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You read “Sunscreens for Kids” and some of you might be thinking, really? Well, let me tell you the fact. Even today, some people believe Sunscreens are overhyped, whereas Dermatologist and Skin Specialists swear by it. A few people think people with Oily skin type can’t wear Sunscreen because oily skin is usually prone to Acne. A few people claim that they don’t need Sunscreen as stay inside only and work from AC offices! But all these are Myths!!

Did You Know!!
Harsh Sun Rays are the significant Skin Damaging Factor in India and 60% of Skin Problems occur due to Sun damage only!


therefore you need Sunscreen every day, whether you are Men or Women, Stay outside or inside. You need Sunscreen (Period!)

Now think, If the sun damages your skin this much, how much damage it can do to your child’s delicate soft skin? In this time, when the temperature has increased globally, and the Ozone layer has been damaged already, UVA and UVB rays of Sunscreen damage your kid’s skin majorly, which is still too delicate. Therefore your kid must need Sunscreen as well.

Sunscreens (SPF) For Kids

If you are new to “Sunscreen,” in this post, we will start from telling you what Sunscreen followed by Top 10 Sunscreens for Kids in India is.

If you know, Best Sunscreens for Men & Women, Check this Post: Top 10 Best Sunscreen(SPF) Available in India

What is Sunscreen? 

Sunscreen is your skin protector. It’s also known as sunblock or suntan lotion. Sunscreen protects your skin from UVA & UVB rays. SPF mentioned on the Sunscreen is Sun Protection Factor, which protects skin from UVB rays and PA++ mentioned on the Sunscreen protects skin from UVA rays.  

Why use Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a one cosmetic product that everyone must use at any age. It has to be part of everyday skincare routine. As I mentioned above, Sunscreen protects your skin from UVA & UVB rays. UV rays are essential to produce Vitamin D (specifically, UVB ), which is vital for life. The human body needs some UV radiation for one to maintain adequate vitamin D levels. But, excess exposure produces causes harmful effect on the skin.  

UV radiation causes damage of collagen fibers of the skin, which in turn leads to aging of the skin. It may cause skin cancers in the future. That is why Sunscreen is essential to use at any age and in any season.

Why to use Sunscreens for Kids?

After reaching teenage, people usually understand the importance of Sunscreen in life. Most women know more than men because they receive advice from their salon person or beautician to use Sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential for every human. So the kids also need sun protection. Your kids have more sensitive skin, and they are developing themselves, so it is necessary to receive some amount of sun rays for Vitamin D and Calcium production. But you need to take care when your child is out during harsh sunlight that is after 10 am to 5 pm in India. It is important to note that, Sun rays are beneficial to Produce Vitamin D and Calcium when you receive them before 10 am. 

The sensitive skin of Kids reacts faster than adults who don’t have that much sense. Kids also get affected by allergies frequently. When you give food to build immunity to your kids, then the Sunscreen is also immunity for your kid’s skin. Hence, Sunscreens for Kids are required.

Moreover, when your child is involved in any Sports, It is your responsibility to take care of their body as a whole, which includes diet, water, and skin protection. In outdoor sports, when they practice, it is definite that they will practice under direct sunlight. So they need skin protection against UV rays. Choose the Sunscreen having SPF and PA++ which protects from both UVA and UVB rays. This is another and key improtant reason why Sunscreens for Kids are important to consider.

So, now to make it easy for all the mommies out there, here are top 10 Sunscreens for Kids available in India. You can choose as per your requirement, budget and ingrediants.

– If your kid is sentistive towards any specific ingrediants or prone to Skin Allergy, Kindly consult Doctor before choosing any sunscreen.

Top 10 Sunscreens for Kids 1.Mamaearth Mineral Based Sunscreen

Mamaearth Mineral Based Sunscreen is specially designed for the age group of 0 to 10 years Kids. It contains zinc oxide which provides SPF level of 20, makes a waterproof layer on baby’s skin.

Tip! – Therefore if your child loves swimming, this sunscreen would protect him/her under the water as well.

  •     Also contains cocoa butter and shea butter for moisturization 
  •     Aloevera extract for soothing skin. 
  •     Quantity – 100ml  
2.Cocomo Natural Sunscreen for Kids
Cocomo Natural Sunscreen for Kids

Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 15) and Moisturiser (Body Lotion) for Kids (Minty Sea) –  Cocomo Natural is an Indian brand. CocomoNatural is gentle and nourishing moisturizer + Sunscreen is perfect for your child’s sensitive skin as it helps soothe, moisturize, protect and support the skin’s natural moisture balance. 

