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As you know, #MaddiethePug, BabyBelle Pug and Castiel Pug participated in the Blogville Christmas Gift Exchange sponsored by Oreo. BabyBelle Pug was the first to receive her gifts from Speedy.

You can see her gifts here if you missed that post:

Then, Castiel Pug received his gifts from Miss Maizie.

You can see his gifts if you missed that post:

Now, #MaddieThePug has received her gifts from Pierre at Barking From The Bayou.

Photo Credit Barking From The Bayou/Melissa

Fun Fact: Pierre is from #MaddieThePug's Mommy's hometown of Shreveport-Bossier. We have never met, but maybe we will get a chance since we will be down South soon.

You can find Pierre and his mom, Melissa at:

Melissa's Instagram
Melissa's Facebook
Melissa's Twitter

Remember, this is a great way to meet new blogging pals!

Now, on to the pressies:

She first found an awesome card.

Mommy thought it was super cute.

She got treats. Everyone around here loves treats. She will be sharing these!

P.S. Mommy took these pics when #MaddieThePug was tired.
She was not too thrilled. #LOL

She also received TWO blankies!

#MaddieThePug is older and does not play with toys anymore. She likes blankets and soft beds.

She loved the blanket, as you can see.

Mommy wanted Melissa to know that she is wrapping the other blanket for #MaddieThePug to open on Christmas morning (so she has more to unwrap since her sissy and brother are getting so many toys).

#MaddieThePug wants to thank Pierre and Miss Melissa for the present! #MaddieThePug has Lady Shasta as her partner and she will put her link here when her present is received.

We are so glad we participated in the gift exchange this year, and if you have a pet, you should totally join next year! 

#MaddieThePug wants to know if you have asked for anything special for Christmas and what did you ask for? Let her know in the comments below!

Happy Puglidays! Love,

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As you know, #MaddiethePug, BabyBelle Pug and Castiel Pug participated in the Blogville Christmas Gift Exchange sponsored by Oreo. BabyBelle Pug was the first to receive her gifts from Speedy.

You can see her gifts here if you missed that post:

BabyBelle Pug's Gifts From Speedy

Today, Castiel Pug received his gifts from Miss Maizie at Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor.

Photo Credit: Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor/MomKim
He was SO excited. This is Castiel's first Christmas with our family and everything is new and fun to him.

That is Mommy's bougee hand cream and favorite Becca primer.

Let's see what pressies he received!

These are seriously all for me?!?

These I shared with my sissys. We LOVE them!

Things were going well, but then, he started opening everything and it became difficult to get great pictures. Castiel has no time for blogging pictures!

Inside was a cookie that he LOVED.

It no longer exists now and is in his belly.

He loves all toys, of course.

He picked his favorite. The biggest toy! He totally loves this blue doggy.

Legit, he has been dragging this toy everywhere. 
Thanks Kim!

Castiel Pug wants to thank her friend Miss Maizie very much. Castiel Pug's partner is Pierre who lives in Castiel's mommy's hometown in Louisiana. I will link his post when he receives his gifts!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Castiel wants to know what cool dishes you will be baking for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? He loves to eat (especially carbs). Let him know in the comments below!

Merry Pugmas, Love,

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Over the weekend, I was contacted by a publisher who wanted to send me a free autographed, hardcover 1st edition copy of a book titled The Grumbly Pug

I normally never do this sort of post on the blog, but I cannot resist a book about an adorable pug!

As you all know, we adore our three pugs.

We dress them up in Christmas PJs.

And we are always taking cute pictures of them.

Now that I have lured you in with sweetness, let me tell you about this fabulous book. Friends, you totally need to purchase this book for pug and dog lovers in your life. It will make an excellent Christmas gift! And, by the way, I am under no obligation to write this post. That is how much I enjoyed the book.

The Grumbly Pug is the autobiography of the author Jennifer Niland Wright's first pug, Zoe Wright. It is told from the point of view of Zoe and it covers everything from pictures with Santa, wearing clothes, cuddles, veterinarian visits, peeing in the rain (Spoiler Alert: Pugs DO NOT like to do this) to siblings. Zoe has a lop-eared bunny rabbit brother named Thurman, a rescue pug sister named Coley, a cat sister named Holly and a German Shepherd brother named Jessie. As you can tell, the author is an animal lover. Zoe details how all of her siblings arrived and how she came to love them all.

