With every year that passes, the affiliate marketing industry changes. Some say its getting harder, some say there’s always opportunity. The truth is, this is a growing industry and if you want to be successful and remain profitable in the future, you need to keep up with the changes and adapt. This infographic from NoHatDigital shows exactly what you need to pay attention to absolutely crush it in 2018.

How To Crush Affiliate Marketing In 2018


Content: It’s no secret that as an affiliate marketer, you need to create great content for your visitors to read or watch. However, the quality of your content matters now much more than ever before. Google is constantly tweaking their algorithm to identify and downgrade sites with thin or crappy pages – don’t be a victim!

Conversion Rate Optimization: Split testing is another must and you can’t afford to not do A/B testing on your money pages. You shouldn’t just do one or two tests and call it quits either! You need to do thorough and ongoing split tests so that with each change, your money pages convert at a higher rate. This goes without saying, the higher they convert, the more money you’ll earn.

Search Engine Optimization: One of the most important trends that you should take note of is the rising usage of voice activated devices to search the internet. As a result, people are now saying what they want to search for and these phrases are quite different from the ones they typically type in. As a result, you will need to adapt your keyword optimization to suit.

Mobile first indexing is another change in the SEO world and that means your site absolutely needs to be optimized for mobile. You should consider the fact that more than 50% of people that use the internet, do so from their mobile devices.

Email List & Funnels: Building an email list and creating a funnel may seem like internet marketing 101, however, they are now critical, especially when paid traffic is getting more expensive and organic traffic is harder to keep. You should use paid traffic to funnel more people into your list and create a funnel that converts them into long term customers. Don’t forget the most important part of this equation – you must split test every part of your funnel, this includes the squeeze page, thank you page, emails etc.

Change Things Up: You absolutely need to diversify your streams of income in 2018 and not put all of your eggs in one basket. This means that you should have different affiliate programs or offers to use in case one changes their commission rates (like Amazon). You should also try to develop better relationships with brands so that you can increase your commission rates or even obtain exclusive rights.

Deep Data Reports: Many companies have started providing deep data reports to their affiliates. This is not something you want to ignore! Take a close look at that data and use it to make better marketing decisions.

Developing Countries: If you’re only targeting the United States and other western countries, then you’re missing out on marketing to the rest of the world. Expand your horizons and you’ll most likely see a greater change in your revenue, with a whole lot less time and effort.

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What is native advertising? If you haven’t stumbled upon the term “Native Advertising” yet, you must be a complete novice in affiliate marketing or you’ve just returned from a vacation on the Moon. Indeed, Native Advertising (abbreviated as NA) has been discussed everywhere over the last few years, but, still, the practice of “going native” might seem confusing for a great deal of affiliates.

“So why do native ads seem so tricky?”

A native ad is an ad that doesn’t look like an ad.

This formula sounds like a tongue twister, but, somehow, it can turn your ad into a magnet for users. Simply because native ads are less annoying than hard-selling banners. They don’t pop out like a jack-in-the-box and they don’t scream like lunatics.

“And that’s all?”

The blending capacity is only a half of the equation.

Another hugely important reason why native ads irritate users less, is clever targeting. Networks that create and run native ads use technologies that personalize every ad impression. They recommend products or content relevant to the website’s context and the users’ browsing experience.

That’s why NV massively depends on smart targeting and traffic tracking. Native advertising and users’ data tracking are actually two sides of the same coin. A coin that has already earned the industry millions of dollars.

“Why are affiliates going crazy over native ads?”

Actually, NA is the reason why affiliates are optimistic about the future of Internet advertising. It is on the rise now because NA is the solution to “banner blindness” – a phenomenon that nearly spoiled the party for web advertisers . Since website visitors got immune to buy-now ads, the native format became a lifesaver for the entire industry.

Native advertising is a healthy step more and more affiliates are taking to adapt to the constantly changing Internet landscape. To keep on earning profits, you need to meet the tastes of your audience. Users come to websites for content, not for ads. They can smell when someone is forcing them to buy. They adapt. You need to adapt too.

“Alright, I want to earn with native ads. What should I do?”

The first step is to choose a reliable and efficient network.

Advice: choose a platform with with a long-term experience.

There are a few companies that actually started experimenting with native advertising back in 2000s. For example, one of the first global networks – MGID – introduced their system 10 years ago and honed it into a truly efficient promotional technology with an impressive targeting capacity. According to their clients’ reviews, this network is a great place to start your work with NA. Here’s why MGID earned so many loyalty points:

1. Newbie-friendly
Unlike the vast majority of other NA systems, MGID’s managers will contact you as soon as you sign up on the platform. You don’t even need to make a deposit. Your manager will clarify all pre-deposit details.

2. Personal assistance
Although MGID’s interface is user-friendly and the process of creating, targeting, and managing campaigns is pretty straightforward, you can contact your personal manager every time. The patient support of committed MGID managers truly proves that people are company’s greatest asset.

3. Free creatives
The services of MGID’s creative team is at your disposal free of charge. Although you can make ads on your own, we advise you not to neglect the skills and experience of their in-house teasers. They can come up with really brilliant ideas for attention grabbing and yet relevant ads.

4. Optimization
MGID has a very helpful feature called Selective Bidding – a powerful tool to optimize your publishers. It shows all the info: the maximum bid you’ve set, clicks, money spent, average CPC, and the number of conversions. Based on this information, you can decide which publishers to turn off and which placements, ads, GEOs, Operating Systems, Browsers to raise your bid on.

5. Statistics
When it comes to boosting your campaign’s conversions, statistics is the key. MGID gives their clients access the detailed statistics where you’ll find all the info about impressions, clicks, money spent, average CPC, and average CTR. You can select the stats by period, domain, region, country, OS, etc.

KJ Rocker’s Special Offer: Get a dedicated account manager for your account when you signup with MGID Native Ad Network. Click here to get started.

What makes Mgid different from other native sources?

MGID has a well-established international presence. In 2017, the platform reaches more than a billion unique visitors every single month in the European region (31.2%), Asia Pacific (27.2%), LATAM (19.7%), North America (15,8%), and Middle East (6.2%).

About 70% of its traffic is smartphone-generated which makes the platform a great choice for mobile advertising.

The system works on CPC pricing model (you are charged only if users click on your ads).

MGID demographics

Also, we allow A / B testing of creatives and preldenders. We are well aware of the needs of performance marketers because we made the best in the market tracking options that include a symlink integration that allows you to set up tracking in 1 click with tracking systems such as “Kochava, Cake, Voluum, Hasoffers, Adsbridge etc.”

