May, Week 3 In Review: Bless Online NA/EU Release, Ascent Infinite Realm Faction Update, MapleStory 2 Closed Beta Ends
MMORPG News: Bless Online NA/EU Release, Ascent Infinite Realm Faction Update, MapleStory 2 Beta - YouTube
Bless Online

So let’s start off with Bless.
The Bless Team revealed that Early Access is slated for May 30th, with the a 2-day head start for Founder’s.
They confirmed that the base game will be $30, with the standard edition being $40, the deluxe version being $70, and finally the collector’s edition being $150.
There will be 2 classes missing when they launch the game – Mystic and Assassin.
They also confirmed there shouldn’t be any pay to win.
I have a video talking about everything in much greater detail – Click here to make your way there.
So mark the date on your calendar! I’ll be in for the head start!

MapleStory 2

With the closed beta now being over, people have had a taste of what MapleStory 2 is like.
I uploaded my first impressions of the game (shameless plug), and I will admit I had a lot of fun. Possibly more fun than I thought was possible from a Nexon game.
If that was the game we got at launch, I could fully back it. However, they altered parts of the game to make the beta easier to progress through and access for players.
This means that the game we play will be vastly different, and filled with what is likely to be much heavier pay to win, or at least pay for a huge advantage items.
Official First Impressions Review for MapleStory 2

Ascent: Infinite Realm

For those of you waiting for anything regarding A:IR, I have a little tidbit for you. Something to whet your appetite just a little.
Earlier, the A:IR team dropped some information on their official website regarding one of the factions you’ll be finding in-game known as the Black Heralds.
The faction is comprised of three smaller factions: The Grazard, a long dead race of lizard people, the incredibly intelligent Grawise, and the hulking Gradog.
Bluehole will be attempting to release additional information the closer we get to the end of this year.

Blade and Soul

Earlier this week, Blade and Soul’s producer Jonathan Lien unveiled news of a new Greatsword-wielding tank being added into the game.
If you’re familiar with the Dark Knight from Final Fantasy XIV, then you’ll have a basic understanding of how the new class will work.
It consumes its own HP rather than focus to attack, and that is about as much as we were told.
Users had already datamined info on this class earlier in the month, along with another archer-like class. So keep your eyes peeled for a secondary class announcement in the future!
Additionally, you can expect new Epic Quests, a new 12-player Raid, new Dungeons and more with the next large update.


And here we are, with your weekly dose of TERA!
The console release has been a huge success for the game so far, boasting over 2 million players since it launched.
Which makes sense – the console market is huge, as is the market for MMOs on consoles.
Additionally for PC players – the games latest Gilded Mask update brought with it the ability to finally utilize that Mask slot that has been vacant for so long.
Masks are dropped from a new level 65 dungeon called the Red Refuge.

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Gloria Victis is a 3D Medieval themed MMORPG set between three warring factions. The game is completely crowdfunded, but is in no means inferior to company-backed MMORPGs.

Featuring action combat, a grounded, medieval (as opposed to fantasy) experience void of magic (think Lord of the Rings), you’d be silly to avoid trying this out.

Gloria Victis Review - Is It Worth Playing?
Gloria Victis - Open World MMORPG First Impressions - YouTube
Gloria Victis Information

Let me start this off by saying I’m a huge fan of medieval-themed RPGs, especially ones that include fantasy elements like The Witcher, Skyrim or Gothic.
So, naturally, finding an MMORPG set within the same realm as the aforementioned games was thrilling for me. Gloria Victis is still in early access, but it has been since June 2016.
What that ultimately means for the game is uncertain, but nevertheless, it was only $20. It couldn’t be so bad that it wouldn’t warrant a mere $20 investment, right? Right.. I think.

So, given that this is a Western MMORPG and it’s not like they have a long history of providing extensive character customizability, Gloria Victis does well by providing a fairly sizeable variety of hairstyles, facial hairs, and sliders to craft your character.
Granted, you don’t have the kind of control over your avatar as you do in Black Desert, or even Perfect World for that matter, but it’s respectable nonetheless.

You have the option to choose between three different factions before finishing your character – Midland, the faction from the North, the Empire of Azebia or Sangmar Empire – both of which are under the same faction, and Nordheim.
Each faction has their own unique classes – or, archetype, rather, as you aren’t locked into anything as simple as a class.
Think of the class system in an Elder Scrolls game. You can have a heavy armor archer, or a light armor greatsword wielding hulking mass of death.
You’re given general freedom to play how you want.. and although interesting in theory, I believe that classes are part of what make an MMORPG interesting.
You’re given a role – you either excel at that role, being an important part of your group, or you don’t, and you re-roll a DPS like the rest of us.
Regardless, learning your role and learning your class is part of learning the game.
I understand that Gloria Victis still has skills, has different weapon types, and some people are into having the freedom to build your character how you want.
I’m not hating on, nor am I saying this system is inferior, I’m merely stating that it removes an element of the genre I’ve grown accustomed to.
Now, to finish off your character you’re given a quiz to help determine your playstyle. I answered everything as best I could and was told to, essentially, roll a high HP tank. Pass. Full Strength glass cannon for life, baby!

The game utilizes a stamina system, one that.. well, let’s say that swimming without any stamina is unequivocally ill advised.

A fun thing I found about the game was that I could go around and attack poor citizens without repercussion.

A throwback to older RPGs and MMOs in general were the NPCs that had no quest icons to denote importance. I ran past my quest NPC on several occasions because I was looking for that almighty golden exclamation point.
Little did I know, Gloria Victis makes things a little harder by not telling you shit. Okay, maybe a lot harder. I was coddled and cosseted, okay? Stop glaring at me with those judgemental eyes.
One thing of note in particular regarding quests was the quest text itself.. it seems very poorly translated. As if someone with English as their 3rd language wrote this out.. or ran it through Google translate, at least.

