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Things aren’t always what they seem. People aren’t always who they appear to be.

It doesn’t take a Scorpio Full Moon to realize, but there’s something about this particularly dramatic and emotionally intense Moon that brings the invisible, what is unconscious or lives in darkness, into the light.

We’d talked before, and she seemed nice enough, but as I was making polite conversation I could feel my face tighten up, my smile become forced, the “mask” of my social persona very distinctly. I also felt suffocated. I felt like I might not be able to breathe very soon. I wanted to run. Now. Fast. I couldn’t get away from her fast enough.

All of it was intuitive information.

What was happening? I raced home as soon as I was able. When I laid down and went inside myself I knew I was having a strong reaction to her energy. It was beyond needy. Engulfing. Suffocating. False. What my physical senses registered, a friendly, nice person who wanted to be my friend, was incongruent with what my energy body felt. AWFUL.

Even though I knew this, I felt guilty for wanting to run away.  She seemed soooo nice. Yet lots of people “seem nice” and aren’t. This was Beautiful Evil Queen energy. Let me be your friend, let me show you how wonderful I can be to you, and then I will drain your life force so that I can live. Have a sweet red apple, dear…Oh, are you feeling sleepy?

It was bad. How do I know it was that bad? I felt that bad.

In the presence of that kind of energy, who wouldn’t want to run as fast as they can? Yet I couldn’t shake this incongruence between who she appeared to be, which manifested in a bout of severe nausea, reflecting the cognitive dissonance between what I saw and what I felt. I am in a phase of deep learning, learning to trust what I feel -the energy- above all else. And what I was feeling was very real, more real than what my five senses told me.

I don’t believe in evil. I do, however, know that what feels inherently false and self-serving feels pretty evil on an energetic level. We can’t avoid these kind of interactions, and the fact that we do certainly does not reflect our level of enlightenment. This is a diverse world. There are wounded people with strange motives who wear masks so they can function. We all have social masks that are quite different from who we are. We create them to survive childhood  (in astrology, those social mask of our outward personality is described by the Ascendant). When the mask of personality is so different from the reality…  it can be incredibly confusing. When who a person appears to be isn’t at all who they are.

Which makes learning to trust not what we see but what we feel an invaluable intuitive practice.

Scorpio Full Moon Intuitive Energy Practice: Dig Deeper

It is Scorpio Full Moon time, time for you to dig a little deeper. To look beyond what your five physical senses tell you, and pay closer attention to what your psychic senses are saying. I was receiving extrasensory information, its purpose was to protect me.  It helped me to recognize a psychic boundary. Had I not listened to the energy, I might’ve been lured into a black widow’s web. I’ve experienced those kind of relationships before – not fun.

Here’s the practice: Take a moment this week, when you are interacting with someone – especially if you have a strong feeling reaction to them – to observe on a deeper level. What are you feeling? After the interaction, how did/do you feel?

Take some time to interpret the information using your intuition. Try to refrain from interpreting that what you’re feeling as about you. The temptation, almost always, is to judge our self for what we feel, or think “it must be me” instead of reading the energy. Then we miss the opportunity to honor the intuitive information we are receiving.

Ask yourself: what information am I receiving about this situation or person that may not be obvious, or different from what’s being shown me?

You may notice an image or thought arise out of the blue. Or a sensation, desire, feeling or energy arise. It won’t come from your head– so get out of your head when you do this. This is psychic information.

This goes WAYYY beyond reading another’s body language, facial expressions or the words they are using- all of which can be unreliable and false – and instead asks you to rely on what you feel.

Why is this helpful? Your feelings are your truth-meter. They are an excellent form of Divine Guidance.

People say things all the time that may not feel true to you, because they aren’t. People wear expressions that are subject to misinterpretation. Angry can look like a lot like sad, for instance. Someone being and looking “too tired” can actually be avoidance, or anger. Distraction is a modern condition many people are afflicted with…but no matter how good others can get at multi-tasking while looking like they’re paying attention, when you are present and connected, it is easy to pick up on other’s distraction, which can feel like avoidance or disconnection.

For instance, when talking to my husband and he says “I’m listening,” and even looks like it (!), I can tell when he’s not.

You want to teach yourself to read the Truth, as only you can see it, with a capital T.

Get good at trusting what you intuitively receive, over what you are being told by another, or can see with your eyes. Get really good at this and you will have an intuitive superpower that will reliably protect and guide you!

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This past week has been a week of simplification. I had several clients who presented issues they’ve been struggling with for some time. Habits they needed to change, wanted to change, but the emotional elaboration on those made them nearly irrecognisable as just that: a bad habit.

Really, the only “bad” thing about bad habits is that they compromise one’s happiness, which feels bad.

The reminders to view something we are struggling with, as simply a habit, made me recognize how easy it is to make things overly complex when our emotions, minds and external energies get involved.

A habit is a neutral thing. Then we overlay it with self-judgment. Other people’s opinions. Shame. Guilt. Suddenly something totally within our ability to address and change becomes impossible!

A habit of self-sacrifice takes on an overly complex life of its own when we load it up with the energy of “maybe I’m codependent.” A habit of going to social media when we feel bad, (which only makes us feel even worse) is compounded when we think the legitimate emotional consequence -feeling so much worse than we did five minutes ago- means we should feel anything other than shitty. Then we judge our self for feeling that way.

Then there’s that complex thing we call “karma”, which we translate as some big overpowering destiny type thing that is outside of our control. In the spiritual community, there is a tendency to think something difficult is happening to us because of karma. Like: It must be my karma to attract narcissists! No, it’s your habit to let people walk all over you. Will I always attract narcissists? Try making yourself the center of your universe…and see. Karma is just a habit. Habits can be changed. Viewing “my karma” through the lens of habit can be clarifying and empowering.

Taurus is the sign of keep it simple, sweetheart. Taurus surely coined that cute phrase. Here’s the prescription for a life well-lived, courtesy of Taurus: Get some sunshine every day. Shove some healthy whole food down your mouth, at least occasionally. When you get all wrapped up in your head, or tangled up in your emotions, take a break. Go for a walk. Cook. Eat. Or go to the beach, or watch a movie. Rest. When we see a child with a tantrum coming on, we know they are tired and a nap will cure the passing mood. This is literally animal logic. Truly. Animals are not complex, and neither is the human organism.

We are all looking for happiness in our life, a simple request, really, which can seem so hard to attain. When we reframe a behavior that is moving us further away from happiness, as just a habit, we move from complexity into simplicity. We stop doing the behavior, and do something else, something more pleasurable, instead.

