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Full Moon in Sagittarius May 2018

The Full Moon occurs at 15:19 (BST) on May 29, 2018 at 08°Sg10′.

Sagittarius is the sign of the believer, the preacher, the philosopher. It’s the last of the fire signs, full of enthusiasm and up for an adventure. Sagittarius wants to travel to new places, experience other cultures, see what hasn’t been seen before. After the ‘death’ of Scorpio, Sagittarius wants to find meaning, hence its endless roaming from one end of the Earth to the other. Sagittarius searches for spiritual truth.

The Sagittarius Full Moon brings into play the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. With the Sun in Gemini we are caught up in linear language, categorising, sorting, labelling from A – Z. Gemini doesn’t distinguish between what is useful information and what is not. To Gemini, all information is valuable. Sagittarius is about symbolic language, depth of meaning, higher education, knowledge. Ruled by Jupiter, it’s about having breadth of vision. But Sagittarius can become dogmatic and take the moral high ground at every opportunity. Both signs have their blessings and their shadows.

Jupiter is the leader of this chart’s locomotive pattern. All the of the planets are lined up around the chart like the carriages of a steam train. It’s the perfect pattern for a Full Moon in the sign of the traveller. We’re on a quest but as Jupiter is retrograde in the complex emotional sign of Scorpio, this is an inner quest, one that takes us into the depths of ourselves.

click to enlarge

We have just had the second in a series of three trines between Jupiter and Neptune so there’s a strong spiritual thread to this lunation. It’s like we’re searching for the divine within, called to God or Goddess, hearing the voice of the universe in every other conversation. Maybe we’re reading great religious or spiritual works that move the soul. Something enormous is emerging from the shadows and now instead of being afraid, we feel inspired, buoyed up, strengthened. Jupiter and Neptune are also trine Venus in Cancer creating a Grand Water trine. We’re searching for unconditional love and heart-opening experiences. We’re carried on the wings of doves, up, up and beyond. Those who are creatively inclined may find themselves caught up in the flow during this Full Moon, communing with their muse. Love opens the way.

The Moon is sextile to confident Mars in Aquarius. The broader our outlook, the bigger our social circle. There is the potential for friends in every port…and online as the 9th house rules the internet and Aquarius rules technology! This would be the perfect Moon to promote a website or a cause as the Jupiter-Neptune-Venus trine brings devoted followers.

The challenge for this Full Moon is to decide who or what is worth following. Tension comes from the Sun in intellectual Gemini who prefers evidence in writing and school books. The Moon in Sagittarius however shows that we’re feeling things at gut level that goes beyond words. Faith doesn’t need a textbook. The Moon is trine to the North Node, suggesting that we sense a cosmic opening, a way through, a creative solution. The Moon’s wide trine to Chiron too provides healing energy, centaur to centaur. Asteroid Karma is conjunct the Moon showing that there are karmic lessons are work too, buried in our dreams and visions of the future.

The Sun sextile the North Node forms the base of a yod with Saturn in Capricorn at the apex. The Earth school can be tough sometimes. Saturn brings up doubts about ourselves (the Sun) and our spiritual evolution (the North Node). Somehow, we must reconcile our inner questioning with real world commitments and responsibilities.

Note that Mercury is on the anaretic degree of Taurus. It is critical to address fixed mindsets. This particular degree is also associated with ‘The Weeping Sisters’ and was traditionally considered to be ill-fated. With asteroid Karma conjunct the Moon and the Moon trine to the karmic North Node, maybe there is a gentle warning here that we need to take care of what we say and how we think. We are not just living karma from the past and working out karmic lessons predesigned before coming into this life-time. We’re also creating karma in this life – new experiences, new lessons, new connections. The decisions we make in this incarnation may also have consequences in other lifetimes. Perhaps too there are conversations to be had that we have held back from verbalising. Maybe a piece of us is clinging to what we think we know because admitting we’re wrong or unsure means yet more questions to be answered. It’s okay not to have all the answers. Part of the excitement of Sagittarius is about exploring the unknown and going off the beaten track to find the truth.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is :-

A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway

Who do we trust to lead us? The task this Full Moon is to help each other rise up. We are all on a journey, all searching for meaning. We are all both followers and leaders. There is always another step and a higher perspective. Keep looking up. Trust you will be shown the way.

Painting – ‘Church Procession, Spanish Steps’ by Childe Hassam

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LUA ASTROLOGY by Leah Whitehorse - 3d ago

Uranus enters Taurus at 16:16 (BST) on May 15, 2018.


Uranus was discovered on March 13, 1781 orbiting beyond Saturn.  In the discovery chart, Uranus is in Gemini and in a tense t-square pattern with a square to the Sun and oppositions to both Mars and Saturn.

Uranus’s axis of rotation is tilted sideways so he spins on his back. He also spins in a different direction to all the other planets aside from Venus. We can see then from these attributes that Uranus is a bit of a rebel! He’s also the only planet to have his name derived directly from a Greek God. All the other planets are named after Roman counterparts.

Uranus is a primordial deity born of Gaia, Mother Earth. Gaia was lonely and longed for a mate, so she created the sky to surround and comfort her. The name Uranus means ‘sky’ or ‘heavens’. Uranus mated with Gaia but he hated the children that she bore from their unions. In the myths, Uranus either locked the children away in Tartarus or he tried to stop Gaia giving birth. Either way, Gaia wasn’t impressed, so she asked her son Chronos (you and I know him better as Saturn) to castrate Uranus with a sickle. Chronos obliged and threw Uranus’s testicles into the sea. From the severed genitals, Aphrodite (Venus) was born.

The astronomy, mythology and discovery chart give us the themes that Uranus speaks of in astrology. Uranus rules planes, rockets and all forms of air travel. There is a coldness to Uranus, rather like the distant stars. Uranus is remote and yet connected to something vast and incomprehensible. He is considered the higher vibration of Mercury and represents higher consciousness. Just as a brilliant flash of lightening can illuminate the sky, Uranus can provide moments of absolute knowing, cosmic downloads, flashes of intellectual brilliance. Uranus is genius and awakening. He provides us with those breakthrough moments that push us beyond our limits (Saturn). Just like the electrical energy of lightening, Uranus can shock us awake or simply shock us. Uranus is surprising, unpredictable, twisted, weird, wired, stressed. He’s the crazy scientist, trying to dominate nature (Gaia) and coming unstuck (Saturn!). Yet, if we combine the revolutionary thinking of Uranus with the disciplined responsibility of Saturn, something beautiful is born from it (Aphrodite/Venus).

Uranus relates to science, technology, computing, invention, innovation, originality and independence. He rules Aquarius and the 11th house in the mundane chart. Uranus is associated with objectivity, political thought, forward thinking, systems, groups and social awareness. When working well, Uranus encourages each of us to honour our uniqueness and difference. Negatively, Uranus can be robotic, disruptive, rebellious and wilful.


Taurus is the first of the Earth signs and fixed in modality. Taurus takes the seedlings sprung by inspirational Aries and tends to them, bringing them to fruitfulness. You only have to think of how the land looks during Taurus time in the Northern hemisphere to get a sense of this sign. Mother Nature has sprung to life and the landscape is covered with blossom and beauty. Venus rules Taurus so this sign is the artist, gardener, farmer, chef and lover. It’s tactile, kind and creative.

Given the Bull is the symbol of Taurus, this sign is also associated with determination, strength and patience. We think of the constancy of the seasons, year after year in a predictable pattern. Whilst this sign is about the safety and security of the well-trodden path, it can also be resistant to change, stuck in a rut, unable to go with the flow.

Taurus is concerned with survival. Its practical nature pushes us to acquire what we need to get through life. Money and possessions are important to Taurus as well as resources such as natural skills and talents that can be used to garner further security. Positively, Taurus is hardworking, constant and reliable but it can also become possessive, claiming ownership over those they love.

The entry of wild, changeable, shocking, surprising, machine-like Uranus into traditional, staid, slow-moving, pastoral Taurus is quite a clash in energies! For all of us, there is an area of life (indicated by the house in our chart with Taurus on the cusp) which is about to get a shake up. But it’s necessary because playing it safe can make the landscape of our lives boring and infertile. Uranus may be challenging but ultimately, he’s awakening us to greater potential and showing us that there is something far more valuable if we can allow ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone.


To gain some idea of how this transit might manifest, I have looked back at the last time Uranus was in Taurus to explore the themes arising from this period.


Uranus was in Taurus between 1934 and 1942 (give or take a couple of retrogrades). This was one of the most unstable times in history as it was during this period that World War Two began. Nothing felt safe as homes and cities were bombed to oblivion. As well as bombs falling out of the sky, there were other famous moments of ‘grounding’ such as the giant Hindenburg airship crash and the loss of Amelia Earhart’s plane.

Uranus in Taurus has a way of bringing us down to earth with a bump, shocking us out of our comfort zone. Events may occur that raise the issue of what price for a human life. Some may receive a metaphorical ‘bombshell’ that changes everything. I do certainly hope we aren’t about to enter World War three but things at ground level do feel unstable because so many changes are happening in the fundamental bedrock of our lives.


