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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 11 2018


  • Leap in – let go
  • Set your soul stock values
  • Attract the love you believe you’re worth

Make decisions and then don’t worry about them this week, Aries. Strangely enough this is a week that favours your usual love warrior style which is all about affirmative action on your own behalf. Of course this does not mean you act selfishly. You’ve always that eye on the greater good – especially when it comes to those you care about. But that talent of yours to make decisions in the moment will stand you in good stead as the new Moon in your 3rd is all about new beginnings and one which may just require a spur of the moment decision. So, while other signs may benefit from thinking things through before acting – that’s not you now. The first choice you make is most probably the correct one. So make it and move forward.

Your self-worth and values play a major role in your ability to attract now. You’re finally free of the presence of Uranus in your sign who has moved on into Taurus and your house of money, assets, possessions and material splendour and sensuality in all its various forms. Hand in hand with those goes all those thoughts and feelings you may have around whether you are worth it or not. Time to look at how you feel as the barometer for what you can attract and experience. Venus rules your 2nd and this week enters your 5th of romance, attraction, children and all things playful and pleasure-related. How you feel about your worth sets the tone for what – or who, you attract. And what approaches may unexpectedly reveal just where you stand in the cosmic balance sheet. Value yourself above everything else as self-love is what sets your stock soaring this week.

In a nutshell: Follow that impulse when it comes to decisions now, Aries. Time to be a warrior for love on your own behalf. The love you have for you attracts its opposite in the big wide world now.


  • Connect to the current
  • Make a bold move towards freedom
  • Something new enhances your life

Hopefully, you are ringing in the changes now Taurus. At least when it comes to you and your money, possessions and on a very deep level, how you interact with the material world. There’s a bit of a boom or bust feel around you now. I keep on returning to the word ‘currency’ and how this applies to you on more than one level. We associate currency with money and methods of exchange. But there’s also the ‘currency’ of energy and electricity. It’s about being plugged into this and charging up like a dynamo. And also the flexibility of change you need to adjust when that ‘current’ takes you in another direction or changes course. New ways to handle your money and resources are being presented to you this week so be prepared. You will have a strong desire to plug yourself into that money current as the new Moon appears in your 2nd – perhaps at a new source.

Bold, brazen moves can be made now that enhance your security thanks to ruler Venus moving into your 4th. What you have to understand is that what worked for you in the past may no longer work for you now. Uranus’s arrival in your 1st points to a personal revolution occurring and a shift not only in your priorities and values, but how you earn your money and lifestyle too. You’re being asked to change what you believe keeps you secure but in fact, keeps you stuck or imprisoned. An unexpected change this week offers you the opportunity to do just that. Don’t resist it now.

In a nutshell: The cycle of change you’ve entered intensifies now. Time to look at what really enhances your security and what traps you. Plug yourself into the current of freedom now.


  • Showcase your secret self
  • Flirting is an art form
  • Know where you stand with love

What’s that new and secret self that’s trying to emerge, Gemini? The new Moon in your 1st is always the start of a fresh cycle. A time of rebirth where we can decide who we are for the coming year – and how we want to be seen. It’s all about your image now and how you see yourself. Need to make any adjustments? Deep down you may be desiring radical reinvention or change. If not around how you look then around how others see you. Time to set these in motion. This week sees ruler Mercury in your house of money, values and self-worth make an angle to the newly arrived Uranus in your 12th. Knowing you are worth or deserve so much more than you have been getting lately could form part of this birthday gift for you. As could the ability to take action if necessary.

When it comes to work, your ideas or selling yourself this week sees you in a position to make your very best impression thanks to Venus’s entry into your 3rd. It’s all about communication now and with Venus in here the talk has to turn to love. Finding out how someone feels about you one way or another is implicit in this. Along with elevating flirting to an art form. You may get more than one opportunity to practice this. Whether it’s with a person or with ideas. They could come out of the blue and quite literally regenerate everything from your image to your job or your love life this week. Follow your instincts this week as they will lead you towards what’s fresh and so totally you.

In a nutshell: There’s a new you waiting to emerge this week, Gemini. And a new way of loving and knowing what you need. Showcase those changes as the world is waiting!


  • Ditch that dull routine!
  • Set the direction of your dreams
  • Want romance, fun and success? Get yourself noticed

Get out of that rut now, Cancer. Have you wandered into one unawares? Mercury’s arrival in your 1st this week shows you where your ideas around your personal routine may need some upgrading. Or should I say uplifting? The new Moon in your 12th opens up the ability to tune into insight around this. You need to be open and honest with yourself about what needs to change – and then follow through with action. This may not involve massive upheavals but minor adjustments which bring about big changes.

You love the bright lights and have to boogie now that Venus moves from your 1st and into her ruling 2nd. More money could be on its way but along with this the desire to spend it on fun, pleasure and ways to get yourself noticed especially if you are seeking love. I’m not saying that this may not be your best investment now – especially if you are looking for love or want to express your show-stopping creativity. However, please remember that Venus in here can draw more money to you but see it going out just as fast – or often faster, than it comes in. With Uranus sitting in its ruling 11th of your goals, wishes, dreams and your social life, whatever your goal is now, it is time to put yourself out there. Of course, this also means you can no longer hide away in that rut. One beneficial move could set in a chain reaction that leads to romance, money or work success now.

In a nutshell: Dull? That’s just not your destiny now, Cancer. Follow your intuition out of that rut and into a new cycle of romance, fun and getting yourself noticed!


  • Be what it is you want to attract
  • Get out of hermit mode
  • Your stock is set to rise

Time to put yourself out there. And to make an effort to socialise. Not just with the people you already know but to expand your social and professional circles. The new Moon in your 11th is saying it’s time to live a lot more than you may have been recently. It’s also time to be asking yourself what you really want as this is also your house of goals.  New friendships and connections can be made and I am talking about real-world interactions and not how many followers or friend requests you may receive (although those may increase). Examine your current social circle for resonance. Are you still on the same wavelength? Or have you outgrown some connections? If your social life has lapsed into the lacklustre lately now is the time to do something about it. Know that it’s all down to you. This is your life and only you can take action or change things. Goals need action or else they remain just dreams.

All this happens just before the arrival of Venus in your 1st. Time to evaluate your personal stock and how it has risen or fallen since Venus last paid you a visit. Are you up in value or feeling down? Venus is about attraction and self-worth. If we don’t feel attractive then we cannot attract. Venus in our 1st pulls new people towards us so you have a touch of extra allure when it comes to meeting new people now. This includes potential lovers as Venus rules our love life. So, be Venus and if you don’t feel like love personified then upgrade that allure. This extends to how good you feel about your professional image too. All this adds up to people sitting up and taking notice of you in new ways this week.

In a nutshell: Polish up that allure and don’t stay home now. New friends, new lovers, new contacts are waiting to find you. See and be seen in new ways – and new places this week, Leo.


  • Make that connection
  • Friends shape your destiny
  • Add some drama and make all the right moves

You’re in a social mood thanks to the arrival of ruler Mercury in your 11th. A connection may surface now that could have a big effect on your future. Certainly it is destined to free you on some level and provide a powerful awakening around something you have been missing. Mercury will make a wonderful angle to Uranus in your 9th from what is Uranus’s ruling house. There’s a feeling of liberation involved here as you step free of something that has been holding you back- and this person could just be the catalyst for that. Mercury will also angle to Saturn in your 5th of romance and attraction this week. The person you meet may be older or younger by some years but don’t forget, it’s the age of the soul that matters. This could have romantic potential but if so, this may take some time to emerge. But what is promised is a long term connection where the other person brings you unlooked for benefits.

There may also be a sense of karma and timing about this as Venus enters your 12th house of all things mysterious, mystic and a little bit spiritual. Expect those you already know to show their true feelings one way or another. And what you see may surprise you. This links you to past loves and past lives. This week’s new Moon takes place in your status-enriching 10th opening up doors to fresh career opportunities or past blockages to progress. Time to make any changes especially if they involve going after the rewards or the recognition you may not be getting but know you deserve. Add a little drama and dress to impress. Others are watching and waiting for your next move.

In a nutshell: This week could kick-start an important new connection. One that is destined to impact on your life in ways you can’t yet imagine! Friend or lover? Or maybe both!


  • Break free of restrictions
  • Step into a starring role
  • New relationship opportunities appear

By now you should have been feeling the release into a new phase of life that may just have echoes of an old one. No, that is not the contradiction it seems, Libra. The past month may have seen you pick up the threads of the past and re-weave them to create something more relevant for yourself in the present. All this takes you forward to a place where you can begin to operate free of the restrictions you may have had to work within over the past few years. This may especially apply to your work or career thanks to Mercury facilitating career progress from the 12th. The new Moon in your 9th the following day has you looking at how things are and realising they just won’t do anymore. With restrictions easing you can now take whatever actions you need to in order to put yourself firmly back into the flow of life once more. This is a good time to plan for travel or plan for anything that is set to expand your world.

Have you also been hiding behind the scenes or just hidden from view? Again, you may have felt you’ve ended up washed up and castaway far from sight. A bright centre to the universe? Pop culture references aside, you truly may have begun to feel you were at stranded at the place this was farthest from. This may have cut across several areas but has most probably been operating on the love/money axis. Sound familiar? That’s now set to change as ruler Venus enters your 11th bringing you new and unexpected relationship opportunities with added benefits. Yes, those kind too. Dealing with people on a grand scale is also favoured as is the feeling you’re ready for your close up – finally.

In a nutshell: Feel you’ve been stuck back stage? In a supporting role?  Hidden from view? All that is set to change this week. Welcome back to the spotlight where you belong, Libra.


  • Sell yourself
  • Make that first impression count
  • Life takes a surprising turn

Start selling. Yourself. Your ideas. Your dreams. But without selling out, obviously. It’s time to make agreements – for study, for business, and for yourself when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. Mercury in your 9th favours signing contracts, big business and travel. And it begins with the contract you have with yourself. About what you want to see, do and experience. And also not to sell yourself short. This is very different to faking it till you make it or bigging up your experience or abilities. It’s about knowing that you need to do justice to what you genuinely have to offer. And chances are this is exactly what someone out there is looking for and needs right now. Time to apply for that job or even that long term course of study as Venus is about to enhance your status-driven 10th from the 13th ensuring you make the best possible impression on those hiring or in a position to open doors.

The 13th also brings a powerful new Moon in your 8th. Negotiations, mortgages, loans, shared resources and what you have at your disposal – yours and other people’s money, take on a fresh perspective. You could be about to see your life pivot and turn around for the better in a totally unexpected way. How you handle those resources or negotiate around them may have a role to play here. But now is you moment to try something new to get a different outcome than you may have done for in the past. This comes from a place of self-empowerment and a ‘What do I have to lose’ mindset. All you have to lose now is your limitations and anything about your current situation you want to change. That’s all the more reason to sell yourself in this week.

In a nutshell: Life could take a turn for the better now especially when it comes to money or your work. Adopt a ‘dare to do’ attitude because you’ve got everything to gain and only restrictions to lose!


  • New mood, new love – new life!
  • Fund that dream
  • Opportunity is waiting for you to find it

News could put a new spin on your future – especially when it comes to work and money thanks to Mercury’s entry into your 8th. You’re no pushover now when it comes to negotiations and have the facts and figures to back up your position. A new and more challenging job could be on the cards for some Sagittarians and as usual, you will be looking at this to fund some bigger dream you have been nurturing. Consider this backing or your seed money.

This week’s new Moon appears in your partnership zone. New beginnings are whispered of around love and if that is what you are looking for now – or any kind of meaningful connection, this Moon wants to nudge you ‘out there’ to where it (or they) can be found. This marks the start of a month of personal magnetism so please use this. You are in a position to attract a new relationship or even a whole new set of personal circumstances. Provided you know what is it you want. Otherwise all you’ll attract is more of the same. That you don’t want. Venus in your 9th points to a lucky break not just with love but with your money too. Where’s that luck lurking? With all things Sag ruled. You know where to look.

In a nutshell: New beginnings, new connections, new love. But you have to go find it. Time to get out and explore those opportunities that are waiting for you this week, Sag.


