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After six years of continuous operation and 5,800 articles published, I’m putting ROK on an indefinite hiatus so I can take a break from the daily grind of maintaining the site. I don’t know when the hiatus will end.

The first factor for this hiatus is that site revenues are too low. We’ve been banned from Paypal and countless ad partners, which forced me to lay off the site editor last year and also lower payments to regular contributors. This started a negative spiral of declining content quality, site traffic, and revenues. Even the beloved comments section, which many see as the highlight of ROK, was badly hit when Disqus banned us. Currently, ROK receives half the traffic of its peak and less than one-fifth of the income.

The second factor is that I’m burned out. Keeping ROK updated, writing books, posting articles on my blog, doing live streams, and maintaining the forum has put too much on my plate. Out of everything on that list, working on ROK has become my least favorite activity because duties are centered more around editing other people’s work than creating my own.

I’m sure many of you understand that we are in the early stages of a censorship wave that will sweep through society. Scoundrels like myself get banned first, and then soon the hammer will come down on anyone who dares to share the truth. Personally, I believe that I will suffer death by a million cuts, but until then, you can continue to follow my work here:

Lastly, I’m planning on doing a book tour in 2019, mainly in the United States. If you are interested in attending, complete this brief survey to help me identify which cities I should visit. The tour will probably happen in the summer.

In the meanwhile, if the situation with ROK changes, or I miss updating it, articles will return. Thank you for supporting the site all these years.

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If you’ve stared at a blank document and the words weren’t flowing, you’re not alone. Mark Twain sometimes had that experience in front of a typewriter, and Geoffrey Chaucer with an empty parchment and a quill pen. So then, what do you do if you’re blocked while up against a deadline, trying to get that business presentation done, finish the doctoral dissertation about vegetable symbolism in Hamlet, or complete your Jezebel article about how chewing gum contributes to toxic masculinity?

The creative process

It’s important to understand a writing project’s phases:

  • Planning
  • Writing
  • Editing

Planning is where you develop a general outline. This may be the essentials of a plot, or the points you’re trying to make in a monograph. This phase also includes research. If it’s a story, you might also detail the characters, to sketch out their personality and history enough that they’ll come to life. It doesn’t need to be too extensive, though ideally, you’ll have enough information about them that you can imagine a conversation with them or know how they’d react to any given situation.

Editing is pretty self-explanatory. This involves checking the spelling and grammar; no word processor will catch every mistake. Also, that’s where you sharpen up the style, and fix any problems in logic and consistency. Editing is vital to perfecting the quality, but make it whatever you’re doing when you’re not in writing mode.

Writing is the most important part. This is what produces all those words. When a project starts, you have nothing written down, and this is where many people get blocked. Although planning is the first on the list, most likely you already have at least a basic idea of where you’re going with it. Also, it’s sometimes difficult to get into writing mode, which is another reason to prioritize it.

Creative flow

Fortunately it’s not this tricky, usually!

Most writing happens during creative flow. It’s not exactly a trance, but it’s somewhat a different state of consciousness. This takes place in any artistic endeavor. If you’re out on the town and vibing effortlessly, that’s essentially similar. Being blocked in that scenario is the all-too-common experience of wanting to be social or chat up someone but having no idea what to say. Creative flow is necessary even when writing software.

If you’ve got the inspiration fully in gear, then you’re putting ideas down as fast as you can type. I’ve had the experience where stories basically write themselves. Not being able to enter creative flow causes the dreaded writer’s block. Until your first draft is done, or nearly so, then always try to catch the inspiration where ideas coalesce into words almost magically.

What planning and editing have in common is that they’re fairly analytical and detail-oriented. Thus, for the most part, the left hemisphere of the brain is engaged. On the other hand, the writing phase is mainly a right-brained activity. That’s where the artistic functions of the mind happen. So this is a very different process from planning and especially editing.

Note well, it’s pretty hard to get both hemispheres of the brain fully engaged at the same time, unless you’re good enough at meditation to levitate or whatevs.

Get in the right mindset

You can stare at this trippendicular fractal until inspiration arrives.

You must shift gears mentally, so to speak, to enter creative flow for the writing phase. Again, this is what gets your first draft finished, so catch the inspiration whenever possible. This is the trickiest part. This doesn’t just happen on command, any more than you go to sleep at will.

The right mood music may help, something suitable for the task. (With my latest novel, listening to Espirpe Imperial, Division 250, and Celtica really put me in the right state of mind.) If the lyrics get distracting, find something instrumental or in a language you don’t understand well. The ancients invoked the Muses to get into the spirit of things; do that if it works for you.

When you’re in creative flow, it’s easy to get distracted. Set aside some time when you won’t be disturbed. Grab some munchies and your favorite beverage, so you won’t have to get up for it. Set aside extraneous worries or other thoughts, and focus on the project at hand. If necessary, tell anyone else nearby to let you finish your task. If they won’t leave you alone, persuade them to enroll in STFU.

Since most writing these days is done on computers, it’s difficult to avoid distractions. Therefore, you’ll have to discipline yourself. Keep off of the email, video games, stock charts, tentacle porn, and all that when you’ve set aside some time. Turn the ringer off on the phone, or put it in another room if you’re still tempted to check it.

Editing must be done with a clear head, or else you’ll make mistakes. On the other hand, creative flow can happen even when you’re tired. Some writers even prefer to get drunk. (Back in the day, many favored absinthe, though it’s hard to get it quite like they used to make it. The scare stories about it were fairly overblown.) All that is up to your personal discretion. However, it’s advisable not to overdo the bug juice or rely on it as a crutch.

Igniting the spark

Mehr Licht!

So you’re staring at a blank manuscript, and the words aren’t coming off of your fingertips—what then? Rack your brains and write down a sentence or two. Surely you can think of something—anything. Then see if you can get something else down. Take it as far as it will go. This is what shifts the gears. Soon you’ll get a paragraph or two. With luck, words will start flying off your fingers. Run with it as fast as possible!

Note that it doesn’t have to be in any particular order. Speed is what counts. Don’t dwell too much on fixing mistakes, or that will knock you back into edit mode. If the ideas start coming faster than you can get them into sentences, jot down the ideas elsewhere so you can pick up the thread later.

It’s not possible to knock out a novel in one sitting. (With my latest, fourteen chapters and 88K words certainly didn’t happen overnight!) So eventually you’ll have to stop and pick it up later. Reigniting the spark is a little easier when you have something in writing already. You can begin in editing mode, putting things in order, making transitions from one block of finished paragraphs to the next, and otherwise polishing up what you already wrote. When you start getting thoughts on where else you want to go with it, then kick into writing mode and start creating new paragraphs.

