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Everybody loves an aesthetically appealing house. It’s not just the architecture and design of the house that makes it beautiful, it is also the landscaping. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why many people resort to trying their hand in DIY landscaping projects. Although landscaping projects are fun and the results are satisfying, sometimes the process itself can be tiring, especially when you don’t have the knowledge of the tools to use or the plants to add to your landscape. Lack of proper knowledge is one of the top reasons why some of us invest a lot of money into it. Therefore, hiring a professional is a good choice. Not only does it ease the burden of making difficult decisions, but the quality of work is also unbeatable.

We at Land-con have been assisting homeowners in Toronto by providing landscape designs for their houses.  Be it pools, decks, outdoors or indoor landscaping, Land-con has time and again proved itself to be the best Landscaping Company in Toronto. We strive to bring your dream landscaping designs to reality.

Backyard Landscaping Project

Most often, homeowners look at their backyards as their little fun harbor. You might just want to spend a quiet evening alone star gazing or partying with your friends and neighbors in your backyard. Utilizing your backyard to design wonderful backyard landscape designs can help make your backyard the place of attraction.

Landscapers in Toronto often provide various ideas for the use of your backyard space. For example, adding an above the ground or an in-ground swimming pool or even just a small gazebo can amplify the aesthetic and functional value of your backyard.

Take a look at our website for some creative and beautiful backyard designs. We have previously helped build pools and waterfalls, gazebos and outdoor kitchens as backyard landscaping projects.

Front Yard Landscaping Project

One of the most satisfying projects as a homeowner is the front yard landscaping. The results are always positive. Returns of the investment get doubled and your house has a new appeal to it. It could be the entrance to your house or the garden and plants you grow around it, your house will gain a charm that cannot be beaten by any other landscaping projects.

Best Landscapers, Toronto

If you are searching for a professional who can help you get the most out of your landscape project in Toronto, look no more! At Land-con, we have professional landscapers to provide exceptional landscape designs to compliment the architecture of your property. We can help you convert your beautiful landscape dreams into reality by uniting your vision with our knowledge, skill set, and hard work. Together, let’s make your wish come true. So what are you waiting for? Check out landscaping portfolio or call us at 416.504.5263 for more information about our landscape services in Toronto. Hurry up!

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Steps are designed to act as a transition between changing levels. Furthermore, they also bring aesthetic value to space. Some stairs are also used as centerpieces. However, designing and constructing staircases is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. A small mistake can cause a huge fall, quite literally.

If you are looking to add something unique to your landscape, incorporating stairs in your garden is a great way! Read on to learn how to design stairs in your backyard or garden.

Steps to Incorporate Staircase as a Part of the Landscape Design

There are two parts to designing a staircase: technicalities of building a staircase and designing the appearance.

  • Building Your Staircase – The Technicalities

Most often, we go wrong in understanding the dimensions of a staircase. The dimensions of the staircase used inside a house have to be different from the one used outdoor. It helps to consider the following.

Tread: A tread is the horizontal surface of a stair and must be a minimum of 0.30m or 12 inches.

Riser: Risers are the vertical surfaces between two treads. For outdoors, they must be a maximum of 0.15m or 6 inches.

  • Building Your Staircase – Choosing the Right Material

Concrete Staircases: These staircases have a better lifespan and are commonly used for outdoor stairs.

Stone Staircases: They are a popular alternative to concrete staircases because of their durability and aesthetically pleasing quality.

Metal: Although slightly expensive, metal staircases can be ideal due to their resistance to extreme climatic conditions.

Wood: Wooden stairs make some of the most beautiful staircases. However, they need to be maintained well.

  • Designing Your Staircase – Selecting the Style

Straight, L-shaped and U-shaped staircases: These are some of the common staircase designs. Paired with the appropriate railing, these staircases are affordable and serve the basic purpose.

Winder Stairs: Although very much like the L-shaped stairs, they are more continuous and do not have landings or wider treads which help in changing direction while taking stairs.

Spiral Staircases: These staircases are beautiful and alluring. Moreover, they are impeccable for small spaces.

Ladder Staircases: Similar to the spiral stairs, these staircases are the best for small or tight spaces. They are also stylish and can be created without risers to create an illusion of floating stairs.

