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The Opinionated Pussycat by Kiril Kundurazieff - 2w ago

Happy Sunday morning, felinity assembled!

Anyone out there?

Elvira Mistress of Felinity, here, with some news.

I apologize for the lack of content since the CWA Conference.

We HAVE been going through what all he brought home and planning for some posts, but we have also been keeping an eye on Daddy through the Summer.

He had a stress-related fainting spell at work, one evening and, while he had no need for a visit to the hospital, it had us worried.

He also had something called a hemorrhoid that had him worried, and thus made us look at our own butts more closely for days!

He has a new doctor and wants to get his first physical in 2 years, some bloodwork, and more, if he can, to better understand what physical shape he is in as he begins to bike and walk more now that he also has a more "personal life-friendly" work schedule, with a few day shifts and his days off all occurring on weekdays.

Anyway, I also apologize for the inability to see photos, right now. There is a reason.

One of his Domain Names has recently expired and he is unable to pay the renewal and reinstatement fees until payday on Thursday.

What this means is that anything associated with that domain is unviewable until  he pays the bill.

Such is life when living paycheck to paycheck.

The good news is that this payday is a doozy, he says, what with a huge 2nd quarter bonus that looks to allow him to put some money away in his savings once his bills are paid and he shops for some clothes and sets some money aside for a few vacation activities he has planned.



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Good afternoon felinity assembled!

Sneakers the Texian Tuxedo, here, on a mission of enlightenment.

Our beloved founder, Mr. Nikita, was a clever, creative, feline...sometimes too clever, it appears, for some in our readership, especially the humans, hee, hee!

As our fans know we have a few Special Pages dedicated to awards and praise sent our way over the years.

Well, Nikita got this brilliant idea to take things a bit further, thru the use of humor and satire and, with the research help of Daddy Kiril, he created a "More Praise" page.

The idea being to re-write famous quotes, famous publication slogans, famous comments and more, and rename the originators as well, all with a distinctly feline slant.

We hoped that anyone coming across the page would be sufficiently amused that they would explore the blog, share something they liked elsewhere, and even return from time to time.

We have no idea how many humans and critters have read or shared the page on social media, and no idea what they think since no comments have been left to the page or sent our way via email...until Daddy Kiril plugged the page on his Facebook yesterday.

A friend and fan of ours and Daddy Kiril, Amanda Socci, The Creative Idea Gal, wrote the following:

"I was reading some of your puns but don't understand most of them. Would you be able to add the names of the people you are satirizing using parentheses ( ) to make it easier for people to read and enjoy?"

Well, we talked it over with daddy and decided that a blog post that the page could link to, with an explanatory invite to the confounded, would be best so as not to clutter up an already busy page.

This is a post we can update, as needed, over time, as new entries are added to the page.

We cats drew straws to see who would do the blog post...I won and Elvira and Friday went off to take a nap, hee, hee!

The list below is incomplete because none of us, or daddy, could remember the real names of a few of the publications and media we satirized. :-D

If, after 1st reading the page and THEN this decoding...

you have suggestions for us to work with in creating new entries, please either e-mail us, or leave a comment for us to find your suggestion.


Christiane AmanPurr = Christiane Amanpour

Glenn Bobtail = Glenn Beck

Hugo Chausie = Hugo Chavez

Sean Hannilayan = Sean Hannity

Larry Kingalow = Larry King

Michelle Meowkin = Michelle Malkin

Bill O'Ocicat = Bill O'Reilly

Sarah Pixie = Sarah Palin

Glenn Rextasy (AKA Instapurrit!) = Glenn Reynolds

Roger Siamese - PussycatMedia (PCM & PCTV) = Roger Simon

BFBC (British Feline Broadcasting Corporation = BBC

Catler (UK) = Tattler

Cat Afficionado = Cigar Afficionado

Cat and Stroller = Car and Driver

Claremont Review of Cat Blogs = Claremont Review of Books

Consumer Re-Purr = Consumer Reports

Der Pussycat (Germany) = Der Spiegel

Feline History Revealed = History Revealed

Fox Mews = Fox News

Glamourpuss = Glamour

Going Nuts? (UK) = Nuts Magazine

Gourmet = Gourmet

Harvard Feline Review = Harvard Review

LA, and OC Weekly Meowlers = LA & OC Weekly magazines

Madammeowselle = Mademoiselle

Mancat's Health = Men's Health

Martha Singapuras Feline Living = Martha Stewart Living

Meowsweek = Newsweek

Mews of the World (UK) = News of the World

Mother Cat = Mother Jones

National Feline Association - National Rifle Association

National Meow = National Review

New Statescat (UK) =New Statesmen

New York Feline = New York Times

New Yowler = New Yorker

Outdoor Cat Life = Outdoor Life

Oxford American Feline: A Magazine of Southern Pussy = Oxford American

Poet & Pussycat = Poet & Writer

Popular Photograkitty = Popular Photography

Pussycat of London - Times of London

The Idling Feline (UK) = The Idler

The Purrgressive = The Progressive

The Saturday Evening Purr = Saturday Evening Post


Sir Winnie Burmillahill (Agnes Repplier Award and Soseki Natsume Prize, winning feline writer) = Winston Churchill

