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The Full Moon occurs at 15:53 (UT) on February 19, 2019 at 00°Vi42′.

This is an interesting lunation as it takes place on 0 degrees of Virgo. Zero degrees are about beginnings, yet Full Moons bring things to a conclusion. So, we have a decision, crisis or resolution that involves a new beginning. Our attention is on details, so we might want to tweak our health regime or schedule to make life run more smoothly. Perhaps we want to up our skillset to get a better job or to be of service to the world in other ways. Whatever the drive, there is the potential to make significant improvements by taking one step at a time.

As the Moon opposes the Sun in nebulous Pisces, the challenge is that life does not always run the way we would like it to. We can’t plan for every eventuality. Pisces is the clause in the insurance term that says, ‘except for acts of God’. This can leave Virgo flustered because it’s trying to make everything perfect. The more we try to manifest heaven on Earth or the more stuck we get on the ideal, the greater our potential for feeling like everything is one big mess. It isn’t a mess, it’s just life. We need to ebb and flow like the ocean and trust that we can adjust to whatever life brings.

This Moon however is well supported. Firstly, the Moon is acting as mediator between the critical degree opposition between Uranus and Pallas. That tug of war is ongoing but at least now emotionally we’re beginning to see that there IS a way round it. We can find common ground, despite our differences. The Moon’s trine to Uranus suggests we’re open to finding alternative methods that might help us to complete tasks. Yes, there is a feeling of urgency that comes from Uranus on this final degree of Aries, but it’s become motivating rather than anxiety provoking.  The sextile to Pallas brings in creative thinking and the ability to work together. Luna also trines Mars bolstering energy levels and bringing some muscle into the equation. Mars offers us the will to achieve our objectives.

It’s also worth noting that the rulers of the lights – Mercury and Neptune, have just made a conjunction on the same date as the Full Moon. Whilst this means that we need to work more on intuition than on facts, the suggestion is that something is coming together, despite the challenges. If we do get stuck, the best thing to do is to let go and let God instead of stressing. Work with what you can, leave the rest. This message is reiterated by a conjunction between asteroid Undina and the Moon. Undina was named after a water spirit so there is certainly a watery, emotional overtone to this lunation. Swim with the tide instead of against it. Trust your instincts.

Note that Chiron, freshly ingressed into Aries, will quincunx this Full Moon. At times we might find ourselves thinking that we’ll never get the work done, it’s an impossible task or that too much is broken for it to be fixed. And yet the quincunx often requires that we keep going, despite conflicted feelings. We’re never going to fully reconcile it. It’s about holding space for those impressions whilst not allowing them to dictate what we do or don’t do.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is :-

In A Portrait, The Significant Features Of A Man’s Head Are Artistically Emphasized

This Sabian suggests that we are looking for ways to enhance our lives. What we see depends on our perspective. We can either choose to lament the worst or choose to make the best of what we have. When we look at life through the eyes of an artist, everything becomes beautiful, even if it isn’t perfect.

Painting – ‘Self Portrait as an Artist’ by Vincent van Gogh

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The New Moon occurs at 21:03 (UT), February 4, 2019 at 15°Aq45′.

With this lunation taking place in the global 11th house, it features new starts in connection with groups, friends, networks, political alliances, humanitarian causes, future plans and technology. Aquarius is a sign associated with innovation and change. Typically, it’s a sign that brings something different to the table. Under Aquarius influence we’re encouraged to think outside of the box and express our individuality. Aquarius upgrades, innovates, invents because progress is what is important. We can’t stay stuck. We must move forwards.

The New Moon is on the midpoint between the recent Saturn-Neptune sextile. It suggests then that this lunation will help us to access the best this aspect has to offer. We are being encouraged to build our dreams and manifest imaginative potential but to do this, we need to be brave enough to take a radical stance and trust our unique vision.

The New Moon is also conjunct Mercury. Mercury is also conjoined with witchy Black Moon Lilith, bringing her into the conversation. Mercury is about communication and Lilith knows the name of God. Words have power around this time. Use that mantra, incantation or affirmation! Speak your truth! Lilith also has no qualms about drawing the line at what isn’t right for her. For some, it’s possible that a ‘no’ to opportunities that don’t fit is enough to start things moving again. To hell with convention! says Lilith. Let’s do it differently!

Even though we might feel that things are getting shaken up by revolutionary new ideas, the New Moon’s sextile to Jupiter blesses any willingness to explore new possibilities. A little adventurousness could serve us well during this time. We also benefit from studying, reading, travelling and consulting archetypal systems such as the tarot and astrology. Sometimes it helps to distance ourselves from what we are looking at to ensure we have the correct perspective.

Whilst Aquarius is associated with being cool and detached, this Moon has extra emotional kick given that Mars is heading towards a conjunction with modern Aquarius ruler Uranus. Old Aquarius ruler Saturn too has just entered a dance with intense Pluto. It feels like there is an urgent desire to complete a task or change in our lives because we know that there is heavy work ahead and we need to be prepared.

There’s also Chiron, hanging out at the end of Pisces, swimming with all his strength to get to dry land. Some of us could feel out of our depth, afraid of rejection or just tired of treading water. We need to follow Aquarius’s advice, take a breath, stay objective. That way we can tap into the best this chart has to offer.

The Sabian symbol of the New Moon is :-

A Big Businessman At His Desk

It’s time to get our lives in order. We need to make big decisions with confidence and have the commitment to carry them forward. Sometimes, the people who are most successful are the ones who think outside of the box, yet they also know how to play the system to their advantage. This symbol isn’t about screwing people over – although of course that is the shadow side. It’s about knowing what you want, taking calculated risks, working overtime to make it happen. The big businessman reminds us that the buck stops here. Keep your cool. You’ve GOT this.

Painting ‘Portrait of a Businessman K. Artsybushev’ by Mikhail Vrubel

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LUA ASTROLOGY by Leah Whitehorse - 3w ago

You know how it is, when you notice something and then you start seeing it everywhere? That’s me with anaretic degrees (the final degree of each sign). Right now, I’m doing a ton of research on these degrees so imagine my surprise when I see February is full of aspects that take place on these final degrees – thirteen aspects in total. This month feels dynamic and seeing as the 29th degree is also a critical degree, we could say that February is a critical turning point in our lives. The final degree of a sign has a sense of urgency about it, a powerful drive to complete its mission. These degrees can also be volatile as there’s a tendency to over-react. Not all the anaretic aspects this month are difficult ones, indeed some are trines and sextiles so there’s an invitation from the cosmos to grab hold of this powerful energy and turn it in our favour. But still, there are some tempestuous aspects to navigate along the way.

It begins with Mars squaring Pluto on February 2. This isn’t, by the way, an anaretic aspect but still, Mars is a warrior and Pluto a war lord. Both have the will and drive to keep bashing at the same problem until they find a way through. With these two at loggerheads, the problem is that no one wants to back down. We’re fighting (Mars) for control (Pluto) or we’re angry at the truth! This aspect can inspire incredible acts of courage or it can take us down the heady path of red rage, furious at the world and not scared to show it! We need to handle it carefully, gently. Things break under this influence and we can hurt ourselves or each other.