  • Designing Your Staircase – Modern Designs

Stone-age: Uplift your landscape design by creating a stone-age look. Use a wide stone staircase and adorn it with ornamental plants to give it a natural look and feel.

Stars and Stairs: One of the trending staircase designs is to light up the staircase. Add LED lights to the treads and railings to make it look like you are ascending or descending a stairway to heaven.

Harry Potter Stairs: Yes, you read it right. You could create storage spaces with stairs to store tools and gardening materials.

Planter’s Haven: Staircases can be designed to create pouches for plant pots which adds to the elegance of the staircase.

Tiles-it: Staircases with tiles for raisers are now in the trend. They give a hippy and colourful outlook.

Choose Land-con for Excellent Landscape Designs in Toronto

We, at Land-con, are the experts when it comes to landscaping in Toronto including choosing the most suitable landscape designs. We have the resources, experience, and expertise to understand your needs and come up with accurate landscaping solutions. For more details on various staircase designs, contact us by calling 416.504.5263 today!

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The best idea during summer is to enjoy the outdoor space at the fullest!

As the indoor of your house is cozy and comfortable, enjoying the best time in the backyard is even more exciting. And when we talk about backyard landscaping, summer is a good time to enhance your property. Extended daylight can be utilized for outdoor activities.

With a little effort, your backyard can turn into a place you would want to be once home. If you aren’t comfortable with designing the outdoor space, seek professional help.

Let us check a few landscaping ideas which can be implemented during the summers for the extra space outside your house.


Lush green plants always enhance the look of the backyard space. Herbs can be planted in pots which are buried in the ground – giving a green-bed garden look. Moreover, your landscaping expert will make sure to add plants which require less maintenance. It is obvious that you wouldn’t want to spend your wonderful summer-time watering or trimming the plants. Hence, opt for evergreen plants which require less of your time yet look amazing.

Shaded Areas & Fences

Extra corners of the yard can be filled with plants which require shades. This will not only enhance the look but also give the backyard some fresh feel.

Trend for this summer is to use bold colors for your fences in the backyard. This is the least expensive measure during landscaping. Hence, avoid the usual white ones and give your garden a pinch of some beautiful colors this summer.

Wooden Structures

Trellises can be used along with other wooden structures in the backyard. They are useful in many ways. Moreover, your own bowling alley will give a remarkable look – if this interests you – giving your backyard a summer hangout place for your friends and family.

With kids around – build some space which would include play area along with chalkboards where they can have fun and be creative as well. Make sure the backyard does not have edgy constructions which could harm the kids playing around.

Ponds & Pools

Small ponds in the corner sections of the backyard look beautiful. The trickling sound of water also gives a soothing effect. Pools definitely give an enhanced look to the backyard adding the luxury of being in the water during summer. For yards which have lesser space, get small pools.

Let us share some backyard tips for easy landscaping this summer.
  • For extra safety to your trampoline, the springs can be covered with pool noodles
  • Create curtain shades during summer
  • If there are tiles in the design, color some of them to give a dramatic look
  • Use solar lights to save energy
  • Plant tall grass for extra privacy

Basically, backyard landscaping designs will mostly depend on the space available outside the house. With the budget you wish to spend, transform this space into an amazing place and enjoy the warm summer breeze.

To get more insight into backyard landscaping ideas, feel free to call us at 416.504.5263. Our landscaping experts will be happy to help you!

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Factors That Influence the Backyard Landscaping Cost

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When you think of outdoor landscaping, there are many things which need consideration – one of them, for sure, is exterior lights. Along with security, they also enhance the outdoor look and appearance of the house – leaving it more attractive for the visitors. The efforts you take to decorate the house should also be visible at night.

Once you know the kind of lights you want for your outdoors, the task is half done for the experts. They can now suggest the best possible options to fit your specifications. The easiest and most inexpensive ones today are the solar lights – save wiring and electricity consumption.

There can be many benefits when installing outdoor lights. They not only enhance the exteriors but also provide safety to the place. The outside space is utilized in a much better way if accessible at night. Let us check a few advantages of outdoor landscape lighting.