We have the most flexible system on the market that allows you to get more for less money. We can change the price not only for individual teasers (in most of competitors’ systems the price changes only for a campaign) but also for different regions and for each individual AD, also you can change the price at publishers IDs level and our completely new feature – you can change it by publishers sub-ids. Of course, bids could be adjusted manually at anytime.

MGID is one of the main Native traffic sources globally. Compared to competition, we provide the most targeting options in the industry, including OS, browser (+versions) and Language (browser locale).

MGID facilitates wide diversity of verticals ranging from Health and Beauty, Weight Loss, and Dating to Online Games, Lifestyle and Entertainment, Finance and politics.

MGID requires $100 as the minimum deposit to launch a campaign. However, we recommend that you have at least $500 in your account, which guarantees a dedicated Account Manager. MGID’s account managers do all the “dirty work” for clients, including campaign set-up, optimization, creative requests and ongoing optimization.

It’s very easy to get started.

All you need is sign up on MGID.com : Signup on MGID Network
To create a campaign on MGID, you need to go to the Advertiser section of your account and click the Add Campaign button. It’s the only green button you’ll see. The campaign creation process consists of 5 steps.

Step 1: General Info

If you have actual products or services, you need to choose the “Product promotion”. In case you want to draw attention to articles on your website (arbitrage), go for the “Content promotion”.

Then, you must decide which Category suits your campaign. There are 25 of them, so you are guaranteed to find the one that matches your offer. Additionally, there are sub-categories to get even more granular.

Keep in mind that each of two Campaign Types has different categories and requirements (check all creative requirements here: https://www.mgid.com/creative-guidelines)

Finally, you choose the Language of your campaign. Note that you can choose only 1 language per 1 campaign. If you want to promote a multi-GEO offer, you should create separate campaigns for each GEO-targeting. Your creatives should be designed using the specific language of that region as well.

Step 2. Targeting

In this section, you adjust your offer to targeting your desired audience.
MGID’s targeting options include:
– GEO (country + region)
– Browser (11 options available now)
– Browser language
– Devices and OS (Desktop, Mobile and/or Tablet and the respective OS version)

Although you can’t select a mobile carrier for your campaign, you can ask your manager to create a whitelist for IP ranges for a carrier you’d like to target.

Step 3. Limits

MGID provides ability to set caps not only by budget, but also by number of conversions or even clicks. Actually, by limiting your campaign by the number of clicks, you won’t exceed your expected budget.

Step 4. Tracking Tags

Use it in case you need to set up UTM tags. If you want to set a Postback in the next Step, add a click ID token from your Network in the custom tracking tag.

Step 5. Conversion Sensor

There are two ways to track conversions with MGID. If you have a content promotion campaign, you can place a code on your pages. Another option is using a Postback URL and setting goals for your campaign.

If you decide to use a tracking code, just click on the “Get Tracking Code” button to generate your sensor code. Then, copy-paste it in the source-code of every page you want to track conversions from.

Use Postback option if you’re not a direct owner of an offer and don’t have access to the offer page source code.

That’s all! Once your ads are approved, your campaigns goes live.

What Top Geos and Top verticals does MGID have?

Currently, the best-performing verticals are healthcare, bizopp, dating, gambling, desktop gaming, etc. The strongest GEO’s are United States, United Kingdom, Viet Nam, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy

MGID Native ad network traffic map

If we talk about specific GEO and best match verticals for them, here is a short list for each:

1. US – Investments and bitcoin trading, Consumer products, Health&Beauty, Dating
2. Thailand – Weight loss, Binary, ED
3. Germany – Online games, Gambling
4. Italy – Dating
5. Romania – Weight loss, Health&Beauty offers.
6. Indonesia – Forex, Anti-age creams
7. Viet Nam – Weight loss, Money making, ED
8. India – Hair loss, Casino, Moneymaking.

How long to let a campaign run?

Usually, for test campaign we recommend 14 days with 10-15 ads for starters. This period lets us gather required data to properly optimize client’s campaigns. The budget itself highly depends on the number of GEOs and offers the client starts with. Though, $1,500-$2,000 is typically enough to test.

Bidding Strategy

The prices depend on the GEO’s and devices you are targeting. In order for you to acquire high quality inventory you should be highly competitive on the market. There is no sense in starting a campaign with small bids since you will end up buying only remnant traffic, and not allow yourself a chance to truly test quality placements. Setting optimal bids (or even a bit higher) at the beginning will allow you to get good volumes of traffic right away. Thus you will gain high CTR’s and you’ll be able to slightly decrease the bids/set coefficients on the go based on the overall performance of specific placements. It’s the most efficient way to squeeze the most from the sources your ROI’s sky rocket from and paying an optimal price to have a fair profitability on lower performing once. Selective bidding is super flexible tool which in good hands will help maximize ROI’s from every cent invested.

Trends for the 2018.

1.New verticals
If you notice a tendency don’t follow it, create your own trend. Pursue new verticals, try to work more with white hat offers, e-commerce, сrypto offers and any online education.

2. New Geos
Nowadays, booming Geos are Asia and Tier 1. But as practice shows the one who will be first to find a new GEO – receives the greatest profits in the new “El Dorado”

We recommend you to take a look at LATAM and Eastern / Central Europe. These GEOs promise to be THE NEXT BIG THING.

3. Focus on mobile
In 2017, Mobile accounted for 59.9% of all internet traffic. The share for desktop was just 40.1%. So it is expected the percentage of the mobile traffic to grow even more in 2018.

4. The rise of machine driven performance optimization.

Algorithms are still not able to replace people but can really help us.

Optimization solutions help thousands of performance marketers maximize their profits and optimize the spend of their budgets.

The machine learning becomes more effective in helping to earn more with less effort.

It’s very important to remember that you just need to use all your tools. There is not only a blacklisting and blocking of campaigns tools for optimization. In MGID there is also available to use selective bidding, per-sub-id blocking, flex bidding and other tools. If you do not use them and just block the placements – you will lose.

The more active publishers you have – the better CTR in MGID System and the more successful the WGW you can pay. Do not block a lot of publishers. Try to use selective bidding and periodically check your blacklists,cause we and our publishers are working on the placements improving their performance.


