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Our Road Trip to Alaska was amazing! We explored many places, saw many things. It was exactly how we all expected it to be! Rugged, rough, filled with Type III fun, and absolutely remarkable. I loved it. I cannot wait to go back. Paddling in Alaska was beautiful, we even kayaked in Denali National Park!

Wildlife was abundant. I saw fourteen bears, exactly! A linx! Tons of Moose! So many Buffalo! Bald and Golden Eagles. We fished the Salmon Runs. We hiked and had epic mud wrestling matches. We met countless local Alaskans, we even were invited to dinner!

We saw so many amazing animals, the greatest of all … the Grizzly!

We swam in Hot Springs. We attended the Canadian Freestyle Kayaking Nations and US Team Trials. Kenny, Dally, Kady and Cardy were judges.

We did so much. Time flew by. It’s crazy that this whole trip was last year (2018)! It really feels like it was just a week or so ago! So much happened in the four months of that trip! So much!

We spent a lot of time in Canada before entering Alaska. We explored a lot and ran a ton of rivers throughout British Columbia and Alberta. One of the rivers we ran, the Kicking Horse, was in Golden, British Columbia. We connected with a bunch of local paddlers who gave us some beta on The Kicking Horse River.  It was funny, one of the guys had a little girl who loves watching our KelloggShow.com videos on Youtube. We gave him a couple KelloggShow stickers to give her…give us a shout if you want one. We will send them for free, you just gotta pay shipping.

Anyway, the Kicking Horse River has three sections. Some hard, and some easy.

Since we’d never run the Kicking Horse River before, we decided to do the first section, which is a class three, first. We thought it would be a good idea to get a feel for the river before sending a Class IV.  Just to be safe.

Rowdy and I were so down to go. We were super excited because running new rivers is super super fun.  But considering, it did have a class four in the midst of it, Emmy decided not to go. She’s sticking with three’s for the time being, but she is only 9.

It was freezing out, and my Mom volunteered to stay back and hang with my younger siblings, while we kayaked. She’s so nice, ha ha.

We tied up the boats, and put our gear in the truck, which is much easier and more organized now, thanks to our Gili Bags. After we were all loaded up, we said goodbye to Mom, Emmy, Elly, and Coby.

And we drove away. It literally was freezing and sleeting. I was thinking about how crazy this was, and how crazy we were. ha ha

We geared up as fast as we could. We all don’t have drysuits, but the ones that did, put theirs on.

When we got in our boats, Kenny, Dally and Cardy seal launched down this hill, and over this stump, because why just get in? Right? Lol!

We all sat in the put in eddy for a bit, and talked.

Then, Kady pointed out that the mud under the water was so soft…It was, and it felt really weird. Apparently, it was soft because it was from Glacial silt. The Glaciar grinds and crunches rocks. And they become soft sand. Earth Science!

Kenny stated that it possibly could cure acne. We all nodded, laughed, and rubbed the mud all over our faces. It felt…oddly good on our faces. It was so funny. Until it went in my eyes, then it just hurt.

Super fun and beautiful river!

When we all were ready we all peeled out of the eddy. We kayaked downstream. For about a half mile it was just boogie water and some flat moving water.

Once the rapids came Brody was sweep, meaning he went last to make sure everyone was safe. I was right in front of him.

At first it was just tons of big rollers, and little holes. We all eddied out, when Dad announced that the class four was right around the corner. Time to scout. We all jumped from our boats, and checked it out, by the railroad.

Scouting is the best way to prepare yourself for what you will encounter down river!

It didn’t exactly look that bad, but it definitely was a class four.  And probably a massive body holder. Luckily, you could easily bypass it, by going right, and hitting this little hole.  

Kenny, Dally and Brody, wanted to boof the big hole, on the left. They did as we watched them. They aced it, of course.

Then they caught an eddy right below the big hole. And they got ready for safety… just in case. Cause, anything could happen. At anytime.

We jumped in our boats, and got prepared.

Like I said, it didn’t seem that hard, like when I’m scouting it. I thought, “Oh, this’ll be a piece of cake!” But, as always, it turned out a little harder than I originally thought. I am always going to remind myself of this fact before running things I think look pretty straightforward.

Anyway, Cardy peeled out of the eddy first, then, Rowdy, Kady, me, and finally my Dad, running sweep this time. I watched everyone’s lines.  I remember Kady decided to go middle-right of the rapid.

Paddling with my family is crazy fun!

When it was my turn, I passed the hole, a little too far right, and got a bit messed up. I ended up in a eddy, right beside the hole, as if I was just going to paddle up into that crazy whole and surf. As peeled out of the eddy, I got caught in a tiny hole, right behind the huge main whole, that I had just surfed out of.

When I made it out of that, I saw that Kady was waiting for me.  She told me to follow her left, so I did.

I heard Kenny, and Dally hooting and hollering, I turned around and saw they were right were behind me. This is the other thing about paddling with my family. There are tons of us.  And so, no matter how messed up you get (or they get) there is always someone to help lead me down mew rivers.

Now, I think I can read Class III water really well. I’m working on honing my Class IV water reading skills, so I appreciate the help, a lot!

As I followed Kady, there were a lot of rocks and pour overs. Kady successfully dodged all of them.  I maneuvered all … except one. I paddled right over a drop. The next second I found myself stuck against a rock. Pinned, yes, but for not even 10 seconds. So quick, I didn’t have time to get scared. Instinct took over and I just leaned against it and slowly pushed myself away.

Kady waiting for me to make sure I’m good!

Kady was watching me the entire time, she was ready, if I needed rescue. When I rolled up she patted the top of her helmet, asking if I was Ok. I did the same, letting her know all was good.  

We caught up with everyone else in a tiny eddy where they were waiting for us.

Kenny was on the other side of the river, boat scouting the next rapid. When he caught our attention, he put his paddle vertical in the air. He, then put his hand on the very middle of the paddle. Which meant go through the middle of the next rapid.

Then, Kenny, Dally and Brody took off down the rapid first to wait for us below.

My dad and Rowdy went first. We watched as they went over the first waves and holes. They were big and my Dad even flipped on one of them. Which pushed him behind Rowdy so that Rowdy ended up leading my Dad down until he caught the Eddy next to Brody.

When Kady and I were ready, we went down next. What we paddled was pretty much just flying over big wave rollers. I know I had a huge smile on my face the whole time. It was definitely the easy part of the class 4. There were no hazards at all, that I saw. Just big rollers and little holes. Super fun.

Kenny styling the drop in his Jackson Nirvana.

When we got to the bottom, we caught the same eddy as my dad, Rowdy and Brody. Cardy, Kenny, and Dally came in next. We all chilled and talked a bit.  We watched a bunch of rafters come down, cheering for them as the flew. One didn’t have the best line and he got pancaked on a rock.

The rest of the Kicking Horse River, was only, wave trains, little holes,  and easily avoidable pour overs. Nothing much, and no more class 4’s. We paddled  down while talking about the run. We went under a huge bridge, it was cool.

Kayaking down past the bridge!