Photo Courtesy of The Grumbly Pug by Jennifer Niland Wright
What I loved most about the book was how often I could relate to all the little nuances of owning a pet and especially, loving a pug. Not to mention, the book is FULL of photos that will make you smile. 

There is a story behind every photo, too!

Photo Courtesy of The Grumbly Pug by Jennifer Niland Wright
Finally, the author donates a portion of the proceeds of her book to two organizations: National Mill Dog Rescue, which rescues and re-homes breed dogs like pugs, and The Naz Children's Centre, which serves children ages kindergarten through the 6th grade in Jamaica in a holistic learning environment. I love when writers donate a portion of their work to charity.

If you would like to purchase a copy of The Grumbly Pug, the second edition is available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or any independent book store for $21.95. 

However, my readers can receive an autographed first edition, hardcopy with FREE SHIPPING for $17.60 just by clicking this link:

I do not want to be pug-pushy, but this book is so stinking cute you really need it in your life! I actually plan to buy a copy for my mom to enjoy. 

Special thanks to Arthur & Company, Publishing for sending me a copy of this book.

Do you have any pet lovers in your family? Will you be buying them a special pet-related gift? Do you buy your pets Christmas presents? If so, what do you buy them? Let me know in the comments below. Also, let me know if you purchase this book!

Merry Pug-Mas and Happy Holidays,

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Hi Friends!

#MaddiethePug, BabyBelle Pug and Castiel Pug are excited this year because they were able to participate in the Blogville Christmas Gift Exchange sponsored by Oreo.

If you did not know, Blogville is a group of pet bloggers that network and share their pet's lives with each other. It is a lot of fun! Participants of the gift exchange are given a partner (like a Secret Santa) and have to purchase a gift for each other (minimum $10). We could not participate last year because we moved from Louisiana to Boston, but this year, all three pugs have partners.

BabyBelle Pug was the first to receive her gift from Speedy The Cheeky House Bunny. Speedy is a bunny rabbit that lives all the way in the U.K. (where BabyBelle Pug has family from her Mommy's side!).

Fun Fact: BabyBelle Pug LOVES bunnies. 
She is pretty much obsessed with all things rabbit.

The Blogville Christmas Gift Exchange is also a great way to meet new pet bloggers and find new friends. You can read Speedy's blog at:

Speedy The Cheeky House Bunny

You can also find Speedy on these other social media:

Speedy's Facebook
Speedy's Instagram
Speedy's Twitter

Now, on to the presents! This awesome box from Amazon arrived on our doorstop.

It had a card inside.

Mommy read BabyBelle Pug the sweet note and she was really excited.

BabyBelle Pug LOVES packages.

Inside the package were so many toys! BabyBelle Pug pulled them all out on her own.

BabyBelle Pug's Daddy played toys with her.

She loved all the toys and thanks her new bunny friend Speedy. 

She loves you!

BabyBelle Pug hopes you do not mind, but she shared with her brother Castiel Pug.

He loves toys, too.

BabyBelle Pug wants to thank her friend Speedy very much. BabyBelle Pug's partner is Oreo. He already received his gifts and here is the link to his post:

By the way, we have a new Instagram account:

Please add us there! We will add you back.

Merry Christmas Everyone! We cannot wait to see what you get for Christmas!

Are you ready for Christmas? Did you do any Black Friday shopping? Let us know in the comments below.

 Have A Puggy Christmas, Love,

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Remember oh say, two years ago, when I wrote a post all about ten horror movies that I loved, I claimed to be the queen of all things scream and I went on and on and ON about myself being some horror movie aficionado?


Not even the part where I go on and on and ON about myself?

Which is like 99.9% of the time?

Well, I wrote a post a few Halloweens back and you should check it out:

And then, promptly return to read this post which gives the gift that keeps on giving, i.e. 10 MORE Horror Movies That Don't Suck. You see, I want you to have something to watch on the boob tube while you enjoy your delicious sugary treats whilst sniffing away at the cheap polyester Walmart flammable costume you Boo-ed in all night.


Here are:

10 MORE Horror Movies That Don't Suck (Ones You Should Watch On Halloween)

Now, I am not sure what in the hell was going on with Scream 2. Why was Jerry O'Connell singing? Why was he allowed to sing? And do not get me started on Scream 3. So much NO.