“Listen to be. It’s a good advise.”


So one thing I learned about gathering was that the speed at which you gather selected items is dependent on what you have equipped.
For example, I swapped my sword to an axe to cut up wood and it made it exponentially faster. I’m guessing the same applies to other things like herbs and ore.

Now, the skill system. From what I could tell, you don’t actually learn skills. You learn passive abilities that affect the overall character – and.. that’s about it.
While this ability system is not indicative of your character’s class overall, it is part of what ultimately makes your class.. original. Personal.

Slowly as I made progress through the game the combat got easier and less awkward for me. I’m aware that during the first 30 minutes I was flailing around like an obese kid in karate class, but by the end.. I felt like a true master of the sword.

The game still has quite a few bugs they need to iron out before they release it. I got stuck in a windmill! Even though it had windows and large gaps I should theoretically be capable of squeezing through, the game refused to let me.
I almost felt as though my fate was sealed at that point. I would die that day and haunt the windmill forever. Whenever someone opened the door they’d hear me uttering under my breath “.. fuck my life.”

Some of these encounters grew to be quite challenging. Especially when they attack you in large numbers. I had to run from more than one fight just to passively recover a small amount of HP.
The gear I was getting was not making up for the increase in enemy level and damage.

The types of quests I’d gotten varied quite a bit. Ranging from traditional kill quests, to gather quests, to BURNING A SETTLEMENT TO THE GROUND!

*queue maniacal laughter*

So it was at this point, level 24, that I realized I had all but run out of normal quests to do. Instead, I was to move around the open world and participate in dynamically generated quests to level. Either that, or grind.
So off I went, to explore and see what the world had to offer.. little did I know the enemies were much stronger than I was.. so I died.
And found out first hand that upon player death, your corpse becomes lootable by other players. So that’s a feature I didn’t know was in the game.
I’m glad I hadn’t had the opportunity to engage in PvP combat yet as I would’ve died – that’s a guarantee – and would’ve lost my items.

Speaking conclusively here, I can say without a doubt that Gloria Victis has the potential to be a very fun open world MMORPG.. if the devs behind the game worked on fixing bugs, updating the game and officially releasing it.
The combat, although a little comical at times with how awkwardly it plays has its charm – playing like an unpolished Skyrim.
The graphics, while not stunning, fit the theme and nature of the game very well.
The story – at least translation wise, needs a lot of improvement.
The UI, and questing experience needs a lot of work. I found myself, at times, clicking my quest log to see what I needed to do and the log showing me a quest summary from a completely different quest altogether!

So again, while I do believe the game holds promise, it isn’t there yet.
Hopefully, with more time and money, they’ll be able to launch the game players that have supported them thus far deserve.
Until then, I’ll be hanging up the game.

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Gates of Andaron, now known as 4Story, is a 3D MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Iveria. The game boasts an active PvP environment, three distinct races, three distinct nations, and an endgame PvE scene all while maintaining a traditional MMORPG experience.

4Story has been heavily inspired by World of Warcraft.

4Story Review - Is It Worth Playing?
Is 4Story Worth Playing? 4Story MMORPG Gameplay - YouTube
4Story Information

4Story is a 3D fantasy free to play MMORPG.

4Story offers you the opportunity to join one of three unique factions: (Defugel, Craxion, Broa) and allows you to pick one of three unique races: (Human, Fairy, Werebeast), along with six varied classes: (Assassin, Summoner, Archer, Priest, Warrior, Wizard.) No classes are gender locked.

The PvP is broken down into: 1v1 Duels, Battle Grounds, Territory Wars, Aerial Wars, Dragon Invasions, and Battle of Worlds, making for a large amount of diversity. Uniquely, players also begin with all of their skills.. so learning new skills is not a requirement. Instead, players are given the option of leveling those skills they want to.

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: XP / 2000 / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or AMD Equivalent
Video Card: GeForce FX5700 / ATI Equivalent
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB

Recommended System Requirements:

Operating System: XP / 2000 / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz
Video Card: GeForce 6600 GT / ATI Equivalent
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB

The post 4Story Game Review appeared first on MMOByte: Your #1 MMO Portal - MMORPG News, Reviews, Gameplay.

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My Final Thoughts On Bless Online - Should You Play It Or Not?
My Final Thoughts On Bless Online - Should You Play It Or Not? - YouTube
Should You Play Bless Online?

Let me preface this by saying that this article is not created with the intention of dissuading you, nor persuading you to purchase Bless Online. It is here for the sole intention of clearing up everything going on with the game right now, before Early Access.
So, please make sure to watch the entire video before making your judgement on whether or not the game is conclusively worth it.
Now I am not a Bless Emissary. I was not interested in potentially being locked into producing frequent Bless content if I ended up disliking the game or finding something I enjoyed further.
I actually feel quite jubilant that a few content creators I follow such as Nocht and TheHiveLeader applied and ultimately got accepted as emissaries.
I’m a fan of both of their content and couldn’t argue that there is a better MMO content creator than TheHiveLeader at this moment. Small shoutout, btw. The guy’s amazing.

Bless Online has had a fairly controversial last week in terms of their poorly handled press conference, misinformation being spread (Emissary Cloak, anyone?), and unprofessional moderators on the official Discord running amok.
Then we had entitled emissaries claiming they deserve the largest founders pack for free because they don’t want to feel inferior to people who can afford it.
There were complaints going around that the game was going to be pay to win, that Neowiz and the devs for Bless didn’t care about what we, the playerbase wanted, instead, opting to just attempt a quick cash grab and then bail.
Instead of addressing complaints – Bless’ devs chose to remain completely tight-lipped while all this was happening, refusing to respond to anything regarding those concerns as opposed to addressing them as they were taking place.