  • Love talk gets serious
  • What’s that mind/body/work connection?
  • Set yourself up for success

The talk turns to partnerships of all descriptions this week. Not just the marriage or long term love kind but the business and friendship kind too. Are you getting what you need in terms of emotional support? The talk could turn serious. Are you feeling loved? Reassured? Mercury opposing your ruler Saturn in your 1st has you opening up about those needs without feeling embarrassed about them. You could also be looking at whether your current relationship is able to give you what you need without getting emotional or needy about it. Your matter of fact approach means nobody needs to feel bad. Just more enlightened about what makes each other tick. Venus in your 8th means you’re able to look deep into the soul of your relationship. This only applies to existing ones however. Venus in here can bring in something new, hot and incredibly intense. The ‘soul’ of the relationship may yet to emerge however so for now – just go with the heat of the moment.

This week’s new Moon in your 6th brings in new themes around health, work and wellbeing. Certainly you’ll be exploring the mind/body/work connection and be left in no doubt about how these operate in your life. If you have been constantly feeling drained lately, this new Moon will allow you to see exactly what it is that is making you feel this way – and also show you the way to get rid of it. Starting or applying for a new job is favoured now if that daily grind has become just that. Your body is a reflection of what is going on in not just your mind, but your world. Are you working in harmony with it – or not? Working with it rather than against it sets you up for success further down the track now.

In a nutshell: Time to some straight talk when it comes to love and what you want from partners.  Sizzling encounters snare singles. Explore that mind/body/soul connection now.


  • New opportunities are loaded with long term promise
  • What’s your moving experience?
  • Get lucky!

Ruler Uranus has been in your 4th for a month this week. Even if you don’t intend to move any time soon chances are you have some changes planned even if they only run so far as to rearrange your living space. However, changes around work or even relationships could result in lifestyle chances as you adapt to accommodate new people and new opportunities. Mercury arrives in its ruling 6th this week and this boosts Uranus’s influence to bring about change. So, if house moving experiences aren’t on your horizon, then job changes may be. Certainly your daily routine will be undergoing a minor revolution at this point. Do you have habits you know you should probably kick but don’t? You could well ditch them now and replace them with something more liberating.

This week’s fabulous new Moon lights up your romance zone plus you have Venus, planet of love, moving into her ruling 7th. All this adds up to the fact that changes brought about by love may be the most surprising of all. If you’re looking for love this new Moon puts you places where love can find you. Lucky coincidences may even form part of this with invitations or excuses to get out and have fun paving the way. Venus in her ruling 7th adds long term promise to anything that begins now. Others could see new work alliances appear and a fresh opportunity to shine. If love is the change that has been overdue lately, get ready to make your move.

In a nutshell: Love could be the change you’ve been looking for. Or the catalyst that brings about changes in other areas. Whether it comes in the form of a lover – or an opportunity.


  • Unexpected good news propels you into opportunity
  • Stay focussed
  • Your thoughts could just become reality

Mercury in your 5th usually means good news, dealing with those younger than you and opportunities to play and have fun. Mercury adds to your flirt factor – as well as dropping opportunities to do just that right in your path. Expected good news or an invitation could send you headfirst onto the party circuit or put you in a position where you can show off what you can do or showcase those ideas. Just watch out for a tendency to overlook the essential but small details however. But provided you don’t lose sight of these, Mercury hands you the ability to turn any task into fun and adds an engaging playfulness to all your interactions. And that includes the business ones. Your obviously enthusiasm means you can win hearts and minds when it comes to selling your ideas – or just you for that matter.

This week’s new Moon appears in the Moon’s ruling house and has you looking at home, family and security issues. Where you call home and who you share that with will be increasingly important now. Women will feature – if not your mother then a woman connected to your business or work may offer you an opportunity that could benefit you in the long ter. Venus enters your 6th of work, routine and wellbeing also on the 13th enhancing business and work related finance as well as your relationships with bosses, co-workers and clients alike. Again stay focussed on your job and those details. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into office gossip now or spend too much time chatting. Be seen as someone who can get the job done. You’re working towards something better this week.

In a nutshell: Anticipate good things and they could just manifest now. This especially applies to your work. Act like what you want has already arrived this week and it may appear sooner than you think!

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I thought I would focus on relationships in this psychic reading for you, not just romantic relationships they can include friends and colleagues too, relationships are the connections that you have with people that mean something to you. Sometimes in life and particularly during the recent planetary aspects chaos can ensue and clarity can vanish . It’s ok as it can actually test our endurance and inner strength. Change is inevitable in life however progression is actually a choice- what we do in our relationships with this energy is the key.

So, think of the relationship or relationships, focus on the cards, and choose the card that you are drawn to and discover what aspect is effecting you or what action is needed to positively guide you in the relevant relationship. These cards are an oracle and they’re all about showing you the over riding/contributing aspects or what is needed to shift a situation.



Tarot Card 1

” The only thing that is constant is change”.

Planetary cycles are so influential in life and they definitely affect us in the relationships that we have with people. In recent weeks, there has been a host of planets going backwards, mostly the heavy weights! This has really impacted everyone’s sense of self and has also caused changes in people’s relationships. What I feel from your situation is that your own view of the relationship will become much clearer and the view of the person you are dealing with. There has been a lot of self-work going on between you both separately, in addition to dealing with individual past issues which can be a lone task, hence the possible lack of contact and clarity between you both recently. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually great when you’ve done some self-work, as it unlocks your potential as an individual and can make you feel much lighter in your own life and your partnerships. Any relationship of any kind, in my opinion, works most effectively when the two individuals come together as happy-or as much as possible at least. I feel this will be the case for you, and my advice is to try and just enjoy this last period of chill and time with yourself before the opportunity for connection presents itself.

Tarot Card 2

” Be courageous in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”.

Courage! Being courageous is a funny thing as I find it often implies something is “difficult”, when showing courage is something that can assist you during positive times too, being courageous is a strength and it can lead to expansion! So why not have it all the time? What I feel from your situation is that there will be some final and perhaps tougher aspects in this cycle but you can, and you will get through it. All you need to do is to come from a place of strength within to deal with the difficulties in life effectively. I sense this is a part of your character anyway!

The courageous aspect in your situation is relevant to you listening to your intuition, don’t give up at the last hurdle and be brave enough to express the reasons that you are sticking with your situation. You can do this to yourself and the other person or people around you. Affirmations show conviction, confidence and they express our intentions in what we are passionate about in our lives. Reaffirming and expressing these things is courageous and can only be a good thing as it can evoke faith and empowerment. I feel that your situation will become easier through the month and I do see a much smoother sea on the horizon for you. Try to remember to be good to you in the process and have as much faith in yourself as you do in the actual situation.

Tarot Card 3

I’m not trying to make light of or dismiss the impact that your situation here, believe me, I empathise with how a lack of clarity and chaos can be a royal pain in the ass. What I feel is happening in your situation is high levels of chaos and challenges- such as people acting out. How I see your situation is that it is extremely passionate and that you, in turn, are an incredibly passionate person. This can provoke a tempestuous and turbulent situation at times both internally and externally! The advice that I would give to you is to reign your impulsivness in and take the time to realign yourself.

What is happening is that the breaks aren’t being pumped enough in your situation and with your energy, you’re rallying around, and this is leading to a sense of burn out for you. When this happens, it can lead to a whole different type of chaos, and it can also provoke knee jerk reactions, so as the card says it’s meditation time. Meditation is one of the best ways to centre and realign yourself, do this for yourself and for the people you are dealing with, remember that energy is contagious and the vibe you have does have an impact on others. We can all benefit at times from being a steady flame as opposed to a wild fire! You’ll notice the positive impact that this can have on you and your situation. It is also important to understand that mediation is whatever you can do personally to centre and realign, ultimately it’s whatever chills you out and empowers you, it doesn’t have to be the old school way it’s an individual thing.

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Your Free Three Card Tarot Reading – Immediate Advice

Hello Golden Soul,

Have you got something on your mind? Perhaps one of these three tarot cards has a message for you? Focus on the three cards and sense if one of them has an answer to your immediate issue.

Breath in, look at the cards and see if you feel and intuitive tug.

Much love Michele x

Tarot Card One – The Mother of Wands

A snake is curled protectively around her eggs with a single wand running through. This card says you are ready to invest, harvest and give birth to your passion. An idea is about to be unleashed, but you need to protect it from negativity. If peeps are putting your down, keep your brilliance to yourself. Shield yourself from unhelpful folk and question if you need them in your life.

You have creative power flowing through you, you are in command of your destiny and ready to reach the next step. Be proactive now, beam your incandescent light of inspiration and act.

Tarot Card Two – The Three Of Wands

Hello Visionary, is this a portal I see before me? You are scrying the future. You have learned from the past and can now take a leap into this cosmic unknown armed with a renewed faith in yourself. In this card, we see a great mystic soup of possibility. A journey is beginning, and you are ready for it.

Brush up on your intuitive skills, polish your trust and get ready for an awfully big adventure. Don’t spend too long second guessing your choices, it’s time to take the lead. You are the hero of your journey and the captain of your soul experiences. Life is about to get very interesting.

Tarot Card Three – Temperance

Has life been a little topsy-turvy? Are you swinging from extremes? Temperance is saying ‘Whoa there sister’ take some time out to adjust your sails. In China, the Heron symbolises patience and strength while some Native American tribes saw the Heron as being purposeful and committed as well as a symbol of good fortune. Small tweaks to your routine and habits can bring huge rewards.

Temperance is asking you to still yourself for a minute and find your balance. If you can blend your energy, you awaken the Alchemist within, making anything possible.

The post Your Free Three Card Tarot Reading – Immediate Advice appeared first on Michele Knight.