Scream 4 was literally a breath of fresh air. The final film a franchise like Scream deserved. Set ten years later, Sidney Prescott once again must battle Ghostface and tie up some "loose" ends in the family.

Let us all just take a moment, say a prayer for the late great Wes Craven, truly a gift to the horror genre. Scream 4 was the last film Wes directed before his passing.

Scream 4 is currently On Demand and available for rent on Amazon Prime for $1.99.

I could go rally off an entire essay on how this film was Kubrick's masterpiece or is an impeccable piece of cinematic art, but Military Husband says I should cut down on the pretentious nerd gig.

I can't help who I am.

Of course, we all know Stephen King literally despised this film and there are purist fans who feel the same. But, BUT, this film is such a beautiful nightmare into the world of mental psychosis and the paranormal. From that opening long lens shot of the car on the way to the Overlook Hotel, there is an impending doom that never leaves you alone throughout the viewing. Much of this had to do with Kubrick's extensive knowledge of cameras, and his use of the Steadicam (dubbed in The Shining as "The Steadicam Olympics"). By gliding through the hedge maze and the hotel, often at the perception of a child's view, Kubrick gives the audience a front row seat to the horror. He had a way of almost enveloping you in every film he made, and in The Shining, in an extremely unsettling way.

And of course there was this famous scene:

That scared the hell out of little 9 year old me (who was not supposed to be watching this movie).

The Shining is available for purchase at a special price on Amazon Prime currently for $6.99.

3) Saw

Random fact about me: The Saw Franchise is my FAVORITE horror franchise of all time. I "saw," no pun intended, almost every single film at the movies, including being one of about four people in a theater for Saw 3D.

I love everything about these movies - the campiness, the gore, Costas Mandylor (my favorite horror movie super villain), the reverse bear trap, etc. etc. It is all SO glorious.


Since the Devil is all giving and generous on Halloween, a NEW movie, Jigsaw, releases this week!

Perhaps I would not recommend Saw VI, but I think all of the rest are brilliant, wonderful, fantastic, and if there is a Saw-A-Thon on television, I am all in like a gambling addict at a truck stop slot machine.

Can you tell I get a little excited about these movies?

You should watch Saw on Halloween. Because I said so. #MilitaryWifeandPugLifeEndorsement

The entire Saw Franchise is currently streaming on Netflix.

4) Hell House LLC

I actually wrote an entire paragraph on why you should see this movie which you can read here:

My Ratchet Life Lately: Boston Edition

This is a low budget found footage film about a tragedy that occurs at a Halloween haunted house. It is terrifying. Trust me, Military Husband is rarely amused with my horror film choices and I BEGGED him to watch.

And you know what? It scared the ever loving squirtles out of him (or, at least one scene did).

Turn off your lights on Halloween and watch this film. You will not be disappointed. 

Hell House LLC is available on Amazon Prime free for subscribers.

5) It Follows

There is a mixed opinion of It Follows amongst horror films on its actual ability to scare you. However, one thing that cannot be denied is that It Follows is one of the most original horror movies that has been released in a long time. It Follows is all about the worst STD you could ever obtain after a one night stand - something follows you around until it kills you in a horrible way unless you literally "pass it on." The something comes in the form of a person, and it often takes the body of someone you love just to mess with you more.

It is obvious the director is a fan of John Carpenter's style as the film is much like the slasher movies of the 70s and early 80s with eerie quiet streets and a subtlety that draws in the viewer. 

It Follows is currently streaming on Netflix.

6) House of Usher (1960)

With these two ingredients, a scary movie can not go wrong:

Vincent Price
Edgar Allan Poe

Fun Fact: Price was quite the ladies man back in the day.

By far, director Roger Corman's best Poe adaption, House of Usher is a dark and intense Gothic horror. Vincent Price's performance was Oscar worthy as Roderick Usher, and the film itself is a classic. If you enjoy a spooky old castle on a stormy night with a nightmarish atmosphere, this movie is for you.

For my older blog followers, I highly recommend introducing your teenagers to these movies. As a horror fan, nothing makes my heart soar than these classic films that prove that ambience and quality acting can induce just as much fear as gore and cheap jump scares.

House of Usher is available for rent on Amazon Prime for $2.99.