Sometimes you’ll have to step back to planning mode, if you need to work out something with logic or direction. That’s fine, but as soon as you come up with some ideas you can write down, then hit it. If necessary, you can go to another writing project, returning to the first later. If all else fails, then start doing some boring, repetitive task that you’ve been putting off for a while. Mull over your ideas while you paint the living room or whatever.

Most importantly, have fun with it!

Don’t miss Beau’s book catalog. Good stuff!

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What is a liberal? What is a conservative? Many will have different words to describe these terms, and often conflating them with Democrat or Republican.

A conservative does not have to be part of the Republican Party. A conservative does not have to be a wardog. A conservative could be a socialist on a nationalist level. Many have this mainstream idea about what a liberal and conservative are. And many in the political arena fly under the conservative banner when, in reality, they are an adversary to the very foundation of conservatism. Perhaps not today, or next year. But sooner or later, their adherence to liberalism will craft a political and cultural snowball effect which shall be the death of their set society.

So, how does one identify a liberal in disguise, or in denial?

1. They Support Women’s Rights

I hold to the claim that allowing females to vote was a rotten call of judgement by men. And, to this day, there are ‘conservatives’ who support this decision. Personally, I find it anti-conservative and pro-liberal to allow women a vote. That doesn’t equate to hating them but rather recognizing they lack logic which, by their very nature, means they cannot vote in accordance with law and order, safety and security. It isn’t complex; unless, of course, you’re a female in which you may not possess the intellect to grasp the overall societal implications of such a manner.

Women like Ann Coulter or Faith Goldy are rare. A beautiful rarity, I might add. In truth, I’d vote for Faith Goldy for mayor of Toronto. I do not dwell there, but I’d support a female who is anti-immigration and pro-borders. I’d vote for Ann Coulter as US President. They both have more backbone than any contemporary limp-wrist Western man. But, again, they are rarities.

Conservatism has a foundation. It does not stray from tradition. In the Ancient World, men dominated and women submitted, or were put in their place if they were too disobedient. Any man, or woman, who supports women’s right to vote, in terms of political power, is liberal-minded. Beware of those prancing around right-winged circles who still hold to this delusional libertarian-esque mentality. They are not conservative in their hearts of hearts.

2. They Support Libertarianism

I’d be fine living in a libertarian society. How cool would that be? I get to live as I please and, as long as I don’t harm another, I am free to be myself. What a glamorous fantasy!

It is a fantasy. That’s not how the real world operates. If it did, I’d subscribe to that ideology. But human nature shall never allow it. In conveying that, it strikes me liberal as hell the one who dares advocate for such a society. They are not only defying human nature, but they are straying from conservatism by giving far too much freedom, on such an irresponsible level, to the citizens of that set society. Libertarianism, along with communism and anarchy, are all ludicrous because they stand on one similar basis: human beings can get along and play nicely.

Less government is, in my view, not the solution. I do not like it, but my observations direct me this way, in accordance with maintaining law and order. Some claim the solution to the system is… no system? Sorry but that’s childish, stupid and fucking foolish. It’s an immature, irrational worldview based on lunacy.

Imagine this: we’re all standing around and, just to our left, is an open door. Inside are the controls of all of society. The libertarian says we are all going to behave and no one is to enter that door because ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ are totally in fashion. Well, human nature will give way and, before the libertarian can finish their line of piffle, someone has already run inside that door, locked it, and is now boss.

Libertarians aren’t really that intelligent.

Beware: Dave Rubin Is A Progressive In Infancy

I personally do not have any qualms with Dave Rubin. He is one of the reasons I’ve found my way to conservatism. He began talking to a variety of different guests which, over time, led me to one character, then another until it networked toward the alternative right (or dissident right), etc. I could most likely get along just fine with the man. But he is liberal. And he is a progressive in infancy.

His ideas, if actually obtained on a societal level, would be fine. Live and let live. It’s a fantasy but, if manifested in reality, would be fine. The conundrum is human nature, along with the political and cultural snowball effect of liberalism and its ideals and political decisions made within a society. After women were allowed to vote, it led, many years later, to females on the frontlines of war weakening what is supposed to be the self-defense tool of a nation. After gay marriage, it shortly thereafter became bigoted to be against children transitioning into the opposite sex. There are political and cultural snowball effects to every decision if it strays from orthodoxy.

So, anyone prancing around as a conservative, and believes women should have the same opportunities as a man, are liberal. And, by extension, a progressive in infancy. They may themselves not turn progressive, but their adherences will trickle down to the latter generations allowing a gateway toward leftism.

People, such as Dave Rubin, are gateways into leftism. Not today, or even next year. But, in time, it will lead toward that direction.


We must have comrades if one desires survival over death. Not everyone who is liberal (in disguise or denial) is your adversary. Not for now, at least. But be aware of their worldview and adherences because, again, there is a very serious thing to understanding human nature and the political and cultural snowball effects of the liberal mindset.

It is not wise to constantly bicker at those who will, if civil unrest breaks out, ultimately land on your side. But, again, understanding the giveaways of the liberal mindset may very well be important in identifying a little problem in the many years to come.

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The following article was originally published on Roosh V.

Many people plan their lives around the pursuit of comfort. Whether it comes to work, relationships, or day-to-day living, all decisions are made with the goal to increase comfort while decreasing discomfort. The problem with this approach is that comfort does not provide you with meaning. You can have all the comfort in the world but still feel bored, unhappy, or depressed.

In 2006, I was in a state of extreme comfort. I shared a big house with two other people, had a stable career that wasn’t particularly demanding, owned a car and motorcycle, and was able to take exciting vacations abroad. I had no urgent concerns besides securing my next instance of sex from weekends jaunts into the city. I achieved pretty close to the modern ideal of comfort, and yet I saw little value in it. Would comfort inspire me? Would it make me a man? Would it give me even the tiniest scrap of life meaning? Within two years, I got rid of most of my possessions and went to South America, the beginning of an ongoing tale of nomadism.

Hostel in Barcelona, Spain (2006)

Today, I find myself again in a state of extreme comfort. I live in a cozy apartment in the center of an Eastern European city, earn a basic but livable income from book royalties, and receive a mostly stable supply of sex. I experience little anxiety or genuine difficulty from my living situation. Was the point of my decade abroad merely to reproduce the comfort I had before I left? How was the same flavor of comfort able to find me again? Am I destined to grow old without ever having real concern for my survival or material existence?

