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Carrying on in this series of how to use psychic skills in a 21st century way, I wanted to say a bit more about how we can take the Tarot cards that might make us wince when they show up in a spread and use them for transformation.

In my book, using any psychic skill in a 21st century way means applying it to help us step into our power, or shows someone else the path to doing just that.

Here’s how it works.  Every single one of us has a tank of psychic energy that we use to co-create our lives.  But all sorts of things can push us into using that energy unwisely.  Using our psychic skills to actually help us delve into where we are leaking that psychic energy gives us the remedy for stemming the flow.  That means we have more psychic energy to direct at co-creation.

I was actually hugely tempted to call this article ‘How I learned to stop worrying and love the five of swords’.  I have to be honest and say that this is one card that makes me think, ‘Oh no!’ so let’s use that!

The traditional meaning of this fabulous card is that someone is up to a bit of skulduggery.  In a psychic reading, it could be the querent, or it could be someone around them.

So what we have here is headline information, and it’s our job to delve beneath.

In a psychic reading, it’s really not empowering to put someone in a state of total paranoia by cheerfully announcing that there’s someone around them they can’t trust and leaving it at that.  Send someone off reeling with that information and what you’ve actually done is cast a disempowering spell.  It creates a lens through which they begin to see everyone around them with suspicion.  In turn, that’s going to make them behave in a way that is actually likely to cause disruptions in the best relationships.

It’s far better to use your psychic intuition to get right into the heart of the message, because that’s where the transformational nugget of gold can be found.

To do that, we need to examine the co-creational dynamic of skulduggery, or deception.

If it’s the querent, what in them is making them resort to what kind of deception?

If it is someone around the querent, what wound in their shadow is making them behave in such a way?

If people are in their power, they don’t usually resort to manipulation, deceit or game playing.  Here, we can use our psychic skills to help the querent wade safely through that particular shadow towards the light.

And if we understand that all relationships are co-created, we can go even further and help the querent explore what in them might be leaving them open to manipulation or deception, or even inviting it in.

That is truly sensitive territory that you don’t want to stomp through and being able to handle it demands a whole different set of skills.  Because again, the last thing you want to do is give someone the message, ‘Well, yes, someone is out to take you for everything, but it’s because you’re attracting it.  Goodbye and good luck!’

All sorts of things can leave us open.  Over the past year, I’ve had to look at the shadow side of wanting to see the best in people to the point where I shut my eyes to a bit of skulduggery that was going on without me knowing.  The realisation that only seeing the good in people did actually have a shadow side was a total revelation, one where the good old five of swords was acting as my psychic sign post to what I needed to look at.

You can use this approach to help you stop worrying and learn to love all of the cards in the major and minor arcana.  If there are any that particularly puzzle you, let me know and I’ll write a special article on it.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Here’s a trick to help you think like a psychic and problem solve with ease!

When we have an experience we usually interpret something by our emotional reaction to it. It’s either good or bad.It is our ability to label something and then add the emotional ‘charge’ that goes along with it – which is usually based on our past experience with something similar or in some cases, someone else’s ‘take’ on it – in other words their ‘meme’, that determines not only whether we think what’s happening is a positive or negative event, but also its outcome. But the reality of any situation is that it is governed purely by our perception of it. In other words, things are not as they are – they are as WE are!

In a good psychic reading, a psychic can help show you different perspectives to see your problem with ‘new eyes’.  A psychic can see the overview rather than just the present moment. What we need to remember is that when it comes to interpreting what is happening in our lives, all experiences are neutral. They have no meaning. We give them meaning by our thoughts and our thoughts create our reality. Say for example you have deep spiritual beliefs. These beliefs include a universe that responds to your thoughts and constantly sends you synchronicities and signs to guide you on your soul path. You will see synchronicities and signs everywhere!

Someone who doesn’t share these beliefs will see nothing to support this belief system. Both life experiences are therefore determined by individual interpretation of reality. We can even take this one step further and see it being played out in the business world. 20 years ago IBM observed that nobody owned a personal computer. They concluded therefore that there was no market for personal computers. College dropouts Steve Jobs and Bill Gates looked at the fact nobody had a personal computer and saw only an opportunity. We construct our own reality by choosing how we interpret our experiences and we can choose another interpretation of what is happening in our lives at any moment!

Sometimes looking at something differently however is difficult especially if we are going through a challenging time. It’s easy to say ‘flip it!’ but harder to change your perspective if you’re in a crisis. But we need to remember that our perspective can be biased. Physicist Richard Feynman whom many regard as the father of Quantum physics used to invent new thinking strategies to get himself ‘unstuck’ when faced with a problem. He felt the secret to his genius was his ability to disregard how past thinkers thought about problems and, instead, would invent new ways to think. He was so “unstuck” that if something didn’t work, he would look at it several different ways until he found a way that moved his imagination. Genius is discovering a new perspective that you have been unable to see in the past.

So, if you’re faced with a problem, look for different viewpoints. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. How would Michelle Obama, the Dalai Lama and Lady GaGa look at this problem for example? Try to imagine how they would see it. Chances are by shifting your perspective in this way you are already seeing things differently. Draw a picture of the problem, make a model, act it out. Take a walk and look for something that metaphorically represents your problem (a synchronicity!) and look for connections between what you see and the problem. Ask friends, older and younger relatives and even strangers how they would see it. When we see something through someone else’s eyes it looks entirely different, doesn’t it? What if your situation was a person? What would it look like? What would it tell you?

We are all uniquely gifted and creative whether we realise it or not. Don’t forget: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 3rd June 2018

Aries – Ten of Pentacles

Gorgeous Aries,

you’ve got the Ten of Pentacles this week which means you’re likely to be feeling secure and contented in your body and home this week. You may experience an increase in abundance which may encourage you take up some challenges to manifest more of your creative ideas. You could meet someone this week that acts as a catalyst for your own self-confidence, you may be inspired by this person and their ambition.

You may find yourself thinking about your own ambitions this week and perhaps have a yearning for more recognition and material security. The King of Pentacles is guiding you to step into your awesome power, to take more of an active leadership role in manifesting and creating your material desires. It’s likely that you’ll feel pride for having worked hard for all you have, accompanied by a fresh desire to expand your reach, seek new heights in success and material growth.

Taurus – Queen of Pentacles

Beautiful Taurus,

you’ve got the Queen of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be considering your feminine strength and sensuality. There’s so much power and confidence to be gained this week, it’s up to you how much you decide to honour this and give to yourself.

The Queen of Pentacles is a reminder of the primordial power of the body itself, our body is our first true home and how we treat it sets the tone for the rest of our life. It’s likely that you’ll have multiple opportunities to express yourself and your material values in a confident and secure way. Preserving your money, saving and spending it on things that provide comfort and pleasure is one of the ways this card can manifest its self.

You may find that you’re drawn to taking good care of yourself, enriching your body with self sustaining food and spending time with people that evoke this energy. You’re likely to be feeling generous and wanting to indulge yourself and others with what you have.

Gemini – Three of Pentacles

Beautiful Gemini,

you’ve got the Three of Pentacles this week which means you’re likely to be feeling good about your career and home. There could be a project that you’ve been working on that sees some positive results this week, you may be celebrating a success and feeling proud of your hard work and achievements.

It’s likely that you’ll be looking ahead, getting excited about future projects and ambitions and feeling more comfortable about the next metaphorical dragon that’s you’d like to slay next.

It’s your season and therefore you’re probably experiencing many joys and celebrations, the Three of Pentacles is asking you to acknowledge how much you’ve achieved and celebrate yourself. Although you have further you’d like to travel and much more you’d like to achieve, you’ve got the support from the universe to build some strong foundations upon which you can continue to grow and evolve.

Cancer – King of Cups

Gorgeous Cancer,

you’ve got the King of Cups this week so you’re likely to be feeling a shift in your emotional life. Sometimes this card can represent a profound healing occurring, you could experience multiple healing experiences this week.

The King of Cups comes to us when we are embodying emotional intelligence and ready to embark on a new journey through our feelings and emotions. You could feel some urges to talk to someone and share your feelings and open your heart about something, if so, you can expect to feel a shift and transformation for the better.

Alternatively, you could be magnetising others to you, they are likely to be drawn to your kind and empathetic nature and feel guided to open up to you about their feelings and you could play a fundamental part in their healing journey. Either way sweet Cancer, it seems likely that your feelings and emotions will transform and heal in some way, helping you to help yourself and others.

Leo – Seven of Pentacles

Beautiful Leo,

you’ve got the Seven of Pentacles this week so you may find yourself being offered a new opportunity. This new opportunity hold the potential to bring you wonderful future happiness and fulfilment. Pay close attention to anyone and anything that is appears new and different this week, for this offer of an alternative path is likely to be divinely inspired. Sometimes it feels safer to stick with what we know and stay put, doing what we are used to. But staying where we are can often bring about stagnation.

When we have the chance to do and try something new it often to gifted to us by the cosmos so that we can continue to grow, evolve and develop. The Seven of Pentacles comes to us to highlight where we may have become stagnant and often brings new and exciting experiences to uplift and expand our view about ourselves and our life.

You’ve got some fabulous opportunities to go in new directions this week gorgeous Leo. Sometimes people appear different and offer new ways of doing things, you could be offered a new job or opportunity to train in a new field, what ever comes this week, remember what’s being offered is from the divine to help you become even happier and more fulfilled.

Virgo – Ace of Swords

Gorgeous Virgo,

you’ve got the Ace of Swords this week which means you’re likely to be experiencing a new perspective on your life emerging. The Ace of Swords often beckons a new mindset, a change of mind, an exciting and powerful new perception on yourself and life.

How has your internal dialogue been going recently? Have you been acknowledging how your mindset effects your life? If you’ve been berating yourself and giving yourself a hard time mentally you may have noticed your energy levels dropping and pessimism increasing. If you’ve been kind to yourself and telling yourself nice things internally then you may have noticed your energy levels increasing and your optimism improving.

The Ace of Swords is a powerful new beginning where the mind shifts and transforms, you’re being ask d to embrace your new mindset this week and harness the power of your mind to create positive and lasting change in your life.

Libra – Six of Pentacles

Beautiful Libra,

you’ve got the Six of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to feel the goodness of humanity in some way. Sometimes this card can signify that we are the recipient of someone’s generosity and that we can rely upon life’s bounty to be taken care of and given exactly what we need.

Alternatively, you may be the one that is being generous and helping another either financially or in a supportive way. This is a positive card and therefore you can expect there to be multiple experiences this week that will be about balance and giving and receiving.

The Six of Pentacles is asking you to be open and receptive this week, get ready to receive what you have asked for. If you find yourself having more than you need and feel the urge to give and be generous, follow that guidance and share what you have. This is a beautiful week of uplifting experience and precious moments of gratitude, enjoy and embrace it.

Scorpio – The Empress

Gorgeous Scorpio,

you’ve got The Empress this week so you’re likely to be feeling in flow with the universe and in touch with the sacredness of your body. The body is our true home and when we treat it with the utmost care and respect, life and our experience tend to be enriching and a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

How well are you taking care of your body? Do you treat yourself with love, care, compassion and kindness? If so, you’re likely to experience some amazing things this week that help you to feel connected to yourself, to source, and The Earth. If you feel that you could improve your self nurturing and self love, this is the week you can experience a huge positive shift in treating yourself better.

The Empress is the mother figure, not just our psychical mother but the inner mother, often manifesting as that internal dialogue and shown in the way we treat and take care of ourselves. Use this week to embody the kind and loving mother, take good care of your needs and witness the positive ripples effects of you embodying the sacred nurturing mother.

Sagittarius – The Emperor

Beautiful Sagittarius,

you’ve got The Emperor this week so you’re likely to be feeling your lifestyle becoming more organised and evoking some self-discipline, perhaps you are taking up a leadership role too. The Emperor comes to us when we are ready to step into our power, stand up for what we believe in and live by our ethics.

Symbolically, The Emperor is the father and masculine principle in action, this card can signify laying foundations and making something concrete and real in the world. What have you been working on recently? If you have been hoping to materialise and bring something into fruition, this could be the week you see some sprouts of growth and witness your desires actualising and becoming real. You’ve got some serious added power this week, The Emperor is assisting you in becoming more powerful, increasing your confidence and self-belief.

Capricorn – Nine of Pentacles

Beautiful Capricorn,

you’ve got the Nine of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be feeling confident and self-sufficient. This card is a fantastic card to receive as it symbolises inner fortitude and resilience, it’s likely that this week you’ll feel the positive effects of what you’ve overcome in the past. This is the card of interdependence and independence, where you are not reliant upon anyone else’s validation or approval to feel good.

This is where true confidence is born and grown, it’s likely that this week you’ll be seeing just how strong, capable and confident you truly are. It’s likely that others will be inspired by your amazing capabilities and skills to be self-sufficient. The Nine of Pentacles is asking you to acknowledge your achievements and value of what you do, in doing this, you are likely to get a strong sense of your unique abilities, therefore making this week a fantastic one filled with deep satisfaction and pleasure.

Aquarius – The High Priestess

Gorgeous Aquarius,

you’ve got The High Priestess this week so you’re likely to feel deeply in touch with your soul and intuition. You may experience some intense premonitions and hunches that your intuition wants you to know, this is an excellent week to document your dreams and figure out their symbolic meaning.

Secrets could be revealed this week, perhaps information will come to light for you to help you to understand a person or situation more clearly. The High Priestess is helping you to get in touch with the power of your subconscious, it is said that this is where all great art is born, in the vast unconscious and subconscious. The language of this vastness is symbolism so be ready to receive many symbols and signs coming into your experience this week to guide you in further future happiness.

For instance, if you keep seeing a white rabbit popping up in your experience, look up the symbolism of the white rabbit and find out what your subconscious and soul is communicating to you. This is a magical week with lots to discover, there’s likely to be lots of insight and wisdom gained.

Pisces – Strength

Beautiful Pisces,

you’ve got Strength this week so you’re likely to be feeling the positive effects of having courage and tenacity. You may have some experiences this week that give you the opportunity to show your self-discipline and passion.

Sometimes this card is associated with handling our rage and aggression in a powerful and confident way, we all have animalistic aspects to our nature and this card is symbolically known as the man that defeats the lion with his bare hands and wears his skin as a cloak of invincibility. Our animal drives and our passions are part of our primal nature, it’s likely that this week you will have some opportunities to channel any aggression in a creative and harmless way.

Strength is here to show you how strong and courageous you are, you are being reminded that you have all the resources you need. There’s likely to be an emergence of a solid identity this week, an inner permanence and confidence as result of recognising all you’ve been through and what you’ve achieve thus far, well done you.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 3th 2019


  • Set yourself free
  • Sign on the dotted line
  • Ensure your message is understood

You’ve something to say this week, Aries but you need to ensure your message is being received by its recipient. This week’s new Moon in your 3rd adds flair and wit to anything you say as well handing you ideas that can take you places. This is a week where you get to play with possibilities and above all, not to be too concerned with outcomes. Venus also in your 3rd from the 9th hands you the ability to flirt with whatever or whoever crosses your path. The trick is not to take things too seriously or get overly attached to one particular goal. The freer you feel, act and interact, the more potential you’ll ignite. What you have considered possible for yourself could be turned on its head thanks to Chiron now in your 1st making an amazing angle with Ceres in your 9th. There is a way to have what you want after all.