  •     It contains coconut, jojoba and olive oil, Shea butter, Kokkum & Aloe vera. 
  •     Non-carcinogenic no parabens, Phthalates & sulfates 
  •     No petroleum, No DEA, No paraffin 
  •     Vegan, Gluten-free, Animal derivative free. 
  •     Quuntity – 300ml
3. Sebamed Sun Lotion for Kids
Sebamed Sun Lotion for Kids

Sebamed is a Germany based brand. It is Sun Lotion which protects baby’s delicate skin from UVA primarily. 

  •     Quantity – 200ml
4. Mom & World Mineral Based Baby Sunscreen Lotion
Mom & World Mineral Based Baby Sunscreen

This body lotion provides your baby and kids with broad spectrum SPF 50 – UVA/UV Protection. Product is ideal for Baby and Kid’s sensitive skin. Packed with Zinc and Titanium Dioxide, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin E.

  •     It has a mineral based formula.
  •     Non-greasy, Non-allergic, Non- irritant.
  •     Free from Parabens, Sulphates, Mineral Oil & other harmful chemicals. 
  •     Quantity – 120 ml 
5. Arish Bionaturals Baby Sunscreen
Ayurvedic Subscreen for Kids

This is an Ayurveda based product. Contain rose, haridra, and adruharidra. It protects tender skin from sunburn, and makes it bright and smooth, helps to protect your baby’s skin from ultraviolet rays with SPF 30. 

  •     Quantity – 15ml
6. CeraVe Baby Sunscreen

Cerave Sunscreen protects baby’s delicate skin with broad spectrum SPF 45, helps to prevent sunburn. 

  •     Contains titanium dioxide & zinc oxide. 
  •     Hypoallergenic 
  •     Non-irritating
  •     Fragrance-free
  •     Quantity – 99 ml
7.Babyganics Cover-Up Baby Sunscreen Lotion
Babyganics Sunscreen Lotion

Babyganics sunscreen lotion is mineral based Sunscreen, have broad spectrum SPF 50+ which protects against UVA and UVB. If your child is engaged in any Sports related activities, like Swimming, Football or Cricket, You can choose this one.

  •     Quantity – 59 ml
8. Babo Botanicals SPF 30+ Fragrance-Free Clear Zinc Sunscreen Lotion
Babo Botanicals

It is an organic, new york based brand. Babo botanicals offers All-Natural Kid-Safe Clear Zinc SPF 30 fragrance-free Sunscreen is developed using non-nano ingredients and provides high UVB/UVA protection. This hypoallergenic Sunscreen is non-greasy and doesn’t run in the eyes and contains 19% Zinc, which is the most effective and safest sunscreen ingredient and skin-soothing certified organic oil. 

  •     It contains skin-soothing certified natural oils (jojoba, coconut, and avocado) plus rich anti-oxidants (green tea and rose hip).
  •      Hypoallergenic and lightweight. 
  •     Free of Gluten, SLS, Sulfates, Phthalates & Synthetic Fragrances. 
  •     Quantity – 89ml
9.Neutrogena Pure Free Baby Sunblock Lotion SPF 60
Neutrogena Sunscreen for Kids

Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunblock Stick SPF 60 provides superior broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with Purescreen. Hence, it is a physical sunblock that creates a barrier between baby’s skin and the sun to offer instant broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.  

  •     Fragrance-free and contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, naturally-sourced sunscreen ingredients.
  •      Ideal for face and ears. 
  •     No fragrance 
  •     Parabens Free
  •     No phthalates
  •     Dyes Free
  •     Quantity – 13g
10.Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Kids Sun Block Cream SPF 25 
Lotus Kids Sun Block

The product formulated for young and delicate skin. It Contains –

  •     Chamomile extract has Anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and very good for sensitive skins.
  •     Zinc coated microfine titanium dioxide: It is physical sunscreen agent which is mild on the surface but excellent UV ray blocker
  •     Quantity –  100 gm

That’s all for today fellas! Finally, now mommies can choose the right sunscreen for their kids too. If you have any other queries regarding Skincare, Haircare or Makeup, Do let us know. Email us at myfashionvilla@gmail.com

Untill next time..