Is it not degenerate to seek comfort, of desiring to sit and relax while expending the least amount of calories possible, where your muscles physically degenerate, and where you have to artificially simulate a non-comfortable life by lifting weights in a corporate gym? The drive to comfort may simply be a relic of our childhood, where we rushed to our mother’s bosom to isolate ourselves from a world that exposed our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Comfort is a need for mother and the safety she provided us for the bulk of our lives, of running back to the first safe space we have ever known.

Margarita Island, Venezuela (2005)

The first time around, I made comfort a goal, but the second time I did not. When your ability to earn a livable wage surpasses a certain threshold, from being born in the resource-rich West or having a competent IQ, comfort will be a part of your life whether you like it or not, and any attempt to fight it will just reinforce how comfortable you really are. We live in a time where food and resources have never been more plentiful for the average man, so we will not face the survival difficulty of our ancestors no matter how hard we try. We are the house cat that can return home whenever things got too cold or dangerous outside.

Right now I’m faced with a decision of remaining in my comfortable Eastern European environment, where I no longer have to work hard to enjoy its rewards, or go somewhere different, challenging, and slightly more uncomfortable. In the past, I would pick the challenging environment to satisfy an ego that was desperate to prove it can overcome hurdles through hard work and intellect, but I no longer have anything to prove. All that’s left is asking if I want to grow old in a fashion so stable that most of the lessons I’ve learned in life will never be called upon for my survival, or if I want to venture out into the unknown and live a slightly more raw and spontaneous existence.

Hvar Island, Croatia (2016)

Either way, I know that if I deny comfort today, it will find me soon enough. Stepping foot in another new country will be like going to Corporate Gym—I’ll get an intense but short workout before walking back out to sit and eat and relax and consume limitless entertainment. My ability to earn a modern wage means that comfort will always be waiting for me. When the world outside shows me its teeth, I know that mommy earth is always ready to take me into her arms and make things comfortable again.

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I am not interested in football, neither the American distortion of rugby nor soccer. Unsurprisingly, this can leave one ostracised from many conversations in the workplace and other modern, bourgeois scenarios. Is it because these sports are just too masculine and rough? On the contrary, it is because they are too feminine!

Things only get worse when I explain that I enjoy more masculine, dangerous (not necessarily violent) sports. The very worst reaction comes when I declare it feminine to not be engaged in such sports personally. After a brief, heated discussion, I am usually on the receiving end of the same, silent, frustrated scramble for a good answer. You can forget about mentioning my thoughts on porn – it is hardly alpha male behaviour to masturbate whilst watching another, better-endowed man plough nubile nymphs. This is no digression, mind you; there is something more masculine to being involved in the action, whether conquering foes or fair maidens.

But, can I really prove it?

After all, I might dislike football because I am not particularly good at it and, conversely, like wrestling because I was. Perhaps I had the bias and the others were right – aside from all the padding and effeminate diving about with feigned injuries, perhaps watching a match of some bourgeois, team sport was just as masculine as becoming the Ultimate Fighting Champion.

What are the fundamental differences between the aristocratic sports of old, which focus much more on the individual man, and the spectator sports of today, which focus more on some team, seemingly devised to maximise profitability from said spectators?

Where the traditional aristocrat sought, for example, the adventure of mountaineering, the bien pensants bourgeoisie thinks, ‘Why on earth would you be so reckless? You could get hurt!’ The same attitudes apply to the traditional aristocratic sports, such as boxing, wrestling, historical fencing, horse racing and jousting.

Notice how these sports focus on the individuals, often dueling one against the other. A certain sense of transcendence is required to engage in such daring activities, elevating the noble above mere practical concerns in their struggle for glory – immortal fame, as it were. Once you conquer the mountain, conquer your foe and, in so doing, conquer your fear, you have in a certain sense conquered yourself; winner or loser, the shaking of peers’ hands afterwards is, yes, out of Christian charity, but also a showing of respect for those on the same noble quest.

So, what changed?

Acclaimed historian, Jacques Barzun’s book, From Dawn to Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life, describes the uneasy relationship between the old, knightly order and the newly developing, modern state, headed by an increasingly dominant bourgeoisie, merchant class. On the subject of duels, he wrote that the ‘desire for self-vindication is deeply ingrained in western man.’

Up to the early modern and revolutionary periods, this ‘was called “the point of honor.” Its moral force derived from medieval chivalry, which regarded the knight as the champion of all that is noble and fair and as an independent judge in his own cause. No monarch wanted his subjects to lose all of these qualities, and the ethos persisted.’ Time has since eroded any such regard for masculine virtue, however.

Barzun uses the example of the bourgeois, French monarch, Louis XIV, who led the transition not only from kingship to monarch but also from the quest for honour to quests for honours: ‘titles, decorations, favors slight in themselves but of infinite value, such as being spoken to by the king before anyone else among a cluster of courtiers.

As for the love of titles and decorations, it has become the rage in the democracies—prizes for everything and everyone.’ Thus, a mere glance at the transition from the medieval to the modern period can give us a clear picture of how far removed the modern, Western man is from his self-vindicating ancestors; whereas the modern bourgeoisie relies on the ubiquitous state to act as middle-man and safety net for all social interactions, and has no communal or cultural authority in his life except for the state, this is a far cry from the chivalry of old.

The Ten Commandments of Chivalry
  1. Thou shalt believe all that the Church teaches and thou shalt observe all its directions.
  2. Thou shalt defend the Church.
  3. Thou shalt respect all weaknesses, and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them.
  4. Thou shalt love the country in which thou wast born.
  5. Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy.
  6. Thou shalt make war against the infidel without cessation and without mercy.
  7. Thou shalt perform scrupulously thy feudal duties, if they be not contrary to the laws of God.
  8. Thou shalt never lie, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word.
  9. Thou shalt be generous, and give largesse to everyone.
  10. Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil.

It is the generally irresponsible attitude of the modernist, bourgeois mind that I take exception to. For over five hundred years now, Western man has been palming off responsibilities to some far off group, purporting to be the Leviathan state, all in exchange for comforts. Of course, we are increasingly comfortable and entertained. I can’t complain, but we are also increasingly detached from reality, hardship and the consequent gumption to fight for what is ours, let alone to fight for what is right, good and true.

So, when I see grown men talking with the depth of a philosopher on the eve of battle about what is effectively a game for juveniles, and one in which they shall not participate and indeed will be played by overpaid foreigners, not even kinsmen of their beloved region, I dare not laugh, as these are the death throes of my civilisation.