This generally playful vibe does not mean that serious inroads when it comes to future plans cannot be made. Especially when it comes to your money and career. Before Venus arrives in your 3rd, it remains in its ruling 2nd of money and makes a status-making move on Pluto in your career zone on the 3rd. Mercury enters your 4th from the 4th promising agreements and important papers that relate to your long term security.  This could see some of you signing on the dotted line when it comes to that promotion or job offer.  Watch out for subtleties in what is said however especially by others and for hidden dynamics and powerplays in relationships – whether working or in your personal life. Is someone calling the shots in your relationship based solely on their earning ability or their ideas around traditional roles in the family? Vesta in your 2nd and Juno in your 4th opposing Pluto in your 10th ask that you be mindful of whether money is being used to manipulate. The Sun in your 3rd is in an angle of confusion with Neptune on the 9th. This is when you need to ensure you are getting your point across.  If someone wants to block progress and possibilities this week, this is about their insecurities, not yours. Play with your full potential now and see where it takes you.

In a nutshell: Immerse yourself in the moment and let go of the outcome. This week tells you to just go with the flow, Aries. What you believe is impossible could turn out to be all too attainable after all.


  • Interact to attract
  • Do you relationships reflect how you see yourself?
  • What you seek could be closer than you think

You’re totally attuned to this week’s sensual full Moon in your 2nd. You want to talk, interact with and immerse yourself in ideas that connect you to the material world. Business interactions and money making ideas are favoured now. A new job or source of income can open up for some. But for many of you the quality of life, work and the experience is more important than the actual amount. Being around stimulating people (or working in a stimulating environment) where you can interact and share ideas will be your prime motivator. Ruler Venus remains in your 1st until the 9th when it too, moves into its ruling 2nd in your chart. Love this week will either be ignited or snuffed out by a partner’s ability to provide you with the mental turn-on you need. If you’ve been feeling restricted, taken for granted or even manipulated by a partner of late, this week could see things come to a head as Juno in your 3rd opposes Pluto in your 9th on the 6th and Vesta arrives in your 1st the day Venus leaves it.  See this as your opportunity to show others that how you value and see yourself has changed. Your relationships now need to align with your upgraded self-worth.

Someone or something may be seen in an entirely different light now as Chiron in your 12th aligns to Ceres in your 8th. The Sun in your 2nd pushes at Neptune in your circle of friends and someone shows their true colours one way or another. Don’t be surprised if a new deal or arrangement is on the table between you and someone else. Mercury enters its ruling 3rd on the 4th. It’s time now to plan ahead when it comes to your work, security and wellbeing. And also to look closely at what is right outside your front door or has become such a fixture in your daily life or routine, you fail to notice it. This is all about your everyday environment – your street, your neighbourhood, your neighbours, your commute – the things we take for granted. Short journeys are favoured now but what this tells you is there are opportunities, conversations and ideas to be mined close to home. Look closer this week and if you are searching for love, it could be right up your street – or at the very least, on your commute. Have an opening line ready.

In a nutshell:  Start that conversation this week and above all, broadcast those values, Taurus. You see yourself differently now. Ensure your relationships reflect this.


  • Set your imagination on course for the future
  • Stay connected to your inner strength
  • Go directly to your dreams

Time to plan what you want to do, achieve and experience in the coming year. I should not need to tell you that this week’s new Moon of the 3rd in your sign, is your most important of the next 12 months. This Moon hands you the ability to literally create a movie of your upcoming life in your mind. It’s a step beyond visualisation and like entering a scene you’re setting in a future date. Take this power and use it now. Venus enters your 1st on the 9th increasing your ability to attract – especially when it comes to love. Before it does, it will allow you to put the past into perspective in some way as it aligns to Pluto the day that new Moon appears. This frees you to create that future that is unencumbered by the past. Know what needs to be put behind you now and also what needs to change. Vesta in your 12th from the 9th could expose undercurrents in relationships you were unaware of before. This is also a week where you need to stay connected to your power – especially when it comes to your career and reputation. Ensure you come across as someone who knows what they want on the 9th when the Sun in your 1st and Neptune may impact on your professional image.  Be direct and be seen as someone who knows what they are talking about.

Ruler Mercury is on the move into your 2nd on the 4th.  Come across as someone who knows their business and takes themselves seriously, and your bank account could reflect this belief now.  Been feeling shut off lately? Time to do something about it. Chiron in your 11th aligned to Ceres in your 7th could just put you within the orbit of surprising and even powerful friends. There could be more on offer for the future than first meets the eye. Explore this now.

In a nutshell: Chart a new course this week, Gemini. Your personal and soul-course determining new Moon allows you to set a new direction. Where are you heading? To the stars!


  • Stand out from the competition
  • Own your sovereignty
  • Travel to the future of love

Being a little bolder and standing out from the pack could lead to work and career recognition this week, Cancer. Walk to the beat of your own drum thanks to Chiron now in your 10th making a defining alignment to Ceres in your 6th. There’s a new deal to be struck now. It could not only be struck in the professional sense but also in the personal one too. Looking for seachange when it comes to love or even just friendship? It – or they, could come your way this week thanks to a beautiful alignment between Venus in your house of connectivity and Pluto in Venus’s 7th. Juno in your 1st is putting you in touch with your sovereignty when it comes to what you need from a significant other. You have a surety about you now and can claim this in partnerships when it moves across from Pluto also on the 6th.

Your usual high speed link to intuition gets a major upgrade now thanks to the new Moon in your 12th on the 3rd. This week also asks you to use your insight when it comes to looking at the barriers you have placed in your own path or in reframing your past in some way. All down to the Sun also in your 12th and Neptune which rules this house in your 9th. What has been lived out and needs to be left behind you now? Let the tide take it away as it simply does not serve you any longer. Being your ruler, you always feel the new Moon energy on a deeper, more soul-calling level than other signs. In your 12th, its linking you to what needs to be completed – both on a physical, psychological and psychic level. It represents that point in the flow of time between the past and the future. Where in the present you can ditch the detritus and recast your future direction. Venus also in your 12th from the 9th wants you to reach for a higher love. By that I mean allow your mind to take a leap  to a place where new beginnings could happen. If your mind goes there first, the rest of you will follow. Vesta in your 11th may have you staying home for now. So travel to those love possibilities in thought and get ready to meet them next month.

In a nutshell: Send you imagination ahead of you into the future. And visualise what a more exciting, spiritually evolving love looks like. You could meet it in person next month, Cancer.


  • Greet  the future with open arms
  • Ideas become goals become reality
  • What’s your sign saying?

With your ruler the Sun, a new Moon on the 3rd and Venus from the 9th, all in your 11th, this is no time to stay home with that boxset, Leo! Just be aware that Venus in here is more about the love of like-minded souls than one special person. But hey – it’s all love, right? This is your house where the future takes form which is why it is linked to your goals, wishes and dreams. This is where the future starts – with an idea which then becomes a goal. So, this is the house of the Shape of Things to Come – where you set the future in motion. The people who cross your path now may have a role to play in it which is another reason to be out and about. This is also your house of receptivity. In other words your ability to accept and receive. This includes people, gifts, opportunities, invitations. It tells you how open you are. What’s your sign? Hopefully not one that says: Closed until further notice.

You may discover however that some connections no longer hold the meaning they once did especially when your ruler becomes intent on an expose with Neptune on the 9th. Mercury’s entry into your 12th from the 4th wants to bring out your inner muse but also hands you insight into what’s working – and what no longer does. Career decisions or a new job could see you working in a female dominated environment when Vesta enters your 10th from the 9th. This may be one where there is one man at the top. However, if you’re in a job where you’re being made to feel like a cog in a machine, this is not your niche. This week favours you taking action to find it – and one where you not only stand out from the crowd but are rewarded. There’s a call to freedom that needs to be answered this week but in a way that’s highly individual to you. What’s your sign? Open for business now.

In a nutshell: Friends, groups and goals feature. Especially when it comes to your ability to create your future. The universe wants you wide armed and accepting this week. Embrace it!


  • Take back the power of love
  • Project your best possible professional self
  • Look to that win/win scenario

The new Moon in our 10th always stirs a desire in us to be taken more seriously, to do and achieve more and to show the world there’s more to us than what they previously thought. It’s a new Moon of renewed ambitions this week. Venus also enters here from the 9th handing you the ability to make your very best impression on those that matter – bosses present and potential, clients, anyone you interact with who is in a position of authority and influence. Push yourself forward and above all, know your stuff. This is the time to really tap into your native Virgoan talent for taking care of the details. Ruler Mercury is on the move this week into your house of groups and goals. The people that are around you or who you meet now can give you that sense of belonging and ‘family’. Accept those invites. Have those business cards ready.

Escaping the real world – perhaps for love, is another theme for you this week. Or even using your career as an escape route (the old workaholic paradigm). Maybe to avoid dealing with other issues. You use love to avoid doing something about the dead end job, or immerse yourself in work because your relationship no longer works. Yes, love is supposed to elevate us but not take us away from the real world. This is a week to take back your power of love, Virgo and to ensure that every area of your life is filled with it. Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music sang about Love is the Drug in the 70’s – many of you too young to remember that. This week’s Sun/Neptune square is about real love, not fantasy. With Pluto in your romance zone being impacted on by both Venus and Juno, a love affair could transform your idea of real love. Just ensure it is the real deal now. Talking of deals, a new one around your home or your career could be on offer. There’s a need to negotiate with sensitivity while keeping those boundaries in place. The Art of the Deal always means allowing the other party to either ‘save face’ or walk away feeling they too have struck a bargain. Be ambitious, have a clear outcome in mind, but know when to accommodate the reality of win/win scenariois.

In a nutshell: Project your best possible professional image out there. One which says you are a force of intention! You’ll make the impression you’re seeking – and reap the rewards for doing so, Virgo.


  • Keep it real when it comes to work and career
  • Ready for a different kind of lover?
  • Embrace the unbelievable

Freedom comes door knocking this week, Libra. You may have felt as if you were enclosed in a bubble, separated off from the real world when it comes to your work and routine. Or you may have been exploring new paths to work intuitively and have ended up feeling more attuned. Whichever scenario you identify with – it’s either time to step back out into the brighter, bolder, bigger real world again or explore just how much further this intuitive way of living and working can take you thanks to the new Moon in your 9th this week and an angle between the Sun and Neptune in your work sector. Even if you are working in that bubble of creativity on your own, time to be as organised as possible and check in with reality.  Ruler Venus is also on the move in here from the 9th,the same day as Vesta asks you to reclaim any lost power when it comes to career and your values. The old term ‘indentured servitude’ comes to mind. Mercury in your 10th of career and status has you selling yourself more effectively if the rewards simply don’t equal the efforts now.

This could be a week that delivers a highly unusual lover for some of you. Or if you have been thinking love is the impossible dream – think again. This person could well embody the ‘We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams’ quote on some level. This comes from the poem ‘Ode’ by Arthur O’Shaunessy. Perhaps this lover is a poet, a musician or someone who soothes your soul. You could get lost in their rock n’ roll to preface another famous line. There’s a question hanging over all this whether you are single or already settled however. And that’s what you are prepared to give up or negotiate to have love. It’s all a trade-off be it our time or our freedom to have another soul in our lives. But this also means a new partnership dynamic can be created. Get a fresh deal on love and so much more now.

In a nutshell: Love is music for the soul. This week could deliver a romance which embodies that. Freedom comes calling but don’t neglect the details or the day job – and what it gives you this week.


  • Step into your No Fear zone
  • Claim the love that gives you room to grow
  • Reawaken passion and desire

The new Moon in our 8th always asks us to step free of fears and embrace our inner power. And the one that appears on the 3rd in here is no exception. It does get supercharged however thanks to an alignment between Venus in its ruling 7th and your ruler Pluto in your 3rd. Reawaken lost passion and desire whether it’s for a love or just the drive to feel more alike. Venus will move into your 8th from the 9th with this day also seeing Vesta enter your 7th and the Sun in your 8th cast a reality checking light on Neptune in your romance zone. Claiming that power is knowing when love is right, and when it isn’t and also being unafraid to tackle the issue if it’s not what you want. That being said, attractions could deepen now and a recent relationship intensify. You need a certain freedom and room to explore in partnerships now. It’s not that you don’t want commitment. You soul just requires that connection which allows you to grow. Neediness and clinginess are likely to be turn-offs for you. You will however be unafraid of talking to partners about the need to come together yet at the same time have space. It’s that cosmic dance where we come together, step apart, come back together again that is necessary for a healthy long term love you are intent upon achieving now.

Travel could feature for some of you now Mercury enters your 9th from the 4th – in the literal sense rather than the learning variety. Again, you’ll want a travelling companion who is curious and wants to expand their view of the world. But if you are flying solo, follow that desire to get that heart beating faster – without taking any untoward risks of course! Radical new approaches, landing a job you thought you wouldn’t get, stepping into a more powerful role – there’s a deal to be done with your day job, routine or even wellbeing. Chiron in your 6th of daily responsibilities and things health related says it’s time to turn something on its head. This could even include escaping that rut. Being willing to do or try something you would never have thought you would consider could take you by surprise – as could be results as Chiron aligns to Ceres in your money and self-worth sector. Flex those muscles and understand that power equals confidence which is what this new Moon truly wants to hand you. By fearlessly initiating changes you become soul heart healthy this week. Get it beating faster now.

In a nutshell: This week’s new Moon asks for a fearless approach. To love and anything else, Scorpio. Your heart needs something to make it beat faster. Only you can claim it for yourself. No fear!


  • Give those you live with your focus
  • Love fits the bill
  • Work the details

A new Moon and Venus in its ruling 7th this week adds up to just one thing –time for love and partnership matters, Sag. This is about your present, potential or even a past love which has or had, long term potential. Are you ready to relate? If so, stand by because a lover like no other may be about to present themselves. Thinking there is nobody out there who could fit the bill or make your heart skip a beat? Think again as Chiron in your 5th of romance aligns to Ceres in your 1st. Always with you there’s the question of giving up your independence to be with someone. But you know you can and will if the person in question is right. What or rather who is right, may just surprise you.

If you are settled or even if you are seeking, don’t ignore home and family matters now as the Sun in your 7th aligns to Neptune in your 4th. There’s a touch of the Egyptian about this. As in that river that flows through it. Are you in denial over something or just not wanting to see it? Whatever you do, ensure you are seeing everyone from those you share your living space with to partners, in the clear light of day and don’t ignore your intuition if it gives you a heads-up. Shifts could occur around your relationship status and your money too thanks to Juno in your 8th aligning to Pluto in your money zone. Vesta is also on the move this week into your 6th. Working in a female dominated environment or for a man at the top who employs a female gander biased workforce can be one manifestation of this transit. Any job where ‘term of service’ applies – ie: contracts or even the armed services. One word of warning: do not under any circumstances get romantically involved with someone at work who has seniority or hire and fire capabilities over you. Unless you want to enjoy the freedom of having no job that is. Want to stand out from your co-workers in the right way? Diligence and details are your superpowers now. Do the work and feel the love, Sag.

In a nutshell:  This week’s new Moon ushers in the love – or new beginnings. Who or what you draw to you is an aspect of who you are becoming. The world or the person opposite, is your mirror.