7) Phantasm (1979)

Phantasm is one of the first "real" horror movies I watched with my dad as a child. The plot is a little strange. It is about a young boy named Mike and his brother, Jody, who discover a man, known as "The Tall Man" is grave robbing bodies to reanimate into shrunken down slaves for his world. It is all up to Mike, Jody and a local ice cream man named Reggie to stop him.

Did I mention "The Tall Man" is protected by a sentinel sphere with blades that flies around a mausoleum and kills you if you are not particularly careful?

Reason #1 I have never liked mausoleums.

This movie has multiple sequels and if you like the first one, I highly recommend at least checking out a few more. There is also a massive cult following for the Phantasm franchise and if you ever want to get on the good side of a geek, just mention your knowledge.

Phantasm is available for rent on Amazon Prime for $2.99.

8) Gerald's Game

I wanted to include at least one new film in my list and, as of late, I have been thoroughly unimpressed with the horror genre this past year. I am completely over all the reboots (sorry not sorry It 2017 fans), I found Get Out and It Comes At Night terribly boring and Happy Death Day was trash. UTTER trash.

However, a little gem appeared on Netflix in the form of another Stephen King novel:

Gerald's Game

Gerald and his wife, Jessie, decide to spice up their marriage with a little handcuff fun in a remote, isolated lake house. When Gerald unexpectedly dies during the act, Jessie must fight to survive handcuffed to the bed frame. Actress Carla Gugino is excellent as Jessie and captivates you throughout the duration of the movie. While this film is not necessarily scary, it is well worth the watch this Halloween.

Gerald's Game is currently streaming on Netflix.

9) Videodrome

Director David Cronenberg's films can be described as unsettling, disturbing and visceral. This is exactly why I truly find him to be one of the most fascinating director's in cinematic history. Take his adaption of Stephen King's The Dead Zone for example. This movie left me unsettled when the credits rolled. Or his 1986 remake of The Fly; I certainly was not in the mood to eat once it was over.

And then, there is my personal favorite of all his works - Videodrome.

How can I describe Videodrome? Uncomfortable.

Without delving to much into the plot, the message behind the movie is surrounding our unhealthy obsession and consumption of visual media. This movie is, pardon my language, fucking bizarre (and this is coming from a die hard David Lynch fan). It is repulsive and intriguing, and if I watch it late at night (even if it comes on cable), I have this conversation with myself:

"Why the hell did I chose to watch this creepy shit so late at night? Is Military Husband awake? Nope. I'm screwed." 

Videodrome is available for rent on Amazon Prime for $0.99.

10) Suspiria (1977)

We end this list on a personal favorite of mine. A movie that easily makes my top five greatest horror movies of all time, Suspiria. From the great Italian director Dario Argento, Suspiria is about a young American woman who travels to study ballet at a school in Germany and discovers something sinister is afoot.

Fun Fact: Lead actress Jessica Harper is married to Tom Rothman,
Chair of Sony Pictures

Argento is a true horror pioneer. Suspiria is breathtakingly beautiful with rich colors and imagery. It contains a spinetingling score by Goblin (who are playing in concert this weekend in Burlington, Vermont).

Goblin - Suspiria - YouTube

This movie opens with one of the most memorable scenes in horror movie history (which you have probably seen, but did not realize it before). I could once again bore you with pretentious dribble about why Argento is so important in horror, or even movie history for that matter (he influenced both John Carpenter and Quentin Tarantino). But, BUT, I implore you to watch Suspiria.

And then watch it again.

It is fantastic.

Suspiria is being released in 4K restoration for its 40th Anniversary on December 31, 2017. It is limited edition to 6,000 copies. You can purchase it here:

Suspiria Release

You can also watch this movie free online if you do a little lurking.

Happy Halloween 2017, friends.

Have you seen any of these movies? What are some of your favorite horror movies? Leave any suggestions in the comments below for me to watch!

Getting ready to get my scare on, I am,

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I received a phone call from my mom in Louisiana this morning that has laid heavy on our hearts all day. My first pet of my own, my little dog that I adopted my very first year of law school, that bore the name of my favorite historical French figure, Marie Antoinette, passed away today. 

I realize I never spoke about her much on the blog. She lived with my parents after our last move and remained with them when we moved to Boston. Her health was very poor and I did not think it fair to bring her on such a long road trip. 