Personally I love the networks with good customer support as this is one major factor which can really help your  campaigns, MGID being one of the oldest and most well-known Native Ad networks around always comes in my list of favorites because of their fantastic support and also the fact that they have premium traffic inventory which always converts well. If you are looking for quality traffic in Native Advertising  I would highly recommend you to check out MGID.Get Started Today!

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Hey guys its been over a month since I came back from Arab Affiliate Summit 2017, However due to busy schedule and me deciding to stay in Pakistan for a month or two before returning to Dubai, I wasn’t able to share my experience about the event on my blog.

I first heard about Arab Affiliate Summit last year, when I was invited by an organizer of the Arab Affiliate Summit as a Speaker. As I was in Pakistan at that time visiting my family, I applied for my Egypt Visa from Pakistan, however even after a month my visa wasn’t processed so I wasn’t able to  participate in the event ( Pakistani passport ranked 3rd worst in world :- Global Passport Power Rank. ) Therefore I was unable to attend last year!

Arab Affiliate Summit 2017

Before I continue would like to thank Mahmoud Fathy and Mohammad Khartabil, The Event Founders and Mohammad Hisham Chief Organizer for Inviting me again in 2017. When I got the invitation I wanted to make sure that I make it to the event this time, at any costs! Therefore, this time I applied from Dubai, so the process was smooth and within a few days I had my passport in my hands, with the Egypt Visa Stamp on it

I was really excited to attend the event as I was going to meet Famous digital marketers like Neil Patel, Charles NGO, Steven Kuhn, Mustafa Patel, Sebastian Gomez, Rohail Rizvi,Dimitris Skiadas, Farid Khan, Rizvan Ali, Com Mirza,Mohammad Khonizi,Mohamed Ali Aguel and many other awesome people.

The event started on the 12th of October and Continued until 14th of October. I was supposed to land on 11th of October however due to some personal reasons, I landed in Cairo on 12th afternoon. Due to the delay my speech which was scheduled on the 12th was rescheduled to the 14th, so i had enough time to relax and enjoy the event! These 3 days in Cairo were a true representation of ARAB and Egyptian Hospitality. While I’m at it, I would like to thank the AAS Team and especially their volunteers for their amazing hospitality and of-course the event participants! Also those of them who wanted to invite me to their homes ( Thank You All Of You ) .

Before I left for Egypt I didn’t expect many participants, however when I actually reached the venue, I  realized how big this event was!! The Venue was packed with the people who were eager to learn about affiliate marketing and Digital Marketing.

The First day  Sessions included speakers Including Charles NGO, Rohail Rizvi, Steven Kuhn, Mustafa Patel, Sebastian Gomez, Rizvan Ali, Neil Patel and Com Mirza. Even though I didn’t sleep for the past 48 hours, I was still SO interested to learn, that I attended most of their sessions and spent the rest of my time networking with the attendees and answering their questions.

The next day I decided to go and explore Cairo, on my own. I really loved shopping for my wife from place called khan al khalili and I visiting The Great Pyramids of Giza. Thank God I had already done my research so dealing with the Tour Guides wasn’t that hard.  ( PRO TIP Never believe when your tour guide tells you he knows a friend who offers this or that , Or when your Tour Guide ( At Giza )  asks you for your phone so he can take your picture as he will ask you for the money later..

Pyramids Of Giza

Anyways My tour went quite good, except I made a mistake by choosing a horse carriage (Horse’s name was Michael Jackson btw), as my guide asked me to give him my phone so he can take my picture, which I eventually did, and once he asked for the money, I asked for his phone and took his picture so made it even..

On day 3 I attended a few sessions and  we also had a round table activity where all of the speakers had to visit every table for 10 minutes and answer any questions attendees might have … Personally my presentation started with a disaster, as 30 minutes before I was due to start, when I tried using the Shoe cleaner, my shoes got scratched! So I was found running around the mall attached to the hotel looking for shoes.. Once I accomplished mission shoe hunt I ran back to get on the stage..

Round table activity

I spoke about building funnels and why affiliates need them to maximize their revenue. I got a little nervous after looking at the crowd, as we had a hall full of attendees. However, after a while I took control and delivered my speech without any problems.

Speaking at Arab Affiliate Summit 2017

After my speech, I was busy answering questions from the attendees. To conclude the event, The after party was hosted by the Marriott Nile Cruise. A great time to  celebrate the success of the event.

The event itself was a great eye opener for me, and It was really interesting to learn that most of affiliates in Middle East region are using Facebook traffic,  and the potential we have in Middle East region is huge. There are plenty of offers out there that you can take advantage of. If you are interested in working in the Middle East market, the best offers in my opinion can be found on Arabyads.com, as they are the major player in the market with their offices in Egypt and UAE. Other networks you could look into include Global Wide Media ( Former Neverblue ) and Digitalraves. Below are kind of offers making money in Middle East if you want to dive in un saturated market!

  • E-commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Mobile Apps

At the end I would congratulate Arab Affiliate Summit Team for organizing such an awesome event and also a huge thank you to the volunteers for being super helpful and showing true Egyptian hospitality throughout the event

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If you want to learn anything through the internet, one of the best sources of information is the blogs owned by industry influencers. These blogs are the platforms where they share their experiences and knowledge. Blogs are a great way to learn about any industry. In affiliate marketing if you are not following any industry blogs,  you are most likely goign to miss the latest trends and as it is an ever evolving industry, keeping up with the experts is a good way to keep up with the industry. Bloggers knowledge is key to learn about affiliate marketing and how to get things done, So here is a list of my 15 personal favorite bloggers I follow and i would suggest you to follow as well if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing bloggers you should follow!

1.  Jeremy Schoemaker shoemoney.com

Personally I have learned a lot from Jeremy Schoemaker by reading his blog posts and used the tips he shared in my own affiliate business to maximize my own profits. Back in 2013 i even used his tactic to get featured on his blog and receive tons of traffic on my blog, I wanted to get featured on his blog’s Free Shirt Friday series however it proved almost impossible, So I used his tips from his blog and got this video done from Fiverr for $5 and wallah you can see my website featured on his blog here .

2. Zac Johnson zacjohnson.com

Zac Johnson has published thousands of articles, His posts are always informative and helpful with killer content specially about how to stay relevant and generate passive income stream. He is one of the most consistent bloggers in industry and his articles are always informative where he shares his insider secrets for example have a look here a post he published in 2008 How I Made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 Months!

