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Proper Crisps are one of our best sellers and most trusted brands thanks to their delicious range of allergy-friendly crisps and high standards. We talked to Laura Trueman to find out what makes Proper Crisps so special. 
How did the idea of Proper Crisps come about?
Proper Crisps was created by the Franklins - an English couple that had immigrated to New Zealand. They both were foodies and grew up eating “real crisps” in England. After travelling the world in pursuit of the perfect crisps but with little luck, they decided to make their own the old-fashioned way, in small hand-stirred batches.
They found a traditional cooker whilst on their travels in the USA and returned to New Zealand to start trialling various potato strains. They found that the Agria potato was a perfect match for making a 'proper crisp' and that High Oleic Sunflower oil was a perfect complement to the creamy flavour of the Agria potato.
"They added just a light touch of Marlborough sea salt sourced locally from Lake Grassmere, and that was all it needed to round out the taste of the perfect potato Proper Crisp."
In 2010 the Franklins were homesick for their motherland England and decided it was time to pass over the cooker to another foodie couple, Ned and Mina Smith. With an extensive background in the food industry, the Smiths were able to recognise what a special premium product this was and have grown the offering, always maintaining the philosophy that “less is more” and offering a snack that is 100% natural real food, never compromising. 
Why is it important for you to produce a health-conscious product for your customers?
At Proper Crisps we believe that crisps are a treat and that a crisp can also be healthy snack, that is why we only use High Oleic Sunflower oil. After we cook each batch they are lightly salted and flavoured using only the freshest ingredients. We believe you should still be able to taste the vegetable. All our flavours are blended and created by our team.
Where do you source your ingredients from?
We currently source our Agria potatoes from Simon, the same third-generation South Island Temuka farmer that we’ve worked with since we began; and Jason who has a farm in beautiful Pukekohe. That’s right, we’re on first-name terms with our growers, because we work closely with them to ensure their farming practices meet our exacting standards.  
"Endorsed by celebrity chef Brett McGregor, our Proper Kumara Crisps are crafted from a medley of orange (Beauregard), yellow (Toka Toka) and red (Owairaka) grown and sourced by Anthony and the Kaipara Kumara team."
Our newest crisp sensation is prepared with only the best parsnips sourced from Kandy of Ohakune and Matthew of Southland.
Can you give us a rundown of the Proper Crisps production process?
The selection process that a potato must go through to reach the ranks of a Proper Crisp is rigorous. We lovingly hand-sort and trim our potatoes and root vegetables, it’s how we place the sunshine in every bag!
"Once they’ve passed the intake inspection, they are sliced to the optimum crisp thickness, and begin their path to becoming a perfect Proper Crisp." 
They are cooked and hand-stirred in small batches in High Oleic Sunflower oil. Your Proper Crisps are inspected again as part of their passing out parade… just before the flavour magic happens!
Why do Proper Crisps taste so good? Is there a secret recipe?
Secret... maybe! However we always use the best freshest ingredients available, whether it's our vegetables or our spices.
Are dairy, egg, gluten or nuts (or traces of) present in any of your products or in the factory you use?
We are 100 % natural, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non GMO, Vegan, and No MSG added ever.
What’s the difference between crisps and chips?
A potato chip (American English) or crisp (British English) is a thin slice of potato that has been deep fried, baked, kettle-cooked, or popped until crunchy. There is a big difference between a crisp and a chip.
The art of making a crisp lies with many subtle factors, using the right strain of potato or root vegetable, monitoring that it has just the right amount of sugar and starch ratio, constantly monitoring the freshness and quality of the oil and only using the freshest ground seasoning, and yes, a crisp has a certain particular crispy crunch to it!
Your flavours certainly pack a flavour punch – are there any more flavours in the pipeline?
We are always trying to come up with new flavours and styles that are ahead of the trend and meet the taste buds of our fans. At Proper Crisps we are all about keeping our ingredients list to a minimum using only real food and only what is necessary to satisfy the taste buds.
Our Potato range includes – Marlborough Sea Salt, Rosemary and Thyme, BBQ Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika and Apple Cider Vinegar.
Our Kumara range includes Marlborough Sea Salt, Chipotle and a local Blenheim garlic.
Parsnips are lightly salted with Marlborough Sea Salt. Coming soon is a Veggie Medley.
We are also on the look out for new flavours. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know!
Head to our online store to get your hands on these delicious crisps. Winter Sale now on! 
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May Contain Goodness by Junior Apisaloma - 1y ago
It’s been a busy month in our household as we finally welcomed our third boy, Finn, into the world.
Kristy is busy with a newborn seemingly allergic to sleep, so I thought I would give this blog thingy a go myself. And what better topic than my time as a stay-at-home house husband – what an eye-opener!
In the few weeks following the arrival of Finn, I took on the temporary role of House Husband to help the Mrs while she was busy recovering and being the milk machine. This job entailed being a nurse/chef/chauffeur/drill sergeant/mediator (and that’s the short version!)
I always knew Kristy was busy with the kids but I didn’t actually know, in fact I had no clue. Being suddenly put in charge of the kids and household was like a big slap in the face and I was transported to a whole new reality! Before, I was under the impression that I pulled more than my fair share of weight for our lil’ family, but in reality I’ve realised I’ve been rather lazy (hehe).
Kristy usually takes care of the kids’ stuff as I'm normally out the door before they wake up, and don’t get back home until late. Kristy does the breakfast, lunch and dinner, dropping off and picking up from daycare, bathing, teeth, food shopping, washing and cleaning the house WHILE working full-time and running a business. Talk about Super Mum.
So, I had pretty big shoes to fill. I never knew quite how exhausting it is to manage two outgoing boys plus take care of the house stuff. And, as you probably know, taking care of kids with allergies is that little bit harder - there's a lot more planning and checking involved with every snack or meal. 
It's been hard work, but incredibly rewarding as I've become a lot closer to our eldest two boys. Last week, Kobe fell over and bit his lip, and although Mum was sitting right there, he cried for his daddy. Proud moment. 
During this period, I’ve learnt a lot of things - usually the hard way. Like getting things ready the night before is actually worth all the nagging, and that silence usually means they’re up to something dodgy and requires immediate investigation. 
But one thing I learnt after multiple fails was the importance of having snacks on you at all times. I never realised kids could go from “nope not hungry” to “Dad I’m sooo STARVING” in approximately two minutes. And this happened a lot.
To grab a few snacks on the way out the door and chuck them in a go-bag has been a lifesaver for me. It made the car rides bearable and also saved my sanity at home when we were both busy with the baby and the older kids had a snack attack. My dairy-free kids' faves include Proper Crisps, Sweet As Popcorn, Fav-va Beans and Annies fruit bites.
Anyway, a few weeks have since passed since I wrote this, and I’ve now gone back to work. A sense of normality has returned to our household – as normal as a house with three boys aged five and under can get anyway.
As much as I’ve loved the chance to spend a bit more time with my boys and bond with baby Finn, I’m also glad to hand the reigns back to Kristy and get back to work.
Shout out to all the mums out there, I salute you!
PS: There’s no sign of any allergies for Finn yet, but it’s early days. Fingers crossed for third time lucky in terms of allergies!
Want to get yourself in the draw to win these delicious Fav-va Beans from The Happy Snack Company? All you have to do is comment on our Facebook post and tell us which is your favourite product and flavour in our online store. Good luck!  
Comp closes 6pm 18/6/17. NZ only.
Raising kids with allergies? Check out our online store - your one-stop-shop for allergy-friendly snacks for kids. 
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