Have you ever wondered how you got into a new habit? Whether it’s a bad habit like smoking, drinking or couch surfing, or a good habit like observing Meatless Monday or calling a loved one on a regular basis, every new habit starts the same way.

One small step.

That’s really all it takes. One small step and then another, and another, in the same direction.

True, it’s a bit easier to get into the habit of couch surfing than crossfit, but it is possible (and awesome) to get into a new healthy habit. So let’s talk about how to get started with a healthy lifestyle change and make it stick.

Find Your Happy

Why is couch surfing so addicting? Well, binge-worthy Netflix series, for starters, and virtual reality games and bad weather and pizza. But there’s so much more to life than lying on the couch. Engage in sports but be careful you might end up getting sports related injuries if you don’t prep up good.

To get started with a new healthy habit, you have to find something you love or at least enjoy enough to get off the couch. Talk to your friends to see what excites them and see if you can join in on the fun.

If your friends are stuck on the couch, look online. Every city has dozens of Meetup groups doing fun and healthy things together. For example, there are literally dozens of walking Meetup groups in Atlanta, Georgia. These groups range from neighborhood walking groups to Nordic Pole Walking groups to just about every other walking theme you can imagine. If there’s a way to walk, you’ll find a Meetup group for it in Atlanta.

In Jacksonville, Florida, there’s a Stand Up Paddle Board Meetup with close to 3,000 members. Talk about a healthy new habit — stand up paddle boarding burns up to 800 calories in a moderate one-hour session. Plus, it’s a great way to get social time with new and old friends.

Maybe you don’t have access to calm waters or a stand up paddle board but still want to get into a healthy new exercise routine. Here are a few ideas that require no expensive special equipment or unique location:

  • Morning walks before work
  • Evening walks after dinner
  • Dog walking for your neighbors — double bonus with this one if you charge for your services
  • Beginner yoga in your living room
  • Exercise equipment in your apartment complex gym, if you have one
  • Swimming or water exercise at your community pool
Think Outside the Box

A new exercise routine isn’t the only way to add a healthy new habit to your day-to-day routine. You have dozens of other options, such as switching to organic foods, replacing toxic cleaning products with natural products or eliminating junk food. You might even try all of these ideas to get a healthy new life you totally love.

So give your lifestyle an honest look. What products are you using or eating that could be easily replaced with something healthy?

To do this, look at every room in your home and write down the not-so-healthy things you see.

Your Bathroom

Do you know what’s in your shampoo, toothpaste or toilet cleaner? You might be surprised how many unhealthy ingredients exist in normal household supplies. Not only can you get healthier by switching to natural products, you can also save money.

Consider replacing glass cleaner with white vinegar, or toothpaste with baking soda. You’ll spend less, do yourself a healthy favor and get awesome results.

Your Kitchen

We all know that foods many or even most packaged foods contain harmful preservatives, colorings and fillers. Many are worse, with hormones and antibiotics.

Take a look in your pantry and your refrigerator to understand exactly what you’ve been eating. If it’s in a box, give it an extra-careful look.

You might not want to throw out what you’ve already bought, but you can make a decision right now to make smarter and healthier buying decisions from now on.

Instead of canned veggies and fruits, look for fresh, organic produce. Replace other packaged foods like macaroni and cheese and rice mixes with fresh ingredients you can make yourself. Not much into cooking? That’s ok because grocery stores now carry dozens of pre-made organic meals you can heat up for healthier meals.

Your Laundry Room

Did you know you can get fresh and clean laundry with about half the detergent and none of the fabric softener? It’s true.

Try adding hydrogen peroxide to every laundry load. Your detergent will go twice as far and your clothes will look better.

If you use dryer sheets or fabric softener, cut back to once every dozen loads. Believe it or not, the residue from one use of fabric softener lingers in your dryer so you don’t need it with every load. Better yet, eliminate it altogether. There’s nothing better than freshly dried clothes from the outdoor clothesline. It’s better for your skin and your clothing.

Your Coffee

What are you putting in your coffee? If you’re using high-calorie or zero-benefit things like flavored creamers or artificial sweeteners, think about eliminating them. After all, who really needs a $7, 400-calorie, vanilla bean frappuccino, anyway? Plus, that 400-calorie drink is loaded with 16 grams of fat.

Yes, you can do better.

Consider green tea sweetened with honey, downsizing to small-sized beverages or (gasp!) no cream or sweeteners at all.

You can do it. You really can.

Share the Love

There’s a reason so many people like to post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter when they get to the gym. Social media helps generate social support.

Even if your close friends and family don’t get excited about your healthy new routines (and let’s face it, sometimes our loved ones are our bad habit co-conspirators), someone on social media will be. Those are your people.

Go Easy on Yourself

Once you start your new habit, try your best to stick with it. Write reminders to yourself to keep to your commitment. Ask friends or family to act as accountability partners.

But if you miss a day or backslide onto your couch, cut yourself some slack. One step backward is ok. Just don’t take two or you might find yourself stuck in that unhealthy rut again.

So get excited about your new healthy habit. Snap selfies. Take healthy food pics. Document your positive steps. Post to your heart’s content! You’ll soon find a robust following of new and old friends just as excited about your new lifestyle as you are.

You probably have a good idea already of where you can take some healthy new lifestyle baby steps so what’s holding you back? The first thing to do is take that first small step.


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A person’s weight must not be taken for granted, even if they are prone to hurtful fat or body-shaming comments.

There’s more going into putting on some extra pounds and lowering the expectations of folks who are close to you; your health could be liable to experience or contract heart diseases and strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney and liver diseases and other types of cancers.

Therefore, in order to enjoy a long and prosperous life, you need to cut back on those calories. But this doesn’t mean you have to seriously starve yourself, engage in bulimia, take up illegal weight loss supplements or overdo workout routines.

We suggest you try out a week-long workout routine that can help you lose about 5 pounds. We have carefully listed over 8 fitness methods that have been backed by nutritionist experts. But while, every activity in this routine is crucial tipping the weighing scale back a couple of needles, doing all of them at once could be detrimental to your health. So instead, go with at least four of them for now and if you feel up to it, you could add in one or two more.

1. Jump from Carbs to Greens

M.D. Jana Klauer, author of The Park Avenue Nutritionist’s Plan says that the small amounts of carbs found in spaghetti, white rice and sandwich rolls are bad for your health because they are digested in an instant that can leave you hungry and cause you to overeat afterwards.