As Chinese philosopher Confuscius said: Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

Taurus Intuitive Energy Practice

We are in the middle of Taurus season.  Which means there is absolutely no reason to get all in a muddle (unless it’s a cuddle muddle, because Taurus just loves hugs). Cuteness aside, Taurus New Moon is the perfect time to get back into your pleasure-loving animal body. Are you living in and feeding all of your senses — or are you stuck in your head? Are you even in your body? It’s a serious question.

When I asked one of my clients what she could do instead of the habit that was making her unhappy, she replied, you know how it goes, I’m so in my head… So I suggested she get out of her head.

The next time you are in your head, decide to get out of your head and into your body. Instead of doing –fixing, solving, thinking, processing or any permutation of those things — focus on being. What would feel pleasurable and good, to your body senses, right now? Gentle yoga? A hot bath? A hike? Ice cream?

(Many a form of emotional hell can be ameliorated if not altogether eliminated by chocolate ice cream).

Witness how making the decision to be in your body, not doing in your head, changes everything.

Being present and in the body can shift us into the awareness that we are okay, good. Striving is one of my habits, and it just doesn’t work with energy practices. The more I strive for enlightenment, the further I get from it. I decided to go for a hike in the rainforest, instead… where I intentionally focused on simply being. No thought, just physical sensation. Voila. Energy cleared, negative emotional state evaporated.

Save the complexity for the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon. For now, keep it simple, sweetheart.

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I was walking around Whole Foods, not feeling my best. Frankly, I was having a mediocre day. I was still energetically recovering from a toxic exchange several days ago. I had been feeling so much better, so good, and that’s when I stepped in it. In my feel good high, I had mistaken myself for invincible (I am GODDESS! I can handle anything!) and stepped over a firm boundary with someone. Boundaries are exactly like our protective skin. Once we violate a boundary, we open ourselves up to all kinds of sludge.

My energy practices for the morning seemed to all point to pulling back into my energy field.

Earlier that morning, my guitar teacher synchronously drove the point home when she talked about how musical artists need to listen to other artists to get good. I mentioned that when we do that we may risk being influenced by them (which is why some of my author friends do not read others’ books).  We can pick up on others’ voice, ideas, only to discover them appearing in our own work.

“Maybe it comes down to pulling your energy back, and living your own life,” she replied. Touche.

While I had an excellent morning playing with songwriting, now in Whole Foods I wasn’t. I wanted to feel excellent! A pretty, bubbly woman near the meat counter exuded the energy I wanted to have. As I shuffled down the aisle, my songwriting success began to wane. I started feeling bad.

It took me a second comparison to yet another person to connect the dots…

Aha. I wanted my experience of myself to be different than what it was.  Have you ever noticed that happening for you? When you feel funky or off-center, the temptation is to compare yourself to others.

There was nothing wrong with how I was feeling. It was just okay, kind of funky, less than stellar. Until I judged myself, my experience, as lacking. That’s when things started feeling real bad.

The minute I decided I was in lack was the minute my energy took a nosedive.

The minute I judged my experience should be different than what it was, I felt really awful.

Hear this: It wasn’t the true fact that I felt funky/weird/off my game that made me feel bad. It was the untruth of self-judgment/non-acceptance that invited “feeling bad”. 

We are used to thinking that if we had this or that external thing we would be happier, feel better, be more awesome or amazing. It is not lack of anything that causes us suffering. It is the thought of lack, the idea that we lack anything, which is untrue. The minute we believe that something in our life is not adequate– love, happiness, confidence, money, our self, whatever- we begin to suffer.

Yet we will have moments where we want something else, something more- something other than this.

The human journey guarantees we will not always feel great. To me, the question becomes how do we embrace our humanity during these moments, in the most loving way? How can we accept what is — without making any part of our self, or our life, wrong in the process?

This is a delicate art. It often involves undoing the habit of self-shame most of us have inherited from our human family, the misperception we are inadequate. This is insidious. It extends far beyond familial conditioning and into culture. So many people walk around believing their self or their life to be inherently wrong in a fundamental way. How do we know this? Because, like a firehose, just look how shame spews criticism and judgment from different corners, telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing, what is right and what is wrong. Failure, success. Bad, good. Judge, judge. Which we internalize. What to do?

It begins with meeting our human experience with honesty and compassionate understanding.

I just wanted to feel better than I did…and I could understand that.

I had a rough couple of days… I could give myself that.

I had the desire to feel awesome in the Whole Foods…I could adjust that expectation for today.

I also know that I am not my feelings… I AM. I AM. I AM.


I could feel my energy pulling back into my core, myself. I asked for Mother Earth to ground me. I could feel my stems, my legs, connected to the Earth. I felt the energy rise from deep within, travel up my spine, my heart, my crown. I envisioned myself as a strong, elegant, tall bird of paradise.

I could feel the Rockstar Goddess stir within. She wanted my embrace and acknowledgment. She wanted me to remember: You are amazing. You are awesome. Just look at how you got through that toxic exchange on Sunday. It may be Wednesday and you’re still feeling the effects of it, yet overall you are feeling so much better than you were. You’re doing fantastic work.

This is how we bridge the gap. We offer our raw humanity our honest understanding. Then we remember that we are not our feelings or experience. We are so. much. more.

Libra Full Moon Intuitive Practice: The Self Acceptance Panacea

Libra is the art of inhabiting the middle way. Feeling amazing? Don’t get too extreme that you forget you have a backbone and boundaries to honor, Libra advises. Feeling good can be like spun sugar; we let it make us high and take us out of our body. Feeling bad? Are you judging your experience?, Libra asks. When we learn to live without labels or judgment, we discover that all is good. We are actually okay.

Thus, balance, centering, a peaceful sense of harmony is achieved. The ultimate Libra victory.

This practice is best done on a two or three, not a five, star day, so yay for mediocre days! Notice your lower baseline energy for this day, and offer yourself some compassion and tenderness. Maybe you feel like crawling into a hole. Or maybe it’s not that rough…but you just don’t feel like yourself.

The practice is this: wanting nothing in your life to be different than what it actually is.

This is not a mantra or meditation, but connecting with deep self-acceptance that you can energetically feel in your belly. Sit with the feeling “I do not need or want anything in my life to be different than what it is. I AM enough.” Feel this drop into your energy body. Give it a minute or two. You will (hopefully) feel a subtle shift — maybe more tenderness towards yourself, or perhaps you exhale a little more deeply.