Venus enters Capricorn on February 3 where relationships become a serious issue. We may become more reserved and less demonstrative, but we are concerned with commitment. Whilst this transit is anything but flowery, Venus in Capricorn loves in a mature way. This is about investing hard work into relationships, not taking things for granted, keeping the long term in view. For those who are alone, this transit can bring up thoughts of aging alone and whether or not that seems like a nice or not so nice prospect. Maybe we want to get our money in order, decide on a pension or save for a rainy day. Spending slows down as we may become more choosy about where our hard earned money goes. As Venus rules the pleasure principle, what makes us happy now is feeling as though we’re working towards something tangible. Negatively, if we feel hampered by problems around self-worth, these issues could become more prominent during this period.

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 4 is well supported with a sextile to Jupiter and conjunction to Mercury. Something feels different, expansive and perhaps we’re ready to welcome new ideas and options. When Mars squares the Nodes on February 9 though, we’re challenged to find our courage and commit to a course of action that drives us towards easier emotional expression and support. Mars usually prefers a clear direction, but life isn’t always so obliging. It can be disconcerting when there’s no longer a hard line to follow. Perhaps Mercury’s entry into Pisces on February 10 will help us to trust our intuition more. Instead of thinking our way through it, we can now feel our way through it. Its about following hunches, dreams, whispers from Spirit. Sometimes the wandering path is the one with the greatest meaning.

The First Quarter Moon on February 12 brings the lights into a tense square between Taurus (the Moon) and Aquarius (the Sun). The new objectives sparked at the previous New Moon could now feel too different or progressive. With the Moon in Taurus, we need to feel secure. We need to know that we have food on the table and a roof over our heads. The best approach would be to allow for change but move slowly. We don’t need to jump in with both feet.

But then comes Mars in his anaretic conjunction with Uranus on February 13 and it also sparks the ongoing Uranus-Pallas opposition which stays in tight orb for the entire month. The exact dates of Uranus opposite Pallas this year are February 8, February 21 and September 11. This means that problems sparked around this period may not see a full resolution until September. Pallas is associated with negotiation, mediation, wisdom and pattern recognition. She is currently moving through Libra (and stationing on the final anaretic degree of this sign) and therefore accentuating the need for agreement and working together. Uranus however tugs in the opposite direction, pulling us towards independence and revolutionary change. Mars amps up the desire for freedom from the constraints of diplomacy. Whilst Pallas will watch her language carefully, Mars will be effing and jeffing (for my international readers this is a polite English way of talking about swear words) without a care in the world. F*ck you very much says Mars as he flips the bird at Pallas. Pallas however is going to do everything she possibly can to keep a dialogue going because it feels crucial to find a compromise. It seems funny that as I write all this, the ‘meaningful vote’ about Brexit is happening as I type!

So, February brings up dilemmas over where to compromise and where to stand our ground, when to go it alone, when to team up with others. Mars conjunct Uranus on the final degree of Aries brings the Uranus transit through Aries to a final booming close. It’s not going out quietly, that’s for sure. The biggest challenge is that patience may be in short supply and any delay could feel like torment. Guard again impulsive decisions but also be prepared to act quickly if the need arises.

Some of the heat begins to cool as Mars moves into Taurus on February 14. This slows the pace considerably and gives us staying power. The focus is on action to create tangible results. We want to see where we’ve spent our energies. If you feel frustrated, make a list of what you have achieved each day, do a time and motion study. Get a practical handle on what you are doing and why. Look for tools and resources that will help you to achieve your goals. If life is a garden, then Mars’s transit through Taurus is the digging phase where we prepare the ground for what’s to come. It’s hard work but worth it in the end. Slow and steady wins the race.

On February 18, Chiron finally makes his entry proper into Aries after a short preview last year. I made a long video about this transit here

Chiron in Aries will be about actively finding ways to heal.  As Aries is connected to courage and fighting for what we want, we may become more aware of the wounds that make us afraid to follow our passions or defend what is right. As Aries is also about the individual, we may become painfully aware of where we don’t feel right compared to others. Some may feel not good enough, rejected, an outsider, ashamed of who they are. Deep wounds to our identity much be addressed so that we can function better. We will also need to look at how we hurt ourselves, continuing cycles of abuse from the past. When a person hurts us, we can point the finger, blame them, get angry, demand an apology. But when we hurt ourselves, how do we deal with that? Raging at the self in the end only causes more pain. These are some of the complex themes brought by Chiron’s passage through Aries.

Just as Chiron leaves Pisces, the Sun enters Pisces so there is a softening in the atmosphere. This is a time of forgiveness, letting go, acceptance. As this is the last sign of the zodiac, we can use this time to consider the past twelve months and look at what we need to release. Creatives may enjoy this imaginative period where dreams are more vivid, and we’re more easily moved by sights of great beauty and suffering. Given Chiron’s entry into Aries though, we must guard against losing ourselves in self-pity which is very different from self-compassion.

The Virgo Full Moon on February 19 offers some possible practical solutions to problems, especially those sparked by the Uranus-Pallas opposition as the Moon makes positive aspects to both. Although part of us may feel a little lost at times, if we pay attention to details and work conscientiously, we can improve the outlook. Also on this date, Virgo’s ruler Mercury will enter the shadow zone of the upcoming retrograde period so it’s advisable to focus on completing tasks rather than starting something new.

In keeping with the Pisces Sun, the rest of the month is quiet, giving us time to rest and recuperate from a busy start to the year. The final major aspect of the month is the Last Quarter Moon on February 26. This is the closing chapter of the lunar cycle; a time of introspection as the Moon grows smaller and smaller in the sky. The Moon is in far reaching Sagittarius where we yearn for truth and understanding. The Sun in Pisces however reminds us that there are things that we cannot possibly understand. But if we’re quiet and aim our hearts towards the truth, the in those moments we can catch glimpses of the beyond, shimmering on the horizon. Whilst Sagittarius always wants to keep moving, sometimes we can roam too far. If you’re struggling, stand still. Maybe what you’re searching for is already with you.