You could try opting for whole-grain bread products, which are healthier, but also contain filling fibers that can at times cause bloating, try leaning on vegetables for a week. And instead of rice, try grating some cauliflower to get cauliflower rice.

We also suggest going for carrots, instead of chips, to go with your dip. Carrots have complex carbs that are digested slowly so you won’t go hungry again soon. Vegetables can also push out the extra water weight in your stomach since they’re full of water themselves.

2. Make Water Your Only Drink

It’s important to stay amply hydrated if you’re serious about losing weight. Even though we feel refreshed with sports or energy drink, or a fruit smoothie, they’re no good to us in the end. Not only do these drinks contain over a 100 calories per serving, they’re not as satisfactory as a 100-calorie food serving. Hence, they’re a huge waste. Other drinks that are high on sodium for instance, can make your body think like its retaining water, but is actually exhausting you.

In water however, you will find no carbs, calories and minute or zero sodium as well. In addition to that, water also pushes out the excess water weight in your body and gives your metabolism the start it needs, making it the most ideal fitness drink for you.

If you want to make your water drink more interesting, then use an infuser to add some mint leaves or lemon wedges into it.

3. An Hour Before Workout, Drink Coffee

For those who cringed at the thought of only being able to drink water and no other beverage, it’s safe to say that coffee can join the fitness regimen as well. According to Dr. Klauer, consuming a cup of coffee an hour before workout with over 11 calories of milk or 5 calories of black can really pump you up. She adds that you will be burning so many calories without even realizing it.

4. Do a 30-minute Daily Cardio

According to the Crunch’s Polk Street gym personal-training manager Wendy Larkin, cardio routine is what you need to really burn those calories when it engages a number of muscles all at once.

There are three types of cardio routines to consider: cardio kickboxing, spinning and boot-camp workouts. If you spend over half an hour with any of these, you can easily cut down 200-300 calories as well as tone your legs, arms and core.

Aside from that, you can burn more calories with these sessions if you include interval training, which is incorporating short bursts of extreme cardio with slower workout. If you’re not sure about it yourself, then get in touch with a private tutor who does.

5. Get 30-minutes of Extra Sleep at Night

Esther Blum, author of Eat, Drink and be Gorgeous, recommends that getting an extra half hour of sleep at night can will not make you feel lethargic or skip out on gym and help you make better food choices. The perfect sleep cycle (7-8 hours) can also boost your metabolism. Furthermore, getting more sleep actually builds your muscle tone better.

6. Perform 36 Push-ups and Lunges

Attending your private tutor’s gym classes on a regular basis can tone your muscles even further. Just be sure to perform three sets of 12 push-ups and lunges for your buttocks, hips and thighs the other day as Larkin advises. Just be sure to keep your back and legs in a straight line during push-ups to improve your muscle tone. Lunges can help build more muscles as well, so long as you hold free weights in each of your hands during the routine.

7. Bite on Salmon

If you like sea food, then salmon is going to be your new best friend. It is teeming with nutrients that not give your skin a healthy glow, but it also helps tone your muscles. There are some nutritionists who argue that eating a portion of it can instantly make your face look more contoured.

8. Do Squats and Sit-ups

You may have heard about this every once and a while; it is a technique used by bodyguards to give their muscles more definition. Ensure that you do three sets of 12 of each exercise for tightening up your buttocks, abs and legs for a limited time. Make sure to follow this routine up with your private tutor to give you a completely new and toned up appearance.

Author Bio:

Hamza Shahzad is a freelance writer, Blogger and a social media coach. Currently, He’s working with smiletutor.sg. Furthermore, Hamza assist in business creation and social media planning.

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Characterised by symptoms like joint pain, stiffness and swelling arthritis is one of the most common conditions that’s found largely in older people across the globe. Found more in women than men, arthritis has more than 100 forms. It’s a health problem that affects the joints and makes it extremely difficult for a person to carry out their daily activities. It’s a condition that causes chronic pain in joints such as shoulders, knees, hips, and elbows etc.

Out of 100 different types of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common forms of this illness. They affect a large number of people across the world. Although arthritis is more common in people above the age of 65, it doesn’t mean children and adults are not affected by this condition. Yes, it affects the people of all ages but is slightly more common in older people.

Physical therapy is the most effective treatment for arthritis because it focuses on non-invasive techniques. Techniques like aquatic therapy show great results when it comes to subsiding arthritis pain.

According to Aquatic Occupational and Physical Therapy,”Aquatic therapy is a viable option for treating arthritic joints. The water helps to provide compression, which reduces swelling. In addition, the buoyancy of the water unloads the joint, allowing for greater range of motion without the weight of the body compressing joints together. ”

Symptoms and Causes of Osteoarthritis Arthritis

Though arthritis could stem from several different reasons, damaged cartilage remains its primary cause. For example, if you talk particularly about osteoarthritis or OA, it occurs because of cartilage damage. Cartilage is a strong and flexible tissue that protects joints by cushioning them. Joints are made up of two or more bones, and cartilage protects the end of these bones by working as a cushion. However, when cartilage starts damaging it can’t offer that much-needed support to the joints, and that’s when the end of the bones start rubbing off against each other, which lead to huge pain and stiffness.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis develop slowly and with the passage of time they become worse. Some of the common signs and symptoms of this condition include pain, stiffness, tenderness, grating sensation, bone spur, and reduced flexibility. However, just because you are observing these signs and symptoms it doesn’t necessarily mean you are suffering from osteoarthritis arthritis. If you are experiencing these symptoms then you should visit your doctor immediately and figure out what exactly is causing them.

Symptoms & Causes of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Including symptoms like joint pain, loss of appetite, and fever etc., rheumatoid arthritis is another common form of arthritis. This condition is triggered by immune system attacks, which target joints and other crucial organs in the body, perhaps that’s the reason it is also known as an autoimmune disease. The immune system does not attack joints intentionally. But no matter what leads to these immune system attacks, they definitely have a very severe impact on the joints.

This is the form of arthritis, which affects mainly writs and fingers. But though it typically affects writs and fingers, it also has a severe impact on other joints such as knees, ankles, jaw, shoulder, and neck etc. Rheumatoid arthritis is known for its symmetrical symptoms, which means if your right hand is paining severely, you will experience the same sort of pain and sensation in your left hand.

Fatigue and fever are also common signs of rheumatoid arthritis. According to experts, a lot of people struggling with this condition experience fever and fatigue once they wake up in the morning. But again, just because you suffer from fever and fatigue it doesn’t mean you have rheumatoid arthritis, because they can be caused by a wide range of health conditions. In addition to that, people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis also observe symptoms like rheumatoid nodules, pleurisy (sharp pain in the chest), and dry mouth.

