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At NuPower Yoga + Barre, we offer a wide variety of yoga classes. We work really hard to make sure that each day is filled with diverse options for our Tribe members.

However, one of the most special things we offer is Yoga Teacher Training.

When deciding to take NuPower Teacher Training, you can expect 9 heart filled weekends of learning, laughter, and connection with people who love yoga like you do.

During this time, we dive deep into the traditions of yoga. You will explore your own personal growth edge of transformation and become part of a tribe of like-minded yogis.  

But this can feel intimidating and there are a lot of myths about what Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) actually is. In today’s blog, we will go through four of the most common myths about YTT and get to the bottom of what it really is.

MYTH #1: YTT is only for yogis who want to teach yoga.

You will leave YTT equipped to teach a yoga class but it is not limited to those hoping to pursue teaching. If you are desiring to deepen your practice and further embark on your yoga journey, this time will be very rewarding. You will expand your practice both physically and mentally. Leaving YTT, you will have achieved have experienced immense growth whether you are hoping to teach classes after or not.

MYTH #2: All Teacher Trainings teach the same things.

Where you decide to take YTT is very important. This is not simply a “certification” or a license. You are learning a methodology. While you will leave with a RYS 200 Hour Certification, not all yoga studios teach the same things.

At NuPower, we teach the following:

  • Sequencing – using NuPowerYoga’s ChakraFlow you will learn how to teach a solid effective sequence for all levels
  • Alignment – with modifications, variations and the proper use of props
  • Anatomy
  • Asana – learn the safe way to create poses
  • Working with different body types
  • Working with injuries and limitations
  • Hands on assists
  • Practice teaching – LOTS! with 1:1 mentoring from love
  • Pranayama – breathing techniques
  • Sanskrit Names – poses and the stories behind them
  • The History and Philosophy of Yoga
  • The Business of Yoga

MYTH #3: You have to be able to do yoga perfectly before enrolling.

This is probably the biggest hang up for yogis before taking teacher training. There is probably a pose that comes to mind that makes you insecure about taking YTT. Join the club! Our teacher Linda says she has been working on staying up in handstand for more than a few seconds for a dozen years! If we all waited until we were able to perfect our practice, no one would become a yoga teacher. We all have our own limitations and weaknesses. During YTT, you will strengthen your weaknesses and celebrate your strengths. You already have what it takes.

MYTH #4: You are only there to learn about yoga.

YTT is not simply 200 hours of yoga class. There is homework. You will learn history, biology, anatomy, business, and much more. You will also learn a lot about yourself and connect with other yogis.

One of the most important parts of YTT is connecting with your Tribe. You will form incredible friendships and grow close with those in your class. Learning is why you enroll. The Tribe is why you will keep coming back when it gets hard. They will support you and you will support them.

Hopefully, you have a better idea of whether or not this is the right next step for you. Whether you want to teach yoga or immerse yourself into the life long journey of yoga, this training will empower you to SHINE as the best version of yourself both ON and OFF the mat.

Team leader Linda Fenelon E-RYT 500, Board Certified Health Coach, and a full team of dedicated teachers are committed to empowering leaders in our yoga community.  We LOVE WHAT WE DO! and cannot wait to share it with you.

This year’s guest teachers include some of our favorite people: Raquel Bueno of Liberation Yoga, Corrine Champigny of The Ivy House, Leah Kaplan of Thunderbolt Ayurveda, Beth Gillem of Sage Hill Counseling, Liberty Bain from Nourish, Dana Taft Yoga, Connie Simmons of Joined Forces Yoga, Kim McPhail on Anatomy, Trey Miller on Nidra – and some surprise guests too!

Space is very limited. We are committed to providing 1:1 mentorship and coaching to each participant so that you will graduate ready to SHINE.

You can now sign up online! Just fill out the Application and we will get back with you.