Nettie loved her MeeMaw and PeePaw and she adored Military Husband at first sight (just like her mommy). She loved curling up with Military Husband.

She was #MaddiethePug's first friend in Louisiana and she quickly became Maddie's best friend. 

She loved eating poppy corn and having rock concerts with her Daddy (Fall Out Boy's Dance, Dance was one of her favorite songs). Military Husband would tell you she had great taste in music.

I am going to miss her so much, and I wish I could have been there with her when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She had my back in law school and was always there to protect me. I keep thinking about her and how she was such a big part of my life as a young woman.

We will miss you Nettie and never forget you.

Marie Antoinette

With a very sad heart, I am,

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Happy Veteran's Day To Our Daddy!

We love you!

BabyBelle and I also want to wish a Happy Veteran's Day to all the brave men and women who have served our great country.

Lots of pug hugs,

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I am back from Summer Vacation! We returned Sunday afternoon totally exhausted. If you were not aware, we drove from Boston, Mass on Saturday, June 24 to visit my family in Louisiana. Unfortunately, flying really is not an option with three pugs, so we did a road trip instead. It was actually a lot of fun and I like to think I keep Military Husband entertained.

Our first stop, Saturday evening, was Winchester, Virginia to spend the night in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. 

The majestic and beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

We stayed at the Aloft Winchester. The Aloft is a Starwood property (my favorite hotel chain) and I could not say better things about this hotel. It was 100% puppy friendly, we saw many cute dogs at the hotel and the staff was incredibly sweet, especially the front desk employee, Jess. You should totally stay there if you are ever visiting the Shenandoah Valley! 

Prior to leaving, I researched places to eat near the restaurant and found great reviews for an Italian restaurant called Umberto's. Umberto's was literally across the street from the hotel within walking distance so we decided to check it out for ourselves. You enter the restaurant through a small strip mall to find an adorable little patio dining area. The smells were heavenly!

The dining area is so charming.

Military Husband ordered Chicken Francese and a small pizza and I had a salad and linguine with oil and garlic (with wine on the side, of course). It was INCREDIBLE! It was also extremely affordable. We plan to travel through Winchester again when seeing my family and of course, eating more Umberto's.

On Sunday, we began our drive to Bossier City, Louisiana and arrived around 2:40 a.m. I had not seen my mom and dad in almost 7 months, which is the longest I have ever been away from them. My mom, of course, waited up to greet us.

#MaddiethePug and BabyBelle Pug were so happy to see their MeeMaw and PeePaw. And Castiel Pug totally fell in love with them and they fell right back in love with him.

Enjoying the patio with MeeMaw.

Castiel Pug meeting his PeePaw.

#MaddiethePug enjoying time at her grandparents.

July 4th is my mother's birthday and we were so happy to be able to celebrate with her. We purchased a cake from the Barksdale AFB commissary and it was delicious! Quite possibly one of the best birthday cakes I have eaten in a long time. Definitely check out the commissary for birthday cakes, military girls!

The icing was everything.

I took my mom to eat sushi for her birthday at a new restaurant in Bossier City, Louisiana called Sushi Gen. It was really good and we had a great time laughing and catching up. I miss her so much and wish she lived closer to us!

My delicious sushi.

The only downside of visiting my family in the summer is Louisiana is SO hot. Legit, some of you think I exaggerate, but with the heat index, it felt like 116 when we were there! The heat was brutal and made us all tired. 

Military Husband caught this candid pic of #MaddiethePug resting on a heat exhausted me.

Around 4 a.m. July 5th, we left Louisiana to head back home. I will miss my mom and dad immensely! They are the best parents a girl could ever have and I love them like crazy.

Our first stop on the evening of July 5th was Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

The pugs are not happy.

I had planned to write a post about our experience in a hotel there (yes, we went cheap because we just needed to rest, but friends, it was ratchet fuckery), but the manager refunded our entire stay after I complained. With that being said, I appreciate anyone who can acknowledge our dissatisfaction and make it right. (As a side note, if you ever have an unpleasant experience while staying at a hotel, do not be afraid to voice your concerns respectfully to the property management.)

