was when I was a little torn, but finally decided on the Magisculpt one as I didn’t know how my boobs would work with the lace up section on the other suit.

After choosing this, I still had around £60 of budget left so I headed for the sportswear section. If I was going to go to the gym, I needed the clothes to wear there!

I found this lovely set;

Double Layer Vest Top £20.00

The double layer vest in Coral and Purple with the complimentary capri pants in the heavier patterned print. I loved the look and added them to the basket.

Performance Print Capri Pants £20.00

I thought these were perfect for the job and at such decent prices, you really can’t go wrong!

There was a tiny little bit of budget left so I headed to another category they wanted  reviewing which was Plus Size dresses. Now, as someone who has so many dresses, you would think I would hardly need another.

Well, again I didn’t want to turn up at the gym after work, do my routine and them struggle back into my work clothes. I wanted something quick I could pull on which is where this lovely shift dress came into play.

Tie Sleeve Shift Dress £18.00

I loved the colours and pattern and thought it would be a cute fun dress to pull on quickly. At the amazing price of only £18.00 it was a bit of a bargain too!

Laura ordered all four items for me and I waited for them to arrive.

So, how did it all turn out?

Well, you will have to wait for the next installment to see just what the outcome was.

Until next time


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A few years back I became acquainted with the wonderful Tracey, otherwise known as Miss Violet Bright. We chatted in vintage groups and had a lot in common, but never met.

Then one day around two years ago, I was at LondonEdge for the twice yearly spectacular and spotted a familiar character!

Miss Violet Bright

I mean, that purple hair really couldn’t be missed. I tracked her down and found out she was looking for items of clothing and accessories for her shop, Vendemia based in Scunthorpe along with her poor husband, Craig.

I say her poor husband. He was very lovely and very patient but she was literally dragging him from stall to stall looking at ALL the pretties!

Anyway, we had a right old natter and it was finally so good to meet her in person.

Well, the last couple of LondonEdge events, I have spotted the same purple hair and it has been wonderful to be able to catch up and find out how things are going. Both Tracey and Craig are adorable and I really enjoyed spending time with them.

A wonderful couple

Anyway, after LondonEdge I was on Facebook and saw Tracey showing off a lovely dress from Hearts and Roses. It was really pretty and I instantly wondered how large it would go up to. I popped her a message and enquired all about it.

This just caught my eye

Well it turned out that it was available in up to a size 26. It would have been stupid not to give it a go!

I asked if she would be able to post it and five minutes later I paypalled her the money and waited for the dress to arrive.

When it did, I was blown away. It was even prettier in real life and it fitted like a dream. The quality was really high and for £55.99, it was a great price for the design and material that was really luxurious.

The only thing was, I didn’t really have an event in which to wear it. So I kept it in the wardrobe for a month or so.

Finally an evening arrived where I was going to quite a lovely restaurant with my friend Jane. It is quite a upscale restaurant and so I wanted to make an effort. That was when I remembered the Hearts and Roses Dress.

I instantly loved it

I accessorised the dress with a matching hair flower, blue shoes and bag. I was all set and I felt really lovely in the outfit.

So easy to wear

The fit was great; it looked like it was made to measure. I was really glad that I had purchased it and I think it will get a lot of wear in the coming months.

Posing again

The only downside?

So comfy

I now know that Hearts and Roses fit me and this could be detrimental to my bank balance!

Till next time,


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As many of you know, I have been undergoing some treatments (both hair and cosmetic) at Q.L Salon.

My first blog talked about the No Mirror Challenge where my hair, lashes and nails were given a total makeover. If you missed it, you can catch up with it here.

I just couldn’t believe it

Since then I have been back and had various treatments and hair cuts. I regularly go and have my nails done and whilst there having a recent appointment that Louisa offered to microblade my eyebrows as I was suffering quite a lot of gap and hair loss at the widest part of my brows, mainly through years of over-plucking.

Mapped and shaped. Ready to go!

Again if you didn’t see what a great job she has done, you can find it here.

Now, I was back again as four weeks have passed and I was due to go back to have the eyebrows topped up. I had also booked in to get my nails done as they had grown quite a lot and needed refilling and I fancied a colour change.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Louisa had also offered to tattoo my eyelids with semi-permanent make-up. Now, this was something I was really interested in as I try so hard to get my eyeliner right, but usually make a total cock-up of it!

Ready to go

There are loads of meme’s and posts out there about eyeliner dramas. You get one wing perfect; alas the second looks like crap. You try and even them up. You end up looking like Siouxsie Sioux.

So I popped on down to Q.L Salon this week and went under the needle.

How did it go?

Well, Louisa started off by using a machine to top up the original handwork of the microblading. It was very quick and I almost didn’t know that she was actually doing it, I literally couldn’t feel a thing.

When she had done the original microblading I could feel a dragging sensation but there was no pain at all. This time there was no pain or feeling at all. I was so relaxed I could have fallen asleep!

