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    Weight loss is big business in this country as well as others. It is a major problem to millions and we have a solution.

    Ask yourself these three questions:

    • Do I know anyone that drinks coffee?
    • Do I know anyone that wants to lose weight?
    • Do I know anyone that wants to earn money?

    If you answered one or more of these questions, YES, you can earn Residual Income.

    Here is a story I am pleased to tell.

    I have two precious daughters.

    Candy, the oldest, has two daughters, the youngest is sweet sixteen.. Candy had not been able to shed the “baby weight” since the baby was born. 

    She tried everything she could find in the way of products and diets and still the pounds and inches remained. A single mom, she works three jobs to pay the bills. She would often call me after work and say, “Daddy I am tired I can’t come by, I have to just sit down and rest.”

    One day, out of the blue, I got a phone call from a trusted friend that told me he had discovered this coffee that was safe and healthy that was formulated with a variety of herbs. These herbs were combined to help a person lose weight. He told me he had lost 4.2 pounds in four days. In addition, beyond weight loss,  he said he had lasting energy that was steady for hours and did not leave him crashing later. Also, it brought lasting mental clarity.

    I asked where could I get some and he gave me an online source so I ordered some for Candy.

    When it came to my mailbox, I opened the box, took out the container and gave her just enough for one cup and ask her to taste test it for me. I didn’t tell her it was a weight loss coffee. 

    The next day I texted her and asked, “How did the coffee work.”

    The answer, “Daddy, I feel great.” was enough to make me happy if she didn’t drop an ounce. So, I gave her enough for the rest of the week.

    After a week she called and asked me if I would order her some more. I had enough for three more weeks but I ordered more, this time in single serving sample packs had found out the company paid generous commissions for sharing the coffee with others when the bought the coffee for themselves.

    I figured when people began to see the weight loss she was experiencing they would ask, “how did you do that.” And she could share her secret with  them, and start earning residual income. .

    That same evening she dropped by when I had a friend on the phone who was using the coffee too, I handed the phone to Candy and told her to say hello. The friend knew Candy was on the coffee and asked, “Did you lose any weight yet.” With the brightest smile I have seen her beam in ages, she said, “Yes, five pounds.” It brought tears to my eyes.

    So, If you know someone who likes coffee, wants to lose weight and make money sharing this amazing SlimROAST coffee with others. you can order from Candy’s website below. If works for you and you want to earn some extra money, join Candy in her business. And, I will help you in your business which will help Candy in hers.. She doesn’t have much time to help you but I do. Hopefully she can earn enough to walk away from the extra jobs. 

    Want a sample? If you want to try a sample of SlimROAST coffee, email me at phil@phildarst.com with “coffee” in the subject box and I will send you some on Candy’s behalf.

    Click here to learn about the coffee and ORDER in the black strip at top.

    Call me at 1- 941-266-5175
    Email me at phil@phildarst.com or set an
    appointment time to Skype.

    My Goal is to Help YOU Reach Yours.

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      The best nutritional supplement provider in the world is 4LIfe as proven by the award they won.

      Salt Lake City, Utah (April 18, 2018) Corporate USA Today named 4Life Research the 2018 Best Health and Fitness Supplement Provider in the United States.

      Click here to read the entire article.

      This award distinguishes 4Life among the top-ranking Nutritional supplement providers in the world.

      Nutritional supplements are an industry with a HUGE market demand, UNPARALLELED growth potential, and MASSIVE income possibilities?

      Millions of people, worldwide, use nutritional supplements day after day, month after month year after year. Once your customer is locked into using your supplements you could have a customer for life. You could earn residual income that will assure long term income to you and your family for generations.

      The best Nutritional Supplements keep your customers 

      If you want to use and market nutritional supplements, why not do it with the best Health and Fitness nutritional supplement provider in the US?

      These Health and Fitness nutritional supplements are the fuel that could drive you down the road to freedom of time and money.

      Our primary product is freedom.

      Freedom has two components: time and money.
      The desire for freedom is universal, in every country, in every culture. The desire for freedom will attract prospects to your program no matter where you go. Offer your prospects freedom and you won’t have to worry about cultural differences, what a particular area of the country wants, or if a prospect wants what you have.

      We are building a worldwide team of Health and Fitness supplement users that consume our supplements and share them with others.

      If you are someone who has the desire to live a fuller life and want to experience growth and abundance through network marketing and are willing to learn the skills necessary, then contact me me  or use this link http://tcpros.co/5RL1u and we can start you on your road to freedom.

      We have an easy to follow system and will train you.

      Contact me at 941-266-5175
      Email me at phildarst@yahoo.com or set an
      appointment time Skype.

      My Goal is to Help YOU Reach Yours.

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        Freedom has a Universal desire. Everyone wants it. We want to help you achieve it.

        I was earning good money in middle management in a large corporation. The money was good but what I was doing to earn it was not.  I was working long hours for demanding, unappreciative ownership. People I did not like were controlling my time and preventing me from enjoying leisure time.

