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This month, Winnebago celebrates its 60th anniversary! In six decades, the RV icon has helped to shape a national pastime.  And along the way, there were defining moments that inspired America’s most iconic motorhomes and towables. Here’s a quick time-travel:

The beginning: 1958 through the ‘60s

The first Aljos.

In 1958, Congress created NASA and approved Alaska as the 49th state. The first plastic hula hoop hit the market and Bridge Over the River Kwai won the Oscar for Best Picture. But a recession was on, and Forest City, Iowa needed jobs. Local businessman John K. Hanson wooed the Aljo travel trailer company to open a manufacturing facility in his hometown; and on March 19, 1958, Modernistic Industries of Iowa rolled the first Aljo off its assembly line. Its sticker price: $895.

Early Production

Hanson soon bought out the other owners, and, with wife Luise, pioneered dozens of improvements in quality and design. In 1960, they renamed the company Winnebago, after the Iowa county where the company was born and the name of the river flowing through the community.In 1966, Winnebago expanded into motorhomes. The famous F-19 and D-22 followed, and the world’s leading RV manufacturer was off to the races.

    Smaller footprints: 1970s and ‘80s

1977 Minnie Winnie

By the 1970s, Americans were in love with RVs. Just one year after Winnebago went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 1970, its stock price multiplied by 462%. But an oil embargo hit and gas prices soared. “You can’t take weekends from the American public,” said Winnebago’s optimistic president, who led the rollout of more fuel-efficient models like the garage-sized Winnie Wagon and the small Class C gas Minnie Winnie.

1988 LeSharo

In 1980s, the personal computer was born—and so was Winnebago’s next round of technology: The company perfected its SuperStructure® manufacturing method, now legendary for building high-quality, fuel-efficient RVs at an affordable price. The Winnebago Warrior and Itasca Spectrum doubled the fuel economy of conventional RVs. And the LeSharo and Phasar motorhomes and Centaur vans were ahead of their time in compact maneuverability.

90s and Turn of the Century

2007 View

In the 1990s, the economy was humming again and larger Class C motorhomes were popular and getting more luxurious. Winnebago opened a Class C manufacturing plant in Charles City, Iowa, to keep up with demand.


The company also introduced the Rialta, a future cult classic that delivered big-motorhome features on a smaller Volkswagen chassis. At the other end of the spectrum was the luxurious Class A Vectra, with massive, accessible basement storage that made it ideal for extended trips.

In the first decade of the new century, Winnebago recaptured the top spot in both Class A and Class C sales, and was voted “most-admired RV manufacturer by RVBusiness magazine. It introduced the Class A Vista, which remains popular today, and created a whole new category of Class C motorhomes with two stunning models built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis: the Winnebago View and the Itasca Navion.

From 2010 to Now

In 2010, Winnebago re-entered the towables category, purchasing Sunnybrook RV in Middlebury, Indiana. Sunnybrook evolved into Winnebago Towables, marking a return to the company’s roots.

A few years later, Winnebago shook up the B-van market in the same way it had transformed the Class C market a decade earlier. The Travato, based on the Dodge Ram ProMaster chassis, was followed by the Paseo, built on the Ford Transit chassis.

2015 Winnebago Travato

Together with the Sprinter-based Era, they catapulted Winnebago to the top of the B-van market. In the meantime, Winnebago opened a new plant in Lake Mills, Iowa, to handle Class B production.

In 2015, the company purchased the assets of Country Coach in Junction City, Oregon. Ultimately, Junction City would become the home of Winnebago Class A diesel production, freeing up badly needed capacity in Forest City. And In 2016, the company bolstered its presence in the towables market with the purchase of Grand Design.

In the past six months, Winnebago has introduced four game-changing models for a growing and diverse customer base: the award-winning 4×4 Class B Revel, which brings new off-road capability for adventure-seekers; the stylishly contemporary, award-winning Horizon diesel pusher; the user-friendly Class A Intent and the lightweight Minnie Plus fifth wheel.

As the next chapter dawns, enthusiasts can be certain that RVs will continue to evolve, and that Winnebago will continue to lead the way.


2018 Revel

2018 Horizon

2018 Intent

2018 Minnie Plus 5


Shop all 4 x 4 2018 Winnebago Revels for sale

Browse all 2018 Winnebago Horizons for sale

See all the new 2018 Winnebago Intents

Shop all 2018 Winnebago Minnies for sale

And, happy 60th, Winnebago!  Check out the beautiful, older, pre-2000 Winnebagos for sale here.


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Several new 2018 RV models are turning heads for breaking out of traditional design molds. And at least one creates a whole new category. This fall’s bolder roll-outs include four unusual models from Winnebago, unveiled at the Elkhart Open House in September via a Facebook Live broadcast (archived here).

After nearly 60 years, the RV icon is clearly still driven to innovate. Here’s a quick look at the four newest Winnebago products:

The Revel

There’ve been a few boutique 4x4s (i.e., Volkswagen’s Westfalia Syncro and EarthRoamer), but the Winnebago Revel is the first off-road RV built and supported by a major U.S. manufacturer. Until now, most aspiring 4WD RVers have had to spring for custom conversions and wait up to a year for delivery. The Revel, says Winnebago, drives off the lot ready for “comfortable exploration of remote places.”

Built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform, the Revel incorporates a number of key features for going off the grid:

  • Off-road tires and 21” of clearance
  • Three-liter turbo-diesel engine with 325 lbs./ft. of torque
  • High/low range and hill descent mode for off-road capability
  • Rear gear garage with 140 cu. ft. of storage
  • Platform bed that raises out of the gear space
  • All-in-one wet bath with cassette toilet/shower
  • Electric galley with compressor refrigerator
  • Roof mounts for watercrafts and mountain bikes
  • Solar system and extra USB charging ports
  • Latching cabinets to secure contents during travel

Prominent outdoor blog sites like Gear Junkie have jumped on this news, and a Revel video on Car Insider has racked up more than 436,000 views. Winnebago is following up on information requests and says it will deliver first orders this fall. The Revel starts at $134,799—well worth it, according to adventurer Peter Holcombe, who tried out an early model.

Shop all Winnebago Revels for sale on RVT.com.


The Intent

This Class A gas motorhome is Winnebago’s value option—something more affordable without compromising the company’s legendary quality (20 Quality Circle Awards from the RV Dealers Association—more than any other RV manufacturer). With the Intent, Winnebago uses its proven “SuperStructure” design, combining composite construction with a durable all-steel frame.