Hello, Goddess! You have just remembered your innate Divinity.

Self-acceptance is a panacea – a cure all. Panacea was also the name of a Greek Goddess, the Goddess of universal remedy, and her name means “all-healing”. Panacea was a goddess of healing.

Take some time to play with this.

For today, remember: the minute you decide you do not want to be having the experience you are having, you are in murky water…and already feeling bad. This includes making comparisons to others. When you notice this, return to your practice of wanting nothing to be different than what it actually is.

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“Be more selfish”

“Be the boss”

“Inform, don’t negotiate”

“Own your feminine strength”

I love telling this to clients. Particularly those with an overdeveloped sense of compassion, obligation and sensitivity toward others. I get it. I understand what it means to live with putting others first, both how beautiful it makes you, and how it warps your life. This is my wheelhouse. Not because I’m good at it but because I have to work at it every day of mine.

The above statements above may roll off my tongue with sass and gusto, but they are prescriptive medicine. I also know my audience. “Be more selfish” is medicine for one, and poison for another.

Some get it, others just won’t. Others will think you are plenty selfish (just look at how much freedom/time/opportunity you have!) but those people do not understand what it means to energetically, emotionally put others first… because assuming you are just like them is to their benefit. They get to keep relating to you from their limited viewpoint, and you get to keep serving them!

For some of us, “be more selfish” is so much easier said than done.

For those of us who want to be caring toward others first and foremost not hurt other people’s feelings, put others wants, needs and desires above our own, “be more selfish” is a pretty terrifying request. If this is you, keep reading. We think: If we stop deferring… asking others what they want and instead just decide what we want… if we stop living life by committee, stop asking everyone their opinion and consult our inner manager instead…if we put our foot down, say No, and disappoint another’s expectations or feelings…what will happen then? Terror! Maybe they won’t love us anymore. Maybe they will leave us. (my fight or flight mechanism has practically kicked in through simply writing these words)

Granted, if someone will leave us for any of the above reasons, they are not our people. Try telling that to the inner 5 year-old who believes that love is conditional and earned.

Yet being more selfish is also the key to our healing. Giving our self 100% permission to be first and last authority in our own life is something which, if we could actually claim with total honesty on our death bed, the Angels would pronounce our life a raging success –a smashing victory!

Aries New Moon suggests the time is right for being more selfish.  At its best, Aries energy is clear, direct and honest. No bullshit. This is what I want, need, desire…this is what I AM about. It’s not personal. I’m simply going to inform you. No, this is not up for negotiation. It’s not about you, it’s about ME, ME, ME. And I’m not going to apologize for it. (so, don’t go there, Libra!)

As an Aries Moon born, my single most empowering go-to question is “what do I need/want?” I apply it liberally to many different situations, from an argument that has suddenly taken a sharp left turn (wait, a second, I ask myself, what do I need, here?) to the decision about how to plan my day. “What do I want/need?” always brings me back to ME…and I have left ME alone far more often than I like.

In its shadow manifestation, Aries is argumentative, defensive and gets in its own way. In my experience, the best way to become argumentative, defensive and get in your own way is to ignore your true wants, needs and desires. Chiron is transiting Aries. This is about the habit of self-abandonment. The habit of thinking we need to put our self last, not first. Core wound stuff. Wound to selfhood stuff.

So maybe this post is not for everyone. It is a shout out for those who have given so much, and claimed little. For those who know the pain of self-betrayal too well. For those who have confused being true to one’s authentic self with being uncaring. For those who know guilt. So. much. guilt.

Bring your energy back to you. You have compromised yourself long enough.

Aries New Moon Practice: Pull Your Energy Back

Ever notice how feeling anxious about standing up for your self (aka being selfish) can derail you at the worst possible moment? Right when we want to feel strong, fear makes us vulnerable: that we’ll disappoint another, they’ll argue with, disagree with us, they’ll get hurt feelings, or that their shame will come up, they’ll turn it into an argument about them, etc. etc. etc. etc. And because fear attracts what we most fear, that’s exactly what happens: We are suddenly engaging their hurt feelings… end up arguing… and it all goes sideways. We have essentially attracted what we least wanted to happen. We might even end up avoiding the topic altogether and compromise our self for another, thus betraying our self.

And the cycle continues.

This practice can radically change the way you are able to hold your energy during hot or intense moments. And in my experience, how you hold your energy- your seat of power- makes all the difference between getting your needs and wants met, or devolving into an argument you never intended to have. Try it before you have a big “talk,” you need to be decisive, or otherwise in your power.

Sit in a comfortable spot with your feet on the ground. Ground by sending energy through the cords of your feet down into the moist, cool Mother Earth. Imagine your energy has a signature color. It is a glowing, iridescent, vibrant color that you identify with and is all yours. No one else has this same color.

Now, imagine calling your energy back into your solar plexus and sacrum. Imagine watching the bloom of a chrysanthemum firework, but in reverse — streams of your colorful light are returning to you, to your core, like a pinwheel moving inward toward your center. As streams of light return to you, your seat of power grows, glows and vibrates outward. Allow your light to take up as much space as you like.

You will feel restored in yourself, more in your seat, more present. You will feel a little more energized, clearer. Clarity. Inner integrity. Presence. Imagine the clarity and calm surety of the Sun. That’s Aries.

Now, instead of taking a defensive or protective posture, you will have all your energy with you so you can meet whatever comes your way and know that YOU are always the bigger force!

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Pluto, Saturn and the South Node are all traveling very close together in the sign of Capricorn right now – and through the month of April. Peak times of intensity are around April 12th & 30th, though it is happening throughout the month, and has been at play during the month of March, too.

This morning, after reading my mentor Steven Forrest’s piece about the impact of this transiting nodal configuration on the collective, I asked myself my usual question: how can we work with this in our charts and lives? Individually, we respond to and create the shared field. Capricorn South Node’s involvement indicates that it’s time to release- to lose– some sticky, toxic stuff. How can we lighten our own load?

If, on a macro level we are dealing with abuses of power and authority, on a micro level we are each having our own inner reckoning with the “power player” “controlling dictator” “fear monger” “petty tyrant” “authority abuser” or “impoverished orphan” within. On a micro level, somewhere, perhaps in the very innermost and innocent corners of our lives and minds, this character lives and breathes.

