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Today is a great day! I have something amazing to share with you that’s going to level-up your REI game—no matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro. How does this sound?

So, you’re in your PJs, sitting on your comfy couch, laptop on your, well, lap… finding a plethora of amazing seller leads online in any market you want…

Awesome, right?!

Well, I’ve got just the thing that can make that reality for you: The Z-Code by Joe McCall

The Z-Code is REI ninjery at its finest, and that few other investors are even aware of. And it gives you absolutely everything you need to fill your seller lead engine quickly and easily.

Check this out…

The Z-Code Awezomeness

Okay, party people, this highly effective training program teaches new and seasoned investors how to systematically harvest leads from Zillow. In typical Joe McCall form, the entire training orbits around a comprehensive mind map with helpful checklists included.

These training modules are broken down into easy-to-follow videos demonstrating the entire process—from setting a solid foundation of important core values and principles to the exact steps needed to target and find sellers to gathering critical intel, using an Excel calculator for fast and easy ARV calculations, how to contact the sellers and how to keep track of all your work.

Seriously, The Z-Code offers all the essential ingredients, plus the expert insight and action items to take you to the next level… focusing on an arena where most of the competition isn’t. Best of all, you can be successful with this strategy in just about any market—virtually and in your own backyard.

And here’s the thing, we know it works. And really well too…

See, Joe has been using this strategy with incredible success for a while now. He’s peeling back the kimono to help us crush it too. (Thanks, Joe. Atta boy to you!)

Z-Code Specifics

Okay okay, you want details about this training program… gotcha covered…

Within Z-Code, you’ll discover…

  • How to understand your ideal outcomes for the Z-Code leads you’re about to start seeing.
  • Creating marketing that ‘speaks’ to your sellers.
  • Being a transaction engineer vs. one-trick pony
  • Joe’s top buying strategy right now (and why the market is begging for it)
  • Exactly how to research your market quickly using Zillow.
  • Plus sooo much more about VAs, tracking, targeting markets, finding “Secret Sellers”, templates, website resources and even more! (For real!)

Look, consider The Z-Code your personally guided seller lead strategy tour by the one and only Joe McCall… think about how valuable that is!

Want to know more about The Z-Code training program? Of course you do! Here’s a brief video that shares more of the awesome. Enjoy. :-)

Review of "The Z-Code" by Joe McCall - YouTube
My Quick Review of The Z-Code by Joe McCall

But don’t just take my word for it…

The Z-Code Testimonials

“$6,750 from a Zillow For Sale by Owner. I sent a quick email to 30 buyers and out of 30 buyers,
2 contacted me. Thanks to you, Joe.”

“Joe’s systems make the difference.”

“What Joe is doing is pretty unique. It’s different than what I’ve heard before and the way he teaches it is in a way that makes it digestible and understandable.”

“I implemented everything Joe told me to implement. I did it exactly the way he told me to do it… and I’ve got a check for $7,995!”

Wanna Give The Z-Code A Go?

Thought you might ;-)

Because you can probably start to see why this is one of my favorite strategies from Joe…

I suggest you check out the official press release to learn more about this remarkable training program and see if Joe’s strategy is right for you.

Know this: With The Z-Code, you can begin using this incredible strategy right away to pinpoint your ideal target market and collect the necessary details to do “Z Deals” anywhere in the country.

Don’t let anything hold you back…

And remember, the training program comes with so many goodies: several downloadable docs, including Joe’s all-encompassing mind map, contracts and checklists—as well as a lengthy list of online resources and the super-helpful Excel calculator.

Plus, he’s giving you a free copy of his Wholesaling Lease Options book.

Listen—the Z-Code gives you absolutely everything needed to fill your seller lead engine to the max.

Starting right now.

Dig in.

Later guys,


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So, what if I told you there was away to flip houses in Memphis, while living in Long Beach, and spending most ofthe year in paradise (vacationing) and do it all from your cell phone, tablet or laptop?

Intriguing, right?!

Well, Patrick here, and I’m super pumped to tell you about an awesome new real estate investing training program called The Lifestyle Investor System by Justin Wilmot. This incredible time-saving program is the perfect step-by-step, A-to-Z blueprint of how to make real estate investing a real business that can provide consistent income AND give you time to enjoy it.

See, Justin’s uber-successful REI business has evolved into his latest business model—it’s a strategy I’ve never considered before that’s working SOLID for him today.

It’s a revolutionary wholesaling strategy that he calls “Retail Wholesaling“. (Also, he’s in the fix-and-flip side too… only, he’s got a very unique way of approaching it, so he MAKES BANK on fewer, better deals. Basically, he “cherry picks” deals to fix and flip, and “Retail Wholesales” the rest of them, for way more profit per deal than he was doing a few years ago.)

But here’s the thing… you might be thinking, ‘Hey Patrick, I guess this sounds cool, but it also sounds like REALLY hard, time-intensive work!’

But therein lies the beauty—Justin is a Lifestyle Investor—he doesn’t do 100-hour work weeks, outworking everyone with no time off. Blech!