I cannot help but agree with reactionaries of the 20th century in this regard, but this is no idle or defunct theory and I am in good company – the work of Prof. Walter J. Ong on the subject of masculinity confirmed these intuitions from the data regarding male development and competition:

‘Historically, the agonistic, masculinising era has given way to one of greater femininity. In a sense, the male television sports watcher…[described elsewhere as] slumped alone with his can of beer before the screen under the glare of his justifiably outraged sports widow…is a product of a highly feminized culture: no earlier oral-agonistic age could have produced this abstract half-disinvolvement with the agōnia in the arena.’

I would recommend his excellent work, Fighting for Life: Contest, Sexuality and Consciousness, but more than this, I would recommend we all revolt against the modern world by striving against such disinvolvement, by becoming more engaged in our communities and also in sports which really test our personal mettle. I realise this will be hard for some of us to come to terms with, but, as the proverb says,

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

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Return Of Kings by Jared Trueheart - 10M ago

Back when I was playing the game hard, a buddy of mine told me that guys with girlfriends get the most sex. It took a few weeks for me to understood what he meant but eventually, I got it. Even if you’re a stud banging women left and right you’re still putting in a great deal of effort to meet and seduce new women just for a few moments of pleasure. You might even really dislike these women but choose to tolerate them just so you can orgasm.

Men in healthy relationships get sex pretty much whenever they want. The seduction is unnecessary most of the time. Even better, when you spend time with your girlfriend/spouse, you presumably enjoy their company. Who wouldn’t want that?

The problem is that many men can’t make their relationships work. The relationship becomes a source of stress more than pleasure or fulfillment. Here are four ways men cause their own relationships to fail. Don’t think these failures occur at the divorce stage. Rather, they primarily occur early on, when you are just dating your girlfriend to be something more serious. These failures can occur in marriage as well.

1. You Don’t Make Your Girlfriend Invest

I once knew a very wealthy guy who would tell me about his ex-wife. While they were still married they saw a marriage counselor. The counselor told him that she needs to invest in the relationship and household more. So, they agreed that she would pay certain bills and he would pay others. But the wife let her bills go overdue. To avoid the overdue fees, he just paid all the bills. Not long after the counseling, they got divorced.

He told me later that he should’ve just let her pay the overdue fees as well. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Easy come easy go is a phrase that applies here. If you are doing everything in the relationship, your girlfriend can very easily decide to leave when there is an argument or even a minor problem. She has to invest in the relationship to care enough to make it work. If you and she decide to live together (what they used to call a trial marriage), is she going to contribute around the house? Is she going to cook and clean? Or is she going to work and contribute to the bills? For her to care about the health of the relationship she has to contribute something to it.

2. You Don’t Enforce Your Boundaries Early

You expect your girlfriend to invest but she doesn’t do it. Too many men decide not to bring it up. Their laissez-faire, live-and-let-live attitude gets them through days of hedonism, but that attitude doesn’t work in a relationship. Eventually, the mercury will burst through the thermometer and you’ll get angry that she isn’t investing. It’s too late by then. You set a precedent by not enforcing your boundaries early on. Now it’s you who are changing the norm instead of her never conforming to the norm.

You don’t like when your girlfriend gets loads of male attention through social media? Tell her to delete her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She doesn’t have to, it’s a free country (presumably), but she also doesn’t have to be with you. If she does it, your relationship has potential. If she doesn’t tell her to kick rocks so you can find a girl who doesn’t need attention from other men.

Do you want kids and want your wife to stay at home to raise the kids? Set that expectation early. After the marriage isn’t the right time. You need to know early if she’s going to get with your program or if she wants to do her own. If she wants to do her own that’s fine. She can do it elsewhere. But for her to get with your program you have to communicate that early.

3. You Get Complacent

You’ve seen it with married guys. They get married and suddenly the beer belly starts growing. “Date night” with the wife gets replaced with “having a few a few beers after work” with the guys. These men take for granted that their wives will always be there. That their wives will always be loyal.

The same concept applies to men with girlfriends. If you want your girlfriend to stay with you because you get something out of the relationship and you want her to stay loyal you’ll have to put some work into the relationship. Everybody likes to be appreciated. You’ll have to show your girlfriend you appreciate her by romancing her every so often. Most men don’t really want to do that but it’s better than trying to meet some bar slut and bring her back to your place. At least with your girlfriend, you can someone happy that makes you happy at other times.

Everything is a balance of course. Men need time to hang out with their friends as well. But when men start taking their woman’s loyalty for granted is when they lose that loyalty.

4. You’re Not Attractive To Her

You want your girlfriend to invest in the relationship? She’ll have to be very attracted to you. You want her to accept your boundaries and get with your program? She’ll have to be very attracted to you. Not being complacent is equivalent to staying very attractive to her. Physically, when men let themselves go, the attraction is lost. Emotionally, when men stop romancing their girlfriends, the attraction is lost.

Without great attraction, women have only a weak emotional connection to the future of the relationship. It’s easy for them to pack their bags and leave. Even the hassle of divorce isn’t much incentive to stay in a relationship either.

Her attraction to you will spur her acceptance of your leadership. If you avoid these failures as leader of the relationship, you may just be able to enjoy the relationship as long as you want.

For more about the roles of men and women in the media, literature, history, and our modern culture check out Legends of Men.

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“Down with the Patriarchy!” shouts a blue-haired, non-binary, non-gender conforming thing at the top of its shrill lungs. Has the world gone mad? Has the apocalypse finally come? What is going on here? Is there a virus in the water? No, it’s just Tuesday at a University in America. And the blue-haired, shrieking thing happens to be your professor. Have fun at school fellas!

Traditional Gender Roles

In traditional society, women’s role was to maintain the household, raise the children, and care for her husband. The men ventured outside of the household to hunt, make war, build and gather resources.

In primitive society, where the physicality of existence had not yet been supplanted by technology, there was no way around these rules. Women spent their days cooking, cleaning and caring, sometimes until their knuckles bled. Men tilled the fields or chopped down trees or stalked animals and opposing warriors from dusk till dawn. Sometimes they didn’t make it home.

Men could not (and still can not) give birth and breast feed. Women could not (generally speaking) throw spears as far and as fast as men. So there wasn’t much room for negotiating gender roles. The roles were appointed by nature.

By the way, while ‘women’s work’ is often denigrated today, especially by the blue-haired feminist things, it is no walk in the park. Anyone who has ever struggled to knead dough, wash clothes by hand, or impose a semblance of order on an unruly gathering of children, is aware that doing so is time-consuming and exhausting labor.

Men’s Technological Inventions Empower Women

With the advent of technology (all of it invented, improved and maintained by the dreaded patriarchy), work has largely evolved into pushing paper, dialing the phone, reading, writing and communicating. Women recognized that with the physical barriers to ‘bread-winning’ having been largely cast aside, they could potentially do these sorts of jobs just as well as the men.