Advanced materials, a modular approach to floorplans, and a dedicated manufacturing process brings this feature-packed Class A in at a budget-friendlier price, starting at $115,517. As a bonus, it has number of refined features that stem from Winnebago’s customer research:

  • Two removable 20-pound LP tanks that can be refilled without pulling the whole rig up to a filling station;
  • Wider front view with large windshield and narrow corner pillars
  • Customizable dash system with snap-in accessories
  • A tailgate package for outdoor entertaining. Under a large awning, there’s a TV, refrigerator, countertop sink, storage, and pull-out extension table.

“We spent hours listening to input,” says Niles Whitehouse, product manager for the Intent. The result is a Class A gas coach that includes practically every option an experienced RVer could wish for—at a price that won’t break the bank. Look for the Intent at dealerships this fall.

Shop all Winnebago Intents for sale on RVT.com.


The Horizon

The Class A diesel category now has an ultra-contemporary option with Winnebago’s Horizon—called “entirely unique,” by Product Manager Ryan Roske. For those who prefer modern elegance, the Horizon is more like a luxury urban condominium.

Two Horizon floorplans both include:

  • LED tube lighting and electric fireplace
  • Available king recline/incline bed
  • Full galley with residential-style refrigerator
  • Dining area you can easily re-arrange
  • Abundant exterior storage with slide-out trays

The Horizon is built on the Maxum® Chassis, with an 8.9-liter turbo-diesel-powered Cummins® engine, and is expected in Winnebago dealerships beginning late 2017.

Shop all Winnebago Horizons for sale on RVT.com.


The Minnie Plus Fifth Wheel

This roomy option completes Winnebago’s towables line, joining the Minnie Drop®, Micro Minnie®, Minnie®, and Minnie Plus®. Each floorplan (there are three) includes private sleeping space with a queen bed, full bath, and large LED-lit awning.

With eight colors and a choice of decors, the whole Minnie line now reflects “right combination of aesthetic appeal and features,” says Product Manager/Engineer Ron Brown.

Shop all Winnebago Minnie Plus 5th Wheels for sale on RVT.com.


To explore any of these new models, go to WinnebagoInd.com

Shop all 2018 Winnebago RVs for sale on RVT.com.

Stay tuned for more new model reviews in the coming weeks.


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Seven Things to Inspect in an RV from guest author Phil Raner of Winnebago

Not all RVs hold up equally to years of use. Some deteriorate faster than others! Someone who is very familiar with the vast differences between motorhomes is Phil Raner, who’s spent 32 years on dealer lots and in their service departments as a sales manager for Winnebago. Here are Phil’s tips on what to carefully inspect, even in a “nearly new” RV, to be safer, more comfortable, and bothered with less repair in the long run:

1.  Structure

First of all, look for a motorhome with a strong shell—one with interlocking roof and sidewall joints that form a strong bond. The shell should be capable of standing on its own without any inside support. A surprising number of motorhomes are actually propped up with their cabinets and furniture. Also, if you are looking for a Class A motorhome, find out if it has a stand-alone steel cab, or just a front cap attached to the walls. In addition, research whether or not the driver and passenger seat pedestals in the cab are bolted securely into solid steel instead of a wood cab deck.

Look low and high. Below the coach, it is important to inspect the basement construction of the motorhome.  An e-coated superstructure is the strongest and floors that have an aluminum underbelly or a floor guard will have a stronger, longer lasting floor.  Up top, look for a solid roof to provide better insulation against heat and cold.  And while you’re up there, inspect for any damage or patches that could indicate leaks. It’s also a good time to inspect the sealants on the roof to make sure they are properly maintained.

In motorhomes, look for a stand-alone steel cab (left), not a fiberglass front cap mounted to the sidewalls, as shown in this crash-damaged coach (right).

2.  Fastenings

Inspect how the furniture and appliances are attached. Preferably, they’ll be bolted down into a steel casing to stay firmly in place. Many motorhomes have hardware-grade screws fastening interior walls and fixtures into plywood, or even into insulation stuffed in gaps in the walls. Naturally, these short cuts mean everything becomes loose sooner, creating creaking and rattling on the road.

A good place to check fastening is inside the exterior walls around the refrigerator. Open up this compartment and see how the fridge is attached to the RV. Get down on your knees and see how the kitchen sink is mounted. If the manufacturer has taken the care to firmly mount the appliances in steel, you’ll have a quieter, more comfortable ride.

Watch for seats, furniture, and appliances fastened with screws into plywood (right). They’re stronger and quieter bolted down into a steel casing (left).


3.  Components

Don’t assume the unit you’re considering has all the basic or luxury components you want. Take an inventory of the options and review that all amenities are present. Inspect the air conditioner, generator, and electronics and if applicable, ask to see the jacks function. In components that get heavy use, brand names are a sign of quality. Look for names you know when examining crucial features such as the generator and electronics.


4.  Interior Condition

Furniture will tell the quality tale very quickly. Beware of sag and wear in upholstery on the sofa, dinette, and bed. Many RV manufacturers use common single-density foam, which compresses in a very short time. Multi-density foam and high-grade fabrics will remain comfortable and sustain many more years of use. Ideally, the furniture and cabinetry are made of solid wood or a high-quality sustainable composite like Tecnoform, and are designed for RV space; not household designs jimmied in place. If the furniture in your RV was built specifically for that purpose, you’ll have greater peace of mind that it will stand up better over time.

Better-quality used RVs have solid wood cabinetry or a high-quality sustainable composite, and they’re designed for the space.


5.  Exterior Finish

In addition to confirming the awnings and slide-out walls work smoothly, you should expect a motorhome to hold its color. Watch for sun fade. High-quality RVs contain UV protectant. You can pick up on this by comparing the entrance door to the exterior walls. They should match. Don’t forget the windows. Tinted, dual pane windows are best against weather. Also, notice the vents and trim pieces. On a white model, they shouldn’t be dull or yellowing. If the RV has aged noticeably, its worn appearance will cost value in a sale or trade. Aesthetics matter in a luxury item.


6.  Maintenance

In addition to test-driving the RV, ask to see its service history. The conscientious owner will document oil changes, winterization, hours on the generator, etc. It goes without saying, but carefully inspect the sides and bumpers for damage. Unlike used cars, there’s no Vehicle Information Number (VIN) system that records accidents. The owner has hopefully used a buddy system to back up and park without incident—but don’t assume!


7.  Brand

Finally—or maybe first—make sure the motorhome’s manufacturer is still in business. A number of RV makers have come and gone in the past 15 years. Ask where the nearest dealer is, and how you’ll get parts quickly when you need them.

