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Let’s eat!

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital sought to find a connection between an allergy & the activity of inflammatory disease.

Their work found new evidence linking food allergies with relapses of multiple sclerosis.  And results were published just this week in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry.

(My copy was somehow lost in the mail and replaced by an issue of US Weekly.  Therefore I was unable to read the complete study but I DID learn about Arianna Grande’s new beau.)

Let’s get serious.

Though the fine work done by Brigham and Women’s Hospital was legit and the published results promising…the following mumbo-jumbo is my own ridiculous thinking of foods I could EASILY AVOID if found to be harmful to my multiple sclerosis.

Here is my list…..

Brussel Sprouts Raw Oysters Black Licorice Jello Salad. Yuck all the way around. Beets Wine

(I have never tasted a wine I enjoyed.  I’m okay with a wine cooler, just not straight wine.)

Celery Walnuts French Onion Soup. Cherries Cow’s Tongue

(My mom loves cold cow’s tongue sandwiches.  I think she was dropped as a baby.)

Shredded Wheat Braunschweiger. Smells as bad as it sounds. Fancy Christmas Cookies

(Give me the old standard chocolate chip.  No balls, pinwheels or weird shapes.)

Olives Coffee

(I’ve never tried it and never will)


(Fruit with hair.  I pass)

Gummy Bears. Just get stuck in my teeth-not worth the effort. Coconut & Pineapple

(Let’s hope I never get stuck on a tropical island.)

Wassail Crab Legs

(I love crab but crab legs are too fiddly for my MS fingers)

Cavatelli Pasta Fruitcake

(It’s official, no one likes it.)


I am sure there are more I could add to the list.

Perhaps you have a few foods you would like to see here.  I encourage you to share them in a comment for all to see.

Let’s get serious.

Again, the study & findings are real.

My useless musings are strictly for entertainment only.

Let’s cure this damn disease.

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Read on!

“Free” is the most appealing word in our language.

Admittedly it got my attention on a recent mailer from an area hospital.

“Your free gift is enclosed” it said in big words.

Maybe a coupon for free angioplasty I pondered ripping open the envelope.

Why thank you, I think.

Boy was I disappointed to learn the free gift inside wasn’t surgery at all, but address labels.

Two sheets of 39 labels apiece.

This being 2019, we mail very little.  A few cards here and there.  We pay our bills online mostly.  So I figure these 78 address labels will last us the rest of our lives.


But because you can’t just pitch the labels (I mean they were free, right?), I decided to put them into a desk where I discovered other “free gifts.”

Sheets upon sheets of additional address labels received thru the years.

Address labels from organizations, associations & clubs.

Address labels from universities, societies and God knows who else.

Oh my.

Handfuls of labels.  Overwhelming numbers.

I had to find out how many.  And began to count.

The tally climbed higher & higher with each sheet.

The grand total…drum roll please…was 955, give or take a few loose labels.

Nine hundred and fifty-five personalized, self-adhesive “free gifts.”

How lucky can one man be?

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not complaining about free gifts.

It could be worse.  Much worse.


I mean instead of address labels…in this age of self-driving cars, Roombas and smart phones…they could be sending VHS tapes!

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Enjoy this sweet treat of a past My Odd Sock…..



Everyone adores the little candy hearts so popular this time of year.

In fact, Neeco, the world’s renowned Sweetheart manufacturer, has been making them & sharing love since 1902!

The touching phrases found on each heart have changed over the years, but they have never fully embraced the culture of the MS community.

With that in mind (or half-wit in my case), My Odd Sock has created candy hearts, sweet only to us with multiple sclerosis.




















Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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Get out your money!

In sports betting the “over/under” is a popular wager.

Mind you, I am not a gambler but over/under is so easy to explain even I understand.

For example if a predicted score has been set at “10” the bettors can wager if the actual score will be higher or lower than that number.

And it’s not just sports, the “over/under” can be found almost anywhere.  Even with multiple sclerosis!

Here are some popular MS over/under wagers…..

Over/Under 4  The number of stabbing pains you feel reaching for the tv remote.