Old Felinity Assembled's Almanac = Old Farmer's Almanac

Praise for Aubrey = A 30 pt. 100 Word Cat Story (w/1 of 200 Words) by Nikita

The Cat Writer: Imagine, Write, Publish = The Writer

The American Pussycat Review = American Book Review

London Review of Felinity Assembled = London Review of Books

The New York Review of Felinity Assembled = New York Review of Books



Houston Felinodist Veterinary Hospital = Houston Methodist Hospital


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Good morning felinity assembled, Elvira Mistress of Felinity, here, and it is safe to come out now, the humans stopped celebrating the 4th of July around 1am this morning, hee, hee!

It was a recording setting day for rain, yesterday, in Houston, as much as 8 inches in some places.

While Daddy Kiril went to work, in the evening, Sneakers, Friday and I sat in the window watching what we could see of any fireworks going off.

When daddy came home, around 130am, he had thoughtful look on his face and smiled when he saw us.

To me this meant he had had some sort of creative inspiration and it must have involved cats.

When he awoke, this morning, he fed us, took a bath, then ate breakfast while writing at his desk and crying as he watched 2 Youtube videos.

Then he shared his work with us, for our thoughts, and then asked me to post the result while he got ready for work.

With humble apologies to Irving Berlin and Kate Smith (Kate's 1976 Stanley Cup performance) I present....


God Bless the Feline by Kiril Kundurazieff

While the shelters fill from sea to shining sea,
let us swear to rescue and adopt into homes with you and me.
Let us all be grateful for people that care, as we
raise our voices in a solemn prayer.

God Bless the feline, critter I think the world of.
Sit beside her and pet her
Day and night showering her with love.
From the living room, to the kitchen,
My desk to the john watch her roam.
God Bless the feline in my home sweet home.
God Bless the feline in my home sweet home.



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 Good evening felinity assembled!

Elvira Mistress of Felinity, here, and Sneakers, Friday and I recently have been doing our first product review in a very long time!

As regulars know we are known for book and product reviews, from time to time, as publishers and sales reps discover our blog and think what we bring to the table makes it worth their reaching out to us, for whatever reason.

Well, at the end of April a rep from KitNipBox reached out to Daddy Kiril and, after spending some time exploring their site, having daddy ask some questions for us, and then thinking about it, we decided to say yes to a free box to review. 

The first box sent us apparently got lost in the mail, but we eventually got a box and, after the CWA Conference daddy let us do our thing.

KitNips' Content & Community Manager initially wrote daddy this...

"I stumbled upon your blog and think it's pawsome! I'd love to send a complimentary KitNipBox for your kitties to play with in exchange for a review on your site + a link back to KitNipBox."

We asked daddy to respond on our behalf, explaining about our being pretty much out of the spotlight for a year and why....

He began this way..."how did you stumble upon their blog and what about it makes you consider it "pawsome"?

You see, due to technical difficulties with a laptop, there had only been 17 entries from the start of April 2017 thru the end of February 2018." (No home computer will put a crimp on anyone's creativity.)

Her reply satisfied the 3 of us (We never have had much of a "readership", but we appreciated her intent with the sentiment.)

"Your blog IS pawsome! I realized that it wasn't very active when I first stumbled upon it, but I loved your (ahem... I mean, your cats') writing style. Not to mention, the name of your blog, Opinionated Pussycat, is just too purrfect!

I know how awkward it can feel rejoining a community that you were once active in. We've all been there! Luckily, the cat community is so very warm and fun - I'm certain that your readership will continue to be strong and supportive!

Regarding how I connected with your blog: I think I found it through a list of top cat bloggers somewhere on the internet - not sure which list - but you're definitely listed somewhere!

All that said, I'm thrilled to hear that you and your kitty crew are happy to write a review about us!"

Before we begin let me get one detail out of the way:

We received this product in exchange for our and Daddy Kiril's honest review and no compensation other than the product was given to us.


For  a small box it sure packs a lot of fun and interesting stuff!

First things, first, though...

What is KitNipBox?

It is a popular subscription product service with a focus on felines and the humans they live with.

The KitNip team looks around the world for the most amazing cat toys, treats, accessories, and other goodies, have their own team of testers check them out and then decisions are made on what to offer in the box.