How does this manifest? Maybe in our career ambitions- we start to see what it’s costing us, interpersonally. Or fear and paralysis we experience when we think of taking a life step that we have to take but know will be disruptive. Or a parent’s voice, someone who criticized and demeaned, a voice that was internalized. It might be the impoverished orphan, who never got the attention and love she needed from mom and dad, so now makes herself the center of attention through drama and crises.

How does it feel to be held hostage by a tyrant? Pretty awful. A tyrant’s empathic range is nil. A tyrant uses guilt, shame and a need to control others (out of fear) to stay in power. It barks unfriendly orders. It tears others, or tears itself, down. It insists that you are always wrong, and they are always right. It creates lots of drama, to distract from Truth. It insists you conform to external “reality”. As if!

To move through this energy with maximum ease and grace, it may be important to realize that it’s not anyone’s fault that the dictator, tyrant, controller, impoverished orphan has taken up residence in a dark, unconscious corner inside of our self. Casting blame, persecution, shaming are tools of the dictator– so please don’t do that!  In my experience, the harder the energies, the lighter the touch required.

No matter how harsh it (we) acts, the “tyrant”… is actually our pain. Unfelt, unprocessed, afraid.

As you psychically engage these energies, please ask your practical and wise adult self to step in and help you out with what you discover. Saturn transits always inform us that we’ve matured and outgrown some behavior/belief/situation, and so with this configuration, it is time to take a hard, honest look and ask ourselves: Who is giving the orders around here? Who is insensitively demanding that I be or do or believe this thing, when the more authentic choice is something else entirely?

…Is our ancient fear of rejection and abandonment ordering us to conform to others’ wishes and desires instead of listen to what our true self, our Soul, wants and needs?

…Is our ancient fear of rejection and abandonment ordering others to conform to us?

…Is our shame, that if only we were more perfect then we would’ve gotten the love we needed, creating this vortex of feeling we can never get it right, or be loved, no matter what?

…Is our guilt –the feeling that if only we hadn’t disappointed another’s expectations, we wouldn’t be in this mess – keeping us stuck in a bad situation or relationship?

…Are we believing that we are a failure in manifesting our “life mission” or “calling” (Capricorn) instead of seeing that our entire life – living our life, as it is, with presence and acceptance – IS our calling?

…What is it for you?  Where is aloneness and terror appearing?   Where is fear, feelings of lack and a need to control dominating your consciousness? Where is your dementor of doom? 

Look to 23 degrees Capricorn in your chart, and any planets you have at 22-23 degrees, for clues.

Pluto always asks us to take a brutally honest look at what we don’t want to face in our selves.

Ultimately, Pluto requires that we change our perception to move ahead. Core misperceptions that we have about our self and life.  Perception is tricky. Habits of thinking shape our perception. It can be hard to see that our perception is shaping our reality. We are too busy thinking our thoughts are “real”.

Except, they’re not.

Here’s where tender feelings come into play. What confuses the inner tormentor most of all? Tears. Heart. Sensitivity. Gentleness. Tenderness. Acceptance. Vulnerability. Have you ever felt at the end of your rope, fallen apart, cried big fat elephant tears, and discovered that you could go on?

Or maybe you sat with someone who simply held space for you, and the answers appeared.

I’m speaking to the Cancer energies, which are a remedy for too much Capricorn.

Commit to gentleness. Commit to self-kindness. Commit to feeling it, no matter how icky.

In Evolutionary Astrology, we learn that the North Node holds medicine for the South Node dilemma. Cancer North Node is the cosmic medicine required to shift this configuration, within and without.

Don’t expect the dictator to understand you- living in your open, soft, heart. The inner tyrant is befuddled and bewildered by all this Cancer stuff. Yes! This is what we want! Confuse the mind! Throw a monkey wrench into the mental patterning you replay in your thinking, over and over, by committing to living in your Heart & Soul. Feel your feelings. Befriend yourself. Cry for what you lost. Cry for what you never had. Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Forgive others, even if they don’t deserve it (but you do). Regard your capacity to feel deeply as a strength, even when it hurts and sucks and you hate feeling this way. Use your own heart-centeredness to shift the icky energies into a lighter vibration.

There is great healing available through simply facing your stuck and wounded parts and loving yourself, anyway. Imagine Cancer North Node as a warm, loving cosmic mother who has the unlimited ability to simply… love you. A prayer for this time might be: “Help me to fully accept and love myself as you do, Divine Mother.” Wherever I am, however I feel, no matter what. Love. Love. Love.

April is an intense month and we’re barely in there yet. While these energies are being generated in the collective, and we’re all feeling it, who is doing the generating of these energies? Not simply “the planets” nor just one person.  I find myself grinding my teeth with relish, lately; I don’t think this is a coincidence.  If you’re experiencing symptoms involving teeth, sexual reproductive organs, colon/digestion, and tension headaches during April, don’t be surprised. It’s all indicated by these energies.

So be extra EXTRA gentle with yourself. Look within with more honesty than ever, but don’t get stuck on what you find there. You are good, you are kind, you are perfect, you are whole. You are love.

If you want to befuddle a tyrant, accept and love them as they are. Truly. Now go do this with yourself.

… And remember, the parts make the whole. If we can liberate our self from that unkind, sadistic and un-feeling tormentor within, aren’t we doing our part for the good of all?

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Last week, following a routine visit to the vet, my terrier Magnus became suddenly paralyzed from the mid-section down. Not knowing whether my dog would walk again, or what had happened, was confusing and terrifying. After discovering he had a deteriorating spine and 2 herniated discs, he had emergency surgery and spent the next 4 days in the hospital. He came home yesterday, and while he still cannot walk or do routine things like pee and poo on his own, he is showing some positive signs of mobility.

When one of the compassionate vets said, that as a dog owner herself what was happening to us was her worst nightmare, I agreed. This is in the top 5 of my worst nightmares list. I knew this Full Moon would be difficult for me, as this lunation at 0 degrees Libra-Aries occurs exactly on my twelfth house Pluto in Libra and sixth house Mars in Aries, while squaring my Cancer Sun. I also tracked March as the time I would experience the early stages of transiting Pluto opposing my Venus in Cancer (23 degrees).

I thought there was a high likelihood for an emergency, given the Aries/Mars/Pluto energy.

Yet there’s always a gift. In true Pluto form, this has also stripped things down to essence.