  • Make those lifestyle changes
  • Have a love manifesto
  • Don’t compromise on what you know is right for you right now

The body electric needs your attention this month, Capricorn. Yes, the new Moon in your 6th is always a good one under which to have a check-up or even start a new lifestyle routine. I steer clear of words like ‘diet’ simply because it is loaded with all kinds of negative connotations such as denial, deprivation and ultimately very often failure. Lifestyle changes however imply good things are still on the menu due to increased choices. Venus is all about indulgence but you can get the planet of sensual pleasure and love working for you when it too arrives in here from the 9th as Venus is all about beauty and feeling good. Look also at the work you do whether this is paid or unpaid and ask what meaning it brings you aside from the fairly obvious one of a pay cheque. The Sun also in your 6th and Neptune in your 3rd asks if you are allowing yourself to drift instead of doing something with your ideas or seeking out more variety Allowing yourself to fall into a rut – simply because it has become routine and familiar may be another area you need to examine. Put it this way – those baggy sweatpants and shapeless sweater may feel comfortable but do they actually do anything for you? Now you get it.

Your partner, relationship status and even the balance of power within your relationship could be in focus and up for discussion with Mercury and Juno in your 7th. Mercury in here favours business and working partnerships but also is a real conversation starter if you need to open with ‘We need to talk’. Juno which rules marriage and traditional unions is also in your partnership zone and opposes Pluto in your 1st on the 6th indicating time for a shift or an important commitment. Venus’s alignment to Pluto on the 3rd also speaks of a shift in your romantic status. If you want something serious – own it. Part of opening ourselves to having the relationship we want is being up front about it. Don’t whatever you do go along with someone who clearly states they want something different in the hope of changing their mind. Chances are they won’t and you will not only have wasted your time, but you emerge questioning your own self-worth and desirability. So, save yourself that journey this week especially when Vesta enters your 5th of romance. Yes, Vesta amongst other things represents the eternal flame. It also represents being willing to keep it alive for as long as it takes. So, don’t just settle for something or someone you know deep down can’t or won’t give you what you need. Keep the faith..

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THE LAW OF ATTRACTION ORACLE With our psychic reader David

Hi there, I’m David – one of Michele Knight’s team of psychic readers.

I’ve been giving readings for many years now, and I have seen first-hand that positive thinking can change what you are attracting to yourself. You have probably read about the Law of Attraction, manifesting and magick. In the Oracle below, I will help you to change your energy and attract more of what you want.

Simply focus on what you would like to create in your life – for example, a fulfilling relationship, a thriving career, a holiday in the sun. In other words, make a wish! And then take a look at the four pictures below. Without over-thinking, pick the one you feel intuitively drawn to. When you have chosen, scroll below for the corresponding message!

If you have chosen this picture, then it’s time to THINK BIG. It’s time to create a sense of magic, potential and possibility in your life. Do you feel excited by the prospect that you create your own reality? How often do you feel a sense of awe and wonder? Maybe you’ve gotten into a rut or have been stuck in an uninspiring pattern. Take time to shake off any stale energy. Go and find some WOW moments. This does not have to cost any money. You could go in nature and enjoy the scenery. You could visit a free art gallery and marvel at the wonderful creations.

This picture is about ‘What if? What if you could start that business? What if you could relocate to another city? What if you could attract the resources to go travelling for a year?

Spend some time daydreaming about these things, thinking about them, writing about them, drawing, cutting pictures out of magazines. Write about it in the present tense, as if it’s already here. Make it easy, fun and light.  Don’t let your inner critic interrupt these visions with ‘but that’s not possible’ or ‘that’s going to be really difficult’ or ‘other people seem to attract this but I don’t’.

This stage is not about planning or strategy. Think of it like a warm-up before you exercise. You are getting the energies moving. Sometimes this is easier if you don’t choose topics with great meaning or magnitude. If your current thinking is: ‘I really want this very specific outcome and I will be heartbroken if I don’t get it soon’ – then choose another subject with less tension underneath it.

This daydreaming and brainstorming helps you to dig deeper into what you really want. What you really want is not just what you think you can get. What you really want is not always what others want or understand. When you really let yourself think big and go for your desires, it helps you to reflect on how worthy you feel of these things. Do you feel deserving of this good stuff? Focussing on your desires is a wonderful prompt for your self-care.

The more you realise that you live in a limitless Universe, the more you realise that you are not bound by your current circumstances. And you are not your thoughts – you are not bound by your current limited thinking. Anything is possible.

If you have chosen this picture, then it’s time to be playful. Now is not the time to set serious intentions or to over-think how you can get what you want. It’s time to get out of your own way so that you can allow your wishes to manifest. Play is a key part of the manifesting process. If you keep repeating your intentions, there is often a fear underneath – the fear of not having something. Repetitive work and struggle is often seen as noble in our culture. Stress is sometimes worn like a badge of honour. But hustle and grind is often fear-based. Some people manifest exhaustion as a way of inviting attention and approval from others. (‘Look how hard she is working!’) Quite often there is a worthiness issue going on, because you think you need to work to the point of exhaustion to be worthy of abundance and love. You might also think that more hours of work creates more money. If that were true, then billionaires would have more hours in the day than the rest of us!

What if you could attract what you want without burning yourself out? What if you could attract what you want by turning your attention OFF the subject a while? In order to manifest what you want, you only need to intend it, generate the positive emotions of what you want and then allow some room for the Universe to do its thing. By taking time for rest and play, you are leaving room for the Universe to orchestrate the best possible outcome for you – which could be even better than what you could imagine for yourself.

So whether you are trying to attract something in your love life, in your career or in your home life….put the subject down for a while. Go and have some fun. Watch a comedy show. Visit the gym. Create a piece of art. Spend time with people who uplift you and don’t take themselves too seriously.

If you picked this image then it’s time to move into action. Your actions will give life to your wishes, dreams and intentions. Taking action allows thought to become things, for Spirit to become Matter.

But here’s the thing….your actions don’t have to be perfect. The message here is to move beyond perfectionism and procrastination. Be intuitive and spontaneous. Just do one thing each day that relates to your bigger goals and dreams. You are allowed to change your mind. You are allowed to make ‘mistakes’. Your wishes have a much greater chance of manifesting if you do something, anything – to give them life.

Sometimes this is connected to self-expression – what you say and do in the world and how comfortable you feel with that. Whenever we say or do something, our first thoughts might be about how it is perceived by others. Of course it’s good to consider how our actions affect others. But your manifesting journey is about what feels right to YOU. This is not selfishness, you are simply recognising that only YOU are the creator of your own reality. From this place, you can speak and live your truth. You can make choices according to what feels intuitively right for you – and not how it might be perceived by other people.

Every time you act in this way, it’s a leap of faith. You are trusting in the flow of life, and knowing that your needs will get met one way or another. You are ‘getting over yourself’, becoming less self-conscious, less self-critical. You dance with life and you do your thing. Choices become easier because you know that things will work themselves out either way. Life becomes more thrilling, because you are no longer on the sidelines. You are no longer dwelling the past or fearing the future. You are right here in the present.

This kind of action is not about masterplans and detailed strategies. It’s not about control. It’s not about needing to know every single step for the next 12 months. It’s about showing up authentically, and meeting the Universe halfway in manifesting what you want. Remember that whatever outcome you want in life, you will definitely want to feel like the truest version of YOU when you get there!

If you chose this picture, then you might have been wrestling with some limiting beliefs. You may have been feeling overwhelmed or frustrated and what you want to manifest may seem all the way ‘over there’.

It’s time to check in with what you believe about the world – about relationships, money, work, life purpose, gender, sexuality. Look at ‘hot’ thoughts and emotions that pop up unexpectedly in the moment. These thoughts are the blossom and they have deep roots. They are helping you because they reveal what you believe about the world. Some of these beliefs might have been adopted by you a long time ago.

An easy way to discover your beliefs is to keep a self-talk journal or notebook. If possible write some quick notes in it throughout the day. Write down the monologue in your mind. Things that you believe to be annoying or upsetting or unfair. It’s actually easier sometimes to work with the negative emotion, get it all out onto the paper. When you see the scripts that you keep running through your mind every day, you quickly understand why you sometimes feel exhausted by the end of the day. Or why you are struggling to manifest what you want.

The Law of Attraction responds to whatever your strongest focus is – the deeply held emotions and beliefs. However, don’t be scared of your own emotions or fret about what you are attracting – as you will just create more resistance for yourself. Allow yourself to have those negative emotions. Be soft and forgiving with yourself. Just observe the emotions, write it in your notebook, detach a bit and simply observe where your beliefs are. The aim is not to eliminate every challenging thought. And you don’t have to eliminate all challenging thoughts in order to attract what you want. But if you can turn down the volume on these thoughts, you can leave more room for the positive. As your manifestations begin to appear, they begin first as thoughts and feelings and then into physical reality.

The key to manifesting beautiful outcomes in the future is gratitude and appreciation for the present moment, and your existing circumstances. One way to soften your vibe and to gently change mindset is to look around you and notice things that you enjoy or appreciate. Write a gratitude list each morning. Things that you are grateful for NOW. Or things that ARE working in your life NOW. This is not about being a spiritual goody two-shoes. It’s about shifting your vibe to become a magnet for even more abundance, by noticing the abundance that exists in your life right now. With a little practice, it becomes easier to observe the positivity all around you, as you’re going about your day. It can be small things – the weather, the trees outside your window, having a good night’s sleep. Enjoying the food you are eating.

When we start to practice manifesting, limiting thoughts often come up to show us what we need to release. So by all means think big, but look at how you can create more appreciation in your day-to-day life. This is the fuel that will power your manifesting work.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Socrates: ‘He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.

Would you like some psychic guidance tailor-made for you? Would you like to see where you are in relation to what you want?

You can book an email reading with me here…

Or you can find out more about my phone readings here…

Lots of love,

David 2269

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Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 2019


  • Begin something new
  • Write your own success story
  • Be a little more daring and a lot bolder

Bright new beginnings beckon you into June, Aries. Play with ideas this month and be ‘fired up’ by them. But don’t allow them to fizzle out. The new Moon in your 3rd is one under which you can plant seeds for your future. But there’s always the risk of getting so caught up with the idea itself, that we don’t do anything with it! Don’t let this be you. Doors to long term success and even love, swing wide now. And at times it may almost seem as if the universe is extending a helping hand. But just like stepping forward to grasp it, you also need to be the instigator of your own success story now.

This month calls on you to be a little more daring and edgy in your approach. And to push the envelope when it comes to taking action to get what you want. Look closely at what you’re telling yourself around the 6th when Chiron in your 1st trines Ceres in your 9th. Just how comfortable do you feel taking a calculated risk or trying something different? Ceres speaks of a fresh start, a whole new world and new beginnings but it may take a while for you to see this manifest. Which is why you need to take that idea and not only run with it, but keep the faith too. Chiron is about your inner rockstar – rocking to that beat only you can hear. Call it the composer of the soundtrack to your life. Go by your own beat and don’t lost that rhythm. It could be time to ditch the traditional approach or move from that role you’ve outgrown, as this is also the day when Juno in your 4th opposes Pluto in your career zone. Is someone stereotyping you solely based on your gender, age, status, race or anything else? Time to show you will not be confined or restricted.

Venus in your 3rd from the 9th opposes Ceres on the 12th indicating something could now spring from the past. This occurs after an extremely rare Mutable Grand Cross forms between the Sun (3rd), Moon (6th), Jupiter (9th) and Neptune (12th) on the 10th – 11th (depending on where you sit in regards to the dateline). This could be a day when talks end up deadlocked or discussions just go round and round with nothing decided or agreed. On a personal level it can see us lost in our fantasy future and so enraptured by our vision we keep talking about it or dreaming about it but don’t actually do anything to make it real. If you are involved in meetings and discussions, deal making (or breaking), and find yourself unable to make any progress, you may have to wait for Venus and Ceres to offer a new, better deal, compromise or way out. Your direct and forthright style demands candour. So, just be aware however if someone is being deliberately obstructive, making unreasonable demands or using delay tactics, they may not have all their cards on the table.

Ruler Mars in your 4th is not a happy houseguest. This is your sector of home, family and security. It’s a feminine and intuitive house so action-centric Mars just doesn’t sit right in here. However, all transits serve a purpose and this one is no exception. If someone is holding something back or simply not being honest, Mars’s angles to Neptune and also Saturn see you getting to the truth and demanding accountability around the 14th. You’re seeking assurances and for people to make good on their promises as Mercury also in your 4th makes the same angles to Neptune and Saturn on the 16th.  This is an excellent period under which to schedule important discussions with family members or those you live with, to sign contracts, to move home or for anything to do with your business and career. Remember, Mars requires you to take action for its energy to find a positive outlet. Just ensure that anyone you are thinking of working for, doing business with or even sharing your living arrangements with, shares your upfront approach, desire for honesty and most importantly, your passion.

Be advised however that unless Mars has a constructive outlet, its energy can quickly turn to crankiness and frustration – especially towards those you live with or family members. Simmering resentments can boil over and minor snarks turn into major conflagrations. All the more reason to say what’s on your mind. But the bottom line is you won’t have much patience with those who can’t get to the point or who drag out decisions. You need an end to discussions and release into action as Mercury and Mars meet in here on the 18th – the day after a full Moon in your 9th opens one of those doors I was speaking of earlier. It may not stay open for long however so be ready to move when it does! This full Moon opens your mind to what is doable and achievable for you, it heightens your confidence and ignites your sense of adventure. If you’ve yet to take action at this point, it now ensures you’ll take those steps needed to turn those dreams into reality.

Self-control will be your key to success, not just in seeing your ideas to fruition but in dealing with others now. Above all, do not get into arguments or challenge people in positions of authority from the 18th – 20th. Your patience may be tested but do not lose your cool, no matter how confrontational or difficult people may be being. Mercury and Mars both oppose Pluto in your status, reputation and career sector. This is the house where we deal with not only bosses but people in positions of power or who represent the establishment. A combative approach will get you nowhere. If your boundaries have been crossed, I am not saying you should do nothing. But calmly state your position rather than resort to anger. The 20th also sees Mercury enter retroshadow. If agreements have not now been reached, resign yourself to the knowledge that discussions may go back and forth for a while especially as the 21st sees Neptune head retrograde in your 12th. Delays may turn out to be a good thing. Know when to push forward, let things go and above all, know when discretion is the greater part of valour.

The 21st sees the Sun in your 4th and the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the winter one in the southern. It’s a day when the year pivots and when we can look at what we’ve accomplished so far and what we have yet to do. Although other transits may be pushing you out of the door – more on them in a moment, this is a good time to get in touch with your inner needs and desires. The best way to do this is some alone time and when it comes to making the most of the rest of 2019, you will find this a good investment. With Mars still in your 4th, you do not have to spend this at home –unless you know you are unlikely to be disturbed. Me time can be spent in the outdoors – a walk in the countryside or the park if you are a town dweller. The whole point is simply to get in touch with yourself and be clear on what it is you really want.