A motorhome has a lot of systems. It’s a house and a vehicle in one. So a quick impression and test drive are probably not enough. Spend considerable time with the unit. Walk through this checklist for safety, comfort, or quality elements that might not be apparent on the surface. It’s always a good idea to have a mechanic—preferably an RV dealer’s service center—check out a unit before you buy.


It’s always a good idea to have a mechanic—preferably an RV service center—check out a unit before you buy.


What’s Good for the Buyer…

If this list matters to a motorhome shopper, then it matters to a seller just as much. If you know you’ll be selling or trading your RV someday, purchase with that in mind. Choose a reputable make and model that holds its value—and take care of it with the eye of a future buyer.

Next to your home, an RV may be the biggest-ticket item you invest in. And unlike a car, you may live with it for 15 or 20 years. Buy it to last and those will be happy, memory-filled times, free of regret. For a deeper-dive into RV comparisons and decision factors, download “Four Simple Questions to Ask Before You Buy an RV.” (www.TheFourSimpleQuestions.com).


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RV manufacturers are innovators.  Innovation is what they do.  And, consumers?  They work hard to keep up with the latest innovations in RVs as a way of helping them decide which RV brand they might want to purchase.

In today’s new world with the flood of new technology and with younger and younger buyers entering a very brisk RV marketplace, here are some of the overall trends we are seeing in the innovation of RVs:

  • RVs are becoming more aerodynamic and they’re using lighter materials. So not only will they look sleeker, they’ll be more fuel-efficient too.
  • RVs, and especially tow vehicles, are becoming smaller. Teardrop trailers are more popular than ever—and they’re also being designed more innovatively.
  • Your camping experience will be more comfortable. Manufacturers are producing some of the most enjoyable living spaces ever in 2017—both living and sleeping spaces will be more luxurious.

And, here are a couple of innovative, new RV models we’ve found interesting.  One towable in a lower price range and one higher-end Class A Diesel we thought you might like to see:

2018 Dutchmen Kodiak Cub

2018 Nexus Bentley 38B

(Do you know any new RV models that you feel show good innovations?  Please advise in the comments below!)

2018 Dutchmen Kodiak Cub Suggested MSRP for the Kodiak Cub starts at about $18,500.

About 21 feet in length and weighing around 3,300 pounds, the Cub is currently available in two popular floorplans, a rear dinette (176RD) and a bunkhouse model (175BH). Additional floorplans will be introduced later this summer. 

The Kodiak Cub targets the fast-growing “young family” market of first-time RV campers looking for a travel trailer they can tow without the need for a specialized tow vehicle. 

The Cub is a full 8 feet wide creating more interior living space and more storage.  This differentiates it nicely from some competitive brands.

A residential-style bathroom is standard and includes a “dry bath” as opposed to the “wet bath” as found on most other units at this price level. (Ask your local dealer for details.)

Cool Factor:  Exterior LED underbody lights!

A fully enclosed and heated underbelly gives you an extended camping season, and when you are towing the Dutchmen Kodiak Cub, you might even find that the Torsion Axle gives you a smoother ride and superior handling. 

Modern colors, loads of storage. This one’s a beaut.

Check out what comes standard:

  • Solid Surface Counter Tops with LED backlighting
  • Radial Tires
  • 15″ Aluminum Rims
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Heated and Enclosed Underbelly
  • Power Tongue Jack with Docking Light
  • 32″ LED Flat Screen TV
  • 39″ LED Flat Screen TV (291 Only)
  • Interior LED Lights
  • Tri Fold Sleeper Sofa (Select Models Only)
  • 2nd A/C Prep w/50 AMP Service (Select Models Only)
  • 60″ x 80″ Queen Bed
  • Winterization

Want to see some Reviews?  Check out what Kodiak owners are saying about Kodiak RVs in RVT.com’s Reviews section.


Space and luxury at its finest.


This short video highlights some of the features of the new Kodiak Cub by Dutchmen RV:

All New Kodiak Cub by Dutchmen RV - YouTube


Shop all Dutchmen Kodiak Cub 17BHs

Check out the Dutchmen Kodiak Cub 176RD

Browse all Dutchmen Kodiaks

See all Dutchmen Travel Trailers currently for sale on RVT.com.

2018 Nexus Bentley 38B Base Price:  $204,999

Nexus RV has developed an impressive 38-foot Class A diesel pusher that’s not only for entertaining, it also works great for weekend adventures plus that “on the road” lifestyle we aspire to as well!

Good to know (and rather innovative):  Nexus is a factory direct manufacturer.  This means they sell direct to consumers and not through a network of Nexus dealers.

The new Bentley 38B offers a full kitchen — the largest kitchen in its class — that includes a 4-door stainless steel refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser, a 2-burner smooth induction cook top, a large stainless convection oven, a residential faucet with sprayer, and plenty of kitchen cabinetry to store food preparation essentials.

Opposite the open kitchen, a plush pull out sofa and dinette create roomy, comfortable seating for guests, as well as sleeping accommodations for their overnight stay. While meals are being prepared, family and friends may be entertained by the 46” LED TV and be warmed by the electric fireplace.  Chairs in the front cab swivel and recline to add extra seating.

Warm up by the fireplace with your morning coffee.

The Bentley 38B has one full and one half-bath for when you travel or boondock with the whole family or are entertaining friends. The rear full bath, which is the featured highlight of this motor home, is the cream of the crop with a full one-piece pre-molded shower with seat and a glass shower door plus an option for either a washer/dryer or added storage space.

For outdoor entertainment, the Bentley 38B has a large electric patio awning with LED lights that shade and protect both the exterior entertainment center with LED TV and family or guests. Near the entertainment center, a door to an inside trash receptacle creates a cleaner outside environment plus under carriage pull-out bays provide easy access to outdoor seating and supplies.

Beautiful cabinets provide tons of storage. What do you think of the color?


Sleek looking and slideouts that provide plenty of room.


Here’s a video featuring Claude Donati and Dave Middleton of Nexus RV.  It gives you a full demonstration of the new Nexus Bentley 38B — inside and out.  Enjoy!

NeXus RV Bentley 38B Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhome Walkaround - YouTube


Shop all Nexus Bentley 38Bs

Browse all Nexus Bentley 34Bs

Investigate all Classes of Nexus RVs for sale on RVT.com


Knowledgeable buyers expect innovation and new advances when buying any type of vehicle, and that includes RVs!

Stay tuned … over the next few weeks we’ll highlight more innovative new RVs to help RV shoppers keep up with what’s new in the RV world.



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When you’re thinking about purchasing an RV and you’ve made the decision that you really want a motorized unit, take some time to do a quick survey of the marketplace to get a good overall view of your options.