We will follow up within 48 hours of receiving your payment with your training welcome materials. A $500 deposit is due upon enrollment to hold your spot. For regular enrollment, your first payment is due July 15. Final payment is due January 15 unless other arrangements are made with the team. Scholarships are available. 

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Hydration affects each of us holistically. When we are giving our bodies the right amount of water, we can expect more energy, healthier skin, more infrequent headaches, and better digestive health.

Drinking enough water is particularly important if you take hot yoga classes. In any heated class, you will require intense hydration. 

You would probably be surprised at how little water you drink if you are not intentional about your hydration.

If you are looking to add some extra H2O to your daily routine, here are 6 Ways to Stay Hydrated.

1. Set a Water Intake Goal

Calculate Your Water Goal: (Good Housekeeping)

  1. Take your weight (in pounds) and divide that by 2.2.
  2. Multiply that number depending on your age. (If you’re younger than 30, multiply by 40. If you’re between 30 and 55, multiply by 35. If you’re older than 55, multiply by 30.)
  3. Divide that sum by 28.3.
  4. Your total is how many ounces of water you should drink each day. Divide that number by 8 to see your result in cups

If you Exercise:

  1. Divide the number of minutes you’ve exercised by 30.
  2. Multiply that number by 12.
  3. Add that to the result you got above to get the total amount of water you should drink per day.

2. Buy a Fun Water Bottle

Choose the size that is right for you. If you are hoping to rarely refill your water bottle, go for the big one that will keep you hydrated all day long! Here is a great option for a 64 oz bottle. 

If you travel often, this is the water bottle for you. With a built-in Brita Filter, this water bottle makes staying hydrated wherever you go, easy. 

If you tend to leave yours at the grocery store, yoga studio or lose it in your car (not that this ever happens to me) you might prefer a disposable water bottle. While this might feel wasteful, you can make this sustainable. Buy a larger, plastic water bottle you like. Refill it until it starts to fall apart or look dirty. When you are ready for a new one, recycle the old bottle.

3. Add Water to Your Morning Routine

Drink a glass of water every morning when you wake up, especially if you are headed to NuPower for a morning class! I know it is so tempting to reach first for that coffee pot (no judgment) but it is best for your digestive health to drink a glass of water when starting your day.

4. Bring Water Into Class

Keep water next to you during class. In NuPower 60 or NuSculpt, you can become dehydrated quickly, especially if you have not had enough water that day. Sip on water throughout the class—your body will be asking for it more so than any other time during the day. Lean into this! Don’t try to tough it out.

5. Salt Your Food

“Electrolytes are substances that ionize when dissolved in solvents such as water. Salts are electrolytes. So when salt is added to water, it dissolves into its component ions. These ions are electrically conductive and help receive and send messages throughout the body, and help facilitate cell hydration.” – Robyn Youkilis (Hydration Tip: Add Salt)

This is a great alternative to sports drinks that contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. Get your electrolytes from your diet instead of sweet drinks.

6. Make Your Water Taste Good

Water isn’t the most exciting thing out there to drink, especially when you are on your 8th glass of the day. Adding lemon or cucumber can make staying hydrated more interesting and has added health benefits.

What are your favorite ways to stay hydrated? Comment below!

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

You have probably had a teacher start a yoga class by saying “land on your mat.” If you take yoga classes often, and we hope you do, you are spending a significant amount of time on your mat. Your yoga mat should provide you with grip, support, and space to practice.

Having a quality mat allows you to get the most out of the time you spend set aside for yoga and prevent injuries. Nicer mats also are more durable and tend to last longer than some of the cheaper “intro mats.” (Nothing against intro mats – we all have them!)

So whether you are just becoming a serious yogi, purchasing your first mat or you need an upgrade, a new yoga mat is an exciting and important decision.

There are several things to look for when choosing a new mat:

1. Length

Yoga mats typically are either 68” or 71” in length*. Choose a mat that feels like you have enough space to really stretch out. However, keep in mind that it should not make you feel like you have to be an Olympic Long Jumper when moving to the top of your mat. If you are able to hold a plank comfortably with your hands and feet both comfortably on the mat, it is an acceptable length.