Upon leaving Chattanooga, Military Husband and I headed to Harrisburg, PA where we stayed at the Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey from July 6 - July 9. We ate at the hotel restaurant, Dog and Pony, on two separate occasions and it was delicious.

I am a terrible blogger and forgot to take good pictures. Sometimes you get caught up in life's moments and forget that we are supposed to document everything these days! #picsoritdidnothappen

Inside of dining room.

My Cesar Salad.
#yesImbasic #dontjudge

On Friday, July 7, we decided to venture out into Harrisburg to visit the National Civil War Museum. I have a MA in History and one of my specialty areas was military history so this was fascinating. Military Husband and I loved the museum and I highly recommend it to any of you in the area. Tickets are $10 for active duty military and it is worth every penny! The displays are incredible and there is so much to see. I would love to return to this museum one day in the future. For those of you who have been to the DDay Museum in New Orleans, this museum blows it out of the water. It is spectacular.

The tour is self guided, but the woman who works in the gift shop (where you purchase tickets) is extremely knowledgable and helpful. Also, the gift shop is super affordable and has some great souvenirs. We picked up several before we left. All of the money goes directly to preserve and grow the museum.

The museum sits high up on a hill. The views are breathtaking.

You can see the Harrisburg capital building in the distance.

The museum sits where Camp Curtin once did during the Civil War. Camp Curtin was the largest Federal camp during the Civil War.

There are bricks around the building where you can purchase your own brick to honor a fallen soldier in your family.

The life-size 360 dioramas were so realistic and gave you the feels of what it must have been like during the war.

There is a section called "Women In War" and it really serves as a reminder of what it was like for military wives back then to wait at the homefront. I cannot imagine not having contact with Military Husband for seven years not knowing if he were alive or dead. These ladies were the brave and selfless.

I LOVED this quote.

The last part of the exhibit is an Abraham Lincoln display and it is really fascinating. It brings forth lots of emotion because you feel how much the war they fought mattered. Legit, it is like feeling the legacy of so many young men who died serving a cause and I felt proud to be an American.

We ended our trip with a round of pizza from our favorite pizza place in PA Two Brother's Pizza. Now, it is time for more of the world's worst blogger pictures.

What can I say? I was too hungry to stop and take pics. #lovetoeat

Also, I fell in love with Sheetz in PA and I am desperately jealous of all of you who live near a Sheetz and get MTO sandwiches. That place is THE BEST.

In conclusion, we had a great vacation. But, BUT, I missed Boston. I realize how little is available down in the Deep South and how much I have access to here in the Northeast. Plus, I like living here. I honestly believe the trip home made me appreciate Mass a little bit more. Moving to Mass from a small town in Louisiana was an experience. I have always treated it with positivity and am beyond thrilled I have this incredible opportunity to live in a big city. There have been low points (this is NORMAL), but for the most part, I am enjoying it and it has forced me to grow up in more ways than I can explain in this post. I have thought about doing a little post on PCS'ing extremely far away from home (or to a completely "foreign" area of the country to you) and FAQs for those of you who have not experienced this yet, may be experiencing it in the near future or for those of you just curious.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below or if you would like to read a post about my experience, let me know!

I will return with more fun trip pictures because we have a trip planned to NYC in August. I cannot wait to give New York a big Southern hug.

Have you taken any fun vacations this summer? Where did you go? Have you been to any cool museums I should check out in the Northeast? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy to be home with all my favorite Massholes, I am,

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Since I have not written on my blog in forever and a million years, I thought I would write a little about what I have been up to lately. 

Because really though, who does not want to know about my exciting life?

I mean it is all about ME here, people!

But truly, I digress.

Here is my My Ratchet Life Lately: Boston Edition.

Spending My Days

If you were not aware, I live at the beach here in Mass. And since it is summer, life is currently spent doing a whole lot of this:

Roasting my body until it is well done.

I absolutely love living across the street from a beach. I simply get out of bed, toss on my swimsuit and walk to my spot. Perfectamundo! 

We get the best sunsets and sunrises here on the beach and the scenery is beautiful.


I recently watched two horror movies that were new to me and both were extremely well done. If you are a horror fan like me, I highly recommend them!