They describe their 2 subscription options this way:

"The Happy Cat KitNipBox is $19.99/month and comes with 5 goodies. It is perfect for households with one cat. The Multi-Cat KitNipBox is $29.99/month and comes with 7 goodies. It's the best option for households with two or more cats, or just one extra pampered kitty."

They don't say what they think the upper limit of "or more cats" might be, but never mind, hee, hee!

KitNipBox supports hundreds of animal welfare organizations nationwide. Each month, they donate a portion of their proceeds and products to shelters, rescues, TNR efforts, and a variety of other feline welfare causes.

I like their Mission Statement and what inspired them to start the company:

"Our goal  is to provide cat parents with a way to keep their cats healthy and happy consistently, conveniently, and inexpensively, while   supporting animal welfare organizations to help kitties in need."

"We noticed a disparity in the pet industry. Many of  the latest innovations have focused on dogs. A typical pet store has at least 5x more dog products vs. cat products.  We felt that there was a great deal on unmet demand and that the cat market was being underserved."       

Very interesting!

High-quality cat toys, all-natural treats, hygiene products, accessories are among the fun, healthy cat products sent to your doorstep and you and your human contribute to helping worthy causes.

So what did WE get and what did we think of our new stash?


Once daddy got the box open Friday & Sneakers just could not wait for me to finish in the litter box, but had to dig right in.

They did not even let daddy detach items from cardboard packaging!

The impatience of youth...and tuxedo cats, hee, hee! 



There were  6 toys and a bag of treats in the box.

A donut, and pillow, both filled with catnip, and ready for cuddling.

A small crinkle tea pot, also good for cuddling.

The thing about these is that your mileage may vary with regards to cuddliness.

It all depends on your mood, whether you like playing with such toys, and your attraction to the 'nip.

We were all three immediately attracted to them right out of the box...but over the days since....we  did not admit to daddy what we did while he was at work, but the fact that one or more of the toys was not where he set them when he left let him know one or more of us gave something some attention.

Of, course, when daddy tossed one across the room Sneakers or Friday would sometimes dash after itWe suggested to daddy that maybe rubbing some catnip on the outside of the toys might entice us to play with them more.

Again, if you can talk your human into it, your mileage may vary, hee, hee!

The wand, with its dangling toy, was a big hit with all three of us. 

Daddy added it to the other one we have in the closet and that he brings out from time to time.


The motorized mouse does not motor for vary long, when activated on our kitchen floor, and does not budge on our carpet, so we lost interest.

The treats? Ahhh….the treats!

What a delight!

So Bright Natural Freeze Dried Treats are grain free chicken breast squares, in perfect bite-sized bits. They are made in Wisconsin.

We could not get enough of them when daddy gave us a taste.

They come in Rabbit, White Fish, Salmon and Shrimp, as well.

The sad thing is that no store closer than Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi, and beyond sells the little darlings in Texas!

Wassup with that, I ask you?

 Now, to the SFG Dangling Doormouse...

Made in China, like the other toys....this one might do better to have a stronger string to do its dangling from, hee, hee!

No kitty can resist swatting at something dangling in front of it, especially our very energetic and excitable Friday the Bearded Lady.

When at home daddy dangled it from the front doorknob and let us have at it at our leisure.

I should say....let FRIDAY have at it.

She was so attracted to it that Sneakers felt it was more entertaining to observe her antics...from a safe distance.

Me? I knew what was going to happen after the first hour so went and took a nap!

I was surprised, though, to find it still dangling when I awoke.

It took Friday all of 4 days to snap the string so she could romp around, wrassling, with the mouse.

Sneakers and I thought it would  not last past day 2, hee, hee!

Now that she has killed it she has lost interest in the mouse.

I think this calls for it to be smothered in catnip, don't you?

As with the other toys, your mileage may vary with this one, as well.

The bottom line is that this is a good deal, either package, as what you get, month to month, is bound to have something for every feline in the family, but again, your mileage may vary...hell, with cats being a sometimes finicky lot you may have some explaining to do to your human if nothing in a box meets with your interest....2 or three boxes in a row, hee, hee!

 The KitNip website has all the info you need to decide if what they offer is for you and your human, including a page with 9 pics of cats showing you what types of things end up in a KitNip Box, and a review page with a pawful of reviews and a link to more on their Facebook.

 The company began in early 2014 and has become well-reviewed by many human media ever since.

Their Press Kit will lead the curious not only to those reviews, but reviews by a select number of bloggers.

Let me end with an offer to you and your human:



It'll take 15% off any new subscriber's first month!

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Good afternoon, felinity assembled, especially anyone visiting for the first time!

 My name is Friday. I'm a bearded lady cat!

 I am the youngest member of the team, at almost 3, and the one with the fewest writing credits to her name on this blog.

A year without a computer did not help in that regard, but, anyway...it's my turn to post as we settle in for Daddy Kiril attending the Cat Writers' Association Conference, beginning this evening.