The Appeal Factor

One of the apparent benefits of outdoor lighting is that it enhances the appearance of the house. Along with providing light to the outdoor space, landscape lighting also enhance the décor. It can also be used for decorative purpose. A well-lit house is surely very attractive.

With sunlight fading away, outdoor lighting makes the house visible. Special art-effects or your best plants can be highlighted. Well-lit landscape lighting helps enhance the home features in a much better way. Moreover, sometimes, the beauty of a décor enhances when lights fall on it.

Outdoor Functions

The living room is not the only place where you would want to spend some time with family and friends. Outdoor space can be utilized at its best during the night as well.

One of the best parts of using outdoor lighting is that the space can be utilized even after sunset. Hence, the functionality of the outdoor spaces increases with landscape lighting. Besides giving the house a beautiful look, it also gives you the benefit to dine out or just sit near the pool and enjoy late night conversations.

Safety & Security

Outdoor or landscape lighting helps keep burglars and thieves away from your house. Well-lit exterior does not give crime a heads up and you are much aware if anyone is around the house. Hence, when you choose lights for outdoor spaces, do not forget the doors, windows, and potential entry points. Try and cover the complete outdoor landscape, leaving no space for darkness. The stairs and pool sides can also have lights making it safe for you and your guests to move around. Now, no tripping and falling outside the house at night.

Property Value

No doubt in saying that lights play a major role in the decoration of the house. Besides adding style and beauty, there is a kind of positivity around well-lit places. It becomes more attractive at night and people wish to be around such places. Overall, well-placed lights increase the value of your house – an added advantage while selling it.

Your hard work and efforts towards enhancing the outdoor of your home should not lose its appreciation by the visitors after sunset. Choose some good lights for your exteriors. Solar lights, excellent designs, motion sensors, and automatic timer lights are very much available now. Select the best for your most wonderful home!

At Land-con we have experts to provide excellent outdoor landscape lighting services in Toronto. We will offer lighting solutions to illuminate your property in a way that enhances the overall appeal. For more information about our outdoor lighting installation and other related services, give us a call at 416.504.5263.

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‘Landscaping Toronto’ or should I say ‘Transforming Toronto’!

It’s always an excellent idea to transform your residential area. Make good use of the place in and around your house which usually is abandoned or not utilized.

Be it your backyard, front yard, or indoor space, it is very important to make the best use the area available with no compromise in terms of beautification. Hence, designing plays a vital role in the landscaping process. Landscaping architects in Toronto guide you with ideas that best-fit for the location and are most suitable to you as well.

Planning residential landscaping includes a lot of factors which need to be considered. Soil conditions play an important role here. There are other factors such as the amount of sunlight you want in the backyard, the drainage system, water, etc. all contribute while creating a beautiful landscape for your house.

Plan your landscaping for all seasons.

Spring is the Best Time for Residential Landscaping

As the chilliness in the air starts to disappear, people want to spend time outside their houses. This is the time when you start thinking about landscaping or enhancing the area around you. A thought can come to your mind about building a swimming pool, or probably, you would want to clean up the lawn and give it a new look.

Spring is considered as the best time for residential landscaping as it not only helps you clean up the mess created during winter, but it is very convenient with some practical benefits. Let us check a few of them.

  • Cost Effective

Spring landscaping projects are safe on your pockets. Energy costs can come down as you can plant trees for shades and fresh air. During summers, these would reduce the temperature in and around the house.

  • Summers & Winters

Instead of working in hot summers with the landscaping experts while renovating your property, you should be relaxing and enjoying the time. Similarly, winters aren’t a good time to work on residential landscaping projects, especially in Toronto. Moreover, this season leaves behind a lot of damages which you would want to address during your landscaping planning process.

Also, during summers, it would be difficult to find good landscaping architects in Toronto as most of them would already be engaged. Hence, try and start with work early – which is before the summers arrive. You might get fresh ideas from them which have not been implemented yet.

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  • Ground Conditions

While working on the landscaping project, the experts surely want good ground conditions to work on. The soil should not be wet or frozen. Ground water should not accumulate. Experts will plants trees in a way which reduce soil erosion reducing the risk of ground water to be accumulated at one place.