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Aries – Nine of Pentacles
You’re being guided by the universe and encouraged by your soul this week to recognise the level of success you’ve achieved to date. You may have been incredibly disciplined, and all of your hard work has meant that you’ve probably gracefully and independently crafted a stable life filled with quality and wonder. You’re probably feeling that life is beautiful, and feeling lots of self-satisfaction, material success, wellbeing and contentment in some way.
Are you feeling happy with your amazing personal achievements? Have you gained confidence and perhaps gained something of great personal significance recently? There is a strong sense of uniqueness and pleasure this week with what you have been able to achieve and you’re likely to be smiling from ear to ear about something brilliant. There could also be a high level of self-esteem based on the success of your efforts recently. You may have earned your rewards, and this gives you a sense of long-lasting satisfaction, maybe you have been successful in completing something of great value and this can lead to material comfort and happiness.
Everything should feel like it’s going to plan, and hopefully, you’ll be reaping the rewards of your endeavours, therefore, giving you feelings of happiness and security. The Nine of Pentacles also tells us about appreciating self-sufficiency and privacy, so there could be a feeling a deep satisfaction that is coming from your own sense of self and not from the validation of others or your entourage. There is perhaps a solid identity that is emerging within you, a feeling of your own unique abilities and the worth of your life, a solitary and self-sufficient enjoyment of good things that do not rely or depend upon anyone else’s agreement or validation to provide pleasure and deep satisfaction for you.
Take stock of how far you’ve come this week, celebrate your achievements and give yourself a big pat on your back, you’ve worked so hard for all this, now it’s time to enjoy the good life and give yourself a break. You may find that you have some wonderful ideas this week on how to further your success, but these insights are likely to come to you whilst you’re relaxing and in a receptive state, and after all your hard work, you definitely deserve a little break.
Taurus – King of Wands
You’re likely surging with energy this week wonderful sweet Taurus, you may be feeling full to the brim with ideas and passions. You are likely to be feeling wise, open, positive and adventurous. The King of wands is telling us that you are likely to have an abundance of energy that you want to use in a positive direction. This card is definitely a positive omen, you are likely to be feeling that others are generally supportive and think well of you.
You are likely to be feeling ambitious, driven and focused on your goals, this card is signifying that you have the energy this week to accomplish what you have in mind so remember to think positively and use your imagination wisely for the best results. You may feel that you wish to keep your own counsel this week and keep your dreams, visions and goals under wraps until they’re ready to be unveiled to the world. You could seek out a mentor, someone that you can trust and can count on, you may be looking to see what you can learn from others that are in the field of your dreams, perhaps you want to meet likeminded folk that are oozing the drive and ambition that you are. You are likely to be feeling that things are going well for you, you may wish to use your talents to further your career prospects and you could feel that this could lead to more wealth for you. You may be thinking about starting your own business, this card can sometimes symbolise that this is a very good time to start taking baby steps towards your dreams.
You may feel that you want to research and meet with others that are doing what you are contemplating doing in the future. Remember to dream big! Fortune favours the bold, you’ve got so much to give, the world needs you and your sacred visions!
Gemini – Queen of Wands
Your creativity is likely to be on top form this week beautiful Gemini and your energy levels will likely be soaring, with this you could have an abundance of warmth and generosity to dish out to yourself and others. You’ll likely be feeling powerful, strong, courageous this week, you may use this energy to infuse and ignite your projects or goals, you’re likely to be feeling charged up and ready to throw yourself wholeheartedly into things.
Has commitment been on your mind recently? You could notice a theme this week, that things you wish to dedicate yourself to, bring you great fulfilment. Perhaps you’ll be dedicated to staying loyal in your visions and passionate in your relationship this week. You may be giving the impression to others that you are capable alone and don’t need to rely upon another for confidence, support or guidance. This glowing aura you’re giving off is drawing the right opportunities to you this week, I hope that you’ll be feeling admired and loved by your nearest and dearest and feeling the love. Do you know how wise you are? You could have a realisation this week about your incredible inner wisdom. You could see that the energy you radiate gives you an air of power and regal spirit, you exude such authentic self-esteem and beauty effortlessly this week.
Many people would like to warm themselves on your inner fire, but it seems that you choose to keep that inner fire banked for a special someone, you are incredibly loyal, faithful and truthful this week, you are likely being loyal to your visions and sharing your inner fire for that special person that you love. You may have an urge to protect and nurture those that you care about intensely this week, you may be given an opportunity to work as a mentor or guide in some way. This is a time of great learning and growth, you’re incredibly powerful, be mindful of times when you may need to reign in the more forceful aspects of your personality so that you can be more graceful. Trust your instincts and acknowledge the power of your own intuition, you could be feeling quite regal and powerful this week when you focus on your creativity and sacred visions.
Cancer – Ace of Cups
The graceful flow of giving and receiving could be important for you this week sensitive sweet Cancer. Beautiful blooming of the heart and intensity in your emotional realm are expected. The graceful flow of giving and receiving could be important for you this week. There is likely an abundance of equilibrium to be experienced, a newness and freshness to be felt in your heart. As the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the beautiful foamy waves and sea, you too will be emerging into a new phase, say hello to love, throw your arms and curtains wide to receive what is rightfully yours.
How much do you feel worthy of love? Could you expand your capacity to receive love as well as give love? This card can indicate a gift of an emotional connection and the beginning of something wonderful. You’ll be probably going through a period of great emotional fulfilment if you can open yourself and show your emotions and feelings, this is an auspicious time for all close relationships. You may be feeling a sense of peace for reaping the rewards of being in a happy union with your loved one, or if you’re searching for love, you may be feeling jolly about new potentials in love and relationships. You could also be experiencing a deep connection with the deep watery depths of your emotions, by getting in touch with your innermost feelings will enable you to feel ready to express yourself creatively or in a new way.
Remember this week that creative impulse and visions arise from deep within your soul, honour them and bring them to the world. The world needs what you have to offer. Trust that you are entering a period that is fruitful and rich with possibilities. You are beginning a new chapter in your heart and emotional life, your relationships in both the friendship and love arena can have a strong spiritual and emotional quality. Let your heart lead the way and honour all those new beginnings.
Leo – Page of Wands
Your life is ready to open up with fresh creative capabilities dearest Leo, are you ready to put your ideas to the test? You may have a desire within you to grow more and express yourself in new ways, perhaps you’ve recently realised that you have untapped potential and are now ready to make a fresh start.
You’ll likely want to learn more about yourself and others, as you could be buzzing or stimulated by an idea of a challenge if so you’re ready to grab any new opportunities that come your way. You may have a flamboyance about you and a new confidence that’s beginning grow and show itself, are you feeling more confident in your abilities? Do you realise that you have lots of untapped potentials and there are many possibilities available to you? If you can have enough faith in yourself to see a project through to its end, although this will require dedication and commitment, you can have faith in your vision and in your capabilities to complete whatever you want to do with determination and excitement.
There could be an enthusiastic spirit emerging from within you and you may be incredibly keen to express yourself, you could be feeling restless at work or dissatisfied with your path, this restlessness and dissatisfaction is coming from a place of renewal, as change is on the horizon and your new ideas and visions you’re having about new possibilities for your life are giving you a glimpse and a hint that you can expand your life in a significant way, although they may seem like fantasy it’s important to take them seriously and nurture these visions as they are harbingers and a great source of inspiration for you to improve your life, gentleness and one step at time in the direction of your dreams will bring you much fulfilment. Keep those visions alive and believe you can make them happen.
Virgo – Ten of Swords
Something may be coming to an end this week dearest Virgo, you could be feeling shattered by an ongoing and mentally draining circumstance. This may seem doom and gloom but in fact, a new beginning is promised! You may come to realise this week that you’ve done all you can in this situation and it’s about surrendering and resigning yourself to the fact that things have to change, you have a wonderful opportunity to understand that if you no longer change things, that things can become stagnant and stale, you have to change so that you can continue to grow and develop.
This could be an ending in a state of mind and a perspective that you’ve held onto too tightly or this could be an ending of a relationship that is no longer serving you and your growth or maybe even an ending in a particular behaviour that you’ve been partaking in. The time has come to look honestly at your life and the direction it’s heading, ask yourself how can I improve my life? By being honest with yourself you can open up new ways of being and you’ll find new solutions to problems, this will help you move forward with grace and humility.
Learning from your experience will help you to strive forward with greater optimism, the only way is up Scorpio, you have the power to make a fresh start this week but be mindful of taking good care of yourself in the process. The sun is rising a new chapter has begun, what lessons will you be taking with you? What new things do you want to create? You have the power to create something new, what will you choose?
Libra – Six of Pentacles
This week could be a time where you are feeling lucky, you may have a renewed sense of faith and want to be generous with your time and resources. Perhaps you’re planning something, an exciting trip maybe or a lavish project, whatever your cooking and planning you’re wanting to share what you have with those closest and dearest to you.
The saying “What goes around comes around” is apt for you this week, you’ve been so kind to others and now it’s time to reap the rewards of what you have been sowing. You may receive help at just the right time if you need it and this could renew your faith in humankind and human nature. You are perhaps becoming more involved in life than you have in a while or you may have a more ethical relationship with the material dimension of life. You could soon be in a position to share your resources with others, financial help may be in the offing, this could be through your own hard work and efforts or through fortunate circumstances.
You’ll most likely have feelings of well-being and security and a sense that your endeavours will ultimately be successful, this is definitely the time to be charitable and generous with your actions and well as enjoying the kindness of other people, you deserve it! Bask in the glory, except generosity from others, YOU are wonderful sweet Libra!
Scorpio – Page of Cups
There are many positive emotional possibilities for you this week and this is a fresh new beginning on an emotional level. There could be emotional renewal after a difficult period, you could be embarking in a new direction. You hopefully realise that love starts with you and that others can only love you as much as you love yourself, you may be seeking and looking at new ways to be self-loving and introducing new self-care rituals.
Nurture this time and be gentle with yourself during the process as this is a gentle new beginning, think of it as little flowers budding at the beginning of spring they could be easily crushed with negativity or self-doubt, so allow yourself to grow into this new state of being with grace and delicacy. You may be ready to get in touch with your feelings and something could be opening you up to the inner world of your emotions. Tender care is needed to bring these positive emotional possibilities to fruition. You may have been hurt in the past and now you’re beginning to trust again, you could need some time to allow your true feelings to develop and you will be able to maximise this loving period by being more self-loving.
Perhaps there is renewal in an existing relationship, where your feelings are emerging in a new way. This could be a beautiful new beginning where you do great things together and appreciate each other in a brand new way. If you’re currently single, there could be a new relationship beckoning, the way you treat yourself now is attracting new things to you. Whatever your circumstances, this week looks to be jolly joyful, kick back when you can, read a good book, watch a brilliant movie, run yourself a spa-like bubble bath with candles and flower petals, treat yourself well and the world will follow suit dearest Scorpio.
Sagittarius – The Wheel Of Fortune
The changeability of life is current for you this week, you may already sense what it is that’s changing. You are likely to experience the wheel of change, life may be beginning to look and feel very different. What’s transforming for you? Are you feeling the changes around you? You could be completing one cycle and beginning another during this time. One thing we can count on in life is change and you are most likely embracing this season of change.
Remember you are the master of your fate and the universe is working with you on a subconscious level to manifest your desires. So, ask yourself what are you focusing on, and what you want to change. Be mindful that what you focus on with your imagination and emotions you quickly manifest and create. This card heralds a fresh start, you could be embarking on a new adventure and it is up to you determine if this will be a positive or negative experience. You are probably getting more in touch with your capacity to make choices and this will make you feel empowered. If you try to stay where you are there’s a chance you could stagnate and cease to grow as an individual.
You are now able to gather positive momentum as you embrace change, if you can let go of the past and move forward with grace. This week could see you probing behind the curtain of consciousness to find out more about the meaning of life. This week is showing you how amazing life can be when you surrender to the changes and go with the flow.
Capricorn – The World
Balance and wholeness is the theme for you this week. The world tells us that we have all the resources and abilities we need to foster happiness and growth in our life. You can expect success, achievement and realisation of a goal. You can achieve success and obtain goals by just keeping your focus and determination.
You may have lots to be triumphant about, you could have successfully brought something to a conclusion recently, you may have achieved your goal that you have worked incredibly hard for. You are portray an image of wholeness, balance, internal and external harmony to those around you and you could be a great source of inspiration for people in your life. You could have reached a peak time in your life, you could be feeling justifiably pleased with yourself about how you’re coping and managing everything.
There may be something coming to fruition and are likely able to enjoy feeling successful. You may have a feeling of being in the right place at the right time. You can create more of these positive experiences by having faith that you’ll be given exactly what you need. You could have a desire to expand your understanding of the world and acquire greater self-knowledge. You are likely bringing harmony to parts of yourself that were in conflict, you’re could feeling more whole and complete than you have felt in a while, and this will encourage you to continue to grow and change. You may be offered an opportunity to travel and expand your vistas. A new beginning is promised as a completion of a particular cycle occurs, you may have cause for celebration in acknowledging all you’ve achieved to get where you are today.
Aquarius – Temperance
There could be some healing conversations this week, bear in mind that when we share our feelings both positive and negative ones, we create space in our heart and we also give others permission to do the same to share their feelings with us. This may be about balance in relationships of all kinds, friendships, beloved and family ones could be on your to-do list for improvement and invigoration. Friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships may all need your loving attention. There’s no need to worry about finding which one it is, you’ll likely feel it in your heart and you’ll know deep down just the right words to say.
You may be quite the alchemist mixing and matching your words and approaches with different people to find what is truly right for you. Although all your relationships are likely to be going quite well for you, you may just want to look at any deeper personal issues and see if these could be standing in your way, and if they are, you’ll find ways to work through them and integrate them. You’re likely going to be passionate about finding balance this week, in you, your relationships, and with your goals and dreams. You can have peace and wisdom in your relationships but remember you need to have peace within yourself first.
Do you have an urge to talk to someone about how you’re feeling? Has there been some tension in your heart about wanting to get something off your chest? Perhaps this is the week to express those feelings, if you do, you may find a new sense of freedom and space in your heart, remember that communication in all forms leads to more authentic relationships and happier individuals. When we talk and share our feelings we remove stagnation and make room for growth and expansion. This card is associated with the Goddess of the rainbow Iris, you can channel your inner Goddess of the rainbow by sharing the sunlight and the rain and maybe you’ll create rainbows in your life, the beautiful symbol of harmony.
Pisces – Eight of Wands
Finally, there’s some sunshine and optimism in sight after some darkness and unsettling feelings, you may have been feeling strained and stressed, I’m happy to tell you things are going to better. There’s new momentum after a time of delay and struggle, you can now hopefully begin to move forward and be active and travel.
You may have unlocked some positive energy by releasing tension and anxiety that you’ve been carrying, you’re probably understanding that by overcoming obstacles in your path you can feel more confident and self-assured. Focus on how good it will feel when you reach your destination. There could be a release of energy after a period of difficulty, you may have met the challenge of self-doubt and competition and perhaps you’re now rising out of this rough patch with a renewed energy, like a phoenix!! You deserve this new life that’s on the horizon.
Sometimes we need conflict in life to create better and more authentic forms, be mindful that difficulties are there to be overcome and to teach us lessons on the way. This week could be a clear stretch of creative and fruitful activity where your imagination can flow unchecked and unrestrained if you’ve resolved and overcome anxieties and tensions. You could be ready to broaden your vistas and new people may be coming into your life to reflect this expansive time! Take full advantage of this productive time and enjoy this period of flow and success, once you’ve begun to resolve your anxieties you can be all set to focus on the new journey ahead. Your future can be something to look forward to and you may be overflowing with positive expectation of what lies ahead for you, you’ve come so far and your rewards are within reach, just keep your focus on the finish line and go with the flow.
Take one moment at a time, think positively, and know that you can put your ideas in motion by knowing that the time is favourable for you to channel your creative energies productively. You could be feeling more confident and buoyant than you have in a long time this week, and you can be justifiably pleased with yourself as you’ve met challenges and overcome obstacles with grace, you’re hopefully now moving away from self-doubt and moving towards self-belief. Go you!