Always, at times like this, I receive big teachings on Love. I received this: Love is the doorway to Everything. Fear is a gateway or hall to that doorway, layers of feelings through which we must pass to get closer to Love. We cannot rush or take shortcuts. We need the human experience of being in this body, of feeling and accepting everything that we feel, to find the Divinity waiting for us -always right here- just obscured by distractions, illusions. The door is always open. Of course, the Love teacher is me. I am teaching Love and I am also the student, learning, learning. The classes are experiences like this one.

Riding back from a hospital visit, my heart felt broken wide open. Magnus always reminds me to be present to the Love that is, because it is always looking back at me through those big soulful eyes.

I yearned to feel held, both human and Divine. What has been preventing me from feeling Love, lately? I had a moment of startling clarity: I need to be even more honest and truthful in my life. To not hold back anything from myself, or others, as it only keeps me from experiencing the Love that is always right here.

I realized I had been hiding behind some feelings of hurt with another human, and I decided to stop all that. Instead of tucking the hurt feelings away, and letting the story I had been telling myself to continue, I decided to communicate the simple fact that I was hurt. The fact is, unless they’re sadistic, no one wants to hurt another person, ever. If given the opportunity to correct a false perception that is hurting you… most people really want that chance. I know this. So why was I nursing this idea of another hurting me?

I decided I didn’t want to hide out in illusions any longer, they only create separation.

I want to feel the Love that is always right here.

Everything that keeps us from that is a story, a misunderstanding.

Full Moon in Libra: You Are Not Alone

Chiron, newly in Aries, conjoins the Sun and opposes the Libra Moon. You might say we are being formally, cordially (it’s Libra, right?) introduced to the new Chiron in Aries energy right now.

Many positive things can be said about the transit of Chiron in Aries (till 2026) – healing into deeper levels of self-empowerment, for instance – but first it will show us what blocks us from the same. Like, our existential feelings of loneliness. Do you feel alone? Isn’t that a persistent feeling right now in the collective? We feel ALONE. This is the Chiron in Aries wound: feeling we are utterly alone in this world.

We nurse that wound with our thoughts and stories about being alone… that another doesn’t care, that we really are all alone in the world… and that perception f***s with us, coloring our thoughts and actions. We distance our self from self and others, out of self-protection and fear. We hold our self back from receiving the Love that is here.

For many, thinking we are alone is a persistent habit of thinking. This is both real, and an illusion. We learned, early on, that we are alone. As children, those of us born with Chiron in Aries spent a lot of time alone (Chiron was in Aries approx. from 1968-1976/77, check your own chart due to retrogrades). My generation were known as “latchkey kids” – kids who went home to an empty house after school (interestingly, Chiron is the key symbol). Guidance was lacking. When heavy stuff went down, we discovered we had to fall back on our self.  Where were the adults? This is how loneliness becomes a persistent thought habit, beginning in our early conditioning… and we keep thinking it into adulthood.

How many times a day/week/month do you return to the thought “I’m all alone…”?

We might be surrounded by people and feel alone.

We might be in an intimate relationship and feel alone.

We might actually be on our own.

Consider the idea that “I’m alone” is a habit you’ve learned, not an actual fact of your existence.

Love is right here. It is in the flowers, birds and trees. It is in the warm smile of a stranger. It is never tied to any person or condition you experience…yet most of us have habits keeping us from feeling this truth.

Where do you isolate yourself from others’ love — out of fear, self-protection, hurt, or habit?

It’s human to want to feel ooey-gooey romantic love. To want to be wrapped in a blanket of love. It’s also human to feel hurt, scared, denied love. This is the Full Moon to feel all of it, and take off more of your hurt warrior armor. Feel, grieve, honestly meet your humanity: this is the vulnerability of being alive. Your honest feelings will allow you to receive this knowing: You are not alone. We cannot ever be separated from our Divine Nature – which is Love – just distracted from it. This next practice can help you feel into Love.

Libra Full Moon Practice: Centering with the Rose

When we feel scared, anxious and alone our energy tends to thrust forward, and sometimes even go outside of our body. Feel into your center right now, the area around your heart. Is your energy a bit forward, outside of your chest, or is it inside of you, relaxed into your spine (that’s where we want it)?

To bring yourself back to your center, take a few quiet moments to get still. Imagine a rose covering your heart. Take your time getting to know the rose of your heart. You want to get intimate with it.

…What color is the rose? Pink? Violet? Peach? Red? White? Is it an American beauty? A fragrant tea rose? What does it smell like? Are the petals open or closed? Is it dewy?

As you explore the visual and aromatic aspects, feel the rose sitting in the middle of your center. To me, when I am fully in my center, this feels how I’d imagine a fishing bob or ball relaxed-ly floating in water. Centeredness is a buoyant, light sensation, an awareness of fully inhabiting the center of your being.

You may not get there right away. Personally, with so much cardinal energy in my chart, I tend to get ahead of myself, and this manifests as my energy being sort of in front of my heart instead of inside my chest. It may take time. Breathe with it awhile. Watch its stem wind its way down through your solar plexus, legs, feet and into the Earth. Allow its beauty and peace to calm you, drop you deeper within.

Thoughts, energies, may arise. Just watch. Remain focused on the rose that is your heart.

Soon, with a little practice, you will feel the sensation of dropping in. Then, connecting to your innate peacefulness. This is LOVE. No more separation. Only connection. No more fear. Only love.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this practice in the Whole Foods parking lot, in the vet, anywhere I have a little space and time to honor my need to ground and center. Again, it’s been important for me to take my time with it…more time than I think I have (that Aries Moon)! Do what feels right for you.

The cardinal energy of Aries season can be really stressful for some of us; it’s easy to get caught up in the demands, speed, stress and emergencies of Aries- ruled by Mars, God of war, strife and emergencies. I experience mid-March thru mid-April as consistently difficult.

For this reason, this is a beautiful energy practice for the season. The Rose is a Libra/Venus symbol that people have used for years, to restore balance, peace, harmony, calm and love. Drink rose kombucha, eat rose cookies, rose tincture, buy yourself some roses… There’s no better time to receive some LOVE.

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After 13 years, and multiple attempts at contact on my part, an old friend reached out. The moment I dreamt of had finally arrived: I had given this moment so much energy over the years of trying to reconnect, imagining a joyful reunion of forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love—all the things I had been craving from the other.

For years, I had wanted to express my deep regret for my part for the inelegant but necessary parting of ways, and now I finally had the chance! I was filled with joy at the opportunity – and I took it. But afterwards other feelings set in: rejection, betrayal. Having been denied the ability to speak for so many years, I literally felt I was being/had been choked.