You are unlikely to become a hermit however thanks to Venus in your 3rd which has you reaching out and seeking strong emotional connections with everything from ideas, to your job and the people you encounter. You will be more outgoing and more open to discussing your feelings with Venus in here. The Venus/Jupiter opposition of the 23rd could see yet another opportunity appear for you. One that could even have a touch of luck about it. With Juno in your romantic 5th from the 21st, love affairs which begin now could come with the promise of something lasting. Others could be taking that ‘I do’ next step – this is Juno’s ruling month – hence the term ‘June bride’ as Juno rules marriage. Hearing from someone from you past is a strong possibility as Venus makes a tight angle to Neptune in your 12th. Just remember before getting re-involved of falling into the ‘Way we were’ fantasy.

Vesta and Uranus are meeting in your 2nd on the 23rd. We may see issues around equal pay emerge in the collective and perhaps for you personally. This is asking whether someone else is determining your value or what you receive. There may be major changes ahead to many people’s incomes and ideas around equality as a result. Mercury still in retroshadow remember, arrives in your 5th on the 27th. It’s time to plan and make those finishing touches to projects but wait to launch them skyward. Take those ideas now and incubate, refine, define and plan. This June don’t just talk about it or dream it – one small step towards it brings it one step closer to reality. Keep taking action, Aries.

In a nutshell: Take steps to make that dream a reality this month, Aries. You’re the sign of action after all. Whether its love or career, be the instigator of your own success story now.


  • Awaken to your true needs
  • Step into a love that frees you
  • Action follows intention

With Uranus in your 1st intent on a revolution when it comes to your money and values, the new Moon in your 2nd is a chance to launch that new manifesto. This Moon which appears on the 3rd can bring us down to earth if we have been exceeding our income lately. But it can also help us access assets, talents, skills and money making opportunities we may have overlooked. Just how much you actual do have at your disposal may surprise you. This is a month where if you look after your money and what you have, it will look after you. Ruler Venus is set to arrive in this its ruling house from the 9th which basically adds up to your money going further than usual if you keep an eye on it and resist the urge to splurge. You can also look forward to money making opportunities arriving. Either via a better paying or second job or you just leveraging those hidden assets.

There could be a little bit of magic and mystery around an encounter or even a journey around the time of this new Moon due to Venus in your 1st aligning to Pluto in your 9th. The following day sees Mercury arrive in its ruling 3rd making this an excellent period for travel. There is however an undercurrent, perhaps stirred up by Uranus in your 1st which is making you look at everything very differently. This especially applies to anything you feel is restrictive or holding you back in some way. I will caution you not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. However, if your heart tells you something has been well and truly lived out, and if despite your best efforts, you have been unable to bring about the evolution you seek, you may find it coming to an end now. If it does, especially if this relates to a long term relationship or even a work connection, please understand it is time for both of you to move on into something new. Therefore there should be no blame or recriminations involved.  Ceres in your 8th is telling you it is time for something new. Understand you are entering a cycle of positive change where goals crystalize and even come within reach if you are willing to own the truth about your connections. You’ll especially be paying close attention to any relationship where you may be taking on more than your fair share of responsibilities now. The meeting between Vesta and Uranus in your 1st on the 23rd may offer shocking insight into one particular dynamic which has been allowed to continue for far too long. Perhaps your boss has taken it for granted once too often that you can cope with the extra workload. Or you just feel you are no longer being ‘seen’ as a lover in your relationship. Change perceptions and dynamics in ways that work for you as Jupiter hands you passion and alchemical transformation when it opposes the Sun in your 2nd on the 11th. This is your day to state your expectations and know your worth as it occurs around a Mutable Grand Cross between the Sun, Jupiter, the Moon in your 5th and Neptune in your 11th. If you want to change people’s perceptions of you and if you want to step into something new and freeing – anything from a new social circle to a job, the time is now to take action.

There’s no doubt a new dawn is breaking in a feel-good area thanks to ruler Venus in conversation with Ceres on the 12th. There’s a bargain to be struck with your future. But ensure you keep those goals realistic and also choose your company wisely. Neptune in your 11th will either connect you with people who are totally on the same wavelength as you – or else those who are literally ‘off with the fairies’. Neptune is about to head retrograde from the 21st at which point certain connections may be shown in an entirely different light. Neptune can inspire us  – infusing us with inspiration and a higher purpose. But it can also see us lost in unattainable fantasy. At its worst in our 11th, it can lead us into group escapism where we get sucked into friendships where drinking or addiction are the reasons for coming together. Ensure you are coming together for a higher purpose now.

Your opportunity to initiate a break for freedom or dynamic change appears between the 17th and 23rd starting with a full Moon in your sector of transformation and change. And ending with that Vesta/Uranus meeting on the 23rd. During this time Mercury and Mars in your 3rd meet and both oppose Pluto in your 9th. Break out into something less confining and more soul stretching and if possible do this before the 23rd when Mercury retroshadow begins. The 21st sees Juno enters your 4th. If you are settled, you’ll feel just that now. This is the day of the solstice, when the Sun enters your 3rd and the year pivots. This makes it no better time to look at what you want to change as it reminds us that the year, just like any other, is finite. How many of them do you want to waste if something no longer works or how long will you delay making something good even better? That better deal could be on the table thanks to the Venus/Jupiter opposition of the 23rd which could shore up your self-worth. Singles could be looking at an all-encompassing passion for someone who tempts them out of their usual sphere of experience. Is it time to walk on the wild side? This person will appreciate your earthy sensuality even as they urge you to take a walk on the wild side. Dare to explore where this takes you. Just ensure you keep things real when Venus and Neptune square off on the 24th. Listen to what people are actually saying. They mean it. And be direct in turn. If you run into a money issue, please get yourself professional advice now.

Mercury moves into your 4th on the 27th. Again, please bear in mind this is retroshadow period even though Mercury remains direct. Shelve those moving experiences if you can. Just be aware that Mercury in here can trigger thoughts of old relationships and even on a retroshadow or retrograde, see people from the past reappear. Exploring your roots, childhood home, family tree or even revisiting these are favoured. But when it comes to those old lovers, just bear in mind – leopards don’t usually change their spots. Remember, this month is all about new intentions, new beginnings and a new manifesto on love. Don’t look too far back now, Taurus. Time toface the future.

In a nutshell:  What’s the life or the love you want to be living, Taurus? This month asks you not only state your expectations. You also take action to see them fulfilled. State your purpose, grab your future.


  • You gotta have faith – in yourself
  • Get ready to attract
  • Change your mindset – change your life

You’re simply the best this month and you need to know it, Gemini! The stars are coming out for you, for you on the 3rd when your extra-special and highly personal new Moon of the year appears in your sign. This Moon is literally the mother of your reinvention and the most important one of the year for you. Time to see yourself in a new way and a whole new light. To rekindle your belief in yourself and your dreams. Because if you don’t – who else will? Above all, take steps towards the new, novel and previously untried. This is an excellent time to make adjustments to your appearance if only to send out the message to the world at large that you are now different on some level. And what’s more you are not putting up with more of the same! Change your energy – or your aura if you like, and you change your life. This new Moon occurs the same day as Venus, planet of creativity and beauty in your 12th angles to Pluto Lord of Transformation and Alchemy in its ruling 8th. Chances are your intuition knows the steps you need to take to initiate those changes in yourself and set them in motion in the outer world. Follow through beautifully with these.

Ruler Mercury leaves your sign the following day arriving in your 2nd. Mars is also currently in here firing up ambition, confidence and self-worth. You’re expecting to achieve more and be rewarded for it. And here’s the funny thing about expectations – reality usually reflects them when we are prepared to take whatever action is necessary.  What we are going to see as the month progresses are a series of powerful aspects between Mercury and Mars in here and Saturn and Pluto in your 8th. Mercury will also enter its retroshadow time from the 20th – the period when it is still moving forward but is covering the area of the sky it will head backwards over. So, when it comes to money, assets, property, loans, credit cards, payments, possessions, the work you do and how you are rewarded for it and yes, those expectations which determine what you receive, time to look at the effort you’ve put in and what you fully expect in return. For the first three weeks of June, push forward. After that, prepare for revision and for things to go back and forth until Mercury finally heads direct and exits its retroshadow phase. Remember, when Mercury heads backwards it will once again oppose Pluto and then Saturn. Past efforts may pay off but at the end of the day it is asking you how comfortable you feel when driving your destiny. Who is in charge? The answer to that should be this new you.

This new you could be craving a new kind of love. As well as Mercury and Mars and the Sun in your 2nd from the 21st, you also have Juno, ruler of marriage and traditional long term unions in here. Plus of course the once in 12 year benefit of Jupiter in your 7th of partnerships. All of this as well as your desire for something new which reflects this fabulous  new being you are becoming, points to you being in the mood for love – being more loving and feeling loveable as Venus arrives in your 1st on the 9th, kickstarting an important cycle of self-reflection and attraction.  Your openness and desire to express yourself is what attracts and pulls people closer this month. This doesn’t only apply to your love life but your professional one too. If you have remained connected to those career goals and followed through with doing with work plus are fired up with a determination to succeed, Mercury and Mars opposing Saturn and Pluto between the 16th and 20th  could deliver success making changes.  Please don’t take your eye off the details or the prize however. Don’t waffle and be professional. Above all, in your professional interactions you need to come across as someone who knows what they are talking about and who is prepared to deliver on it. You need to project a certain gravitas now especially when dealing with those in positions of influence. More responsibility may be offered to you so be ready to step into a leadership role if necessary.  This is no time for self-doubt and your success could very well hinge on how you come across. Please do not fudge the facts or pretend to know something when you don’t. Provided you avoid these potential pitfalls, you can combine intuition and smarts for the result you want thanks to status enhancing alignments between Mercury, Mars and Neptune during the 2nd week. The meeting between Mercury and Mars on the 18th gives you the confidence to get your point across successfully. Try to schedule all important meetings and conversations for this date if you possibly can.

You’re very much open and in the spotlight when it comes to partnership matters and June really does represent one of the best months of the year to attract a new love or any kind of partnership with long term potential, or renew the romance and breathless sense of adventure with a current partner. A lot of this does rest on your beliefs around what you can attract, have and experience so first of all do work on this. There is a new world and a new deal in love on the table thanks to Venus in your 1st opposing Ceres in your 7th on the 12th. This occurs right after a Mutable Grand Cross across the 10th and 11th sees the Sun oppose Jupiter and the Moon in its ruling 4th oppose Neptune. Your status and this includes your relationship status is up for change.  A sense of satisfaction and of seeing something through could accompany the full Moon in your 7th on the 17th. This could be a magical night for date night if you have recently met someone or for rekindling that passion with an existing partner. Plan for an adventure. You are about to set sail on a learning journey which could be of the heart, professionally or involve one or more people joining your ‘crew’!

The 23rd could see your faith in yourself and your ability to attract validated thanks to one of the most beneficial aspects of the year as Venus in your 1st opposes Jupiter in your 7th. This is the day your ability to attract and bring about the outcome you desire is at its peak. Just remember, this will not occur again for another 12 years. Be open on this day to what appears or is shown to you – especially around relationships whether working or loving ones as Vesta and Uranus meet in your 12th for the first time in your adult life. Know that you don’t have to be anyone other than who or what you are to have what you desire. If you are being made to feel otherwise by anyone else, then you need to look very closely at this. Being free to love and live your destiny should be your number one  priority.

You should end this month and your birthday cycle with a sense of optimism, achievement and with your belief in yourself at an all-time high.  If you’ve kept the faith, you should have seen at least one door to your dreams open wide this June. The 27th sees  Mercury head off into its ruling 3rd. Just remember this is retroshadow time but Mercury in here favours all those business dealings and those short trips. How you say something now just enhances your self-esteem. Infuse your communications with a personal touch and watch how the world continues to respond positively. It wants you to feel the love and it also wants what you’re selling this month, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Feel the love which comes from restored faith in yourself and your ability to attract. What comes to you could be anything from a new love to a fresh career opportunity. It’s you, baby!


  • Wield that personal power like a magician
  • Pave the way for new love and success
  • Happy solstice birthday, Cancer!

Many astrologers focus on psychic and intuitive aspects of the 12th house transits which occur immediately before our birthday. Yes, our spidey senses get tingling during this period and being a highly attuned sign, your gift for presentiment is increased. The new Moon in here on the 3rd and Venus’s arrival on the 9th boost these gifts as well as enhancing your creative abilities. What many astrologers often overlook about what I tend to call the ‘12th house soul clearing’ which immediately precedes our birthday, is that this period usually sees our energy at a peak. Why? Simple. Because when our intuition alerts us to something we usually need to follow through with action. The planets will usually ensure we have the energy to do this. The new Moon in your 12th will also hand you the desire to put the finishing touches to projects, tie up loose ends and complete anything that’s been left hanging. You want it all tied up and done and dusted by the time the Sun arrives in your 1st on the 21st and your new cycle begins. So, if anything needs to be said now – you’ll say it. Procrastination is no longer a word in your..

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Wiccascopes Six monthly Review

Extended Reading

With Violet 2337

Wiccascopians, on 7th January I wished you a Happy New Year and we all drew our guidance card for the year.  I think it’s time we revisited those readings and did an update!

I feel we can all give ourselves a hearty pat on the back, pull up a chair and look at our milestones passed so far.  There are like any journey delays, stops, issues that absolutely distract us, but let’s get the map out, eat a bit of our packed lunch and check out our own destinations.  Ask yourself the following: –

Are you happy?

Do you still want to go to that point on the map?

And how are you going to do it if it’s a yes?

Or what are you going to do instead if it’s a no?

So, without further ado……

Let’s revisit January for just a moment in order to plan June until December 2019

In the words of Bon Jovi…. ‘We’re halfway there!’

Blessed Be



Gemini – Cone of power 

Happy June and Birthdays to you.  Your Gemini 2019 Message was there will be support for you in endeavours this year as there will be changes.  You were reminded to embrace the energy of the Cone of Power in order to deal with these changes, and ultimately arrive at the end of your journey saying, ‘I did it, and some!’ You started it with oomph, bravado and with focus.  The chakra we looked at was the Solar Plexus. If you had some bumps in your road this year, I hope your batteries or Cone of Power came through for you in the end.

This is a time of balancing heightened energy, with rest and restoration, nurturing and spiritual development.  And a time to feel energized and motivate you, this energy opens your spiritual connections.  Did you take up yoga? Or a meditation group? The hint in this reading is that your support network would be around you.  Given you are Gemini and can be independent when it suits you,  another part of your lesson this year was to let more people in to support you.  There is comfort in numbers. And by surrounding yourself with trusted allies you’d find yourself feeling encouraged to say, ‘I can do anything!’

In being able to say ‘Yes’, you’ll also learn you can say no, and not feel guilty.  This is putting yourself first, I hope you are doing this.  This is the key to the status quo being maintained.  You’ll have hopefully created space for yourself, and changed your aspect of the world you live in.  If you have found your profile raised, don’t be surprised.  Your new connections will be spreading the word about your talents.

If you are drawn to energy working, or have strong connections with spirit and nature, you could find yourself in seeking that balance between private nurturing and being around other people, a little annoying.  You may want to put a ‘Do not Disturb’, sign up.  Don’t become a Snap Dragon or recluse whilst wrestling with this. For when you are kind you’re awesome, but akin you’re your Air sign friends, when you’re aloof you can be cool.

Also, the danger in shutting yourself away to plan and review and re-plan, is that you become too absorbed, too up-close to your plans and schemes.  By getting some air and social time with people you will gain perspective.  Take a step back, live, laugh and love some more.  Then watch the ideas come in.