After a while we came to the Take-out. We all got out of our kayaks.  I was in the sidekick because Kady and Cardy were in the small Zens. The RV was right there at the takeout. So we didn’t have to walk, or drive far.

The Kicking Horse River was so much fun. Perfect for people who just started running Class Four. The water was so pretty. It was a mixture of milky colored water, and blueness. I thought it looked like chai tea.

But it was great, I certainly loved it. The class four was totally portageable, so if you’re not comfortable running at that level yet, it’s fine.  I totally recommend this river. Have fun!

–  Maddy..follow this link to my Instagram!


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On our road trip to Alaska, we spent so much time in BC and Alberta. It is possible that these two provinces provided more adventure and beauty than Alaska itself.

As whitewater kayakers, whitefalls are of great interest to us. Not only because they are fun to run, but because they are beautiful, raw and natural. Takakkaw Falls, located near Field, BC is all of these things. It is also powerful and very impressive with a most majestic roar!

Lovers of waterfalls are not the only visitors to Takakkaw Falls. While we were there, we saw climbers scaling the face alongside Takakkaw Falls.  What an amazing way to experience Takakkaw Falls!

Takakkaw Falls Stunning First Views from the bridge.

The name “Takakkaw” is from the Cree language and means “magnificent” in English.  And, magnificent is exactly how I would describe Takakkaw Falls.

Takakkaw Falls is a moderately high volume waterfall flowing from the Daly Glacier, part of the Waputik Icefield in Yoho National Park. They tumble some 830′ in front of your eyes, but the total amounts to more than 1200′. They are among the highest in Canada as well as the starting point of some of Yoho’s best hiking.

From the base of Takakkaw Falls, you will feel the spray, avoid other people and beat the heat.  So, get to the base!

Accessibility of Takkakaw Falls The beauty cannot be overstated.

The waterfalls were easily accessible. It is a very short walk along a well-maintained and paved pathway. The flat terrain leads from the parking lot to a wooden bridge that crosses the Kicking Horse River. This bridge is a great vantage point to look down and see  more of the beautiful scenery. It is also where you get your first ful view of Takakkaw Falls.

The trail is about 1/3 of a mile from the parking lot to the base of the Takakkaw Falls and should only take about 10-15 minutes.

Kicking Horse River Our kids love playing with foamy boaters in rivers everywhere.

The Kickinghorse River is glacier fed and can be a milky color. It is also a geological haven. Our kids thought the water was insanely cool It is a great spot for kids to wade either on the hike in or the hike out … or both. The milky color is really intriguing and chock full of educational scientific material!

Popularity of Takakkaw Falls If you look super closely, you might be able to see the climbers.

While a popular stop along the Trans Canada Highway, Takakkaw Falls did not feel overly crowded. A bit touristy, sure, but this fact did not lessen the amazing fortitude of Takakkaw Falls.

And, few people walked all the way up to the base. So, as we stood there experiencing the impressive spray, we felt like we were the only ones there.

Tips for Visiting Takakkaw Falls

  1. Wear a rain resistant rain jacket or windbreaker As you get closer and closer to Takakkaw Falls, the air temperatures drops and you can count on being sprayed by the mist.
  2. Bundle kids up in layers, so they can don more clothing at the Falls and be comfortable, but shed clothing on the walk.
  3. Wear grippy water shoes it you plan on climbing onto the large rocks scattered about as you draw closer to the Falls.
  4. Wear supportive hiking shoes for comfort and reduced risk of injury.
  5. Arrive earlier in the am or later in the evening to beat the crowds.


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I’m not going to mince words, Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park is an absolute must see. For starters, it’s gorgeous. The stunning tourquoise water reminds me a lot of Moraine Lake and Lake Louise in Banff National Park. But, with one huge difference … it’s so much less crowded.

Here, we felt we could breathe and expand. We felt much more at ease than amongst the commercialization and crazy crowds in Banff and Lake Louise.

We could not have done this at Lake Louise … but Emerald Lake is way less crowded.

Emerald Lake was absolutely gorgeous and we felt like we were finally getting a touch of the real Canadian Rockies.  The landscape of tall snow-peaked mountains and dense pine tree forests was definitely one of the most stunning and beautiful that we’ve ever seen.

Emerald Lake The tourquoise water and the enormouse peaks … speechless.

Emerald Lake is the largest lake located in Yoho National Park within British Columbia. It’s a mere 20 minute drive west from it’s famous neighbour Lake Louise, but is not nearly as well known. It’s waters are a beautiful green, hence the name, Emerald Lake. This beautful color is most intense in early summer when there is a high amount of glacial silt flowing from the surrounding mountains. Due to the high elevation of the lake it remains frozen from November to early June.

The lake is surrounded by mountains of the President Range, Mount Burgess and Wapta Mountain. The lake setting itself is quite secluded, but can be easily accessed from the Trans Canada Highway. In fact, scores of vehicles drive past every day with no idea of the nearby beauty.

Emerald Lake Lodge Views from the bridge…so gorgeous.

Emerald Lake Lodge is the only property on secluded Emerald Lake, surrounded by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. I mention it only because while we were walking the lake, I just thought how amazing it would be to spend one night at Emerald Lake. But when we checked pricing and availability, neither was doable. At nearly $500/nt, Emerald Lake Lodge is out of our budgetary range.

But, if you felt like splurging and your group was smaller than ours, this could be a really great R&R luxe spot. From their site …

“Ease your stress in our gorgeous outdoor hot tub while enjoying the stunning view; or savour our internationally renowned ‘Rocky Mountain Cuisine’ in the Mount Burgess dining room. We feature elk and bison raised on our company’s 500 acre game ranch, and interesting boutique wines chosen by our Wine Director. We also offer a comfortable lounge and bar where more casual fare is offered, and this is the perfect place to unwind after a day out exploring the trails. Spend time playing snooker on our snooker table, or if you need to catch up on the events in the world, watch our big screen television in the main lodge. None of the units have their own television, creating a feeling of peace and tranquillity in the rooms.”

Canoe Emerald Lake Elly and Coby swam in every glacial lake we visited. No lie.

While canoeing Lake Louise may be the only way to acquire a semi-serene landscape, canoeing Emerald Lake seems silly. One, canoe rentals are not cheap. They will run you $70 for the first hour and seat a maximum of 3 people. That seems really steep. Plus, why canoe when you can swim?

And, two, Emerald Lake is not crowded, you can walk off and find a nice quiet spot and enjoy the tranquility. It is truly a remarkable place to simply sit and breathe. The mere color of the water is enough to rouse creativity and joy. Add the looming peaks surrounding, and you have a recipe for brilliance.

Hiking Emerald Lake Trail Hike canoe, swim or revel in the beauty … what will it be?

Honestly, we were entirely too mesmerized by the beauty before us to even consider hiking. However, Emerald Lake Trail is supposed to be amazing. For one, most visitors don’t leave the shores of the lake, which means, once you venture off, you will be in total solitude. This knowledge probably would have been helpful … because I hear Emerald Lake Basin is beyond anything our minds can comprehend.

For more information based on the different options on the Emerald Lake Trail, click here.