Allowing all the feelings to arise, suddenly I could see all the magnificent illusions I had… the person I had built them up to be, the admiration I had given them, a grandeur of greatness that now contradicted the reality of the one who had human wounds, flaws and even hypocrisies.

A sort of fall from grace occurred. And an awakening into grace.

Now I could clearly see that I was always the one I had wanted.

The qualities I was waiting for another to give me, for years so desperately trying to receive and denied, were a vestige of childhood wounds (aren’t they always?) – and they were with me all along.

I already had what I needed. Who had the acceptance, love, forgiveness in this picture? I did. The proof was in my very detailed imaginings of this moment. I was the one bringing the light, love and healing.

Their path, and healing, was different from mine, and theirs to walk. Realizing I no longer needed or wanted anything from this person, I experienced a swelling of self-love, self-cherishing, and self-acceptance.

I had wanted all these things from another, of course I had! My inner child wished for this to be different than it had been, so badly. How understandable. Yet in fully feeling the pain and longing of that wish, I received the fullness of my own beauty and goodness. My Light.

Pisces New Moon

One of the great ironies of life is that we spend most of it believing that our happiness and good lays elsewhere, outside of our self — in money, security, status, prestige, love, affection from other people. In things we try to get from external sources instead of seek to receive from within.

Receiving the good we already have, right here and now, is something most of us have to work on. It is the goal of every spiritual practice. We think it is the un-obtanium (is this a real word? It is a word my husband uses often) of enlightenment, yet is totally attainable! Apparently, the cosmic joke is, upon arriving in heaven, after a lifetime of striving and working so hard for peace, happiness and joy we all eventually realize what we were seeking was and is here and now. Why not discover it now?

This morning I felt this rich and tender up-swelling of truly receiving the good in this life I have created for myself. I live in Hawaii. Yes. Hawaii!! I am married to a soulful man I love. I have unlimited freedom to pursue whatever my Soul desires next. I created this. I feel and am abundant. I love myself, deeply, tenderly, expansively, and feel that love in a very palpable sense. I created this!! I love my fierce dedication to leading a life that is in alignment with me, and know my life is a reflection of this.

This is the gift of Pisces: Allowing yourself to receive the good that is yours. Don’t wait till you are dead to discover that heaven was on Earth all along (I’ve always thought that was a bad idea; why should we have to wait?!). Don’t wait for forgiveness and healing from another; give what you long for from them, to you. Allowing, accepting, receiving, offering yourself limitless compassion, unconditional love… are the methods of sinking more deeply into your Divinity. Here’s another one I want to share with you.

A Pisces Practice: Cool, Calm Pool of Light

We each have access to a gentle peace within. In fact, that is all we are and ever can be as eternal Souls: peace, ease, beauty, grace, joy, bliss, contentment… Admittedly, with the way our nervous systems are hard wired to anticipate danger and threats, embodying this is like teaching one’s awareness to rest on gentle birdsong in our front yard instead of the blaring ambulance racing loudly down our neighborhood street. We are in sensitive bodies, and living on a planet that cycles through myriad uncomfortable energies daily, so connecting to our light takes a level of persistence.

Frankly, it takes practice.

Here’s how I do it. Start with the practice I introduced you to two weeks ago in: Presence (linked). Ask “Where Am I?” and pull your consciousness into your body, with your breath and your awareness. Now, breath light into your center and feel yourself relax into your spine, and into your pelvic bowl. Draw it downward into your belly. Connect with the light in your pelvic bowl, or solar plexus.

Feel the peace and tranquility here. Feel the abiding calm and serenity. Always. Right. Here.

It is here, even as other energies co-exist within and around you. You may say, ‘but I can’t stop my mind from chattering…how can I ever tune into peace?!’ You CAN. Few talk about this truth, because the Ego is caught up in believing we must eliminate “bad” feelings before we can experience good, but paradoxically, peace and calm can and do co-exist with other energies we feel.  Training our self to hold all of it at once is essential. In fact it may be the only way we are permitted to experience deep serenity.

No matter how fluttery your heart might be, or how chaotic the thoughts running around in your head, you always have access to this calm pool of light. This calm pool of light is your True Nature, your I AM.

That’s how I experience it inside, as a cool, calm pool of light. Like a deep and beautiful lake with light reflecting a warm sunset glow surrounding, when I tune into that in myself, I am reminding myself of the truth: I am not what I feel. I am not my experiences. I am not this body. I am not my history. I AM.

Some days it feels like only a thimble full of water, or a little pond; other days my calm pool of light feels big, expansive, like the ocean. It can feel too small, and interestingly, it can also feel too big, too much light for little me to handle! I ease the Ego into it, wading in up to my shins, then my thighs. It’s all okay.

I play with floating on my back in the deep Pacific, where the water is so salty one doesn’t need move, just be. Floating, I remember I’m not holding the light, I don’t need to do anything. The light is holding me.

Take a few moments during this Pisces season to try this practice, and return to the truth of who you are. Do it for a few minutes throughout the day, while you’re waiting at line at the grocery, driving home, eating lunch. You don’t have to wait till you get to heaven, or till someone gives you what you think you want and need, to experience the deep and peaceful healing light of love that is yours, right here and now.

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Picture It…

You are on a veranda overlooking the sea. White billowy curtains blow in the sea breeze, framing a gorgeous seascape. In front of you, palms sway on a white sand beach as you drink in the glimmering emerald-turquoise water with your eyes. Walking over to a divan, you feel the cool marble floor beneath your feet, the gentle swish of your light silk dress against your body. You recline, breathe deeply and realize there is no place you’d rather be than here now. You feel perfectly content. This is your house. Your blissful life.

Picture It…

You are at a dinner party thrown in your honor. You are surrounded by friends. As people walk by, they  pat you on the back, shake your hand or hug you. In reciprocate, while lavishly soaking up their generous affections. You feel great in your body. You are wearing your favorite outfit and you feel wonderfully comfortable in your skin. A deep sense of well-being and rightness arises in your chest and travels throughout your body. It feels so good to be acknowledged, recognized and seen for who you truly are.

These images, one for me, the other for my husband, sprang to mind after listening to this inspiring talk by Neville Goddard, and talking about it, together. It’s a fantastic reminder about how to create the reality we want to experience, and it found me in perfect timing, on the heels of a belief breakthrough: a full-on 3-D awareness of my limiting beliefs and how they were holding me back from the life I want.

One night, unable to sleep and overwhelmed by self-doubt, a handful of “what if?” type of questions fired off in my head: “I can’t…” “How?…” “I’m not good enough…” “It won’t work…”

Ever had that happen?