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 4th 2018


  • Prepare for revelations
  • Choose your confidants wisely
  • Step into a new success dynamic

Important information will be revealed this week, Aries so how do you intend to use it? Anything that has been kept from you or has been going on in the background without you realising it, is about to be dragged into the light of day. Sabotage and subterfuge is any exists will be exposed. Of course, what comes to light may not be that drastic. This could just be the missing piece of a puzzle, an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment as you see things very clearly. Or you reframing your past in such as way you alter the dynamic in the present and clear the way for a new future to unfold. You have a meeting between the Sun and Mercury in your communications sector to thank for this. And both make angles to Neptune in your house of secrets, the past and all things hidden. While on the subject, I do hope you are not the one keeping the secrets as trying to close the closet door on the skeletons may well be impossible now. Conversely, keep any confidences you are given close to you and above all, choose your own confidents wisely now as they may not keep things in the vault like you hoped. If in doubt, confide in a professional whose job it is to maintain that confidentiality. Forewarned is forearmed in this respect.

Don’t be surprised if what comes to light impacts on your home or career. Again, revelations may be to your ultimate benefit. Venus shines brightly when she is in the 4th house of your chart. This week Venus opposes Pluto in your 10th of career and reputation. This could just have the effect of shaking free that promotion, raise, recognition or reward you have been striving towards. Be prepared to step into a more powerful role and do so with grace and style. Venus enhances your power and prestige and put you in a position to impress. Perhaps what comes to light are the rewards for all that potential you are realising now. That’s your secret this week.

In a nutshell: Powerful aspects chart your course towards career success and rewards. Information you have needed could come to light. But if you’re asked to keep a confidence – do this week.


  • Claim your power
  • Work that mojo
  • Time to be on top!

Venus is working some magic for you this week, Taurus. And it’s of the seriously sexy kind. Your mojo is about to undergo a major upgrade. You sizzle with sex appeal and serious magnetism now. The thing is – are you bold enough to claim the results of this? Time to think about desire and also fear. These two are strangely enough opposite sides of the same coin. And Venus rules money  after all. Desire is currency. That current ‘charges’ our souls and sends us out there to try to fulfil them. What are your desires? How would you feel if they were granted? This is where the coin can land tails up. Because the sting in it is that often we fear the very thing we want the most. We want that special love but fear commitment or just feel undeserving on some level. So we sabotage it. Same goes for career success. We want that job, that salary, that corner office. Yet when we get it we feel we really don’t belong there and that we’re going to be ‘found out’ if we remain. This week Venus offers you the ability to get past those unseen obstacles to desire once and for all.

Where it all gets seriously sexy is when Venus makes some come-hither moves to Pluto in your 9th. This is all about releasing you towards those desires – to tapping you into that currency I mentioned earlier. But this is the currency of deep feminine power. Venus is showing not just her beauty here but her strength. This is about a release into your power especially when Venus will also oppose Lilith in your 9th as well. Freedom to express your desires – in no matter what area they lie, and freedom to be yourself without criticism, censorship or fear, are also part of the package. Singles could attract someone who allows them to experiment with all of these themes. Girls are on top this week – or at least the divine feminine in all of us.

In a nutshell: Embrace a powerful change that extends from facing what holds you back to releasing that passion, Taurus! As obstacles that lie between you and your desires come tumbling down.


  • Tap into limitless power
  • Time to believe
  • A new phase opens up

The Sun’s transit through our 1st each year is more than just being about our birthday. For a month, the Sun shines on us. It’s a time to make soul promises to ourselves for the coming year. We’re in our full power during this time as the Sun is the most important astral body in our solar system as without it, none of us would exist. So, tap into that limitless solar power this week and receive an additional boost when the Sun meets your ruler Mercury on the 6th. The effect should be to fire up your ideas and your creativity. There’s a sense of excitement around you. The feeling that the air just crackles with possibilities. This is a time for increased self-confidence and belief in yourself. Because if you don’t believe in yourself then how do you expect others to? This especially applies to your work and career right now as Mercury angling at Neptune in your status-enriching 10th asks you to get clear and communicate what it is you want to achieve.

Venus rules your money and your love life of course and right now is in one of her ruling houses in your chart – the 2nd. Pluto also occupies his ruling house – the 8th. So, we say these two are in mutual reception by house. In other words, the planets are having a conversation. As your 2nd house is the sign of Cancer, Venus finds it very easy to express herself in here. Pluto looks to be listening in that house of shared resources and corporate money and yes – sex. Those of you in creative professions could be in line for a raise or promotion or find the backing for your idea. Others could attract that smoking hot lover or extra income. All this will involve a change and that could just stem from that increased belief in yourself and what you have to offer. Get upgrading while the sun shines.

In a nutshell: You’re surrounded by potential and the start of a new cycle, Gemini. To make the most of it you need to believe in yourself and your ideas. Because if you won’t – who will?


  • Don’t be rushed
  • Make love real
  • Be inspired

With the Sun and Mercury meeting in your 12th this week and making an angle to the ruler of your 12th, Neptune in your 9th, you need to think of this as being like a Mercury retrograde. Yes, dust off those Retrograde Rules and stick to them – at least for this week if you can. What this is telling you is that it is not a good time to sign contracts or jump into anything new as more information is going to emerge. You need to stop, watch and wait to find out what this is. Your intuition is very astute now so please tune in to it as it will prove to be your best guide. Those Cancerians who are involved in creative projects or have any kind of job where leaps of the imagination are required, will benefit from this transit as you can channel solutions that would not otherwise have occurred to you. They may seem to be sent literally from somewhere outside of yourself. And they probably have been. Do however pay close attention if you are involved in any relationship or deal where the other party is putting any kind of pressure on your to make up your mind quickly. This can range from anything from you buying something and being told that you need to sign quickly because there are so many others interested, to that lover you have only known a short while rushing you towards a commitment. If so, this should set off some warning bells and is your cue to adopt a ‘wait and see’ tactic. As well as ask yourself: what’s the hurry? Remember, your blessings have your name on them.

Venus in your 1st opposes Pluto in Venus’s ruling house in your chart (7th). Venus has the final say here when it comes to love and relationships. A key connection could undergo a shift or a transformation. Again, don’t be rushed in matters of the heart. This should be all about you and when it comes to any partnership, whether it is exactly that or if the scales are unbalanced in some way. Pluto represents not just transformation but power and control too. Don’t sacrifice who you are just to be in a relationship. Others could begin a connection which has the potential to transform them in ways they never thought possible. But please, take it slowly. If your existing relationship offers continued growth for both, step into a new dynamic of powerful creativity and change now. Where the love is 50/50. And the real deal.

In a nutshell: Want real love? Someone caring for you as much as you care for them? This week could just deliver the goods, Cancer.


  • Are you ready for a rebirth?
  • Friends offer support and freedom
  • Share the love

Time for some growth this week, Leo. And in ways that are going to surprise you. Life will not be dull this week thanks to your ruler the Sun in your 11th. You want to shine, be noticed, be creative but in new ways now, Leo. Friends will play a pivotal role here one way or the other. New connections can be made too and if so, they could also have a role in freeing you from any restrictions you may have inadvertently created for yourself. This week contains an important message for you as the Sun meets Mercury. What love have you been spreading amongst your friends? Because the love, support and opportunities for exploration your friends and contacts offer you now will be in direct proportion to what you have been giving out. People are ready to support you and your ideas – or not as the case may be. If you find yourself in deficit now – which would be unlike you, then time to give give give your time and love back to that social circle. It really is the perfect illustration of what goes around comes around this week. And this is what fuels your growth.

Venus in your 12th opposes Pluto in your 6th this week. Again, this points to you being offered a growth opportunity and again, this could stem from something you have already set in motion or has links to your past. Ideas come out of nowhere and they have the ability to be game-changers now. Don’t go anywhere without something to write them down on when they do emerge. Something you considered set in stone is now revealed to be something entirely different or your ideas around a specific area now undergo a radical and surprising shift. Again, this is all to do with your growth. Someone from your past could reappear unexpectedly and if so, ask yourself if they are really good for you – or not? This transit promises a rebirth or a new lease of life if you delve deeper into something and follow your instincts. It’s all part of the surprise that awaits you this week.

In a nutshell: Step into a week of surprises – and growth. Friends allow you to express yourself and offer entre into a new cycle of growth. Get ready for a rebirth, Leo!


  • Connect directly to your bliss
  • A friend could turn into so much more
  • Get yourself noticed

Ruler Mercury meets the Sun in your 10th this week making it a week for professional advancement and long-term agreements to be made. No matter which house of our charts the Sun is in, this will be the ‘spotlight’ for that month.  So, take it that professionally, you are stepping into that now and all this involves. In other words, you are going to be noticed and as this is the house of people in positions of authority in your chart, by those in positions of power and influence. So, please be aware of how you are coming across at all times. Be professional and show you are ready for more responsibility – and the rewards that come with that. Promotions, business wins or job offers can feature now. Mercury in here lends weight to what you say and your ideas. Contracts and agreements can be signed with long-term benefits attached. Ensure you deliver on all promises – whether written or verbal whether this is in your professional or your personal life. There’s a need to stand by your word and also not to promise more than what you can possibly deliver now as the Sun and Mercury also impact on Neptune in your sector of commited relationships. This governs those working ones as well as love don’t forget!

The ruler of your 7th Venus sits in your house of friends and also goals and dreams this week. There’s a powerful link happening between Venus and Pluto in your 5th of romance, creation and pleasure. You are now being invited to step into your own power. Your power to be yourself, to attract, to feel attractive and to create. This powerful alignment could quite literally plug you straight into your bliss – no matter what that happens to be. If a new connection is made now, even if it starts out as a friendship it is unlikely to stay that way. Your 11th is your house of goals and wishes. Which one if granted, has the ability to change you or your life? Pick the one and go for it now.

In a nutshell: Take a leadership role in your own life and watch how seriously others take you. A new contact could quickly turn into more than friendship. Follow your bliss this week, Virgo.


  • Love is set for the long term
  • Set your intention
  • Others show you how much you are valued

Make a plan to travel, to learn or just to experience more of the world than you have done of late, Libra. Even if you can’t actually travel or experience it right now, if you at least set your intentions and the wheels in motion, you have a better chance of actually doing it in the future now than at any other time. All courtesy of the Sun and Mercury meeting in your freedom inspiring 9th. Others could see arrival of news they have been waiting for which releases them into something bigger and more adventurous. It’s a wonderful transit under which to launch those big ideas and to expand your horizons.

The means by which you can accomplish this may also appear this week courtesy of ruler Venus. After all, all dreams require bankrolling or a foundation to bring them into reality. Serious inroads can be made into home and career issues now as Venus in your 10th opposes Pluto in your 4th. There’s a feeling of establishing something lasting and beautiful here. Someone could demonstrate with tangible force just how much you are valued either personally or professionally. Or you are handed the means to create something that acts as a foundation for that bigger dream. Any new connection that begins now doesn’t just have the ability to change you and your experience of love on a fundamental level, but also comes wrapped in long term-promise. This person could help you to open up in ways you may have not been able to before. Inhibitions drop away. Success and love could be set to last this week. And those are both worth experiencing.