Painting – ‘Chaos, Nr. 2’ by Hilma af Klint

February 2019 Astrology Forecast – Major Aspects

01-Feb-19 Juno sextile North Node 08:07:12 26°Ta47′ D 26°Cn47′ D
01-Feb-19 Vesta enters Pisces 11:01:05 00°Pi00′ D 00°Pi00′ D
02-Feb-19 Mars square Pluto 03:19:51 21°Ar39′ D 21°Cp39′ D
02-Feb-19 Venus sextile Pallas 14:48:30 28°Sg29′ D 28°Li29′ D
02-Feb-19 Venus trine Uranus 23:41:21 28°Sg55′ D 28°Ar55′ D
03-Feb-19 Venus square Chiron 06:50:42 29°Sg15′ D 29°Pi15′ D
03-Feb-19 Mercury sextile Jupiter 21:54:18 18°Aq15′ D 18°Sg15′ D
03-Feb-19 Venus enters Capricorn 22:29:09 00°Cp00′ D 00°Cp00′ D
04-Feb-19 New Moon in Aquarius 21:03:29 15°Aq45′ D 15°Aq45′ D
05-Feb-19 Venus sextile Vesta 20:11:43 02°Cp10′ D 02°Pi10′ D
08-Feb-19 Sun sextile Jupiter 00:32:12 18°Aq56′ D 18°Sg56′ D
08-Feb-19 Uranus opposite Pallas 00:43:17 29°Ar02′ D 29°Li02′ D
08-Feb-19 Mercury sextile Mars 01:24:21 25°Aq40′ D 25°Ar40′ D
09-Feb-19 Mars square North Node 08:07:53 26°Ar32′ D 26°Cn32′ R
09-Feb-19 Chiron sextile Juno 22:40:03 29°Pi34′ D 29°Ta34′ D
09-Feb-19 Mercury sextile Uranus 22:53:09 29°Aq05′ D 29°Ar05′ D
10-Feb-19 Mercury trine Pallas 00:07:52 29°Aq11′ D 29°Li11′ D
10-Feb-19 Mercury square Juno 06:40:51 29°Aq41′ D 29°Ta41′ D
10-Feb-19 Mercury enters Pisces 10:50:29 00°Pi00′ D 00°Pi00′ D
11-Feb-19 Juno enters Gemini 04:21:27 00°Ge00′ D 00°Ge00′ D
12-Feb-19 First Quarter Moon in Taurus 22:26:08 23°Ta54′ D 23°Aq54′ D
13-Feb-19 Mars conjunct Uranus 06:20:30 29°Ar11′ D 29°Ar11′ D
13-Feb-19 Mars opposite Pallas 12:57:14 29°Ar22′ D 29°Li22′ D
13-Feb-19 Mercury square Ceres 16:34:12 05°Pi51′ D 05°Sg51′ D
13-Feb-19 Mercury conjunct Vesta 20:37:36 06°Pi09′ D 06°Pi09′ D
14-Feb-19 Mars enters Taurus 10:51:06 00°Ta00′ D 00°Ta00′ D
17-Feb-19 Venus sextile Neptune 08:44:00 15°Cp29′ D 15°Pi29′ D
18-Feb-19 Sun sextile Uranus 07:54:52 29°Aq21′ D 29°Ar21′ D
18-Feb-19 Chiron enters Aries 09:07:39 00°Ar00′ D 00°Ar00′ D
18-Feb-19 Venus conjunct Saturn 10:51:49 16°Cp46′ D 16°Cp46′ D
18-Feb-19 Sun trine Pallas 10:53:28 29°Aq29′ D 29°Li29′ D
18-Feb-19 Pallas stations retrograde 16:42:23 29°Li29′ R
18-Feb-19 Sun enters Pisces 23:03:50 00°Pi00′ D 00°Pi00′ D
19-Feb-19 Mercury conjunct Neptune 06:36:38 15°Pi34′ D 15°Pi34′ D
19-Feb-19 Full Moon in Virgo 15:53:29 00°Vi42′ D 00°Pi42′ D
20-Feb-19 Mercury sextile Saturn 02:39:11 16°Pi55′ D 16°Cp55′ D
21-Feb-19 Uranus opposite Pallas 03:51:04 29°Ar27′ D 29°Li27′ R
22-Feb-19 Mercury square Jupiter 20:39:35 21°Pi06′ D 21°Sg06′ D
23-Feb-19 Venus conjunct Pluto 03:52:35 22°Cp17′ D 22°Cp17′ D
23-Feb-19 Sun square Juno 13:05:19 04°Pi37′ D 04°Ge37′ D
23-Feb-19 Mercury sextile Pluto 17:17:31 22°Pi18′ D 22°Cp18′ D
26-Feb-19 Venus conjunct South Node 06:53:31 25°Cp58′ D 25°Cp58′ R
26-Feb-19 Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 11:27:37 07°Sg34′ D 07°Pi34′ D
26-Feb-19 Mercury trine North Node 19:10:52 25°Pi58′ D 25°Cn58′ D
28-Feb-19 Sun sextile Mars 02:32:38 09°Pi12′ D 09°Ta12′ D
28-Feb-19 Sun square Ceres 11:10:02 09°Pi33′ D 09°Sg33′ D
28-Feb-19 Venus square Pallas 21:38:55 29°Cp03′ D 29°Li03′ R
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The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 05:15 on January 21, 2019 at 00°Le51′.

The lunar eclipse is the star of the show on zero degrees of Leo. This is both a last hurrah and a beginning of something special. The first degree of Leo is all glitz and glamour, brilliant, shining, a smile to end all smiles! Yet this is a total eclipse so momentarily, the smile could slip. If we’re pretending to be happy when we’re not, the eclipse could reveal the reality of our situation. The cosmos invites us to come back to ourselves, to shine as we are – not who we think we should be to please the audience.

This is the last of the Leo eclipses. The first occurred back in February 2017. Think back to what you have learned since that time. In some aspect of our lives, we have all be encouraged to be more confident, to step up onto life’s stage, to take a risk. Now we see the results of those actions.

The Moon is in a tight but out of sign square to unpredictable Uranus so there may be some surprises in store. These revolutionary vibrations compel us to free up time and energy for personal pursuits. But Uranus is opposing Pallas in Libra, so we are also required to work with others, to partner up, find agreement, keep our balance, deal with our differences. Pallas in Libra is the ultimate diplomat, Uranus in Aries, not so much! Somehow, we need to find a way to express our inner rebel without breaking ties. We need to shine without taking away someone else’s light. We are all special in the eyes of the Gods, all unique. If we are true to our hearts and playful with life, then this could be a bold awakening. Pallas offers wisdom, a battle plan, a clever strategy that could put us at the top of our game if we’re willing to compromise. Think – what is out of balance? Where I have been holding back? What needs to change or be upgraded for me to be the best version of myself? The Moon is also in a wide out of sign opposition to Mercury so what we think, and feel are at odds. We need to acknowledge any surge of emotions around this time, even if they take us by surprise.

The Sabian symbol for this Moon is :-

Blood Rushes To A Man’s Head As His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under The Spur Of Ambition.

For some this could be a rush of anger, boiling point, alarm bells ringing. If so, take your cue from the universe to acknowledge the problem. For others, this is rising passion, desire, the dream of something better. It’s inspiring!

As well as being in a Grand Cross, the eclipsed Moon is also part of a Thor’s hammer pattern with Venus-Jupiter and Neptune. A Thor’s hammer pattern requires the gentle touch because we can push too hard under its influence.

Venus and Neptune will square one another on the same day as the eclipse, activating the Jupiter-Neptune square and putting a soft focus on all that we see. It’s like a classic romance movie where we long to be one of the star-crossed lovers. It’s fairy-tale stuff for sure and with Mars square Saturn also on eclipse day, we could all be feeling like we need a little magic! The problem is that the great big rainbow arching over this eclipse will fade. It’s up to us to put the colour and meaning into our lives rather than to wait for someone else to wave a magic wand.

Painting ‘Rainbow’ by Martiros Sarian

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The solar eclipse occurs at 01:28 (UT) on January 6, 2019 at 15°Cp25′. This is a partial eclipse which belongs to Saros cycle 122. This series of eclipses began way back in 991AD taking us back to the times of King Ethelred the Unready.

There’s no AIR in this chart, well aside from Vesta and Pallas, but all the major planetary players are in other elements. The majority are in Earth signs, with Capricorn the sign most represented. The atmosphere feels heavy, serious and like it means business. Capricorn makes sure it is always prepared…no matter what.