They lobbied their husbands and other powerful men to let them enter the workplace and compete for jobs alongside the men. And men, being reasonable, gracious and accommodating towards the ladies supported their ambitions.

Most reasonable, modern men support a woman’s right to venture outside of the household, earn a living, and gain her independence. (Some men in non-Western countries remain less supportive – i.e. still prone to the occasional public stoning.)

Women Don’t Behave Like Men

What we didn’t count on, however, was that women would bring their tone policing and behavior modification projects – hard wired into them over centuries of domesticating children – into the workplace and focus them on grown ass men. Nobody asked for that!

We also didn’t recognize how women compete for social dominance so differently from men. Probably because we were too busy earning a living and having fun by telling jokes amongst each other without being reported to HR.

Backstabbing, gossip, rumor mongering, slander… that’s how ladies compete with one another. Complimentary to the face and cunning behind the back. And now the men, rubbing their heads in agony, slowly coming to their senses, are realizing the drastic mistake they made in accommodating the demands of the perpetually unsatisfied feminist agenda.

College, once a haven for free thought, challenging ideas, and ritualistic debauchery, has devolved into a paranoid, politically correct surveillance zone where anyone who dares not conform to the feminist lunacy risks total ruin.

The workplace, once a place where men could work, speak frankly, curse, smoke and drink is now a drab detention center monitored 24/7 by commie, men-hating feminists in HR. Make an ‘off-color’ joke and you get to choose between putting your balls in a cinch while watching re-educational videos or being fired outright.

Bitch, please!

This is your boss

For those interested in the difference between men and women in social competition, I came across an interesting theory in the MGTOW discussion boards before the sensible folks at Reddit decided to ban the forum. We can’t have men speaking to one another without female supervision can we?

The theory was something along the lines of: men learned to be cohesive and loyal to one another in the early days since their gripes were with neighboring tribes. They had to stick together and overlook each other’s faults in order to unify into a cohesive fighting force. The outliers might be killed off in competition by the enemy tribes.

Women, however, determined their social hierarchy amongst themselves back at the homestead. So they developed the skills of infighting, cunning and sabotage since outright hostility within the tribe was not allowed. These are the skills they currently employ against men in all walks of life, walking away with ludicrous divorce and sexual harassment settlements without having done any of the ‘heavy lifting’. These are very advanced social skills that few men naturally possess.

They think we’re idiots for communicating in simple and direct and non-duplicitous terms. That’s why every television commercial portrays men as stumbling dullards who struggle to plug in a toaster. Because we struggle in a woman’s world.

And be honest, it’s no fun and nobody likes the world they’re making. That includes most women.

Truth is Sexist

So here’s my solution. Men, first we should recognize that we are handicapped by a couple things. One is thirst. We can’t bring ourselves to tell the ugly truth to pretty woman (or even skanks) that we want to sleep with. In one way or another, to varying degrees, we want to sleep with nearly every female that crosses our path.

In a nicer light, many of us are prone to chivalrous behavior. Men are built to protect and cherish the weaker sex. So we support them in their ambitions to challenge and denigrate us. And we let them get away with it.

But it’s come time to tell the truth brothers. Here it is. Every technological advancement has come at the hands of men, and sorry my third world brothers from other mothers, but it has been mostly Western men.

I could detail all the inventors who brought us the various machines that have freed us from the daily physical toil that bound our ancestors to their natural gender roles. But instead let’s zoom out and focus on the big ones.


Electricity is a natural force at work in our bodies and nature. But it was European men (the patriarchy) who discovered and refined this force until it could be controlled and transported in batteries and wires. And it was men who built the transformers, transported them, dug the foundations and laid the electrical wires across the planet.

They used science (another evil invention by the patriarchy) logic and reason (things the blue-haired, woke celluloids severely lack) to bequeath all of humanity with this incredible gift.

The next time some fool complains about cultural appropriation tell her that in complete fairness, only white men are entitled to use electricity then. Keep your tamales and we’ll keep electricity. Seems fair.

Oh by the way, electricity covers nearly all modern technological inventions. So there’s no need to discuss computers, microwaves, or hairdryers since they all rely on electricity. But I’ll mention a few of them anyway.


A man probably invented the wheel, because he wanted to impress a women, or sleep with more of them across a wider territory, but who knows maybe it was a non-binary, blue-haired thing with a front hole in its groin region. But we do know that men invented planes, trains, and the automobile.

Here’s a quick review – Wilbur and Orville Wright invented the first successful airplane in North Carolina. Richard Trevithick – aka Dick Thick – invented the first steam locomotive. The question of who invented the first automobile revolves around who invented the engine. One thing is settled, the inventors were all European men. Nicholas Joseph Cugnot invented the first steam-powered car in the 1700’s for the all-male French military (who invented France).

Internal Combustion Engine

The internal combustion engine gave us the modern automobile and modern transportation. George Brayton, an American male, was the inventor. Go U-S-A! (Side note: it was men who built all the highways and bridges that span America. Thanks guys!)

The previously unpublished version of the iconic photograph.


The evil white male Charles Babbage invented the modern computer in the 1800’s. The computer has been refined and improved by many hardworking men over several generations. In the 1970’s Ed Robert’s invented the concept of a personal computer. We’ve all heard of Bill Gates.

The Internet

Everybody knows that Al Gore invented the internet. If I wanted to be even more of a dick I could list almost every modern technological invention or innovation and point out how it was created by man. Maybe I’ll do that in the future.

Let’s Hear it For the Boys

The Patriarchy gets a lot of pushback for the occasional subjugation and genocide but overall it has bestowed enormous gifts upon the world. Men don’t ask for a thank you, but the idea that they should bend over backwards in a perpetual apology stance is ludicrous.

Every person utilizes the inventions of men to improve their lives throughout their entire day. Wake up, turn on the lights (see electricity), use modern plumbing (thanks guys!) use transportation to get to work (thanks again 0atriarchs) and etc. etc. so on and so forth.

Shout Out to the Ladies

Personally I love women. Besides giving us life and sustaining us in our early years women contribute immensely to life and culture. They often make great professionals alongside men in the workplace. And women’s contributions to broader society are notable. Of course, we’d all be rough brutes and life wouldn’t be worth living without the refining presence of women.

One More Time for the Fellas

But please recognize that men created the technological advances of the modern world. And the modern world, along with Western men’s generous largesse towards women enabled the rise of feminism. Here’s my advice to the unhinged, ultra-left feminists destroying today’s campuses and workplaces with their hostile antics.