So that was the January card, its message is still as relevant today, if not more so.  Don’t forget your key aims, work through change with support, brainstorm ideas with people you get on with.  But also remember anytime it gets too much for you, you can just read this reading, for its words remain especially relevant for you this year as part of your life journey.

Cancer – Green man

Cancer the Green man, he is all about ‘life’, the start of it, development, and growth in every way. A good card to get if you are starting a business.  It bodes well that any seed you have sewn will be growing now.  And any career or business ideas you set in motion, look good.  So, by the end of the year expect to be feeling a bit chuffed.  Don’t agonise over any setbacks you’ve had, learn from them, success is still achievable.  The changes you chose to make for this year are still as important today as they were back in January.

If ever you’ve studied drama, you would have heard the expression, ‘Imagine you’re a tree’, I loved it, others not so but I embraced my inner tree.  So, imagine you’re a tree, a young bendy tree.  With strong roots, that have been placed firmly but gently into nice earth.  There’s a bit of food in there too.  Wriggle your roots into the ground and let them find room. Great. As the soil is gently layered over you, protecting your base, settle in.  Patted down, nice and firm your top soil ensures you are standing firm, and strong.  A little drink of water, some elemental energy from Aries, air, and heat and we have growth.

With strong links to Celtic Wisdom, The Green man guards the woods and forests, and other areas where creatures roam.  He also guards Gaia, Mother Earth, he keeps any secrets she holds dear.  A Green Man ornament in the garden will offer it protection, and promote growth.  It is said he will also attract luck to your home or business.

Speaking of home, this should be a bit more harmonious time for you.  Communication will flow or grow more easily, new friends will be made, established friendships will be enhanced. Why? Because you will know yourself better, and find that being able to say how you feel a lot more easily.  In getting to know people better, you’ll be able to decide where you fit in each other’s lives. For the most part there will be reunions and unions, not partings.  Any parting of the ways you experience though necessary won’t cause you any grief.

This year as the months go by will see relationships, and communication within them grow.  Be proud of how far you’ve come, and know you’ll grow even more.  Prosperity and personal growth this year will give you a solid foundation into 2020.

Leo – Serpent

Leo 2019’s message was also like The Spider about creativity and design.  Other lovely words that resonate with this card are passion, and sex!  A sign that lights up a room with their larger than life energy ordinarily, with a little extra oomph will certainly see connections a little more charged. The good thing about energy like this that it is catching, and whether it’s at social or professional meetings, you’ll give off an enthusiasm that fuels conversations and allows ideas to grow.

I’ll talk about your base chakra now, think red, ruby red. Your root or base cakra lives in below your hips.  If you imagine the chakras as one big flame, with its base being ruby red, then amber, and Citrine, cooling to green, then a blue, deep black-blue, and then golden white, that is the chakral flame.  In order for the flame to be strong for you to function at your best, the base has to be strong and secure.  It sends out roots to the earth for you, and energy up through the other chakras eventually connecting you to the sun, moon and stars.  So, think red, wear red pants!

The Serpent is also very good at not being seen Leo, it can hide under rocks, or slither unnoticed by others right under their noses.  So, whilst you are normally an energetic soul, the other side of this character is you could find yourself when you choose, doing more listening, and for a change not taking the lead.  You’ll find the answers to things that others can’t see, because as a serpent you’ll get into little nooks and crannies. If you want to you can hide altogether in your nest, to recuperate and recharge yourself ready for a new day. There’s the lovely double-sided energy of this, the searing heat of energy, and compactness and agility in its physical form.

Watch out though. The only caution here is, what you know someone else will want to know. Not because they are nasty necessarily, but because they may lack confidence or be lazy.  Be flattered that they want to ‘pick your brains’, but be careful what you tell them.  They could in trying to just get by as themselves, take credit.  A way around this is to involve them in projects you want help with, and don’t mind sharing credit.  They will be empowered and you will still get any credit or benefit from the success of it.

I spoke about creativity, don’t be surprised if when out food shopping you spot art supplies.  And may think ‘Oh charcoals, I fancy a go at that’, or it could be to write your memoirs.  This would be a great year to turn that journal into your biography. You’ve still got Six months to start it, there’s nothing stopping you creating anything you want. I’ve a Leo friend who is a fantastic Double Bass player, he’s seeing his Jazz Quartet career take off this year.  Is this you? Could you make sweet music?

To go into 2020 which promises to take this journey even further, you’ll unearth more opportunities in those rocks, and your connection to the earth will be ever stronger.  Relationships will reach greater heights as we go into Christmas, social and professional relationships will grow in order to help you share your passion and enthusiasm for life.  The result? Reasons to celebrate, projects getting you noticed, and a great leap forward in your life.

Virgo – Athame

Virgo you are really on a mission this year, I gave you a little prediction that Autumn is key and it still is.  You are going to be focused, in charge of your emotions, clear where you want to be, and no who isn’t welcome in your circle. For your Solar plexus chakra is being healed and used predominantly.  The Virgo in me, and Virgoan friend have been busy at manifesting, and working on their law of attraction theories.

Athame for me is a throat chakra energy as well as a crown chakra.  It says, ‘I am!’ or ‘Listen to me!’ This is what you’ll be doing. Finding the information, in order to consolidate your plans and dreams, which in turn will become your mission.  But for your mission you need a mission statement, which is where Athame says, find your words, think about them, think about your audience, and your intentions.  Then when you are ready as I said in January, take aim, and fire.

Blade-tip facing skywards with Athame held firmly in your hands, you emerge after some time hidden away, perhaps in your cave or a sanctuary healing and resting.  Scroll for your plan tied rolled up to your belt, voice in good order.  Off you go. This is a powerful image no?  But a strong one to envisage as you sit wherever you sit, making your notes and plans.  My Virgo friend loves a coffee house, another has an office, I do my thinking in the back garden.  Wherever you have done yours, or plan to do further research, it’s served and will serve you well.  For you are ready.

Let go of anything that causes you to feel nervous when you speak, or causes you to cough.  A few nerves are natural, but a crippling fear due to a lack of self-belief, can be overcome by releasing anything that makes you feel that way.  It’s about owning your own space and voice.  Literally not letting anyone put words in your mouth.  Aim to be happy and harmonious in a world that you can succeed in.  in all areas of your life.

When news hits the world, it’s like a pebble hitting the water, there is a ripple effect, if you took a picture of that ripple effect you’d see the darkened centre of the stone sinking, then the circles fanning out from the centre.  This signifies two things for you.  How close the first ripple is, is the closest target of your truth, or the first boundary line drawn. The second is the first incidental recipient, and 2nd boundary line.  And so on.  Before you throw your stone in the water, imagine where you want your ripple circles to be.  How far from you?  Arm’s length for business contacts, up close for those you love, and far away for people you tolerate but may not like and so on.  But how you deliver your news affects said ripples as well, a softly kindly thrown stone will have very gentle and fewer ripples.  A stone thrown in with force will create a hard impact before sinking and create some wave.

So, take yourself to your working area, get out your pens, review your plans.  You are so close to manifesting part one of your dream, by 2020 you could see it completed.

Libra – Aradia

Libra so the year started with our lady Aradia.  Ye ole Gipsy Queen from Italy. She taught the old religion and speaks of energy and healing from the crown chakra, connection to our past, and guidance from the stars themselves.

I spoke of a time to claim your own true self.  The version of yourself before your birth. Where your life plan and destiny were determined.  Of course, those that helped in your creation allowed for your environment, free will and history of the family you were born into to affect you.  But your plan may always have been calling you. Mine has called to me from early childhood.  Though not always listened to. But it’s often in later adult hood that Librans seize their moment and embrace or revisit their soul purpose.

Whatever your age, ask ‘What would make me happy in this life?’ What is my job this time round? Even if I don’t really know why I chose it, how can I achieve it?  The answers are private to you. But the point is you will be guided by celestial beings, and helped by earthly souls.  And now is not the time to give up on yourself, your dreams or destiny. You will find that this time you are being tested to achieve more at the moment.  No pressure.  But it’s no more than you can endure.  And by December 2019 the chances are it will be done.  Without you perhaps noticing it. You’ll just feel happier and more content.

This hard work won’t go unrewarded, even if you’ve felt lonely or alone, by defining yourself, your boundaries have kept certain people away from you.  Others more akin with your soul journey will step forwards and be there for you.  New contacts will be held dear to you. And you to them.

Please be braver, know that you are more than good enough, and don’t let anyone talk you out of a good idea just because they don’t understand it or you.  Explain politely, but don’t apologise or compromise because someone shouted louder.  If you felt in your gut it was a good idea and can soundly justify it, stick by it.

So, 2019 courage, conviction, learning and wisdom.  Like the Hobbit out on a quest, you are doing something very important for yourself, and possibly something a relative in our families did once long ago. 2020 is the next very important stage of development.

Scorpio – Gaia

Ah Scorpio you have the journey of Body and Soul this year.  Expect your dreams to be more vibrant, like the screen play of your life.  There will be messages in your dreams that guide you to where you need to be.  This is the year for you to keep a dream diary.  And if your able to sleep in order to dream you are resting, and this is what Gaia wants you to do.  This is not a year for a dynamo version of yourself. But a healing, resting version of yourself.  But you can’t take a year-long holiday, just ensure you rest when you can, and heal when you need to.

Gaia is also called Mother Earth, because of links to growing things to nurture life on earth. Crops. She is greatly revered, as a life-giving force. Providing seek and sustenance for seeds to grow. She has come to nurture your and the potential in you.  She knows you are capable of great things, and great personal growth. See this as a sign that you need to work with others in your life who can also help you along in your journey. It’s also a good time to heal relationships.

In receiving healing, how about learning about healing, for when we are involved in Reiki it’s a two-way street.  The healer gets the benefit of healing as well as giving it for they are a two way channel.  So, did you consider learning or developing your own healing talents?  Your root chakra, requires you to really connect to the earth, and yes as a result give life to your whole body.  What can you gain from this?

Your dreams. They are still out there. Still in you. You can still make them happen. But Gaia does things in real time, not fast forward film time.  So, you’ll have to wait, and enjoy the process. By doing so you’ll be able to manage each step, not miss any details or potential for failure or diversion.  Gaia steps to the rhythm of a steady heartbeat.  Walk in time to it, be aware of your breath, it’s an amazing how many people breath but don’t work with their breathing.  For by being in tune with it, you can calm down a stressful moment, or restore your breathing after exercise.

2020 for you will be all the better for you taking this nurturing time out.  Rest while you still can for I feel whatever comes next year will need a rested, healed person. For great opportunities await.

Sagittarius – The Lady

Sagittarius oh sing after me, ‘I want to break free’, and with some effort, and strength of character you can do it. You’ll also achieve this by embracing the difference in you. What is unique about you. So, it was out with the old, and in with the new News Year Day. You’re changing day by day, and by the time 2020 comes your metamorphis will be complete.

There is an energy movement that brings with it changes. A lively sign by nature, there is more energy coming your way.  The power in you have in you resides in your words and actions, they are a gift of universal love, use them with universal love. So, if you still want to make changes you still can.  There are 6 months left in which you can make any changes for this phase in your journey.  She is strong yet very gentle, and embodies bravery.

Each step you take, will be a learning step, and a step away from the uncertainty of last year.  Whatever you endure you’ll have the support and unconditional love of The Lady.  But you do have the strength in you to cope with what comes your way. By believing in the version of yourself you want to be will enable you to become that person.  Normally this is easier said than done, but you are being led by the original cheerleader.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate you good qualities, (not the ego led stuff but the good and generous qualities), as well as accepting your faults i.e. the things that make you human not perfect.  By accepting yourself as you are and seeing how you can improve where and if you want to, you’ll feel so much better.  Talk to your inner self, reconcile them with your outer self.  If they are at odds with each other, find out what the sticking point is.

So, 2020 you’re half way there to it, and the changeling in you is doing so well.  Don’t think because it’s not happened as soon as you’d like, it isn’t going to.  It will. And your success seems on track!

Capricorn– Spider

Capricorns, oh you creative, determined creatures you had Spider as your card of the year, success was given, manifestation of ideas and desires.  How is that working out?  Look back a moment, have you ticked off some tasks on your list? Creation starts in your Solar Plexus, under your chest and above your belly button.  Think yellow sunshine, custard, lemons and daffodils.  Notice when you think that it tingles.  Any time you want to charge it up, put your hand on your belly and just think of those lovely warm yellow colours.   It recharges it up, and gets the creative juices flowing again.

As well as the it gives a real sense of ‘self’, self – determination, self-expression, self-projection and protection.  But we need to check the state of your web.  In reality spiders weave them over and over, you would have done the same at the start of the year, but then let things settle down a bit.  Go back and check your web now.  How is it?  Need a little hole or snag repaired?  Is there any lunch in there in the form of a juice fly?  Like Gemini remember to nurture creative energy, go and eat something a little more tasty than what’s in the web, drink, feed that dynamic buzz you’ve got going on.

As mentioned above things get trapped in your web, but as you are the spider you know about traps, and set them rather than fall into them.  Your Spidey senses are so red hot; you’ll spot opportunities and threats in a heartbeat.  And when you need to escape from a situation you’ll be able to spin out a long shot of silk that you can swing on to get away.  This will also come in super handy if you need to get away for a break from people also. So, spin away for whatever reason you need to.

The spider’s web is much like the cauldron a place of creation, or a place where things are founded, called ‘The Web of Wyrd’ female beings called Norns, controlled the fates of all life, and wove their destinies. Asuch the spider and its web were revered and respected in Wiccan terms in life-path matters. Much like Greeks and Romans thought that fate and destiny lay in the laps of the Gods.  In modern terms you can take this to mean that you have the power of any Norn or God to design or plan your future, and give your creativity some freedom.

So, check your web as I said at the outset, do a little housekeeping, and embrace this driven edge you have this year.  Again, if you ever feel you are losing focus look at the January reading or this reading to remind yourself of how far you’ve come, and if you’ve got a wee bit lost, just get back on track and review your design.

Aquarius– Shekinah Queen of The Stars

Oh, Aquarius yours was more of a soul journey this year, where you were at the beginning being asked to consider you inner self. What makes you tick spiritually.  When this card guides you for your year you can expect a gentle movement, and a sense of just knowing that you’ve either been somewhere before or you are using knowledge in this life that you knew in a past life.  In such links to the past, present and future, there are lessons to be learned, hopefully for the final time, or to be continuously enjoyed.

Shekinah is a time and space traveller, Dr Who without a Tardis.  She slips through realms effortlessly, and will take your hand as this year you’ve been given a V.I.P pass to travel with her, AAA access.  Linked to the Qabalistic Tree of life she combines Binah and Malkuth, heaven and earth. Giving you roots that go deep into the earth, and branches that reach up into the higher universal energies, Moon, Stars, Sun and other planets.

Shekinah resonates in her balancing act of heaven and earth with Libra, offering you equality in all things, peace, justice and harmony.  This year you will be respected, and like the stars that are guiding you, noticed where perhaps you were not before. If you face any challenges, the chances are you will be successful but only if you follow a relaxed methodical approach, and consider all the facts.  This is ‘if’ you think the challenge is worth your time in the first place, you may find yourself just walking past knowing it will resolve itself.  For your journey needs no distractions or drama.