This is the first of the eclipses since the Nodes changed signs so naturally, we begin a new set of themes to explore and discover. As this is a South Node eclipse, what is revealed around this time is connected to where we have been stuck for too long, too rigid, too ingrained in the rules. As the Nodes are integral to eclipses, events that occur tend to be coloured by a sense of ‘fate’. Right place, right time, wrong place, wrong time, whatever is happening, it’s as though things are being engineered to bring about a certain outcome. As ever though, how we respond to these events influences what unfolds.

Generally, at a Capricorn New Moon, we are planting seeds for new endeavours. Capricorn is the big mountain to climb, our greatest accomplishments, lofty career and professional goals. Yet, with the South Node’s presence, it’s suggested that whatever is begun now, relieves us of striving. The North Node in Cancer shows that for all of us, we need to look more to our private and emotional lives. Capricorn, hardworking and responsible though it is, can also be inclined to take on too much. Capricorn can feel obligated and very focused on what ‘should’ be done. This is about releasing those burdens taken on in an effort to gain respect and good standing in society. Instead we need to get in touch with our own inner authority. Here we’re growing up enough to remember to be a good parent to ourselves. We need emotional support, connection, mothering, a soft place to fall. It’s not about building walls, it’s about tearing them down and holding hands across the divide.

It isn’t easy though, to let go of how things have always been. The Moon is conjunct both Saturn and Pluto emphasising the intense weight we feel on our shoulders. But it IS important. We DO need to change for long term stability and to build trust. A sextile between the eclipse and Neptune gives us a helping hand. It’s about recognising our connection and trusting our intuition. Compassion is the way forward. Let the feelings flow.

The old order (Capricorn) is undergoing a transformation (Pluto) and what we need to build (Saturn) now is something meaningful (Neptune). Look to your own personal chart to see what part of life is being deconstructed (the house where Pluto is transiting) and where you need to develop a more emotional involvement (the house where the North Node is transiting). The position of transiting Neptune is your relief point. Here is where you find meaning, imagination, spirituality and a sense of connection. Tune in to what Spirit is telling you in regards to the matters of that house and it might help the rest of the pieces to fall into place.

The Sabian symbol for this eclipse is :-

School Grounds Filled With Boys And Girls In Gymnasium Suits

So, we need to get fit, stay supple. Capricorn is a sign associated with rigidity, arthritis, inflexibility. Getting in touch with the physical body and taking care of this holy container helps us mentally and emotionally as well as physically.  Perhaps even more important is the ability to reframe rather than insisting on seeing the same old picture. A notable feature of this chart is that Uranus is stationing so there is an element of ‘expect the unexpected going on’. Sometimes things change in a blink of an eye and therefore flexibility in all its forms helps us to bend instead of break when life surprises us.

Painting – ‘Building the Winter Studio. Ekely’ by Edvard Munch

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LUA ASTROLOGY by Leah Whitehorse - 1M ago

January starts as it means to go on with Mars entering home sign Aries on January 1. After paddling around in Pisces for the past two months, Mars will no doubt be relieved to get back onto dry land! This transit is a perfect kick start to the year, giving us all the motivation and courage needed to go after our goals. Those who have New Year resolutions may find it easier to stick to their guns and for all of us, somewhere in our lives, there’s a burning desire to get things moving. Mars will be in Aries for 6 weeks until mid-February, so we have plenty of time to spring forwards. As with every transit, there is always a shadow side so what we need to watch during this time is a tendency to push TOO hard. Mars in Aries can be one track, seeing only what it wants, never mind who or what gets in the way. Whilst it’s great for getting stuck into a challenge, some may become confrontational if they don’t get their way. Conflicts arise when we don’t take into account how our actions can affect others (the opposite sign to Aries is Libra). It’s good to bite the bullet, show initiative and be independent but not at the expense of our relationships.

Mercury’s entry into Capricorn on January 5 is a stabilising influence and slows down our thoughts. We may be more serious-minded during this transit but it’s perfect for constructing a plan and approaching ideas with due consideration. Mars might want to pile in and get the job done but Mercury in Capricorn puts out a hand and says ‘wait’. Capricorn is Mars’s sign of exaltation, so he might just listen. When Mercury is in Capricorn, we might find it harder to talk about our feelings but any conversations we have are taken seriously. Capricorn adds authority to the voice and suggests it’s easier for us all to listen to one another. We might not be as experimental as we have been, preferring tried and tested ways of doing things, but that’s okay. Sometimes it’s best to stick with what we know. We’re probably thinking more about work, career and responsibilities, so it would be useful to use this time to consider our objectives for the year ahead. Avoid getting into a heavy, negative mindset. Don’t think you have to climb a mountain in one day. Break down big tasks into bite-sized pieces.

We are heading straight into eclipse season too with a solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 6. This is the first of four Capricorn eclipses (two solar, two lunar) that will occur between now and July 2020. As this is a South Node eclipse, we can anticipate that what is revealed now will let us know what structures/limitations need to be released. Check back to January 2011 as there was a solar eclipse just two degrees away from this one. It may give you an idea of the themes raised during this eclipse period.

Also, on January 6, Uranus stations direct and for the first time in what seems like FOREVER, we have all planets in forward motion! “Onwards march”, shouts Mars in Aries! Uranus retrograde may have shaken us up at times but it’s been a necessary process to free us from restrictions. Anxiety and fear of the future give way to a new-found freedom where we can express ourselves uniquely.

Venus enters Sagittarius on January 7. Now she too is really digging the freedom vibe! After last year’s retrograde in Scorpio/Libra, the promise of new adventures and wide-open places has been a long time coming! No doubt, we all feel like kicking up our heels! Venus in Sagittarius denotes a time when we enjoy going into different environments. Whether we’re travelling or taking an art class, it’s good to feel inspired again. In relationships too, we’re more relaxed although for some, it may seem too relaxed as Venus doesn’t want to be tied down. Sometimes commitment can be an issue but if we can go with the flow of fun and frolics then this can be an enjoyable period.

The first of three squares between Jupiter and Neptune occurs on January 13. This, along with Saturn’s sextile to Neptune is going to be the defining feature of 2019. Jupiter square to Neptune amplifies spirituality, compassion, unconditional love. It also means an increase in the lost and forgotten, a magnification of confusion and uncertainty. Nothing feels solid, everything feels messy. It’s addiction and addictive, the great escape. It’s funny because as I write today (December 14, 2018), I have just seen a news item that says there is a spike in people Googling the meaning of the word ‘nebulous’. It’s a perfect description of Jupiter square Neptune.

The cosmic help we have on hand though is the sextile between Saturn and Neptune – the first occurring on January 31. Saturn sextile Neptune invites us to build our dreams. We can’t just dream it, we have to do it. We have to take responsibility for those who have fallen through the cracks. We can’t just Pollyanna through our days, positive thinking ourselves to paradise. The danger of Jupiter square Neptune is high hopes that come crashing down. Saturn reminds us that we must do the work – but he’s there on hand to help.