During Uranus in Taurus, there was another great shock in Briton as Edward VIII famously chose his wife (Venus!) over his throne. It was the abdication of Edward that ultimately lead to Queen Elizabeth becoming Queen as it was her father (George V1) who took Edward’s place.

Looking at the Queen’s chart, I think it is highly likely that we may see some significant changes within the royal family during Uranus in Taurus. The Queen herself is a Taurean with a 0 degree Sun so therefore she will experience Uranus conjunct the Sun during this year. A change around identity is one way of interpreting this transit. Note too that potent Pluto is now sitting in the degree of her Ascendant. Whilst not exact until next year, there is certainly a strong astrological theme that major changes are indicated in the Queen’s life. Whether the changes indicated by Uranus will be marked by controversy like Edward VIII remains to be seen.


The last period of Uranus in Taurus brought us :-

The first ptarmigan hatched and reared in captivity.
The establishment of a commercial hydroponics operation.
The first patent on soilless culture of plants.
The formation of the first animal breeding society.
The exhibition of the first animal conceived by artificial insemination.

There are themes then about humankind’s relationship to the natural world. Out of interest, the Sabian symbol for Uranus’s discovery degree is A Gardener Trimming Large Palm Trees. Certainly, this image alone gives us a feel of how Uranus might work in Taurus’s rural environment.  Human intervention with natural growth might be connected. Also, ‘cutting back’ might be a theme. Think of the war years and rationing. It’s possible then that we are looking at shortages of certain foods or alternatively (and more positively!) perhaps cutting back on certain types of unhealthy foods.

Having recently transitioned to being vegan, I have noticed how easy it is compared to years ago when I first tried (and failed!) to be vegan. Vegan products have exploded into the market place and I imagine that with humanitarian concerns as well as concerns with animal welfare and health, this trend will continue to rise and rise. It’s possible too, that there will be greater investments in lab grown meat as the traditional meat industry is recognised as being unsustainable on all levels. At the more negative end of the scale, the shadow of this transit may see cold, scientific Uranus treating creatures more and more like machines, automating processes and tinkering further with natural production. Already we have just seen the issue of tallow being used in the actual production of money in the UK. Despite severe opposition from vegan and religious communities, the Bank of England stated that it would too costly to replace them. Here is a very stark negative expression of Uranus in Taurus with wealth being more important than sentient creatures.

On the bright side, perhaps there will be a drive to free ourselves (Uranus!) from food consumerism. During the war years, many went back to the land, growing their own food. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. If food prices continue to rise, people may decide to group together and grow their own. These initiatives are already in play but these next few years may see them becoming more viable, visible and commonplace.

It’s likely we will see advancements generally in agriculture – some fuelled by the greed for money, some fuelled by higher consciousness. Modified foods, GMO, artificial pollination (yes, I watched THAT episode of Black Mirror!), gene manipulation in cattle particularly may be on the agenda. But arable farming too will also get a revamp. Maybe we will be using Earth’s resources in a different way. We may also see new elements being discovered and new life in inhospitable places.

The Earth herself is awakening with Uranus moving through this sign so we are also likely to see more earthquake activity.


The last period of Uranus in Taurus brought us :-
The creation of the Federal Savings and Loan Association.
Fort Knox was built to house BULLion
The Game of Monopoly
The Hobbit (Bilbo Baggins lived under the Earth and his quest was to win a share of the treasure protected by a dragon).
To Have and To Have Not – a novel by Earnest Hemingway which centred on the story of a good man forced into the black market.

The black market could boom during this next period of Uranus in Taurus yet at the same time there is great instability all round. Whether it is cryptocurrency or traditional currency, there are likely to be some shocks. With Uranus ruling distance and computers, cryptocurrency is likely to become more traditional as a form of exchange however digital money in general will be the main focus. More and more people will look to online shopping as traditional stores are priced out of the market with rent rises. Companies that choose bricks and mortar stores may also invest heavily in automation where no human interaction occurs and purchases are made without cash – much like the Amazon Go store.

Products and services that have a Uranian flavour are the ones most likely to be commercially viable during this time. Computing, technology, automisation, robots, virtual reality and yes even astrology, especially with the growing interest in this discipline currently. Unfortunately however, it is also likely we will have to deal with those who are cashing in to make a quick buck instead of having the patience to learn the practice from the ground up.

There may also be a growth in those who attempt to live free of money entirely. This revisits the theme of self-sufficiency I mentioned above but goes further – dropping out of the system altogether to be liberated from materialism.

Taurus however is also about our personal and collective values. These too will see a shift during these years. What we think of as important now is being called into question as new information, science and understanding becomes available.


Back in the war years, Hitler began a ‘Euthanasia Program’ in an effort to create a perfect race of people. Whilst this was nothing more than mass murder in practice, the event still brings up the word for discussion.

Taurus is a sign associated with life and survival at all costs however when objective, humanitarian Uranus enters this sign, the discussion over voluntary euthanasia may be raised again for debate. Clearly in the past, what occurred was the absolute worst expression of this energy however in modern times, hopefully, we will be looking at something far more positive. I note that just a few days ago, scientist (Uranus) David Goodall ended his life legally and peacefully in Switzerland at the age of 104 after his quality of life had diminished so far that it rendered him unable to do the things he loved. It’s as though his very public and open discussion of this is leading the way forward as Uranus moves into Taurus.


The last period of Uranus in Taurus brought us :-

Alan Turing publishes ‘On Computable Numbers’ – the theoretical basis for modern computers.
The world’s first working programmable, fully automatic computer.
A Plough for laying submarine cable.
The establishment of the Civil Aeronautics Authority
The invention of nylon.
The discovery of nuclear fission using Uranium!
The world’s first helicopter.

We should anticipate advancements in aviation as well as space travel. We’re going off-world with Uranus in Taurus! Artificial fabrics and materials will continue to generate new inventions. Computers themselves are perhaps more likely to focus on functionality rather than looks.


On October 30th 1938, The War of the Worlds by H.G. Well was broadcast on radio, sparking some to believe that Earth had been invaded by aliens.

The sci-fi genre both books and film are likely to be very popular during this time. The eternal optimist in me also hopes the SETI project will get a hit from space. Lord knows I’ve been waiting for the Mother Ship long enough


Where have I been stuck too long?
Where do I need to be more experimental in my life?
How can I make a difference to planet Earth?
Where can I utilise new technologies and information to protect the planet?
How important is money to me?
What does freedom look like to me?
What skills or natural talents do I have that are unique to me?
Where does the need for security compromise my freedom?


15/05/2018         Enters Taurus

06/11/2018         Re-enters Aries

06/03/2019         Enters Taurus

07/07/2025         Enters Gemini

08/11/2025         Re-enters Taurus

26/04/2026         Enters Gemini

Painting – ‘Cow with Parasol’ by Marc Chagall

Resource for Historical Information

On This Day

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The New Moon occurs at 12:47 (BST) on May 15, 2018 at 24°Ta36′ D.

Taurus…It’s all about stopping to smell the roses, comfort and security, sensual pleasure and enjoying the good life. Work hard, play hard could be this sign’s motto. With a powerful practical streak, Taurus prefers a safe, well-trodden path and no surprises. Oh Taurus, are you in for a shock!

If you’re Taurus and about to panic at the above sentence, please let me reassure you. My Sun is at 0 degrees of Taurus and therefore Uranus is just about to hit my Sun. And this energy is WILD, much like this chart. If you feel a thrum of fear threading through your veins, just remember that it’s adrenaline, present also when we’re in a state of pure excitement. It’s all about how you interpret it. Be scared or get excited, either way Uranus is entering Taurus just four hours after this New Moon. Then for the next few months until November, we will get a preview of how Uranus is going to revolutionise and upgrade our money, food, agriculture, security and values. On all fronts, we will be breaking new ground. What challenges us is that Taurus just doesn’t like change and therein lies the problem. Many of us will want to stick our hooves into the mud and not budge. But budge we must.

There is immense anticipation in this chart with Uranus on the absolute final degree of Aries and Mars, ruler of Aries, also anaretic at 29 degrees of Capricorn. Mars and Uranus will perfect a square, the second in a series of three, on May 16. These two anaretic planets are like sparks leaping from live wires. There’s the potential to jump the gun, or the gate, whichever analogy works! Any hard aspect between Mars and Uranus is restless. We want to be free NOW. But at the same time, with the Taurus influence we don’t want to feel rushed and we don’t want to lose what makes us feel safe and secure.

Both Mars and Pluto form trines to the New Moon. This could be helpful as we have power, will, drive, motivation and passion at our disposal. But trines too can be slippery. There’s nothing to stop this energy careering out of control. With Mars anaretic and square to Uranus, there’s more than a hint of ‘red rag to a bull’ scenario, so we need to stay aware and conscious of our triggers.

click to enlarge

Still, with all this muscle in the chart, it’s like the cosmos is saying, you’re stronger than you think you are. Projects begun now can be accomplished with sheer determination however we need to stay calm and vigilant. With Uranus about to fall into Taurus, what we currently accept as solid ground and absolute certainty is liable to change very quickly.