In a nutshell: Connections that start now have the ability to transform both your life and the way you love. And they come with long term promise. What begins now could be set to last, Libra.


  • Something springs from the past
  • Love and luck are the magical blend
  • Reach for something new

Ruler Pluto casts an eye across at Venus in your 9th this week – and can’t resist bringing you an opportunity to transform any restrictions around you as a result. Time for some big love because your 9th is all about living life large. So, look around at where it has shrunk or is simply not enough anymore. You know deep down inside where you want and need those changes, Scorpio. Pluto in your 3rd always asks you to look backwards and have one eye on things you have already set in motion. Is there something that can be resurrected here? Drawing on your past – especially with regards to ideas and work you have done, holds the key to your freedom now. Don’t be surprised if news springs from this. Venus always desires to bring us love, beauty and pleasure. Shining in your 9th she also adds the element of luck to all of these things. Travel or any overseas connection including doing business overseas, is favoured as are studies and legal matters. You’ve all the elements for romance too this week and one that changes your perspective in some way.

Negotiations feature thanks to the Sun and Mercury meeting in your 8th. There’s a call here to meet some kind of challenge – but also not to fear it as you are ready for it. This could involve your salary, benefits or just something you share with someone else. You’re being fuelled through this process but those big ideas and that desire for freedom. So, you’re most likely to reach for a new and better solution than you have done in the past. And in a more fearless and confident way too. The entire process will leave you with the lasting realisation you are more capable and powerful than you previously thought. And that in itself could be the biggest change – and your biggest step towards freedom, that you can make now.

In a nutshell: Deep within, you know what areas of your life need to change, Scorpio. That desire for something bigger gets fuelled by soaring self-confidence – and a magical touch of luck this week!


  • Share what’s really on your mind
  • What are you attracting?
  • Draw in love, abundance and opportunity

The more open you are now, the more you are going to attract, Sag. Single and seeking another free-spirit to run with? That could include attracting them as well! Talk about your feelings, your desires and your dreams without fear this week. Open up. Initiate everything from conversations to actions designed to turn ideas into concrete goals. Make connecting with others openly whether it is in a personal or a professional capacity, your main one now. As the Sun and Mercury meet in your 7th this could see you with important agreements or papers to be signed and attracting new people, possessions or opportunities –  and yes, that includes love. But success depends on you being as open as you can be so you don’t block the flow. Look at where you may have shut down your ability to express yourself. Perhaps out of fear of judgement, rejection or criticism. Banish that now and take the attitude that if they don’t love you just as you are – they don’t belong in  your life anyway.

However, acceptance of yourself almost always results in acceptance by others. And you vibe set to ‘acceptance’ signals you’re ready to receive all kinds of benefits. Pluto in your 2nd opens a channel to Venus in your 8th. They are both in each other’s houses in your chart and this is ‘mutual reception by house’. Your desire to increase your worth on both a literal and a soul level brings about an intense push towards money making ideas and opportunities. This could even involve exploring a new line of work or source of income. Resources you may have overlooked can be tapped into or talents you have allowed to lapse, resurrected.  You may even consider trying something you never thought you would attempt! The result can put you in the black and turn out to be to your long term advantage now. Open up and get ready to receive.

In a nutshell: Open up and get ready to attract this week, Sag. What comes to you could be anything from that perfect partner to a money-making opportunity. Get ready to receive!


  • Take the next step in love
  • Seek out that mental challenge
  • Expect a change in the romantic weather

Two planets occupy their ruling houses in your chart this week, Capricorn. And that’s big news for you. Mercury sits in his ruling 6th and meets the Sun in here on the 6th also. Looking at ways to nurture your wellbeing and improve your health – especially your diet are favoured now. Work and your daily routine also feature. This transit could bring in a job change for some of you, good news around business, and if you have been thinking about applying for something new, then this is the transit under which to take action. Your ideas, your eye for detail and your thoughts can all be expressed via the work you do – or want to do now. You’re taking pride in your skills and the results of what you produce. Others will take notice – especially bosses, managers or potential ones! You need mental stimulation at work and if you present role does not supply this you will either ask for tasks that do or else seek out a new role that does. Just ensure you don’t take on too much this week through your desire to make a good impression and do the best job!

The other planet in its ruling house this week is Venus in her ruling 7th of partnerships and all long term close connections. You want a deeper, more loving connection with someone now. As Venus opposes Pluto in your 1st, a key connection could evolve or transform. Others could begin a new relationship and if so, expect your outlook on love to be changed via this on some level. You are not a sign associated with the superficial in any case. And this transit will highlight that. The connection either offers the depth of feeling and freedom to express your desires that you need right now, or you will look elsewhere. Your attitude towards love and your needs have been slowly undergoing a major transformation process whether you have been aware of this or not. This week could show you just how far along you’ve come with that, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Love is the transformational power for you this week, Capricorn. Do you know how far you have come on this journey? Get ready for the next evolutionary stage.


  • Send your life in a brand new direction
  • Reset the future
  • Time for romance, pleasure and play!

Get your glam on, Aquarius! The Sun in your 5th brings you so much opportunity. The kind that’s usually associated with the start of your birthday season. When the Sun hits our 5th it’s like a mini-birthday all over again.  That is because the 5th is the Sun’s ruling house in your chart. During this time, we get to press that ‘Reset’ button and start anew. If life has been flowing in a direction you don’t like, you now have the opportunity to send it where you want it to go now. This transit is always good for starting something new and that includes a love affair or a creative venture. Children and generations younger than you will also feature prominently now. What do you have to share and give to them? It’s time to be a little bit more playful. Especially as the planet which is associated with youth –Mercury, meets the Sun in here this week. It’s all about networks and connecting when this occurs. Make an increased effort to socialise and also to contact people when it comes to work, business or promoting yourself. It’s time to be seen and heard now.

Venus in your 6th of work and wellbeing opposes Pluto in your 12th. You can bring a touch of diplomacy to what you do this week – especially in work and career related areas. Pluto in the mix here is telling you that you know what it is you need to be doing or the direction you need to be heading in. It’s all about working with creative self-expression in a way that transforms your daily routine or how you earn your money. The message is you have permission now to be what you want to be. The only regret you’ll have later is if you don’t take the chance and allow yourself to be just that, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Time for a fresh start. New opportunities could appear around romance, money or work.  There’s a new beginning waiting to happen for you. Reset the future this week.


  • What’s the hidden meaning behind your home?
  • Get attraction..
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June Horoscopes All Signs 2018 (written)


  • Re-state your intentions
  • Be the love you want to see in your life
  • Reinvent the dream

Deep feelings are revealed and emotional insights follow thanks to a rippling alignment between Venus in your 4th and Jupiter and Neptune in your 8th and 12th respectively. If something has not been clear – perhaps someone’s intentions or you have been seeking the truth in a situation, you will discover it now. Others could discover a secret – a secret admirer perhaps or just uncover an answer that you seek. Intuition and the creative muse provides you with the solutions you seek. These may be intangible forces but they are powerful ones when it comes to sculpting your wishes and desires and making them come alive now. Follow these especially when it comes to goals around romance and what you love to do or dream of doing – either professionally or as a hobby. Venus’s entry into your 5th from the 13th puts you in the spotlight in some way. Be ready to receive attention so ensure you are looking and feeling your best. It’s all about attraction now and the rule is: You radiate – you attract back in kind. Stand out. Spread the joy. Show your passion. And once Mercury enters here on the 29th – share your ideas. Business matters are favoured as well as love or at the very least a flirtation or two. Lost for words? Not likely now.

This month’s new Moon appears in your 3rd of Gemini – Mercury’s ruling house and sign. Although this is clearly not your birthday, this is a new Moon which always marks one of those times of the year where we can re-set our intentions for the rest of it. It’s another point where we can begin again if we need to. Look back over the past three months since your birthday and review your progress to date. Do you need to course-correct or have your priorities changed? If so, adjust. If not – re-commit to your path and inject it with fresh ideas as you’ll have those to spare now. This favours all new ventures and business dealings. So apply for that job or connect to those customers.

Looking at how the past has created the place and circumstances you currently inhabit and crafting decisions honed by past experiences and future wishes is going to be favoured by the major retrograde cycle we are all about to enter. Neptune begins this heading backwards in your 12th from the 19th. Recapture your imaginative dreams and perhaps see them in a new light as ways to answer your desire for soul expression. Ruler Mars is about to make an extremely rare retrograde between the 26th and the end of August in your 11th of friends, contacts and yes – goals and dreams. Mine your contacts, reconnect with people from your past and above all, take your time. Mars retro in here may put you into temporary hermit mode. If so, use this time to review and revisit what it is you wish to achieve, experience or do and craft a fresh strategy. This is your house of innovation and invention. Mars retrograde gives you the power to plan – and then act.

Powerful alignments in your 10th of career between Saturn who rules this house and the full Moon in here on the 28th which oppose the Sun in your 4th from the 21st, unlock career doors for you. Career matters could come to a head with the final stages of a key project or plan. It all impacts on your long term security and home life. Look forward into the future to where you need to be as opposed to want to be. The smart money says you can combine both of these now. Big decisions await you that will determine your path – not just for this year, but for several more to come.

In a nutshell: Time to go where those emotions want to take you. Express your passion and that vibe you send out attracts back in kind. Simply put – be what you want to attract this June, Aries!


  • If you can dream it – you can do it
  • Be clear about what it is you want
  • Love talk heats up

Flaming June brings hearts on fire! Make that love connection at the start of June as ruler Venus is all about the love talk as she trines Jupiter in your 7th and Neptune in your 11th. Note I said ‘love’ and not sex. It’s all about the romance – at least until the 6th when Venus will oppose Pluto in your 9th.  Then you could be looking at the freedom to express a bigger, bolder, sexier kind of love. At the very least you could be looking at an important new friendship forming at this time. Be out and about. There is also a past flavour creeping in. Missed meetings and connections. People from your past who eerily turn up right after you thought about them for the first time in ages. Stand by for more of that as well as re-imagining those goals and dreams too. Expand them and create a multiverse in your mind where you have brought them into reality. What you can dream, you have a good chance of having, doing or experiencing as Neptune turns retrograde in your 11th from the 19th. Jupiter in your 7th favours all kinds of partnerships – and the benefits that flow via them. Some of you may benefit from a partner’s success or the generosity of someone close to you.

This month’s new Moon in your 2nd wants you to get clear about what it is you want. It’s not just about how much money you have but what you do with it. Have a financial review (I hate the word ‘budget’) and set some goals from that. This is your house of values and self-worth. So flowing on from this, the new Moon wants you to set these along with your intentions. What do you feel you ‘deserve’ or are ‘worth’. There’s a trick to this new Moon which is if you focus your energy on the things you want, you will set in motion events which will bring them in to your life. Look for opportunities. They will appear under this Moon.

Ruler Venus moves off into your 4th and you’re wanting that loving feeling or to create it around your home or lifestyle. Normally I would say Venus in here brings about a cycle of domestic bliss and also favours any property dealings. Relationships with family or those you live with should flow smoothly. But Venus will square the newly—arrived Uranus in your 1st – as will Mercury on the 29th/30th ushering in changes that reform your lifestyle, family or living arrangements.

Work, business matters, papers, documents and communications dominate as the Sun enters your 3rd from the 21st and will oppose Saturn in your 9th on the 27th – the day after Mars turns retrograde in your 10th of career. You also have a full Moon in your 9th which falls conjunct Saturn on the 28th. Long term decisions and changes which would ultimately result in your freedom now fall due. You’ll feel an emotional need to make a break towards something bigger. Any frustrations you feel around restrictions in your career or relationships, will surface now and demand you do something about them. That Mars retrograde is actually working for you, even if you may feel confined or sidelined at work as retro Mars means you will consider the implications of your actions before taking them. You’ve the ability to think things through and make the right choices while making sure you express the heat of that fire burning within you – by following that desire for more love. Flame on!