If you really hate the patriarchy then stop your hypocritical and entitled use of men’s great improvements to our material existence. They are gifts bestowed upon us all by Western men through centuries of innovation. These incredible patriarchs labored, experimented, struggled, and created a better world for us. Most of them died anonymously.

They did it all so that one day you could take a selfie and post it to Instagram (invented by a man) inside an air-conditioned, well lit, dry and comfortable dwelling (built by a man).

If you really are so confused and ignorant as to go around proclaiming your incessant hatred of the patriarchy (men) then have a bit of integrity and go carpet munch each other into extinction. But be sure to do it in the cold and dark while being attacked by wild animals. Maybe then you’ll realize how much you benefit from the patriarchy every single day. And the world will slowly regain its sanity.

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Bigger muscles, fat-loss, and a heightened sex drive are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of testosterone. But did you know that your testosterone also determines your mental health? Or that it determines your risk tolerance and how you show up against competition? That’s right.

In this article, I’ll discuss 4 little-known benefits of having optimal testosterone levels. See which ones affect you and which ones don’t.

Sign #1 – Sharp memory

In this study, men with higher levels of testosterone scored significantly better on tests of visual and spatial memory. These results were mirrored in another study where researchers randomized 37 subjects to receive either a weekly dose of testosterone or placebo for 4-weeks. After 4-weeks, the men receiving testosterone treatments scored significantly better on tests of verbal fluency.

How does testosterone impact brain health?

Well, preclinical observations assert that testosterone protects brain cells against damage and decay. This is why brain fog, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating are some common symptoms of having sub-optimal testosterone. This is also why men with lower levels of T have an increased incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.

To ensure that your brain maintains optimal health and function into old age, it’s important that you start taking the steps right now to achieve and maintain optimal testosterone levels for years to come.

Sign #2 – Positive outlook

Have those Monday blues turned into an everyday thing? If so, chances are that sub-optimal testosterone levels are a contributing cause. In this meta-analysis spanning over 16 scientific studies and more than 900 subjects, researchers came to the conclusion that testosterone exerts a significant positive impact on mood.

On the flip-side, low levels of testosterone have been found to be a major contributor to depression. And when depressed men are given testosterone treatments, they report significant improvements in mood.

All-in-all, your testosterone has a significant impact on your mood. If you feel like you’ve lost your zest for life, it’s important that you get your testosterone level measured to figure out your room for improvement moving forward.

Sign #3 – Increased risk tolerance

In this study, researchers brought in 154 subjects (78 men, 76 women) and had them engage in a gambling task. Blood samples were collected before the experiment. Across the board, both the men and women with higher levels of testosterone engaged in a greater amount of risk.

In this study on MBA students, the ones with the highest levels of testosterone chose the riskiest careers. And finally, in this study on financial traders it was revealed that a traders early morning level of testosterone accurately predicted his profits for the day. High risk equals high reward, and the traders willing to engage in the highest amount of risk also set themselves up for the greatest amount of profit.

Now, of course taking risks comes with a potential downside – that’s what makes it a risk – but without risk there is no growth. Taking risks is what’s allowed mankind to conquer the world, build nations, and even land on the moon. No great feat was ever accomplished without some element of risk being involved. What risk are you procrastinating on that has the possibility of taking your life to the next level?

Sign #4 – Competitive drive

In this study, men were brought in to compete in a rigged 1-on-1 competition. Blood samples were collected before and after each loss. Results revealed that the men who experienced a spike in testosterone after the loss were more likely to choose to compete again compared to the men who experienced a drop in testosterone.

In a study on university tennis players, it was revealed that the players with the highest pre-match testosterone levels reported the most significant positive effects on mood. Also, the post-match T-levels rose higher for the match winners compared to the match losers. Furthermore, the rise in T induced the winners to be even more focused and motivated for the next round of competition.

In biology, this is referred to as the winner-effect and it was first demonstrated in mice. Right off the bat, a smaller and weaker mouse is unable to overcome a larger and more dominant opponent. But, when a smaller mouse is allowed to win against a drugged mouse of similar size, his chances of overcoming the larger and more dominant mouse in the next round of competition increase – despite no improvement in fighting ability. The reason? Winning the first round of competition causes the mouse to experience a spike in testosterone, which increases his focus and drive for the next round.

The winner-effect occurs in humans as well. Overcoming obstacles and setting personal records induces a  testosterone increase which, in turn, makes us more focused and motivated in the next round of competition.

Testosterone is the fuel to your competitive drive and the winner effect is a feedback loop that feeds into this drive to make you more aggressive and dominant in each subsequent encounter.

The winner-effect could, however, easily go the other way. Each winning encounter could spike your testosterone levels to the point where your estimation of your abilities become exaggerated and impair your decision making. This is why media commentators have mentioned the winner-effect as a possible cause of the 2008 financial crisis.

4 Weird High Testosterone Signs (#3 IS CRAZY) - YouTube


Yes, testosterone determines your ability to gain muscle, lose fat, and express your sexuality but its true impact extends far beyond just these three areas. Your mental health, your outlook on life, your tolerance for risk, and your ability to show up against competition are all factors impacted by the amount of testosterone running through your veins. Maintain optimal testosterone levels and you’ll maintain your health, well-being, and virility well into old age.

Interested in natural testosterone optimization? Sign-up for the FREE 7-Day Testosterone Optimization Email Course that has helped 2,037+ men naturally ignite their energy, power, and passion using powerful lifestyle hacks that actually work. 

Read More: 5 Myths About Testosterone That Seriously Need To Die

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“If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts.” – Camille Paglia

The Book of Genesis has a warning to men and to civilizations. People typically only focus on certain phrases in the Genesis account and thus, miss the warning. God’s pronouncement of judgement upon Adam and Eve actually tells us some of the problems that will beset men and women and thus, civilization. The Genesis story contains a warning for men and women, individually and nationally. The Book of Genesis established an order, God’s order.

Most people are at least vaguely familiar with the account in the Garden of Eden. However, the details about the expulsion provide more information about one of the continuing events between men and women that would occur after Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the garden.

Genesis chapter one gives the entire creation account. Mankind is created in chapter one and told to multiply and replenish the earth. The following chapters in Genesis provide additional critical information about mankind and the outcome of certain events. Adam was created first and no suitable mate existed for Adam to fulfill the commandment of multiplying his own kind. God created Eve, not out of the Earth as in the case of Adam, but out of Adam himself. Eve was a reflection of Adam.

The Serpent’s Lie of Equality

After Adam and Eve partook of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil at the prompting of the beguiling serpent, God came to the Garden of Eden and decreed judgement. The King James Translation is a good translation but many English speakers have a limited knowledge of the definitions of the English language and are typically too lazy to consider additional meanings. The word “desire” in the KJV text is a word that has additional meanings. The following translation from the NLT provides additional clarification.

