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    Weight loss is big business in this country as well as others. It is a major problem to millions and we have a solution.

    Ask yourself these three questions:

    • Do I know anyone that drinks coffee?
    • Do I know anyone that wants to lose weight?
    • Do I know anyone that wants to earn money?

    If you answered one or more of these questions, YES, you can earn Residual Income.

    Here is a story I am pleased to tell.

    I have two precious daughters.

    Candy, the oldest, has two daughters, the youngest is sweet sixteen.. Candy had not been able to shed the “baby weight” since the baby was born. 

    She tried everything she could find in the way of products and diets and still the pounds and inches remained. A single mom, she works three jobs to pay the bills. She would often call me after work and say, “Daddy I am tired I can’t come by, I have to just sit down and rest.”

    One day, out of the blue, I got a phone call from a trusted friend that told me he had discovered this coffee that was safe and healthy that was formulated with a variety of herbs. These herbs were combined to help a person lose weight. He told me he had lost 4.2 pounds in four days. In addition, beyond weight loss,  he said he had lasting energy that was steady for hours and did not leave him crashing later. Also, it brought lasting mental clarity.

    I asked where could I get some and he gave me an online source so I ordered some for Candy.

    When it came to my mailbox, I opened the box, took out the container and gave her just enough for one cup and ask her to taste test it for me. I didn’t tell her it was a weight loss coffee. 

    The next day I texted her and asked, “How did the coffee work.”

    The answer, “Daddy, I feel great.” was enough to make me happy if she didn’t drop an ounce. So, I gave her enough for the rest of the week.

    After a week she called and asked me if I would order her some more. I had enough for three more weeks but I ordered more, this time in single serving sample packs had found out the company paid generous commissions for sharing the coffee with others when the bought the coffee for themselves.

    I figured when people began to see the weight loss she was experiencing they would ask, “how did you do that.” And she could share her secret with  them, and start earning residual income. .

    That same evening she dropped by when I had a friend on the phone who was using the coffee too, I handed the phone to Candy and told her to say hello. The friend knew Candy was on the coffee and asked, “Did you lose any weight yet.” With the brightest smile I have seen her beam in ages, she said, “Yes, five pounds.” It brought tears to my eyes.

    So, If you know someone who likes coffee, wants to lose weight and make money sharing this amazing SlimROAST coffee with others. you can order from Candy’s website below. If works for you and you want to earn some extra money, join Candy in her business. And, I will help you in your business which will help Candy in hers.. She doesn’t have much time to help you but I do. Hopefully she can earn enough to walk away from the extra jobs. 

    Want a sample? If you want to try a sample of SlimROAST coffee, email me at phil@phildarst.com with “coffee” in the subject box and I will send you some on Candy’s behalf.

    Click here to learn about the coffee and ORDER in the black strip at top.

    Call me at 1- 941-266-5175
    Email me at phil@phildarst.com or set an
    appointment time to Skype.

    My Goal is to Help YOU Reach Yours.

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      Because Riovida will power you up throughout the day.

      We are looking for two kinds of people.  

      1. Customers to use Riovida.
      2. Entrepreneurs that want to earn money sharing Riovida                                                                                 and our other products with others.

      Riovida is delivered in both liquid and gel forms for easy use anywhere.

      • Riovida Provides powerful immune system support*
      • Riovida Features 4Life Transfer Factor which stimulates natural killer (NK) cell activity by up to 283%*
      • Riovida Delivers potent antioxidant protection*

      Key Features

      •  It promotes healthy immune system function that, in turn, promotes healthy energy

           levels and the healthy function of all other systems throughout the body*

      •  It contains 4Life Transfer Factor to Raise Your Immune I.Q., helping

            educate immune cells and promoting the immune system’s ability to more

             effectively recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats*

      • It delivers antioxidants that help protect the body from naturally occurring free


      •  It contains essential and supporting vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids,

            and polyphenols*

      • It  is protected by U.S. patents: 6,468,534 (extraction process for transfer factors

           from egg sources) and 6,866,868 (combination process of transfer factors from

            cow colostrum and chicken egg yol

      Click here for product information.

      Here is why Liquid supplements work better for for you.