Over/Under 1.5  The number of drips & spills on your shirt during dinner.

Over/Under 2.5  The number of times you drop the soap while bathing.

Over/Under 3  The number of times your nose itches during an MRI.

Over/Under 6  The number of commercials you’ll see a night featuring Flo from Progressive Insurance.

Over/Under 2  The number of sleepy trips you will make to the bathroom during the night.

Over/Under 3.5  The number of times you doze off at the movie theater.

Over/Under 2.5  The number of your cramped attempts to get out of a car after a long drive.

Over/Under 5  The number of minutes before you begin to fade in direct sunlight.

Over/Under 6.5  The number of seconds it takes to strategize how to use a strange restroom.

Over/Under 5.5  The number of seconds you stare at a McDonald’s menu board before ordering even though you know what they sell.

Over/Under 3.5  The number of tries to get your coat zipped before giving up and simply wrapping it around your waist.

And finally,

Over/Under 4.5   The number of lids you try to fit on a Tupperware container.

I am “betting” you are glad this post is “over.”  If you have your own wager to set, be sure to share it in a comment.

Public Safety Disclaimer:  Gambling can be an addictive illness much like reading this stupid blog.

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About the author?

Eh, don’t get me started.

All these current trends and new fangled technologies.

I’m a 55 year-old fuddy-duddy who doesn’t know a Kardashian from a Gregorian.

I remember the days when telemarketers were living, breathing humans–NOT robots.  And with all this online shopping, I know my UPS driver better than the store clerk.

Convenience is grand but some of this new way of living is being downright lazy.

“Designed” really?

Untuckit features an entire line of shirts meant to be left hanging.  Just the right length to be left untucked.  And the perfect length to give others a glimpse of your hairy stomach by raising your arms.  (Like that’s what you want to see.)

Though I have always been a tucked guy myself, I admit it looks fashionable on some.  Me?  I just feel sloppy.  And cold.

I’ll give Untuckit shirts a pass, but I’m not certain there is a need for an entire fashion line of untucked shirts.  What’s stopping me from wearing my current shirts out?  Why do I need yours?

And where is this untuckable trend leading?  What’s next unzippable pants?

Quite a fancy logo!

All the new shave clubs fascinate me.

Shaving is a hobby of mine as I seem to be related to the Yeti and have been shaving since the 8th grade.

But I don’t understand the convenience of having razors delivered to my home each month.

I don’t have toilet paper & toothpaste delivered and I seem to manage that supply all right.  So what’s the diff with razor blades?


Shoes that don’t need tied are all the rage now.

A company called Kizik offers shoes that “pop on.”

I gotta admit these shoes are about as ugly as they come.  Buster Brown made better looking shoes.  I have seen more fashionable kicks on the feet of residents at my mom’s nursing home.

And it is not just Kizik, Nike (and soon will Puma) has self-lacing shoes that are connected to an app on a smartphone.  The app allows your shoes to be tightened or loosened with a swipe of a finger.

Thank goodness for this new technology as it was such a burden to bend at the waist.

Best of all–get this, the Nike & Puma self-lacing smart shoes have batteries in the sole which needs to be charged once a week depending on use.

I charge my phone nearly everyday, now you tell me I must charge my shoes too?

Imagine the quick-charging station at the airport.  Everyone has their phones out while one dude stands there charging his smart shoes!

Eh, don’t get me started, I told ya.  It’s all being downright lazy.

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How so?

“I have changed.  I am a different person now than before I was diagnosed.  My personality has changed.  The old me is coming back.  Slowly, but.  That’s part of the reason my wife and I are getting a divorce.”

“How long have you been married?” she asked.

“Thirty years.  We are high school sweethearts.  It’s tough.  MS has taken its toll, but we’re gonna keep moving ahead.  You can’t give up.”

Say what?


I was hearing some gut-wretching, straight-talk words from the heart as the guy seated next to me was receiving his infusion.

He was talking to the woman across the aisle–also getting her infusion.

I was eves-dropping, I suppose.  That’s what happens when you have ears the size of a satellite dish.