Now, as a gaming company I believe you should take the time to address issues as they’re made apparent, and although Neowiz did not at the time, Bless’ devs did finally take the time to respond to and address a large amount of issues in a recent Steam update.
So kudos to them for taking the time to do some damage control before it got out of control.
In this update, they went on to reveal that they had reduced the price for the outrageous $200 founders pack, made clear everything included in each pack, and addressed the pay to win concerns – most players’ primary cause for alarm.

Let’s take the next several minutes to go through and clarify all of this together, now that this information has been made available, yeah?

Founders Packs

Founder’s packs are said to include the Bless Online base game, exclusive skins, premium membership, Lumena (a premium currency), and other benefits.
Now, the problem with that last bit was that they went on to list, once again, “other benefits“. While initially I thought “Oh, great. So they’re still not being 100% transparent with what is included”, they did go on to further expand on that by saying:
The premium membership will not feature any items that could promote pay to win, instead, offering things like premium skins, reduced repair fees, reduced travel fees, an unbreakable gathering tool, unlimited gathering storage, 20% increased XP gain from killing monsters, 20% increased XP gained from completing dungeons, 20% increased gold earned from monster drops, an increase in the amount of items you can list in the market place, reduced market tax, and the ability to gain additional Lumena from exchanging dungeon and combat points.
Nothing that is included in the premium membership can be coherently argued as pay to win.
Everything is either to increase the leveling speed – getting you to endgame faster, or merely for the sake of convenience.
On the note of founders packs, however, I would like to point out that in light of player feedback, the Bless Team has reduced the cost of the largest Founders Pack – the collector’s edition down from $199, to $149.

Premium Customer Service

Another feature people found to be not only unprefessional, but also quite repulsive for a developer to offer was the Premium Customer Service option they were providing for people with the largest founders pack.
That would, in essence, provide the highest paying members with priority support over every other player. That is not, nor will it ever be acceptable for a buy to play MMORPG to offer as we are all paying to play their game.
So, with this in mind, and once again due to player feedback, the Bless Team has decided to completely dismiss the idea all together.
This should never have been an idea to begin with, and hopefully they learn their lesson in the future, but it’s good to know they’re taking note of our feedback.

PvP And Avoiding It

I’m still not sold on the idea of the Peace Declaration item, an item that allows you to disable PvP all together.
I feel like what the Bless Team should have done was create one server specifically for PvP oriented individuals like myself in mind, and one PvE server for those of you that just want to enjoy the game without fear of being ganked and camped.
I understand that the item is purchasable in-game through gold, but gating it behind Lumena at max level, especially when the item in question only lasts for a mere 10 minutes is just.. ludicrous.
I know people will argue that you can make Lumena in-game and therefore it is still, technically purchasable through in-game means but honestly, if they’re going to force people into PvP-enabled servers, I feel as though the item should remain an in-game exclusive.

Additional Dungeon Entries

Although the Japanese version of the Premium Membership allows additional entries into dungeons, the Bless Team have went on to clarify that there will not be any included in their iteration of the membership.
And although there do exist items that can reset dungeons for players, they will not be sold for real money.

The Infamous Emissary Cloak

A rumor had been going around Reddit, Discord and social media regarding a special cloak that only Emissaries were given.
I would like to clarify that every single Emissary have confirmed that that is 100% false. There is no special cloak, nor any special items given to Emissaries for being an Emissary.

The Cash Shop

At the press conference, Emissaries and players alike bombarded the Bless Team with questions on the cash shop, why it wasn’t available to be seen, and what would be included within it.
While the devs took every opportunity to dodge answering these questions, ultimately, we were left with a rather ambiguous “convenience only” response.
I’m still rather disconcerted at the fact that we’re not aware of what’s going to be inside before the game officially launches, and I would love if players continued making this a point to ask for before the Early Access in two weeks.
They’ve been fairly open thus far, even if a little lacking in terms of response time. Although I feel like if enough people press for answers, we’ll end up with the insight we need.

Talking About The Game

With all of the additional information aside, I would like to talk more on the game itself.
Although I didn’t have much opportunity to stream the majority of the press conference, I did catch up on it over the last several days by watching highlights, checking out Twitch vods, and reading up on what went on.

More specifically, the combat, performance, and UI were very actively discussed topics.

The UI

From what I’m capable of telling, there haven’t really been any changes to the overall UI thus far, but I do believe changes are planned.
The Bless Team mentioned that UI changes are in the works – and although I’ve yet to see them, they were promised to assist in the performance issues people were experiencing.

The Combat

Next, and one of the most important topics discussed, were changes made to the combat.
Yes, the game is still tab-target. It is not action combat like Black Desert, TERA or even Soul Worker.
This may be a huge turnoff for a lot of you thinking this would replace Black Desert for you, but for the rest of you, you should be relieved to know the enhancements made to the combat are mostly all positive.
I say mostly because the one and only complaint I have with regards to the combat now is that they have opted to remove auto-attacks all together.
Those of you that have been playing tab-target MMORPGs know how important auto-attacks are to a DPS rotation, especially for classes like archers, or tanks that have mostly damage mitigation, threat generating, or low damage skills.
They insist that this is to force players to make use of their unique stance system – swapping between stances regularly to give you access to a larger variety of skills to use.
While I still feel like this isn’t the way to make people utilize the stance system, I’m sure it’s not going to be game-breaking for me.


Performance-wise, the game looks like it runs a lot better than it did. The original Russian version I played had severe performance issues. Much worse than its Japanese counterpart.
People created a plugin just to address these issues so players that got into the game could actually experience it without your FPS dropping to a negative integer.
I recently saw Fevir’s recent video on Bless (who, again, shoutout to his channel – great person with above good quality videos – grats on 100k by the way,) and he further went on to comment that from what he saw, NPCs and various other items were removed.
Likely to reduce the overall impact these NPCs, structures and items would have on your computer.