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Dark Patches, white spots, skin pigmentation?! Starting from the age of twenties, worries for a woman for her skin begins and it definitely does not end till she dies. Out of a hundred major problems, skin pigmentation is worried about quite a lot. Unless you don’t provide your body and skin with the correct solution, no matter how effective skin care routine you follow, it will not show results.

What exactly is Skin Pigmentation and its causes?

Skin pigmentation can be of two types Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation. What occurs to a majority of women is hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation causes discoloration of the skin with the appearance of dark patchy spots. It can be caused by various reasons.

  1. Sun, above the head!

Heat is one of the causes of hyperpigmentation. No matter how much sunscreen you apply, 1 out of 10 UV rays will always make its way to your skin.

2.    Genetic Acquisition

Many a time hyperpigmentation can be acquired genetically from your parents or grandparents. People are born with freckles prone skin or maybe mole-prone skin. In either case, both acquisitions can be uncomfortable for some people while for others it may be a way of loving their skin.

3.    Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

We are often nagged by people around us to not aggravate acne or scratch them. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is the reason for the same. Once the acne is gone or settled, a lot of times it leaves a dark spot which becomes a remain on our skin.

Even if a person does not have pigmentation, it is safe to start supplements which might help in the future and reduce the chances of hyperpigmentation. Supplements for our skin are as essential as food is for our stomach.

There are various essentials that our body require during our lifespan but out of all, antioxidants are the most essential ones. One such antioxidant being Glutathione is the master of antioxidants which not only helps in cellular metabolism but also does wonders with skin lightening.

There are many various kinds of supplements available in the market. One of them is Glutone 1000 and Escor Z. Every product has its own benefits while this has multiple of them. Several questions arise in a customer’s mind before buying any product for their body and hence here are few of them answered for you.

What is Glutathione and its benefits?

Glutathione is one of the body’s most essential antioxidant which is produced by the body itself. It is comprised of three amino acids: Glycine, Glutamine and Cysteine.

An antioxidative keeps the oxidative level of your body in range and also combats free radical overload (FRO); which interferes in your cellular metabolism. This FRO is produced by biological reactions caused by external sources such as UV rays, pollution, chemicals, etc.

Glutathione is the mother of antioxidants when it comes to having porcelain skin. It not only helps in skin lightening but is also benefited as an anti-aging agent. While it helps in reducing untonedskin, it also has its benefits for other body organs.

What is Glutone 1000, Glutathione Supplement?

Our body tends to decrease the amount of natural glutathione with age and because of harmful external factors. Glutone 1000 is a supplement to fulfill the requirement of the reduced antioxidant. It helps in detoxification of the skin and also increases cellular metabolism. Glutone 1000 is a master antioxidant for anti-aging and skin lightening.

What is Escor Z, Vitamin C Supplement?

Escor Z is a vitamin C supplement which is made from the extracts of Phyllanthus Emblica (Indian Gooseberry/Amla). The free radicals deteriorate healthy skin and also decreases the collagen level. Escor Z thereby helps in replenishing the same by boosting collagen level and lightening the skin.

Why Glutone 1000 and Escor Z are being consumed together?

Vitamin C is the primary ingredient of Escor Z while Glutone 1000 has it as its secondary ingredient. Hence Escor Z provides the extra push to work along as it is easily absorbed in the body.

Furthermore, to help you out with, this combo of Glutone and Escor Z is an amazing addition to your skincare routine.

How these supplements are different from their counterparts, i.e., (Intravenous, solid Tablets, creams and lotions)?

Glutone 1000 and Escor Z are consumed in effervescent form, i.e., when it comes in contact with water, it dissolves and forms effervescence which is then easily absorbed in the body as compared to its other counterparts.

How to consume them and what is the course duration?

Add 1 tablet of Glutone 1000 and 1 tablet of Escor Z in a glass of water and wait for 2 minutes for them to totally disintegrate which then can be consumed as any regular drink. It is advised to consume daily in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Are there any side effects?

No, it does not have any side effects as it a health supplement and not a medication. Hence, it can be consumed safely.

When will the results start to appear?

For genuine and effective results, you need to take them for at least 4 months and the outcomes will be obvious after 30+ days with ideal use and proper diet.