Here’s a quick look or a rough survey of what’s available in motorized RVs today.

We have chosen the $75,000 to $125,000 price range.  Of course, you can spend more, or you can spend less.  As you look through the units we’ve selected here, feel free to modify the searches offered by …

  • Changing the price range to suite your own budget rage
  • Changing the year of unit you want to look at
  • Adding in your geographic preferences etc.

Feel free to use this article as a quick reference because a smart buyer is an informed buyer!

Class A – Diesel Class A – Gas Class B Class C



Class A Diesel Motorhomes are an RV type where the living accommodations are an integral part of the vehicle. Class A diesel Models typically range from 24 to 40 feet long, and (obviously) they are powered by a diesel engine, typically in the rear of the coach (also known as a ‘diesel pusher’).

At the lower end of our budget range, you might enjoy the 2006 Winnebago Journey 36G which can be purchased for around the $75,000 mark.

Journeys have a solid reputation and get great reviews on RVT.com Reviews.

Features you might like include:

  • Two slideouts provide plenty of room
  • Large master with walkaround bed
  • Handy outside awning for visiting outside with the family
  • Roomy bathroom and kitchen f/stainless appliances


The outside awning provides shade on those warm summer evenings.


Roomy master with queen walkaround bed.


Browse all Winnebago Journey 36Gs

Shop all Winnebago Journeys

See all Class A Diesel priced between $75,000-125,000


If we extend our budget range to the top end in the Class A Diesel category, you might want to look at the like a 2014 Coachmen Sports Coach for $124,900.

There are tons of extras in this unit including:

  • Super convenient washer/dryer
  • Queen foam memory bed for a restful sleep
  • Fireplace!
  • Outdoor tv/stereo perfect for camping (or even tailgating!)
  • Slideout for extra spaciousness

The slideout provides extra room.


I love the elegant finishes in this RV.

Click through all Coachmen Sportscoaches for sale on RVT.com

Peruse All Class A Diesel RVs for sale

Shop All Preowned Class A Diesels


Here’s a sampling of what the market has to offer in Class A Gas motorhomes for around $75,000.  Check out the 2016 Forest River Georgetown 3 Series.

Read the Reviews on RVT.com — they are very decent units, according to owners.

Loads of amenities:

  • The much sought-after full-wall slide makes this unit extra roomy.
  • Bunk beds ensure lots of room for family and friends
  • High end finishes throughout including composite counter, double sink and leather furniture

Love the exterior color palette.


These bunks provide extra sleeping space.

Check Out All Forest River Georgetown RVs

See All Class A Gas RVs in the price range of $75,000-125,000


Near the top end of our selected budget range, you can purchase a brand new, 2018 Jayco Precept 31UL for $120,795

High-end finishes throughout, as well as:

  • Hardwood flooring and leather furniture
  • Ample storage
  • Outside awning
  • Slideout and loft bed afford plenty of extra room for guests

Fun exterior color and a slideout for an extra roomy interior.


I love the big loft bed in this RV…what do you think?

Shop all new Jayco Precept 31 ULs

Peruse all Jayco Precepts

Browse all Class A Gas RVs

Research all Preowned Class A Gas RVs

Class B Motorhomes

Class B Motorhomes, also known as a camping van conversion or van camper, are the most popular type of RV. Class B’s are built within the dimensions of a van, but with a raised roof to provide additional headroom. Basic living accommodations inside are ideal for short vacations or weekend trips. Models usually range from 16 to 21 feet.

Is a Class B right for you? Check out the 2017 Winnebago Travato, yours for a cool $79,998:

This particular model features the following:

  • Tinted windows for added privacy
  • Air conditioning for a comfortable sleep and for a mid day escape from the heat
  • A fully equipped kitchen truly making it a home away from home


The Travato has a sleek and classy exterior.


Although on the smaller side, the kitchen is fully equipped.


Browse all Winnebago Travatos

Take a Look at all Class B in the price range of $75,000-125,000

When you increase your budget for a Class B RV to the top end of our range, you might want to check out the nicely appointed 2017 Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5291.  Yours for $121,801.

The BT Cruiser comes on the Ford or the Mercedes chassis and is often Classed by dealers as Class B, Class B+ or even as a Class C RV.  Keep this in mind.

Here’s what Gulf Stream BT Cruiser has to offer at this price point:

  • Two slideouts – The convenience of a motorhome with bonus space.
  • Skylight for plenty of natural light
  • Beautiful interior finishes such as hardwood and leather couches


The slideout provides extra room.


The interior finishes in this motorhome are classy. Check out the gorgeous hardwood.

Quick NOTE:  When shopping for Class B and Class C RVs, keep in mind that RV Dealers sometimes classify their inventory more loosely than the strict definition of either Class.

What one Dealer calls a Class B, another Dealer will classify as a Class C RV.  The Gulf Stream BT Cruiser is a good example with some dealers even calling this unit a Class B+.  (See the shopping links below.)

It’s always good to have a look through both the Class B and Class C lists to locate the unit you’re most interested in.

Shop all Gulf Stream BT Cruisers classified as Class Bs

View all Gulf Stream BT Cruisers classified as Class C RVs

Browse all Class B RVs in the price range of $75,000-125,000

Class C Motorhomes

A Class C Motorhome is typically an RV with the living accommodations built on a cutaway van chassis. A full sized bed in the area over the cab can help to allow for ample sleeping accommodations.  Also called a “mini-motorhome” or “mini,” lengths range from approximately 16 to 32 feet. 

Why Buy A Class C?

For $75,826 you can purchase this sweet, 2017 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds. Check out what this unit has to offer:

  • Plenty of interior room thanks to two slide outs
  • Tons of room to sleep–dinette converts to a bed and a sleeping area over the cab
  • Full size queen, walkaround bed

Owners give the Four Winds 3 1/2 stars overall in Reviews on RVT.com.  It’s always worth reading through the Reviews!


Built on the desirable, durable Mercedes chassis.


This RV has gorgeous, high end finishes throughout, including hardwood and tile backsplash.


Shop all Thor Motor Coach Four Winds

Peruse all Class C RVs between $75,000-125,000


If we look at the upper end of our range, we find this note-worthy, luxurious, brand new 2018 Dynamax Isata for $120,533.


  • Large slidout expands your living area, great for entertaining
  • Large leather recliners, perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s fishing
  • An additional bed located over the cab provides extra sleeping space


What do you think of the red and tan exterior color?


The interior is gorgeous, from the hardwood to the leather recliners, this will check a lot of the boxes on your wishlist.