Train To Busan is a Korean horror film with subtitles. I know, I KNOW, some people cannot deal with subtitles, but trust me, this movie is worth every second! Seok-woo is a workaholic and divorced father. His little girl, Soo-an, has grown tired of him never being around. She insists on going to Busan for her birthday to be with her mother. The two board a train in Seoul and at the exact same moment, a zombie virus erupts in South Korea. Oh, and one of the infected boards the train without the knowledge of the passengers. It is a total wild ride every moment waiting to see who will escape the zombie train ride! The acting is excellent and you will get attached to the characters. This is definitely one of my favorite zombie movies. 

(Train To Busan is currently free on Netflix)

Hell House LLC is a low budget "found footage" documentary. Before I go any further, let me make it clear that I DO NOT LIKE "found footage." But, BUT, after reading some reviews praising the movie, I decided to watch. I was delightfully surprised! This movie is actually quite scary and I even covered my eyes a few times. The film is about a group of people who run haunted houses on Halloween. On the opening night of a haunted house the people created in an abandoned hotel in New York, something goes horribly wrong. Tour goers and members of Hell House LLC are killed and no knows why or what happened. The documentary makers are trying to learn the secrets of Hell House and are given footage taken by the members. There is a twist ending and the movie creeped me out so much, I was checking behind my shoulder when I walked my dogs that night!

(Hell House LLC is currently free for Amazon Prime subscribers)


I recently re-read and purchased (I first read this free online) Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. My friend Karen at A Peek At Karen's World would tell you this is your typical "depressing YA novel." (love ya Karen ;) ) And, it sort of is in a way. But, BUT, it reads like poetry at times and has some of the most beautiful words about death, life and most of all, the importance of your life. Samantha's personal journey is one of my favorites to read and it really made me think about how much your life, your words, your patience and love or lack thereof for humanity can really affect others.

If you do not own this book, it is a must read!

Listening To

TLC - Way Back - YouTube
TLC "Way Back"

YAY! The 90s are back and TLC is releasing (more) new music! These ladies defined my 90s. I loved their music so much and really miss Lisa aka Left Eye. She would be so proud of Chili and T-Boz for rocking on into 2017. Get it ladies!

Editor's Note: I used a TLC song on my wedding video "Meant To Be." Such a great song, too!

Thinking About

I fell down the rabbit hole over the weekend and became captivated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Michelle Carter. Carter is the young woman who texted 18 year old Conrad Roy III, repeatedly, encouraging him to commit suicide in 2014. After the guilty verdict was released, I went to YouTube to watch her trial. As a lawyer, I find the legal standpoint fascinating. And as a human being, I am incredibly sad for the family and the local communities involved.

There is a lot of talk in the nation about this verdict (Michelle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter), wether it was legal, and about what this means for freedom of speech. However, I believe that our laws have to catch up with the 21st Century and we, as adults, have a duty to protect our children. The digital world has become a dangerous, evil place and we must create laws to keep our children alive and safe.

If you read about this case or watch the trial here, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Preparing For

A trip home to see my family in Louisiana! We leave on Saturday morning. I have not seen my family in over six months (wow, have I really been in Boston that long??). It will be nice to finally give my mom and dad a big hug again.

Not to mention, I am getting my stomach full of yummy Tex-Mex and getting my absolute fave:


Mass, you need to step up your Sonic game. I need my cherry slush and my cherry limeade in the summer.

What are you up to this summer? Have you read or watched anything interesting? Are you planning a fun vacation? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. I miss you. Make sure you follow me on Instagram where I update more! Sam's Instagram

I Miss You Like Crazy, I Miss You BaeBae, because I am,

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There is a tag going around the blogging world like a rampant horde of hungry zombies called "Three Things." See Erica's blog, Whimsical September and Julie's blog, Jewels Wandering.

I thought I would complete said tag because it means I get to talk about my favorite subject:

I know, I KNOW.

But, BUT, I will make it worth your while if you stick around to the very end because I am going to share a secret. A secret that will forever change this blog to infinity and beyond.

In my Tone Loc voice...

And it goes a little something like this, HIT IT.

Three Things I'd Never Give Up

Well, there are FOUR things I would never give up and those are:

Military Husband
BabyBelle Pug

Incidentally, BabyBelle just celebrated her 5th Birthday! She has officially been in our family for three years and we love her to pieces.

As a treat, I took her to the Polka Dog Bakery here in Boston. This is legit the cutest little place to take your pets for treats. The owners are so nice and pets are welcome.