At the end, who does not like glowy, even-toned skin!? Everybody does. And for the same, a person also needs to take care of all the requirements a body needs to provide with the results. Skin lightening amongst many other problems can be taken care of easily with cautious care and appropriate supplements. Now, while the wedding season is around, Glutone 1000 and Escor Z will come to your rescue as the best wedding skin care kit. 

The post Best Skin Care? – A solution to the most asked question appeared first on My Fashion Villa.

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How many nail paints do you own? I know, you might not be able to count. Even I don’t know how “many” I own. Talking about nail paints, I have observed that for a couple of years, nail art has become really creative and necessary. Gone are those days, when we used to carry plain nails.

We have become more active towards the running Nail Art Designs. We want to carry attractive nails to the Parties, Festivals, etc. People are even trying theme based Easy Nail Art Designs like Flower Nail Art, Spring Nail Designs, Summer Nail Art and what not!

Recently I even came across Uttarayan inspired nail art design! Isn’t that really unique? And now, not only Manicure Designs, but Pedicure Designs are also important. The toe nail art has become new favourite of the people. There are numerous Toe Nail Designs that you can try at different occasions and for various themes!

Here are top 20+ Nail Art For Toes that you will love

French Tip Nails Designs– The most basic and stylish one is to be the french tip nails. As this is popular in Manicure Design, it is also popular for Pedicure Designs.  You can even count this as nail Art Design For Short Nails. There is just a thin stripe on the tip of the nail, usually of different color than the base color.

Glitter Nail Art– Glitter has all the love! We can’t imagine our Nail Paint Collection without a Glitter Nail Paint in it! There are some really fantastic glitter nail art designs that you can try very easily at home. You can draw patterns, use powder glitter and many more stuff to play with pedi!

Checkered Nail Art– You might have tried the Checkered Nail Art for your fingernails. Now, it is time to try on Toe Nails. All you need here is patience and attention. Draw it carefully and then fill the boxes neatly or you can use Nail Art Stamp for the same if you are not good at drawing.

Stripes Nail Art– Well, talking about Geometric Patterns, the stripes are simplest. You can keep the base color lighter and draw the vertical/ horizontal stripes with a dark shade. Here, keep the finish glossy, because the stripes look more attractive than in matte finish.

Polka Nail Art– Polka Nail Art is inspired from the Polka Dots on fabric. There are big, colored dots on a plain colored base. Apply a neon colored base, then pick a toothpick, dip it in black nail paint, stamp it on the nails. And, you’re done! You can try some offbeat color combinations here!

Leopard Nails– The running Trend Of Instagarm is Leopard Nails. The Leopard Print is created on nails, using Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black And Golden Nail Paint. You just need to have either the stamp or the fine brushes to draw the Leopard Print. Lastly, apply a Glossy /Matte Top Coat. Your Toe Nail Art is ready!

Stamp Nail Art – Stamping Nail Art has been used for a couple of months in India. There is a stamp, a plate with carved patterns/designs and a scarper. You just need to apply paint on the pattern you want, scrap off the excess paint, put stamp on design, then roll it on the nail. Easy, isn’t it? You can even put more than one design on single nail<3

Acrylic Toe Nails– Acrylic Nails are nothing but what we simply call Fake Nails. The Fake Toe Nails are attached to the surface of our Original Nails and then shaped. The same thing can be done with Toe Nails as well. First, they Buff the Original Nails, so that they become neat and slimmer. Then the Acrylic Toe Nails are glued. Afterwards the Nail Art Design is done on the Fake Nails.

Multicolor Nail Art– As I said, just one Nail Color is so monotonous. So, let’s try something that is filled with different colors. You can paint Stripes or Dots of different colors on one nail or you can draw Patterns, Shapes etc. I personally like painting each nail with different color.

Marble Nail Art– The Marble Nail art has a definite process that must be followed to get perfect results.

Easy Water Marble Nail Art Process:

  • First, take a bowl of water, put the drop of one nail paint.
  • Just in center of first drop, put another color. Repeat this 2-3 times more.
  • Now, with toothpick, draw lines in that colorful circle.
  • Let it dry, then pick that circle up with a pair of tweezers, it will be in sticker form. And paste it on your nails.
  • Cut out extra part and finally apply top coat on the nails<3

Ombre Nail Art– These days, Ombre Nail Art is very popular when it comes to makeup. There are Ombre Nails, Ombre Lips, Ombre Eyeshadow and what not! Just like Finger Nails, you can even attempt Ombre Toe Nails. Take a sponge, put two colors (or three) in sequence, then dab it on the nail. Lastly, apply Matte Top Coat!