I had just begun to comprehend how this belief system was running a certain area of my life. When the fear that I couldn’t even change the belief system I’d just discovered popped up, I reached my tipping point (that’s how insidious beliefs are; that was the belief at work!). I made the decision to not believe the negative beliefs any longer. To just stop it. At first, it was a bit like piloting an airplane and deciding to manually make a one hundred eighty degree turn. It took spiritual muscle. But as each worry arose as though it were brand new (they weren’t, they never are) I decided the answer to every question or “problem” could only ever be “I’m good,” because that is the reality I choose to live in. “What if…?” “I’m good.” “I can’t…” “I’m good.” “I feel…” “I am good.” I did this until I was filled with deep peace and calm. I went to sleep that night and woke up feeling so clear, so peaceful I knew I had affected a profound shift.

Belief shapes our thoughts. Deep down we know it’s true… and yet it’s surprising isn’t it, when we wake up to the fact that we have been living in one tiny dark room of our Goddess given palatial palace, because of a belief or two?

Picture It…

One belief creates perceptions that become windows or doorways to life, open to endless possibilities.

The other belief makes a mental prison of our worst fears, keeping us small, tight and afraid.

We are free to believe anything we want about life, about our self, others… and, whether we realize it or not, we will always experience the consequence of what we believe. I can believe Divine perfection in all things is the one true reality; everything else an illusion. I can believe I am healthy, abundant and loved… and expectantly, patiently orient myself toward receiving proof. Or I can believe the world is a lost cause, dangerous, unsafe, all is gone to hell in a hand basket… Either way, it will be proven to me.

One belief will literally create perceptions rooted in the Eternal truths of life– in the belief that we are spiritual consciousness, we are eternal, we are whole, perfect and abundant and nothing is ever denied us. The other belief is rooted in subjective, fearful, doubt-riddled mind, where all the conditioning we received throughout life we re-play in our minds like a bad record we don’t think we can shut off.

I’d done this work before. I’d radically changed my belief structures about being single forever, poor, always having unfulfilling work and limitations in health. So as I began to play with this kind of mental training, the more I remembered what I had already proven many times over: that fulfillment or lack in any area of life was primarily a question of cognitive habit.  It took work, but the results … well, you just can’t fail.

Even though I had been going really deep in my inner work lately, I realized I hadn’t gone deep enough. True Self change is about aligning with YOUR Divinity from the inside out. Your Divinity wants to give you everything you want and need to fulfill your Soul’s mission, here. But to do so it helps to develop an intimate relationship with infinite possibility of Spirit as You… and then to unclog everything obstructing your natural flow, the main obstructions being negative beliefs and fears.

Aquarius season breaks up mental stagnation. Air seasons bring in new thoughts, conversation. We crave “fresh air” during air seasons– new ideas and fresh mental perspectives. A New Moon like this, after eclipse-packed January and last years topsy-turvy chaos, liberates, frees — if we play our cards right.

Speaking of cards, one of my favorite tarot cards in the Thoth deck is the “science” card. It is associated with Mercury in Aquarius. I pull it when I needed to creatively work with and shift mental attitudes. It basically says that in order to create innovation in our life we need to employ the objective, inventive, experimental scientific mind.  Just as a scientist conducting an experiment will decide what outcome she’d like to achieve and then set about proving it, first we decide this thing will happen, then we design a methodology that assumes it is happening. That’s exactly how to successfully work with self-change.

Here’s one of my methodologies for manifesting change:

  1. Commit.

This is a vital first step because without commitment your indecision will keep you stuck in limbo. What do you want? Who do you want to be? Decide to commit to that image of yourself, and place it above all other versions. As Dolly Parton once said, “Figure out who you are and then do it on purpose.” Or as I like to remind myself: As you know yourself so shall you be. Truly. Ponder it. It’s deep and true.

  1. You don’t have to know how this will happen.

You don’t have to know HOW you will do or get the thing you want, or become person you want to be. All you have to do is commit to the desire/intention. Then give it up to Spirit, and allow Spirit to do the work of bringing it to you. We tend to get hung up on the “how” “who” and “what”. But how will I get the money? But what will I do once I get there? Who am I going to be (in this vision I want)?  It is not your job or responsibility to know how, who or what. Only to ask and then prepare to receive.

But… you are afraid…The new always feels new. It feels unknown. There are unknowns! Get okay with that. The oak seed has the DNA of the Great Oak tree within it. It doesn’t have to think about how it will get there. Only to KNOW that it will, and to TRUST its natural unfolding. Know that you are getting there.

3.Clear limiting beliefs that are no longer relevant to who you are now.

This is a vital step. Limiting beliefs are the main reason we don’t manifest what we want. A limiting belief exists in our psyche for a reason– it once protected us from being hurt. Yet beliefs have expiration dates. Periodically we need to sort through and discard what is no longer serving us.

A practical example: For over twenty years I could not eat a number of things without having a pretty immediate physical reaction. When I moved to Hawaii that all changed- no more food sensitivities! Yet I’ve noticed that this whole past year, my mind wants to go back to that old tape out of habit. If I get a symptom I still habitually think, “maybe it’s because I ate this, or that” and feel that very strong old self-protective mechanism kick in (FEAR!) that was once designed to keep me healthy. However, when I check in with my Soul, always the message is: Don’t worry about your health. Just don’t worry about it.

After 20 some years of chronic food and illness stuff, “don’t worry about your health” is a huge cognitive leap for me! When I get some funky symptom I’m tempted to worry. Yet this is exactly what I mean: We all have mental habits that are no longer relevant to who we are, today. Do we stop to question them? If I chose to keep believing what is no longer true for me I wouldn’t allow myself to indulge in all these new experiences: the passion fruit-coconut cocktails, local chocolates, pineapple, oh my.

  1. Relax. Don’t work so hard at it.

Play with an intention or affirmation by embodying it in both feeling and mind… then doing something relaxing and mindless. This morning I was affirming for something and I decided to vacuum the house. As I was vacuuming an image came into my mind that inspired a next step (below). The secret to answered prayers is surrender. Spirit IS the principle of relaxed and surrendered flow… so doesn’t respond to pressure, pushing and desperation. Know it’s possible. Then allow Divine Universe to bring it to you.