This gentle soul offers you healing and support along the way, for in heading towards that future where you find respect and recognition, you’ll unearth some issues that do need dealing with.  Facing up to an old karmic situation, either this life time or another, could upset you, but not for long.  Don’t be afraid to deal with it, it’s not as scary as you think, and the stronger version of you can defeat the monster in the closet.

If you’ve felt you had some attention already this year, and noticed that you were feeling more successful and driven, keep hold of that feeling, it’s here for a while..

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Your Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 27th May 2019
Aries – The World
Fabulous Aries, there’s likely to be a success, an achievement won or perhaps the realisation of a goal this week.  On top of the world feelings and experiences are yours for the taking, The World is reminding you that you can achieve success and obtain goals by keeping your focus and determination high.  You could be celebrating something amazing this week as The World marks the end of a momentous chapter and the exciting beginning of a new dazzling chapter. ​
There’s likely to be lots to be triumphant about, you may have successfully brought something to a conclusion, perhaps you could have achieved your goal that you have worked incredibly hard for or near to reaching it.  The World is a portrayal of wholeness, balance, internal and external harmony.  You are embodying majestic vibes this week, you could reach a peak experience in your life, something is coming to fruition and feelings of success and accomplishment are helping you to feel that you’re in the right place at the right time this week.  The World is asking you to have faith that you’ll be given exactly what you need and more, you could have desires to expand your understanding of the world and acquire greater self-knowledge if you are, go for it, darling. You are bringing harmony to your world and to parts of yourself that were perhaps in conflict, feelings of wholeness and completion are yours, you’re continuing to grow and change just like The World. ​
Taurus – The Star​
Gorgeous Taurus, your dreams can come true! The Star is helping you to have faith in a better future this week.  This card reminds us that keeping faith in our heart and mind that things will work out well even when life is challenging.  New doors are opening to show you your amazing potential, your most cherished wishes can come true this week, have faith and remain determined that things will work out for the better.  There’s likely to be a beautiful positive outlook emerging, you may be feeling like things are coming together wonderfully for you.  ​
The Star is asking you to be optimistic in your expectations and trust in life’s bounty, there could be some beautiful news on its way to you that makes everything brighter and lovelier.  Help the universe to help you by continuing to open new doors and developing your amazing potential.  Stay positive beautiful Taurus, your life is opening up and it is your hopefulness that is inspiring you to follow your dreams, keep that wishful heart open so the universe can support you and your dreams.  ​
Gemini – The Empress​
Beautiful Gemini, you’re The Empress week darling and you’re being encouraged to nourish and nurture all the magnificent projects you are working on.  Tend to them with love, grace and patience this week, your creativity has a fecundity and fertility boost this week, anything you use your powerful feminine and receptive maternal vibes on is surely bound to grow avidly. ​
The Empress is symbolic of the mother, not just our physical mother but our internal one too. How we take care of our self and nature our self is highlighted this week. There could be some intense experiences surrounding the interconnectedness of life, an appreciation for Mother Earth and your body is another way this card can manifest. The Empress appearing in your life suggests an earthlier phase in your life, your powerful instinctual nature is guiding you to tend to yourself and your projects with love and care, as you would a beautiful baby. Show yourself and your creativity some devotion and motherly love, you’re in tune with the cosmos and The Earth.​
Cancer – Ten of Cups​
Gorgeous Cancer, there’s likely to be some uplifting experiences and harmonious joyful moments on their way to you this week.  It’s likely that you’ll be feeling happy in your family life and something you’ve been working toward is feeling like is near completion.  You could have been worrying about a romantic or family relationship recently, but it’s likely that you’ll come to realise this week that you really don’t have anything to worry about so you can relax and feel good about things.  ​
It’s likely that you’ll be able to see and feel that you and your loved one are on the same page this week.  The Ten of Cups is bringing joy, happiness and harmony.  You’re likely to be radiating positive energy and showcasing your positive attitude.  If you feel like sharing your good attitude and vibes with the people around you, it is likely that you’ll be appreciated for doing so.  It’s likely that you’ve been learning what joy can come into your life when you value yourself on a deep level.  Enjoy this week of reaching for the stars and appreciating all you have; it’s set to be a joyous time if you continue to treat yourself well.​
Leo – The Chariot​
Beautiful Leo, it’s likely that you’re full of determination and ambition, The Chariot is assisting you in getting things done and showing you that you’ve got what it takes to succeed. If things have been delayed recently, this week you should start to see things move forward and you’re likely feeling ready to give something your best shot.  Try to remember that you need to use your intellect and your heart in unison to be truly successful, try not to let small issues get blown out of proportion this week, The Chariot is asking you to put your energy into finding resolutions rather than adding to any drama or conflict.  ​
Bearing in mind that it’s always better to respond rather than react if you’re facing some form of competition you may be experiencing this as a result of your own ambitions being tested.  Try not to be too forceful this week, The Chariot is helping you in balancing your own aggressive and competitive drives, sometimes we need a little bit of conflict and struggle to push us forward to do more, become more resilient and develop a stronger more authentic personality.   Expect an increase in your confidence and self-worth, you may feel urges to show some self-assertion and be bold, you have the strength and awareness to handle any difficulties and the determination to overcome any obstacles, own it, work it and slay darling!
Virgo – Eight of Cups​
Gorgeous Virgo, you’re likely to be letting go of something and walking away from an emotional situation that could have been quite stressful for you recently. You could be feeling a little sad, but it’s likely that on some level you realise that you have done all you can for the moment, and you may not have any hope for the situation.  The Eight of Cups reminds us that the end of one situation brings the beginning of another, an emotional situation could have outlived its purpose and you may have no choice but to let it go for now.
The Eight of Cups is an important and valuable part of our journey, it’s interesting to note that the next stage and card is the wish fulfilment card so you’re closer than you think to obtain your wishes and dreams, hold on you’re almost there darling! You may need some time to heal and recuperate, it’s important to take good care of yourself this and pay attention to how you’re feeling.  You’re starting a fresh chapter; it appears that you have been ceasing to grow in some way and ultimately this could be why you are walking away.  There’s likely to be a period of adjustment to go through this week and you’ll discover that all these changes are beneficial for you as you’re heading towards much fulfilment.​
Libra – Queen of Wands​
Beautiful Libra, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling like there’s no place like home this week and you could be keeping the hearth of your home warm and tending to your projects and visions for the future.  You’re likely to be feeling in a place of contentment and more than happy to tend to home and family matters, resulting in you feeling more secure this week.  The Queen of Wands can encourage us to be generous with our nearest and dearest, perhaps you’ll decide to treat your loved ones to a home cooked meal, for instance, a lovingly prepared dinner to nurture and sustain the people you love is just one way this week could bring you joy.  ​
The Queen of Wands encourages us to be powerful and confident, you’re being reminded to notice how you take care of many things with grace and skill. There’s likely to be a lot of people around you that are seeing you as a great source of inspiration.  Have you noticed that you manage to juggle multiple responsibilities and yet you still find the time to follow your own passions and hobbies?  That’s pretty awesome Libra and so are you sweetheart.  This week holds the potential to feel amazing, openhearted and warm conversations, basking in the love and admiration of family and friends will help you to feel the strength and power emerging from within you.  ​
Scorpio – Ten of Pentacles​
Gorgeous Scorpio, it’s likely that you’ll feel that all your material wishes are being met this week, things at work and home could be going exceedingly well for you. There could be feelings of deliriousness and happiness with home and family life.  You could have a great deal to be thankful for and it’s likely that you’re understanding that if you keep counting your blessings you will attract more blessings into your life.  ​
The Ten of Pentacles is asking you to make the best of this time and to share what you have, remember that you receive plentifully what you give out.  Give freely from the bottom of your heart, things that bring joy to your heart like time, energy, kindness, love and material things should come easily for you. All of your hard work and efforts recently are paying off and are evident for others to see.  Life is on the upswing and is likely to be improving, even if you can’t see any signs of this yet,  enjoy these good feelings and share them in whatever way you can with those you love.
Sagittarius – The Lovers​
Beautiful Sagittarius, it’s likely that partnerships will be on your mind this week, you could be feeling loved up, have love on your mind or perhaps business partnerships are a focus for you.  The Lovers could also mean that you’re focused on loving yourself the best way you can and that you’re singing from the same song sheet as your loved ones.  There’s likely to be harmony in relationships as you seem to be choosing to love rather than fear this week, it’s set to be a magical time for you.
The Lovers helps us to be in accord with others, values align, angelic blessings and protection come flooding in this week, reminding us that our choices in relationships mirror back to us the kind of person we wish to be.  You could be in awe of your lover or potential partner this week, perhaps yearning to be more like them, who you are attracted in love or business can give you a great deal of insight.  Relationships are a gift this week and so are you, The Lovers is asking you to choose wisely, listen to your heart and your instincts.​
Capricorn – Strength​
Gorgeous Capricorn, it’s likely that you’re learning about the power of mind over matter this week.  Strength is reminding you that what you focus on can be manifested and created more easily, so be sure to pay attention to what you want rather than what you don’t want in your life.  You’re most likely able to harness your thoughts and use them for the highest good as Strength is helping you to be brave and courageous and guide your mind in a beneficial way.​
Strength is here to help you conquer your fears and control your impulses, also reminding you to be gentle towards yourself and adopt patience.  Outward things are likely to be less important to you and your inner world is likely to hold your focus and attention.  You have more options available to you than you think, you can be resourceful and draw inspiration and guidance from within this week.  It’s likely that you’ll experience a boost in confidence as a result of being responsible, self-reliant, strong and courageous.  ​
Aquarius – Three of Cups​
Beautiful Aquarius, it’s likely that there’s something to celebrate this week, your heart could feel like it’s overflowing with joy and gratitude for what you’re experiencing in your life.  You’ve been through a lot to reach this stage, the Three of Cups is asking you to keep on counting those blessings.​  The Three of Cups reminds us of the formula to receive more blessings, which is, express gratitude count the blessings and you’ll have more to count and be grateful for!
​It’s likely that you’re in the mood for sharing the love you feel this week and that’s going to attract more loving experiences to you.  Rejoice, celebrate and soak up the happiness and love that surrounds you, you may be ready to make a commitment to your future or someone special and this committing and deepening of love is likely to bring you great fulfilment and help clarify your intentions.  Trust that you deserve goodness and happiness, follow good vibes and trust your heart.​
Pisces – The Sun​
Wonderful Pisces, there’s warming vibes this week, The Sun beckons a new season for you of joy, optimism, energy and confidence.  This card usually comes to us after a period of uncertainty and change, it might be hard for you to trust the message of this card if you’ve been feeling a little out of kilts with all the changes.  ​

It’s likely that you’ve been through a period of darkness and uncertainty recently, it might have been tough for you, but now things are becoming much clearer you can bring much-needed order to your life.  You’re likely to have a renewed sense of optimism this week with the presence of The Sun, it’s reminding you that you have the potential to fill yourself up with the warming energy of The Sun helping you to pursue your ambitions and goals whilst radiating warmth and well-being.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 27 2019


  • Dance with the divine feminine
  • Embrace a new kind of strength
  • Break yourself free – beautifully

It’s a week of female power. No matter what gender you primarily identify with – all of us contain the same archetypal energies. They link us to the power of the cosmos and the soul power within. The Sun and Mercury remain in Gemini this week – the sign of the Twins and interestingly enough, one associated with both energies. You often see this depicted in the card of The World in the Tarot. The central figure is the hermaphrodite – associated with Gemini’s ruler, Mercury.  The Sun in Gemini and your 3rd opposes Ceres in your 9th. Ceres is the dwarf planet we associate most with the power of the feminine. Venus the planet which represents the power of love. They are related – but different. Venus is in its ruling 2nd in your chart making a softening angle to that old curmudgeon Saturn. Both planets are in their ruling signs and their ruling houses in your chart. Love rules in this instance.  This means they are talking to one another and for two planets with nothing in common, the conversation is on the same wavelength.

This is not the only one going on that is either. Mercury is in its ruling house and ruling sign too. And so is Jupiter. Both oppose one another on the 30th. Again, they speak one another’s language. But what is this conversation about? Feminine power does not need to imitate male power. It has its own strength. This week for you, it has the ability to break you out and free and allows you to work opportunity and be effective with a strength that is – quite frankly, simply irresistible. It comes from stating your terms and holding your position with quiet dignity. Travel – or a literal move away from a problem and into the flow of opportunity could form part of this. Know your power – state your terms this week, Aries and get ready for success.

In a nutshell: It’s the week to embrace a new kind of power for you, Aries. And in doing so to get the results you want but in a way that reflects feminine strength. Get a divine solution now.


  • Tap into your inner strength
  • Begin a new reward cycle
  • Advantage  – you!

Do you see yourself as a Goddess of Change, Taurus? It doesn’t matter what gender we may identify with, we all contain male and female energy. Think of these as power sharing your destiny. Sometimes one needs to come to the fore, and then the other steps in. Ideally, these would be balanced but our modern day society has seen so many of us out of alignment with our inner archetypes. This week you are one of the signs which should be extremely comfortable tapping into the powerful energy of the divine feminine. And allowing this force to come to the fore when it comes to important changes and decisions this week. I say this because you are a Venus ruled sign and your ruler in your 1st is part of this week’s powerful feminine line up.

It’s not just about aligning to your inner female power. It’s knowing that changes this week are all to your benefit. These may occur around money, assets, your intimate relationships, your marriage partner, payouts, maintenance, benefits or your salary. Come from surety, strength and feminine power as the Sun in your 2nd of self-worth, money and assets opposes Ceres in your 8th. Know when to compromise however – especially if you intuit that allowing someone to ‘save face’ or have a concession actually gives you what you want. There are oppositions and then there are oppositions which involve Jupiter. The planet of good fortune’s open-handedness mixes with Mercury’s business acumen and penchant for communicating as these two oppose each other. You have the advantage now in any kind of negotiation or deal.

Freedom inciting results should arrive soon after thanks to ruler Venus handing you a very different aspect of feminine power – but one that is nonetheless effective at getting you what you want. Break free of restrictions and find away round of blockages to progress that have been placed in your path. The 31st sees your ruler trine Saturn in your 9th. Both these planets are in their ruling signs which means they are talking to one another – despite the fact they may not usually have much in common. It is also worth mentioning that Mercury and Jupiter area also in their ruling signs which adds up to another mutually beneficial chat happening. The combined effect of all of this should be to set you free from a long term and restrictive situation and open up fresh possibilities. It begins with you owning that powerful feminine part of you. Show your strength this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Own that inner strength in a way which honours the divine feminine we all contain, Taurus. Changes take you away from restriction. And on into freedom and rewards.


  • Love Rules
  • Balance the yin and the yang within
  • You can rule the universe (or your little corner of it!)

The Yin and the Yang of it feature this week, Gemini. As does the need to reconcile opposing forces. Strangely enough these may simply be within you. Whatever is occurring between you and another in the outer world is a reflection of what is happening within. So, begin there when seeking any kind of resolution or outcome. You contain the universe which is made up of male and female energy in equal parts. Reconcile and balance this, and you control the universe – well, at the very least your little part of it and what’s in your orbit! If someone is opposing you or causing problems, provided you are coming from this place of balance, this means they are taking on the universe. Think about this. So, any solution lies within you now and this includes solutions around love or lack thereof.