How To Get To Emerald Lake Yoho National Park

Emerald Lake Lodge is located 20 minutes west from the village of Lake Louise. Head towards the Town of Field, B.C. The turnoff to Emerald Lake is 1 km west of Field. Follow the road for 8km until you reach the lake parking area. The walk to Emerald Lake from the parking lot is minimal.

If you plan on hiking, you follow the signs that spring up prior to reaching Emerald Lake.




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Our Road To Alaska is well on the way as we head to Lake Louise, Aberta.  After hanging in Banff for a few days and gawking at the truly unbelivable scenery, we beelined to Lake Louise. Lake Louise, is not quite a town, really, according to Wikipedia it is a hamlet … smaller than a village. And while this would ordinarily be quaint and cute, Lake Louise is even more crwded than Banff. And that, my friends, is difficult to fathom.

However, if you are an avid hiker (or a photographer) Lake Louise is a really great place to visit for a day or two. If only for it’s sheer beauty. While we were told Lake Louise would be less crowded than say Jasper and Banff, we actually found the opposite. The entire area is jam packed with people. From what we could tell there was no way around the masses. We tried hiking in the early am, and the late pm. We even attempted a middle of the day hike. The crowds really seemed to be the same. We thought that perhaps if we did the more difficult of the popular trails, we wouldn’t see as many people. Wrong again.

The option exists to take canoe’s out on the lake, but very few partake.

The temptation might be to say, “To Hell With It”, but wait. I highly recommend that you spend a day or two to simply experience the beauty of the Lake Louise area. And, also, to check the Tea Hikes off your bucket list. It’s kind of a novelty, but sitting on rocks on the shores of Lake Agnes, sipping fresh brewed hot tea … that’s something you don’t get to do everyday.

So, take a moment and read on for our Insider’s Guide to Lake Louise We offer a bunch of tips as well as a Secret Boondocking locale to make your stay in Lake Louise both meborable, inexpensive and fun.

Camping and Accomodations The $1k/night accomodations.

Obviously, with as popular as Lake Louise is, there are campgrounds. A simple Google search produces every campground in the vicinity. From what we hear, they fill up FAST, so you probably want to make reservations early.

And, due to the sheer numbers of high rollers landing in Lake Louise, there are many hotels and other accomodations as well. In fact, the Fairmont Chateau is located right on the shores of Lake Louise … though I can’t imagine what a room there would cost. But, of course, I Googled the Fairmont Chateau and it’s a whopping $1000+/night. WOW.

But, that’s not how we roll and, hence, we ran into parking issues in Banff and in Yoho National Park.  However, we are masters at getting out of most trouble, so nothing much came of it. However, our expectations were that overnight parking in Lake Louise would be as disastrous as in Banff, and possibly worse, but to our surprise, we found a quiet place to hunker down two nights in a row with zero problems!

Free Boondocking Lake Louise (Shhhhh, It’s Secret)

As with everything regarding travel in North America, we don’t ask for permisssion, simply offer apologies when we seemingly overstep. This is exemplified no more than when we are boondocking. Now, one would think Boondocking in Lake Louise would absolutely not work. In fact, everywhere you look on the web, the idea is shut down, fast. Like, You crazy dog!

BUT.  We did it. We managed to do it. And, I’m going to share with y’all where, because, well because you all are awesome and you deserve to know …

Park behind the Husky on Village Ave! You will not be bothered, because as far as we could tell, this is private property and the owners don’w mind you shopping at their store and crashing for a night in their lot. Just go in late, like after dark, and peel out at sunrise, which you will need to do in order to find parking at any of the lakes, anyway. More on that below.

Parking at Lake Louise & Moraine Lake

No lie, get up before the sun has risen and secure a spot at the Lake of your choosing. They fill up fast, and stay full all day. We were shocked by this. We thought we would visit Lake Louise, take the iconic photo (more below) and then go to Moraine Lake, around 9.  By the time we left Lake Louise around 8:30 am, to both lots were completely full. So, get up early and choose.

Lake Louise This is what hundreds were gathered on shore to capture.

We knew the one thing we wanted to do in Lake Louise was to take a sunrise photo on Lake Louise. It’s an iconic shot, sure, but I was absolutely floored by the number of tourists that descended on the lake for this very same reason. Silly, naive me, I thought we would be the only ones, or at the very least, amongst a handful of photographers. Honest to God, there were at least 100 tourists all waiting on the shores of Lake Louise ready to take the same shots of the sun rising above.

It was gorgeous, for sure, but the crowds minimized the majesty of it and we grabbed a couple shots and went back to the RV to make breakfast and choose our hikes for the day.

Lake Louise Hikes It was smoky as heck, but the views were still astonishing.

Lake Louise is a hamlet (see what I did here) of great hiking opportunities.  From easy to difficult trails, there is absolutely something for everyone. As someone who will willingly hike to something cool, but does not like to hike simply for the sake of hiking, we chose the Lake Agnes Tea Hike. The Lake Agnes Tea Hike is, arguably, the most popular hike in all of the world. Be sure to hydrate by carrying a water bottle, or better yet, a hydration pack like this Geiger Rig.

Lake Agnes Hike The smoke didn’t climb this high, but you can see it, as well as all the tourists, lingering below.

This hike is a very well maintained hike that takes about 2 hrs round trip. At the top, there is a really quaint European-style tea house (seasonal) that serves fresh brewed tea to be enjoyed on the shores of the beautiful Lake Agnes.  Pretty cool, if you don’t mind waiting 1 hr in a line that runs a mile long.  We minded, and were annoyed, but we came to get tea to sip apres hike and, damnit, that’s what we were gonna do.

Plain of Six Glaciers

This hike is slightly longer than the Lake Agnes Hike. It probably took us about 3.5 hours round trip. Plain of Six Glaciers was a completely different type of hike. Though just as crowded as Lake Agnes, at the top instead of a beautiful prisine lake (there is a lake, though), we were treated to dramatic peaks and glaciers.  It was a great prep for what was to come as we made our way toward Alaska and the great glaciers of that state!

Again, there is a tea house, Swiss built, but we passed on the tea due to the long lines and our weariness over crowds.

Johnston Canyon

The road from Banff to Lake Louise, The Bow Valley Parkway, aka the scenic route, takes you to Johnston Canyon and the falls. WE were warned, by friends that aided in our planning, that the Johnston Canyon Hike was absolutely not worth it, due to the shockingly high number of tourists. We skipped it, on account of their confident announcement that it was the most touristy hike we’d find on our #RoadToAlaska.

Moraine Lake The draw for me was the stunning tourquoise waters.

We arrived bright and early the following day to see the ever beautiful Moraine Lake. As the running theme would suggest, it was crowded, even at 6:30 in the bloody morning. The parking lot was almost filled up and there were tons of people there already. We were relieved we found a parking spot, because the only other option is a $15/person shuttle! Despite the crowds, which we’d come to expect, the atmosphere was still very serene. I mean, being surrounded by such spectacular natural beauty, that was the focal point for sure.

