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I was at an event the other day when I overheard the Managing Director of an Accounting Association mutter “the BS is BS”. (The first BS stands for balance sheet!)

Why is the BS BS? Because the value of modern companies lay predominantly in their (harder to measure) intangibles such as their intellectual property, brand recognition and business cultures/methodologies.

What the accountants measure and what we naively hold in highest esteem are the tangible, physical assets.

So when you hear the boss of an Accounting Association say this, one can’t help but think it may hold a kernel of truth…

…Perhaps a rethink of the balance sheet is due?

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There are many different names for the few words that powerfully describe your business…


Your Story

Positioning Statements

Elevator Pitch

We define each of these below, but they’ll have one thing in common…

They all must be short, persuasive
and focus on the payoff your offering.

Why a good tagline or slogan is essential… • Your prospects get to understanding you faster
• The line and its variations will underpin your other content; your other messages flow from it
• Your team sings from the same ‘hymn sheet’ delivering consistent messages to the market.
• First impressions are King and hard to reverse, so don’t confuse your market
How do you persuade your colleagues that your Tagline needs changing or tightening? Here are some questions that will help... • Does it clearly explain your business and what you do?
• Can you answer “What do you do?” in 8 memorable words or less?
• Does it explain the payoff, the outcomes, that you deliver to your clients/prospects? Or is it too much about you and your skills? 4 similar but slightly different things to describe these few words…

Tagline: A short description of what you do or sell. It summarises the overall benefit or outcome of your offering, and is ideally a little intriguing and memorable. It usually appears below your
company name and logo. For example, Lead Creation’s tagline has a powerful promise and is memorable: “We get your prospects talking back”.
Elevator Pitch: A succinct, persuasive sales pitch. At Lead Creation, we believe it always starts with your short Tagline of 3 to 8 words that answers “What do you do?”. It then continues to amplify
on that (often by saying “How we do that is…”) Note that this marketing definition is very different to the much longer Pitch aimed at venture capitalists to get funding for your business.
Positioning Statement / Positioning: The expression of how a service or brand fills a consumer need in a way its competitors don’t. Positioning is the process of identifying a niche for a service
or brand and becoming established in that niche. A shorter version: Marketing that defines a product or brand in the consumer’s mind.
Slogan: A short and memorable phrase, that will be associated with your brand

Have you ever seen an exhibitors booth at a Tradeshow and had no idea what was being sold? Or asked someone what they do and had no idea after they had sprayed 20 or more words over you?

Here’s how you can avoid that by creating a great tagline… 8 Tips for a Remarkable Tagline
  1. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!): Don’t try and say too much: If you can’t explain what you do to a stranger in three to eight words then how can you communicate your vision to your staff?
  2. Tell your Story: What’s your passionate story? What gets you emotional when you think about your business? Whatever it is, that’s your positioning and what your logo and tagline should communicate.
  3. Avoid the Marketing Committee Camel (a camel being a horse designed by a committee): Too many take a generic path and are vague and hollow-sounding with no connection to a benefit. For example, Time Warner’s “Enjoy Better”. Or Audi’s meaningless “Truth in Engineering”, which then turned tragic as they and their parent Volkswagen blatantly lied.
  4. Say a lot, simply: It needs to say a lot with a little, and a good one gets ingrained in your prospect’s head the first time they see or hear it. For example, Lead Creation’s is “We get your prospects talking back”. Different and a little intriguing, and we only use it when we know a company sells B2B.
  5. Be Scenario-Driven: The more focused it is, the more people will think about your service when a real-world scenario happens. Then your tagline is triggered, and they think about you. So think about what scenarios trigger the need for your services. With Lead Creation, the scenario is when a company is being ignored online and on Social Media despite spending time and money: a very common scenario!
  6. Explain your Offering: The best taglines are simple and memorable, but they’re also functional. To show how your business is different to your competitors. Another way of saying this…
  7. Communicate with Clarity: Provide a picture of what you do because branding is ultimately about clarity. Don’t be too cute, you are not a mega brand that can embed 3 words in billions of minds such as ‘Just do it’. If you are a B2B company, and particularly in professional services, don’t let ‘branding experts’ quote big consumer companies like Apple or Nike or Coke at you: Zero relevance to your world. And they do it at virtually every seminar or conference!
  8. Describe Who You Are: Don’t try and be cool or edgy: Create a line that encapsulates the best of what your company is. How will you improve or grow their business? Evoke that as economically as possible.

Many marketing agencies could create good taglines for you, or at least one that is OK. Lead Creation creates great ones with one important difference:

  • We only need you for one hour. Branding or PR agencies demand a full day of your time, some even 2 days.
  • Just as importantly for your scarce marketing dollars, we do it at 20% of the price they charge (for basically wasting your valuable time!).

Here’s how we create a short and memorable line, one that Gets Your Prospects Talking Back, the starting point of all new client relationships…

  • We first have you answer an important and powerful question: What do you do in 10 words or less?
  • Who is asking you? A prospect you’ve just met at a Convention and who knows nothing about you. Why do we ask…
  • Somewhere in your answer are the pearls that can be used as foundation stones for your new line.
  • Asking you to speak it out loud is much easier – give most people a pen or a keyboard and they just freeze!
  • Then we open our secret weapon: The database we built of 3,040 real-world taglines sorted by industries/professions and sourced from 8 countries. In there are a few great words and phrases to spark ideas, so why reinvent the wheel?!
  • Collect testimonials, yours and from 6 or more competitors, before we meet with you. The words your customers use are way more important than industry jargon, so it’s rare not to find more pearls.
  • Collect all your marketing messages and your competitors. That gives you ideas and is valuable competitor research.
  • Ensure the payoffs you deliver to clients are in the tagline. And that little is about your process or what you do, because who cares.

To download your very own copy of this guide, click here OR Book a 10-minute phone call to see how we can help you create the short and powerful!

The post Creating your Perfect Tagline appeared first on Lead Creation | B2B Marketing.

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