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Last week I visited Daivam Wellness– Functional Medicine Center for Disease Reversal & Holistic Living. It’s situated in Gurgaon, near to Sikandarpur Metro Station. I went there to experience some of their specialized programs. Before I start talking about my visit experience, I would first like you to know what actually Daivam Wellness is all about.

What is Daivam Wellness?

It’s a holistic way of healing of any disease through its roots, backed by modern scientific techniques. They focus on purifying your body from inside, as they believe the root cause for any disease is the person’s lifestyle. They follow a long-term approach to ensure that one remains in good health as far as they follow the functional medicines seriously. Daivam Wellness even provide you with a dedicated Life coach who helps you in empowering and disciplining your lifestyle.

What is Functional Medicine?
It’s very well explained by – Dr. Mark Hyman, Medical Director.

 “Functional Medicine is medicine by cause, not by symptom. Functional Medicine practitioners don’t, in fact, treat disease; they treat your body’s ecosystem. We get rid of the bad stuff, put in the good stuff, and because your body is an intelligent system – it does the rest.”

Functional medicine works one step ahead. Our human body is a complex machine; and it consequently requires a holistic and sustainable approach to detect unnoticed disproportions, and also to bring it back to its natural state of health. At Daivam Wellness they follow on bigger picture in medical approach by asking their clients “WHY” instead of “WHAT”. They follow a proper procedure by examining each client’s individual lifestyle, medical, health and genetic history, and the status of their spiritual, mental and physiological health.

They have all type of Health and Wellness packages according to an individual needs. And their each package is designed to give the maximum results and benefits. Now let’s see what all Special Programs they provide.

  • AutoImmune Disease– Diseases like Diabetes, Asthama, Psoriasis, Arthritis and many more which causes the natural immune system of your body.
  • For Autoimmune Diseases the treatment at Daivam Wellness is highly personalized and completely different from the regular conventional ways.
  • They have autoimmune program where in they help in reversing the client’s autoimmune disease through a personalized diet and a dedicated change in lifestyle habits.
  • They even help you with Detox Therapy, as the detoxification helps in removing the impurities and toxins from the blood and therefore reverses the causes of Autoimmune Disease.

Following are the kind of Detox Therapies available at Daivam Wellness:-

  • Infra Red
  • Coffee Enema
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Juice/Nutritional Detox
  • Lymph Detox
  • IV Detox
  • Chelation Detox
  • Ozone Therapy
  • IV Nutrition- It’s been seen and believed that 2/3rd of our daily meals are eaten outside the home. And you can’t expect the outside food to be full of all the necessary nutrients. Intravenous Therapy is the fastest way to give your body the nutrition it needs. This therapy really does wonders and helps in many other benefits too.
  • Toxicity- In our day to day life we are surrounded by so many harmful toxins, they come in an interaction with our body through the air we breathe in, through the water we drink, and through the products we use.

Following are the treatments Daivam Wellness provide, which helps in reducing the symptoms of toxicity in and around your body.

  • Enemas
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Ondamed
  • Intravenous Therapy
  • Chelation Therapy for Heavy Metals
  • Green Juice Detox
    • Personalized Nutrition– One should have a proper Nutritive diet to avoid or manage diseases. At Daivam Wellness a very personal and individualistic nutritional plan gets designed on the basis of person’s genetic background, diseases, age, lifestyle and environment.
    • Diabesity– Diabesity is the clinical expression of the Cardio metabolic Syndrome which presents as:-
  • Obesity
  • Fatty Liver
  • Type2 Diabetes
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Neuro Diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia
  • Gout

Now the question arise What Makes Daivam Wellness Unique?

  • They have world class Functional Medicine Experts.
  • They have Scientific Advisory Board.
  • It’s an India’s First Holistic Wellness Diagnostics.
  • They have dedicated Life Coach Support System.
  • They have a range of Nutraceuticals Scientifically Researched and Developed by Dabur Research Foundation.
  • They have integrated Patient Centric Approach.

They have treatments for almost all health related problem like- Cancer, Depression/ Anxiety, cardio related diseases or anything. You can book your Appointment at 0124-4693700.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and I hope you find this helpful. You can now  enjoy some pictures below, i collected them during my session at Daivam Wellness. You can even follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay more connected with day to day life.

Session at Daivam Wellness

Do write to me in comments below if you have any queries or suggestions. You can even reach out to me at nimisha.arora@nimsstylefile.com till then bye, see you at my next post next week

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I have been in blogosphere since two years now. And i feel pride while introducing myself now to anyone. If you guys have been following me on Instagram or Facebook you guys must know, life of a blogger is not easy. It’s not like, every time it does look in the pictures we post on our social media accounts.

We have to work hard every day to reach to a level where we can ask brands to pay us for getting their work done. I have worked hard to reach to that level and i am still working hard every day to sustain here in the market.

Ok, so this post is gonna be bit lengthy so read ahead only if you are really passionate about Blogging. This post is all about Blogosphere and My Blogging Journey so far.

How my Blogging Journey Started?

Since my childhood i was obsessed with writing, i used to write my personal diary on everyday basis. Slowly, that habit started getting vanished because of my job schedules. However, i couldn’t hide my obsession for long. It got revealed to my office colleagues when i wrote my first blog Travel Mania. But i was still not consistent as i never considered Blogging as a full time profession. Or, may be i was so busy in filling up my bank account with a secured monthly salary. So blogging was never a career option for me.

I got married, got busy with my life. I then joined my husband’s business. Life went on, but writing my personal diary still existed.

I got pregnant and i started reading lot of Personal & Lifestyle blogs. I then dogged my passion for  blogging. I started surfing internet about, how one can start his/her own blog and so on.