      “ The Physician’s Desk Reference

      states  that the absorption of

      supplements in liquid form is 98%. Liquid

      supplements work by getting absorbed

      directly into the bloodstream making them

      up to 10 times more effective. Liquid

      supplements are; assimilated into the

      bloodstream faster, gentler on the stomach

      and easily digestible because the body does

      not need to break them down to absorb

      them like it has to do with pills.”

      “I first began using liquid nutritional supplements in 1997.

      Since then I have tried many liquid supplements.  All had a down side in taste, aftertaste or benefits.

      Until Riovida.  My first taste test was satisfying and I felt the benefit throughout hours. My body loved it.

      You need to try it and see if you agree…you can’t get through a day without it”

           Phil Darst, Sarasota, Florida, USA

      Click here to learn more about it  

      Click here to see why the patent is important to you

      Click here to see Riovida

      Click here if you want to learn about earning income

      Call me at 941-266-5175
      Email me at phildarst@yahoo.com or set an
      appointment time Skype.

      My Goal is to Help YOU Reach Yours.

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        How to make obscene money with safelists.

         Safelists can be the answer to cash flow.  Cash flow keeps you in the business until you are making obscene money online.

        Ask yourself this question, how long have you been struggling to make money online?

        How has it been working out so far?

        We have a solution for you if you will commit to the discipline to follow The Plan.

        The Plan is a blueprint for success to making money online using safelists. More about that later.

        Here I am walking the finest beach in the world, Siesta Key Florida near my Sarasota home.

        Let me introduce myself.

        I started network marketing in the 1980’s. Back then prospecting methods started with inviting your friends and family to a business opportunity meeting in a home or hotel. The meeting was a presentation about the company, the products and the way you would get paid.

        Once I ran out of family and friends, I resorted to the “three foot rule” and talked to anyone that came within three feet about my business. This got me thrown out of book stores and coffee shops but I persisted and got people to meetings.

        Having been introduced to networking through a newspaper ad, I ran classified ads in the local and other cities’ newspapers and national magazines. Here I used the telephone, meetings and printed materials to tell people about the business. I also used direct mail sending thousands of mailing pieces to people on mailing lists and speaking with them on the telephone to present my business.

        Then, I discovered the Internet and began sending emails to my list of friends and family and prospects I had met on the phone. I had retained their name and email address. This was the beginning of my list which is one of the most valuable assets I own.

        I began using facebook and a few other social networks to meet people and used it like I had the three-foot rule and captured and retained their name in my contact list.

        The Internet allowed me to use videos for my presentation along with copy like I had use in direct mail advertising.

        Then I discovered safelists.

         What are safelists?

        Safelists are online communities composed of people who joined them for the specific purpose of advertising and viewing the advertising of others.

        You can advertise to all other members of each Safelist without worry about the spam police. They have agreed to receive your mailings as a condition of being a member of the safelist.

         Safelists are a low-cost method of advertising

        Different types of advertising are available on safelists.

        Banner ads, Solo ads, text ads, login ads, starting pages are some of the types of ads that can be posted on safelists.

        Look, safelists are a low-cost and profitable method of advertising a product or service, worldwide. With safelists, you have captive readers that are given incentives to read your ad. These readers are members. They are like subscribers to a newspaper or magazine.

        Let’s take a look at the evolution of advertising.

        Even before newspapers and magazines, there were printed flyers with sales messages posted on walls, bulletin boards, windows and other places within sight of potential buyers. When mail service came along, the flyers were stuffed into an envelope and mailed.

        Newspapers and magazines emerged to deliver news and information to readers.  Ads were inserted among the pages so readers would find them and be moved to        buy an advertised product or service.

        Radio came along as a news, entertainment and informational source and ads, that were called commercials, were inserted to sell products and services. Then television came along and visual as well as audio entertainment and news attracted an audience. These viewers were given bits of advertising sandwiched in between the featured entertainment and news.

        The larger the audience is, the higher the cost of advertising.

        Radio and television ads can cost millions of dollars because they reach a vast audience of multi-millions. News paper and magazine ads may cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the *circulation, to the publication. (*Circulation is the number of subscribers of the publication)

        Advertisers still use flyers that cost pennies to print a page. Then they are distributed on walls windows, car windshields, doorknobs and by direct mail. Mailing requires the cost of printing, mailing list and postage to get the flyer in front of a prospective potential buyer.