There are several companies that offer longer mats for our tall friends!

Check out this Bustle article if you need more leg room: The 5 Best Extra Long Yoga Mats for Tall People 

2. Thickness 

The thinner the mat, the harder it will be on your joints. The thicker it is, the more difficult it will be to balance. Here are the most popular thickness of yoga mats:

6mm: As the thickest mat you can purchase, this will offer you the most support and will also be the heaviest. (Manduka Pro)

3mm: This is what you will find at most studios if you choose to rent a mat. It serves as a perfect middle ground if you are not particularly worried about extra cushion or traveling. (Lululemon’s Reversible Mat 3mm)

2mm: A great option for those who travel or like to practice on a harder surface, this mat will be lightweight and very thin. (B Mat’s Traveller)

3. Grip

When it comes to the stickiness of your mat, it will be important to think of what classes you are most often taking. Do you tend to lean towards Barre Classes and NuFlow? Or maybe you are NuSculpt and NuPower all the way. If you are taking heated or high-intensity classes, the grip will be important. (Find new classes to take here!)

If you are not concerned about grip, pick out any mat you like. If it happens to also be sticky, you will be all set if you try out a heated class. It will not change your experience.

However, if you regularly take heated classes, the stickiness will be crucial. You can also put a yoga towel down for extra grip. 

Here are three great options for mats that won’t let you slip:


Manduka Eko

Jade Harmony

4. Last but not least … COLOR!

Yoga mats come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Choose a mat that makes you happy and excited to “land” during your busy day. Maybe yellow makes you happy. Or maybe red reminds you of how powerful you are. Express your inner yogi through your mat and be you!

If you have any questions about choosing a mat for your practice, don’t hesitate to ask us!

At the NuPower Studio,we sell Jade and Manduka mats. Once you purchase your beautiful, new mat, feel free to store it at the studio!

If you ever forget yours or are new here, we rent Manduka Prolite mats and towels for $2 each at the front. (Tribe Members are free! Purchase a Tribe Membership here)

P.S. Need a new mat? Bring 5 friends to yoga before Mother’s Day (May 2019) and we will GIVE YOU A FREE MAT! Yes – we really mean it!

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NuAlign is NuPower’s 60-minute signature Barre class coordinating proper alignment, controlled movements and targeted stretches to safely tone, lengthen and strengthen the entire body. This class is designed to increase overall strength, flexibility, and connection with the mind and body.

Have you ever wanted to try a new kind of fitness class but have a million questions?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down with an expert and find out everything you need to know?

Ashley has been instrumental in creating the NuAllign class for NuPower. She talks to us about her Barre journey and tells us everything we have been wondering about the NuAllign classes.

1. Why did you start teaching Barre?

I chose to teach barre-based off of my personal experience of taking it. After undergoing knee surgery, I needed a low-impact alternative to my typical high-intensity workouts, so I figured I’d try out Barre. While it didn’t have the same sweaty, heart pumping effects I was accustomed to in my usual workouts, I was shocked when my body started to transform rather quickly before my eyes.

I had always been an active person but complained that I seemed to build more muscle I wanted to still feel feminine. So when I started gaining LEAN muscle for the first time with Barre, I knew I had found the perfect, safe, effective exercise format for me, and I wanted to share my love for it by teaching.

2. Why did you choose NuPower?

After meeting Linda a while back and hearing her vision for NuPower, I knew it was exactly in line with my fitness passions. She expressed an interest in adding Barre to her offering, and after all of these years teaching and taking at various studios, I was inspired to take everything I loved to create the ultimate balanced Barre class, hoping to add a stepping stone in fulfilling her vision.

Barre studios can at times seem to be a cliquey, non-inclusive environment, but after stepping into NuPower, you immediately get a feeling of inclusiveness and community. I am excited to see NuAlign grow in an environment like that, shattering any negative expectations someone may have when they go to take Barre for the first time.