In a nutshell: The heat is on this June as you awaken to passion and love. Time to shed what’s holding you back – and make a break for something bolder, bigger and brighter, Taurus.


  • Self-esteem is sexy
  • State your intentions for the coming year
  • You own it, Gemini!

New beginnings put you in a power-position this June, Gemini. And it’s more than just the usual fresh starts we associate with a birthday cycle. Ruler Mercury has a major game plan for you that involves your money, career, resources and reputation.  With two added magic ingredients: self-worth and sexiness! You begin the month in a mind-set to explore your options – especially when it comes to expansion in any area. Business, travel, ideas all feature now. News could arrive that has a big impact on the direction your life will take in the next 12 months around the 6th when the Sun and Mercury meet in your 1st. This is an excellent day to initiate those plans and work those ideas for what they are worth.

Venus and Pluto are in their ruling houses in your chart. This is ‘mutual reception by house’ – and it usually means the two planets in question are busy having a conversation that will benefit you. In this case this could relate to your money or income and when it comes to your personal life – love, lust or a heady combination of the two. The phrase ‘you own it’ comes to mind. This can refer to your talents, your skills, your money, your career and yes – that intense and irresistible magnetism you are broadcasting on all frequencies. Singles will get a response and a relationship could begin now that will take you places you have never travelled to before – physically, spiritually or even literally. Unforgettable? As the song says: that’s what you are. But any relationship you form now could be just that as well.

The new Moon in your 1st sees you looking at what you can do to realise those dreams for the next 12 months. It’s very much a time to own your power in understanding that it is you and only you who can set in motion actions that turn dreams into tangible goals. The day of the new Moon (13th) marks the moment to begin this process and this year you have a resource at your disposal you have never had access to before. Uranus in your 12th links you to awakening to new ways of turning those visions into tangible results. You are being broken free from old habits and ways of thinking, outdated emotional responses perhaps dating back from childhood, that trap you and hold you back. Especially when it comes to your self-worth and your ability to receive rewards and abundance.

Your entire money/work/career zone continues to be in focus for the rest of the month along with that power sector. You have a full Moon in here on the 28th which falls conjunct Saturn and the Sun in your 2nd opposes Saturn the previous day. Ruler Mercury will already have opposed Saturn from your 2nd on the 16th while trineing Jupiter in your 6th on the 19th and opposing Pluto on the 23rd. All this takes place as we enter a powerful cycle where we will be able to see all too clearly how our pasts have shaped our present and our choices in the present moment create our future. For you, it’s very much about taking control of your world, your resources and your relationships and steering your destiny in the direction you need it to go. There’s no more ‘going along for the ride’ or winging it. If you can do this, major transformation shifts will occur that again, put you in the path of opportunities and abundance. Mercury shifts to its ruling 3rd on the 29th lending you the ability to weave magic and amaze with your ideas. Once you get clear on what it is you DO want, communicate this especially in work and business but bring this into the deeper, more heart-centered business of love too. Live the dream – or at least begin the process this June.

In a nutshell: Send out that signal and you’ll get a response! And most likely from more than one interested party. State your intentions for the coming year – and be prepared to achieve them.


  • Happy birthday, Cancer!
  • Revisit those old loves
  • And welcome in the new!

Changes around love are in the air this June Cancer. And not just for your birthday. It’s a month-long trend that’s lighting up June for you. And it begins right at the start of the month with some glorious, heart-freeing energy rippling across your sectors of romance and adventure thanks to Venus in your 1st setting off angles of attraction between Jupiter in your 5th and Neptune in your 9th. It’s not just about the possibility of a new love although Venus in your 1st is all about love and attraction. It’s about what you love to do and exploring possibilities. It’s about dreaming big and then getting a chance to live that dream for real. So, set your intentions to play, explore and express your passion. Neptune turns retrograde this month and this could see you re-visiting discarded dreams and re-imagining them. Revisiting old loves and travelling to places where you have strong ties to the past are other themes you will encounter. As will tapping into all that learning and experience you have amassed in the past. And apply this to the present to bring about a future that is yours to weave and create.

Venus in your 1st opposing Pluto in your partnership sector during the first week of the month, promises transformational love experiences or the alchemical catalyst of attraction. Mercury will make the same enticing moves from your 1st later in the month right as your birthday cycle begins in fact. Time to play with ideas, to flirt and to develop an abundance mind-set for the coming year. Before this happens, be guided by spiritual truth and insight from a psychically-charged new Moon in your 12th on the 13th. Again, this is all about setting your thoughts and your intention as to what you expect the following 12 months to bring you. This new Moon can bring you answers to deep questions you’ve been asking yourself about soul purpose and what needs to stay and what you need to let go of to properly take advantage of the year ahead. So, when you receive them, please act on the information.

Venus moves into her ruling 2nd on the same day as the new Moon so it is time to welcome into something new. With the other aspects in your chart this really is a wonderful time for a new love to enter your life. Or as this is your money house, a new source of income. It’s time for pleasure, fun, sensuality and appreciating or experiencing the good things of life. Just watch for any tendencies to over-spend or over-indulge however. By the time the Sun arrives in your 1st on the 21st, the party should already have started for you. It’s time for new experiences, new friends and new opportunities. You’ll need to be flexible and open minded. But your success is going to be intertwined with groups, friends and who you know and interact with now. It really is time to state your intentions when it comes to those goals and set some new ones too.

Changes will happen but these may not occur as fast as you would like between now and the end of August due to Mars making a rare retrograde through its ancient ruling 8th in your chart. When change does occur it will be powerful however. Even if they are not what you have initiated, you have the ability to come from a position of strategic empowerment when dealing with them rather than having a knee-jerk reaction. In fact, sitting comfortably within your power is something Mars retrograde can hand you now. Sit back. Allow situations to develop and time your response accordingly.

This also goes for that newly developing love affair. What’s the hurry? Love has a timing all its own one way or another. You could see a timely (pun intended) reminder of this as the Sun in your 1st opposes Saturn in your 7th. The full Moon in your 7th on the 28th boosts your desire for love and connection and also falls conjunct that Saturn. Are your needs being met? This is a fabulous full Moon for fated encounters or that destiny-determining date or talk. But this Moon asks you to look within at whether or not your desires are being met and act on the answers you receive. Single and not liking it? Do something about it. Frustrations in your current relationship? Talk about them. Own those feelings that emerge under this Moon’s piercing soul searchlight.

Mercury shifts into your 2nd on the 29th and the talk shifts not just to money but to values and self-worth. All this relates back to you having the self-worth to see or ask for those desires to be fulfilled. With Venus in here it’s about enjoying your resources and showcasing your talents. Mercury brings fresh ideas around increasing your income and also self-promotion. Your birthday season continues into next month and this is no time to sit on the sidelines. Make love or even self-love, the change whose time has come now.

In a nutshell: The lead up to your birthday could see those wishes and dreams begin to materialise. You’ve the alchemical power of attraction on your side – use it and welcome in the new you, Cancer!


  • See those true colours
  • What revelations does love have for you?
  • See yourself in a new light

Make it real this June by starting the month in a ‘wait and see’ frame of mind. Avoid making any major decisions or jumping to conclusions at least until around the second week of the month. You need time to form a proper opinion and for all of the facts to emerge. With the Sun your ruler entering your 12th from the 21st, and Venus and Mercury in here until the 13th and 29th respectively, you can be sure you are not yet seeing the big picture. This especially applies to love and money. Give love – or rather that new lover, time to reveal their true self.

True colours shining through is a good way to look at the next few weeks. You have a big retrograde cycle coming up with Neptune who rules your 12th turning retrograde in your 8th until the end of November from the 19th. Mars makes a rare retrograde in your 7th from the 26th. Plus we are about to head into a cycle where six planets will be retrograde all at the same time! What I can promise you about this cycle is that truths will be revealed. People will show their true colours in ways that may surprise or even shock you. And you will also learn important soul truths about yourself.

Seeing yourself in a new light often brings about a shift in our personal lives. As we relate to ourselves in new ways we relate to others differently too. New connections can be made now so get out, meet up and mingle. What you have to understand is that you have to actively seek out your life and your people. Stand out where they can see and find you. Begin to set your intentions now for the coming cycle. Don’t wait for your birthday. Begin it now as this house rules your goals as well as your social life. Keep that high speed line to your intuition open as you think about what you really want and then act on what you are told. But again, don’t rush. If you are unsure but don’t yet have a clear indication of which way to proceed, then stop and wait. Your answer will come.

Sizzling attraction could occur on the 21st when Venus in your 1st opposes Mars in your 7th. Something or someone is turning up the heat now – or you are finding ways to do just that. Mars is the ruler of our 1st house and Venus the ruler of our 7th. So this is what we call ‘mutual reception by house’. You could find yourself attracting people and experiences at opposite ends of the spectrum. So – this is all about Yin/Yang or even Love/Hate. Whatever it is – you feel intensely about it and what’s more – aren’t afraid to express this. You can attract your ‘opposite’ in more ways than one. Including opponents and even hidden ones which takes us back to those true colours. Like I said, strong feelings will be involved one way or another.

Those true colours I mentioned could be revealed on the 27th-28th when your ruler the Sun opposes Saturn in your 6th from your 12th and the full Moon falls conjunct Saturn in your 6th the following day. People from your past can turn up – perhaps armed with sob stories. Have you heard all this before? Have they changed? What effect does this have on your energy? Insights into the work/wellbeing connection may also be illuminated under this Moon. Others could find a pet requires their attention. If you are thinking about a change of job or career now, again, this is another area where you need to adopt that wait and see approach. Concentrate on making new connections and in being ‘seen’ this month and leave all those bigger decisions on the back burner.

In a nutshell: Colour by numbers this month. Expect passion and attraction. People reveal their true colours so wait and see what develops before committing to anything long term now, Leo.


Soul searching activities such as finding a soul connection should be top of your ‘To Do’ list as we arrive in June. In fact, any activity that is designed to get you noticed either personally or professionally should be your focus thanks to ruler Mercury in your 10th. Mercury makes a career-enhancing alignment to Mars in your sector of work on the 1st. Mars will make a rare retrograde from the 26th which will last until the end of August. So, it is important to make those moves before the end of the month. Mars is the planet of action, so we can find ourselves having to stop in place when it retrogrades, or put plans on the backburner. Do it and don’t procrastinate.

You’ve some angles of attraction occurring between Venus in your social sector and Jupiter in your communication zone and Neptune in your partnership sector. Add to the mix Mercury very much direct at present doing the same thing and offering an unexpected invitation or an unexpected bolt from the blue that opens doors for you. Getting noticed, recognised and rewarded for what you do is what this month’s new Moon in your 10th on the 13th is all about. Take your ideas and promote them and in sharing them, promote yourself. You need to reach for a touch of showmanship combined with professional smarts. Presenting to an audience and influencing people – whether this is in a selling, presentation or interview situation is likely. If so, you have the ability to get them to sit up, take note and make a lasting impression.  It’s very much about your ‘public’ face this June and how you come across to others. Dare to dazzle by thinking of yourself as an actor stepping into a role you were born to play! So, craft that image as it will prove to be more important than ever this month.

If you are not happy with any aspect of your career to date, this new Moon marks the time to do something about it. Doors will be opening all around you and at the very least what will come through will be insight into which direction you need to head next. Venus enters your 12th the same day as this new Moon appears. You need to stay focussed on career and business goals for now as the message from the universe is you can play or even daydream later. For now it’s time to focus on what you need to achieve in the real world. Balance practical matters with intuition as this is not just your house of intuition but the house of your soul purpose too.  So, if you are seeking insight into career matters you can combine both but your main message is: stay focussed.

We’re heading into major retrograde weather and this month marks the start of this. Neptune heads retrograde in your 7th from the 19th and unlike your ruler Mercury whose retrogrades only last for three weeks, this one is going to last until the end of November. When we are in Neptune retrograde it is all about getting real and in this case, real love – or falling in love with the real person and not the fantasy. This month’s full Moon falls conjunct Saturn in your 5th.  This is your house of lovers, pleasure and fun but Saturn is all about commitment, establishment and foundation. For some, this could mean finding that soul connection or at the very least a deep new friendship thanks to the Sun in your social 11th. Or this could see a relationship taken to the next level. However, if you have been dealing with someone who makes promises but doesn’t deliver – but you have continued to tell yourself that they will, this could bring about a reality check. Combined with that Neptune retrograde it’s very much give me your heart, make it real – or just forget about it. There’s nothing wrong with demanding recognition in love just as there is in business.