Diagnosis of Arthritis

To figure out, whether the symptoms that you are experiencing are caused by arthritis or due to some other disease, you have to consult a doctor immediately.

Your physician will carry out a number of physical tests to evaluate your condition. For example, they will try to identify the level of fluid near your joints and your range of motion. To identify the condition of your bones and joints, your doctor will perform MRI, X-ray and CT scans.

The images captured by performing these tests help in identifying the issues with your bones and joints. If in case you are experiencing joint inflammation, you will get to know about that through these tests. In short, whether you suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, you will get to know about that once these tests are conducted by your doctor.

Treatments for Arthritis

Arthritis can be treated in many different ways, however, experts believe that physical therapy is the best treatment for it. The other important ways of healing the pain caused by arthritis include medications and surgery.

Medication for Controlling Pain

The common medicines that are taken by people to reduce the pain caused by arthritis include acetaminophen and hydrocodone. However, it’s crucial for you to understand that these medicines do not reduce inflammation, they are used only for subsiding pain. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are also prescribed largely by doctors to mitigate arthritis pain. Ibuprofen and salicylates are some of the most common NSAIDs that are used for controlling the arthritis pain.

When it comes to reducing inflammation, arthritis patients also use immunosuppressants.


Surgical treatment is taken by the patients when they are left with no other option. Surgery is carried out largely in the case of hips and knees to replace them with artificial ones. When your hip or knee loses their ability to function effectively due to arthritis, your doctor has to perform hip or knee replacement surgery to reduce your pain and to improve your function.

Physical Therapy

Healthcare experts across the world believe that rather than relying on drugs and surgeries, it’s better to use non-invasive procedures like physical therapy to subside arthritis pain.

Physical therapists use techniques like aquatic therapy to decrease pain and improve movements. Aquatic therapy is an integral part of physical therapy, wherein patients have to perform useful exercises underwater that increase their flexibility and mitigate pain. Initially, all the exercises are taught effectively by the therapist to patients. Yes, they work one-on-one with their patients so that their condition can improve really fast. Once the patients are well aware of how to perform the exercises in water, they can do it on their own. And the best part of aquatic therapy is that it is designed for people of all ages. Aquatic therapy helps in strengthening the muscles surrounding the joints, mitigates swelling, and also strengthens the functioning of the nervous system.

When specific exercises are carried out underwater, they not only help in reducing pain but also improve mobility. In addition to that, based on the severity of your condition, your therapist may also combine aquatic therapy with other pain relief techniques like Kinesio taping for a quick recovery from pain.

So, whether you are experiencing arthritis pain in your shoulder or knee you can easily rely on physical therapy to recover from your condition.

About the Author:

Rozy is a writer, graduate and absolute pet lover. She loves butter chicken, and seeing her little pug, naughty Duke. When she isn’t not writing, you can find her at nearer Coffee shop.

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Keep Healthy Living by Keep Healthy Living - 18h ago

If you are human, then you must have been on a diet or seen someone on one in your lifetime. We people are obsessed with weight loss for a reason. Apart from the health benefits some of its other advantages are: it makes us look good, gives us greater confidence, decreases stress, improves energy and sex life, etc. However, with the plethora of different workable diets floating around, it sometimes gets difficult to pick the one that suits your body type the best.
So, instead of suggesting a particular diet to you, we would like to tell you the benefits of different popular diets and let you decide the one that best suits you.

1. Mediterranean diet

U.S. News & World Report, the global authority in rankings and consumer advice in its annual assessment of the year’s Best Diets ranked Mediterranean Diet as a Best Diet Overall, along with the DASH Diet.

Curious to know more. Read on.

The Mediterranean Diet is named after the eating habits of the people living in Mediterranean countries. However, it is not restricted to these nations but applicable to anyone, anywhere. More than a way to lose weight, this diet is considered as a lifestyle and referred to as the heart-healthy eating plan.

What is a Mediterranean diet?

Also known as the heart-healthy plan, this diet is a combination of foods that incorporates the basics of healthy eating. Hence, it is high in fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, olive oil and lean sources of animal protein. If the other diets take you off oil and alcohol from the meal plan, the Mediterranean diet allows a splatter of olive oil and a glass of red wine per day to dieters. But, to eat all this, you need to cut down on red meat and other saturated fats, lower the intake of processed foods and refined sugars. So, keep away from packaged food and desserts, unless made of natural sugar.

By including the healthy essentials, this diet opts to give good fat that helps reduces LDL cholesterol as against bad fat. In nuts, it offers Omega-3 fatty acids, therefore, for between snack meals you can keep a mix of almonds, pistachios and walnuts. Being from the Mediterranean, nutritious dips like Tahini and Hummus are included in this diet too. Another, positive of this diet is that carbs, a source of energy to the body too is a part of it but in the form of whole grains. So, consume a decent portion of whole-wheat bread, quinoa pasta, or sprouted or fermented grains when following the Mediterranean diet.

The Benefit

As per research, this type of diet assists in better health and longevity. It helps in-

  • Healthy weight loss
  • Reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease
  • Decreases the chances of type-2 diabetes, obesity, dementia,
  • Lessens the possibility of depression, Alzheimer and Parkinson


  • Low intake of calcium
  • Does not mention food quantity so be careful of food intake
  • Be mindful of the Wine and Fats

Sample plan:


2. Military Diet

A Military diet is also known as a 3-day diet plan is a fast way of losing up to 10 pounds in a week. So, if you have a special occasion or a big day coming up, following this diet will help you lose quick pounds. The military diet is popular amongst models, stage performers and is also followed by some celebrities. Though not proven, it is believed that this diet was started by the U.S. Army for people to lose weight fast and also, for those who wished to join the services but weren’t in good shape.

What is a Military Diet?

Military diet is a food restriction diet that reduces the calorie intake of the body for three days. This diet has a strict meal plan that needs to be followed for the prescribed days and is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The good thing about this meal plan is it offers food substitutes as long as have the same amount of calories and proteins as the eliminated food. Though known as a three-day cash diet plan, it goes on for a week. However, the next four days or the ‘off’ days are less strict with only restrained of 1,500 calories a day. Though, eating healthy is recommended on those days as well.

It also encourages to drink a lot of water for two reasons, it keeps you full and supports in fat loss and flushes out toxins. Similar to other popular diets, colas-diet or otherwise and even artificial sweeteners used in beverages are a big no in this diet.