Early in the morning, the mountain air is crisp and cool and is perfect for hiking and exploring. Still the stunning scenery at this gorgeous glacier mountain lake took my breath away and as the kids ran around, I stood still! Moraine Lake, is stunning, worth the crowds to see the absolutely gorgeous tourquise blue water. It is everything the soul craves.

After marvelling at Moraine Lake, we decided to check out the trailhead to Consolation Lakes Trail.

Consolation Lakes Trail

Consolation Lakes Trail is a super easy 3.6 mile round trip hike, that takes maybe 1 hr to complete. We were intrigued by Consolation Lakes primarily because there was a 4 person hiking group LIMIT. Meaning, we had to have at least 4 people to hike it due to active Grizzly Bears in the area. We grabbed our bear spray and hit the trail … this one was made for us as we were 13 deep! Our mission was to see a bear, but alas, we saw none.

Read about the seasonal Bear Restrictions Here.

The trail was wooded and flat and very picturesque … highly recommend as we left the masses to marvel at Moraine Lake and there were very few people on the Consolation Lakes Trail!


There was little that piqued our interest in terms of food and drink. Lake Louise was so small, it felt uninviting, like we were intruding. I’m sure the Fairmont had good fare, but far outside our budgetary requirements. We grabbed a few coffees and treats from Husky’s and tried like heck to find a place with WIFI so we could upload a video and Dan could work.

The Visitors Center, our typical goto for WIFI wasn’t worth a dime, don’t even bother. We, didn’t really try to hard, we simply ended up using our JetPack and eating what we had on hand. Long days, that start before the sun is up, hiking and being outside are incredible, but they drain ya. We hit our beds pretty early every evening, so outside of the few things we picked up on and the outdoor activities, our info is limited.

Our Thoughts Lake Louise is a stunning hamlet, that is more crowded than you could ever imagine.

The area is gorgeous, if not entirely too crowded and touristy feeling for us. The likelihood that we would return is null, unless it was in the winter, to get the feel and vibe for Lake Louise as a ski hamlet. That actually could be a better season for us to be in Lake Louise.

Otherwise, it is a visit once and check it off the bucket list locale. Feels harsh, writing this about such a pristinely beautiful, natural, awe-inspiring location, but there were just too many people. On the majority of the hikes you had to dodge dogs, people, strollers, etc. It just didn’t measure up to our plethora of outdoor experiences.

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Our RV Road Trip to Alaska took us to Banff. I mean, of course it did, right? Banff is quite possibly the most touristy spot in all of Alberta. I mean, honestly, every gift shop in downtown Banff sells the exact same things, even. There are very few, if any, original, local and unique shops that are geared toward anything but tourists.

The goal in Banff is to not walk down Banff Ave.

It is for this reason, we spoke to locals, friends and shopowners about their favorite spots in Banff. The answers may surprise you.  There are so many amazing Things To Do In Banff where you are not fighting hordes of people for the same view, or the same postcard.

Wild Flour Bakery Hol deliciousness. Photo Credit: Wild Flower Bakery

Honest to God, I will do almost anything for a mocha latte and a chocolate croissant. And, I do, every chance I get. This trip was budget central. Every penny was watched, guarded and accounted for. We even got touchy about groceries. And here I was in Banff, at Wild Flour Bakery ready to splurge on mocha lattes and chocolate croissants.  and yes, plural … don’t judge me. But, there is also the amazingly cool option of choosing a pastry from Wild Flour’s $1 “Vintage” selection of yesterday’s leftover goodies!  Hello, food bloggers … between the Bow River and these goodies, you Instagram game will hit an all-time high.

Hike Tunnel Mountain Oh the views are stunning.

If you are looking for Things To Do In Banff, look no further. This easy 2-3 hour hike (2.7 miles) that ends with amaing panoramic views, that will knock your socks off.  Guaranteed, Tunnel Mountain is an oldie but goodie. A favorite of locals, but also the perfect hike for visitors, it’s been around since the early days of Banff National Park . The trail is well maintained, easy to access, and rated easy in it’s difficulty level. 948′ up, hikers are welcomed to a panoramic view of Banff, the Bow Valley and Mt. Rundle.

Selfie’s from nearly 1000′ up anyone?

Bow Falls Checking out Bow Falls as the sun lowers.

Crazy touristy during the day. Don’t even bother as busloads of people are unloaded to gaze and gawk at the Falls. They are pretty and runnable, but meh on the excitement scale …

However, if you get there near sunset, the crowds thin out considerably, even vanishing as darkness falls and is a great place to listen to the Falls, stargaze and open a bottle of wine. There is even a trail that you can walk from town. Romantic setting for an Instgram worthy photo, perhaps.

Cool Fact for your Instagram Story: Movie buffs will be elated to learn that several classic Hollywood films, think 1950s, depicted famous movie stars being swept over Bow Falls, including Marilyn Monroe, Robert Mitchum – even the Son of Lassie.

Banff Upper Hot Springs Relaxation and luxe are part of the Instagra craze in Banff!

OK, so touristy af, but who really cares. The Banff Upper Hot Springs are geothermal, natural Hot Springs, for goodness sakes. We make it a point to hit the best Hot Springs often on all our trips. And touristy or not, you know locals go here, I would. Besides, no-one should ever say no to a little pampering whilst traveling. And, you know, few things capture the sense of luxe and leisure as well as Hot Springs, so Instagram will be pleased.

Quick Info: They cost cash … Adults: $8.30, Kids: $6.30 and Seniors: $7.30 …

Banff Canoe Club Canoeing on Bow River is a stunning vista of beauty!

We accidentally stumbled upon this as one of the many great Things To Do In Banff. In fact, we were fleeing the crazy tourists and saw signs for the Bow River. And soon we found ourselves standing right here at the Banff Canoe Club. Here you can rent canoes, SUP’s and kayaks. What better way to show Instagram how much fun you are having, being all outdoorsy than with a photo of you on the Bow River, adventuring?!

When we checked, I believe the fee was like $40/hr … but check their website for possible changes.

Banff Farmers Market I love stopping at Farmer’s Markets while traveling. We get to meet locals and support local growers.

I love shopping local produce markets. Love, Love, Love.  And the Banff Farmers Market is superb. From jerky to honey, fruits and vegetables, meats and more, you will not be disappointed. And neither will Instagram when you provide gorgeous summer photos of you engaged in “shopping local”! Showing off your healthy finds and supporting local growers at the same time should always be this fun!

Take note, the Banff Farmers Market is held in Central Park every Wednesday during the summer.

Mountain Biking Top Notch Top Notch is a locals fave!

This one-way trail is a local favorite. We did not have bikes with us, but we investigated renting a few, so that qualified this trail having a spot on this blog.  It’s rated Intermediate, but you can walk any feature you want, obviously.

The views are Instagram worthy and add in a bike … you reached badass status on IG. The start of Top Notch begins across from the Buffalo Mountain Lodge.

Cycling Banff Legacy Trail Breathraking scenery along the Legacy Trail in Banff. Photo: Banff Park

A combination of paved pathway and parkway, the Banff Legacy Trail spans from the Banff Park East Gate to the Bow Valley Parkway. Breathtaking views, wildflower fields, covered picnic areas, the Banff townsite, and a variety of rest spots along the 13 mile trail, make this an Instagram worthy activity!