On January 20 the Sun enters Aquarius lifting spirits still further and really playing on the freedom vibe that reverberates through the month. With the dreamy Jupiter-Neptune square in the background and Venus living it up in Sagittarius, we’re likely to be thinking strongly of the future. It’s harder to just be present with what is. During this time, what is also illuminated is the group, the network, the higher mind. We need to connect but we also need to leave egos behind. Aquarius is a sign of teamwork.

On January 21, we have the next and final eclipse for this season – a lunar eclipse on the very edge of Leo. This is the last of the Leo eclipses. Think back to what you have learned over the past two years since the Leo eclipses began in February 2017. What have you discovered about your creativity, your ability to shine, your confidence? One final piece of the puzzle takes shape during this lunation, ready to be embodied and enacted.

The challenge during this eclipse is that Mars square Saturn also occurs on January 21 which could feel like someone just slammed on the brakes. If something stops us in our tracks, then maybe we are going too fast. Mars square Saturn suggests some caution is needed so that we don’t run head first into trouble. Patience is the best approach.

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 24, giving a mental lift and bringing mind in line with heart. Mercury in Aquarius blows away mental cobwebs and asks us to think outside of the box. Whereas before, we stuck with what we knew, now it’s time to try something different. Look up new information, turn the conversation around. Change the way you communicate with others. This is the hive mind at its best. At worst, as this is a fixed sign, we can also be curiously stuck in our opinion. It’s good to keep an open mind.

Mars trines Jupiter on January 25 so after the sudden slow down, we start rolling once again. This aspect is big on action and increases energy levels. With growing confidence, we can take advantage of the best opportunities available to us. As Saturn sextiles Neptune on January 31 as mentioned above, we seem to have the perfect mix of planetary inspiration to really start work on creating our vision.

Happy New Year!

January 2019 Astrology Forecast Major Aspects

01-Jan-19 Mars enters Aries 02:19:48 00°Ar00′ D 00°Ar00′ D
01-Jan-19 South Node conjunct Black Moon Lilith 20:16:07 26°Cp50′ R 26°Cp50′ D
02-Jan-19 Sun conjunct Saturn 05:49:24 11°Cp31′ D 11°Cp31′ D
03-Jan-19 Mercury square Chiron 22:41:30 28°Sg11′ D 28°Pi11′ D
04-Jan-19 Mercury trine Uranus 05:12:51 28°Sg36′ D 28°Ar36′ R
04-Jan-19 Venus trine North Node 06:41:44 26°Sc45′ D 26°Cn45′ R
04-Jan-19 Sun sextile Neptune 19:56:49 14°Cp09′ D 14°Pi09′ D
05-Jan-19 Mercury enters Capricorn 03:39:43 00°Cp00′ D 00°Cp00′ D
05-Jan-19 Venus trine Chiron 18:00:21 28°Sc14′ D 28°Pi14′ D
06-Jan-19 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 01:28:04 15°Cp25′ D
06-Jan-19 Uranus stations Direct 20:26:19 28°Ar36′ D
07-Jan-19 Venus enters Sagittarius 11:17:54 00°Sg00′ D 00°Sg00′ D
08-Jan-19 Mercury square Mars 10:04:47 04°Cp55′ D 04°Ar55′ D
11-Jan-19 Sun conjunct Pluto 11:38:11 20°Cp56′ D 20°Cp56′ D
12-Jan-19 Sun trine Juno 13:08:37 22°Cp01′ D 22°Ta01′ D
13-Jan-19 Mercury conjunct Saturn 13:30:57 12°Cp51′ D 12°Cp51′ D
13-Jan-19 Jupiter square Neptune 18:58:00 14°Sg22′ D 14°Pi22′ D
14-Jan-19 First Quarter Moon in Aries 06:45:25 23°Ar47′ D 23°Cp47′ D
14-Jan-19 Mercury sextile Neptune 13:13:09 14°Cp24′ D 14°Pi24′ D
15-Jan-19 Sun square Pallas 20:15:20 25°Cp23′ D 25°Li23′ D
16-Jan-19 Ceres trine North Node 11:03:41 26°Sc46′ D 26°Cn46′ R
17-Jan-19 Sun conjunct South Node 04:54:38 26°Cp46′ D 26°Cp46′ D
17-Jan-19 Sun sextile Ceres 14:32:47 27°Cp10′ D 27°Sc10′ D
18-Jan-19 Venus trine Mars 16:49:19 11°Sg53′ D 11°Ar53′ D
18-Jan-19 Mercury conjunct Pluto 20:03:17 21°Cp11′ D 21°Cp11′ D
19-Jan-19 Sun sextile Chiron 00:56:59 28°Cp38′ D 28°Pi38′ D
19-Jan-19 Sun square Uranus 01:30:33 28°Cp39′ D 28°Ar39′ D
20-Jan-19 Mercury trine Juno 07:43:47 23°Cp35′ D 23°Ta35′ D
20-Jan-19 Sun enters Aquarius 08:59:27 00°Aq00′ D 00°Aq00′ D
21-Jan-19 Venus square Neptune 04:14:56 14°Sg35′ D 14°Pi35′ D
21-Jan-19 Lunar Eclipse in Leo 05:15:59 00°Le51′ D 00°Aq51′ D
21-Jan-19 Mars square Saturn 11:47:38 13°Ar46′ D 13°Cp46′ D
22-Jan-19 Chiron trine Ceres 02:07:51 28°Pi45′ D 28°Sc45′ D
22-Jan-19 Mercury square Pallas 05:57:20 26°Cp43′ D 26°Li43′ D
22-Jan-19 Mercury conjunct South Node 06:47:49 26°Cp46′ D 26°Cp46′ R
22-Jan-19 Venus conjunct Jupiter 12:25:44 16°Sg03′ D 16°Sg03′ D
22-Jan-19 Pallas square North Node 12:59:18 26°Li46′ D 26°Cn46′ R
23-Jan-19 Mercury square Uranus 11:13:03 28°Cp43′ D 28°Ar43′ D
23-Jan-19 Mercury sextile Chiron 12:28:11 28°Cp48′ D 28°Pi48′ D
23-Jan-19 Mercury sextile Ceres 20:29:13 29°Cp21′ D 29°Sc21′ D
24-Jan-19 Mercury enters Aquarius 05:49:14 00°Aq00′ D 00°Aq00′ D
24-Jan-19 Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith 13:30:10 04°Aq15′ D 04°Aq15′ R
25-Jan-19 Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith 11:02:32 02°Aq01′ D 02°Aq01′ R
25-Jan-19 Mars trine Jupiter 17:53:05 16°Ar39′ D 16°Sg39′ D
25-Jan-19 Ceres enters Sagittarius 18:04:56 00°Sg00′ D 00°Sg00′ D
27-Jan-19 Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 21:10:14 07°Sc38′ D 07°Aq38′ D
30-Jan-19 Uranus sextile Vesta 02:40:09 28°Ar50′ D 28°Aq50′ D
30-Jan-19 Sun conjunct Mercury 02:51:33 09°Aq54′ D 09°Aq54′ D
31-Jan-19 Saturn sextile Neptune 14:14:50 14°Cp54′ D 14°Pi54′ D

Painting – ‘The Dream’ by David Burliuk

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The Full Moon occurs at 17:48 (UT) on December 22, 2018 at 00°Cn49′.

With the Moon strong in her own sign, this lunation takes place at a magical time of year as it is shortly after the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere. The great wheel of the year turns. Winter begins.