3. Why is Barre such a great fitness option?

Barre is a beautiful balance of strengthening, lengthening and proper alignment. By combining small range of motion movements with large range of motion movements, you not only target each muscle group throughout the body but work the fast and slow twitch fibers equally. After targeting those muscles, we immediately stretch out the fibers, to encourage a natural lengthening effect, for longer, leaner muscles.

4. What is the intensity level?

I encourage clients of all exercise levels to try out NuAlign. The beauty of Barre is you can make it as challenging or as simple as you need for that day. Through the various props we provide, you have the option to layer on additional challenges or add support in areas you need assistance.

While you won’t leave NuAlign dripping like you would in one of NuPower’s hot yoga classes, you can expect to get a little sweaty as we do move quickly through the class. We have one hour to cover the entire body, so we are working consistently throughout the class with short stretch breaks in between. However, you can always expect a yummy cool down stretch session at the end paired with a savasana to bring everything back to normal.

5. What fitness level should someone have before trying Barre? Is ballet or dance experience needed?

There is absolutely no need to have any dance experience to attend a NuAlign class. In fact, it quite frankly won’t look much like ballet at all, other than the fact that we use a ballet barre in the class. Barre is perfect for all fitness levels, experiences, and past injuries.

6. How often should someone take Barre classes?

Because of it being such a low impact, balanced class in nature, I always tell people you could take Barre every day. Realistically though, I encourage my clients to try and take it 3-4 times a week to start experiencing results. That being said, I think it is the perfect compliment to any of NuPower’s yoga classes if you need a break from such targeted work and want to incorporate more lengthening into your practice.

We can’t wait to see you in the next NuAliign class! Get ready to build long, lean muscles with Ashley. 

Ashley teaches Wednesday’s at 12:00 pm and Thursday’s at 4:45 pm. Find her next class here.

Meet the rest of the Tribe! Check out our instructor bios here.

Follow us on Instagram for all class schedules, giveaways, and inspiration! Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the NuPower fun! Follow us here.

Still looking for more info about Barre? Check out some of these fantastic resources:

Need a healthy way to start your day so you have the energy to power through Barre class? Check out these 11 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies from Real Simple: https://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/recipe-collections-favorites/healthy-meals/heathy-breakfast-smoothies

Wondering what to wear to barre class? Very Well Fit has some great tips: https://www.verywellfit.com/barre-workout-must-haves-85874 

P.S. You don’t need socks for NuAlign!

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Our deepest loves are built through days of routine and simple moments. However. Every once in a while it is great to break the rhythm of normal life and try something new. This allows us to see our deepest loves in new ways.

Whether that is taking your dog for a walk in a new part of town or trying a new restaurant with your partner, adding variety to a normal routine forces you to grow and learn new things about yourself and your love.

As yogis, it is easy to stick with what we know. While we know there are so many gifts that come from getting into a rhythm and having an established yoga routine, there is something magical about trying new things in your yoga practice.

Your first yoga class ever was challenging. You were required to test strength and balance in new ways. Now you know what to expect and it is easy to say within your realm of knowledge.

However, there is so much to learn in yoga. By branching out, you may discover your love for a different pose or a new kind of class. By spicing up your routine, your love for yoga can grow deeper.

Here are four things you can do to fall in love with yoga all over again

1. Try a new class time

This is an easy one! If you always go to morning classes, try a night class. If you always go after work, wake up early and start the day with some sun salutations. Our bodies feel different in the morning and at night. Switching it up is a great way to explore new possibilities in each pose.

See our full class schedule here.

2. Splurge on a new outfit

Try adding a fun new piece to your workout wardrobe. There are so many gifts that come by getting into a rhythm and having an established yoga routine. Remember that you will get more use out of yoga clothes than almost anything else in your closet if you practice regularly. Quality workout gear is a great investment.

