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I can clearly see a pattern here, I do major room makeovers in December, to be honest it's far much easier and cheaper due to all the black Friday and Christmas Sales. After my bedroom Makeover I couldn't wait to work on another room. I thought I wold do my living room but decided to start with the dining room.

Decorating the dining room was fun and a little bit more complicated than the Bedroom. There were so many elements and sections to deal with and this time I played with colour. I wanted something vibrant and fun for the dining. My daughter Zosi was my main inspiration since she loves colour, I want to create memories here that she will always remember.

For my walls I used Crown Paints Silk Emulsion in White and for my doors and wardrobes I used Crown Paints Gloss in White. My Fundi Pascal always comes through (0723205073) I've listed where I got everything an estimate of the price (If I can't remember). 


The table I got from Odds and Ends after the one I wanted sold out. The feel is the same however the look is different. When I got my furniture there was a 30% off sale at the store.

  • Milan Dining Table Kes 42,000 (After Sale)
  • Mexico Dining Table Bench Kes 12,600(After Sale)
  • Yellow Metal Bistro Chairs Kes 3,360 each (After Sale)
  • Black Eams Style Chairs Kes 4,550 (After Sale)
  • Holstein Side Table Kes 35,000 (After Sale)
  • Black and Gold Painting Kes 10,500 (After Sale)

Most of my decor items I got from House of Leather and Parisland. I did a Parisland haul a while back and it includes prices of everything, watch it HERE.

  • Leafy Cushions from Parisland
  • Gold Star Decor from House of Leather Kes 500
  • Candle Raindeer from House of Leather Kes 500
  • Birdcage Candle Holder from Parisland
  • Lanterns from Tacc Kes 2000
  • Fake leaves from Bangkok
  • Floating Shelves from Bangkok
  • Green Shiny Garland Naivas Kes 300 each
  • Star Candle Holder from Parisland
  • Christmas paper plates, paper towels, crackers from House of leather Kes 150, Kes 150, Kes 400

  • Birdcage Candle Holder from House Of Leather Kes 1,800
  • While Chandelier Gifted

  • White Vintage Frame from Parisland
  • Small Gold Frame, thrifted from a friend kes 500
  • Gold Mirror gifted
  • Silver Candle holders from Parisland
  • White Candles from House of Leather (old)
  • Floral Metal Plate House of Leather kes 400
  • Silver Lanterm , House of Leather, Kes 2,500
  • White and Silver Balls HOL kes 700

  • Eggplant and Pepper Wall Art from Odds and Ends kes 10,500 each (After Sale)
  • I cant Cook Tray from Parisland
  • Silver frames - gifted
  • Opener from Elysian Living at Green House Mall Kes 500
  • Quote from Elysian Living at Green House Mall kes 2,700
  • Wifi Bottle top Kes 1,000 Ni Naq
  • Newspaper Box from Parisland
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I attended the Pink Lady and Hendricks Brunch last weekend and it was all full of vibes. Hendricks served amazing cocktails to accompany the food Mulunda made. The event was so beautifully set and it was at Lake House Tigoni in Limuru. The table was beautifully set and was set outdoors, unfortunately it started raining.
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Growing old gracefully is dignified. Lines on the face express character. You’re conceited if you “get work done.”

 Oh really?

 Ultherapy is a state-of-the-art aesthetic procedure that defies these threadbare clichés. It’s the sole non-invasive FDA-approved technology that actually lifts skin on the face, brow, neck and under the chin. In 2009, the FDA also gave Ultherapy its blessings for reduction of crepey décolletage lines. An added perk is that it stimulates collagen production. Its effectiveness has been proven in over one million applications worldwide.


 Ultherapy employs ultrasound energy that tightens skin and kickstarts collagen renewal. It does this with gentle warmth that penetrates three skin layers. Ultherapy uniquely pairs with ultrasound imaging, which allows doctors to scrutinize the treatment area from within. The procedure requires no downtime. Go on lunch break and come back a new you. It non-invasively addresses many of the same areas traditionally done under the knife.


 A good Ultherapy candidate is a woman or man, 30 to 50 years old, with aging skin on the neck, jowls or browline. Women with fine décolletage lines are a good fit for the Ultherapy Décolletage Treatment, as well. It’s also ideal for anyone who wants to extend plastic surgery results. Those who have severe laxity may need more than one session to experience the desired outcome.


 Before the session, your provider will put a topical anesthetic on the treatment area. If this needs to be augmented, you’ll receive an oral pain reliever. The treatment applicator will be placed on your skin. You may feel pinpoints of ultrasound energy penetrating your skin. This sensation will only occur during energy transmission.

 An area’s size determines the amount of time needed to treat it. About 60 to 90 minutes in-office will generally be required for the face and neck, and a chest treatment will only take about 30 minutes.


 You can expect to dive right back into your daily activities! Your skin may be flushed but the ruddiness should fade after a few hours. Tingling, tenderness, or puffiness are also normal and temporary and should resolve within about two hours.

 Regardless of Ultherapy efficacy, your skin will still be susceptible to the inevitable aging process. Several years following a session, skin again sags. Don’t worry. You can turn back time again with Ultherapy touch-up treatments.

Ultherapy is a powerful procedure that packs even more of a punch in tandem with other modalities: 


 The eyes are the first part of the face that reveal the onset of aging. Wrinkles, crows feet, hooded lids and under-eye bags are all evidence of the passing of time. Sagging lids, if uncorrected, can also obstruct vision.

 An upper eyelid lift makes eyes appear wide and youthful. Tightening the lower lid skin addresses under-eye bags, lines and creepy texture. Both procedures employ intravenous or general sedation and a discreet incision.

 Ultherapy can effectively augment eyelid lifts. It amplifies the results of eyelid surgery, with no additional downtime.


 A Vampire Facelift is not a procedure performed by Count Dracula. Instead, it’s a cosmetic technique during which a patient’s blood is drawn and processed to isolate platelet-infused plasma. Next, it’s reinjected to diminish wrinkles and promote a refreshed appearance. It’s economical and takes approximately 30 minutes in-office.

 Combined, Ultherapy and the Vampire Facelift have formidable synergy. For best results, undergo Ultherapy first, and the facelift 7 - 10 days later.


 This may sound physically impossible, but the inside-out laser neck lift is a procedure which boosts and tightens the neck from the inside out. Laser fiber is maneuvered into the neck and fat is melted. 

Like Ultherapy, the inside-out laser neck lift promotes collagen production. Each complements the other: Ultherapy tightens skin while the neck lift eliminates fat. 


 Ultherapy and fillers enhance the effects of each other. Fillers are minimally invasive injectable substances that plump up soft tissue beneath the skin. They permeate wrinkles, lines and hollows, and impart a more youthful appearance. When combined, fillers and Ultherapy deliver exemplary results. Fillers add volume and Ultherapy lifts and tightens -- it’s been suggested that in tandem, they simulate a facelift.

 Want to learn more about Ultherapy and how it can be combined with other procedures? Dr. Stephen Weber of Weber Facial Plastic Surgery would gladly schedule a consultation. As a University of Michigan fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Weber is a member of numerous esteemed professional organizations as well as being well known for excelling in many facets of cosmetic plastic surgery, including facelifts, laser resurfacing, nasal reshaping, eye lifts and Ultherapy in Denver, CO.
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