Player Trading

One issue I have with the game, and this is an issue I have in Black Desert as well, is that they will not support player to player trading.
So say I play with my wife, or even my sister Wiggy, and one of us gets an item the other can use, one of us has a large surplus of potions, etc., etc., and the other person could benefit from using it.. nope.
You’re unable to trade items. So anything you loot will be bound to you – unless you sell it to an NPC or place it up for auction in the market place. Which, strangely, has fixed prices.
Meaning you’re not capable of influencing or manipulating the market by increasing or decreasing prices on products.
While not a huge issue, I do believe trading between players is crucial to the MMORPG experience.
I can’t tell you how many times in World of Warcraft an item would drop that someone else could use in a dungeon that I rolled for and didn’t need, that I ultimately ended up handing over, earning their unfaltering loyalty and gratitude.

Final Thoughts - Should You Play Bless Online in 2018?

Now, from what we’ve seen from the Bless Team and Neowiz over the last 24 hours, it definitely has me hoping they address the few remaining problems I have with the game – such as showcasing the Cash Shop, more professionally handling criticism and questions,
being more transparent with what they’re offering us, and not hiding behind ambiguous answers like “cosmetics.. and stuff.”

I’ve been a fan of the game since before Revelation Online, and I want to be excited for Bless. These changes. This communication. This response to player feedback. It’s all required for the game to be sucessful over in the West.
Remember, the game has failed three times so far – don’t let this be the final nail in the coffin.

With the base game being only $30, and the cheapest founders pack being a mere $10 more, I’m going to, naturally, be going for the basic founders pack to get the 2 day headstart along with the month-long premium, but if you don’t want to, don’t do it.
If you want the $149 pack, go for that one instead.
Like I mentioned at the beginning of this – don’t let someone persuade you to purchase the game, or dissuade you from purchasing the game based off of their opinion.
Haters will hate on this game and overreact to every little thing they feel they can.
Fanboys will praise every single thing the Bless Team does regardless of how bad it is.
It is ultimately up to you to decide whether or not the game is worth it to you, not me, not the Bless Team, not anyone.

For me, personally, having the pay to win mess cleared up for me is a weight off my back as that was definitely a pressing concern that needed appropriate addressing.
Furthermore, seeing the devs openly being more transparent is a nice change.
So, even though I’m not totally convinced the game will be a huge success like Black Desert, I feel like something more along the lines of Blade and Soul would be a nice compromise.
I’d be more than happy to get a few months fun out of this game – and would gladly pay $40 for a game that can hold a couple hours of my time several days a week.

So what do you guys think? Are you more excited now that they cleared most of our concerns up? Less excited? Still on the fence? Don’t care?

The post My Final Thoughts On Bless Online – Should You Play It Or Not? appeared first on MMOByte: Your #1 MMO Portal - MMORPG News, Reviews, Gameplay.

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The Following Is Directly Taken From The Bless Q&A Article
Source: Bless Online Steam Forum Announcement


First and foremost, we want to let everyone know that community feedback is very important to our developers, and accordingly, we are always open to your opinions. Therefore as a response to the questions received about our recent “Early Access Announcement” post, we have prepared the following Q&A.

How does pricing work in different countries with different currencies?

A: Prices for different countries and currencies are set individually, and won’t necessarily be equivalent to the USD price.

What is included in the Founder’s Packs?
Q: We want more information on the founder’s packs.

A: Founder’s packs will include the Bless Online base game, exclusive skins, premium membership, Lumena, and other benefits.
The content of all the founder’s packs include the base game, and purchasers can expect around a 31-33% discount from what the price would be if all the components were purchased individually.

Q: Is the premium membership subscription based? What are the benefits?

A: Premium membership is not a subscription-based product. Premium membership can help increase efficiency or provide an effect that will, for a limited amount of time, reduce the costs of convenience related fees. As anyone with the base game can enjoy all of Bless’ content without restriction, premium membership can be see as an option for those who want a more convenient gameplay experience. As we are aware of your concerns regarding P2W, there will be no items that can directly enhance characters or items.

The following are details regarding premium membership. They are applied to all characters in a region within the specified time period. (exception: skins may only belong to one character)

  • Premium mount skin (Black Wind Caligo)
  • Premium pet skin (Enchanting Loroshi)
  • Reduces NPC equipment repair fee by 30%
  • Reduces Wyvern usage fee by 50 %: Players can travel to any area within Bless by paying the Wyvern manager (located in each village/city) gold for Wyvern transportation.
  • Pickaxe: This premium pickaxe used for Gathering provides unlimited usage within the designated time period, whereas the regular pickaxe has a limited number of uses.
  • Gathering Bag: This premium bag used for Gathering provides unlimited usage within the designated time period, whereas the regular gathering bag has a limited number of uses.
  • Acquires 20% more hunting experience points: Increased amount of experience points earned through hunting monsters.
  • Acquires 20% more Dungeon points: Increased amount of dungeon points earned through playing dungeons.
  • Adds 20% hunting gold bonus: Increased amount of gold earned through hunting monsters.
  • Allows 5 more items to be registered in the market: Increased amount of items registerable on the market.
  • Reduces market tax by 10%: Reduced market tax rate.
  • Increases daily activity point exchange amount by 20%: The amount of exchanges allowed per day within the in-game system, Exchange Office, is increased. The Exchange Office is an in-game feature where players can exchange a specific amount of their dungeon and combat points (earned through in-game activities) into Lumena. It is exchangeable regardless of whether you purchase the premium membership or not. The Lumena that one obtains through exchanges is an in-game currency with which players can purchase a variety of items in the store.

Premium mount/pet skins are characteristic appearance skins included only in the premium membership. As they are cosmetics, purchasers will not obtain any secondary benefit from its usage (They are also untradeable and cannot be dismantled).