The Benefit

  • Offers result fast
  • Easy to follow and make
  • Inexpensive diet to follow
  • Exercise not necessary


  • Unhealthy weight loss regime-Restricts calorie intake to 800–1,100 calories per day
  • Nutritionally unbalanced
  • Only reduces water weight so easy to get back to the weight lost
  • No sustenance
  • Very strict diet
  • No drinks except water black coffee, and unsweetened tea

Sample plan:

3. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet

Along with the Mediterranean Diet, DASH Diet was rated as the Best Diet Overall in the recent annual report of U.S. News & World Report. The DASH diet recommends healthy dietary changes to treat and prevent high blood pressure (hypertension). This diet is designed to stay fit and have a nutritious life, unlike some other diets that concentrate on weight loss.

This specific diet plan was developed post a research sponsored by the US National Institutes of Health, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The results of the study were astonishing as it showed that even with a higher intake of sodium, 3300 mg/day, it could lower blood pressure. As recommended by the American Heart Association, the intake for most adults should not be over 2,300 milligrams (mg) per day, with an ideal limit not exceeding 1,500 mg/day.

What is a DASH Diet?

The DASH diet recommended for healthy weight loss with a moderate lifestyle change that is convenient to adopt. To follow this diet, dieters need to include more of fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy foods, beans, seeds and nuts. It also suggests the reduction of foods that are high in fat-saturated, trans, total and cholesterol. This diet is moderately high in protein and recommends two or fewer servings per day of lean meats like fish and poultry. It also reduces the intake of red meat and processed meats like hot dogs, sausages, and cold-cuts and limited consumption of sodium, sweets and sugary drinks.

The DASH diet follows a simple rule of having foods with more of dietary fibre, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The biggest advantage of this food plan is that it can be followed when eating out or while travelling. All you need to do is chose grilled or baked over roasted or fried food, opt for salad bars, burrito bowl, sandwiches.

The Benefit


  • Not entirely for weight loss
  • Time consuming as it needs planning and preparing for a meal
  • Keeping a track of servings from each food group

Sample plan:

4. Ketogenic (Keto) Diet

A Ketogenic Diet is one of the very popular diets followed across the globe. People who have followed it swear by it because it helps them feel great. You will be surprised to know that this diet was designed for people suffering from a seizure disorder and not as a weight-loss diet. As it supports the production of ketones and another chemical, it thereby helps minimize seizures. But its added advantage of weight loss made it widely popular

This diet also commonly known as the keto diet is high in fat and low in carbohydrates. This puts the body into a state of ketosis, a metabolic state that allows the body to use fats as its primary source of energy rather than glucose from carbohydrates and thus, resulting in weight loss.

What is a Keto Diet?

Keto diet is a well-known low-carb diet with moderate protein and high-fat diet that takes the body into the state of ketosis. This diet has its food restrictions that allow proteins like fish, chicken, eggs and meats that are preferably organic, pasture-raised and grass-fed. When on this diet, you need to eat full-fat dairy items, harder cheeses with fewer carbs, leafy and green vegetables, fat from natural sources like meat and nuts. It also includes oils like coconut oil, butter, and olive oil and moderation intake of fattier nuts like macadamias and almonds and seeds and in beverages, mainly plain water that can be flavored with lemon or lime juice. Keto diet, however, bans almost all carbs like pasta, rice and other grains, potatoes, and fruits. It also allows, occasional intake of specific alcohols like dry wine, champagne, whisky, vodka and cocktails without sugar and a square of dark chocolate with cocoa above 70%.

The Benefit

  • Weight loss
  • Reduces insulin levels, risk for heart disease
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Enhances mood, mental focus, and sleep
  • Increases energy
  • Helps treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children


  • Difficult to follow
  • Can result in intake of unhealthy fats
  • Restriction on certain food groups
  • Eating in social gatherings difficult

Sample plan

To conclude, before following any of the above 4 diets, it is important to know your body type, food restrictions and any allergies and if necessary, even checking with the doctor. All have their positives and negatives and it is important to pick the one that suits your goal. Needless to say, a healthy diet is the one that has all kinds of nutrition in it and for your overall well-being more effective. So, read careful and make your pick. And if you are a couple then trying any of them together is a great idea after all marriages are bound by activities done together as believed by Couples Therapy and Counselling.

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You’re starting to feel a tightening in your uterus; does this mean you are in labor? But you’re just 34 weeks in your pregnancy! Premature or preterm labor can be a cause of panic, especially for women who are pregnant for the first time. While labor during your full term can be an exciting phase of your journey, labor before such time can make you feel otherwise.

Don’t worry, the threat of preterm labor need not be a cause of concern most of the time. A lot of preterm babies between weeks 34 and 36 are delivered healthy and safe. If you’re not quite convinced, educate yourself with these top 10 important things to know about preterm labor.

  1. It occurs before 37 weeks of pregnancy.
    Preterm labor happens before you reach week 37 of your pregnancy. When this happens, the body is starting to get ready for birth too early. While preterm labor can significantly lead to an early birth, this can be delayed through a number of innovative methods. The longer your baby is inside your womb, the more time this gives him or her to continue to develop fully.
  2. Most preterm births are spontaneous.
    Only about a quarter of premature births are planned; the rest are spontaneous. Your health provider may suggest inducing labor earlier than 37 weeks if a complication arises, such as severe or worsening preeclampsia or swelling, or if the baby has stopped growing.
  3. Spotting is a sign of preterm labor.
    If you notice any vaginal spotting or bleeding before you reach 37 weeks, call your doctor right away as this could be a sign of preterm labor. This also applies if there are any changes in discharges, such as a mucus-like, blood-tinged, or watery discharge.
  4. Contractions become regular and frequent.
    Unlike Braxton-Hicks’ contractions, which starts early in pregnancy, actual labor contractions occur regularly, with 10-minute intervals. Even if they don’t hurt, expectant mothers who have not yet reached 37 weeks are advised to notify their doctors immediately once this happens. In the hospital, their contractions will be monitored through a pressure sensing device like the toco transducer. From there, your medical team will decide whether or not you will be induced to give birth early.
  5. Timing your contractions can help spot early labor.
    Check your contractions at home to make it easier for you to detect preterm labor. If you feel a tightening and softening of your uterus when you place your fingertips on your belly, that’s a contraction. Record when it starts, ends, and starts again. If you can, try to stop the contractions by relaxing or moving about.
  6. You may be admitted to the hospital.
    Once your doctor diagnoses you with premature labor, you may be admitted to the hospital to delay birth as much as possible. You may be given medication that relaxes your uterus and stops labor, as well as antibiotics, IV fluids, and a shot that speeds up the development of the fetus’ lungs.
  7. You can be asked to go home.
    If you’re not in premature labor, your doctor may ask you to go home and advise you to bed rest to lower the risk of preterm birth, though there has been no evidence found supporting this claim.
  8. Later preterm infants may not have health problems.
    Babies born between 34 and 37 weeks, or so called “late preterm infants”, do significantly better than those who are born earlier, who are at great risk for long-term health complications, such as a chronic lung disease, cerebral palsy, vision and hearing impairments, and other developmental consequences.
  9. Regular prenatal care can prevent premature labor.
    There’s a reason why you are advised to regularly visit the doctor throughout your pregnancy. Constant monitoring of your health and your baby’s can significantly help detect any symptoms of preterm labor and delay it as much as possible.
  10. You may be prescribed with preventive medications.
    If you are at great risk of preterm labor, your doctor may take additional methods to reduce that risk, including preventive medications like hydroxy progesterone caproate shots and progesterone that is to be inserted in the vagina. On top of this, existing chronic conditions will be managed and controlled as much as possible.