3. Neil Patel neilpatel.com

As per forbes he is one of the top 10 online marketers, He is the Co founder of crazy egg and KISSmetrics. He shares great tips related to online marketing and traffic generation. His articles about SEO are always informative and his insights on advertising is always helpful. I am honored to be speaking alongside Neil Patel  this October at Arab Affiliate Summit in Egypt this year.

4. CHARLES NGO charlesngo.com

In CPA marketing Charles is one of the top influencers and his guides about mobile marketing have helped many affiliates marketers hundreds and thousands of dollars. He is also a great mentor and has mentored many successful affiliates. His guides and emails are always top notch providing a great insight into world of affiliate marketing.

5. Jeff Bullas jeffbullas.com

Jeff bullas was listed on Forbes as one of the “Top 20 Digital Influencers. He has one of the most impressive blog designs. Jeff shares great insights about blogging , Affiliate marketing and  Digital marketing and digotal marketing. His articles provide a great resource about digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

6. Luke kling lukepeerfly.com

Peerfly affiliate manager and creator of Fptraffic social media tool which is responsible of driving millions of visitors a month. Luke’s blog is always a grest source of information about affiliate marketing where he shares latest methods to drive traffic, Luke’s spcial focus has been on facebook traffic and is one of the authority figures in social media advertising sector.

7. John chow johnchow.com

John Chow is the founder and CEO of TTZ Media and runs one of the biggest digital marketing blogs where he shares information about making money online, With over 20,0000 visitors a day he is one of the most influential people on internet.

8. Pat Flynn smartpassiveincome.com

Pat Flynn is one of the most influential people in digital marketing with massive following, He started off his digital marketing career in 2008, he is very well known for his podcasts with over 1 million downloads. Also his monthly income reports on his blog are also very popular.

9. Yaro Starak entrepreneurs-journey.com

Yaro Starak covers topics including  Internet Marketing, Selling Information Online, Blogging, Startups and Personal Development. If you are interested into blogging he is someone you mustbe following .

10. Mark Ling affilorama.com

Mark Ling is an New Zealand based Internet marketing expert also happens to be the founder of Affilorama  the famous  affiliate training program which is a great way to learn for affiliates who are interested to learn free traffic methods specially promoting clickbank products.

11. David Risley blogmarketingacademy.com

David Risley writers about blogging and his blog is a great resource for bloggers specially dedicated to driving traffic to your blogs. This blog has helped me a lot to increase traffic on my blog. His guides are very detailed and a great resource for experienced and helpful for experienced and beginners both.

12. Matthew Woodward  matthewwoodward.co.uk

Matthew writes about SEO and affiliate marketing. His monthly income reports are always interesting to read and his SEO guides are always helpful and his blogs are something you must following if you run anything related to digital marketing.

13. Harsh Agrawal  shoutmeloud.com

I recently started reading Harsh, Its always great to find new traffic sources through his blog, for example i learned about hilltop ads form his blog and have been using them for regularly now to run traffic to my affiliate campaigns. His blogs about blogging are also very helpful and insightful..

14. Finch Sells  finchsells.com

Finch sells is one of the top reputed people in affiliate marketing industry. I met him first time in 2014 during Adsimilis Meetup 2014 in Dubai,  Where we both were invited as speakers. His blogs are always interesting to read and is 3 year old list of affiliate marketing resources is still one of the best affiliate marketing resource list.

15. shawn collins  affiliatetip.com

Shawn collins has been affiliate marketer since 1997. Shawn Collins is Co-CEO of the Affiliate Summit, one of the major affiliate marketing industry conferences.

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Leadbit Affiliate Network and Stack That Money Forum  hosted  Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party, a  sucessful event this spring, which eventually became the first worldwide affiliate conference in Russia. They are now back in Russia with the autumn edition!

I am gutted due to my busy schedule I won’t be able to attend the event, as I already had a few plans which I can not change. However, I am still trying my best to take time out and somehow be part of this crazy awesome conference.

Moscow Affiliate Conference provides affiliates a great opportunity to learn new things from the best of the best in the industry. It also provides a great location,  you can enjoy visiting mother Russia, and be part of  the crazy Russian style afterparty!

Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party

Their last event was an instant hit with over around 1500 attendees, networking with the high flyers of CPA marketing, international reports and, of course, awesome evening after party, with unofficial communication.  Have a look at the confrence video :

The Russian style afterparty video is definitely worth watching!

So are you ready for the endless fun ? Pack your bags and note down these dates !!

Date : September 28, 2017.
Location:  Moscow, Russia again!
More Details : http://affiliateconf.com

Who knows? Maybe I will be able to attend!

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Hey guys, If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you would know I never vouch for CPA Networks without a reason, or unless I really believe in those networks. Today I would like to talk to you guys about another great network which I personally believe can make you great money and help you guys out with your successful affiliate marketing business.

It’s always hard to find legit and professional CPA Networks these days, unfortunately in our industry there are plenty of networks, however if you ask me about honest and professional networks, there are very few. The problem is, most of them will not pay you on time, Do not have direct offers and completely rely on brokered offers or have such issues, plus they won’t have a proper team to manage their affiliates.

Leadbit Affiliate Network

Personally, I love networks who make payments on time, and don’t focus only on brokering offers from other networks, and the have responsive support/ affiliate managers, who actually care about their affiliates. Unlike usual affiliate managers who try to sell to their affiliates instead of helping.

London based Leadbit is just what I like, not offering their affiliates the same old beat up offers. Instead, they have plenty of exclusive offers for Asia and Europe GEOs specially for the countries including China,Vietnam,Taiwan,Thiland and Hong kong. Leadbit is a direct advertiser for their offers in Europe and Asia, which makes them one of the best options for affiliates.

before I start off further I must say I really love the design of the network website, Its done very well it looks clean and beautiful. I would also like to mention that they use In-house proprietary tracking platform.

Here are a few reasons why you should join Leadbit!

—–> Join Leadbit Network Today <—–

Easy Payment Terms & On time payments

With a minimum payout threshold of only $25, and on Demand payment frequency, this is every affiliate’s Dream come true. There are not many affiliate networks offering this sort of payment terms to their affiliates, It’s definitely a great way to keep the cash flow going for your affiliate campaigns.

Unique offers

Being the advertisers themselves, Leadbit has offers which you won’t find on other networks, That gives affiliates working with Leadbit a leverage, as they can request customer creatives and landing pages from their affiliate managers, which always helps affiliates to make big money.

Following are a few offers types which I personally liked.