Q: What do the exclusive skins look like? Do they have any secondary effects?

A: We now present to you the founder’s packs’ exclusive skins!
Skins will only have cosmetic functions and will not have any secondary effects that can be obtained through its usage(they are also untradable and cannot be dismantled).

A weapon skin matching the class of the receiving character will be given(for example, if the item is received by a guardian character, a single-handed sword and shield will be given).

Q: So about that Collector’s Edition… Tell us more about things such as the credits title and gift copy.

A: Credits Title: “The Founder”
This feature allows for the purchaser’s name to appear in Neowiz’s Bless Online credits list under the section titled “The Founder.” Purchasers can find their names by clicking on “Credit” in the game lobby screen upon the official release of the game. 

Q: How can we use the gift copy included in the Collector’s Edition? Does the recipient also get a 2 days head start?

A: The gift copy is a feature that allows you to gift a friend with a base game code (delivered to the purchaser’s Steam inventory). There is no head start included in the base game code as that is only a benefit provided to founder’s pack purchasers. 

Q: Can you gift components of the collector’s edition to a friend?

A: Purchasers of the Collector’s Edition will receive a game code that can be gifted to a friend. However, game items from the pack cannot be gifted.

Q: What is premium customer service? Does that mean that you won’t be assisting normal players?

A: Premium customer service was a feature designed for purchasers of the collector’s edition to receive exceptional support. However, as a direct response to user feedback, the Bless Team has decided to remove this feature and provide service to all our users equally regardless of the pack or game that they purchased.

Premium customer service has been removed from the list of benefits.

Q: The price of the Collector’s Edition though…

A: As explained above, the founder’s packs contain things such as exclusive skins, Lumena, and additional products that are non-P2W. However, we have received user feedback that the Collector’s Edition is overly expensive. As a result, the Bless Team has decided to adjust the price from $199.99 to $149.99 so that the pack is more accessible for all.

The Founder’s Pack – Collector’s Edition will be sold at $149.99 instead of $199.99. (We will adjust previous price announcements to state the new price of $149.99)

Regarding the Early Access Version of the Game
Q: What are the benefits of being in a guild?

A: Depending on the guild’s influence, there are special items that guild members can buy. It is also one of the few ways to obtain flying mounts. 

Q: What can players gain by doing faction PvP?

A: By dueling within your faction, or engaging in PvP with the opposition faction, players can gain combat points. Using combat points (activity points), players can buy items at the special currency shop.

Q: Is there any plan for a non-PvP server? If not, why?

A: No! As Bless has both PvP and PvE content, players can play the game however they like without needing to have separate servers. 

Q: Is there a PvP avoidance item? If yes, what are the details and how can we get it?

A: Yes! There is. Before reaching the max level (45) players can use gold to purchase Peace Declaration item, and the effect will last for around 10 minutes. After reaching max level, players can use Lumena to purchase the Peace Pledge item instead. 

Q: Will there be a dungeon re-set item?

A: Although they do exist, we do not plan to sell it for cash.

Q: Do costumes (mount, pet, equipment, and weapons skins) have any secondary effects?

A: No, they are just skins. Costumes released in the future will also only be skins and nothing more. They also cannot be dismantled, meaning players cannot obtain enhancement items by dismantling costumes. 

Q: Will there be Player to Player trading?

A: No there will not. Aside from the in-game auction house, there is no feature that allows player-to-player trading as we do not want a black market.

What are the plans for updates like?
Q: Is there playable content accessible by purchasing additional DLC? Will DLC be added when there are new class updates (e.g. assassin)?

A: We do not expect purchasers to buy DLC as we have no plans to sell updated content as DLC. For example, content updates that will include the assassin and mystic will be able to be fully enjoyed just with the purchase of the base game.

Q: How often can updates be expected?

A: Although we plan to update the game every month, big updates can be expected around every 3 months. For example, we plan to add the assassin class for the first big update. Afterward, new classes, level increases, and new battlefield content can be expected in similarly sized updates. 

As we approach the Early Access date even more information will be provided.

Thank you
The Bless Team

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Spring's Letter from the Producer

It’s about that time again – The Blade and Soul producer has issued the Spring 2018 Producer’s Letter.

There’s all the usual stuff about what a wonderful X amount of time the game has had, and comments on the changes the game has seen in the past year such as daily log in rewards, the gunslinger class, the addition of the showroom and other fun titbits.

Content and features coming this year includes; more story content in the form of Epic Quests, more solo, Heroic and 12 man Raid dungeons, a new “Legendary Equipment Upgrade system”, more costumes (because of course), new in game mechanics including fishing, new events and holiday stuff and the announced shift to Unreal Engine 4 which should improve the overall performance of the game.

But we’re not here for that!

A great sword? It's the BEST sword!

What we’re here for is, of course, the announcement of a new class, described in the letter as “a greatsword-wielding tank powered by brute strength”. The letter further details that the class will sacrifice it’s own HP to power it’s skills, akin to a Dark Knight style class in the famous Final Fantasy series.

I for one am quite interested to see how a tanking class fares with a HP sacrificing mechanic. It could require a great level of skill to play correctly without skill-spamming yourself to death, or alternatively with enough healing behind you it could become a skill smashing powerhouse.

Either way, I’m very eager to try out the new class

Will you take up the (great)sword?

I’m definitely going to be giving the new class a go when it comes out, as I’m very curios how it will play, and how well it can mesh with the existing content and classes in the game.

What do you think? Are you excited for the new class? Hyped for the extra performance coming from the engine upgrade? Don’t really care? Let us know in the comments, or join in the discussion on The MMOByte Discord

The post Blade and Soul Announces New Class appeared first on MMOByte: Your #1 MMO Portal - MMORPG News, Reviews, Gameplay.