If you experience preterm labor, the best thing to do is to keep calm and seek immediate professional care right away. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your child’s health.

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It’s no secret that the most common way to gain weight is by overeating. Contrary to popular belief, people who fall into this trap don’t have a problem stopping at first. The reason for this is a delay in your body’s emission of the satiety hormone known as leptin. Improper eating habits are a principal cause of this faulty response.

Thus, a sustainable way to slim down would be to retrain your neurotransmitters so that they retort correctly during mealtime. Programs such as the leptin diet plan aim to achieve this through clean and responsible eating. A good way to do this at home is by munching on a healthy snack between meals.

This keeps blood sugar levels stable and curbs cravings, which is beneficial when you are trying to stimulate leptin production. Junk food is certainly out of the question. Fortunately, there are quite a few substitutes out there, and one of the tastiest and most versatile on the market comes in the form of nuts.

Recipe Ideas

According to the Mayo Clinic, consuming nuts is beneficial for heart health. Studies have uncovered their ability to lower the amount of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, which is referred to as ‘the bad kind’ in layman’s terms. What is more, they reduce inflammation, protect your arteries, and prevent blood clots.

All in all, nuts are a tasty way to stay healthy. Although they are rich in calories, when consumed with moderation they will not affect your figure in any way. In fact, they might even help you lose weight if you pop a few when you’re hungry between meals. Here are three delicious recipe ideas that use nuts in order to create the perfect snack.

1. Honey-Roasted Nut Mix

The easiest and most delicious way to prepare your own nutty snack at home is by roasting them with honey. This adds a shiny golden glaze to them, making them the perfect healthy, yet sweet delight to nibble on when you’re craving a treat or feeling peckish.


  • ¼ cup slivered almonds;
  •  ¼ cup chopped pecans;
  • ¼ cup chopped hazelnuts;
  •  ¼ cup sunflower seed kernels;
  •  ¼ cup honey;
  • 1 tsp butter;
  •  ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon;
  • ¼ teaspoon salt;
  • ¼ teaspoon ground cardamom;
  • and a pinch of ground cloves.


Prepare the baking sheet by lining it with foil or parchment paper, then coat it with cooking spray. Place a non-stick skillet over medium heat and throw in the butter. Once it starts to melt, stir the honey in as well. Cook the glaze for two minutes, or until you see bubbles forming at the edges of the pan, signaling that it’s ready.

Then, add the assorted nuts and spices. Cook them for 8 minutes until they turn golden, and don’t forget to stir the pan frequently so that nothing sticks or burns. After they are done, pour them over the baking sheet and let them cool off completely. You can eat them as they areor mix in some dried fruit for some added flavor.

2. Cashew Snack Balls

Sometimes nut mix just doesn’t cut it. In order to keep your blood sugar at an optimal level and curb cravings, you want to eat something that is a bit more nourishing. These cashew snack balls made with deliciously sticky date and dried apricot are the perfect solution for that.


  • 1 cup cashews (can be replaced by walnuts or almonds);
  • 1 ¼ cups pitted dates;
  • ¼ cup dried apricots;
  •  ¼ cup sesame seeds;
  • 1 tbsp almond butter;
  • ½ tsp cinnamon;
  • and a pinch of sea salt.


Throw the nuts and sea salt in a food processor until they are coarsely ground. Gradually add in the rest of the ingredients and process them until the mixture starts sticking together. Then, roll them into balls using your hands. They last for two weeks in the fridge and one if kept outside, provided that you store them in an airtight container.

If you want to make this sweet snack extra indulgent, try melting some dark chocolate in a pot and coating the balls with it. However, this is not recommended when you’re on a diet, because it adds more calories to the total count. It is a good idea to keep that in mind anytime you’re trying something new, but the decision is all yours.

3. Cajun Boiled Peanuts

Instead of eating plain salted nuts as a savory snack, you can try mixing it up with some fun ingredients and unconventional cooking methods. Native to the American state of Florida, this recipe for Cajun boiled peanuts is exactly what you need to spice up your snack arsenal.


  • 1 pounds raw peanuts with shells;
  • 3 oz. dry crab boil;
  • ½ cup chopped Jalapenos;
  • ½ cup red pepper flakes;
  •  ½ cup salt;
  • 2 tbsp Cajun seasoning;
  • and 1 tbsp garlic powder.


This delicious and unique peanut snack requires some patience, as it is prepared in a slow cooker. Turn yours on and add the ingredients, then cover the peanuts with water. Stir for a while to combine all the different flavors, then leave the dish to cook on low. The peanuts need to soften, which means that they will have to simmer for at least 24 hours.

When the water level goes down due to evaporation, add some more to keep the peanuts covered entirely. Stir occasionally during this time as well. Once they have the right texture to them, take them out and drain them well. The dish can be served hot right on the spot or consumed cold later on as a healthy Southern-inspired treat.

Eating right is essential for getting in shape. Fortunately, healthy food doesn’t need to be boring. These three recipes incorporate different types of nuts with flavorful spices and other unique ingredients, which results in a true explosion of taste. Thus, next time you’re feeling peckish and want a quick snack, remember that nuts are the best choice.

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Getting good sleep is a must each night; when we don’t get the sleep we need, we become forgetful and cranky. Luckily, there are quick and easy fixes to get the sleep you need; many foods contain naturally occurring substances that promotes sleep.