Central Park From individual fun to festivals, you will find it all in Central Park.

It’s almost akin to a unviersity lawn block party. Frisbee throwing, impromptu football games, beer and bbq’s make this an awesome afternoon people watching spot. Instagram will love it for it’s vibrant, youthful feel and you will love it for it’s breeziness.  Spread out on the grass with a book, a glass of wine, whatever your mood and just enjoy the moment.

Bear Ave NOT Banfff Ave Shop off the main strip to get away from a few of the craziest tourists…

Banff Ave is shoulder to shoulder people. One streeet over, however, Bear Ave is still very crowded, but at least you get away from the cookie cutter couvenir shops and the traffic…kind of. Cafes, shops and restaurants that are frequented by locals can be found here as well as fabulous IG photo opps.

Wild Bill’s For Live Entertainment Watch some live entertainment at Wild Bill’s!

It took us .2 seconds to seek out the local fave for live music…Wild Bill’s. We paid like $5 cover fee and watched a country band. The next night there was a comedy show, but we were heading out, so, unfortunately missed that. It’s a laid back atmosphere and a good place to meet pepole. Now, if you are looking for a ruckus, and are ready to party hard, check out local fave, Dancing Sasquatch and dance the night away.  Who doesn’t persue IG looking or hot night life spots?

Visit the Ghost Town of Bankhead Gorgeous and so interesting!

I dunno, I’m a sucker for ghost towns. I find them fascinating, like totally fascinating. So, when a local told me about this Bankhead Ghost Town, I knew that was one of the Things To Do In Banff that I would have to see. There are education plaques and interpretive signs too that will help you set the scene for your IG fans.

Morant’s Curve Obviously we did not get a photo as epic as this, so thank you to Banff and Beyond for this photo!

Morant’s Curve is a really striking area where the Canadian Pacific railway passes through along the Bow River. The location is not far from Lake Louise.  It can be viewed from the Bow Valley Parkway that runs between Banff and Lake Louise. It is a popular spot for locals having a picnic and photographers hoping to catch a freight train for their iconic photo. IG will love this!

Heli Tour Over the Valley
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Along our Alaskan Road Trip Route, we came upon Marble Canyon. It is one of those places that you never forget. It is absolutely gorgeous. The water is crystal clear and blue as the sky. I have never been more in awe of a locale in my life. I just kept repeating, “this is so pretty”, “this is so gorgeous”, “oh my gosh I can’t believe it”.  The Marble Canyon Hike is as unique an experience you will get in Kootenay National Park and is an amazing place to bring the kids.

Marble Canyon Hike is 1.4 kilimeters, about .8 miles. We walked it as more of a kayak scouting expedition than anything else. The entire way up, until the very end, we really felt we could kayak this canyon. We were totally stoked and took extra care to look at every last stretch of Marble Canyon. Unfortunately, for us, the canyon was completely walled off with wood near the top and there was no way to get through.

But, Marble Canyon Hike in Kootenay National Park is absolutely perfect for an early am walk … keep reading for all the info…

This wood in Marble Canyon made it unrunnable by kayak. Marble Canyon Hike The beauty is incomparable at Marble Canyon!

The trail system is made up of trails and bridges that offer spectacular views down into the stunning slot canyon. The entire package, the blue water, the canyon, the surrounding wilderness and the mountain views in the distance make Marble Canyon Hike a truly special place.

The hike itself is an easy .8 mile out-and-back trail and will take you about .5 to 1 hour to complete. Along the Marble Canyon Hike interpretive signs are scattered to explain how and why erosion occurs.  They explain how the canyon was carved out by glaciers as well as some educational facts on how mountains came to be.

Marble Canyon Hike is very easy and suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. Dogs are allowed, however they must be on a leash.

The hike starts from the parking lot at the trail-head (to the left of the restrooms). You begin by following Tokumm Creek up towards the canyon.

Marble Canyon Sights Quite possibly the most beautiful place on the entire trip!

There are countless geological finds, including this stunning natural stone bridge that formed.

Marble Canyon is one of the most colorful canyons in Kootenay National Park with its green dwelling cliff plants, grey limestone and glacial meltwater that is a spectacular, icy blue. A quick Google search will provide you with a plethora of educational information.  As a homeschooling/roadschooling/worldschooling family we discussed the types of geological material found in Kootenay National Park. The are Modern Sediment, Rocks, and Ice Age Sediment.

Marble Canyon Hike is Safe for Kids These railings are everywhere to helpyou keep wandering kids safe!

Marble Canyon Hike is totally safe for kids, which is another reason it is so popular.

There are fences that discourage people, not us, but other people, from approaching the dangerous and slippery edges of the canyon. I heard there have been several tragedies, some fatal and the danger only gets more obvious as you walk the path. You see, the depth of the marble walled canyon increases as you walk up the paved path.

When To Visit Marble Canyon is one of the most beaurifully unexpected places…ever.

While there is ample evidence of the 2003 wildfire that ravaged the area, during our visit, there was another fire burning and the air quality was less than desireable. However, nothing, not even poor air quality could minimize the experience of Marble Canyon.

This short, easy, gorgeous path makes Marble Canyon Hike an extremely popular destination. I suggest you make an effort to arrive early in the am or during off season. It is best to experience the gorgeous Marble Canyon in peace and quiet. We were very lucky that there were not too many tourists when we arrived.




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We crossed into British Columbia via the Eastport Checkpoint between Idaho and BC. It is heavily used crossing hence, we were prepared for a considerable wait. However, much to our delight, it took a total of 12 minutes and we were on our way.  We met Canadian friends on their way home from Calgary. We caught up with them at a rest stop about 40 minutes inside BC.

After our little meet and greet, we kept barrelling down the road. Our first order of business was to find authentic Poutine. As we drove, we were looking for anything that resembled a town. Specifically, a town that would house some delicious poutine. Then, about 70 miles past the border, we found Cranbrook. Guess where we bought Poutine? A & W. It was cheap, fast, and easy.

That night we found the most beautiful rest stop alongside the hwy to crash.  There was a tiny pond and the views were stunning. In the distance you could see the vast and enormous Rocky Mountains. So pretty.

The next morning, we rose early and drove to Windemere. And then on to Invemere, BC where there are legit tons of cool things to do in the summer with kids. We spent two nights in the parking lot of James Chabot Provincial Park. While Brody, Kenny and Dally (and Dan and Kady) ran Toby Creek, I spent the lazy days chilling at the lake with the kids The second morning we were given a serious tongue lashing and we knew it was time to move on.

That’s how we knew it was time to move on and hit Radium Hot Springs.

Town of Radium Hot Springs We found some trees to hide behind. No-one gave us any trouble for the 2 nights we were here.