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Soul Worker Online New Character Jin Seipatsu Gameplay
Soul Worker Online - Testing Out The New Jin Seipatsu Character - YouTube
Jin Seipatsu Information

I figured since a new character was made available in Soul Worker, I might as well take the game for another test-run.
I find the game to be very fun – with some of the most engaging combat in an Anime MMO. It is also by far the most visually appealing Anime MMO currently released in the West.

Today I’m going to be taking you on a short solo journey through the eyes of Jin Seipatsu: A quirky school student that utilizes my favorite weapon type: His fists.
I wanna make a fisting joke but at the same time I want to keep the video at the very least PG-13 so I shall refrain.

Like all the characters, Jin has 3 hairstyles, hair colors, eye colors, and skin colors to choose from. Which is one of the largest disappointments of the game to me.
I love me some customization, and you just don’t get that feeling from the selection they give you. But that’s fine – they make up for it with costumes!

You wake up thrown into a weirdly desolate, dystopian future you – a completely normal, not at all special school student is forced by.. God? To fight for him and save the world.
Or at least that’s the gist I got of it.

So Soul Worker isn’t an open world MMORPG. It’s an instanced, hub-based MMO that has you form parties in various town “hubs” and tackle various instances together.

The skill system is fairly basic – you gain skill points that you can spend on various skills that are able to be learned upon reaching the required level. You can level those skills up further as your base level increases.
Yeah.. that’s the skill system in a nutshell.

Dungeons are fairly basic. There are 4 maps for each dungeon, and 3 difficulties. They consist primarily of “rooms” that are instanced off from one another. Upon clearing each room you’re given access to the following room and so on.
There are several rooms per map, each map ending with a unique boss encounter.
Ooof. She needs to learn how to dodge. That was taught to us during the tutorial. Clearly she skipped hers.
The 4th and final map has the actual “boss” of each instance – providing some story and further pushing you to the next area.

Jin is an absolute blast to play. He gets to put the beat down on some bitches – I mean, on some poor, innocent wildlife as he menacingly makes his way through each map in an effort to rid each zone of the horrific baddies that plague them.
His style of fist-fighting isn’t as diverse as, say, the Striker in Black Desert, but that didn’t bother me. I still loved ramming my fist up- Ugh, PG-13, Stix. PG-13.

Upon the successful (and c’mon, let’s be real here.. who actually fails these?) completion of each map, you’re rewarded with some juicy items, money and XP.
The higher the difficulty, the (seemingly) better the reward. I cleared a map on Manic difficulty and got some very, very powerful pieces of gear – unfortunately not for my class but hey, you take what you can get.
.. and then you weep in a corner because you never get anything for your class.


So entering on Manic difficulty was so much more difficult than I thought it was going to be. I spent a shit ton on getting much more powerful gear than I should’ve had at that point in-game, and even still.. the boss used me as a punching bag.
It forced me to utilize dodging, stop just spamming my left click and actually use potions, something I hadn’t had to do up until that encounter.

Around level 9 you begin having to grind. A lot. Just to reach level 10. I tried looking for active leveling parties but everyone ignored me. So I grinding my way to level 10 all by my lonesome – just like a real gamer – sans friends.
Unfortunately that’s where I decided to call it a day for now. I spent 35 minutes grinding and made it half way through level 10, and didn’t want to spend another half hour just making my way to level 11.

All in all, I took this in a slightly more informational direction than I originally wanted, but hopefully some of the new Jin gameplay has your appetites a little whet. I certainly enjoyed him.
No, not like that!

The post Soul Worker Online New Character Jin Seipatsu Gameplay appeared first on MMOByte: Your #1 MMO Portal - MMORPG News, Reviews, Gameplay.

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Lineage Eternal / Project TL Closed Beta 2018 Confirmed!
Lineage Eternal / Project TL Closed Beta 2018 Confirmed! - YouTube
Project TL Information

So I have some gaudy news that might help loosen up the sphincters of anyone disappointed with the current look of MMORPGs on the horizon.

Project TL, which I’ve actually just learned stands for “The Lineage”, was announced late 2017. No real information was known about the game at the time other than that it was an MMORPG set within the Lineage franchise.
What we know now though, is that Project TL will actually be a complete remake of Lineage Eternal – you know – that MMORPG that was supposed to compete with Lost Ark? Yeah, that Lineage Eternal.
Supposedly, the game will act as a direct sequel to the original Lineage game.

Now, NCSoft have taken the time to make some changes to the game since its original iteration – to better suit the current market.
One of Lineage Eternal’s unique selling points was that it allowed you to amass and field multiple characters as opposed to an individual character, like most games.
This meant that you could build a healer, tank, DPS, and deploy which ever the circumstance required.

Project TL will change that however, instead, offering the basic, traditional single-character system that Lineage Eternal was lacking. It will also be created using the Unreal Engine 4 – so you can imagine how it’s going to look.

NCSoft revealed that Project TL is actually running very well in terms of development and further went on to reveal their intent to conduct closed beta testing for Project TL during the second half of 2018.
Granted, this is likely to apply only to Korean players, but it nevertheless gives us all something to look forward to.

NCSoft also went on to point out that Project TL is definitely slated for a 2019 release, however, due to the complexities of the development process of PC MMO games, an exact date is not within their ability to give.
However, for those interested, they did note that their mobile iteration of Project TL titled TL Mobile will likely come out before Project TL does.

So we now know that Project TL will enter closed beta this year with an official release in 2019.
Regarding how long it’ll take to get localized into English remains to be seen, but it depends on the scale of the game.

Now, are you guys excited? I’ve been personally looking forward to Lineage Eternal since it was announced, and knowing they’ve reworked some of the systems people were upset with is comforting to hear.
However my concern for the game is that NCSoft are the developers. They single-handedly destroyed Aion, Blade and Soul and WildStar by making first two pay to win, catering to whales and the third, WildStar, by just.. neglect.