3. Try a different kind of class

Did you know that NuPower offers over 10 different kinds of yoga classes? We are always adding new class types and instructors. Chances are, there is a class you haven’t tried yet. If you have questions about the different kinds of classes, ask us! We would love to help you choose the perfect class to expand and grow your practice

Book a different kind of class here.

4. Try a new pose

You don’t have to change up your schedule to branch out in your yoga practice. Try a new pose that scares you. Hold a plank where you normally take child’s pose. Or maybe you need to take the rest you need instead of always pushing yourself. You know what it looks like to require something new in your body to expand your practice. Allow yourself this variety.

5. Bring a Friend

Right now, if you review a class on the MindBody app, you get a pass to bring a friend for free! Grab a friend that has never been to NuPower and share your practice. You will see the class through their eyes and notice things that have become “normal” to you.

Write a review here.

Try one of these four things to rekindle your love for yoga.

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You might know your Enneagram Type or your DISC profile. These are helpful tools that allow us to better relate to one another and achieve a higher level of self awareness.

But did you know that you have a physical “type” as well? Using the methods of Ayurveda, we can learn our constitutional makeup and begin making better decisions when it comes to our health.

Because we are all incredibly unique, we are kidding ourselves if we believe that there is a “one size fits all” option for health. Through self awareness, we are able to pursue wellness with plans curated for our specific needs.

At NuPower, we follow the ancient science of Ayurveda, and recognizes that physical health in our modern world depends on a balanced lifestyle.

But what is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest healing sciences. It is known as the sister science to yoga and originated in India at least 5,000 years ago. In Ayurveda well-being includes a unique state of balance in your whole being—body, mind, and spirit. We each have a unique constitution called Dosha.  Ayurveda seeks to create balance within the three major doshas.

Doshas not only describe your physical constitution but also your internal balance and motivation.

The Three Types of Doshas:

VATA: Qualities reflecting the elements space and air

Vata dosha, made up of the elements Air and Ether, is cold, dry, light, and mobile. In the body, it rules what Air and Ether rule, space and motion. As a physiological energy, this means it is responsible for the movement of the blood in the veins, the motion of the limbs, our reflexes, and the speed with which thoughts move through the mind. Basically, any type of movement in the body or mind involves Vata dosha. If you are thinking that this makes Vata a very powerful dosha, you are correct! In fact, Vata is called the “King of the Doshas” for that very reason.

Vata energy in excess is what we feel when we get overly enthusiastic or nervous. Frequently, people feel this energy increase when they travel, as well. Think of a butterfly, fluttering around in all different directions, easily changing course and constantly in motion, and you get a sense of Vata dosha.

PITTA: Qualities reflecting the elements fire and water

Pitta dosha, made up predominantly of the Fire element (with just a touch of water), is a hot, light, dry and unstable energy. In the body and mind, Pitta dosha rules digestion and transformation. Individuals high in Pitta dosha digest not only food quickly, but also information and experiences. Ayurveda sees nutrition as coming in through all five senses and all of that sensory input is digested and transformed into who you are; Pitta is responsible for this process. It also rules disorders of the blood, liver and skin.

Like a dragon scorching a path through unchartered territory, Pitta dosha is courageous and ambitious. This is the energy we feel when we take on a new job or role in life and need to act like a trailblazer. Think of the clear, visionary power of a fearless leader and you get a sense of Pitta dosha.

Kapha: Ualities reflecting the elements water and earth

Kapha dosha, ruled by the concept of stability, is most well-known for its heavy and dense qualities. It is made up of the elements Earth and Water, making it cold, moist, heavy, and stable. In the body, Kapha dosha manifests in our bones and muscles; the more Kapha dosha is present in the body, the larger and denser the bones will be.

Kapha dosha is the energy that quite literally holds the body together, in the expression of shape and form. It is also the energy of creation, so it rules any new venture or birth. Steady and slow, Kapha dosha is like an elephant or a tortoise ~ not the fastest or flashiest, but frequently wins the race in the long run!