Allow me to explain…

What is a Lifestyle Investor?

A Lifestyle Investor is someone who chooses an investing strategy that provides them incredible income with plenty of time to enjoy it.

Isn’t that why so many investors get into investing in the first place? The dream of financial freedom and spending quality time doing what you love with friends and family you love?

But what I see happen so often is that investors get into this industry and end up working countless hours and their REI business becomes just another J.O.B. :-(

So, Justin figured out how to get past those limitations… where his income continuously flows in while he goes on month-long vacations with his fam. In fact, Justin flips properties while he’s on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, even Panama…

True story!

Just take a look at him in this pic—“working” while soaking up the sun in between catching the surf waves. THAT is The Investor Lifestyle.

In Justin’s new strategy, he’s taken all the forms, systems, processes and documents and compiled them all nice and neat into remarkable step-by-step training that anyone can follow—to finally achieve success: time freedom and financial freedom.

What is The Lifestyle Investor System?

So the training is broken down into 4 main video presentations:

  • KickStart—Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
  • Lifestyle Investing—Rethink, Rewire, Reset!
  • Retail Wholesaling—Wait… What?
  • Fix-n-Flips Justin Style—Pickin’ Cherries, Baby!

The Kick Start is designed so you can hit the ground running, woohoo!

Module 1, Lifestyle Investing, shows you how you can rewire your brain so you can quickly and easily get crackin’ on this strategy in the right mindset… so you can truly make this work for you.

Retail Wholesaling is Module 2, where Justin explains this strategy that he invented. He teaches you how you can profit from just semi-motivated sellers… no need to hunt for deeply discounted deals and super-motivated sellers anymore.

And in Module 3, Fix-n-Flips Justin Style, you’ll see how Justin cherry picks high-profit deals—but never sacrifices his lifestyle. I’m telling you, what you’ll learn in Module 3 is mind-blowing!

Think of The Lifestyle Investor System as personal Justin Wilmot coaching—you don’t want to miss out on!

Anyways, check out this brief video that tells you a little more about it. Enjoy. :-)

The Lifestyle Investor Review (by Justin Wilmot) - YouTube

The Bottom Line

What’s most amazing about Justin’s new strategy is that it all revolves around a lifestyle of freedom—your lifestyle of freedom—by building a business that works for you and NOT the other way around.

Justin works to live. He doesn’t live to work.

You too can finally have the financial peace of mind that you and your family deserve. Best of all, you can run your Lifestyle Investing business from anywhere on the planet. When the program is followed exactly as instructed—and mixed with some dedication and hard work—the results will be extremely satisfying.

From moment one, The Lifestyle Investor provides the tools, resources, support, and the personal mentoring you need to make real money as-fast-as-humanly-possible.

Sound good to you?

Then you’ve got to check out The Lifestyle Investor System by Justin Wilmot and become a true lifestyle investor yourself. It’s absolutely possible!

You’re gonna love Justin’s approach… his strategy… and the new investor lifestyle you’ll be able to lead.

Once you check it out, I knowyou’ll see that the lifestyle investment strategy is right for you. Take control of your life—start today.

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Hey, Patrick here, and I’m happy as a dog with two tails right now, because I’ve go something super exciting to announce.

After many months “behind the scenes” in careful developing and testing, we’ve just unleashed a powerful new real estate deal-getting resource called “Property Scout Pipeline“, and we’ve already started hearing some really great feedback from real people test driving it in their business.

What is a Property Scout?

Ever heard of real estate bird dogs?

Easy, right? Someone who searches for possible deals for an active real estate investor like you/me. So basically your boots-on-the-ground person who strategically locates juicy property leads for you, the investor.

So rather than keeping tied to the hunting metaphor, let’s rename classic “bird dogs” into something that better fits their role: Property Scout.

So here’s the bottom line: What we’re talking about is having others systematically spoon-feed you property deals for your real estate biz. This is really not a new concept.

But here’s the twist: Some investors cracked the code on this bird dog/property scout thing. Rather than just a time-to-time, hit-or-miss type thing, many investors have created a whole army of bird dogs for their investing business.

Think about how much time you’d save by having a bird dog find your leads for you. Time gained that you could be spending doing more of what you do best—making money negotiating and closing deals.

Let’s say 1 bird dog brings you 3 deals a week. Well, that’s good, but…

Imagine how many leads you could get if you had 10 or 20 or more bird dogs driving the neighborhoods looking for exactly the types of properties you want.

Well, there is a way…

With a brilliant system we just created and launched—one that’ll not only save you time, but also help your business be more productive, organized, and yes, more profitable.

The Property Scout Pipeline is a lead-generating system that’s just a 1-step process.

It was first crafted by my good friend Dolmar Cross, who had no money—zero —to use for marketing for leads. So he figured out a way to leverage property scouts to do it for him.