View all Dynamax Isatas

Browse all Class C Motorhomes

Check out all Preowned Class C Motorhomes


We hope this quick survey of what’s available in motorized RVs within a given price range has been useful to you.

Happy RV shopping!



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Generally when shopping for an RV on RVT.com, most buyers have a fairly good idea of what they’re looking for. Example:  Towable?  Motorized?  Buyers generally know.

But for many in-the-market RV shoppers, the rubber truly meets the road with … the budget.

  • How much are we willing to spend?
  • What monthly payment is going to “work” for us at this time?

So, buyers often wonder:

What Can We Reasonably Expect to Get
for the Budget We’re Willing to Spend?

So, to assist in your RV shopping experience, over the next few weeks, RV Insight by RVT.com will offer buyers a few “quick survey” articles.

These are designed to give you various interesting options in towable (and motorized) RVs that you might want to investigate – within a given budget range.

Of course, our quick surveys are not meant to be exhaustive or all-encompassing.  Rather, think of them as helpful to…

  • Highlight available options
  • Help give you a good place to start looking / shopping
  • A quick ‘taste-test’ of what is available in the market for RVs within given budget ranges


  1. Travel Trailers
  2. Toy Haulers
  3. Folding Trailers
  4. Fifth Wheels



2018 KZ Connect 312BH — $28,988

A nice travel trailer can give a family plenty of room.  And, at the $25,000 to $30,000 price range, many of these RVs can still be fairly lightweight.  That said, it’s important to check the towing specs of your tow vehicle.

Some key features:

  • Rear bathroom with a separate bunk room (families love bunkhouse RVs!)
  • Enclosed bunkhouse has a dinette booth that converts into a bed, plus a bunk above it that folds up out of the way
  • Back-up camera and solar panel prep
  • High end finishes throughout


This travel trailer is lightweight and easily towed.


This unit features much sought after bunk beds.

A pre-owned travel trailer might just get you even more bang for your buck.

2009 Carriage Domani 2700 — $29,995

You’ll probably come across older units like this one.  The great thing is … it’s fully loaded!  If you stick to looking at only brand new models, you might not be able to get all the options you really want within your price range.

Check out some of the great features:

  • Leather upholstery
  • Composite countertops
  • Slideout and skylights
  • Central vac
  • Satellite dish

Another light and easy to tow unit


Pre-owned doesn’t mean used condition. This unit still looks modern, tidy and ready for your next adventure. Great value for your $30,000 budget.

Research All Travel Trailers Under $30,000

Look At All New & Used Travel Trailers


2018 Forest River Stealth SS1913 — $29,999

Toy haulers have become very popular with people who like to bring their toys along on vacation!

You’ll notice that not only is there plenty of room for your motorbike / quad, but also, there’s some very beautiful space for your family to travel in comfort, as well.

Some of the interesting features:

  • Extra large 28″ TV
  • Solid surface counter
  • Ramp door patio cable kit — converts your ramp into a fantastic above ground patio space for entertaining / relaxing / enjoying the scenery
  • LED awning light strip
  • Chef’s oven with recessed glass cover
  • Optional leather recliners and hardwood flooring

With a striking exterior color palette, you’re sure to turn heads on your travels!


If modern ammenities are important to you, check out this unit. Leather recliners, hardwood, stainless appliances. Some models have it all.

Or, how about a pre-owned toy hauler?  Much larger but still in our target price range.

2008 Keystone Raptor 3812TS — $27,987

Expanding your search to pre-owned units will open up even more options, as highlighted below:


  • Triple Slide
  • Large U-shaped dinette slide
  • Queen bed loft area
  • Separate side entrance door in garage area

Check it out for yourself:

Triple slideouts ensure there’s plenty of room for your family


The bar height counter makes a nice spot to sip your morning coffee.

Delve Into All Toy Haulers Under $30,000

See All New & Used Toy Haulers



2018 Columbia Northwest Aliner Expedition — $27,598

Easy to set up and easy to fold down, many folks find themselves looking closely at these simple-to-tow hard walled folding trailers, the Aliner.

  • A lovely dinette that the family can comfortably sit around and share a meal together if you find yourself in a rainy summer evening
  • Large windows that afford plenty of natural light
  • Flush mount Euro-style sink and stove
  • Towable by many fuel-efficient vehicles


I love all of the natural light this unit offers. You can also stand upright in this gorgeous unit which folds right down and is a breeze to tow, park and set up.


This model is bright, airy and open. A great budget-friendly option.

Interesting Side Note:  The Aliner factory is running a very fun contest on a special Facebook page.  Visit that page to see videos by RVers who absolutely love their Aliners.  Worth checking out!  It’s called the 2018 Aliner Classic Giveaway.


2017 Keystone Passport 171EXP — $28,500

This cute little hybrid travel trailer is a bit different, featuring two queen tent beds so there’s plenty of room for the fam jam!

Some other key features you might like include:

  • Air Conditioner
  • 6 Gal DSI Gas/Elect Hot Water Heater
  • Bluetooth
  • Beautiful, interior finishes
  • Outside Speakers
  • Power Adjustable Awning, very handy if you like to move to different locations during your camping excursions


Two queen, folding tent beds ensure there’s plenty of room for everyone.


The modern colors, hardwood and undermount lighting will appeal to a lot of buyers.

Peruse All Folding Trailers Under $30,000

Browse All New & Used Folding Trailers


There can be room for everyone in a fifth wheel — for under $30,000.

2018 Forest River ARCTIC WOLF 265DBH — $27,800

Some interesting features include:

  • Bunks for the kids and a handy step-up for easy accessibility
  • Double slides for added space
  • Ample storage in overhead cabinets

I love the bold color of this fifth wheel!


To me this 5th wheel truly feels like a home away from home.  Some of the nice touches include composite counters and lovely modern flooring.


Now let’s see what type of pre-owned fifth wheel $30,000 will buy you …

2008 Forest River XLR 39X12 — $29,900

Here is what this pre-owned fifth wheel offers:

  • Huge living space
  • Queen Loft Bed
  • Corner dinette means plenty of room to enjoy a family dinner


Roomy with a nice, neutral exterior paint color


What do you think of the loft bed?

View All Fifth Wheels Under $30,000

Click Your Way Through All New & Used Fifth Wheels


We hope you enjoyed this quick look at what’s available in towable RVs around the $30,000 price point.

Your turn:  Do you have a year, make and model of towable RV that you believe is worth checking for under $30,000? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned … next week we’ll quickly survey motorized RVs available at a lower, reasonable price bracket.