With the opposing Sun in cold, austere Capricorn, the Moon seeks comfort and nourishment in Cancer. During winter, we stay close to home, huddling in our nest until warmer and lighter days arrive. Typically, as this is holiday season too, this is often a poignant time of remembrance. Cancer is associated with family, home, ancestors, history, memory. The out -of-sign squares from the Moon and Sun to both Mars and Chiron may mean we feel absences more sharply during this time. Difficulties we encounter during this period may have Cancerian themes such as parent-child dynamics in our family or relationships or issues connected to where we live. Work-life balance too could generate some heated feelings.

The squares to Mars and Chiron mean this chart has a T-square pattern which is known to increase tension. With emotions already heightened, we need to be on our guard for over-reactions, especially if we feel threatened. Mars in Pisces stirs the unconscious, but perception is muddied. We’re challenged by things that go bump in the night, the fear of an unseen enemy. Mostly these things live deep within but right now it can feel like sharks surfacing. The problem is that the square to Chiron may mean we feel weak and not strong enough to handle whatever arises.

We do however have a sextile to Uranus to help us. Sometimes life can surprise us! It’s important to note too that with the lights at zero degrees of their signs, there is a strong sense of the promise of things to come. Zero is written as an unending circle ‘0’ and within it we have all possibilities contained. We can either look at zero with slumped shoulders, wailing over ‘nothing’, or we can delight at a clean slate with all the potential ahead of us. Maybe part of the issue is that we’re feeling a little jaded after a year full of retrogrades! The squares to Mars and Chiron in Pisces may mean we’re just tired of fighting the tide. Uranus prompts us to regard our situation with more objectivity. Instead of dragging up the past or harking back to the way things were, we need to have our eyes front and centre. We can’t go back. We can only move forwards. There are different options available to us if we shake off the fear. Mars can then act in our best interests by taking orders directly from the soul whilst stimulating imaginative ideas. Chiron too reminds us that we’ve learned a lot from mistakes and we have special skills and experience we can fall back on.

The signs Cancer and Capricorn, illuminated by the lights during this Full Moon, speak of the private and public worlds. It’s about who we are when we close the front door at night compared to who we are when we leave the house in the morning to go to work. As the Moon is in nurturing Cancer, one of the best ways to use this lunation is to consider what we need on an inner level to increase our emotional maturity and security. Ensuring we have the right emotional support is the foundation stone for outer world success. Some of that support may come from others, the rest we need to provide for ourselves. Remember that the Moon is now the dispositor of the Cancer North Node, so stepping into our feelings and ensuring our emotional needs are met is an important part of our spiritual journey.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is :-

On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One

This is about changing the guard, raising a new standard. What we aspired to in the past isn’t relevant any more. Give yourself a hug and a pat on the back. You made it! The old fight is done, let it go! A new year is almost upon us. It’s time to raise a glass, toast the past and pledge allegiance to the unfolding future.

Yuletide blessings to you all!

Painting – ‘The Holy Family with Saint Jerome’ by Correggio

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The New Moon occurs at 07:20 (GMT) on December 7, 2018 at 15°Sg07′.

Fire and Water clash as the element of Air is crowded out in this New Moon chart. There’s a whole lot of inspiration and a strong desire to manifest our vision yet there is also a curious sense of disconnection.

The New Moon in Sagittarius seeds us with the desire to begin a new adventure. Sagittarius reminds us that the world is a big place! We’re drawn to visit new territory through travelling, studying, exploring religion, debating philosophy. It’s about stretching our idea of what is possible. “Anything is possible” yells Sagittarius and yes, this kind of enthusiasm can be infectious. But we also have a Mars-Neptune conjunction on this date which squares the Moon, so that ‘infection’ could spread like wildfire, dissipating energy.

With Mars already floundering in Pisces, we’re all at sea when it comes to our goals, passions and motivation. Confidence too could be wishy-washy. The problem is that maybe we don’t know quite what we want. Neptune has no boundaries, no limits. It’s vague, amorphous. It’s like we want something but we don’t know what it is. We can’t name it. We can’t touch it. We only know that it’s missing. Saturn is also unaspected in this chart so we’re ungrounded. It’s all indefinable.

The New Moon in Sagittarius sends us out like a search party, hunting for what was lost. But Bacchus is here too, conjunct the Moon and Sun, so now you’re drunk and looking for…what was it again? You don’t know what it is, only that it’s been lost and you’re half way down the bottle sitting on a bench in a place you don’t recognise, wondering if there’s any point looking for it in the first place.

And asteroid Paradise is here too, also conjunct the Moon, Sun and Bacchus. Maybe everything is perfect as it is or perhaps you’re drunk, drifting on cloud nine, lost in daydreams because they are oh so much better than reality.

But Paradise is here, if we open up to the big picture.

Cue Belinda Carlilse…Oooh Heaven is a place on Earth.

Both Bacchus and Neptune are associated with altered states of consciousness. I’m not advocating the drugs kind that blasts open places in the mind that aren’t ready to be opened but the kind that comes from deep meditation, lucid dreams, music that lifts you to another place, wild dancing. It’s the kind of healing that comes from being willing to throw up your hands in the air and say okay, I give in. I have NO idea what’s going on! It’s about listening, trusting in deity – being willing to let the universe guide our actions. Can we go with the flow instead of pushing our agenda? It’s about stopping the crusade and checking in with whether we really do believe in what we’re doing. Ruler of this lunation, Jupiter, is strong in his own sign but also square to Mars and Neptune. We need to question where we place our faith. We need to question our judgement.

The Sabian symbol of the New Moon is :-

Sea Gulls Fly Around A Ship In Expectation Of Food

The word ‘expectation’ is the key. If our expectations are too high, no doubt we will be disappointed. If we constantly expect others to ‘feed’ us, ultimately, we end up feeling empty because we don’t know how to feed ourselves. At this New Moon we must ask ourselves “What am I waiting for? And if deep down we know that we’ve been waiting for far too long, then it’s time to begin a new adventure. Emptiness cannot be filled by dreams alone.

Yes, this chart has some challenges but if we make the best of these aspects, what we have here is all the wonder and joy promised in holiday season. Neptune’s glittering waves are reminiscent of hazy memories of a perfect Christmas. It’s gifts for the poor, charitable acts and the kind of vibe that makes everyone smile at each other on a misty morning. Paradise IS here, if we have the courage to look with an open heart.  Use your imagination as a tool. Everything you’re searching for is right here, right now. Reality is shaped by your beliefs.

Painting – Pearl of Searching’ by Nicholas Roerich

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LUA ASTROLOGY by Leah Whitehorse - 3M ago
We begin December with Mercury retrograde re-entering Scorpio on December 1. This sign has already seen a lot of action this year with the Venus retrograde here. It seems then, as though the universe would like us to spend some time contemplating issues connected to fear, sexuality, intimacy, and deep bonding. Mercury in Scorpio is something of a detective, diving for the truth laying at the bottom of Scorpio’s dark pool. In my mind’s eye, I see a woman scrying using the reflection of the waters. Maybe we’ve experienced a ghost of an idea, a nudge that there’s more to know – and so Mercury dives in, hunting for the facts.