BabyBelle excited for her new treats.

I also took BabyBelle on a special Mommy/Belle trip to the beach in Swampscott, Massachusetts.

I always upload stories to my Instagram so make sure you follow me there to see them all:

Three Favorite Vegetables

Green Beans

The BEST way to eat green beans.


Yes, please.


I am not sure if this qualifies as a "vegetable," but I love lettuce and always order salad with everything. You can find me eating salad multiple times a week.

Three Shows I've Watched Faithfully To The End

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Because Joss Whedon. I mean she is one of the most iconic female badasses in television history.

How I Met Your Mother 

Because I really AM Ted Mosby in female form.

Battlestar Gallactica 

Yup, I am a huge nerd.

I cringe when I write this because the series finale was SO DAMN BAD. I stuck around way too long with that show.

Three Places I Want To Visit In The USA

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room in Savannah, Georgia : This place looks so sweet, southern and fun.

The Smithsonian Museum : Because, duh.

The Airplane Graveyard at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tuscon, Arizona : My Can't Buy Me Love 80s oldies will get me here.

Salt Lake City, Utah : Because of how gosh darn beautiful it is and the Sundance Film Festival.

Three Places I Want To Visit Outside The USA

Singapore : To visit Julie, of course!

Ko Phi Phi Leh in Thailand : Where The Beach was filmed.

Florence, Italy : Fairly boring, but hey, I want to see all those wide angle lens shots from Hannibal in real life.


I am fairly jealous Military Husband has seen Tunisia, which is the location of all the desert shots in The English Patient. Tozeur is where Katherine dies and Nefta is the home of Count Almasy's camp. If you know me, you know I love my English Patient.

Three Things That Are ALWAYS In My Car

Sunglasses : A NECESSITY! Ladies, wear those sunnies to avoid more wrinkles.

A hairbrush : My hair is always like a ratchet Barbie doll head.

Someone brush my hair, please.

Whole Foods Bag/Shopping Bag : Because if you live in Massachusetts, you better have your own bag to get the measly Whole Paycheck discount and to avoid Cambridge bag fees.

Three Most Recent Calls Were To/From

Military Husband


Yup, that is it and that is all. I am lame. Who makes phone calls anymore anyways?

Three Most Often Used Makeup Products

Nars Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz : Pretty much my go-to on the daily for years.

Diorshow Blackout Mascara: I will use this or Benefit's Bad Girl Lash. Mascara is a MUST for me.

NYC Liquid Eyeliner: Super affordable and awesome for achieving winged liner.

MAC Angel Lipstick and Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss : I like nude/pinky lips with some sort of gloss.

Which is more than three things, but this is pretty much my daily makeup. If we are going out or it is a special occasion, I have a list of makeup items I enjoy. If any of you care to know what makeup and skincare items are my faves, let me know.

Three Things That Make Me Laugh

ME. What can I say, I think I am funny. But, BUT, as you know, no one is begging to me to work at the Laugh Factory.

My pugs being clowns.

Military Husband.

Rocket the Raccoon, Barney Stinson, Great White Buffalo, Horrible Bosses (You're gonna give me that dong, Dale), Infant Sorrow, Paul Rudd, Chris Pratt, Ana Faris, Adam Sandler, Dean Winchester being Dean Winchester, Chloe (Don't Trust The B and the hooker mouthwash), Bill Murray, people who are sarcastic AF, etc.

This list is endless. I laugh all the time!

Three Things That Make Me Cry

Well, I am an ice queen so this is rare, but here are a few things that recently made me cry:


13 Reasons Why on Netflix



Finish This Three Word Sentence: MY NAME IS

Graphic by Ashley Elizabeth
Yup, that is me. I have been thinking about coming out of anonymity for awhile. I suppose it is about time you knew my name (for those of you who I have not told), so nice to meet all you booboos. I hope you will move forward with me on a new blogging journey as Samantha, not as Mili Wifey.

Is it weird for you? Because it feels weird to me.

Your turn to complete this tag! If you do, let me know, and I will put your link in my post. 

Check Out Holly's 3 Things at : CatHairandGlitter
Check Out Kristen's 3 Things at : Pugs and Pearls
Check Out Karen's 3 Things at : A Peek At Karen's World

Say my name, say my name, because I am no longer Mili Wifey,

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