Venus, the ruler of this lunation, is currently transiting Gemini in the global 3rd house. Venus is not only out of bounds but she’s also unaspected to any of the other major planets, so her influence is difficult to catch hold of and unpredictable. As we know, Taurus likes predictable patterns, so we could be caught off guard with both this and the Mars-Uranus story. Venus in Gemini and the 3rd global house suggests that we need to learn to appreciate different viewpoints. This could help us to keep a cool head (Venus conjunct mediator Pallas). However, with Venus so disconnected, it’s like we know this intellectually, but we can’t feel it at heart level.

The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

A Vast Public Park

We need space, room to move, a place to just breathe and be. Uranus too tends also to prefer to keep his distance. When we plant seedlings, at some point we must re-pot them all, giving each their own space to thrive. This Moon then is suggesting that we need to give each other space to flourish.

The Vast Public Park also brings up images of sanitised nature. The grass is cut, the flower beds are weeded, the trees are pruned. We’re in nature but it is ‘safe’ nature. A park, like a garden, is controlled. Perhaps this Moon then will bring up issues connected to how humans and nature interact. How we respond to our own animal instincts is also being questioned.

Last weekend was a bank holiday in the UK and for once, we had brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures which brought many people to beaches, parks and beauty spots. These wonderful scenes however were spoiled by the horrendous headlines that showed the amount of litter left in these beautiful environments after the fun was over.

It seems to be powerful synchronicity that this occurred just as we were coming up to this New Moon on this Sabian symbol. It’s a sad illustration that Uranus is going to have his work cut out for him as he begins to change our attitudes towards the natural world. And change they must before it’s too late.

Asteroids DNA (#555550) and Storm (#12182) are conjunct the New Moon in Taurus. It feels like a disturbance in our cells. It’s like encoded genes, releasing new information. This is a tempest at quantum level. We can’t see it yet, but we can feel it. It’s priming us to accept change as a constant.

Right now, it might feel like a walk in the park but something wild is about to take root in the garden and it’s likely to look different to anything we’ve seen before.

Painting – ‘The Park on the Caillebotte Property at Yerres’ by Gustave Caillebotte

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LUA ASTROLOGY by Leah Whitehorse - 3d ago

Are you ready for it? Because it’s coming! May is BIG in the astrological calendar this year and it’s all down to Uranus changing signs after his seven-year jaunt through Aries.

The Month begins with Mercury exiting the shadow zone on May 3 from the previous retrograde period. This indicates a final mental clearing and a sense of forward momentum. We begin to think ahead and make plans and preparations for ideas we want to implement. On May 5, Ceres crosses over the degree of the lunar eclipse that occurred on January 31 this year. This could possibly bring to life issues that occurred around that time. As Ceres is an aspect of Mother Earth, perhaps now the time is ripe to draw upon what was learned or activated at the eclipse earlier in the year.

Tension begins to build on May 8 as the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius squares the Sun in Taurus. It introduces the theme we will be working with when Uranus enters Taurus this month. We’re instinctively drawn to innovate and test new possibilities under the realm of Aquarius but the Taurus Sun reminds of us on the ease and comfort of all the well-trodden path. It’s hard to change old habits but that’s exactly what needs to happen.

May 12 sees Mars entering the shadow zone of the upcoming retrograde period. Even though Mercury has released us on one level, there is still a sense that things are beginning to slow down. What is done now may need to be revisited later. Goals set now may take longer to achieve than anticipated. Every retrograde period provides us with a chance to review and reconfigure. The more we try to rush, the harder this period will seem so it’s best to adjust your pace as necessary.

One of the main reasons that we need to slow down when it comes to pursuing goals is that there may be some unexpected changes coming our way that will change the game plan. On May 15 we have a New Moon in Taurus just a few short hours before Uranus enters Taurus. With Uranus in the last minutes of Aries in the New Moon chart, the sense of anticipation is electric! Taurus of course prefers the quiet life, but I doubt any of us (I’m a Taurean) will be having much of that over the next seven years. Change is needed, and Uranus will roll it in whether we like it or not. It’s best to expect the unexpected and to be open to breaking fresh ground in our lives.

Mars will accentuate the Uranus effect as he enters Aquarius on May 16 and then squares Uranus on the same day.  This square to Uranus will be the first in a series of three due to the upcoming Mars retrograde. When aspects repeat like this, it’s like the universe is making a point. We’re likely to get a taste of things to come as eclectic Uranus keeps us guessing. Taurus is a sign associated with stability but with Uranus now present in this sign, the ground underfoot keeps shifting. Consequently, we need to remain loose and flexible so that we can react accordingly. Frustration however is also possible as Mars likes to go from A – B without much of a detour. If nerves get frazzled, if we take things too personally, then the result is that we can become impulsive and even reckless as we try to force things to go in the way we think they should. Uranus and Aquarius remind us to be objective and that new perspectives give us a better potential for growth.

Mars will sextile Chiron on May 20 so at least there is a soothing balm amidst some of the heat. We have an opportunity to activate our inner healer. Chiron also tempers some of the frustration by offering us alternative directions to explore. As a guide and teacher, Chiron instructs that maybe we don’t need to rebel (Mars square Uranus!) to challenge the status quo.

A Virgo First Quarter Moon on May 22 provides the first turning point since the New Moon. Practical solutions are favoured over yet more discussion, but we may still feel in two minds about whether what we’re doing is useful or helpful. Jupiter’s unwieldly sesquiquadrate to Chiron also on the same day could lean towards over-sensitivity, especially if we feel harshly judged by others. Paying attention to the beliefs we hold as well as awareness of our wounds helps to mediate some of this awkward aspect. Jupiter soon makes up for it though with a lovely trine to Neptune on May 25. This is the second in a series of three trines between the two. There is an increase in compassion and spirituality which could manifest as an outpouring of aid to those who are suffering. Imagination grows under this influence so on a personal level, each of us can tap into the collective pool of the unconscious to find solutions to problems that evaded us in the past. Between May 27 and June 6, we will have a grand trine formation with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, so even though this month is quirky and unpredictable, there is also moments of heart-opening tenderness and creative inspiration to draw upon.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 29 should serve to add in some extra enthusiasm and expansive mindset. This Moon is well supported with a sextile to Mars and trines to the North Node and Chiron. Perhaps we feel like the odds are in our favour and there’s a little luck on our side. Saturn is edging back into a square with Chiron (until October 19, 2018) which may serve as a reminder of the tough times we went through last year when this aspect was exact. However, with Saturn also reliving the trine to Uranus (until November 11, 2018) by the end of the month, we see that despite everything we have been through in the past, some level of stability has been maintained or re-created.

Perhaps Saturn is reminding us that the Uranus through Taurus transit is not to be feared. Although Uranus in Taurus may displace what we have relied upon for so long, the long-term security we seek will emerge from the dust. Farmers know that you can’t keep planting the same crop in the same ground year after year as eventually the soil becomes depleted of nutrients and the crop withers. Sometimes you must break the pattern and create something new to bring back vitality and value.