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An important aspect of (buying or) selling your RV is determining a fair market price. If you ask too much, you may lose potential buyers. Ask too little, and buyers may think there is something wrong with your amazing RV.

One tool you can use to help you determine your selling price is the RVT.com Price Checker.

This handy Price Checker helps you to determine the current market value of any new or used RV by searching RVT.com and the NADA Guides RV databases – simultaneously.

With the steps outlined below you can get a reasonably good handle on the following pricing info:

  • Highest, lowest & average selling prices of similar RVs currently listed for sale on RVT.com — that’s useful
  • MSRP when the unit was new — good to know
  • Average selling prices for units in average and below average conditions
Step #1

Enter your RV’s details into both forms on the www.rvt.com/price-checker.

Here we are using a 2013 Newmar Dutch Star 4018.




Step #2

Click Search.

This will tabulate info from RVT.com’s 96,000+ active listings, and also, it will search the NADA Guides database for you as well.

Here’s a look at the chart which is produced from the example search above:


* Suggested Retail Price. RVT prices based on 4 matching listings on RVT.com. New or Pre-Owned.

How To Interpret This Pricing Data:

This chart provides some interesting retail pricing information. Let’s analyze:

  • The SRP is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price when the unit was new.
  • In the RVT.com column above you can see the highest and lowest prices for this unit and the average price of all of the same units for sale on RVT.com right now.
  • Under the NADA guides column, you see prices that these units have actually been sold for when they are in average and lower than average condition.
  • Please be sure you read the Disclaimer on that page as well since this tool is only a guide and ultimately you are setting your own price.

If you’d like to get even more specific as you do your pricing research, you can click the ‘advanced options’ button on the RVT.com form of the Price Checker page.  This will display additional search options you can use as illustrated below:



It’s important to keep in mind that due to the vast number of different RV makes and models on the market, it is possible that you won’t be able to find your exact unit.

In this case you might want to search a year range rather than one specific year.  Also, you might want to search more similar models than just your specific unit.

Additionally, feel free to go directly to the NADAGuides site for a more advanced search there as well.


Another Great RV Pricing Resource is RVT.com’s High, Medium and Low Price Chart.


Whenever you run a Search for a specific Year, Make and Model on RVT.com, your Search Results will automatically build you a graph that gives you the high, medium and low prices of those units currently for sale on RVT.com — for a number of years.

The example below is for a 2013 Newmar Dutch Star 4018.  Use this graph in conjunction with the Price Checker data you’ve already seen to help you set the price for a unit you are selling or to help you determine — as a buyer — if the price of a unit you’re looking at purchasing is reasonable, set correctly.


An interesting side note:  See the significant price drop over a short amount of time for this unit.  From $445,000 for a brand new 2018 model today to only $229,000 for a 2014.  That’s a $200,000 drop in 4 years.  Definitely a factor to take into account.

“But, I Upgraded My RV Extensively …”

Another factor to consider when you set the price of the RV you are selling is any upgrades that you may have purchased with with the unit — or added later.

Upgrades like these can add good value to your RV.  You should reflect these when setting your price.

That said, please remember:

“An upgrade is only valuable if you tell the buyer about it in your listing on RVT.com.”

Illustrative Example:

  • A seller adds about $12,000.00 onto his price because of all the upgrades he has done.
  • Seller then fails to let buyers know about the upgrades in the description of his listing.
  • Seller writes a description like this:  “Excellent condition.”
  • Sadly, this seller has neglected to tell would-be buyers who view his RV-for-sale listing on RVT that the unit is heavily upgraded.
  • You should avoid doing the same.

Pricing your RV — or an RV you’re looking at buying — can be tricky but it’s highly important and can mean the difference between selling fast … or … not!

Enjoy RVT.com’s Price Checker and the High, Medium and Low Pricing Charts (available when you run any Search down to the Model level.)  They will give you a great “snap shot” of the market.  You need that when you’re setting (or researching) the price on any RV.



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As an astute RV shopper, you probably want to give RV Reviews some serious due diligence.  And, rightly so.

Write-ups by individual consumers who have actually owned specific RV makes and models can be like GOLD to your RV shopping / buying process!

That’s why the RV Reviews section on RVT.com is a top resource for buyers who are researching and doing their best to make an educated, well-informed RV purchase decision.

In this article, we highlight and showcase RVs which have received the highest consumer Reviews.  Additionally, you’ll find some handy shopping links for your convenience.

In no particular order … let’s start with with the Winnebago Adventurer.


Winnebago Adventurer

Some of the many reasons buyers love the Winnebago Adventurer model include:

  • A pleasure to drive, very comfortable and spacious, and very functional.
  • Excellent layout, comfortable & cozy
  • The living area feels spacious and can seat 6 adults comfortably, people are always amazed at how roomy it is.

This gorgeous RV has a ton of positive reviews, including this one below:

Since we planned on spending a great deal of time in our coach for us it was all about the master bedroom. There were several times when we thought we had the right floorplan picked out and just by happenstance a sales person showed us a 37B. We had never seen a bedroom so impressive. So the bedroom is definitely the thing that pushed us over the edge. Also, it has a very very quiet and powerful platform with the 8100 Workhorse to begin with and it puts out almost exactly the same amount of work as the 6.7 Cummins turbo diesel. We feel like we won all the way around. Thank you Winnebago!

– Clinton, Texas

Check out all Winnebago Adventurer Reviews.


If you’re looking for a luxurious travel experience, the Winnebago Adventurer is for you. I love the exterior color pallet of this unit.


Beautiful, neutral cabinetry provides loads of storage space for adventure in the Adventurer! Also take note of the nice sized TV in the bedroom.

Shop all Winnebago Adventurers

View only BRAND NEW Winnebago Adventurers

Browse all pre-owned Winnebago Adventurers

Check out all Winnebago Adventurers that are currently for sale by private owners


Grand Design Solitude

Next up is the Grand Design Solitude. This RV gets raves for the following reasons:

  • Looks nice, pulls well, and is very livable
  • “Best trailer on the market,” the floor plan is awesome, the interior colors are so well coordinated, full-sized fridge
  • Great quality, beautiful inside and out!

Check out what one reviewer had to say:

We have owned many manufacturers RV’s.  2 motorhomes, 3 trailers and 5 different fifth wheels, and this unit by far is the best built, most liveable yet. Looks like the last RV we will need to buy, we love it!

– Donald, Ohio

View all Grand Design RV Reviews.


This unit will suit all of your needs. It’s large, roomy and has several slideouts. Get ready for your next adventure!


Can we say classy? … This RV is a home away from home. Beautiful cabinetry, leather sofas and a ton of storage. And check out the gorgeous flooring. I know I’d feel right at home in this amazing space!