        So, any form of advertising other than word of mouth has a cost. The objective of the advertiser is to get his/her sales message in front of more eyes, and ears at the lowest cost. The Internet came along so messages and flyers were sent electronically to viewers worldwide in the form of email and eventually safelists.  Safelists are a low-cost method to advertise and may be best mode of advertising for you.

        Welcome to the simplest way to make real money online!

        When you advertise your product or service on a safelist, you could reach million, also  get paid for their advertising by promoting safelists to them.(You don’t have to depend on family and friends.)

        One thing is certain. People subscribing to a safelist have something to sell. That means you have an audience of ad readers that get rewarded for reading your ad.

        Also, they are possible customers for your product or service. If you are selling ads, you have found a large list of potential buyers.

        What should you advertise?

        There is not much demand for buggy whips, quill pens, or *blue suede shoes in today’s marketplace. (*Are you old enough to remember Pat Boone?) So, the first thing to consider is, is what you are promoting that is in demand? Just because you like it does not mean the masses will.  

        Do you have a business opportunity or product or service not mentioned above, that you want to promote? If you do, you must first ask yourself, will people respond to my advertising?

        Ask yourself these two questions:
        1. What kind of people would be interested in my product service or business opportunity?
        2. What kind of people are surfing?

        If your product is used cars, pizza or a $1,200.00 business opportunity, surfing advertising is probably not for your offer. A $10.00 opportunity might work. Price points up to $29.95 or even $39.95 might sell in a surfing ad but price points higher are the less likely to sell.

        One strategy is to sell them a low-cost item on the front-end, then after they you’re your customer you can build a relationship and offer them something higher in the back-end.

        You can also us a lead magnet. This is a free item up front such as an e-book about a subject that will appeal to the reader. I offer this FREE e-book. “How you can get Rich in this 500 Million dollar industry.” Then when they get the e-book I show them a business where they can earn a massive residual income.

        Click here for your yours   Click here to find  e-books to offer.

        About half of the people surfing seem to be promoting ways to make money online and the other half are promoting ways to get more *traffic. (Traffic is people reading ads.)

        That is why surfing sites are good to promote in your ads. They are both: ways to make money and ways to get more traffic. This is a way to have OPM pay for your advertising. OPM is Other People’s Money. You are promoting your safelist advertising and your product or service. So, when people join your safelist to advertise, you earn commission.

        Keep in mind, if you are advertising on Simple Safelists, you do not want to promote Simple Safelists on that site. Why, because everyone reading your ad is already a Simple Safelist advertiser. So, promote Herculist or another safelist in your Simple Safelist ad. Then promote Simple Safelist on Herculist or your other safelist ads.

        Tools are needed by Internet marketers.

        Another good product to promote is tools that can be used to improve the acquisition of new sign-ups for advertisers.

        Examples are:

        • Capture and landing pages to attract attention to the viewer and collect or capture names and addresses. These are your contacts.
        • A contact manager to retain the names and addresses of your contacts.
        • An autoresponder to send messages to your contacts automatically at predetermined intervals. Like every 24 hours or two or more days apart.
        • A tracker to track the links you send to prospects and in ads you place. This will keep track of the hits and clicks your ad receives. This is analytics.
        • An email broadcaster to send emails to your contact list.
        • A text messenger to send text messages to your contacts.

        Some do not have all of these features but I found one that does.

        There is also a downgraded one with fewer features but adequate to get started capturing leads for your list and sending automated messages. It has a lower membership fee if you are on a limited budget.

        A variety of ad types is available. Most sites are going to allow you to post Text ads, Banner ads, Solo ads or Log in ads. Some will provide space for just a headline and a link to your website or capture page. We will get into writing subject lines and ads later. Others will allow you paragraphs and pictures. Some are a whole page of advertising.

         What is in it for you?

        One of the activities you will do on a safelist is clicking.

        There are two benefits of clicking on a safelist. Clicking for money or clicking for credit. You click on a button or link and a page or ad comes up for a fixed amount of time. Usually for five to twenty seconds. If you view the ad for the entire time you validate your effort by clicking a symbol or wording at the top of the page and you are rewarded either in money or in credits.