COD ( Cash On delivery)  :
Cash on delivery is an awesome idea and can work great specially it can boost the conversion rate, It’s a great way to earn your customers trust. By promoting cash on delivery offers your conversion rate will definitely skyrocket. For example, lets say you are buying a weight loss supplement, and there are two sites in front of you, one offering cash on delivery option and another asking for your credit card which one will you go for? I know most of you will opt for cash on delivery!

1 click flow offers:

1 click flow offers are pin submit offers which are highly lucrative offers and when matched with the right traffic, they make people huge money(1k-10k a day easily). The best thing about 1 click conversion is that there is no need to wait for a billable SMS message to be sent for the conversion pixel to fire or forcing the user to do a PIN submit.

International Offers

While mainstream affiliate networks focus only on usual first world GEOs, there is a huge opportunity to cash in on international market. For example offers from countries like Russia, China, and other Asian and European countries mean you can get access to offers from those GEOs, which are still unsaturated and many affiliates are not aware of these or don’t have access, this simply means less competition.

Leadbit Affiliatenetwork offers Reputable company

Whenever choosing a company I always suggest my readers to choose someone who has been in industry for a while and has reputation. Leadbit has been in the market since 2013, and so far there are no complaints against them. The network is being run by a very professional team of passionate people who love to help out their affiliates. Leadbit also hosts regular affiliate marketing conferences and meet ups. They have been hosting  Moscow Affiliate Conference along with STM Forum .

Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party Supportive Team

One thing which matters most in affiliate marketing is to have a supportive affiliate manager. So far in my experience Leadbit has a great team of affiliate managers who are always willing to help you out.

Tools for affiliates

This is something really big for newbies in particular. Leadbit offers you an in-house tracking platform, so you don’t have to buy expensive trackers and you can start with using the tracker which is provided by the network. This way you can spend all your money on buying traffic, instead of spending your money on buying expensive trackers.

Still Reading this article? If I was you I would be signing up by now!!

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Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about Amazon Associates. Amazon is an e-commerce site that sprung from originally selling books to selling a wide variety of consumer goods and digital offerings. Amazon Associates is the Affiliate programme. The great thing about Amazon is that the products and demand is already there, people are actively searching for their offerings, you just need to link the search with the consumer. In this article I will be talking about why it is a good place to start and also Affiliate Re-Birtha course that will help you get started with amazon. Everything from choosing the right products, to how to promote them using free traffic, it’s a newbies guide to earning. This course is for those who have a low budget, or maybe want to build a budget while they learn some skills, to then further progress into CPA Marketing. At Kj Rocker we have had a lot of interest in Kjs Private Coaching, but one issue a lot of people have, is budget. They don’t have the money to invest in necessary resources, so this course is a shout out to help all you guys not only build a budget, but also learn some valuable skills that will help you when you start to build your own online career.

The vendor of Affiliate re-birth is Greg Kononenko, Who is working in conjunction with Shahnawaz Sadique and Stefan Ciancio. These 3 have teamed up to create something that is newbie friendly, accessible, and proven. The method described and taught in the course stems from Shanawaz, his experience is reflected in the course in that he is sharing his own methods and ways to use free traffic to succeed with Amazon Associates. Shahnawaz has an MBA from Disha Institute Of Management And Technology Raipur. He has a long stretch of experiences in sales and digital marketing, he loves to share his passion for Digital marketing on his blog; commonstupidman.com . He is one of the few people from industry who are hyper active on twitter.  Aside from his experience he also works with Travelwithsmile.Com  in Sales and Digital Marketing.

Why Amazon Associates? PRODUCTS

One major reason I recommend Amazon associates is something I mentioned earlier, the demand and search is there, you are just the link. This is the case for many products and affiliate programmes, but the difference here is that people are ACTIVELY searching for the products you will be promoting. You won’t need to convince or push anybody into buying anything. The best thing is that the products will be easy to sell and there’s an unlimited number of products TO sell, as amazon adds new products every, single, day.


One huge advantage that Amazon associates offer is that when you sell one item, if a consumer buys something else in the same purchase, in the same basket, you gain commissions on the other product/s too. So you don’t just earn on one product a day, you are open to whatever that particular consumer buys along with the product you promote, and lets face it, who buys just ONE thing? The key is to find the right product . 


In terms of competition, something I always stress to students and associates is the importance of spy tools and keeping an eye on your competition. If you can get ahead of the game or ahead of your competition, you can earn more. With Amazon associates yo are able to search what your competition is doing as thousands of affiliate are promoting amazon offers everyday. In Regards to this, Affiliate Re-Birth

helps you choose products that are in demand, that will sell like hot cakes using free traffic. These people know their stuff and will guide you to choosing a profitable niche, build the right website and how to monetise the FREE TRAFFIC yo are driving to your site.


Another major advantage of amazon associates is that one can integrate their hobby. Using a personal example before getting into the CPA game, we dipped our feet in the Amazon technology niche and made over $13k in sales per month. What drove that income? A passion for technology, a passion for the latest trends in technology, the latest gadgets and features. If you have passion, you have drive, if you have drive, you are destined to succeed. Many will support me in the notion that if you love what you do, you do it better.


By starting a career with Amazon Associates you can connect with like minded individuals and brands. By promoting certain brands you are putting yourself out there to get noticed and opening more doors. When we first started with Amazon electronics, within a  few months, leading brands in the technology niche were contacting us for partnerships and commending our promotion techniques and reviews of their products. So it is also a great networking start.

Who Is Amazon Associates for? Amazon Associates is for people who have a low budget

Amazon Associates is for people who have a low budget, or those who want to build up their skills and learn more about free traffic and how to monetise it. It is a learning curve you can use in your future IM career, but also a step in the door to network.

What can you learn from Affiliate Re-Birth? 
  • How to choose a low competition niche
  • How to use free traffic
  • How to build a website in accordance to your niche
  • How to monetise free traffic
  • How to use Amazon Associates

Feel free to leave a comment and share!

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Hey guys! So as some of you may know, I use my blog more for information purposes than promotion. If I find a good product related to the topic I will surely throw it your way, but in general I love to give my readers tips and short guides, not only to improve my own knowledge and extend my experience out, but also to help others stay informed of the latest happenings in our world of online marketing!

Today I wanted to talk to you about something called “Arbitrage”; A term that basically means buying/selling on.
So firstly if you don’t know, Arbitrage is the act of buying and selling, many people use sites like amazon and eBay to do so,  a lot of “Made in china” products are used in arbitrage. Most of the time people buy cheap low end products and sell them at a profit. Which is the aim of the game, but why should you be selling cheap low end stuff? Why not get some mid range brand stuff and do the same? Again, if you know me well you will know I would rather spend that extra buck to make sure my clients and customers get the best out of my work and products.