  • Increase your property value

Landscaping your residential property is not just a way to enhance the beauty of the place, or take care of the area, but it also increases the property value for you. Professional landscaping definitely augments the grandeur of the house which in turn attracts customers for you increasing the monetary value of the place.

  • Improve your air quality

Well-maintained gardens are always attractive and good for health emitting fresh air. Hence, renovating your property is a way to revitalize yourself with more fresh air. Landscaping architects in Toronto would be of great help here.

  • The Greens

Residential landscaping includes a lot of greenery around the house. Mild temperature is always best suited for plants to hold on to the roots faster. This also reduces your maintenance and attention towards them. Plantation during summers would take up more time in taking care of them. Hence, spring is the season for your backyard. If you already have garden beds, you might need mulching and weeding.

  • Residential Interlocking

This is a very important aspect which landscape designers and architects definitely kept in mind while working. Interlocking usually averts dust from entering the house enhancing the overall look.

Spring brings in some of the best conditions when it comes to residential landscaping in Toronto. Weather conditions are good for the greens and experts to work on the project. Moreover, ground conditions should be known along with the kind of plants you wish to have in the garden. However, we would recommend to start the work a little before Spring catches up. This would help you avoid sudden showers, snow, or unexpected heat.

If you are looking for qualified and experienced landscape designers and architects in Toronto, look no further than Land-Con! We can help you create a beautiful outdoor space that meets your requirements and budget. For more information about our services for landscaping in Toronto, call us on 416.504.5263 today!

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Commercial properties should have a well-maintained landscape with excellent atmosphere. Many times, commercial property owners do not realize the landscaping value associated with the mindset of the employees and clients. An excellent ambiance can do wonders at work-place.

It does not take extraordinary expense to give your office building a new look or beautiful landscaping in Toronto. Do keep in mind that the first impression matters a lot.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips and ideas which can be used for commercial property landscaping in Toronto.

1. Planning & Budgeting

Planning is a very important aspect of commercial landscaping. If you want self-designing, you can still pay for the planning part of it. This will definitely give your designing a professional look.

Make sure the design and decorative included in the planning are for long-term. The climatic conditions also need to be considered while planning commercial property landscaping. Planning should include the details of how would you take care of the rain-water or remove snow from your surroundings.

2. Most Important is the – Entrance

As we say, the first impression is always important and stays with the people for a long time. Moreover, people have a tendency to judge a book by its cover, so make the cover (landscape of the area) as attractive as possible.

For any commercial property, the most important segment of their entire premises is the entrance. It should have the inviting appeal with unique pathways. Add colours which suit the work and atmosphere. Flowers, bright colour grasses and lights make the entrance lively and tend to highlight a positive vibe.

3. Light & Decoration

Lighting shouldn’t be too bright or too low. The work and company should be kept in mind while choosing the decorative and lightings. Night lights should not be too low for people to a problem finding their way.

Outdoor decoration can include sculptures and fountains if space permits. Avoid using huge trees as this might hide the visibility of your building from a distance.

The pathways leading to your entrance can be designed with elegance and style. Try emphasizing the logo of the company in the landscaping design. Everything you select as a decorative should complement the company, building architecture, and the surroundings.

4. Relate to the Building Architecture

Every building has a particular architecture related to it. Hence, when we design the landscape, we should relate to the building for the best output. The efforts and work of the landscaping companies also become easy to propose the best suitable plan and work on the same. Moreover, if the architecture of the building does not match with the landscaping design, it creates a kind of disconnect and the appeal is lost. Both should complement each other. The idea behind landscaping commercial properties is to enhance the look of the place.

5. Low Maintenance & Safe Surroundings

Outdoors should be safe in terms of light and the furniture used. Traditional furniture including wooden sitting arrangements can give a feel of comfort. Late evenings should not give a haunted look to the place. Hence, perfect lighting is very important.

Many commercial property owners use low maintenance outdoor seasonal plants which require less attention. When you ask your designer to prepare a landscape plan, do specify the requirement of a maintenance plan as well. This will take care of unexpected expenses.