        When I had first learned about network marketing, I realized that I could have absolute freedom.  Freedom comes in two components: time and money. I could have both if I could help enough others get what they want and leverage their efforts as a team.

        Zig Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” 

        J. P. Getty, the Billionaire said.

        I would rather receive one percent of the income of 100 men, than 100% of the income of one man.

        The only way I could see to achieve this goal of freedom was Network Marketing.

        So, did the research and found that a company marketing consumable products could endure. People would buy the product from the company and their supply would run out in a month or so. If the product served their need or want, they would buy again.  The company would pay me commissions every time my team members would buy a products.

        Since they like and use the products, they will share with others and earn residual income When your team is earning residual income, it will grow according to their effort and skill. This is why building a relationship with your leaders is and teaching them to do the same is essential to long-term growth and maintenance of your team.

        Over the years I have been a top earner in several companies. I found those that offer health, wellness and personal care products to be the best. Why? Because people already use these products and have them in their budget. They simply change their source for the products and buy from the company that will pay them.

         A while back, a trusted friend, Tom Paredes introduced me to 4Life.

        Tom had been my upline and a mentor in a previous company I had joined. Although we left that company and went our separate ways, we stayed in touch and maintained our relationship over the years.

        Relationships endure when companies do not.

        He told how he had started with two people and began introducing his leaders to 4Life. His business had grown in 50 countries because the company had expanded worldwide and had been opening new offices abroad as well as the US.

        They had solid management. They maintained a system of scientifically developing life changing products.They patent them so they have exclusive distribution of the products.

        Tom says, “The products are only the vehicle to take one down the road to FREEDOM.”  His primary product is freedom. 

        Tom, also, points out, “The desire for freedom is universal, in every country, in every culture. The desire for freedom will attract prospects to your program no matter where you go. You won’t have to worry about cultural differences, what a particular area of the country wants, or if a prospect wants what you have.

        He sent me an article he had written that explained why a friend of his had struggled over 20 years because he was prospecting and teaching about how the product worked, the names of the company leaders, how the compensation plan worked.

        I had to confess I had fallen into that trap too.

        Click here for a link to that article 

        Tom was teaching how to build a business by establishing strong relationships using the Core Values.

        Timing is everything in this business and it was time for a change.

        I reviewed the Core Values  with Tom and agreed that practicing and teaching them would build lasting relationships.

        Researching 4Life, I learned they had award-winning business building tools and support and training. Beyond all that, they had reached the three-quarter of a BILLION dollar sales mark and had enjoyed their Highest Sales Volume and are still growing. They have proven that there is still potential for growth in this company established in 1998.

        They are in the top echelon in growth of privately owned companies in the US.

        Click here to see one of their awards.

        Wanting an established, solid, growing company that was going to continue paying me residual income for my efforts for years to come, I joined Tom and 4Life.

        Together, Tom and I are building a team of like-minded members and leaders that want a solid, established company that will endure time and pay us and our heirs for generations to come.

        Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran, we have a place and freedom for you .

        You don’t need to take a gamble on an unproven company. Most of them fail the first year. Join us and the leadership that has kept this company among the top for over twenty years. Their management is proven and continuing with the same policies and strategies that have made them an industry giant.

        There compensation plan rewards the beginner and the seasoned networker.

        You are invited to take a look at 4Life and get back to me with questions.

        Click here to learn more.

        Click here to join Tom and me. 

        My Goal is to Help You Reach Yours

        Email me with questions phil@phildarst.com
        Or call me at 1-941-266-5175
        Set an appointment to Skype with me.

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          Because Riovida will power you up throughout the day.

          We are looking for two kinds of people.  

          1. Customers to use Riovida.
          2. Entrepreneurs that want to earn money sharing Riovida                                                                                 and our other products with others.

          Riovida is delivered in both liquid and gel forms for easy use anywhere.

          • Riovida Provides powerful immune system support*
          • Riovida Features 4Life Transfer Factor which stimulates natural killer (NK) cell activity by up to 283%*
          • Riovida Delivers potent antioxidant protection*

          Key Features

          •  It promotes healthy immune system function that, in turn, promotes healthy energy

               levels and the healthy function of all other systems throughout the body*

          •  It contains 4Life Transfer Factor to Raise Your Immune I.Q., helping

                educate immune cells and promoting the immune system’s ability to more

                 effectively recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats*

          • It delivers antioxidants that help protect the body from naturally occurring free


          •  It contains essential and supporting vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids,

                and polyphenols*

          • It  is protected by U.S. patents: 6,468,534 (extraction process for transfer factors

               from egg sources) and 6,866,868 (combination process of transfer factors from

                cow colostrum and chicken egg yol

          Click here for product information.

          Here is why Liquid supplements work better for for you.

          “ The Physician’s Desk Reference

          states  that the absorption of

          supplements in liquid form is 98%. Liquid

          supplements work by getting absorbed

          directly into the bloodstream making them

          up to 10 times more effective. Liquid

          supplements are; assimilated into the

          bloodstream faster, gentler on the stomach

          and easily digestible because the body does

          not need to break them down to absorb

          them like it has to do with pills.”