  1. Picture it.

Earlier I described receiving an image of me on a house on a beach, curtains blowing in the breeze.  I am in an opulent house, relaxed, content with my life. I’ve always loved the trompe loeil style of art. If you are not familiar, it offers the impression that you could just step out of your room and into the picture. Usually there’s a window or doorway that opens into a beautiful, blissful panorama. Like stepping into a dream.

I began to look online for an art piece, a visual reminder to inspire and that would help me to “step into” my new home and life. Lo and behold, I found what I had visualized in my imagination… right down to the flower petals at my feet I’d imagined while vacuuming earlier (above pic)! I purchased it instantly.

Imagination is that powerful. The pictures we circulate in our imagination, whether as a product of old belief structures, or a spiritual foundation, are creative. They attract, just as mine did. The difference between just doing the mental idea of “positive thinking” of affirmation or law of attraction and actually creating real results rests with our ability to fully embody a more comprehensive knowing, in our feelings. It rests in our ability to BELIEVE what we see in our mind’s eye, as more real than what we do not yet see in front of us. You can easily put frosting over a shit cake and wonder why you’re attracting crap (without doing the work). Or you can commit to taste, feel, believe, know, picture who you want to be.

Feel into it: 2019 is a different year from 2018, offering new potentials. How will you make it so? This is a fantastic New Moon for clearing away the old conditioning and beliefs keeping you from the life you want. What keeps tripping you up? Where do you feel invisibly “held back”? Can you change your mind, and change your life? Self-change is an inner process. The first step is to decide. Make the decision. Commit.

Who will you be in 2019?

Picture it…

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Last October, I decided to publicly acknowledge an internal shift. The decision to do so was due to an awakening that began in 2016, which has totally shifted my perception of the world and my place in it.

If you have a top-heavy astrological chart, as I do, it’s impossible to do your life changes in private. Changing jobs? Everyone knows about it. Eating oatmeal for breakfast? Ditto. Change, in a chart with planets clustered at the Midheaven, is basically like you’re changing your clothes in public.

Everything has changed, for me. Almost every relationship. The way I live. Where I live. The way I create… As my productive output has slowed to focus on inner work, one distinction I’ve had to make for myself is this: Creating is not the same as producing. Creativity isn’t necessarily productive. It’s staring at the ceiling, reading a book, exploring an idea, being with yourself. Creativity is allowing yourself to go deep into a process, and being totally unsure where you will end up. Will you have something to show for it? Not sure. True creativity is about giving yourself permission, time, space to simply go there.

Things can change quickly. Tools come… and when they stop working… tools go. Maybe they’ll come back again.  Flexibility is so helpful.

What feels right for this moment? Now, that’s a creative question. Maybe what is right is folding laundry, or meditating. There is no trying, in this new way of being – just being and seeing what evolves from there (for me, trying to do anything, that is, leading with my head/Ego-mind, or survival fears, or old conditioning, instead of my inner knowing, earns me a big fat raspberry, often in the form of a symptom).

It is a process… this creative process of becoming. With seemingly no beginning or end.

Kind of like the number zero.

This Leo Full Moon Eclipse falls at zero degrees of Leo-Aquarius.

This isn’t your typical “celebrate, play, love, praise, show up, create” Leo Moon -though please do all of that! Zero is the alpha and omega of numbers. With their capacity for beginnings and endings, eclipses bring a feeling of a larger cycle moving through, whilst the zero offers a sense of the numinous and mysterious, the dawning of conscious awareness from a vaster space. There’s a sense of not being defined, not yet, even as new cycles in our lives begin and old ones draw to a close.

Avia Venfica, a favorite internet source for all kinds of symbolism, says, “…the spiritual meaning of zero deals with pure potentiality.  It is the point from which all other numbers spring forth.  Even visually – the number zero is symbolic of the seed, womb or egg from which pure potential emerges… Focus upon the zero is encouraged when we wish to be present in the moment, when we are trying to regroup our level of awareness.”

This eclipse set falls in my tenth (contribution to community) and fourth (inner self) houses. A couple of weeks back, I had the nudge to ask a few clients for their written experiences of my recent work with them. This started a process. Their shared experience of my services reflected back aspects of my offerings, which allowed me to “regroup my awareness” around how I language what I do. Much of the time I feel like “pure potentiality” but this process allowed me to spell out what I consistently do for others.

This also helped me address confusion. Some clients have asked whether I do astrology. I still include astrology in my sessions, but I now offer much more. One return client expressed fear about booking, saying she didn’t know what to expect from a session now. She made it out alive! (Please feel free to check out my newly revised services page, as well as my wall of PRAISE)

We are all undergoing shifts, aren’t we? Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Here are some more ways to explore Leo-Aquarius at this Full Moon Eclipse:

Where can you show up more fully, in your Light, as yourself? When I asked for testimonials, I had the idea to show my clients more fully. I love my clients. They are beautiful, talented, many are healers in their own right. Right after that thought, I synchronously received a picture with a testimonial. I asked two more for theirs. This led to my new “wall of praise,” which is giving me warm fuzzies to read. Check it out! (If you’ve had a session with me and would like to be included in the fun, too, please do- email me).

Sticky habit of making yourself invisible? By not speaking up? By not putting your picture up and branding your service? Not claiming your ideas? This is an especially potent time for chipping away at any old patterns of invisibility by doing a similar act (like putting your mug out there).

Are you connecting with your right audience? If you don’t feel you are connecting with your audience (Leo) might you slightly tweak how you are presenting or your message in order to call in your right people? If this eclipse falls in the 3rd/9th look at communication; in the 1st/7th look to your appearance. Questions of style and marketing are not superficial for Leo, but a way to effectively connect.

“Can you please be a little more arrogant?” This is what my teacher asked me recently. She’s said it before, and I get it. Unless you are Donald Trump, who wouldn’t be my audience, anyhow, I am positive that you, like me, could stand to take more credit for your achievements, successes, gifts, talent.

Where do zero degrees of Leo/Aquarius fall in your chart?  Play with the symbolism of zero, and your ideas about Leo/Aquarius, in this area of your life (click here for an explanation of eclipses through the houses). Look around and you’ll notice change brewing. Is it time to regroup here?

Lastly, becoming… takes time. Give yourself permission to create, and to not produce. It’s more important to focus on releasing yourself from arbitrary timelines, conditioning and expectations you hold –those fixed ideas about who you should be can be dangerous to the budding new person or thing you’re birthing. And don’t be afraid to ask for praise/feedback and support. The individual parts and pieces that different people see in us (Aquarius) can help us see the beautiful artist that we are (Leo).

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