Venus comes to join in on December 2, also re-entering Scorpio but unlike Mercury, she is in forward motion. She has already helped us to recognise what is valuable in these hidden depths. Relationships intensify again and there may be the feeling that we are covering the same ground as before. But now we have insights that weren’t available to us back in September when Venus first visited this sign. With Chiron also trine the North Node on this date, it’s clear that some old wounds have been cleansed and bandaged. Now that pain has been alleviated, we are ready to continue with our soul journey and life lessons.

Mercury stations direct on December 6, finally ending the relay race of six months of retrogrades. We’re here. We reached the finish line! What have you learned? Look back to June this year and consider how things have changed – how you have changed. This has been a powerful year for reconnecting with our true motivations and values and consequently rethinking opinions, ideas and decisions.

The New Moon in visionary Sagittarius on December 7 asks us to look to the future and begin new adventures however the squares to Mars and Neptune could be like a mirage on the horizon. We need to be certain that we’re not chasing rainbows before we set out. Mars perfects the conjunction to Neptune on the same day encouraging us to have imagination when it comes to our goals but also to let our intuition guide our actions.

Chiron stations direct in Pisces on December 9 signalling that the Wounded Healer is almost finished with his journey through this sign. Our collective pain may be more obvious around this time and we may be more sensitive to the suffering of those who have fallen by the wayside in this materialistic world. In our personal lives, we are coming to the end of a period where we have had to come to terms with broken dreams and learned to accept that some wounds cannot be healed. Chiron in Pisces has asked all of us at some level to question where our faith has been shaken and where we have felt disconnected from the divinity within. Essentially, the key to healing with Chiron in Pisces is transcendence. We can go beyond suffering when we accept the parts of ourselves that were hidden and rejected.

Mercury direct re-enters Sagittarius on December 12 and once again we are covering ground where we have wandered before but this time we’re likely to feel clearer about our destination. Sometimes judgementalism can be a problem with this transit but hopefully by now, we have a better grasp of the big picture. Once we reach December 15, that ‘big picture’ viewpoint is going to helpful given that Uranus and Neptune will make the fourth in a series of five semi-squares. When these two met in 1993, they were both in the sign of Capricorn. Technical Uranus and imaginative Neptune can certainly come up with some amazing inventions but we have reached a point where we must test ideas to see whether they are truly workable. Also, as I mentioned in TMA back in the October/November 2017 edition, “Technological innovation must be met with spiritual advancement.”. Reading about how much investment is going into augmented and virtual reality, it seems we are barrelling towards these unlimited possibilities. But there is also the potential that we are taking ourselves into a direction with unforeseeable consequences, given the unpredictable nature of Uranus and the uncertainty of Neptune. The First Quarter Moon in Pisces also on December 15 seems to echo these topics of thought and discussion. The Moon in Pisces is open to suggestion, flexible, malleable, intuitive but the Sun in Sagittarius needs a direction to let his arrow fly. Both signs are ruled by Jupiter so there is optimism and hope, but we may need to address moral quandary’s that challenge our beliefs.

Mars sextile Pluto on December 17 however is fortifying. It seems we are recovering our strength. We feel stronger, more decided, more empowered. We have the courage to change things and an opportunity to renew our motivation. As Venus exits the shadow zone from her retrograde on December 18, relationships seem to be marked for increased passion and focused desire. This would be the perfect time to attract what we want into our lives.

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, heralding the turn of the pagan wheel and the change of season. We are now at winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. It is time to honour the light of the Sun as it returns to those of us in the North and reaches its zenith to those in the South. It catches my attention that Mercury will also meet Jupiter on this date too imbuing the solstice with big ideas, far reaching conversations and a global outlook.

A Full Moon in Cancer on December 22 is challenged by squares to both Chiron and Mars. Part of us might want to retreat into our shell but painful conflicts cannot be left unattended. We need to challenge our insecurities and look to where past experience has coloured our perceptions and altered our goals. The Moon’s sextile to Uranus suggests we change our habitual responses.

Mercury exits the shadow zone on December 24 although we may still need to watch Mercury’s square to Neptune which occurs on December 25. Those who like to have a Christmas tipple may find themselves blurting out more than intended. Loose tongues can either make for plenty of bubbly giggles or some confusing or even upsetting words.

Mars’s trine to the North Node on December 27 recovers our composure and sends us marching off in the right direction. Jupiter’s semi-square to Saturn also on this date asks us to remain optimistic in the face of challenges. With both planets in their own signs, we are strong enough to maintain our faith even in the face of difficulties.

Mars finally joins up with Chiron on December 29. This is a challenging combination on the face of it as Mars dislikes feeling vulnerable. But sometimes we need to let down our guard. This aspect asks that we stop fighting our weaknesses and instead recognise we can turn them into strengths. Working at its best, Mars gives us the courage to face pain and to reconcile parts of ourselves that have been lost. With the Last Quarter Moon in Libra also on this date, inner balance in more important that material ambitions.