Mickey Mouse Nail Art– I personally have tried this one, and believe me, it looks damn cute!! For easiest Mickey Mouse Nail Art, you can draw its ears, tail or the big bow that Mini Mouse used to wear. You can even do a Polka Design with red, white and black to represent the theme. And your Disney Toe Nails are ready!

Spring Toe Nail Design– Here, you need to play with some Light Tones And Flowers. The colors like Turquoise Blue, Fresh Green, Nude, Off White, Yellow, Baby Pink, Orange can be used. The flowers look really amazing in spring nail design  theme.

Festive Nails- I find this really interesting and cute. So many people come up with Creative Festive Nails. Talking about indian festivals, you can try Diwali Nail Art with glitter, or party nails with embellishments.

Nude Nail Art– Nude Nail Paints work great for Finger Nails as well as for the Toe Nails. The Nude Nail Art can be done on Toe Nails by combining it with some glitter, white or black nail color.

Matte Finish Nails– Untill now, we have been trying Matte Nail Art just with manicure. Now, let’s also try it with the Toe Nails this time! If you have Matte Nail Polish, then apply it and apply the Transparent Nail Paint on just the tip to make it Glossy French Tip. Or, you can just keep Simple Matte Nails.

Red Nail Art Designs– Red is Universal Color for makeup. Nothing can go wrong with Red! So, try these cute and quirky Red Nail Art Designs on your Toes to become the talk of the town;)

Indian Nail Art– Talking about Nail Art, I couldn’t skip this one at all! Particularly in Indian Nail Art, we focus more on Curvy Designs and Some Motifs. It can have Red, Golden, Yellow, Black colors. Try this Indian Nail Art on your Toes for a Wedding or any Festival.

Bridal Nails (Toe) – Bridal makeover in India is very Colorful, Shiny and Bright. We don’t include dark or dull colors. Mainly red and golden or silver combination looks perfect for the Bridal Nails. So doing Nail Art with finger nails, don’t forget your Toe Nails this time!

Henna Nail Art– Let’s get extra with Indian Festive Themes by doing Henna Nail Art. Even I didn’t know about such a theme, only recently I came across this. So, as you do normal Henna on your hands, similarly, try those designs on your Toe Nails too with a little hint of colors!

Christmas Toenails– Christmas Nail Art looks really fancy and cheerful. There are already hundred Christmas Nail Art as well as Toe Nail Designs available. The simple rule here is to use Red, Silver, Golden, White, Green and Black colors.

Summer Toe Nail Designs– There are special colors for Summer theme like, White, Light Green, Blue, Pink, and Yellow. By using this set of colors, you can do various Summer Toe Nail Designs. You can do beach theme, balloons theme, ice- cream theme and many more.

Snowman Nail Art– While looking for Christmas Nail Art, I found this Snowman Nail Art which was overloaded with cuteness<3 This one is really Easy Nail Art Design, which you can do even if you are a beginner. Draw  a Snowman by putting two big white dots, and little two dots of black nail paint as eyes. Put some little white dots around as snow.

Sticker Nail Art– Well, this is a superb idea for those who are beginners at Nail Art. There are plenty of Nail Art Stickers present in the market which you can get at very reasonable rates. All you have to do is, paste those stickers on the nails and apply a Top Coat to seal it! And voila! Your pro-looking Nail Art is ready!

I feel, I can’t anymore stop myself from trying these Toe Nail Art Ideas asap! These have covered so many themes like, Parties, Festive, Seasons, Occasions and much more. Doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a fresher at this, you will love doing this Toe Nail Art once you get a grip!

So, get inspired, do experiments and get creative with your Toe Nail Designs!

Hope this post inspired you!!


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Hello lovely people! I hope you all are doing great! Today, I am going to talk about one of the most common issues that ladies face – “How To Prevent Acne Before Period?” Many ladies experience mood swings, irritation, bloating, stress, and skin issues. Things get worse when there are a thousand blemishes, cystic acne, and breakouts on the face! You might ask what cystic acne is. Cystic acne is inflammation caused by the clogged oil pores on the skin, it is very common in teenage years.

Cystic Acne –

Why do we get acne before periods?

Before jumping to the menstrual acne remedies, we must understand the natural cause of it.