With how beautiful the game is and how popular the Lineage franchise still is (especially with Lineage 2: Revolution launching to critical success), Project TL is bound to launch to a huge start.
Much larger than Bless or MapleStory 2 even – two games that are highly anticipated.
I’m just hoping that NCSoft don’t ruin another game.

The post Lineage Eternal / Project TL Closed Beta 2018 Confirmed! appeared first on MMOByte: Your #1 MMO Portal - MMORPG News, Reviews, Gameplay.

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MapleStory is a 3D isometric side scrolling Anime inspired MMORPG. It is both a sequel to, and simultaneously a prequel to the original MapleStory game by Nexon.

Offering highly customizable character creation, an in-depth housing system, flashy action combat and a deep, lore-rich storyline, MapleStory 2 could be one of the breakouts of 2018!

MapleStory 2 Review - Is It Worth Playing?
Maplestory 2 English Closed Beta First Impressions - YouTube
MapleStory 2 Information

I have been spammed by so, so many people over the last 24 hours asking me to do a video on MapleStory 2.
Since my first video did so well, and with the Closed Beta starting a few mere days ago, I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to.
Well, just because I felt that way didn’t mean the Goddess of Light would grace me with a beta key..
Alas, the Goddess of Darkness, with whom my wife shares similar personality traits to (don’t kill me) did bless her with a closed beta key, with which I promptly.. borrowed (stole) and began my adventure in MapleStory 2.

There are a total of 8 classes in-game right now: Knight, Wizard, Archer, Thief, Berserker, Priest, Heavy Gunner (not to be confused with Light Gunner – she hates it when you do that) and Assassin.
Each class utilizes its own unique playstyle, has its own unique choice of weapons, and has its own story to follow. Yes, each class has its very own unique class-centric storyline to follow.

As an example, I started off as an adorable little wizard. Look at him. He’s so cute. Actually, he kinda reminds me of Soul from Soul Eater. If you ever watched that Anime. Man I loved that show.
I started off in a “School For The Gifted”, I think its name started with.. pig? Pigwarts? No, Boarwarts? Argh. It was some kind of hog alternative. Ah well.
It was a school where wizards went to learn to hone their magic.

We had fun 1 on 1 duels, and we even had an older headmaster – a wizard that was stronger than all others. He kinda reminded me of Dumbledore.. if Dumbledore skipped his eyebrow threading appointment for this week.
There is a main story to follow – and that becomes your overall focus very quickly. But I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me backtrack a little bit.

For an Anime MMORPG, I was quite surprised by the level of customization.
Yes, it’s no Peria Chronicles or KurtzPel but the fact that you’re given access to 15 unique hairstyles, faces, a large quantity of colors, various default outfits to pick from and one of my personal favorites..
The ability to control both your hair and individual cosmetics that you place onto your face. It’s honestly very well handled and something I spent.. maybe a little too much time doing.

From what I can tell, the story follows you, some unknown kid that – as you journey to put a stop to some other.. emo kid that has the power to.. digitally.. delete.. blocks? I think that’s his power.
Doesn’t that look like his power? Wait, is that even a guy?!

Now, I will preface this by stating that I didn’t get to experience everything the game had to offer so my first impressions of this game is based off of what I did. Therefore things like PvP will have to be done in a follow up video.

Like most MMORPGs you have your basic skill tree. Skills learned at level 1, 10, 20, etc. You can spend individual points you obtain in-game to level up those skills but be warned – your skill points are limited!
Unfortunately it seemed as though to purchase additional “Builds” you were required to purchase additional tabs using a form of premium currency. Which could give people a slight edge over those that do not have access to it.
And by edge, I mean the ability to swap specs when they want. Nothing drastic. Put your pitchforks down.

For playing during the closed beta I did get some cool little goodies. Like this adorable little hipster cap. Oh, man, I look like Avril Lavigne from the 90s before she’d sold out. I mean what?
Oh, I also got what is potentially the greatest costume a teenage boy could ever ask for, something I’m sure every guy secretly wants deep, deep down. Ohhh yeahhh.

Moving along.

The game has a lot of story. Like, a serious amount of story. I know I pressed on that a little above, but holy crap did I not realize just how much story there was.
In my first 45 minutes of playing I believe I spent a solid 20 minutes in pure cutscenes. Which isn’t a bad thing, honestly as I love story. That’s why Final Fantasy XIV is one of my favorite MMOs.

After wandering for what seemed like forever, I managed to happen across my first real boss encounter: A cute little succubus. Aww, look at her little tooth. And that cute outfit, and.. That guards face lmao.
She ultimately left – leaving me to fight her pet which I will refer to as.. Lizzie McGuire. Because he’s a giant lizard. And he’s.. well, it’s not as funny when you have to explain it.
This boss encounter however was quite confusing, as he kept knocking me down, yet when I approached him it would give me the option to “grab on”.
Not knowing what I was doing I promptly mounted Lizzie and thought we’d go off and have wonderful adventures together. Instead, he beat me just like my stepdad used to whenever he got drunk.

As I made progress through the game I learned a variety of new skills – all of which were pretty pleasing to the eye, especially for an Anime MMORPG.
The combat was actually surprisingly fun. Playing a Wizard I got to experience a good amount of ranged combat- Oh, god. What the fuck is that?! Nope, I’m outta here. Sorry, everyone.

While wandering the incredibly large city, I happened across a familiar tune. “To Zanarkand.” Ahh, my heart strings!