Shop all Grand Design RVs

View all NEW Grand Design RVs

A favorite, browse all Grand Design 379FL models


Tiffin Allegro Bus

Our third featured RV which gets rave reviews is the Tiffin Allegro Bus. Some of the reasons buyers love this model include:

  • Ride is very smooth, love the interior layout.
  • No matter where we go someone walks up a compliments us the the color and overall appearance of this wonderful vehicle.
  • Tiffin Motorhomes has been outstanding in their Warranty and support of their product.

Check out what a buyer in Mississippi had to say:

Tiffin is great to deal with, they go beyond the basics. The Allegro Bus is a pleasure to drive and does 10+mpg!

Solid Cherrywood, heated tile flooring is great! Huge washroom and shower.

450 hp Cummins with a Alison transmission gives it lots of power and super quiet!

You can view all of Reviews of the Tiffin Allegro Buses.


The color and overall appearance of this Tiffin appeals to many buyers. You’re sure to turn heads in this unit.


This Tiffin Allegro has room for days. Space for the kids, the dogs and maybe even your favorite grandparent. Check out the modern flooring and sofas. What do you think of the interior of this model?

View all Tiffin Allegro Buses for sale on RVT.com

Check out all NEW Tiffin Allegro Buses

Browse all Tiffin Allegro Buses for sale by Private Owners


Tiffin Phaeton

A very well reviewed RV, some of the reasons the Tiffin Phaeton made our list are as follows:

  • The best quality for the money, customer service, warranty, space inside after opened all 4 slides.
  • Great floor plan with awesome storage.
  • Roomy for entertainment, great views from the windows, comfortable for travel, easy to manipulate in traffic,

This unit received raves from this buyer:

2011 Tiffin Phaeton 36QSH
This is an awesome motor home. We traveled and lived in it for five months and were very sad to sell it. The Tiffin support staff is superb and always helpful. We loved the unit and never had any problems with it. It has more options than anything we found on the market and we never had any problems. Sometimes we would call Tiffin to find out how something worked and they were always very patient and helpful. I will buy another one when the time comes! The 36 will fit into a 35′ space which makes it even better as some parks limit vehicles to 35′.

– Beth, Florida


Gorgeous cabinetry!

Shop all Tiffin Phaetons

Shop all pre-owned Tiffin Phaetons for sale on RVT.com

Browse all NEW Tiffin Phaetons


Holiday Rambler Endeavor

Fifth, but certainly not last, is the Holiday Rambler Endeavor. Buyers love this unit and here’s why:

  • It drives like a dream and has lots of power. Well made inside and has lots of real cherry wood.
  • They are a great driving machine and quite good on fuel for this class.
  • Every thing you could want in comfort and luxury.

Check out what Rocky in Florida had to say about his Holiday Rambler Endeavor:

Easy to drive and tow a vehicle. Comfortable living. Solid well built quality. Plenty of basement storage. Plenty of storage inside. Easy to cool or heat. Get many compliments of home. Good mileage.
Check out the rest of the Holiday Rambler Reviews here.

Featuring a fun exterior color and huge slidouts, this gorgeous RV is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Where do I begin with this unit? From the beautiful upholstery and sofas to the huge amount of cabinetry, this truly is a home-away-from-home.

Shop all Holiday Rambler Endeavors

View all NEW Holiday Rambler Endeavors

Browse pre-owned Holiday Rambler Endeavors

Have your say:

What make and model of RV do you own?

Please feel free to submit your own Review here.

We’d love to know what you think about the RV you own — good or not so good!  

Other buyers would certainly appreciate your feedback, as well.

Until next week….
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Certain RVs have become known as “RVshopper favorites.”  They’re very popular and very much sought after.

These are the units you’ll find to be quick sellers, certain makes and models which seem to get listed for sale on RVT.com and then quickly, they are gone, snapped up by RVers who are actively keeping an eye open for one of these gems!


And, happy shopping!

On our list are the following RVs:

1. Leisure Travel Unity 2. Country Coach Veranda 3. Casita Freedom 4. Winnebago Rialta 5. Hymer Aktiv

1. Leisure Travel Unity

Here is a gorgeous, sought-after Class B that can be hard to find and get your hands on.  You should definitely reach out to your local dealer and inquire about availability, but we’ve heard that some dealers have a tough time keeping these popular units in stock.

Some buyers are often willing to travel quite a distance to purchase one.

Features RVers enjoy are:

  • Single slide out with a queen size Murphy bed
  • Pop-up 32″ LED TV
  • Curved European cabinetry throughout
  • Spacious bathroom area including a toilet with overhead storage

Classic exterior color, easy to park


Beautiful cabinetry, soft lighting and plenty of storage


Here’s what a Leisure Travel owner had to say:

FABULOUS! Best quality and design. Perfect for National Parks (many do not allow RV’s over 25′ because of roads. Easy to park on street, Costco or Grocery store parking lots, easy and fun to drive.

– FABULOUS!, California

View all Leisure Travel Unitys

Shop all Leisure Travel Vans

Browse all NEW Leisure Travel Vans

2. Country Coach Veranda

One of the most unique features about this Class A is the big porch that pops out in the middle!  These RVs tend to “sell like hot cakes” so if you see one you might want, act fast.

Some features a buyer will appreciate:

  • Hide-a-bed sofa
  • Diesel generator
  • Free standing dinette
  • Rear vision camera
  • Rear hitch


Buyers will appreciate the porch and extra space it affords.


Modern colors, under cabinet lighting, unique floors – this RV has everything the discerning buyer wants.


A close up view of the porch, where you can enjoy your morning coffee.

View all Country Coach Verandas

Browse all Country Coach RVs


3. Casita Freedom

The Casita is a very cute, small RV that seems to almost have a “cult following.”  It feature a two-piece, solid fibreglass shell.  Casitas sell crazy fast on RVT.com, so act quickly if you’re interested:

  • Light, bright decor
  • Sink, stove, and dinette
  • Plenty of storage
  • Fibreglass shell



Compact and light to tow.



While it may be on the smaller size, all the amenities you want are included.

Shop all Casita Freedoms

View all new Casitas

Browse all pre-owned Casitas

If you enjoy the Casita’s style, you could also search for …

4. Winnebago Rialta

The Rialta has a loyal fan base and has remained in high demand since it sadly went out of production in 2007.