Bring the divine feminine to the fore this week when seeking out either love or answers. Because both lie within this. This is a week where all signs are asked to tap into feminine power no matter what gender they identify with.  The Sun in your 1st opposes Ceres in your 7th asking you to bring feminine power in to balance a particular partnership. Remember that this house rules close friendships, business, working and collaborative partnerships as well as your opponents (opposite numbers!). Solutions are at hand or even a new beginning as Mercury opposes Jupiter in here on the 30th. Something bigger, freer, more expansive is set to replace the current dynamic. Venus is in your house of destiny and the past while Jupiter is retrograde. Don’t be surprised if love involves trying again or a second chance at something. This could even connect to your career as Venus aligns to Saturn in your 8th on the final day of the month. Venus always seeks balance and its power comes from this. So, balance your universal feminine this week and use its wisdom – in both your personal life and your career. And control your own little part of the universe, Gemini!

In a nutshell: Balance the divine feminine within this week and you could just control the universe, Gemini.  Well, your own small part of it. When it comes to you and others – work it to rule it.


  • You are far more than a job title or pay check
  • Love loves those who own it
  • What’s your secret superpower?

Matters of wellbeing, routine and work are in focus this week. And you’ve a secret superpower to bring to bear on these matters this week. It doesn’t matter if the work you do is paid or unpaid. Events revolve around the worth is gives you and how powerfully fulfilled you feel doing it. In many respects it’s also not about how much you get paid for what you do either. It’s about knowing you are more than a job title or a pay check. I am not saying these are not important but you are far, far more than these and this week puts you in touch with the greater worth of what you do and who you are via the power of the divine feminine.

This could also see you breaking free or breaking down stereotypes associated with what you do or female roles in general.  There’s a beautiful rebellion happening here. You’re in a position to turn perceptions – especially if they are gender biased or biased towards you and your role personally, on their heads this week. The Sun in your 12th opposes Ceres – symbol of female power in your 6th while Mercury also in your 12th, opposes retro Jupiter in what is Mercury’s ruling house. Your secret superpower involves saying or acting in a way which reflects this power. And not to be afraid of using it – or for that matter, other people’s reactions. Show you are more than you job title, salary or what you invest your time doing. But allow yourself that feeling of power that comes from whatever it is you do. Dismissing yourself or what you engage in as unimportant should be put behind you. And by the way, if it is serious love you are after, don’t think this new power you are embracing will be off-putting to a prospective mate. Quite the reverse in fact. This week puts a different kind of female power – Venus in your social sector aligning to Saturn in your partnership zone. Love and respect are the best foundation on which to build something lasting and if you meet someone this week, this is what your superpower can get you, Cancer. Someone wants to admire your newly acquired strength for all the rights reasons.

In a nutshell: That secret superpower you’ve been hiding could make everyone look at you differently. That’s your new appreciation of all you are showing. Let love know you matter, Cancer.


  • Align with your right to shine
  • Express yourself
  • Work the Power of Love

You’re powerfully creative in a way which honours your inner goddess this week, Leo. No matter which gender you identify with, this is archetypal energy which transcends this and links us to the divine creative source. It’s where everything from those ideas we have to our joy and even our children if we have them (or simply what we have to give to those younger than us if we don’t) comes from. What do you dare to create with this power this week, Leo? Reach within and then direct it out into the world in whatever form you want to shape it into. Just ensure that it involves fun, joy and you immersing yourself in the experience as you do so. When you engage in this kind of work, you are connected on a deep level to the power of your Sun sign – sparking attraction in every interaction. So, as your ruler the Sun opposes Ceres on the 29th, come from this place of creative power. You could attract far more than you bargained for especially if romance is on your mind. Power sharing with a lover is just one potential or approach you can take now. Mercury also in your 11th opposes retro-active Jupiter again in your 5th promising love, luck or opportunities to shine. Again, it’s about stepping into that full glory and allowing yourself to shine. Don’t allow anyone else to dim that light, Leo! And if they do – redress this now.

Career matters are in focus which all adds up to one more area where you can shine this week. Venus in Saturn’s ruling 10th in your chart angles to the planet of attainment and establishment. Owning that power not only brings you to the attention of those you want to impress both personally and professionally, but it also gets you where you want to go now.

In a nutshell: Connect to the power of your self-expression, right to shine and creativity this week, Leo. You’re about to get yourself noticed. By all the right people in all the right ways.


  • Design your perfect role
  • Love is on your wavelength
  • Head towards recognition and reward

Have you been cast in a role that just doesn’t seem right for you, Virgo? Or are you just not being allowed to use your full potential? Are you seeking to spread your wings in some way? If you have wound up in the wrong job, no job or just in a position where you know you have more to give but have no outlet for it, then this week could provide you with that escape plan at the very least. At its best, it could see you power on up to the next level with career recognition and satisfaction thanks to the Sun and ruler Mercury in your 10th. The Sun opposes that symbol of female empowerment – Ceres in your 4th on the 29th. Yes, the hand that rocks the cradle also rules the world but there’s a big difference between wanting to be at home and being stuck there. Or vice versa. Ceres influence is about to become more and more important  in our lives as we will embrace female power in new ways – no matter what gender we identify with. Ceres is the ruler of compromise and the Art of the Deal. Mercury’s opposition of retro Jupiter on the 30th could hand a win/win solution when it comes to creating the role or lifestyle that’s designed for you in mind.

Venus, that other symbol of a very different kind of female power in your 9th, trines Saturn in your 5th of romance, children and pleasure. Use love to create what you want now. Far away loves could feature and if travelling, expect pleasurable encounters or even romance. Creating something lasting is promised by this line up as both planets are in their ruling houses.  You’re on the same wavelength with that lover, your children or your power. Creating that perfect role for yourself or going after it is another way to work this week’s power. Make the Art of the Deal for you now.

In a nutshell: What role do you need in order to fulfil yourself and your potential, Virgo? It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it satisfies your soul. You have the power to create it, so step up.


  • Perfect the Heart of the Deal
  • Be ready to show others your power
  • Push aside fears around success and intimacy

With the Sun and Mercury both in your 9th of travel, learning and expansion, you’re in the mood for something to explore. Stepping into a more powerful role at work or in business could provide you with the outlet you crave if actual travel isn’t possible at the moment. Ideas and what you say have powerful implications as the Sun opposes Ceres in your 3rd on the 29th. You of all signs should be extremely comfortable with Ceres particular brand of female empowerment. You strive for balance and Ceres rules compromise and the Art or even Heart of the Deal. One can be struck this week in your favour as Mercury in your 9th angles to Jupiter in your 3rd. Both planets are in their ruling signs but one another’s houses in your chart (Mutual reception by house). Highly beneficial news could reach you which sees you working your power in a new way. Ceres represents a new era of female empowerment – especially when seen in the context of Uranus now in that other ruled Venus sign of Taurus.

And your ruler is – guess where this week? Taurus and your 8th house of intimate relationships, what you share and yes, personal power. It makes a highly beneficial aspect to Saturn in your 4th on the final day of May. Push through fears around long term success, love or thoughts that ‘things have to be this way’. They don’t. You’re being challenged, yes. But meet the challenge and the results are not only worth it – but lasting. You’ve the chance to establish something that while on the surface may look restricting or comes with more responsibilities or structure, nonetheless gives you more freedom. Make that power move, Libra.

In a nutshell: Freedom results from working your power in a new way. You’ve a chance to establish something with a paradox attached. More structure leads to the freedom you crave, Libra.


  • Hey, big spender – save a little
  • Sign your name on a contract with destiny
  • When it comes to options you’re cashed up!

Save a little to gain a lot now, Scorpio. With free and easy Jupiter in your money sector you need to guard against falling into thee ‘easy come, easy go’ attitude to your cash. Jupiter can boost your income, yes. Or else present you with opportunities to generate more. But it can also turn you into the last of the big spenders and hand you a false optimism that the money will magically turn up to pay the bill when it falls due. This week there’s a feeling of ‘no pain, no gain’ around your money. In other words, resist the urge to splurge now. When the Sun in your change sector opposes Ceres on the 29th, look to where the financial winds of change can blow to your benefit. This may mean budgeting or reining in spending in one area. This week may offer you clues as to where you can not only save, but where long term improvements or changes can lead to freedom around money. And this could well mean getting rid of debt or just having more to spend on what truly matters. Mercury opposing Jupiter could deliver good news regarding your money on the 30th but again, please keep your spending within limits to take advantage of any gains.

Venus is the planet which rules your money – and your love life. It is in its ruling 7th of partnerships of all descriptions. This week it makes an angle of long term promise to Saturn in your 3rd. Deals can be done but in this case they could be deals of the heart and soul. However, don’t forget your 7th also rules long term working relationships, collaborations and business partnerships. Whatever deal is struck, promise made, conversation had, idea or even what is written, comes packaged with long term implications. Sign your name on someone’s heart – or the dotted line this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell:  Look to where the money goes this week. There are gains to be made with better management. When it comes to soul contracts – it could be time to sign on the dotted line!


  • What is being reflected back at you?
  • Embrace who or what you’re missing
  • Re-write the past

With the Sun and Mercury in your 7th of dynamic duos and opposite numbers of all descriptions, who is opposite you now is who you need to evolve your next love experience. And really, this does not have to be a love partner (but this is one of the best periods of the year to attract one if you are single!). So, take a good look at just who is talking or who you are having a conversation with this week as Mercury opposes retrograde ruler Jupiter in your 1st. There’s a feeling of ‘high time’ about all this. You could have been waiting or wanting to have a talk with someone close to you. Or waiting for love (or potential love) to arrive. And with this house, it’s all love no matter what form this experience takes. And it’s all to your benefit with Jupiter involved. Love gets large in more ways than one. The Sun opposes Ceres also in your 1st on the 29th. The person opposite you now is a mirror and shows you what you are seeking in a relationship. And the answer may just surprise you. It’s important now not to just see them – but to see yourself in them. Ceres is about striking a deal. And the deal to be struck this week – especially when it comes to love, just may be seeing what we need to make us ‘whole’.

A big opportunity is handed to you this week when it comes to fresh starts in love, money or work. And to understand where these areas cross and interweave. Venus rules our bank accounts and our love life. Saturn rules our long term career, reputation and what we establish for ourselves. This week these two planets who usually do not have much in common, make an angle to one other from their ruling signs, which will allow you to re-set the clock when it comes to your past history. You can separate out the past – especially past mistakes, but learn from them. And in the present make decisions which lead to a new future. You may take on extra work or responsibilities, but the rewards are worth it. And as for the relationships around you now – the reflection you’ll see is the future of love, Sag!

In a nutshell: Whoever is opposite you this week represents just what you are missing when it comes to love. Look at what they are reflecting. And get serious about filling that need for wholeness, Sag!


  • Solve the mystery of what your heart wants
  • Don’t take anything for granted
  • Be careful what you wish for!

Ready to discover what’s going on behind the scenes or solve a mystery, Capricorn? Of course the secret to be unlocked could be in the most mysterious place of all – within you.  Maybe because it is a secret desire? It’s a time to tune in – especially to the hidden rhythms and messages of nature. Or of what your body may be telling you. Pay attention to those ‘gut’ feelings or reactions that simply have no logical foundation but nonetheless turn out to spot-on and spookily accurate.  Don’t dismiss this. There is more than one kind of information superhighway in the universe and you are plugged into the soul one right now. There’s a need to take what you learn via this process and use it to your everyday advantage when it comes to your health, work or routine. So channel down your insights and turn them into practical applications you can utilise. Mercury is in its ruling 6th in your chart and opposes Jupiter in your 12th. This could involve resurrecting something you used to do in the past – to greater effect in the present. The Sun also in your 6th opposes Ceres in your 12th. If you’ve taken something as a given you may need to change your position. This says: Look again at anything from your diet to your relationship with someone. Don’t take anything from your health to that connection for granted.

Venus in your 5th is always a time of pleasure, expressive indulgence and romance. This is one of those cycles where you get to witness how the Power of Attraction is functioning in your life. It’s simple: you radiate by being yourself – you attract back in kind. Energy is drawn to like energy. Get serious this week about what it is you want to draw to you as Venus in here aligns to ruler Saturn. Who or what appears could have been desired by you for some time. Given the activity in your psychic 12th, your ability to wield this power could border on the uncanny. I needn’t tell you to be careful what you wish for this week, Capricorn. You could just get it.

In a nutshell: Got a secret wish or desire? You higher self knows what it is you truly need – and want. Be careful what you wish for – it could just turn up, Capricorn.


  • Involve another in your dream
  • There could  be less than six degrees between you and what you seek
  • Rewrite history when it comes to success stories

You can get far more accomplished this week by teamwork. Success or even sourcing what you want – anything from that job to a contact, comes via you asking or involving at least one other person. The term that comes to mind is ‘barn-raising’ this week. As in the good-old-days when the entire community turned out to build something. You may not require the entire entourage but you do need at least one friend or contact, possibly more – a group, club, network or team depending on your goal. So, don’t be shy – ask as the Sun in your 5th opposes Ceres in your 11th on the 29th. Your luck factor is activated as is that old six degrees of separation which could now in fact be revealed to be less – probably around three. Ask because if someone you know cannot help you – they will know the person who does. Who you know – or who you know knows, will turn out to be your greatest asset this week in some way. As could simply being in the right place at the right time to connect with the right person as Mercury in your 5th connects to retro Jupiter in your 11th. This could be a re-encounter that fulfils its potential the second time around.

Venus which rules your love life, is actually in your 4th and intent upon bringing you something which shakes you out of..

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With Violet 2337

20th May – 26th May

Hello all!

Welcome to Gemini season!!!! Happy Birthday to you all this week.  I’d give you the gift of sunshine, but it’s on and off here, I tried!

I’ve well and truly turned into landscape gardener this week. Weeds 0 Violet 1.   And the upcycling of furniture has been put to one side due to a visit to a garden centre that ended up with more pots, and some plants that I didn’t know the English name of.  Olea was one of them.  It turns out that I have bought an Olive tree.   This is an interesting challenge.  Yes, I live on the coast, but we’re aiming for a Mediterranean climate to grow said plant.  A hothouse is now being repaired rapidly.

So, my point?  In going off piste as it were and just buying plants I know not the name of, I created a bit of, ‘Why not moment’.  So, if you want to try something different, when you’re trying to be creative or embracing your learning this week, be open-minded. Don’t let a little language barrier put you off, or make you return a plant. Go for it.  And guess what I’ll have olives in 5 years! (if the plant stays alive that long).

Have a great week.

With love



 Gemini – Athame

Very Warm wishes Gemini, and it’s Birthday week one for you guys!  You will find your celebration of being born, a very illuminating and charged time. You will be finding the pieces of puzzles and enigmas to complete a very important process you have to finish. This is about stage two planning of the events in your life. The double-sided knife cuts through, and into the truth of situations, and reveals things as they really are. For a two-sided personality Gemini, you’ll find yourself embracing your more assertive and cooler side.