The questing in the game was actually pretty good. They weren’t just generic “fetch” or “kill” quests. During one quest, I needed to make my way through a large enclosed area, attempting to avoid the enemy NPCs by scaling the walls and walking across the piping.
On a completely seperate quest, I was playing tag with The Shredder as he attempted to keep his distance from me.
Another thing I realized – was that the environment was filled with items you can use to your advantage in combat.
As you can see while fighting this boss monster, I picked up a nearby oil barrel and threw it right at him, dealing physical damage and then further applying a damage over time to him.
This made for some interestingly compelling encounters.

After I believe an hour and a half, I made my way to the building and decorating aspect of MapleStory 2.
This is a mode I am 100% sure my wife will love as she’s a huge fan of The Sims, building simulators, house decor..
The interface was a little confusing at first but after spending 5 to 10 minutes in it I figured out how things worked.
I ended up building myself a nice little home.. complete with a large HD TV, right across from the bathroom. So if I wanted to, I could rotate the TV and watch it while pooping or bathing.

Like the player housing, another very exciting aspect of the game came from the mini-games. Although I only had the opportunity to test the Maze out, I was well aware that the game did in fact offer various alternate forms of mini-games with which to partake.
Something that is very unique, and quite thrilling to participate in. Granted, I didn’t win the Maze race but I also didn’t do too badly!

I managed to make it far enough that I got to engage in my very first dungeon.
Now, I didn’t require the participation of other players for this specific dungeon but nevertheless it was unequivocally more difficult than anything I had experienced up until this point.
This was quite stimulating for me as there were moments where I genuinely got low on HP and needed to use healing items.
From what I was able to tell, bosses have unique mechanics requiring you dodge, look out for telegraphing and remain very mobile, which kept my attention at all times.

Now, from what I played through I can enthusiastically endorse this game as worth playing. Disregarding any speculation on pay to win and categorically and objectively looking at the game for what it is right now, I can say that MapleStory 2 was a lot of fun.
I will definitely, so long as Nexon doesn’t break the game with its cash shop, be there at launch and will dedicate time to not only playing it, but also recording videos on it.

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP SP3 32bit
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 9800 / ATI Radeon HD 4000
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB

Recommended System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 or Windows 8 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core i5 or better
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 600 GT / AMD Radeon HD 6000
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB

The post MapleStory 2 Review appeared first on MMOByte: Your #1 MMO Portal - MMORPG News, Reviews, Gameplay.

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Bless Online Confirms May 30 Release Date + $200 Founders Pack
Bless Online Confirms May 30 Release Date + $200 Founders Pack LUL - YouTube
Bless Online Information

Oh, my.

So a few hours ahead of Neowiz’s official Bless Online press conference someone accidently leaked the webpage showcasing the exact release date for Early Access, along with the prices for each Founders Pack.

And.. it’s not looking too good.

So let’s start with the obvious, first: Bless Online has a 100% confirmed release date: May 30th at 10AM PDT. If you purchase a Founders Pack you get 2 days head-start.

There will be three separate editions to choose from:

Standard Edition – which offers Advanced Access and a 1 month premium membership (which we’ll talk about in a minute).
Deluxe Edition – Everything the Standard Edition offers along with 2 months premium membership, 2,450 bonus premium currency and an exclusive mount and pet skin.
Collector’s Edition – Everything the Standard Edition offered, a unique title, Premium customer service, a “Twinkling wing effect”, 3 months premium, 3,800 bonus currency and other exclusive skins for your weapon and costume slots.

Now 2 things:

1.) Originally, Bless was said to be a free to play MMORPG. Neowiz then decided a buy to play model was actually a good idea for the West and a lot of players were happy with that.
However, now we’re learning that there is also the option for a premium membership addition – a VIP of sorts, with undisclosed benefits. Do they get boosted XP? Boosted currency? Stat increasing items?
Yeah, the premium membership is very concerning.

Now, if the premium membership follows the Japanese version, and it very well may, then you’re looking at the following:

20% increase in hiring experience, honor points earned, adventure points earned, riding pet experience, reducing repair costs, and the most concerning of all: Increasing the dungeon limit per day.
Meaning a premium membership will grant you additional entry into dungeons that free players will not be able to enter – allowing you additional chances at gear. Creating the pay to win aspect they promised to steer clear of.
Now, granted, this isn’t a guarantee – and Neowiz has the opportunity here to prevent the premium membership from being destructive, but from what I’m seeing, they don’t care.

2.) The prices for the founders packs are absolutely absurd. I have never heard of an MMORPG costing $200 – and gating “Premium customer service” behind a $200 price tag is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.
We’re all buying your game. We should all get the same quality of service. Then Neowiz go on to say “Details regarding exactly what is in these packs will be available on May 28th, when they go on sale.”
So in essence, we won’t know everything the packs have to offer nor will we have access to what the premium membership offers until the game launches.
Again, very concerning.

Not only did they recently anger the general Bless community with the announcement that a lot of their Emissaries are people who don’t actually produce MMO content, but they’ve shown how inept they are by not even fact-checking who applied.

As an example, Sodapoppin, a very popular Twitch streamer was announced to be an Emissary and also to be livestreaming at the Bless conference today. However he took to Twitter to let people know he hadn’t even applied to be an Emissary.
So once again, Neowiz showcasing how professionally they’re handling things.

Now, these are just a few examples of reasons why I am now very, very concerned about Bless and my hopes for it have all but diminished.
I was incredibly excited for the game, as can be seen in my previous Bless videos, and look – I’m not hating on the game, nor am I saying the game will be terrible, pay to win or that the end is nigh by any margin.
I’m merely stating that Neowiz hiding things, deleting the official announcement, their ineptitude, their unprofessionalism and inability to fact check are all concerning to me as a gamer who is going to spend money on this game.

What are your thoughts now that we have a confirmed release date, confirmed early access founders pack prices, and the whole Emissary situation?

The post Bless Online Confirms May 30 Release Date + $200 Founders Pack appeared first on MMOByte: Your #1 MMO Portal - MMORPG News, Reviews, Gameplay.

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