        The money is not much, usually portions of a cent to a few cents, so a lot of clicking is needed to earn a dollar. If you click for credits, you will receive credits toward advertising. The site keeps track of all this for you so you know how many credits you need and how many are used

        Don’t scoff at the money. If you are on a limited budget, click for pay. Accumulate the money to pay for advertising or subscribe to a safelist. This way you don’t have to squeeze money out of the grocery budget to fund your business.

        You will see the accumulation of credits, usually at the top of the page. Each ad that you place requires a certain amount of credits. Your number of credits may also determine how many subscribers will see your ad.

        If you are clicking for advertising credits, each ad you run or “post” will allow you to send to a specific *number of members in the safelist community.  The idea is they must look at your ad for the five to twenty seconds. Hopefully your ad will command their attention, peak their interest and they will sign-up in your business opportunity or join you in safelist.

        (*Each safelist will have attracted a certain number of subscribers. It is important to know how many on the subscriber list. Generally the more on the list, the more response you will get for your ad.)

        You can also purchase credits for the purpose of advertising. This is what I suggest you do because the profit from the venture you promote can be much higher than the few dollars you will earn clicking for dollars.

        Another way to earn credits or money with safelists is by referring others. When they join the safelist and pay a membership fee, you will receive credits or money in the form of commission as a percentage of their membership fee.

        Before you join a safelist there is a step you should take now.

        Creating Safelist Email Accounts

        The contact address will be used for receiving emails directly from the list owners and sometimes a few solo ads from members. This can be your primary email address. Expect to receive at least one or two emails a day at this address for every safelist you join.

        The list email will be the address that receives the bulk of your email. This is where you will be receiving the email ads from all of the other safelist members Just like they will be receiving messages from you.

        You will find a number of email services on the Internet that provide free email accounts. One of the most popular and friendly to surfers is Google’s Gmail. Gmail is commonly the preferred email provide for safelists.

        The first thing to do is to go to http://mail.google.com and click the button in the bottom right corner of the screen to “Create an account”.

        Fill out the application form to create your new contact and list email addresses.

        If you choose something other than Google, be sure that it has enough storage space to handle the large quantities of email you will be receiving. Why, because people will be sending you email to present their business just like you send them emails to present yours so they will join you.

        Another important thing to do is install Firefox as your browser.

        You can use another browser too but Firefox is best for safelists

        Firefox provides folders that can be placed at the top of your screen for easy access to any site.

        You can bookmark and drag bookmarked site pages into the folder. When you click the folder, a menu drops down to show Icons of each site you stored. Click on the Icon and the site opens and a tab appears at the top of your browser. Click the tab to access the site.

        View the site and when you want to close it, click on the X at the right of the tab.

        Once the site is bookmarked you can make a folder and put it in the folder by dragging it in. When you click the folder at the top of your screen a menu drops down. You can see the Icon for each site and open it by clicking.

        Here is why you will love Firefox and the folder and tab system. If you have ten Icons stored in a folder, click a folder to open it. At the bottom of the menu, you will see Open All Tabs. Click it and each site’s tab will appear at the top of your browser. You can go from left to right clicking a tab, opening a site and clicking for credits or place ads as well as other tasks.

         Bookmarking is a real time-saver.

        If you are new to Firefox you will want to learn how to bookmark your site. Pay close attention and I will show you how.

        First pull up the website you want to bookmark.

        At the top left of your screen look for Bookmark and click.

        A menu drops down and you will see, Bookmark This Page, near the top.

        A window comes up in the upper right of your screen. It will have the name of the site so click Done and your bookmark is saved.

        Go back to Bookmarks again, click and the menu appears.

        On the left panel near the top find All Bookmarks and click.

        The right panel changes and you will see Bookmarks Menu. Double click.

        Scroll down to the bottom with the right scroll bar and you will see the name of the site you saved, and it’s Icon.

        Put your arrow on it and move or drag it into the left panel into the folder where you want it stored.

        There is a secret to maximizing your surfing activity.

        That SECRET I cannot tell you here because, Debbie Penner, the owner of Simple Safelist has made a video revealing the secret. The video is in the members back office and available to Gold members, so opt in for FREE and see how you can view it. Here is my link to get in.

        Debbie has become my surfing mentor.  I read her e-book and it made an impact on me. I joined Simple Safelist which she owned and read The Plan, which she wrote and it became my blueprint. I joined the Skype and facebook groups she put together and read what she posts and learned from a successful veteran of the safelist business.