Mercury joins Venus in your 12th from the 29th and makes an angle of freedom to Uranus in your 9th. You’re awakening to who you belong with, what you are destined to be or do, and also that..

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Free Psychic Reading – Finding your psychic power with Psychic Alesso
Take a moment to imagine waking up each day without fear, doubt, worry, or general unease. It is difficult to completely separate ourselves from these emotions in a world that puts so much effort into grabbing our attention and rendering us spiritually unconscious. The concrete structures of society can constrict our very being which leaves us open to seeing life through a pre-conditioned scope.
Each and every one of us has a unique soul so it’s not surprising that the human race is pushing to reclaim our authentic, wild freedom of self! To live life as an intuitive means to take up your sword and get involved in the spiritual battlefield that allows you, the vibrant soul, to break free of the limitations and truly discover your amazing ability to find joy and create the life you have always wanted.
Life as a psychic is a life of faith and continual self-improvement. So instead of focusing on the use of tools, I would like all of us to challenge ourselves by spending just one week tuning into our natural intuition and hope these insights can help you! Choose a number to see which area that you are meant to work on
Love Alesso
1)  Love
Thank you for choosing Love. You need to focus on your emotional life is interesting since there are so many blocks around you. Take a moment to tune into yourself and have an honest assessment of your emotional energy as we work to create a shift.
Whenever you are vulnerable there is a tendency to create drama just so you can test others to ensure they will stick around.
This, of course, may be an unconscious pattern that you wouldn’t typically recognise. But ask yourself – can you think of a time when your trust issues have gotten the better of you and you have decided to stir the pot just to test if the other person will reassure and comfort you? This is a control tactic, a self-protective ability to prove to ourselves that it’s important to have some sort of heightened emotional experience in order to feel we have security.
Don’t you feel so relaxed just thinking about this for a second? To know that freedom from this chaotic cycle can be broken with a bit of self-love. How often do we abuse ourselves by allowing our emotional body to turn destructive toward us? Think of your emotional system as an individual identity, an energy field where you experience the heights of joy and the worst of lows. Being able to control how this emotional system operates is where true liberation comes in.
Over the next week, pay close attention to your every move. Be very alert to your emotional reactions to situations and practice showing kindness and surrender to the love you have around you. When the vulnerability rises to the surface making you want to fight or act in a way that carries a negative charge, learn to pay attention to where this is coming from and allow a conscious shift to come over you – CHOOSE to refuse this behaviour and instead channel yourself into strengthening your intuition so you can start to see behind the emotion and realise when there is something to be threatened by or if you are just experiencing a symptom of your life-long patterns. By the end of the week, look back and see if you had a more joyful and compassionate vibe!
2) Career

I’m seeing your energy feels very much like you are on a conveyor belt. Every day blends into the other and you can’t seem to break the overpowering shield that seems to covet you.
If you visualize for a moment, you will be able to see a time you were full of bright ideas, passionate and evolving. Somewhere along the way you have dropped off the radar and now walk your path almost like you are carrying out a life sentence. This is where tuning into your psychic power will help you break free!
Remember when you were a child and you had a sense of wonder? Anything was possible and not everything had to be so definite, so set in stone? This is your challenge!
Give yourself a week to practice mindfulness, to get back to basics and align your energy with taking control back in how you manage your journey. If you follow your passion and find something you love, you will never work a day in your life.
Unfortunately, we can trap ourselves by convincing ourselves that we need to stay in a situation we dislike forever. Through your logical perspective you may believe this to be true, however, it’s time to focus on instinctually seeking ways to broaden those horizons and get that motivational power up and running.
If you find yourself in a career less than satisfying, go back to identifying the reasons why you started in the first place. Push yourself and channel everything about your unique personality that makes you an important part in where you are.
Be the perfectionist, soaking up every opportunity to improve yourself and become the master of the game. You may very well discover that after a week of practising this, you experience a shift to get the vision board back out and manifest moving on to a completely new adventure. Whatever the result, one step forward is better than staying still!
3) Spirituality
It can be so easy for you to retreat within yourself because of your ultra-sensitivity. You feel too much and that is why you put up a tough exterior – a survival technique.
Your two extremes are you can be a ruthless terrier but on the other hand you still need acceptance and approval.
Haven’t you noticed that you need to analyse everything right down to the last detail so you can be completely sure that you have understood? This can cause you more problems than good because those obsessive tendencies start to take over and wipe out everything you began to embrace in the first place.
Your challenge is to allow the mystery of life to work its magic around the uncertainty. Spend the next week focusing more on ‘experiencing’ rather than ‘understanding’.
You have infinite trust that the universe will provide but at the same time there is a web of confusion in your energy which tells us you still rebel and resists that things could potentially take the opposite direction you expected.
Having a pre-destined path is sometimes fated when it comes to significant events in our lives – however, we cannot forget that sometimes we experience things in life because others have exercised their free will and it impacts us.
Challenge yourself to meditate in a way that you do not attempt to ‘avoid’ your thoughts, but instead, you accept yourself for who you truly are. By connecting with your inner source and feeling the divine connection that is all of us, you will feel yourself loosen the grip between needing to be all knowing, and eventually relax into the idea that spirit will be on time.

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Your Full Moon Reading Tarot Reading – With Michele Knight

The Full Moon is upon us. Does she have a message for you? Let the Moon light the darkness and reveal an answer. Focus on the three Tarot cards and see if you feel drawn to one. Scroll down for your answer.

The Chariot

Is it time to shake your mane and gallop towards freedom? Where are you heading? Are you in a fenced field or trotting wildly in any direction you please? The Chariot reminds us how important our focus is, that we are free to make more choices than we are aware of. When we make decisions we empower ourselves to transform.

Have you tamed your spirit or forgotten what it is to be confident? The Chariot wild unknown Tarot card whispers that your free will is awakening.

You got this, you have a new lease of life, a peak experience and opportunity to ride towards your dreams. Believe in yourself. The crescent Moon on the horse’s third eye reminds you to use your intuition and the pentacle around her neck that the practical joined with the magical will create wonders. Be confident, this is your time.

The Eight of Swords

Have you been feeling a victim of circumstances? Has there been pressure from outside sources or have you had a feeling of being attacked in some way? While there may have been external pressure, inside the cocoon you have built, your soul is getting ready to soar.

Traditionally this card tells us that feeling trapped is a bit of an illusion. Whatever has placed you in limbo need not have power over you now. Think outside the box, get ready to unleash your inner butterfly and dance away from the pressures that have been blocking you. It is time to see your situation with fresh eyes and to make a different choice. It is time to be true to yourself and see the beauty in your magnificent soul.

Two of Swords

In the Wild Unknown Tarot, Kim Krans tells us that this card indicates stalemate and that there is an inability to make a choice. Traditionally the 2 of swords is about making a decision. Is there a tough decision that you have to make? Are you avoiding making your mind up?

The Full Moon is all about freedom and expansion. Full Moons are always about peak emotional experiences, and she shines a light in the shadows. You can’t avoid choosing. The time has come to stick to your guns, to awaken your warrior within and make the right choice for you. Use the intuitive rays of the Moon to guide you in the right direction. It’s time to get off the fence and do it!

The post Your Full Moon Free Tarot Reading – With Michele Knight appeared first on Michele Knight.

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Aries – Four of Wands

Well, Aries, this week looks like a walk in the park! You have a collective of souls that are in alignment with your heart, mind and soul, singing from the same song sheet and heading in the same direction. They could be colleagues, friends, family or all of them that are joyful with you and prepared to join you on your adventure. It could also be that you have physical and inner resources that enable you to access the sheer joys of life and achieve success. There could be reasons for you to celebrate this week, well done for all of your hard work recently, all of your efforts are being recognised by others and by you and this is likely bringing you plentiful feelings of joy. You may be feeling more secure in yourself and recognising your talents and skills, you’ve probably been working hard and it could be time to celebrate and relax for a while.

\ Maybe a new project is on your mind and you’re excited to get stuck in and set sail with it. You could be planning a well-deserved break in order to recognise your achievements and celebrate your success, if you do plan and go on a break you’ll be able to let go of any stresses and strains that you’ve carrying as you’ll know you’ve worked hard enough to relax during this time. You can expect to feel like you’ve completed a task or goal this week that you’ve been working towards and this completion will help you to unwind more, you may know that there is further to travel and more to achieve but this week you can celebrate how far you’ve travelled and gaze out from your plateau of majestic accomplishment with pride and immense personal satisfaction. Embracing this week’s energy of celebration and rest dearest Aries will help you gain more incentive to continue your quest and adventure that is your fantastic life. Enjoy and celebrate!

Taurus – The Hierophant

Vocational calling and looking deeply at your relationship to spirit and the divine. You may actively seek answers to philosophical questions this week and through that enquiring within, you have the chance to get up and close with spirit in a profound way. There could be part of you that is seeking answers to spiritual questions too, by enquiring within you’ll likely find a deeper meaning to everything this week. Have you been thinking about your place in life recently? What do you feel your vocation is, do you have a calling? Has your vocational calling changed recently? You could enlist the help of a powerful healer, skilled counsellor, priest or spiritual guide this week, to help you travel through your inner landscape, by enquiring within you can find all the guidance and answers that you seek whether you do this alone or with a guide you’re likely to have many insights this week.

You find yourself asking yourself some deep and meaningful questions about the grand scheme of life and the purpose of life and about why you’re here. You have opportunities this week to access your inner priest and have some profound communication with your source. You may decide to place yourself in environments that are quiet and still, perhaps you will feel the need to be close to nature so that you can hear this wisdom more clearly. There may even be a desire to change your personal philosophy or learn some ancient spiritual teaching, this week is awash with spiritual vibes for you and you can use this time to gain some deeper knowledge about yourself and the cosmos.

By becoming more spiritually aware you will have greater peace of mind, helping you to grow and progress further. You may formulate and begin to express your own personal philosophy this week, Carl Jung the famous psychoanalyst believed that when we communicate with our higher self and our intuition, we access parts of ourselves that help us to be more authentic, he called this process individuation. This week looks to be one where you can access your own individuation and reveal more of your authentic self.

Gemini – Four of Swords

Stillness speaks and gives you profound insight and wisdom this week. This is a time for you to rest, retreat and recuperate dearest Gemini. You may have been through a tough time recently and perhaps the aftermath of the storm weighs heavy on your mind, rest dear one! You’ve earned this break after the struggles you’ve been through and this is an opportunity to recharge your batteries. This is a period of recovery after a phase of emotional or physical turmoil, spending time alone to reflect on what has happened will give you time to contemplate and come to terms with recent events.

You will benefit from some alone time this week to make the most of this time of mental relaxation, it’s a chance to regroup and look after your emotional and physical needs. Try not to busy yourself with activities as this is an opportune time to put things in order within, meditation would be most fulfilling for you right now as it will encourage you to stop, pause and breathe deep. It is only by being still that you can regain your equilibrium and be ready to enter the busyness of life once more.

Cancer – Six of Wands

You’ve reached a peak time, you can reap the rewards of your dedicated efforts, there’s victory in the air and your success in readily visible in the eyes of others. Well done! It’s important now that you take some time to recognise your achievements and accomplishments. You’ve been working incredibly hard to bring something to fruition and it’s down to your hard work and tenacity that it’s reached this point, there is harmony around you and you can expect to receive some form of recognition for your hard work and effort. This is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, a fresh start is promised if you can celebrate your hard-earned success whilst realising that there is further yet to travel, you have much more you want to do and a great deal more you want to achieve, and hopefully you now know that you can do it!

This is an exciting time where you can enjoy the lovely acknowledgement of others, everything you’ve worked hard to do in the past has helped you to reach this point, this definitely gives you confidence and that will inspire others to achieve like you have. Please enjoy this time of victory and then keep in mind the vision of the goals you still would like to reach, you are likely feeling optimistic and can enjoy the accolades that are coming your way, hooray!! You did it! Keep it up, keep going, go Cancer!!