The town of Radium lies smack dab on 95. It’s situated a convenient 90 minutes west of Banff, Alberta and this picturesque town is literally the beginning of the Kootenay National Park system. The town of Radium Hot Springs is a quaint, peaceful mountain town with something fun for everyone. For the cultured there is fine dining, golf, and art. For the more adventurous there is always kayaking the epic Toby Creek, or Kootenay National Park and all its adventure. We also hiked up into the mountains in search of the supposed elusive “Red Chairs” … don’t bother. Nothing much to see as these red chairs are, unbeknownst to us, a short jaunt from the parking lot.

We paddled HorseThief Creek and explored the town Saturday-Sunday am. Saturday night we saw a live band play, at a local bar, just down the street from the Visitor’s Center. They were nothing short of awful. And then Sunday morning, we went to St Joseph’s Church and were treated to a delicious (and free) pancake breakfast. Winning!

Then we booked it to the reason for our stop … The Radium Hot Springs Pool. Time for some R&R, right.

Radium Hot Springs Pool A fun spot for the kids to swim and have some water fun before continuing on our way.

We had learned about the Radium Hot Springs Pool online. It was on our route and I knew that at just about that time we’d be ready for some pampering. What better than a Hot Springs Pool I thought.

The Good Emmy holding her breath under water!

It was … fun. The first hour or so it was refreshing and invigorating. It felt amazing to be clean. And quite luxurious to be chilling in a Hot Springs after being on the road for EVER. The water was warm and enveloping. It calmed my every nerve. There was also a small-er cooler pool with two slides and a diving board. A great spot for kids to play and let off some steam, for sure.

The locker rooms were clean, I am particularly a fan of the Canadian practice of removing shoes prior to entering the washrooms! Also, the locale was crazy convenient and, my favorite …it’s Canada, so no-one is on you like hot glue re: your kids escapades.

However, beware. This pool is kinda sketch, in that current information about it is not readily available. So call and verify everything.

The Bad Our kiddos are fun and sweet…here they were also starving.

While researching Radium Hot Springs Pool, we read there was a restaurant. I figured we could spend a day at the pool, eat and drink there and be merry, right? Like splurge and not worry about anything. So, we purchased single entry passes for $7.30/per person, as opposed to $11/person to be able to come and go.

Now, unbeknownst to us, massive construction was occurring and the restaurant was no more. So, when we went to find food, there was none. Nothing. To Eat. And we had not packed anything because I planned to spend all our money there. When I explained the situation to the front desk, I was told, sorry. Like, she wouldn’t even let me upgrade to a multi-entry pass. Nor could we, after sending Brody to Subway, eat out on the deck, because that was outside. Kinda ruined the experience, ya know …

Horsethief Creek Sending the slide on Horsethief Creek.

Now while I was at the Radium Hot Springs Pool, Brody and Max played shuttle driver for Horsethief Creek. Dan, Kady, Kenny, Dally, and Cardy all went and kayaked Horsethief Creek. They had a blast, it was way more mellow than Toby, short of the Class V 100′ slide. Kenny and Dally sent it and claim it was definitely the highlight of the run. They said the whole run is more of a III-.

Right above the slide is a Class VI waterfall. Kenny and Dally spent quite awhile scouting here and they swear it was runnable at that flow. But Dan was with them and absolutely wouldn’t entertain any thoughts of them running anything like it. It was rowdy and had never been run. That was all Dan had to know to shut them down.

Fun Things To Do In Radium Hot Springs.




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In March, kayakers from around the country converged on the river at the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) to compete for a coveted spot on the 2019 US Freestyle Kayaking Team. This team will represent the USA at the World Championships in Sort, Spain this summer, July 3-6th.

Surprisingly the State of Colorado has more paddlers on the 2019 US Freestyle Kayaking Team than any other state. This includes 3 of us from one family. Myself, my brothers, Kenny and Dally. We make up half the ColoRADo contingent. Our friends Katie Fankhouser, Riley Frank, and Seth Chapelle round out the team.

2019 US Freestyle Kayaking Team Trials - KelloggShow - YouTube

That’s 6 out of 20 team members. This is surprising because Colorado’s rivers typically only flow with enough water for kayaking during the spring runoff when the snow is melting. The rest of the year, most of the rivers are too low and during the winter months, it’s nearly impossible to go kayaking at all.

How Coloradans Train For Kayaking in the Winter What ColoRADo training looks like …

So, how do we train for something like the 2019 US Freestyle Kayaking Team Trials? Or the World Championships, for that matter, during the winter?  Well, we don’t! Not in our kayaks anyway. Instead we work on our freestyle skills in winter sports: skiing and snowboarding.

My family and I hadn’t been freestyle kayaking since the end of September when we paddled in Trail, BC with our friends, Lee, Tim and Hunter Vincent. We did manage to hop in our boats on New Year’s Day for a super fast Shoshone run on the Colorado River. It was 11 degrees outside and we were frozen solid when we got out of the river. Not a very good option for training or keeping up with kayaking.

We resorted to basically begging our local community pool for at least one kayak session a week. They weren’t very easy to convince but we did managed to get 3 pool sessions in the month of February.

In between that time, we were playing hockey twice a week and snowboarding 5 days a week. Kenny and Dally got extremely good on their boards, throwing 720s and back flips like it was their job! Cardy as well! He was crushing his front and back flips!

Finding our Freestlye Kayaking Groove I can’t believe I’m blessed so much as to get to represent the US for the third year in a row!

Having to cut our winter short, we left Colorado in late February to start training in actual whitewater for about 2 weeks prior to the 2019 US Freestyle Kayaking Team Trials. We raced to the warmth and high water of the Southeast! We found ourselves in Columbus, GA on the Chattahoochee. It’s one of my favorite rivers! There is almost a feature at any level, making it a great spot to play!

It was very challenging for us to get back into the groove of paddling after nearly 5 months of no playboating. Kayaking uses muscles that we don’t use for other sports, so we had lost much of our strength and endurance for kayaking. We were struggling with landing our tricks and sticking them in the hole. We would spend hours a day in the water, determined to get back into paddling shape.

This proved to be quite difficult. Putting 5 months of paddling into 2 weeks was tough on our bodies. Every day we were so sore. I actually pulled my abdominal muscle and had to take 5 days off of paddling. Kenny’s hands and toes were literally bleeding from non stop paddling.

Locations Changes Dally warming his hands …

Originally, the USACK had decided the 2019 US Freestyle Kayaking Team Trials would be held in Rock Island, TN. But, with all the flooding throughout most of the SouthEast, Rock Island, the original spot for our team trials, was totally flooded! There wasn’t even a feature anymore.

The USACK committee struggled to pick the best location under the circumstances. Thankfully, Nantanhala Outdoor Center (NOC) was willing to accommodate all of us. We were originally told Duke Energy could guarantee 1100 CFS for the Team Trials weekend. Unfortunately, Mother Nature continued to dump an amazing amount of water and lakes were at risk of flooding if Duke held any water back.

This meant water levels at NOC weren’t consistent. We had no idea what the levels would be on comp day, so we trained all week and hoped for the best. Every day was a different level and the higher water made the hole very flushy.

Tough Competition Cardy was looking hot is practice, but on competition day, he had a hard time putting a ride together with how flushy the hole was!

