After our visit from Vayang Rolling Hills our van went to the top of Naidi Hill where the Basco Lighthouse is located.

Basco Lighthouse was constructed on March 2003 to help on the navigation for local fisherman and ships and a the same time for tourists to visit.

By the way, this tour was the Batan Island Tour by Wakay  Tours where we get to appreciate lots of places in Batan Island.

Here is what happened during our visit to the lighthouse.

11:51 AM We arrived at Basco Lighthouse

6 minutes travel time by van from Vayang Rolling Hills.

It was still drizzling when we arrived at Basco Lighthouse but that did not stop us from visiting. In Batanes where there is a drizzle there is wind and it was fun and challenging, especially when you can’t stabilize your camera when holding it up in the air.

Here is a photo of a sign which tells the history of Basco Lighthouse.

There’s a wide area with benches where you can sit and look at the lighthouse or Batanes Bay.

I tried exploring even the back side of the lighthouse.

As it turns out there was a comfort room being built but still was not finished. I wonder how much a bag of cement is in Batanes since transferring it via sea is already hard due to the big waves.

We then decided to go inside the lighthouse and climb it. We were on of the last people in the group to climb the lighthouse, the reason may have been because we were the only group who climbed the hill in Vayang Rolling Hills.

Some reminders before we go up.

There are about three floors before you reach the top of the lighthouse. Each floor has a window that illuminates the floor and the stairs.

The stairs have a small width so you need to give way to those going down.

When we reached top and decided to go out to the veranda strong winds blew. Not strong enough to carry a human being but strong enough for us to hold on the railings.

Here are the views from the top of Basco Lighthouse.

Basco Town Proper and Cemetery

The road where our van was waiting.

Basco Bay

The port of Basco

Then we went down.

And started walking to our van for the next destination.

12:06 PM We were back inside the van and heading to the Church of Basco.

Total time going around Basco Lighthouse and Naidi Hill: 15 minutes.

I wish we had stayed here for a longer time but I shall do it next time. Besides, Basco Lighthouse is only around 1.5 kilometers from the town proper of Basco, still a walking distance.

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One of my favorite destinations is Baguio, my main reason is I love cool weather, and aside from this there are a lot of places to visit, food to eat and things to do. With so many things to do in Baguio often times first time travelers and even seasoned travelers gets intimidated, especially when looking for a place to stay in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. That is why you should try the Traveloka App on your next visit to Baguio.

The Manor in Camp John Hay

I have used the Traveloka App a couple of times already during  my travels and it was really helpful when booking flights and hotels. But let me focus on why it should be one of your apps to install when visiting Baguio.

1. Filter Options for List of Hotels

I am a traveler who prefers to stay near parks since generally parks are more quiet than shopping areas. For practicality, I also prefer staying near shopping areas, not because I like shopping, but because that’s where convenience stores and restaurants are located most of the time.

To filter your results select Baguio City as your place of destination then set the other needed details such as number of nights, persons and rooms then hit search. Once the resulting list comes up press Filter on the bottom right of the screen and you can filter the results as much as you want.

Here are the filters that you can set when looking for accommodation in Baguio City.

By the way you can also Sort the results to your preferred option.

For me, I prefer sorting based on Highest Popularity and sometimes based on Highest rating. Then I search from the list on the price and quality that I can afford.

Colors of Stobosa

2. Map Selection

Sometimes, all the filters and sorting just makes me overloaded with information that I just want to just see a map on where the accommodations are located and their prices. Very easy to see.

You can also set filters so that your search for your perfect accommodation in Baguio City would be more refined.

Keychains in Souvenir Shops around Baguio City

3. The Price You See is the Price You Get

One of the reasons I prefer booking with Traveloka is that when I see the price on the list, I do not have to recompute for hidden charges such as 12% Value Added Tax (VAT), 10% Service Charge, etcetera.

Everything is included in the price. The price that you see in the list is the price that you will be paying.

1,421.60 Pesos/night * 3 nights = 4,264.80

How much you will pay is just a simple price multiplied by the number of nights that you want to stay.

Ube Jams and other pasalubongs in Good Shepherd

4. Budget or Luxury Hotel

You can also easily filter the results if you’re more on a backpacking trip in Baguio City or you want to stay in a Luxury Hotel by just pressing the Luxury and Budget button above the list.

It depends on what type of traveler are you. For me, I’m a mix of both, depends on my mood most of the time.

Our room in The Manor

5. Includes TripAdvisor Reviews of the Hotels

More than just list of prices and pictures it really helps when you see reviews of people who have already stayed in the hotels that you want to stay. One of the rich resources of these reviews is TripAdvisor, that is why it was really helpful to see that they included TripAdvisor Reviews inside the Traveloka App.

No need to change to the TripAdvisor App and search for the hotel that you want just to check on the reviews.

(Left) TripAdvisor Reviews; (Right) Traveloka Bookers Review

This makes decision making easier when booking thru the Traveloka App.

Strawberry Farm

There are other reasons why I like the Traveloka App when booking my hotels when I am visiting Baguio. But not only in Baguio but also other parts of the Philippines and in other countries as well.

If you want to know more about the Traveloka App, you can visit another blog of mine where I showed the booking process through the app here.

The Traveloka App is available on Android and iOS.

Enjoy your trip in Baguio!

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