Leo – Eight of Swords

You may be holding yourself back this week Leo, pausing to assess how to proceed, perhaps you are nervous about moving forward into the future, or maybe you fear getting hurt by a new situation. Try to think about what it is that you’re afraid of, what’s filling you with dread or nervousness? By asking yourself and thinking about this, you’ll see that often the truth of the situations are much less frightening than your mind is making it out to be. You’re likely in a situation where you’re unsure of what to decide, there could also a feeling of being fearful of breaking free from a situation. You could be unhappy in this place but also afraid to take yourself away from it. You may be feeling hemmed in by circumstances and perhaps feeling trapped by your own indecisiveness, but you are in a good position to change this and make beneficial choices.

A situation may not be as complex as you may think but facing it as honestly as possible will help you through, for instance by coming to terms with the part you have played in events will help you move out of the mental anguish you may be feeling. Try not to be too rigid in your outlook, confronting old beliefs or behaviour patterns that keep you in the same place and in inhibiting situations will help you move forward out and away from stress. Try not to fear the unknown and trust that there are many blessings on their way to you, worrying doesn’t get you anywhere it’ll just leave you feeling worse, new situations can be nerve racking but trusting that things will work out for the best will help to create the outcomes that you’re hoping for.

If you’re in a relationship, you may want to re-evaluate your relationship and look for new things you can do together. If you’re single or searching for love, you may need to look at how well you’re loving you, remember that somebody else can only love you as much as you love and value yourself. If you need direction this week, ask your intuition and the universe for signs and signals, you have all the answers that you need inside you. Be open and receptive and don’t be afraid to ask for help, by taking responsibility for your life you can break free from whatever is inhibiting you and you will begin to feel more empowered, you can do this Leo!

Virgo – The World

Yeay! The World is a beautiful card for you this week Virgo, you’ve been going through some difficulties lately and this card is a welcome break from any worry or concerns you may have been carrying. Your life this week is likely to be feeling wonderful many ways and you may find that something in particular is complete. Have you been feeling like celebrating something? If not, this week is likely to give you something to raise a glass to and toast to something magical. If you’re working towards completing something, The World is telling you that you’ll get there just keep that positive momentum and keep balance in your life.

You are striving for balance and wholeness this week, looking to see where you can feel better about things, this card symbolises success, achievement and realisation of a goal. You are likely able achieve success and obtain your goals when this card shows up. You may feel that you have lots to be triumphant about and you may have successfully brought something to a conclusion or you have achieved your goal that you have worked incredibly hard for. Your aura is beaming with wholeness, balance, internal and external harmony and others are likely to be suitably impressed with you. You may have reached a peak time in your life, something is probably coming to fruition and you are able to enjoy feeling successful and you may have a feeling of being in the right place at the right time.

You are feeling faithful and full of trust that you’ll be given exactly what you need, you may have a desire to expand your understanding and obtain greater self-knowledge. You likely to be bringing harmony to parts of yourself that were in conflict as well, maybe you’ve decided to quit a destructive pattern perhaps with your diet, or you may give up the negative the self-talk and rev up the self-love and self-care. Either way, this week you’re looking to be feeling more whole and complete, as you are continuing to grow and change, you can embrace new opportunities that resonate with your soul.

Libra – Nine of Wands

What you’re working towards is so close to you, you’re almost at the finishing line! Keep your optimism high this week and you’ll reach your goal soon. Take care of yourself this week to prepare for the journey, try to restore and recuperate when you can. You are likely determined to succeed this week, but you may be having difficulty with your energy levels, you may not realise is that you do have incredible strength in reserve, it’s waiting there ready to be used to push you towards completion of a particular goal or vision. You may be feeling daunted by certain tasks that lay ahead but you must trust that you are equipped to deal with this! There are times where you may doubt yourself and have a lack of faith or trust that what you want will come to you, you do have incredible strength to conquer what is happening and rise above obstacles and self-doubt.

You are so close to the finishing line of your task or goal, you may just need to make one more big effort to reach it. You might be feeling exhausted and quite overwhelmed, but you can get through this by reminding yourself that this isn’t the first challenge you have faced, and you have come through stronger and far blooming wiser as result of your past trials and tribulations, remember all you’ve achieved to get where you are dearest Libra! The trials and tests of the past have put you in a stronger position than you realise, you have passed through some forms of initiation and you have the powers of endurance to get through whatever you may be facing. Deep down within you, you have some formidable reserves that will keep you going, draw upon that inner fire that keeps you warm and determined to win. Stay in touch with your imaginative power this week, visualise your aim, but try to conserve your energy where you can by taking good care of your nutrition. Keep your mind on what lies beyond the present impasse and those reserves will come in very useful. You can do it, keep your goal, dream or vision in sight, you’ll get there, we are all rooting for you to succeed!

Scorpio – Eight of Pentacles

Working hard and being dedicated to work or on a project is looking to be the theme of this week. You could be acquiring a new skill, or perhaps developing yourself in some way, either way, you can expect to put your talents to good use this week, you can develop your skills and be incredibly focused. There is a spirit of enthusiasm and dedication surrounding you that you can take full advantage of by realising that you have not exhausted all of your potentials, by believing that you can continue to grow and make things manifest, you will do exactly that. You can experience material and emotional satisfaction by recognising that you have a multitude of talents or a specialised skill perhaps is helping your confidence to soar. This is a wonderful time to develop a hobby into a profession or dedicate yourself to your craft or to your job.

Perhaps your job isn’t inspiring you at the moment but you do it to the best of your ability and devote yourself to the task at hand, you will slowly improve your quality of work, therefore giving yourself better opportunities in the future. Work, education or development are probably on your mind, with sheer passion and determination you likely want to channel all of your energies into your work, project or goal. You can put your talents to good use this week and you can develop your skills and be incredibly focused. You can experience material and emotional satisfaction by recognising that you’re brilliant at what you do. Whatever you’re focusing on this week, you’ve got finesse and sparkle to get things done wonderfully. Harness the power of The Eight of Pentacles and know you can complete whatever you put your mind to with determination and power. You got this Scorpio!

Sagittarius – Queen of Pentacles

You may find that home and hearth are on your mind this week, in your physical environment and your body too, in the body sense, you may find that you’re feeling more sensual and aware of your body this week. The Queen of Pentacles is telling you that you rule and have complete dominion over these areas of your life and you can influence great change this week, with your home and body. You could be spending time, money, and energy in your home, getting it to feel more comfortable, relaxing and recharging. You could find this week to be full of fulfilling experiences that make you feel wonderful and you may see that because your energy giving off such powerful vibes that people will be looking to you for insight and/or advice on how to achieve what you have. You will be able to help them if you want to, but you may find yourself being affirmative with your boundaries with some people. This week is a period when you can get a lot accomplished and completed. You are exuding femininity as this is a very feminine card, feminine energy is receptive, flowing, creative and abundant, you may find that things come to you this week that you don’t have to actively seek, doing or dominating. Don’t chase things this week, make yourself available, and the right things will come to you. Be upbeat and optimistic, trust that you have many things in you which are worth loving and appreciating.

The Queen of Pentacles is a beautiful omen when it comes to your finances and self-worth. Your prosperity levels and feel good factor is likely to be rising, go out and enjoy yourself, treat yourself too some yummy treats, you’ll feel even more fab if you do. You could find yourself drawn to luxury this week and you may want to wear your best clothes because you feel fabulous in them. You can make the most of this week by reminding yourself that you are The Queen of Pentacles; therefore you can make significant decisions, feel great in your body, in your home and empowered enough to guide others if you wish, go Sagittarius you’ve got the regal vibes.


Capricorn – Three of Pentacles

You’ve been putting lots of time into something and your efforts and hard work will likely be recognised this week. People around you will probably be vocal about their appreciation of you and your efforts. You may receive a gift, an award or an increase in income or status this week, this acknowledgement is coming to you because you deserve it, so open your arms wide to receive the abundance that’s coming your way. You could find that others will be noticing the quality of what you do as well as the amount of what you do, you may receive a reward of some sort for all of your efforts. Try to keep doing what you’re doing as you are on the right path, for now, you may want to do more but this week you may have to pause for a while as you could have reasons to celebrate! If you’re currently in a relationship your partner will probably see you in a bright and positive light, they’ll want to acknowledge your achievements and celebrate with you most likely! If you’re looking for love or single at the moment, you could meet someone through your work or through theirs, so keep your eyes and heart open to see who’s paying you extra attention. Try to keep a positive momentum and attitude, keep plugging along, and the rewards will come. Things are looking like they are improving and looking up for you! Have you been thinking of furthering your skills and abilities recently? The Three of Pentacles is telling you that you have amazing skills and abilities and you are likely to be rewarded for what you do in the world, although you may like to expand your horizons in some way and learn new skills to further your chances of future happiness. You may be looking to further your growth and expand your horizons; this week could prove to be pivotal in finding more avenues and paths for this. Trust your instincts to guide you and acknowledge your hard work and effort!

Aquarius – The Fool

A new beginning, newness in it’s rawest form! You’re beginning something fantastic this week, have you been feeling the brand sparkling new fresh feeling about something? Are you ready to take a leap of faith of some kind? The Fool is telling you that you’re starting a new chapter or perhaps a completely new book in terms of your outlook and attitude to life. The Fool is always a huge indicator of a new adventure, so what are you beginning dearest Aquarius? What’s new with you? There will likely be purity and open-hearted feelings this week almost like the energy of an excitable happy and brave puppy!

Enjoy it and embrace this beginning, it’s set to be fruitful and busy this week! Maybe these new beginnings have some deeper spiritual meaning for you, you could be starting a new project or even a new relationship, whatever is beginning for you when you get this card a fresh start is promised, yippee. You may have urges this week to experience things with excitement and treat your life like it’s a big adventure with lots of treasure and magic to find! You’re likely to feel quite buoyant, optimistic and adventurous this week, you could feel mighty jolly, full of excitement and positive anticipation about what’s ahead for you.

This could be a fantastic time for your love life whether you’re single or coupled as lots of fun seems to be on the horizon. Try to be present in the moment and make the most of any opportunities that come your way, positive thinking is essential this week, but you’re The Fool this week so it should be reasonably easy for you to look on the bright side. You’re likely to have desires to try out lots of different things this week too and you’ll likely find it fun to explore, wonder and discover.

You may also have a powerful yearning to get deeper knowledge about spirituality, pay attention to what you’re drawn to this week and listen to your intuition as it’s guiding towards a broader horizon and exciting places! Embrace this exciting time of self-discovery, you could be rewarded for some bold moves this week, go for it and trust your gut.

Pisces – The Empress

This week is tinged with self-care and nurturing, what gives you life dearest Pisces? Follow that which feels grounded and fulfilling this week and you’ll have plentiful rich and abundant feelings to experience. You’re The Empress and you’re being encouraged to nourish and nurture yourself and the projects you are working on with love, grace and patience this week. Imagine yourself standing in a fecund beautiful garden surrounded by growth and fertility, you are embodying the powerful feminine and receptive maternal vibes and you can use this to guide you through this powerful phase of growth. Imagine a mother that delicately tends to her young and sustains a nurturing environment for herself and her loved ones, you can do work this type of magic into your own life.

You’re likely to feel content in your body and environment, nurturing others will be easy and enjoyable for you too. Is there something you’ve been wanting to create and see manifest? This could be the week that you see it’s fruition, with devotion and careful nurturing you may see it happen quite quickly. Perhaps you’ll feel rather more sensual and aware of your body too, ask yourself how do you nurture yourself? Do you listen to the wisdom of your body? There could be an intense experience of feeling the interconnectedness of life, the weaving and creating of magical experiences, how connected do you feel to the earth and to your body?

The appearance of this card suggests an earthlier and more sensual phase in your life, maybe you will become aware of your inner mother this week, that inner wisdom that guides you and puts you in touch with your powerful instinctual nature. If we are not in touch with our inner mother it is more difficult to bring anything to fruition, this week you’ll be able to access this and glimpse your own mothering nature. It’s by nurturing yourself that you can ground and root yourself in the here and now, and when you’re in the here and now you can feel peace and serenity within. What do you want to create? What do you want to manifest? Remember it’s devotion and nurturing that gives things roots to grow big and tall. Show yourself some devotion a motherly love this week for a magical time.

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