If you are not sure which dosha you most identify with, take this free quiz on our website to learn more about your physical and physiological make-up.

If one of these doshas strongly resonated with you, learn more about your constitution here.

This is a great first step towards self-awareness, growth and well-being.

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It can feel a bit intimidating walking into a brand new studio if you have never been to a yoga class before. At NuPower, know that we couldn’t be more excited that you are giving yoga a try. We truly believe that it is beneficial for every single person.

However, we know trying new things can be daunting. We want to make sure you feel confident and supported walking into your first class. So here are five things that will hopefully make your first class a huge success and leave you loving yoga.

1. You don’t need to bring your own mat and towel.

No need to run out and buy your own equipment for your first class! NuPower has plenty of mats and yoga towels that you can rent. Just let your instructor know what you need when you check-in.

Complementary blocks, hand towels, and NuBells (some classes will require these) are always available for you to use.

2. You don’t need fancy yoga garb.

You don’t need to drop a ton of cash at Lululemon in order to have a great yoga class. We recommend wearing tight, athletic leggings and a breathable top. Wear what makes you feel athletic and confident. Don’t feel like you need to splurge to fit in. We like you just the way you are!

3. You don’t need to know “How to do Yoga” before coming.

Your instructor will guide you through each movement with demonstrations. You will always know what to do and when. There will never be a time where you are on your own, trying to figure out what to do. We will support you through the entire class!

4. You don’t have to do every pose

A lot of fitness methodologies will tell you to push yourself past your limits, even in pain. At NuPower, we believe that you know what you need. If there is a pose that doesn’t feel right, take child’s pose. It is always available to you.

5. You don’t need to hesitate when you have a question.  

If you have a question about NuPower, yoga or anything else, please feel free to ask your instructor before or after class. Our instructors are here to make this the best experience for you.

We can’t wait to see you at NuPower soon!

Try our NuStudent special 30 days for $69!

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Boost your Antioxidants:Yoga is not simply a good form of exercise.

We practice yoga because somewhere deep down we know it’s good for us. But science is always helping us out. Recent research finds yoga boosts the body’s levels of antioxidants, lowers blood pressure in hypertensive people and lowers the risk of diabetes by improving blood sugar control.

Yoga Boosts Antioxidants

Turns out that Yoga boosts antioxidants in practitioners. Researchers in India studied 57 elderly men with high blood pressure. Each group exercised for an hour per day for six days a week for three months. One group practiced yoga, the other group walked.

At the end of the study period, the researchers found that the yoga group had significantly increased antioxidant levels, including increases in Vitamin C.

Yoga Improves Blood Sugar Levels

Other research has concluded that yoga can positively effect blood sugar.

Another group of scientists tested 29 adults who had blood sugar control problems and considered prediabetic. The control group made no change, while the study group practiced yoga a few times a week.

After three months, the yoga group showed two benefits: reduced blood sugar as shown by the glycemic index and reduced systolic blood pressure. As an added benefit the  yoga group had reduced body mass index levels and reduced levels of oxidative stress. Boom!

Yoga is good for body and soul

While yoga practice in general has been shown to reduce stress and calm the mind – hatha yoga exerts subtle benefits upon the body, shown by these studies. The researchers came to the same conclusion as you and me – yoga is good for the body and the soul.

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16 Healthy Reasons To Unroll Your Yoga Mat

Know what makes your yoga mat happy?

When you unroll it and give it your full attention. And turns out there are 16 healthy reason to make your mat happy;)

We love this article from http://choosevibranthealth.com:

For more than 5,000 years humans have practiced the ancient Indian art of yoga. Long revered for its spiritual and mental benefits, yoga is fast becoming equally valued for its benefits in reversing the effects of modern chronic diseases.

A new study from Harvard University concludes that yoga has particular benefits for your heart.

In a study of 32 randomized controlled trials, researchers concluded that a yoga practice lowers heart disease risks as well as the risks of metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome has many aspects for risk. these include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar level, excess body fat, and abnormal cholesterol levels.  It greatly increases the chance of cardiovascular problems.