This post is about Daddy Kiril.

He is a human of many parts and interests.

He has been around animals all his life, mostly Dogs thru the 90's, before his personal and creative lives were forever changed by adopting a Maine Coon kitten he named Nikita, in 1998.

His politics are Conservative, his faith Christian, and we three picked that up from him, but his friends and fans are a varied lot, across the political and cultural spectrum, as are ours.

He found a way to share all of these interests in an entertaining, fashionable, way, by putting 15 Lapel Pins and a couple of buttons on his Stetson.

Hats are a thing in Texas, you see...not just as a fashion statement, but to keep the sun from boiling your head on particularly hot days, especially if you are partially, or totally, bald.

Anyway, more on that in a bit....first, though...

Doesn't he look handsome! 

We wanted him to dress in bright colors for the 2 main days of the conference, or at least in Calvin Klein...but except for his undies, that didn't happen.

He found some fancy Haggar pants on extreme sale at JC Penney and a nice shirt at Walmart.

The tie is years old and still looks good, though it has not been seen in public for a number of years.

Anyway, it will do. The badge and dangles allow the Opinionated Pussycat to "represent" and his walking stick/monopod allow him to bring Nikita to the conference as well, as you can see just below where his hand holds the stick.

Now, to the pins!


 Daddy is a writer...

A storyteller...

A Poet...

A Journalist...

 A Pundit...and more.

As was Nikita...and so are we three girls.



 He is a walker...

  A photographer...

  and Cat Man.

  He does not drive a car so gets around in other ways.

  He walks and rides mass transit and brings his camera along for interesting photo opportunities, especially of cats encountered on the street.

  He has been writing about "Place" for 15 years and explains it this way:

"I like sharing my travel experiences, and my thoughts on the things I see in the world we live in, because it helps my writing skills, and may spur readers to get out and explore their own surroundings."

 He is a fan of Henry David Thoreau, and was inspired by him:

 "Thoreau expressed the view that “he who sits still in a house all the time may be the greatest vagrant of all.”

 Well, I wouldn’t go THAT far, in my case, hee, hee, but I do feel sometimes, sad, alone and uninspired by spending so much of my free time stuck at home, unable to get out and about and engage with my outside environment and those I encounter in it, animal and human.

There is so much I can’t afford to do, yet there is much that I CAN do that money is not needed for.

I have never had much of a social life beyond that which my online activities have allowed me to get out and experience over the years and that is a little discouraging at times.


To paraphrase Thoreau: Every walk, mass transit, and bike, ride I take is a sort of crusade, preached by this Kiril the Mad Macedonian, Houstonian, or Cycling Dude, to go forth and reconquer the “Holy Land” of his surroundings from the hands of seemingly disinterested infidels.

Money may buy some bus fare for my Q-Card, lunch or dinner, an event or venue ticket, and some other things, but the leisure, freedom, and independence my adventures afford me come, as Thoreau says, by the Grace of God."

 That's our Daddy! It is because of him, and what he has taught us, that we feel our blog is somewhat different and unique in the pet blogging world.



 It is a blog that does things in ways unfamiliar, maybe even uncomfortable, to many, especially those unfamiliar with even the most popular precincts of pet blogging and pet-themed fiction and non-fiction books and poetry.

 He is also a bike rider and this is another way that he gets around, far away from where he normally walks and bikes.

 On his bike he encounters felines on the street that he might not notice while walking.

 To quote daddy once more....

"When I walk or bike I go where ever the spirit or even, muse moves me to plan an excursion to, or where personal needs lead me to on a shopping expedition, appointment, or other business.

I can feel just as comfortable in and inspired by, a beach, a park, and on a mountain road as in a mall, a bookstore, thrift store, grocery store, or big box store. Something in an office or at an event can inspire me as well....

To paraphrase Thoreau, again:

 There is, in fact, a sort of harmony discoverable between the capabilities of ones’ surroundings within a circle of 10-80 mile radius, or the limits one puts on oneself by mode of transport or lack thereof, &  the seven score and ten of human life.

 It will never become quite familiar to you."

 He believes this will be true of Houston, Harris County, and their neighbor cities and counties, and the state of Texas as a whole.

Daddy Kiril has his own blog, The Mad Macedonian, which keeps him out of our fur when he's not helping us out, here. The link, for the curious, is in the sidebar.

 So, there, you go...this is a look at Daddy Kiril.

And, as I said, above...He's all ours! Um, hee, hee!

I hope you found this bit of background interesting.

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 Good morning, felinity assembled!

It's me, Sneakers the Texian Tuxedo!

While Daddy Kiril is busy making himself presentable for the first day of the Cat Writers' Association Conference (Don't worry, Elvira and Friday are making sure he remains focused and showers, shaves, eats breakfast, goes, um, well, anyway....) I want to put front and center a collection of links we have built over time, and I updated a little last night.