Please take this time to note your achievements, not just in this year, but in this lifetime.  And what do you see?  You’ve been on a great journey, and it isn’t over yet!  What you have learned up until this point will all be a great library of information where you can plan your next move. But knowledge is only half the story in a great adventure.  The most exciting bit and the one area that leads to you more success is action.  Take action now.  Hold your Athame above your head, and declare your intentions and get ready to go!

I touched on the complex issue of the Gemini personality, light and shade, yes and no, as you will know.  As a fellow air sign also having that balance issue I feel your pain.  With fire and power, a driven passion comes a sense of authority and maybe ego. So maybe blend in if you can your gentler, kinder side as well and you’ll find your message to the world will be delivered to receptive souls, who understand what you are trying to achieve.  But whatever you are aiming for, go for it!

 Cancer – Spiral

Cancer never fear your summer is coming! I went into my books and did a little read up on the Golden Spiral Goddess because I feel there is a strong link with this card and the said lady. This Goddess represents the cycles of life, birth, death, rebirth, and all things linked to existence.  The aim is for the Golden Spiral to spin around in harmony.  When things are spinning in such a way, unity of self, nature, and our world works at its best. Think about the last time you had a really great moment with someone.  Why was it so great?  You were both spiralizing in tune with each other.

The Golden Spiral Goddess unites the colours of all the spectrums, and chakras, to blend them to pure unconditional love energy.  If any of those spectrums are a little out, then the spiral will wobble, or even crash to a halt.  So, this is why I talk about keeping your chakras topped up, and attuned and most of all protected. What do I say?  By all means, give, and take, but don’t give more than you can afford to lose, and don’t take more than you need.

What does this mean in layman’s terms?  You are being asked to do a little top to toe self-check, crown to the ground. Do you feel a little ‘off’, have you felt a little ill lately? Perhaps rest and restore is the answer here. Whatever needs your attention can wait whilst you attend to yourself. I don’t feel the need for a full-blown escape, though a mini holiday would do the trick! Just recognising that you can’t keep on giving your all if someone is taking, and you can’t keep on taking it all if someone is giving. You have to find your own harmony and balance before you continue as a force of nature in life.

Leo – High priest

Leo greetings, A wise person of age or wisdom is going to appear to you now. I don’t know what form they’ll take, i.e. via your 3rdeye or your spirit guide network, or literally, a real older wiser male could be about to become important in your life.  A father figure, boss or grandfather even.  Their opinion counts for something. They don’t often hold court, but when they do everyone listens.  They want to draw your attention to something important you need to deal with now.

In the Harry Potter films how often really did he get to see Dumbledore?  Only when something needed doing of some urgency, or he had something urgent to say to him.  And if you’ve watched these films, you’ll know he just showed Harry information, then with a wink, let him deal with it in his own way.  You have this free will too, or in other words, you can decide what you are going to do this week.  Sure, if you don’t do anything Dumbledore will be sad you missed a great hint to your future success or happiness, but you’d be more disappointed than him.

You must believe in yourself; someone is saying here is the key, off you go you can do it.  Maybe the Wizard should offer you the gift of a mirror to show you your true reflection? But you are great, have come so far, can learn so much more. Maybe you lack the confidence a wizard has, or you once had in yourself? Maybe you have too much? Are you perhaps loftying about with your cool air of ‘I’ve so got this, get out of my way mortals! That people are a little wary.  Whatever the Wizard’s message, yes you’re great, but as tall as you feel, stay warm-hearted.

Virgo – The lady

Oh, Virgo here we go!  So, this week I bring you birth/rebirth, standards, and freedom.  I’m going to add a little cheeky smidgen of invention. Brighid fans, for that’s who I just know in my gut she is for me, is here.  I want you to look at the meaning of Imbolc again for this is a 2nd Imbolc for you. Seeds taking root yet, plants showing through? Spring and Summer bringing them on? Are your plans growing?  Yes. Don’t say no! They are.  They just have a little way to go. I said Autumn is key for you Virgo.  I meant it.

Expect spiritual growth, professional development and progress in all areas of life also. Your tree is branching out and so are you! I write this when the moon is full, so embrace the full-on sense of achievement and completion you’ll feel.  What a month you’ve had.  What a week you’ll have.  Anything negative that happens there’s a chance you’ll feel it as well, but you know the story by now, it’ll pass as it gets released. What’s left is what you need. No more no less.

I feel you can anticipate pleasure and pain in equal measure, but know that whatever happens now is meant to happen.  Brighid like the moon, offers reflection, fresh starts and the excitement of knowing something different is going to happen as a result. If you manifest with the moon, you know the process, it may not be the best time to do much but just maintain your life. Keep the fire stoked, but be patient also.  Have a rest, let time pass in real time, no fast forwarding or wishing things away or wishing things to happen.  Que sera sera!  What will be, will be. But you’ll be great as a result.

 Libra – Owl

Libra warm wishes! Why are connecting with The Owl? Owls coming to a reading now mean that the whole truth will be revealed to us. They help us become more observant by day, night, awake and asleep.  Senses will be heightened to help us see reality as it is.  If you practice magic, then expect a little extra help, your 3rd eye will be sharp and sensitive. And I’ll mention the Full moon as I write this, waning into our week, but it too will have given extra light to questions that had us stumped. Dreams will be intense, don’t be scared, but do get a dream journal and keep it by your bed.  My dreams are at times exhausting but packed full of information.

Owls also ring the changes, the hoot of an owl calling time in one area of your life, heralds the beginning of another. As there is light and shade, or night and day, something new is starting around you.  You’re invited to be part of it, but may have to let something go to allow it to happen.  That’s o.k the rewards will outweigh the grief.  If you have been ignoring a situation, i.e. it’s fallen on deaf ears, Owl says listen up, be warned and be aware.  Whatever it is, you will be able to see answers, and solve problems.

The Owl knows that you’ve been through it recently, and maybe you’ve been hurt or gone very deep into your soul.  Guess what you’re going the right way, even if you don’t feel it.  Sometimes the hardest part of a journey is the middle.  Where you have come half way and are lost in the woods and need to find the path out. Owl says, follow them and you’ll be out of the woods into the light.  In other words, what has felt tough has been well fought for, and you can like Virgo, slow your pace down and consider your next moves carefully.

Scorpio – the Sword

Scorpio in the words of Abba, ‘You have a dream!’ We’re hoping and dreaming this week for you by drawing this card. You’ll be telling people about the things you are excited about, and hopeful for, for this is your throat chakra’s turn to do what it does best.  Sing, shout, talk and speak.  The tone you will have is much like Gemini, one of ‘Attitude’, with no messing!  As you swish ye olde sword about, careful you don’t cut anyone though eh?

I give you wisdom, self-awareness, and a truth radar, an inner sense that tells what is what and who is who in your life.  As Libran had the Owl, you have this lovely bit of kit that will arm you with wit and wisdom.  Also like the Wizard, elevated, knowing and wise.  But a wizard wielding a weapon that casts truths where they were once hidden.  Scorpio’s are careful with their words normally, wary of who they trust.  This has never been more so. And they also have a sting in the tail. Again, watch that tail!

If this week is challenging in any way, you won’t feel it as sensitively about it as you normally would. I feel less water around you and more fire with you.  Which if mixed up creates steam, or a lot of hot air! So, if others are sharp with you, you’ll know what to say. One word will suffice. Or more one look.  But the lovely thing about the Sword is that new beginnings are carved out of such challenges being overcome.  You’ll be forging ahead with your blade.

Sagittarius – The Green Man

Sagittarius reach out my friends, clear room in your life for you are having a growth spurt!  If you’ve seen the picture of Michele greeting the day, arms outstretched, feet on the floor.  She has her energy system connected to the earth where her root chakra is connected to the ground. The energy flows from her feet right through to her head, and up towards the sky, out through her arms into the universe.  She is growing in this photo.  This is you this week.  Super-connected to the earth in order to grow confidently into your future.

By showing honour and respect to the feminine you may develop more organic and deeper connections with those around you, and also with new relationships you will experience. You may also be focussing on your family and regain your connections with them.  You have a great opportunity to understand your world at this time, so work with positive intentions and you’ll reap the benefits.

The Green Man is brave, natural, organic, he doesn’t worry about things that we’d see as challenges, he represents facing fear, and having courage in self-expression.  Career prospects could be looking up when The Green Man is around you, and money may have a chance to grow.  Like the generous gift that keeps on giving it also offers you emotional growth.  If your relationships have felt distant or strained, gaps will be closed, as communication improves.  The outcomes could be a reunion or happy closure in endings.

You may feel protective towards those you value, wanting to shroud them from any harm. Your leadership skills may be necessary to help those who are less focused than you, for there will be a sense of just knowing what to do to make things happen.  For as a tree branch spreads out, and its twigs form their own network, then lovely blossoms grow upon them, you will be a natural at networking with potentially great results.

Capricorn – Cord

Capricorns warm greetings on a rainy afternoon as I write this! The Cord is making a reappearance and it’s with yourselves.  Buzzwords for this card are initiation and release from the past.  Again, another apt card for such a full moon that is just waning.  You have a brilliant future ahead of you. So why are you just a bit afraid of taking the first step into making it happen? You don’t need to be. But that little cord that is filled with thoughts feelings and information that whisper ‘Are you sure?’ or, ‘Oh don’t leave us! is still attached to you.

But I’m afraid that if you want to be part of this brilliant time forecast for you, you have to take a pair of scissors and snip certain cords.  They no longer serve you; they are just memories that you could use as excuses to say, ‘I can’t’. We all do it, call it a get out clause or your free pass.  But if you keep saying no, you will find yourself wondering what if?  And is it too late.  Chances like this will come again, but they may not manifest in the same way, for synchronicity is everything when a gift horse like this arrives in your life.

Remember in January we talked about S.M.A.R.T.E.R targets, review your plan, do a little tweak, and get it back on track, for it may be that the cord’s timely appearance is telling you that maybe some lines have got crossed.  In untangling them, you’ll find your way forward.  New ideas will come to you, tie those up to your future and let them pull you in the right direction.   Away from the past and headlong into exciting prospects. Like the tree grows branches, cords knitted or woven together in the right way, form the perfect pattern for success.

Aquarius – Spell

Aquarius welcome to your week, and what a week it will be I give you an Astral Week Vibe, there’s a dreamy starry night feel. This is the energy that goes with The Spell.  The Sword card featured this week, as did Athame, they are tools that harness intention.  Spells are the words we use when we work those tools.  I’ve mentioned my love of music a few times, look I am mostly a heavy metal kind of a gal, but all music is special.  Think about music you like, put some on whilst you scroll through your scopes on the site.  What does it make you feel like? What do the words conjure up in your mind?  That was a spell set to music.

I won’t ask you to write your own song, it’s not the easiest of things to do, but think of what you want to happen in your life, and put it into words.  Write them down in a journal, or manifestation book.  It helps to break each aspiration into individual items, a) because they are more achievable like this, b) you can focus on each one in its own right and c) the sense of happiness as you tick an item off when done is amazing.  Take one wish of your list. Write it down as request, or intention.  For example, ‘By this moon I ask tonight for peace and calm to be restored soon, please make it so’.  It doesn’t have to rhyme, mine just do.

If spells are not your thing, then look upon the Spell as a little bit of luck coming your way.  There’s something of the land of the Fae here, making things happen through loving energy.  So not so much a card of action or drive, but one of flow and happening.  It’s as if you’re granted a time of rest, where things fall into place and any blockages you faced recently will be removed.  It’s time. Time for you, time for a reward for working at something for a while.  You may not finish your project yet, but you’re being moved along the line a bit further.  The end is in sight.  So, work with your words and make them work for you.

Pisces – Gaia

More music, and I’m thinking of Robert Plant now, his music has a lovely Eastern Asia drum beat to it. A primal beat drives you along now, tune into it.  It wouldn’t hurt you to do a grounding exercise, for in doing so you will be walking with the lady Gaia, Mother Earth.  That is the earth’s heart beating.  By now you’ll notice your breathing will have steadied, you’ll be more aware of it. Hopefully, by the end of this sentence, you’ll feel calmer, at peace and a little nurtured.

This motherly Greek Goddess, was a healer, and soother of pains.  If you needed someone to tell you to have a sofa day, with yummy wholesome food, she is the one to shoo you there and bring you a tray of healing foods.  Not only does she want to heal your health but other areas of your life.   She offers you seeds to provide you with the opportunity to grow your own success.  Her time with you will be spent showing you how to grow your own harvest.

The lovely thing about Gaia is that she’s in no hurry to leave you.  Like any good nurse, she will check in on you, even when you are asleep.  For in providing answers or seeds of information or plans for your future whilst you rest. She also asks you to make a little plan and work out how to use the gifts she has given you.  For true success should not be rushed.  So, if you are rushing headlong into a situation, you could still succeed, but you would miss out some interesting aspects and the joy would be over too quickly.  Like a good wine, sip it slowly enjoy this time and your success.

Aries – The Wizard

Hello and welcome, I’ve already referred to Dumbledore with The High Priest, this card is not dissimilar. The Wizard offers you protection as well as guidance.  So, what do we know about him?  He is a loner, but not lonely.  Good company if he likes you, and he does by the way.  He has been known to drift off as if in thought, then suddenly return to the conversation with a burst of enthusiasm.  He wants you to bare with him, and forgive him his apparent aloofness, for he has things he wants to share with you.  And you’ll need to take notes.  There may be a little test at the end to see if you’ve understood.

Assuming you’ve understood and are furiously nodding your head at your Wizard, don’t wait around for instructions.  With a wave, he’ll dismiss you.  ‘Well off you go then, I’ve told you what you need to know, now do something with it’, inside he’s really hoping you’ll read his mind and do it his way. But as long as you do what you want with it to achieve the best result for all, he’ll be happy.  A teacher who gives out a lesson sets a homework, then dismisses you from their charge, the Wizard is an enabler of his student’s but no soft touch.

In real speak, you are going to have a life lesson this week, something will come to light, that helps you make a decision.  Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself, by doing some soul searching, or about people in your life. But do not doubt the power of this knowledge.  You will find your time with the Wizard illuminating, liberating and well worth every valuable minute you spend with him.  So, savour the moment, think of any situations you wish to discuss with someone you respect and who has the vast knowledge and experience of life who can steer you back on the right path.

Taurus – Neophyte

Taurus there is a theme here of studying with the wise, you are now joined by Neophyte.  Prepare to have your mind blown! You too have the word ‘growth’ applied to you, yours is more of a Universal Mind Trip, so perhaps less soul searching, but stuff of the brain, and certainly some upward skygazing. This will trigger your 3rd eye for sure, your psychic development is assured.  You will at whatever stage of your spiritual development, feel a new energy surge.  Things are about to get interesting for you.

Yes, you will have a mentor too, someone will be imparting words of wisdom your way deliberately or by accident. Those of you born under a sign that perhaps ‘knows’ already, may be reluctant to have someone present something new or challenging to you normally.  It may surprise you now at how willingly soak up the information given this week. This is exciting for you or it could be if you see the positives, for it offers you great potential and opportunity.

Don’t talk yourself out of something by denying your strengths and many plus points, embrace them, believe that you can do what you want if you put your mind to it.   Don’t let what you feel are negative points hold you back.  You’ll learn a lot about yourself, others and this will set you free from outmoded thinking and tired situations. What can you do with such new ways of thinking, well all that is required of you is to be happy and successful

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