“Then he said to the woman, “I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy, and in pain you will give birth. And you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you.” Genesis 3:16, NLT

And to the man he said, “Since you listened to your wife and ate from the tree whose fruit I commanded you not to eat, the ground is cursed because of you. All your life you will struggle to scratch a living from it. It will grow thorns and thistles for you, though you will eat of its grains. By the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made. For you were made from dust, and to dust you will return.” Genesis 3:17-19, NLT

The phrase “and you will desire to control your husband” is translated as “and thy desire shall be to thy husband” in the KJV. While the word desire certainly means that a woman will long for her husband, the word “desire” also means to desire something to control it and to have power over it. The second meaning is clarified by the clause, “and he shall rule over thee”. This clause tells us something about the nature of women that people, neglect, forget, overlook, or disbelieve. The desire of women to control men.

The Bible does not provide the conversation that took place between Adam and Eve concerning the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. We know a conversation took place with the intention of convincing Adam to partake of the fruit. God’s statement to Adam makes clear there was a conversation. “Since you listened to your wife and ate from the tree whose fruit I commanded you not to eat.” Adam knew the commandment but still partook of the fruit.

Part of the lie the serpent told Eve is that she would be equal to God. Another part of the lie is that she would be happier having more power. The idea that men and women are equal is the same lies told differently. Men and women have different God-given roles. Adam was placed into the Garden to cultivate it and keep it. Eve was created after Adam was placed into the Garden. The populists would have us believe that Adam had no dominion over Eve and that they were “equals”. Eve was provided to Adam so the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth could be fulfilled and to assist him.

Adam named the animals and he named Eve. Naming is an act of dominion. Adam was given dominion over the earth, the animals, and Eve. Part of Adam’s error was he allowed Eve to convince him to break the natural order. Adam allowed Eve dominion over him when he allowed Eve to convince him of the lie of the serpent. Their expulsion from the Garden of Eden meant they had to work harder.

How Women Dismantle NATIONS * / & other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS - YouTube

Adam and Eve as a Microcosm of Civilization

The account of Adam and Eve is also a fundamental description of the man and woman’s interaction within the family and the interaction of men and women within civilization. In general terms, we should place ourselves in the position of Adam, the women in our lives in the position of Eve.

The family, man, and woman, is a microcosm of civilization. Consider the following:

  • Garden of Eden = Civilization
  • Adam = the majority of the men of that civilization
  • Eve = the majority of the women of that civilization
  • The Serpent = Advocates of progressivism, gender studies, that men and women are equal, etc.

Taking into consideration that Adam represents the majority of men in a civilization and Eve the majority of women in a civilization, the civilization fell after the men heeded the promptings of the women and subverted the natural order. The women, flattered by the enticing serpent, taught their sons and daughters that men and women were equals, encouraged the acceptance of homosexuality on par with heterosexuality, encouraged abortion, destruction of the family, and that transsexuality and cross-dressing are acceptable, and in some instances desirable.

Since women obtained the right to vote, the family, and by extension our civilization, has moved more in the direction of disorder and lawlessness, essentially toward destruction. Giving women the right to vote has been a disaster. Giving women the right to vote pushed matriarchy to the forefront and diminished patriarchy. Most women inevitably vote their proclivities and emotions. A woman should voice her concerns to her husband or other adult male family members.

Left to themselves women are not inclined to build. This dynamic can be seen in the television program of Dutch version of Survivor (titled Expeditie Robinson). ROK has an article from 2014 discussing what occurred with men and women in survival situations. Suffice to say, men started working together to survive and the women squabbled. Towards the end of the program, three men went to the woman’s location and three women went to the men’s location. The men that went to the woman’s location became the women’s workhorses while they continued to be lazy and worked very little. The women that went to the men’s location worked little as well.

Men work with a substantial portion of the fruits of that labor going to their women and children. Ever since women have received the right to vote, they have used that voting power to persuade businesses and politicians that they should still receive the fruits of all men’s labors. Since the rise of feminism and the subsequent confiscation of the fruits of men’s labors, men are now producing less.

The Upside-Down Order

Voting comes with responsibility, which many women have not been able to handle since feminism has prevented and encouraged a childish and responsibility avoidance mentality. There was a reason earlier civilizations did not give women the right to vote. Voting, and thus government were seen as the realm of men because men are the primary builders of civilization and because of the responsibility that comes with voting rights. Women were to receive support from their husbands, fathers, or other male family members.

Feminists would have everyone believe that women have always been oppressed and are still being oppressed while this is not the case, wherever women obtained political power civilization fell. Feminism does not discuss or teach the sharing of power but how women need more power and do not have enough power. This desire for political power is the desire to control men. This is why everything is “sexist” in feminist eyes. There are plenty of articles on the Internet about how feminism is not about equality but about power.

A blogger wrote an article about the rise of feminism in Ancient Rome and Rome’s subsequent demise. The blogger also mentions Ancient Babylon and some of the Babylonian laws. The Bible, in the Book of Isaiah, states:

“Childish leaders [adult children] oppress my people, and women rule over them. O my people, your leaders mislead you; they send you down the wrong road.” Isaiah 3:12, NLT.

Roosh recently proved an excerpt on ROK from his book, Game. The excerpt is titled, Never Follow A Girl’s Lead. Adam let Eve lead and look what happened. A woman that tells you to be less of a man and less masculine desires power over you. She is trying to control you. Men want to be respected, women want to be loved, but neither is possible with the lies of equality in the picture. Women will be happier when they stop seeking control over men.

We all know when women obtained the vote feminists began moving in the direction of replacing men with another authority, government. Feminists also began pushing for more women in government and other positions of authority. Men, being ostracized and deceived, began letting more and more women lead. This makes men weak.

The more a woman seeks to control the men around her, the more unhappy she becomes. Feminism deceives a woman into believing that having power will make her happy and if she is not happy it is because she does not have enough power. These are lies. This is why the more power a woman attains the more unhappy she becomes, even if she will not admit her own unhappiness. Hillary Clinton is one example of a woman that desires control. An honest person can see that Hillary is clearly unhappy and she believes the solution to her unhappiness is more power, which is not the case.

There are women that realize there are important differences between men and women, and these women are responsible caring wives and mothers. These mature women realize that feminism harms everyone and creates unhappiness and lawlessness.

We are witnessing the demise of our civilization at the hands of weak men and women that desire to control men. Women will be happier when they stop trying to control the men and return to God’s established order. God did not make Eve equal to Adam. Eve was not Adam’s slave; she was a helper to him. She was to assist him in his assigned tasks.