May 2018 Astrology Forecast – Major Aspects

02-May-18 Venus sextile North Node 22:12:12 BST 09°Ge56′ D 09°Le56′ R
04-May-18 Venus sextile Ceres 00:16:08 BST 11°Ge15′ D 11°Le15′ D
06-May-18 Sun sextile Neptune 14:56:20 BST 15°Ta59′ D 15°Pi59′ D
07-May-18 Mercury square Pluto 09:52:02 BST 21°Ar14′ D 21°Cp14′ R
07-May-18 Venus square Neptune 22:58:07 BST 16°Ge01′ D 16°Pi01′ D
08-May-18 Mercury sextile Pallas 00:28:35 BST 22°Ar02′ D 22°Ge02′ D
08-May-18 Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius 03:08:32 BST 17°Aq26′ D 17°Ta26′ D
08-May-18 Vesta stations retrograde 08:51:33 BST 04°Cp54′ R
09-May-18 Sun opposite Jupiter 01:38:58 BST 18°Ta21′ D 18°Sc21′ R
12-May-18 Sun trine Pluto 00:10:05 BST 21°Ta11′ D 21°Cp11′ R
12-May-18 Mercury square Mars 14:30:07 BST 28°Ar32′ D 28°Cp32′ D
13-May-18 Mercury conjunct Uranus 11:50:02 BST 29°Ar52′ D 29°Ar52′ D
13-May-18 Mercury enters Taurus 13:40:03 BST 00°Ta00′ D 00°Ta00′ D
15-May-18 New Moon in Taurus   12:47:41 BST 24°Ta36′ D 24°Ta36′ D
15-May-18 Uranus enters Taurus 16:16:41 BST 00°Ta00′ D 00°Ta00′ D
16-May-18 Mars enters Aquarius 05:54:57 BST 00°Aq00′ D 00°Aq00′ D
16-May-18 Saturn square Juno 05:55:56 BST 08°Cp31′ R 08°Ar31′ D
16-May-18 Mars square Uranus 08:03:42 BST 00°Aq02′ D 00°Ta02′ D
16-May-18 Mercury trine Vesta 11:50:48 BST 04°Ta38′ D 04°Cp38′ R
16-May-18 Juno trine North Node 13:39:47 BST 08°Ar40′ D 08°Le40′ R
17-May-18 Venus conjunct Pallas 15:53:00 BST 27°Ge41′ D 27°Ge41′ D
18-May-18 Mercury trine Saturn 17:48:40 BST 08°Ta24′ D 08°Cp24′ R
18-May-18 Mercury square North Node 18:13:03 BST 08°Ta26′ D 08°Le26′ R
19-May-18 Venus enters Cancer 14:10:30 BST 00°Cn00′ D 00°Cn00′ D
19-May-18 Venus sextile Uranus 18:30:05 BST 00°Cn12′ D 00°Ta12′ D
20-May-18 Mars sextile Chiron 06:55:47 BST 01°Aq32′ D 01°Ar32′ D
20-May-18 Venus square Chiron 21:23:57 BST 01°Cn33′ D 01°Ar33′ D
21-May-18 Sun enters Gemini 03:14:32 BST 00°Ge00′ D 00°Ge00′ D
21-May-18 Pallas enters Cancer 14:06:29 BST 00°Cn00′ D 00°Cn00′ D
22-May-18 Uranus sextile Pallas 03:56:05 BST 00°Ta20′ D 00°Cn20′ D
22-May-18 First Quarter Moon in Virgo 04:49:04 BST 01°Vi01′ D 01°Ge01′ D
22-May-18 Jupiter square Ceres 14:24:16 BST 16°Sc39′ R 16°Le39′ D
22-May-18 Sun sextile Chiron 19:48:14 BST 01°Ge37′ D 01°Ar37′ D
22-May-18 Jupiter sesquiquadrate Chiron 21:40:50 BST 16°Sc37′ R 01°Ar37′ D
22-May-18 Venus opposite Vesta 23:13:21 BST 04°Cn02′ D 04°Cp02′ R
23-May-18 Mercury sextile Neptune 03:13:18 BST 16°Ta17′ D 16°Pi17′ D
23-May-18 Mercury opposite Jupiter 06:53:41 BST 16°Ta34′ D 16°Sc34′ R
23-May-18 Mercury square Ceres 11:33:49 BST 16°Ta56′ D 16°Le56′ D
24-May-18 Sun trine Mars 03:39:13 BST 02°Ge54′ D 02°Aq54′ D
24-May-18 Chiron square Pallas 10:39:50 BST 01°Ar40′ D 01°Cn40′ D
25-May-18 Jupiter trine Neptune 10:52:09 BST 16°Sc19′ R 16°Pi19′ D
25-May-18 Mercury trine Pluto 14:37:45 BST 21°Ta02′ D 21°Cp02′ R
26-May-18 Venus opposite Saturn 07:39:57 BST 08°Cn01′ D 08°Cp01′ R
27-May-18 Saturn quincunx North Node 05:50:25 BST 07°Cp58′ R 07°Le58′ R
29-May-18 Sun sextile North Node 02:17:28 BST 07°Ge38′ D 07°Le38′ R
29-May-18 Full Moon in Sagittarius   15:19:28 BST 08°Sg10′ D 08°Ge10′ D
30-May-18 Mercury enters Gemini 00:48:52 BST 00°Ge00′ D 00°Ge00′ D
30-May-18 Mercury sextile Chiron 22:21:21 BST 01°Ge53′ D 01°Ar53′ D

Painting – ‘Murnau Garden’ by Wassily Kandinsky

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LUA ASTROLOGY by Leah Whitehorse - 4M ago

After January’s gritty reality with a profusion of planets in Capricorn, February has a very different vibration. Despite this being eclipse season, this month feels like a lull in astrological proceedings. We’re either floating through air or floating through water. February begins with a strong Aquarius edge as we now have Mercury, the Sun, the South Node, Venus and Juno all in this quirky air sign. The mood is friendly but detached. What interests us around this time are groups, networks, politics and humanitarian concepts. Social media could be in overdrive. Aquarius energy however can also manifest as restlessness. It’s electric, wired and anxious to implement change. 

Both the Sun and Mercury will conjunct the South Node (February 3 and February 9 respectively) on the Sabian symbol ‘Two Lovebirds Sitting On A Fence And Singing Happily’. Twice then, we’re asked to let go of idealism when it comes to our relationships with one another. The pretty little dream is holding us back. The more we identify with it, the more we think about it, the harder it is to see each other as we really are and accept our differences. We don’t all have to be singing the same tune.

February 3 is also astrological Imbolc which occurs when the Sun hits fifteen degrees of Aquarius. This ancient festival, often celebrated at the beginning of the month, marks the first signs of spring like the snowdrops which push their heads up through frost-bitten ground and lambing season in the farming calendar. Fifteen degrees of Aquarius is the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere. Use this magical day to reflect back to mid-December. This is a turning point, a gentle prompt to move towards the light and new beginnings.

The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio on February 7, introduces the theme of intimacy versus detachment. How can we bond at a deep level yet keep our own individuality and space? This theme then continues into the Aquarius Solar Eclipse on February 15. The eclipse is tightly conjunct Juno and Mercury and square to Juno’s husband Jupiter. The eclipse may throw up unexpected events that challenge preconceptions, judgements and beliefs about one another.  I imagine most people cringe at the phrase ‘we need to talk’ but talk we must during this eclipse period. We may be surprised or unnerved by some of the topics of conversation, yet they are necessary to move us forwards. Mercury then conjoins the eclipse degree on February 16 suggesting a quick manifestation or even resolution to this unpredictable energy.

The atmosphere begins to soften as Mars moves into a square with Neptune on February 17. This however can be a confusing pattern given to defeatist thinking and a ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude when manifesting negatively. The feisty go-get-‘em approach of Mars is flummoxed in the face of pacifist Neptune. The more we fight to go in one direction, the more uncertain we feel.  The key is to act on intuition, let go of the fight and the need to be right. It’s about letting ourselves experience vulnerability. Sometimes we must stop doing to tune into why we are doing what we do.

With the entry of Mercury and the Sun into Pisces on February 18, we shift from airy intellectualism to surfing the waves of the great sea of the collective unconscious. Emotionally, we’re more engaged, sensitive, kind, compassionate. Under these influences, warrior Mars can do no more than turn the other cheek and walk away from conflict, but this isn’t about giving up or escaping. Our actions now have the potential to contribute towards our spiritual unfolding as shown by Mars’s trine to the North Node on February 19. We need to get in touch with what’s meaningful. Pisces energy seeks to unify. With our defences down, we can let the heart lead. Venus conjunct Neptune on February 21 opens the way to forgiveness and unconditional love.

The end of February sees the Moon crossing the degree of the eclipse that took place on January 31. This is the first activation of this eclipse point so it’s possible that we may be feeling the effects around this time or starting to understand what it means for us on a personal level. Make a note of the feelings that arise on this date as they may seed ideas that bloom in August when the Sun crosses this point.