Once they were completed, Louisa moved down to my eyelids. I had already discussed that I wanted a vintage style line, with a wider end flick than usual, however I wanted it to end shorter than normal.

The reason behind this was so that I could just leave it as it was and go out with a good looking liner, however when I wanted it to be more pronounced or vintage, I can extend the wings out and I only have to add maybe a few millimetres and it would be perfect.

Loving the look

So, Louisa had already put a topical cream on to numb the sensitive eyelids and it was time to start. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but as she was basically sticking a needle in my eyelid, I was bound to be a bit nervous

However, the reaction I had was not the one either of us was expecting. The vibrations of the machine tickled so much that I couldn’t stop giggling. Louisa was stunned by my reaction but I literally couldn’t stop it.

I honestly never expected it, but it was absolute proof that this process  just didn’t hurt at all. Around 30 minutes later and I was done.

The result was spectacular and I was absolutely over the moon. I know that having this process done will certainly make my life easier as I struggle to get my liner correct, especially if I am having a bad shoulder day.

The end Result

As previously mentioned, I had booked an appointment to get my nails done. A little further pick me up. Normally I go for a lot of reds, however this time I wanted something a little more chilled out.

Eventually I opted for this amazing purples and grey palette and absolutely love them too.

Four days later and the healing is going really well. It doesn’t scab up like a traditional tattoo, just feels a little ‘crusty’ like you have sleepy dust in your eyes. The microbladed brows down either, they just get a bit dry; as if you have forgot to moisturise for a few days.

Happy as a lark

The overall effect has already been a game changer. People have noticed and commented that my makeup looks great, but apart from the liner and the eyebrows, I haven’t been wearing any?!?


Till next time,

SPSG xxx

*****Although the eyebrows and eyeliner were gifted for the purposes of this review, all thoughts, opinions and words are entirely my own*****

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Back at the end of January I went to Londonedge as I always do. This time was a little different as I was going solo as Boo was away in the USA for work.

However away I went and was able to meet a whole host of people, including the lovely Lynsey Le Keux from Le Keux Salon, Birmingham.

If you missed my review of Lynsey’s amazing products, you can catch up on it here.

Anyway, several weeks ago I saw on the Facebook page that they were going to have a clothing and vintage accessories swap.

Well, that sounded like a good idea to me, so I had a look at the train times and decided to pop up to Birmingham for the event. I hadn’t yet managed a visit to her Vintage Salon there so it was an ideal time to kill two birds with one stone.

On the way

I popped on a train from Northampton in the morning and an hour later I was in the Bullring. I wandered around looking at various shops before finding myself in Primark which was heaving!

Eventually  it was time to head to the event and I decided to walk the 15 minutes from the centre to The Custard Factory. The weather was great and I was happy just mooching along.


I finally found the venue, but it was pretty huge and I couldn’t actually find the Salon itself. I enquired with a security guard who managed to send me totally the wrong way and I still couldn’t find where I was supposed to be.

So very beautiful

The great side effect from this is that I found some really amazing street art and sculpture which was epic!

Green Man

Eventually using my logic and common sense, I rang the salon. Lynsey was able to give me some directs and before too long I was walking inside and finding the salon.


I was around 10 minutes early so we had a bit of a chat and she was able to take the items I had brought to swap and gave me the tokens I was entitled to.

The lovely Lynsey

By this point lots more people had arrived and started to mingle. The was even a lady having the most wonderful hairstyle done. Perfect vintage waves were on show. The lovely Vicky was going on the Severn Valley railway for a 1940’s murder mystery night.

Waves for days

She very kindly said I could use her photograph for my blog; I just couldn’t resist taking pictures.

The finishing touches

Everyone was trying on the different clothes that had been brought in and as I was probably the biggest there, I focused more on the accessories and grabbed 3 large handbags.

One of my new bags

Lynsey had actually given these ones as they all needed a bit of restoration and TLC.

Well, I knew I could do that so I was happy with my choices.

Time for Tea

Then it was time to sit and chill for awhile.

The salon has some amazing seating; vintage cars with fins and lights. All in pink and black. I felt right in my element.

How amazing are these seats?

The tables were all set with vintage teacups and saucers and Lynsey organised for huge pots of tea. Well it would be rude not to, right?

Hair accessories

I sat down with a full cup and was joined by a beautiful lady with a real rockabilly look; sadly with my crappy memory, her name has escaped me. If it was you, let me know and I will update this!

How Fabulous?!?

I must admit it was really lovely to sit down, relax and drink tea. No agenda at all, just meeting new people with similar interests to me.


Eventually it was around time to say goodbye and I set off for home. Of course, I couldn’t resist taking some more photographs of the artwork all around The Custard Factory.

Me on a good day1

I especially liked these naked people which were hanging from the ceiling.

So artistic

I loved visiting Le Keux and I am sure it won’t be the last time I go and see them. In fact, they do photo-shoots in their studio which includes vintage props and sets.

Kitchen Set

Now….. there’s a fine idea!

Perfect Props

Till next time,

SPSG xxx

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