It is a list of shelters, rescues and more, in Houston and neighboring counties.

While these organizations are part of one of our Special Pages I wanted to used this week as a way to introduce them to any of our fellow Houstonians who may visit us for the first time and may not be aware.

I also want to encourage anyone with information on similar organizations, that help felines, that we might want to list, in the Greater-Houston Region, to e-mail us at the address in the sidebar.

But, before I get to that list I have news from one of those shelters that is as dire a situation as what happened the other day at Harris County...

100 animals were turned over to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter on Tuesday.

Their Facebook page posted a detailed plea, Wednesday morning, that begins this way:

"The shelter needs need community involvement to help save as many animals as possible. Volunteer to take animals to offsite adoption events, take pictures, walk, bathe, etc. Foster for a day, night, weekend or until the animal is ready for adoption. ANYTHING HELPS." 

To anyone in the Houston region reading this, if you can help, they have the contact info and more on Facebook.


As for the next post in our lead-up to the conference....

Daddy Kiril, a Multi-faceted Human...and He's All OURS!


Now, to that list....

A Life To Live (Baytown)

Abandoned Animal Rescue (Greater NW Houston & Tomball)

Adopt-a-Cat Texas (Houston

Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas (Montgomery)

BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions (City of Houston)

BARC - Fixin' Houston (Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic)

Bay Area Pet Adoptions (San Leon)

Baytown Humane Society (Baytown)

Buster's Friends (Houston)

Citizens for Animal Protection - CAP (Houston)

Clipped Ear Cat Sanctuary (Conroe)

Dori's Darlings No-Kill Cat Rescue (Houston)

E-Rescue Houston (Dogs & Cats)

Emancipet (Spay/Neuter/Vaccinate) (Austin, Houston, Kileen, Pflugerville)

For Peetey's Sake Dog & Cat Rescue (Houston, Richmond)

Fort Bend County Animal Control

Friends for Life (Houston)

Galveston County Animal Resource Center (ARC Pets) - Texas City

Harris County Veterinary Public Health Services (Houston)

Harris County Animal Shelter & Friends of County Pets

Homeless & Orphaned Pets Endeavor (HOPE) (Houston)

Homeless Pet Placement League (Houston)

Houston Pet Set

Houston Pets Alive!

Houston SPCA - (Founded in 1924, it is Houston’s first & largest animal protection organization  shelter.)

Humane Society and the R.A.I.D.E.R. Cruelty Investigation Team (Houston)

League City Animal Shelter (League City) and Friends of League City Animal Shelter

Montgomery County Animal Shelter (Conroe)


Montgomery County Humane Society (The Woodlands)

Pasadena Animal Control & Adoption

Pet Patrol  Mission (A People Pet Partnership in Houston)

Pets & People Alliance (Pasadena)

Purr Paws Rescue (Cypress)

Rescued Pets Movement (Houston)

Save a Cat Rescue (Houston)

Scout's Honor Rescue (Houston)

Seabrook Animal Shelter

Second Chance Pets (League City)

Smart Animal Rescue (Spring)

Spay-Neuter Assistance Program - SNAP (Houston, San Antonio, Pasadena)

City of South Houston Humane Dept.

Special Pals (West Houston)

Sugar Land Animal Services

Texas Litter Control (Spring) - Covers Harris and Montgomery County

Unity for a Solution (Houston) - Solving the animal overpopulation crisis of Houston/Harris County


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Good afternoon, felinity assembled, Elvira Mistress of Felinity, here, with a follow-up to the story we shared about recent rescue and adoption efforts in the Houston region.

Houston Has Issues, But Houstonians Have Heart, as Well

  As Daddy Kiril occupies his time with the Cat Writers' Ass. Conference we wish to spend some time discussing the Houston rescue and shelter scene.

  Best Friends Animal Society is a national organization with a mission:

  "to bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets. We do this by helping end the killing in America's animal shelters through building community programs & partnerships all across the nation." 

  They have regional programs, network partners, no-kill initiatives.

  They have spay and neuter programs and promote adoption vs buying.

 In May Harris County Animal Shelter made an important announcement:

They "launched today a joint three-year program to save the lives of cats in Harris County.

This is a significant action for Harris County; not only are we implementing a best practice that will help bring our community to the forefront of animal welfare in in Texas, but more importantly, the program will save the lives of thousands of cats each year, and over time, reduce the number of free-roaming cats in the community.

Harris County Animal Shelter is profoundly grateful to Judge Emmet and the Harris County Commissioners, as well as Best Friends Animal Society for their generous support of this program."

A major effort to boost Trap, Neuter and Release efforts in the region is very welcome, indeed.