So I wanted to keep this one short and sweet and share 3 magic things I learnt from my brief but profiting time with 12 hour Arbitrage by James Renouf.

1. Start slow, don’t try and sell everything!

As with any other income stream, it is better to stay focused on one thing than do a hundred things and fail. If you can master selling one product successfully, then maybe you can learn to juggle a few, but don’t jump between products!

2.  Research is the key

Before you even set out to promote a product, make sure you have done the correct research, if you don’t know what the product is and what it does, how do you expect your consumers to understand you? It is always important to be aware of what you are selling and why it appeals to the target audience you are targeting.

3. Don’t settle for a cheap buck

Most arbitrage courses and guides will tell you to go for the cheap stuff, or “Made in China” and sell it at a profit, but this is not always the best bet. It is important to deliver quality to ensure loyalty and return customers. If you are looking for some good Mid-range products to sell, check out this  12 Hour Arbitrage

Have you had any experience with this income stream? Want to share your tips or opinion? Drop a comment below!

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Affiliate marketing has been around for a very long time, and it has been one of the most common methods for a lot of people to make money online. For those who are new to the term “Affiliate marketing” it simply means you earn by promoting products online, earning a cut from each sale. There are millions of products that you can promote online, which are offered by various companies around the world.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to create your own product in order to start making money online. You simply take a look at the products that are offered by other companies, and then try to promote those products. When somebody buys the product through your affiliate link, then you will be given the percentage of the sale into your account. Often, once the payment reached a certain threshold, you will be able to cash out your affiliate commission, either via check or bank transfer, but some networks/companies pay out on a sale to sale basis.

For instance, if you are promoting a product with a $97 price tag, and the company that releases the product offers you a 50% commission for every sale that you make using your affiliate link, then you will get $48.5 for every sale that you make. If you can make 100 sales per month for that product, then you can cash out a monthly affiliate commission of $4850 to your bank account.

40% of marketing professionals quote affiliate marketing as the most desired digital skill

The concept of affiliate marketing is very simple, but it can be very difficult to follow for an absolute beginner. If you want a step by step guide to affiliate marketing, here are a few steps that you need to follow. These steps will help you to understand more about affiliate marketing, and help you get started on your own affiliate business as quickly and as easily as possible.

Step #1 – The Foolproof Formula To Pick The Right Niche

Before you even pick the products to promote for your affiliate business, you have to pick the niche that you want to delve into. A niche is  a small category of a topic that you want to work on. It shouldn’t be too broad, and it needs to have its own group of audience. For instance, “weight loss” can be considered a niche for your affiliate business, but it is a very broad niche.

For affiliate marketing to be effective, you have to pick a narrower niche that contains a group of audience desperate to find a good solution for their problems. Thus, for the case of “weight loss”, you can simply pick a narrower niche, such as “weight loss for young moms”. This is a better pick, since you can focus on your promotion toward young moms that are struggling to lose weight after giving birth.

In order for affiliate marketing to be effective, you have to pick a narrower niche

So, how can you find the right niche for your affiliate marketing campaigns? The foolproof formula to pick the right niche for your affiliate business:

  • It needs to be profitable. You don’t want to pick products that will in turn become unprofitable for you. When you spend a lot of marketing effort and budget for the promotion of these products, you may only get a small Return On Investment (ROI). So, picking a profitable niche is important, to ensure that all your hard work will pay off. You have to pick a niche that has potential for making good money, such as weight loss, finance, investment, Lead generation and so on. Consider your ROI carefully.
  • It needs to have sufficient demand. When you pick a niche, you are actually choosing a market where you will promote your product. This market has an audience with its own demographics; personality, age range, income range, and so on. What you need to do is to ensure that your niche market has sufficient demand for your products. Why Do these people desperately need a solution to their problems? This is the question that you need to answer first. A lot of marketers approach this with What problems do these people have that your products can solve or How can their problems be solved. The key is to ask WHY, thus giving them the solution on a plate, rather than bartering around.
  • Look at the keywords. You can research your niche by using the Google Keyword Planner Tool to search for the related keywords in your niche. For instance, if you are interested in the weight loss niche, then you will put the keyword “weight loss” on the Google Keyword Planner Tool, and search for related keywords from there. You will find thousands of related keywords, which you can research again in the same manner. Do this until you find the niche that is narrow enough with good demand and little competition.
  • It should be evergreen. The niche that you pick shouldn’t only be a temporary trend. For instance, if you pick the niche “Halloween costumes”, then you will only be able to promote your products at the time of Halloween. Thus, you cannot make money each and every day from that niche. So pick a niche that is evergreen, a constant.
  • Take a peek at Offer Vault. Offer Vault is the good place to search for the offers you want to promote. Search for the offers in your niche. Offer Vaults’ network directory has almost all affiliate networks, and their offers, along with other important details like payout and earnings per click, listed.  It also has a list of categories to browse, as well as a list of products based on country. This way, you can discover your niche really fast.

You should spend some time researching your niche before you delve further into your affiliate marketing business. Once you’ve decided to pick the right niche for your business, it’s time to determine which products that you want to promote to your audience.

Step #2 – Pick Your Promoted Products The Brilliant Way

There are millions of products that are available online today, and a big percentage of them have  their own affiliate programs or they are working with affiliate networks. When you narrow it down to your chosen niche, there are probably hundreds and thousands of products that are available for you to promote in that niche, depending on how popular your niche is. So, how can you pick the products to promote in your affiliate marketing business? Not all products will have a high conversion rate. So don’t have any prior expectations, if you are a master of your niche, conversation rates shouldn’t be an immediate issue.