  •  It has almost everything a camper could need in a good-looking small package without feeling too cramped when you get inside.
  • The Rialta is low to the ground and easy to get in and out of.
  • People 5’10” and under can stand upright in the Rialta.
  • Cab made by VW and body by Winnebago, two solid name-brands
  • Small enough to fit into most standard parking spots


  • Compact and easy to park


While smaller in size, the kitchen is fully equipped with a stove, fridge, sink and microwave.

Shop all Winnebago Rialtas

NOTE:  If you really want one of these amazing (but quick-selling) RVs, you should consider setting up an “Alert” for yourself on RVT.com.

With an Alert, RVT will send you an email anytime one of your chosen units comes up for sale — in your local Region or Nationally — your choice.

Check out this article which tells you how to set up an Alert for yourself.

5. Hymer Aktiv

Hymer is new to the market and in hot demand.  There are two models: the Aktiv and the Sonne.  These units are being manufactured in North America at the Roadtrek plant which was recently acquired by European RV maker, Erwin Hymer Group.

The Hymer is likely priced for and targeted at Millennials, but suitable for most Class B shoppers. Some of the features buyers will appreciate include:

  • Sleeps 2 (or) sleeps 4 if you add Hymer’s optional Front Mattress
  • Open aisle floor plan
  • Ergonomic features and functionality, combined with a premium design and feel
  • Comes equipped with a full galley, entertainment system, lots of interior storage
  • Spacious full bathroom with shower.


I love the color of this unit!

Shop all Hymer Aktivs

Shop all Hymer Sonnes

And, for interest sake, and also brand new to the market is the Hymer Travel Trailer, the Hymer TOURING.  Very cute, very popular with its Euro-styling, it’s quite similar to our previously mentioned Casita.

More and more TOURING stock will be arriving at dealerships over the coming months.  Worth checking out:  Shop all Hymer TOURINGs for sale on RVT.com.  Also, see photos of the Hymer TOURING when it was first introduced here on the Roadtrek website.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of popular, fast-selling RVs!

What is your most sought after RV make and model?



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This week we spotlight the Top 5 Most Viewed Truck Campers on RVT.com.

Truck Campers come in various sizes and styles including long bed and short bed models, hard side and pop-up models, as well as slide-out and non-slide models.  They are a great, affordable option for many families.

Buyers are flocking to Truck Campers!  And, if you’re a buyer yourself, you might be interested in seeing exactly which Truck Campers are being shopped (or viewed) most on RVT.com.

Here are some quick links which take you directly to the winners as described below:

    1. Northwood Arctic Fox 990
    2. Alpenlite 1150 and Lance Squire.
    3. Lance 650
    4. Lance 1172
    5. Adventurer Eagle Cap 850


1. Northwood Arctic Fox 990

This gorgeous Camper features a pleasing and neutral color scheme.


Plenty of room for all of your adventures in this gem of a camper


High, med, low pricing chart per year for the Northwood Arctic Fox 990.

Check out what a buyer in California had to say about this unit:

Without a doubt, definitely the most well engineered and built trailer we have ever walked through. Rugged construction, solid craftsmanship and eye pleasing design. Higher price point than most, but once you check out an Arctic Fox, you will see the difference.

– I. Nicolai, California


Shop all Northwood Arctic Fox 990 Truck Campers

Browse all Northwood Arctic Fox Truck Campers

View all new Arctic Fox Truck Campers

Check out all pre-owned Arctic Fox Truck Campers



In case you’re still on the fence about purchasing a Camper, here are five reasons they can make a good choice:

    • Versatility
    • Low insurance rates and no registration fees
    • Superb maneuverability
    • Easy to drive
    • Outstanding off-road capability


2. Alpenlite 1150 and Lance Squire

Tied for 2nd place is a combination of two interesting units!  Meet the Alpenlite 1150 and the Lance Squire!

These two popular Truck Camper makes & models are likely shopped and viewed by lots of RV shoppers due to their age and their somewhat low price points.  They are worth checking out, for sure.

Picture yourself hitting the open road in this affordable Truck Camper by Alpenlite.


This Alpenlite 1150 kitchen has everything you need: neutral cabinets, good counter space, stove and sink plus, the bed over the cab seems to have a nice roomy feel.

And, here’s the Lance Squire, also an older model which buyers seem to be equally as drawn to.

Light, compact and pre-owned, you’ll often find these Lance Squire models priced to move.


Hunting? Fishing? A place to rest up and cook a quick meal when you’re weary from the road? A Truck Camper could be just the thing for you!


Shop all Alpenlite 1150s

Shop all Lance Squires for sale on RVT.com

Browse through all Alpenlite Truck Campers (any model)

Shop all pre-owned Truck Campers for sale on RVT.com

3. Lance 650

In our 3rd most shopped and viewed Truck Camper spot, you’ll find the beautiful Lance 650.

This Lance Truck Camper has a very pleasing exterior color design and plenty of room for the family


Check out all of the interior room including ample cupboard space, large bed and a big table for family to sit around. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime in this camper.

Well built and well appointed, for serious shoppers, the Lance 650 is a beautiful unit you’ll definitely want to investigate.  Enjoy!

Shop all Lance 650 Truck Campers

Shop all brand new Lance 650 Truck Campers

Shop all Lance Truck Campers (any model)


4. Lance 1172

This 1172 model by Lance is one of my faves. Large and impressive but won’t break the bank.


The appeal of this camper continues inside with its modern design, ample storage and large bed. It’s # 4 on our list but definitely my # 1 Truck Camper pick!


Shop all Lance 1172 Truck Campers

Check out all new Lance 1172 Truck Campers

Shop all Lance Truck Campers


5. Adventurer Eagle Cap 850

Check out the awesome slide-out on this camper by Adventurer, the Eagle Cap.


This inside features a unique step-up and plenty of storage. High ceilings are a nice touch. You’re all set for your next adventure with this unit.

Whenever you’re buying any type of RV, don’t forget to have a good look at the Reviews on RVT.com.  That is an important step.  Simply choose the make and model you’re considering buying from the drop down menu and read through what owners of those units have had to say about them.

Here’s a Review from Kelly W on the Adventurer Eagle Cap 850.  It’s useful to you as a buyer because Kelly wishes this model had a different layout but likes the camper overall:

Love the camper, I just wish the camper had a different floorplan

– Kelly W, Montana

Now, check out the floor plans for yourself by viewing all Adventurer Eagle Cap 850 Truck Campers.

Also, browse your way through all Adventurer Eagle Cap Truck Campers (any model)

BONUS:  Check out these gorgeous campers, the Adventurer Eagle Cap 1165


Thanks for taking the time to investigate RVT.com’s top 5 most viewed Truck Campers!

We love to hear from our readers, so please feel free leave us a comment!  Until next week …


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