February 2018 Astrology Forecast – Major Aspects

03-Feb-18 Mercury square Pallas 10:08:11 04°Aq35′ D 04°Ta35′ D
03-Feb-18 Venus conjunct Juno 14:44:21 20°Aq46′ D 20°Aq46′ D
03-Feb-18 Mercury sextile Mars 15:57:15 04°Aq58′ D 04°Sg58′ D
03-Feb-18 Sun conjunct South Node 20:00:36 14°Aq56′ D 14°Aq56′ R
04-Feb-18 Venus square Jupiter 06:06:45 21°Aq34′ D 21°Sc34′ D
05-Feb-18 Saturn trine Pallas 06:25:09 05°Cp15′ D 05°Ta15′ D
05-Feb-18 Jupiter square Juno 16:56:12 21°Sc43′ D 21°Aq43′ D
06-Feb-18 Mercury oppposite Ceres 18:54:49 10°Aq07′ D 10°Le07′ R
06-Feb-18 Mercury sextile Vesta 23:46:04 10°Aq27′ D 10°Sg27′ D
07-Feb-18 Venus sextile Uranus 01:37:12 25°Aq06′ D 25°Ar06′ D
07-Feb-18 Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 15:53:51 18°Sc49′ D 18°Aq49′ D
09-Feb-18 Mercury conjunct South Node 15:29:11 14°Aq56′ D 14°Aq56′ D
10-Feb-18 Mars trine Ceres 15:52:25 09°Sg14′ D 09°Le14′ R
10-Feb-18 Venus enters Pisces 23:19:27 00°Pi00′ D 00°Pi00′ D
10-Feb-18 Sun square Jupiter 23:20:34 22°Aq10′ D 22°Sc10′ D
13-Feb-18 Neptune square Vesta 08:15:47 13°Pi12′ D 13°Sg12′ D
13-Feb-18 Uranus sextile Juno 15:24:00 25°Ar18′ D 25°Aq18′ D
13-Feb-18 Mercury square Jupiter 22:38:41 22°Aq23′ D 22°Sc23′ D
14-Feb-18 Sun sextile Uranus 02:22:48 25°Aq19′ D 25°Ar19′ D
14-Feb-18 Sun conjunct Juno 10:44:19 25°Aq41′ D 25°Aq41′ D
15-Feb-18 Mercury sextile Uranus 15:07:14 25°Aq23′ D 25°Ar23′ D
15-Feb-18 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius 21:05:07 27°Aq07′ D
15-Feb-18 Venus sextile Saturn 23:19:23 06°Pi15′ D 06°Cp15′ D
16-Feb-18 Mercury conjunct Juno 06:12:37 26°Aq30′ D 26°Aq30′ D
17-Feb-18 Mars square Neptune 11:20:01 13°Sg21′ D 13°Pi21′ D
17-Feb-18 Vesta trine North Node 11:54:51 14°Sg57′ D 14°Le57′ R
17-Feb-18 Sun conjunct Mercury 12:27:10 28°Aq47′ D 28°Aq47′ D
18-Feb-18 Mercury enters Pisces 04:27:57 00°Pi00′ D 00°Pi00′ D
18-Feb-18 Sun enters Pisces 17:17:56 00°Pi00′ D 00°Pi00′ D
19-Feb-18 Venus sextile Pallas 21:12:28 11°Pi09′ D 11°Ta09′ D
19-Feb-18 Mars trine North Node 23:25:18 14°Sg52′ D 14°Le52′ R
21-Feb-18 Venus conjunct Neptune 18:41:33 13°Pi31′ D 13°Pi31′ D
21-Feb-18 Mercury sextile Saturn 20:23:15 06°Pi45′ D 06°Cp45′ D
23-Feb-18 First Quarter Moon in Gemini 08:09:04 04°Ge39′ D 04°Pi39′ D
23-Feb-18 Juno enters Pisces 20:10:48 00°Pi00′ D 00°Pi00′ D
25-Feb-18 Venus square Mars 12:01:24 18°Pi10′ D 18°Sg10′ D
25-Feb-18 Mercury sextile Pallas 12:22:37 13°Pi39′ D 13°Ta39′ D
25-Feb-18 Mercury conjunct Neptune 12:25:31 13°Pi39′ D 13°Pi39′ D
25-Feb-18 Neptune sextile Pallas 12:35:32 13°Pi39′ D 13°Ta39′ D
25-Feb-18 Venus square Vesta 13:00:43 18°Pi13′ D 18°Sg13′ D
25-Feb-18 Mars conjunct Vesta 16:13:18 18°Sg16′ D 18°Sg16′ D
25-Feb-18 Sun sextile Saturn 17:45:56 07°Pi04′ D 07°Cp04′ D
27-Feb-18 Venus sextile Pluto 10:20:07 20°Pi34′ D 20°Cp34′ D
28-Feb-18 Pallas square North Node 03:25:54 14°Ta52′ D 14°Le52′ D
28-Feb-18 Mercury square Vesta 13:04:40 19°Pi23′ D 19°Sg23′ D
28-Feb-18 Mercury square Mars 23:56:06 20°Pi15′ D 20°Sg15′ D

Painting –  ‘Snowdrops’ by Tetyana Yablonska

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The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 13:26 (UT) on January 31, 2018 at 11°Le37′.

Because this is the second Full Moon in a calendar month, this is considered by modern definition to be a Blue Moon. On January 30, the Moon will be perigee, meaning it is closest to Earth in its orbit so this total lunar eclipse is considered to be a supermoon too. The eclipse will be visible in Central and eastern Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand and most of Australia.

Total lunar eclipse, blue moon, supermoon – this eclipse is making a grand entrance!

With the Moon in the dramatic, showy sign of Leo, this brings the 5th house of the mundane chart into the foreground. Leo and the 5th house relate to the entertainment industry, children, drama, creativity and self-expression, pastimes and hobbies, pleasure, sports, theatres and society functions.

As the Leo-Aquarius axis is activated by the eclipse, we are also looking at themes around standing out (Leo) versus blending in (Aquarius), the individual (Leo) compared to the group (Aquarius). Our collective and individual identities are being challenged.

As the North Node is passing through the sign of Leo currently, we are in a period of time where we need to pay attention to our inner child. Leo rules the heart and like children, we’re now encouraged to live from our hearts, returning to a place of authentic joy. I’ve been watching the series Black Mirror recently, a show that often focuses on the increasing concern over technological advances (Aquarius). Recently Facebook made a major change to its algorithm to ensure that more personal content from friends and family is shown to return to its original roots as a platform for socialising.

click to enlarge

Ceres takes centre stage in this eclipse by being tightly conjoined with the Moon. This is about nurturing our creativity, looking after our inner child. A quincunx from the Moon and Ceres to Neptune asks ‘where have you sacrificed your creative inspiration’? Where have you chosen television or alcohol over self-driven fun? Where did you lose yourself instead of placing yourself at the centre of your world? The quincunx to Neptune is awkward because we’re not comfortable with being the star of the show but it also keeps us humble enough to recognise that everyone is a star in their own right. Whilst at times we might not feel entirely in tune with others, or even ourselves, it’s about giving it a go anyway. Our imagination is unlimited and Ceres holds a cornucopia to represent abundance. The well of inspiration never truly runs dry. It’s only when we starve ourselves of attention that it’s hard to tap.

The Moon’s conjunction to Ceres could also bring up issues that connect to famine, food wars, food stamps, food banks, agricultural issues, the environment, climate issues and reproductive rights. Women in the entertainment industry also star in this eclipse. With Ceres opposite Venus in Aquarius, we’re looking at the conflict between money and Mother Earth, women’s pay, the collective value we place on commodities compared to natural abundance. Ceres can be great loss or great gain.

The eclipse is on the Sabian symbol :-

An Evening Party Of Adults On A Lawn Illumined By Fancy Lanterns

This Sabian symbol immediately put me in mind of the latest exposé to hit the headlines. The Financial Times published a story about the President’s Club Gala Charity Dinner, revealing the event is still ‘Men Only’ and is rife with sexual harassment towards the women employed to serve there.

Ceres is not going to take this lying down. In Leo she becomes a tigress who is willing to show her teeth if necessary to protect her children. The eclipse suggests that the days of the ‘old boys’ club’ is numbered.

On a personal level, this Sabian raises the idea of enjoyable get-togethers, having fun, relaxation, entertainment. When we allow ourselves time off we can drop the mask and be who we are. There’s no need to pretend, even if Neptune in the background makes us wistful for something more – more soulful, more spiritual. The truth is, sometimes when we let go and enjoy the moment, that is where transcendence is found, hidden in the child-like delight of play. There is gold in the human touch.

Painting – Detail from ‘Lions in the Desert’ by Henry Ossawa Tanner

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The New Moon occurs at 02:17 (UT) on January 17, 2018 at 26°Cp54′.

Just 24 hours ago, Carillion, the UK’s second biggest construction firm, went into liquidation. With 1.5bn of debt and a pension shortfall falling into the multi-millions, the company was no longer sustainable. This was a private company used by government for public sector work so its collapse has repercussions across the board.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn and this New Moon, rules all things connected to sustainable business practice, the government, authority figures and pensions. It feels very much like Saturn has made his presence felt in no uncertain terms. Saturn defines boundaries and shows us where we overstep the mark. For Carillion, which has been clearly falling into bad management practices, Saturn said ‘enough is enough’. Mercury too is conjunct Black Moon Lilith who is also queen of drawing the line. Her conjunction with Mercury screams ‘No more!’.

In the New Moon chart, the 10th house is full to the brim with the Sun and Moon, Venus, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn and Black Moon Lilith all present here. The Sun and Moon are in a tight conjunction to Venus – ruler of love, relationships, partnerships, equality, values and money. There’s also a wide conjunction to Pluto ruling death, transformation, endings, power, control and underworld riches. Perhaps someone was getting rich from this giant industry and funds went underground. I’m noting too that this New Moon is conjunct Bacchus, the Roman God of excess. Capricorn by its nature is restrained so being ‘cut off’ before taking that next drink (or spending that next million dollars) is apt!

Meanwhile, the trade in fake degrees has also been exposed. After Saturn’s long passage through academic Sagittarius, there’s no way he’ll allow anyone to escape doing the work.

In our own lives, all this Capricorn energy says that we too need to do the work. Capricorn symbolises our greatest achievements. Career and parental responsibilities could be on our minds. The 10th house is where we grow up and meet gritty reality but it’s also where hard work is rewarded.