Compared to people who didn’t exercise, yoga practitioners had:
  • lower body mass index and weight
  • lower blood pressure
  • lower LDL cholesterol and higher HDL cholesterol
  • lower triglycerides
  • lower heart rate

The researchers still aren’t sure how yoga works its magic in reducing cardiovascular disease.  But they noted that yoga helps reduce the effects of stress, leading to positive impacts on the neuroendocrine system, metabolic function, and inflammation.

In fact, they found that yoga may provide the same benefits in heart risk reduction as traditional physical activity such as cycling or brisk walking.  Therefore yoga makes a good alternative for people who can’t or won’t engage in traditional aerobic exercise.

Besides its heart benefits, most importantly yoga has been proven to:
  1. Improve insulin resistance: A 2005 review found improvements in insulin resistance syndrome with yoga.
  2. Help smokers quit: Twice-weekly Vinyasa-style yoga improved smokers’ odds of 7-day and 24-hour abstinence.
  3. Benefit patients with cardiac heart failure.
  4. Reduce urinary incontinence by 70%.
  5. Reduce chronic lower back pain.
  6. Reduce blood sugar in type 2 diabetics.
  7. Improve brain function.
  8. Improve bronchial asthma.
  9. Relieve carpal tunnel syndrome.
  10. Lower cortisol levels and relieve stress.
  11. Help fibromyalgia patients.
  12. Improve obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  13. Improve behavioral skill in children with autism.
  14. Relieve computer eye strain.
  15. Improve osteoarthritis of the hands.”

In conclusion, the researchers found 16 great reasons to get on your yoga mat – and make your heart, health and mat happy

The post Make Your Mat Happy: 16 Healthy Reasons To Unroll Your Yoga Mat appeared first on NuPower Yoga.

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Finding the right yoga mat is an important step when taking your yoga routine to the next level. There is nothing more annoying than slipping and sliding while trying to focus and find balance. After asking around and doing some research, I’ve narrowed it down to three options highly regarded by yoga teachers and seasoned yogis.

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat:

Pros: Jade mats are made from an open cell, natural rubber that provides amazing grip, cushion, and resiliency for any kind of hot yoga practice. The Jade comes in two different lengths, a standard 68 inches, but they also offer it in 74 inches for taller yogis.

Cons: This mat is pretty smelly for the first couple practices since it is made from natural rubber. Due to the open cell nature of this natural rubber mat, it does need cleaned frequently since it acts like a sponge during those heated yoga sessions.

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat:

Pros: You feel very grounded when using the Manduka mat. Slipping and sliding is not a side effect when you choose to practice on it. It’s very comfortable with the perfect amount of padding. The PROlite has a lifetime guarantee incase it ever tears or becomes slippery, but I can’t imagine that happening! The texture and stickiness improves over time with frequent use.  

Cons: If you sweat a bunch, this mat may be a little slick toward the end of class. Also, if  not “broken in” correctly there may be a lot of repositioning happening. The Manduka PROlite is bit heavy (about 5 pounds), so it may be a pain to haul around if you are traveling around to different studios a lot.

Lululemon, The Mat:

Pros: The Mat, from Lululemon is an awesome one! This option doesn’t just have one side; it has two so. It’s like two mats in one! This option is made from natural rubber, which is always a plus. It has some nice cushion and a polyurethane coating that makes sweat disappear. It is also made with an antimicrobial additive that prevents mildew and mold. The standard length of the mat is 71 inches, so if you need the extra few inches, Lulu has you covered!

Cons: The initial smell  will take your breath away. It has a very strong rubbery smell that takes a long time to go away. Also, even though this is a great sweat absorber, eventually it will have permanent sweat stains on it.  Therefore, if you would like to avoid that, go for a darker color.

I hope this information is helpful to those in search of the perfect mat that can take a stand against the heat!

NuPowerYoga Team

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