“The premenstrual acne occurs because of the excess of Sebum (oil) produced by Progesterone. This oil clogs our pores and then the evil game of breakouts starts!”

It is not just you, or just me. The premenstrual acne is faced by nearly 60-70% of the women.

Well, this being a natural process, we can’t completely stop it. Still, there are many ways to reduce the occurrence of premenstrual acne or ways to treat period acne.

How to prevent acne before period?

Maintaining a good hygiene and skin care routine, we can surely get rid of period acne. The period acne treatment should be followed very carefully and gently.

Below mentioned, are some effective anti-acne products that will relieve your skin and fight the bacterium causing period acne.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Being known for its all organic and natural products, The Body Shop has effective products for acne treatment. The Body Shop Tea Tree oil is concentrated with 15% tea tree oil hence it safe to use directly on the skin. The tea tree oil is known for its bacteria-fighting properties and soothing the skin. It doesn’t over-dry the skin. Tea tree oil for acne is the safest choice because it doesn’t produce any side effects in the short or long run. Though it has a little strong smell.

Application: Use the tea tree oil directly on the scars or acne with a cotton ball. Leave it for a few hours or overnight then clean your face. If you don’t want to use it directly, you can mix a few drops of oil in your face mask, cream or face wash.

Weight- 10ml, Price- 845Rs

Note– Do not overuse (the over usage of tea tree oil can irritate your pores and worsen the acne problem). Consult a doctor if you have any allergies to strong oils or have sensitive skin issues.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel is another effective anti-acne product that is very easy to use, store and carry. The gel is transparent and has a runny consistency. You can apply it directly with the brush applicator on the spots and acne. Leave it for a few hours, it will automatically get absorbed. You can use this product in a routine or 2 weeks prior to every period. This will cool down the inflammation and reduce the chances of premenstrual acne. It is very travel-friendly. This can really help to prevent the cystic acne during the period.

This product is pricey, so you must NOT use it carelessly.

Weight- 2.5ml, Price- 695Rs (Nykaa)

Zitmoist Gel For Acne

The Zitmoist Gel is an oil-free moisturizer for the acne prone skin. As suggested for people with acne prone skin. It cools down the inflammation and irritation. The ladies who mostly face premenstrual blemishes would have faced considerable burning and inflammation because of acne. So, to calm down the pores and redness of acne, the Zitmoist Gel is a perfect oil-free gentle moisturizer.

Product- weight: 50gm Price: 300Rs

Note– all the products mentioned above shall be used after consulting the doctor if you have any kind of skin issue. Also, if you have a severe acne problem, take advice from a doctor.

While talking about menstrual acne remedies, I felt a need to include some really very common yet unknown tips to avoid the chances of premenstrual acne. These tips, when followed correctly, can indeed help you have a clear skin before and during periods.

Tips: how to get rid of period acne naturally?
  • Eat right. Always, because of the cravings, we end up consuming a lot of junk food, oily food and sweet dishes. These all unhealthy refined carbohydrates produce more oil and stickiness on the facial skin. So try avoiding junk food and soft drinks.
  • Focus on the intake of vitamin A and D. The green leafy veggies, fishes, eggs, fruits and fruit juices (homemade).
  • Go crazy on water! The more water you drink, the more impurities would drain out of your body. It will also, keep your skin clear and cool down the inflammation.
  • Keep changing the pillow sheets. The bacteria and dust particles on the pillow directly transfer to our face. So, keep changing the pillow covers to avoid uninvited acne bumps!
  • Do not use too much makeup. The makeup layers go on clogging our skin pores.
  • keep your hands off your face! The more you touch it, the more bacteria get transferred on the face.
  • ALWAYS wear sunscreen before going out in sun.
  • Meditate. Just take out 15 minutes from your entire day, and try to meditate. This will relieve your premenstrual stress. Premenstrual stress is also one of the main reasons for premenstrual acne.

So, these were the natural tips for – “how to get rid of period acne”, and cystic acne during the period. Though it is an inevitable phenomenon, we can at least try reducing its effects.

The period acne treatment is very easy once you understand the changes occurring in your body before the start of periods. A lot of ladies complain about acne before period or pregnancy. Living in a healthy way is the only key to have clear and glowing skin. If you eat right, meditate, drink lots of water, you can surely get rid of period acne or premenstrual acne.

I hope you all found these menstrual acne remedies helpful. If you know any other tips on “how to prevent acne before period?”, do let us know via the comment section below!