The program assists efforts in 2 ways:

  • Assistance with humanely trapping free-roaming cats so that they can be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped and returned to their home area (Ear-tipping is the universal symbol of a spayed or neutered outdoor cat)
  • Assistance with resolving cat-related issues, such as spraying, fighting or unwanted litters

The related resource pages on the Best Friends site are one way to learn about the importance of such efforts.

"Community Cats"...I like that as a respectable alternative to stray and feral, terms that often have a negative connotation among humans.

As Best Friends says..."Nearly three-quarters of cats who enter our nation’s animal shelters each year are killed. Most are free-roaming, stray or feral cats. Here at Best Friends, we refer to them as community cats. Although some of these cats are adoptable, many more are not. And for unadoptable cats, a trip to the shelter is often fatal."

Daddy Kiril has, for years, taken photos of outdoor cats, those who are feral and those indoor cats with outdoor inclinations.

He has seen cats in funny situations and seen cats being cared for by neighbors in an apartment complex we once lived in.

Sharing such encounters is one of the things this blog is known for.

  Houston now has its own special, regional, page on the Best Friends site, and I love it!

They clearly let visitors know what they want to do in working with 11 Coalition partners in the region, including about the new Community Cats Program:

 "Working collaboratively with city shelters, local animal welfare organizations and passionate individuals to save the lives of pets in shelters in Houston and the surrounding areas. To guide this work and help Houston become a no-kill city for cats and dogs."

The list is a who's who of local rescues, shelters, and clinics and provides links to each one.

The Opinionated Pussycats encourage Houstonians to check out this page and the organizations it links to.


NEXT UP: A Look at Rescues, Shelters, and More In the Greater-Houston Region...plus a heads-up about ANOTHER huge pet dump on a shelter, Tuesday, in nearby Montgomery County.



June 7, 2018 Edition

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 Good evening, felinity assembled....Daddy Kiril here.

Do not worry, the girls will be holding the fort the rest of this busy week, this post concerns just why the week will be so busy.

On the banks of where White Oak Bayou and Buffalo Bayou meet a city was born, in the 1830's, a city that spread out and evolved into one of the most diverse in the nation.

Known for its economy built on space travel, medicine, oil, dining, and more, it is also a city known for its museums, its freeways, and its weather, hot and cold, dry and wet....often VERY wet.

It is a city known for its music, theatre and creative writing communities, as well.

There is also something else it is known for, for reasons good and bad...Cats and Dogs.

Lots of Cats and Dogs.

 Houston loves its pets....and that is a good thing... The Houston Cat Club has had a show since its founding in 1949.

Houston has also long had a serious problem with strays, as well, and has many rescue and shelter efforts across the city and county doing what they can to persevere over it.

With that introduction out of the way, as we prepare for the Cat Fanciers' Association Cat Show and Cat Writers' Association Annual Conference, June 7 thru 10, while Elvira, Sneakers and Friday will spend some time talking about that persistent issue....I want to talk about the type of perseverance that brings together a collection of humans who not only write cat blogs and cat books, but who blog and hope to publish books, or who hope to someday do one or both, but have yet to take the steps.

The CWA is the professional writers’ association "encouraging professionalism among cat writers, photographers, artists, and broadcasters" that I was sponsored to become a professional member of in the aftermath of attending Blog Paws in Spring 2013.

The writing of me and my original creative muse, Mr. Nikita, was one reason I attended the conference. Another was to be encouraged by learning new things and meeting those who have been where I am and succeeded.

One night I found myself chatting with respected, award-winning, author of 26 best selling pet books, Amy Shojai,  about my cat blogging, my efforts, hopes and dreams for my writing life and two particular story arcs from this blog. I was amused by the sight of this woman, older than me, with a "#1 Bitch" pin on the shoulder of her fancy outfit.

One thing led to another and I found myself given a pep talk by her and others that led to my being sponsored for membership.

Several cat writers I know, a few of whom I have met, are people whose perseverance in reaching for their creative dreams I admire, and the CWA offers many forms of encouragement of that perseverance and the resulting creativity, including annual awards, the most important of which are handed out at the conference.

I find myself reading that post and pep talk, again, this week because I sometimes feel as if I have let my cheerleaders down.

 In the 5 years since that momentous weekend a lot has happened in my life, personally, including a just completed year without a computer.

I am not where I had hoped to be, creatively and yet, and yet, I have done much, creatively, to be proud of, including  writing that some consider book worthy.

I have been paid for my cat writing...once.

My 2nd creative muse, Elvira Mistress of Felinity, has had a poem published in the newsletter of the CWA.

Nikita wrote his masterpiece:

Aubrey = A 30 pt. 100 Word Cat Story (w/1 of 200 Words) by Nikita (Someone has suggested this is worthy of being a book. Feedback welcome!)