Once landscaping is done for your commercial property, make sure you move around your space and keep an eye. This will help identify the damages in and around the lawn or the building.

Am sure these tips and ideas would help you create amazing landscapes forcing people driving by to take a look at your business space.

If you are looking for commercial landscaping in Toronto, get in touch with our representatives by calling 416.504.5263. You could also get an online consultation by filling out our online form.

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The whole process of hiring a landscape architect in Toronto can be unsettling for people who are searching and hiring them for the very first time. There can be many questions that will be revolving in your head. In order to calm these questions and to make sure that you hire the best landscape architect in Toronto, suitable for your home, we have mentioned a few things that you should know about them.

Who is a Landscape Architect?

Let us begin with understanding the true meaning of the term Landscape Architect and what is included in his or her role. A landscape architect is a serious or professional landscape designer who creates efficient outdoor living spaces. How are these landscape architects different from the landscape designers? Well, the landscape architects have a legal right to present ‘Wet Stamps’ which are necessary for all the civic as well as commercial projects.

The job of a landscape architect in Toronto includes:

  • Designing a detailed landscape layout and plan
  • A strong outline that includes details with respect to hardscape, irrigation, lighting, drainage, demolition process, planting plan and other specifications related to the design
  • Manage subcontractors
Things to ask while hiring a Landscape Architect in Toronto

1. Ask for a License

There are two sorts of landscape architects in Toronto:

  1. Licensed
  2. Unlicensed

You should not hire an unlicensed landscape architect or contractors. A licensed landscape architect holds a field related specific degree that makes them more learned towards designing a coefficient space that falls right on the rules of designing. Thus, you should never hire an unlicensed landscape architect.

2. Ask for References

Dig deeper into their words and perform thorough research. You can ask a landscape architect about their previous clients and contact them, in order to know their working experience. These experiences can act as a great reference for your own projects.

Always use your judgement before deciding that the landscape architects are trustworthy or not. If you like a landscape design of a neighbour then do not hesitate to ring their bell and ask them about their landscape architect and if they can recommend the landscape architect to them.

3. Creativity & Imagination

Do you feel like you have better ideas than the landscape designers? Then it is time to switch to the landscape architects in Toronto. The landscape architects guide their clients through the entire process of designing and construction, making their clients feel comfortable about their project. To know if they are as creative as yourself, you should check out their online gallery and mock plans.

4. Budget

If you do not know as to how much you should invest in your landscape designing then there is a good rule of thumb that you should follow. While ascertaining the budget, you need to keep 5 to 10 percent of your house’s total market value. This will help you from going overboard while adding a fruitful monetary appeal to your existing value of the house, making your landscape design, a worthy investment.

Get Superior Toronto Landscaping by hiring Landcon!

Landcon is an industry credited landscape architect that has 20 years of history in delivering superior designs that are space and cost efficient. Give us a call at 416.504.5263 to know more!

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The landscaping trends evolve every year and each year sees some amazing designs that are an absolute delight on the eyes. With respect to the trends of 2018, you can say that 2019 is having some similar yet different trends. Homeowners are still thinking along the lines of making their backyard eco-friendly but they also wish to have a lush living.

Being the leading Toronto Landscaping Company, we are here to make you understand the landscaping trends that will be popular in 2019!

1. Keeping It Low Maintenance

A decorative landscape can be overwhelming for many homeowners. Considering the lives we live, we do not have the time to look after our gardens and greens. Due to this reason, 2019 will be all about keeping it simple. So how can you have a low maintenance garden?

  • Choose perennial plants and group them together to have the best appeal. To know which perennial to get for your home, talk to a Toronto landscaping company. You can also attend a few local gardening events to know about the plants of the year.
  • Try having shrubs or messy trees that do not induce any stress or problem on the landscape.
  • Install an irrigation system that works for you even while you are away.
  • Try having more of hardscapes. To understand how you should select landscaping materials for hardscapes, you need to research well about them. Get quality stones and pavers that do not require to be cleaned regularly.