Woman, instead of seeking to snatch control from the man, must do what she was created to do and assist the man. Men must lead, which requires responsibility and masculine strength. A man truly shows he cares for the women and children in his life by leading instead of abdicating his role designated to him by God.

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Charming young ladies are undeniably alluring. Even those who aren’t quite top-shelf certainly can get lots of attention. Those who have good character are a treasure.

For others, unfortunately, it goes to their heads. Since my misspent youth, I’ve noted the absurd results. They don’t realize that the stuck-up act only goes so far before the juice isn’t worth the squeezing. For the following, it wouldn’t hurt to drop the Princess Complex, learn some humility, or at least show human decency.

1. Bar flies

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

We’re well aware of why some chicks are frequent fliers at bars and clubs. Using hopeful guys as free drink dispensers is only part of it. The other part involves riding the Cock Carousel.

Early experiences turned me off to night game. Although I’ve had success in later times, still I generally give clubs a miss, focusing instead on day game and social circle game. The cigarette smoke without proper ventilation was unbearable, though fortunately that’s less of a problem these days. Music is still so loud that one must scream to make oneself understood. Finally, I don’t go for the “buy me a drink” trick, but I don’t like paying exorbitant prices for my own beverages.

The worst part of clubbing, though, is unfriendly attitudes. There are countermeasures for cockblocking, AMOGs, and the good old Bitch Shield. Still, all that makes “partying” a pain in the ass. Why pay a cover charge for a night of aggravation? That’s irrational. As for sex ratios, often there are considerably more guys, and it’s understandable why women would take advantage of the situation. On the other hand, I don’t feel like wasting my time and money trying to game chicks in a social venue who pretend they aren’t in a social venue. Who do they think they are?

My message to them: You bar girls can drop the act. We know you’re out to get picked up. If not, then congratulations; you’re merely an alcoholic.

2. Women who’ve hit The Wall

It’s a cruel fact of nature that time plays havoc on a woman’s appearance. This can be mitigated partially by sunscreen, staying in shape, and not overdoing the partying. Still, it’s a fact that a middle-aged woman can’t turn heads like she could back in her nubile days. Meanwhile, guys who once were geeky teenagers start looking distinguished and increasing their personal accomplishment.

From considerable painful experience in high school (too many rich bitches) and college (too many snotty feminists), I observed that most chicks tended to act like they were God’s gift to men. Those who didn’t were truly wonderful, though they never stayed single for long. By age 25, some started coming back down to earth. However, even by 35, there were still a few who didn’t get the memo about their declining SMV.

My message to them: You’re not a stuck-up teenager anymore. You’re a stuck-up adult, and that’s worse. In fact, it’s pretty sad.

3. Self-proclaimed sluts

Her smile actually is her most endearing feature.

Women face conflicting messages on how they should express their natural desires—be traditional and act demure, or let it all hang out? Their choices have far-reaching consequences. I don’t envy them on that dilemma. I’d even sympathize with women about this, except that men not acting with Victorian propriety risk far worse penalties. Facts notwithstanding, if someone even thinks you’ve stepped a millimeter out of line, you might be visited by the HR department, get smeared on #MeToo, etc.

Women “letting it all hang out” often show their class and sophistication by permanently memorializing their youthful mistakes. Some get inked up like truckers, bikers, or circus roustabouts. Worse, they might get a face full of Borg implants. Essentially they’re branding themselves; hopefully they remain happy with their choices. Some even call themselves sluts, which in earlier times was unthinkable.

Long ago, there was an email list for self-proclaimed hussies in my area. I got to chat with the “queen bee” once. She wasn’t exactly a great prize, but I was interested and willing to give her a chance. However, contrary to advertising, she wasn’t exuberantly friendly and vivacious. Unfortunately, I made a game mistake. Naturally, she didn’t clue me in that anything was amiss, but told one of our mutual friends about it to maximize drama and funsies. Expressing my own desires certainly was not OK!

My message to them: If you’re going to call yourself a slut, then you’ve relinquished your “vestal virgin” card forever.

4. The less than beautiful

That attitude is even worse than the mohawk or the flab.

Some guys look like Henry Kissinger but don’t have his prominence, or look like George Soros and don’t have his billions. Likewise, not all ladies win the genetic lottery. It is what it is.

Do chicks undistinguished in the appearance category sensibly adjust their expectations and find someone who might look past their unremarkable exterior and appreciate their inner beauty? From what I’ve seen, not many do. This leads to chronic bad attitudes. Being sexually frustrated is a big part of that. However, it doesn’t help to reject offers from guys who do give them a chance. Neither does behaving snotty around guys who might potentially see something in them.

My message to them: You’re not exactly movie stars, so acting conceited makes you look silly.

5. Hookers

“Hello Sailor” gals are cute, but nobody mistakes them for royalty.

I met a hooker through an interesting social circle, and knowing her was the gateway to an even more interesting one. (Note well, I’m not recommending the criminal underground for social circle game.) I’ve never paid for sex, but I’ve tried to talk sense into some of them. Most didn’t listen to sensible advice—shocking, isn’t it?

Sometimes I’m just too darn Mormon. Admittedly, I had a savior complex back in my Blue Pill days, which I’ve abandoned. Surprisingly, I discovered that hookers have morals. (Yes, they’re first-rate hypocrites.) It gets weirder yet.

One of them wrote me from jail, twice pointedly stating that she wanted a non-sexual relationship with me. Actually, I’d never tried to get into this walking train wreck’s panties. Surely a wad of cash would’ve charmed this space cadet, if I really wanted to rent a drug addict with Daddy issues, mental problems, and a criminal record. Still, she preemptively tried to Friend Zone me, despite my decent looks, respectable career, and (surely my worst “failing”) treating her like a human being.

She wasn’t even some high-dollar “escort”. It’s axiomatic that she’d had hundreds of penises inside her for money, and many (if not most) of her “customers” were too ugly to get laid without payment and didn’t exhibit gentlemanly behavior. I never wrote back, of course. I showed the letter to a former hooker, one of the few who listened to sensible advice. We had a good laugh about it. Her take was that the Duchess of York certainly had a high opinion of herself.

My message to them: Ladies of the evening, if you’ve traded sex for cash or drugs even once, it’s time to stop pretending you’re Saint Teresa of Ávila.

Get real!

Friendly ladies are a treasure. Even those who aren’t available or aren’t mutually compatible are still pleasant company. That’s still something, just for its own sake. However, chicks who have inflated egos—or worse, act snotty—are dead to me forever.

Don’t miss Beau’s book catalog. Good stuff!

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