His words were harsh.  But honest.

They affected me then.  And weeks later, still make me uneasy.

It was the raw side of multiple sclerosis you don’t often hear about.

But what frightens me most…is that he is right.  MS changes you both physically AND mentally.


Oh yeah, thanks Funny Meter.

I’m tracking as low as the movie “Holmes & Watson.”

But gimme a break, I’m talking some serious S-H-I-T here!

I kind of agree with my I.V. friend.  After all these years in good ka-hoots with MS, my personality has changed too.

I am more reserved.  Not as out-going.  Less confident.  Less social.

I don’t have the energy to engage.  Forget about talking over music or loud chatter.

So mostly, I don’t say much of anything.

Someone grab the extinguisher!

Point made, Funny Meter.

I’ll quit my belly-aching.

But not before asking about your experience with MS taking hostage of your personality.

Have you changed?  Do you notice a difference?  Have others?

The quicker we recognize our change, the easier it is to find positive solutions.

Shutting down & withdrawing is not an option.

We as MSers must remain strong and vital.  You are worth more than giving anything less.

Keep fighting.

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An opinion piece.

A story was told of kids being kids.

This one about when differences arose on the playground.

“It’s MY turn.  You already had one.”

“Na uh, you’re cheating!”

“Am not!”

Most disputes are  settled quickly and play resumes because there is only so much time till recess ends.

On this day however the squabble continued.

Sides were taken.  Lines were drawn.

And neither would dare cross.

Fingers were pointed.  Voices raised.  Shouting ensued.  Bickering.  Name-calling.  Each one blamed the other.

The bell rang and children returned to class without settling their argument.  

The stalemate continued the next day.  The next day.  And the day after that.

Absolutely no end in sight as neither budged an inch.

Because of the ongoing problem the principal suspended recess for the whole school.  Therefore hundreds of kids were denied playground time because of the stubbornness of a few.

Truth be told this never happened between children.  Kids aren’t that petty.

But adults are.

Every one of ’em.

And this is the story being told by all the news outlets detailing a government shutdown affecting hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

C’mon stop the damn bickering.  Act like adults.  And get something done.

Recess is long over.

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Reading is fun!

Time once again to curl up and read a classic novel with an MS plot.

The MS Bookmobile has returned!

Chocked full of new titles about your favorite chronic disease.

Check out these great reads…..

“Mobility Dick” by Herman Melville “Fire And Fury: The Feeling in my Body” by Michael Wolff Scary clowns! “MS Clinic is East of Eden St.” by John Steinbeck “The Call of the Wild Itch” by Jack London “Everything I Never Told You About MS” by Celeste Ng A thriller! “The Caregiver’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood “The Last Handicap Space” by Randy Pausch My life story.

The MS Bookmobile also offers many children’s favorites including…

“Dairy of a Gimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney True dat! “If You Give an MSer a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff Down she goes…again.

Other selections from the MS Bookmobile include endearing novels such as…

“Not So Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens “Walking Like Frankenstein” by Mary Shelly “The Gripes of Walt” by John Steinbeck

And the popular…

“The Five People You Meet in the Infusion Room” by Mitch Albom

Not to mention this cultural best seller of the 1970’s…

Adults only please.

If you would like to request a favorite MS book, please leave your suggestion with the librarian in the form of a comment.

Happy reading!


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Make any?

Happy 2019 to you!

What would be the lamest idea for the first post of the new year?

Resolutions, of course.

Honestly I don’t make new years resolutions.  And neither should you.

Here’s why.

Resolutions are a waste of time & energy because they are rarely achieved and meant to be broken.


Think about it.

We often come up with our silly resolutions while 3/4 of the way through a $4 dollar bottle of champagne, wearing a party hat and blowing a noisemaker saved from past year’s new years eve parties.

Can you really be serious about losing 20 pounds in this condition?  Hardly.

Resolutions go unachieved because they are too broad with no real plan of action.

Then you throw multiple sclerosis into the mix and it is simply easier to pull the party hat down and drain the rest of the cheap Aste.