2. Creating a Staycation Spot

Why go on vacation only once every year where you can have your own little vacation, whenever you want, at your home? There are man ways to convert your backyard into a staycation spot and have a comfortable living without the fuss of travelling. You can think of incorporating the following things:

  • Having a weatherproof speaker system to enjoy music in your backyard whenever you want.
  • Try adding a fire feature or lounge chairs to create a warm ambience and have a great time with your friends and family.
  • Get outdoor furniture that is actually functional.
  • To make your landscape shine even in dark, incorporate a proper lighting system.
  • Add an outdoor bar or kitchen to have a complete resort-like experience.

3. Making Backyard Structures Focal Points

There are some structures that you need to install in your backyard. These include the necessary walls, sheds and pool equipment boxes. These are the structures you will be seeing every day so they ought to be beautiful. You can use these creative ideas:

  • Get salvages materials to work for your like antique iron gates and rough barn wood. This will let you have a rustic pool landscape in your backyard.
  • Try to repurpose your existing space and turning it into an outdoor dining pavilion.
  • Mimic the designs that inspire you and work with different materials.

4. Creating Private Spaces

Create an intimate space by having a secluded backyard. This can help you to relax and revive your soul from the daily routines of life, making it a great place to unwind. Here are a few easy ways to create a private space:

  • Choose minimum seatings.
  • Have a simple water feature.
  • Surround your landscape with lush plants.
  • Get arbour and pergola to have a small enclosure for yourself.
  • Plant tall trees to create a barrier.

5. Lighting

Lighting a backyard has completely changed nowadays. People are now concerned about their bills as well as the environment and so have started using eco-friendly LED and solar lights. This lets the home shine even when it gets dark. Also, try installing lights in various styles to have a play of lights and shadow and highlight the features that really enhance the appeal.

Have a Trendy Landscape with the best Toronto landscaping company!

Incorporate these trends according to your home’s character with Landcon. We are the most experienced Toronto landscaping company with a great portfolio that will make you inspired. Give us a call at 416.504.5263 to know more!

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Front yard acts as the face of your home. It is very much different from your backyard in terms of utility. You can convert your backyard into an outdoor living space but with your front yard, you need to think more along the lines of a beautiful recreational area. There are many ways to enhance the curb appeal when which can form part of your front yard landscaping project.

Front Yard Landscaping Secrets

Depending upon the climate, front yard features, local planning, regulations & size of your yard, you can incorporate these to your front yard landscaping in Toronto.

1. Dress Up Your Walkway

Transform your walkway by using alternatives of cement, like flagstones and pavers, and also incorporate plants like boxwood and hosta. Along with this, try curving the walkway to give your home an appearance of a longer front yard.

2. Fill it With Flower

Let your front yard feel more welcoming with planting colourful bloomers. They are a surefire to make your front yard beautiful. Try to use bright hues and bold colours as they will create the desired impact, even for a small space.

3. Leave Space to Entertain

If you are someone who wishes to go beyond just flowers then you can add a patio to your front yard Toronto landscaping project. The patio will help you to enjoy a delightful summer, with a cold glass of lemonade and waving to your neighbours.

4. Slope and Front Yards

Many homes have a stairway in place of a walkway. This makes their front yard even more interesting with elevation. These homes have beautiful slopes that will not require grass. You could cover these slopes with your favourite plants and flowers. Planting them in a downward trajectory from the door of your home will let it have a grander appeal.

5. Go Green

Try planting a variety of evergreens that will make your front yard look even more classy and beautiful, all year long. There are some great evergreens that include many large trees, dwarf plants and groundcovers. These will create a prosperous plethora of colours and textures.

6. Create a Buffer

If you have a small front yard then try using medium-sized plants to keep them away from the eyes of the other people. This will create an intriguing space that can be kept private for yourself. Choose many plants and create patterns that are pleasing to look at.

7. Break It Up

This can work well when you have a big front yard. To break up your space, try having perpendicular planting. It can break the monotony while adding elegance and grace to your home’s appeal.

8. Use Space Smartly

If you live in a city, your property can be small. Due to which, you will have a smaller front yard with postage stamp lawns and foundation shrubs. Break away from them and let your front yard look bigger by layering it all up. You can create eye-catching layers that can help you enhance the size and appeal of your front yard Toronto landscaping.