        Maximizing your surfing activity is important because to be successful and make money surfing you are going to need to surf a lot of sites.

        How many?

        Brace yourself and get ready to gasp…150 or more sites. Now before you leave and say I can’t do that…read a few more lines.

        When I was first introduced to massive surfing it was by a woman who told me she was surfing 300 sites. I gasped. Then she told me this was not all in one sitting. I relaxed. She had lots of sites stored and categorized and surfed a certain number each day. Her certain number was 20; yours can be more or less. Set a goal and keep stretching your number.

        Debbie will show you how to set up your safelists and surf in an organized time expedient manner when you enter Simple Safelist and see the plan and video.

        Turn your computer into a money machine. Your computer is your machine for you use to take massive action and make massive money. Set a goal and do it regularly like you do your job. Turn off the TV and you could surf two hours a day. What would you prefer, surfing two hours a day or working at a job you don’t like for a boss you detest for eight hours a day? You do have a choice.

        You can go here and see an article I wrote on goal setting.

        Don’t fall into the shiny object syndrome.

        One of the dangers of surfing ads is the shiny object syndrome. Because of the low-cost of advertising, the Internet is stuffed with offers of businesses opportunities, products and services. Be the seller not the buyer.

         “It’s called shiny object syndrome because it’s the entrepreneurial equivalent of a small child or cat chasing after shiny objects. Once they get there and see what the object is, they immediately lose interest and start chasing the next thing they see. 

        For entrepreneurs, it is chasing one business after failing in another…because they were not consistent and persistent and did not follow *The Plan. Like old Dobbin, the horse, put your blinders on and focus. Focus is necessary for your success.

        This is the hard part. Every day, you will be bombarded with glowing promises of riches and glory. In order to give your venture a chance, you will need to ignore all the others for a period of time while you tenaciously stick to the one thing you are doing.

        The really sweet thing about *The Plan is that, once you have it established, you’ll have more advertising muscle than you could have dreamed possible. After you have the advertising muscle it would be a good time to start something new.

        *What is The Plan? You will read about it later.

        Find the Safelist(s) you want to join and go ahead.

        There are more safelists out there than you can count so which one do you join first? I am going to tell you about one I suggest because it has some unique features and benefits that can bring you into profit faster than most.

        The best one I found is Simple Safelist.

        This list allows you to advertise up to four businesses each day. It is very generous in the amount of credits you can receive for clicking on and viewing sites. I was amazed when I found one for 5,000 credits several for 1,000 and others from 750, 450 to as low as 40. I surf the high credit ones first and so I will be able to advertise to more subscribers.

        I surfed for ten minutes, interrupted with a few short distractions, and got 10,630 credits. I could promote one business four times or four businesses once time each to this many sets of eyes.

        Another reason I like Simple Safelist is because it has analytics of the ads you have run how many people they were sent to and the number of clicks they received.  Following the numbers closely will tell you which subject line and which ads are receiving the most hits. Since safelist marketing is a numbers game the more hits per 1,000 views the better you will have of finding a sign-up.

        If you watch sports, you will know how important analytics are to a team’s success. Baseball, football and other team’s coaches and managers depend on analytics for important managerial decisions. It works for safelists too.

        The Plan has your blueprint for success laid out in 12 steps.

        One more advantage to Simple Safelist is that there are 12 steps laid out for you in The Plan which is a blueprint for success. If you are new to surfing, you will get some good counsel from a seasoned safelist veteran. Just invest the time to read and follow the guidelines given.

         “The Plan” is a short page of instructions that makes it very simple to understand and do. The plan spells it all out for you. It is a blueprint for your online money-making success.

        If you choose to use “The Plan,” you’ll have two options. Your first option is to simply promote Simple Safelist and tell people about “The Plan.”

        You will find that by following the 12 steps in The Plan:
        • You will cut your safelist spending.
        • You will explode your current offer.
        • You will generate advertising revenue to succeed at anything online.
        • You will establish a stable residual income!

        This is an awesome method for making money! The..

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          Safelists are online communities composed of people who joined them for the specific purpose of advertising and viewing the advertising of others.

          You can advertise to all other members of each specific Safelist without worry about the spam police.  Simple Safelist allows you to promote multiple lists with one click. You can get paid up to 100% commissions by promoting your affiliate Simple Safelist link.