The New Moon is also square to Uranus so there is tension between what we conserve and what we change (Uranus). There may be is a push to upgrade or to rebel against the rules. We may feel the need to make a pointed comment about our independence, uniqueness or difference.

With increasing dialogue around the treatment of women and racism, we’re already feeling the sharp contrast between the old and new worlds. Practices that have been ingrained into the very fabric of society are finally being called into question and called out. Eris certainly isn’t going to let sleeping dogs lie for a start and Pallas on the last anaretic degree of Aries, suggests we may need to change our strategy. Uranus reminds us that either way, nothing can stay the same forever. Sometimes, we must break old patterns to create the stability we’re looking for.

The New Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

Pilgrims Climbing The Steep Steps Leading To A Mountain Shrine

This Sabian is very descriptive of the energies at play. It may feel like we’re climbing a mountain but it’s only through making the effort that we can really come to know how strong we are. Hardship has a way of stripping us back to the bare bones. It pushes us to dig deep within to find hidden resources. The New Moon is sextile to brave Mars and also healer Chiron. All this powerful Capricorn energy shows that in a certain part of our lives (shown by where it takes place in our chart), we have the power to overcome anything if we’re determined enough. Uranus will shake what needs to be shaken but the Moon’s conjunction to Venus suggests that what comes from the heart remains. This is a precious moment in history. Don’t waste a minute doubting your abilities or the chance to make your mark.

Painting – ‘Monastery (Brahmaputra)’ by Nicholas Roerich

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The Full Moon occurs at 02:24 (UT) on January 2, 2018 at 11°Cn37′.

The water element is in full flow as the Moon grows to the height of her power in the sign she rules. What’s immediately notable about this chart is the lack of the element of air. Only Juno and the South Node are connected to the intellectual function with both in Aquarius. To all intents and purposes, this is a period where emotions are running the show. Attention turns to home and family and the need to belong. What we feel is instinctive, beyond reason and description. Our private life is more prominent than our public life and issues at home may take precedence over issues at work.

Still, looking at the chart, the matriarchal Moon might have her work cut out for her given the strong prevalence of planets in patriarchal Capricorn, including ruler Saturn. With Venus conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, it might feel like there is more value placed on men, the system, conservatism, the job and ambition. The ‘softer’ issues of family bonding and emotional support that the Moon in Cancer speaks of can seem overwhelmed and pressured by the world ‘out there’.

To complicate matters more, Venus is conjunct Black Moon Lilith and there’s no man who’s going to put this lady down! Black Moon Lilith is fierce, wild, raw, passionate and absolutely a law unto herself. She may be minding some of the rules in conservative Capricorn, but you can be sure that she’s figuring out how to use them to her advantage. Some woman may feel furious that they still are expected to split themselves in two – being one person at work and another at home to satisfy embedded cultural expectations and values. For all of us, the tension surrounds how to reconcile the powerful feelings of the Cancer Moon in the face of unsentimental Capricorn. In mythology, Lilith was the devourer of babies – a far cry from the motherly Cancer Moon.

Full Moon in Cancer January 2018 – Chart

click to enlarge

Cancer is soft and nurturing yet can also be fiercely protective. You only have to think of the crab’s claws to get an idea of the lengths that this sign will go to protect what’s dear. The Moon is widely opposed to powerful Pluto, threatening security conscious Luna with unspoken fears and the shadowy unknown. We may need to watch for where we unconsciously believe that the world out there isn’t safe. Trust issues bubble up like a shadow looming over a child…

The Moon is however in a strong Grand Trine with motivated Mars, benefic Jupiter and gentle Neptune. If we can direct our feelings into joyful pursuits, acts of kindness, charity, creative or spiritual work, then we can see that the world isn’t all a bad place. Whilst we cannot pretend that the underbelly of life doesn’t exist, the Grand Trine aspect puts us in touch with all that it wholesome and nourishing. Every good fairy tale, has a wizard or witch who helps us battle the monsters.

You may find yourself more nostalgic during this lunation. The Moon rules our history, instincts and childhood. The Moon is also conjunct asteroids Memoria (memory) and Flora (flower/plant). You may be touched by the fragility of life, swept away by sweet recollections from the past, lost in bygone days and the scent of Lilies. We can’t however, live in the past. The tug of Pluto reminds us that what is gone is gone – let go, release. Cancer can be inclined to cling because letting go is scary.

Uranus is at the degree of his station direct which occurs a few hours after the Full Moon. It indicates that there may be some startling revelations around this period too. Surprising twists or unexpected occurrences might prompt new perspectives. If we are open to change, this newly awakened state could help us to manage any emotional overwhelm more effectively.

The Moon in on the Sabian symbol ‘A Chinese Woman Nursing A Baby Whose Aura Reveals Him To Be The Reincarnation Of A Great Teacher’. This symbol advocates that what is important during this Full Moon is care of the soul. It’s about nurturing the inner divine child. Tenderness allows our true nature to be revealed. At New Years, many of us succumb to the traditional pressure to set new goals. We’re told they must be ‘smart’ – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely – all good Capricorn words! Yet this Sabian symbol and the Cancer Moon suggest that this year, maybe we need to feel our way through and allow life to unfold. We don’t need to defer to an authority out there. There is a deeper and wiser knowing self maturing from within.

Our history plays a prominent part in how we respond to any situation but whilst old knowledge is still relevant today, this is an opportunity to look at life with fresh eyes. We do not have to be at the mercy of the past, doomed to repeat the same patterns over and over. Let the past be a teacher, not a dictator.

Painting- ‘Motherly Love’ by Frederick Morgan

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LUA ASTROLOGY by Leah Whitehorse - 5M ago

2018 begins with a noticeable lack of the air element. Aside from the Moon’s quick visit to Libra from January 7 – 10, only Juno is placed in an Air sign (Aquarius). When an element is missing or lacking, we tend to go to extremes to try to redress the balance. The element of air is associated with the mental plane. It’s intellectual and conversational. We could either be too detached and unemotional during this period or at the other end of the scale, unable to think things through rationally. This could be a period when it feels like everyone is talking but nothing is happening, or no one is communicating, and everyone feels misunderstood.
Certainly, at the beginning of the year, the Full Moon in Cancer on January 2 suggests emotions are heightened. The Moon is in a flowing grand trine pattern with Jupiter, Mars and Neptune which makes acting on our feelings easy. We must watch however, the wide lunar opposition to Pluto which could appear threatening to the security conscious Cancer Moon. On this date too, Mars is square the Nodes so what we do now carries weight on a spiritual level. How we handle our anger, how we defend and protect ourselves, all these issues are animated by this tense connection.

We also have the element of surprise thrown in to the mix as Uranus stations direct on January 2. Of course, with the sweet Grand Trine in the Full Moon chart, some surprises may be welcome. Still, things can get crazy quickly with Uranus. It may however, be high time we start to make changes we’ve been considering whilst Uranus was retrograde. As Uranus stations direct, there’s an urge towards new horizons, freedom of expression and revolution – especially as Uranus is now marching through the last few degrees of Aries. Look to the house in your chart with Aries on the cusp as well as the house where Uranus is transiting now (they may be the same or different). This represents the part of life that has needed a shake up and/or an upgrade. Courage (Aries) is required to make it happen. Uranus in Aries is all about daring to be different and the station direct is a green light to go ahead.

Mars forms a conjunction to Jupiter on January 7 and a sextile to Pluto on January 8. These aspects trigger the sextile between Jupiter and Pluto which will perfect on January 16. This is the first in a series of three sextiles that promise benefits from deep transformative work. We are also looking at how we can increase (Jupiter) our power (Pluto). Mars conjunct Jupiter aligns deep faith with action. We want to do something that makes our world a better place. Whilst the mighty games of the powers that be play out behind closed doors of governments, we all get a boost that reminds us that we too have power to change things. Pick a belief, a religion, a cause, a country, a charity and find out what you can do to help. In our own personal lives, future developments benefit from a leap of faith to eradicate what no longer works for us.

Also on January 16, Ceres will make the second of three conjunctions to the North Node. Ceres is a Mother Goddess associated with food, crops, feast, famine, loss and nurturing. Collectively this means Mother Earth is taking centre stage in our evolutionary progress. What we do now as far as the planet is concerned has ongoing consequences and karma. We are also reaping the rewards of past karma too. Individually, this is about tapping in to our inner Mother and nurturing our own innate creativity. Note that this aspect will play an important part in the eclipse at the end of the month.

We’re weighed down by gravity at the New Moon on January 17. This Moon takes place in Capricorn making it 6 planets plus Black Moon Lilith in this serious sign. The Moon makes constructive sextiles to Mars and Chiron although a square to Uranus suggests pressure is building. We want the stability of Capricorn, yet we also sense a shake up is required to gain the stability we’re looking for. There’s tension between old and new, progressive ideas and conservative traditions. We’re acutely aware of what has been established and perhaps of the Establishment! With Saturn now in his own kingdom, there’s no getting away from doing the work ahead of us.