          “I first began using liquid nutritional supplements in 1997.

          Since then I have tried many liquid supplements.  All had a down side in taste, aftertaste or benefits.

          Until Riovida.  My first taste test was satisfying and I felt the benefit throughout hours. My body loved it.

          You need to try it and see if you agree…you can’t get through a day without it”

               Phil Darst, Sarasota, Florida, USA

          Click here to learn more about it  

          Click here to see why the patent is important to you

          Click here to see Riovida

          Click here if you want to learn about earning income

          Call me at 941-266-5175
          Email me at phildarst@yahoo.com or set an
          appointment time Skype.

          My Goal is to Help YOU Reach Yours.

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            Sponsoring is easier when you avoid these three primary reasons people fail.

            By Tom Paredes

            Having been in this industry for  40 years, people often ask, “Tom, why do I have a hard time sponsoring people?” Well, after much thought and analyzing I’ve discovered that there are three primary reasons people have a hard time sponsoring.

            1) Most people don’t like to sell. That makes sponsoring hard.

            As a matter of fact most people are sales resistant. Have you ever gone to a store where the salespeople are on straight commission? The minute you walk in the store they get right in your face and say, “May I help you?” Your immediate response is “No thank you I’m just looking.”

            So, if most people don’t like to sell and are sales resistant, how hard would it be to teach them to do something they really don’t want to do? I don’t know about you but I’ve found that task to be quite difficult. So why is it we talk to our prospects like we are salespeople? Here’s a prime example of what I mean: “Hi John this is Tom Paredes. I recently joined a great company and we have a fantastic product…” The minute I mentioned product, John translated our conversation into, “What do I have to sell?” And what does John hate to do? John hates to S E L L.

            So why do we talk to our prospects like that? Well, because that is what we learned from our sponsor, who had no idea what this business, was really about. But, it’s not our sponsor’s fault, our sponsor learned it from his sponsor, who learned it from his sponsor and so on, all the way up to a sponsor who is no longer in network marketing. Sadly, we continue to do the things that just don’t work.

            2) Most people suffer from low self-esteem. That makes sponsoring hard.

            And because most people have low self-esteem how hard do you think it would be to raise their self-esteem after only one or two brief meetings with them? Would you say that could be next to impossible?

            3) Most people don’t like change. That makes sponsoring hard.

            Discovering what people don’t like was one thing… learning what they like to do and what they can do, now that took a while longer. However we found out that most people can follow instructions. It doesn’t matter what job they have, most people can follow instructions. If the boss says, “Follow these instructions and I’ll pay you,” the employee complies and gets paid. That was it! People can follow instructions… an amazing discovery!

            We decided to field-test our finding in Puerto Rico. We chose Puerto Rico as our test site because it is an area of 100 miles by 35 miles and already had 200+ network marketing companies. Our first meeting consisted of three distributors and 15 prospects. We introduced a System that only required that they follow instructions. They didn’t have to be salespeople. They didn’t need high self-esteem. They didn’t have to change. All they had to do was follow instructions, and they did. As a result, 18 months later we had 10,987 distributors. Since then we have taken the System to Central and South America and have had the same incredible results.

            Later, that group grew to over 15,000 people before the devastating hurricane blasted the island. Now, people are rebuilding their homes and their lives and their business. They are using the personal development and networking skills we have taught them.

            You can learn the skills required for sponsoring.

            Tom has been in the industry for 40 years. I have been here for 35. That is 75 years of combined experience we can offer you.

            We have seen a lot. One of the most common things we have noticed is that too many networking people speak the same language. Let us tell you what we mean.:

            Most people talk about the products and the compensation plan. we used to talk about that too. we were successful distributors and worked a lot of hours. After learning a new skill set and a new method of implementing them, Tom worked very differently. For the past 25 years he have worked an average of 7 to 10 hours a week.

            Then Tom, share his skills and experience with me and together, we want to share them with you.

            When we mention the word freedom most people relate it to financial freedom. However, that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about absolute freedom, which has two components – time and money.

            We created the Parades Team to teach the skills we have learned in 75 years of doing network marketing.

            The people who learn and use these skills will teach those they sponsor into the business, the skills they learn. from the Paredes Team. They will no longer have a hard time sponsoring.

            If you have not done well in sponsoring in other companies, it is not your fault. It is because you were taught methods that did not work long-term and build lucrative business relationships with others. You were not taught the skills that have grown our team world-wide.

            Now here is your chance to join us in a Billion Dollar company that can give you the FREEDOM you deserve. And we will teach; you the skills to achieve and live your dream..

            You can be among those that enjoy absolute FREEDOM of time and money.

            This site was put together to share our experience with you if you want  to learn the skills.. Read the posts of this blog and use  a part of the knowledge we offer from experience.

            Click to learn about freedom here and here.

            Better yet, join us and we will teach you one one how to build your walk away income.

            Click this link and learn about it now.

            Call me at 1-941-266-5175
            Email me at phil@phildarst.com
            or set an appointment time to Skype.

            My Goal is to Help YOU Reach Yours.

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