Start small if you must make resolutions.

“Organizing my whole house” is too overwhelming.  A job too big even to fathom.

Begin with a more manageable task…like organizing the kitchen junk drawer.

Oh dear God.

Eh, on second thought even THAT seems daunting!

Taking better care of yourself is a popular resolution.

Even with MS, simple steps (no pun intended) can be made to improve your well being.

Like moving more.  Get up.  Move what you can as often as you can.

Unable to stand?  No excuse.  Move your arms to reach for the ceiling.  Stretch.  Shrug your shoulders (I’m really good at that).  Turn your head.

Wanna tighten your gut?  Suck it in as far as you are able.  Hold it.  Let it out and do it several more times.  Feel the muscles in your core contract making you sit up higher, taller & straighter.

Try to make better choices at din-din time too.  Again no need to make drastic changes.  Keep’em small.  Instead of a cheeseburger–get a hamburger.  You’ll save fat & calories and you probably don’t taste the cheese anyway.

Swap out a soda with a glass of water.

Enjoy a snack, but only one.

And don’t eat late in the evening if you can avoid it.  Wake up hungry is what I say.

Who needs brazen resolutions when simple and smaller does the job just as well.

Here is to a better, healthier and funnier 2019.

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Sing along!

‘Tis the holiday season and not even multiple sclerosis can sour the spirit here at My Odd Sock!

Let’s add a sprinkle of MS to our favorite Christmas songs.

Join in & sing loudly as we go “MS-A-Caroling”…..

Sung to the tune of: “O Christmas Tree”

O  A-F-O, O  A-F-O,

you keep my foot from dropping.

O  A-F-O, O  A-F-O,

Bright & glittery!

Shove you in the shoes I wear,

kinda wish I had a pair.

O  A-F-O, O  A-F-O,

you make my shoes go sliding.

Sung to the tune of:  “O Holy Night”

O holy night! My legs are crazy jumpy.

It is the night when MS is the worst.

Sung to the tune of:  “Drummer Boy”

In-side the tube you hear…Krr-Zap-Bang-Whiz-Bing.

Don’t move.  Don’t twitch, you fear…Gak-Bap-Wzz-Dang-Ding.

What to do.

You try to sleep in there…Zeep-Erzz-Kak-Bang-Ping.

Ear plugs, you need a pair…Ftt-Grr-Rzz-Tang-Ting…Ftt-Grr-Rzz-Tang-Ting… Ftt-Grr-Rzz-Tang-Ting…Ftt-Grr-Rzz-Tang-Ting.

Sung to the tune of:  “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

“Randy, the red-nosed infusion nurse

had a very runny nose.

Blow it, Randy.

Offered him a tissue from my purse

before he dripped on his toes.

All of the other nurses

used to laugh and call him names.

They never let poor Randy

play in any nasal games.”

Sung to the tune of: “I’ll be Home for Christmas”

“I’ll be home by Christ-mas.

It may take a while.

Walking slow, stubbing toes.

Hurts to fall on tile.”

Sung to the tune of: “Away in a Manger” Whoa!

“Away in a scooter, no room for his feet,

the little MSer, his shopping complete.

Long day at the stores, he started to drift.

Sleep would come after a date with Rebif.”

Sung to the tune of: “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”

“Tripping around the Christmas tree

this has got to stop.

Broke a bulb, think you’ll all agree

she’s about to flop.


Tripping around the Christmas tree

balance is out of whack.

Now almost done but gotta pee

she’ll never make it back.

Tripping around the Christmas tree

have a happy holiday.

Everyone movin best they can

it’s the multiple sclerosis way.”

Sung to the tune of:  “Deck The Halls”

“Clear the floors of all throw ruh-ugs


Ho Ho Ho.

Tie you shoes and take your dru-ugs


Don we know our safe apparel


‘Else a trip to a nurse named Carol


Phew, all this singing–I need a lozenge.

Now that our hearts are warm & our toes are frosty, let’s go inside & continue to spread cheer for the holidays.

Merry MS to everyone!

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