          Pay attention. This could end money worries.

          You know how all those people jump on the next shiny object. They hop from offer to offer, following their gurus who are scrambling to exit one offer before it’s reputation gets too dismal, and find another that has some feature they can claim “this is NEW.  “It has never been done before?”

          Each time they make a move, they need to promote the new offer like crazy. There are millions upon millions of people who NEED monthly advertising.

          These people already know how to advertise, and they always need more sources.

          It’s the one product that people can never get enough of. They love advertising, because it’s the lifeblood of their dreams of wealth and greatness online.

          If you try to offer them yet another business opportunity, they will resist you with every fiber of their being, but if you offer them a new Safelist, text ad exchange or list builder, there is no resistance. They will immediately check their list to see if they are already signed up, and if not, they will join.

          upgrade. And when they upgrade, you will have generated a monthly commission. Even a small commission is significant when it’s a monthly subscription.

          These people will tend to keep paying for the upgrade for as long as they are attempting to make money online. Even a $10 commission will add up to $120 for one year.

          If they keep their membership for 5 years, that’s $600.00! Let’s say your goal is $5,000 a month – a handsome fulltime income. You would only need 500 of these commissions to reach your goal!

          But what if you could collect commissions on not one, but many of your customers advertising costs? If each customer is generating $100 for you, you would only need 50 of them. That’s do-able.Some will u

          What happens when They Upgrade

          How to set up a stable income AND a large volume of free advertising power.

           How to Get Started Using a Referral Builder

          Now, you COULD simply compile a list of these advertising venues that offer a large commission, and promote each one individually until each one is generating your target profit for that venue. It would be a great business model, actually.

          Many of these advertising venues pay between 50% to 100% commissions. If you were to choose say 25 of them, and promote each one in turn until it was generating $400 a month, you’d be bringing in $10,000 a month. Not too shabby.

          But what if you could create the same income by promoting just one link, over and over again? If you were promoting a whole list instead of just one, people would choose the ones they aren’t using yet, and join them.

          This would take you just a fraction of the time to generate the same income as the direct marketing plan would.

          Most advertising venues have a referral builder, and in many cases you can promote them instead of the one venue. Some business offers are basically just one of these lists to promote with a few tools to use them more effectively added on.

          It’s a great idea. The only trouble is, there really isn’t any incentive for them to upgrade. You are basically leaving the upgrade issue up to chance.

          Leveraging Your Efforts with Safelists

          The Turbocharged Referral Builder

          What if you could take the whole idea one step further, and recruit people who BOTH wanted to use the advertising, AND saw the potential for income, just like you do? You could direct them to upgrade in a list of advertising venues, one after the other. If everyone was upgrading at the same Safelists in the same order, then you would reach your goals much more quickly.

          They would be able and eager to upgrade, as only upgraded members can receive the higher commission levels. You would want to carefully select the venues that have high commissions, and order your list so the less expensive ones are at the top, and the more expensive (and more profitable) ones are introduced later on.

          Each person would be encouraged to upgrade systematically from the top of the list to the bottom. As they got more people in their downline, they would make more from the project, and have more to upgrade in the next one.

          Each time they upgraded, YOU would make more money, AND get more credits to place yet more ads, and expand your business further.

          What you would need is a website with your affiliate links for each of the

          Safelists, a way to present and explain your system to them, and time to do the research on the Safelists. To save you time, we have a team testing Safelists and reporting their results so we know which are the best producing Safelists.

          Then you would need to train each member to do the same thing you are doing, teach them how to recruit, and find a way for them to create a website of their own.

          Maximizing Each sign-up

          It’s All Done For You

          OR, like we mentioned before, you could use a referral builder. Inside

          most list builders and Safelists, you’ll find a list of others where you can put your affiliate link, and your referrals will be sent to your link when they click on them.

          The trouble is, they are all simply a random list, rather than selected and ordered for you to make an income. All except one. Simple Safelist has a list that’s very carefully engineered to do exactly what we have been talking about.

          There is a short page of instructions called The Plan” that makes it very simple to understand and do. The plan spells it all out for you. It is a blueprint for your success.

          If you are not a member, you will have to create an account and log in at http://simpleSafelist.com/14228 Don’t worry. It’s free, and will only take a few seconds.