9. Emphasize the Entry

There are many homes that lack a proper entry. This can be due to many reasons ranging from poor front yard landscaping to lacking proper height. To enhance and emphasize the entry of your home try to install a fence or arbour. They will get your home all the right attention.

10. Blend Nature and Art

Try incorporating artistic elements in your front yard. They will add more character to your home’s appeal, distinguishing it from other houses in the neighbourhood.

Want to transform your Front Yard?

Choose the best Toronto Landscaping company with Land-con. We have over 20 years of experience in transforming a dull front yard into a beautiful, vibrant and welcoming landscape. We understand how important front yards are and so we design keeping their functionality in mind. Want to know what we can do for your space? Call us at 416.504.5263 to know it all!

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Giving space to your pets is the only way to keep them healthy. With giving space we do not want you to leave them alone but provide them with better playing area and open space.

If you are already concerned about your pets’ health and want them to be romping around happily then do consider adding pet-friendly landscaping in Toronto. This can be challenging for a few as they might be looking forward to having delicate fixtures in their backyard which may or may not be suitable with their pet. To avoid making such mistakes, sit with your landscape contractor and be clear about the pets you have or are willing to have and they might be able to tell you better on the amenities that will work best with your pet.

But if you are looking on designing the backyard on your own, then here we have suggested a few pet-friendly landscaping tips and ideas that will keep your pets happy and healthy!

1. Keep the water flowing

Let your pets splash around in your backyard by adding a water feature. You can install a stream or splash fountain. These are the features that even you will enjoy having.

You can also think about adding a small pond or pool, especially when you have a pet dog. But you will need to have appropriate safety checks before you let your dog inside the pool or pond. The pool should have a provision for your dog to get out of it if they fall inside. This can be achieved with the help of shallow steps and sloping sides.

2. Consider their safety

Our pets do well with boundaries. They can stay without a leash when they are trained. If not trained, you should keep them leashed when you step outside so that they don’t wander off. This is applicable for your backyard design as well.

No, we are not asking you to leash your pets in your backyard but simply suggesting that your backyard should have proper boundaries and fencing. If you have a pet dog, you would want to opt for a larger area that is fully fenced, to keep your dog free from a leash and safe as well.

3. Get better shade and shelter

Even pets can suffer from heatstroke and sunburn. To save them from this sufferage consider creating plenty of shade in your backyard with trees. But many houses cannot have a tree in their backyard. If such is the case with your home, you can choose to have shade cloths for your pets. You can also add small gazebos.

If you have more space to spare, add a separate area for your pets. You can incorporate a small yard in your landscaping in Toronto by choosing an aesthetically sound structure. There are many available online and no they are not made of plastic!

4. Keep a definite space for a play area

Some pets are over-enthusiastic. For instance, if you have a dog then you will have definitely faced the problem of them being hyper at times. This is a sign that the dog is not tired. If you want your dog to be happy, he/she needs to be tired.

Assign a space in your backyard for your dog and keep it open for the dog to chase and run. The assigned space should be as large as possible, that can allow them to move freely.

5. Choose appropriate landscaping materials

As suggested earlier, not every element will be suited for your pet. Choose wisely on the landscaping materials, depending upon the size of your pet. You will have to consult a landscape designer in Toronto, for the same.

6. Add elements that are friendly to your pet

Pets are inquisitive by nature. They like to explore and wander on their own. But sometimes, in the pursuit of knowing everything, they can become nosy and get themselves stuck between fences. To avoid this, you can create a separate window for them, which can allow them to see everything when their inquisitiveness takes over.

If you have a cat then you know that they do not wish to be treated anyway less than a queen. They like their own sitting place that has to be nice and warm for them to laze around. Thus, you can add a separate sitting space for them.

Make your landscaping in Toronto Playful for your Pets!

Make your landscape as playful as possible for your pets to enjoy. You can also add several play courses which can help you to host several pet events in your backyard. But do not take the task of making this pet haven on yourself. Hire a professional landscape architect who can provide superior pet-friendly landscaping in Toronto.

Choose Landcon. We have a good experience in designing landscapes that are not only beautiful but functional as well. Call us at 416.504.5263 to book a free appointment with us!

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