Painting – ‘Christmas tree bargain’ by Boris Kustodiev

December 2018 Major Aspects

01-Dec-18 Venus opposite Uranus 02:12:54 29°Li09′ D 29°Ar09′ R
01-Dec-18 Pluto conjunct Black Moon Lilith 09:52:00 19°Cp38′ D 19°Cp38′ D
01-Dec-18 Mercury re-enters Scorpio 11:11:53 00°Sg00′ R 00°Sg00′ D
01-Dec-18 Mercury sextile Vesta 14:13:58 29°Sc52′ R 29°Cp52′ D
01-Dec-18 Vesta enters Aquarius 20:39:07 00°Aq00′ D 00°Aq00′ D
02-Dec-18 Venus enters Scorpio 17:01:35 00°Sc00′ D 00°Sc00′ D
02-Dec-18 South Node conjunct Black Moon Lilith 23:28:39 27°Cp55′ R 27°Cp55′ D
02-Dec-18 Chiron trine North Node 23:37:41 27°Pi55′ R 27°Cn55′ R
03-Dec-18 Sun square Mars 00:34:08 10°Sg46′ D 10°Pi46′ D
04-Dec-18 Mercury trine Chiron 05:52:46 27°Sc54′ R 27°Pi54′ R
04-Dec-18 Sun sextile Pallas 08:38:03 12°Sg07′ D 12°Li07′ D
04-Dec-18 Mercury trine North Node 16:40:26 27°Sc42′ R 27°Cn42′ R
05-Dec-18 Sun square Neptune 22:21:37 13°Sg43′ D 13°Pi43′ D
06-Dec-18 Venus square Vesta 04:27:30 02°Sc01′ D 02°Aq01′ D
06-Dec-18 Mercury stations direct 21:21:59 27°Sc16′ D
07-Dec-18 New Moon in Sagittarius 07:20:15 15°Sg07′ D 15°Sg07′ D
07-Dec-18 Mars conjunct Neptune 14:11:04 13°Pi44′ D 13°Pi44′ D
07-Dec-18 Mercury trine North Node 16:30:00 27°Sc19′ D 27°Cn19′ R
09-Dec-18 Chiron stations direct 07:52:09 27°Pi53′ D
09-Dec-18 Mercury trine Chiron 16:07:05 27°Sc53′ D 27°Pi53′ D
12-Dec-18 Mercury enters Sagittarius 23:42:33 00°Sg00′ D 00°Sg00′ D
14-Dec-18 Neptune trine Ceres 01:18:03 13°Pi47′ D 13°Sc47′ D
15-Dec-18 Uranus Semisquare Neptune 11:11:21 28°Ar48′ R 13°Pi48′ D
15-Dec-18 First Quarter Moon in Pisces 11:49:09 23°Pi26′ D 23°Sg26′ D
16-Dec-18 Venus sextile Saturn 14:26:22 09°Sc34′ D 09°Cp34′ D
17-Dec-18 Mars sextile Pluto 06:57:05 20°Pi06′ D 20°Cp06′ D
17-Dec-18 Mars sextile Juno 21:04:46 20°Pi30′ D 20°Ta30′ R
19-Dec-18 Sun square Chiron 22:02:23 27°Sg56′ D 27°Pi56′ D
20-Dec-18 Sun trine Uranus 16:21:32 28°Sg43′ D 28°Ar43′ R
21-Dec-18 Mercury sextile Vesta 14:21:55 09°Sg24′ D 09°Aq24′ D
21-Dec-18 Venus trine Neptune 17:11:18 13°Sc53′ D 13°Pi53′ D
21-Dec-18 Mercury conjunct Jupiter 17:36:53 09°Sg34′ D 09°Sg34′ D
21-Dec-18 Sun enters Capricorn 22:22:38 00°Cp00′ D 00°Cp00′ D
22-Dec-18 Jupiter sextile Vesta 03:23:28 09°Sg39′ D 09°Aq39′ D
22-Dec-18 Full Moon in Cancer 17:48:29 00°Cn49′ D 00°Cp49′ D
23-Dec-18 South Node conjunct Black Moon Lilith 15:47:59 26°Cp51′ R 26°Cp51′ R
23-Dec-18 Pluto trine Juno 20:04:38 20°Cp19′ D 20°Ta19′ R
24-Dec-18 Juno stations direct 02:55:00 20°Ta19′ D
25-Dec-18 Mercury square Neptune 00:31:59 13°Sg57′ D 13°Pi57′ D
26-Dec-18 Pluto conjunct Black Moon Lilith 21:45:06 20°Cp25′ D 20°Cp25′ R
27-Dec-18 Mars trine North Node 11:19:38 26°Pi53′ D 26°Cn53′ D
27-Dec-18 Venus conjunct Ceres 15:05:11 19°Sc17′ D 19°Sc17′ D
27-Dec-18 Jupiter Semisextile Saturn 19:17:36 10°Sg52′ D 10°Cp52′ D
28-Dec-18 Pluto square Pallas 11:35:27 20°Cp28′ D 20°Li28′ D
28-Dec-18 Venus opposite Juno 19:55:02 20°Sc25′ D 20°Ta25′ D
28-Dec-18 Venus sextile Pluto 21:30:58 20°Sc29′ D 20°Cp29′ D
29-Dec-18 Mars conjunct Chiron 05:40:50 28°Pi04′ D 28°Pi04′ D
29-Dec-18 Last Quarter Moon in Libra 09:34:12 07°Li36′ D 07°Cp36′ D
29-Dec-18 Mercury sextile Pallas 23:39:54 20°Sg55′ D 20°Li55′ D
30-Dec-18 Juno opposite Ceres 19:04:07 20°Ta31′ D 20°Sc31′ D
30-Dec-18 Pluto sextile Ceres 20:38:21 20°Cp33′ D 20°Sc33′ D
31-Dec-18 Pluto conjunct Black Moon Lilith 07:30:47 20°Cp34′ D 20°Cp34′ D
31-Dec-18 Pluto trine Juno 12:48:21 20°Cp34′ D 20°Ta34′ D
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The Full Moon occurs at 05:39 (GMT), on November 23, 2018 at 00°Ge52′ D

At the Gemini Full Moon, there is some kind of culmination, crisis, completion or critical issue connected to how and what we communicate and/or what we know or think. Gemini, symbolised by the Heavenly Twins, is a curious, fast moving sign. Its action is to flit between different experiences and share stories to gain further information. Gemini also rules siblings, our neighbourhood, the people on the outer circle of our immediate family. The third global house where Gemini lives also rules over schools, short journeys, cars, computers, emails, letters, debate and discussion. These are potentially the areas of life that may be called into question during this lunation.

This is a talkative Moon but the ruler of this Moon (Mercury) is retrograde in Sagittarius. We need to rethink our philosophy, backtrack on our ideas, change our beliefs or apply our minds to gain a deeper insight. The problem is that mentally, we may be struggling with overwhelm, firstly because of Mercury’s placement and secondly because the Moon opposes the Sun-Jupiter conjunction. Don’t forget, Mercury is the sign of the TWINS and we need to think twice before reacting or making a major decision!

Jupiter is now in his home sign, potentially lording it over everyone as he’s conjoined with the Sun. We may feel up against brilliant minds, zealots, crusaders. Someone is getting evangelical about what they believe and maybe we feel torn. It’s true that there may also be a sense of buzzing potential around this time. Big ideas, big promises – we’re talking big! But there could also be the potential for going too far, agreeing to too much, promising more than we have to give.

Mars in Pisces creates squares to the Moon-Sun opposition and is still square to Jupiter. This gives us a T-square pattern, and everything is falling on our inner warrior’s shoulders. The problem is that Mars in Pisces doesn’t really want to do anything but float, drink wine and sleep. Our inner warrior is resting, happily drunk as a skunk (bear in mind the square the extravagant Jupiter!) and some part of us just wants to run away or escape. Given that Mercury is also square to Mars, we could find ourselves split, with one half arguing with the other about what to do or where to go.

As well as Mars being in Pisces, Mercury is also square to nebulous Neptune. Things are confusing right now. There could be distraction tactics going on. Information is distorted. We’re doing wishful thinking, carried away on a wing and a prayer. However, if we look to the positive side of these placements, we see that the best way to avoid overwhelm is to rest for a while. meditate, pray. We need to get comfortable perhaps with doing nothing despite the pressure to act NOW.

The Sabian symbol of this Full Moon is :-

A Glass-Bottomed Boat Reveals Undersea Wonders

Perhaps we’re back to Mars having one drink too many! This Sabian seems apt for talking about what we can see through the bottom of a glass! However, the main interpretation of this symbol is to look more deeply. Gemini is famed for skimming the surface but right now, we need to go beyond what we think we know. It also helps to be transparent. We need to be honest without ourselves and others about the opinions we hold, the thoughts we have.

Let go of any idea that you need to act quickly to take advantage of what seems to be on offer now. It’s possible that great opportunities could come with some hidden clauses. You don’t need to push to get the result you need. The tide will turn of its own accord.

Working in our favour is a flowing Grand Trine between the Sun, Chiron and the North Node. It’s out of sign as the Sun is in Sagittarius but still, there is a soothing and comforting backdrop behind all the noise. The Moon sextiles both the North Node and Chiron. It’s about tuning out all the clamouring and pontificating and turning within because this is where the medicine is. Inside is the inner shaman, waiting to reconnect our warring halves and make sense of ambiguity.

Painting – ‘The sisters Schwartz’ by Anders Zorn

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