The competition was stacked! It was stressful to watch. My family managed to put one of us on the 2019 US Freestyle Kayakaing Team in each K1 division except Jr. Women, because we don’t have a Junior girl. Maddy is not old enough this year, but she will be competing for a spot on the Jr Women’s US team in 2021.

Finish Winter in ColoRADo We have a lot of fans!

This is my 3rd time being on the US Team and now Kenny, Dally and I have successfully made the team together twice in a row. We are honored to be able to represent the US! Hopefully next time around there will be 5 of us going!

We are now back in Colorado to enjoy some spring snowboarding and the CO kayaking tour! After GoPro Games the 3 of us and our entire family are off to Spain for Worlds and a 6 week tour of Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland.

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I’m not going to mince words, Go Fund Me has gone wild. It’s quickly become the entitlement highway to getting what you want. It’s a very clear segway into understanding what today’s society values, believes, and finds acceptable. And apparently, begging for money online has become an acceptable way to raise money for everything from weddings to botox to trips. What happened to kids like this young man … who give instead of take?

Personally, I find this all very gauche.  This whole idea, this concept, of begging for money online is not how Go Fund Me began. I mean, there was a time, in the not so distant past, where people were expected to provide luxuries for themselves. Get jobs, maybe even multiple jobs, suffer a little, you know? I mean, we are eating rice and beans, pinching pennies and traveling some 14 hours to a cheaper airport in order to get our big family to Spain … violin not necessary. We know we are blessed.

But, this morning I literally woke up to 4 different requests for money. One, was shown to me by my daughter, Kady. Apparently a very special 18 year old was begging her 4,000+ friends on Facebook for money (in lieu of presents) for her birthday. She wants to fly to Hawaii and spend 3 weeks there. And, you know, she needs $5,000 from the public to make this happen.

Another solicitation for funds was for a very extravagant wedding that the couple deserved because they’d gone through “hell and back” to find each other and stay together. They are asking for $50k…for a wedding.

The next, $16k for a year abroad. Then, $6k for a trip. Then, $2500 for a car.

If I logged on now, I bet I’d see 4 more eye roll worthy demands for cash. I did … $10,000 for braces. OMGsh.

Go Fund Me is Crowdsourcing At It’s Best We were about 20 minutes from here when this went down. We donated to a few Go Fund Me’s for the victims.

GoFundMe, was intended as an avenue for people to raise money for cases of dire need and/or difficulties. Dan and I, like thousands of others, have donated for causes that run the gamut of needs. Like, funds for lifesaving medical care. Or necessities such as rebuilding homes after fires, hurricanes or other natural disasters. Most recently we gave to iHeart Radio’s Lee County tornado victims fund. We have even donated for funeral costs. A little here, a little there … it makes the world go round.

Giving to those in need is a beautiful thing, a necessary thing. I truly believe generosity is the key to ending poverty and gaining world peace.

Crowdfunding can literally change lives, make dreams come true and raise money for worthy causes all over the world. But, some people seem to look at sites like Go Fund Me as their own personal piggy banks, where they can shamelessly solicit funds for all their wants and desires.

Go Fund Me Falls Prey to Social Media

With the Internet such an integral part of society, it’s very easy to remove yourself from the actual act of begging and “just put it out there” that you want this or that.  Like, a $25k wedding gown.

I just want to ask: why? I mean, isn’t it humiliating. Is there no pride?  Seriously, with so many people literally living on the streets, hungry, thirsty, and without a home, why is it that you feel deserving of charity? And, who in the heck is giving to these petty fundraisers? I’m sorry, but if little Johnny wants to go to SleepAway Camp or Jenny wants to go on a pilgrimage with her church group, or DeeDee wants to go to Hawaii … they can get jobs. Or, if they are too young, mom and dad can do what mom and dads have always done … provide.

Rice and Beans The cheapest and relatively healthy meal is rice and beans … we have been known to survive on this meal.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little sacrifice, a little struggle. Hell, there is nothing wrong with a lot of sacrifice and struggle. You know how we are getting to Spain? Work and sacrifice.

Like, rice and beans for dinner. Working double time, getting a ton of blogs written and picking up extra shifts at crappy jobs. We are mobilizing to the cheapest airport, not Denver, our preferred, local one. And more … much more. But, it’s so worth it. What happened to raising our youth to be self-sufficient, to take pride in hard work and relishing in the products of that hard work?

This same equation, of work, sacrifice and struggle works for most of the Go Fund Me campaigns out there. Want that car, kid? Work for it and save your money. Want that trip? Don’t take the other trips, and pick up another job. Want that camera? Or that wedding? Or that degree? How about that house? Or that dress? It all takes struggle and sacrifice.

I can tell you with certainty, our kids would never ever in one million years deem themselves important enough to ask for a penny. Not from anyone. Not their grandparents, not their neighbors and not strangers. They understand struggle. They understand sacrifice.

Marriage, Family, Pride, and Priorities

People today can’t hear the word no. We are raising kids who believe they deserve the world on a silver platter and that everyone around them owes them something. Our government is the same. Tax increase after tax increase to fund everything from beautification of our city to fixing roads. It is a never ending cycle resulting from the inability to prioritize and forgo instant gratification.

The struggles and the sacrifices experienced in this life somehow make our memories more vivid, the joy more fully felt, the empathy, the love, the understanding more prevalent. We need to teach our children to not fear suffering … but rather to embrace it. It is here where we learn the most. It is here where we encounter our true selves, where we discover our ability to survive and conquer.

There were many times in our married life that we have qualified for a government service of one kind or another. We have never taken advantage of the system. If we had, we couldn’t have looked our kids in the eye. We are able-bodied. Dan takes his job to provide for his family very seriously. He takes pride in his ability to do so. We are incredibly proud of him. He is an amazing role model for our kids, and we are so thankful for his ability to suffer well.

If You Can Get Someone Else to Shoulder the Burden… Society sees Go Fund Me as a way to fund all their wants and desires.

Basically, Go Fund Me and sites like it have become the dream tool of the entitlement mentality. They use it as a way to never have to pay their own way. Go Fund Me is viewed as a way to not have to work. It’s a tool to be used so as to not have to plan or put something you want on hold. The abuse of Go Fund Me means that it’s users will never have to experience the deprivation of not being able to do something. 

This is what made generations of Americans strong and resilient. Hell, I’m going to Europe for the first time and I’m in my 40’s. I worked 40 hours a week to put myself through college. I didn’t have my own car until I got married.

Dan worked full-time, was in the Marines and put himself through college. He has had a job and bought his own clothing from age 13 up. Shoot, you should see the apartment complex we lived in our first year of marriage … drug busts at least monthly. Scary.

But, I mean, Hell …If you can get someone else to pay for it … 

Everyone Has Needs

My HUGE hang up with asking friends and family and even strangers to commit to a Go Fund Me for any reason other than emergencies is that we all have needs. Literally everyone I know has a Go Fund Me every day of their lives.