In regards to this, there are some important things that you should pay attention to before choosing the products to promote. Always remember that because a product is popular, it doesn’t mean that it will have a high conversion rate. So, you cannot simply pick popular products out there and start promoting them like crazy. Here are some useful tips to pick the right products to promote:

  1. Understand the needs of your audience. Each niche market has its own group of audience that you will target later. This group of audience has their own needs and problems, and they are looking for a solution to fix their problems or fulfill their needs. What you need to do is to understand the needs of your audience, knowing how they think, their fears, and the problems that they are facing right now. Then, pick the products that can help them to solve their problems as easily as possible.
  1. Pick the products with high ratings. Whatever affiliate network that you choose to use, you need to pick the products that have high ratings and positive feedback. You want the products to be highly recommended by real users, so that when you promote it to your audience, they will not be hesitant to buy the products right away. Don’t pick products that have low ratings or no ratings at all.
  1. Pick the products that share a reasonable commission. Promoting these products as an affiliate marketer means you have to spend a lot of time, money, and effort into the promotional campaign. So, you don’t want your hard work to go to waste. You want to promote the products that share a big commission per sale, so that you can get your return on investment as quickly as possible.
  1. Lifetime commission products are the best. If you can find the products that offer lifetime commission for you, it is even better for your long-term investment. This means that the sales that you get today will produce affiliate commissions for you for years to come, for as long as your customers stay as customers. There are quite a lot of affiliate products that offer this commission structure.
  1. High converting sales page. Before going with a product to promote, first you have to read the sales page of the product to determine whether it will convert well or not. Try to read the sales page from start to finish, and if you are compelled to buy the product, then it is positive that the sales page is persuasive enough, and it will convert well for your audience. Go for the products that have the most persuasive sales pages.
  1. Ask Your affiliate manager. Consult with your affiliate manager and get their opinion about the best converting offers in your niche. Affiliate Managers have all kinds of data, so they can be a great source to help you out with selecting offers, offers which are converting on their affiliate networks. If you can build a strong relationship with your affiliate manager, they can also provide you additional material which could be of help. So always make sure you keep a good relationship with your affiliate managers.Note here are a few networks I recommend you to start with : Maxbounty , leadbit.com ,W4.comChoosing the right products for your affiliate promotion will make it easier for you to earn commissions from the products that you promote. Make a list of products to promote on your niche, and prepare to join the affiliate networks that host those products. Read more in our special guide about How to pick up a winner CPA offer.
Step #3 – Finding  Trusted Affiliate Networks That Pay For Your Hard Work

Affiliate networks are basically the companies that host the affiliate products and the ones that will pay the commission for your affiliate sales. So, this is the place where a lot of vendors can list their products, so that affiliate marketers can find those products and begin promoting them. Examples of Traditional Affiliate Networks are Clickbank, Amazon, and ShareASale. Similarly, you can Find CPA Affiliate Networks which basically pay per action. For example; pay for signing up to a website, making people install apps on their phones, etc. You cannot promote products as an affiliate unless you sign up to the relevant affiliate network and become a member.

Pick Affiliate Networks which pay you on time

However, with a lot of affiliate networks available, the bad news is that not all of them are trusted companies that will pay you for your hard work. Sometimes, bad affiliate networks might withhold your payment, or pay you less as compared to other affiliate networks. This is why you should find/work with the best affiliate networks, ones that you can trust. Here are some tips to find the trusted affiliate networks that pay for your hard work:

  • How long have they been about? If you find an affiliate network that seems new to you,  check the company profile online. Has the company been around for some time, or is it a new company? Be wary of doing business with new companies, since you don’t know for sure about their reputation. To make things simple, choose the affiliate networks that have been around for some time, and have some sort of presence. Try looking on affiliate marketing groups on Facebook, If you are not sure about an affiliate network feel free to ask in our Facebook group .
  • They should make the payment on time. The affiliate networks that you pick should have a good payment reputation, in that they don’t miss affiliate payments. They should treat all affiliates well, by giving their payments on time. One of the common traits of untrustworthy affiliate networks is that they will make excuses to delay your affiliate payment, and usually, they will hold your commissions for no reason.
  • They should accept affiliates easily. There are some affiliate networks that are known to accept only experienced affiliates for their network. Usually they will require you to have  a few campaigns running already with other networks and would like you to show them some sort of proof of earnings. These are not the companies that you want to work with, especially if you are still a beginner. Instead of wasting your time on signing up to these networks start with networks where you can be accepted easily and spend your precious time working on your campaigns. I understand the logic that not every tom, dick and harry will excel, so they have to be careful, but it shouldn’t be a chore to join a network.
  • They should have a good commission structure/system. The commission structure offered by the affiliate networks should be fair for both vendors and affiliates, and they should have a good system to track your affiliate sales. There are networks that are known to be cheating their affiliates by eliminating the sales from their affiliates randomly. Be sure to avoid these types of networks. That is why you need to join the networks that are beginner friendly, yet they have a good reputation.
  • They should have positive reviews from affiliates. Before you join any affiliate network that you’ve selected, make sure you read some reviews from the affiliates using that network. Usually, there are many affiliates that discuss certain affiliate networks in online forums, and they usually post their reviews and feedback there. Take a good look at those forums and make sure that you only join the networks with positive reviews from the affiliates. You can also read reviews on affpaying.com or have a look at Kj Rocker’s recommended networks lists.

Now that you’ve picked the right niche, chosen your products, and join the affiliate networks, it’s the time for you to really start the marketing process for those products. For this, you have to build your own affiliate marketing arsenal and prepare your promotional materials there.

Step #4 – The Easy Way To Prepare Your Affiliate Marketing Arsenal

When it comes to affiliate marketing, your only job is to promote the affiliate products to your audience, without forcing them to buy it. So, you simply tell them about the products and why it is a solution to their problems, and then give your affiliate link to your audience so that they can check out the sales page, and gain more insight. Then, when your audience decides to buy the product, you get the affiliate commission for your effort.

Its Important to have the right tools for your affiliate marketing campaigns

The problem here is that there are hundreds and probably thousands of affiliate marketers that are promoting the same products as you. So, you have to compete with them, which is why you need to prepare your affiliate marketing arsenal properly. In this way, you can get ahead of your competition and make more sales in doing so. So, here are some tips to prepare your affiliate marketing arsenal the easy way:

  • Build your own website. You can always create a free blog for your affiliate marketing efforts, but do not do that unless you want to waste your time. The best way to promote your affiliate products is by building your own website, and focus your promotion there. You don’t need to build two or three or even ten free blogs to promote different products. Just one website is enough, and since you’ve picked your niche, you can build your website around that topic and easily attract your audience that way.
  • Host your website on VPS. Shared hosting might be a good solution for the beginners who are running a website with a lower traffic volume. However, when you are running affiliate marketing campaigns as a business, its important to take it as a business and make sure you most out of your campaigns so always start with at least VPS hosting. ( check out discount form our friends at liquid web hosting). Shared hosting servers are being shared by many web masters and that can slow your website or landing page performance, which may result in loss of sales. When we are promoting affiliate marketing campaigns each and every visitor is important and a potential customer. Also if you are running paid traffic you don’t want slow website speed to turn away your potential customers while you are paying for their visit to your website.
  • Build valuable content around your niche. The most important thing that you have to do with your website is content building. You need to develop valuable content for your website, which makes the visitors want to come back to your site for more. The content needs to be able to help solve your audience’s problems and it should be able to entertain them as well. You need to update your website regularly with new content.  Read more about 5 Smart content Marketing Strategies.
  • Link with social media pages. Create official social media pages for your website where people can get in touch with you in various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Whenever you update new content on your website, be sure to notify your social media followers about it, and make sure to develop a strong follower base for all of your social media pages.
  • Focus on promoting several products at the same time. While you need to focus on developing your promotional materials on your website, it doesn’t mean that you can only promote one product on it. You can promote several products at the same time on your website. You can even give your audience the product comparison chart in order to make it easier for them to determine which product to buy. You can offer reviews for various products related to your niche and include your affiliate links there.  Read More: Why you should build mailing list.
  • Promote your products within your web content. Aside from developing valuable content for your website, you should also insert your affiliate links within your content and make it a part of your content. In this way, when people read your content, they might be persuaded to click on the affiliate link just to learn more about the product. However, you should do it only if the affiliate products are directly relevant to your content.

You have prepared a good affiliate marketing arsenal that is ready to help you convert your visitors into customers, and generate lots of affiliate sales for you. Next, it’s the time for you to find out ways to attract more traffic to your website.

Step #5 – Super Effective Ways To Build Traffic To Your Promotional Materials

Since your website contains the valuable content that your audience will read, and within the content, you will insert the affiliate links to your promoted products, then it can be said that your website contains various promotional materials for your affiliate business. Unless you can drive traffic to your website, you cannot generate any sales from your promotion. Thus, it is important for you not only to focus on developing valuable content for your website, but also to attract traffic to your website as well.

You will need good traffic volume to generate good a good number of leads

What you need to know about attracting traffic to your website is that there are generally two ways of doing that. The first way is using the organic search engine traffic, which you can do over time, for free. The second way is using the paid traffic, something you can do instantly as long as you have the budget to run the ad campaigns. The point in attracting traffic is to attract more people to your website, so that they can finally be sent to your affiliate product sales page. Here are some super effective ways to build traffic to your promotional materials:

  1. Provide your content on YouTube. YouTube is one of the biggest traffic websites on the internet today, and lots of people usually prefer watching videos than reading articles. That’s why it is important for you to have a solid presence on YouTube, so that you can build your own audience there. Create your own channel and provide content related to your niche, such as how-to, instructions, guides, tips, reviews, and more. Always link back to your website on each of your videos.
  1. Offer guest posts on related blogs. Find related blogs that are quite popular in your niche, and then ask the bloggers if they accept guest posts or not. If they accept guest posts, write high quality articles for those blogs regularly, and link back to your website home page for each article. Build your own reputation on those blogs, and ensure that people want to read more content from you.
  1. Optimize your content for the search engines. When writing content for your own website, be sure to optimize it for the search engines by adding your target keywords to your content. However, don’t overdo it. You need to sprinkle your keywords throughout your content without making it difficult to read. If possible, include other related keywords as well.
  2. Use a highly optimized web template. Your website template should also be highly optimized for the search engine, since it matters most for you to reach the highest ranking for your target keywords. Make sure that you optimize every element of your web template, including meta tags, meta description, page title, alternate tags, H1 tags, categories, and more.
  3. Get active in various social media platforms. You need to be active on various social media platforms with the goal to build good communication with your audience there. You can respond to their comments, answer their questions, appreciate their feedback, and more. Just be sure to communicate actively with your audience on social media platforms and encourage them to check out your website often.

Those are some super effective ways to attract traffic to your website quickly and easily. Once you’ve followed the tips above, you will be able to attract high quality traffic to your website that is highly converting for your affiliate business. This will all lead to..

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Do people still buy information products in this smartphone age, just like the old days? Are information products still profitable in this age? The answer is yes. For as long as people are still going to the internet to seek for information, and for as long as people are still reading books on their devices, information products will always be profitable, if you know how to profit from it. However, itís getting more difficult to promote information products nowadays, since you have to compete with other types of content online. So, here are 5 great ideas to promote your information products in the age of smartphone:

1. Make Your Information Product Readable On Mobile Devices

This is the first step that you need to do. Traditionally, information products are delivered only in PDF format to be read on computer screen. Even now, many people selling information products are still using PDF as their ebook format. This needs to be changed, as people are also reading books on their mobile devices nowadays. So, it is very important for you to provide other formats for your customers as well, which are the formats that are suitable for mobile devices and ebook readers.

2. Make Your Promotional Materials Accessible From Mobile Devices

If you want to promote your information product to mobile audience, it is important that your promotional materials must be available or accessible from mobile devices. So, make sure that your website and sales page are optimized for mobile viewing. Also, you should place your ads not only on regular websites, but also on mobile websites as well. You want as many people as possible to be able to read your promotional materials on the go.

3. Donít Overprice Your Product

With ebooks being more and more popular, cheap, and accessible for anyone, it is important for you to price your information product reasonably, because you will compete with those products. If you are pricing an ebook with a $197 price tag, what will stop people from searching the similar solution or ebooks on Kindle or Google Playstore? They are way cheaper than your solution, and itís so easy to buy them. Itís better for you to keep your price down and make it a no-brainer for your audience to pick your product right away.

4. Use Social Media To Promote Your Information Product

Nowadays, most people are using their smartphones and other mobile devices to access social media, and those social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are often the most accessed websites for them. So, make sure that your promotional message is available on various social media platforms as well, so that you can reach your audience easily. By promoting on social media, it becomes less and less difficult for you to generate sales from your promotion.

5. Have A One-Click Buying System For Mobile Customers

And lastly, the payment process for your information product needs to be easy for your customers as well. You have to make it easy for them to pay for the product via their mobile device. You need to have a one-click buying system for them, so that they can get the information product as easily as they can with just a single click. It will make your information product more popular among mobile customers.

Those are some great ideas that you should follow if you want to promote your information product to mobile customers. These are the people that will have their smartphone with them all day, and they will likely to browse the internet through their smartphone instead of a regular PC or laptop. These ideas help you to reach them more effectively and generate sales for your information product as easily as possible.

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