           Introducing THE Safelist PLAN

          How to Get Started

          If you choose to use “The Plan,” you’ll have two options. Your first option is to simply promote Simple Safelist and tell people about “The Plan.”

          This is an awesome method for making money! The website is there, the instructions are there. Everyone who joins under you will be able to promote the same website.

          Your other option is a bit more complicated. I suggest you start with option one, so you can get started immediately. Then, when you’ve gotten going, contact me for a capture page to lead to this eBook.

          You’ll need a basic account at All in One Profits, click here the link below http://tcpros.co/kjJww where you’ll get both an excellent autoresponder and full featured cPanel hosting for only $11.50 and will cover you costs with just one referral. I’ll help you to set it up properly.

          Either way you’ll be building a solid, consistent residual income.

          Click here to read my; article on residual income.

          Remember, business opportunities come and go, but advertising venues remain, and most people stay upgraded, since the next offer they have hopped onto needs advertising too. If your income is coming from them, it will remain relatively constant for as long as people are trying to make money online.

          Get started today!

           The Details are above. If you have questions:

          Phone or whatsapp me at 1-941-266-5175
          Email me at phildarst@yahoo.com or set an
          appointment, by email, to Skype.

          My Goal is to Help YOU Reach Yours.


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            Herculist is a Safelist you want to use If you want your website or business opportunity in front of more people for less money.

            Herculist is the source you need. Herculist can put your message in front of 78,282 people.

            What is a Safelist?

            A Safelist is a mailing list where all members can email to each other. These emails cannot be considered as spam because every member has opted in and confirmed their email address. A Safelist can be used to advertise websites, business opportunities and so forth.

            How Herculist works.
            Herculist is a 100% opt in safe-list. The system is very simple. Join for free and submit your ad to the Herculist database. Anything can be advertised as long as it is legal, and not adult material related!
            When you join Herculist you will instantly receive your personal site. This site will be needed to login to the member’s area so that you can submit your ad. You can also promote your site and earn commissions by sponsoring new Pro or Gold members! Many current  members are earning substantial incomes from promoting their Herculist sites!Say goodbye to downloading thousands of e-mail addresses. Say good-bye to the fear of getting booted by your ISP. Herculist is the answer to all your internet marketing needs..Build your list with Herculist You have heard, “the money is in the list.” Once someone opts into your offer you can capture their name, email address and even phone number for your Contact list. This means you can mail and email as long as they do not opt out of your list.You can send messages daily or at other intervals with an autoresponder system that saves time.You will get more conversions and sign ups with an automated system. Click here or information on a system that does all this for you.  There are three levels of membership make it affordable to everyone.
            1.      Free member.You can post your advertisement to 1,000 random Herculist members EVERY day!Great Affiliate Program Included! Can earn 25% per paid referral they  sponsor two. Pro Member$24.98 (TODAY!) per year or $9.95 per month. Can post every 48 hours to 78,282 Members! Can earn 35% commissions from referrals.3.      Gold member$44.98 (TODAY!) per year or $14.95 per month. Can post every 24 hours to 78,282 Members! Receive 50% on referrals! GOLD members can now submit HTML ads.
            Two ways to PayPal and Payza

            Here is my own Testimonial:I have been using Herculist for years and track response from other lists I have tested. Herculist gives me quality leads from serious entrepreneurs hungry to earn on the Internet. Phil Darst, Sarasota, Florida.Below are a few more testimonials. These are real testimonials sent to Herculist by real people. No one was paid or asked to submit these comments.Yours is the “Only” one (Safelist) that has proven to be helpful in the sales of my products for my business! That says a lot and I want to let you know that not only do you have a great list but a very responsive one also! I will make certain that I promote your service more diligently in the future. Thank you for a great service!”    L.M “Thanks–
            Herculist definitely has the best customer support on the net.”
            B. After being a free member for quite a while, I finally got smart and upgraded to Gold. I am SO glad I did that! Not only am I able, now, to send to the entire HUGE list every day, but am also earning great commissions – paid to me whenever I want them! This is a “must-have” business for everyone’s portfolio.
            N. F.

             I hope this has been helpful to you and your business.
            Don’t wait; Click here to try for FREE it today.
             Call me at 941-266-5175
            Email me at phildarst@yahoo.com or set an
            appointment time Skype.
            My Goal is to Help YOU Reach Yours.

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