But this system does soooo much more—get ready for your mind to be blown…

The Property Scout Pipeline

The Property Scout Pipeline is a multilayered software program that handles tons of tasks such as managing the status of each lead, keeping notes and adjusting the progress as leads move forward. This amazing system can actually track hundreds of property scouts in several different markets.

I remember when Dolmar first shared what he’d created with me, and instantly I was pumped when I saw possibilities. We jumped in and collaborated on refining it and turning it into the awesomest Property Scout-getting engine it could be together… and now we’ve started letting “beta testers” try it out in their own REI operations.

And as I already said, the feedback we’re hearing is pretty darn positive. :-)

Craigslist Hack

By using the Property Scout Pipeline, all you have to do is:

  1. Post ads to find Property Scouts
  2. Make offers on property leads submitted by Scouts

I kid you not, the program does all the heavy lifting for you—which includes not just helping you land new property scouts, but auto-training and communicating with them too.

One of the easiest ways you can use the Property Scout Pipeline to get bird dogs is our “Swipe & Deploy” Craigslist hack (it’s probably not what you think). It’s a back door strategy to getting motivated seller leads for $0.

Property Scout Pipeline Testimonials

A couple of real-life investors who tried this approach alone had this to say:

I started posting ads…on Friday and got 9 scouts so far.
I ran your adv #1 for Scouts on Craigslist yesterday about 6:00 pm and had 5 signups the first hour! Now I have 19 in less than 24 hours! Wow!

Those are legit, real people who just test-drove the Property Scout Pipeline for themselves, and were impressed with the fast results they got.

In fact, I tested it out myself and had leads flowing in from motivated sellers in a matter of hours. It’s so simple too. When you use this backdoor tactic, you won’t need to spend a dime to find sellers who need to dump their houses, ASAP.

So look, I won’t keep going with details. If you’re intrigued and want to see/know more, just check out this Property Scout Pipeline press release with more details for you.

All the best,

—Patrick Riddle

PS—I’ve personally used this to get leads in less than 24 hours. Frankly, I was amazed it worked so darn well. Plus, it’s stupid simple.

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Hey guys, it’s Patrick.

I’m thrilled to finally be able let you in on something we’ve been hunkered down for a while now working on — it’s called Abandoned House Secrets, a shiny new training program we just put the finishing touches on. And not only will it knock your ever-loving sock off, but more importantly, I know’s going to make a whole bunch of investors a lot of money.

The Deal in a Nutshell:

So not too long ago JP and I reconnected with some investor friends of ours Sean and Tracey Flanagan, who’ve been hands-down among the top, most successful real estate investors in Florida for the last 16+ years now. These guys have a seriously profitable operation and we’ve actually connected several times over the years to discuss and brainstorm their business and ours.

Except this time was special. :-)  This time Sean and Tracey let a whole new cat out of the bag, when they mentioned how awesomely they’d been doing with their abandoned house deals.

So at first I didn’t think much of it, and just casually asked them to tell me more about their specific strategies and successes with abandoned houses. But you could have knocked me over with a feather by the time they were done.

As it turns out, these guys have been quietly making out like a bandit with abandoned houses for years now, and most people haven’t had a clue.

Sure, pretty much every investor knows intuitively that there’s a lot of money to be made in abandoned houses if you can figure out how to systematically exploit them. But that’s exactly the problem: Most investors haven’t a clue how to actually accomplish this. Sure, you might get a deal on one here and there, but it’s definitely a needle in a haystack most of the time.

But the fact is, Sean and Tracey Flanagan have flat-out cracked the abandoned houses code. They know exactly how to tap the abandoned house arena unlike anyone else I’ve ever known, and they’ve been milking it for all it’s worth.

How Abandoned House Secrets Came About

After getting my head around what they’ve been doing, I’m here to tell you: The unique tactics and strategies they’ve been using to systematically take down high-profit abandoned house deals are nothing short of genius… And I’ve never heard of anyone doing what they do. So as you might imagine, they’ve kept it pretty close to the vest.

But friendship has it’s benefits, I suppose. :-) After a bit of buttering up and friendly arm-twisting, I got Sean and Tracey to agree to work with us in carefully documenting their entire system. So over a course of weeks together, we extracted and recorded everything they do that works so awesomely.

And let me tell you, this is some high-octane stuff, from how they find the sellers who don’t want to be found, to their time-tested, perfected marketing sequence, to their 6-step “Street Blitz” method. Soup to nuts, no holds barred, nothing held back, it’s all in there.

We wanted to give you a chance to hear a little about it right from the horse’s mouth, so here’s a short video JP made with Sean and Tracey Flanagan discussing the Abandoned House Secrets training.

Feast Your Eyes…

The simple fact of the matter is this: Pound for pound this is the best training available to teach you how to systematically milk the abandoned houses arena for everything it’s worth. What Sean and Tracey do (and teach) is very special in that it’s both (i) unique and (ii) time-tested and proven to work like gangbusters.

If you want to follow in their footsteps, check out our press release about it here:
Abandoned House Secrets by Sean Flanagan

So there you have it. ;-)

Later guys!


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