I wrote a poem and 5 part story about a Houston stray:

A Street in Laredo: A Ballad of the 8th Texian Tuxedo and A LIFE ON THE RAILS: Houston Hairy and the Death of the 8th Texian Tuxedo (a 5 part series, in total. Feedback welcome!)

There are collections of 100 Word Cat Stories and  200 Word Cat Stories (Feedback welcome!).


This writer and photographer found a way to attend this conference to meet old friends and new, attend, and hopefully learn from, some of the presentations, network and be inspired by the perseverance of a varied collection of extremely creative men and women.

I will have business cards to hand out to anyone interested.

I had thought of bringing samples of my writing, but it is so hard to choose so I will just encourage any takers of the card to explore the category archives and the links shared above as starters.

The Conference speakers offer several interesting topics and the keynote speaker will talk about how to brand oneself and ones business.

To anyone reading this and planning to attend the conference, doubts and all, let me encourage you not to give up on your dreams.

When I began blogging in 2002 I had no clue what would transpire to lead me to begin a cat blog on New Years Day 2010.

When Nikita and I began this blog we had no idea what would happen, creatively, the next 8 years.

I could have called it quits in 2008, but did not.

Despite little audience and few comments, compared to many of my fellow cat bloggers, we have received compliments to be proud of over the years (See the links at the top of the Special Pages List in the sidebar).

If you are looking for inspiration and reasons to not give up, I invite you to read my 33 part series, on my own blog, on the subject, from 2015.

Elvira Mistress of Felinity, Sneakers the Texian Tuxedo, Friday the Bearded Lady and I wish to heartily welcome everyone to Houston this week.

May you enjoy your stay, may you make new friends and connections, may you learn some things to help and encourage you on your creative journey.


 NEXT UP: Best Friends Animal Society, Houston, Harris County, Helping Cats

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Good afternoon, felinity assembled, Elvira Mistress of Felinity here, with a story that will anger you, at first, but then give you hope.



Over Memorial Day Weekend, Harris County Animal Shelter had an emergency.

They had their highest intake of animals so far this year. 

They received almost 200 animals in just 3 days!  Cats and dogs. This meant that they had 375 animals available for adoption or foster.  This is a lot for their facility.

They put out a call for help, with an 11 min. video. A call for fosters and adopters.

With the help of local TV word went out, and 2 days later there was a line out the door as Houstonians responded.



In early 2014 this blog did a special series on the stray cat and dog crisis in Houston and Harris County.

As I wrote at the time....

"The people of Houston, for the most part, love their animal companions, from cats and dogs, to rabbits, parakeets, chickens, fish, hamsters and ferrets among others (Daddy Kiril sees evidence of this, every day, on his job as a cashier at Walmart), however there is simply no denying that Houston has a huge problem concerning dogs and cats.

It is a problem that has existed for decades, maybe even as far back as the 19th century, in one form or another. Shelter, rescue and adoption efforts also have a long history here but have not been able to make a serious dent in the problem the city faces."

Houston We Have a Problem is a photo and link filled 5 part series, from Feb. thru the end of March, that begins here....just follow the links, from post to post.

As this past week went on plans were made for events this weekend, meant to bring attention to the needs of these forsaken animals and the shelter that took them in.

105 animals were place as the week began, but more were in need.

Like 197 cats and 127 dogs...

So KHOU TV helped jump start a 3 day Adopt-a-thon, on Friday ,and a huge delivery of donations was also received.

As we get back up to speed on this blog, with our new computer and printer, after a year on the sidelines, it is our goal to update our resource pages, these 3 especially:

When we first moved here, in 2012, we tried reaching out to various shelters and rescues in Houston, Harris County and Texas, with limited success.

It is time to try again.

Over the 8 years of this blogs existence our reach has been small, but our voice has always been LOUD.

As we prepare to send Daddy Kiril forth to represent us at the Cat Fanciers' Association Cat Show and Cat Writers' Association Annual Conference, next weekend, we hope to spread the word about us and what we have done in the past and hope to do going forward.

Houston is where pet blogging got its early start and media attention, in 2004, the birth place of The Carnival of the Cats ( Carnival of the Cats (2004-15) - Legacy & Links ), but, as far as we know, where pet blogging is concerned around these parts, these days....we 3, and our friends, in Spring, at Grace & the Kittens, may be it.

We are...

Elvira Mistress of Felinity

Sneakers the Texian Tuxedo

Friday the Bearded Lady


The Most Opinionated Pussycats in America!




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For the past 10+ years the poetry, storytelling, essay, journalism and photography skills of all of us here have grown.

We began the year celebrating the 8th anniversary of this blog and 4900 comments.

Daddy Kiril got a new computer and printer and we began to make plans to attend the Cat Writers' Association conference, here, next month.

Good afternoon, felinity assembled, Elvira Mistress of Felinity here, with some news and an invitation.