Ready to catch on more Zzz’s, here are some things to put on your grocery list for more restful nights.

1. Almonds:

Almonds are a type of tree nut with many health benefits. Almonds are your go-to if you want a variety of nutrients such as 14% phosphorus, 32% for manganese and 17% of riboflavin. In addition, eating almonds daily has been associated with lower risks of a few chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

You can count on almonds to really help boost sleep quality. How? Almonds are a source of the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin. Next time you hit the sack, try a handful or 1 ounce serving of almonds; you should get some quality of sleep.

2. Warm Milk:

You might have heard that warm milk may help you fall asleep – scientifically, it’s possible there is some link between tryptophan and melaton in content of milk and improved sleep. Warm milk is just like a cup of hot tea, it can offer the perfect relaxing and soothing liquid to drink before bedtime.

3. Fruits:

Some fruits contain melatonin that will help you fall asleep faster and wake up less often during the night. For example, tart cherry juice and whole tart cherries contain a lot of melatonin, as well as bananas, pineapples, and oranges. If you have insomnia problem, by eating two kiwis before bed can increase your sleep duration by an hour over the course of a month.

4. Lettuce:

Greens including lettuce are always a good idea to incorporate in your daily food intake. But did you know lettuce can help you fall asleep too? Lettuce is packed with lactucarium, which has sedative properties and affects the brain similarly to opium.

5. Pretzels:

Foods like pretzels and corn chips have a high glycemic index. Pretzels natural spike your blood and insulin levels, helping you to fall asleep around bedtime. Next time you are at the grocery store, opt for a bag of pretzels to try and munch on before bedtime.

6. Turkey:

Turkey is a great source of protein; it provides 4 grams per ounce. We need protein to keep our muscles strong and regulate our appetite. Supposedly turkey before bed gives you the ability to sleep well, although no studies have examined its role in sleep yet. Turkey is another type of food that contains tryptophan. Tryptophan contributes to its ability to promote tiredness. Try it out the next time you are about to go to bed, it’s not worth trying.

7. Chamomile Tea:

Tea before bed is the perfect way to end the night as it is a relaxing ritual. Chamomile tea is a great choice when it comes to promoting better sleep. It is packed with a class of antioxidants that reduce inflammation that often leads to chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

8. Fatty Fish:

Salmon, tuna, trout, and mackerel are all great sources of fatty fish that are incredibly healthy. All fishes have a good amount of vitamin D and are high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. With the combination of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D in fatty fish have the potential to enhance sleep quality.

9. Walnuts:

Like almonds, walnuts are also a popular type of tree nut and contain many nutrients – over 19 vitamins and minerals, 2 grams of fiber and are very rich in magnesium, phosphorus, copper and manganese.

They are also a great source of healthy fats, including omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid. It’s said that eating walnuts is a way to improve sleep quality, however, there is not much evidence that supports it. But if you are having trouble sleeping, it’s definitely worth trying it out.

10. White Rice:

White rice contains a decent amount of a few vitamins and minerals; it’s high in carbs (28 grams). White rice is suggested as a great source to eat hours before sleeping. Despite the potential role that eating white rice might have in promoting sleep, its best consumed sparsely because of its lack of fiber and nutrients.

11. Prunes:

Prunes has many nutrients such as vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium which help make melatonin. Use prunes as a whole-grain toast topping, eat them on their own about 30 minutes before bedtime or mix them into trail mix.

12. Whole Grain Bread:

Carbs can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Skip the white bread, refined pasta, baked goods, and stick to whole grains for your bedtime snack. Like candy and soda, carbs like whole grains also tend to spike blood glucose levels, but once the glucose level drops back down, that can lead to an energy crash.

Some other foods and drinks you can try for better sleep are:

  • Cottage Cheese (which contain lean protein and amino acid trytophan)
  • Tuna (is high in vitamin B6)
  • Cereal (choose a bowl of your favorite flakes before bed)
  • Kale (green leafy vegetables are loaded with calcium)
  • Hummus (chickpeas are a good source of trytophan)
  • Dark Chocolate (which contains serotonin, and has other health benefits too!)

The Bottom Line

It’s necessary to be getting at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily; sleep is overall good for our well-being and health. When you take care of yourself and get the sleep needed, you have a lesser chance of developing certain chronic illnesses, while keeping your brain and digestion healthy and boosting your immune system.

Because of these foods that contain melatonin and serotonin listed above, you can improve the overall quality of your sleep. Try out these 16 foods and drinks about two or three hours before bed to reap the benefits. If anything right before bed may cause digestive issues, such as acid reflux. With these simple changes to your diet, soon enough, you will be getting improved sleep you have been longing.

Author Bio:

Usman Raza is a freelance writer, marketing specialist at SnoringAids.com and co-founder of UsmanDigitalMedia.com. When not working, he’s probably spending time with his family. Follow him on Facebook @usmanraza40 and Twitter @usmanintrotech.

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You’re planning to have your kid’s baby teeth removed. Your kid has a couple of loose teeth, and it’s starting to become an inconvenience for them. They’re having a hard time eating and even talking. Often, their gums will get swollen which makes it painful for them to do anything with their mouth. They’ll usually end up sad, not wanting to go out and have fun with friends. As a parent, you don’t want to see situations like this continue. You’ve seen how your child has suffered because of their loose teeth that’s why you’re thinking of having it removed by a dentist.

When you’re looking for a dentist to work with your child, you should be careful. Picking the wrong dentist might traumatize your child and they’ll end up not wanting to see a dentist ever again. To steer away from that direction, you should pick the right dentist. If you’re living in Virginia or anywhere in the world, here are some tips to help you find the right dentist:

  1. Get referrals: Regardless of where you’re living right now, for sure, there are a handful of dentists in your area. Some might be practicing their profession for years, some might be new. Once you can determine who these dentists are, create a list. This will help you determine who your options are for your kid’s teeth extraction. To make things easier for you, start by asking family and friends about their referrals. Ask if they have worked with a dentist before and how was the experience. Was the dentist accommodating and professional? Or did the dentist let them wait in the clinic despite having an appointment? These things matter to help you decide which dentist to pick.
  2. Do extensive research on the dentist’s credentials: You have to know your dentist’s credentials before working with them. You should know if a dentist is capable of getting the job done and possesses the necessary skills and experience. Additionally, always make sure that you’ll be working with a dentist who doesn’t have any disciplinary actions and malpractice claims. You can search this information online through various health websites. You don’t want your child to be treated poorly by an inexperienced dentist, right?
  3. Consider the treatments offered: Not all dentists offer the same set of services. Some dentists might specialize in root canal treatment while some, in orthodontics. You should inquire about these to ensure that your dentist can give you the service that you’re looking for. Generally, it’s always best to work with a dentist who can offer all services needed for your kid’s oral health. You need a dentist who can perform tooth extraction, dental filling, and braces, among others. Dr. Keri Tran from Cherrydale Family Dental is one of many dentists in Virginia that may be able to help.
  4. Assess the technologies used: With the advent of technology, everything is done easier and faster – and the dental field is no exemption. Many dentists would invest in technologies just to improve their client’s experience with them, and it’s important that you work with one. These technologies might not directly impact the outcome of dental procedures, but these can have an effect how frequent your kids will visit the dentist. And while working with a dentist who has cutting-edge technology is advisable, you should be financially prepared for it. These dentists might charge more than the regular rate.
  5. Look at before and after pictures: It’s common to see before and after pictures in a dentist’s clinic. This can serve as a proof how they work with patients and how effective their services are. When you see this gallery in a dentist’s clinic, take the time to browse. If you’re content with the results you’re seeing from this dentist, you might have already found the dentist for your kids!
  6. Think about the cost: How a dentist charges for their services can significantly affect your decision. Of course, you wouldn’t want to work with a dentist who has prices twice as high as other dentists in the area. But on the other side of the coin, you shouldn’t settle immediately with a dentist who’s too cheap. If you do, the quality of services might not meet your expectations. To ensure that you only work with the best, ask for estimates from the dentists you’re eyeing to work with. Compare their price and services.
  7. Interview the dentist: Talking to a dentist before acquiring any of their services can be very helpful. Since you now have a list of the dentists you can work with, sit down and talk to them. Use this opportunity to discuss everything you want to know about the dentist. Ask about their experiences and qualifications in the field. You can even ask about the recommendations apt for your kid’s situation. If there are things which are still unclear to you either about the dentist or the services offered, ask personally during the interview.
  8. Determine the location of the clinic: How far or near your dentist’s clinic is should also be considered. If you acquire services from a dentist who’s hours away from where you’re living, it’ll require time just to see them. The distance can also become an issue if there are any dental emergencies. You should look for a dentist whose clinic is convenient for you and your kid to travel to and from.
  9. Ask about the schedule: When a dentist already has a reputable name in the area, they might be accommodating too many clients – too many that their availability might not be amenable to you or your kid’s schedule. This is something which you should discuss with the dentist. Ask when he’ll schedule to meet your kid. If he’s only available during weekdays early in the morning, this might become an issue when your kid attends school.

In Conclusion

Most kids fear going to the dentist. They think once they’re in the dentist’s chair, everything will be painful. But if you entrust your kid to a dentist who is reliable and professional all the time, your kid will never have this notion. Start them young and let them know that working with a dentist isn’t painful at all; it’s actually like having a friend to help them take care of their oral health long term. Use this article as a reference so you’ll end up working the best dentist for you and your entire family’s oral health needs!

About Author – Dr. Keri Tran

Dr. Keri Tran graduated from Texas A & M University and received her dental education from Baylor University. She spent two years in Dallas gaining valuable experience as an associate. Dr. Tran found that she loves working with children as well as adults and wanted a practice to cater to the needs of families. In order to provide the best care to her patients, Dr. Tran attends continuing education courses yearly in areas such as Cosmetic dentistry, Pediatric dentistry, Implantology and, her favorite, Orthodontics (Braces/Invisalign). She dedicates one full day a week just to her orthodontic patients because she loves the joy and satisfaction that these patients get once treatment is complete. And through her studies in healthcare, Dr. Tran also found an affinity for helping people. She is passionate about serving the community by volunteering for various causes, particularly advocating on children’s behalf, such as co-founding the Love 2 Yêu Global Youth Initiative (love2yeu.org). Away from work, Dr. Tran loves spending time with her family and friends and as long as she is outdoors, traveling or exploring something new she is happy! Dr. Tran and her team at Cherrydale Family Dental are committed to serving the Northern Virginia community with the best in cosmetic, general, pediatric & restorative dentistry. We cater to your specific needs, regardless of your situation, and use the latest in dental technology. We provide a holistic approach to dentistry to ensure all our patients have optimal dental health and wellbeing.

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Obviously, in order to live a healthy and happy life, it’s paramount that you balance your diet and engage in regular physical activity. Finding the time for hobbies and socializing is also extremely beneficial. However, when it comes to improving your lifestyle, there’s little talk about the effect of your personal environment. Aside from designing your home the way it suits you the best, it’s essential that the said environment is healthy for you. Germs, mold, chemicals, etc. can all lurk inside your home and damage your health, damaging the quality of your lifestyle as well. So, what’s the key to a healthy home? Keep on reading to learn some useful tips on how to make your place safe and beneficial for your own well-being.

Say no to chemical cleansers

One of the biggest issues in your home can undoubtedly be related to the excessive use of chemicals and toxic cleaning agents. Of course, the basic rule for keeping your personal environment healthy is to clean up regularly. So what kind of change can benefit you in this regard? Switch to all-natural cleansers. In the end, you may not even be aware of the damage that toxins in chemical cleaning agents are doing to you. Allergies, dizziness and headaches are commonly associated with this particular issue. In order to avoid this and help the environment in the process, you can easily make your own cleaning agents with natural ingredients that will leave your home spotless yet won’t have negative effects on your health.

What candles do you use?

Another obvious tip that will help you make your home a more pleasant place is to use scented candles from time to time. The soothing scent can help you relax, but it’s important that you still keep in mind that scented candles can cause more trouble than good – unless you know what kind of candles to go for. Essentially, the most common scented candles are made of petroleum-based paraffin wax. Now, not everyone will feel the negative consequences of this type of wax, but it is still known to cause allergic reactions, cough, asthma, etc. in some people. Don’t panic. There’s a simple solution to this that will allow you to fill your home with scented candles. Just opt for soy candles, as there’s zero harmful chemicals involved.

Keep the air clear

There are different ways you can make sure that the air you breathe in when you’re at home is actually good for you. Unfortunately, many people neglect this particular aspect of their personal environment, even though it can have huge health consequences. For starters, you have to keep your place dry. Check if there are any leaks, as leaks and moisture in general can cause mold. Once the mold is formed, allergies and breathing problems are bound to follow. Moreover, make sure that you do your best to get rid of dust. If you’re constantly exposed to dust, similar issues such as the ones before are likely to happen. If you want to do your work thoroughly, don’t hesitate to test your home for radon either. This odorless gas can deal you a whole lot of damage, and is even linked to cancer. Luckily, a testing kit for radon is readily available at hardware stores. Finally, if you’re aware that your allergies are triggered by the quality of air, investing in the best air purifier for allergies can effectively minimize the main cause of your health problems.