Stay tuned for our next posts.

Love you all!!!!


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You might have used or heard about Patchouli Oil being one of the essential oils. Like Lavender Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Similarly Patchouli Essential Oil is also very beneficial for our physical and emotional health. We are using this essential oil regularly now and we found it great; as it is a multipurpose oil. Yet, there are some people who are unaware of Patchouli Oil or Patchouli Plant. Well, now you must know about Patchouli Oil uses. So, in this post, you will read about the Patchouli Oil, its uses and benefits!

What is Patchouli Oil?

Patchouli Oil is derived from the Patchouli Plant. This Patchouli Plant falls under the family of labiatae which also has Mint and Lavender and it has genus of Pogostemon. The plant has medium height and pale pink flowers.

Patchouli Oil has components namely Caryophyllene, Norpatchoulenol, Alpha Patchoulene, Beta Patchoulene, Alpha Bulnesene, Patchouli Alcohol, Seychellene, Alpha Guaiene and Pogostol.

The Patchouli Oil is extracted from the leaves of Patchouli Plant by the process of steam distillation. The leaves are provided steam, which breaks wall of cells. After that, they are dried and fermented.

Patchouli Oil has a strong fragrance which is used in perfumes and other colognes. Besides this, here is a list for “how to use Patchouli Oil” and benefits of Patchouli oil.

Before We Share Uses and Benefits of this useful essential oil, here is the one that I am using these days and I find it so amazing. I have picked up this during my recent trip to North India. But It is Available online also.

How to use patchouli oil?

There are several ways to use Patchouli Oil for different purposes. As it is an essential oil and quite strong in nature, we must not use it directly on our body. Patchouli Oil must be taken in very limited quantity and should be mixed with carrier oils, lotions, moisturisers, gels or conditioners. You can use patchouli oil in below mentioned ways:

    • For skin health and repair, you can mix 1-2 drops of Patchouli essential oil in your routine body lotion or moisturiser. It brightens and tightens the skin.
    • For healthy skin massage, 1-2 drops of this essential Oil can be diluted in carrier oil like coconut oil and can be used as excellent soothing massage oil.
    • If you have acne prone skin or acne scars, mix 4-5 drops of Patchouli Oil in your face wash and apply it gently. This will remove the unwanted scars gradually.
    • For curing insomnia or distressed sleep, you can put and spread 1-2 drops of Patchouli Oil on your pillow. It will help you have relieving sleep.
    • For hair, mix 3-4 drops of Patchouli Oil with your hair conditioner and massage gently. This will repair your hair condition and remove the dandruff.
    • You can use Patchouli Oil as Aromatherapy. In the oil diffuser as well.
    How To Use Patchouli Essential Oil in oil diffuser?

    Put some carrier oil and mix 3-4 drops of Patchouli Essential Oil in it. As it gets heated, your room would be smelling excellent! The aroma of this oil can reduce depression, headache and can improve the mood. This diffused oil is also capable of curing fever and cold.

Benefits of patchouli oil

So far, we have listed some easy ways to use patchouli essential oil and how it solves our health issues. Now, let us discuss about key benefits of patchouli oil in improving our health.

  • As aromatherapy, Patchouli Oil works great. It can fight depression and headaches. This happens because of the serotonin hormones are released as we inhale the soothing fragrance of patchouli oil.
  • Being an Essential oil, it also fights inflammation and infections on skin. It can be used to cure little wounds, which have risk of getting infections.
  • Patchouli essential Oil is also useful for improving the sexual health of both men and women. Stimulating sexual hormones, oestrogen and testosterone, which gradually improves sexual health and relationships.
  • Maintains perfect blood circulation. Patchouli Oil  generates new cells. It also helps in increasing red blood cells.
  • As mentioned earlier,Patchouli essential Oil can remove bad odour from the room. It can fight fever and cold as well.


Besides all these benefits of this oil, there are other simple uses of patchouli oil to make your life better and healthier. It has many healing and fighting properties and we can use it to fight illness and weakness in the body. We must try to increase the use of essential oils in our daily life as they very beneficial. A small step towards better health of you and your family.

There are many effective essential oils like, Patchouli Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and many more. I would suggest, start knowing about all these oils and use them for holistic well being. Let us know if you want us to write more such posts, we would love to do that.

Hope you people found this post helpful. Give Essential Oils, an essential place in your life!