 Daddy Kiril recently extended an invitation on his blog to read some of his past creations, and ours as well, and it is a similar invite to read, comment on, and share our work that I wish to extend  (Take your time, this stuff will be here waiting for ya! Maybe you will find inspiration for your own creative pursuits along the way.).

The 3 of us hope we have not lost our touch, and can live up to the high standards Mr. Nikita set.

 Daddy hopes to represent himself and us, personally and creatively, in the best way he knows how.

 Anyone he connects or networks with, or just passes out a card to will, we hope, stop by for a look, and it would be nice for them to see, from comments and shares, that at least a few folks, and critters, have taken notice.


May I Have a Word? = An Essay By Nikita

Aubrey = A 30 pt. 100 Word Cat Story (w/1 of 200 Words) by Nikita (Someone has suggested this is worthy of being a book. Feedback welcome!)

 THE TEXIAN TUXEDO: The Secret Story Behind the Rescue of Sneakers

A Street in Laredo: A Ballad of the 8th Texian Tuxedo and A LIFE ON THE RAILS: Houston Hairy and the Death of the 8th Texian Tuxedo (a 5 part series, in total. Feedback welcome!)

Elvira Factor - Enter the No Bull Zone! (An on going series with 17 entries so far).

 Daddy prepared for the conference in several important ways.

He had a new business card made for the first time in 5 years or more, and he totally re-imagined a badge and dangles combo that he first had created, when he attended the first Cats For Cats Theatrical in 2011, in Los Angeles.


  He included our blog and its web address on the card.

 This summer marks 20 years of his being online and 20 years since he rescued the original "Opinionated Pussycat", Mr. Nikita, and introduced him to the internet on a long defunct message board.

   4 years later they were slowly beginning their blogging careers.

He has passed out many of the earlier version of this card, over the years, but never had much indication of how many people actually kept the card long enough to get curious enough to visit this blog.

We would like to think that the one paying gig, via Science Diet, came from giving them the card at Blog Paws in June 2013, and a couple of other opportunities also resulted from passing out a card.

Now, about that badge and its dangling compatriots in attention getting, hee, hee!

This collection is something he intends to wear, not just to events, but several times a week, as he goes about his life, as a way to attract interest in our creativity locally.



He has Lonestar Badge and Sign, in Martindale, TX, to thank for this beautiful creation.

On May Day he wrote to them....


I am a writer, photographer, cyclist and walker based in Houston.

Some years ago, when still in SoCal, I had a badge w/dangles specially made with another company.

With a new computer, after a year w/o, I am looking to get involved in my home city, and spread the word about my creativity.

I will be attending an event here in June as a start.

I discovered your company in an online search and wonder if you do similar work to what you see in the photo Included.

I have an idea for a new main badge, but was not sure where to look on your site for samples, prices, etc....."

He soon heard back from a lady named Mary, from the Sales Dept., and things went from there.

Over several emails they discussed what he wanted, what they could do and the costs involved, and he eventually placed his order.

The whole set, with a magnet backing on the badge, for attaching to clothing, came to $20.51 and all he had to do was buy a box of little rings to connect each piece, from Walmart.

Sneakers, Friday and I absolutely love the final product! I believe that Nikita is looking down from Rainbow Bridge with pride, as well.

 The badge, by the addition of an extra toe, allowed daddy to prominently display his name in a creative, attention getting (he hopes!), way.

Once a person notices the badge he hopes they take note of the dangles and are curious enough to ask questions and maybe go on to visit one, or both, of the blogs.

The first dangle mentions us prominently!

The 2nd dangle shares his creative talents as well as his love of us felines.

The 3rd dangle extends an invitation to the curious to visit his blog, as well as ours.

Who knows, some human with their nose stuck in their cell phone, or other internet-connected device, or just out being walked by their dog, or dogs, who may encounter him as he goes out and about on the street, the bus, or in a restaurant, or mall, or store, might change channels for a few minutes, or stop by online when their dog, or dogs, finally bring them home.

 If said person chats him up he can also give them his card and hope they don't lose it, or toss it away later.

We and Houston hardly know each other, after almost 6 years...He , and the 3 of us, want to begin to change that if at all possible.

This is a town for creative people, and critters, of all stripes, a place for writers and photographers, poets and storytellers, walkers and cyclists and a man and his felines interested in the local goings on within felinity assembled.


It is the place we call home and we want to do our best to find our place in its various communities.

We are grateful to Ceiling Cat for looking out for us, helping us find ways to be happy and stay reasonable healthy.

We do not know what is in store for us, but we trust Ceiling Cat knows what He is doing and is guiding us along.

We are...

Elvira Mistress of Felinity

Sneakers the Texian Tuxedo

Friday the Bearded Lady


The Most Opinionated Pussycats in America!

Thank you for spending a few moments of your day letting us share our thoughts and creativity with you.

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