The question of light

Light can be your best friend but your worst enemy as well. For starters, it’s true that you need plenty of natural light to function properly and enjoy a mood boost – but only during the day. If possible, allow as much natural light to come in as you can during the day. However, it’s very important that you properly shut out any source of light in the room where you sleep. For a good night of rest, this is a must. You can invest in good blinds or shades, or you can go the easy way and get a sleep mask. Either way, make sure that you sleep in the dark. On the other hand, you also have to worry about artificial lighting. Obviously, you need artificial lighting, no matter how much natural light you can let in. When choosing the right bulbs, avoid fluorescent ones that cast overly bright, white light. This can cause headaches and eye strain. In general, full-spectrum light bulbs are the best choice available.

Drink the best water
Most people drink tap water, and precisely because of that, it’s essential that you put little effort into making that water as healthy for you as possible. In general, water is usually full of contaminants such as lead, chlorine, E. coli, and even pesticides in some cases. If you don’t want to buy bottled water, the easiest solution to this problem and a healthier place to live in is to get a filter. You can choose between getting a pitcher that you’ll fill every once in a while, or one that’s directly attached to the faucet. You may find this bothersome at first but remember that you’re putting this pinch of effort in order to improve your health.

Take the time to take good care of yourself as you deserve it. And in order to do so, remember that it’s essential to keep your personal environment healthy, safe and comfortable if you want to find the energy and productivity to live your life to the fullest. After all, you spend most of your time at home, and the overall effect of the said space should never be overlooked.

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A wide number of people think that it is impossible to exercise over their diet. The major reason behind this is portion distortion. This is because people make wrong choices in what they eat. All of us have a distorted perceptive of how much we eat daily and what our portion size is. But once you get an idea of the number of calories you intake every day you will be shocked. To remain away from this, you must concentrate on portion control.

When it comes to portion control, it is each and everything about how much and when you eat. It is an essential aspect to live a healthier life. This will help you in moving towards healthier choice so that you can reach a balance in the intake of food.

So, now you’ll be thinking of how you can control of portion distortion? Need help to figure out the proper portion? This guide will give you an idea how you can control it and remain healthy:

Remember the Size of Plate

The greater the plate will be, the more we tend to heap on and eat. Furthermore, plate sizes have expanded appropriately alongside with our size of food and waistlines. So, wisely use the plate size to your advantage. Do the dressing of the salad on a bigger dinner plate and utilize a smaller plate for your dish. This might urge you to eat a greater extent of lower-calorie healthy salad and a little portion of your major dish, which constitutes of mashed potatoes and meat. In the same manner, try making use of smaller bowl for your breakfast cereal and a larger bowl for the fresh berries that majority of us typically tend to over pour.

Fill Up Your Plate with More of Vegetables and Fruits

Try to concentrate on the healthier veggies and fruits all through the day. Since the veggies and fruits are moderately low in calories, you can have a bigger portion and the fiber will influence you to feel full. This may make it less demanding to fight the temptation to overeat the processed foods and unhealthy desserts. So, try to include veggies or fruits in your each and every meal.

Pay Attention to the Portion Size

Plenty of people don’t know how to judge the portion size and don’t even bother to judge the size of portion. This implies that you don’t know the number of calories you are consuming in one sitting. It will be likely more than you think. Moreover, people considerably underestimate the number of calories which they consume. That is why portion control is very much essential for the healthy maintenance. So, make sure to keep a control over your portions and as such, you can have a control on the intake of calories.

Controlling Food Portion Size At Home

  • Ensure that the veggies fill only half of your plate. Leave out 1/4th of the plate for your starch, for example – bread, pasta, rice, etc. and 1/4th for the protein, for example – beans, chicken, fish, etc.
  • Serve the plates directly off the stove rather than placing the whole serving dish right in front of the table.
  • Make use of smaller plates and glasses
  • Portion out the snacks in the small ziplock bags rather than eating right out of the vessel.
  • Read out the nutrition labels – check out the size and number of servings
  • Eat meals after every 2 to 3 hours to prevent yourself from overeating. This helps in boosting your metabolism to a great extent.

Controlling Food Portion Size at Restaurants

  • Ask for the dish in which you want to eat comes in half portion
  • Order a small soda or even skip it and order an iced tea or a glass of water.
  • Share your meal with whom you are eating with

Avoid High Calorie Beverages

There is a small to no nutritional value found in the energy drinks, juices, sodas and caffeinated beverages. Indeed, they are frequently ‘hidden’ sources of unnecessary calories in our diets. Hence, you must eliminate all the prepackaged juice and soda from your diet. In case you have a juicer at your home place, you can prepare fresh vegetables or fruit juices. Keep in mind that these juices contain many calories. So, try to avoid the sugary juices that you purchase in the markets and eliminate the caffeinated beverages and energy drinks from your diet.

Drink a Lot of Water

Most of us don’t have a habit to drink enough of water but remember water is very good for our health. Adequate intake of water is important for you all body functions. The more you will drink the easier you will cut down on the calories and you lose weight. You can try to take an intake of hot water with lemon or else you can have decaffeinated herbal tea.

Avoid Taking Intake of Trigger Foods

Majority of people generally overeat two or three favorite foods, generally the snacks, slices of bread, sweets, pastas or meats and remain stick to them. So, intake such foods very carefully as you can. Begin slowly. For this, eat some portion of rice and pasta or you can go with half of a sandwich rather than a full.

Eat with your stomach, Not Your Eyes

It is obvious that your eyes are bigger than your stomach. It significantly implies in what manner or capacity a huge number of us manages to deal with our portion sizes. We heap on the food, taking more than we need, and only then we feel satisfied. So, it is recommended that tune into your internal body signals and eat till the time you are satisfied with. Wait for a while taking pairs or wanting to complete what is on your plate. Slowly eat and put your fork down between the nibbles.

Portion control plays a pivotal role to lead a healthier life. So, follow up the above tips and you will see extreme changes in your health without a minimum amount of effort.

Author Bio:
Clara Williford is working as a blogger for Precise Portions. Precise Portions Nutrition Learning System helps you to lose weight naturally and stay fit by developing healthy eating habits for the lifetime.

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