And then after a year of giving a birth to my baby girl in February, i gave a birth to another baby in April, my inner soul “NimsStyleFile”. I am sure my blog name is self-explanatory and i don’t need to explain why its called NimsStyleFile.

Is it tough to compete with the Already Existing Bloggers?

When i started blogging, there were already end no. of existing bloggers in the market and to reach to their level was never in my list. I just wanted to start my blog because i always had a zest for writing. I never wanted to do blogging for money. That’s why may be i said earlier that i never considered blogging as a career. To pursue something as a career you need to focus on it as a profession. And when you think of any profession, the first question that’s gonna come to your mind is, how much you gonna earn through it?

I started this blog with the intention to share my personal journey and to connect with like-minded people, to inspire and to learn a lot through my journey. Through my blogging journey so far, i have realized that blogging might not change my readers view but its more about how writing is changing me. And since then, whenever i get time now, i blog.

This post is also after that realization phase only.

Are you earning through your Blog?
Initially creating my name and worth in this blogosphere was such a big challenge for me. The challenge is still on. However, i am glad that i have at least managed to reach to a level where brands have started approaching me. And they even praise me for my work. Praising really helps in boosting up your confidence and gives you a push to do much better in life. And i am saying this because i follow this deliberately in my day to day life too.

I have a Collaboration Tab on my blog menu bar, which tells about all the collaboration posts i have done so far. There are few other brand collaborations too which i have done however, they didn’t manage to reach up to my blog for some reasons.

And YES, i can say it with proud that i have started earning this much now, that i can pay my own bills. But earnings through a blog is never fixed, there will be months when you wont be able to crack a single deal. And then on the contrary there will be months when you may feel like extending your bandwidth.

Do you personally Use the Product before Promoting it?
Those who know me, they know it well that i hate lying. When i started my blog i never knew how a brand promotion even happens through blogging or through social media. Please don’t judge me when i say, I always thought that bloggers are the genuine reviewers. If they are reviewing a product it’s definitely an un-biased review unlike the brand promotions we see by celebrities, who don’t even know that the product they are promoting is either a men’s product or women’s product.(JUST SAYING)

However, after being in a blogosphere i realized there are bloggers/influencers who are ready to promote anything or everything. They are ready to do any campaign just for the sake of few pennies.

Please don’t get me wrong here; i am not judging anyone i know everyone goes through a different journey. However, it’s my personal view you have all the rights to either agree or disagree to them.

My only point here is, let’s not lose the soul of blogging behind few cash incentives. People follow us or believe in our reviews because they have faith in us.

Yes, i personally use the products i review. Regardless, i am getting paid for it or not. I often gift beauty products to my closed ones and then i collect their inputs over it, it eventually helps me to gather another person’s point of view. Also there are times when i don’t want to be biased in reviewing, so i take support from my closed ones.

Describe Blogging in your words?
It’s a selfless act of giving back to the society. You choose to invest your time, effort and share your perspective into written words and giving it for free to anyone who wants to read it.

Knowing that you’re helping, empowering and having positive impact on the lives of others is the most impeccable feeling anyone can ever have.

And now, i will just give this post a closure by one of my favorite quote i.e. “The idea is not to live forever but to create something that will” By Andy Warhol.

Above mentioned questions are the ones, people usually asked me through DM’s or in person. So, I just inculcate those questions in this post with my Blogging Journey So Far. You guys can shoot me more questions in case you have any related to blogging, i will be happy to answer. I may do another round of questions in another post.

Suggested Read- has-social-media-taken-a-toll-on-your-personal-life

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and I hope it helps you to choose your career wisely.

Do write to me in comments below if you have any queries or suggestions. You can even reach out to me at nimisha.arora@nimsstylefile.com till then bye; see you at my next post next week

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Recently i had the opportunity to visit TimeZone an Australian chain recently got open in Noida in an association with Bloadda. Those who know me or have been connected with me through social sites must know it well that how much i love spending time with my family. Especially on weekends as that’s the time when we all get a chance to relax our mind from daily busy schedules.

So, when i got an invite for an inaugural ceremony from TimeZone Team, i said yes without giving it a second thought.

TimeZone is located in Logix Mall, Noida at 3rd Floor. It was established in 1978 in Perth, Western Australia. And currently it holds a strong foothold in more than 200 locations, operating in Australia, India, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

In India, it’s currently located in almost all the major cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Silliguri, Pune, Goa, Raipur, Patna and Vadodara.

Timezone Arcade

The moment we enter inside the Timezone, “FUN” is the first and the last word we got in mind. It has multiple games starting from the age group of 3yrs. This place is not only meant for kids, even adults can also enjoy the vibes and can relive their childhood.

All the games here are safe and well monitored. So your kids and family are in safe hands. They have a well-trained and polite staff.

We enjoyed, Carnival March, Magician Show, Juggler, Beat Boxing, Bowling, Bumper Car and many other games in the Arcade. We even won many prizes.

They even have a party area where you can plan your kid’s birthday party and your kid’s friends can also have fun with their parents in gaming arcade.

Things are kept simple there, get a power card which holds validity up to 1yr, load/reload money and keep on playing till it lasts. You even get to win power tickets to claim great prizes.

My Matku wasn’t at all ready to come out from the place however; i somehow managed to drag her out. But i would definitely love to visit them again.

Hope you guys loved reading my views over TimeZone. Feel free to reach out to me at nimisha.arora@nimsstylefile.com or comment below in case of any questions or suggestions.

The post Family Day Out at TimeZone Noida Logix Mall appeared first on NimsStyleFile.

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