Mars trine’s Chiron on January 18 motivating us to build bridges. Chiron’s orbit takes him between Saturn and Uranus, so it is through Chiron we can find ways to bring old and new worlds together. With brave Mars reaching out to renegade Chiron, we may be more prepared to go out on a limb to access healing and alleviate chronic suffering. Part of this process may mean letting go of old contracts and commitments as Juno also is conjunct the South Node on January 18. It’s important to recognise when we have outgrown a situation or a relationship. With Venus finally bringing some air element back into play on this date too, her entry into Aquarius is likely to help us make these kinds of decisions with a friendly detachment and cool compromise. Bear in mind though that Saturn is the co-ruler of Aquarius so there’s no escaping gritty reality.

Mars enters Sagittarius on January 26 which gives us a taste for adventure despite the heavy energies elsewhere. Some may be booking their holidays early as festive celebrations finally give way to the boring rhythm of the nine-to five. Having something to look forward to fires us up and gets us motivated. With this sign associated with belief systems, sometimes there can be antagonism when others don’t share our world view. People can become preachy, fighting to convert everyone else instead of listening. We can become too fervent when we don’t get our own way. Despite the downfalls though, Mars in Sagittarius should at least bring in some flexibility and warmth after a period which may have felt rigid and cold.

Venus conjoins the South Node on January 29 on the Sabian symbol ‘Two Lovebirds Sitting On A Fence And Singing Happily’. This is a delightful symbol which can conjure up images of pure bliss. With the South Node however, we are being asked to let go of naive images of what happiness ‘should’ look like. Remember, with Saturn now in Capricorn, it’s all about what is, not how we wish them to be. It may be time to let go of an old flame, gain closure on an old relationship or simply time to reflect and tune into your heart.

The month ends as eclipse season begins with a lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31. As mentioned above, Ceres takes centre stage as she is tightly conjunct the eclipsed Moon. A lunar eclipse is a time when everything is brought down to earth. What we feel becomes real. There could be high drama over losses. We may be hearing more about famine, food wars, food stamps, food banks, agricultural issues, climate issues and reproductive rights. This eclipse is also opposite Venus, so money and care of the planet are at polar opposites! In our own lives, Ceres reminds us to look for abundance in forms other than money, especially if we’re feeling poor. Look inward to re-connect with a cornucopia of creativity.

Painting – ‘English Castle’ by David Burliuk

January 2018 Astrology Forecast – Major Aspects

02-Jan-18 Full Moon in Cancer   02:24:01 11°Cn37′ D 11°Cp37′ D
02-Jan-18 Sun sextile Neptune 09:37:06 11°Cp56′ D 11°Pi56′ D
02-Jan-18 Jupiter square Ceres 14:03:56 17°Sc12′ D 17°Le12′ R
02-Jan-18 Uranus stations Direct 14:10:57 24°Ar34′ D
02-Jan-18 Mars square South Node 17:14:24 15°Sc14′ D 15°Aq14′ R
02-Jan-18 Mars square North Node 17:14:24 15°Sc14′ D 15°Le14′ R
03-Jan-18 Venus sextile Neptune 17:38:16 11°Cp57′ D 11°Pi57′ D
04-Jan-18 Chiron trine Vesta 06:10:23 24°Pi43′ D 24°Sc43′ D
05-Jan-18 Mars square Ceres 07:26:46 16°Sc51′ D 16°Le51′ R
06-Jan-18 Mercury trine Uranus 23:38:32 24°Sg34′ D 24°Ar34′ D
07-Jan-18 Mars conjunct Jupiter 00:38:50 17°Sc55′ D 17°Sc55′ D
07-Jan-18 Mercury square Chiron 04:06:27 24°Sg48′ D 24°Pi48′ D
08-Jan-18 Sun sextile Jupiter 12:06:50 18°Cp09′ D 18°Sc09′ D
08-Jan-18 Venus sextile Jupiter 16:12:53 18°Cp10′ D 18°Sc10′ D
08-Jan-18 Mars sextile Pluto 19:58:48 19°Sc02′ D 19°Cp02′ D
08-Jan-18 Last Quarter Moon in Libra 22:25:10 18°Li35′ D 18°Cp35′ D
09-Jan-18 Mercury trine Pallas 05:31:58 27°Sg24′ D 27°Ar24′ D
09-Jan-18 Sun conjunct Venus 07:01:34 18°Cp57′ D 18°Cp57′ D
09-Jan-18 Venus conjunct Pluto 09:03:08 19°Cp03′ D 19°Cp03′ D
09-Jan-18 Sun conjunct Pluto 09:32:35 19°Cp03′ D 19°Cp03′ D
09-Jan-18 Venus sextile Mars 21:07:44 19°Cp41′ D 19°Sc41′ D
10-Jan-18 Sun sextile Mars 05:36:19 19°Cp54′ D 19°Sc54′ D
11-Jan-18 Mercury enters Capricorn 05:08:57 00°Cp00′ D 00°Cp00′ D
13-Jan-18 Mercury conjunct Saturn 07:03:13 02°Cp48′ D 02°Cp48′ D
13-Jan-18 Venus square Uranus 19:08:26 24°Cp37′ D 24°Ar37′ D
14-Jan-18 Venus sextile Chiron 02:51:53 25°Cp01′ D 25°Pi01′ D
14-Jan-18 Sun square Uranus 20:44:33 24°Cp38′ D 24°Ar38′ D
15-Jan-18 Vesta enters Sagittarius 04:41:36 00°Sg00′ D 00°Sg00′ D
15-Jan-18 Sun sextile Chiron 06:59:30 25°Cp04′ D 25°Pi04′ D
16-Jan-18 Jupiter sextile Pluto 04:13:22 19°Sc17′ D 19°Cp17′ D
16-Jan-18 Ceres opposite South Node 14:01:54 14°Le56′ R 14°Aq56′ R
16-Jan-18 Ceres conjunct North Node 14:01:54 14°Le56′ R 14°Le56′ R
17-Jan-18 New Moon in Capricorn 02:17:10 26°Cp54′ D 26°Cp54′ D
17-Jan-18 Venus square Pallas 12:29:46 29°Cp18′ D 29°Ar18′ D
18-Jan-18 Venus enters Aquarius 01:43:31 00°Aq00′ D 00°Aq00′ D
18-Jan-18 Mars trine Chiron 18:02:19 25°Sc11′ D 25°Pi11′ D
19-Jan-18 Venus sextile Vesta 19:20:53 02°Aq10′ D 02°Sg10′ D
20-Jan-18 Mercury sextile Neptune 01:07:43 12°Cp23′ D 12°Pi23′ D
20-Jan-18 Pallas enters Taurus 02:29:06 00°Ta00′ D 00°Ta00′ D
20-Jan-18 Sun enters Aquarius 03:08:57 00°Aq00′ D 00°Aq00′ D
20-Jan-18 Sun square Pallas 03:23:51 00°Aq00′ D 00°Ta00′ D
21-Jan-18 Juno conjunct South Node 11:28:12 14°Aq56′ D 14°Aq56′ D
24-Jan-18 Sun sextile Vesta 08:42:17 04°Aq18′ D 04°Sg18′ D
24-Jan-18 Mercury conjunct Pluto 20:49:48 19°Cp35′ D 19°Cp35′ D
24-Jan-18 First Quarter Moon in Taurus 22:20:18 04°Ta53′ D 04°Aq53′ D
25-Jan-18 Mercury sextile Jupiter 11:27:56 20°Cp30′ D 20°Sc30′ D
26-Jan-18 Mars enters Sagittarius 12:56:11 00°Sg00′ D 00°Sg00′ D
27-Jan-18 Venus opposite Ceres 23:09:50 12°Aq25′ D 12°Le25′ R
28-Jan-18 Mercury square Uranus 07:08:05 24°Cp51′ D 24°Ar51′ D
28-Jan-18 Mercury sextile Chiron 18:49:38 25°Cp36′ D 25°Pi36′ D
29-Jan-18 Venus conjunct South Node 23:07:01 14°Aq56′ D 14°Aq56′ R
31-Jan-18 Sun opposite Ceres 12:50:46 11°Aq35′ D 11°Le35′ R
31-Jan-18 Lunar Eclipse in Leo   13:26:39 11°Le37′ D 11°Aq37′ D
31-Jan-18 Mercury enters Aquarius 13:39:00 00°Aq00′ D 00°Aq00′ D
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LUA ASTROLOGY by Leah Whitehorse - 5M ago

Saturn enters Capricorn on December 20, 2017 at 4:48 (UT).

Just as I began researching this post last month, I saw an article stating that Earth’s rotation is slowing down. It’s expected to produce a period where we experience more intense earthquakes.