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PAESE Cosmetics is an Italian Cosmetic brand which offers a wide range of cosmetic and beauty products in many different countries. It was recently launched India too, with its branches in a few cities including Ahmedabad. PAESE Cosmetics has the range of makeup products for eyes, lips, face, and nails. They too have beauty and skin rejuvenating serums and lotions. Providing such large variety, they have maintained the premium quality for each and every product. They believe in offering value and vitamin-rich beauty products to the women out there.

Today, we are going to list down some really great products from Paese Cosmetics India that we tried recently. We have included short and snappy reviews for each product too. So, go on reading to find out our favorite products and their mini-reviews.

Paese Products are available on Amazon, Nykaa and Paese Cosmetics online. However we noticed that Paese Cosmetics are cheaper on Amazon and Nykaa than their own website as through website, you get all products at MRP.

6 Best Paese Cosmetics Products You Must Try

Paese Cosmetics Nail Polish Shade No 399

Paese Nail Polish in shade 399 would be loved by almost every lady out there! The shade is of Classic Pink with semi-matte finish all over. It is quite summery and fresh shade that would go with every outfit. The Key point here is the Texture. The texture of the Paese Nail Polish is very unique with a Velvet Finish. Talking about the fragrance, well it is quite normal. If you love trying different Textures in Nail Polish, then this is would be your next favorite Nail Polish.

Price- 499 Rs, Quantity- 9ml


Paese Cosmetics Sexapil Magnetic Lipstick 37

This is an amazing Glossy Nude Lipstick from Paese Cosmetics. It has magnetic closing and opening system, which is very smart. The brand name is printed over the black sleek body. Well, the shade is of light nude with great opaque and glossy appearance. It would look excellent on light, medium light, and light brown complexion. The best part about this lipstick is its formula, it has the goodness of Argan Oil and Vitamin E. The lipstick glides smoothly over the lips, without any stickiness or roughness.

Price- 999 Rs, Quantity- 4gm


Paese Cosmetics Opal Eyeshadow – Frost Bite

Paese Cosmetics Eyeshadow in frostbite combo has three shades- White, Light Grey, and Metallic Dull Blue. All the three shades are shimmery. They are easy to apply and have a really smooth formula, including Vitamin A, C & E. The packaging is sturdy and compact enough to make it travel-friendly. It has a transparent lid, so you can see the shades easily. Check out its swatches in the image below.

Price- 749 Rs, Quantity- 5g

 Paese Cosmetics Clair Brightening Concealer (5) Light Pink

You people might have been using Concealers during your makeup application. In case you don’t know, a Concealer is a product that used to hide dark spots, scars and dark circles. So, Paese cosmetics have offered indeed a good range of “Clair Brightening Concealer” for 5 different skin tones. The one we got is of “Light Pink” shade and works well for fair skin complexion. It is lightweight and has a thin consistency. The perfect brush applicator makes easier to apply.

Price- 1099 Rs, Quantity- 6ml

Paese Cosmetics Silky Matt Liquid Lipstick – 707

The Paese Silky Matt Liquid Lipstick in shade 707 comes in a rectangular container with a transparent lower body. The shade is of dull pink mixed with light cream color. The Lipstick is a bit glossy when applied, and after 3-5 minutes, it turns proper matte. It has a little bit of thick consistency. As the name says, it is actually silky with application and formula. If you love liquid matte lipsticks, then you must try this one! This shade would definitely look classy on all the Indian skin complexions, and even the fairer ones.

Price- 1299 Rs, Quantity- 6ml

Paese Cosmetics Nail Polish – 209

Our other favorite Paese Nail Polish is in shade number 209. This is a quite rare shade that you can get in Nail Paint. It has dual shades of Brown and Translucent Green. It has a little shimmer and ultimate glossy appearance. The application is very easy and handy. You must put at least 2 coats for the perfect opaque finish. The glass body is topped with a plastic rectangular cap. It is a travel-friendly bottle.

Price- 499, Quantity- 9ml

The individual reviews of Paese Cosmetics, which are listed above, would be soon up on the Blog. The reviews would have a detailed discussion about Texture, Consistency, Worth and Final Words. Tell us about your opinions for this mini-review post in the comment section below!

Love you!

Stay tuned for upcoming reviews!

The post 6 Best Paese Cosmetics Products You Must Try – Read Mini Reviews appeared first on My Fashion Villa.

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