Go Fund Me Christmas, Go Fund Me New Years Resolution, Go Fund Me Travel, Go Fund Me Divorce, Go Fund Me New Car, Go Fund Me Student Loans, Go Fund Me Pediatrics, Go Fund Me Orthodontist, Go Fund Me Mechanics, Go Fund Me Daycare, Go Fund Me Vet. No lie, I could go on and on and on and on, but I’m sure you get the gist. There is a daily need for Go Fund Me in everyone’s life. How bout, Go Fund Me IRS?  Thankfully, the majority of us carry-on and do what must be done.

However, there are some that are just over the top insane and more humiliating than most.

Ridiculous Go Fund Me Accounts

There are so many Go Fund Me accounts that are positively ridiculous. I’m completely convinced the notion of entitlement, the belief we are due, has replaced the concept of self-sufficiency among our population. Check these out …

I Need Some White Privilege

Created July 9, 2014, this individual actually made $5890 of the requested $135k goal!  She states the following:

“I am writing you today to ask that you assist me in acquiring some white privilege. Although I have layered oppressions that have affected my ability to access my slice of the American Pie, no issue has affected me more readily than my lack of white privilege.”

Don’t believe me? Proof is right here.

Beer & Smokes

Pay off for honesty, this was created August 10, 2017 and the dude has made a whopping $189 of his $10 goal!!  He blew his goal outta the water. He writes:

“I just need some extra money for Beer and Smokes, I don’t need a tv or to see the world, I just need Beer and Smokes.”

And then literally 21 people donated to his quest for Beer & Smokes. Funny, though, the dude has a computer?

Birthday Party

No, sadly I’m not kidding.  There was a Go Fund Me for a birthday getaway for a new mom, Sam. Sam’s significant other wrote this, of Sam … “she has spent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, sleepless nights and long days taking care of our beautiful baby girl, Mikayla. Everything from snot-sucking at 4 in the morning to preparing healthy meals only to have them thrown on the ground, and yet she has managed to stay sane and not lose too much hair!”

Well I be darned, however did she do it?

And the baby daddy was so gracious to offer to “take care of the baby.”  His dang baby, y’all.  How much did Justin raise for his woman? $255 of his $500 goal. 
Save My Relationship Really, dude.?

For realz, if y’all haven’t seen this one, you’ve been living under a rock. I even saw it on Facebook and I’m never ON Facebook.  This dude says:

“As you know, spring break is fastly approaching and my youngin (pictured above) and  her friends are going to Miami. If you know anything about Miami, you know that she shouldn’t go without a chaperone. I need to get there to be with her and share this joyous time but my funds have been exhausted. We have a great thing going and I would hate to see it go down the drain for a little sand and sun.”

No lie, a boyfriend actually raised funds to follow his girlfriend, who is the youngin, down to Miami.

Sarah Wood Yoga Teacher Training
While hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are taking out loans, totally in upwards of $100k, this young lady wants to go to Yoga Teacher Training for free, because:
“Paying back the universe for {her} fortune is an impossible task, but with the clarity of my life’s purpose to bring joy and alleviate suffering in the communities I populate (fondly described to my friends as “being a joy soldier”), I am trying. ”  and now,
“in order to give more wholly, with more impact, I am asking to receive again- this time for help with paying for Yoga Teacher Training at the Center of Yoga.”
Okaaaay. Unfortunately for her, her friends and family have given all they can because she only received $325 out of her whopping $3000 goal!
Send Me Around The World
 Oh yes, please.  I can’t donate fast enough. Bec G, is a self professed “spiritual teacher, life coach, reiki and crystal healer, artist, YouTuber, traveler and writer.” And she’s asking you to fund her dream.
“My dream is to be able to travel the world, helping people see the beautiful potential within themselves and to help them along the way, any way I can. I want to empower people to follow their dreams, learn self love, create their own reality and express true soul expression! “
How sweet and special. Eye roll. She’s earned a whopping $1220 out of her $10k goal!!
Help My Parents Attend My Wedding

This one, I can’t even. Read here … seriously, the article is hysterical!

Help Prove the Earth is Flat

It turns out that the rapper B.o. B is part of that entertaining crew that thinks the Earth is flat.

In fact, he is so sure that the government is lying to us about the true shape of our planet that he is challenging people to prove him wrong. How, you may ask? By raising $1 million to send multiple satellites into space in order to “show B.o. B the curve”.

B.o. B is so certain that his expedition will prove him right that he kicked off the campaign by personally donating $1,000 to the cause.

Since starting the campaign in September 2017 he has raised $6,899 , which is still nowhere near his goal but it’s depressing to think anyone would actually donate to that.

Second Honeymoon After Fleas Ruined First

No one likes getting bitten by fleas, especially on your honeymoon. But does it really make it acceptable to ask strangers to fund a second, flea-free, getaway? Not really, no.

Sarah and Sam Davey hoped to raise $550 for a fresh getaway following their stay at the Trecarn Hotel in Torquay, Devon, UK, after claiming their trip was cut short due to a flea infestation.

The pair have already been refunded $330 of the $480 cost of the trip, but apparently that’s not enough.

Send My Kids to Disney Go Fund Me for a Disney trip? Really?

A mother who was lashed by critics for making a crowd-funding appeal to send her children on a trip to Disney World hit back at people who called her out.

Nikki Smith set up a crowd-funding page, asking for $5,000 (to be able to get her daughters to the theme park, but was slammed online for using the site to raise the money.

She ended up taking the page down but later relaunched it, saying “I never meant to upset anyone”.

People sure are desperate and shameless, eh? She raised close to her goal!

Help Me Strike It Big in a Casino

A guy who was desperate to move out of his dad’s house hoped the Internet could help him get rich playing slot machines.

“I live with my dad, and I want to get out,” he wrote on his GoFundMe page. “So my plan is to be able to win a jackpot at the casino, but I need an initial amount to go in with. I have practiced strategies on slots for over a year and I’m confident that with the right amount of money to buy in, and with a stroke of luck on my side, I could be successful and could turn my winnings into an ongoing practice. But I need your help. The casino I have in mind and the slot machines that I have picked out could grant me a great payout, but for the best odds, I wouldn’t dare go in with any less than $500, and won’t be walking out with less than $5000.”

Fortunately, no one donated.

Your Boy Is Broke and Wants V-Bucks

Although Fortnite is free, the in-game currency isn’t. There are lots of shameless people using GoFundMe to raise money for “V bucks,” the virtual currency in the game. However, this particular GoFundMe campaign easily takes the cake for being the most ridiculous. Grown ass men crying on the Internet? Puh-leese.

$100,000 To Become Rich

Unlike most other people in this list, Oscar Andersson wasn’t beating around the bush when he asked the internet for $100,000 to help make him rich. “This started out as a joke to myself ‘this can’t be possible’ but then I thought to myself, people buy stupid s–t every single day,” he wrote on his GoFundMe. “There’s apps that costs hundreds of dollars and they literally do nothing but give you a wallpaper stating that you spent money on something useless, people donate millions of dollars to Twitch streamers everyday and we all (me included) buy that daily snack, drink or whatever that we don’t really need. What if you just saved in on that one dollar and gave that to me.”

Looks like people aren’t willing to fork over their cash, though, Currently, he has $0. But hey, his campaign pretty much sums up everyone else’s in a nutshell.

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