Astrologically, the symbolism is apt as Saturn, or ‘Old Father Time’ indicates a slow down in the areas he touches. Uranus too enters Taurus next year, so we have issues regarding stability (Saturn) and shake ups (Uranus) all affecting what we have built (Capricorn) and planet Earth (Taurus). I’m paying close attention to the Saturn, South Node, Pluto conjunction that will take place in April 2019 along with another triple conjunction between Pluto, Ceres and Saturn in January 2020. Ceres is an agricultural Goddess so issues regarding sustainability, conservation and climate change are likely to be of extreme importance around this period.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, and with Saturn, that will never do!

I like Saturn, honestly, I do. He gets a bad rap in astrology. Just today I came across a typically dreadful article in the Daily Mail which talks of how this winter solstice will be the worst for years because the Sun will conjunct Saturn in Capricorn shortly after solstice. Mostly, what we don’t like about Saturn is that he doesn’t let us escape reality. Saturn is a stern schoolmaster, professor, boss and policeman. We must do the work, play by the rules, be accountable and exhibit self-discipline and maturity under his influence. We can’t get away with shirking the work or putting it off until later.

Saturn reminds us that time on planet Earth is short. We are mortal. We have an expiry date so if you’re going to do something, it’s time to get on with it. Our inner child balks at Saturn’s serious tone but we need him because otherwise we’d never grow up. We’d never learn what we are truly capable of and we’d never learn how to deal with difficult situations that life inevitably brings. We need Saturn because he is wisdom born of experience. When we work with Saturn and do the work, we find that he supports us in our endeavours. Saturn is the one who gives you that feeling of accomplishment after a long, hard climb as the mountain summit looms into view.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn so his return to this sign is like the King returning to his castle. Think about a teacher returning to the classroom after leaving you for a while – or the boss coming back into the office after a long holiday. Those rules that have been bent and warped in our favour suddenly snap back into place. Saturn coming home to Capricorn is likely to have us all standing to attention and highly aware of our unpolished shoes.

For the past two and a half years, Saturn has been moving through Sagittarius where our faith has been sorely tested. Saturn restricted some of the Archer’s natural wide range of options and forced us to choose a realistic direction. In the mundane world, we’ve suffered from increasing racism and division between cultures as Saturn, ruler of walls (!) manifested his dark side with an iron fist.

With Saturn now in Capricorn, we will be concerned with old age, pensions and the aging population. Just a few days ago, announcements were made regarding young people being forced to start saving for their pension from age 18. I don’t know about you but at 18, a pension was the last thing on my mind! But with Saturn entering Capricorn, we can no longer ignore the issue.

click to enlarge

In the natal chart, the 10th house is connected to public image, reputation, career and status. Globally, employment rates may fall as Saturn makes us aware of the system’s limitations. There could be a system wide slow down which forces us to look very carefully at what’s working and what isn’t. Once Uranus moves into Taurus, it’s possible that we may hear a lot more about how robots and technology are taking over people’s jobs. Still, with Saturn in the sign of his rulership perhaps there will be some improvements in working conditions for those who are in work.

Saturn will also create a sextile to Neptune during this transit where we can make real inroads into creating a compassionate world. Meaningful work will be on all our minds and perhaps more will make the leap to build their own business. We all need to take ourselves and our ambitions more seriously now. Saturn sextile Neptune says if you can dream it, you can build it.

Famous people, presidents, governments and royalty also are connected to the 10th house and Capricorn. There may be some significant losses or changes regarding established figureheads during this period, especially when Saturn, Pluto and the South Node are conjunct and again when Saturn, Pluto and Ceres are conjunct. These mass conjunctions are strong in the chart of the US (opposite Mercury), Queen Elizabeth’s chart (conjunct Ascendant) and they also oppose the Moon in the UK’s chart. Other areas that may be enhanced or helped by this transit is research in bones and bone diseases and advances in dentistry. Perhaps too, there may be a breakthrough with the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Difficult manifestations of this transit may result in more austerity. Saturn is about bare bones, denial, meagre servings. We may be looking at our system of rules and how those rules are enforced. Rigid adherence to rules, people going by the book without any common (human) sense, rampant conservatism – these are the things that can frustrate under this influence.

Capitalism and the banking system are also looking at potential shifts, especially with Pluto ploughing through Capricorn as well. Those who have abused their powers (Pluto) may find themselves under the long arm of the law. Some may lose assets as restrictions take hold. Old structures fall, and new structures take their place. The patriarchal system is also likely to be tested – something which is already rumbling as Jupiter (currently disposited by Pluto in Capricorn) exposes taboos and secrets endemic in modern society. The battle between the sexes could become more overt with Mother Goddess Ceres involved later. We may need to call upon the wisdom of the past and watch for where history tries to repeat itself.

All of us would do well to retain our sense of humour as this cold, hard reality can feel heavy and forbidding. Still, what is important to remember is that Saturn in Capricorn is epically resilient! It’s tough, but you’re tougher! As the Borg say, ‘resistance is futile’. What you resist persists even more strongly as Saturn moves through Capricorn. Pay attention to what you are building in your mind. The beliefs born from Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius can become the reality.

In our own personal lives, Saturn’s movement shows us where we need to step up, pay attention and get real. Look to which house in your chart has Capricorn on the cusp as this is the part of life that Saturn will be working on. You may have a mountain to climb, an ambition, a need to show who’s boss, a desire to build from the bottom up. You’re likely to be shown where you hold yourself back through the various tests and trials that Saturn inevitably brings, For me for example, Capricorn is my 6th house cusp so I will be pushed to take responsibility for my health, learn more about managing certain conditions (I’m already suffering arthritis – a condition associated with Saturn!) and I will need to put measures in place to protect my health in the long term. On a day to day level, Saturn will expect me to manage myself effectively (I tend to procrastinate!), demonstrate my authority, deal with a large work load and continue to build my ‘empire’ one brick at a time.

Unlike the dreary Daily Mail article pronouncing a terrible Winter Solstice, I think that Saturn’s entry into Capricorn around the solstice is sweet serendipity. As the solar principle goes through a rebirth and we move to the light half of the year, Saturn gifts us with the ability to be real and present with what is. The Sun’s meeting with Saturn reminds us that to succeed in our life’s purpose, to truly SHINE, we must be patient, responsible, accountable and mature. This is about accepting the mission because even the tough parts have their own reward. It’s a rite of passage.

Saturn in Capricorn Aspects

Saturn enters Capricorn 20-Dec-17 04:48:42 UT 00°Cp00′ D 00°Cp00′ D
Jupiter semi-square Saturn 22-Dec-17 14:54:20 UT 15°Sc17′ D 00°Cp17′ D
Jupiter semi-square Saturn 14-Mar-18 11:03:05 UT 23°Sc10′ R 08°Cp10′ D
Saturn Stations Retrograde 18-Apr-18 02:46:28 BST 09°Cp08′ R
Jupiter semi-square Saturn 03-Sep-18 18:42:04 BST 17°Sc32′ D 02°Cp32′ R
Saturn Stations Direct 06-Sep-18 12:08:17 BST 02°Cp32′ D
Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn 27-Dec-18 19:17:36 UT 10°Sg52′ D 10°Cp52′ D
Saturn sextile Neptune 31-Jan-19 14:14:50 UT 14°Cp54′ D 14°Pi54′ D
Saturn Stations Retrograde 30-Apr-19 01:54:03 BST 20°Cp31′ R
Saturn conjunct South Node 30-Apr-19 21:21:41 BST 20°Cp31′ R 20°Cp31′ R
Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn 14-Jun-19 17:28:04 BST 18°Sg57′ R 18°Cp57′ R
Saturn sextile Neptune 18-Jun-19 12:46:53 BST 18°Cp43′ R 18°Pi43′ D
Saturn conjunct South Node 04-Jul-19 08:28:03 BST 17°Cp36′ R 17°Cp36′ D
Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn 19-Aug-19 15:46:48 BST 14°Sg36′ D 14°Cp36′ R
Saturn Stations Direct 18-Sep-19 09:46:33 BST 13°Cp54′ D
Saturn conjunct South Node 28-Sep-19 07:21:08 BST 13°Cp59′ D 13°Cp59′ R
Saturn sextile Neptune 09-Nov-19 02:45:19 UT 16°Cp01′ D 16°Pi01′ R
Saturn conjunct Pluto 12-Jan-20 16:59:16 UT 22°Cp46′ D 22°Cp46′ D
Saturn conjunct Ceres 13-Jan-20 09:20:12 UT 22°Cp51′ D 22°Cp51′ D
Saturn enters Aquarius 22-Mar-20 03:58:20 UT 00°Aq00′ D 00°Aq00′ D
Saturn Stations Retrograde 11-May-20 05:09:08 BST 01°Aq57′ R
Saturn re-enters Capricorn 02-Jul-20 00:36:52 BST 00°Aq00′ R 00°Aq00′ D
Saturn Stations Direct 29-Sep-20 06:11:14 BST 25°Cp20′ D
Saturn enters Aquarius 17-Dec-20 05:03:52 UT 00°Aq00′ D 00°Aq00′ D

Painting – ‘A Bust of an Old Man’ by Rembrandt

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